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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 35436

Chapter 35436 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Rovang, K.S.; Arouni, A.J.; Mohiuddin, S.M.; Tejani, A.; Hilleman, D.E., 2000:
Oral estrogen replacement therapy reduces the diagnostic accuracy of exercise stress tests in women

Vivian, J.A.; Thomas, B.W.; Majersky, L.S.; Yount, I.L.; Grant, K.A., 2001:
Oral ethanol self-administration and circadian measures of temperature and activity in monkeys

Birkle, D.L.; Roberts, A.J.; Moffitt, H.L.; Brennan, M.; Koob, G.F., 2000:
Oral ethanol self-administration on a progressive ratio schedule

Offner, H.; Matejuk, A.; Zamora, A.; Vandenbark, A.A.; Subramanian, S., 2003:
Oral ethinyl estradiol inhibits recruitment of inflammatory cells into the CNS and treats relapsing EAE

Giltay, E.J.; Gooren, L.J.; Emeis, J.J.; Kooistra, T.; Stehouwer, C.D., 2000:
Oral ethinyl estradiol, but not transdermal 17beta-estradiol, increases plasma C-reactive protein levels in men

Alici, S.; Saip, P.; Eralp, Y.; Aydiner, A.; Topuz, E., 2003:
Oral etoposide in platinum-resistant epithelial ovarian cancer

Millicovsky, G.; Sista, S.; Albert, K., 2001:
Oral exposure in dermal studies Confounding factor in drug safety evaluation

Kim, S.; Johnson, V.J.; Sharma, R.P., 2003:
Oral exposure to inorganic mercury alters T-lymphocyte phenotypes and cytokine gene expression in BALB/c mice

Wise, S.B.; Stock, D.W., 2003:
Oral expression of bmp2 and bmp4 orthologs in dentally divergent fishes

Mattes, R.D., 1999:
Oral fat exposure raises postprandial plasma triacylglycerol concentration

Calvert, J.R.chard; Rowlands,; Hobbs, M.A.thony, 2004:
Oral feeding bottle

Majeed, N.; Blouin,; Agarwal, R.; Greenberg, N.; Pollak, M., 2003:
Oral feeding of silibinin reduces in vivo prostate cancer incidence and circulating IGF-I in the TRAMP transgenic model

Manhart, N.N.; Vierlinger, K.V.; Spittler, A.S.; Boltz Nitulescu, G.B.; Bergmeister, H.B.; Roth, E.R., 2000:
Oral feeding with glutamine prevents the endotoxin-caused B-cell diminution Peyers patches of mice

Esquivel Pedraza, L.; Fernandez Cuevas, L.; Ruiz Badillo, A.; Ortiz Mondragon, R.; Mejia Barrientos, F.; Chavana Barquin, E.; Magis Rodriguez, C., 2000:
Oral findings among prisoners in Mexico A pilot study

Loevenich, H.; Keulertz, C.; Schuett Gerowitt, H.; Bethe, U.; Soehngen, D.; Waldschmidt, D.; Cornely, O.A., 2001:
Oral flora and mucositis grade during myeloablative chemotherapy

Plosker, G.L.; Figgitt, D.P., 2003:
Oral fludarabine

Cazin, B.; Maloum, K.; Divine, M.; Lepretre, S.; Travade, P.; Delmer, A.; Jaubert, J.; Lederlin, P.; Dreyfus, B.; Leporrier, M.; Harousseau, J.L.; Grosbois, B.; Maloisel, F.; Eghbali, H.; Dumontet, C.; Benichou, J., 2001:
Oral fludarabine and cyclophosphamide in previously untreated CLL Preliminary data on 59 pts

Cazin, B.; Binet, J.L.; Divine, M.; Lepretre, S.; Lederlin, P.; Travade, P.; Lemaire, G.; Guibon, O., 2000:
Oral fludarabine and cyclophosphamide in previously untreated chronic lymphocytic leukemia Preliminary data

Cazin, B.F.; Maloum, K.; Creteil, M.D.vine; Lepretre, S.; Travade, P.; Delmer, A.; Jaubert, J.; Lederlin, P.; Dreyfus, B.; Leporrier, M.; Harousseau, J.L.c; Grosbois,, 2003:
Oral fludarabine phosphate and cyclophosphamide in previously untreated CLL Final response and follow-up in 75 patients

Zinzani, P.L.igi; Musuraca, G.; Stefoni, V.; Marchi, E.; Tani, M.; Alinari, L.; Gabriele, A.; Baccarani, M., 2003:
Oral fludarabine/cyclophosphamide combination in pretreated indolent non-Hodgkins lymphomas

Sangha, Jangbir S., 2002:
Oral fluid collection device and collection method

Razvi, F.M.; Kritzinger, E.E.; Taylor, K.; Jones, S.; Ryder, R.E.J., 1999:
Oral fluorescein angiography as an additional tool in diabetic retinopathy screening

Razvi, F.M.; Kritzinger, E.E.; Tsaloumas, M.D.; Ryder, R.E.J., 2000:
Oral fluorescein angiography in diabetic retinopathy screening

Lewis, N.L.; Meropol, N.J., 2000:
Oral fluoropyrimidines in cancer treatment

Van Cutsem, E.; Peeters, M., 2000:
Oral fluoropyrimidines in colorectal cancer

Porschen, R., 2003:
Oral fluoropyrimidines in the treatment of colorectal carcinoma

Reid, G.; Habash, M.; Vachon, D.; Denstedt, J.; Riddell, J.; Sofer, M.; Beheshti, M., 2000:
Oral fluoroquinolone therapy results in drug adsorption onto ureteral stents and prevention of biofilm formation

Stuehlinger, M.C.; Paulweber, B.; Schirnhofer, J.; Pachinger, O.; Stanger, O., 2004:
Oral folic acid does not reduce plasma concentrations of the endogenous nitric oxide synthase inhibitor asymmetric dimethylarginine in hyperhomocysteinemic subjects

Armada, E.; Otero, A.; Perez, C.; Esteban, J.; Gayoso, P.; Camba, M.; Vazquez, D., 2002:
Oral folic acid is more efficient than oral and intravenous folinic acid for the treatment of hyperhomocysteinemia in HD patients

Holm, T.; Holven, K.; Aukrust, P.; Christensen, B.; Brosstad, F.; Andreassen, A.K.; Ose, L.; Gullestad, L.; Kjekshus, J.; Nenseter, M.S., 2000:
Oral folic acid treatment improves endothelial function in patients with hyperhomocysteinemia

Goede, J.; Hettche, H.; Momberger, H.; Engel, J.; Lobisch, M., 2003:
Oral forms of administration containing solid flupirtine with controlled release of active substance

Joshi, R.; Gore, A.Y.; Rubinfeld, J.; Shrotriya, R., 2001:
Oral formulation for paclitaxel

Sakr, A.A.el; Habib, W.A.del Azim, 1999:
Oral formulation for treatment of bacteria-induced diseases of the colon

Burman, A.C.; Mukherjee, R.; Khattar, D.; Kumar, M., 2003:
Oral formulation of methylglyoxal and its imino acid conjugates for human use

Feng, F.Y.; Zhang, P.; He,; Li,; Zhou, M.Z.en; Cheng, G.; Chen, Y.; Kikkawa, T.; Yamamoto, M., 2002:
Oral formulations of the selective serotonin3 antagonists ramosetron and granisetron hydrochloride in treating acute chemotherapy-induced emesis, nausea, and anorexia A multicenter, randomized, single-blind, crossover, comparison study

Bosch, A.M.; Prick, L.; Ter Horst, N.M.; Van Gennip, A.H.; Wanders, R.J.A.; Duran, M.; Bakker, H.D.; Wijburg, F.A., 2002:
Oral galactose loading does not affect clinical or biochemical parameters in classical galactosemia

Szer, J.; Durrant, S.T.; Schwarer, A.P.; Bradstock, K.F.; Arthur, C.; Kilvington, R.; Australasian Bmt Cooperative Study Group, 1999:
Oral ganciclovir after allogeneic bone marrow transplants Preliminary results from a randomized study

Mouly, S., J.; Aymard, G.; Urien, S., S.; Diquet, B., S.; Bergmann, J.F.ancois, S.; Caulin, C., S., 1999:
Oral ganciclovir intestinal absorption is maintained in HIV-infected patients with diarrhea and weight loss

Firpi, R.J.; Bhardwaj, G.; Nelson, D.R.; Soldevila, C.; Reed, A.; Davis, G.L., 1999:
Oral ganciclovir monotherapy in the prevention of cytomegalovirus disease in liver transplant recipients

Tarshis, G.; Miskin, B.M.; Jones, T.M.; Champlin, J.; Wingert, K.; Brown, M.J.; Breen, J., 1999:
Oral gatifloxacin , 400 mg QD, vs oral levofloxacin , 500 mg QD, in the treatment of uncomplicated skin and soft tissue infections

Hariprasad, S.M.; Mieler, W.F.; Orengo Nania, S.; Holz, E.R.; Bell, N.P.; Gross, R.L., 2003:
Oral gatifloxacin a novel treatment paradigm for the management of filtering bleb infection

Saikawa, T.; Ooie, T.; Takahashi, N.; Nawata, T.; Arikawa, M.; Yamanaka, K.; Hara, M.; Sakata, T., 2001:
Oral geranylgeranylacetone induces heat shock protein and produces protection against ischaemia/reperfusion injury in rat heart

Kreitman, R.; Malley, A.; Klinger, E., 2002:
Oral glatiramer acetate treatment reduces EAE clinical signs in monkeys

Aharoni, R.; Sela, M.; Arnon, R., 2002:
Oral glatiramer acetate treatment results in the accumulation of specific Th2 cells in the central nervous system of mice

Ketteler, J.; Bauer, K.; Hellwig, M.; Versmold, H., 2002:
Oral glucose before venepuncture in neonates reduced pain expression but did not attenuate the increase in O2-consumption and heart rate

Hoenig, M.; Jordan, E.T.; Ferguson, D.C.; de Vries, F., 2010:
Oral glucose leads to a differential response in glucose, insulin, and GLP-1 in lean versus obese cats

Fujimoto, K.; Hozumi, T.; Watanabe, H.; Tokai, K.; Shimada, K.; Muro, T.; Yoshiyama, M.; Takeuchi, K.; Homma, S.; Yoshikawa, J., 2003:
Oral glucose loading suppresses coronary flow velocity reserve on transthoracic Doppler echocardiography in healthy young adults

Garcia, R.L.; Garcia, C.E.; Vieira, J.G.; Parise, E.R., 2002:
Oral glucose overload test identifying insulin resistance in non-alcoholic fatty liver patients

Frier, H.I.; Greene, H.L.; Kaye, W.A.; Florez, A., 2002:
Oral glucose tolerance and the glycemic index of liquid meal replacements Preliminary results

Cure Cure, C.; Cure Ramirez, P.; Hernandez Cassis, C.; Vergel, C.; Lopez Jaramillo, P., 2003:
Oral glucose tolerance test 1 hour value has a strong association with cardiovascular risk factor in Colombian population

Ekman, B.; Nystrom, F.; Lindstrom, T.; Olsson, A.G.; Toss, G.; Arnqvist, H.J., 2000:
Oral glucose tolerance test is valuable for monitoring diabetogenic effects of GH-substitution

Grande, L.; Camacho, I.; Benitez, S.; Romero Gomez, M., 2002:
Oral glutamine challenge correlates with minimal hepatic encephalopathy and predicts overt episodes

Romero Gomez, M.; Grande, L.; Camacho, I.; Benitez, S.; Suarez, E.; Castro, M., 2001:
Oral glutamine challenge in patients with subclinical hepatic encephalopathy

Panigrahi, P.; Horvath, K.; Gewolb, I.H., 1999:
Oral glutamine in the prevention of neonatal necrotizing enterocolitis and other gastrointestinal mucosal damage

Todorova, V.K.; Kaufmann, Y.; Hennings, L.; Klimberg, V.Suzanne., 2010:
Oral glutamine protects against acute doxorubicin-induced cardiotoxicity of tumor-bearing rats

Walsh, N.P.; Blannin, A.K.; Bishop, N.C.; Robson, P.J.; Gleeson, M., 1999:
Oral glutamine supplementation does not attenuate the fall in human neutrophil function following prolonged exercise

Komninou, D.; Richie, J.P.Jr, 2000:
Oral glutathione inhibits colon carcinogenesis in rats

Goff, J.P.; Horst, R.L., 2001:
Oral glycerol as an aid in the treatment of ketosis/fatty liver complex

Pinthus, J.H.; Gavish, Z.; Ramon, J.; Leibovitch, I.; Esshar, Z.; Pines, M., 2000:
Oral halofuginone prevents the growth of human prostate cancer in SCID mice

Bassey, G.O.; Anyanechi, C.E.; Ekabua, K.J.; Ekabua, J.E., 2010:
Oral health among antenatal care attendees in Calabar, Nigeria

Park, S.M.; Frohna, J.G.; D.F.nseca, M.A., 2003:
Oral health care for children A community needs assessment

Mello, A.Lú; Erdmann, A.Lorenzini.; Brondani, M., 2010:
Oral health care in long-term care facilities for elderly people in southern Brazil: a conceptual framework

Ortiz, K.A.; Castillo, J.; Hoff, C.J.; Buchi, K.F.; Byington, C.L., 2003:
Oral health habits of toddlers in a county clinic

Domett, K.M., 1999:
Oral health in Southeast Asia

Navas P.Rita; D.M.rales, T.R.jas; Zambrano, O.; Alvarez, C.J.lia; Santana, Y.; Viera, N., 2002:
Oral health in pre-school children Its relation to parental attitudes and educational level

Milgrom, P.; Reisine, S., 2000:
Oral health in the United States: the post-fluoride generation

Terpenning, M.; Shay, K., 2002:
Oral health is cost-effective to maintain but costly to ignore

Simons, D.; Kidd, E.A.; Beighton, D., 1999:
Oral health of elderly occupants in residential homes

Alberth, Márta.; Kovalecz, G.; Nemes, J.; Máth, János.; Kiss, C.; Márton, Ió.J., 2004:
Oral health of long-term childhood cancer survivors

Geltman, P.L.; Cote, S.E.; Nunn, M.E.; Lituri, K.; Barnett, E.D.; Garcia, R.I., 2003:
Oral health of newly arrived refugees in Massachusetts, 2000-2002

Lewis, C.W.; Riedy, C.A.; Domoto, P.K.; Grossman, D.C., 2001:
Oral health of young Alaska Native children and their mothers A population based study

Churchill, S.; Lissy, K.; Delecki, C.; Williams, B.; Villareale, N., 2004:
Oral health risk differences in children with public and private health insurance

Kyriakopoulos, G.; Katsourakis, M.; Aga Koumpitska, E.; Mavropoulou, E., 2000:
Oral health status of haemodialysis patients

Hiebert, L.M.; Wice, S.M.; Ping, T., 1999:
Oral heparin absorption in rats and humans

Carneiro, M.A.; Souza, L.N.; Azevedo, W.M.; Kalopothakis, E.; Victoria, J.M.N.; Gomez, R.S., 2000:
Oral herpes and bone marrow transplantation

Delgado, W.; Meneses, L.; Gotuzzo, E.; Flores, G., 2002:
Oral histoplasmosis in seropositive and seronegative HIV patients

Maestrejuan, A.; Meldrum, M.; Mccabe, E.R.B., 2002:
Oral history of human genetics project

Kadri, N.; Lemay, A.; Dodin, S.; Turcot, L.; Dechene, F.; Forest, J.C., 2001:
Oral hormone replacement therapy but not flaxseed supplementation improves serum cholesterol profile in hypercholesterolemic menopausal women

Wagner, Eugene C., 2000:
Oral hygiene appliance

Stier, R.E.; Zanone, J., 2001:
Oral hygiene compositions which mask the burn sensation and the astringency of eucalyptol and zinc

Kaminski, Basia, 2001:
Oral hygiene device

Yudelman, Clifford A., 1999:
Oral hygiene device having plaque collection and quantification capabilities

Lesky, J.; Lesky, J.; Lesky, T., 2003:
Oral hygiene formulation and method of use

Kholodova, H.; Shinkevich, T.; Karlovich, I., 2000:
Oral hygiene in diabetes mellitus patients

Anderson, Michael R., 2003:
Oral hygiene powder composition and method

Dimopoulos, M.; Panayiotidis, P.; Grigoraki, V.; Poziopoulos, C.; Xilouri, I.; Kiamouris, C.; Tassidou, A.; Gika, D.; Stefanoudaki, K.; Anagnostopoulos, N.; Anagnostou, D., 2001:
Oral hyperfractionated cyclophosphamide and intermittent thalidomide-dexamethasone for previously treated patients with multiple myeloma

Mannel, M.; Koytchev, R.; Dundarov, S., 2000:
Oral hypericum extract LI 160 is an effective treatment of recurrent herpes genitalis and herpes labialis

Matsushima, M., 2002:
Oral hypoglycemic agent How to interpret the results of UKPDS for Japanese?

Langer, O.; Conway, D.; Berkus, M.; Xenakis, E.M.J., 1999:
Oral hypoglycemic agent is comparable to insulin in GDM management A randomized study

Nalysnyk, L.; Ross, S.D., 2001:
Oral hypoglycemic agents in NIDDM A systematic literature review and MetaMap database

Oba, K., 2001:
Oral hypoglycemic agents in the treatment of elderly diabetics

Ruëff, F.; Eberlein-König, B.; Przybilla, B., 2001:
Oral hyposensitization with celery juice

Mclachlan, S.; Murray, R.; Bell, R.; Bergstrom, B., 2004:
Oral ibandronate an effective, well-tolerated and convenient alternative to intravenous bisphosphonates for patients with breast cancer and bone metastases

Teksam, O.; Yigit, S.; Karagoz, T.; Korkmaz, A.; Yurdakok, M.; Tekinalp, G., 2004:
Oral ibuprofen and intravenous indomethacin for treatment of patent ductus arteriosus in newborn infants retrospective study

Raeder, J.C.; Steine, S.; Vatsgar, T.T., 2001:
Oral ibuprofen versus paracetamol plus codeine for analgesia after ambulatory surgery

Lerzo, G.; Campos, C.; Vicente, H., 1999:
Oral idarrubicina and im methotrexate in patients with previously treated advanced breast cancer

Cameron, D.A.; Afseth, J.; Murray, E.; Bowman, A.; Leonard, R.C.F., 2002:
Oral idarubicin and capecitabine A dose-finding study confirms this as a safe, effective 1st line therapy for older women with breast cancer

Musso, M., 1999:
Oral idarubicin in maintenance therapy of acute myeloid leukaemia

Glasmacher, A.; Gorschlueter, M.; Hahn, C.; Goldschmidt, H.; Mezger, J.; Heyll, A.; Maintz, C.; Clemens, M.R.; Haferlach, T.; Derichs, R.; Ko, Y.; Schmidt Wolf, I.G.H.; Gieseler, F., 1999:
Oral idarubicin, dexamethasone and vincristine in the treatment of multiple myeloma Final analysis of a phase II study

Israeli, E.; Goldin, E.; Hemed, N.; Thalenfeld, B.; Engelhardt, D.; Rabbani, E.; Ilan, Y., 2003:
Oral immune regulation using colitis extracted proteins a new mode of treatment for crohns disease results of a phase i clinical trial

Safadi, R.; Israeli, E.; Pappo, O.; Gotsman, I.; Klein, A.; Alper, R.; Rowe, M.; Thalenfeld, B.; Engelhardt, D.; Rabbani, E.; Ilan, Y., 2000:
Oral immune-regulation towards hepatitis B virus proteins A new mode of treatment for chronic HBV infection Results of a phase I clinical trial

Kang, B.S.; Yahikozawa, H.; Palma, J.P.; Kim, B.S., 1999:
Oral immunity provides most efficient protection against TMEV-induced demyelination

Banerjee, S.; Medina Fatimi, A.; Nichols, R.; Tendler, D.; Michetti, M.; Mach, M.; Simon, J.; Kelly, C.P.; Monath, T.P.; Michetti, P., 2000:
Oral immunization against H pylori in healthy volunteers with low dose E coli enterotoxin and recombinant urease

Lauterslager, T.G.M.; Hilgers, L.A.T., 2000:
Oral immunization by food is less effective than intragastric immunization

Walters, N.; Rognlie, M.C.; Ascon, M.A.; Pascual, D.W., 2000:
Oral immunization of bison with an attenuated Salmonella vaccine vector induces mucosal and systemic immune responses against enterotoxigenic Escherichia coli K99 fimbriae

Salome,G.; Gowda,P.H.R., 2010:
Oral immunization of mice with rabies vaccine using different baits

Wedemeyer, H.; Gagneten, S.; Davis, A.R.; Feinstone, S.M.; Rehermann, B., 2000:
Oral immunization with HCV-NS3 encoding Salmonella Long-lasting induction of HCV-specific CTL in an HLA-A2 transgenic mouse model

Flanagan, M.P.; Michael, J.G., 1999:
Oral immunization with a Streptococcal pneumoniae polysaccharide conjugate vaccine in enterocoated microparticles induces serum antibodies against type specific polysaccharides

Hickey, D.K.; Aldwell, F.E.; Beagley, K.W., 2010:
Oral immunization with a novel lipid-based adjuvant protects against genital Chlamydia infection

Pinto, E.F.; Gattass, C.R.; Rodrigues, J.M.Jr.; Rossi Bergmann, B., 1999 :
Oral immunization with leishmanial antigens delays the onset of infection with L amazonensis

Rose, R.C.; Williamson,; Rybicki, E.P., 2000:
Oral immunization with papillomavirus virus-like particles

Arntzen, C.J.; Mason, H.S.; Haq, T.A., 2001:
Oral immunization with transgenic plants

Pozzilli, P., 1999:
Oral immunotherapy for diabetes prevention

Bier, Milan, 2000:
Oral immunotherapy of bacterial overgrowth

Mcguinness, C.M.; Burnside, B.A.; Rudnik, E.M., 1999:
Oral induction of tolerance to parenterally administered non-autologous polypeptides

Carnoy, C.; Muller Alouf, H.; Mullet, C.; Droy Lefaix, M.T.; Simonet, M., 2000:
Oral infection of mice with superantigenic toxin producing Yersinia pseudotuberculosis Effect of diosmectite

Trees, A.J.; Mcallister, M.M.; Guy, C.S.; Smith, R.; Williams, D.J.L., 2002:
Oral infection of pregnant cows with Neospora caninum oocysts

Liesenfeld, O.; Maletz, A.; Erb, K.; Hahn, H., 2000:
Oral infection with Toxoplasma gondii abrogates established Th-2 immune responses to Nippostrongylos brasiliensis

Lalla, E.; Lamster, I.B.; Spessot, A.L.; Lu, Y.; Papapanou, P.N.; Stern, D.M.; Schmidt, A.M.rie, 2000:
Oral infection with an established periodontal pathogen accelerates atherosclerosis in apo E null mice

Gibson, F.C.I.i; Hong, C.; Wang, J.; Genco, C.A., 2002:
Oral infection with invasive Porphyromonas gingivalis stimulates accelerated atherosclerotic plaque accumulation in ApoE-/- mice

Doerflinger, A.; Davis, R.J.; Swithers, S.E., 2000:
Oral infusions of corn oil emulsions do not affect independent ingestion in rat pups

Carrithers, J.A.; Gallagher, P.M.; Baier, S.M.; Trappe, S.W., 1999:
Oral ingestion of beta-hydroxy-beta-methylbutyrate Effects on hematology, hepatic and renal function

Darveau, Richard P., 2000:
Oral innate host defense responses Interactions with microbial communities and their role in the development of disease

Richardson, G.; O'byrne, S.; Mcknight, G.; Moore, K.; Benjamin, N., 2000:
Oral inorganic nitrate inhibits platelet function

Lewin, A.; Modi, P., 2000:
Oral insulin Metformin combination therapy for treatment of type-2 diabetes

Kapitza, C.; Arbit, E.; Abbas, R.; Goldberg, M.; Hompesch, M.; Heinemann, L.; Heise, T., 2003:
Oral insulin Proof of concept in Type 2 diabetic patients

Modi, P.; Guevara Aguirre, J.; Guevara, M.; Saavedra, J.; Moncayo, P.; Benitez, E.; Llore, L.; Baldeon, G., 2002:
Oral insulin spray as meal insulin for treatment of Type 1 diabetes

Schwaibold, H.E.; Popiel, C.; Geist, E.; Hartung, R., 2000:
Oral intake of poppy seed A reliable and simple method for diagnosis of vesicoenteric fistulas

Beilharz, M.W.; Bosio, E.; Seidler, A.L., 2001:
Oral interferon therapy and the innate/acquired axis

Grady, R.W.; Giardina, P.J., 1999:
Oral iron chelation A potential role for HBED in combination therapy

Pippard, M.J.; Weatherall, D.J., 2000:
Oral iron chelation therapy for thalassaemia: an uncertain scene

Bell, H.; Berg, J.P.; Undlien, D.; Distante, S.; Try, K.; Raknerud, N.; Heier, H.E.; Thomassen, Y.; Haug, E., 2000:
Oral iron intake for several years may induce hemochromatosis in patients without the HFE-gene C282Y mutation

Carrier, J.; Elaheh, A.; Cullen, J.; Allard, J.P., 2000:
Oral iron supplementation increase oxidative stress and colonic damage in DSS-induced rat model of colitis

D.S.lva, A.D.; Rampton, D., 2002:
Oral iron therapy does not exacerbate inflammatory bowel disease

Bachman, T.A.; Clare, T.; Serbinski, A., 2000:
Oral irrigator housing

Bettoli, V.; Borghi, A.; Pizzigoni, S.; D.S.nctis, V.; Virgili, A., 2004:
Oral isotretinoin for severe acne in beta-thalassemia major

Geraldine, P.; Kaliamurthy, J.; Thomas, P.A., 1999:
Oral itraconazole and fluconazole treatment for experimental aspergillosis

Namburi, R.R.ju; Kerr, J.E.gin, 2003:
Oral itraconazole formulations and methods of making the same

Chosidow, O.; Giraudeau, B.; Cottrell, J.; Izri, A.; Hofmann, R.; Mann, S.G.; Burgess, I., 2010:
Oral ivermectin versus malathion lotion for difficult-to-treat head lice

Kapur, N.; Friedman, R., 2002:
Oral ketamine: a promising treatment for restless legs syndrome

Romach, M.K.; Sellers, E.M.; Kaplan, H.L.; Fernandes, L.C.; Oldenhof, J.; Mcdonald, S., 2004:
Oral ketamine as a positive control in abuse liability studies

Vranken, J.H.; Pijl, A.J.; Van Der Vegt, M.R.; Eshuis, J.E., 2001:
Oral ketamine in patients with central pain

Coussons Read, M.E.; Tyler, R.C., 2000:
Oral l-arginine supplementation affects circulating cytokine levels and stress reactivity

Dunn, S.R.; Simenhoff, M.L.; Gaughan, W.J.; Eltayeb, B.O.; Ahmed, K.E.; Fitzpatrick, M.E.len D., 2000:
Oral lactobacillus acidophilus reduces blood levels of dimethylamine , a uremic toxin, and nitrosodimethylamine , a carcinogen in ESRD patients Potential use for probiotics in ESRD

de Castro, C.; Quirce, S.; Fernández-Nieto, M.; Sastre, J., 2002:
Oral latex glove allergy

Kalayoglu Besisik, S.; Ak, G.; Koray, M.; Savran Oguz, F.; Sargin, D.; Tanyeri, H., 2003:
Oral lesions and hygiene in stem cell recipients with graft versus host disease

Ramirez Amador, V.; Irigoyen, M.E.; Esquivel Pedraza, L.; Anaya Saavedra, G.; Gonzalez Ramirez, I.; Garcia, E.; Gonzalez Guevara, M., 2000:
Oral lesions in a group of Mexican individuals attending an HIV Screening Center

Patel, N.J.; Sciubba, J., 2003:
Oral lesions in young children

Lasko, B.; Lau, C.Y.; Anstey, R.J.; StPierre, C.; Martel, A.Y.; Diaz Mitoma, F.; Canadian Collaborative Sinusitis Study Group, 1999:
Oral levofloxacin compared with clarithromycin in acute sinusitis

Chaiyarit, P.; Kafrawy, A.H.; Miles, D.A.; Zunt, S.L.; Van Dis, M.L.; Gregory, R.L., 1999:
Oral lichen planus An immunohistochemical study of heat shock proteins and cytokeratins and a unifying hypothesis of pathogenesis

Kolde, G.; Wesendahl, C.; Stein, H.; Reichart, P.A., 2003:
Oral lichen planus: diagnostic immunofluorescence testing on routine histological material

Ido, T.; Kumakiri, M.; Kiyohara, T.; Sawai, T.; Hasegawa, Y., 2002:
Oral lichen planus due to zinc in dental restorations

Pecegueiro, M.; Sachse, M.F.; Amaro, J.; Farinha, P.; Fonseca, I., 1999:
Oral lichen planus versus oral lichenoid eruption as a manifestation of contact allergy

Auzerie, V.; Mahé, E.; Marck, Y.; Auffret, N.; Descamps, V.; Crickx, B., 2001:
Oral lichenoid eruption due to methacrylate allergy

Akihiro, Yoshiaki, 2003:
Oral lip and chin muscle rehabilitating device

Keller, Brian C., 2004:
Oral liposomal delivery system

Skrabanja, A.T.tus Philip; Tully, R.E.ward, 2000:
Oral liquid antidepressant solution

Wilson, E.S.; Trespidi, L.A.; Clark, C.M.; Desai, A.J.; Meyer, G.A., 2001 :
Oral liquid compositions

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Oral poliovirus was not the source of HIV-1

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Oral zolmitriptan is effective in the acute treatment of episodic cluster headache

Tuchman, M.; Abu Shakra, S.; Silberstein, S.D.; Dodick, D., 2003:
Oral zolmitriptan is efficacious as acute therapy for pure menstrual migraine Results of a second large prospective, multicenter, placebo-controlled Trial

Ferrero, G.B.; Valenzise, M.; Sorasio, L.; Franco, B.; Defilippi, C.; Pepe, E.; Silengo, M., 2001:
Oral, facial, digital, vertebral anomalies with psychomotor delay An OFD variant or a new syndrome?

Petersen, P., 2003:
Oral, fixed-dose ximelagatran, without dose titration or coagulation monitoring, is well tolerated and at least as effective as well-controlled warfarin

Dietrich, R.; Ney, H., 1999:
Oral-administration forms of a medicament containing pantoprazol

Toriello, Helga V., 2003:
Oral-facial-digital syndrome I

Rudenskaya, G.E.; Prityko, A.G.; Gonchakov, G.V.; Yasonov, S.A., 2000:
Oral-facial-digital syndrome type I

Ward, David M., 2001:
Oral-facial-digital syndrome type I unrecognised until age 46 in a woman diagnosed as adult-type polycystic kidney disease

Athanikar, Narayan, 2002:
Oral-topical dosage forms for delivering antibacterials/antibiotics to oral cavity to eradicate H pylori as a concomitant treatment for peptic ulcers and other gastro-intestinal diseases

Levitsky, G.; Colman, J.L.; Brown, S., 2002:
Oral/nasal cannula

Guevava, M.; Modi, P.; Guevara Aguirre, J.; Saavedra, J.; Baldeon, G.; Moncayo, P.; Llore, L.; Benitez, E., 2002:
Oralin as a meal insulin in treatment of Type 2 diabetes

Juturu, V.; Komorowski, J.R.; Gudi, R., 2004:
Orally Administered Arginine Silicate Inositol Complex Is Not Clastogenic In Chinese Hamster Ovary Cells

Hama, Susan H., 2004:
Orally Administered Statins and an ApoA-I Mimetic Peptide Act Synergistically to Render ApoE Null Mouse HDL Anti-inflammatory

Chen, C.; Wilcoxen, K.; Bozigian, H.; Chen, T.; Cha, M.; Mccarthy, J.R.; Huang, C.Q.; Haddach, M.; Zhu, Y.F.i; Murphy, B.; D.S.uza, E.B.; Grigoriadis, D.E., 2001:
Orally active 3- pyrazolo pyrimidines as nonpeptide CRF1 receptor antagonists

Blackburn, B.K.; Melville, C.; Zablocki, J.A.; Palle, V.P.; Elzein, E.O.; Wang, L., 2003:
Orally active A1 adenosine receptor agonists

Kitamura, S.; Fukushi, H.; Miyawaki, T.; Kawamura, M.; Terashita, Z.I.hi; Naka, T., 2001:
Orally active GPIIb/IIIa antagonists Synthesis and biological activities of masked amidines as prodrugs of 2- -4- -2- -3- propanoyl-3-

Loozen, H.J.n Jozef; Leysen, D.; Louw, J.V.n Der, 2004:
Orally active androgens

Chaudhary, S.; Puri, S.K.; Singh, C., 2003:
Orally active artemisinin derivatives

Posner, G.H.; Paik, I.H.; Mcriner, A.J.; Sur, S.; Borstnik, K.; Xie, S.; Shapiro, T.A., 2003:
Orally active artemisinin-derived trioxane dimers

Chin, A.P.; Bernhardt, P.V.; Richardson, D.R., 2003:
Orally active chelators for the treatment of iron overload diseases

Huggins, J.W.; Baker, R.O.; Beadle, J.R.; Hostetler, K.Y., 2002:
Orally active ether lipid prodrugs of cidofovir for the treatment of smallpox

Nag, B.; Medicherla, S.; Sharma, S.D., 2000:
Orally active fraction of momordica charantia, active peptides thereof, and their use in the treatment of diabetes

Allaudeen, H.; Ramaswamy, M.; Radhakrishnan, B.; Rajagopalan, J.; Rajotte, R.V., 1999:
Orally active insulin A single insulin conjugate selected for future studies

Meyerhoff, C.; Stern, W.; Beer, B.; Ramaswamy, M.; Allaudeen, H., 1999:
Orally active insulin Proof of concept study in normal volunteers

Merson, L.; Olivier, N., 2002:
Orally active iron chelators

Dumas, J.; Hatoum Mokdad, H.; Sibley, R.N.; Smith, R.A.; Scott, W.J.; Lee, W.; Wood, J.; Wolanin, D.; Cooley, J.; Bankston, D.; Redman, A.; Schoenleber, R.; Caringal, Y.; Housley, T.J.; Wil, 2001:
Orally active p38 kinase inhibitors from the urea class

Nag, B.; Medicherla, S.; Dey, D., 1999:
Orally active peptides for the treatment of Type I and Late-Stage Type II diabetes

Wang, W.; Borchardt, R.T.; Wang, B., 2000:
Orally active peptidomimetic RGD analogs that are glycoprotein IIb/IIIa antagonists

Shimizu, Y.; Nagaya, N.; Satoh, T.; Uematsu, M.; Kyotani, S.; Sakamaki, F.; Nakanishi, N.; Miyatake, K., 2000:
Orally active prostacyclin analogue improves exercise capacity in patients with primary or thromboembolic pulmonary hypertension

Fraley, M.E.; Karki, S.B.; Kim, Y., 2003:
Orally active salts with tyrosine kinase activity

Pandey, B.; Balse, P.; Nag, A.; Gutala, S.; Neogi, P.; Nag, B.; Dey, D., 2004:
Orally active small molecule inhibitors of TNF- alpha and COX-2 for the treatment of Inflammatory disorders

Wright, J.; Boxer, P.; Gregory, T.; Huang, J.C.eng; Hong Bae, S.; Kaller, M.; Kesten, S.; Meltzer, L.; Upasani, R.; Whittemore, E.; Wise, L.; Woodward, R.; Yang, K.; Zhou, Z.L.n, 2000:
Orally active subtype-selective NMDA receptor antagonists for the treatment of Parkinsons disease

Chang, L.L.; Truong, Q.; Doss, G.; Lin, L.; Magriotis, P.A.; Maccoss, M.; Lyons, K.; Mccauley, E.; Mumford, R.A.; Van Riper, G.; Vincent, S.; Schmidt, J.A.; Hagmann, W.K., 2002:
Orally active, conformationally constrained small molecule VLA-4 antagonists

Dey, D.; Nag, A.; Pandey, B.; Gupta, A.; Sriram, S.; Agarwal, S.K.mar; Nag, B., 2003:
Orally active, small molecule TNFalpha inhibitor for the treatment of inflammatory disorders

Saslawski, O.; Giet, P.; Michel, D.; Holot, T., 2003:
Orally administerable immediate-release and prolonged-release galenic form comprising an absorption-promoting agent and use of this absorption-promoting agent

Maeda, N.Y.; Bydlowski, S.P.; Lopes, A.A., 1999:
Orally administered acetylsalicylic acid decreases protein incorporation into the cytoskeleton of thrombin-stimulated platelets

Mottet, N.; Bressolle, F.; Costa, P.; Chaufour, S.; Rauch, C.; M.C.rthy, C.; Magnier, G., 2000:
Orally administered alfuzosin has a high prostatic diffusion in benign prostatic hyperplasia tissue

Shulman, Morton, 2001:
Orally administered analgesic composition comprising myfadol

Hu, O.Y.a Pu; Hsiong, C.H.ei, 2004:
Orally administered analgesic compositions containing nalbuphine

Allendorf, D.J.; Baran, J.T.; Hansen, R.D.; Subbarao, K.; Walsh, D.; Hong, F.; Marroquin, J.; Yan, J.; Lambris, J.D.; Haribabu, B.; Ross, G.D., 2003:
Orally administered beta-glucan functions via anti-tumor mAbs and the complement system to recruit CR3+ neutrophils and macrophages that produce tumor regression and tumor-free survival

Macy, J.D.; Troiano, N.; Gundberg, C.; Gilligan, J.; Vignery, A., 1999:
Orally administered calcitonin prevents bone loss induced by ovariectomy in rats

Talwar, N.; Sen, H.; Staniforth, J.N., 2001:
Orally administered controlled drug delivery system providing temporal and spatial control

Lavi, I.; Levinson, D.; Peri, I.; Nimri, L.; Hadar, Y.; Schwartz, B., 2010:
Orally administered glucans from the edible mushroom Pleurotus pulmonarius reduce acute inflammation in dextran sulfate sodium-induced experimental colitis

Zhang, Y.; Rodell, T.; Murphy, T.M.; Robinson, C.E.; Banan, A.; Choudhary, S.; Keshavarzian, A., 2000:
Orally administered glutathione peroxidase-mimetic is a potent anti-oxidant Protection against oxidation and nitration of inflamed colonic mucosa in patients with ulcerative colitis

Opal, S.M.; Keith, J.C.; Palardy, J.E.; Parejo, N.A., 2000:
Orally administered human recombinant interleukin-11 microparticulates maintain intestinal mucosal integrity and decrease microbial invasion in experimental neutropenic sepsis

Musabayane, C.T.; Bwititi, P.; Munjeri, O.; Osim, E.E., 1999:
Orally administered pectin insulin hydrogel beads sustain insulin release in streptozotocin-diabetic rats

Fogelman, A.M.; Anantharamaiah, G.M.; Navab, M., 2003:
Orally administered peptides to ameliorate atherosclerosis

Lee, F.Y.; Chen, S.C.iung; Kuo, H.C.iang, 2001:
Orally administered pharmaceutical formulations of benzimidazole derivatives and the method of preparing the same

Kawamura, Yukio, 1999:
Orally administered protein and innate immunity

Mali, S.; Gupte, R.; Deshpande, J.; Ranbhan, K., 2003:
Orally administrable acid stable antiulcer benzimidazole derivatives

Farah, N.; Denis, J., 2000:
Orally administrable composition capable of providing enhanced bioavailability when ingested

Tester, R.F.ank; Karkalas, J., 2003:
Orally administrable compositions comprising cation cross-linked polysaccharide and a polymer digestible in the lower gastrointestinal tract

Gross, J.; Kelly, J.G.rard, 1999:
Orally administrable delivery device

Saslawski, O.; Giet, P.; Michel, D.; Holot, T., 2002:
Orally administrable immediate-release and prolonged-release galenic form comprising an absorption-promoting agent and use of this absorption-promoting agent

Lee, F.Y.; Chen, S.C.iung; Kuo, H.C.iang, 2001:
Orally administrable nifedipine pellet and process for the preparation thereof

Oshlack, B.; Chasin, M., 1999:
Orally administrable opioid formulations having extended duration of effect

Liebowitz, S.M.; Stupak, E.I.; Chaudry, I.A.; Vadino, W.A.; Bowen, F.E., 2002:
Orally administrable solid dosage form

Liebowitz, S.M.; Stupak, E.I.; Chaudry, I.A.; Vadino, W.A.; Bowen, F.E., 2002:
Orally administrable solid ribavirin dosage forms and process for making them

Adeyeye, C.M.ji; Ichikawa, H.; Fukumori, Y., 2000:
Orally administrable time release drug containing products

Arimilli, M.N.; Dougherty, J.P.; Cundy, K.C.; Bischofberger, N., 1999:
Orally bioavailable acyclic nucleoside phosphonate prodrugs Adefovir Dipivoxil and Bis PMPA

Liu, M.; Bishop, W.R.; Nielsen, L.L.; Bryant, M.S.; Kirschmeier, P., 2001:
Orally bioavailable farnesyltransferase inhibitors as anticancer agents in transgenic and xenograft models

Pasternak, A.; Marino, D.; Vicario, P.P.; Ayala, J.M.; Cascieri, M.A.; Parsons, W.H.; Mills, S.G.; Maccoss, M.; Yang, L., 2003:
Orally bioavailable gamma-aminoamide CCR2 antagonists

Marquis, R.W.; Ru, Y.; Erhardt, K.F.; Gribble, A.D.; Witherington, J.; Fenwick, A.; Garnier, B.; Bradbeer, J.; Lark, M.; Gowen, M.; Tomaszek, T.A.; Tew, D.G.; Zhao, B.; Smith, W.W.; Janson, C.A.; D'alessio, K.J.; Mcqueney, M.S.; Abdel Meguid, S., 1999:
Orally bioavailable inhibitors of the cysteine protease cathepsin K

Siebert, J.M.; Khankari, R.K.; Kositprapa, U.; Pather, S.I.diran, 2002:
Orally disintegrable tablet forming a viscous slurry

Shimizu, T.; Morimoto, S.; Tabata, T., 2001:
Orally disintegrable tablets

Devries, T.; Valentine, W.; Valentine, W.K., 2002:
Orally dissolvable nutritional supplement

Kiszka, I.; Wierzbicki, A.; Kaneko, H.; Wasik, T.J.; Kaneko, Y.; Kozbor, D., 2000:
Orally induced mucosal and systemic immunity to the HIV envelope glycoprotein by prime-boost immunization strategies

Peet, N.P.; Angelastro, M.R.; Burkhart, J.P., 2001:
Orally-active elastase inhibitors

Hoekstra, William J., 2001:
Orally-active nipecotamide glycolamide esters for the treatment of thrombosis disorders

Soos, J.M.; Schiffenbauer, J.; Johnson, H.M.rcellus, 2002:
Orally-administered interferon-TAU compositions and methods

Ohashi, K.; Kurimoto, M., 2001:
Orally-administrable therapeutic and/or prophylactic agent for HTLV-1-related diseases

Quaglino, A.; Erichsen, A.L.; Craig Veit, C.B.; Viant, M.R.; Fry, D.M.; Millam, J.R., 1999:
Orally-dosed xenobiotic estrogens masculinize brain and behavior in the female zebra finch

Romero, F.A.; Silkoff, P.E.; Milgrom, H.; Townley, R.G., 2000:
Orally-exhaled nitric oxide correlates with serum IgE levels in children with atopic asthma

Lee, R.; Huber, K.; Roth, R.; Brunner, L.; E.H.san, A.; Cheung, J.; Bohner, B., 2002:
Orange County quick and easy asthma population management strategy

Goodner, K.L.; Manthey, J.A., 2001 :
Orange juice The naturally nutritious drink

Vanapalli, S.R.; Chen, Y.; Ellingrod, V.L.; Kitzman, D.; Lee, Y.; Hohl, R.J.; Fleckenstein, L., 2003:
Orange juice decreases the oral bioavailability of ivermectin in healthy volunteers

Lilja, J.J.; Juntti Patinen, L.; Neuvonen, P.J., 2003:
Orange juice greatly reduces plasma concentrations of celiprolol

Kurowska, E.M.; Spence, J.D.vid; Jordan, J.; Wetmore, S.; Freeman, D.J.; Piche, L.A.; Serratore, P., 1999:
Orange juice increases plasma HDL cholesterol and reduces the LDL/HDL cholesterol ratio in moderately hypercholesterolemic subjects

Cannon, B.; Jabeen, T.; Whelton, M.J., 2000:
Orange livers in Southern Ireland

Fan, K.; Kurihara, N.; Abe, S.; Yang, K.; Lipkin, M., 2003:
Orange peel extract inhibits intestinal tumor growth in ApcMin mice

Fambrini, M.; Michelotti, V.; Pugliesi, C., 2010:
Orange, yellow and white-cream: inheritance of carotenoid-based colour in sunflower pollen

Inacio, J.; Fonseca, A.; Spencer Martins, I., 2003:
Orange-pigmented yeasts from the phylloplane Taxonomic characterisation and direct molecular detection on leaves

Sutherland, Jamie P., 2001:
Orange-tip Anthocharis cardamines recorded from Brassica rapa

Van Schaik, C.P., 2003:
Orangutan cultures and the comparative study of culture

Macdonald, S.E.; Agnes, M.M., 1999:
Orangutan spatial memory and behavior in a foraging task

Van Schaik, C., 2001:
Orangutan traditions and their implications

Netter, M.; Schibli, R.; Scapozza, L.; Schubiger, A., 2003:
Oranometallic Re- and 99mTc-tricarbonyl-complexes of thymidine analogues Synthesis, structure-activity relationships, and biological evaluation

Ardies, C.M.rray; Karmali, R., 2001:
Orazamide orotate may attenuate doxorubicin induced lipid peroxidation and TNF content in heart

Viru, A.; Tipton, C.M., 2000:
Orbeli A Russian scientist to be remembered by exercise and cardiovascular physiologists

Mooney, M.; Weinberg, S.; Neiswanger, K.; Faix, R.; Richardson, D.; Petiprin, S.; Bardi, K.; Giles, R.; Carter, E.; Bowen, A.; Mazarita, M.L., 2002:
Orbicularis oris muscle morphology in individuals with cleft lip with or without cleft palate and their relatives

Bernardino, C.R.; Chang, E.L.; Fay, A.M.; Rubin, P.A.D., 2002:
Orbital Fractures Associated with Ocular Trauma - Clincal Features

Unal, M.; Konuk, O.; Atasever, T.; Ayvaz, G.; Yetkin, I.; Cakir, N.; Arslan, M.; Karakoc, A.; Egehan, I., 2000:
Orbital Gallium-67 scintigraphy A useful method to evaluate disease activity in Graves orbitopathy

Ahmed, S.; Fuchs, A.; Mehrotra, B., 2002:
Orbital Lymphomas A Single Institution Experience

Islam, N.; Mireskandari, K.; Rose, G., 2002 :
Orbital Varix And Wall Defects - Case Series

Engelman, C.J.; Palmer, J.D.; Egbert, P., 2004:
Orbital abscess following subtenon triamcinolone injection

Nishimura, T.; Koga, T.; Kobayashi, K.; Kobayashi, H.; Okinami, S.; Toda, S.; Sugihara, H., 2001:
Orbital adipocytes promote proliferation of corneal epithelial cells in reconstruction culture

Shepler, T.R.; Char, D.H., 2002:
Orbital and Eyelid Capillary Hemangiomas A Retrospective Look at 24 Consecutive Cases

Ray, S.K.; Hatton, M.P., 2001:
Orbital and adnexal trauma in open globe injuries

Guillou, L.; Coindre, J.M., 2000:
Orbital and extraorbital giant cell angiofibroma A giant cell-rich variant of solitary fibrous tumor

Colson, A.E.; Daily, J.P., 1999:
Orbital apex syndrome and cavernous sinus thrombosis due to infection with Staphylococcus aureus and Pseudomonas aeruginosa

Kurz, P.A.; Yung, R.; Harris, A., 2000:
Orbital blood flow pattern in patients with posterior ischemic optic neuropathy after surgery under general anesthesia

Fetkenhour, D.R.; Shields, C.L.; Chao, A.N.; Shields, J.A.; Guterman, C.B.; Eagle, R.C., 2001:
Orbital cavitary rhabdomyosarcoma masquerading as lymphangioma

Rachid, M.D.; Balli, F.; Carvalho, M.G.; Lucena, E.G.; Pinto, M.A., 2000:
Orbital cellulitis Review of 24 cases from a public health institution in Brazil

Kikkawa, D.O.; Heinz, G.W.; Martin, R.T.; Nunery, W.N.; Eiseman, A.S., 2002:
Orbital cellulitis and abscess secondary to dacryocystitis

Laviña, A.M.; Creasy, J.L.; Tsai, J.C., 2002:
Orbital cellulitis as a late complication of glaucoma shunt implantation

Morgan, S.J., 2003:
Orbital cellulitis following corneal gluing under sub-Tenon's local anaesthesia

Jacquemin, C.; Bosley, T.; Mullaney, P., 2000:
Orbital color Doppler imaging of optic nerve tumors

Trumpower, P.J., 1999:
Orbital convergence in small-bodies arboreal, nocturnal mammals Implications for primate origins

Rath, S.; Honavar, S.G.; Naik, M.; Anand, R.; Agarwal, B.; Krishnaiah, S.; Sekhar, G.Chandra., 2010:
Orbital cysticercosis: clinical manifestations, diagnosis, management, and outcome

Morse, S.A.; Callas, P.L.; Orth, G.A.; Frazier, A.G.C.; Chin, A.K., 1999:
Orbital dissection cannula and method

Sires, B.S.; Garwin, G.G.; Saari, J.C.; Hurst, J.S.; Van Kuijk, F.J., 2000:
Orbital fat Why the color difference?

Shiratori, C.A.; Schellini, S.A.; Marques, M.E.A.; Padovani, C.R., 2003:
Orbital fat histologic changes after experimental evisceration and enucleation

Hintschich, C.; Zonneveld, F.W.; Koornneef, L.Y., 2002:
Orbital fat in the acquired anophthalmic socket

Cochrane, S.R.; Hall, A.J.H.; Stawell, R.J., 2000:
Orbital floor steroids in non-necrotising scleritis

Hatton, M.P.; Watkins, L.M.; Rubin, P.A.D., 2000:
Orbital fractures in children A retrospective analysis

Putnam, K.M.; Pizzagalli, D.A.; Gooding, D.C.; Kalin, N.H.; Davidson, R.J., 2003:
Orbital frontal cortex activation and diurnal variation in cortisol evidence from brain electrical tomography analysis of high - density EEG data

Gözdaşoğlu, S.; Yavuz, G.; Unal, E.; Taçyldz, N.; Cavdar, A.O., 2002:
Orbital granulocytic sarcoma and AML with poor prognosis in Turkish children

Dareau, S.; Gros, T.; Bassoul, B.; Causse, L.; Eledjam, J.J., 2003:
Orbital haemorrhage after medial canthus episclera anaesthesia

Goldsmith, J.D.; Van D.R.jn, M.; Syed, N.A., 1999:
Orbital hemangiopericytoma and solitary fibrous tumor Lesions of similar pathogenesis?

Syed, N.A.; Goldsmith, J.D.; Van D.R.jn, M., 1999:
Orbital hemangiopericytoma and solitary fibrous tumor Neoplasms of similar pathogenesis?

Kaymaz, M.; Dogulu, F.; Kurt, Gökhan.; Kardes, Oür.; Baykaner, M.Kemali., 2002:
Orbital hydatid cyst. Case illustration

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