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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 35501

Chapter 35501 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

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Physical activity of adolescents with type 1 diabetes mellitus

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Physical activity of lesbian women and associations with other health behaviors

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Physical activity of poor urban women A comparison of women working and women at home in Cali, Colombia

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Physical activity or cardiorespiratory fitness Which is a more important predictor of mortality?

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Physical activity pattern in obese women The proposal of a classification system based on 24-h heart rate monitoring

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Physical activity patterns and levels in preschool children during outdoor playing

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Physical activity patterns and trends among older adults with and without disabilities

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Physical activity patterns during pregnancy in a low income racially diverse population

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Physical activity patterns in a Rio de Janeiro University community

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Physical activity patterns in different age groups in a Rio de Janeiro population sample

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Physical activity performed at work by pregnant women is not inversely related to symptoms of depression

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Physical activity predicts bone measures in young children

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Physical activity prescription for public health

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Physical activity prevents splenic norepinephrine depletion A mechanism for protection against stress-induced immunosuppression

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Physical activity prevents tissue catecholamine depletion produced by stress

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Physical activity prior to exposure increases human absorbed dose to surface residues of chlorpyrifos

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Physical activity promotes a healthy cardiovascular risk factor profile but is unrelated to the presence or extent of subclinical atherosclerosis

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Physical activity promotion through primary care

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Physical activity reduces the risk of ischemic stroke associated with left ventricular hypertrophy

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Physical activity risk of coronary heart disease in India

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Physical activity score differences amongst Indo-Asian patients admitted with acute myocardial infarction in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and Birmingham, England

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Physical activity stages of change in children Validation of a new instrument

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Physical activity suppresses AUF1 abundance and mRNA binding activity in skeletal muscle

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Physical activity surveillance Contributions of moderate intensity and occupational activity

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Physical activity survey in the Russian population

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Physical activity television news coverage, 1970-2001

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Physical activity tracking of Euro- and Mexican-American women over eight years

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Physical activity with osteogenic potential is positively associated with bone mineral accretion during growth

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Physical activity, APOE genotype, and dementia risk Findings from the CHS cognition Study

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Physical activity, aerobic fitness, and insulin sensitivity in Latino youth

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Physical activity, body mass index, and cancer mortality in men

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Physical activity, body mass index, waist to hip ratio and the risk for all-cause and cardiovascular mortality among middle-aged Finnish men and women

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Physical activity, body size, and body proportions of Portuguese and Cape Verdean-Portuguese pre-menarcheal girls

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Physical activity, calcium, bone and body composition in premenopausal African American and Caucasian women

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Physical activity, cardiorespiratory fitness and intima-media thickness in hypertensive patients

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Physical activity, cardiorespiratory fitness and the risk of coronary events in healthy men

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Physical activity, combined with the norepinephrine-selective antidepressant reboxetine, rapidly potentiates BDNF mRNA expression in the rat hippocampus

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Physical activity, coronary heart disease and inflammatory response A case-control study

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Physical activity, dietary intake, and the insulin resistance syndrome in adults with mental retardation

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Physical activity, energy expenditure and body fatness in 6-8 year old children

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Physical activity, exercise beliefs, and heart rate variability in adolescents with type 1 diabetes versus controls

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Physical activity, exercise, and cancer From prevention to treatment

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Physical activity, fitness and blood pressure

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Physical activity, fitness and cardiovascular risk factors in middle-age Chinese women

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Physical activity, fitness, obesity and work productivity

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Physical activity, function and fatigue in Parkinsons Disease

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Physical activity, hormone replacement therapy and atherosclerotis in midlife women

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Physical activity, job demand-control, perceived stress-energy, and salivary cortisol in white-collar workers

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Physical activity, obesity and the risk of chronic kidney disease in US adults

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Physical activity, physical fitness and health (current concepts)

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Physical activity, self reported health and quality of life in patients with chronic renal impairment

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Physical activity, soft tissue mass, and total body mineral content in children

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Physical activity, weight change, and 6-year diabetes risk in older people

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Physical activity-antidepressant treatment combination in a rat model of depression

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Physical adaptations to 15 weeks of fall-prevention exercise in younger and older postmenopausal women when compared to age matched controls

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Physical aggression at bars An analysis of causes

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Physical aggression in Australian football a qualitative study of elite athletes

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Physical analysis of the MHC of medaka fish harboring class I and functionally linked genes

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Physical analysis on process of cavitation in xylem during transportation

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Physical and EST mapping on chromosome 9 Candidate genes for the geniospasm locus

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Physical and Functional Association of Src Kinase with Glycoprotein Ib in Human Platelets

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Physical and Functional Interaction between Stats and Retinoic Acid Receptors in Hematopoietic Cells

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Physical and Transcription Mapping of the Canine prcd Region Syntenic to Human Chromosome 17q24-25

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Physical and anthropometric characteristics of junior biathlon skiers

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Physical and biochemical composition of cerebrospinal fluid of mithun

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Physical and biological effects on NAPL-mediated polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon biodegradation

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Physical and biological factors influencing recruitment of northern shrimp Pandalus borealis in the Gulf of Maine

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Physical and biological properties of yam as a saliva substitute

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Physical and biological regulation of proteoglycan turnover around chondrocytes in cartilage explants. Implications for tissue degradation and repair

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Physical and chemical carcass composition of springbok , blesbok and impala

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Physical and chemical characteristics affecting in vitro digestibility of corn silages of different particle sizes

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Physical and chemical characterization of an urban stream receiving reservoir and sanitary discharges

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Physical and chemical characterization of tire-related particles: comparison of particles generated using different methodologies

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Physical and chemical characterizations of three Florida waste composts

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Physical and chemical conditions surrounding the diurnal vertical migration of Cryptomonas spp in a seasonally stratified midwestern reservior

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Physical and chemical evaluation of oils of two varieties of Carthamus tinctorius grown in Pakistan

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Physical and chemical properties and ruminal digestion of different corn grani genotypes in cows

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Physical and chemical properties of bamboo smoke distillates

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Physical and chemical treatments to reduce off-flavor during catfish processing

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Physical and clinical evaluation of lossy JPEG2000 compression of static nuclear medicine image

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Physical and combustion properties of briquettes from sawdust of Azadirachta indica

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Physical and fitness profiles of Korean elderly men and women

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Physical and functional interaction between Vpr and Sp1 modulate p21WAF1 gene expression

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Physical and functional interaction between Zic and Gli proteins

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Physical and functional interactions between polo kinase and the spindle pole component Cut12 regulate the control of mitotic commitment in S pombe

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Physical and geochemical transports along the Ancona coastal area

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Physical and inflammatory stressors elevate circadian clock gene mPer mRNA levels in the paraventricular nucleus of mouse

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Physical and leisure activity, body composition, and life satisfaction in HIV+ hispanics in Puerto Rico A one-year follow up

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Physical and linkage mapping in the eastern oyster Crassostrea virginica Gmelin

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Physical and linkage mapping of the canine phosphate carrier and apoptotic activating factor 1 genes to canine chromosome 15

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Physical and social problems of obstructive sleep apnea syndrome

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