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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 35522

Chapter 35522 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Saillant, E.; Gold, J.R., 2003:
Population structure and effective size of red snapper in the northern Gulf of Mexico

Shearer, T.L.; Coffroth, M.A., 2003:
Population structure and gene flow of Caribbean scleractinian corals as determined by microsatellite markers

Scarpassa, V.M.rgarete; Tadei, W.P.dro; Suarez, M.F.del, 1999:
Population structure and genetic divergence in Anopheles nuneztovari from Brazil and Colombia

Shimizu, Y.; Takahashi, H., 2003:
Population structure and genetic diversity in pacific herring, Clupea pallasii, based on mitochondrial DNA sequence variations

Camacho, F.J.; Liston, A., 2001:
Population structure and genetic diversity of Botrychium pumicola based on inter-simple sequence repeats

ZongXuXiao; GuanJianPing; WangHaiFei; MaYu, 2010:
Population structure and genetic diversity of global pea germplasm resources

Thingsgaard, Karen, 2001:
Population structure and genetic diversity of the amphiatlantic haploid peatmoss Sphagnum affine

Bouza, N.; Caujape Castells, J.; Gonzalez Perez, M.A.; Batista, F.; Sosa, P.A., 2002:
Population structure and genetic diversity of two endangered endemic species of the Canarian laurel forest Dorycnium spectabile and Isoplexis chalcantha

Park, S.Y.; Jwa, N.S.; Kang, S.; Lee, Y.H., 2000:
Population structure and genetic variability of the rice blast fungus in Korea

Surridge, A.K.; Bell, D.J.; Ibrahim, K.M.; Hewitt, G.M., 1999:
Population structure and genetic variation of European wild rabbits in East Anglia

Holland, R.S.; Pape, L.; Blaser, J.; Mestl, G.; King, M.; Schuckman, J.; Wessel, S.; Peters, E., 1999:
Population structure and growth characteristics of channel catfish in Nebraska rivers

Garza, J.C., 2003:
Population structure and history of steelhead trout in California

Peever, T.L.; Olsen, L.; Ibanez, A.; Timmer, L.W., 1999:
Population structure and host specificity of Alternaria sp causing brown spot of tangerines, grapefruit and tangerine hybrids in Florida

Viji, G.; Uddin, W.; Wu, B.; Kang, S.; Huff, D.R., 2001:
Population structure and host specificity of Magnaporthe grisea causing gray leaf spot of perennial ryegrass

Feil, E., 2003:
Population structure and intra-species divergence of bacterial pathogens

Holmes, M.J.; Brodie, J., 2001:
Population structure and life history observations of Porphyra dioica

Betzholtz, Per Eric, 2002:
Population structure and movement patterns within an isolated and endangered population of the moth Dysauxes ancilla L Implications for conservation

Shukla, B.R.K.; Singh, U.P., 2001 :
Population structure and opportunity of natural selection among the Bhoksa tribals of North India

Chambers, M.D.; Friedman, C.S.; Hauser, L.; Vanblaricom, G.R., 2003:
Population structure and recovery dynamics of black abalones at San Nicolas Island, California

Tsai, W.H.u; Dai,; Fan,, 2002:
Population structure and reproduction of the sea anemone Condylactis sp in Nanwan Bay, southern Taiwan

Lessa, R.; Santana, F.; Menni, R.; Almeida, Z., 1999:
Population structure and reproductive biology of the smalltail shark off Maranhao

Bandoni, S.M.; Mulvey, M.; Loker, E.S., 2000:
Population structure and taxonomic discrimination among three species of Biomphalaria Preston, 1910 from Kenya

Acuna, F.H.; Zamponi, M.O., 1999:
Population structure and trophic ecology of Oulactis muscosa Dana, 1849 from Buenos Aires littoral

Dayimani, V.; Magwa, M.; Adams, J.B., 2003:
Population structure and utilisation of mangroves in the Mngazana estuary

Christensen, A.B.; Dean, D.K., 2003:
Population structure in a fissiparous ophiactid brittlestar possessing hemoglobin

Krutzen, M.; Sherwin, W.B.; Berggren, P.; Gales, N., 2004:
Population structure in an inshore cetacean revealed by microsatellite and mtDNA analysis Bottlenose dolphins in Shark Bay, Western Australia

Balanovska, E.; Pocheschkhova, E.; Verbenko, D.; Balanovsky, O.; Seryogin, Y.; Subbota, D.; Mamgetov, K.; Limborska, S.; Villems, R., 2002:
Population structure of Adygs, as revealed using DNA data and surname frequencies

Hackett, B.J.; Siqueira, V.M.; Hazell, K.M.; Mccracken, K.G.; Costantini, C.; Sagnon, N.F.; Lehmann, T.; Vulule, J.; Elissa, N.; Besansky, N.J., 2000:
Population structure of Anopheles funestus across Africa

Belozerov, V.N.; Van Niekerk, D.J.; Butler, H.J.B., 2003:
Population structure of Argas arboreus ticks associated with seasonally abandoned mixed heronries, dominated by cattle egrets , in South Africa

Hironaka, Y.; Kanno, Y.; Sekijima, T.; Kondo, N., 2002:
Population structure of Asian chipmunk analyzed by mtDNA COII sequence

Baptista, C.; Pinheiro, M.A.A.aro; Blankensteyn, A.; Borzone, C.A., 2003:
Population structure of C ornatus Ordway in Shangri-la Beach, Pontal do Parana, Parana, Brazil

Chapman, Robert W., 2003:
Population structure of Caribbean reef fishes Implications for Marine Protected Areas and fishery management implications

Britz, H.; Coutinho, T.A.; Wingfield, M.J.; Marasas, W.F.O., 1999:
Population structure of Fusarium circinatum in South Africa

Bao, J.; Fravel, D.; Lazarovits, G.; Chellemi, D.; Van Berkum, P.; O'neill, N., 2001:
Population structure of Fusarium oxysporum in tomato production in Florida

Achtman, Mark, 2001:
Population structure of Helicobacter pylori and other pathogenic bacterial species

Smith, M.; Hepburn, A.; Jackson, D.; Macraild, D.; Mcpherson, J., 2004:
Population structure of Irish migrants to northern England in the late nineteenth century

Boehm, E.W.A.; Freeman, S.; Shabi, E.; Michailides, T.J., 2001:
Population structure of Israeli Venturia inaequalis

Fluit, A.C.; Schmitz, F.J.sef, 2003:
Population structure of MRSA

Maiden, M.C.J., 2002:
Population structure of Neisseria meningitidis

Brown Gladden, J.G.; Ferguson, M.M.; Friesen, M.K.; Clayton, J.W., 1999:
Population structure of North American beluga whales based on nuclear DNA microsatellite variation and contrasted with the population structure revealed by mitochondrial DNA variation

Ghimire, S.R.; Hodgkiss, I.J.; Hyde, K.D.; Liew, E.C.Y., 2001:
Population structure of Phytophthora infestans in Nepal

Rios, C.; Mutschke, E.; Cariceo, Y., 2003:
Population structure of Pseudechinus magellanicus on the holdfast of the sublitoral kelp Macrocystis pyrifera C Agardh in the Straits of Magellan, Chile

Raposo, R.D.M.iroz Grilo; Gurgel, H.D.C.stro Bezerra, 2001:
Population structure of Serrasalmus spilopleura Kner, 1860 from the Extremoz Lake, state of Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil

Coque, T.M.; Willems, R.J.L.; Fortun, J.; Top, J.; Diz, S.; Canton, R.; Loza, E.; Baquero, F., 2003:
Population structure of Spanish Enterococcus faecium isolates causing bacteremia Evolution, diversity of isolates with variable antibiotic resistance and virulence profiles and clinical outcomes

Lehmann, T.; Blackston, C.R.; Parmley, S.F.; Remington, J.S.; Dubey, J.P., 1999:
Population structure of Toxoplasma gondii The effects of clonal and sexual reproduction

Mpofu, S.I.; Hall, R.; Dobinson, K.F.; Hsiang, T., 1999:
Population structure of Verticillium dahliae isolates from potato fields in Alliston, Ontario

Campanella,J.J.; Bologna,P.A.; Smalley,J.V.; Rosenzweig,E.B.; Smith,S.M., 2010:
Population structure of Zostera marina on the western Atlantic coast is characterized by poor connectivity and inbreeding

Seto, Y.; Fujita, D.; Komatsu, M.; Yamazaki, Y.; Kijima, A., 2002:
Population structure of a fissiparous seastar Coscinasterias acutispina in Toyama Bay

Ye, T.Z.; Yang, R.C.i; Yeh, F.C., 2002:
Population structure of a lodgepole pine and jack pine complex as revealed by random amplified polymorphic DNA

Anderson, T.J.C.; Nair, S.; Williams, J.T.; Brockman, A.; Van Den Broek, I.; Smithuis, F.; Mayxay, M.; Newton, P.; Guthmann, J.P.; Tran Tinh Hien; Nosten, F., 2003:
Population structure of neutral versus selected SNPs in SE Asian malaria parasites

Kumar,S.; Bisht,I.S.; Bhat,K.V., 2010:
Population structure of rice landraces under farmer management

Adams, S.M.; Duvernell, D.D., 2004:
Population structure of the Atlantic coastal killifish, Fundulus heteroclitus, as determined by microsatellite loci

Rajabipour, Farhad, 2002:
Population structure of the Indian squid, Loligo duvauceli Orbigny, 1848, in Iranian waters of the Oman Sea

Drengstig, A.; Fevolden, S.E.ik; Galand, P.E.; Aschan, M.M., 2000:
Population structure of the deep-sea shrimp in the north-east Atlantic based on allozyme variation

Southworth, M.J.; Harding, J.M.; Mann, R., 2002:
Population structure of the hard clam, Mercenaria mercenaria, in Hampton Roads, Virginia

Gauthier, C.; Urdaneta, L.; Durand, P.; Barnabe, C.; Tibayrenc, M., 2003:
Population structure of the malaria parasite, Plasmodium falciparum, in Venezuela

Samad, M.; Abbas, G., 1999:
Population structure of the mullets Liza subviridis, L carinata and Valamugil cunnesius from Sandspit backwaters along Karachi coast

Thurston, M.H.; Petrillo, M.; Della Croce, N., 2002:
Population structure of the necrophagous amphipod Eurythenes gryllus from the Atacama Trench

Mizuno, N.; Yamasaki, M.; Matsuoka, Y.; Kawahara, T.; Takumi, S., 2010:
Population structure of wild wheat D-genome progenitor Aegilops tauschii Coss.: implications for intraspecific lineage diversification and evolution of common wheat

Lillebo, A.I.abel; Pardal, M.A.gelo; Marques, J.C.rlos, 1999:
Population structure, dynamics and production of Hydrobia ulvae along an eutrophication gradient in the Mondego estuary

Fanciulli, P.P.; Melegari, D.; Carapelli, A.; Frati, F.; Dallai, R., 2000:
Population structure, gene flow and evolutionary relationships in four species of the genera Tomocerus and Pogonognathellus

Higgins, Kevin, 2001:
Population structure, genetic effective size, mutation accumulation and extinction

Antsulevich, A.E.; Maximovich, N.V.; Vuorinen, I., 1999:
Population structure, growth and reproduction of the common mussel off the Island of Seili

Fischer, K.; Beinlich, B.; Plachter, H., 1999:
Population structure, mobility and habitat preferences of the violet copper Lycaena helle in Western Germany Implications for conservation

Fachin Teran, A.; Vogt, R.C.; Thorbjarnarson, J.B., 2003:
Population structure, sex ratio and abundance of Podocnemis sextuberculata in the Reserva de Desenvolvimento Sustentavel Mamiraua, Amazonas, Brazil

Ohtsuka, R.; Yoshinaga, M., 2000:
Population studies and the related fields

Becker, P.; Becker, S.F.bian, 2000:
Population studies for barn swallows and house martins in Immighausen

Zhang, K.; Lee, S.; Villanueva, J.; Kogawa, K.; Sumegi, J.; Wenstrup, R.J.; Filipovich, A.H., 2003:
Population studies of three X-linked Immunodeficiency Diseases and Genotype-phenotype correlations of PRF1 mutations in Familial Hemophagocytic Lymphohistiocytosis

Norman, P.J.; Carrington, C.V.F.; Stephens, H.A.F.; Verity, D.H.; Chandanayingyong, D.; Vaughan, R.W., 2001:
Population studies on killer cell immunoglobulin-like receptor sequences

Tagliabracci, A.; Buscemi, L.; Pesaresi, M.; Rodriguez, D.; Caenazzo, L.; Ponzano, E.; Fenato, F.A.; Cortivo, P.; Previdere, C.; Peloso, G.; Grignani, P.; Pierucci, G.; Polizzi, E.; Nardone, M.; Della Mora, C.; Domenici, R., 2000:
Population study and paternity testing of seven Y-chromosome STR-loci in an Italian population sample

Nair, M.K.; Nambi, K.S.; Amma, N.S.; Gangadharan, P.; Jayalekshmi, P.; Jayadevan, S.; Cherian, V.; Reghuram, K.N., 1999:
Population study in the high natural background radiation area in Kerala, India

Camfield, C.; Camfield, P.; Peters, J., 2002:
Population study of benign rolandic epilepsy Is treatment needed? Reply from the authors

Arce, B.; Heinrichs, B.; Nogueira, J.M.nuel F.; Lopez, F.M.ntes, 2003:
Population study of eight Y-chromosome STR-loci in a Spanish population sample

Oswald, P.; Souery, D.; Linotte, S.; Massat, I.; Dupont, S.; Del Favero, J.; Van Broeckhoven, C.; Mendlewicz, J., 2002:
Population study of polymorphisms in the dopamine pathway genes in a large European sample Results from the European collaborative project on affective disorders

Linotte, S.; Souery, D.; Oswald, P.; Massat, I.; Dupont, S.; Del Favero, J.; Van Broeckhoven, C.; Mendlewicz, J., 2002:
Population study of polymorphisms in the serotonin pathway genes in a large European sample Results from the European Collaborative Project on affective disorders

Ferrada, S.; Hernandez, K.; Montoya, R.; Galleguillos, R., 2002:
Population study of the anchovy resource , through DNA analysis

Alvarez, F.; Winfield, I.; Chazaro, S., 2000:
Population study of the landhopper Talitroides topitotum in central Mexico

Iturbe Darkistade, I.; D.L.ra Isassi, G.; Alvarez Hernandez, S.; Dreckmann, K.M., 2001:
Population study of two species of the genus Gracilaria in Playa Paraiso, Veracruz, Mexico

Einbeigi, Z.; Bergman, A.; Karlsson, P.; Kindblom, L.G.; Martinsson, T.; Meis Kindblom, J.; Nordling, M.; Wahlstrom, J.; Wallgren, A., 2003:
Population study on BRCA1/2 mutations in women with breast and ovarian cancers in western Sweden

Boyce, W.M.; Ramey, R.R.II.; Rodwell, T.C.; Rubin, E.S.; Singer, R.S., 1999:
Population subdivision among desert bighorn sheep ewes revealed by mitochondrial DNA analysis

Behrmann Godel, J.; Gerlach, G.; Eckmann, R., 2003:
Population subdivision and speciation in perch The importance of being related

Kere, J.K.; Salmela, E.; Lahermo, P.; Sistonen, P.; Savontaus, M.L., 2002:
Population subisolate structure approach for complex gene mapping

Teshima, K.M.; Lee, H.S.; Chakraborty, R., 2002:
Population substructure effects on the extent of genotype sharing A tool for detecting the presence of relatives in databases

Fernandez, D.; Beers, E.H., 1999:
Population suppression of white apple leafhopper with petroleum oil, 1998

Schwenninger, J.L.; Krippel, Y., 2002:
Population survey and conservation of Tunbridge filmy-fern in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

Kyes, R.C.; Iskandar, E.; Daniel, J.; Paputungan, U., 2000:
Population survey of the Sulawesi black macaques at Tangkoko Nature Reserve

Macintyre, K.; Murphy, N.; Capewell, S.; Pell, J.; Stewart, S.; Chalmers, J.; Redpath, A.; Mcmurray, J.J.V., 2003:
Population survival after emergency admission with chest pain compared to angina and myocardial infarction

Rusak, J.A.; Brock, C.S.; Leavitt, P.R.; Yan, N.D., 2001:
Population synchrony in a hydrologically connected landscape Quantifying patterns and identifying processes

Staples, D.F.; Taper, M.L.; Ward, E.J., 2001:
Population thresholds as a mechanism to lessen extinction risk in a stochastic environment

Grimwood, K.; Armstrong, D.S.; Carzino, R.; Olinsky, A., 1999:
Population transcript accumulation of Pseudomonas aeruginosa exotoxin A, elastase and alginate in bronchoalveolar lavage fluid from infants with cystic fibrosis

Boschert, Martin, 2002:
Population trend and current situation of the Mediterranean Gull Larus melanocephalus in Germany

Ivanov, A.P., 2003:
Population trends and breeding range dynamics in sociable plover , black-winged pratincole and caspian plover in European Russia

Donovan, T.M.; Flather, C.H., 2001:
Population trends in North American songbirds Interactions between habitat fragmentation and landscape occupancy patterns

Ponsonby, A-Louise.; Dwyer, T.; Cochrane, J., 2002:
Population trends in sudden infant death syndrome

Jiguet,F.; Gregory,R.D.; Devictor,V.; Green,R.E.; Vorisek,P.; Strien,A.van; Couvet,D., 2010:
Population trends of European common birds are predicted by characteristics of their climatic niche

Stastny, K.; Bejcek, V.; Flousek, J.; Vorisek, P., 2003:
Population trends of farmland and woodland bird species in the Czech Republic, 1982-2001

Kumar, S.; Prasad, S.; Singh, R.N., 2003:
Population trends of two-spotted spider mite in relation to abiotic factor on French marigold

Martin, J.; Guryev, V.; Blinov, A., 2002:
Population variability in Chironomus species with a Holarctic distribution Evidence of mitochondrial gene flow

Minihane, A.M.rie; Williams, C.M., 2003:
Population variability in lipoprotein responsiveness to fish oil intervention

Falchi, A.; Vacca, L.; Alomar, A.L.pez; Esteban, E.; Memmi, M.; Varesi, L.; Mora, P.; Vona, G., 2004 :
Population variability in some genes involving the haemostatic system data on the general population of Corsica , Sardinia and Sicily

Lundberg; Ranta; Ripa; Kaitala, 2000:
Population variability in space and time

Pai, A.; Mccarthy, B.C., 2003:
Population variability of Acorus calamus L in patterns of resource allocation with respect to environmental variability

Perez Castaneda, R.; Defeo, O., 2001:
Population variability of four sympatric penaeid shrimps in a tropical coastal Lagoon of Mexico

Miller, J.Richard, 2002:
Population variation and multiple life history stage responses to predation in the stream salamander, Desmognathus quadramaculatus

Martinson, J.J.; Edge, A.L.; Lewis, M.; Aldred, P.M.R., 2002:
Population variation at human SNPs associated with HIV resistance, susceptibility and therapy

Ayodele, A.E.; Olowokudejo, J.D., 2002:
Population variation in Persicaria salicifolia Assenov in Nigeria

Brewis, A.A.; Kamphaus, R.W., 1999:
Population variation in characteristic aspects of childrens behavior and frequency of child behavior problems Colombian and US samples

Rios, R.S.; Marquis, R.J., 2002:
Population variation in plant traits associated with ant attraction in Chamaecrista fasciculata

Burkhart, S.M.; Slooten, E., 2003:
Population viability analysis for Hectors dolphin A stochastic population model for local populations

Sezen, Z.; Bilgin, C.C.n; Akcakaya, H.R.sit, 2002:
Population viability analysis for the reintroduction of Turkish mouflon

Bevelhimer, M.S.; Jager, H., 2003:
Population viability analysis for white sturgeon in the Snake River, Idaho

Oostermeijer, J.Gerard B., 2000:
Population viability analysis of the rare Gentiana pneumonanthe The importance of genetics, demography and reproductive biology

Pitcher, T.J., 2003:
Population viability in lake ecosystems Simulating trade-offs of biodiversity with sustainable fisheries

Morita, K.; Yokota, A., 2002:
Population viability of stream-resident salmonids after habitat fragmentation A case study with white-spotted charr by an individual based model

Camill, P.; Adams, J.B.; Limmer, J.; Kalim, S.; Rafert, G.; Middleman, R.; Andreassi, C., 2003:
Population, community, and ecosystem-level constraints on Picea mariana establishment in boreal peatlands following permafrost thaw

Sivakumaran, N.; Thiyagesan, K., 2003:
Population, diurnal activity patterns and feeding ecology of the Indian Roller Coracias benghalensis

Homer Dixon, Thomas, 1999:
Population, environment, and ingenuity

Muralidharan, C.M.; Vaghasia, U.R.; Sodagar, N.N., 1999:
Population, food preference and trapping using aggregation pheromone on red palm weevil

Sharpe, C.R.; Collet, J.P.ul; Mcnutt, M.; Belzile, E.; Boivin, J.F.ancois; Hanley, J.A., 2000 :
Population-base case-control study of the effects of nonsteroidal antiinflammatory drugs on breast cancer risk and stage

Liu, Y.; Graviss, E.A.; Musser, J.M., 2001:
Population-based analysis of polymorphisms in the human Toll-Like Receptor 4 gene in tuberculosis patients

Muhlemann, K.; Tauber, M.G.; Bodmer, T., 1999:
Population-based antimicrobial resistance surveillance of pneumococcus by using a national sentinel surveillance system and nasopharyngeal swabs

Steimle, A.; Levin, E.; Arango, J.; Kim, E.; Stone, B., 2002:
Population-based approach to heart failure management is associated with improved outcomes

Alexander, A.; Leachman, S.A.; Cannon Albright, L.A., 2003:
Population-based assessment of cancer risk in relatives of melanoma probands

Dandona, L.; Dandona, R.; Naduvilath, T.J.; Mccarry, C.A.; Mandal, P.; Rao, G.N., 1999:
Population-based assessment of cataract surgery outcome in an urban population in southern India

Cannon Albright, L., 2003:
Population-based assessment of risk of other cancers in relatives of prostate cancer cases

Dietz, P.M.; Callaghan, W.M.; Morrow, B.; Cogswell, M.E., 2004:
Population-based assessment of the risk of cesarean delivery due to excess pre-pregnancy weight

Barkmann, R.; John, R.; Eastell, R.; Felsenberg, D.; Reid, D.; Roux, C.; Glueer, C.C., 2002:
Population-based calcaneal quantitative ultrasound reference data Results from the OPUS Study

Poikonen, E.; Lyytikainen, O.; Ruutu, P., 2001:
Population-based candidemia surveillance in Finland, 1995-1999

Davies, H.D.; Adair, C.E.; Kowalsky, L.; Robertson, S.; Logue, M.; Buchanon, M.; Ma, D.; Low, D.E.; Sauve, R.; Mcgeer, A., 1999:
Population-based case control study of risk factors for early-onset group B streptococcal disease in Alberta

Lai, M-Nan.; Wang, S-Meng.; Chen, P-Chung.; Chen, Y-Yin.; Wang, J-Der., 2010:
Population-based case-control study of Chinese herbal products containing aristolochic acid and urinary tract cancer risk

Khoo, U.S.; Chan, K.Y.K.; Lai, T.W.; Yip, S.P.; Ko, H.H.; Cheung, A.N.Y., 2002:
Population-based case-control study of HER2 polymorphism in ovarian cancer

Ren, Z.; Cai, Q.; Gao,; Shu, X.O.; Cai, H.; Dai, Q.; Jin, F.; Zheng, W., 2003:
Population-based case-control study of IGFBP-3 genetic polymorphisms and breast cancer risk

Malin, A.S.; Zheng, W.; Dai, Q.; Shu, X.O.; Friedmann, J.M.; Gao,; Jin, F., 2001:
Population-based case-control study of dietary intake of selected carotenoids and vitamins A, C, and E in relation to breast cancer risk

Peek Asa, C.; Ramirez, M.; Shoaf, K., 2001:
Population-based case-control study of injury risk factors in the Northridge Earthquake

Sharpe, C.R.; Collet, J.P.ul; Mcnutt, M.; Belzile, E.; Hanley, J.A.; Boivin, J.F.ancois, 2000:
Population-based case-control study of the effects of antidepressants on breast cancer risk

Gearry, R.B.; Richardson, A.K.; Frampton, C.M.; Dodgshun, A.J.; Barclay, M.L., 2010:
Population-based cases control study of inflammatory bowel disease risk factors

Cdc Vaccine Safety Datalink (Vsd) Team, 2000:
Population-based cohort study of intussusception and rotavirus vaccination

Mors, O., 2003:
Population-based cytogenetic and psychiatric registers in Denmark Linking chromosome anomalies with mental illness

Redman, M.; Blackwell, S.; Naccasha, N.; Hassan, S.; Berry, S., 2001:
Population-based definition of discordant growth predicts complications of twin pregnancy

Steinke, D.; Weston, T.; Morris, A.; Macdonald, T.M.; Dillon, J., 2000:
Population-based epidemiology of alcoholic liver disease

Steinke, D.T.; Dillon, J.F., 2001:
Population-based epidemiology of liver enzyme tests Evaluating normal and abnormal tests in tayside, 1991-97

Steinke, D.; Weston, T.; Morris, A.; Mcdonald, T.M.; Dillon, J., 2000:
Population-based epidemiology of viral hepatitis

Weissfeld, J.L.; Schoen, R.E.; Trauth, J.M.; Ling, B.S.; Weinberg, G., 2000:
Population-based estimate of total colon examination and risk-appropriate screening for colorectal cancer

Class Study Group, 2001:
Population-based estimates of chlamydia prevalence in England

Staat, M.A.; Roberts, N.E.; Ward, R.L.; Bernstein, D.I., 1999:
Population-based estimates of emergency department visits, short-stay admissions and hospital admissions for gastroenteritis in children 1-59 months of age in Hamilton County, Ohio

Peter, T.F.; O'Callaghan, C.J.; Medley, G.F.; Perry, B.D.; Semu, S.M.; Maha, S.M., 2002:
Population-based evaluation of the Ehrlichia ruminantium MAP 1B indirect ELISA

Anderson, W.F.; Chu, K.; Alexander, G.; Viner, J.; Chatterjee, N.; Brinton, L., 2001:
Population-based evidence for a two-disease breast cancer paradigm

Skjennald, A.; Skaane, P.; Gangeskar, L.; Gudesen Torp, C.; Pedersen, K., 2000:
Population-based full field direct digital mammography screening The Oslo project

Smith, J.S.; Herrero, R.; Munoz, N.; Mato, E.; Shin, H.; Lazcano, E.; D.S.njose, S.; Sukvirach, S.; Ahn, P.T.H.; Hieu, N.T.; Franceschi, S.; Ashley, R., 2001:
Population-based herpes simplex virus seroprevalence in seven countries

Poehling, K.; Lafleur, B.; Szilagyi, P.; Wooten, K.; Mitchel, E.; Barth, R.; Hughes, H.; Schwartz, B.; Griffin, M., 2003:
Population-based impact of pneumococcal conjugate vaccine

Bobelu, A.; Varghese, E.; Shah, V.; Stidley, C.; Welty, T.; Kessler, D.; Albert, C.; Ghahate, J.; Peynesta, T.; Narva, A.; Zager, P., 1999:
Population-based investigation of the renal disease epidemic of renal disease in Zuni

Jackson, S.C.; Gregson, D.B.; Mcfadden, S.; Laupland, K.B., 2003:
Population-based laboratory surveillance for invasive Clostridium perfringens infections in a large Canadian region

Peterson, A.G.; Young, T.; Palta, M.; Finn, L., 2001:
Population-based longitudinal study of menopause and sleep-disordered breathing

Mccullough, P.A.; Philbin, E.F.; Czerska, B.; Spertus, J.A.; Weaver, W.D.uglas, 2000:
Population-based medication profiling in heart failure Treatment related outcomes from the REACH study

Dauerman, H.L.; Goldberg, R.J.; Yarzebski, J.; Lessard, D.H.; Sullivan, C.; Gore, J.M., 2001:
Population-based outcomes for the invasive approach to management of non-Q wave myocardial infarction

Kilburn, K.H.; Thornton, J.C.; Hanscom, B., 1998:
Population-based prediction equations for neurobehavioral tests

Schocken, D.D.; Sharma, K.; Schwartz, S.; Leaverton, P.E., 1999:
Population-based prevalence and mortality of heart failure in the United States Data from NHANES II with 12-16 year follow-up

Leslie, W.D.; Metge, C.; Kvern, B.; Anderson, W.A.; Manness, L.J.; Yuen, K., 2001:
Population-based prevalence of clinical risk factors from the maximizing osteoporosis management in Manitoba project

Metge, C.; Leslie, W.D.; Kvern, B.; Anderson, W.A.; Manness, L.J.; Yuen, K., 2001:
Population-based prevalence of medical risk factors for osteoporosis from the maximizing osteoporosis management in Manitoba project

Atlas, S.J.; Keller, R.B.; Deyo, R.A.; Soule, D.N.; Singer, D.E., 1999:
Population-based rates of lumbar spine surgery Are higher rates associated with worse outcomes?

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Porcine endogenous retrovirus

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Porcine mpl ligand

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Porcine protein and uses thereof

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Porcine rubulavinis infection - blue eye disease

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Porcine small intestine submucosa is safe and effective in the management of infected abdominal wall defects

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Porcine somatotropin reduces the magnitude of, and the variation in, back fat

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Port off-pump beating heart coronary artery bypass heart stabilization system

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Port site metastasis after laparoscopic nephrectomy: unsuspected transitional cell carcinoma within a tuberculous atrophic kidney

Iwamura, M.; Tsumura, H.; Matsuda, D.; Kurosaka, S.; Yoshida, K.; Baba, S., 2004:
Port site recurrence of renal cell carcinoma following retroperitoneoscopic radical nephrectomy with manual extraction without using entrapment sac or wound protector

Pearlstone, D.B.; Feig, B.W.; Mansfield, P.F., 1999:
Port site recurrences after laparoscopy for malignant disease

Castilho, L.N.; Fugita, O.E.; Mitre, A.I.; Arap, S., 2001:
Port site tumor recurrences of renal cell carcinoma after videolaparoscopic radical nephrectomy

Chaney, M.A.; Fluder, E.M.; Bakhos, M.; Nikolov, M.P.; Blakeman, B.P., 1999:
Port-Access CABG facilitates early postoperative hospital discharge yet increases cost

Kort, S.; Applebaum, R.M.; Grossl, E.A.; Colvin, S.B.; Galloway, A.C.; Ribakove, G.H.; Baumann, F.G.egory; Piedad, B.; Tunick, P.A.; Kronzon, I., 2001:
Port-Access aortic valve replacement Echocardiographic and clinical results

Sidwell, R.U.; Syed, S.; Harper, J.I., 2001:
Port-wine stains and eczema

Mcguire, B.F.; Parsons, A.K., 2001:
Porta-zam gynecological exam chair

Sherrod, James B., 1999:
Portable CPR breathing apparatus

Levendowski, D.J.; Berka, C.; Konstantinovic, Z.R., 2000:
Portable EEG electrode locator headgear

Diethelm, L.; Perdigao, J.; Pandit Bhalla, M., 2000:
Portable ICU chest computed radiographs on PACs Need for quality control

Kistner, T.L.; Storey, R.W.; Kistner, D.T., 2000:
Portable IV fluid warming system

Mojet, Mart H., 2000:
Portable MiniDisc recorder as a cost-effective system to record electrophysiological spike trains

Miltner, O.; Schwaiger, A.; Schmidt, C.; Bücker, A.; Kölker, C.; Siebert, C.H.; Zilkens, K.W.; Niethard, F.U.; Blümich, B., 2003:
Portable NMR-MOUSE: a new method and its evaluation of the Achilles tendon

Cabral, Richard E., 2000:
Portable X-ray bone densitometry system

Miles, Dale A., 2000:
Portable X-ray device

Mueller, D.W.lliam; Pinizzotto, R.F., 2004:
Portable X-ray diffractometer

Jackson, Leon Franklin, 1999:
Portable X-ray foundation

Siriwardena,K.A.P.; Fernando,L.C.P.; Nanayakkara,N.; Perera,K.F.G.; Kumara,A.D.N.T.; Nanayakkara,T., 2010:
Portable acoustic device for detection of coconut palms infested by Rynchophorus ferrugineus

Richardson, J.J.ffrey; Wade, T.D., 2000:
Portable aerobic fitness monitor for walking and running

Chaurushia, A.; Odabashian, S.; Comproni, A.; Millan, J., 2003:
Portable air pollution control apparatus

Harris, Charles D., 2004:
Portable air purifier apparatus and system

Sugita, N.; Hatta, Y.; Yamada, T.; Nakata, Y., 2003:
Portable air-borne bacteria sampler

Smith, William C., 2003:
Portable airborne contamination control system including a main and remote unit

Li, Pao Lang, 2000:
Portable alarm apparatus for sudden heart attack patient

Barak, J.; Naveh, Y.; Ehrlich, S., 2002:
Portable ambulant pneumatic compression system

Psaros, Georgios, 2001:
Portable anaesthetic machine and emergency kit

Rambarran, K.K.; Robertson, D.G.E., 2000:
Portable and affordable A compact EMG recorder

Safar, P.; Stezoski, W.S.; Klain, M., 1999:
Portable and modular cardiopulmonary bypass apparatus and associated aortic balloon and associated method

Dixon, Cameron, 2003:
Portable and multi-stage filtration device for removal of perchlorethylene from dry cleaning wastewater

Post, T.M.; Pernikoff, D.S., 2000:
Portable anesthesia machine

Smith, Charles A., 2003:
Portable anesthesia rebreathing system

Anderson, Brent Gary, 2000:
Portable apparatus for distributing and selectively sealing a vaporized or small particle substance

Owen, Donald R., 2001:
Portable apparatus for storing and/or transporting biological samples, tissues and/or organs

Choi, Soo Bong, 1999:
Portable automatic syringe device and injection needle unit thereof

Dumm, Richard Henry, 2001:
Portable batch pasteurizer

Lin, Ching Chi, 2001:
Portable bathtub massage pad

Mann, Ken, 2003:
Portable bin full indicator

Inagawa, H.; Ito, Y., 2003:
Portable bioelectrical impedance measuring instrument

Green, Larry R., 2004:
Portable biosensor apparatus with controlled flow

Fujii, M.; Sasaski, H., 2000:
Portable body cleaning system in bed-bound elderly

Fisher, D.A.; Guth, R.U., 2003:
Portable breath test simulator

Young, Charles, 2001:
Portable cardiopulmonary resuscitation device with precise compression depth and uniformity

Armstrong, R.D.uglas; Maluta, J.; Roecker, D.W., 1999:
Portable cassette for use in maintaining and growing biological cells

Durville, F.M.; Connolly, R.J.; Lantis, J.C.; Rediker, R.H.; Schwaitzberg, S.D., 2000:
Portable cautery system

Armstrong, R.D.uglas; Maluta, J.; Roecker, D.W., 2001:
Portable cell growth cassette for use in maintaining and growing biological cells

Hankins, J.T.; Cotton, L., J., 2002:
Portable cervical traction apparatus

Sladek, David T., 2000:
Portable chamber for metered dose inhaler dispensers

Randall, Jimmie K., 1999:
Portable collapsible livestock feeder

Parker, Janet Marie, 2000:
Portable collapsible medicine container-caddie

Allen, J.; Kemper, C., 2002:
Portable compostion system with reconfigurable air flow

Shimada, Y.; Inase, M., 2000:
Portable computer system combined with the digital signal processor board for teaching the neural network model analysis and application methods

Fisher, J.J.; Krohn, M.J., 2003:
Portable container for emesis

Hobbs, Edgar Jr, 2004:
Portable cooler

Holder, Tommie J., 2000:
Portable corral

Campbell, D.D.; Sander, D., 2004:
Portable corral apparatus

Abrahamson, Randy L., 1999:
Portable corral panel

Sheehan, D.M.; Nitzberg, M.J.; Fitzgerald, P.J., 2001:
Portable data collection device

Baer, Amos, 2000:
Portable debeaking system

Merry, R.J.; Mehrkens, T.K.; Bertagnole, S.R.; Daynes, J.C., 1999:
Portable defibrillator having retractable hooks

Halverson, G.R.; Lee, A.H.; Weigl, B.; Kelser, N.; Lancaster, C.; Reid, M.E., 2002:
Portable device for ABO grouping

Cazaux, P.; Doppelt, M., 1999:
Portable device for acupuncture-type percutaneous treatment

Odagiri, H.; Saruwarati, T.; Yamamoto, Y.; Natelson, B.H., 2004:
Portable device for collecting information about living body, and system and method for collecting information about living body

Abada, Eli Eddy, 2004:
Portable device for dental hygiene

Sgro, Jean Claude, 2000:
Portable device for extemporaneous analysis of a body-fluid

Votel, Thomas W., 2004:
Portable device for patient pullup, rollover, and transfer and methods thereof

Pfeiffer, K.R.ymond; Trotter, D.B.uce, 2001:
Portable differential thermal biofeedback device

Schellhas, Eric German, 2002:
Portable digital vertical pupil meter

Sandlin, T.M.rie; Norris, M.J.mes, 2002:
Portable disinfectant apparatus

Kasuga, M.; Kosaka, T.; IIno, A.; Yamanaka, T., 2003:
Portable dosing apparatus

Devries, D.F.; Cegielski, M.J.; Graves, W.V.J.; Williams, M.R.; Holmes, M.B., 2003:
Portable drag compressor powered mechanical ventilator

Mori, T.; Yamazaki, K.; Higuchi, K.; Kaneko, K., 2000:
Portable drive system for artificial heart

Neal, Paul F., 2001:
Portable easy lifting device

Galasko, G.; Lahiri, A.; Senior, R., 2001:
Portable echocardiography An innovative tool for community based heart failure screening programmes

Lahiri, A.; Galasko, G.I.W.; Senior, R., 2001:
Portable echocardiography An innovative tool in the assessment of left ventricular dysfunction in the community

Itoh, Teruaki, 2003:
Portable electrocardiogram monitor

Oakman, Cheryl M., 2003:
Portable electronic multi-sensory animal containment and tracking device

Gray, David Scott, 2000:
Portable emergency safety resuscitator

Sano, H.; Ueda, H.; Adachi, R.; Ikeda, K.; Kaneko, K.; Koeda, T., 1999:
Portable endoscope system

Sano, H.; Ueda, H.; Adachi, R.; Ikeda, K.; Kaneko, K.; Koeda, T., 2001:
Portable endoscope system

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