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Chapter 35,560

Process for production and subsequent ex vitro sowing and propagation of pre-germinated plant somatic embryos

Fan, S.; Polonenko, D.R.; Voogt, E.E.; Eastman, P.A. Kathryn

Official Gazette of the United States Patent and Trademark Office Patents 1262(1)


ISSN/ISBN: 0098-1133
Accession: 035559650

A process of producing somatic seedlings from a somatic embryo. The process comprising pre-germinating somatic embryos, placing the pre-germinated somatic embryos into a state of physiological dormancy, sowing the pre-germinated physiologically dormant somatic embryos onto or into germination media, and propagating the sown pre-germinated somatic embryos in environmental conditions manipulated to facilitate imbibition, germination, and development into complete seedlings possessing shoots and roots. Advantageously, the process may be carried out with "naked" embryos (i.e., non-encapsulated or otherwise coated embryos) using conventional seed handling equipment, growing mixes, and plant propagation environments. The process does not require the use of aseptic techniques or sterilized media or equipment. The invention also relates to pre-germinated embryos and seedlings produced by the process.

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