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Recent progress in digital camera technology, and the digitization of X-ray films

Choong, M.K.; Bister, M.; Sathyamoorthy, P.; Zaharah; Boey, H.Y.; Wong, Y.C.

Lemke, Heinz U , Reprint Author, Vannier, Michael W, Inamura, Kiyonari, Farman, Allan G, Doi, Kunio, Reiber, John H C Computer assisted radiology and surgery: 285-291


DOI: 10.1016/s0531-5131(03)00456-4
Accession: 035617176

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This study is to determine whether a commercial digital camera can be used as an alternative for digitization of X-ray films. Ricoh RDC-7, Sony DSC-S75 and Canon S30 were selected out of more than 150 models of commercial digital camera available in the market. Experiments were done to find the most suitable camera and post-processing parameters. A total of 90 X-ray films equally spread between the four organs of interest are being digitized, both with the selected digital camera and with the digitizer. A group of three radiologists evaluate first the version digitized with the digital camera, then the version digitized with digitizer, and lastly the original hard copy. For evaluation of the version digitized with digital camera and digitizer, results show that only more than 13% have additional information or changes in the evaluation, and more than 80% of the evaluation are normal or the same.

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