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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 35655

Chapter 35655 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Soderholm, J.F.; Glick, B.S., 2002:
Requirements for the localization of Sec12p to tER sites in P pastoris

Brownawell, A.M.; Qin, Y.; Macara, I.G., 2002:
Requirements for the nuclear export of double-stranded RNA by exportin-5

Guttentag, S.H.; Walton, B., 1999:
Requirements for trafficking in the N-terminal propeptide of human surfactant protein B

Shaw, R.M.; Lee, R.J., 2002:
Requirements for transplanted skeletal cells to function electrically within ventricular myocardium

Schuch, R.; Sandlin, R.C.; Maurelli, A.T., 1999:
Requirements for type III protein secretion in the intercellular dissemination of Shigella flexneri

Halperin, M.L.; Chong, C.K.; Cheema Dhadli, S., 2004:
Requirements for very high potassium secretion in the cortical collecting duct in rats

Crum, W.N., 2003:
Requirements for wireless network security

Gschwendt, M.; Stempka, L.; Schnoelzer, M.; Radke, S.; Rincke, G.; Marks, F., 1999:
Requirements of protein kinase Cdelta for catalytic function

Phillips, C.V.; Wang, C., 2002:
Requiring safety seats for babies on airplanes Likely harmful and certainly too expensive

Van Der Elst, Gabriel, 2001:
Requisite for reducing emissions of side stream smoke from a cigarette

Brockman, C.S., 2001:
Requisite geologic conditions for proglacial lakes capable of acting as refugia for deepwater Great Lakes fishes

Arimoto, Misao, 2000:
Requisite of juveniles for releasing from viewpoint of disease control

Hein, T.W.; Wang, W.; Rosa, R.H.; Kuo, L., 2003:
Requisite roles of a2a receptors and katp channels in retinal arteriolar dilation to adenosine

Osu, R.; Kawabata, Y.; Wada, Y.; Kawato, M., 2002:
Requisites for independent learning of multiple internal models of environments

Sato, K.; Sato, M.; Nakano, A., 2001:
Rer1p-dependent localization signals of endoplasmic reticulum membrane proteins

Atwood, L.D.; Heard Costa, N.L., 2003:
Resampling distribution of the location of the maximum lodscore

Sun, L.; Bull, S.B., 2003:
Resampling-based statistical methods to improve the estimation of locus-specific effects from genome-wide studies

Obuobi, A.; Koranteng, A.; Hong, A.; Rastogi, A.; Pyati, S., 2003:
Rescreen compliance of Well Baby Nursery infants who fail universal newborn hearing screen

Renshaw, A.A., 2003:
Rescreening in cervical cytology for quality control. When bad data is worse than no data or what works, what doesn't, and why

Mathew, S.; Geddes, S., 2000:
Rescreening of high-risk cases Is this a worthwhile endeavor?

Burette, A.; Deprez, C.; Van Den Borre, C., 2003:
Rescue 1 week quadruple therapy with omeprazole, tetracycline, metronidazole and either CBS or RBC to cure Clarithromycin-resistant Helicobacter pylori

Thonon, F.; Jouan, C.; Gaspard, O.; Jamar, M.; Herens, C.; Godin, P.A.; Hincourt, N.; Foidart, J.M.; Dubois, M., 2001:
Rescue ICSI of 1-day-old unfertilized oocytes

Wu, W.C.; Lai, C.C.; Chen, S.L.; Xiao, X.; Chen, T.L.; Tsai, R.J.F.; Kuo, S.W.; Tsao, Y.P., 2002:
Rescue Of Photorecetors From Retinal Detachment-induced Damage By Adeno-associated Virus Vector Expressing Glial Cell Line-derived Neurotrophic Factor

Ahmed, J.M.; Hong, M.K.; Mehran, R.; Kent, K.M.; Pichard, A.D.; Satler, L.F.; Greenberg, A.; Deforty, D.; Slack, S.; Wu, H.; Stone, G.W.; Leon, M.B., 1999:
Rescue ReoPro does not improve peri-procedural outcomes in patients undergoing high risk angioplasty of degenerated saphenous vein grafts

Adamian, M.; Lansky, A.; Mehran, R.; Abizaid, A.S.; Abizaid, A.; Dangas, G.; Stone, G.; Moses, J.; Leon, M., 2000:
Rescue administration of platelet GP IIb/IIIa inhibitors during percutaneous coronary interventions Are there any gender differences in outcome?

Farnum, Randal J., 2000:
Rescue and invalid support belt

Sutton, A.G.C.; Campbell, P.G.; Hall, J.A.; Harcombe, A.A.; Wright, R.A.; D.B.lder, M.A., 2002:
Rescue angioplasty for failed fibrinolysis Can we identify those patients who do not benefit?

Gadzia, S.L.e; Gadzia, R.A.fred, 2002:
Rescue apparatus and method of use

Porter, M.E.; Berg, R.A.; Kern, K.B.; Hilwig, R.W.; Ewy, G.A., 2002:
Rescue breathing during CPR Worse myocardial perfusion, better oxygen saturation

Berg, R.A.; Kern, K.B.; Sanders, A.B.; Heidenreich, J.W.; Hilwig, R.W.; Ewy, G.A., 2000:
Rescue breathing during CPR does not improve outcome from VF cardiac arrest Better arterial oxygen saturation vs worse myocardial perfusion

Thimmaiah, K.N.; Easton, J.; Huang, S.; Veverka, K.; Houghton, P., 2002:
Rescue by IGF-I from rapamycin induced apoptosis in a human rhabdomyosarcoma cell line is independent of Ras/Erk-1/2/ and PI3Kinase/Akt activities

Weiner, C.P.; Lee, K.Y.ung; Buhimschi, C.; Christner, R.; Buhimschi, I., 2003:
Rescue cerclage success depends on the absence of inflammation

Mahendira, D.; Slevin, J.; Barrett, J., 2003:
Rescue cervical cerclage in multiple pregnancies A retrospective study of 7 years practice in 28 cases

Pache, J.; Dirschinger, J.; Kastrati, A.; Schuehlen, H.; Schoemig, A., 1999:
Rescue coronary stenting improves clinical outcome in patients with acute myocardial infarction

Wright, C.A.; Guold, K., 2004:
Rescue device and kit and method of using same

Ogram, Karen, 2000:
Rescue device for bee attacks

Yuzawa, K.; Otsuka, M.; Taniguchi, H.; Takada, Y.; Sakurayama, N.; Jinzenji, Y.; Suzuki, S.; Fukao, K., 1999:
Rescue effect of FTY720 on acute renal rejection in dogs

Hueber, A.; Kayatz, P.; Arnhold, S.; Kruttwig, K.; Andressen, C.; Addicks, K.; Bartz Schmidt, K.U.; Schraermeyer, U., 2000:
Rescue effects of subretinally transplanted stem cells on the inherited photoreceptor degeneration in RCS rats

Takahashi, K.; Marutani, T.; Murakami, K.; IIzuka, T.; Nagata, K., 2001:
Rescue for embryonic lethality of collagen binding chaperone HSP47 knock-out mice in first branchial arch explant

Tagliabue, E.; Agresti, R.; Ghirelli, C.; Morelli, D.; Somenzi, G.; Campiglio, M.; Balsari, A.; Menard, S., 2001:
Rescue from dormancy of HER2-positive breast carcinoma cells by growth factors produced during wound healing

Fitzal, F.; Delano, F.A.; Young, C.; Schmid Schonbein, G.W., 2002:
Rescue from intestinal ischemia/reperfusion-induced shock by late state intra-intestinal pancreatic protease inhibition

Blennow, E.; Sahlen, S., 1999:
Rescue from the effects of trisomy 13q32fwdarwqter owing to skewed X inactivation in a der t carrier

Yuzpe, A.A.bert; Liu, Z.; Fluker, M.R., 2000:
Rescue intracytoplasmic sperm injection Salvaging in vitro fertilization cycles after total or near-total fertilization failure

Wong, G.; Zhang, Q.; Lee, J.; Babij, C.; Crona, J.; Priestley, T.; Rozmahel, R.; S.G.orge Hyslop, P.; Parker, E., 1999:
Rescue of APP processing in presenilin1 deficient neurons and fibroblasts Role of presenilins

Krieg, A.M.; Yi, A.K., 2000:
Rescue of B cells from apoptosis by immune stimulatory CpG DNA

Holmuhamedov, E.L.; Ozcan, C.; Jahangir, A.; Terzic, A., 2001:
Rescue of Ca2+-inhibited oxidative phosphorylation by mitochondrial Ca2+ unloading

Yadav, P.B.larama Swamy; Padmaja, V., 2002:
Rescue of Cajanus cajan MillspaughXCajanus platycarpus van der Maesen hybrid through embryo culture

Seo, B.B.; Matsuno Yagi, A.; Yagi, T., 2001:
Rescue of Complex I defects by use of the single-subunit NADH-quinone oxidoreductase

Toyo Oka, T.; Kawada, T.; Nakazawa, M.; Sakamoto, A.; Urabe, M.; Masui, F.; Yoshida, H.; Nakauchi, S.; Xi, H.; Shin, W.S.; Sato, H.; Monahan, J.; Takeo, S.; Ozawa, K., 2000:
Rescue of DCM by gene therapy A novel and general scheme for advancing heart failure and its protection

Ireton, R.C.; Davis, M.A.; Van Hengel, J.; Mariner, D.J.; Thoreson, M.A.; Anastasiadis, P.Z.; Matrisian, L.; Bundy, L.; Sealy, L.; Van Roy, F.; Reynolds, A.B., 2002:
Rescue of E-cadherin function by p120 catenin

Tanner, D.C.; Bolognani, F.; Perrone Bizzozero, N.I., 2004:
Rescue of GAP-43 mRNA in dentate granule cells of adult transgenic mice

Matteucci, C.; Crescenzi, B.; L.S.arza, R.; Mancini, M.; Vitale, A.; Tafuri, A.; Nalli, G.; Defazio, L.; Mozzana, R.; Quarta, G.; Martelli, M.F.; Mandelli, F.; Foa, R.; Mecucci, C., 2001:
Rescue of Genetic Information by Comparative Genomic Hybridization in adult ALL enrolled in a Multicenter Biologic and Clinical Study of the Italian Cooperative GIMEMA Group

Donnenberg, A.D.; Donnenberg, V.S.; Hammert, L.C.; Buchbarker, D.M.; Finn, O.J., 1999:
Rescue of MUC-1 specific immunity in autologous stem cell transplantation for metastatic breast cancer Trial design and preclinical studies

Disney, R.H.L., 2004:
Rescue of Megaselia piliventris from synonymy

Green, E.S.; Stubbs, J.L.; Levine, E.M., 2002:
Rescue of Microophthalmia in the Ocular Retardation Mouse by Genetic Elimination of p27Kip1

Kenna, P.F.; Mcnally, N.; Khan, N.W.; Humphries, M.W.; Sieving, P.A.; Farrar, G.J., 1999:
Rescue of Rho-/- murine retinal degeneration using a human rhodopsin transgene

Rosenberg, A.S.; Hansal, S.A.; Morris, D.; Love, P.; Sechler, J.M.G., 1999:
Rescue of T memory responses in vivo following devlivery of an apoptotic signal

Ditzel, H.J., 2002:
Rescue of a broader range of antibody specificities using an epitope-masking strategy

Gupta, M.; Itzhaki, J.E.; Carpenter, A.J.; Porter, A.C.G., 2001:
Rescue of a conditional CDC2 mutant human cell line with a CDC2 kinase that cannot be phosphorylated at Thr14 and Tyr15

Scrable, H.; Gluba, W.; Ligon, L.; Leung, A., 1999:
Rescue of a conditional p53 mutation by the lacrepressor in preimplantation mouse embryos

Ficker, E.K.; Thomas, D.; Viswanathan, P.; Rudy, Y.; Brown, A.M., 2000:
Rescue of a misprocessed mutant HERG channel linked to hereditary long QT syndrome

Schmitt, J.P.; Hein, L.; Seidman, J.G.; Seidman, C.E., 2004:
Rescue of a mouse model of human dilated cardiomyopathy due to a missense mutation in phospholamban

Higgs, D.R.; Sharpe, J.A.; Pastzy, C.; Wood, W.G., 1999:
Rescue of a mouse model of the Hb Barts hydrops fetalis syndrome with a construct containing the human alpha globin gene cluster

Ko, W.J.; Chao, A.; Lai,, 2001:
Rescue of a patient with fulminant hepatitis B

Barrow, P.A.; Mallucci, G.; Collinge, J.; Jefferys, J.G.R., 2000:
Rescue of a physiological phenotype in mice with ablated PrP gene but expressing a transgene cassette for PrP

Li, Q.; Timmers, A.M.; Boye, S.; Chiodo, V.A.; Hauswirth, W.W., 2001:
Rescue of a slow retinal degenerative mouse by wild-type beta-PDE gene delivered via rAAV

Defreitas, F.; Zhao, J.; Miller, T.E.; Gomes, A.V.; Szczesna, D.; Potter, J.D., 2001:
Rescue of a transgenic phenotype of familial hypertrophic cardiomyopathy

Jagatheesan, G.; Rajan, S.; Petrashevskaya, N.; Schwartz, A.; Boivin, G.; Arteaga, G.M.; Solaro, J.R.; Wieczorek, D.F., 2003:
Rescue of aberrant cardiac function in Familial Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy mice by alpha-/beta-chimeric tropomyosin

Pi, Y.; Kemnitz, K.R.; Iacovelli, J.E.; Henkel, A.S.; Neish, S.R.; Walker, J.W., 2000:
Rescue of acute heart failure associated with cTnI depletion in mice

Martinez Gomez, P.; Gradziel, T.M., 2001:
Rescue of aneuploids in Nonpareil almond by in-vivo migrografts

Ishida, J.; Sugiyam, F.; Tanimoto, K.; Taniguchi, K.; Takimoto, E.; Horiguchi, H.; Murakami, K.; Yagami, K.; Fukamizu, A., 2000:
Rescue of angiotensinogen-knockout mice

Heemskerk, M.H.M.;, R.A.; Touw, I.P.; Willemze, R.; Falkenburg, J.H.F., 1999:
Rescue of antigen specific T cell proliferation by retroviral gene transfer of hematopoietic growth factor receptors

Heemskerk, M.H.M.;, R.A.; Van Den Muijsenberg, J.; Willemze, R.; Falkenburg, J.H.F.ederik, 2001:
Rescue of antigen specificity of non-proliferating T cells by TCRalphabeta gene transfer into unselected peripheral blood T cells

Yussman, M.G.; Toyokawa, T.; Odley, A.; Lynch, R.A.; Wu, G.; Colbert, M.C.; Aronow, B.J.; Lorenz, J.N.; Dorn, G.W., 2002:
Rescue of apoptotic cardiac failure by in vivo inhibition of Nix

Kawasaki, F.; Matsuda, M.; Kohara, K.; Kaku, K., 2001:
Rescue of beta-cell exhaustion after the development of diabetes mellitus in db/db mice

Smith, K.M.; Kneissl, M.L.; Price, R.; Rosenblum, M.; Navia, B.A., 1999:
Rescue of chemokine receptor and HIV-1 sequences from paraffin embedded tissues in patients with ADC A novel approach

Zhang, Z.; Song, Y.; Zhao, X.; Zhang, X.; Chen, Y., 2001:
Rescue of cleft palate in Msx1-deficient mice by transgenic Bmp4 reveals a role of BMP and SHH signaling in mammalian palatogenesis

Carroll, J.; Neitz, J.; Neitz, M., 2001:
Rescue of color deficient genes by unequal crossover can explain variation in normal pigment genes

Witt, D.J.; Kemper, M., 2002:
Rescue of completed but unread HIV-1 antibody ELISA microplates by freezing

Li, L.; Prabhakaran, K.; Borowitz, J.L.; Isom, G.E., 2003:
Rescue of cortical neurons from cyanide-induced apoptosis Demanstrates Bax translocation in the apoptotic process

Asakuno, K.; Ueki, K.; Tachikawa, Y.; Kim, P., 2003:
Rescue of deep coma from sinus thrombosis

Wencker, D.; Chandra, M.; Armstrong, R.C.; Garantziotis, S.; Factor, S.M.; Shirani, J.; Kitsis, R.N., 2000:
Rescue of dilated cardiomyopathy by caspase inhibition in FKBP-caspase-8 transgenic mice

Nguyen, A.N.uyet Thi; Dentler, W.L., 2000:
Rescue of flagellar assembly in a Chlamydomonas reinhardtii mutant, bld9

Baer, K.; Essrich, C.; Balsiger, S.; Wick, M.; Harris, R.A.; Sieghart, W.; Benson, J.; Fritschy, J.M.; Luscher, B., 1999:
Rescue of gamma2 subunit-deficient mice by transgenic overexpression of the gamma2S or gamma2L subunit

Nakauchi, S.; Kawada, T.; Nakazawa, M.; Sakamoto, A.; Urabe, M.; Yamazaki, K.; Shimamoto, R.; Masui, F.; Shin, W.S.o; Suzuki, J.I.hi; Sato, H.; Ozawa, K.; Toyo Oka, T., 2001:
Rescue of hereditary form of dilated cardiomyopathy by gene therapy Morphological, metabolic and physiological restorations and prolonged survival of TO-2 hamsters with recombinant adeno-associated virus -mediated gene transfer

Woo, N.H.; Duffy, S.N.; Scharf, M.; Abel, T.; Nguyen, P.V., 2000:
Rescue of hippocampal LTP in PKA mutant mice by specific temporal patterns of synaptic activity

Murohara, T.; Duan, J.; Ikeda, H.; Katoh, A.; Imaizumi, T., 1999:
Rescue of hypercholesterolemia-induced impairment of angiogenesis by dietary L-arginine

Duan, J.; Shintani, S.; Sasaki, K.I.hiro; Shimada, T.; Murohara, T., 2000:
Rescue of hypercholesterolemia-related impairment of angiogenesis by oral folic acid supplementation

House, S.B.; Rusnak, M.; Liu, X.H.; Youle, R.; Gainer, H., 2002:
Rescue of hypothalamic magnocellular oxytocin and vasopressin neurons from apoptosis by caspase inhibition or bcl xl

Palmer, G.; Bilalis, D.; Dimitropoulos, K.; Davies, D.; Mastrominas, M., 2000:
Rescue of implantation potential in women with polycystic ovaries, following previous failed IVF by assisted hatching

Johnson, I.P.; Cannon, J.; Goldspink, G.; Yang, S.Y.; Aperghis, M., 2000:
Rescue of injured adult motoneurones with the gene for a splice variant of IGF-I isolated from skeletal muscle

Kule, C.E.; Karoor, V.; Day, J.N.E.; Thomas, W.G.; Baker, K.M.; Acker, K.A.; Booz, G.W., 2004:
Rescue of internalization-impaired angiotensin II AT1 mutants by beta-arrestin overexpression

Imai, D.; Takita, H.; Yoneya, S.; Gehlbach, P.L.; Wei, L.L.; Mori, K., 2003:
Rescue of light induced photoreceptor cell death by intraocular gene transfer of pigment epithelium derived factor by reducing retinal cell apoptosis

Catlett, I.M.; Bishop, G.A., 1999:
Rescue of murine B cells from Fas induced apoptosis

Zhou, L.; Siegelbaum, S.A., 2002:
Rescue of non-expressing olfactory CNG channel beta subunits by replacement of its C-linker with subunit sequence

Arakawa, M.; Kondo, S.; Ikeda, Y.; Shiozuka, M.; Takeda, S.; Matsuda, R., 2000:
Rescue of nonsense mutation in mdx mice by aminoglycoside antibiotics

Matsuda, M.; Kawasaki, F.; Takeuchi, Y.; Saito, M.; Eto, M.; Kaku, K., 2000:
Rescue of pancreatic beta-cell exhaustion by pharmacological intervention in STZ-induced diabetic rats

Beaulieu, M.; Julien, J.P., 2001:
Rescue of peripherin-mediated motor neuron death by NF-H overexpression

Braverman, N.; Chen, L.; Dasinger, S.; Moser, A.; Moser, H.; Steinberg, S., 2003:
Rescue of peroxisome assembly at 30degreeC Expanding the type of responsive mutations in PEX6 defective cells

Mcgee, L.H.; Lau, D.; Zhou, S.; Manning, W.C.; Rendahl, K.; Dwarki, V.J.; Flannery, J.G., 1999:
Rescue of photoreceptor degeneration in S334TER mutant rhodopsin transgenic rats by adeno-associated virus -mediated delivery of basic fibroblast growth factor

Paige, L.A.; Wassenberg, J.J.; Bolton, M.M.; Muir, R.S.; Evans, K.C.; Dunn, D.E.; Owens, G.; Chen, K.A.; Salzer, H.R.; Lo, D.C.; Young, A.; Ricca, D.J.; Reinhart, P.H., 2002:
Rescue of polyglutamine mediated cell death in a brain slice model for huntingtons disease

Rasmussen, S.B.; Sorensen, T.S.; Markholst, H., 1999:
Rescue of remaining beta-cells at onset of type 1 diabetes in the BB rat

Fillmore, A.D.; Fillmore, C.L.; Griner, D.; Dunn, J.M.; Syphus, A.K.; Hale, M.S.; Schaalje, G.B.; Seegmiller, R.E., 2002:
Rescue of retinoic acid-induced cleft palate in mice by oral administration of folic acid

Taylor, N.; Liang, M.; Cowley, A.W.Jr, 2004:
Rescue of salt-sensitive hypertensive trait in consomic SSBN13 rats by elevations of renal medullary H2O2

Ohshima, T.; Ogawa, M.; Mikoshiba, K., 2003:
Rescue of selective migration defects in Cdk5 - null mice by nestin - Cdk5 transgene

KripaljyotiMazumdar; MithraDey, 2010:
Rescue of short nosed vine snake Ahaetulla prasina in Assam university campus, Silchar, Assam

Heidet, L.; Borza, D.B.gdan; Sich, M.; Mattei, G.; Sado, Y.; Hudson, B.G.; Hastie, N.; Antignac, C.; Gubler, M.C.aire, 2002:
Rescue of the Alport syndrome phenotype using YACs A potential model for study of human autoimmune nephritis

Lee, C.O.; Cho, C.H.un; Lee, S.Y.ung; Shin, H.S.p; Philipson, K.D., 2002:
Rescue of the Na+-Ca2+ exchanger knockout by transgenic expression of NCX1

Dahl, R.; Ramirez, D.; Rao, S.; Yoon, J.; Simon, M.C., 2000:
Rescue of the PU1-/- phenotype by introducing Ets family members into the PU1 locus

Fernandez, A.G.; Long, J.A.; Joy, R.E.; Barton, M.K., 2001:
Rescue of the SHOOTMERISTEMLESS mutant phenotype by expression of STM mRNA in a subset of its normal domain Implications for nonautonomous action of the STM transcription factor in Arabidopsis thaliana

Robben, J.H.; Knoers, N.V.; Deen, P.M.T., 2003:
Rescue of the cell surface expression of functional vasopressin V2 receptor mutants in Nephrogenic Diabetes Insipidus

Ryan, G.R.; Dai,; Dominguez, M.G.; Tong, W.; Chuan, F.; Chisholm, O.; Russell, R.G.; Pollard, J.W.; Stanley, E.R.chard, 2001:
Rescue of the colony-stimulating factor 1 -nullizygous mouse phenotype with a CSF-1 transgene and identification of sites of local CSF-1 synthesis

Pook, M.; A.M.hdaw, S.; Carroll, C.; Cossee, M.; Puccio, H.; Lawrence, L.; Clark, P.; Lowrie, M.; Bradley, J.; Cooper, J.M.; Koenig, M.; Chamberlain, S., 2001:
Rescue of the frataxin knockout mouse embryonic lethal phenotype by human YAC and BAC transgenesis

Tebbs, R.S.; Estrella, C.E.; Cleaver, J.E.; Thompson, L.H., 2002:
Rescue of the mouse XRCC1 knockout phenotype by transgene-complementation

Capsoni, S.; Giannotta, S.; Cattaneo, A., 2001:
Rescue of the neurodegenerative phenotype in AD11 anti-NGF transgenic mice

Abboud, S.L.; Woodruff, K.; Liu, C.; Shen, V.; Ghosh Choudhury, N., 2000:
Rescue of the osteopetrotic defect in op/op mice by a functional osteocalcin/soluble CSF-1 transgene

Abboud, S.L.; Woodruff, K.; Ghosh Choudhury, N., 2002 :
Rescue of the osteopetrotic defect in op/op mice by osteoblast-specific targeting of membrane-bound CSF-1

Kalinina, T.; Riu Garcia, A.; Lutz, F.; Will, H.; Sterneck, M.R., 2001:
Rescue of the secretion ability of naturally occurring defective HBV variants by the presence of the wildtype small surface protein

Chern, Y.; Cheng, K., 2002:
Rescue of the suppression of the nerve growth factor evoked neurite outgrowth due to p53 blockage by a2a adenosine receptors in pc12 cells

Judge, D.P.; Geubtner, J.; Biery, N.J.nsen; Dietz, H.C., 2002:
Rescue of vascular disease in a murine model of marfan syndrome through increased production of fibrillin-1

Murphy, S.A.; Antman, E.M.; Mccabe, C.H.; Wong, G.C.; James, D.; Marble, S.J.; Kraimer, N.; Gibson, C.M.chael, 2002:
Rescue or adjunctive PCI of the culprit artery after lytic administration is associated with improvement in epicardial flow in the non-culprit artery

Vogt, A.; Niederer, W.; Engel, H.J.; Heinrich, K.W.; Bonzel, T.; Uebis, R.; Gottwik, M., 2002:
Rescue percutaneous coronary intervention after failed thrombolysis versus primary percutaneous coronary intervention in acute myocardial infarction Registry of the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Leitender Kardiologischer Krankenhausaerzte

Yamaguchi, K.; Hiasa, Y.; Nada, T.; Ogata, T.; Takefumi, T.; Hosokawa, S.; Kishi, K.; Ohtani, R., 2002:
Rescue percutaneous thrombectomy catheter is less beneficial in acute myocardial infarction with large vessel diameter

Roner, M.R., 1999:
Rescue systems for dsRNA viruses of higher organisms

Snell, G.I.; Levvey, B.J.; Chin, W.; Kotsimbos, A.T.; Whitford, H.; Williams, T.J.; Richardson, M., 2001:
Rescue therapy: a role for sirolimus in lung and heart transplant recipients

Gisbert, J.P.; Marcos, S.; Gisbert, J.L.; Carpio, D.; Valle, J.; Cabrera, M.M.; Cruzado, A.I.; Garcia Gravalos, R.; Pajares, J.M., 1999:
Rescue therapy after H pylori treatment failure Omeprazole, bismuth, tetracycline and metronidazole vs ranitidine bismuth citrate, tetracycline and metronidazole

Gisbert, J.P.; Gisbert, J.L.; Marcos, S.; Carpio, D.; Cruzado, A.I.; Cabrera, M.; Gravalos, R.G.rcia; Pajares, J.M., 1999:
Rescue therapy after H pylori treatment failure Quadruple regimen with omeprazole + bismuth + tetracycline + metronidazole vs 7-day triple therapy with ranitidine bismuth citrate + T + M

Buzyn, A.; Thomas, X.; Huguet, F.; Kuentz, M.; Stamatoullas, A.; Reman, O.; Delannoy, A.; Fegueux, N.; Miclea, J.M.; Boiron, J.M.; Vernant, J.P.; Gardin, C.; Hacini, M.; Georges, M.; Lheritier, V.; Fiere, D., 1999:
Rescue therapy for relapsed adult acute lymphoblastic leukemia Achievement of a second complete remission with low toxicity

Maguire, M.F.; Klein, A.; Randall, S.; Paterson, D.; Nacci, P.; Mustafa, N.; Cox, H.; Yeo, J.; Snowden, W.; Kleim, J.P., 2000:
Rescue therapy in PI-experienced paediatric patients Characterisation of baseline viral protease and correlates of virological response to amprenavir-containing regimens

Friesecke, S.; Keienburg, T., 2002:
Rescue therapy with C1-esterase inhibitor for refractory shock due to reperfusion injury after 15 h resuscitation

Rowe, V.D.; Wang, D.; John, H.A.; Dressman, L.A.; Rowe, E.S.; Moreng, G.R., 2003:
Rescue therapy with high dose intravenous methotrexate in MS patients worsening despite AVONEX therapy

Gisbert, J.P.; Calvet, X.; Bujanda, L.; Pajares, J.M., 2002:
Rescue therapy with rifabutin after multiple H pylori treatment failures

Baumgart, D.C.; Pascu, M.; Wiedenmann, B.; Dignass, A.U., 2002:
Rescue therapy with tacrolimus is highly effective in patients with severe and refractory inflammatory bowel disease

Lampertico, P.; Vigano, M.; Seletti, C.; Iavarone, M.; Del Ninno, E.; Lama, N.; Colombo, M., 2003:
Rescue treatment with adefovir dipivoxil for lamivudine resistant patients pre and post liver transplantation

Vigano, M.; Lampertico, P.; Iavarone, M.; Lunghi, G.; Colucci, G.; Del Ninno, E.; Colombo, M., 2004:
Rescue treatment with adefovir dipivoxil in lamivudine resistant patients with chronic hepatitis B

Lindenskov, P.H.H.; Castellheim, A.; Aamodt, G.; Saugstad, O.D.drik, 2003:
Rescue treatment with albumin in meconium aspiration improves lung compliance in newborn pigs

Clavijo Eisele, J.; Rizzo, J.; Patino, T.; Puppi, R.; Campolo, H., 2000:
Rescue ureteroscopic in situ lithotripsy after failed ESWL, review of 168 cases

Stark, W.S.; Miller, K.; Chen, D.M.; Kim, S.; Shortridge, R.D., 2000:
Rescue with C-terminal truncations of Drosophila norpA Abolition of visual function but not phospholipase C activity

Raizada, Manish N., 2001:
RescueMu, a novel mutagenesis and gene recovery tool in transgenic maize and wheat

Ijichi, H.; Kato, N.; Ikenoue, T.; Kato, J.; Ohashi, M.; Kawabe, T.; Shiratori, Y.; Omata, M., 2000:
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Research funding by the American Cancer Society

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Research implications

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Research in support of microalgal biotechnology

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Research in the canine block

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Research in the Georgeson Botanical Garden

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Research in transfusion medicine

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Research issues and approaches concerning the preparation and implementation of integrated programs

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Research methods and biological psychiatry

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Research note on adrenaline by Keizo Uenaka in 1900

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Research of normal populations phalangeal bone density in the suburbs of Beijing by radiographic absorptiometry

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Research of potential radiation risks in areas with nuclear power plants in Japan Aortality rates from digestive cancers between 1972-1997 in 100 selected municipalities

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Research of saccade - related independent components

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Research of single mitochondrial nucleotide substitutions in male infertility should consider human mitochondrial haplogroups

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Research of spatial-temporal organisation of the Lake Baikal ecosystem using foodweb stable isotope data

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Research of the adaptive response induced by low-dose radiation: where have we been and where should we go?

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Research of the combined treatment of acupuncture and bromocriptine on amenorrhea-galactorrhea

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Research of the molecular regrouping of endo-2-aminobicyclo- hept-5-ene by spectral and theoretical methods

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Research of tissue engineering tendon Combined culture and implantation of tendon cell and various materials

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Research of trivariate flood frequency based on Copula function

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Research on China densified biofuel standards

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Research on FAS and FAE in Germany update and perspectives

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Research on HIV/Toxoplasma gondii co-infection and cytokine levels among intravenous drug users

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Research on L-nucleosides Synthesis and biological evaluation of a series of L- and D-2,3-dideoxy-3- methyl-beta-pentofuranosyl nucleosides

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Research on Phlebotominae in Grumari, and area of environmental protection of the county of Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil

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Research on a biocidal membrane for use in individual air filtration

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Research on a newly isolated aerobic denitrifier from swine wastewater treatment facilities for enhanced biological nitrogen removal

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Research on alcohol and adolescent brain development: opportunities and future directions

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Research on alternative conceptions in student understanding of a complex ecological problem The carbon cycle

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Research on anabolic steroids in the former Soviet Union

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Research on biomedical gerontology in Japan

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Research on bionomics of Lactobacillus acidophilus isolated from cow vagina

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Research on characteristic of lay eggs and accumulated hatching temperature of Cistoclemmys flavomarginata in a domestication state

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Research on contraceptives

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Research on dynamic accommodation using TSO III and MEG

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Research on fauna and systematic of Urophora Robineau-Desvoidy in the Eastern Mediterranean Region of Turkey

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Research on florfenicol residue in coastal area of Dalian and analysis of functional diversity of the microbial community in marine sediment

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Research on foot region message for an athlete recovering from tiredness

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Research on genomic polymorphisms in patients with Abnormal Saliva

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Research on growth and development of Dulong cattle

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Research on health inequalities in Latin America and the Caribbean bibliometric analysis and descriptive content analysis

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Research on learning Little impact on ecology teaching

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Research on lipoarabinomannan antigens from mycobacteria

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Research on major depression: strategies and priorities

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Research on metabolomics in chronic heart failure with kidney-yang deficiency

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Research on performance and ruminal fermentation of high and mid lactating dairy cows in hot weather

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Research on pityriasis versicolor cases of Goiania-GO, Brasil

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Research on psoriasis as a psychosomatic disease

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Research on radiation stability of actinide waste forms

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Research on reasons and clinical features of misdiagnosis of hepatolenticular degeneration

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Research on residual solvents in pharmaceutical powder bulks

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Research on roles of oxygen free radicals in melanocytes apoptosis in vitiligo

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Research on screening of Stylosanthes mutants with enhanced chilling resistance by a combination of DES mutagenesis and in vitro selection

WeiHongGe; ZhongZhaoPing; LiRui; JinLiWei, 2010:
Research on solid catalysts base hydrogenation for bio-oil model compounds

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Research on spirituality and Alcoholics Anonymous

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Research on the Bologna skeletal collection of immature individuals of known age and sex Age assessment based on skeletal maturation

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Research on the ability of 90-day-old Acipenser gueldenstaedti to adapt to seawater

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Research on the characteristics of red mud granular adsorbents for phosphate removal

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Research on the cognitive-behavioral treatment of school refusal: a review and recommendations

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Research on the development of mousy taint in wine and model solutions

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Research on the extraction of total flavonoids from Phellinus vaninii with ultrasonic-assisted technique

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Research on the genus Limonium in the Tuscan Archipelago

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Research on the influence of five plant steroid substances on plant-nematode relationships

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Research on the integration of char and gas production from biomass pyrolysis

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Research on the interaction of lipid and protein in SPI gel

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Research on the neurobiology of sexual behavior at the turn of the millennium

Kobayashi, Katsumi, 1999:
Research on the production mechanism of DNA damages using synchrotron radiation

ShenYongShu; ZhangChunHui; JingXinRui; ChangLiLi, 2010:
Research on the spread and elimination of ESBLs in Escherichia coli

Lee, J.Y.ung; Kim, Y.K.o; Han, H.H.e, 2003:
Research on the training systems for Asian pear orchards

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Research on two culture methods for bronchia epithelia

Faden, V.B.; Boyd, G.M., 2002:
Research opportunities at NIAAA on drinking among college students

Clark, L.; Bunik, M.; Johnson, S.L., 2010 :
Research opportunities with curanderos to address childhood overweight in Latino families

Tsukamoto, K., 2003:
Research or resources The present status of the Japanese eel

Muhlemann, H.M.; Bungay, H.R., 1999:
Research perspectives for bioconversion of scrap paper

Rozen, T.; Saper, J., 2003:
Research physical examinations: perils of brevity

Kingston,T., 2010:
Research priorities for bat conservation in Southeast Asia a consensus approach

Yoon, P.W.; Scheuner, M.T.; Khoury, M.J., 2003:
Research priorities for evaluating family history in the prevention of common chronic diseases

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Research progress and strategies of poplar breeding in China

Yan Xiao; Xian, 2003:
Research progress in Infectious bursal disease virus

Cheng Yuan Rong; Zheng Wei, 2002:
Research progress in bioactive microbial products

Zhu Ping, 2000:
Research progress in the biosynthesis of ergot alkaloids

Zou Zhongmei; Y.D.quan; Cong Puzhu, 1999:
Research progress in the chemical constituents and pharmacological actions of Allium species

Sun Xian Xiang, 2002:
Research progress of chiral derivatization reagents for liquid chromatographic resolution of enantiomers

DongYu; TangBing; XuYiChun; ZhouZiYou, 2010:
Research progress of sludge treatment and disposal with microwave

Wen, T.; Jia, T.; Wang, Y-ming.; Luo, G-an., 2003:
Research progress on application of drug nano-carriers

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Research progress on mangrove symbiotic microorganisms and their metabolites

X.L.H.a; L.Y.n Hua; Wang Ling; Chen P.Y.n, 2004:
Research progress on porcine circovirus

WangXiaoYu; JiangQiuYan; LingPeiXue; ZhangTianMin, 2010:
Research progress on the effective components of Hericium erinaceus and its pharmacological actions

Song; L.L.n; Chen Wei; Gan Nan Qin, 2004:
Research progress on the off-flavours and secondary metabolites of algae in the aquatic environment

Abbott, Lois A., 1999:
Research projects in large, undergraduate developmental biology laboratory courses

Diaz, I.B.Z.bala; Li, X.; Ricke, S.C., 2001:
Research proposal writing and student peer panel evaluation as an instructional component for a microbiology graduate course in Poultry Science

Moshfegh, A.J.; Goldman, J.; Lacomb, R.; Perloff, B.; Cleveland, L., 2001:
Research results using the new automated multiple-pass method

Anonymous, 1999:
Research scientists aim to prevent rats running riot in Mozambique

PrabhaDesikan, 2010:
Research snippets from the medical world

Baron, H., 2002:
Research strategies for evaluation of prion partitioning in plasma fractionation: impact of different forms of prion spike on partitioning behaviour

Caviness, V.S., 2001:
Research strategies in autism: a story with two sides

Bramstedt, K.A., 2003:
Research subject advocates: to whom are they loyal?

Marshall, C.S.; Herwig, R.P., 2002:
Research to examine use of high hydrostatic pressure to inactivate human enteric viruses in oysters

Grieger, G.; Braybrook, D., 2000:
Research to practiceTM An innovative training program for the Australian viticultural industry

Wu, H.; Singh, N.K.; Locy, R.; Gunn, K.S.issum; Giambrone, J.J., 2002:
Research towards the development of an edible transgenic plant vaccine against avian reovirus

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Research trends in British gastroenterology Publication rates in newly appointed NHS consultants over a 9 year period

Alderete, J.F., 1999:
Research trends with anaerobic and aerotolerant protozoa - Trichomonas vaginalis

Wang, C.G., 2003:
Research work on SARS has to be strengthened in China

Kleinhenz, M.D.; Cardina, J., 2003:
Research-based information for variety selection and management in organic vegetable systems Scientific and practical imperatives

Campbell, Alton, 1999:
Research-based principles and practical techniques to improve learning

Buchanan, J.T.; Paniagua, C.G.; Tiersch, T.R.; Cooper, R.K., 2000:
Research-scale culture of oyster larvae

Young, D.B., 2002:
Researcher in the trees

Drake, A.L.; Heilig, L.F.; Kozak, K.Z.; Hester, E.J.; Dellavalle, R.P., 2004:
Researcher opinions on human embryonic stem cell issues

Wunsch, H., 1999:
Researchers biologically engineer ductus arteriosus to remain patent

Berger, 1999:
Researchers discover how opiates cause immunosuppression

Hoang, 1999:
Researchers discover new mutant gene

Josefson, D., 1999:
Researchers find genetic basis for susceptibility to myobacteria

Anon, 1999:
Researchers find way to make influenza A virus from scratch

Mansoor, I., 2002:
Researcher's guide to health statistics

Tanne, 1999:
Researchers implant tissue engineered bladders

Anonymous, 2004:
Researchers on a 30-year compost learning curve

Simonne, Eric, 1999:
Researchers/specialists perceptions of regional vegetable variety trials

Lippi, M.M.riotti; Giachi, G.; Paci, S.; D.T.mmaso, P.L., 2000:
Researches about past and present vegetation in Southern Tuscany and the environmental impact of the Etruscan metallurgical activity during the VI-V century BC

Jiang, H.; He, L.Y., 2001:
Researches and clinical use of IFN on hepatic diseases

Yevtushenko, N.S.; Lutseva, A.I.; Trius, N.V., 2002:
Researches in drug standardization during state control

Kitada, Shuichi, 2000:
Researches of stock enhancement Present status and future challenges in stock enhancement research

Matsuoka, Tatsuro, 1999:
Researches on bycatch discards and their reduction

Kanno, T., 2003:
Researches on salivary secretion of chromogranin A by the late Professor Noboru Yanaihara at Yanaihara Institute

Mckenzie, A.G., 2002:
Researches on supine hypotension in pregnancy

Fily, M.L.; Bruzek, J.; Cunha, E.; Crubezy, E.; Ludes, B., 2000:
Researching ambiguous sex cases in ancient skeletons of the series of Coimbra

Izquierdo, I., 2003:
Researching new pharmacological targets From speculation to clinical confirmation

Brown, A.H.; Marinelli Casey, P.; Rawson, R.A., 2002:
Researching practice/practicing research A qualitative study of the methamphetamine treatment project

Harlow, F.H.; Brown, M.A., 2000:
Researching pre-eclampsia Can we be sure?

Niewold, F.; Rossaert, G., 2002:
Researching the feasibility of the return of the beaver in Flanders, Belgium

Sterling, R.C., 2002:
Researching the treatment of drinking problems: a call for external as well as internal validity

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Resected adenocarcinoma of the pancreas - 616 patients Results, outcome and prognostic indicators

Li, Yunlin; Luan, Guoming; Sun, Zhenrong; Bai, Qin; Yan, Li, 2002:
Resecting combined with bipolar coagulation for the treatment of temporal lobe epilepsy

Inoue, Y.; Tezuka, T.; Takasaki, K., 2001:
Resection Sculpting Down polypectomy For the colorectal mucosal carcinoma

Zehr, K.J.; Sternik, L.; Schaff, H.V., 2000:
Resection and primary end-to-end anastomosis for repair of ascending aortic aneurysms

Albert, F.K.; Forsting, M., 2003:
Resection and prognosis

Starosciak, S.; Towpik, E.; Lenartowicz, J.; Pietras, M.; Witwicki, T.; Kawecki, A., 1999:
Resection and reconstruction with the use of pectoralis major flap, in patients receiving radio/chemotherapy

Trantakis, C.; Seifert, V.; Zimmermann, M.; Schulz, T.; Dietrich, J., 1999:
Resection control in microneurosurgical removal of intracerebral glioma using interventional open MRI

Cha, C.; Fong, Y.; Jarnagin, W.R.; Blumgart, L.H.; Dematteo, R.P., 2002:
Resection for hepatocellular carcinoma Predictors of recurrence and analysis of subsequent post-recurrence survival

Burgard, Gunther, 2003:
Resection instrument

Zan, H.; Wu, X.; Feng, J.; Kim, E.; Casali, P., 2004:
Resection of Blunt-End Double-Strand Breaks is Critical for Ig Class Switching DNA Recombination in Human B Cells

Graziotti, P.; Maffezzini, M.; Giusti, G.; Seveso, M.; Taverna, G.; Lavelli, D.; Gallotti, R.; Bandera, A.; Benetti, A., 2002:
Resection of RCC with extended vena caval involvement performed with cardiopulmonary by pass, hypothermia and cardiac arrest with Heartport device

Menger, B.; Vogt, P.M.; Jacobsen, I.D.; Allmeling, C.; Kuhbier, J.W.; Mutschmann, F.; Reimers, K., 2010:
Resection of a large intra-abdominal tumor in the Mexican axolotl: a case report

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Resection of colorectal liver metastases A systematic review

Stummer, W.; Steiger, H-Jakob., 2002:
Resection of glioblastoma

Buell, J.F.; Labow, D.M.; Yoshida, A.; Layman, R.; Cronin, D.C.; Millis, J.M.chael; Posner, M.C., 2000:
Resection of hepatic metastases in patients traditionally not considered resection candidates

Laws, E.R., 2001:
Resection of low-grade gliomas

Anderson, J.H.; Horgan, P.G., 1999:
Resection of non-resectable colorectal hepatic metastases following chemotherapy

Yoon, H.; Yana, T.; Iwase, K.; Higaki, J.; Takada, M.; Kamiike, W., 2001:
Resection of pulmonary nodules equal or less than 10mm in diameter by video-assisted thoracic surgery with CT-guided hook wire technique

Choi, H.Y.ung; Sim, B.S.o; Chae, J.S.ok, 2001:
Resection of the epileptogenic zone guided by 3D-surface rendering of the MRI in patients with neocortical epilepsy

Zillo, C.N.; Matheus, W.E.; Lavoura, N.; Netto, N.R.J., 2004:
Resection or electrovaporization of the prostate Comparison of the two surgical techniques

Belghiti, J.; Cortes, A.; Abdalla, E.K.; Régimbeau, J-Marc.; Prakash, K.; Durand, Fçois.; Sommacale, D.; Dondero, F.; Lesurtel, M.; Sauvanet, A.; Farges, O.; Kianmanesh, R., 2003:
Resection prior to liver transplantation for hepatocellular carcinoma

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Resection versus transplantation for liver metastases from neuroendocrine tumors

Roayaie, S.; Emre, S.; Fishbein, T.; Miller, C.; Schwartz, M., 2002:
Resection vs liver transplant for treatment of hepatocellular carcinoma in patients with hepatitis C

Schulz, C.U.; Feitenhansl, A.; Pellengahr, C.; Maier, M., 2003:
Resection-interposition arthroplasty in symptomatic hallux valgus: a revision of indication and technique

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Resections of the carina for cancer

Budisin, N.; Majdevac, I.; Budisin, E., 2002:
Resective surgery for gastric cancer with possible predictive factors that influenced mortality and survival

Hahnen, K.F.; Kesler, B., 1999:
Resectoscope roller electrode having high heat zone insert

Bracci, T.W.; Doerfer Pate, K.; Grabover, E.A.; Metelitsa, N.; Muller, R.P., 1999:
Resectoscope with curved electrode channel and resiliently deflectable electrode section

Gabouev, A.I.; Schultheiss, D.; Mertsching, H.; Schlote, N.; Wefer, J.; Cebotari, S.; Haverich, A.; Jonas, U.; Stief, C.G., 2003:
Reseeded vascularized biological scaffold with arterial and venous pedicles for bladder substitution

Visser,M.; Belgacem,A.O.; Neffati,M., 2010:
Reseeding Mediterranean dryland cereal fallows using Stipa lagascae R Sch influence of cutting regime during the establishment phase

Llaca, V.; L.M.rchand, L.; Kolonel, L.N.; Henderson, B.E.; Presswala, S.; Chanock, S., 2003 :
Resequence analysis of CYP1B1 in cases with colorectal cancer from the Multiethnic Cohort Determination of genetic diversity and common haplotypes for disease association studies

Bernig, T.; Staats, B.; Yeager, M.; Taylor, J.G.; Foster, C.B.; Chanock, S., 2003:
Resequence analysis of the Mannose-binding lectin gene demonstrates substantial genetic diversity with functional implications

Evans, W.E.; Ingelman-Sundberg, M., 2001:
Resequencing the sulfotransferase SULT1 gene provides new insights, while illuminating challenges that lie ahead for pharmacogenomics

Mandela, P.G.; Ordway, G.A., 2002:
Reserpine reduces norepinephrine transporter function through a calcium dependent mechanism

Mccarthy, K.; Montgomery, R., 2003:
Reservations Re-viewing the Canterbury Ngai Tahu Native Reserves of 1848-56

Young, H.E.; Lucas, P.A.; Yoder, M.C.; Hixson, D.C.; Bray, R.A.; Hudson, J.A.; Black, A.C.Jr, 2000:
Reserve pluripotent stem cells resembling embryonic stem cells are present in adult humans

Mcmillin, P.J.P.; White, R.E., 1999:
Reserveratrol, a possible phytoestrogen found in grapes and wine, increases outward potassium currents in human breast cancer cells

Coulibaly,P., 2010:
Reservoir Computing approach to Great Lakes water level forecasting

Mukai, Yuji; Takahashi, Yasuhito, 2000:
Reservoir and method for storing articles

Levin, M.L.; Fish, D., 1999:
Reservoir competence of medium-sized mammals for the agent of human granulocytic ehrlichiosis

Adair, R.W.; Moberg, S.; Srisathapat, C., 2003:
Reservoir connector

Marro, D.P.; Washburn, T.T.; Labombard, D.E., 2001:
Reservoir electrodes for electroencephalograph headgear appliance

Herrmann, Fritz, 2001:
Reservoir for controlled active substance delivery, and apparatus containing the same

Lee, Shih Ping, 2004:
Reservoir for reverse osmosis type water filtering system

Pichon, B.; Egan, D.; Rogers, M.; Gray, J.S., 2004:
Reservoir host identification by analysis of host-seeking ticks

Tayebi, D.; Kilaas, L.; Lund, A.; Kvernheim, A.L.nd; Eriksen,; Sveen, J.; Lile, O.B.rnt; Ramstad, M.V.leur; Saastad, O.W.dar, 2003:
Reservoir monitoring

Babiker, H.; Abdel Wahab, A.; Suleiman, S.; Ahmed, S.; Jawara, M.; Dunyo, S.; Nwakanma, D.; Pinder, M.; Walliker, D., 2003:
Reservoir of Plasmodium falciparum and complexity of gametocytes in areas of seasonal transmission

Rogers, Charles R., 2001:
Reservoir volume sensors

Lamphere, D.G.; Headley, T.D.; Strohl, C.L.; Martin, C., 2001:
Reservoir-and-filter system and method of use

Gray, John M., 1999:
Reservoirs and delivery devices

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Reservoirs for HIV-1: mechanisms for viral persistence in the presence of antiviral immune responses and antiretroviral therapy

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Reservoirs in watersheds On the use of biogeochemical characteristics to determine origins and diagenesis of sedimentary organic matter

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Reservoirs of Colletotrichum acutatum in dormant and growing highbush blueberry

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Reservoirs of HIV replication after successful combined antiretroviral treatment

Saksena, N.K.; Potter, S.J., 2003:
Reservoirs of HIV-1 in vivo: implications for antiretroviral therapy

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Reservoirs of viral persistence after HAART therapy of primary HIV

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Reservosomes in Trypanosoma cruzi display some characteristics with autophagic vacuoles

Mostafa, A.A.; Zayed, A.B.set B., 1999:
Resestance of Musca domestica from Gamasa City to some insecticides

Steck, J.; Gurtner, T., 2002:
Resettable display of a device for metered administration of a fluid drug

Henkin,; Potolicchio, S.J.; Levy, L.M., 2001:
Resetting CNS synchrony A mechanism for inhibition of human seizures

Juran, C.J.; Busacker, J.W.; Shelton, M.B.; Brynelsen, C.R.; Edery, T.P.; Wahlstrand, J.D., 2000:
Resetting ERI/POR/PIR/indicators in implantable medical devices

Glass, Leon, 2003:
Resetting and entraining biological rhythms

Campbell, S.S.; Murphy, P.J., 1999:
Resetting human circadian clocks by extraocular light exposure

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Resetting neural networks of kindled seizure by deep brain stimulation of substantia nigra pars reticulata, electrophysiological and behavioral studies in freely moving rats

Deng, A.; Hammes, J.S.; Blantz, R.C.; Gabbai, F.B.; Thomson, S.C., 2002:
Resetting of RBF by macula densa NOS during prolonged stimulation of tubuloglomerular feedback is absent in early diabetes

Brown, R.D.; Ollerstam, A.; Persson, A.E.G., 1999:
Resetting of tubuloglomerular feedback in acutely volume-expanded rats by nitric oxide inhibition

Brown, R.D.; Ollerstam, A.; Persson, A.E.ik G., 2000:
Resetting of tubuloglomerular feedback in volume-expanded rats by nitric oxide inhibition

Sarmento, O.; Bolling, L.; Wright, P.; Wang, Y.; Allis, D.; Herr, J.; Coonrod, S., 2003:
Resetting the histone code in the mammalian ovum A proof-of-principle Study

Chalmers, R.J.G.; Griffiths, C.E.M., 2003:
Resetting the research agenda for psoriasis

Gilchrist, S.L., 2000:
Resetting the system Dynamics of hermit crab shell cycling after Hurricane mitch

Tsuchiya, M.; Sato, K.; Hirata, Y., 1999:
Reshaped human antibody to human interleukin-6

Matsushima, K.; Matsumoto, Y.; Yamada, Y.; Sato, K.; Tsuchiya, M.; Yamazaki, T., 2001:
Reshaped human antibody to human interleukin-8

Ohtomo, T.; Sato, K.; Tsuchiya, M., 2001:
Reshaped human antibody to human medulloblastoma cells

Hardman, N.; Kolbinger, F.; Saldanha, J., 1999:
Reshaped monoclonal antibodies against an immunoglobulin isotype

Koopman, W.J.H.; Scheenen, W.J.J.M.; Errington, R.J.; Roubos, E.W.; Willems, P.H.G.M.; Bindels, R.; Jenks, B.G., 1999:
Reshaping of membrane-initiated Ca2+ waves by the cytosol of an excitable cell

Cembrowski, George, 2001:
Reshaping proficiency testing Lessons for laboratorians, providers and regulators

Alliegro, Mark C., 2000:
Reshuffling of proteins in the coiled body compartment induced by G1 arrest

Kist, M.; Glocker, E.; Wolf, B.; Heep, M., 2003:
ResiNet A nationwide German sentinel study on development and risk factors of antimicrobial resistance in Helicobacter pylori

Ajayi,I.R., 2010:
Residence half-times of 137Cs in undisturbed surface soil in Nigeria based on measured soil concentration profiles

Simoes Lopes, P.C.; Fabian, M.E., 1999:
Residence patterns and site fidelity in bottlenose dolphins, Tursiops truncatus off Southern Brazil

Francione, C.L.; Eastwood, A.L.; Laforge, R.G., 2002:
Residence status, high risk behaviors, and other characteristics of college students who drink and drive

Nemade,P.D.; Dutta,S.M.; Shankar,H.S., 2010:
Residence time distribution and oxygen transfer in a novel constructed soil filter

Nwabueze,T.U.; Iwe,M.O., 2010:
Residence time distribution in a single screw extrusion of African breadfruit mixtures

Gutierrez,C.G.C.C.; Dias,E.F.T.S.; Gut,J.A.W., 2010:
Residence time distribution in holding tubes using generalized convection model and numerical convolution for non-ideal tracer detection

Van Laerhoven, S.; Gillespie, D.; Roitberg, B., 2003:
Residence time on plants is determined by both prey and plant species in the omnivore Dicyphus hesperus

Butty, V.D.; Gudjonsson, K.; Buchel, P.; Makhijani, V.B.; Ventikos, Y.; Poulikakos, D., 2002:
Residence times and basins of attraction for a realistic right internal carotid artery with two aneurysms

Kahn, M.J.; Merrill, W.; Szerlip, H.M., 1999:
Residency program director assessment does not correlate with student performance on a fourth year OSCE

Darosa, D.A.; Bell, R.H.; Dunnington, G.L., 2003:
Residency program models, implications, and evaluation: results of a think tank consortium on resident work hours

Zeng, D.; Lan, F.; Huie, P.; Higgins, J.; Strober, S., 2000:
Resident CD8 T cells in bone marrow transplants mediate GVL activity without GVHD; blood CD8 T cells mediate severe GVHD

Liu, Y.; Hamrah, P.; Taylor, A.W.; Dana, M.R., 2002:
Resident Corneal Dendritic Cells That Migrate From Corneal Explants May Mediate Alloreactivity

Berger, David K., 2001:
Resident Group Practice Quality performance and improvement

Okun, A.; Dasgupta, S., 2001:
Resident Home Visits Learning about community, culture, communication and home care

Plasterk, R.H.; Izsvák, Z.; Ivics, Z., 1999:
Resident aliens: the Tc1/mariner superfamily of transposable elements

Nyasae, L.K.; Tuma, P.L.; Hubbard, A.L., 1999:
Resident apical plasma membrane proteins recycle to the plasma membrane in nonpolarized hepatic cells

Fisher, D.J.; Kinkead, K.; Schwyn, R., 2003:
Resident attitudes before and after implementation of a computer order entry system Implications for pre-implementation education

Ozuah, P.O.; Curtis, J., 2001:
Resident autonomy in an era of managed care

Thiele, J.; Kvasnicka, H.M.chael; Boeltken, B., 1999:
Resident bone marrow macrophages in idiopathic myelofibrosis A histochemical and morphometric study on sequential trephine biopsies

Harjot, S.; Amteshwar, J., 2001:
Resident cardiac mast cells A novel target site to protect myocardium from ischaemia-reperfusion injury

Brooks, P.A.; Renvall, M.J.; Ramsdell, J.W., 1999:
Resident characteristic in dementia-specific long term care units Residential care facilities for elderly compared to skilled nursing facilities

Kuo, A.; Takayama, J.L., 2003:
Resident continuity clinic conference Wrong time, wrong place?

Baldwin, R.L.; Birdsong, J.; Smith, C., 1999:
Resident continuity clinic experience

Goldstein, S.J.; Immergluck, L.C.eng; Ramanathan, G.; Niederman, J., 2000:
Resident continuity of care experience How to assess the patient panels

Carroll, A.E.; O'reilly, E.; Tarczy Hornoch, P.; Christakis, D.A., 2002:
Resident documentation errors in a neonatal intensive care unit

Bunik, M.; Benitez, T.; Drosten, F.; Hooy, S.; Chambers, D.; Jasson, J.; Monin, L.; Barkasy, D.; Jacobs, P.; Karpff, E., 2002:
Resident education in breastfeeding using a field trip case-based model results in increased knowledge, attitudes and experience

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Resident education in reproductive genetics A users guide

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Resident endoneurial macrophages in Wallerian degeneration a study in radiation bone marrow chimeric rats

Mueller, M.; Wacker, K.; Hickey, W.F.; Ringelstein, E.B.; Kiefer, R., 2000:
Resident endoneurial macrophages of the rat peripheral nervous system undergo rapid activation, phagozytose myelin but do not proliferate following crush injury

Mueller, M.; Leonhard, C.; Ringelstein, E.B.; Okabe, M.; Hickey, W.F.; Kiefer, R., 2001:
Resident endoneurial macrophages revealed by GFP transgenic bone marrow chimeric mice rapidly become activated, express MHC and persist during Wallerian degeneration

Esiobu, N.; Yamazaki, K., 2002:
Resident gut bacteria in healthy penaeid shrimps Penaeus vannamei and Penaeus duorarum

Smythies, L.E.; Sellers, M.; Graham, M.; Smith, P.D., 2000:
Resident intestinal macrophages are highly phagocytic but do not produce inflammatory cytokines

Ozaki, H.; Torihashi, S.; Hori, M.; Karaki, H., 2000:
Resident macrophages activated by LPS initiate inflammatory responses in the gastrointestinal muscle layer

Jack, K.; Fedigan, L., 2004:
Resident male replacement in Cebus capucinus groups

Sharif, I.; Ozuah, P., 2001:
Resident pairing One successful way to meet RRC requirements in the ambulatory setting

Sharif, I.; Ozuah, P.O., 2002:
Resident pairing One successful way to provide continuity in the ambulatory setting

Jackson, J.L.; Osgard, E.; Fincher, K.R., 1999:
Resident participation in flexible sigmoidoscopy does not adversely affect patient satisfaction

Cailhier, J.F.ancois H.; Watson, S.J.W.; Kipari, T.M.J.; Clay, M.F.; Lang, R.; Bellamy, C.; Savill, J.S.; Hughes, J., 2002:
Resident peritoneal macrophages govern neutrophil recruitment in experimental peritonitis

Johnson, T.L.; Dowd, D.; Walsh, I.; Donner, S., 2001:
Resident physician awareness of the legal responsibilities when caring for the abused child

Hanson, G.; Myers, K.; Parks, P.; Farquhar, D., 2000:
Resident physicians perceptions of the safety of performing invasive procedures in patients with disordered hemostasis

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