Section 36
Chapter 35,742

Snack food product and method of preparing same

Kerrigan, G.L.; Schroeder, C.J.; Barham, R.A.; Strandholm, J.J.; Pagel, M.J.

Official Gazette of the United States Patent and Trademark Office Patents 1246(4)


ISSN/ISBN: 0098-1133
Accession: 035741914

An improved snack food product in the form of resilient, molded, self-sustaining bodies preferably made from a heated mixture comprising a dairy product (cheese, yogurt or pudding), gelatin, fat and water. The product bodies are small and bite sized, having a mass to surface area ratio of from about 0.05-5 g/cm2, which facilitates molding thereof. Preferred food products are prepared by first creating a heated flowable mixture of including cheese, gelatin, fat and water, and depositing small quantities of the mixture into molding depressions formed in powdered starch; after hardening, the resultant products are separated from the starch and packaged.

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