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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 35745

Chapter 35745 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Owen, R.G.; Boll, M.; O'connor, S.J.M.; Barrans, S.L.; Rawstron, A.C.; Jack, A.S., 2003:
Soft tissue plasmacytoma are characterised by a myeloma-like immunophenotype and genotype and low level bone marrow involvement

Bhat, R.V.; Iyengar, K.R., 2001:
Soft tissue plasmacytoma diagnosed by fine needle aspiration cytology

Unglaub, F.; Ulrich, D.; Schneider, U.; Pallua, N., 2004:
Soft tissue reconstruction following total knee arthroplasty Treatment and retrospective analysis of plastic surgery therapy

Schwartz, H.E.; Plouhar, P., 2003:
Soft tissue repair material fixation apparatus and method

Flom, J.R.; Moshe, M.; Boyd, S.W.; Mueller, R.L., 2000:
Soft tissue retractor and delivery device therefor

Mueller, R.L.; Boyd, S.W.; Flom, J.R.; Mangosong, L.F.; Peters, W.S., 2004:
Soft tissue retractor and method for providing surgical access

Bonvalot, Sylvie, 2002:
Soft tissue sarcoma Improved quality of life with new surgical approach

Maki, R.G., 2001:
Soft tissue sarcoma as a model disease to examine cancer immunotherapy

Talaiezadeh, A.H., 2002:
Soft tissue sarcoma in Iran and proposing a logical attitude in our medical society

Meyer, W.H.; Spunt, S.L., 2004:
Soft tissue sarcomas of childhood

Palumbo, J.S.; Zwerdling, T., 1999:
Soft tissue sarcomas of infancy

Narula, N.; Brooks, J.J.; Goldblum, J.R.; Seethala, R.; Yoder, B.; Zhang, P.J., 2003:
Soft tissue sarcomas of the heart The clinico-histopathologic features of 19 surgical cases

Andrews, S.; Anderson, P.R.; Hanlon, A.L.; Pollack, A., 2002:
Soft tissue sarcomas treated with external beam radiation therapy with and without the addition of low dose rate brachytherapy

Winters, T.F.; Boucher, J.A.; Schaffhausen, C.R., 2003:
Soft tissue screw and fixation device

Martello, Jeannette, 2001:
Soft tissue securing anchor

Li, Lehmann K., 1999:
Soft tissue suspension clip, clip assembly, emplacement tool and method

Goldfarb, Michael A., 1999:
Soft tissue suture anchor

Fetsch, J.F.; Sesterhenn, I.A.; Davis, C.J.; Mostofi, F.K., 2003:
Soft tissue tumors of the penis A retrospective review of 114 cases

Tuncel, M.; Erbas, B.; Mahmoudian, B., 2003:
Soft tissue uptake of bone radiopharmaceuticals

Stone, K.R.; Galili, U., 2004:
Soft tissue xenografts

Skiba, J.B.; Baldwin, J.P., 2002:
Soft tissue/ligament to bone fixation device with inserter

Espinoza, L.R.; Berman, A., 2000:
Soft tissues and osteo-articular infections in HIV-infected patients and other immunodeficient states

Bader, Dan L., 1999:
Soft tissues and their functional repair

Ye, M.; Zhang, X., 2004:
Soft translating contact lens for presbyopia

Jun, Hak Ju, 2001:
Soft unpolished rice and method of preparing the same

Armini, Anthony J., 2001:
Soft x-ray emitting radioactive stent

Jacobsen, C., 1999:
Soft x-ray microscopy

Xu, A.S.L.; Reid, L.M., 2001:
Soft, Porous Poly microcarriers designed for ex vivo studies and for transplantation of adherent cell types including progenitors

Robinson, R.L.; Damon, J.R.; Mossop, J.R.; Palmer, M.D., 2001:
Soft, convex shaped chewable tablets having reduced friability

Michaelis, H.; Wolff, W.J., 2001 :
Soft-bottom fauna of a tropical and a temperate interdidal area

Mancuso, J.J., 1999:
Soft-frozen drink composition

Schwarz, Daniela, 2004:
Soft-part reconstructions and biomechanics of the axial trunk skeleton of sauropods

Chien, Hui; Jansen, L.P.; Nita, H.; Sarge, J.A., 1999:
Soft-tip high performance braided catheter

Sharkawy, A.; Saginur, R.; Low, D.E.; Schwartz, B.; Green, K.; Tyrrell, G.; Lovgren, M.; Mcgeer, A.; Trpeski, L., 1999:
Soft-tissue infections due to group A streptococci in Ontario, Canada, 1992-96 Clinical features and risk factors for severe disease

Simonian, P.T.; Warren, R.; Adams, D.N.; Dipoto, G., 2000:
Soft-tissue intra-tunnel fixation device

Okubo, Y.; Sasaki, S.; Igawa, H.H.; Minakawa, H.; Sugihara, T., 2000:
Soft-tissue plasty in hemihypertrophy

Walker-Bone, K.E.; Palmer, K.T.; Reading, I.; Cooper, C., 2003:
Soft-tissue rheumatic disorders of the neck and upper limb: prevalence and risk factors

Roelofs, J.G.M., 2002:
Soft-water macrophytes and ecosystems Why are they so vulnerable to environmental changes? Introduction

Hiraoka, Yoshinobu, 2000:
Softening technology of fish bone

Gorenbein, D.; Ibrahim, N., 2001:
Softgel capsule containing Dha and antioxidants

Rinaldi, M.A.; Saxena, S.J.; Tutschek, P.C., 1999:
Softgel formulation containing retinol

Rinaldi, M.A.; Saxena, S.J.; Tutschek, P.C., 2001:
Softgel-compatible composition containing retinol

Park, C.K.; Seitz, M.; Wong, J.; Peter, W.; Israelachvili, J.N., 2001:
Softly supported bilayers Structure, forces and fusion

Wagner, M.L.; Tamm, L.K., 2000:
Softly supported planar bilayers for reconstitution of integral membrane proteins A unique PEG-lipid as a cushion and tether

Kock, M.D.; Kock, R.A., 2003:
Softly, softly: veterinarians and conservation practioners working in the developing world

Elgas, R.J.; Gremel, R.G.; Van Driel, M.R., 1999:
Softshell reservoir with integrated cardiotomy reservoir

Chen, D.; Orthner, H.F.; Sell, S.M., 2002:
Software agent to automatically update genomic information

Nikkila,R.; Seilonen,I.; Koskinen,K., 2010:
Software architecture for farm management information systems in precision agriculture

Gerencher, J.J.J.; Sands, M., 2003:
Software developed for near-real-time Internet seismic signals

Stone, J.R.; Hall, B.K., 2003:
Software development Computer simulated neural crest cell migration

Koytcheva, N., 1999:
Software for analysis of laboratory database characterizing monoclonal proteins

Claus, M.; Troester, J.; Kronberg, K.; Reil, G.H.; Jensch, P., 1999:
Software for documentation, automated result and report generation, medical and economical statistics, and quality control in the cardiac catheterisation laboratory

Kallio, J.; Lehtinen, R.; Turjanmaa, V.; Viik, J., 2002:
Software for exercise test database acquisition and analysis

Cameron, J.; Bayford, R.H.; Binnie, C.D.; Holder, D.S., 1999:
Software for fast review of EEG and physiological data over a conventional telephone line

Ong, R.Y.; Hearn, R.H., 2000:
Software for finite state machine driven positive pressure ventilator control system

Wendl, M.C.; Chinwalla, A.T.; Hillier, L.W., 2003:
Software for genomic sequencing

Hutton, B.F.; Braun, M., 2003:
Software for image registration: algorithms, accuracy, efficacy

Blower, P.E.Jr; Johnson, W.P.; Myatt, G.J., 1999:
Software for interpreting large sets of screening data

Beatty, G.E.nest; Kagan, J.; Budd, J.R.bert, 2003:
Software for mapping potential distribution of a heart chamber

Berry, Robert D., 1999:
Software for mapping radio telemetry data

Cash, H.; Relyea, D.; Beeson, T., 2003:
Software for mass-fatality DNA identification combining STR, mitotype and SNP profiles M-FISys

Sun, Chang, 2002:
Software for physical property estimation with Corresponding States Group Contribution Method

Aarons, L., 1999:
Software for population pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics

Lucariello, R.J.; Sun, Y.; Paturu, P.; Chiaramida, S.A., 2001:
Software for quantification of pericardial effusion volume by two-dimensional echocardiography

Bass, M.P.; Martin, E.R.; Hauser, E.R., 2002:
Software for simulation studies of complex traits SIMLA

Milescu, L.; Titmus, M.; Qin, F.; Auerbach, A.; Sachs, F., 2001:
Software for single channel data analysis and acquisition

Bitterlikh, L.; Bitterlikh, R., 1999:
Software for the treatment of epilepsy

Dresen, I.M.Gana.; Hüsing, J.; Kruse, E.; Boes, T.; Jöckel, K-H., 2003:
Software packages for quantitative microarray-based gene expression analysis

Mcbrien, Michael, 2002:
Software routines for benefiting from generic chromatographic methods

Talwar, P.; Wittmann, C.; Lengauer, T.; Heinzle, E., 2003:
Software tool for automated processing of 13C labeling data from mass spectrometric spectra

Lui, C.L.; Natkunam, Y.; Prapong, W.; Montgomery, K.; Botstein, D.; Brown, P.O.; Van D.R.jn, M., 2002:
Software tools for high-throughput analysis and image retrieval of immunohistochemistry stains obtained on tissue microarrays

Cymbalyuk, G.S.; Sorensen, M.E.; Simoni, M.F.; Deweerth, S.P.; Calabrese, R.L., 2002:
Software tools for hybrid system analysis

Poliakov, A.V.; Moore, E.; Corina, D.P.; Brinkley, J.F., 2003:
Software tools for visualization of multimodality brain data for language mapping

Madlener, K.; Mueller, F.; Doenges, S.; Wissemann, J.; Weiland, M.; Mueller Berghaus, G.; Poetzsch, B., 1999:
Software-assisted approach to the thrombophilic patient

Hoier Madsen, M.; Ingwersen, C.; Meyrowitsch, J.; Charles, P.; Forslid, J.; Wiik, A., 2001:
Software-assisted recognition of fluorescent ANA patterns Use for teaching, learning, quality assurance and standardization

Albis Camps, M.; Slateva, K.; Blasczyk, R., 2002:
Software-based assessment of fluorescent PCR amplification pattern for a highly integrative laboratory management

Mendez, C.; Bilbao, B., 2001:
Soil 15N abundance and vegetation change in the Gran Sabana, Venezuela

Tessier, D., 2002:
Soil An exchange and transfer medium Consequences of soil use by humans A French example

Grindstaff, S.L.; Cupp, J.D.; Coffman, J.S.; Breakwell, D.P., 2003:
Soil Bacteria and Archaea community analysis of grazed and non-grazed sub-alpine environments of the Wasatch Plateau, Utah, USA

Burns, Richard G., 2004:
Soil Biology Biochemistry Citation Classics II

Pippen, J.S.; Bernhardt, E.S.; Schlesinger, W.H., 2002:
Soil CO2 dynamics during five years of Free-Air Carbon Dioxide Enrichment in Duke Forest

Kane, E.S.; Pregitzer, K.S.; Burton, A.J.; Ashby, J.A., 2001:
Soil CO2 efflux along a diverse temperature and moisture gradient in Olympic National Park, Washington

Anderson, P.H.; Maier, C.A., 2001:
Soil CO2 efflux and profile concentration in response to irrigation and fertilization in a 16-year old loblolly pine stand

Maier, C.A.; Dougherty, P.M.; Anderson, P.H., 2001:
Soil CO2 efflux, soil organic matter and root development in newly planted loblolly pine plantations

Yates, T.T.; Walley, F.L., 2002:
Soil N availability Comparisons of spatial distributions using aerobic incubation, PRSTM, hot KCl/hydrolysable organic N, and inorganic N

Bouman,O.T.; Mazzocca,M.A.; Conrad,C., 2010:
Soil NO3-leaching during growth of three grass-white-clover mixtures with mineral N applications

Tadros, M.I.; Sharshir, F.; Abu Attia, F.; Elshafei, G., 2003:
Soil acarina and collembola under two vegetable crops grown under plastic tunnels in Kafr El-Sheikh, Egypt

Boettinger, J.L.; Schupp, E.W.; Castro, J.; Gomez, J.M.ria; Zamora, R., 2001:
Soil acidification following burning of pine plantations, Sierra Nevada, Spain

Puskarich, Nick, 2002 :
Soil activator

Boote, M.L.; Boote, B.J., 2002:
Soil additive and associated processes

Bjorge, Scott W., 2003:
Soil aeration tine

Rillig, M.C.; Lutgen, E.R.; Rosier, C.L., 2003:
Soil aggregation The role of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungal species

Grandy, A.S.uart; Robertson, G.P.ilip, 2002:
Soil aggregation and organic matter quality Effects on carbon turnover in eleven ecosystems along a management intensity gradient

Yamashita, Thomas T., 2001:
Soil amendment composition

Bennett, M.; Stinner, D.; Grassbaugh, E.; Ramirez Rosales, G., 2003:
Soil amendment effects on seed quality in organic soybean seed production

Takeda, F.; Glenn, D.M.; Tworkoski, T., 2003:
Soil amendment with hydrophobic kaolin particles reduce weeds

Teufel, George R., 2001:
Soil amendment with insect control capabilities

Zampieri, E.; Murat, C.; Cagnasso, M.; Bonfante, P.; Mello, A., 2010:
Soil analysis reveals the presence of an extended mycelial network in a Tuber magnatum truffle-ground

Schmidtke, K.; Neumann, A.; Hof, C.; Rauber, R., 2004:
Soil and atmospheric nitrogen uptake by lentil and barley as monocrops and intercrops

Yamashita, T.; Kasuya, N.; Kadir, W.R.sidah; Chik, S.W.n; Seng, Q.E.g; Okuda, T., 2003:
Soil and belowground characteristics of Pasoh Forest Reserve

Doltra,J.; Munoz,P.; Anton,A.; Arino,J., 2010:
Soil and plant nitrogen dynamics of a tomato crop under different fertilization strategies

Osio, A.; Bilbao, B., 2001:
Soil and vegetation changes along savanna-ecotone gradient in the Gran Sabana, Venezuela

Jablonski, L.M.; Poling, T.C.; Banker, M.G.; Klips, R.A.; Geiger, D.R., 2003:
Soil and vegetation factors influencing establishment of conservative vegetation on a restored prairie

Otieno, P.O.; Lalah, J.O.; Virani, M.; Jondiko, I.O.; Schramm, K-Werner., 2010:
Soil and water contamination with carbofuran residues in agricultural farmlands in Kenya following the application of the technical formulation Furadan

Reddy,K.R.; Jawitz,J.W., 2010:
Soil and water quality integral components of watershed management

Greenberg, R.S.; Andrews, T., 2001:
Soil and/or groundwater remediation process

Davis, Jeanine M., 2003:
Soil applied calcium influences growth, root yield, and alkaloid content of goldenseal

Mclaurin, W.; Mclaurin, S., 2003:
Soil arsenic content after using chromated copper arsenate treated timbers

Broza, Meir, 2000:
Soil arthropods in east Mediterranean Pinus halepensis forests

Fedorov, A.Y.; Volchenko, E.V., 2004:
Soil as accumulator of biodegradative potential

Pokarzhevskii, A.D., 2002:
Soil as an environment and its role in the evolution of insects

Panneerselvam, S.; Lourduraj, A.C.ristopher; Balasubramaniam, N., 1999:
Soil available nitrogen and N uptake of soybean Merrill as influenced by organic manures, inorganic fertilizers and weed management practices

Panneerselvam, S.; Lourduraj, A.C.ristopher; Balasubramanian, N., 2000:
Soil available phosphorus and its uptake by soybean Merrill as influenced by organic manures, inorganic fertilizers and weed management practices

Kuske, C.R.; Davis, J.A.; Miller, M.; Belnap, J.; Dunbar, J.M., 2000:
Soil bacterial communities associated with native and invading exotic grass species on the Colorado Plateau, detected using 16S-TRF analysis

Dong, X.; Reddy, G.B., 2010:
Soil bacterial communities in constructed wetlands treated with swine wastewater using PCR-DGGE technique

Shade, A.L.; Gerrish, R.S.; Ressler, D.; Tobin Janzen, T., 2003:
Soil bacterial diversity in the Centralia, Pennsylvania coalmine fire area

Tobin Janzen, T.; Miller, K.; Ressler, D.; Janzen, C.; Marshall, L.; Torres, K., 2002:
Soil bacterial diversity in the Centralia, Pennsylvania mine fire area

JiangWei; WangJiJun; TangJianShe; HouFeng; LuYiTong, 2010:
Soil bacterial functional diversity as influenced by cadmium, phenanthrene and degrade bacteria application

Stokes,A.; Sotir,R.; Chen,W.; Ghestem,M., 2010:
Soil bio- and eco-engineering in China past experience and future priorities

GeGaoFei; LiZhaoJun; FanFenLiang; ChuGuiXin; HouZheNan; LiangYongChao, 2010:
Soil biological activity and their seasonal variations in response to long-term application of organic and inorganic fertilizers

Kremer, R.J., 2003:
Soil biological processes are influenced by Roundup Ready soybean production

Strong, L.C.; Wackett, L.P.; Sadowsky, M.J., 1999:
Soil bioremediation by a novel metalloenzyme that dechlorinates the herbicide atrazine

Postma-Blaauw, M.B.; de Goede, R.G.M.; Bloem, J.; Faber, J.H.; Brussaard, L., 2010:
Soil biota community structure and abundance under agricultural intensification and extensification

Reed, H.E.; Seastedt, T.R., 2002:
Soil biota effects on decomposition in burned and unburned tallgrass prairie

Eldridge, D.J.; Lepage, M.; Bryannah, M.A.; Ouedraogo, P., 2001:
Soil biota in banded landscapes

Becker Van Slooten, K.; Tarradellas, J., 2000:
Soil biotests and indicators

Bergendorf, D.; Chalker Scott, L., 2001:
Soil bulk density and the health of the Pacific madrone

Blumenthal, D.M.; Jordan, N.R., 2001:
Soil carbon addition for weed control in tallgrass prairie restoration

Kahn, B.M.; Zaady, E.; Shachak, M.; Groffman, P.M.; Perevolotsky, A., 2001:
Soil carbon and nitrogen cycling in ancient grazing lands

Harris, W.N.; Boutton, T.W.; Ansley, R.J., 2003:
Soil carbon and nitrogen cycling in subhumid temperate grasslands Effects of seasonal fire and simulated grazing

Hobbie, S.E.; Miley, T.A.; Weiss, M.S., 2001:
Soil carbon and nitrogen dynamics on tundra landscapes with different glacial histories

Magrini, K.A.; Evans, R.J.; Hoover, C.M.; Looker, M., 2002:
Soil carbon character and content in three old growth forests

Yanai, R.D.; Currie, W.S.; Goodale, C.L.; Covington, W.W.llace, 2001:
Soil carbon dynamics following forest harvest An ecosystem paradigm reviewed

Lichter, J.; Schlesinger, W.H., 2001:
Soil carbon dynamics in a forest under free-air carbon dioxide enrichment

Munson,S.M.; Benton,T.J.; Lauenroth,W.K.; Burke,I.C., 2010:
Soil carbon flux following pulse precipitation events in the shortgrass steppe

Reiley,D.K.; Breshears,D.D.; Zedler,P.H.; Ebinger,M.H.; Meyer,C.W., 2010:
Soil carbon heterogeneity in pinon-juniper woodland patches effect of woody plant variation on neighboring intercanopies is not detectable

Kueppers, L.M.; Harte, J., 2001:
Soil carbon loss along a climate and forest type gradient in the Rocky Mountains

Reiley, D.K.; Breshears, D.D.; Zedler, P.H.; Ebinger, M.H.; Meyer, C.W., 2002 :
Soil carbon patterns in a semiarid pinyon-juniper woodland

Silver,W.L.; Ryals,R.; Eviner,V., 2010:
Soil carbon pools in Californias annual grassland ecosystems

Ritchie, J.C.; Mccarty, G.W.; Venteris, E.R., 2003:
Soil carbon redistribution in an Iowa agroecosystem

Lichter, J.; Barron, S.; Finzi, A.C.; Schlesinger, W.H., 2003:
Soil carbon sequestration and turnover after six years of CO2 enrichment at the Duke Forest

Follett,R.F.; Reed,D.A., 2010:
Soil carbon sequestration in grazing lands societal benefits and policy implications

Gaudinski, J.B.; Trumbore, S.E., 2003:
Soil carbon turnover

Barrett, J.E.; Mcmanus, C.A.; Virginia, R.A.; Parsons, A.N.; Wall, D.H., 2002:
Soil carbon turnover in Antarctic Dry Valley ecosystems, an analytical approach

Grandy, A.S.uart; Robertson, G.P.ilip, 2003:
Soil carbon, nitrous oxide and aggregation changes immediately following cultivation of an undisturbed soil profile

Singh, D.N., 2001:
Soil characteristics of a tropical lake

Cummins, K.M.; Bornyasz, M.; Deutschman, D., 2002:
Soil characteristics related to Stephens kangaroo rat densities

Titiz, B.; Sanford, R.L.J., 2003:
Soil charcoal distributions along an elevational gradient in a Costa Rican rainforest

Cox, M.S.; Wardlaw, M.W., 1999:
Soil chemical and physical properties affects on soybean production in Mississippi

Lagana, A.; Salerni, E.; Perini, C., 2002:
Soil chemical parameters and fungal community of forest ecosystems in Tuscany

Aubrey, D.P.; Wait, D.A.exander; Anderson, W.B., 2002:
Soil chemistry and plant species richness on marine desert islands Seabird influence and spatial heterogeneity

Podrazsky, V.V.; Ulbrichova, I., 2003:
Soil chemistry changes in green alder C Koch stands in mountain areas

Martensson,L.M.; Olsson,P.A., 2010:
Soil chemistry of local vegetation gradients in sandy calcareous grasslands

Foissner, W.; Agatha, S.; Berger, H., 2002:
Soil ciliates from Namibia , with emphasis on two contrasting environments, the Etosha region and the Namib Desert

Neher, Deborah A., 2001:
Soil community composition and ecosystem processes

Vogelsang, K.M.; Bever, J.D., 2002:
Soil community structure and the maintenance of exotic-dominated systems Evidence for degraded mutualisms

Hamblen, W.R.; Berkman, F.; Watters, B., 2003:
Soil compaction measurement

Homan, Joe, 2003:
Soil conditioner and slow release bio-pesticidal and fertilizer composition

Ito, E.; Ito, N., 2001:
Soil conditioner and soil-ameliorating method

Wommack, G.; Holley, C.; Greskovich, E., 2001:
Soil conditioning agglomerates containing calcium

Almen, Peter D., 2003:
Soil conditioning implement

Schneider,F.; Ledermann,T.; Fry,P.; Rist,S., 2010:
Soil conservation in Swiss agriculture - approaching abstract and symbolic meanings in farmers life-worlds

Colburn, John W., 2000:
Soil constituent sensor and precision agrichemical delivery system and method

Colburn, John W.Jr, 2002:
Soil constituent sensor and precision agrichemical delivery system and method

Wren, C.D., 2000:
Soil contamination from a mercury spill in The Andes Mountains Environmental and human health implications

Kyger, J.R.; Rinke, S.D.; Biagioni, R.N.; Sheets, R.W., 1999:
Soil contamination from paint on highway bridges

Haas, R.; Krippendorf, A.; Von Low, E., 2003:
Soil contamination in World War I munition plants

Kuwahara, Masahiko, 2002:
Soil contamination with dioxins and the accumulation of the chemicals to agricultural plants

Weglarzy, Karol, 2001:
Soil contamination with heavy metals, with particular reference to nickel

Kudeyarov, V.N., 2000:
Soil contribution in the balance of atmospheric carbon dioxide on the territory of Russia

Courtabessis, P.; Courtabessis, S., 2000:
Soil covering medium of the mulch type or the like

Agafonov, B.P., 2001:
Soil creep

Hawkes, C.V., 1999:
Soil crusts in a xeric Florida shrubland Interactions with herbaceous plants

Singer, A.; Banin, A.; Poberejzsky, L.; Gilenko, M., 2001:
Soil crusts in the Amudarya River Delta Properties and formation

Farpoor,M.H., 2010:
Soil data comparison in the old vs restored sections of the Bam Citadel archeological site in Kerman, Iran

Mclaren, J.R.; Jefferies, R.L.; Kotanen, P.M., 2002:
Soil degradation and plant re-establishment in coastal salt-marshes of the Hudson Bay

Dematte,J.A.M.; Nanni,M.R.; Silva,A.P.da; MeloFilho,; Santos,W.C.dos; Campos,R.C., 2010:
Soil density evaluated by spectral reflectance as an evidence of compaction effects

Paltin, E.; Ellert, A., 2003:
Soil disinfecting device

Mezzalama, M.; Nicol, J.M.; Sayre, K.; Grace, P., 2000:
Soil ecological changes under a long term conservation tillage wheat and maize rotation trial in Mexico

LiAiFen; QianShiMing; LiJin, 2010:
Soil environmental quality and its assessment of rice production for non-environmental pollution in Nanhu district of Jiaxing in Zhejiang Province

Clausnitzer, D.; Pyke, D.; Belnap, J.; Graham, T.; Phillips, S., 2002:
Soil enzyme activity gradients in a Great Basin piosphere

Nyssen, J.; Poesen, J.; Moeyersons, J.; Deckers, J.; Haile, M., 2004:
Soil erosion and conservation in Sahelian highlands The case of Northern Ethiopia

Pimentel, David, 2000:
Soil erosion and the threat to food security and the environment

Ouyang, W.; Skidmore, A.K.; Hao, F.; Wang, T., 2010:
Soil erosion dynamics response to landscape pattern

LiHaiDong; ShenWeiShou; ZouChangXin; YuanLei, 2010:
Soil erosion in the source area of the Yarlung Zangbo in China

Ortiz, I.; Simon, M.; Dorronsoro, C.; Martin, F.; Garcia, I., 2002:
Soil evolution over the Quaternary period in a Mediterranean climate

Head, Graham, 2003:
Soil fate of Bt proteins from foliar sprays and transgenic crops

Camero R.Edgar, 2002:
Soil fauna in forest and coffee plantations from the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, Colombia

Serrasolses, I.; Vallejo, V.R.mon, 1999:
Soil fertility after fire and clear-cutting

Sharma, M.P.; Bali, S.V.; Gupta, D.K., 2001:
Soil fertility and productivity of rice -wheat cropping system in an Inceptisol as influenced by integrated nutrient management

Sanchez, P.A.; Jama, B.A., 2002:
Soil fertility replenishment takes off in east and southern Africa

Beyer, L.; Pingpank, K.; Wriedt, G.; Boelter, M., 2000:
Soil formation in coastal continental Antarctica

Carter, D.W.; Arocena, J.M., 2000:
Soil formation under two moss species in sandy materials of central British Columbia

Harrison, Scott, 2003:
Soil formulation for resisting erosion

Wang, D.; Knuteson, J.A., 2001:
Soil fumigant emission under drip irrigation

Rodriguez Kabana, R., 2002:
Soil fumigation New uses for old chemicals and new compounds

Desaeger, J.; Csinos, A.; Timper, P.; Hammes, G.; Seebold, K., 2003:
Soil fumigation and oxamyl drip applications for nematode and insect control in vegetable plasticulture

Hagn, A.; Pritsch, K.; Schloter, M.; Munch, J.C., 2003:
Soil fungal diversity and potential biocontrol activity of endogene Trichoderma species under the influence of different farming management systems

Newingham, Beth A., 2002:
Soil fungi affect the compensatory response of Centaurea maculosa to shoot and root herbivory

Tanjung, H.R.; Rahe, J.E., 2000:
Soil fungi and herbicidal activity of glyphosate on seedlings of selected conifer and broadleaf species

States, J.S.; Christensen, M.; Kinter, C.L., 2001:
Soil fungi as components of biological soil crusts

Beigt, D.; Cintia Piccolo, M.; Perillo, G.M.E., 2003:
Soil heat exchange in Puerto Cuatreros tidal flats, Argentina

Kasevich, Raymond S., 2002:
Soil heating with a rotating electromagnetic field

HangXiaoShuai; WangHuoYan; ZhouJianMin, 2010:
Soil heavy-metal distribution and transference to soybeans surrounding an electroplating factory

Selin, S.J.; Mou, P.; Jones, R.H., 2001:
Soil heterogeneity changes over forest succession Quantification using univariate and geostatistical procedures

Shein,E.V., 2010:
Soil hydrology stages of development, current state, and nearest prospects

Van Barneveld, Dirk, 2001:
Soil improver composition and plant growth enhancer

Bushmakiu, G.; Poiras, L.; Tcaciuc, M., 2000:
Soil invertebrates of Codri Forest Reserve

Rakhleeva, A.A.; Sedova, T.S., 2002:
Soil invertebrates of bogged spruce forests in southern Taiga

Fierer, N.; Schimel, J.P.; Holden, P.A., 2002:
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