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Species specific DNA sequences and their utilization in identification of viola species and authentication of banafsha by polymerase chain reaction

Singh, M.; Sharma, C.; Lal, B.

Official Gazette of the United States Patent and Trademark Office Patents 1263(3)


ISSN/ISBN: 0098-1133
Accession: 035754429

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This invention relates to Anacardium sp. specific genomic DNA sequence and the methods for utilization of these sequences in detection of Cashew husk in tea samples. Particularly this invention relates to a very sensitive, accurate and efficient method of identification of Anacardium occidentale (cashew) species. The method is designed to detect presence of any part of cashew plant including the dried and ground apple in market samples of made tea. The main application of this invention is to detect the adulteration of loose as well as branded tea by any part of cashew plant and thus is a part of quality control measures, in addition to the taxonomical authentication of cashew plants.

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