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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 35787

Chapter 35787 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Budisteanu, M.; Arghir, A.; Serghei, L.; Burloiu, C.; Lungeanu, A., 2003:
Study of cytogenetic causes of mental retardation in Romanian children

Rebordao, M.; Silva, M.; Remedios, A.; Alvares, E.; Pinto, H.; Alfarroba, E., 2001:
Study of cytokine production by T cells in atopic patients

Roffe, E.; Santiago, H.C.; Silva, A.A.; Gazzinelli, R.T.; Lannes Vieira, J., 1999:
Study of cytokines and chemoattractant factors involved in the genesis and resolution of lesions i the central nervous system during experimental Trypanosoma cruzi and Toxoplasma gondii infection

Navolotskaya, E.; Nurieva, R.; Zargarova, T.; Lepikhova, T.; Malkova, N.; Zav'yalov, V.; Lipkin, V., 1999:
Study of cytokines binding to HL-60 cells

Fernandes,M.; Mena,C.; Silva,J.; Teixeira,P., 2010:
Study of cytolethal distending toxin in Campylobacter coli using a multiplex polymerase chain reaction assay and its distribution among clinical and food strains

Ganesan, R.; Bhattcharyya, A.; Waddell, C.A.; Shafi, M.A., 2002:
Study of cytological findings of fluids from ovarian cysts

Xiang, X.; Liu, B.; Winklemann, D.; Zuo, W.; Morris, N.R.nald, 1999:
Study of cytoplasmic dynein behavior in living cells

Das, B.; Yeger, H.; Koren, G.; Baruchel, S., 2003:
Study of cytotoxic effect of ursolic acid in N-myc amplified neuroblastoma cell lines

Xin Zhan Chang; Meng Yan, 1999:
Study of decreasing impurity in terramycin

Jakas, A.; Horvat, S., 2002:
Study of degradation pathways in sugar-peptide Maillard model systems

Munoz, M.L.; Cisneros, A.; Diaz Badillo, A.; Ezquinca, H.; Tovar, R.; Das, P.; Moreno, M., 1999:
Study of dengue virus genome and its receptors

Cordero, C.E.; Villefranc, J.; Massol, A., 2003:
Study of denitrifying populations from marine sediment by nirS in situ RT-PCR

Fatjo Vilas, M.; Smyrnis, N.K.; Rosa, A.; Avramopoulos, D.A.; Evdokimidis, I.K.; Fananas, L.; Stefanis, C.N.; Stefanis, N.C., 2002:
Study of developmental instability markers and schizotypy

Paulose, Kattadiyil P., 1999:
Study of diabetes awareness in diabetics

Naga, S.; Hashem, M.; Zeidan, M.; Khedr, M.; E.S.yed, F., 1999:
Study of different methods for detection of patients at risk of diabetic nephropathy before microalbuminuria

Chevessier, F.; Marty, I.; Fardeau, M.; Hantai, D.; Verdiere Sahuque, M., 2002:
Study of different sarcoplasmic reticulum markers expression in tubular aggregates in human and mouse skeletal muscle

Volz, J.O.; Fruehauf, J.H.; Vielhauer, S.; Schneider, J.; Volz Koester, S.R., 2000:
Study of differential gene expression before and after preoperative chemotherapy of breast cancer

Chauhan, B.K.; Cvekl, A., 2001:
Study of differential gene expression in Pax-6 mutated mouse embryos using cDNA microarrays

Cruz, Julio C., 2004:
Study of diffusion of argon from proximal to distal alveoli

Omata, M.; Otsuka, M.; Kawakami, T.; Hoshida, Y., 2003:
Study of digestive diseases in post-genome era

Lim, Y.J.n; Buonora, Paul T., 2003:
Study of dihydropyridazinones synthesis by parallel reactions of bicyclic lactams and hydrazine

Kathiwala, M.A.M.; Yappert, M.C.cilia, 2003:
Study of dihydrosphingomyelin-cholesterol interactions by FTIR spectroscopy

Caffara, M.; Scagliarini, A., 1999:
Study of diseases of the grey squirrel in Italy First isolation of the dermatophyte Microsporum cookei

Alarcon, T.; Domingo, D.; Kersulyte, D.; Mukhopadhyay, A.; Velapatino, B.; Berg, D.; Lopez Brea, M., 2000:
Study of diversity at the extreme right end of the cag pathogenicity island in Spanish Helicobacter pylori clinical isolates

Lu, Y.P.; Wang, J.; Yang, Y.R.; Tang, X.D., 1999:
Study of donor-specific antigens in inducing tolerance and enhancing graft survival

Cantagrel, S.; Chalon, S.; Cloarec, S.; Bodart, S.; Suc, A.L.ure; Guillotteau, D., 1999:
Study of dopaminergic D2 receptor ARNm expression after hypoxia-ischemia in the rat neonate

Anupunpisit, V.; Tantikraisorn, T.; Pakdeeronachit, S., 2003:
Study of dopaminergic neuron and protein in normal and parkinsonism conditions in common tree shrew brain

Cooper, B.W.; Silverman, P.; Overmoyer, B.A.; Shenk, R.R.; Allen, M.J., 2003:
Study of dose-dense doxorubin and docetaxel for patients with advanced operable and inoperable adenocarcinoma of the breast

Chou, S.; Schwartz, M.W.; Stein, R.; Dubrovsky, B.O., 1999:
Study of dose-response in placebo using Pavlovian conditioning

Satoshi, T.; Tomoaki, S., 2000:
Study of drebrin A on dendrific spine formation using antisense oligonucleotide

Alcaide, F.; Quintana, V.; Berlanga, P.; Orus, P.; Benitez, M.A.; Dorca, J.; Martin, R., 2002:
Study of drinking water as a natural habitat and possible source of Mycobacterium kansasii infection in humans

Minaee, B., 2000:
Study of drinking water lead hepatotoxic effects in liver fetal rats by transmission electron microscopy

Xia, C.Q.; Liu, N.; Gan, L.S.ang; Miwa, G., 2003:
Study of drug interactions with efflux pumps using P-glycoprotein containing membranes

Cabrita, J.; Ferreira, H.S.; Iglésias, P.; Baptista, T.M.; Rocha, E.; da Silva, L.A.; Miguel, P.J., 2002:
Study of drug utilization among students at Lisbon University in Portugal

Rehan, H.S.; Singh, C.; Tripathi, C.D.; Kela, A.K., 2001:
Study of drug utilization pattern in dental OPD at tertiary care teaching hospital

Filippini, R.; Piovan, A.; Borsarini, A.; Caniato, R., 2010:
Study of dynamic accumulation of secondary metabolites in three subspecies of Hypericum perforatum

Delgado, D.; Arazi, H.C.; Sellanes, M.; Cáceres, M.; Cárdenas, C.; Morales, C.; Bortman, G.; Nojek, C., 1999:
Study of early corticosteroid withdrawal in cardiac transplantation

L.C.q, Y.; Wassef, M., 2000:
Study of early phases of the migration of inferior olivary neurons

Ohnuma, K.; Yokoo, M.; Ito, K.; Nambo, Y.; Miyake, Y.I.hi; Komatsu, M.; Takahashi, J., 2000:
Study of early pregnancy factor in equine

Bondarenko, I.V., 1999:
Study of ecology and ontogenesis in four species of springtails under the laboratory conditions

Zeng, Q.H.a; Zeng, G.G.n, 2004:
Study of effect of antagonistic action of Rb1 against endothelin-1 causing heart of failure of isolated working heart in Guinea pigs

Zeng, Q.H.a; Zhong, G.G.n, 2004:
Study of effect of antagonistic action of Rb1 against endothelin-1 causing heart of failure of vitro in Guinea pigs

Thendral, K.M.; Kavitha, K.V.; Kaladevi, R.; Murali, R., 2000:
Study of effectiveness of DOTS in preventing drug resistance

Thendral, K.M.; Kaladevi, R.; Kavitha, K.V.; Murali, R., 2000:
Study of effectiveness of DOTS in terms of compliance

Kurihara, T.; Niimi, A.; Maeda, A.; Shigemoto, M.; Yamashita, K., 2001:
Study of effectiveness of bezafibrate in the treatment of chronic hepatitis C

Kim, C.Y.; Wei, S.; Woodcroft, K.J.; Putt, D.A.; Novak, R.F.; Capdevila, J.H.; Kim, H., 1999:
Study of effects of dexamethasone treatment on arachidonic acid epoxygenases in rats using ELISA

Veriekar, P.V.; Worlikar, P.S.; Rana, R.P., 2001:
Study of effects of nimodipine on NSAID induced analgesia in healthy human volunteers

Cernoch, M.; Hájek, M.; Skopal, F., 2010:
Study of effects of some reaction conditions on ethanolysis of rapeseed oil with dispergation

Dirilgen,N.; Atay,N.Z.; Tunc,H., 2010:
Study of efficiencies of selected extractants SDS, iodide, citric acid in soil remediation from lead

Chen Rong; Wang Bin, 1999:
Study of electrical activity of the cerebellar cortical purkinje cells in the pigeon

Musingo, M.N.; Sims, C.A.; Bates, R.P., 1999:
Study of ellagic acid and other phenols in Vitis rotundifolia juices and wines

Kundt, M.S.; Cabrini, R.L., 2001:
Study of embryonic ploidy A probable embryo model

Futuh, A.R.A.ul; Solayman, A.E.G.any; E.H.ndawy, S.; Omar, M., 2002:
Study of emergency therapeutic endoscopic Retrograde cholangio pancreatography

Chambraud, B.; Chadli, A.; Krummrei, U.; E.E.r, M.; Gouezou, M.; Toft, D.; Schumacher, M.; Baulieu, E., 2001:
Study of endogenous immunophilin ligand FAP48 in the central nervous system

Vasilyev, A.; Khater, K.A.; Rakowski, R.F., 1999:
Study of endogenous single channel activity in Xenopus oocyte membrane

Aruna, D.; Naidu, M.U.R.; Usha, P.R.; Kumar, R.V., 2002:
Study of endothelial function by non-invasive assessment of flow mediated dilatation

Sobh, M.A.; Taema, F.H.S.; Abou, M.M.; Badawy, A.M.I.; Gomaa, M., 1999:
Study of environmental lead as a risk factor causing renal disease in children

Ebadollahi Natanzi, A.; Ghazi Khansari, M.; Mirhadi, S.A., 2000:
Study of enzymes activity of cholinesterases and aminotransferases in serum and liver of male rats due to coumaphos

Scaraffia, P.Y.; Maldonado, C.; Aoki, A.; Gerez D.B.rgos, N.M., 1999:
Study of enzymes in testes and ovaries from adult Dipetalogaster maximus and Triatoma infestans Correlation with ultrastructure

Sakamoto, K.; Fujii, M.; Kanai, H.; Kanai, N.; Hasegawa, K., 1999:
Study of erythrocyte deformation by its electrical characteristics

Amara, F.E.; Amin, M.A.; Kholosy, N.M.; Abdel Aaty, T.A.; E.B.rdeny, M.M.; Morsy, E.Y.; E.S.eikh, S.A., 2002:
Study of erythrocyte ultrastructure in schistosomal patients A therapeutic trial

Mittal, B.R.; Kumar, S.; Bhattacharya, A.; Singh, B.; Kochhar, R., 2002:
Study of esophageal transit in patients with corrosive acid esophageal cicatrization

Artacho Criado, S.; Marquez Saavedra, E., 2003:
Study of etanercept postmarketing surveillance on patients with rheumatoid pathology

Nakamura, Sakujirou, 2001:
Study of existing technics for waste water treatment at pig farm

Cheggour, P.A.; Jijakli, H.M.; Lepoivre, P., 2001:
Study of exopolysaccharides involvement in the interaction E amylovora-serratine

Matsuda, M.; Morizumi, K.; Fuchikami, J.I.hi; Araki, E.; Imamura, N.; Ariyoshi, M.; Hujizono, S.; Atai, H.; IIzuka, H., 2002:
Study of experimental allergic conjunctivitis in guinea pigs

Matsuda, M.; Fuchikami, J.I.hi; Morizumi, K.; Shimoda, Y.; Naka, S.; IIzuka, H.; Shiraishi, H.; Umemoto, J.; Ando, T.; Naruse, T., 2001:
Study of experimental late type rhinitis in guinea pigs and effect of Hyaluronic acid poly sulfated ester

Xia Lian Sheng; X.Z.eng; Feng Y.J.n; X.Y.Z.i; Liu Xiao Chun, 1999:
Study of experiments on sewage treatment by electrohydraulic discharge method

Wu, C.;, P.; Stampfl, J.; Tevelde, E.; Oania, R.S.; Kumar, S.; Natoli, G.; Darnay, B.; Aggarwal, B.B.; Singh, S., 2000:
Study of expression of IkappaB and IkappaB kinases in various human cell lines and different tissues

Gak, E.; Koronyo Hamaoui, M.; Zuckerman, L.; Guetta, E.; Barkai, G.; Goldman; Weiner, I., 2002:
Study of expression profiles in the striatum and the hippocampus of normal and neurodevelopmentally compromised rats using cDNA macroarray methodology

Skliros, E.; Sotiropoulos, A.; Giannakaki, G.; Ktorou, I.; Papaioannou, I., 2002:
Study of factors contributing to the regulation of arterial blood pressure in hypertensive patients

Rodriguez Zas, S.L.; Southey, B.R.; Knox, R.V.; Connor, J.F., 2002:
Study of factors influencing sow longevity in swine breeding herds

Lalic, N.; Micic, S.; Bojanic, N.; Majkic Singh, 2001:
Study of fertilizing ability of spermatozoa

Blazich, F.A.J.; Wood, B., 2000:
Study of filtration abilities of four aquatic plants on hog effluent

Burc Laurence, L., 1999:
Study of five enzymes in amniotic fluid associated with Down syndrome and gastroschisis

Garcia Moruno, E.; Ribaldone, M.; D.S.efano, R.; Conterno, L.; Gandini, A., 2002:
Study of five strains of Saccharomyces cerevisiae with regard to their metabolism towards geraniol

Abi Hanna, P.; Marichal, P.; Vandenbossche, H.; Williamson, P.R., 1999:
Study of fluconazole resistance in Crytococcus neoformans by insertional mutagenesis

Meguid, A.; Dardir, A.A.;, O.H.; E.A.ady, M.K., 2003:
Study of folate enzyme polymorphism in Egyptian mothers with down syndrome children

Mirakhory, M.; Aleyassin, A., 2003:
Study of folic acid pathway genes alteration in fragile X syndrome

Alizadeh, A.; Zargari, M., 2002:
Study of formaldehyde concentration in pathological laboratory and operation room spaces of private and govermental hospitals in Sari township, 2002

Mehrotra, R.C.; Awasthi, N.; Dutta, S.K., 1999:
Study of fossil wood from the upper Tertiary sediments of Arunachal Pradesh, India and its implication in palaeoecological and phytogeographical interpretations

Lee, N.; Ryan, D.K., 2002:
Study of fulvic-aluminum ion complexes by 27Al solution NMR

Keisuke, E.; Mitsutoshi, S.; Issei, T.; Katsuo, K., 1999:
Study of functional alpha1D-adrenoceptor subtypes in rabbit arteries

Carbu, M.; Fernandez Acero, F.J.; Vallejo, I.; Garrido, C.; Rebordinos, L.; Cantoral, J.M., 2003:
Study of fungal populations in sherry wine vineyards

Larionov, O.A.; Lagutin, O.V.; Dobrovolsky, V.N.; Kyndiakov, B.N.; Khodarovich, Y.M., 1999:
Study of gamma and beta interferon expression in the mammary gland of transgenic mice

Kelber, O.; Kroll, U.; Maidonis, P.; Weiser, D.; Okpanyi, S.N., 2000:
Study of gastrointestinal absorption of plant extracts and their phytomedicinal combination in an ex vivo/in vitro model

Lin, F.; Lariosa, K.; Yu, N.; Chavez Noriega, L.E.; Rao, T.S.; Webb, M., 2002:
Study of gene expression activated by lysophospholipid receptor ligands, lysophosphatidic acid and sphingosine 1 phosphat , and lipopolysaccharide , on cultured rat oligodendrocytes

Rojas, M.; Louzada, E.S., 2001:
Study of gene expression in melon roots during drought stress by differential display

Kompantseva, E.V.; Gavrilin, M.V.; Sen'chukova, G.V.; Karpenya, L.I.; Ushakova, L.S.; Kozharskii, V.V., 2000:
Study of general toxic and local irritating activity of 50% dimexide ointment

Inoue, T.; Kobayashi, C.; Takechi, K.; Ishizawa, K.; Agata, K., 2003:
Study of genes required for brain regeneration and neuronal maintenance in planarian

Lu, B.; Kim, S.; Flavell, R., 2000:
Study of genes that are important for the function of effector/memory T cells

Branco, C.C.; Mota Vieira, L., 2002:
Study of genetic diversity by surname analysis of the Azorean population

Bhat, K.V.nkataramana; Babrekar, P.P.; Lakhanpaul, S., 1999:
Study of genetic diversity in Indian and exotic sesame germplasm using random amplified polymorphic DNA markers

Torfs, C.P.; Semina, E.V.; Knipp, M.; Lorey, F.; Murray, J.C., 1999:
Study of genetic factors contributing to both isolated and MCA cases of omphalocele

Borges, A.C.; Marques, S.; Belo, J.A., 2001:
Study of genetic interactions with mouse cerberus-like

Cunha, M.T.; Bini Antunes, M.; Oliveira, J.M.; Morais, S.; Carvalhais, A.; Campos, M.; Cabeda, J.M., 2003:
Study of genetic risk factors in oncology associated thrombophilia

Chevillard, C.; Henri, S.; Alwali, N.M.A.; Hillaire, D.; Stefani, F.; Parzy, D.; Magzoub, M.M.A.; Dessein, A., 1999:
Study of genetical factors that control severe fibrosis in human infected by schistosoma mansoni

Seo, Y.; Lucas, W.J.; Gilbertson, R.L., 2002:
Study of genetics of resistance and identification of genes involved in resistance in Phaseolus vulgaris cv Othello to Bean dwarf mosaic virus

Ibiza Palacios, L.M.S.; Escriche, B., 2003:
Study of genomic DNA sequences of the four aminopeptidases-N within Plutella xylostella

Bhouri, W.; Derbel, S.; Skandrani, I.; Boubaker, J.; Bouhlel, I.; Sghaier, M.B.; Kilani, S.; Mariotte, A.M.; Dijoux-Franca, M.G.; Ghedira, K.; Chekir-Ghedira, L., 2010:
Study of genotoxic, antigenotoxic and antioxidant activities of the digallic acid isolated from Pistacia lentiscus fruits

Montero, R.D.; Serrano, L.; Davila, V.M.; Plancarte, A., 2002:
Study of genotoxicity associated with CYP450 isozyme induction due to liver infection

Alarcon, T.; Domingo, D.; Garcia Campos, J.A.; Perkins, A.; Lopez Brea, M., 2001:
Study of genotype and antimicrobial susceptibility of H pylori clinical isolates from antrum and corpus

Dehghani,H.; Sabaghpour,S.H.; Ebadi,A., 2010:
Study of genotype x environment interaction for Chickpea yield in Iran

Li, X.; Yang, X.B., 2003:
Study of geographical patterns of disease occurrence with long-term climatologic data

Bardonnet, A.; Dasse, S.; Parade, M.; Heland, M., 2003:
Study of glass-eels movements in a flume in relation to nycthemeral changes

Lorinczy, D.; Hartvig, N.; Farkas, N.; Belagyi, J., 2000:
Study of global and local conformations in myosin by DSC and EPR

Mohan, J.C.; Sengupta, P.P.; Arora, R.; Pandian, N.G., 2001:
Study of global right ventricular function in mitral stenosis using a combined myocardial performance Doppler index Long term effects of mitral valvuloplasty

Guimaraes, R.L.; Flores, H.E.; Momotani, K., 2000:
Study of glucosinolates from mashua

Gholizadeh, Y.; Van Bambeke, F.; Prevost, M.; Fraimow, H.S.; Chachaty, E.; Dever, L.L.; Tulkens, P.M.; Courvalins, P., 1999:
Study of glycopeptide-dependent Enterococcus faecium clinical isolates by sequencing of the ddl gene and computer-aided modeling of the mutated D-AlaD-Ala ligase

Azuma, T.; Nakai, H.; Okada, A.; Revillon, Y., 1999:
Study of graft-infiltrating cells in the rat small bowel allograft using low-dose FK 506

Dunphy, F.R.; Kim, H.J.; Harrison, B.R.; Dunleavy, T.L.; Cantrell, C.L.; Boyd, J.H.; Stack, B.C., 2001:
Study of granulocyte monocyte colony stimulating factor on mucositis in patients receiving head and neck radiotherapy A pilot study and literature review

Aponte, M.; Ventorino, V.; Blaiotta, G.; Volpe, G.; Farina, V.; Avellone, G.; Lanza, C.Maria.; Moschetti, G., 2010:
Study of green Sicilian table olive fermentations through microbiological, chemical and sensory analyses

Toselli, S.; Gualdi Russo, E.; Ruffilli, I.; Caccialupi, M.G., 2000:
Study of growth in Chinese children, 0-3 aged, living in Bologna

Kalabis, J.; Williams, N.; Marian, B.; Rogler, G.; Herlyn, M., 2000:
Study of growth, characterization and differentiation of normal colonic epithelial crypt cells

Monino, A.; Tomas, A.; Fernandez, M.; Lazaro, R.; Perez, L.; Espinos, F.J.; Tiana, A.; Jover, M., 2002:
Study of growth, nutritive efficiency and profitability of gilthead seabream Sparus auratus L, 1758 fed commercial diets containing different levels of protein and lipids

Mourad, B.; Ghafar, F.A.del; Ammo, D.A.o; Nassar, S.; Gabr, M., 2001:
Study of haemostatic changes in venous leg ulcer

Gentile, F.; Scipioni, L.; Camarda, M.; Bigioni, R.B.; Bruno, L.; Vingolo, E.M., 1999:
Study of hearing and vestibular function in patients affected by retinitis pigmentosa

Wilke, K.; Pohlmeyer, K.; Lotthammer, K.H., 2000:
Study of heavy metal burden in game along the motorway in the area of Gudow, Schleswig-Holstein

Majado, M.J.liana; Macizo, M.I.abel; Salido, E.; Antolinos,; Rubio, A.; Gonzalez, C.; Pascual, D.; Perez, R.; Minguela, A., 2003:
Study of hematopoietic progenitor cells in patients with myocardial infarction

Perrone, B.; Youssef, M.; A.M.ussalla, L., 2003:
Study of hemoconcentration during dialysis Relationship with the size of central blood volume compartment

Thaenthanee, S.; Panbangred, W.; Wong, A.C.L., 2003:
Study of hemolysin BL distribution and heterogeneity in Bacillus cereus isolated in Thailand

Iavarone, M.; Trabut, J.B.ptiste; Carnot, F.; Kremsdorf, D.; Brechot, C.; Thiers, V., 2002:
Study of hepatitis B virus X protein mutants and quantification of HBV-DNA in tumorous and non-tumorous hepatocytes using laser capture microdissection

Clemente, C.M.; Carrilho, F.J.; Ono Nita, S.K.; Lemos, M.F.; Mello, I.M.V.G.C.; Pinho, J.R.R.; Laudanna, A.A., 2002:
Study of hepatitis B virus genotypes in families of patients with chronic HBV infection Comparison of Asian and ocidental origin people in Brazil

ProfAshraf R.A.ulfutuh; Morsy, M.; Solyman, A.E.G.any; Hendawy, S.E.; Desouky, M.E.; Hadad, S.E.; Kamel, M., 2003:
Study of hepatitis a virus superinfection to hepatitis c patients

Shirobokova, L.; Shayakhmetova, A.; Hrapak, V., 2002:
Study of hepatonephric failure in rat at acute nitrobenzene intoxication

Nicolae, Ioana, 1999:
Study of heterochromatin area in Bubalus bubalis L chromosomes by an image analysis system

Piao, J.; Okamoto, S.; Kobayashi, S.; Wada, Y.; Maeda, Y., 2002:
Study of heterosis effects on productive traits of Japanese quail 1 Heterosis effects on the crosses between large line and randombred population

Khalil, A.; Lacombe, G.; Jay Gerin, J.P.; Fulop, T., 1999:
Study of high density lipoprotein susceptibility to oxidation with aging

Lal,R.; Nirmal,B.K.; Saxena,A.K., 2010:
Study of histological variations of thymus under Gonadal influence in male Calotes versicolor

Sheibani, T., 2002:
Study of histology and histochemistry of secretory structures of distal parts of digestive tract of Persian sturgeon Acipenser persicus

Nagy, P.; Lidke, D.; Heintzmann, R.; Arndt Jovin, D.J.; Henis, Y.; Jovin, T.M., 2003:
Study of homoassociation of transmembrane receptors and RAS proteins using energy migration FRET

Vinette, C.A.; Petitclerc, D., 1999:
Study of homologous recombination in relation to the length of homology on transfected bovine mammary gland cells

Vachev, Petr, 2001:
Study of honey-bearing vegetation and pollen collecting by bees in the Trgovishchka area

Rong, Yue; Tong, Weixing, 2000:
Study of horizontal and vertical plume length of methyl tertiary-butyl ether in Los Angeles, California

Saez, M.C.; Barriga, C.; Rodriguez, A.B.; Garcia, J.J.; Malpica, I.; Ortega, E., 2002:
Study of how physical activity and/or melatonin treatment affect the survival of female rats with induced mammary tumours

Srikanteswara, V.; Sarswathi, G., 2003:
Study of human superior thyroid arteries

Wagner, S.; Schmidt, C.; Wicke, C.; Coerper, S.; Proksch, B.; Mueller, J.; Hunt, T.K.; Becker, H.D., 2000:
Study of human wounds Molecular expression of wound healing modulators in primary and secondary healing wounds

Cusco Marti, I.; Barcelo, M.J.; Martin, Y.; Hernandez Chico, C.; Bussaglia, E.; Baiget, M.; Tizzano, E., 2000:
Study of hybrid SMN genes in Spanish SMA patients

Phattaranawik, J.; Leiknes, T., 2010:
Study of hybrid vertical anaerobic sludge-aerobic biofilm membrane bioreactor for wastewater treatment

Yazdian,F.; Hajiabbas,M.P.; Shojaosadati,S.A.; Nosrati,M.; Vasheghani-Farahani,E.; Mehrnia,M.R., 2010:
Study of hydrodynamics, mass transfer, energy consumption, and biomass production from natural gas in a forced-liquid vertical tubular loop bioreactor

Wang, Z.Y.; Wang, J.F.; Liu, Y.Y.; Long, F.Z.; Xu, L.S., 2001:
Study of hydrogen-uptake genes from Rhizobium arachis and hup gene transfer

Roy, M.O.; Pugniere, M.; Jullien, M.; Chopineau, J.; Mani, J.C., 2001:
Study of hydrophobic interactions between acylated proteins and phospholipid bilayers using BIACORE

Wu, M.; Cai, J.; Yao, J.; Dai, B.; Lu, Y., 2010:
Study of imidaclothiz residues in cabbage and soil by HPLC with UV detection

Dong, Y.; Hou, N., 2000:
Study of immune tolerance mechanisms of oral administration insulin to NOD female mice

Zargarova, T.A.; Goncharenko, E.N.; Kudryashova, N.Y.; Vanina, V.I.; Navolotskaya, E.V.; Zav'yalov, V.P.; Lipkin, V.M., 2002:
Study of immunosuppressive and stress-protective activity of corticotropin-like peptides corticotropin and leucocorticotropin

Seleznovs, J.; Poluektova, L.; Rubens, J.; Voicehovska, J.; Orlikovs, G.; Pokrotnieks, J., 2001:
Study of immunotropic and allergenic properties of Pinus sylvestris and Picea abies Karst coniferous needle thick extract

Wang, J.J.; Chang, Y.F.; Chern, Y.T.; Chi, C.W., 2003:
Study of in vitro and in vivo effects of 1,6-Bis phenyldiamantane

Rando, R.F.; Wainberg, M.A.; Nguyen Ba, N.; Demuys, J.M.; Bowlin, T.L.; Gu, Z., 1999:
Study of in vitro anti-HIV-1 activities of -beta-D-1,3-dioxolane guanine and -beta-D-2,6-diaminopurine dioxolane

Jiatai, L.; Wei, Z.; Feng, X.; Caiyun, Z.; Qi, Z., 1999:
Study of in vitro antibacterial activity of moxifloxacin against 1022 strains of clinical pathogenic bacteria

Dedicova, B.; Obert, B.; Zofajova, A.; Matusik, M.; Pretova, A., 1999:
Study of in vitro barley anther cultures

Panyarachun, B., 2003:
Study of in vitro blood vessel formation by light and electron microscope

Voltchenko, A.M.; Peterson, U.; Pohl, P.; Pohl, E.E., 2003:
Study of inactive fatty acids

Taura, Y.; Tsuka, T.; Kageyama, Y., 2001:
Study of incidence mechanism of ulcerative lesions of carpal joints in Japanese Black Cattle with MRI

Tang Zhanli; Peng Yongnian; Shao Changgeng, 1999:
Study of incidence of psoriasis and meteorological factors

D.B.kker, B.I.; Garcia Parajo, M.F.; Rensen, W.H.J.; Van Hulst, N.F.; D.L.nge, F.; Cambi, A.; Figdor, C.G., 2001:
Study of individual transmembrane proteins using a combined confocal/near field optical microscope

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Study of the binding affinity for corticosteroid-binding globulin using the Electron Topological Method as three-dimensional quantitative structure-activity relationship

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Study of the binding of the biologically important hematin molecule to a novel imidazole containing poly microgel

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Study of the formation of cytoplasmic inclusion bodies required for the cauliflower mosaic virus infectious cycle

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Study of the hydrolysis of Glean at pH 3 using liquid chromatography with a diode-array detector and chemometrics

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Study of the hydrolytic degradation of Poliglactin 910

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Study of the hypothalamic angiotensin system in aortic coarctated rats

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Study of the immune response engendered by differents combined measles, mumps and rubella vaccines in an area of Andalusia

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Study of the impact of urban development on surface temperature using remote sensing in Ho Chi Minh City, Northern Vietnam

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Study of the importance of on the self association of insulin semisynthesis of des insulin

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Study of the in vivo engraftment/differentiation potential of human cytomegalovirus infected hematopoietic cells

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Study of the in-vitro metabolism of quercetin using LC-ESI-MS

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Study of the inclusion of chlorophenols in cyclodextrins

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Study of the inflammatory response following spinal cord injury

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Study of the influence of TrenbolonTM on the biocenosis of an aquatic model ecosystem

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Study of the influence of stimulus intensity on signal transduction specificity in receptor tyrosine kinase signaling

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Study of the innate defense system on immature and mature macrophages of mice

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Study of the insects associated with the floodwater mosquito Ochlerotatus albifasciatus and their possible predators in Buenos Aires Province, Argentina

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Study of the interaction between the monoamine and inflammatory systems in depression

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Study of the interaction of a cis-dichloroaminopyrrolidine Pt complex and the polynucleotide poly -poly acid by means of 1H-NMR and multivariate curve resolution

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Study of the interaction of beta-cyclodextrins with gemfibrozil using a spectrofluorimetric method

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Study of the interaction of biologically active dicatechols deriving from an African potatoe extract with phospholipid model membran

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Study of the interaction of cis-dichloro- Pt complex with poly , poly and poly cntdotpoly

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Study of the interaction of methionine-enkephaline with different bicellar systems by solid-state NMR

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Study of the interaction of viscotoxins A3 and B with membrane

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Study of the involvement of Heregulin and HER family receptors of keratinocytes in epidermal tissue repair

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Study of the isolated perfused rat heart exposed to ischemia using 31P NMR surface coil

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Study of the isolated populations in the National Park of Cilento and Vallo di Diano and Comunita Montana Ufita

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Study of the ixodic ticks for Borrelia harbouring in Sofia and surroundings II Study of the number and Borrelia harbouring in ungorged Ixodes ricinus ticks in parks of Sofia city

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Study of the kinetics of arbidol and its effect on the reproduction of influenza A virus in MDCK cell culture

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Study of the kinetics of p-cresol, a known uremic toxin, in the healthy rat

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Study of the lactic acid bacteria throughout the manufacture of dry-cured lacon Effect of some additives

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Study of the larvae of Antiporus strigosulus with implications for the phylogeny of the hydroporini

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Study of the leukocytic component of nonspecific resistance in patients with bronchopulmonary diseases living in the Aral region

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Study of the levels of vitamin B12 in mixed type dementia

Miksovska, J.; Satterlee, J.D.; Larsen, R.W., 2003:
Study of the ligand photodissociation from the heme domaine of BjFixL and EcDos

Posadas, S.; Rosal, M.; Torres, M.J.; Blanca, M.; Juarez, C., 1999:
Study of the mRNA cytokines expression in patients with adverse reaction to drugs, with immunological basis

Giralt, M.; E.K.rchi, G.; Prats, C.; Castells, E.; Perez, B., 2003:
Study of the margin of safety of amoxicillin in pigs

Magne, D.; Weiss, P.; Bouler, J.M.chel; Laboux, O.; Daculsi, G., 2001:
Study of the maturation of the organic and mineral constituents of a calcified tissue as a function of location A fourier transform infrared microspectroscopic investigation

Sasagawa, T.; Akaike, T., 2001:
Study of the mechanism of caspase activation in IFN-gamma-induced apoptotic process in mouse primary cultured hepatocytes

Hammamieh, R.; Das, R.; Jett, M., 2002:
Study of the mechanism of effect of antisense complementary to the liver fatty acid binding protein mRNA in prostate cancer cells

Gao, S.; Han, W.; Deng, X., 2004:
Study of the mechanism of microwave-assisted extraction of Mahonia bealei leaves and Chrysanthemum morifolium petals

Sengupta, T.K.mar; Bandyopadhyay, S.; Fernandes, D.; Spicer, E.K., 2002:
Study of the mechanism of okadaic acid induced bcl-2 mRNA destabilization in human acute myeloid leukemia cell, HL-60

Shemarova, I.V.; Korotkov, S.M.; Nosova, I.Y., 2003:
Study of the mechanism of picolinic acid cytostatic effect on proliferative cell Terahymena pyriformis

Gerratana, B.; Hegeman, A.D.; Frey, P.A., 2000:
Study of the mechanistic roles of the Thr134, Tyr160, and Lys164 in dTDP-glucose-4,6-dehydratase

Ricart Gutierrez, M.D.; Borda Boreu, M.; Armand, F.M., 2002:
Study of the melanin synthesis inhibiting action of three depigmenting formulas

Prokopov, A.A.; Berlyand, A.S.; Kazantseva, O.N., 2002:
Study of the metabolism of Bicaret

Garcia Campana, A.M.; Aaron, J.J.cques, 2000:
Study of the micellar-enhanced photochemically-induced fluorescence of chlorophenoxyacid herbicides Determination of 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid and Mecroprop

Tatsadjieu,N.L.; Maiwore,J.; Hadjia,M.B.; Loiseau,G.; Montet,D.; Mbofung,C.M.F., 2010:
Study of the microbial diversity of Oreochromis niloticus of three lakes of Cameroon by PCR-DGGE application to the determination of the geographical origin

Morales, T.; Hernandez, E.; Escribano, G.L., 2003:
Study of the microbiological and chemical qualities of a recreational lake in the Caribbean Island of Puerto Rico

Mafart, B.; Chouc,; Fulpin, J.; Boutin, J.P.ul; Pasqualini, M., 2003:
Study of the mineral bone contents in a group of mediaeval nuns

Litter, J.; Hamari, Z.; Pfeiffer, I.; Kucsera, J., 2002:
Study of the mitochondrial genomes of Cryptococcus neoformans

Naito, Y.; Takada, Y.; Sugimura, H.; Takada, A., 2000:
Study of the mode of cell growth and invasion in three different histological types of gastric cancer in coculture with normal gastric fibroblasts

Onoa, G.B.; Moreno, V., 2002:
Study of the modifications caused by cisplatin, transplatin, and Pd and Pt mepirizole derivatives on pBR322 DNA by atomic force microscopy

Leroy, P.; Berto, F.; Rossi, B., 2001:
Study of the modulations of cell adhesion and migration capacities during myeloid cell differentiation toward the monocyte-macrophage pathway

Maeda, S.; Tamaoki, T., 2000:
Study of the molecular bases of familial amyloidotic polyneuropathy

PhamDuyLam; Mandal,P.K.; HakSeungYang; HwangSeongGu, 2010:
Study of the molecular mechanism of anti-inflammatory activity of bee venom in lipopolysaccharide stimulated RAW 2647 macrophages

Mazzanti, C.M.; Tandle, A.; Lorang, D.; Costouros, N.; Roberts, D.; Bevilacqua, G.; Alexander, H.R.chard; Libutti, S.K., 2003:
Study of the molecular mechanisms underlying angiogenesis inhibition by microarray analysis

Khalili, B.; Heidari, M.R.; Veisi, S., 2000:
Study of the most common causes of poisoning in SAR-POL-ZAHAB-Iran

Younes, Y.; Garcia, X.F.; Gagneur, J., 2002:
Study of the mountain tourism impact on water quality and assemblage of macrobenthic populations in the Andorran rivers

Zeng, J.; Hassan, J.; Canuel, M.; Morales, C.R., 2004:
Study of the mouse sortilin gene Effects of its silencing in TM4 Sertoli cells by RNAi in TM4 Sertoli cells

Tatisheva, J.; Zakharova, F., 2001:
Study of the mutations causing familial hypercholesterolemia in St-Petersburg

Monchablon, E.; Pargney, J.C.aude, 2003:
Study of the mycorrhizal state of producing truffle trees, 25 years after plantation in Meuse

Avenaud, P.;, B.; Marais, A.; Mayo, K.; Sage, P.B.oulac; Megraud, F., 2001:
Study of the natural history of Helicobacter hepaticus infection in A/J mice A model for the study of hepatocarcinogenesis in human

Yang, C.W.n; Tsai,, 1999:
Study of the near-field optical intensity gradients

Imbert, I.; Lafitte, P.; Nicolay, J., 2003:
Study of the neuroprotective and anti-apoptotic properties of ETRY50, a new neurotrophic agent

Magnenant, E.; Bresson Just, S.; Houfflin Debarge, V.; Jaillard, S.; Elbaz, F.; Dalmas, S.; Storme, L., 2003:
Study of the nociceptive pathways in the ovine fetus

Costa, M.C.; Guimaraes, L.; Ferreirinha, F.; Sousa, A.; Maciel, P.; Sequeiros, J., 2002:
Study of the normal CAG tract at the Huntington disease locus in the Portuguese population

Tian Xinqiao; Qian Yunqiu; Zhou Xiaodong, 1999:
Study of the normal ventricle velocities with Doppler tissue imaging

Imoto, M., 2001:
Study of the novel compounds modulating signal transduction system from microbial origin

Fradin, C.; Elbaum, M., 2000:
Study of the nuclear import of proteins by fluorescent correlation spectroscopy

Van Bruaene, N.; Vandenberghe, L.; Van Oostveldt, P., 1999:
Study of the nucleus migration in root hairs of Arabidopsis thaliana

Mzid, A.; Marrekchi, F., 1999:
Study of the nutritional status of children from 6 to 36 months

Kalita, P.; Buragohain, A.K.; Mukhopadhyay, P.K., 2003:
Study of the nutritive value of four formulated aquafeeds

Rubtsov, A.B.; Zairatyants, O.V.; Loseva, O.K., 2002:
Study of the occurency of syphilis on the bases of sectional material

Nogueira D.S.uza, A.; Donizette D.O.iveira, A.; Pereira D.R.zende, J.L.iz, 2002:
Study of the optimal time for replacement of Eucalyptus spp plantations The case of costs reduction

Parmentier, E.; Lagardere, F.; Diogo, R.; Vandewalle, P., 2000:
Study of the otoliths and otic area in carapidae fishes Eco-morphological implications?

Charest, P.; Salahpour, A.; Morello, J.P.; Laperriere, A.; Petaja Repo, U.; Bouvier, M., 2000:
Study of the palmitoylation of the V2 vasopressin receptor

Ysambertt, F.; Marquez, N.; Bravo, B.; Chavez, G., 2001:
Study of the partition of alkylphenol polyethoxylated in mixtures non ionic/anionic surfactants by HPLC

Sugiura, K.; Shamoto, M.; Hata, N.; Ueda, H.; Takahashi, H.; Sugiura, M.; Hayakawa, R., 2000:
Study of the patch test reactions with Dp antigen on the NC/F mice

Zhao,X.L.; Fu,L.; Zhang,S.G.; Jiang,Y.; Lai,Z.L., 2010:
Study of the performance of an urban original source heat pump system

Abalovich, A.; Castillo, L.; D.M.gnone, I.R.; D.S.semihl, M.C.; Rodriguez, R.R.; Ricci, C.R.; L.M.ra, R., 1999:
Study of the perichamber inflamatory reaction in diffusion chambers of polycarbonate membranes

Theodorou, K.; Stathakis, S.; Lind, B.; Liander, A.; Kappas, C., 2000:
Study of the perturbation of dose distribution for linac and Gamma Knife stereotactic radiotherapy due to head heterogeneities

Brown, L.L.; Eid, N.C.; Kalkofen, D.N., 2003:
Study of the pharmacophore elements necessary for high affinity binding at the alpha4beta2 type nicotinic acetylcholine receptors

Geissmann, F.; Lepelletier, Y.; Fraitag, S.; Valladeau, J.; Bodemer, C.; Debre, M.; Leborgne, M.; Saeland, S.; Brousse, N., 2001:
Study of the phenotype and function of Langerhans cell histiocytosis cells

Ukhanov, K.; Walz, B., 2001:
Study of the phosphoinositide signalling cascade in visual cells in the leech, Hirudo medicinalis

Caron, M.; Imam Sghiouar, N.; Marie, A.; Lutomski, D.; Joubert Caron, R., 2003:
Study of the phosphoproteome in human cell lines

Vargas, F.; Mendez, H., 1999:
Study of the photochemical and in vitro phototoxicity of chlortalidone benzene sulfonamide

Grushevskaya, L.N.; Avdyunina, N.I.; Stepanenko, O.B.; Pyatin, B.M.; Prokof'eva, V.I.; Lezina, V.P., 2003:
Study of the physical and chemical properties and development of analytical methods for a new class-III Russian antiarrhythmic preparation, cardiocyclide

Vega Rosario, R.; Pena, G., 2003:
Study of the physico-chemical and biological parameters of the Arecibo river estuary

Cornejo-Villegas,M.A.; Acosta-Osorio,A.A.; Rojas-Molina,I.; Gutierrez-Cortez,E.; Quiroga,M.A.; Gaytan,M.; Herrera,G.; Rodriguez-Garcia,M.E., 2010:
Study of the physicochemical and pasting properties of instant corn flour added with calcium and fibers from nopal powder

Kedinger, V.; Regnier, C.H.; Masson, R.; Stoll, I.; Tomasetto, C.; Rio, M.C.ristine, 2001:
Study of the physiological function of the TRAF4 protein

Klimkane, L.A.; Kalnina, I.E.; Meirovics, I.A.; Engele, L., 2000:
Study of the plasma membrane of lymphocytes and ly functional activity by the fluorescent probe ABM

Wang, Q.; Kaltgrad, E.; Tang, L.; Lin, T.; Johnson, J.E.; Finn, M.G., 2002:
Study of the polyvalent lysine reactivity of wild-type cowpea mosaic virus

Weiserbs, A.; Jacob, J.P.ul, 2000:
Study of the population of Monk Parakeet Myiopsitta monachus in Brussels

Choudhury, A.; Packe, G.E., 2000:
Study of the possible causes of a recent rise in tuberculosis notifications in an inner London borough

Diwadkar, R.; Codina, R.; Mobley, L.L.; Lockey, R.F., 2002:
Study of the possible interference of disodium octaborate tetrahydrate , carpet shampoo, and boric acid on the measurement of Der f 1 and Der p 1 in dust samples by ELISA using monoclonal antibodies

Sbalqueiro, R.L.; Silva, D.A.; Silveira, P.V.; Lezcano, P.S.M., 2001:
Study of the postoperative morbidity of HIV-positive pregnant women submitted to caesarean

Lucero, G.; Luna, N.; Alvarez, M.A.con; Copello, M.P.A.oroso; Aversa, L.; Caviglia, D.; Fassi, D.; Dibar, E.; Fanti, D.; Makiya, M.; Musso, A.; Nucifora, E.; Penchasky, D.; Precerutti, A.; Richard, L.; Santos, I.; Vinuales, E.; Koziner, B., 1999:
Study of the prevalence of acute leukemia subtypes in Argentina based on the morphological, cytochemical and immunophenotypical characterization of 317 cases

Ndiaye, D.; Sembene, M.; Diedhiou, Y.; Diouf, M.; Ndir, O., 2003:
Study of the prevalence of malaria, schistosomiasis and intestinal parasitosis in the school population in Senegal

Pineiro, S.A.; Sahaniuk, G.E.; Smith, R.; Williams, H.N., 2003:
Study of the prey range and susceptibility patterns of Bdellovibrio and like-organisms

Vagnoni, L.M.ria; Kerrigan, J.E., 2001:
Study of the product isomer distribution in the methanolysis of non-symmetric 5- amino- oxy-isoindole-1,3-diones

Glannini, G.; Scott, G.; Lund, J.; Kolta, A., 1999:
Study of the properties of neurons of nucleus pontis caudalis and their trigeminal inputs

Lima, J.P.; Lima, M.C.; Carvalho, A.F.; Bandarra, E.P.; Amorim, R.L.; Bonatelli, M.; Goiozo, P.F.I., 2003:
Study of the prostate development in dogs neonatos of Race Rotweiller

Sun Yining; Luo Jinyan; Zhang Kuanxue, 1999:
Study of the protective effects of dexamethasonum in alcoholic liver injuries in the rat

Chiang, H.C.; Lin, Y.J.; Kao, L.S., 1999:
Study of the protective effects of microglial cells on the dopamine-induced PC12 cell death

Stuart, J.J.; Egry, L.A.; Kaspar, R.L., 1999:
Study of the putative role of naturally occurring anti-sense RNA in the post-transcriptional regulation of manganese superoxide dismutase

Cecchi,T.; Passamonti,P.; Cecchi,P., 2010:
Study of the quality of extra virgin olive oil stored in PET bottles with or without an oxygen scavenger

Perez Arquillue, C.; Juan, T.; Valero, N.; Estopanan, G.; Arino, A.; Conchello, P.; Herrera, A., 2003:
Study of the quality of virgin olive oil from Aragon

Potemkin, V.A.; Grishina, M.A.; Belik, A.V.; Chupakhin, O.N., 2002:
Study of the quantitative interrelationship of structure to antibacterial activity of quinolone derivatives

Cimica, V.; Batusic, D.; Hollemann, T.; Chen, Y.; Pieler, T.; Ramadori, G., 2004:
Study of the rat liver regeneration in the models of hepatocytes and oval cells proliferation by serial analysis of gene expression

Lapolla, A.; Fedele, D.; Mauri, P.; Aricò, C.N.; Seraglia, R.; Traldi, P., 1999:
Study of the reaction of glucose with free bases, nucleosides and nucleotides by different analytical approaches

Dong, L.; He, J.; Li, Q.; Chen, X.; Hu, Z., 2003:
Study of the reaction of proteins with 3-hydroxy-4- azo by Rayleigh light scattering technique

Nishi, H.; Ikeda, K.; Nakamich, N.; Hori, S.; Masaki, E.; Kawamura, M., 2003:
Study of the real-time dual measuring of intracellular Ca2+-mobilization and protein kinase A activity in single bovine adrenocortical fasciculata cell

Yu, C.N.n Tsing Lin; Ceccon, M.E.ther Juferst; Nonoyama, K.; Diniz, E.M.ria Albuquerque; Vaz, F.A.olfo Costa, 2003:
Study of the red cell viability and blood biochemistry aspects of autologous human placental blood stored for transfusion in neonate

Phin, S.; Sandall, S.; Sindhu, H.; Kahler, D.; Lee Fruman, K., 2002:
Study of the regulation of S6K2 catalytic activity

Sakamoto, K.; Sunaga, R.; Nakamura, K.; Sato, Y.; Fujii, M.; Kanai, H.; Tsuchida, T.; Ueno, A.; Kanai, N.; Hasegawa, K., 1999:
Study of the relation between fluid distribution change in tissue and impedance change during hemodialysis by frequency characteristics of the flowing blood

Nakano, M.; Ohmori, M.; Shiraishi, M.; Hirakawa, E.; Saoo, K.; Kobayashi, S., 2002:
Study of the relations between the expression of HPV-E6/E7 mRNA and E2F overexpression in cervical cancer

Houillier, P.; Chappard, C.; Roux, C.; Laugier, P.; Berger, G.; Paillard, M., 1999:
Study of the relationship between BMD assessed by DXA at different sites and QUS measured at the calcaneus in patients with primary hyperparathyroidism

Imbert, I.; Pellestor, F., 2001:
Study of the relationship between TNF-alpha gene polymorphisms and retinoblastoma

Sigurjonsdottir, H.; Koranyi, J.; Axelsson, M.; Bengtsson, B.Ake; Johannsson, G., 2000:
Study of the relationship between abdominal obesity, insulin sensitivity and enzyme activity of 11 beta-HSD during growth hormone treatment

Watkin, R.; Tyrrell, R.M., 1999:
Study of the relationship between endogenous protoporphyrin IX concentration and cell killing by UVA radiation

Arguedas, C.; Cartin, R., 2003:
Study of the relationship between ghrelin and leptin in obese patients with and without acanthosis nigricans

Zhang Yi; Cui Liuxin; Sun Jing; Wang Yongfu; Zhang Meixi, 1999:
Study of the relationship between hepatic fibrosis and serum lipid peroxide, nitric oxide in patients with viral liver disease

Yazdani, M.; Jahanshahi, G.R.; Mahdavi, K.N.; Asadian, F., 2003:
Study of the relationship between oral Candida colony counts and time on hemodialysis at Khorshid Hospital, Isfahan, Iran

Del Tio, R.; Martinez, J.L.; Ocete, R.; Ocete, M.E., 2001 :
Study of the relationship between sex pheromone trap catches of Lobesia botrana and the accumulation of degree-days in Sherry vineyards

Ma, Y.; Yang, H.; Song, L.; Chan, Q., 2002:
Study of the relationship between twelve sensory perception factors and the shooting percentage of basketball players

Chen, I.Z.n; Tsai,, 2003:
Study of the relationships between succulent shoot characteristics and paochung tea quality of tea O Kuntz

Asia, S.; Drenkard, C.; Hliba, E.; Ruiz Pecchio, A.; Bergoglio, L.M.; Gamron, S.; Barberis, B.; Munizaga, M.; Scnidrig, C.; Onetti, C.M.; Sesin, A.M., 2001:
Study of the renin-angiotensin-aldosterone axis in systemic lupus erythematosus and normokalemic patients

Fan, M.Q.; Holmes, V.; Laughton, C.A.; Shaw, P.N.cholas; Barrett, D.A.; Bell, D.R., 2002:
Study of the residues in conserved C-helix region of CYP4A1 Bacterial expression and mutagenesis

Rolle, T.; Magistro, G.; Barra, F.; Cipullo, D.; Brogliatti, B., 1999:
Study of the retinal and optic nerve head blood flows by the Heidelberg Retina Flowmeter in health subjects in basal conditions and after inhaling 100% oxygen

Fanti, S.; Pecchia, S.; Vannacci, G., 2001:
Study of the ribosomal DNA intergenic spacer in different Trichoderma species

Lobo, C.L.C.; Cerqueira, E.R.; Leite, A.C.audia C., 2000:
Study of the risk factors associated to mortality in sickle cell disease

Cojocaru, L.; Micu, L.; Luca, A.; Luca, L.; Buligescu, L., 1999:
Study of the risk factors for infected ascites in liver cirrhosis

Landrieux, E.; Van Mullem, V.; Torchet, C.; Hermann, S.; Thuriaux, P.; Vandenhaute, J., 1999 :
Study of the role of A122 subunit from RNA polymerase I in Saccharomyces cerevisiae by a two-hybrid approach

Muravyov, A.V.; Tikhomirova, I.A.; Guzhova, P.A.; Michailov, P.V.; Turova, E.V., 2002:
Study of the role of Ca2+ as a second messenger in changes of red cell aggregation

Peleg, S.; Singer Lahat, D.; Dascal, N., 2001:
Study of the role of Galpha subunits in the gating of the GIRK channel in intact Xenopus oocytes

E.B.rdini, M.; E.G.andour, A.; E.H.safi, M.; Abd Elsalam, S.; Helal, S.; Abd Elaziz, A., 2001:
Study of the role of Hepatitis C virus in overt B-cell non-Hodgkins lymphoma

L.Y.; Diao Qingchun; Liu Rongqing; Wang Lu; Zhong Baiyu; Tang Shuqian; Yie Qingyi, 1999:
Study of the role of pemphigus antibodies in pathogenesis of pemphigus in organ culture

Holvoet, P.; D.G.est, B.R.k; Van Linthout, S.; Collen, D., 1999:
Study of the role of the Arg123-Tyr166 central domain of human apoAI in lipoprotein association, LCAT induced HDL remodeling and atherosclerosis in transgenic mice

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