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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 35788

Chapter 35788 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Ding, J.; Hu, B.; Tang, L.S.; Yip, H.K., 2002:
Study of the role of the low-affinity neurotrophin receptor p75 in naturally occurring cell death during development of the rat retina

Crespo Leiro, M.G.; Rodriguez Lambert, J.L.; Segovia, J.L.; Almenar, L.; Roig, E.; Gomez Sanchez, M.A.; Lage, E.; Manito, N.; Pulpon, L.A., 2003:
Study of the safety and tolerability of Simulect versus OKT3 in heart transplantation

Amaral, V.F.; Teva, A.; Oliveira Neto, M.P.; Silva, A.J.; Pereira, M.S.; Cupolillo, E.; Porrozzi, R.; Coutinho, S.G.; Pirmez, C.; Beverley, S.M.; Grimaldi, G.J., 2002:
Study of the safety, immunogenicity and efficacy of attenuated and killed Leishmania major vaccines in a rhesus monkey model of the human disease

Vera Cabrera, L.V.; Gomez Flores, A.G.; Escalante Fuentes, W.E.; Welsh, O., 2001:
Study of the sensitivity of Nocardia brasiliensis strains to several drugs, including the novel oxazolidinone PNU-100766

Pitarch, A.; Diez Orejas, R.; Molero, G.; Pardo, M.; Sanchez, M.; Gil, C.; Nombela, C., 2001:
Study of the serologic response to Candida albicans systemic infection in a murine model by 2d-page

Mazeres, S.; Gaibelet, G.; Dumas, F.; Millot, C.; Guyon, C.; Cezanne, L.; Corbani, M.; Lopez, A., 2003:
Study of the signaling pathways via the mu-opioid receptor on SH-SY-5Y cell line

Kukreti, R.; B Rao, C.; Das, S.K.; De, M.; Talukder, G.; Vaz, F.; Verma, I.C.; Brahmachari, S.K., 2002:
Study of the single nucleotide polymorphism at the palindromic sequence of hypersensitive site 4 of the human beta-globin locus control region in Indian population

Levitt, M.D.; Furne, J.K.; Suarez, F.L., 1999:
Study of the site of bismuth absorption in the gut Implications for treatment of colonic conditions

Seabra Ferreira, C.; Vasconcelos, T.M.; Madeira, M., 2001:
Study of the soil arthropod communities from a stand of Eucalyptus globulus subjected to different options of organic debris management

Song, X.; Mitrojorgji, E.; Nguyen, N.; Eng, G., 2001:
Study of the speciation of tributyltins and triphenyltins in Anacostia River sediments using mossbauer spectroscopy

Kulevskaya, V.L.; Koreneva, O.A.; Limarenko, Y.A.; Chibilyaev, T.K.; Vainshtein, V.A., 2002:
Study of the stability of beta-carotene in complexes with phospholipids

Lai; Gong Guo Zhong; Zhang Guang Shen, 2000:
Study of the state of hepatitis C virus in peripheral blood mononuclear cells of infected persons

Nikolaeva, S.S.; Smirnova, L.P.; Bykov, V.A.; Roshina, A.A.; Yakovleva, L.V.; Rebrov, L.B., 1999:
Study of the state of water in alpizarin

Capo Chichi, C.D.; Feillet, F.; Gueant, J.L.; Kou'santa, A.; Lefebvre, E.; Vidailhet, M., 1999:
Study of the status of flavin coenzymes in protein-energy malnutrition

Sun, P.; Loh, H.H., 2002:
Study of the stimulated transcription of mouse delta-opioid receptor gene Implication of an Ikaros-binding site in promoter activation

Tounai, K.; Mano, S.; Katoh, T.; Munkhbat, B.; Ando, H.; Oyungerel, G.; Han, H.; Saitou, N.; Tokunaga, K.; Munkhtuvshin, N.; Inoko, H.; Tamiya, G., 2003:
Study of the stratification of Japanese founding lineages

Magistrato, A.; Rothlisberger, U.; Klein, M.L., 2002:
Study of the structural and dynamical properties of a biomimetic compound of diiron proteins via AB initio and hybrid molecular dynamics simulations

Nabet, A.; Boggs, J.M.; Auger, M., 1999:
Study of the structure and dynamics of the myelin basic protein in interaction with anionic phospholipid membranes by 31P NMR and 2H NMR spectroscopy

Defina, S.C.; Dieckmann, T., 1999:
Study of the structure and function of a guanine binding aptamer by high-resolution NMR spectroscopy

Lin D., 2003:
Study of the t translocation in Chinese pediatric acute lymphoblastic leukemia patients

Popova, Yulia; Fisikoya, Anastasiya; Sambuk, Elena, 2003:
Study of the temperature sensitivity and respiratory deficiency of pho85 mutants of Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Lezoray, O.; Lecluse, M.; Elie, H., 2001:
Study of the texture of cells in serous cytology by image analysis

Shortridge, V.; Ramer, N.; Mcdaniel, D.; Johnson, P.; Flamm, R.K., 2000:
Study of the time kill kinetics and post antibiotic effect of ABT-773 with macrolide susceptible and resistant respiratory pathogens

Ascoli, C.; Loi, S.; Ruffa, M.; Baschieri, P.; Cappella, B.; Cercignani, G.; Frediani, C.; Pelosi, P.; Petracchi, D., 1999:
Study of the time of formation of specific bonds for the OBP-antibody complex

Asia, S.B.; Drenkard, C.M.; Hliba, E.; Ruiz Pecchio, A.; Bergoglio, L.M.; Sesin, A.M., 2001:
Study of the transtubular potassium gradient and renin-angiotensin-aldosterone axis in systemic lupus erythematosus normokalemic patients

Xie, Y.; Ou, W.; Wang, J.; Ling, W.; Li, P.; Xu, D., 2004:
Study of the treatment in severe SARS patients

Saito, S.; Ikegami, M.; Miyasaki, M.; Ichikawa, H.; Ushigome, S., 1999:
Study of the tumorigenesis in serrated adenoma and adenocarcinoma derived from the tumor

Schaber, P.M.; Colson, J.; Higgins, S.; Dietz, E.; Thielen, D.; Anspach, B.; Brauer, J., 1999:
Study of the urea thermal decomposition reaction and importance to cyanuric acid production

Caceres, M.C.; Berecz, R.; Gonzalez, I.; Dorado, P.; Degrell, I.; Llerena, A., 2003:
Study of the use of antipsychotic drugs in outpatients care in Spain and Hungary

Moulard, B.; Buresi, C.; Malafosse, A., 2000:
Study of the voltage-gated sodium channel beta1 subunit gene in the benign familial infantile convulsions syndrome

Maciel, P.; Gaspar, C.; Guimaraes, L.; Goto, J.; Lopes Cendes, I.; Hayes, S.; Arvidsson, K.; Dias, A.; Sequeiros, J.; Sousa, A.; Rouleau, G.A., 1999:
Study of three intragenic polymorphisms in the Machado-Joseph disease gene in relation to genetic instability of the n tract

Puniyani, R.R.; Banerjee, R.; Nageswari, K., 1999:
Study of thrombus patterns in hypertensive patients

Peng, R.; Zhou, X.; Pang, N., 2001:
Study of thyroid function in children renal disease

Dupont, F.; Francois, D.; Herphelin, F.; Herin, M.; Poumay, Y., 2003:
Study of tight junction components in monolayer and in fully-differentiated stratified cultures of epidermal keratinocytes treated with a skin irritant

Morihara, K.; Takai, S.; Sakaguchi, M.; Miyazaki, M.; Kishimoto, S., 2004:
Study of tissue angiotensin converting enzyme activity in normal human skin, granulation tissue and hypertrophic scar

Chen Ying; Cao Yi; Zhou Hian Li; Jiang Yan; Qiao Dai Rong; Bai Lin Han, 1999:
Study of tissue culture of immature embryos and plant regeneration in Maize

Oudra, B.; Loudiki, M.; Sabour, B.; Sbiyyaa, B.; Vasconcelos, V., 2002:
Study of toxic cyanobacteria blooms in three lake-reservoirs of Morocco Preliminary results

Peterson, M.L.; Davis, C.C.; Schlievert, P.M., 2003:
Study of toxic shock syndrome toxin-1 interaction with a human vaginal epithelial cell line

J.Rong, 2001:
Study of toxicity of puffer fish in China

Tham,; Tam, T.N.T.anh; Matshuhashi, S.; Ishioka, N.S.; Ito, T.; Kume, T., 2000:
Study of toxicity of vanadium and effect of radiation-degraded chitosan on plants by using positron emitting tracer imaging and related techniques

Patankar, S.; Munasinghe, A.; Martin, R.K.; Kyle, D.; Wirth, D.F., 1999:
Study of transcriptional responses in Plasmodium falciparum by serial analysis of gene expression

Marti, J.; Piquemal, D.; Manchon, L.; Commes, T., 2002:
Study of transcriptomes by serial analysis of gene expression

Batard, P.; Martin, J.; Florian, W., 2000:
Study of transfection with labeled plasmids and rapid selection of highly transfected cells by flow cytometry

Maeda, T.; Hatori, A.; Kuroiwa, H., 2002:
Study of transfer of telithromycin into infection site using bacterial infection model-autoradiography

Henry, L.K.; Defelice, L.J.; Blakely, R.D., 2002:
Study of transmembrane domain i of the human serotonin transporter and its role in the translocation of 5 ht

Meng, F.; Lin, Y., 2001:
Study of transplantation for leukemic mice with purified H-2 Haploidentical CD34+ cells mixed with different doses of CD3+ cells

Villegas, A.; Ropero, P.; Barrio, C.G.; Gonzalez, F.A.; Arrizabalaga, B.; Remacha, A.; Del Arco, A.; Gilsanz, F.; Penalver, M.A.; Murga, M.J.; Spanish Group O.E.itropathology, 2003:
Study of treatment with deferoxamine in subcutaneous perfusion for patients diagnosed of Myelodysplastic Syndrome with iron overload

Rusev, N.; Gorinov, Y.; Lidzhi, K.; Gaidarska, V., 2001:
Study of trends in the development of dairy cattle breeding in the world and in Bulgaria

Logacheva, N.P.; Turkina, A.G.; Shishkin, Y.V.; Zabotina, T.N.; Baryshnikov, A.Y., 2001:
Study of tumor cells immunophenotype in chronic phase of chronic myeloid leukemia

Buchmuller, H.; Cabello, P.H., 2001:
Study of two candidate loci to susceptibily for leprosy

Ganado, P.; Zeini, M.; Sanz, M.; Padilla, M.E.; Ortega, T.; Tejerina, T., 2000:
Study of two cements used in bone transplants CMW and CMW+gentamicin on citocompatibility

Clot, F.; Babron, M.C.; Percopo, S.; Giordano, M.; Bouguerra, F.; Clerget-Darpoux, F.; Greco, L.; Serre, J.L.; Fulchignoni-Lataud, M.C., 2000:
Study of two ectopeptidases in the susceptibility to celiac disease: two newly identified polymorphisms of dipeptidylpeptidase IV

Melis, D.; Mancini, G.M.S.; Havelaar, A.; Benedetti, A.; Smit, G.P.A.; Verheijen, F.W., 2001:
Study of two phosphate transporters of the Anion/Cation symporter family in GSD1c

Wen, L.; Wong, S.; Tang, J.; Peng, J.; Sherwin, R., 2003:
Study of type 1 diabetes in an insulin specific TCR transgenic NOD model

Shah, D.I.; Santhani, D.D.; Jain, S.M., 2004:
Study of ulcerogenic potential of methylene blue and its mechanism

Samagina, N.V.; Sul'man, M.G.; Sul'man, E.M.; Ankudinova, T.V., 2000:
Study of ultrasonic extraction of biologically active substances from medicinal plant raw material

Malinowski, P.; Szabo, A.G.; Weller, M.J.; Merrill, A.R., 1999:
Study of unfolding of selected domains of single tryptophan mutants of colicin E1

Kaufmann, O.G.; Maia, R.S.; Andriolo, A.; Ortiz, V.; Srougi, M., 2000:
Study of urinary enzymes in patients who underwent Extracorporeal Shockwave Lithotripsy

Oh, J.; Lee, H., 2004:
Study of urinary leukotriene E4 and serum eosinophil cationic protein in children with atopic dermatitis and their correlation with disease activity

Yamaguchi, S.; Iga, M.; Kimura, M.; Fukao, T.; Shimozawa, N.; Suzuki, Y.; Kondo, N.; Orii, T., 2000:
Study of urinary organic acids of patients with peroxisomal disorders

Kapoor, S.; Pollock, I.; Walker, P., 1999:
Study of use and parental value of a childrens asthma co-operation card

ProfAshraf R.A.ulfutuh; Morsy, M.; Solyman, A.E.G.any; Hendawy, S.E.; Desouky, M.E.; Hadad, S.E.; Kamel, M., 2003:
Study of variceal band ligation, propranolol and isosorbide mononitrate in the prevention of the first variceal bleeding

Roca Tey, R.; Samon, R.; Ibrik, O.; Viladoms, J., 2001:
Study of vascular access blood flow rate during hemodialysis in 64 patients by the ultrafiltration method

Roca Tey, R.; Ibrik, O.; Samon, R.; Viladoms, J., 2002:
Study of vascular access blood flow rate prior to HD in 32 patients with native arteriovenous fistula by the optical Transcutaneous method

Tejerina, T.; Ganado, P.; Sanz, M.; Ruiz, E., 2000:
Study of vascular disorders in diabetic rats

Cho, J.A.; Cho, S.J.on; Boinpally, R.; Jena, B.P., 2001:
Study of vesicle dynamics using photon correlation spectroscopy

Generalov, V.M.; Bakirov, T.S.; Durymanov, A.G.; Medvedev, A.A.; Poryvaev, V.D.; Toporkov, V.S.; Tyunnikov, G.I.; Sergeev, A.N.; Petrishchenko, V.A.; Shishkina, L.N.; Fefelov, O.V., 2002:
Study of virus-cell interaction by method of dielectrophoresis

ProfAshraf R.A.ulfutuh; Morsy, M.; Solyman, A.E.G.any; Hendawy, S.E.; Desouky, M.E.; Hadad, S.E.; Kamel, M., 2003:
Study of vitamin e response on chronic hepatitis c patients under inter feron plus ribavirin therapy

Lemasson, A.; Hausberger, M.; Richard, J.P., 2002:
Study of vocal communication in mona monkeys Context analysis

Yang, Z.; Zhang, J.; Wang, L.; Xi, S., 2000:
Study of volatile sulfur gases produced from the reduction of ethyl sulfate in paddy soil

Robles Contreras, F.; Grijalva Contreras, R.L.onel, 2000 :
Study of water applied on two varieties of honeydew melons with a drip irrigation system

Migliorini,M.; Funghini,L.; Marinelli,C.; Turchetti,T.; Canuti,S.; Zanoni,B., 2010:
Study of water curing for the preservation of marrons

Laguerre,O.; Benamara,S.; Flick,D., 2010:
Study of water evaporation and condensation in a domestic refrigerator loaded by wet product

Jaiani, E.; Janelidze, N.; Lasareishvili, B.; Tediashvili, M., 2003:
Study of water microbial quality in freshwater lakes in Tbilisi surroundings

Gonzalez Nilo, Fernando D., 2004:
Study of water properties around proteins and its rol into protein-protein interactions

Velasco, J.M.nuel; Rico, E., 2001:
Study of weeds growing in irrigated crops in the south-west of Castilla and Leon Proposal of a new weed index

Crevani, L.; Cremasco, M.M.cheletti; Masali, M., 2000:
Study of weight increase in young subjects of age between 0 to 4 years Influence of water sports

Edlin, D.A.N.; Kille, P.; Saunders, C.M.; Jones, H.D.; Harwood, J.L., 2002:
Study of wheat transformed with sense and anti-sense lipase genes

Ramirez, P.; Chavez, R.; Majado, M.; Munitiz, V.; Hernandez, Q.; Loba, M.; Acosta, F.; Garcia, C.; Asensi, H.; Pino, G.; Minguela, A.; Muñoz, A.; Yelamos, J.; Navarro, F.; Bueno, F.; Robles, R.; Calne, R.Y.; Parrilla, P., 1999:
Study of xenograft rejection in a model of liver xenotransplantation from unmodified pig to primate

Lo, J.M.; Wu, P.Y.; Fu, I.Y.; Cheng, H.W., 2003:
Study on 10B enriched 3- cyclobutanone as a boron neutron capture therapy drug for hepatoma

Tang, Y.; Chen, Y.; Ning, B.; Shen, H.; Qian, B., 2003:
Study on 2E8-Gen immunotoxin targeting kill of B-lineage leukemia cells

Chen, X.; Li, Y.; Bo, L., 1999:
Study on A83 mutation in chronic hepatitis B patients of Islamite in China

Liu, C.Y.; Takayanagi, K.; Asamura, H.; Ota, M.; Fukushima, H., 2000:
Study on ACTBP2 mutations in Japanese

Sri Priya, R.; Sri Priya Doss, K.R.; Murali, R., 2000:
Study on AIDS awareness

Dufour, D.R.bert; Yeh, M.M., 2000:
Study on AST and ALT pattern in chronic HCV infection

Ammer,U.; Dachs,C.; Vogl,R., 2010:
Study on Bavarian elementary school pupils knowledge of forests

Xing, F.; Chen, S.; Luo, J., 1999:
Study on Bcl-2 gene expression in apoptotic human thecal cells induced by transforming growth factor-beta1 plus transforming growth factor-alpha in vitro

Sheng, G.Y.o; Huang,; Bai,, 2003:
Study on CXCR4 receptor on megakaryocytes and its ligand in bone marrow in children with acute idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura

Zhang Guang Xue; Chen Xiao Lin, 1999:
Study on Ceruraphis Borner, 1926 with one new species

Yao Peng; Zhang Xiaohong;; H.D.rong, 1999:
Study on HBsAg-specific immune responses in acute and chronic hepatitis B or after HBs vaccination

Peyre, S.; Rizzi, R.; Predebon, S.; Bongera, M.; Ferrini, A., 2001:
Study on Hp infection in adults with ulcer disease by detection of Hp antigen in stools before and after eradication

Lomberh, M.L., 2002:
Study on Hypsizygus marmoreus bigelow in culture

Massin, C.; Dupont, S., 2003:
Study on Leptoconchus species infesting Fungiidae 1 Presence of nine Operational Taxonomic Units based on anatomical and ecological characters

Tadano, Y.; Tajima, T.; Yamamoto, T.; Suzuki, A.S., 2000:
Study on MMP in early Cynops embryo

Tita, Rodica, 2000:
Study on Miocene corals from Delinesti

Jiang, Yueqin; Pang, Lihua; Chen, Jun; Yao, Lan; Lang, Jiexian, 2000:
Study on PVC plastics of medical cold-resistance elasticity and application

WangShuPing; LuYi; FengLiBin; QuanHong; LiuShuLan, 2010:
Study on Shule granule composition analysis and the optimization of preparation process

Hardi,C.F.; ZhangShiJun; ChenZeXiong; ZhuBaoYi; WangWei; HuBin, 2010:
Study on TCRV beta gene expression of rats with dampness syndrome

Tsunaki, A.; Susumu, I., 2002:
Study on a cuticular protein synthesized at injured area of the cuticle of the silkworm, Bombyx mori

Takizawa, Y.; Hashimoto, S.; Shimozawa, K.; Hobo, S.; Sasagawa, T., 2004:
Study on a method of using plasma fibrinogen values to evaluate condition

Khow, O.; Omori Satoh, T.; Chanhome, L.; Sitprija, V., 2001:
Study on a neurotoxin in Bungarus flaviceps venom Isolation and characterization

Zhang Guangxue; Qiao Gexia; H.Z.odong; Cao Yan, 1999:
Study on a new genus Siciunguis and description of three new species from China

IIda, T.; Kato, T.; Mochizuki, H., 2001:
Study on a new method for reducing radon level in indoor air

Ren, B., 2001:
Study on a new potential plant cell division stimulator I Chemical synthesis and characterization of N,N- bis urea sulfonate

JinMing; LiuHaiDan; ZhangYouHua, 2010:
Study on acting mechanism of Shenqi Yiqi Drop Pill for intervening irido-microangiopathy in diabetic rats

Hara, F.; Ogasawara, H.; Shiba, K.; Fukumura, Y.; Kobayashi, I.; Hosaki, S., 1999:
Study on adhesion of urinary micro-albumin and transferrin to the surface of container

Talaie, A.; Khezrian, A., 1999:
Study on adoptability of pecan, Carya illinoensis L, under climatic conditions of the Safiabad area of Iran

Verbeeck, J.; Looszova, A.; Verhaeghe, T.; Diels, L.; Lammens, L.; D.C.ster, R.; Manzanares, I.; Aviles, P.; Coussement, W., 2003:
Study on adsorption of ET-743 to materials used in intravenous rodent infusion studies

Shambulingappa,B.E.; Manegar,G.A.; Ananda,K.J., 2010:
Study on aerobic bacterial flora in canine abortions

DuLing; ChenFu; ZhangHaiLin; LiLin; LiuGuoMin, 2010:
Study on agro-ecological compensation policy in Beijing city

Gaybakyan, L.D.; Avetisova, G.E.; Azizyan, A.G.; Ambartsumyan, A.A.; Davtyan, M.A., 2003:
Study on alanine biosynthesis in Brevibacterium flavum

Lin Chaoshuang; Chong Yutian; Chen Wensi, 1999:
Study on amplisensor quantitative PCR and RT-PCR in detecting HCV-RNA

Yamane,S.; Miyazaki,M.; Ohmura,K., 2010:
Study on an electrostatic pesticide spraying system for low-concentration, high-volume applications - deposition properties and effect on pest control in cabbages

Satoh, K.; Ohyama, K.; Aoki, N.; IIda, M.; Nagai, F., 2004:
Study on anti-androgenic effects of bisphenol a diglycidyl ether , bisphenol F diglycidyl ether and their derivatives using cells stably transfected with human androgen receptor, AR-EcoScreen

Yang, Y.; Liu, T.; Liang, Y.; Qin, P.; Yuan, S., 1999:
Study on anti-leukemic effect of Tanshinone IIA in vitro and in vivo to acute promyelocytic leukemia

Lee,; Song,; Kim, S.H.on, 2002:
Study on antimetastatic activity of 2-thioDMNQ-S160

Chaoxu, W.; Guangyu, J.; Qiushi, L.; Bingqing, C., 2001:
Study on antimutagenesis of orange oil and d-limonene

Liu, Y., 2000:
Study on antioxidative unbalance and structural damage in iodine deficiency rats; Sun Jianfang; Zeng Xuesi, 1999 :
Study on apoptosis in pilomatricoma by in situ DNA labeling technique

KongXiangHao; GuoJinShuang; ZhuXiaoPing; JiaZhiHai; YueChunWang; JinLingPin; LiXiuHua; QinYanHong, 2010:
Study on apparent nutrients digestibility of mutton sheep diets with different neutral detergent fiber levels

Nakane, T.; Matsuhisa, T.; Arai, Y.; Masuda, K.; Takano, A.; Shiojima, K., 2003:
Study on aquatic fern Terpenoids of Azolla japonica

Wang, J.; Wu, L.; Guan, M.; Yang, F.; Wang, C.; Hu, S.; Culver, D.A.; Chang, J., 2003:
Study on artificial propagation of yellow perch

Song Fangji, 1999:
Study on association between HLA and dermatologic disease in China

Chen Fan Guo; Xia Guang Min; Zhang Xue Yong, 2001:
Study on asymmetric somatic hybridization between common wheat and maize

Liu, B.; Lin, Y.Z.i; Zhu,; Ge, C.B.n; Cao, Y., 2004:
Study on attenuation characteristics of biocontrol strain Anti-8098A, Bacillus cereus, against Ralstonia solanacearum

Palatinszky, M.; Nikolausz, M.; Sipos, R.; Marialigeti, K., 2003:
Study on biases in template-to-product ratios of multi-template PCR

Zhao, C.; Liu, H.; Wang, Z., 2003:
Study on biochemical treatment of acrylic fiber wastewater

Maeda, T.; Kubo, T.; Kusano, K.; Ogawa, H.I., 2003:
Study on biodegradation of 2,4,6-trinitrotoluene by Pseudomonas sp TM15

Ye, R.; Guan, J.; Xie, X.; Yu, A.; Sheng, H., 2001:
Study on bone marrow with peripheral hypocytosis from patients chronically exposing benzene

Woldemeskel, M.; Mersha, G., 2010:
Study on caprine and ovine dermatophilosis in Wollo, Northeast Ethiopia

Yoshida, W.; Niimi, T.; Furukawa, H.; Obayashi, N.; Toyoda, T.; Ogi, N.; Kawai, T.; Natsume, N., 2000:
Study on changes before and after a surgical operation for cleft lip, No2 Psychology of 13-19 years old patients

Karamian,R.; Ebrahimzadeh,H., 2010:
Study on changes in protein patterns and phenolic contents during somatic embryogenesis in Crocus sativus L

Guo, C.; Luo, H., 2000:
Study on changes of plasma substance P in essential hypertension with left ventricular hypertrophy patients and the effects of promoting blood circulation and eliminating phlegm

Wongkrajang, Karuna, 1999:
Study on chemical and NIR measurement of food component for quality evaluation

Ozkan,G.; Sagdic,O.; Gokturk,R.S.; Unal,O.; Albayrak,S., 2010:
Study on chemical composition and biological activities of essential oil and extract from Salvia pisidica

Yang, D-Ping.; Xu, S-Jie.; Wang, J-Xin., 2002:
Study on chromosome damage among nurses occupationally exposed to antineoplastic drugs in an oncology department

Morizumi, K.; Fuchikami, J.I.hi; Ariyoshi, M.; Mastuda, M.; Imamura, N.; Araki, E.; Hujizono, S.; Oyama, T.; Atai, H.; IIzuka, H., 2002:
Study on chronic obstructive pulmonary disease Effect of theophylline on respiratory and pulmonary function exposed cigarette smoke in guinea pigs

Kanozawa, K.; Shimosawa, T.; Kono, R.; Hayashi, C.; Hasegawa, H.; Matsumura, O.; Mitarai, T.; Fujita, T., 2002:
Study on clinical significance of adrenomedullin in patients with peritoneal dialysis during peritonitis and peritoneal fibrosis

Li, Y.; Li, R.; Yang, L.; Chen, S.; Zhang, Y., 2001:
Study on clonal expansion and specific cytotoxicity of autologous and allogeneic T cells induced by M2a cells

Hansson, L., 1999:
Study on cognition and prognosis in the elderly Design, objectives and baseline characteristics

Hansson, L., 2000:
Study on cognition and prognosis in the elderly Evaluation of risk factors

Yuzn Zhu; Deng Xiao Chen; Jin Min; Wang Zhong Yan; Song, 2000:
Study on colchicine treatment of the cellulase components in the Trichoderm F10

Mondal,D.; Risam,K.S.; Sharma,R.B., 2010:
Study on colibacillosis in rabbit

LiuJun; ChenYiTai; LuoYangFu; JiangJingMin; ShaoWenHao; YueHuaFeng, 2010:
Study on community characters of Toona ciliata var pubescens natural forest

Fujita, M.; Oka, H.; Arai, Y.; Masuda, K.; Takano, A.; Shiojima, K., 2002:
Study on constituents of latex Triterpenoids of Euphorbia tirucalli

HeGuiPing; MaJianQiang; FengJianMin; LiJiangYan; LuoWenJian; ChenYunLong, 2010:
Study on container seedlings cultural techniques with light medium for precious timber tree species, Cupressus funebris

Miyamoto, K.I.hi; Shimada, T.; Terada, A.; Uchiwa, H.; Yokogawa, K., 2002:
Study on decrease of blood tacrolimus concentration in combination with high dose steroid hormone therapy

Zhao, C.; Lu, X., 2003:
Study on degradation of polyacrylonitrile fiber wastewater by microwave irradiation treatment

Liang, Z.L.; Guan, C.T.; Fu, X.; Zhong, Y.G.; Li, Y.C., 1999:
Study on design and preparation of double galactosyl-insulin and its hepatic targeting property

ShiHongLin; XuYiRan; MiaoMingMing; YangGuangYu; HuQiuFen, 2010:
Study on determination of polyphenols in tobacco by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry

Zhi, Y.X.; Zhang, H.Y., 2003:
Study on diagnosis and treatment to patients with hereditary angioedema

Taniguchi, T.; Kawamata, T.; Matsuyama, S.; Iso, H.; Saito, N.; Tanaka, C., 2002:
Study on dimenting mice expressing mutant tau

YueYanLing; FengHui; YangGuoHui; MaFangFang, 2010:
Study on directional transferring Qingmaye male sterile lines in Chinese cabbage

Sugiura, N.; Kosako, T.; Eguchi, H., 2000:
Study on dose distribution in mice in case of wholebody irradiation for radiation effect experiment

GaoFan; HuangQiAng; YanZhengLong, 2010:
Study on dynamic monitor of ecological level and ecological water requirement in the main stream of Tarim River based on 3S technology

Nakajima, N.; Fujioka, S.; Tanaka, T.; Takatsuto, S.; Yoshida, S., 2001:
Study on early processes of brassinosteroid biosynthesis pathway

HaoBo; SuXiaoLing; MaXiaoYi, 2010:
Study on ecological water requirement for natural vegetation in Minqin County of Gansu Province

ZhaoXia; WangShouChuan; HuYu; ChenCaiXia; XuJianYa, 2010:
Study on effect of Jinxin Oral Liqiud medicated serum on early apoptosis of RSV infected cell

FangFang; WuYang; GuoZiQiang; ShenBin; KuangWu; GuoWeiQin, 2010:
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Study on effects of the erythrocyte membranes by methylene blue illumination

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Study on egg-laying in the cuttlefish Sepia officinalis characterisation of regulatory ovarian peptides

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Study on electronic structure of the lindqvist type antitumor polyoxometalates n-

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Study on electronspinning P nanofiber for the ideal scaffolding in cardiovascular tissue engineering

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Study on electrostatic interactions and stability of the ectodomain of influenza virus hemagglutinin

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Study on expression of insulin-like growth factor 1 receptor protein and mRNA in psoriasis

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Study on extended-spectrum beta-lactamases

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Study on facilitated transport membranes for removal of CO2 from CH4

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Study on fermentation conditions of tobramycin

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Study on frass extruded by larvae of Anoplophora glabripennis

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Study on gennetic diversity of 7 rabbit populations evidenced by microsatellite makers

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Study on growth dynamics of tropical secondary natural forest on Hainan Island

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Study on growth, reproduction of Moina irrasa

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Study on hemoperfusion for clearing organophosphorus pesticide from the blood of patients with intermediate syndrome following acute organophosphorus pesticide poisoning

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Study on heterosis and its components at silkworm hybrids with participation of the tropical breed bonde 517I Traits that characterize the conversion of available quantity mulberry leaves

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Study on immunomechanism and effective components of the Tripergium wilforddi Hook in systemic lupus erythematosus

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Study on in vitro regeneration of style-stigma like stucture in crocus chrysanthus advance

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Study on inducible promoter for epidermal keratinocyte gene therapy

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Study on influencing factors on removal of chlorobenzene from unsaturated zone by soil vapor extraction

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Study on inheritance and molecular makers of sorghum resistance to head smut physiological race 3

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Study on innovation and application of highly-male-sterile line with high outcrossing rate in millet

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Study on interaction among extrusion-cooking process variables and enzyme activity evaluation of extrudate structure

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Study on male genitalia of species in the genus Dorysthenes

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Study on mating ecology and sex ratio of three internally ovipositing fig wasps of Ficus curtipes

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Study on metabolism and utilization of common plant sterols by Asian corn borer

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Study on method of constructing core collection of Malus sieversii based on quantitative traits

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Study on microflora in the remediation of saline-alkali soil by addition of Sulfur

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Study on moisture variation in light frame wall with different wall assemblies - Moister transfer of light frame wall in field test

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Study on morphological structure and genetic mapping of two novel leaf color mutants in rice

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Study on mutation and fermentation condition of a fibrinnolytic enzyme-producing strain

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Study on nonmyeloablative allogenic bone marrow transplantation for treament of L615 leukemia mice

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Study on oxidation effect of ozone on petroleum-based pollutants in water

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Study on oxidization of sulfur compounds with hydrogen peroxide and formic acid

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Study on p53 gene mutations in Mongolian gerbils infected with Helicobacter pylori

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Study on pain in fibromyalgia syndrome

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Study on papaya based intercropping and its economics at farmers field in West Bengal, India

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Study on papaya systemic acquired resistance

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Study on phacomatoses in St Petersburg; looking for co-operation

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Study on pharmacokinetics and therapeutic efficacy of meropenem in aged patients with pulmonary infection

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Study on photosynthetic characteristic of sand Amygdalus pedunculata Pall

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Study on physiological roles of two novel haemopoitic factors

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Study on plant enzymes that participate in degradation of aromatic compounds in the rhizosphere

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Study on plasma serotonin level during the femoro-popliteal bypass operation and also on the gene expression of serotonin-2A receptor in PAD

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Study on plasmid profiles of Neisseria gonorrhoeae isolated from Chengdu area in 1991 and 1996

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Study on poly-hydroxyalkanoate production in pilot scale continuous mode wastewater treatment system

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Study on polyparasitism in stray dogs in Bucharest

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Study on population of plankton in the Nanak Sagar reservoir of Uttarakhand, India

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Study on postgenomics in diagnosis and treatment of tuberculosis: effect and perspective

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Study on postmortal autolytic changes of the myocardial blood vessels Experimental study

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Study on postural stress and shoulder disorders

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Study on prevention of allergy in children in Europe Characteristics of the schoolchildren cohort

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Study on problems in resource exploitation of Poyang Lake

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Study on processing of food materials and organic wastes

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Study on prognostic factors and on role of radiotherapy in patients with aggressive non Hodgkins lymphomas treated with MACOP-B or VACOP-B chemotherapy

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Study on proliferative activity and chromosome contents of serum-free cell culture McCoy-Plovdiv

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Study on proteins that participate in the nitrite reduction in transgenic plants that have greatly reduced nitrite reductase activity

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Study on regional cerebral injury induced by heave-ion beams in rats

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Study on relationship between pathological changes and e system in patients with chronic hepatitis B

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Study on removal of cadmium by hybrid liquid membrane process

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Study on replication and morphology of chloroplasts in Arabidopsis thaliana

Mrsa Study Group, 2001:
Study on resistances and genotypes of MRSA

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Study on scavenging free radical and antioxidant effects of nonessential oil in Rosmarinus officinalis L leaves

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Study on seafood volatile profile characteristics during storage and its potential use for freshness evaluation by headspace solid phase microextraction coupled with gas chromatography-mass spectrometry

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Study on secretion of matrix metalloproteinases and their biological tissue inhibitors by cultured human glomerular mesangial cells

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Study on seed dormancy mechanism and breaking technique of Leymus chinensis

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Study on semeiology score of LDH patients before and after treated by massage with Chinese medicine

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Study on semi-lethal low temperatures and physiological index for cold resistance of four Parthenocissus species

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Study on seroprevalence of Canine Visceral Leishmaniasis in ownership dogs of Sarab, east Azerbaijan, Province, northwest of Iran with Indirect Immuno Fluorescence Antibody Test and its health importance in 2008-2009

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Study on sexual reproduction of freshwater bryozoan, Lophopodella carteri in Lake Hachiro

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Study on some medium-sized and large mammals of Chotiari Wetlands Complex, Sanghar, Sindh, Pakistan

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Study on speciation of arsenic mineral drugs in body

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Study on spermatheca of the freshwater crab, Sinopotamon yangtsekiense

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Study on stability of azithromycin sodium dihydrogen phosphate for injection

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Study on stability of mezlocillin sodium/sulbactam sodium for injection

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Study on standards for clinical classification of chronic hepatitis B

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Study on stomach cancer by Helicobacter pylori infection and sterigmatocystin treatment in Mongolian gerbils

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Study on structural changes of microwave heat-moisture treated resistant Canna edulis Ker starch during digestion in vitro

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Study on structure activity relationship of the immunosuppressory fragment of ubiquitin

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Study on subactute toxicity of gatifloxacin mesylate in bagle dogs

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Study on synthesis of -dihydroactinidiolide

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Study on testis gene chip of mouse model with syndrome of deficiency of kidney yang

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Study on the CTL induced by DCPulsed with MAGE-3/CEAC peptide in the patients of gastrointestinal carcinoma

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Study on the Cd uptake by lettuce plants in liming experiment

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Study on the Chinese Namsangia Distant

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Study on the Compound Fritillaria thunbergii Miq Particles to the subcellular accumulation ability and inducing apoptosis of K562/A02 cells

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Study on the E coli chromosome dynamics with large-scale chromosomal deletion mutants

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Study on the HLA A, B, DR, DQ polymorphism in French bone marrow donors

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Study on the NaCl tolerance in five plant species from Dendranthema and its relatives

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Study on the Staphylococcus aureus resistance of the hematopathy infection patients

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Study on the absorption and regeneration for methyl orange by the modified fly ash

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Study on the administration method of injectable carbapenems

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Study on the adsorption of Neutral Red from aqueous solution onto halloysite nanotubes

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Study on the agricultural climatic regionalization with GIS and RS

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Study on the anti-inflammatory and antinociceptive effects of Danae racemosa

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Study on the anti-tumor mechanism of podophyllotoxin and its derivatives

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Study on the antihypertensive and antioxidant properties of wheat germ protein fractions hydrolysates

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Study on the assaying methods for phenolic compounds contents in rape bee pollen

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Study on the association pattern of the heterooligomer of inositol 1,4,5-trisphosphate receptor subunits

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Study on the background factors of MRSA infection by using data mining For MRSA infection control and risk management?

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Study on the binding of plasma proteins to apoptotic cells

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Study on the breeding seedling methods of Cycas panzhihuaensis

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Study on the changes of intestinal flora during acute renal failure induced by high-dose cisplatin in rat

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Study on the chemical communication of the boxwood leafminer by using delta-shaped traps baited with virgin females

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Study on the chemical composition variability of some processed bergamot essential oils

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Study on the circadian rhythm of duodenum mitotic activity after single melatonin treatment of mice at the points of dark-light and light-dark transition

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Study on the common causes of poisoning in Quchan-Iran

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Study on the competition between maize and barnyardgrass PB

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Study on the content of fatty acids in the homeopathic tincture of Chelidonium majus by chromato-mass-spectrometry

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Study on the correlations between individual difference of CYP3A4 expression and transcription factors in human livers

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Study on the degradation of diazepam in adulterant country liquor by ion mobility spectrometry

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Study on the derivatization process using N-O-bis- -trifluoroacetamide, N- -N-methyltrifluoroace tamide, trimethylsilydiazomethane for the determination of fecal sterols by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry

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Study on the detection of MIP gene of Legionella pneumophila by PCR microtitier reverse hybridization assay

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Study on the differentiation of the medial edge epithelium in the developing mouse fetal palate in vitro

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Study on the distribution characteristics of effective root density in Ziziphus jujube cv Lizao plantation

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Study on the distribution of Baikalian sponges

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Study on the distribution pattern characteristics of different stand structures in Larix gmelinii natural forest

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Study on the drought resistance and adaptive form of up-rice on red soil in southern China

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Study on the drought-resistance character and regeneration patterns of Cycas panzhihuaensis

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Study on the drug resistance mechanism of Stenotrophomonas maltophilia

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Study on the effect and its mechanism of antimutagenesis of soyasaponin in vitro

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Study on the effect of GA4+7, GA3, and dimethoate on russeting of Golden Delicious apple

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Study on the effect of Jia-Wei-Xiao-Yao-San decoction on patients with functional dyspepsia

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Study on the effect of bensultap on nerve activity in three different in vivo and in vitro animal models

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Study on the effect of bradykinin and bradykinin analogues on bovine sperm motility in vitro

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Study on the effect of crude peptide from rape pollen on anti-radiation damage

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Study on the effect of increasing cadmium levels in the soil-plant system

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Study on the effect of industrial emissions on the population of seed and cone pests of spruce Picea abies Karst and their parasitoids

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Study on the effect of lipoic acid on immune function in C57BL/6 mice fed with high fat diet

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Study on the effect of vernalization temperature on quantitative amount, electrophoretic banding patterns of leaf soluble proteins and chlorophyll fluorescence of winter and spring canola cultivars

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Study on the effects of Annatto and Yucca schidegera on cholesterol content and yolk colour

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Study on the effects of dietary starch on growth, food conversion and digestibility of adult Gilthead sea bream

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Study on the effects of different pollen grains of citrus cultivars on some quantitative and qualitative characteristics of Page mandarin in Northern Iran

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Study on the effects of land surface heterogeneities in temperature and moisture on annual scale regional climate simulation

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Study on the emetic response in pigeons Antiemetic effect of a NK1 receptor antagonist GR205171 on the cisplatin-induced emesis

Tanihata, S.; Futamura, Y.; Uchiyama, T., 2001:
Study on the emetic response in pigeons Antiemetic effect of dexamethasone on cisplatin-induced dual emesis

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Study on the emission mechanism during devolatilization/char oxidation and direct oxidation of olive solid waste in a fixed bed reactor

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Study on the epidemiology and clinical manifestation of hepatitis G

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Study on the etiology of Alzheimer's disease caused by missense mutations in presenilin 1

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Study on the expression and bioactivity of chicken interferon alpha /chicken interleukin-2 fusion protein in vivo and in vitro

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Study on the expression and function of TRP channels in rat fetal primary neurons

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Study on the expression of FasL and apoptosis in gastric epithelial dysplasia and gastric adenocarcinoma

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Study on the expression of Mel-CAM in perturbed human vessel endothelial cells

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Study on the expression of angiotensin II receptor subtype 1 in the placenta of pregnancy- induced hypertension

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Study on the expression of insulin-like growth factor II in hepatocellular carcinoma cells and developing rat embryo

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Study on the extracellular beta-lactamase from thermophylic actinomycetes

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Study on the feeding behavior of Triatoma sordida captured in Mato Grosso State Brazil using the precipitin technique and degree of infectivity

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Study on the fermentation media for spinosad production

Ye, Y.; Xing, Q., 2001:
Study on the free nonprotein amino acids and N-gamma-glutamyl oligopeptides of Panax species

Sun, J.; Xu, B.; Xu, J.Y.; Yuan,, 2002:
Study on the function of pharynx and upper esophageal sphincter in globus sensation

Oyundari, Nyamsuren, 2002:
Study on the functionality of mares milk

Ghosh, N.; Camacho, R.; Saadeh, C.; Gaylor, M.; Smith, D.W., 2004:
Study on the fungal aeroallergen concentration in the Texas panhandle using a Burkard Volumetric Spore Trap

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Study on the genes responsible for E2F-1-mediated neuronal death in Down syndrome brains

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Study on the genus Brachysiphoniella Takahashi with description of two new species from China

Sheng Maoling; Wang Yan, 1999:
Study on the genus Jezarotes Uchida

Zhang L.J.e; Yang Xing Ke, 2002:
Study on the genus Meristata strand of China

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Study on the herbaceous plant communities in the Lower Delta islands of the Parana River

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Study on the heredity of pericarp thickness and amylopectin content traits in fresh-eatable waxy corn

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Study on the host-parasite relationship of Parapenaeopsis stylifera and Parapenaeon japonica

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Study on the human papilomavirus infection, overexpression of p53 protein and PCNA in laryngeal epitheliopapillomatous lesions of different racical patients in Xinjiang, China

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Study on the identification of tobramycin by TLC on USP

WangShiPing; GaoDongMei; HeZhuo; YuLuXin; ChenXiuChun, 2010:
Study on the immunoprotections of SjRPS4 and SjRPL7 DNA vaccines against Schistosoma japonicum infections in mice

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Study on the impact of the indirect allo-recognition on the rejection of epidermal cells

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Study on the incidence and possible risk factors influencing development of postmastectomy arm lymphoedema

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Study on the induction of DNA damage in hepatic cells by aflatoxin B1 in ducklings

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Study on the influence of legume varieties on the growth and oviposition preference of Callosobruchus chinensis

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Study on the initial steps of dimethylterephthalate catabolisms by Alcaligenes sp

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Study on the interaction between heparin and proteins with biological significant using SPR

Zhang, F.; Warda, M.; Baumert, T.F.; Marks, R.; Linhardt, R.J., 2003:
Study on the interaction between heparin and virus envelope proteins using SPR

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Study on the interaction of ribosomal protein and RNA

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Study on the levels of plasma leucine-enkephalin and neuropeptide Y in patients with cirrhosis

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Study on the localization of apoptosis in placental villi of normal pregnancy and intrauterine growth restriction without any symptoms

Wu, J.; Qian, X.; Yang, Z.; Zhang, L., 2010:
Study on the matrix effect in the determination of selected pharmaceutical residues in seawater by solid-phase extraction and ultra-high-performance liquid chromatography-electrospray ionization low-energy collision-induced dissociation tandem mass spectrometry

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Study on the mechanism of NOX formation for co-combustion of pulverized coal and biomass

Xia; Song Xiu Zu; B.Z.i Gang, 2003:
Study on the mechanism of UVB irradiation and -epigallocatechin -3-gallate protection on apoptosis of cultured human keratinocytes

Zhang,; Zhu,; Jiang, S.H.i; Zhao,, 2003:
Study on the mechanism of anatoxin A activation of PC12 cells

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Study on the mechanism of insulin-induced reduction of resistin mRNA in 3T3-L1 adipocytes

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Study on the mechanism of neem mediated inhibition of aflatoxin synthesis in Aspergillus parasiticus

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Study on the mechanism of neutrophil adhesion to retinal capillary endothelial cells under high glucose condition

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Study on the mechanism of non-targeted mutagenesis in mammalian cells

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Study on the mechanism of occurrence of cough induced by long term-administration of enalapril

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Study on the mechanism of radical reduction in ribonucleotide reductase

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Study on the mechanism of the transcriptional regulation of heart manganese-containing superoxide dismutase gene by manganese in broilers

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Study on the mechanism of viral activation by cyclosporine A Effect on the natural non-specific immunity of mice

Hegazy, N.A., 2001:
Study on the mechanization of some products of wheat flour

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Study on the mode of lymph node metastasis of colorectal cancer not infiltrating serous membrane

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Study on the model of hepatic fibrosis induced by DHBV infection in ducks

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Study on the molecular mass changes of bovine k-casein glycomacropeptide and on its separation in ultrafiltration with and without application of electric fields

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Study on the molecular mechanism of disturbed presynaptic zone in the terminals of unmyelinated afferents after peripheral axotomy

Shen, H.; Chen, Q., 2003:
Study on the morphological atypia in the third structure of DNA of colorectal carcinoma Zhong; Zhang Xuan Jie; Liu Shao Jun; Zhou Gong Jian; Liu Yun, 2001:
Study on the morphological characteristics of the allotetraploid of Red crucian Carp XCommon Carp

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Study on the natural thinning of even-aged pure masson pine plantation

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Study on the nature of the nitrergic transmitter

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Study on the nutritional parameters in Korean hemodialysis patients

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Study on the optimal lysine DE ratio for growing pigs in different sexes

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Study on the optimized synthesis of enzymatic biodiesel catalyzed by Lipozyme IM-77

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Study on the packing geometry, stoichiometry, and membrane interaction of three analogs related to a pore-forming small globular protein

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Study on the parasitism of Hoplopleura fonsecai Werneck on Oxymycterus rufus in the Parano River delta, Argentina

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Study on the pathway of glycinebetaine biosynthesis in a monocotyledonous grass, Aneurolepidium chinense

Gong, J.; Li, W.; Chen, J., 2004:
Study on the patterns and roles of major cyclins expressed in human controlled proliferation tissues

Imahashi, T.; Shigematsu, A., 1999:
Study on the pharmacokinetics and metabolism using the enriched stable isotope as activable tracer

Zhang Guangxue; Chen Xiaolin, 1999:
Study on the phylogeny of Pemphigidae

XiongJun; LiHaiYan; LiuChenJian, 2010:
Study on the physiological functions of soybean oligosaccharides from traditional fermented soybean food

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Study on the poly hydrogel for the immobilization of Spirulina platensis

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Study on the polymorphisms of hGSTs genes in healthy Cantonese populations in areas of Guangdong Province

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Study on the population ecology of Emys orbicularis in the Austrian Danubian woodlands

Zhou Xiao Mei; Zhang, 2002:
Study on the population structure of Northeast Hare from eye lens weight dividing age group

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Study on the post-harvest fruit rot of banana and its control

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Study on the potential peptides involved on sleep-wake cycle

Wei, Guanghui, 2002:
Study on the preoperative chemotherapy for Wilms tumor and multidrug resistance

Itoh, K., 2003:
Study on the prevalence of Parkinson's disease: based on epidemiological surveys

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Study on the prevalence of congenital cardio-vascular malformations in JAOG birth defects registry

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Study on the prevalence of some risk factors in the adult population of one Brazilian state

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Study on the production of aldosterone by rat mesangial cell and its regulation by angiotensin II and potassium

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Study on the production of biosurfactant by lactic acid bacteria

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Study on the prolactin-releasing peptide producing cells in the area postrema and adrenal gland

Avetisova, G.E.; Pogosyan, N.A.; Azizyan, A.G.; Ambartsumyan, A.A., 2003:
Study on the properties of acetolactate synthase in Brevibacterium flavum strains with overproduction of L-valine

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Study on the protective activity of an avirulent strain of Salmonella dublin in experimental murine salmonelloses

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Study on the protective role of Nigella sativa oil on steroid-induced osteoporosis in rats

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Study on the pyrolysis of cellulose

Shen,D.K.; Gu,S.; Bridgwater,A.V., 2010:
Study on the pyrolytic behaviour of xylan-based hemicellulose using TG-FTIR and Py-GC-FTIR

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Study on the radiative 5D4 fwdarw 7Fj relaxation dynamics of Tb in electrochemically excited self-assembled dimeric heterodinuclear Tb -Ln chelates

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Study on the receptor for sperm-activating peptides in starfish

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Study on the recover effect of remedial measures on moso bamboo stands after frost and snow disaster

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Study on the regulation of GCLC gene expression in Drosophila S2 cells

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Study on the regulation of macrophage nitric oxide on the peritoneal lymphatic stomata and the pathogenesis of ultrafiltration failure in peritoneal dialysis

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Study on the related proteins with G-protein-mediated signal transduction pathway using yeast two-hybrid and three-hybrid systems

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Study on the relationship between Fas-FasL-CPP32 mediated apoptosis and viral antigens in chronic hepatitis C

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Study on the relationship between HBV infected peripheral blood monocular cells and the long-term effects of treatment on chronic hepatitis B with LAK cells

Zhou, H.; Chen, J., 2003:
Study on the relationship between body mass and expression of human aquaporin adipose

Hanamoto, K.; Nagamatsu, T.; Shibuya, K.; Kataoka, T.; Mitsunobu, F.; Yamaoka, K., 2003:
Study on the relationship between effects of radon therapy and effects of negative ion - Interrelationship between radiation for radon therapy and negative ion

Wang Junrong; Fei Ruiyin; L.M.n, 1999:
Study on the relationship between immune function and the chronic HBV infection

Ma, J.; Yang, H.; Lu, F.; Gu, Y.; Lin, S., 2002:
Study on the relationship between molecular chaperones and renin-angiotensin system in the renal tissue biopsied from the patients with lupus nephritis

Jifeng, L.; Jiuhong, L.; Ning, Z.; Long, G.; Fangji, S., 2003:
Study on the relationship between neuropeptides, acth, cortisol and polymyositis/dermatomyositis

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Study on the relationship between soil animal communities and environmental factors in landfill reclamation soil

Xie, A.; Shen, Y.; Huang, F., 2003:
Study on the relationship between the gallstone formation and the properties of patient bile

Zheng Zhancai; Wang Jiabi; Wang Xiaofeng, 1999:
Study on the relationship between the pathogenecity and amounts of Ureaplasma urealyticum in urogenital tract

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Study on the relationship of metastasis of colorectal cancers with adhesion molecules and platelet aggregation

Wang Yue Zhao; Zeng Xiao Mao; Fang Z.L.; Fu; Papenfuss, T.J.; Macey, J.R.bert, 1999:
Study on the relationships of classification, phylogenetics and distribution of the genus Phrynocephalus SPP with the paleogeographical changes during cenozoic era in Tibet Plateau

Kuang Q.J.n; Hong; H.Z.eng Yu; Chen Shan, 2003:
Study on the removing efficiency of algae by a novel algaecide Stationary CLO2

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Study on the role of TRPM2 in primary cultured cerebral cortical neurons from rat fetal brain

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Study on the role of epidermal growth factor in chondrogenesis

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Study on the role of glucose in modulating excitability following ischemia using multi-electrodes recording on rat hippocampal slice cultures

Lin, J.; Blank, I., 2003:
Study on the role of phospholipids in the formation of meat-like flavor in model system based on cysteine and ribose

Liu Hong Yu; Zhao, 2002:
Study on the screening and fermentation of zhongshengjunsu high-production strains

Ohara, N.; Tabira, Y.; Yamada, T., 2002:
Study on the second small heat shock protein from BCG

LiuZhaoHua; ChengFang; ZhouGengYin(etal), 2010:
Study on the sensitizing potential of Shuanghuanglian Injection using poplite lymph node assay in C57BL/6J mice

LanGuoYu; ChenWei; LinWeiFu; XieGuiShui, 2010:
Study on the spatial distribution of tree abundance and species richness in a tropical forest

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Study on the spectroelectrochemical properties of S-benzyl-N- -dithio-carbazate nickel complex

Bai Shuo Ke; Wang Nan Jin; Zheng Huan Rong; Sun Cheng Hang, 2001:
Study on the stability and extraction of kanglemycin C

Voloshchuk, T.; Farina, N.; Haberfield, P.; Greer, A., 2003:
Study on the symmetry of natural products Is there a basic principle which causes chemical evolution to select structures possessing bilateral symmetry?

Xue Jianwei; L.Z.iping; L.F.xiang; Qin Menggeng, 1999:
Study on the synthesis of allantoin by dichloroacetic acid

Kasi, V.; Parachuru, R.; Buschle Diller, G.; Cook, F.L., 2003:
Study on the tactile properties of enzyme treated yarns and fabrics

Chen,; Cheng, X.; Wang, W.; Fu, J.X.n; Cen,; Yao, L., 2003:
Study on the telomere length, telomerase activity, hTERT expression and the correlated factors in acute leukemia

Shen, H., 2002:
Study on the testing methods and error analyses for tumor volume by axes

Fu, R.S.u; Liu, X.R.n, 1999:
Study on the tissue anatomy of albino seedlings of Cycas revoluta

DengYiXiang; ZhengBingHui; FuGuo; LeiKun; LiZiCheng, 2010:
Study on the total water pollutant load allocation in the Changjiang Estuary and adjacent seawater area

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Study on the transmission of tremor disease in the Chinese mitten crab, Eriocheir sinensis

Hernandez Garcia, C.; Gonzalez Alvaro, I.; Villaverde, V.; Vargas, E.; Morado, I.C.; Pato, E.; Lajas, C.; Jover, J.A.; Grupo Del Estudio Emar, 2002:
Study on the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis in Spain Patients characteristics

FengGuang; LiuZhiFang; LiYanYan; JingXiQiang; XingJinFeng; HuangChangLing, 2010:
Study on the trends in yield change of maize single cross hybrids in different periods in China

Lifeng Fan; Xiaoqun Zhang, 2000:
Study on the untoward reactions of glucagon-stimulation C-peptide test and its effect on blood pressure and blood glucose of diabetic patients

Rajan, R.K.; Kuribayashi, S.; Meenal, R.; Singh, G.B.; Himantharaj, M.T., 2000:
Study on the use of saw dust to accelerate mounting of silkworm and its effect on cocoon quality

SunXiaoRong; ShaoChaoFeng, 2010:
Study on the variation trends of regional environmental risk for Tianjin Binhai New Area based on DPSIR model

Kim, D.H.un; Hyun, J.W.ok; Lee,; Chung, S.K.ung; Choi, I.M.ung, 2001:
Study on the virus infection state of citrus of Cheju-do area and the culture of virus-free stocks

Roig, R.; Calvo, M.; Freixa, J.; Hernandez, C.; Mir, T.; Roca, T., 2001:
Study on the visual classification of plasma on icteric and non-icteric

Singh, J.L.; Sharma, M.C.; Prasad, S.; Pachauri, S.P.; Gupta, G.C., 2001:
Study on therapeutic evaluation of some systemic antibiotics and haemato-biochemical profile in canine respiratory tract infection

PengJinHuan; YuYuanJie; ZhangMeiZhen, 2010:
Study on tissue culture and plantlet regeneration of Codonopsis lanceolata

Amaresh, Y.S.; Nargund, V.B., 1999:
Study on toxin production by Alternaria helianthi Tubaki and Nishihara

Chen, J.S.; Fan, C.X.; Zhong, M.N., 2001:
Study on toxins of Conus from South China Sea

Maity,J.P.; SandeepKar; AninditaChakraborty; Sudershan,M.; Santra,S.C., 2010:
Study on trace elements of edible seeds from Cicer arietinum L plants developed from gamma irradiated seeds and variation of yielding capacity

Wang, D.; Chen, T.; Wu, S.; Du, C.; Chengg, G.; Zhu, Y.; He, F., 2003:
Study on transcriptome of human fetal liver aged 22 wk of gestation

Yang Chun Mei; M.Z.i Ping; Wang; Wang Zhi Peng; Yang Jian, 2000:
Study on transferring and diffusing of antibiotic resistant plasmid in Shigella spp

Huang Tian; Chai Bao; Kong Lijun; Sun Ling, 1999:
Study on treating acne with a Chinese traditional medicine preparation powder to be fused for acne

Spano, J.P.ilippe; Poizot Martin, I.; Rosenthal, E.; Saint Marc, T., 1999:
Study on treatment of AIDS related Kaposis sarcoma by daunoxome in hospital prescription in France

W.S.aoxi; Guo Ningru; L.G.ixia, 1999:
Study on urease negative Cryptococcus neoformans isolated from non-AIDS patients in China

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Study on vasorelaxant effect of berberine

Nagase, A.; Sato, N.; Tsuboi, H.; Fujimura, T.; Katsuoka, N., 2003 :
Study on vibrissa immune privilege of mouse

WuQian; ZhangHuaiQing; ChenYongFu; LiuMin, 2010:
Study on visual simulation technology of Cunninghamia lanceolata morphological characters

Gowda, S.K.; Elangovan, A.V.; Verma, S.V.S., 1999:
Study on vitamin A requirement of broiler chicken

Ohtake, S.I.hi; Sasaki, K.; Ishii, T.; Sawada, T., 2003:
Study on white maboya in the inland sea

Sayitkulov, S.M.; Ergashev, I.M.; Mukhamadiev, N.Q.; Fayziyeva, G.; Tugizov, S.M., 2002:
Study protein composition of Flura cumbul by the method of ion-exchange chromatography

Petkewich, R., 2004:
Study raises questions about diesel emissions

Guetta, V.; Leor, J.; Hod, H.; Gottlieb, S.; Freimark, D.; Battler, A.; Hasin, Y.; Behar, S., 2002:
Study results did not represent real-life practice Data from GUSTO-5 and ACSIS-2000

Futuh, A.R.A.ul; Hamed, W.; Soliman, A.G.any;, S.; Omar, M.; E.H.ndawy, S., 2002:
Study risk factors for cholangitis post hepatolithiasis ERCP

Yang, M.; Fong, C.C.un; Huang, M.; Wong, M.S.u; Yuan, R., 1999:
Study the binding kinetic of pyridoxal kinase to self-assembled monolayer presenting pyridoxamine by surface plasmon resonance biosensor

ProfAshraf R.A.ulfutuh; Morsy, M.; Solyman, A.E.G.any; Hendawy, S.E.; Desouky, M.E.; Hadad, S.E.; Kamel, M., 2003:
Study the effect of residual liver function in cirrhotic patients on meld scoring system and child pughs score

Gheith, O.; Sobh, M.; Gazaren, S.; Ahmed, H.; E.B.z, M., 2002:
Study the effect of treatment of nephrotic dyslipidemia on renal function, fat deposits and scarring in patients with persistent nephrotic syndrome

Soleimani, R.; Ansari, M.H.ssan; Sadrkhanlou, R.; Heytens, E., 2003:
Study the effects of hypothyroidism on congenital tract An animal experimentation

Zhang Hong; Liu Chang Jun; Wang Bao Yi; Wang Z.S.u, 2000:
Study the electrotransformation of intact saccharomyces cerevisiae and its protoplast due to weak electromagnetic pulses

Yuan, W.; Ornitz, D.M., 2000:
Study the function of mouse slit genes

Heidari, M.R.; Sharifi, V., 2000:
Study the most common causes of envenomation by poisonous animals in Jiroft-Iran

Dziki,D.; Laskowski,J., 2010:
Study to analyze the influence of sprouting of the wheat grain on the grinding process

Bhat,U.R.; Bhagwat,V.G., 2010:
Study to assess the beneficial effects of immunol liquid in the management of canine pyoderma

Blagden, S.; Corrie, P.; Mcadam, K.; Pam, I.; Moody, M., 2001:
Study to compare tolerability of standard versus modified Mayo regimen 5-Fluorouracil

Mcdonald, C.P.; Smith, R.; Colvin, J.; Roy, A.; Wall, C.; Hartley, S.; Barbara, J.A.J.; Wilkins, K., 2002:
Study to determine the sensitivity of the PALL bacterial detection system

Garcia Conde, J.; Lopez Guillermo, A.; Montserrat, E.; Conde, E.; Sierra, J.; Caballero, D.; Arranz, R.; Leon, A.; Hernandez, F.; Nicolas, C.; Diaz Mediavilla, J., 1999:
Study to evaluate the efficacy and safety of rituximab and CVP chemotherapy in low-grade or follicular B-cell lymphoma after relapse Preliminary results at a follow up period of 3 months

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Stump dabber