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Get PDF Full Texts from EurekaMag Chapter 35830

Chapter 35830 provides scholary research titles of which PDF Full Texts are available through EurekaMag.

Anonymous, 1999:
Taurine in lead poisoning

Carlberg, M., 1999:
Taurine in the motor nerve net of the jellyfish Cyanea capillata

Li, F.; Abatan, O.; Larkin, D.; Stevens, M., 2003:
Taurine increases thermal latency in experimental diabetic neuropathy

Karube, M.; Matsuzaki, Y.; Miyazaki, T.; Sato, M.; Tanaka, N., 2001:
Taurine inhibits oxidative damage of the liver and prevents liver fibrosis in carbon tetrachloride induced liver fibrosis in rats

Kanayama, A.; Shimizu, M.; Konishi, Y.S.; Inoue, J.I.hiro; Miyamoto, Y., 2001:
Taurine is involved in chlorination and Met45 oxidation of IkappaBalpha and consequent inhibition of NFkappaB activation in neutrophils

Fukuda, T.; Ikejima, K.; Hirose, M.; Kitamura, T.; Takei, Y.; Miyazaki, A.; Watanabe, S.; Sato, N., 1999:
Taurine maintains gap junctional intercellular communication under oxidative stress in rat hepatocytes

Mccormick, M.L.; Rasmussen, G.T.; Britigan, B.E.; Reszka, K.J., 2001:
Taurine modifies hypohalous acid-mediated necrosis/apoptosis

Labudova Golubnitchaya, O.; Moenkemann, H.; Yeghiazarian, K.; Rink, H.; Hoeger, H.; Lubec, G., 1999:
Taurine modulates expression of transporters in rats as revealed by gene hunting

Engelmann, M.; Singewald, N.; Ebner, K.; Lubec, G.; Landgraf, R.; Wotjak, C.T., 1999:
Taurine modulates the activity of the classical hypothalamo-neurohypophyseal system

Wallace, D.R., 1999:
Taurine modulation of synaptosomal dopamine uptake in rat striatum

Camargo, L.S.A.; Sa, W.F.; Ferreira, A.M.; Viana, J.H.M.; Araujo, M.C.C., 2001:
Taurine on bovine embryo development in culture medium supplemented with serum or polyvinyl alcohol

Satoh, H., 2003:
Taurine on sino-atrial nodal cells: Ca2+-dependent modulation

Nonaka, H.; Watari, Y.; Iwata, S.; Harada, H.; Hayashi, T.; Tsujino, T., 1999:
Taurine prevents homocyst ine induced down-regulation of extracellular superoxide dismutase expression in rat vascular smooth muscle cells

D.L.o, M.; Lepore, D.; Cercone, S.; Caputo, S.; Franconi, F.; Ghirlanda, G., 2000:
Taurine prolongs survival and reduces glycaemia in streptozotocin-induced diabetic rats

Zhang, B.; Yang, X.; Gao, X., 2010:
Taurine protects against bilirubin-induced neurotoxicity in vitro

Park, T.; Kim, I.S., 2000:
Taurine protects against ethanol-induced liver dysfunction by promoting ethanol metabolism in rats

Rodriguez, A.I.; Rivas Arancibia, S.; Sanberg, P.R., 1999:
Taurine protects against neurodegeneration and dopaminergic damage caused by 3-nitropropionic acid

Guo, X.; Zhang, L., 2001:
Taurine reduces glucose metabolism disorder induced by growth hormone in rats

Schuller-Levis, G.B.; Gordon, R.E.; Wang, C.; Park, E., 2003:
Taurine reduces lung inflammation and fibrosis caused by bleomycin

Franconi, F.; Santini, S.A.; Gentiloni Silveri, Nò.; Caputo, S.; Giardina, B.; Ghirlanda, G.; D.L.o, M.A.S., 2003:
Taurine reduces mortality in diabetic rats: taurine and experimental diabetes mellitus

Michalk, D.V.; Hoffmann, B.; Minor, T., 2003:
Taurine reduces renal ischemia/reperfusion injury in the rat

Stagg, M.A.; Rodrigo, G.C., 1999:
Taurine reduces spontaneous contractions in isolated guinea-pig ventricular myocytes by an action on the sarcoplasmic reticulum

E.I.rissi, A.; Trenkner, E., 2003:
Taurine regulates mitochondrial calcium homeostasis

Szathmary, S.; Korte, M.; Scheller, D., 1999:
Taurine release mechanisms as studied in vivo under physiologic and pathophysiologic conditions

Dorado Martinez, C.; Avila Costa, M.R.; Colin Barenque, L.; Fortoul, T.I.; Rugeiro Vargas, C.; Borgonio Perez, G.; Espinosa Villanueva, J.; Machado Salas, J.P.; Rivas Arancibia, S., 1999:
Taurine reverses cytological alterations and memory impairments caused by ozone exposure in some brain structures of the rat

Avila Costa, M.R.; Colin Barenque, L.; Machado Salas, J.P.; Fortoul, T.; Dorado Martinez, C.; Rugerio, C.; Borgonio, G.; Espinosa Villanueva, J.; Rivas Arancibia, S., 2000:
Taurine reverses ultrastructural alterations caused by ozone exposure in some brain regions of the rat

Benyajati, Siribhinya, 2001:
Taurine secretion in reptilian kidney Mechanisms and osmoregulatory role

Park, T.; Park, S.; Paik, H., 2001:
Taurine stimulates facilitative glucose uptake in HepG2 cells

Militante, J.D.; Lombardini, J.B., 2003:
Taurine stimulation of calcium uptake in the retina: mechanism of action

Dominy, J.E.; Dawson Jr, R., 2002:
Taurine supplementation reduces hypotaurine and increases glutathione in c6 glioma

Oudit, G.; Trivieri, M.; Khaper, N.; Wilson, G.; Liu, P.; Sole, M.; Backx, P., 2003:
Taurine supplementation reduces oxidative stress and myocardial iron burden and improves cardiac function in iron-overload cardiomyopathy

Remacle, C.; Merezak, S.; Reusens, B., 2000:
Taurine supplementation to the low protein diet of the dam or added in vitro prevents the cytotoxic action of interleukin-1beta in fetal rat islet

Boujendar, S.; Remacle, C.; Hill, D.; Reusens, B., 2000:
Taurine supplementation to the low protein maternal diet restores a normal development of the endocrine pancreas in the offspring

Hirata, M.; Takahashi, K.; Ito, T.; Muraoka, S.; Takatani, T.; Matsuda, T.; Fujio, Y.; Azuma, J., 2004:
Taurine suppressed cardiac hypertrophy induced by endothelin-1 in rat neonatal cardiac myocytes

Takeuchi, K.; Toyohara, H., 2003:
Taurine transporter Hyperosmotic stress-responsive gene

Matsuzaki, Y.; Miyazaki, T.; Karube, M.; Abei, M.; Shoda, J.; Tanaka, N., 2001:
Taurine transporter expressions in liver cirrhosis model rat

Cammarata, P.R.; Schafer, G.; Chen, S.W.i; Reeves, R.E.; Martin, M., 2000:
Taurine transporter gene expression is osmotically sensitive

Han, X.; Chesney, R.W., 2003:
Taurine transporter gene is a target of WT1

Itoh, T.; Takahashi, K.; Yamauchi, Y.; Takahashi, K.; Ueyama, S.; Schaffer, S.W.; Azuma, J., 2003:
Taurine transporter in cultured neonatal cardiomyocytes: a response to cardiac hypertrophy

Ganapathy, V.; Chen, Z.; Zhuang, L.; Navarre, S.; Kozlowski, D.J., 2004:
Taurine transporter in zebrafish Structure, function, and expression pattern

Vinnakota, S.; Edwards, C.; Sarkar, H.K., 1999:
Taurine uptake and release by cultured HIT-T15 pancreatic beta-cells

Vinnakota, S.; Sarkar, H.K., 2003:
Taurine uptake and release by the pancreatic beta-cells: taurine transport in beta-cells

Poulsen, K.A.; Litman, T.; Eriksen, J.; Mollerup, J.; Lambert, I.H., 2001:
Taurine uptake is reduced in multidrug-resistant Ehrlich ascites tumour cells

Gupta, R.C.; Kim, S-Jin., 2003:
Taurine, analogues and bone: a growing relationship

Strausfeld, N.J.; Sinakevitch, I.; Pinter, M., 2002:
Taurine, aspartate, glutamate and pka immunoreactivities identify homologous subdivisions in the mushroom bodies of roaches, honey bees and flies

Sergeeva, O.A.; Luhmann, H.J.; Haas, H.L., 1999:
Taurine-action at glycine-receptors in isolated striatal neurons from rats and mice

Mozaffari, M.S.; Patel, N.; Schaffer, S.W., 2003:
Taurine-depleted heart and afterload pressure

Schaffer, S.W.; Schaffer, H.K.; Solodushko, V., 1999:
Taurine-depletion enhances cell death due to angiotensin II-induced apoptosis

Dawson, R.; Dominy, J., 2002:
Taurine-hypotaurine interactions in C6 glioma cells

Del Olmo, N.; Handler, A.; Alvarez, L.; Bustamante, J.; Del Rio, R.M.rtin; Solis, J., 2001:
Taurine-induced late-phase potentiation is dependent on PKA activation and protein synthesis

Olive, M.F.; Hodge, C.W., 2001:
Taurine-related compounds differentially alter ethanol consumption and ethanol-stimulated dopamine release in rats Comparison with acamprosate

Rust, C.; Roberts, P.J.; Gores, G.J., 1999:
Taurochenodeoxycholate activates a phosphoinositide 3 kinase/NF-kappaB survival signal preventing its cytotoxicity

Alpini, G.; Benedetti, A.; Marucci, L.; Glaser, S.; Lesage, G., 1999:
Taurocholate but not taurolithocholate abrogates carbon tetrachloride -induced cholangiocyte apoptosis by a phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase -dependent pathway

Marzioni, M.; Glaser, S.; Marucci, L.; Benedetti, A.; Alvaro, D.; Phinizy, J.L.nne; Baumann, B.; Venter, J.; Ueno, Y.; Alpini, G., 2003:
Taurocholate feeding prevents the functional damage of intrahepatic bile ducts induced by adrenergic denervation in a PI3K dependent manner

Lee, T.K.; Scott, C.L.; Ballatori, N., 2000:
Taurocholate transporters in HepG2 cells are regulated by intracellular glutathione

Mizumori, M.; Akiba, Y.; Miura, S.; Suzuki, H.; Tanaka, S.; Nagata, H.; Ishii, H., 2002:
Taurocholate, not tauroursodeoxycholate enhances ischemia-reperfusion-induced epithelial injury in rat jejunum

Marzioni, M.; Alpini, G.; Glaser, S.; Ueno, Y.; Marucci, L.; Benedetti, A.; Francis, H.; Barbaro, B.; Phinizy, J.L.nne; Maulden, J.; Venter, J.; Baumann, B.; Lesage, G., 2002:
Taurocholic acid feeding prevents vagotomy-induced cholangiocyte apoptosis through PI3-kinase dependent blockage of caspase activity

Schlenker, T.; Kulaksiz, H.; Kaden, I.; Stremmel, W., 2002:
Taurocholic acid increases Cl--secretion in cholangiocytes

Duffey, M.; Katzer, M.; John, S.; Piette, M.; Turnbull, A.; Cliff, W.; Morales, M.; Rasmusson, R., 2004:
Taurodeoxycholate activates K+ channels in liver duct cells

Prasad, R.; Venkatasubramanian, J.; Selvaraj, N.; Rao, M.C.atta, 2001:
Taurodeoxycholate signaling in colonic epithelia is mediated via the Src kinase pathway and tyrosine phosphorylation

Prasad, R.; Nwagwu, C.; Riggins, K.S.; Rao, M.C., 2003:
Taurodeoxycholate signaling in rabbit distal colon involves inhibition of erk phosphorylation but does not involve egfr stimulation

Prasad, R.; Selvaraj, N.; Venkatasubramanian, J.; Goldstein, J.L.; Rao, M.C., 2001:
Taurodeoxycholate signaling in the human colon involves PLC translocation and tyrosine phosphorylation

Schauber, A.D., 2003:
Taurodontism Methodological limitations and pulpal dynamics

Baiocchi, L.; Alpini, G.; Glaser, S.; Angelico, M.; Francis, H.; Eisel, W.; Phinizy, J.L.nne; Lesage, G., 1999:
Taurohyodeoxycholic acid and tauroursodeoxycholic acid have different mechanisms for bile acid-dependent hypercholeresis

Ribizzi, I.; Darnowski, J.W.; Goulette, F.A.; Akhtar, M.S.; Calabresi, P., 2000:
Taurolidine A novel agent for bone marrow purging

Martin, P.B.; Goulette, F.A.; Calabresi, P.; Cousens, L.; Darnowski, J.W.; Rosmarin, A.G.; Chatterjee, D., 2001:
Taurolidine A novel chemotherapeutic agent which induces caspase-dependent apoptosis in human multiple myeloma cells

Darnowski, J.W.; Goulette, F.A.; Wagner, E.F.; Simms, E.; Calabresi, P., 2001:
Taurolidine A novel, nontoxic, antineoplastic agent that induces apoptosis in androgen-independent DU145 human prostate tumor cells

Ribizzi, I.; Han, Z.; Darnowski, J.W.; Goulette, F.A.; Calabresi, P., 2000:
Taurolidine Mechanism of action of a novel and safe cytotoxic agent for cancer therapy

Wallis, R.A.; Panizzon, K.L.; Sofia, R.D., 2001:
Taurolidine protects against CA1 traumatic neuronal injury in the hippocampal slice

Wallis, R.A.n; Panizzon, K.L.; Sofia, R.D., 2001:
Taurolidine provides protection against CA1 hypoxic neuronal injury in rat hippocampal slices

Maggio, P.M.; Carlson, R.I.; Wands, J.R., 2001:
Taurolidine treatment of hepatic metastases from colon cancer

Darnowski, J.W.; Goulette, F.A.; Chatterjee, D.; Cousens, L.P.; Sarmiento, R.; Braastad, C.D.; Earl, T.; Calabresi, P., 2002:
Taurolidine triggers receptor-mediated apoptosis in DU145 human prostate tumor cells

Beuers, U.; Soroka, C.; Denk, G.U.; Wimmer, R.; Paumgartner, G.; Boyer, J.L., 2001:
Taurolithocholic acid impairs hepatocellular bile acid and organic anion secretion by a phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase-dependent mechanism

Denk, G.U.; Wimmer, R.; Rust, C.; Paumgartner, G.; Beuers, U., 2001:
Taurolithocholic acid inhibits hepatobiliary exocytosis and bile secretion by phosphatidyl-inositol 3-kinase-dependent mechanisms

Crocenzi, F.; Pellegrino, J.; Garay, E.R.driguez; Milkiewicz, P.; Coleman, R.; Roma, M., 2002:
Taurolitocholate alters bile salt transport at a canalicular level, by retrieving its canalicular transporter, BSEP Studies in vivo and in isolated rat hepatocyte couplets

Zheng, S.; Gee, S.; Hui, D.; Hofmann, A.F.; Tso, P., 1999:
Tauroursodeoxycholate inhibits lymphatic transport of cholesterol in the mouse

Rodrigues, C.M.; Sola, S.; Brito, M.A.; Brites, D.; Moura, J.G.; Youle, R.J.; Steer, C.J., 2000:
Tauroursodeoxycholate prevents mitochondrial membrane perturbation induced by recombinant Bax protein

Milkiewicz, P.; Roma, M.G.; Mills, C.O.; Coleman, R.; Elias, E., 1999:
Tauroursodeoxycholate protects against redistribution of multidrug resistant protein 2 and disruption of F-actin caused by taurolithocholate ; a study in isolated rat hepatocyte couplets

Falasca, L.; Tisone, G.; Orlando, G.; Baiocchi, L.; Vennerecci, G.; Anselmo, A.; Torri, E.; D.P.olo, D.; Strati, F.; Casciani, C.U.; Angelico, M., 2000:
Tauroursodeoxycholate reduces ischemic damage in human allografts: a biochemical and ultrastructural study

Beuers, U.; Biulzer, M.; Kullak Ublick, G.A.; Paumgartner, G., 1999:
Tauroursodeoxycholic acid antagonizes impairment of hepatobiliary exocytosis induced by tauro-lithocholic acid in the perfused rat liver

Heubi, J.E.; Creutzinger, V.; Setchell, K.D.R.; Cowser, R.; Rhoads, P.; Squires, R.H.Jr, 2000:
Tauroursodeoxycholic acid as prophylaxis for TPN-cholestasis in infants

Hasegawa, C.; Yamada, T.; Ohara, H.; Nakazawa, T.; Ogasawara, T.; Sano, H.; Ando, H.; Kajino, S.; Hashimoto, T.; Ando, T.; Itoh, M., 1999:
Tauroursodeoxycholic acid exacerbates chenodeoxycholic acid induced hepatotoxicity during acute biliary obstruction in isolated perfused rat liver

Kanno, N.; Alpini, G.; Phinizy, J.L.nne; Glaser, S.; Marzioni, M.; Francis, H.; Lesage, G., 2001:
Tauroursodeoxycholic acid inhibits cholangiocarcinoma growth via Ca2+-, protein kinase C ,- and MAPK-dependent pathways

Goto, T.; Mikami, K.I.hiro; Yoneyama, K.; Miura, K.; Nakane, K.; Lin, J.G.; Watanabe, D.; Watanabe, S., 2002:
Tauroursodeoxycholic acid inhibits cytokines production from macrophages through the suppression of NF kappa B activity

Dombrowski, F.; Stieger, B.; Beuers, U., 2003:
Tauroursodeoxycholic acid inserts the bile salt export pump into canalicular membranes in cholestatic rat liver

Rodrigues, C.M.P.; Keene, C.D.; Linehan Stieers, C.; Ma, X.; Low, W.; Steer, C.J., 2000:
Tauroursodeoxycholic acid prevents apoptosis induced by the neurotoxin 3-nitropropionic acid in rat neuronal cells Evidence for a mitochondrial-dependent pathway that does not involve the permeability transition

Koseki, H.; Tsuji, M.; Oyamada, H.; Okazaki, M.; Oguchi, K., 2002:
Tauroursodeoxycholic acid prevents glycochenodeoxycholic acid -induced apoptosis via mitochondrial pathway in rat hepatocytes

Alpini, G.; Glaser, S.; Francis, H.; Kanno, N.; Ueno, Y.; Francis, H.; Chowdhury, U.; Phinizy, J.L.nne; Lesage, G., 2000:
Tauroursodeoxycholic acid reverses cholestatic changes in proliferating cholangiocytes from bile duct ligated rats by mobilizing Ca2+ and activating PKC alpha

Denk, G.U.; Kiemer, A.K.; Wimmer, R.; Vollmar, A.M.; Beuers, U., 2001:
Tauroursodeoxycholic acid stimulates bile flow and organic anion secretion independently of mitogen-activated protein kinases ERK 1/2 in the cholestatic rat liver

Beuers, U.; Denk, G.U.; Wimmer, R.; Rust, C.; Paumgartner, G., 2001 :
Tauroursodeoxycholic acid stimulates biliary secretion of organic anions by protein kinase C-dependent mechanisms

Rodefeld, M.D.; Suleman, S.; Hanley, F.L.; Reddy, V.M.han, 2001:
Taussig-Bing anomaly Surgical results of the arterial switch operation in 37 patients

Reitz, A.B.; Gauthier, D.A.; Ho, W.; Maryanoff, B.E., 2000:
Tautomerism and physical properties of pyrido benzimidazole GABA-A receptor ligands

Pospisil, P.; Ballmer, P.; Folkers, G.; Scapozza, L., 2002:
Tautomerism of nucleobase derivatives and their score in virtual screening to thymidine kinase

Han, D.J.; Jeong, Y.L.; Wee, Y.M.; Lee, A.Y.; Lee, H.K.; Ha, J.C.; Lee, S.K.; Kim, S.C., 2003:
Tautomycetin as a novel immunosuppressant in transplantation

Meek, W.R., 2000:
Tawny Pinion Lithophane semibrunnea Haw in north Yorkshire

Ye, J.; Xie, L.; Green, P.L., 2003:
Tax and overlapping rex sequences do not confer the distinct transformation tropisms of HTLV-1 and HTLV-2

Zhang, Y.; Kornfeld, H.; Cruikshank, W.W.; Kim, S.; Center, D.M., 2000:
Tax oncoprotein of HTLV-1 binds to the PDZ-domain of human pro-IL-16 and affects its function on cell growth

Gagnon, S.J.; Biddison, W.E.; Turner, R.V.; Cohen, C.J.; Reiter, Y., 2003:
Tax peptide/HLA-A2-specific Fabs and T cell receptors recognize similar structural features on HLA-A2

Waeldele, K.; Schneider, G.; Ruckes, T.; Grassmann, R., 2003:
Tax transactivation of the IL-13 promoter stimulates interleukin 13 expression in HTLV infected cells and may induce autocrine stimulation

Georges, S.A.; Giebler, H.A.; Cole, P.A.; Luger, K.; Laybourn, P.J.; Nyborg, J.K., 2003:
Tax transactivation requires a CBP/p300 acetyltransferase activity that is histone tail-independent

Nyborg, J.K.; Scoggin, K.; Georges, S., 2001:
Tax transcription function mediated through cellular coactivators Implications for leukemogenesis

Krebs, C.; Mahy, G.; Matthies, D.; Schaffner, U.; Tiébré, M-S.; Bizoux, J-P., 2010:
Taxa distribution and RAPD markers indicate different origin and regional differentiation of hybrids in the invasive Fallopia complex in central-western Europe

Alves, M.H.; Trufem, S.F.B.; Milanez, A.I., 2002:
Taxa of Mucor Fresen from herbivorous dung, Recife, Pernambuco State, Brazil

Glowacki, Z.; Ollgaard, H., 1999:
Taxa of Taraxacum in the Mazowsze and Podlasie regions

Kuznetsova, L.; Sturm, A.; Gupta, V.; Ojima, I., 2003:
Taxane and taxoids as potential antiparasitic agents

Kadow, J.F.; Schwartz, W.S.; Scola, P.M.; Xue, Q.M.y; Wittman, M.D.; Wu, M.J.n, 2002:
Taxane anticancer agents

Leonard, C.; Antell, A.; Moore, M.; Sedlacek, S., 2002:
Taxane chemotherapy in sequence with breast radiotherapy results in a low risk of pneumonitis

Bradley, M.O.; Shashoua, V.E.; Swindell, C.S.; Webb, N.L., 1999:
Taxane compounds and compositions

Shimizu, H.; Abe, A.; Ogawa, T.; Nagata, H.; Sawada, S., 2001 :
Taxane derivatives

Shimizu, H.; Abe, A.; Yaegashi, T.; Sawada, S.; Nagata, H., 2000:
Taxane derivatives and drugs containing the same

Safavy, Ahmad, 2001:
Taxane derivatives for targeted therapy of cancer

Klar, U.; Neef, G.; Graf, H., 2000:
Taxane derivatives having a pyridyl substituted C13 side chain, their preparation and their use as anti-tumor agents

Bombardelli, Ezio, 1999:
Taxane derivatives, the preparation thereof and formulations containing them

Hallin, P.A.; Johansen, M.; Newman, R.A.; Madden, T., 2000:
Taxane effects on cell cycle regulation and topoisomerase activity

Holton, Robert, A., 2003:
Taxane formulations

Didier, E.; Pecquet, P., 2000:
Taxane hydroxy monoacylation method

Belka, C.; Marini, P.; Heinrich, V.; Budach, W.; Lepple Wienhues, A.; Lang, F.; Gulbins, E.; Bamberg, M., 1999:
Taxane induced apoptosis occurs independently of AP-1 and acidic sphingomyelinase activation

Ekwuribe, N.; Bartley, G.S.; Price, C.H., 2002:
Taxane prodrugs

Stewart, D.J.; Dahrouge, S.; Banerjee, S.; Tomiak, E.M., 2000:
Taxane resistance in non-small cell lung cancer and dose-response curve shape

Holton, R.A.; Vu, P.; Gharbaoui, T.; Reboul, V., 2003:
Taxane synthesis method and intermediates

Li, Z.; Wang, M.; Mante, R.M.; Ibrahim, N.K., 2000:
Taxane-based chemotherapy -induced colitis in breast cancer patients M D Anderson Cancer Center experience

Petrylak, Daniel, P., 2000:
Taxane-based combination therapy for hormone-refractory prostate cancer

Bulat, Yu; Bazin, I.; Zharkov, S.; Garin, A., 1999:
Taxane-containing chemotherapy in patients with disseminated malignant melanoma

Cassidy, P.; Moos, P.J.; Kelly, R.; Fitzpatrick, F.A., 2000:
Taxane-induced Cox-2 Differential structure-activity relationships for murine and human cells

Moos, P.J.; Fitzpatrick, F.A., 1999:
Taxane-mediated gene induction in human cells

Swindell, C.S.; Shashoua, V.E.; Bradley, M.O.; Webb, N.L., 2000:

Vaclavikova, R.; Horsky, S.; Svobodova, L.; Otova, B.; Simek, P.; Gut, I., 2003:
Taxanes Antitumor effects and interspecies differences in metabolism

Abal, M.; Andreu, J.M.; Barasoain, I., 2003:
Taxanes: microtubule and centrosome targets, and cell cycle dependent mechanisms of action

Gasperi Campani, A.; Cocchi, S.; Brognara, I.; Roncuzzi, L., 1999:
Taxanes ans saporin 6 In vitro synergy in human melanoma cell line

Herscher, L.L.; Cook, J., 1999:
Taxanes as radiosensitizers for head and neck cancer

Holton, R.A.; Chai, K.B.ung; Idmoumaz, H.; Nabizadeh, H.; Suzuki, Y., 2002:
Taxanes having an alkyl substituted side-chain and pharmaceutical compositions containing them

Holton, R.A.; Chai, K.B.ung; Idmoumaz, H.; Nadizadeh, H.; Rengan, K.; Suzuki, Y.; Tao, C., 2004:
Taxanes having t-butoxycarbonyl substituted side-chains and pharmaceutical compositions containing them

Platinsky, L.V.; Bruzgin, V.V.; Sokolova, V.D., 2002:
Taxanes in combination chemotherapy for gastric cancer

Macrae, R.M.; Choy, H., 2003:
Taxanes in combined modality therapy

Wildiers, H.; Paridaens, R., 2004:
Taxanes in elderly breast cancer patients

Hoffman, Angela, M., 2002:
Taxanes in hazelnut plants Effects of age, cultivar, health and individual variation

Calderoni, A.; Cerny, T., 2001:
Taxanes in lung cancer: a review with focus on the European experience

Johannsen, M.; Wilke, K.; Schnorr, D.; Loening, S.A., 2004:
Taxanes in the chemotherapy of hormone-refractory prostate carcinoma

Simon, G.R.; Bunn, P.A.J., 2003:
Taxanes in the treatment of advanced non-small cell lung cancer Recent developments

Semiglazov, V.F.; Semiglazov, V.V.; Bozhok, A.A.; Melnikova, O.A., 2004:
Taxanes user in adjuvant and non-andjuvant therapy of breast cancer

Danzig, E.M., 2001:
Taxanomic status of Phenacoccus transcaucasicus Hadz and its intraspecific variability

Bhattacharyya, T.P., 2002:
Taxanomic status of the genus Harpiola Thomas, 1915 , with a report of the occurrence of Harpiola grisea in Mizoram, India

Theriault, A.G.; Wang, Q.; Franke, A.; Adeli, K., 1999:
Taxifolin, a plant flavonoid, inhibits apoB secretion and stimulates apoA-I secretion in HepG2 cells

Van Der Ham, R.W.J.M.; Van Konijnenburg Van Cittert, J.H.A.; Van Der Burgh, J., 2001:
Taxodiaceous conifers from the Maastrichtian type area

Creech, D.; Yin Yunlong, 2003:
Taxodium X Nanjing Beauty A new landscape plant for the south

Chambers, J.A.; Threlkeld, S.S., 2002:
Taxodium distichum interannual growth above and below a flood control dam Evidence of a hydrological signals

Ojima, Iwao, 2000:
Taxoid anti-tumor agents and pharmaceutical compositions thereof

Ojima, Iwao, 2002:
Taxoid anti-tumor agents, pharmaceutical compositions, and treatment methods

Lee, K.H.iung; Shi, Q.; Bastow, K.F.; Wang, H.K.ng, 2003:
Taxoid conjugates as antimitotic and antitumor agents

Mandai, T.; Okumoto, H.; Hara, K.; Mikuni, K.; Hara, K.; Tsuchiya, Y.; Nakamura, K.; Umetsu, T., 2001:
Taxoid derivatives and process for producing the same

Bouchard, H.; Bourzat, J D.; Commercon, A., 1999:
Taxoids, preparation thereof and pharmaceutical compositions containing same

Bouchard, H.; Bourzat, J.D.minique; CommerCedillaOn, A., 2000:
Taxoids, their preparation and pharmaceutical compositions containing them

Wille, A.H.; Johannsen, M.; Roigas, J.; Schnorr, D., 2002:
Taxol and Carboplatin in the therapy of advanced/metastatic transitional cell cancer

Ciuleanu, T.E.; Cebotaru, C.; Radulescu, I.; Todor, N.; Ghilezan, N., 1999:
Taxol and cisplatin versus etoposide cisplatin in advanced non-small cell lung cancer

Bacus, S.; Gudkov, A.; Yarden, Y., 1999:
Taxol and doxorubicin cytotoxicity Apoptotic signaling via different signals

Laidlaw, J.; Raventos Suarez, C.; Fairchild, C.R.; Peterson, R.W.; Menendez, A.T., 2000:
Taxol and taxotere have similar potency in cytotoxicity assays, cell selectivity, bcl2 phosphorylation, G2/M arrest and induction of apoptosis

Schiff, Peter, B., 2000:
Taxol as a radiation sensitizer

Calastretti, A.; Rancati, F.; Canti, G.; Zancai, P.; Schiavone, N.; Capaccioli, S.; Nicolin, A., 2000:
Taxol damage of microtubules activates mTOR in lymphoid cells

Assaad, S.I.; Powell, S.N.; Slanetz, P.; Yeh, E.; Kopans, D.; Taghian, A.G., 2001 :
Taxol decreases the interstitial fluid pressure and increases pO2 after neoadjuvant chemotherapy in patients with palpable breast cancer

Koya, K.; Sun, L.; Chen, S.; Tatsuta, N.; Wu, Y.; Ono, M.; Xia, Z.Q.ang, 2004:
Taxol enhancer compounds

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