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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 35876

Chapter 35876 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Howe, R.A.; Macgowan, A.P., 1999:
The effect of macrolide antibiotics on biofilm formation by Stenotrophomonas maltophilia

Fayaz, F.; Ashayeri, H., 2003:
The effect of macrolide antibiotics on inflammation and survival of burn patients

Ballesteros, J.R.; Kubin, J.; Zu, A.; Andersen, C.; Mishra, O.P.; Delivoria Papadopoulos, M., 1999:
The effect of magnesium administration prior to hypoxia on the endonuclease activity in the cerebral cortical nuclei of newborn piglets

Tetik, O.; Coskun, T.; Guc, O.; Aypar, U., 2001:
The effect of magnesium in neuropathic pain

Napolitano, P.; Mcnutt, P.; Wrigth, J.; Howard, B.; Fisk, A.; Nielsen, P.; Hoeldtke, N., 2003:
The effect of magnesium on matrix metalloproteinase-9 activity in umbilical cord blood at delivery of pregnancies complicated by chorioamnionitis

Yaraghi, M.G.rak; Pourmoghaddas, A., 2001:
The effect of magnesium sulfate on arrhythmias and mortality of acute myocardial infarction treated with thrombolytic and antiplatelet drugs

Hallak, M.; Hotra, J.W., 1999:
The effect of magnesium sulfate on fetal rat brain and body physical characteristics

Kovac, C.; Howard, B.; Pierce, B.; Calhoun, B.; Napolitano, P., 2002:
The effect of magnesium sulfate on fetoplacental vascular response to angiotensin II in the ex vivo human placental cotyledon

Martinez Poyer, J.; Hallak, M.; Russell, E.; Poole Bryant, K.; Sorokin, Y., 2000:
The effect of magnesium sulfate on the bleeding time of normal gravidas A randomized, placebo controlled trial

Ayoglu, H.; Karadeniz, U.; Durak, P.; Erdemil, O., 2001:
The effect of magnesium sulphate on the response to intubation haemodynamics and intraoperative analgesic requirements

Shah, S.G.; Brooker, J.C.; Williams, C.B.; Saunders, B.P.; Suzuki, N., 2000:
The effect of magnetic endoscope imaging on colonoscopy performance in experts

Piskorz Binczycka, B.; Fiema, J., 1999:
The effect of magnetic field on the functioning of biological clock in Penicillium claviforme

Kajimoto, N.; Chiba, A., 2003:
The effect of magnetic stimulation on the contractile response in isolated vas deferens of guinea pig

O'Hara, K.; O'Hara, J., 1999:
The effect of male circumcision on the sexual enjoyment of the female partner

Morrow Tesch, J.L., 2001:
The effect of management practices on the stress response in livestock

Yildiz,A.O.; Olgun,O.; Cufadar,Y., 2010:
The effect of manganese and phytase in the diet for laying hens on performance traits and eggshell quality

Finuance, M.C.; Dawson, K.A.; Spring, P.; Newman, K.E., 1999:
The effect of mannan oligosaccharide on the composition of the microflora in turkey poults

Yagi, F.; Sugino, I.K.; Zarbin, M.A., 2001:
The effect of manufacturing techniques on the viability of freshly isolated cat retinal pigment epithelium

Todorov, I.N.; Mitrokhin, Y.I.; Efremova, O.I.; Sidorenko, L.I., 2000:
The effect of maral root extracts on RNA and protein biosynthesis in mouse organs

Leong, C.; Boyages, J.; Bilous, M.; Jayasinghe, U.W.; Ung, O.A.; Chua, B.H.; Salisbury, E.L.C.; Wong, A.Y., 2002:
The effect of margins on ipsilateral breast tumour recurrence after breast conservation therapy for nodenegative breast cancer

Irvine, A.J.; Butterwick, R.; Watson, T.; Millward, D.J.; Morgan, L.M., 1999:
The effect of marine fish oil supplementation on insulin sensitivity in the dog

Gantt,B.; Meskhidze,N.; Zhang,Y.; Xu,J., 2010:
The effect of marine isoprene emissions on secondary organic aerosol and ozone formation in the coastal United States

Baker, B.; Paquette, M.; Szalai, J.P.ul; Katic, M.; O'kelly, B.; Tobe, S., 2000:
The effect of marital and job strain on 3 year left ventricular mass in men and women with mild hypertension

Refisch, J.; Kone, I., 2003:
The effect of market hunting on monkey populations in the Tai National Park, Ivory Coast

Smith, J.M.; Pilati, C.F., 1999:
The effect of massive SNS activation on coronary blood flow and high energy phosphate compounds

Stern, L.E.; Falcone, R.A.Jr; Kemp, C.J.; Stuart, L.S.; Erwin, C.R.; Warner, B.W., 1999:
The effect of massive small bowel resection on the bax/bcl-w ratio and enterocyte apoptosis

Chen, C.L.n; Orr, W.C., 2001:
The effect of mast cell stabilization on autonomic and pain responses to esophageal acidification

Begum, G.; Bryan, R.; Dunn, J.; Bathers, S.; Wallace, M., 2002:
The effect of material deprivation on survival in bladder cancer

Lee, R.; Lagrew, D.; Brewster, W.; Mckeown Lugaro, A.; Berkowitz, K., 2001:
The effect of maternal age on standardized cesarean section rates

Maner, W.; Maul, H.; Olson, G.; Martin, E.; Mackay, L.; Harper, T.; Saade, G.; Garfield, R., 2002:
The effect of maternal age on uterine electrical activity during labor

Stanisic, D.I.; Martin, L.B.; Good, M.F., 2003:
The effect of maternal antibodies on neonatal murine malaria infection and immunization

Osgerby, J.C.; Gadd, T.S.; Wathes, D.C., 2000:
The effect of maternal body condition and nutrition on placental and fetal growth in the ewe

Raj, A.; Saggurti, N.; Winter, M.; Labonte, A.; Decker, M.R.; Balaiah, D.; Silverman, J.G., 2010:
The effect of maternal child marriage on morbidity and mortality of children under 5 in India: cross sectional study of a nationally representative sample

Emoto, H.; Tanaka, M.; Yoshida, M.; Wu, Y.L.ang; Matsui, M., 1999:
The effect of maternal deprivation to GABA A receptors in the prefrontal cortex of adult rats

Osgerby, J.C.; Reynolds, T.S.; Wathes, D.C., 1999:
The effect of maternal diet and body condition score at mating on placental and fetal growth in the highland and lowland ewe

Hostetler, C.E.; Kincaid, R.L., 2003:
The effect of maternal dietary selenium on immunoglobulin concentrations in biological fluids of sows and their offspring

Grimshaw, K.E.C.; Vance, G.H.S.; Briggs, R.A.; Warner, J.O., 2003:
The effect of maternal egg avoidance on atopy at eighteen months

Barsoom, M.; Borgida, A.; Deroche, M.; Egan, J., 2001:
The effect of maternal fetal medicine training on amniocenteses at a single institution

Mcdonald, D.; Cho, S., 2000:
The effect of maternal hyperphenylalaninemia on the offspring of the BTBR-Pahenu2 mouse model for phenylketonuria A maternal phenylketonuria model

Powell, S.R.; Gurzenda, E.; Maulik, D., 2000:
The effect of maternal hypoxia and reoxygenation on fetal cerebral and myocardial trace metals

Magann, E.; Whitworth, N.; Chauhan, S.; Terrone, D.; Files, J.; Morrison, J., 2001:
The effect of maternal intravenous hydration on amniotic fluid volume

Gambling, L.; Gair, S.; Mcardle, H.J., 2000:
The effect of maternal iron deficiency on fetal growth, iron and copper metabolism in the rat

Gortzak Uzan, L.; Levy, V.; Golan, H.; Huliheil, M.; Sorokin, Y.; Hallak, M., 2002:
The effect of maternal mice lipopolysaccaride induced inflammation on neonatal morphogenic and developmental parameters

Christian, P.; West, K.P.Jr.; Khatry, S.K.; Leclerq, S.C.; Kimbrough Pradhan, E.; Katz, J.; Shrestha, S.R., 2002:
The effect of maternal micronutrient supplementation on fetal loss and infant mortality in rural Nepal A randomized trial

Osgerby, J.C.; Reynolds, T.S.; Wathes, D.C., 1999:
The effect of maternal nutrition, body condition and genotype on insulin-like growth factor II mRNA expression in the ovine placenta

Hendler, I.; Blackwell, S.; Wolfe, H.; Treadwell, M.; Sokol, R.; Zador, I.; Blackwell, R.; Sorokin, Y., 2002:
The effect of maternal obesity on midtrimester sonographic visualization of the fetal heart

Ramin, K.; Meath, A.; Rosenquist, R.; Freimund, T.; Ramsey, P., 2001:
The effect of maternal position on cervical length and dynamic shortening during pregnancy

Rees, W.D.; Hay, S.M., 1999:
The effect of maternal protein deficiency on the expression of the growth arrest specific gene 6 in the fetal kidney

Gosby, A.K.; Maloney, C.A.; Phuyal, J.L.; Bryson, J.M.; Caterson, I.D., 2001:
The effect of maternal protein restriction on hepatic glycogen metabolism in weanling rats

Haggarty, P.; Ashton, J.; Joynson, M.; Abramovich, D.R.; Page, K., 2000:
The effect of maternal smoking and the presence of ethanol on fatty acid transport by the human placenta

Bjorke Monsen, A.L.se; Vollset, S.E.il; Markestad, T.; Ueland, P.M.gne, 2000:
The effect of maternal smoking on hematological parameters in newborns and mothers

Gadd, T.S.; Osgerby, J.C.; Wathes, D.C., 2000:
The effect of maternal undernutrition on fetal and placental development in the ewe

Osgerby, J.C.; Thurston, L.M.; Gadd, T.S.; Michael, A.E.; Wathes, D.C., 2002:
The effect of maternal undernutrition on fetal growth and placental 11beta-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase type 1 and type 2 activity in the ewe

Bull, A.J.; Cramer, J.T.; Housh, T.J.; Johnson, G.O., 2000:
The effect of mathematical modeling on the estimation of critical velocity

Sierevogel, M.; Velema, E.; Nijhuis, M.O.de; Smeets, M.; D.K.eijn, D.P.V.; Borst, C.; Pasterkamp, G., 2001:
The effect of matrix metalloproteinase inhibition on collagen content and mechanical properties of the balloon dilated arterial wall A serial study in the pig

Stephens, B.R.; Mahon, A.D., 2003:
The effect of maturation on fuel use during exercise in boys

Weerakkody,P.; Jobling,J.; Infante,M.M.V.; Rogers,G., 2010:
The effect of maturity, sunburn and the application of sunscreens on the internal and external qualities of pomegranate fruit grown in Australia

Wyse, C.A.; Murphy, D.M.; Preston, T.; Morrison, D.J.; Love, S., 2000:
The effect of meal energy density on solid-phase gastric emptying in ponies A study using the 13C-octanoic acid breath test

Paakkonen, J.P.J.; Myyra, R.; Marjomaki, T.J., 1999:
The effect of meal size on the rate of gastric evacuation of burbot, Lota lota

Scott, E.M.; Kearney, M.; Greenwood, J.P.; Stoker, J.B.; Gilbey, S.G.; Mary, D.A.S.G., 1999:
The effect of meal-induced hyperinsulinaemia on peripheral sympathetic nerve output in congestive heart failure

Epstein, S.R.; Reddy, S.G.; Anderson, C.B.; Kleinschmidt, I.; Jackson, T.F.H.G., 2000:
The effect of mebendazole on the stool parasite load in children

Gordon, R.; Patterson, G.; Harz, T.; Rodd, V.; Macleod, J., 1999:
The effect of mechanical soil aeration and manure spreading on forage yield and ammonia volatilization

Murphy, R.; Kumar, A.; Boriek, A.M., 2004:
The effect of mechanical stretch on proliferation and differentiation of C2C12 cells

Samson, S.; Peretz, I.; Lussier, I.; Beland, R.; Baulac, M., 2001:
The effect of medial temporal lobe sclerosis in word priming

Taylor, M.E.; Keleti, D.; Perez, C.A.; Lockett, M.A., 2000:
The effect of medical co-morbidities of diabetes, hypertension and obesity on the incidence of arm edema after breast conservation therapy for stage I and II breast cancer patients

Scadding, G., 1999:
The effect of medical treatment of sinusitis upon concomitant asthma

Phenekos, C.V.; Ginis, A.; Chalkiadaki, M.; Leoutsakou, T.; Tzioras, C., 2003:
The effect of mediterranean diet on blood pressure and lipid profile of DM2 patients

Hura, K.; Rapacz, M., 1999:
The effect of medium on the toxic activity of Phoma lingam Desm secondary metabolites

Vajta, G.; Peura, T.T.; Holm, P.; Booth, P.J.; Greve, T.; Callesen, H., 1999:
The effect of medium, serum and temperature on the in vitro survival of bovine blastocysts after open pulled straw vitrification

Lagomarcino, N.D.; Misell, L.M.; Schuster, V.; Kern, M., 2000:
The effect of medium-chain triglyceride consumption on the blood lipid profile of male endurance runners

Ishii, S.; Ikeda, T.; Takayama, S.; Kikuchi, K.; Ueda, M.; Enomoto, K.; Noga, K.; Kitajima, M., 1999:
The effect of medroxyprogesterone acetate combined with pamidronate in bone metastasis of breast cancer

Virtanen, I.; Ekholm, E.; Saaresranta, T.; Kuusela, T.; Polo, O., 2000:
The effect of medroxyprogesterone acetate therapy on cardiac autonomic regulation during sleep

Ende, N.; Chen, R.; Ende Harris, D., 2001:
The effect of megadose of human umbilical cord blood mononuclear cells on Alzheimers disease mice

Agombar, A.C.; Johnson, C.D., 2000:
The effect of meglumine gammalinolenate on the growth of pancreatic cancer cell lines in vitro

Deinum, J.; Elg, S., 2000:
The effect of melagatran on the binding of thrombin to antithrombin studied by plasmon resonance

Wagenvoord, R.; Beguin, S.; Dieri, R.A.; Giesen, P.L.A.; Hemker, H.C., 2000:
The effect of melagatran on thrombin generation

Fattakhov, S.G.; Loseva, N.L.; Konovalov, A.I.; Reznik, V.S.; Alyab'ev, A.Y.; Gordon, L.K.; Tribunskikh, V.I., 2004:
The effect of melaphan on the growth and energy processes in the plant cell

Sustrova, I.; Vanieek, J., 2000:
The effect of melatonin on AVP release from rat suprachiasmatic nuclei

Novotna, R.; Balik, A., 2001:
The effect of melatonin on GnRH stimulated neonatal rat pituitary gonadotroph cells

Tahan, V.; Ozaras, R.; Uzun, H.; Aydin, S.; Dondurmaci, S.; Ozbay, G.; Senturk, H., 2001:
The effect of melatonin on dimethylnitrosamine-induced liver fibrosis in rats

Li, T.; Howland, H.C., 1999:
The effect of melatonin on eye growth in chicks raised under constant light

Akeyampong, V.; Garrett, M.; Evans, M.J.; Forsling, M.L., 2001:
The effect of melatonin on neurohypophysial hormone release in women during hypertonic saline infusion

Koc, M.; Buyukokuroglu, M.; Taysi, S., 2001:
The effect of melatonin on peripheral blood cells during whole body irradiation in rats

Yeo, A.; Wilson, K.; Imms, F.J.; Forsling, M.L., 2001:
The effect of melatonin on the pituitary hormone response to exercise in women

Mazzio, E.A.; Becker, A.; Soliman, K., 2001:
The effect of membrane phospholipids, essential and non-essential amino acids, second messenger systems, antioxidants and endogenous neurotransmitters on 6-OH Dopamine and N-methyl-4-phenylpyridinium ion toxicity in neuroblastoma N-2A cells

Olsher, M.S.; Chong, P.L.e Gau, 2004:
The effect of membrane sterol lateral organization on free-radical mediated sterol oxidation

Cheng, S.; Tylavsky, F.; Kemikangas, M.; Salo, P.; Mahonen, A.; Koistinen, A.; Suominen, H.; Kroger, H., 2001:
The effect of menarche and changes in muscularskeleton growth in 10-13 year-old girls during one-year follow-up

Petri, M.; Buyon, J.; Magder, L.; Roubenoff, R.; Selhub, J.; Alarcon, G.; Belmont, M.; Dooley, M.A.; Grossman, J.; Hahn, B.; Hearth Holmes, M.; Kalunian, K.; Kim, M.; Lockshin, M.; Manzi, S.; Mccune, J.; Merrill, J.; Sammaritano, L.; Von Feldt, J.; Wachs, J., 1999:
The effect of menopausal status and exogenous estrogen on homocysteine in systemic lupus erythematosus

Jerome, D.; Ibanez, D.; Urowitz, M.B.; Gladman, D.D., 2001:
The effect of menopausal status on systemic lupus presentation and course in the first three years of disease

Stavisky, R.; Brandenberger, D.; Hook, M.; Russell, E.; Kaplan, J.; Whitten, P., 2001:
The effect of menstrual cycle phase on cortisol excretion in female cynomolgus monkeys

Ormerod, J.K.; Haymes, E.M., 2003:
The effect of menstrual cycle phase on fluid intake during exercise in the heat

Ling, C.M.; Chad, K.E., 2000:
The effect of menstrual cycle phase on responses to carbohydrate loading in female athletes

Jackson, P.L.; Lafleur, M.F.; Malouin, F.; Richards, C.; Doyon, J., 1999:
The effect of mental practice in the learning of a sequence of foot movements

Van Mier, H.I.; Dreezens, E.A.; Van Den Heurik, S., 2001:
The effect of mental practice on sequential motor learning

Ullman, T.A.; Croog, V.; Kornbluth, A.; Harpaz, N.; Itzkowitz, S.H., 2004:
The effect of mesalazine for chemoprevention in early grade dysplasia in ulcerative colitis

Sweeney, J.D.; Arduini, A., 2000:
The effect of metabolic additives on platelet storage

Monir Bishty, E.; Wray, S., 2002:
The effect of metabolic inhibition on uterine contractions and intracellular calcium

Sciaudone, M.P.; Freake, H.C., 2000:
The effect of metabolic inhibitors on induction of growth hormone mRNA by zinc removal

Vishwasrao, H.; Heikal, A.A.; Kasischke, K.A.; Webb, W.W., 2003:
The effect of metabolic states on the excited state dynamics of native NADH in brain tissue

Forsling, M.L.; Fallon, J.K.; Shah, D.; Kicman, A.T.; Hutt, A.J.; Cowan, D.A., 2002:
The effect of metabolites of MDMA on oxytocin release in vitro

Jaworska, M.; Gorczyca, A., 2002:
The effect of metal ions on mortality, pathogenicity and reproduction of entomopathogenic nematodes Steinernema feltiae Filipjev

Voros, I.; Takacs, T., 2002:
The effect of metal-adapted and non-adapted AMF strains on the metal tolerance of cucumber hosts

Wegenka, M.C.; Smith, N.A.; Ellis, A.B., 2002:
The effect of metalloporphyrin adsorption on the photoluminescent behavior of CdSe

Smetanova,I.; Holy,K.; Mullerova,M.; Polaskova,A., 2010:
The effect of meteorological parameters on radon concentration in borehole air and water

Guler, S.; Cakir, B.; Aykut, O.; Gursoy, G.; Ozyilkan, E., 2001:
The effect of metformin and gliclazide on the relation between beta cell function and leptin in type 2 diabetes mellitus

Ebrahim, M.A.; Jamal, Q.A.; Shah, M.A., 2000:
The effect of metformin in poorly controlled insulin treated type II diabetes mellitus

Adamczak, H.; Gluszek, J., 2000:
The effect of metformin on insulin level and blood pressure in men with mild and moderate essential hypertension

Gursoy, N.; Ilcol, Y.; Tuncel, E.; Imamoglu, S.; Erturk, E., 2000:
The effect of metformin on insulin resistance and serum lipid profiles

Gursoy, N.; Ilcol, Y.; Imamoglu, S.; Tuncel, E.; Erturk, E., 2000:
The effect of metformin on insulin resistance and serum lipid profiles in abnormal glucose homeostasis

Tsaglis, H.; Ioannidis, I.; Giakoumaki, A.; Amantou, A.; Komitopoulos, N.; Georgiou, S.; Varsamis, E.; Katsilambros, N., 1999:
The effect of metformin on serum B12 levels Is there any clinical importance?

Gershman, N.H.; Fahy, J.V., 1999:
The effect of methacholine challenge on the cellular composition of induced sputum

Shiran, M.R.; Rostami Hodjegan, A.; Lennard, M.S.; Iqbal, M.Z.; Lagundoye, O.; Seivewright, N.; Tucker, G.T., 2003:
The effect of methadone on mood state is shorter than its effect on subjective opiate withdrawal score in patients undergoing methadone maintenance therapy

Levchenko, L.A.; Sadkov, A.P.; Lariontseva, N.V.; Borod'ko, A.Y.; Kulikov, A.V.; Shilov, A.E., 1999:
The effect of methane on NADN-oxidase activity of au-protein from Micrococcus luteus

Kupcsulik, B.; Sevella, B.; Kalocsai, G., 2002:
The effect of methanol concentration on recombinant Pichia pastoris fermentation

Theodoridou, A.; Doernemann, D.; Kotzabasis, K., 2001:
The effect of methanol on the microalgal growth

ElhamMaroufyan; AzharKasim; SeyedRezaHashemi; TechChwenLoh; MohdHairBejo; HomaDavoodi, 2010:
The effect of methionine and threonine supplementations on immune responses of broiler chickens challenged with infectious bursal disease

Bjelakovic, G.; Nagorni, A.; Bjelakovic, G.; Kocic, G.; Jeftovic, T., 2002:
The effect of methionine on blood plasma arginase activity in cholestatic rats

Nisar, P.J.; Acheson, A.G.; Gruss, H.J.; Scholefield, J.H.; Wilson, V.G., 2004:
The effect of methoxamine on anal sphincter tone in vitro A potential treatment for incontinence

Saito, H.; Murai, S.; Sirato, R.; Kikuchi, T., 2004:
The effect of methoxamine on the choline metabolism in mice submandibular gland

Ibbotson, S.; Farr, P., 1999:
The effect of methoxsalen dose on UVA-induced erythema

Wegrzynowicz Lesiak, E.; Kawa Miszczak, L.; Saniewski, M., 2003:
The effect of methyl jasmonate on ethylene production and ACC oxidase activity in mechanically wounded different organs of HippeastrumXhybr hort

Padron, D.; Hazel, J.R., 1999:
The effect of methyl-beta-cyclodextrin on fluid phase endocytosis in isolated trout hepatocytes

Dunlevy, L.P.E.; Copp, A.J.; Greene, N.D.E., 2003:
The effect of methylation cycle intermediates on neural tube closure

Greenstein, A.; Schreiber, L.; Matzkin, H., 2001:
The effect of methylene blue on the histologic damage following spermatic cord torsion in a rat model

Li, X.; Oudega, M.; Dancausse, H.; Levi, A.D.O., 1999:
The effect of methylprednisolone on apoptotic cell death after rat spinal cord transection

Lacka, K.; Manuszewska, E.; Korczowska, I.; Lacki, J.K., 2007:
The effect of methylprednisolone pulse treatment on cytokine network in Graves ophthalmopathy

Ram, D.; Mamber, E.; Chosack, A.; Fuks, A.B., 1999:
The effect of metoclopramide and hydroxyzine in sedation of infants undergoing dental treatment

Goldstein, S.; Waagstein, F.; Hjalmarson, A., 2001:
The effect of metoprolol CR/XL in patients with severe heart failure in MERIT-HF

Opatrny, Z.; Petrasek, J.; Schwarzerova, K.; Zelena, A.; Vankova, R., 1999:
The effect of mevinolin on the viability, growth and division of tobacco BY-2 cells

Wang, Yuhua; Wei, Jen Yu; Mcroberts, James, A.; Mayer, Emeran, A., 2003:
The effect of mg2+ and d serine on the nmda responsiveness of rat inferior splanchnic afferents in vitro

Asatiani, N.; Kurashvili, R.; Natsvlishvili, M.; Dundua, M.; Shelestova, E.; Chanturia, T.; Hod, M.; Itameri, H., 2001:
The effect of micro- and macroalbuminuria on the course of pregnancy and perinatal outcome

Soto, L.M.; Ramos, J.; Galarraga, F., 2001:
The effect of microbial association in the biodesulfurization of Dibenzothiophene and Thianthrene mixture

Aydin, S.; Kilic, N.; Erman, F.; Halifeoglu, I., 2003:
The effect of microbial hemoglobin in acetoin and butanediol production

Manginelli, S.; Magalhaes, V.J.; Meyer, P.M.; Rodrigues, P.H.M., 2002:
The effect of microbial inoculation of alfalfa haylage on ruminal and total digestibility in dry cows

Duncan, R.W.; Fernando, W.G.D.; Rashid, K.Y., 2002:
The effect of microbial interactions on sclerotia viability

Keshavarz, K., 1999:
The effect of microbial phytase in reducing the available phosphorus requirement of laying hens

Torday, J.S.; Sun, H.; Wang, L., 2000:
The effect of microgravity on parathyroid hormone-related protein expression by bone and lung epithelial cells

Mookherjee, B.D.; Patel, S.; Zhou, W., 2002:
The effect of microgravity on the fragrance of a miniature rose, Overnight scentsation on space shuttle

Kitazawa, C.; Amemiya, S., 2000:
The effect of micromeres on establishment of left-right asymmetry in formation of adult rudiment in sea urchin larvae

Bel'kova, N.; Tazaki, K.; Parfenova, V.; Zakharova, J.; Okrugin, V., 2003:
The effect of microorganisms on Fe-As precipitation in hot spring biomats at circumneutral pH

Gardner, J.L.; Lisberger, S.G., 2001:
The effect of microstimulation evoked saccades on target selection for smooth pursuit eye movements

Cayan, S.; Kadioglu, A.; Tefekli, A.; Erdemir, F.; Erol, B., 1999:
The effect of microsurgical inguinal varicocelectomy in men with severe oligoasthenozoospermia

Zhang, D.; Jin, N.; Rhoades, R.A.; Yancey, K.W.; Swartz, D.R., 2000:
The effect of microtubule depolymerization on vascular smooth muscle isometric contraction

Dong, C.; Zhu, S.; Alvarez, R.J.; Goldschmidt Clermont, P.J., 2000:
The effect of microtubule dynamic instability on TGFbeta-induced MCP-1 synthesis

Choi, C.H.a; Cha, S.H.on; Park, D.J.ne; Song, G.S.ng; Lee, Y.W.o, 2001:
The effect of microvascular decompression in trigeminal neuralgia and hemifacial spasm

Tahk, S.J.a; Yoon, M.H.; Choi, S.Y.on; Choi, T.Y.ung; Zheng, Z.G.o; Lian, Z.X.n; Hwang, G.S.ung; Shin, J.H.n; Chang, H.J.e; Choi, B.I.W., 2003:
The effect of microvascular dysfunction on the relationship between fractional flow reserve and anatomic stenosis severity

Xu, L.J.; Jen, P.H.; Lu, Y., 2000:
The effect of middle ear destruction on postnatal development of auditory response properties in mouse inferior collicular neurons

Petruk, A.; Korver, D.R.; Renema, R.A.; Zuidhof, M.J., 2001:
The effect of midnight feeding on feed consumption and eggshell quality in commercial laying hens

Nucatola, D.L.; Li, A.; Nicosia, A.F.; Felix, J.C.; Jain, J.K., 2003:
The effect of mifepristone on estrogen receptors following treatment with medroxyprogesterone acetate in cultured human endometrial explants

Leonard, J.B.K.; Mccormick, S.D., 1999:
The effect of migration distance and timing on metabolic enzyme activity in an anadromous clupeid, the American shad

Li, F.; Cai, H.; Tan, X.; Cheng, Z.; Guo, Q., 1999:
The effect of mild hypothermia on the expression of HSP70 in cortex and hippocampas formation after global ischemia and reperfusion in dogs

Zeiner, A.; Sunder-Plassmann, G.; Sterz, F.; Holzer, M.; Losert, H.; Laggner, A.N.; Müllner, M., 2004:
The effect of mild therapeutic hypothermia on renal function after cardiopulmonary resuscitation in men

Voita, D.; Bojare, D.; Skarda, I.; Kukulis, I., 2004:
The effect of mildronate on autonomic nervous system function in patients with heart failure

Ghatge, K.; Russell, J.; Cadogan, J.; Lambert, H.; Barker, M.E.; Eastell, R., 2002:
The effect of milk and calcium on the age at menarche

Masuda, T.; Yamasaki, H.R.; Tokai, M.; Abe, S.; Suzuki, K.; Morichi, T., 2000:
The effect of milk ingredients on acid producing activity of a concentrated freeze-dried yoghurt culture

Gaddamu, S.; Slaughter, N.; Adhikari, K.; Gruen, I., 2002:
The effect of milkfat on the sensory threshold of three impact odorants of strawberry flavor

Cruywagen, C.W.; Bunge, G.; Goosen, L., 2003:
The effect of milling on physical material lost through dacron bags of 53 micron pore size

Djuki, D.; Mandi, L., 2002:
The effect of mineral and biological nitrogen on microbiological traits of smonitza and maize yield

Lai, W.W.; Goins, K.M.; Yeh, P.C., 2000:
The effect of minoxidil on posterior capsule opacification after phacoemulsification

Schwertfeger, N.; Neu, P.; Heuser, I., 2003:
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