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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 35901

Chapter 35901 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

WuJuan; TangDeShan, 2010:
The influence of water conveyances on restoration of vegetation to the lower reaches of Tarim River

Chilmonik, E.; Filek, W.; Koscielniak, J., 2001:
The influence of water flooding on the growth and on the photosynthetic apparatus of Field bean plants

Kanoshina, I.; Lips, U.; Leppanen, J.M.rkku, 2003:
The influence of weather conditions on cyanobacterial bloom development in the Gulf of Finland

Egli, M.; Sartori, G.; Mirabella, A.; Giaccai, D.; Favilli, F.; Scherrer, D.; Krebs, R.; Delbos, E., 2010:
The influence of weathering and organic matter on heavy metals lability in silicatic, Alpine soils

Daroszewski, J.; Krzyzanowska, B.; Bolanowski, M.; Zatonska, K.; Millewicz, A., 2001:
The influence of weight reduction on tumour necrosis factor alpha system in obese subjects

Slowik Zylka, D.; Safranow, K.; Ciechanowski, K.; Bukowska, H.; Herdzik, E., 2002:
The influence of weight, height and BMI on plasma pentosidine concentration in patients treated with hemodialysis

Dissing, D.; Chambers, S.; Verbyla, D.L.; Yarie, J., 2002:
The influence of wildfire burn scars on local convective activity in the Alaska boreal forest

Zerba, E.; Dana, A.N.; Lucia, M.A., 1999:
The influence of wind and locomotor activity on surface temperature and energy expenditure of the Eastern house finch during cold stress

Birch, J.M.; Dickinson, M.D., 2001:
The influence of wing-wake interactions on aerodynamic force generation in insects

Huebner, W.; Blume, A.; Pushnjokova, R.; Dekhtyar, Y.; Hein, H.J., 2003:
The influence of x-ray radiation on the mineral/organic matrix interaction of bone tissue An FT-IR microscopic investigation

Brines, E.K.; Watzin, M.C.; Shambaugh, A.D., 2003:
The influence of zebra mussels, Dreissena polymorpha, and zooplankton on a plankton community of Lake Champlain

Kaminska, T.; Marzena, S.; Wieczorek, P.; Tustanowska, A.; Slotwinska, M.; Paduch, R.; Kandefer Szerszen, M.; Zdzisinska, B.; Wojciech, R., 2000:
The influence of zinc and selenium on cytokine production by in vitro stimulated cord and adult blood cells

Fanzo, J.C.; Reaves, S.K.; Zhu, L.; Ciu, L.B.; Lei, K.Y., 2000:
The influence of zinc status on the expression of human p53 tumor suppressor gene and p53-regulated genes involved in apoptosis

Loos, R.J.F.; Beunen, G.; Fagard, R.; Derom, C.; Vlietinck, R., 2001:
The influence of zygosity and chorion type on fat distribution in young adult twins Consequences for genetic twin methodology

Kosaka, M.; Morita, K.; Doi, Y.; Kusume, Y.; Hirakawa, M., 1999:
The influence on awakening time caused by the bispectral index guided infusion of propofol during cardiopulmonary bypass

Turrentine, L.A.; Wallander, J.L.; Roth, D.L.; Bode, B.W.; Trippe, B.S.; Bell, D.S., 2001:
The influence on quality of life of continuous subcutaneous insulin infusion therapy

Satofuka, S.; Ohde, H.; Kimura, I.; Betsuin, Y.; Kurobe, Y.; Haruta, Y.; Mashima, Y.; Oguchi, Y., 2000:
The influence on the flash VEF by the background luminance

Macewko, N.; Angliss, G.A.; Jones, E.F.; Govoni, K.E.; Loughlin, M.F.; Cissel, D.; Zinn, S.A.; Schreiber, D.; Hoagland, T.A., 2002:
The influence pre-calving Somatotropin treatment on the quantity and quality of colostrum in beef cattle

Dzutseva, E.I.; Kulagin, V.I.; Burova, C.A.; Davydova, T.V.; Zubrikhina, G.N.; Gorozhanskaya, E.G., 2003:
The influence produced by diquertin on the intensity of lipid peroxidation in patients with diabetes mellitus in the treatment of nail mycosis

Kostyushov, V.V., 2003:
The influence produced by the HIV-antigen glycoproteins and by opiates on the parameters of the thiol-dependent mechanism within the biochemical phase of the interaction between the blood-serum proteins of donors and the urea

Ada, A.O.; Yilmazer Musa, M.; Suzen, S.; Demiroglu, C.; Demirbag, A.E.; Efe, S.; Alemdar, Y.; Burgaz, S.; Iscan, M., 2003:
The influences of CYP1A1, GSTM1, and GSTT1 polymorphysms on urynary 1-hydroxypyrene levels after PAH exposure

Porath, A.J.; Fried, P.A., 2003:
The influences of adolescents attitudes and peers on their initiation and cessation of cigarette smoking and marijuana use

Mcfall Ngai, M.J., 2001:
The influences of bacteria on postembryonic animal development

Polk, J.D., 2001:
The influences of body size and body proportions on locomotor performances in primates

Liu, G.; Zhang, S.; He, J.; Liu, N.; Gupta, S.; Rusckowski, M.; Hnatowich, D.J., 2002:
The influences of chain length and base sequence on the pharmacokinetic behavior of 99mTc labeled morpholinos in mice

Nakashima, M.; Sugiyma, M.; Atomi, Y.; Abe, N.; Mori, T.; Mogi, M., 2000 :
The influences of chronic inflammatory changes on the progression of acute panctreatitis

Panait, M.L.C.; Ursea, N.; Dolganiuc, A.; Olinescu, A., 2000:
The influences of dialysis method on phagocytic functions of circulating monocytes

Wu, H.; Duan, Y.; Chen, L.; Liu, W., 2002:
The influences of different soybean cultivars on the dynamics of Heterodera glycines race 3

Zhang, Yu; Baker, Angela, M.; Wilson, William, G., 2003:
The influences of ecological processes on stigma-height dimorphic species

Yang, K.H.ng; Franaszczuk, P.J.; Bergey, G.K., 2002:
The influences of gamma-aminobutyric acid types A and B inhibition in bursting activity in a model of pyramidal cells

Yumoto, C.; Chiodo, L.; Butler, C.; Jester, J.; Muzik, M.; Sokol, R.J.; Jacobson, S.W.; Jacobson, J.L., 2001:
The influences of gender and socioenvironmental moderating variables on the impact of prenatal alcohol exposure on child aggressive behavior

Kim, B.T.; Mosekilde, L.; Zhang, X.Z.; Tornvig, L.; Thomsen, J.S.; Seeman, E., 2000:
The influences of growth hormone and gonadal hormone on radial bone growth, cortical thickness, and bone strength

Pieczynska, Ewa, 2002:
The influences of herbivorous invertebrates on submerged macrophytes

Uchida, S.; Takai, N.; Hashimoto, H.; Furuse, H.; Kageyama, S.; Ushiyama, T.; Suzuki, K.; Ozono, S.; Yamada, H.; Watanabe, H.; Ohashi, K., 2004:
The influences of human MDR1 gene polymorphisms on pharmacokinetics of tacrolimus in renal transplant recipients

He, Y-Ling.; Seno, H.; Sasaki, K.; Tashiro, C., 2002:
The influences of maternal albumin concentrations on the placental transfer of propofol in human dually perfused cotyledon in vitro

James, D.N.cole; Johnson, A., 2002:
The influences of parental weight/height status and physical activity on the weight/height status of their children

Matthews,A.; Spooner,P.G.; Lunney,D.; Green,K.; Klomp,N.I., 2010:
The influences of snow cover, vegetation and topography on the upper range limit of common wombats Vombatus ursinus in the subalpine zone, Australia

Saito, N.; Saito, S.; Yamaguchi, A.; Sakai, K.; Yamana, M.; Ootsuji, F.; Kannagi, T.; Sayama, H., 2000:
The influencing factors on blood sugar and insulin levels in OGTT

Schweiger, B.; Heckler, R.; Uphoff, H., 2001:
The influenza season 2000/2001 in Germany

Neumann, E.K.; Schachter, V., 2008:
The informatics for making sense of the genome: a progress report from the BioPathways Consortium

Van Der Molen, B., 2001:
The information and support needs of people living with cancer in South West London

Goel, Anita, 2001:
The information content of single molecule experiments

Davies, S.J.; Pugsley, L.; Iredale, R.; Gray, J., 2003:
The information general practitioners need to access cancer genetic services appropriately Do the cancer genetic services currently provide it?

Dryden, H., 1999:
The information needs of women contemplating breast reconstruction after a diagnosis of breast cancer A pilot study

Butts, D.A.; Shatz, C.J.; Rokhsar, D.S., 2000:
The information present in spontaneous retinal waves constrains activity-dependent developmental processes in the lateral geniculate nucleus that use this activity

Zuo, W.; Guo, H.; Shen, Z., 2000:
The information processing in face discrimination in macaque monkeys

Protsenko, V.D.; Vavilov, A., S.; Loukianova, E., 2000:
The informational model of the structure changes in lymphocyte nucleus in case of skin lymphoma

Iconomou, G.; Viha, A.; Koutras, A.; Vagenakis, A.G.; Kalofonos, H.P., 2001:
The informational needs of Greek cancer patients receiving chemotherapy

Szumacher, E.; Franssen, E.; Danjoux, C.; Hayter, C., 2003:
The informational needs of the multidisciplinary audience attending monthly radiation oncology palliative care rounds at the Toronto Sunnybrook Regional Cancer Centre Needs assessment

Stratulat, P.; Sacara, V.C., 2002:
The informative analysis and prenatal diagnosis in the families with Duchenne muscular dystrophy in Moldova

Barth, Andreas, 2000:
The infrared absorption of amino acid side chains

Kessler, M.F., 2001:
The infrared space observatory and its key findings

Knezevic, N.; Dragovic, G.; Beljic, T., 2003:
The infuence of hormone replacement therapy on bone mineral density and risk factors for occurence of osteoporosis

Taylor, P.A.; Lees, C.J.; Blazar, B.R., 2002 :
The infusion of ex vivo activated and expanded CD4+CD25+ immune regulatory cells inhibits graft-vs-host disease lethality

Ganellin, C.Robin, 2001:
The ingenuity of medicinal chemists in a century of progress for central nervous system medicaments

Ushimaru, M.; Fukushima, Y., 2003:
The inherent energy in SR Ca2+-ATPase is convertible into chemical work

Laws, E.R.; Shaffrey, M.E., 1999:
The inherent invasiveness of cerebral gliomas: implications for clinical management

Bree, M.; Mycek, M.A., 1999:
The inherent optical properties of human bronchial epithelial cells in suspension

Seeley, M.Z.; Fakhry, C.A.; Crowe, S.; Lichterman, S.; Traboulsi, E.I., 1999:
The inheritance of accommodative esotropia

Fukao, T.; Yamasue, Y.; Inoue, M.; Kennedy, R.A.; Rumpho, M.E., 2001:
The inheritance of alcohol dehydrogenase isozymes in seeds of hexaploid Echinochloa crus-galli Beauv

Andres, J.A.; Cordero, A., 1999:
The inheritance of female colour morphs in the damselfly Ceriagrion tenellum

Khanlou, N.; Gatti, R.A., 1999:
The inheritance of missense mutations in Ataxia-Telangiectasia families

Chinnery, P.F.; Thorburn, D.R.; Samuels, D.C.; White, S.L.; Dahl, H.M.; Turnbull, D.M.; Lightowlers, R.N.; Howell, N., 2000:
The inheritance of mitochondrial DNA heteroplasmy: random drift, selection or both?

Walmsley, K.; Coleman, J.A.; Goldstein, M., 2001:
The inheritance of varicocele

Barwell, J.; Shah, R.; Ward, V.; Gleeson, M.; Hodgson, S.V., 2002:
The inherited aspects and implications for management of paragangliomas

Kullmann, D.M.; Rea, R.; Spauschus, A.; Jouvenceau, A., 2001:
The inherited episodic ataxias: how well do we understand the disease mechanisms?

Ying Ming Zhong; L.X.ao Ying; Zhao Bao Lu; Zhang, D.L.ang, 2001:
The inhibation of production of nitric oxide has a protective role on myocardial stunning

Tesone, M.; Vitale, A.; Campo, S.; Lancuba, S., 2001:
The inhibin produced by human granulosa cells may act as an autocrine/paracrine factor regulating the mechanism of follicular selection

Schmitt, J.F.; Millar, D.; Niclasen, P.; Wang, H.; Pedersen, J.; Venter, D.; Molloy, P.; Risbridger, G.P., 2001:
The inhibin-alpha subunit, LOH at 2q33 and hypermethylation of the gene in prostate cancer

Burger, H.G.; Fuller, P.J.; Chu, S.; Mamers, P.; Drummond, A.; Susil, B.; Neva, P.; Robertson, D.M., 2001:
The inhibins and ovarian cancer

Burger, H.G., 2000:
The inhibins as markers of gonadal function

Bitar, A.; Deluca, J.; O'sullivan, M.C., 2002:
The inhibiting effects of N,N,N,N-tetra substituted polyamine derivatives on Trypanosoma cruzi trypanothione reductase

Kobaslija, M.; O'sullivan, M., 2002:
The inhibiting effects of N- and N- substituted polyamine derivatives on trypanothione reductase and glutathione reductase

Chen, L.M.ng; Li, X.W.ng, 2001:
The inhibition effect of lovastatin in activation of NF-kappaB in cultured HKC with high glucose and LDL

Kamanyi, A.; Salah, A.M.; Wagner, H.; Dongmo, A.B.; Vierling, W., 2000:
The inhibition of Angiotensin Converting Enzyme activity by some extracts of the leaves of Ruellia praetermissa Schering ex - Lindan

Sideris, S.; Ruppert, J.; Qiu, X.; O'donnell, K.; Elrod, K.C., 1999:
The inhibition of CMV assemblin by zinc

Green, M.R.mond; Thomas, R.; Thekkumkattil, J., 2002:
The inhibition of DES-induced DNA adducts by diallyl sulfide

Zeytinoglu, H.; Incesu, Z.; Baser, K.H.snu Can, 2000:
The inhibition of DNA synthesis by carvacrol in mouse myoblast cells bearing a human N-ras oncogene

Vassanelli, C.; Gilodi, R.; Paffoni, P.; Bagnati, M.; Perugini, C.; Bellomo, G., 2000:
The inhibition of LDL oxidation by HDL is not related to their antioxidant content or paraoxonase activity

Gustafson, D.L.; Rastatter, J.C.; Parpal, J.M.; Kerzic, P.J.; Long, M.E.; Siegel, D.; Ross, D., 2001:
The inhibition of NAD Hquinone oxidoreductase 1 by mitomycin C and ES936 in mice

Stains, J.P.; Gay, C.V., 1999:
The inhibition of Na+/Ca2+ exchanger impacts mineral deposition in osteoblast cultures

Tudan, C.; Jackson, J.K.; Pelech, S.L.; Burt, H.M., 2000:
The inhibition of TNF-alpha induced neutrophil apoptosis by crystals of calcium pyrophosphate dihydrate is mediated by the ERK and PI-3 kinase/Akt pathways up stream of caspase 3

Heuser, M.; Hemmerlein, B.; Zoeller, G.; Seseke, F.; Ringert, R.H., 2003:
The inhibition of angiogenesis and microcirculation in renal cell carcinoma spheroids by gastrin releasing peptide receptor antagonism depends on the time of treatment initiation

Ekedahl, J.K.J.; Joseph, B.; Lewensohn, R.; Zhivotovsky, B., 2000:
The inhibition of apoptosis is downstream of cytochrome C release and caspase activation in non small cell lung carcinoma

Zabalza, A.; Gaston, S.; Royuela, M., 2001:
The inhibition of assimilate translocation produced by chlorsulfuron and imazethapyr herbicides is due to a decrease in sink strength

Alvaro, R.; Hasan, S.; Chemtob, S.; Qurashi, M.; A.S.if, S.; Rigatto, H., 2002:
The inhibition of breathing observed with a placental extract in fetal sheep is due to prostaglandin

Alvaro, R.; Shiu, R.; Shepel, N.; Idiong, N.; Rigatto, H., 1999:
The inhibition of breathing observed with a placental extract in fetal sheep is not due to known respiratory inhibitors

Song, J.H.; Wang, W.; Shin, S.H.; Ross, G.M., 1999:
The inhibition of catecholamine-absorbing proteins prevents dopamine-induced apoptosis of PC12 cells

Murakami, H.; Tsushima, S.; Akimoto, T.; Shishido, Y., 1999:
The inhibition of clubroot disease of Chinese cabbage by initial planting leafy daikon

Hsieh, J.T.ong; Yang, L.; Pong, R.C.en; Saboorian, H.; Sagalowsky, A.I., 2003:
The inhibition of cyclooxygenase-2 expression by coxsackie and adenovirus receptor in bladder cancer

Pagliaro, P.; Paolocci, N.; Rastaldo, R.; Penna, C.; Gattullo, D.; Linden, R.J.; Losano, G., 1999:
The inhibition of cytochrome P-450 reduces acetylcholine-induced depression in contractility of the rat heart

Obara, Y., 2001:
The inhibition of epithelial cell proliferation and differentiation

Choi, K.S.l; Fitzpatrick, S.L.; Filipenko, N.R.; Fogg, D.K.; Kassam, G.; Magliocco, A.M.; Waisman, D.M., 2000:
The inhibition of fibrinolysis by annexin II heterotetramer

Kuriyama, H.; Yount, G.L.; Kuriyama, N.; Israel, M.A., 1999:
The inhibition of gamma-radiation induced apoptosis in astrocytoma-derived cell lines is associated with a failure of ceramide synthesis and Fas-mediated apoptosis

Peters, M.G.selle; Farias, E.; Puricelli, L.; Filmus, J.; D.K.er Joffe, E.B.l, 2003:
The inhibition of glypican 3 on the malignant progression of tumor murine mammary cells it is associated to the modulation of their adhesive properties

Newsome, P.; Nelson, L.; Ansell, I.; Ross, J.; Hayes, P.C.; Plevris, J.N., 2000:
The inhibition of growth due to fulminant hepatic failure serum is not due to increased apoptosis/necrosis

Shamtsyan, M.; Komolov, A.; Zolnikova, N., 2003:
The inhibition of growth of various human and phythopathogenic fungi by tea extracts in vitro

Lake Bakaar, G.V.; Halai, A.; Ruffini, L., 2000:
The inhibition of hepatitis C virus replication by interferon-A is not mediated by nitric oxide generation in man

Khwaja, A.; Monia, B.P.; Kloog, Y.; Hendry, B.M., 2001:
The inhibition of human mesangial cell proliferation in vitro by targeting Ras GTPases

Cavicchi, M.; Lamarque, D.; Whittle, B.J.R., 1999:
The inhibition of iNOS by corticosteroids is dependent on differentiation in the human intestinal epithelial cell line Caco-2

Dan, K.; Muraki, T.; Miyashita, K.; Watanabe, K.; Yamase, T., 2004:
The inhibition of interaction between HSV envelope protein, gD and cofactors at the step of viral entry by heteropolyoxotungstate,

Kawasaki, I.; Tahara, H.; Koyama, H.; Emoto, M.; Nishizawa, Y., 2001:
The inhibition of lipocortin-1 expression by troglitazone

Kelly, A.; Lynch, M.A., 2000:
The inhibition of long-term potentiation in dentate gyrus by interleukin-1beta is coupled with changes in entorhinal cortex

Buratti, F.M.; Testai, E., 2003:
The inhibition of malathion detoxication by isomalathion and other OPTs in human liver microsomes

Bigg, H.F.; Rowan, A.D., 2001:
The inhibition of metalloproteinases as a therapeutic target in rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis

Buck, C.; More, I.; Mahendra, V., 2002:
The inhibition of nephrocalcinosis in an animal model with the lipido-sterolic extract of Serenoa repens, Permixon

Linehan, J.D.; Kolios, G.; Robertson, D.A.; Westwick, J., 2000:
The inhibition of nitric oxide production in patients with colitis by anti-inflammatory cytokines and steroids is due to reduced transcription of iNOS

Humphrey, E.L.; Smith, H.L.; Williams, J.H.H.; Marshall, M.J., 2003:
The inhibition of osteoprotegerin production in human osteoblastic cells by three glucocorticoid analogues

Saurin, A.T.; Foley, C.A.; Mockridge, J.; Heads, R.J.; Marber, M.S., 1999:
The inhibition of p38alpha during index ischaemia may underlay ischaemic preconditioning

Fellah, A.M.; Gillespie, T.; Philipps, A.F.; Galo, J.R.; Dvorak, B., 2000:
The inhibition of pancreatic proteases by rat milk

Sanchez, S.; Sayas, C.L.; Lim, F.; Diaz Nido, J.; Avila, J.; Wandosell, F., 2000:
The inhibition of phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase induce neurite retraction and activate GSK3

Gross, M.D.; Chau, A.; Thyagarajan, B.; Hayes, J.H., 2003:
The inhibition of platelet activation by flavonoid metabolites

Gross, M.; Jacobs, D.; Dandelet, L.; Wessman, J.; Hayes, J.; Key, N., 1999:
The inhibition of platelet aggregation in human subjects consuming grape juice

Wilson, S.H.; Davis, M.I.; Grant, M.B., 2001:
The inhibition of proliferation, adhesion and chemotaxis by somatostatin receptor type 2 and 3 agonists in human retinal endothelial cells

Borowski, P.; Hartjen, P., 2003:
The inhibition of protein kinase C by hepatitis C Virus non-structural protein 3 depends on its conformational status

Gerchikov, A.Y.; Garifullina, G.G.; Sultanaeva, I.V.; Krivonogov, V.P.; Mustafin, A.G.; Abdrakhmanov, I.B., 2000:
The inhibition of radical chain oxidation of isopropyl alcohol by the additives of some uracils

Daudu, P.A.; Rozanov, C.; Roy, A.; Mokashi, A.; Lahiri, S., 2000:
The inhibition of reactive oxygen species formation by desferrioxamine and its possible role in chemosensory activity of rat carotid body

Rajendram, R.; Marway, J.S.; Preedy, V.R.; Peters, T.J., 2001:
The inhibition of skeletal muscle protein synthesis induced by acute ethanol is ameliorated by endotoxaemia

Strohm, C.; Barancik, M.; Kilian, S.A.R.; Schaper, W., 1999:
The inhibition of the extracellular-regulated kinases by PD 098059 creates a complete cancellation of the ischaemic preconditioning-induced cardiac protection

Abraham, G.; Legrady, P., 2003:
The inhibition of the renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system and its therapeutical consequences

Brutkiewicz, S.A.; Ditty, S.M.; Callot, C.; Allison, B.M.; Goebl, M.G.; Harrington, M.A.; Hurteau, J.A., 2002:
The inhibition of tumor cell growth by the overexpression of wild-type or mutant p57Kip2

Grappone, C.; Pellegrini, G.; Fibbi, G.; Pucci, M.; Salzano, R.; Caligiuri, A.; Pinzani, M.; Casini, A.; Del Rosso, M.; Milani, S., 1999:
The inhibition of urokinase-type plasminogen activator and its receptor abolishes the mitogenic and chemoinvasive activity of PDGF and BFGF on human hepatic stellate cells

Cleren, C.; Naudin, B.; Morain, P.; Costentin, J., 2001:
The inhibition of vesicular monoamine transporter 2 partially reduces the toxicity of 6-hydroxydopamine on nigro-striatal dopamine neurons

Hong, H.; Chen, J.; Lin, L.; Chen, L.; Jiang, Q., 2003:
The inhibitive proliferation effect of spironolactone on cultured cardiac myofibroblasts

Beardsmore, D.M.; Verbeke, C.; Sarela, A.I.; Li, A.G.K.; Davies, C.L.; Guillou, P.J.; Clark, G.W.B., 2001:
The inhibitor of apoptosis gene Survivin is upregulated in oesophageal cancer

Kruse, M.; Rosorius, O.; Kraetzer, F.; Bevec, D.; Kuhnt, C.; Hauber, J.; Steinkasserer, A.; Schuler, G., 2000:
The inhibitor of hypusine formation, GC7, selectively inhibits CD83 expression of mature dendritic cells and affects their T cell stimulatory function

Sobolevsky, A.I.; Khodorov, B.I., 1999:
The inhibitor of the plasma membrane Na+-Ca2+ exchanger KB-R7943 effectively blocks NMDA channels in rat hippocampal neurones

Cakulev, I.T.; Abdellatif, M.; Schneider, M.D., 2000:
The inhibitor-of-apoptosis proteins XIAP and NAIP protect cardiac myocytes from diverse apoptotic signals

Farrell, N.; Watson, W.; Shine, S.; Fitzpatrick, J., 2004:
The inhibitors of apoptosis characterise basal and secretory prostatic epithelial cells

Kruithof, E.K.O., 2001:
The inhibitors of the fibrinolytic system

Clatworthy, M.R.C.; Pritchard, N.R.; Smith, K.G.C., 2003:
The inhibitory Fc receptor FcgammaRIIb, infection, and the evolution of autoimmunity

Ward, C.R.; Achenbach, S.E.; Peterson, M.E., 2001:
The inhibitory G protein, Gi2, shows decreased expression in adenomatous thyroid tissue from hyperthyroid cats

Bektic, J.; Pfeil, K.; Berger, A.P.; Ramoner, R.; Rogatsch, H.; Schafer, G.; Kofler, K.; Bartsch, G.; Klocker, H., 2004:
The inhibitory G-protein RhoE is underexpressed in prostate cancer and induces cell cycle arrest and apoptosis

Sternini, C.; Pham, T.; Minnis, J.; Wong, H.; Spelta, V.; Fiori, E.; D'agostino, G.; Walsh, J.H.; Brecha, N.C.; Tonini, M., 1999:
The inhibitory action of galanin on myenteric cholinergic neurons is partly mediated by Galanin-1 receptors

John, C.D.; Morris, J.F.; Flower, R.J.; Solito, E.; Buckingham, J.C., 2000:
The inhibitory actions of annexin 1 on anterior pituitary function require tyrosine-21 and sequences between residues 44-188

Ayar, A.; Kutlu, S.; Yilmaz, B.; Kelestimur, H., 2000:
The inhibitory actions of melatonin on oxytocin-induced contractions in the rat myometrium

Funasaka, Y.; Ichihashi, M., 1999:
The inhibitory effect of 01alpha-tocopheryl ferulate on melanogenesis

Mohammad,P.; Nosratollah,Z.; Mohammad,R.; Abbas,A.; Javad,R., 2010:
The inhibitory effect of Curcuma longa extract on telomerase activity in A549 lung cancer cell line

Watanabe, H.; Dong, E.; Matsumoto, K., 1999:
The inhibitory effect of Diazepam Binding Inhibitor on sera testosterone and estradiol contents in male and female mice

Wu, D.Y.; Chamberlain, E.G.; Grinman, L.; Chapman, P.B., 2003:
The inhibitory effect of GD3 on lymphocyte activation is independent on NKT cell recognition of ganglioside on CD1+ antigen presenting cells

Matzinger, D.; Degen, L.; Knupp, M.; Beglinger, C., 2000:
The inhibitory effect of GLP-1 on food intake is augmented by gastric distension in healthy human subjects

Schape, F.; Bode, J.G.; Fischer, R.; Hdussinger, D.; Graeve, L.; Heinrich, P.C., 2001:
The inhibitory effect of IL-10 on IL-6 induced OC2-macroglobulin expression is due to activation on NF-KB

Kameritsch, P.; Pohl, U., 2002:
The inhibitory effect of NO on gap junction coupling is specifically related to connexin 37

Figueiredo,N.L.; Aguiar,S.R.M.M.de; Fale,P.L.; Ascensao,L.; Serralheiro,M.L.M.; Lino,A.R.L., 2010:
The inhibitory effect of Plectranthus barbatus and Plectranthus ecklonii leaves on the viability, glucosyltransferase activity and biofilm formation of Streptococcus sobrinus and Streptococcus mutans

Aoki, K.; Saito, H.; Kojima, T.; Murali, R.; Greene, M.I.; Horne, W.C.; Baron, R.; Ohya, K., 2003:
The inhibitory effect of a TNF-alpha receptor peptidomimetic on bone resorption

Wu, Q.; Chen, Y.Q.; Chen, Z.M.; Su, W.J., 1999:
The inhibitory effect of all-trans retinoic acid on the metastasis of gastric cancer cells in vivo and in vitro

Funasaka, Y.; Ichihashi, M., 1999:
The inhibitory effect of alpha-tocopheryl ferulate on UV-induced melanogenesis

Koo, J.; Kong, D.; Park, M.; Park, S.; Chung, K.; Park, K., 2000:
The inhibitory effect of amiloride on the growth of human stomach cancer cells in vitro

Hachiya, A.; Kobayashi, A.; Ohuchi, A.; Kitahara, T.; Takema, Y., 2002:
The inhibitory effect of an extract of clove Merr et Perry on ultraviolet B-induced pigmentation via inhibition of stem cell factor/c-kit signaling

Iwase, M.; Kurata, N.; Nishimura, Y.; Yasuhara, H., 2003:
The inhibitory effect of antidepressants on CYP enzyme activity in human liver microsome

Haile, T.; Nakhla, G., 2010:
The inhibitory effect of antimicrobial zeolite on the biofilm of Acidithiobacillus thiooxidans

Gonalves, P.B.; Emanuelli, I.P.; Costa, L.F.; Emanuelli, M.P.; Oliveira, J.F.; Neves, J.P.; Bortolotto, E.B., 2001:
The inhibitory effect of bovine follicular fluid on in vitro oocyte nuclear maturation depends on the follicular size

Kageyama-Yahara, N.; Wang, P.; Wang, X.; Yamamoto, T.; Kadowaki, M., 2010:
The inhibitory effect of ergosterol, a bioactive constituent of a traditional Japanese herbal medicine saireito on the activity of mucosal-type mast cells

Saniewska, A.; Budzianowski, J., 2001:
The inhibitory effect of fractions containing red pigment formed due to mechanical damage of Hippeastrum X hybr hort scales on growth and development of formae speciales of Fusarium oxysporum

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