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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 35962

Chapter 35962 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Martinez Alfaro, E.; D.A.riba, J.J.; Mateos, F.; Blanch, J.J.; Barbera, J.; Cebrian, D.; Marcos, F.; Geijo, P.; Cuadra, F.; Sanz, J.; Beato, J.L.; Solera, J.; Solera, J., 2000:
Tolerance, efficacy and adherence of four regimens of antiretroviral therapy

Nitsche, J.F.; Pintar, J.E., 2002:
Tolerance, hyperalgesia, and dependence in 129s6 mice

Tucker, J.; Radmacher, P.G.; Rafail, S.T.; Adamkin, D.H., 1999:
Tolerance, nutrient intakes and growth in preterm infants 750-1800 grams birth weight receiving human milk or preterm formula

Tucker, J.; Radmacher, P.; Rafail, S.; Adamkin, D., 1999:
Tolerance, nutrient intakes and growth preterm infants 750-1800 grams birth weight receiving human milk or preterm formula

Aït-Azzouzene, D.; Skog, P.; Retter, M.; Kouskoff, V.; Hertz, M.; Lang, J.; Kench, J.; Chumley, M.; Melamed, D.; Sudaria, J.; Gavin, A.; Martensson, A.; Verkoczy, L.; Duong, B.; Vela, Jé.; Nemazee, D.; Alfonso, C., 2004:
Tolerance-induced receptor selection: scope, sensitivity, locus specificity, and relationship to lymphocyte-positive selection

Lloyd, K.; Edgcomb, V.; Boer, S.; Molyneaux, S.; Atkins, M.; Wirsen, C.; Teske, A., 2002:
Tolerances of hydrothermal vent archaea to deep subsurface conditions

Yamaguchi, Yukiko; Yamamoto, Yoko; Tanaka, Hiroaki; Matsumoto, Hideaki, 2001:
Tolerant mechanisms to the peroxidation of lipids in an aluminum-tolerant tobacco cell line Glutathione peroxidase and glutathione-S-transferase

Mariau, D.; Decazy, B.; Nguyen Ban, J., 1999:
Tolerant plant material

Carbucicchio, C.C.C.rrado; Tondo, C.; Bella, P.D.lla; Galimberti, P.; Bentivegna, S.; Fassini, G., 2000:
Tolerated and non-tolerated right ventricular tachycardia in patients with arrhythmogenic right ventricular dysplasia Which role for radiofrequency catheter ablation?

Kotanen, P.M.; Rosenthal, J.P., 2001:
Tolerating herbivory Does the plant care if the herbivore has a backbone?

Manavalan, J.S.; Ciubotariu, R.; Yuan, J.; Chang, C.C.; Cortesini, R.; Suciu Foca, N., 2002:
Tolerization of APC by CD8+ CD28- T suppressor cells involves the inhibitory receptors ILT3 and ILT4

Den Boer, A.T.; Diehl, L.; Van Mierlo, G.J.D.; Van Der Voort, E.I.H.; Fransen, M.; Melief, C.J.M.; Offringa, R.; Toes, R.E.M., 2000:
Tolerization of activated tumor-specific CTL as a consequence of antigen persistence after peptide vaccination

Yin, D.; Ma, L.; Chong, A., 2001:
Tolerizing anti-Gal IgG production with transient anti-CD40L mAb and intact active bone transplantation

Fontoura, P.P.; Garren, H.; Ruiz, P.J.; Steinman, L., 2002:
Tolerizing myelin DNA vaccination in the prevention of experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis Full-length versus minigene constructs

Fontoura, P.P.; Garren, H.; Ruiz, P.J.; Steinman, L., 2002:
Tolerizing myelin DNA vaccination reverses active experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis by deviation to the Th2 pathway

Zhang Hoover, J.; Finn, P.; Stein Streilein, J., 2004:
Tolerogenic APC suppress both Th1 and Th2 types of immune response-mediated pathogenesis in disease models

Wiegard, C.; Herkel, J.; Galle, P.R.; Schmitt, E.; Lohse, A.W., 2003:
Tolerogenic antigen presentation in the liver Antigen presenting hepatocytes re-differentiate dendritic cell-primed pro-inflammatory Th1 CD4 T cells to anti-inflammatory TH2 cells

Katagiri, K.; Arakawa, S.; Hatano, Y., 2004:
Tolerogenic antigen presenting cells inhibit Th2 dermatitis induced by epicutaneous sensitization with ovalbumin

Munn, D.H., 2002:
Tolerogenic antigen-presenting cells

Horna, P.; Cuenca, A.G.; Brayer, J.B.; Cheng, F.; Wang, H.; Suarez, I.V.; Levitsky, H.I.; Sotomayor, E.M., 2003:
Tolerogenic antigen-presenting cells determine the localization and anti-lymphoma effect of antigen-specific CD4+ T-cells

Cuenca, A.G.; Cheng,; Wang, H.W.i; Trindade, I.; Levitsky, H.I.; Sotomayor, E.M., 2001:
Tolerogenic antigen-presenting cells represents a critical barrier for T-cell adoptive immunotherapy of B-cell malignancies

Nayyar, A.; Gordon, J.R., 2004:
Tolerogenic bone marrow-derived dendritic cells modulate TH2 responses of pulmonary lymphocytes from mice with severe allergic lung disease

Adorini, L., 2003:
Tolerogenic dendritic cells induced by vitamin D receptor ligands enhance regulatory T cells inhibiting autoimmune diabetes

Berrens, L.; Gonzales Romano, M.L.ticia; Gallego Camara, M.T.resa, 2002:
Tolerogenic fragments of natural allergens

Kajino, K.; Nakamura, I.; Bamba, H.; Kajino, Y.; Ogasawara, K., 2003:
Tolerogenic phenotype after transient maturation of dendritic cells

Goodnow, C.C.rl; Jun, J.; Lesage, S.; Loy, A.; Miosge, L.; Papathanasiou, P.; Fahrer, A.; Martin, S.; Lixin, R.; D.V.nuesa, C.G.rcia; Glynne, R.; Nelms, K.; Hong, N., 2003:
Tolerogenic versus immunogenic signalling

Vasselon, T.; Detmers, P.A., 1999:
Toll Like Receptor 2 mediates activation of stress-activated MAP kinase by lipopolysaccharide and activation of NF-kappaB by osmotic shock

Haziot, A.; Detmers, P.A.; Charron, D.; Vasselon, T., 2004:
Toll Like Receptor 2 recognizes a bacterial lipopeptide through direct binding

Baumgarten, G.; Knuefermann, P.; Hoeft, A., 2002:
Toll like Receptor 4 Dependent Activity of Different Mitogen Activated Protein Kinases in a Model of Septical Cardiomyopathy

Pierik, M.; Vermeire, S.; E.H.usni, H.; Claessens, G.; Quertinmont, E.; Joossens, S.; Van Gossum, A.; Deviere, J.; Rutgeerts, P.; Franchimont, D., 2003:
Toll like receptor 4 asp299gly polymorphism is associated with ulcerative colitis

Li, Y.; Ji, A.; Schafer, M.K., 2002:
Toll like receptor 4 is expressed by peptidergic presumed nociceptive neurons in rat dorsal root ganglion

Petty, H.R.; Elner, V.M.; Elner, S.G.; Hughes, B.A.; Kindzelskii, A.L., 2003:
Toll like receptor 4 on rpe cells participates in transmembrane signaling in response to photoreceptor outer segments

Zhang, J.; Yu, F.S.X., 2003:
Toll like receptor 5 mediates epithelial inflammatory responses to flagellin

Shinoura, S.; Morimoto, Y.; Miyasou, H.; Choda, Y.; Iwagaki, H.; Tanaka, N., 2003:
Toll like receptor mediated liver injury in short bowel rat model

Hausmann, M.; Mestermann, S.; Spoettl, T.N.; Schoelmerich, J.; Andus, T.; Herfarth, H.; Falk, W.; Rogler, G., 2001:
Toll like receptors 2 and 4 are upregulated during intestinal inflammation

Hart, A.L.; A.H.ssi, H.O.; Kamm, M.A.; Knight, S.C.; Stagg, A.J., 2004:
Toll like receptors 2 and 4 are upregulated on human lamina propria dendritic cells in intestinal inflammation

Wagner, H., 2001:
Toll meets bacterial CpG-DNA

Vasselon, T.; Detmers, P.A., 2002:
Toll receptors: a central element in innate immune responses

Fusunyan, R.D.; Nanthakumar, N.N.; Walker, W.A.lan, 2000:
Toll receptors A novel mechanism for intestinal microbial-host interaction

Imler, J.L.; Hoffmann, J.A., 2002:
Toll receptors in Drosophila: a family of molecules regulating development and immunity

Stevens, D.L., 2002:
Toll receptors, CD14, MD-2 and NOD2: their role in health and acute and chronic infectious diseases

Wasserman, S.A., 2000:
Toll signaling: the enigma variations

Anderson, K.V., 2000:
Toll signaling pathways in the innate immune response

Panilaitis, B.; Glickstein, L.; Fuhrman, J.; Kaplan, D.L., 2003:
Toll-4 dependent adjuvant activity of emulsan

Lorenz, E.; Schneider, K.L.; Arbour, N.C.; Schwartz, D.A., 1999:
Toll-4 mutations D299G and P714H give reduced levels of NFkB activation in transfected CHO/CD14 cells

Vasselon, T.; Hanlon, W.A.; Wright, S.D.; Detmers, P.A., 2000:
Toll-Like Receptor 2 mediates activation of stress-activated MAP kinase p38 by lipopolysaccharide and activation of NF-kappaB by osmotic shock

Jorgenson, R.L.; Drumright, L.M.; Lyddon, T.D.; Young, S.L.; Misfeldt, M.L., 2004:
Toll-like Receptor 3 Stimulation Initiates Anti-viral Reponses by Endometrial Epithelial Cells

Equils, O.; Bafica, A.; Lu, D.; Baldwin, G., 2004:
Toll-like Receptor 4 Mediated Macrophage Tolerance Inhibits the HIV Replication

Kruse, F.E.; You, L., 2002:
Toll-like Receptor 4 Mediates Intracellular ASignals for Lipoteichoic Acid-induced Expression of CXC Chemokines in the Cornea

Murasaki, K.M.; Kawana, M.; Murasaki, S.; Ueno, A.; Higashitani, M.; Tanoue, K., 2002:
Toll-like Receptor-4 is upregulated by interferon-gamma and oxidized-LDL on human macrophages

Wietek, C.; Miggin, S.M.; O'neill, L.A.J., 2003:
Toll-like receptor -4 activates IRF-3 in a complex with the NF-kappaB subunit p65

Truog, W.E.; Rezaiekhaligh, M.; Zhang, M.; Ekekezie, I.I.; Norberg, M.; Thibeault, D.W., 2002:
Toll-like receptor -4 protein in neonatal porcine lung Suppression of oxygen-induced increase by concomitant exposure to nitric oxide

Chaffois, C.; Merck, E.; Gaillard, C.; Saulnier, V.; Trinchieri, G.; Bates, E.E.M., 2003:
Toll-like receptor 10 is expressed by human B cells and plasmacytoid DC, and has no functional equivalent in mouse

Su, B.; Huynh, H.; Ceponis, P.J.M.; Sherman, P.M., 2002:
Toll-like receptor 2 and 4 expression is increased in human gastric epithelial cells in response to Helicobacter pylori infection

Eicher, S.D.; Cheng, H.W., 2003:
Toll-like receptor 2 and acute phase cytokine responses by genetically selected chickens following an LPS challenge

Knapp, S.; Florquin, S.; Takeuchi, O.; Akira, S.; Van Der Poll, T., 2002:
Toll-like receptor 2 does not contribute to host defense in murine Gram-positive pneumonia

Abrahams, V.M.; Straszewski, S.L.; Romero, R.; Mor, G., 2003:
Toll-like receptor 2 induces apoptosis in trophoblast cells A novel mechanism for first-trimeter pregnancy failure

Cadavid, D.; Bai, Y.; Pachner, A.R., 2002:
Toll-like receptor 2 is expressed in normal brain by oligodendrocytes and increases during Borrelia infection

Kullberg, B.; Warris, A.; Verweij, P.E.; Netea, M.G., 2002:
Toll-like receptor 2 is the major cytokine signalling receptor for Aspergillus fumigatus

Hajjar, A.M.; O'mahony, D.S.ane; Miyake, K.; Klebanoff, S.J.; Wilson, C.B., 2000:
Toll-like receptor 2 mediates activation by a secreted Staphylococcus epidermidis peptide

Vasselon, T.; Hanlon, W.A.; Wright, S.D.; Detmers, P.A., 2000:
Toll-like receptor 2 mediates activation of stress-activated MAP kinase p38 by lipopolysaccharide

Lee, J.K.; Legaspi, A.; Duong, B.; Modlin, R.L.; Kim, J., 2002:
Toll-like receptor 2 mediates cytokine release by polymorphonuclear cells in inflammatory acne

Yang, C.W.i; Wu, M.S.u; Pan,; Hsieh, W.J.; Pan,; Yu, C.C.en; Huang,, 2003:
Toll-like receptor 2 mediates expression of tubulo-interstitial nephritis gene by leptospira outer membrane protein in cultured mouse proximal tubule cells

Sakata, Y.; Huang, C.H.a; Akira, S.; Vallejo, J.; Mann, D., 2003:
Toll-like receptor 2 mediates ischemia/reperfusion-lnduced left ventricular dysfunction

Wieland, C.W.; Knapp, S.; Florquin, S.; D.V.s, A.F.; Takeda, K.; Akira, S.; Golenbock, D.T.; Verbon, A.; Van Der Poll, T., 2003:
Toll-like receptor 2 mediates lung inflammation induced by non-mannose-capped lipoarabinnomannan

Kang, T.; Lee, S.; Kim, S.; Heo, S.; Lee, H.; Chae, G., 2002:
Toll-like receptor 2 mediates the signaling of M leprae in human monocytes

Yim, J.J.on; Holland, S.M., 2002:
Toll-like receptor 2 promoter polymorphisms and susceptibility to nontuberculous mycobacterial disease

Shimizu, H.; Fukuda, Y.; Nakano, I.; Katano, Y.; Nagano, K.; Yokozaki, S.; Takeuchi, M.; Hayakawa, T.; Takeuchi, O.; Akira, S.; Matsuguchi, T.; Yoshikai, Y., 2001:
Toll-like receptor 2 signaling is important for Fas ligand on NKT cells, may contribute to liver injury induced by Salmonella infection

Echchannaoui, H.; Schnell, C.; Leib, S.; Neumann, U.; Zimmerli, W.; Landmann, R., 2002:
Toll-like receptor 2-deficient mice are more susceptible to Streptococcus pneumoniae meningitis due to reduced bacterial clearing and enhanced inflammation

Jiang, Z.; Sen, G.; Li, X., 2004:
Toll-like receptor 3-mediated activation of NFkappaB and IRF3 diverge at TRIF

Kolek, M.J.; Anderson, J.L.; Muhlestein, J.B.; Horne, B.D.; Whiting, B.M.; Bair, T.L.; Lindgren, M.L.; Carlquist, J.F., 2003:
Toll-like receptor 4 D299G polymorphism predicts lower risk of coronary artery disease and diabetes

Walton, K.A.; Wang, S.; Wang, G.; Berliner, J.A., 2002:
Toll-like receptor 4 and GPI-anchored proteins mediate the effect of ox-PAPC on IL-8 transcription

Abreu, M.T.; Arnold, E.T.; Thomas, L.; Gonsky, R.; Zhou, Y.; Hu, B.; Arditi, M., 2002:
Toll-like receptor 4 and MD-2 are regulated by Th1 cytokines in human intestinal epithelial cells

Golenbock, D.T.; Lien, E.; Schromm, A.; Yoshimura, A.; Heine, H.; Means, T.; Fenton, M.; Kusumoto, S.; Miyake, K., 2000:
Toll-like receptor 4 and MD-2 function as a receptor complex to enable LPS responses and impart ligand-specific recognition of bacterial lipopolysaccharide

Schilling, D.; Thomas, K.; Nixdorff, K.; Vogel, S.N.; Fenton, M.J., 2002:
Toll-like receptor 4 and Toll-IL-1 receptor domain-containing adapter protein /myeloid differentiation protein 88 adapter-like contribute to maximal IL-6 expression in macrophages

Renckens, R.; D.V.s, A.F.; Van Der Poll, T., 2003:
Toll-like receptor 4 contributes to a protective immune response to Klebsiella pneumonia in previously healthy mice, but not in mice with a preexisting acute phase protein response

Kropf, P.; Freudenberg, M.A.; Modolell, M.; Price, H.P.; Herath, S.; Antoniazi, S.; Galanos, C.; Smith, D.F.; Muller, I., 2003:
Toll-like receptor 4 contributes to the efficient control of infection with the protozoan parasite Leishmania major

Vink, A.; Schoneveld, A.H.; Smeets, M.B.; Sluijter, J.P.; Kleij, L.A.; Borst, C.; Pasterkamp, G.; D.K.eijn, D.P., 2001:
Toll-like receptor 4 dependent adventitial fibroblast activation Link between bacterial particles in the adventitia and atherogenesis?

Roger, T.; Glauser, M.P.; Calandra, T., 2001:
Toll-like receptor 4 gene expression in mouse macrophages is regulated by the transcription factors PU1 and GATA

Herrick, C.A.; Eisenbarth, S.; Bottomly, K., 2003:
Toll-like receptor 4 in Th2 responses induced in the skin and airway

Kim, H.; Shin, J.S.o; Choi,, 2002:
Toll-like receptor 4 in glioma cells

Miyaura, C.; Ohshiba, T.; Matsumoto, C.; Harada, S.; Ito, A., 2001:
Toll-like receptor 4 is essential for LPS-induced, mPGES-mediated PGE production by osteoblasts and inflammatory bone loss

Uesugi, T.; Arteel, G.E.; Froh, M.; Bradford, B.U.; Thurman, R.G., 2000:
Toll-like receptor 4 is involved in the mechanism of early alcohol-induced liver injury

Van Der Sluijs, K.F.; Van Elden, L.; Nijhuis, M.; Schuurman, R.; Florquin, S.; Jansen, H.M.; Lutter, R.; Van Der Poll, T., 2002:
Toll-like receptor 4 is not involved in host defense against respiratory tract infection with influenza or parainfluenza virus

Thieblemont, N.; Ronet, C.; Huerre, M.; Van Kaer, L.; Wright, S.D.; Kourilsky, P., 2002:
Toll-like receptor 4 mediates migration of Va14-Ja281 T lymphocytes in response to lipid antigens

Kerepesi, L.A.; Leon, O.; Abraham, D., 2003:
Toll-like receptor 4 mutant mice develop elevated Th2 responses to larval Onchocerca volvulus but do not develop protective immunity

Murphy, G.; Thornton, J.; Mcmanus, R.; Crotty, P.; Buckley, M.; O'connor, H.; O'morain, C., 2003:
Toll-like receptor 4 polymorphism not associated with H pylori related intestinal metaplasia

Laflamme, N.; Rivest, S., 2001:
Toll-like receptor 4: the missing link of the cerebral innate immune response triggered by circulating gram-negative bacterial cell wall components

Roger, T.; Glauser, M.P.; Calandra, T., 2002:
Toll-like receptor 4 transcriptional regulation in mouse macrophages

Guillot, L.; Chignard, M.; S.T.har, M., 2003:
Toll-like receptor 4-dependent signaling pathways regulates lipopolysaccharide -induced activation of human pulmonary epithelial cells

Okamoto, M.; Oshikawa, T.; Tano, T.; O.E.; Go; Furuichi, S.; Nishikawa, H.; Ahmed, S.U.din; Moriya, Y.; Ryoma, Y.; Saito, M.; Sato, M., 2003:
Toll-like receptor 4/MD-2 complex is closely involved in OK-432-induced anti-cancer immunity in head and neck cancer patients as well as in mice

Huang, L.Y.n C.; Ishii, K.J.; Bafica, A.; Akira, S.; Sher, A.; Aliberti, J.; Golding, B., 2004:
Toll-like receptor 9 is required for IL-12 induction in response to bacterial stimulation

Ashkar, A.A.; Rosenthal, K.L., 2002:
Toll-like receptor 9, CpG DNA and innate immunity

Hintz Goldstein, K.A.; Wardwell, K.; Moss, M.L.; Guyre, P.M., 2003:
Toll-like receptor agonists induce shedding of the monocyte haptoglobin-hemoglobin scavenger receptor, CD163

Fernandez, S.; Avdiushko, M.G.; Kaplan, A.M.; Cohen, D., 2003:
Toll-like receptor agonists inhibit IL-10-mediated gene induction in alveolar macrophages via inhibition of STAT-3 phosphorylation

Edwards, E.W.ndell, J.; Bogunovic, M.; Yager, J.; Plevy, S.E., 2001:
Toll-like receptor expression and function in intestinal epithelial cells An epithelial cell type co-expressing TLR1 and TLR2

Renshaw, M.A.; Rockwell, J.; Katz, J.; Sambhara, S., 2002:
Toll-like receptor expression and function in various cell types

Harada, K.; Zen, Y.; Isse, K.; Nakanuma, Y., 2001:
Toll-like receptor expression and its regulation in biliary epithelial cells

Totemeyer, S.; Foster, N.; Maskell, D.J.; Bryant, C.E., 2002:
Toll-like receptor expression in C3H/HeN and C3H/HeJ mice during Salmonella enterica infection

Riordan, S.M.; Skinner, N.; Nagree, A.; Mccallum, H.; Mciver, C.J.; Kurtovic, J.; Hamilton, J.A.; Bengmark, S.; Williams, R.; Visvanathan, K., 2003:
Toll-like receptor expression in cirrhosis

Schroeder, J.T.; Chichester, K.; Bieneman, A., 2003:
Toll-like receptor expression on human basophils Evidence for differential modulation of IgE-dependent and -independent cytokine secretion with specific ligands

Muzio, M.; Polentarutti, N.; Bosisio, D.; Manoj Kumar, P.P.; Mantovani, A., 2000:
Toll-like receptor family and signalling pathway

Mitsui, H.; Torii, H.; Asahina, A.; Tada, Y.; Nakamura, K.; Tamaki, K., 2001:
Toll-like receptor is differentially expressed by murine Langerhans cells and splenic dendritic cells

Lobo, F.M.; Szczepanik, M.; Bryniarski, K.; Majewska, M.; Ptak, M.; Ptak, W., 2004:
Toll-like receptor ligands reverse suppression of delayed type hypersensitivity reactions induced by epicutaneous immunization

Means, T.K.; Jones, B.W.; Fenton, M.J., 2000:
Toll-like receptor proteins mediate cellular activation by M tuberculosis bacilli

Krishnan, J.; Selvarajoo, K.; Tsuchiya, M.; Lee, G.; Choi, S., 2007:
Toll-like receptor signal transduction

Vogel, Stefanie N., 2003:
Toll-like receptor signaling Turning it on and turning it off

Svanborg, C.; Frendéus, B.; Godaly, G.; Hang, L.; Hedlund, M.; Wachtler, C., 2001:
Toll-like receptor signaling and chemokine receptor expression influence the severity of urinary tract infection

Underhill, David, 2000:
Toll-like receptor signaling during phagocytosis

Lakhani, S.A.; Bogue, C.W., 2003:
Toll-like receptor signaling in sepsis

Darville, T.; Nagarajan, U.; O.&&&n39.; Neill, J.M.; Andrews, C.W.; Stahl, L.; Ojcius, D., 2004:
Toll-like receptor-2 , but not toll-like receptor-4 , is essential for development of oviduct pathology in chlamydial genital tract infection

Netea, M.G.; Sutmuller, R.; Herman, C.; Van Der Graaf, C.A.A.; Van Der Meer, J.W.M.; Hartung, T.; Adema, G.; Kullberg, B.J.n, 2003:
Toll-like receptor-2 inhibits cellular responses against Candida albicans through pathways mediated by IL-10 and CD4+ CD25+ regulatory T cells

Ochoa, M.T.; Rea, T.H.; Modlin, R.L., 2002:
Toll-like receptor-2 is expressed on neutrophils in skin lesions of erythema nodosum leprosum

Netea, M.G.; Sutmuller, R.; Herman, C.; Adema, G.; Hartung, T.; Van Der Meer, J.W.M.; Kullberg, B.J., 2003:
Toll-like receptor-2 modulates host defense against Candida albicans through IL-10-mediated pathways

Molitor, J.A.; Ozinsky, A.; Underhill, D.M.; Aderem, A., 2000:
Toll-like receptor-2 proline 681 mutations with wild-type signal transduction

Bae, S.; Murota, H.; Katayama, I.; Sumikawa, Y.; Itami, S.; Akira, S., 2003:
Toll-like receptor-2 up-regulates IL-4-induced eotaxin production through signal transducers and activators of transcription -6 activation in dermal fibroblasts

Westenfeld, R.; Kueest, S.; Floege, J.; Jahnen Dechent, W.; Ketteler, M., 2003:
Toll-like receptor-4 downregulation in peripheral blood monocytes of hemodialysis patients

Rokutan, K.; Teshima, S.; Kawahara, T.; Kawai, T.; Nikawa, T.; Nakamura, K.; Kutsumi, H., 2001:
Toll-like receptor-4 expressed on gastric pit cells may initiate innate immune responses of gastric mucosa against Helicobactor pylori infection

Badolato, R.; Fontana, S.; Barcella, L.; Moratto, D.; D'ippolito, C.; Crovella, S.; Notarangelo, L.D.; Duse, M., 2004:
Toll-like receptor-4 genotype in children with respiratory infections

Xu, X.H.len; Shah, P.K.; Faure, E.; Thomas, L.; Luthriger, D.; Xu,; Yano, J.; Kaul, S.; Cercek, B.; Arditi, M., 2000:
Toll-like receptor-4 is expressed in human coronary atherosclerotic plaques and upregulated by oxidized low density lipoprotein in macrophages

Vallejo, J.G.; Baumgarten, G.; Knuefermann, P.; Sivasubramanian, N.; Mann, D.L., 2000:
Toll-like receptor-4 is involved in lipopolysaccharide-mediated proinflammatory cytokine expression in the heart

Bi, Y.; Greenfield, E.M., 1999:
Toll-like receptor-4 mediates the stimulation of bone resorptive cytokine by particles with adherent endotoxin

Smith, K.D.; Ozinsky, A., 2002:
Toll-like receptor-5 and the innate immune response to bacterial flagellin

Mitchell, A.; Li, G.; Fitzmaurice, A.; Smith, M.E.J.; Goldberg, J.B., 2003:
Toll-like receptor-dependent activation of NF-kB in response to infection of human epithelial cells by Helicobacter pylori

Hausmann, M.; Vogl, D.; Falk, W.; Scholmerich, J.; Andus, T.; Rogler, G., 1999:
Toll-like receptor-mRNA is absent in macrophages from normal mucosa but expressed in inflamed mucosa

Jones, B.W.; Armant, M.A.; Fenton, M.J., 2002:
Toll-like receptors 2 and 4 activate similar intracellular signaling pathways, but differ in their capacities to induce the secretion of nitric oxide

Tapping, R.I.; Miyake, K.; Godowski, P.J.; Tobias, P.S., 2000:
Toll-like receptors 2 and 4 contribute to LPS induced inflammatory responses

Sacre, S.M.; Amjadi, P.; Foxwell, B.M., 2003:
Toll-like receptors Are they potential therapeutic targets in rheumatoid arthritis?

Pasare, C.; Medzhitov, R., 2003:
Toll-like receptors: balancing host resistance with immune tolerance

Underhill, D.M.; Ozinsky, A., 2002:
Toll-like receptors: key mediators of microbe detection

Sieling, P.A.; Modlin, R.L., 2002:
Toll-like receptors Mammalian taste receptors for a smorgasbord of microbial invaders

Brightbill, H.D.; Modlin, R.L., 2000:
Toll-like receptors: molecular mechanisms of the mammalian immune response

Seitz, M., 2003:
Toll-like receptors: sensors of the innate immune system

Dabbagh, K.; Lewis, D.B., 2003 :
Toll-like receptors and T-helper-1/T-helper-2 responses

Eicher, S.D.; Mcmunn, K.A.; Hammon, H.M.; Donkin, S.S., 2002:
Toll-like receptors and acute phase cytokine gene expression in dexamethasone and growth hormone treated calves

Yang, X.; Li, G.; Alaverdi, N.; Endaya, A.; Pangulayan, G.; Reyes, A.; Lai, L., 2002:
Toll-like receptors and ageing

Medzhitov, R., 2004:
Toll-like receptors and control of mammalian immunity

Vaidya, S.A.; Cheng, G., 2003:
Toll-like receptors and innate antiviral responses

Underhill, D.M., 2004:
Toll-like receptors and microbes take aim at each other

Raeburn, C.D.; Calkins, C.M.; Zimmerman, M.A.; Arya, J.; Barsness, K.A.; Harken, A.H., 2002:
Toll-like receptors and surgical disease

Barton, G.M.; Medzhitov, R., 2002:
Toll-like receptors and their ligands

Backhed, F.; Zhao, Y.; Torstensson, L.; Normark, S.; Richter Dahlfors, A.; Buchan, A.M.J., 2002:
Toll-like receptors are not involved in gastric epithelial cell recognition of Helicobacter pylori

Muzio, M.; Polentarutti, N.; Bosisio, D.; Kumar, M.; Mantovani, A., 2000:
Toll-like receptors expression and signaling pathway

Gill, A.C.; Heinzel, F.P.; Pearlman, E., 2003:
Toll-like receptors in bacterial keratitis

Netea, Mihai G., 2003:
Toll-like receptors in defense to Candidiasis and Aspergillosis

Medzhitov, Ruslan, 2000:
Toll-like receptors in innate and adaptive immunity

Beutler, Bruce, 2002:
Toll-like receptors in septic shock

Barton, Gregory, 2002:
Toll-like receptors in the induction of adaptive immunity

Shoham, S.; Huang, C.; Chen, J.M.n; Golenbock, D.T.; Stuart, L.M., 2000:
Toll-like receptors mediate intracellular signaling in response to Cryptococcus neoformans polysaccharide capsule

Mu, H.H.a; Cole, B.C., 2002:
Toll-like receptors mediate the macrophage activation by mycoplasmal superantigen, MAM

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Toll-like receptors modulate differentiation and survival of osteoclasts

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Tonically active neurons of monkey striatum code the onset of future reward certainty during reward schedules

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Tool for inserting an intramedullary guide wire

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Tools for molecular analysis

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Tools for pretargeted radioimmunotherapy

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Tools for the display of small molecules to target proteins Estrogen receptor-based yeast three hybrid systems

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Tools for the optimization of myocardial perfusion SPECT with 99mTc Teboroxime

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Tools for turning the tide of deteriorating water quality in shellfish growing areas A decade of experience in Puget Sound, Washington State, USA

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Tools for use in installing osteosynthesis apparatus utilizing set screw with break-off head

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Tools of gene transfer in organ transplantation

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Tools to design flavor controlled release systems

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Tools to promote language development from 12-24 months of age An assessment of the Bright Beginnings moving on program materials

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Tooth in the nasopharynx

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Tooth paste composition containing rose-seed oil

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Tooth whitening chewing gum

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Tooth whitening composition

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Tooth whitening compositions

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Tooth whitening hydrogels

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