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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 35975

Chapter 35975 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Pittman, D.L.; Schimenti, K.J.; Hanneman, W.H.; Schimenti, J.C., 1999:
Transgenic and mutational analyses of meiotic recombination in mice

Karasuyama, H.; Yonekawa, H.; Taya, C.; Matsuoka, K., 2000:
Transgenic animal allergy models and methods for their use

Nilsson, L.; Potter, H.; Arendash, G.W., 2004:
Transgenic animal and methods

Soreq, H.; Zakut, H.; Shani, M., 2000:
Transgenic animal assay system for anti-cholinesterase substances

Michaeli, Tamar, 2004:
Transgenic animal having a disrupted PDE7A gene and uses thereof

Van Der Putten, Petrus Herman Maria, 2003:
Transgenic animal model for neurodegenerative disorders

Grant, S.R.; Olson, E.N., 2001:
Transgenic animal models for cardiac hypertrophy and methods of use thereof

Bader, M., 2000:
Transgenic animal models for neuropharmacology

Soeller, W.C.; Carty, M.D.; Kreutter, D.K., 2001:
Transgenic animal models for type II diabetes mellitus

Arbatova, J.; Alhonen, L.; Kalda, A.; Zharkovsky, A.; Jolkkonen, J.; Reeben, M., 2001:
Transgenic animal models in studies of biochemical pathways of progressive myoclonus epilepsy

Gonzalez, Frank, J., 2002:
Transgenic animal models in toxicology studies

Toth, Miklos, 1999:
Transgenic animal models of epilepsy

Ward, K.A., 2002:
Transgenic animal technology turns 21 but is it ready for adult responsibilities?

Kieffer, B.; Matthes, H.W.D.; Simonin, F.H.rve; Dierich, A.; Lemeur, M., 2003:
Transgenic animal whose expression of the opiate receptors is modified

Von Euler, G.; Aase, K.; Betsholtz, C.; Eriksson, U.; Pekny, M.; Gebre Medhin, S.; Li, X., 2001:
Transgenic animal with recombinant vascular endothelial growth factor B and uses thereof

Xu, T.; Tao, W.; Wang, W.; Zhang, S.; Yu, W., 2003:
Transgenic animals and lats genes

Mirochnitchenko, O.; Inouye, M., 1999:
Transgenic animals and related aspects

Watt, F.M.; Carroll, J.M., 2001:
Transgenic animals as model of psoriasis

Feitelson, M.; Siracusa, L., 2000:
Transgenic animals capable of replicating hepatitis viruses and mimicking chronic hepatitis infection in humans

Cemal, C.; Huxley, C.; Mcguigan, A.; Chamberlain, S., 1999:
Transgenic animals carrying pathological alleles at the MJD1 locus exhibit a mild and slowly progressive cerebellar deficit

Kaslin, E.; Luyten, M.; Zerwes, H.G.nter, 2003:
Transgenic animals for studying regulation of genes

Merino, A.R.mirez; Caballero, M.A.gel Vidal; Moral, A.M.B.avo; Noval, J.L.is Jorcano, 2000:
Transgenic animals for the determination of agents which stimulate or repress epidermal hyperproliferation and hair growth

Sturchler-Pierrat, C.; Sommer, B., 1999:
Transgenic animals in Alzheimer's disease research

Brodmerkel, C.M.; Vaddi, K., 2003:
Transgenic animals in inflammatory disease models

Gachet, C.; Hechler, B.; Leon, C.; Cazenave, J.P.; Lanza, F., 2004:
Transgenic animals in primary hemostasis and thrombosis

Narumiya, S., 2004:
Transgenic animals of enzymes and receptors in prostanoid synthesis and actions; phenotypes and implications in drug development

Wasylyk, B.; Tocque, B.; Alkhalaf, M., 2000:
Transgenic animals overexpressing MDM2

Winston, R.M.L.; Hovatta, O.; Morgan, D.; Osian, O.; Readhead, C.W., 2000:
Transgenic animals produced after transduction of spermatogonia in situ and in natural mating

Gordon, K.; Groet, S.; Hennighausen, L.; Westphal, H., 2004:
Transgenic animals secreting desired proteins into milk

Fang, S.; Steinmetz, R.; Vogelveid, C.; Pescovitz, O.H., 1999:
Transgenic animals that produce the novel peptide, growth hormone releasing hormone-related peptide overexpress stem cell factor

Kalopissis, A.D.; Chambaz, J., 2000:
Transgenic animals with altered high-density lipoprotein composition and functions

Flachowsky, H.; Szankowski, I.; Fischer, T.C.; Richter, K.; Peil, A.; Höfer, M.; Dörschel, C.; Schmoock, S.; Gau, A.E.; Halbwirth, H.; Hanke, M-Viola., 2010:
Transgenic apple plants overexpressing the Lc gene of maize show an altered growth habit and increased resistance to apple scab and fire blight

Kotoda, N.; Iwanami, H.; Ishiguro, M.; Takahashi, S.; Soejima, J.; Kempin, S.; Yanofsky, M.; Wada, M., 2003:
Transgenic apple that overexpresses APETALA1, a floral meristem identity gene of Arabidopsis, is early flowering and sets fruit

Dubova, J.; Hermanova, K.; Brzobohaty, B., 1999:
Transgenic approach in pollen development study

Quan, Y.; Minocha, S.C.; Minocha, R., 2001:
Transgenic approach to study the interaction of polyamine and ethylene metabolism in plants

Kojima, N.; Obata, K., 1999:
Transgenic approaches for the study of kindling

Crestani, F., 2002:
Transgenic approaches to anxiety disorders and their pharmacotherapy Focus on GABA receptors

Boelck, B.; Brixius, K.; Frank, K.F.; Kranias, E.G.; Schwinger, R.H.G., 2002:
Transgenic approaches to define the functional role of FKBP12 in human myocardium

Sato, Y.; Luo, W.; Chu, G.; Zhou, Z.; Kadambi, V.J.; Kranias, E.G., 1999:
Transgenic approaches to elucidate the physiological significance of phospholamban phosphorylation sites under beta-adrenergic stimulation

Toth, M.; Tecott, L., 1999:
Transgenic approaches to epilepsy

Sommer, B.; Sturchler-Pierrat, C.; Abramowski, D.; Wiederhold, K.H.; Calhoun, M.; Jucker, M.; Kelly, P.; Staufenbiel, M., 2000:
Transgenic approaches to model Alzheimer's disease

Kerr, D.E.; Wells, K.D.; Wall, R.J., 2001:
Transgenic approaches to prevent bovine mastitis

Graham, K.E.; Low, M.J., 2000:
Transgenic approaches to study developmental expression and regulation of the gonadotropin genes

Tennant, R.; Haseman, J.; Stoll, R.E., 2001:
Transgenic assays and the identification of carcinogens

Cho, M.J.; Choi, H.W.; Bregitzer, P.; Zhang, S.; Lemaux, P.G., 2002:
Transgenic barley and chromosomal variation

Wong, J.H.; Ren, P.H.ien; Cai, N.; Cho, M.J.; Lemaux, P.G.; Buchanan, B.B., 2000:
Transgenic barley grain over-expressing wheat thioredoxin h shows improved germination properties

Chan, A.W.S.; Chong, K-Yu.; Schatten, G., 2002:
Transgenic bovine embryo selection using green fluorescent protein

Deboer, H.A.; Strijker, R.; Heyneker, H.L.; Platenburg, G.; Lee, S.H.; Pieper, F.; Krimpenfort, P.J.A., 2000:
Transgenic bovines and milk from transgenic bovines

Punja, Z.K.; Chen, W.P.; Yip, R., 2003:
Transgenic carrots expressing a thaumatin-like protein display enhanced tolerance to several fungal pathogens

Takatsu, Y.; Nishizawa, Y.; Hibi, T.; Akutsu, K., 1999:
Transgenic chrysanthemum Kitamura expressing a rice chitinase gene shows enhanced resistance to gray mold

Lee, S.Y.; Han, B.H.; Yoo, H.J.; Shin, H.K.; Mok, I.G.; Woo, J.G.; Suh, E.J.; Lim, Y.P., 2003:
Transgenic chrysanthemum with ls like gene expresses branchlessness habit

Bordignon, V.; Keystone, R.; Lazaris, A.; Keefer, C.; Smith, L.C., 2001:
Transgenic cloned calves derived from in vitro-transfected somatic cells using telophase- and metaphase-enucleated host oocytes

Dickneite, G.; Metzner, H.; Zettlmeissl, G.; Grundmann, U.; Lathe, R.; Smith, A.; Li, M., 2001:
Transgenic coagulation factor XIII defective animal and its use for testing wound healing and bleeding

Echelard, Y.; Groen, W.; Destrempes, M.M.; Ohlrichs, C.; Williams, J.L.; Ziomek, C.A.; Faber, D.; Meade, H.M.; Behboodi, E., 2000:
Transgenic cow production from microinjection into in vivo-derived embryos

Tsaftaris, A.S.; Polidoros, A.N.; Karavangeli, M.; Nianiou Obeidat, I.; Madesis, P.; Goudoula, C., 2000:
Transgenic crops Recent developments and prospects

Caimi, Perry, G., 2002:
Transgenic crops accumulating fructose polymers and methods for their production

Willis, J.; Sharma, G.C.; Zipf, A., 2003:
Transgenic crops suitable for small southeastern farms

Shi, D.J.; Shao, N.; Ran, L.; Li, Y.; Zhang, P.P.; Liu, F.L.; Luol, N.; Dai, W.; Ning, Y.; Peng, G.H.; Xu, X.D.; Shang, Z.D.; Ye, X.; Kang, R.J.; Zhang, H.; Dou, L.H.; Ouyang, Y.X.; Zhang, H.X., 2001:
Transgenic cyanobacteria as photosynthetic factories producing medicines

Scheele, J.S.; Zemojtel, T.; Duchniewicz, M., 2003:
Transgenic disruption of the gene of the small GTP-binding protein Rap1A in mice-evidence for expression of two murine isoforms closely related to Rap1A

Peng, C.F.; Miao, W.; Deguzman, A.; Ardati, A.; Della Penna, K.; Tremp, G.; Zilberstein, A.; Kitsis, R.N., 2002:
Transgenic dominant negative inhibition of Caspase-9 markedly decreases infarct size and improves cardiac function following ischemia-reperfusion

Chen, L.; Auh, C.K.oon; Dowling, P.; Bell, J.; Lehmann, D.; Wang, Z.Y., 2004:
Transgenic down-regulation of caffeic acid O-methyltransferase led to improved digestibility in tall fescue

Liefeldt, L.; Kramer, S.; Kreutz, R.; Peters, H.; Neumayer, H.H.; Paul, M., 2002:
Transgenic endothelin overexpression in rats Effects of age, gender and ACE-inhibition on renal parameters

Sher, L.B.; Woitge, H.W.; Harrison, J.R.; Adams, D.J.; Kream, B.E., 2002:
Transgenic expression of 11beta-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase in osteoblasts reveals an anabolic role for endogenous glucocorticoids in bone

Imahashi, K.; Schneider, M.D.; Steenbergen, C.; Murphy, E., 2003:
Transgenic expression of Bcl-2 modulates energy metabolism and prevents cytosolic acidification during ischemia and reduces ischemia-reperfusion injury

Chitnis, T.; Abdallah, K.A.; Issazadeh, S.; Anil, C.; Wells, A.D.; Turka, L.A.; Sayegh, M.H.; Khoury, S.J., 1999:
Transgenic expression of Bcl-xL in T cells enhances susceptibility to EAE

Riazi, M.A.; Buchwald, M., 2001 :
Transgenic expression of CECR1 results in developmental abnormalities similar to features of cat eye syndrome

Upchurch, R.G.; Rose, M.S.; Callahan, T.M., 1999:
Transgenic expression of CFP enhances cercosporin resistance in a sensitive fungus

Epstein, J.A.an; Li, J.; Gitler, A.; Parada, L.; Zhu, Y., 2000:
Transgenic expression of Cre recombinase in neural crest cells allows for fate mapping of cardiac neural crest in the developing mouse embryo and for tissue specific gene inactivation

Fallas, J.L.; Tobin, H.M.; Lou, O.; Guo, D.; Sant'angelo, D.B.; Denzin, L.K., 2003:
Transgenic expression of HLA-DO in mouse dendritic cells diminishes MHC class II antigen presentation

Song, A.; Winer, S.; Pascari, P.; Kubiak, V.; Ellis, J.; Dosch, M., 2001:
Transgenic expression of ICA69 protects NOD mice from diabetes but not from insulitis and TH1 bias

Agarwal, R.K.; Viley, A.; Silver, P.; Grajewski, R.; Kronenberg, M.; Murray, P.; Rutschman, R.; Chan, C.C.ao; Caspi, R., 2004:
Transgenic expression of IL-10 targeted to macrophages protects from induction of Experimental Autoimmune Uveitis

Xu, H.; Wawrousek, E.F.; Redmond, T.M.chael; Nickerson, J.M.; Wiggert, B.; Chan, C.C.ao; Caspi, R.R., 1999:
Transgenic expression of IRBP induces a tolerance to the retinal antigen and reduces the susceptibility to experimental autoimmune uveoretinitis

Elhofy, A.; Karpus, W.J., 2001:
Transgenic expression of MCP-1 in the CNS inhibits EAE through decreased expression of IL-12Rbeta2

Zhao, S.; Ash, J.D.; Srinivasan, Y.; Overbeek, P.A., 1999:
Transgenic expression of TGFbeta1 in the lens inhibits retinal angiogenesis and results in retinal degeneration

Muhitch, M.J.; Mccormick, S.P.; Alexander, N.J.; Hohn, T.M., 2000:
Transgenic expression of TRI101 or PDR5 genes increases the resistance of tobacco plants to the Fusarium trichothecene 4,15-diacetoxyscirpenol

You, X.; Mungrue, I.N.; Afroze, T.; Husain, M., 1999:
Transgenic expression of a dominant negative c-Myb in arterial smooth muscle cells of mice reduces intimal-medial thickening following carotid artery injury

Murphy, A.M.; Georgakopoulos, D.; Kogler, H.; Kass, D.A.; Van Eyk, J.E.; Marban, E., 1999:
Transgenic expression of a truncated mutant of cardiac troponin I recapitulates myocardial stunning

Howland, D.S.; She, Y.; Kulik, J.; Culpepper, C.; Degennaro, L.J.; Khawaja, X.; Rosenzweig Lipson, S.; Marquis, K.; Dohlman, H.G.; Cockett, M.I.; Young, K.H., 2000:
Transgenic expression of an RGS-resistant Gqalpha mutant in rat brain

Waldner, H.P.; Whitters, M.; Collins, M.; Kuchroo, V.K., 1999:
Transgenic expression of autoreactive TCR overcomes self tolerance and induces autoimmunity in resistant mice

Buck, S.H.; Patel, J.R.; Muthuchamy, M.; Wieczorek, D.F.; Moss, R.L., 1999:
Transgenic expression of beta-tropomyosin in murine heart increases Ca2+ sensitivity of isometric tension and slows cross-bridge kinetics

Klug, D.B.; Crouch, E.; Carter, C.; Coghlan, L.; Conti, C.J.; Richie, E.R., 1999:
Transgenic expression of cyclin D1 in cortical thymic epithelial precursors enhances thymic epithelial and T cell development

Klein, R.D.; Bol, D.K.; Fischer, S.M., 2001:
Transgenic expression of cyclooxygenase-2 under control of the keratin 14 promoter leads to prostatic neoplasia

Sytwu, H.K.ng; Sung, J.; Hsieh, S.L.ang, 2004:
Transgenic expression of decoy receptor 3 protects islets from autoimmune and chemical-induced destruction in non-obese diabetic mice a novel approach toward islet transplantation

Kos, L.; Ittah, A.; Kalaiselvi, K., 2002:
Transgenic expression of endothelin receptor B rescues coat color spotting in piebald lethal mice

Sundaram, S.; Rathinasabapathi, B., 2010:
Transgenic expression of fern Pteris vittata glutaredoxin PvGrx5 in Arabidopsis thaliana increases plant tolerance to high temperature stress and reduces oxidative damage to proteins

Young, W.S.IIi; Iacangelo, A.; Luo, X.Z.J.; King, C.; Duncan, K.; Ginns, E.I., 1999:
Transgenic expression of green fluorescent protein and human oxytocin neurophysin in mouse oxytocin neurons

Zhang, P.X.; Loomis, R.; Flavell, R.; Fuleihan, R.L., 2000:
Transgenic expression of human CD40 ligand partially corrects CD40 ligand expression in knockout mice

Tschoepe, C.; Escher, F.; Spillmann, F.; Rehfeld, U.; Hauke, D.; Mochmann, C.; Reissfelder, C.; Koch, M.; Bader, M.; Walther, T.; Noutsias, M.; Vetter, R., 2000:
Transgenic expression of human kallikrein prevents altered left ventricular function, the decline in sarcoplasmic reticulum calcium pump activity and the rise in cardiac collagen content in diabetic rats

Tschoepe, C.; Vetter, R.; Wendorf, M.; Koch, M.; Spillmann, F.; Hauke, D.; Schultheiss, H.P.; Bader, M.; Walther, T., 2000:
Transgenic expression of human kallikrein prevents haemodynamic alterations and decline in sarcoplasmic reticulum calcium pump activity in diabetic rats

Vetter, R.; Spillmann, F.; Rehfeld, U.; Reissfelder, C.; Bader, M.; Schultheiss, H.P.; Paul, M.; Tschoepe, C., 2000:
Transgenic expression of human kallikrein prevents sarcoplasmic reticular calcium ion transport dysfunction in diabetic rat heart

Tschope, C.; Escher, F.; Spillmann, F.; Walther, T.; Bader, M.; Schultheiss, H.P.; Noutsias, M., 2002:
Transgenic expression of kallikrein prevents from diabetic cardiomyopathy by inhibition of ICAM-1 induction and infiltration

Noutsias, M.; Escher, F.; Spillmann, F.; Bader, M.; Tschoepe, C., 2001:
Transgenic expression of kallikrein prevents left ventricular dysfunction and inhibits endothelial induction of ICAM-1 and intramyocardial LFA-1/Mac-1+ infiltration in streptozotocin-induced diabetic cardiopathy in rats

Nathan, J.D.; Romac, J.M.J.; Peng, R.Y.; Peyton, M.; Macdonald, R.J.; Liddle, R.A., 2002:
Transgenic expression of monitor peptide in mice ameliorates secretagogue-induced pancreatitis

Rajavashisth, T.B.; Kumar, A.; Lee, G.; Doherty, T.; Uzui, H.; Tripathi, P.; Xu, J.; Neyer, J.; Chen, S.; Espinoza, C.; Zong, X.H.a; Dai, X.M.ng; Shah, P., 2003:
Transgenic expression of the cell surface isoform of CSF-1 reverses atheroprotective effects of CSF-1-deficiency in apolipoprotein E knockout mice

Stav, R.; Hendelman, A.; Buxdorf, K.; Arazi, T., 2010:
Transgenic expression of tomato bushy stunt virus silencing suppressor P19 via the pOp/LhG4 transactivation system induces viral-like symptoms in tomato

Wright, J.R.; Pohajdak, B., 2000:
Transgenic fish and a method of harvesting islet cells therefrom

Devlin, Robert, H., 1999:
Transgenic fish and vectors therefor

Winn, Richard, N., 1999:
Transgenic fish as models for mutation analyses

Cooper, R.K.; Enright, F.M., 1999:
Transgenic fish capable of expressing exogenous lytic peptides

Cornelissen, B.J.C.; Melchers, L.S.oerd; Meulenhoff, E.J.S.; Van Roekel, J.S.C.; Sela Buurlage, M.B.atrix; Vloemans, A.A.eida; Woloshuk, C.P.ter; Bol, J.F.rdinand; Linthorst, H.J.M., 2000 :
Transgenic fungal resistant plants expressing chitinase and glucanase, process for obtaining, and recombinant polynucleotides for uses therein

Norelli, J.L.; Borejsza Wysocka, E.E.; Reynoird, J.P.; Aldwinckle, H.S., 1999:
Transgenic gala apple expressing attacin E has increased field resistance to Erwinia amylovora

Tomioka, M.; Hahn Jun, L.; Fujii, K.; Tsubuki, S.; Watanabe, K.; Iwata, N.; Saido, T.C., 2001:
Transgenic generation of N-truncated Abeta bearing pyroglutamate induces calpain activation in the brain

Yang, X.B., 2000:
Transgenic glyphosate-resistant soybean and root disease

Shireen, K.F.; Pace, R.D.; Prakash, C.S.; Egnin, M., 1999:
Transgenic high-protein sweetpotatoes Their effects on protein quality and lipid metabolism

Kosorukov, V.S.; Antipova, T.A.; Prokofiev, M.I.; Ernst, L.K., 2000:
Transgenic house fly Musca domestica with neomycin resistance

Spencer, L.T.rry; Tobias, C.C.; Moen, G.C.; Brantly, M.L., 2000:
Transgenic human A1-antitrypsin administered by nebulization augments anti-protease protection and provides anti-inflammatory effects in the lower respiratory tract of patients with A1-antitrypsin deficiency

Catranis, C.M.; Manion, P.D.; Powell, W.A., 2000:
Transgenic hybrid poplar demonstrating in vitro pathogen resistance associated with in vivo expression of an antimicrobial peptide

Bailey, L.M.; Harvey, J.S.; Archer, G.E.B.; Rees, R.W.; Lynch, A.M., 2000:
Transgenic in vivo gene mutation assays Studies on a battery of clastogens with various mechanisms of genotoxicity

Montgomery, D.E.; Chandra, M.; Huang, Q.Q.; Jin, J.P.; Solaro, R.J.hn, 1999 :
Transgenic incorporation of chicken fast skeletal TnT into cardiac myofilaments blunts the PKC-induced depression of maximal tension

Mori, H., 2002:
Transgenic insects. Expressing green fluorescent protein-silk fibroin light chain fusion protein in transgenic silkworms

Zhukova, E.; Lu, Y.C.; Sternini, C.; Rozengurt, E., 2003:
Transgenic insulin production in the gastric G cells A model for gene therapy of diabetes

Schreiber, J.R.; Greenspan, N.S.; Threadgill, D.S.; Magnuson, T., 2000:
Transgenic knockout animals lacking IgG3

Seshadri, T.; Li, P.; Allen, H.; Banerjee, S.; Paskind, M., 2000:
Transgenic knockout mouse having functionally disrupted interleukin-1beta converting enzyme gene

Okubara, P.A.; Anderson, O.D.; Blechl, A.E.; Hohn, T.M., 1999:
Transgenic lines of Triticum aestivum carrying genes for candidate anti-Fusarium proteins

Wheeler, M.B., 2002:
Transgenic livestock Promise fulfilled

Koziel, M.; Desai, N.; Pace, G.M.; Suttie, J.; Carozzi, N.; Boyce, C.; Dawson, J.L.; Dunder, E.; Wright, M.; Launis, K.; Rothstein, S.J.; Lewis, K.; Warren, G.; Evola, S., 2004:
Transgenic maize seed and method for controlling insect pests

Allan, A.M.; Engel, S.R.; Lyons, C.R., 2001:
Transgenic mammal having 5-HT3 transgene overexpression in the CMS

Lubon, H.; Drohan, W.N.; Velander, W.H., 1999:
Transgenic mammals expressing human coagulation factor VIII

Wu, H.; Liu, X.; Lodish, H.F.; Giebel, L.B.; Ross, M.J.; Matthews, D., 2002:
Transgenic mammals lacking expression of erythropoietin or of erythropoietin receptor, transgenic mammals expressing chimeric erythropoietin receptors, constructs for producing the transgenic mammals and uses therefor

Lightfoot, D.A.; Mungur, R.; Ameziane, R.; Berhard, K.; Glass, A.D.M., 2000:
Transgenic manipulation of C and N metabolism Stretching GMO equivalence

Liu, Y.; Dilkes, B.P.; Dante, R.A.; Grafi, G.; Kretzschmar, E.; Leiva Neto, J.T.; Zhang, C.; Larkins, B.A., 2000:
Transgenic manipulation of cell cycle regulatory genes in maize endosperm

Kinoshita, Masato, 2003:
Transgenic medaka with brilliant fluorescence in skeletal muscle

Tomes, D.T.; Miller, P.D.; Bensen, R.J., 1999:
Transgenic methods and compositions for producing parthenocarpic fruits and vegetables

Tharaux, P.L.; Coffman, T.M., 2001:
Transgenic mice as a tool to study the renin-angiotensin system

Junien, C.; Seznec, H.; Lia, A.S.; Agbulut, O.; Duros, C.; Fouquet, C.; Radvany, H.; Gourdon, G., 1999:
Transgenic mice carrying the human DM region A model for CTG repeat intergenerational and somatic instability analysis of the CTG repeat amplification influence in transgenic mice

Seznec, H.; Savouret, C.; Agbulut, O.; Ourth, L.; Duros, C.; Tabti, N.; Willer, J.C.; Hagege, A.; Butler Browne, G.; Junien, C.; Gourdon, G., 2000:
Transgenic mice carrying the human myotonic dystrophy region A model for CTG repeat instability and its pathophysiological consequences

Hollenbeck, B.K.; Priyadarsiny, P.; Defeo Jones, D.; Neeley, C.; Vessella, R.; June, E.W.lke; Hwang, C.; Rubin, M.; Sanda, M.G., 2002:
Transgenic mice co-expressing PSA and human HLA A humanized transgenic model for prostate cancer immunotherapy development

Allen, Keith, D., 2004:
Transgenic mice containing BMP gene disruptions

Brennan, Thomas, J., 2004:
Transgenic mice containing DEZ orphan receptor gene disruptions

Allen, Keith, D., 2004:
Transgenic mice containing NPY6-R neuropeptide receptor gene disruptions

Mctiernan, C.F.; Feldman, A.M.; Kubota, T.; Frye, C., 1999:
Transgenic mice containing a nucleic acid encoding tumor necrosis factor-alpha under the control of a cardiac specific regulatory region

Allen, Keith, D., 2004:
Transgenic mice containing intestinal alkaline phosphatase gene disruptions

Yokoyana, W.M.; Kim, S., 2003:
Transgenic mice deficient in natural killer cells

Sfakianos, J.P.; Febbraio, M.; Simantov, R.; Guy, E.; Silverstein, R.L., 2002:
Transgenic mice demonstrate a role for HRGP in regulating blood vessel homeostasis

Bonilla, D.L.; Fan, Y-Yi.; Chapkin, R.S.; McMurray, D.N., 2010:
Transgenic mice enriched in omega-3 fatty acids are more susceptible to pulmonary tuberculosis: impaired resistance to tuberculosis in fat-1 mice

Leviten, Michael, W., 2003:
Transgenic mice exhibiting increased susceptibility to seizures

Muja, N.; Lovas, G.; Romm, E.; Machleder, D.; Ranjan, M.; Hudson, L.D., 2002 :
Transgenic mice exhibiting oligodendrocyte-specific expression of a mutant protein tyrosine phosphatase epsilon

Quintero, J.E.; Ponomareva, L.V.; Kuhlman, S.J.; Wagner, P.G.; Mcmahon, D.G., 1999:
Transgenic mice express fos-driven GFP fluorescence in the suprachiasmatic nucleus

Ginsburg, D.; Cui, J., 2000:
Transgenic mice expressing APC resistant factor V

Hsiao, K.; Borchelt, D.R.; Sisodia, S.S., 2001:
Transgenic mice expressing APP mutant at amino acids 717, 721 and 722

Hsiao, K.; Borchelt, D.R.; Sisodia, S.S., 1999:
Transgenic mice expressing APP-Swedish mutation develop progressive neurologic disease

Duff, K.; Hardy, J., 1999:
Transgenic mice expressing APPK670N,M671L and a mutant presenilin transgenes

Golde, T.E.; Onstead, L.; Piper, S.; Murphy, M.P.; Das, P.; Yu, C.; Skipper, L.; Hardy, J.; Mcgowan, E., 2001:
Transgenic mice expressing BRI-Abeta fusion proteins selectively overexpress Abeta42 and other Abeta peptides

Jolicoeur, P.; Hanna, Z.; Kay, D.G., 2001:
Transgenic mice expressing HIV-1 in immune cells

Moustafa, M.E.; Carlson, B.A.; Kryukov, G.V.; Sun, Q.A.; Diamond, A.M.; Lee, B.J.e; Gladyshev, V.N.; Hatfield, D.L., 2001:
Transgenic mice expressing I6A mutant Sec tRNA Sec Selective inhibition of Sec tRNA Sec maturation and selenoprotein synthesis

Salavert, A.; Casellas, A.; Ayuso, E.; Agudo, J.; George, M.; Bosch, F., 2003:
Transgenic mice expressing IGF-II in beta-cells develop diabetes after streptozotocin treatment

Turner, S.D.; Tooze, R.M.; Alexander, D.R., 2002:
Transgenic mice expressing Nucleophosmin-Anaplastic Lymphoma Kinase A model of anaplastic large cell lymphoma?

Jat, P.S.; Kioussis, D.; Noble, M.D., 1999:
Transgenic mice expressing TSSV40 large T antigen

Tawa, P.; Xu, D.; Nicholson, D.; Xanthoudakis, S., 2000:
Transgenic mice expressing a caspase-3 sensitive GFT-FRET substrate in cortical and hippocampal neurons

Bernal Mizrachi, E.; Ohsugi, M.; Donelan, S.; Johnson, J.; Otani, K.; Polonsky, K.; Permutt, M., 2003:
Transgenic mice expressing a dominant negative Akt in beta cells have normal cell mass, impaired glucose tolerance, decreased insulin secretory responses, and enhanced susceptibility to fat feeding and streptozotocin -induced diabetes

Gorska, A.E.a; Bhowmick, N.A.; Jensen, R.A.; Moses, H.L., 2001:
Transgenic mice expressing a dominant-negative type II TGFbeta receptor in mammary epithelia spontaneously develop ductal carcinoma in situ

Burnett, S.H.le; Zhang, J.; Qualls, J.E.; Kaplan, A.; Cohen, D., 2003:
Transgenic mice expressing a fas-based suicide gene for conditional ablation of macrophages

Suga, Y.; Ogawa, H.; Bundman, D.; Roop, D., 1999:
Transgenic mice expressing a mutant form of loricrin exhibit an erythrokeratoderma similar to Vohwinkel syndrome

Devlin, C.; Kuriakose, G.; Koschinsky, M.; Tabas, I., 2001:
Transgenic mice expressing an apolipoprotein peptide that binds the cholesterol-activated lipoprotein receptor have an increase in early foam cell lesions

Deane, N.G.; Lee, H.; Price, R.; Washington, M.K.y; Thorgeirsson, S.; Beauchamp, R.D.niel, 2003:
Transgenic mice expressing both TGF-beta cyclin D1 transgenes in hepatocytes exhibit increased liver tumors

Andrae, J.; Halter, R.; Heske, C.; Paul, D.; Vogel, C.W.lhelm, 2000:
Transgenic mice expressing cobra venom factor

Kins, S.; Crameri, A.; Nitsch, R.M.; Goetz, J., 2000:
Transgenic mice expressing dominant negative mutant forms of the catalytic subunit C alpha of the protein phosphatase 2A

Lubischer, J.L.; Newman, C.S.; Thompson, W.J.; Krieg, P.A., 2000:
Transgenic mice expressing enhanced green fluorescent protein under the control of the S100beta promoter expression pattern in the CNS

Shimada, T.; Yoneya, T.; Hino, R.; Takeuchi, Y.; Fukumoto, S.; Yamashita, T., 2001:
Transgenic mice expressing fibroblast growth factor 23 demonstrate hypophosphatemia with low serum 1,25-dihydroxyvitamin D 2D and rickets/osteomalacia

Szalai, A.J.; Vancott, J.L.; Mcghee, J.R.; Benjamin, W.H.Jr; Volanakis, J.E., 1999:
Transgenic mice expressing human C-reactive protein are resistant to Salmonella typhimurium

Piechocki, M.P.; Ho, Y.S.ih; Wei, W.Z.n, 2001:
Transgenic mice expressing human ErbB-2 under whey acidic protein promoter exhibit immunological tolerance to E2

Bacich, D.J.; Harsch, K.M.; Heston, W.D.W., 2002:
Transgenic mice expressing human Prostate-Specific Membrane Antigen in their prostate A potential model for prostate cancer initiation, development and therapy

Flay, N.W.; Vertel, B.M.; Schneider, G.B.; King, D., 2000:
Transgenic mice expressing human growth hormone in erythroid cells have enhanced bone deposition

Selden, R.; Goodman, H., 2000:
Transgenic mice expressing human insulin

Mcneish, J.D.; Ahlijanian, M.K., 2004:
Transgenic mice expressing human p25

S.G.orge Hyslop, P.H.; Rommens, J.M.; Fraser, P.E., 2002:
Transgenic mice expressing human presenilin proteins

Merkel, M.; Kako, Y.; Melford, K.; Breslow, J.L.; Bensadoun, A.; Goldberg, I.J., 1999:
Transgenic mice expressing lipoprotein lipase with a mutation in the carboxyl-terminal heparin binding region have large amounts of inactive LpL in preheparin plasma

Ruchoux, M.M.gdeleine; Domenga, V.; Brulin, P.; Maciazek, J.; Limol, S.; Tournier Lasserve, E.; Joutel, A., 2002:
Transgenic mice expressing mutant Notch3 develop vascular alterations characteristic of CADASIL

Deng, H.X.; Fu, R.; Zhai, H.; Dal Canto, M.C.; Siddique, T., 2002:
Transgenic mice expressing mutant a-synuclein develop neurological disorder and pathology

Hsiao, K.; Borchelt, D.R.; Sisodia, S.S., 2003:
Transgenic mice expressing mutant human APP and forming congo red staining plaques

Shashidharan, P.; Brin, M.F.; Gujjari, P.; Sandu, D.; Olanow, C.W., 2001:
Transgenic mice expressing mutant torsin-A display abnormal hyperkintic motor function

Dailey, M.O.; Farnsworth, M.; Shey, M.; Blink, S.; Kansas, G.S.; Zhao, L., 2002:
Transgenic mice expressing non-cleavable L-selectin

Carter, E.L.; Tigelaar, R.E.; Longley, B.J., 1999:
Transgenic mice expressing stem cell factor in basal keratinocytes develop postinflammatory hyperpigmentation in response to irritant and allergic contactants

Choi, Tae Saeng, 2001:
Transgenic mice expressing the HIK-ras 4B chimeric gene

Hoffman, D.A.; Jerecic, J.; Sprengel, R.; Sakmann, B., 2000:
Transgenic mice expressing the NMDA receptor point mutation NR1 , specifically in the forebrain, show an increased NMDA current in EPSCs recorded at resting potential in expressing CA1 hippocampal neurons

Nagata, M.; Shum, L.; Takahashi, K.; Cho, A.; Kulkarni, A.B.; Slavkin, H.C.; Nuckolls, G.H., 1999:
Transgenic mice expressing the P253R mutation of FGFR2 in chondrocytes exhibit craniofacial dysmorphology similar to Apert syndrome

Rauer, M.; Schuppli, D.; Gotz, J.; Staeheli, P.; Hausmann, J., 2002:
Transgenic mice expressing the nucleoprotein of Borna disease virus in either neurons or astrocytes

Anneren, C.; Welsh, M., 2000:
Transgenic mice expressing the tyrosine kinase Gtk exhibit increased cytokine-induced beta-cell toxicity

Arcos Fajardo, M.; Launay, P.; Grossetete, B.; Torres, S.P.; Patey Mariaud, D.S.rre, N.; Lehuen, A.; Monteiro, R.C., 2000:
Transgenic mice for human Fcalpha receptor develop IgA nephropathy Critical role for soluble receptor-IgA complexes and macrophage infiltration

Monteiro, R.C.; Launay, P.; Arcos Fajardo, M.; Grossetete, B.; Gaudin, E.; Torres, S.T.; Beaudoin, L.; Lehuen, A., 2000:
Transgenic mice for human IgA Fc receptor develops IgA nephropathy Evidences for a pathogenic role of soluble receptor/IgA complexes

Sato, T.; Yamada, M.; Oyake, M.; Nakao, K.; Nakamura, K.; Katsuki, M.; Takahashi, H.; Tsuji, S., 1999:
Transgenic mice harboring a full-length human DRPLA gene with highly expanded CAG repeats exhibit severe disease phenotype

Beach, D.H.; Serrano, M.; Depinho, R.A., 1999:
Transgenic mice having modified cell-cycle regulation

Hwang, B.J.; Feldman, D.E.; Feller, M.B., 2000:
Transgenic mice lacking retinal waves during the first postnatal week fail to form eye-specific layers in the dLGN

Buttiglione, M.; Bizzoca, A.; Polizzi, A.; D.B.nedictis, L.; Virgintino, D.; Gennarini, G., 2000:
Transgenic mice misexpressing the mouse axonal glycoprotein F3/F11/contactin display a cerebellar phenotype

Hwang, D.Y.; Chae, K.R.; Kang, T.S.; Hwang, J.H.; Lim, C.H.; Kang, H.G.; Goo, J.S.; Lee, M.R.; Kim, B.J.; Lim, H.J.; Cho, J.S.; Kim, Y.K., 2001:
Transgenic mice model for Alzheimers Disease by transferring PS-2 gene

Segev, O.; Irina, C.; Zvi, N.; Yuri, S.; Madar Shapiro, L.; Yayon, A., 1999:
Transgenic mice model for human achondroplasia

Fisher, I.B.; Ostrowski, M.; Muthusamy, N., 2002:
Transgenic mice over-expressing a non-phosphorylatable Ets-2 transcription factor reveal an increase in thymocyte cell death

Szigeti, G.P.; Asai, K.; Kim, S.J.; Vatner, S.; Rasmusson, R.L.; Yatani, A., 2000:
Transgenic mice over-expressing cardiac Gsalpha develop QT prolongation and decreased transient outward K+ currents with slowed inactivation

Stern, D.M.; Schmidt, A.M.rie; Yan, S.D., 2003:
Transgenic mice over-expressing receptor for advanced glycation endproduct and mutant APP in brain and uses thereof

Harrell, A.V.; Caldwell, K.K.; Allan, A.M., 2001:
Transgenic mice over-expressing the 5-HT3 receptor have enhanced learning in latent inhibition and contextual fear conditioning paradigms

Byrne, F.R.; Whoriskey, J.S.; Sarmiento, U.; Senaldi, G.; Zhang, M.; Gaida, K.; Danilenko, D.; Yoshinaga, S.K., 2001 :
Transgenic mice over-expressing the B7 related protein-1 develop an intestinal pathology similar to human Crohns disease a new mouse model of inflammatory bowel disease

Morgan, T.; Rohrwasser, A.; Ward, K., 2000:
Transgenic mice over-expressing the angiotensinogen gene fail to expand their plasma volume during pregnancy

Kim, J.; Kim, H.J.ong; Park, S.Y.ung; Cederberg, A.; Nilsson, D.; Westergren, R.; Higashimori, T.; Choi, H.; Dong, J.; Kim, Y.J.ng; Enerback, S.; Shulman, G., 2003:
Transgenic mice overexpressing FOXC2 are protected from high fat diet-induced insulin resistance in skeletal muscle and liver

Ruberte, J.; Ayuso, E.; Navarro, M.; Carretero, A.; George, M.; Nacher, V.; Costa, C.; Casellas, A.; Harigot, V.; Bosch, F., 2002:
Transgenic mice overexpressing IGF-I in eye A new animal model to study diabetic eye disease

Haurigot, V.A.; Ruberte, J.; Ayuso, E.; Navarro, M.; Carretero, A.; George, M.; Nacher, V.; Costa, C.; Casellas, A.; Bosch, A.; Bosch, F., 2003:
Transgenic mice overexpressing IGF-I in the retina develop diabetic eye disease

Pot, C.; Simonen, M.; Schnell, L.; Stoeckle, S.; Fouad, K.; Schwab, M., 2001:
Transgenic mice overexpressing Nogo-A in the peripheral nervous system

Hashimoto, H.; Tomimoto, S.; Shintani, N.; Baba, A., 2003:
Transgenic mice overexpressing PACAP in pancreatic beta cells Acute and chronic effects on insulin/glucose homeostasis

Hassanain, H.H.; Sarker, K.D.; Parker Thornburg, J.; Flavahan, S.; Wang, T.; Morris, M.; Kolattukudy, P.; Strauch, A.R.; Flavahan, N.A.; Goldschmidt Clermont, P.J., 1999:
Transgenic mice overexpressing Rac within smooth muscle cells

Marchbank, T.; Cox, H.; Goodlad, R.; Giraud, A.S.; Moss, S.; Wright, N.A.; Playford, R.J., 1999:
Transgenic mice overexpressing TFF3 within the jejunum have an increased regional resistance to intestinal damage but no difference in cell migration or apoptosis

Fisher, I.B.; Ostrowski, M.; Muthusamy, N., 2001:
Transgenic mice overexpressing a non-phosphorylatable Ets-2 transcription factor reveal defective development of T cells in the thymus

Dillon, S.; Haugen, H.; Kim, K.; Bontadelli, K.; Cutler, D.; Mudri, S.; Bilsborough, J.; Waggie, K.; Ren, H.P.; Maurer, M.; Harder, B.; Rosenfeld Franklin, M.; Sprecher, C., 2003:
Transgenic mice overexpressing a novel cytokine develop a severe pruritic skin phenotype resembling atopic dermatitis

Huber, S.; Schramm, C.; Herz, U.; Protschka, M.; Burg, J.; Finotto, S.; Schmitt, E.; Galle, P.R.; Blessing, M., 2003:
Transgenic mice overexpressing active TGFbeta1 in T-cells show altered T-cell development and resistance towards the induction of asthma

Irby, R.B.; Jackson, R.J.; Pledger, W.J.ck; Yeatman, T.J., 2002:
Transgenic mice overexpressing c-Src in the liver develop hepatocellular carcinoma

Ohsugi, M.; Bernal Mizrachi, E.; Wen, W.; Donelan, S.; Welling, C.; Permutt, M., 2003:
Transgenic mice overexpressing calcineurin in pancreatic islet beta cells develop glucose intolerance associated with a marked reduction in insulin secretion and beta cell mass

Tallent, M.K.; Baratta, M.V.; D.L.cea, L.; Siggins, G.R., 2000:
Transgenic mice overexpressing cortistatin show a deficit in dentate gyrus long-term potentiation

Lo, A.C.; Ho, M.C.; Chung, S.K., 2000:
Transgenic mice overexpressing endothelin-1 in astrocytes display greater infarct size and more severe neurological deficit after transient focal cerebral ischemia

Higashimori, T.; Kim, H.J.ong; Coschigano, K.; Park, S.Y.ung; Choi, H.; Kopchick, J.; Shulman, G.; Kim, J., 2003:
Transgenic mice overexpressing growth hormone are insulin resistant due to decreased insulin-stimulated glucose uptake in skeletal muscle and adipose tissue

Christou, H.; Minamino, T.; Hsieh, C.M.ng; Liu, Y.; Lynch, L.; Mitsialis, S.A.ex; Perrella, M.A.; Kourembanas, S., 2000:
Transgenic mice overexpressing heme oxygenase-1 in the lung are protected from development of hypoxia-induced pulmonary hypertension Evidence of antiinflammatory effects of HO-1

Mullan, M.; Town, T.; Mori, T.; Pompl, P.; Delledonne, A.; Crawford, F.; Flavell, R.A.; Tan, J., 2001:
Transgenic mice overexpressing mutant APP but deficient for CD40L have reduced Alzheimer-like pathology

Arad, M.; Moskowitz, I.P.; Patel, V.V.; Ahmad, F.; Perez Atayde, A.R.; Sawyer, D.B.; Li, G.H.; Burgon, P.G.; Maguire, C.T.; Stapleton, D.; Schmitt, J.P.; Guo, X.X.; Berul, C.I.; Seidman, J.G.; Seidman, C., 2002:
Transgenic mice overexpressing mutant PRKAG2 recapitulate the human cardiomyopathy, characterized by ventricular hypertrophy and preexcitation

Franckhauser, S.; Munoz, S.; Ferre, T.; Bosch, F., 2003:
Transgenic mice overexpressing phosphoenolpyruvate carboxykinase in adipose tissue are more sensitive to diet-induced insulin resistance

D.C.om, R.; Van Haperen, R.; Van Gent, T.; Scheek, L.; Van Der Kamp, A.; Van Tol, A., 2000:
Transgenic mice overexpressing phospholipid transfer protein are less susceptible to diet-induced hypercholesterolemia

Duff, Karen, 2000:
Transgenic mice overexpressing presenilin cDNAs Phenotype and utility in the modeling of Alzheimers disease

Takahara, N.; Clermont, A.; Kagokawa, H.; Takahara, H.; Kurihara, H.; Bursell, S.; King, G.L., 1999:
Transgenic mice overexpressing protein kinase C beta isoform mimicked the early vascular changes of diabetes

Reddig, P.J.; Dreckschmidt, N.E.; Oberley, T.D.; Verma, A.K., 1999:
Transgenic mice overexpressing protein kinase Cdelta in the epidermis exhibit hyperproliferation and ulceration of the skin

Yasuda, H.; Mizuno, A.; Kannno, T.; Hoshi, M.; Shibata, O.; Yano, K.; Fujise, N.; Kinosaki, M.; Yamaguchi, K.; Tsuda, E.; Murakami, A.; Higashio, K., 2002:
Transgenic mice overexpressing soluble RANKL exhibit severe osteoporosis

Pirinen, E.; Virkamaki, A.; Heikkinen, S.; Janne, J.; Laakso, M., 2003:
Transgenic mice overexpressing spermidine/spermine N1-acetyltransferase are protected from high-fat diet induced obesity, glucose intolerance and insulin resistance

Kiviranta, R.; Morko, J.; Uusitalo, H.; Aro, H.T.; Rantakokko, J.; Vuorio, E., 2000:
Transgenic mice overexpressing the cathepsin K gene exhibit accelerated turnover of metaphyseal bone

Rubin, D.C.; Swietlicki, E.A.; Iordanov, H.; Fritsch, C.; Levin, M.S., 2002:
Transgenic mice overexpressing the immediate early gene PC4/TIS7 in the small bowel are growth retarded

Cooksey, R.C.; McClain, D.A., 2002:
Transgenic mice overexpressing the rate-limiting enzyme for hexosamine synthesis in skeletal muscle or adipose tissue exhibit total body insulin resistance

Cheah, A.Y.L.; Zaidi, S.H.E.; You, X.M.ng; Dawood, F.; Wen, W.H.; Husain, M.; Liu, P.; Rabinovitch, M., 1999:
Transgenic mice overexpressing the serine elastase inhibitor elafin and experimental myocardial infarct following coronary artery ligation

Zaidi, S.H.E.; You, X.M.ng; Husain, M.; Ciura, S.; O'blenes, S.; Rabinovitch, M., 1999:
Transgenic mice overexpressing the serine elastase inhibitor elafin are protected against carotid arterial injury

Ishihara, T.; Hong, M.; Zhang, B.; Trojanowski, J.Q.; Lee, V.M.Y., 2001:
Transgenic mice overexpressing the shortest human tau isoform develop a progressive tauopathy

Saarelainen, T.; Pussinen, R.; Koponen, E.; Alhonen, L.; Wong, G.; Sirviö, J.; Castrén, E., 2000 :
Transgenic mice overexpressing truncated trkB neurotrophin receptors in neurons have impaired long-term spatial memory but normal hippocampal LTP

Saarelainen, T.H.; Lukkarinen, J.A.; Koponen, S.; Grohn, O.H.; Jolkkonen, J.; Koponen, E.; Haapasalo, A.; Alhonen, L.; Wong, G.; Koistinaho, J.; Kauppinen, R.A.; Castren, E., 2000:
Transgenic mice overexpressing truncated trkB neurotrophin receptors show increased susceptibility to cortical injury after focal cerebral ischemia

Coleman, C.S.; Megosh, L.C.; O'brien, T.G.; Pegg, A.E., 2000:
Transgenic mice show increased expression of spermidine/spermine N1-acetyltransferase in papillomas produced in response to a two-stage initiation/promotion protocol

Eslin, D.E.; Zhang, C.; Samuels, K.J.; Gewirtz, J.E.; Cines, D.B.; Kowalska, A.M.; Poncz, M., 2003:
Transgenic mice studies demonstrate a role for platelet factor 4 in thrombosis Implications for heparin therapy

Gould, T.J.; Abel, T., 2000:
Transgenic mice that overexpress a constitutively active form of Gsalpha have disrupted prepulse inhibition

Koon, M.H.W.; Chung, S.S.M.; Chung, S.K., 2001:
Transgenic mice that overexpress endothelin-1 develop hypertension

Rich, B.E.; Stathopoulos Connell, J.; Liu, L.; Kupper, T.S., 2000:
Transgenic mice to probe the biology of dendritic cells

Skynner, M.J.; Drage, D.J.; Dean, W.L.; Turner, S.; Watt, D.J.; Allen, N.D., 1999:
Transgenic mice ubiquitously expressing human placental alkaline phosphatase An additional reporter gene for use in tandem with beta-galactosidase

Bonn, D., 1999:
Transgenic mice used to unravel physiological function of heparin

Yenari, M.A.; Lee, J.E.; Sun, G.H.; Giffard, R.G.; Steinberg, G.K., 1999:
Transgenic mice which overexpress HSP70 are protected against some but not all central nervous system insults

Albers, K.M.; Davis, B.M., 1999:
Transgenic mice which overexpress neurotrophin-3 and methods or use

Afdhal, N.H.; Masuzaki, H.; Turner, B.; Nasser, I.; Flier, J., 2002:
Transgenic mice with 11 beta-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase type 1 overexpression in adipocytes develop fatty liver disease

Nagai, M.; Aoki, M.; Miyoshi, I.; Okamura, T.; Kato, M.; Kasai, N.; Itoyama, Y., 2000:
Transgenic mice with ALS-linked SOD1 mutant H46R

Kato, M.; Aoki, M.; Nagai, M.; Miyoshi, I.; Imanishi, T.; Kasai, N.; Itoyama, Y., 2001:
Transgenic mice with ALS-linked SOD1 mutant L84V

Edgemon, K.; Haluzik, M.; Cutler, D.A.; Zarnowski, M.J.; Gavrilova, O.; Londos, C.; Reitman, M.L., 2002:
Transgenic mice with Partial Lipodystrophy due to expression of Lamin A or C cDNA containing a Dunnigan-specific mutation

Evans, C.C.; Wolska, B.W.; Pena, J.R.; Muthuchamy, M.; Wieczorek, D.F.; Solaro, R.J., 1999:
Transgenic mice with a mutation of tropomyosin linked to familial hypertrophic cardiomyopathy show altered myocardial relaxation

Ranganathan, G.; Knoop Hensley, L.; Wells, B.; D.G.egorio, G.; Kern, P., 2003:
Transgenic mice with adipose specific expression of LPL lacking the proximal 3UTR demonstrate translational-up regulation of LPL

Hidalgo, J.; Florit, S.; Giralt, M.; Ferrer, B.; Keller, C.; Pilegaard, H., 2010:
Transgenic mice with astrocyte-targeted production of interleukin-6 are resistant to high-fat diet-induced increases in body weight and body fat

Engelhardt, S.; Hein, L.; Lohse, M.J., 1999:
Transgenic mice with cardiac specific overexpression of the beta1-adrenergic receptor

Vinge, L.E.; Von Lueder, T.; Bjornerheim, R.; Attramadal, H., 2003:
Transgenic mice with cardiac-specific inhibition of GRK3 display phenotype with cardiac hypertrophy and alpha1-adrenergic receptor hyper-responsiveness

Knollmann, B.C.; Trivedi, K.K.; Weissman, N.J.; Morad, M., 1999:
Transgenic mice with cardiomyopathy - An attractive model for drug development?

Soergel, D.G.; Stull, L.B.; Janssen, P.M.L.; Murphy, A.M., 2002:
Transgenic mice with constitutive phosphorylation of PKA sites of troponin I

Fukuchi, K.; Li, L.; Pham, D.; Oh, S.J.; Lindsey, J.R., 1999:
Transgenic mice with deposition of amyloid-beta protein in skeletal muscle Model of inclusion body myopathy

Serra, C.; Federici, M.; Buongiorno, A.; Senni, M.I.; Morelli, S.; Segratella, E.; Pascuccio, M.; Tiveron, C.; Mattei, E.; Tatangelo, L.; Lauro, R.; Molinaro, M.; Giaccari, A.; Bouché, M., 2003:
Transgenic mice with dominant negative PKC-theta in skeletal muscle: a new model of insulin resistance and obesity

Mueller, F.U.; Loser, K.; Neumann, J.; Schmitz, W., 2000:
Transgenic mice with heart-specific overexpression of the cAMP-response element modulator

Kim, J.K.; Fillmore, J.J.; Sunshine, M.J.an; Chen, Y.; Zong, H.; Littman, D.R.; Shulman, G.I., 2001:
Transgenic mice with inactivation of PKC-theta are protected from lipid-induced defects in insulin action and signaling in skeletal muscle

Fillmore, J.J.; Kim, J.K.; Zong, H.; Clapham, J.C.; Shulman, G.I., 2001:
Transgenic mice with muscle-specific overexpression of UCP3 are protected from high fat diet induced defects in insulin action in liver and muscle

Yan, S.; Zhang, H.P.; Battaglia, F.; Zhu, Y.; Stern, D.M.; Ramasamy, R.; Arancio, O., 2001:
Transgenic mice with neuronal overexpression of ABAD and mutant APP display impaired synaptic transmission and decreased brain ATP

Shimizu Hirota, R.; Sasamura, H.; Kuroda, M.; Kobayashi, E.; Hayashi, M.; Saruta, T., 2003:
Transgenic mice with over-expression of biglycan develop enhanced vascular proliferation and migration

Park, S.Y.ung; Spurlin, B.; Kim, H.J.ong; Higashimori, T.; Choi, H.; Kim, Y.J.ng; Noh, H.L.m; Thurmond, D.; Kim, J., 2003:
Transgenic mice with overexpression of syntaxin 4 have increased insulin sensitivity but mice with overexpression of Munc18c are insulin resistant in skeletal muscle

Harndahl, L.; Wierup, N.; Ahren, B.; Sundler, F.; Holst, L.S.enson, 2003:
Transgenic mice with reduced beta-cell cAMP levels develop severe diabetes when challenged with a high-fat diet

Eckhart, A.D.; Ozaki, T.; Koch, W.J., 2000:
Transgenic mice with vascular smooth muscle targeted overexpression of the betaadrenergic receptor kinase are a novel model of hypertension

Cobb, S.; Ceci, J.; Wood, T.; Deng, X.; Owlia, A.; Varro, A.; Singh, P., 2002:
Transgenic mice, over-expressing progastrin in the colon are highly susceptible to colon carcinogenesis in response to azoxymethene

Huisman, G.W.; Peoples, O.P.; Skraly, F.A., 2003:
Transgenic microbial polyhydroxyalkanoate producers

Port, J.D.vid; Bristow, M.R., 2001:
Transgenic model and treatment for heart disease

Leinwand, L.A.; Vikstrom, K.L., 2002 :
Transgenic model for heart failure

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Transgenic model of myofilament dysfunction in myocardial stunning

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Transgenic model of myotonic dystrophy

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Transgenic models for analysis of preprotachykinin-A gene expression

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Transgenic models for animal science research and application

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Transgenic models for oxytocin and vasopressin

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Transgenic models for study of lung morphogenesis and repair: Parker B. Francis lecture

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Transgenic models for the study of protein kinase A-regulated signal transduction

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Transgenic models in reproductive research

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Transgenic models in xenobiotic metabolism and toxicology

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Transgenic models of Alzheimers disease Behavioural studies and the prospects of therapeutic immunization

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Transgenic models of Alzheimers disease used for validation of novel drug targets

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Transgenic models of E2F1 and E2F4 function

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Transgenic models of LGMD1A Expression of altered human myotilin results in a dominant-negative phenotype

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Transgenic models of alpha-synuclein pathology: past, present, and future

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Transgenic models of imprinting, protein production, and phenotypic rescue in Prader-Willi syndrome

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Transgenic models of inflammatory disease

Mackenzie, A.; Quinn, J.P., 2002:
Transgenic models to determine both expression and function of the human tachykinin genes in vivo

Denno, R.; Iwata, S.; Kawada, K.; Obama, K.; Kawai, Y.; Kanai, M.; Taki, Y.; Takabayashi, A., 2000:
Transgenic modulation of hepatic energy synthesis attenuates deteriorations of the mitochondrial permeability in peripheral blood lymphocytes after hepatectomy

Nasir, J., 2001:
Transgenic monkey raises hope for primate models of human diseases

Adams, T.R.; Anderson, P.C.; Daines, R.J.; Gordon Kamm, W.; Kausch, A.P.; Mann, M.T.; Orr, P.M.; Warner, D.C., 2001:
Transgenic monocots plants with increased glycine-betaine content

Schenk, Dale, B., 2004:
Transgenic mouse assay to determine the effect of Abeta antibodies and Abeta Fragments on alzheimers disease characteristics

Olson, Eric, N., 2002:
Transgenic mouse comprising a MEF2 binding site operatively linked to an indicator gene and methods of use

Schwarz, J.; Chen, C.K.ng; Simon, M.I.; Lester, H., 2004:
Transgenic mouse comprising a disruption in an RGS9 gene

Benson, M.D.; Murrell, J.; Farlow, M.; Ghetti, B., 2001:
Transgenic mouse expressing APP770-V717F

Nalbantoglu, J.; Julien, J.P.erre; Shapiro, M., 1999:
Transgenic mouse expressing C-100 app

Pulst, S.M.; Huynh, D.P., 2003:
Transgenic mouse expressing a polynucleotide encoding a human ataxin-2 polypeptide

Hardy, J.A.thony; Chartier Harlin, M.C.ristine; Goate, A.M.ry; Owen, M.J.hn; Mullan, M.J.hn, 2001:
Transgenic mouse expressing an APP-FAD DNA sequence

Sato, M.; Kobayashi, T.; Tada, N.; Shoji, M.; Kawarabayashi, T., 2000:
Transgenic mouse expressing an beta-Amyloid transgene

Sawada, Shinichiro, 2001:
Transgenic mouse expressing human fusin and human CD4

Vitek, M.P.; Dawson, H.N.; Loring, J.F., 2003:
Transgenic mouse expressing human tau gene

Pasinetti, Giulio, M., 2003:
Transgenic mouse expressing the human cyclooxygenase-2 gene and neuronal cell cultures derived therefrom

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Transgenic mouse expression model for DMRT1 promoter

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Transgenic mouse gpt delta Development, recent progress and future directions

Zheng, H.; Chen, H.Y.; Trumbauer, M.E.; Van Der Ploeg, L.H.T.; Seabrook, G.; Sirinathsinghji, D., 2001:
Transgenic mouse having a disrupted amyloid precursor protein gene

Kohara, M.; Wakita, T.; Yonekawa, H.; Taya, C.; Saito, I., 2001:
Transgenic mouse hepatitis C virus model comprising a hepatitis C viral fragment

Davis, J.; Romanov, G.; Van Nostrand, W.E., 2001:
Transgenic mouse lines expressing neuronal or circulating platelet Dutch-type mutant AbetaPP

Lira, S.A.; Yang, T.Y.an, 2003:
Transgenic mouse model for Kaposis sarcoma

Grant, S.R.; Olson, E.N.; Molkentin, J.D., 2003:
Transgenic mouse model for cardiac hypertrophy and methods of use thereof

Abumrad, N.; Ibrahimi, A.; Picken, C.M., 2001:
Transgenic mouse model for fatty acid transport

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Transgenic mouse model for iduronidase deficiency and methods of making and using same

Zhao, J.; Guzman, G.; Hernandez, O.; Diaz, Z.; Szczesna Cordary, D., 2004:
Transgenic mouse model for the E22K mutation in myosin regulatory light chain that causes Familial Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy

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Transgenic mouse model of Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome with inducible supraventricular tachycardia generated by expressing the human AMPK mutation Arg302Glu

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Transgenic mouse model of alzheimers disease and cerebral amyloid angiopathy

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Transgenic mouse model of autosomal recessive nephrogenic diabetes insipidus

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Transgenic mouse model of basal cell carcinoma

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Transgenic mouse model of de novo motor neuron regeneration to replace degenerated motor neurons in ALS-like mice

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Transgenic mouse model of malignant astrocytoma Astrocyte specific expression of activated Ras

Ding, H.; Macmaster, S.; Roncari, L.; Wu, X.; Lau, N.; Shannon, P.; Gutman, D.; Nagy, A.; Guha, A., 2000:
Transgenic mouse model of malignant astrocytoma Specific astrocyte specific expression of activated ras

Sindermann, J.; Babij, P.; March, K.L., 1999:
Transgenic mouse model of positive vessel remodeling and smooth muscle cell proliferation

Sindermann, J.; Babij, P.; March, K.L., 1999:
Transgenic mouse model of positive vessel remodelling and smooth muscle cell proliferation

Gordon, J.I.; Garabedian, E.M., 1999:
Transgenic mouse model of prostate cancer

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Transgenic mouse model that accumulates a senile human brain-specific pathological form of amyloid-beta peptide, Abeta3 -42

Lee, H.J.; Watanabe, K.; Sekiguchi, M.; Tsubuki, S.; Hosoki, E.; Maruyama, K.; Iwata, N.; Saido, T.C., 1999:
Transgenic mouse model that accumulates pyroglutamyl beta-amyloid peptide

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Transgenic mouse models as a tool to study multistage tumorigenesis

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Transgenic mouse models for Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease

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Transgenic mouse models for hereditary Parkinsons Disease

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Transgenic mouse models for human bladder cancer

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Transgenic mouse models for immunosenescence

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Transgenic mouse models for studying the relationship between Helicobacter pylori infection and gastric cancer

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Transgenic mouse models for the spatiotemporal control of neurotrophin expression in SN dopaminergic neurons and striatum

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Transgenic mouse models for the study of growth factor signaling during lund morphogenesis

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Transgenic mouse models in the analysis of neurotransmitter release mechanisms

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Transgenic mouse models of Alzheimer's disease: how useful have they been for therapeutic development?

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Transgenic mouse models of Huntingtons disease

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Transgenic mouse models of cardiovascular function and disease

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Transgenic mouse models of hepatitis B virus-associated hepatocellular carcinoma

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Transgenic mouse models of metabolic bone disease

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Transgenic mouse models of prostate cancer

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Transgenic mouse models of rheumatoid arthritis

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Transgenic mouse models of toxicity and cancer

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Transgenic mouse models recapitulate genetic alterations of human human hepatocellular carcinoma

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Transgenic mouse models to determine the role of epidermal growth factor receptor in epithelial cell proliferation, apoptosis, and asbestosis

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Transgenic mouse models to study interactions of brain acetylcholinesterase and amyloid beta

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Transgenic mouse models with tau pathology to test therapeutic agents for Alzheimer's disease

Simmons, C.F.Jr; Bisbas, D.S., 2001:
Transgenic mouse strains exhibit flourescent visceral and vascular smooth muscle cell development

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Transgenic murine embryonic stem cells as an in-vitro model for developmental toxicity An alternative to the gold standard

Leonard, Warren, J., 1999:
Transgenic murine model for XSCID

Tiwari, Suresh Chandra, 2003:
Transgenic mustard

Mizuno, T.M.; Yang, X.J.; Kelley, K.A.; Pasinetti, G.M.; Mobbs, C.V., 2001:
Transgenic neuronal expression of proopiomelanocortin reduces body weight and improves glucose tolerance in wild-type and leptin-deficient mice

Soreq, H.; Zakut, H.; Shani, M., 1999:
Transgenic non-human animal assay system for anti-cholinesterase substances

Lonberg, N.; Kay, R.M., 2001:
Transgenic non-human animals for producing heterologous antibodies

Littman, D.; Sawada, S.; Killeen, N., 1999:
Transgenic non-human animals having targeting endogenous lymphocyte transduction genes and cognate human transgenes

Houdebine, L.M.rie; Devinoy, E.; Thepot, D., 1999:
Transgenic non-human mammal comprising a rabbit WAP promoter

Houdebine, L.M.rie; Devinoy, E.; Thepot, D., 2001:
Transgenic non-human mammal comprising a rabbit WAP promoter, uses thereof, and a DNA construct comprising the rabbit WAP promoter

Hansson, L.; Stromqvist, M.; Bergstrom, S.; Hernell, O.; Tornell, J., 2001:
Transgenic non-human mammal expressing the DNA sequence encoding kappa casein mammary gland and milk

White, D.J.mes; Williams, A.F.ederick, 2002:
Transgenic non-human mammals expressing DNA sequences encoding homologous complement restriction factors of a discordant mammalian species

Prieto, P.A.; Kopchick, J.J.; Cummings, R.D.; Pierce, J.M.; Smith, D.F.; Moremen, K.W., 2001:
Transgenic non-human mammals expressing heterologous glycosyltransferase DNA sequences produce oligosaccharides and glycoproteins in their milk

Lubon, H.; Drohan, W.N.; Velander, W.H., 2001:
Transgenic non-human mammals expressing human coagulation factor VIII and von Willebrand factor

Hansson, Lennart, 2000:
Transgenic non-human mammals producing EC-SOD protein in their milk

Cummings, R.D.le; Kopchick, J.J.seph; Moremen, K.W.lson; Mukerji, P.; Pierce, J.M.chael; Prieto, P.A.tonio; Smith, D.F.etcher, 1999:
Transgenic non-human mammals producing oligosaccharides and glycoconjugates

Cordell, Barbara, 1999:
Transgenic non-human mice displaying the amyloid-forming pathology of alzheimers disease

Schatten, G., 2002:
Transgenic non-human primates Bridges spanning the biomedical gap between mouse disease models and humans?

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Transgenic organisms having tetracycline-regulated transcriptional regulatory systems

Otani, M.; Shimada, T.; Mii, M., 2001:
Transgenic ornamental Ipomoea

D.C.estecker, M.P.; Bassity, C.M.; Nangle, S.; Factor, V.M.; Roberts, A.B.; Kopp, J.B., 1999:
Transgenic over-expression of Bone Morphogenetic Protein-7 in liver and kidney suggests a role in maintaining normal renal and hepatocyte function in the adult

Huang, W.Y.arn; Izumo, S., 1999:
Transgenic over-expression of a biological inert molecule can cause dilated cardiomyopathy A caveat in cardiac transgenic mice

Lai, C.C.ing; Hollander, J.; Belke, D.; Scott, B.; Dillmann, W.; Su, C.Y.an, 2004:
Transgenic overexpression of Constitutive Heat Shock Protein 70 Protects Against Ischemia/Reperfusion Injury

Boltax, J.; Bacani, C.J.seph; Svensson, E.C.; Huggins, G.S.encer, 2001:
Transgenic overexpression of FOG-2 produces myocardial fibrosis

Jan, F.; Kim, J.; Eckhart, A.D.; Koch, W.J., 2003:
Transgenic overexpression of GRK5 in vascular smooth muscle can lead to enhanced VSM migration and mitogenic signaling

Schulze, P.C.ristian; Fang, J.; Kassik, K.A.; Gannon, J.; Macgillivray, C.; Rosenthal, N., 2003:
Transgenic overexpression of IGF-1 inhibits skeletal muscle activation of the ubiquitin-proteasome pathway in chronic ventricular dysfunction

Eckstein, F.; Buerklein, D.; Fisch, T.; Priemel, M.; Wanke, R.; Hoeflich, A.; Amling, M.; Mohan, S.; Wolf, E., 2003:
Transgenic overexpression of IGFBP-2 produces sex- and site-specific inhibitory effects on GH-induced skeletal changes in mice

Hanson, J.C.; Bostick, M.K.; Campe, C.B.; Maher, J.J., 2002:
Transgenic overexpression of Interleukin-8/CXCL-8 protects mice from toxin-induced hepatic apoptosis

Philpot, B.D.; Weisberg, M.P.; Ramos, M.S.; Sawtell, N.B.; Tang, Y.P.; Tsien, J.Z.; Bear, M.F., 2001:
Transgenic overexpression of NR2B does not alter NMDA receptor current duration or synaptic plasticity in visual cortex

Schroeder, F.; Paraskeva, S.; Klein, G.; Schnasse, N.; Fiedler, B.; Lohmann, S.; Wollert, K.C., 2001:
Transgenic overexpression of PKG I augments the inhibitory effects of cyclic-GMP on L-type calcium channel activity in cardiac myocytes

Flagg, T.P.; Remedi, M.S.; Masia, R.; Mclerie, M.; Lopatin, A.; Nichols, C.G., 2004:
Transgenic overexpression of SUR1 in the heart exerts dominant negative effects on sarcolemmal KATP

Smith, K.M.; Thurston, G.; Suri, C.; Murphy, T.J.; Mcdonald, G.D.Y.ncopoulos And, D.M., 1999:
Transgenic overexpression of VEGF and angiopoietin-1 induce the proliferation of vessels of different size

James, J.; Zhang, S.; Osinska, H.; Klevitsky, R.; Hewett, T.; Sambe, A.; Robbins, J., 1999:
Transgenic overexpression of a mutation in murine cardiac troponin I results in cardiac hypertrophy and early lethality

Kaji, E.H.; Ryeom, S.; Wu, J.C.; Mckeon, F.D., 2001:
Transgenic overexpression of calcipressin 1 inhibits angiotensin II and thyroxine-induced cardiac hypertrophy

Monaco, M.H.; Bleck, G.T.; Cook, J.B.; Wheeler, M.B.; Donovan, S.M., 2000:
Transgenic overexpression of insulin-like growth factor-I in milk of swine using the bovine alpha-lactalbumin promoter and regulatory regions

Zhao, G.; Racadio, M.; Michalkiewicz, M., 2004:
Transgenic overexpression of neuropeptide Y ameliorates pressor effects of sinoaortic baroreceptor-denervation in conscious rats

Failinger, C.F.; Kan, H.; Jain, A.C.; Finkel, M.S., 2002:
Transgenic overexpression of neuropeptide Y in rats A novel cardiomyopathy model

Roos, K.P.; Jordan, M.C.; Lu, L.; Lu, Y.; Philipson, K.D.; Ross, R.S., 2000:
Transgenic overexpression of the Na+-Ca2+ exchanger results in postpartum hypertrophy and heart failure

Most, P.; Koch, W.J.; Loeffler, E.K.; Ehlermann, P.; Pleger, S.T.; Rockman, H.A.; Katus, H.A.; Remppis, A., 2002:
Transgenic overexpression of the cardiac EF-hand Ca2+ binding protein S100A1 A novel strategy to increase myocardial contractile performance

Hollander, J.M.; Martin, J.L.; Belke, D.D.; Scott, B.T.; Dillmann, W.H., 2003:
Transgenic overexpression of wild type hsp27 and a hsp27 nonphosphorylatable mutant protects against ischemia/reperfusion injury

Brodie, C.R.; Yin, J.C.P.; Clark, H.B.; Boland, L.M.; Orr, H.T., 2000:
Transgenic overexpression of wild-type CREB blocks endogenous CREB function

Brodie, C.R.; Yin, J.C.; Clark, H.B.; Boland, L.M.; Orr, H.T., 2000:
Transgenic overexpression of wild-type CREB inhibits CRE-responsive genes

Hanaoka, R.; Hosoya, T.; Hotta, Y.; Kamoto, H., 2001:
Transgenic overexpression of zebrafish gcmb induces ectopic expression of endothelin-1 and affects the pharyngeal cartilage formation

Bosch, F.; Fankchauser, S.; Casellas, A.; Otaegui, P.; Hidalgo, A.; Munoz, S.; Ferre, T.; Mas, A.; Riu, E., 2002:
Transgenic overexpression studies in obesity and diabetes

Krishna, G.; Urda, G.; Tefera, W.; Reindel, J., 2001:
Transgenic p53 knockout mice as an alternative model for carcinogen bioassay Results with cyclophosphamide

Schoenfelder, G.; Bohnemeier, H.; Neumerkel, M.; Labouvie, C.; Chahoud, I.; Paul, M., 2002:
Transgenic pS2 promoter-rats as a model for the investigation of transcriptional mechanisms in the regulation of TFF1 expression

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Transgenic papaya A case of technology transfer to Venezuela

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Transgenic pathogen-resistant plant

Ozias Akins, P.; Yang, H.; Perry, E.; Akasaka, Y.; Niu, C.; Holbrook, C.; Lynch, R., 2002:
Transgenic peanut for preharvest aflatoxin reduction

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Transgenic period 1 promoter drives rhythmic GFP gene expression in the mouse SCN

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Transgenic perspectives in xenotransplantation, 2001

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Transgenic pigs expressing both human decay-accelerating factor and N-acetylglucosaminyltransferase III

Beschorner, W.; Prather, R.; Sosa, C.; Thompson, S.C.; Schieber, T.; Yang, T., 2003:
Transgenic pigs expressing the suicide gene thymidine kinase in the liver

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Transgenic pigs producing salivary phytase Low phosphorus manure through enhanced digestion of organic phosphorus

Miyagawa, S.; Murakami, H.; Murase, A.; Nakai, R.; Koma, M.; Koyota, S.; Matsunami, K.; Takahagi, Y.; Fujimura, T.; Shigehisa, T.; Nagashima, H.; Shirakura, R.; Taniguchi, N., 2001:
Transgenic pigs with human N-acetylglucosaminyltransferase III

Zhang, Bao Hong, 2000:
Transgenic plant A new source of biodegradable plastics

Takaiwa, F.; Utsumi, S.; Katsube Tanaka, T., 2003:
Transgenic plant expressing soybean glycinin

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Transgenic plant-produced cellulases for biomass conversion

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Transgenic plants: towards a more balanced diet?

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Transgenic plants and method for node segment transformation

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Transgenic plants and methods for production thereof

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Transgenic plants and plant cells comprising a reduced expression of invertase inhibitors

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Transgenic plants as an alternative source of lignocellulosic-degrading enzymes

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Transgenic plants as vectors for delivery of animal immunocontraceptive vaccines

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Transgenic plants belonging to the species Cucumis melo

Silverman, R.H.; Mitra, A., 1999:
Transgenic plants co-expressing a functional human 2-5A system

Adang, M.J.; Murray, E.E., 2000:
Transgenic plants comprising a synthetic insecticidal crystal protein gene having a modified frequency of codon usage

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Transgenic plants comprising polynucleotides encoding transcription factors that confer disease tolerance

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Transgenic plants exhibiting altered flower color and methods for producing same

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Transgenic plants exhibiting heterologous virus resistance

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Transgenic plants expressing ACC oxidase genes

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Transgenic plants expressing ACC synthase gene

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Transgenic plants expressing DNA constructs containing a plurality of genes to impart virus resistance

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Transgenic plants expressing a dual-specificity MAPK phosphatase and uses thereof

Hein, M.B.; Hiatt, A., 2002:
Transgenic plants expressing assembled secretory antibodies

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Transgenic plants expressing bacterial atrazine degrading gene AtzA

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Transgenic plants expressing biocidal proteins

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Transgenic plants expressing genes from fungal antagonists

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Transgenic plants expressing lepidopteran-active delta-endotoxins

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Transgenic plants expressing mutant geminivirus AC1 or C1 genes

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Transgenic plants expressing photorhabdus toxin

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Transgenic plants for delivery of poultry vaccines against hemorrhagic enteritis

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Transgenic plants having altered anthocyann levels

Patton, D.A., 1999:
Transgenic plants having increased biotin content

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Transgenic plants including a transgene consisting of a hybrid nucleic acid sequence, comprising at least one unedited mitochondrial gene fragment from higher plants and process for producing them

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Transgenic plants of altered morphology

Poulsen, Peter, 2002:
Transgenic plants or algae expressing an AGP enzyme coupled to a transit peptide

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Transgenic plants presenting a modified inulin producing profile

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Transgenic plants producing trehalose

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Transgenic plants resistant to geminivirus infection

Bqczek Kwinta, R., 2001:
Transgenic plants resistant to oxidative stress in various environmental conditions

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Transgenic plants that exhibit enhanced nitrogen assimilation

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Transgenic plants with altered senescence characteristics

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Transgenic plants with divergent SCaM5 gene to achieve multiple disease resistance

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Transgenic plants with enhanced chlorophyll content and salt tolerance

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Transgenic plants with gamma-tocopherol methyltransferase

Wyatt, S.; Tsou, P.L.n; Robertson, D.; Boss, W., 2004 :
Transgenic plants with increased calcium stores

Libantova, J.; Bauer, M.; Bekesiova, I.; Moravcikova, J.; Mlynarova, L'udmila, 1999:
Transgenic potato plants expressing basic vacuolar glucanase from Nicotiana plumbaginifolia and acidic extracellular chitinase from cucumber

Trifonova, E.A.; Komarova, M.L.; Leonova, N.S.; Shcherban', A.B.; Kochetov, A.V.; Malinovskii, V.I.; Shumnyi, V.K., 2004:
Transgenic potato plants expressing the gene of secretory nuclease from Serratia marcescens

Backhausen, J.E.; Horton, P.; Scheibe, R., 2000:
Transgenic potato plants with altered leaf-ferredoxin expression The role of NADP-malate dehydrogenase in stabilizing the chloroplast redox state

During, K., 2000:
Transgenic potato tubers as a potent production system for recombinant antibodies

Hellwege, E.M.; Czapla, S.; Jahnke, A.; Willmitzer, L.; Heyer, A.G., 2000:
Transgenic potato tubers synthesize the full spectrum of inulin molecules naturally occurring in globe artichoke roots

Reggio, B.C.; James, A.N.; Green, H.L.; Gavin, W.G.; Behboodi, E.; Echelard, Y.; Godke, R.A., 2000:
Transgenic pregnancies resulting from nuclear transfer in the goat FSH-stimulated vs nonstimulated recipient cytoplasts

Couto, Dan, 2002:
Transgenic production

Knapp, J.E.; Brand, M.H., 2003:
Transgenic production of disease-resistant Impatiens wallerana

Fan, J.; Watanabe, T., 2003:
Transgenic rabbits as therapeutic protein bioreactors and human disease models

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Transgenic rabbits expressing both human apoA-I and LCAT have a protective lipoprotein profile with increased HDL and enhanced LDL catabolism

Fan, J.; Shimoyamada, H.; Challah, M.; Honda, K.; Watanabe, T., 1999:
Transgenic rabbits expressing human apolipoprotein develop enhanced atherosclerotic lesions in response to a cholesterol-rich diet

She, Y.; Howland, D.S.; Psaltis, G.; Devito, L.; Kulik, J.; Degennaro, L.J.; Cleveland, D., 2001:
Transgenic rat expressing human superoxide dismutase 1 G93A as a model for Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis

Reid, W.; Sadowska, M.; Denaro, F.; Rao, S.; Foulke, J.Jr; Hayes, N.; Fouts, T.; Lewis, G.; Kamin Lewis, R.; Ray, P.; Gallo, R.; Reitz, M.; Bryant, J., 2000:
Transgenic rat model for HIV-1 infection

Sato, K.; Taniyama, Y.; Sugawara, A.; Uruno, A.; Kudo, M.; Ito, S.; Takeuchi, K., 2001:
Transgenic rat model for renal tubule-specific transcription of thiazide-sensitive Na-Cl cotransporter gene

Zollmann, F.S.; Orzechowski, H.D.; Koehler, R.; Oksche, A.; Von Langsdorf, C.; Bader, M.; Paul, M., 2002:
Transgenic rat model of endothelin-B-receptor function in the vessel wall

Riess, O.; Nguyen, H.P.; Schmitt, I.; Holzmann, C.; Walther, T.; Bader, M.; Kask, A.; Vaarmann, A.; Schulz, J.B.; Higgins, D.; Bauer, A.; Li, X.J.; Von Hoersten, S., 2002:
Transgenic rat model of huntingtons disease

Davies, J.E.; Murphy, D., 2001:
Transgenic rat models of familial neurohypophysial diabetes insipidus

Tsuda, H.; Asamoto, M.; Toriyama, H.; Ochiya, T.; Sekiya, T., 2003:
Transgenic rat with human normal type c-Ha-ras gene

Goldsmith, M.A.; Speck, R.F.; Atchison, R.E.; Keppler, O., 2002:
Transgenic rats and rat cell lines expressing human CD4 and a human chemokine receptor

Chauveau, C.; Braudeau, C.; Menoret, S.; Tesson, L.; Guillot, C.; Usal, C.; Charreau, B.; Soulillou, J.P.; Cuturi, M.C.; Buelow, R.; Anegon, I., 2000:
Transgenic rats and recombinant adenovirus for in vivo analysis of HO-1 in transplant rejection and tolerance

Nagai, M.; Aoki, M.; Miyoshi, I.; Kato, M.; Pasinelli, P.; Kasai, N.; Brown, R.H.; Itoyama, Y., 2002:
Transgenic rats carrying human mutant copper-zinc superoxide dismutase genes with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis

Ketteler, M.; Liefeldt, L.; Westenfeld, R.; Gawlik, A.; Petermann, A.; Kossmehl, P.; Floege, J.; D.H.er, E.; Paul, M., 2002:
Transgenic rats for the human endothelin-2 gene develop progressive proteinuria and renal failure in anti-Thy11-glomerulonephritis

Ketteler, M.; Paul, M.; Liefeldt, L.; Koch, R.; D.H.er, E.; Distler, A., 1999:
Transgenic rats for the human endothelin-2-gene develop increased proteinuria and suppressed inducible NO-synthesis in anti-Thy1-nephritis

Mueller, O.J.seph; Rattunde, H.; Lange, M.; Lorenzen, H.P.ter; Degenhardt, M.; Franz, W.M., 2000:
Transgenic rats overexpressing SERCA2a compensate heart failure in aortic banding model

Arbatova, J.; Alhonen, L.; Kalda, A.; Korhonen, V.P.; Rasanen, T.L.; Jarvinen, A.; Sinervirta, R.; Zharkovsky, A.; Riekkinen, P.Sr; Lehesjoki, A.E.; Reeben, M., 1999:
Transgenic rats overexpressing cystatin B, human progressive myoclonus epilepsy gene, in the nervous system

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Transgenic rats overexpressing human smooth muscle calponin diaplays suppressed mesangial cell proliferation and matrix expansion in anti-Thy 11 nephritis

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Transgenic rats with decreased gap junctional intercellular communication in the liver are highly susceptible to hepatocarcinogenesis, but resistant to hepatic damage

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Transgenic reduction of inositol monophosphatase disrupts development of tomato

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Transgenic reporters and modulators of Wnt/beta-catenin signaling in the zebrafish CNS

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Transgenic salt tolerant tomato plants overexpressing a vacuolar Na+/H+ antiport accumulate salt in the foliage but not in the fruits

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Transgenic salt tolerant tomato plants overexpressing a vacuolar Na/H antiport accumulate salt in the foliage but not the fruits

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Transgenic sheep from cultured cells

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Transgenic sunflower PEG-mediated gene transfer

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Transgenic zebrafish expressing green fluorescent protein

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Transgenically produced Antithrombin III

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