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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 36045

Chapter 36045 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Poupon, A., 2004:
Voronoi and Voronoi-related tessellations in studies of protein structure and interaction

Dube, P.; Hay, G.J.; Marceau, D.J., 1999:
Voronoi diagrams, extended area stealing interpolation and tree crown recognition A fuzzy approach

Shilkaitis, A.; Green, A.; Mehta, R.G.; Mehta, R.R.; Graves, J.; Lubet, R.; Kelloff, G.; Christov, K., 1999:
Vorozole initially induces apoptotic and later non-apoptotic cell death in mammary carcinomas

Vos, J.A.; Simurdak, J.; Davis, B.J.; Myers, J.B.; Brissette, M.D., 1999:
Vortex disaggregation for flow cytometry A tissue preserving method

Ma, J.; Cooney, C.L., 2002:
Vortex flow adsorption technology

Roth, G.; Smith, C.E.; Schoofs, G.M.; Montgomery, T.J.; Ayala, J.L.; Monica, T.J.; Castillo, F.J.; Horwitz, J.I., 2001:
Vortex flow filtration for cell separation in bioreactor operations

Cigana, J.; Couture, M., 1999:
Vortex regulators for stormwater management Principles and case studies

Fuchiwaki, M.; Tanaka, K., 2002:
Vortex scale of unsteady separation on a pitching airfoil

Drucker, E.G.; Lauder, G.V., 1999:
Vortex wake dynamics of turning in sunfish

Ashihara, T.; Namba, T.; Ishimoto, N.; Sugimoto, Y.; Ito, M.; Kinoshita, M.; Ikeda, T.; Nakazawa, K., 1999:
Vortex wave filament dynamics in three-dimensional computer ventricular models

Bartol, I.K.; Gordon, M.S.; Gharib, M.; Weihs, D.; Webb, P.W., 2001:
Vortical flows around rigid-bodied, multi-propulsor swimmers

Kumar, P.V.; Bedayat, G.R.; Mousavi, A.; Saraf, Z., 2001:
Vorticella in Pap smears as a contaminant

Pallotti, G.; Tedesco, A.; Pettazzoni, P.; Albanesi, F.; Barbieri, I.; Bazzocchi, R.; Coli, L.; D'addato, M.; Grazia, M.; Melloni, F.; Palumbo, N.; Stefoni, S.; Pagani, D., 2002:
Vortices ans organ transplantation

Pedley, T.J., 2000:
Vorticity Fundamentals, internal flow and turbulence

Ellington, C.P.; Tytell, E., 2000:
Vorticity in air

Matthews, C.; Halterman, J.; Conn, K.; Allan, M.; Kaczorowski, J., 2002:
Voter survey and facilitated voter registration in an urban Pediatric Practice Helping underserved families have a political voice

Katz, E.; Robles, E.; Stitzer, M.; Silverman, K.; Bigelow, G., 2000:
Voucher incentives Extending effects after abstinence initiation

Gorter, A.; Segura, Z.; Zuniga, E.; Torrentes, R.; Sandiford, P., 2001:
Voucher programs can effectively reduce sexual transmitted infections in groups with high rates, the case of Managua

Pantalon, M.V.; Lapaglia, D.M.; Pakes, J.P.; Chawarski, M.C.; Schottenfeld, R.S., 2000:
Voucher purchases and drug use among cocaine-dependent women

Lai, T.T.; Svirsky, M.A.; Meyer, T.A.; Kaiser, A.R.; Basalo, S.; Silveira, A.; Suarez, H.; Simmons, P.M.; Miyamoto, R.T., 1999:
Vowel identification and pitch perception by cochlear implant users

Temple, E.; Gabrieli, J.J.D., 2003:
Voxel - based morphometry gray matter differences in children with dyslexia

Good, C.D.; Kuntsi, J.; Shah, B.; Price, C.J.; Ashburner, J.; Friston, K.J.; Frackowiak, R.S.J.; Skuse, D.H., 2000:
Voxel Based Morphometry in deletion mapping studies of the X chromosome

Marotta, G.; Cerveri, G.; Benti, R.; Mauri, C.; Zito, F.; Valli, I.; Invernizzi, I.; Gerundini, P., 2003:
Voxel-based analysis of 99mTc-ECD SPECT images in psychosis with auditory verbal hallucinations

Ebmeier, K.P.; Darcourt, J.; Dougall, N.J.; Glabus, M.F.; Herholz, K.; Koulibaly, P.M.; Migneco, O.; Nobili, F.; Pupi, A.; Robert, P.; Rodriguez, G.; Scheidhauer, K., 2003:
Voxel-based approaches in clinical imaging

Dhawan, V.; Mentis, M.; Ma, Y.; Chaly, T.; Eidelberg, D., 2000:
Voxel-based mapping of dopamine transporter binding in early stage Parkinsons disease

Yun, C.H.; Kwon, S.J.o; Kim, D.W.ok; Kim, J.S.; Lee, D.S.o; Lee, S.K.n, 2003:
Voxel-based morphometric analysis in non-lesional neocortical epilepsy with cortical dysplasia

Frisoni, G.B.; Testa, C.; Zorzan, A.; Beltramello, A., 2002:
Voxel-based morphometry in AD Evidence of validity

Brambati, S.; Termine, C.; Stella, G.; Cappa, S.F.; Fazio, F.; Perani, D., 2003:
Voxel-based morphometry in familiar dyslexia

Bernasconi, N.; Duschesne, S.; Janke, A.; Andermann, F.; Bernasconi, A., 2003:
Voxel-based morphometry of grey and white matter in patients with temporal lobe epilepsy

Van Laere, K.J.; Dierckx, R., 2001:
Voxel-based morphometry versus perfusion SPECT in healthy aging Regional perfusion does not decrease with age

Ricci, V.; Zarrilli, R.; Romano, M., 2002:
Voyage of Helicobacter pylori in human stomach: odyssey of a bacterium

Stevens, Brad, 2001:
Voyage to see whats on the bottom Methods of visualizing the ocean floor

Devore, E.; Fisher, J., 2002:
Voyages Through Time An integrated science curriculum

Hogan, T.H.; Mcallister, J.J.; Steimer, K.E.; Ross, H.L.; Wigdahl, B., 2000:
Vpr-mediated HIV-1 LTR transactivation Implications relevant to CNS infection

Hogan, T.; Mcallister, J.J.; Steimer, K.E.; Nonnemacher, M.R.; Ross, H.L.; Wigdahl, B., 2000:
Vpr-mediated activation of the HIV-1 LTR Relevance to CNS infection

Tuma, P.L.; Backer, J.M.; Hubbard, A.L., 2000:
Vps34p is the major phosphoinositide 3-kinase regulator of apical membrane dynamics in polarized cells

Hout, D.R.; Mulcahy, E.R.; Pacyniak, E.; Gomez, L.M.; Gomez, M.L.; Stephens, E.B., 2004 :
Vpu: a multifunctional protein that enhances the pathogenesis of human immunodeficiency virus type 1

Lemaitre, V.; Ali, R.; Kim, C.G.; Watts, A.; Fischer, W.B., 2003:
Vpu from HIV-1 interaction with an amiloride derivative A docking and molecular dynamics Study

Singh, S.P.; Kumar, R.; Bhatt, L., 2003:
Vr, Wr graphical analysis for green pod yield and yield traits in cowpea Walp

Hwang, S.J.; Cho, W.G.; Valtschanoff, J.G., 2002:
Vr1 positive afferents contact rat spinoparabrachial neurons expressing nk1 receptors

Patterson, L.M.; Zheng, H.; Berthoud, H.R., 2002:
Vr1 vanilloid receptor in vagal afferent neurons innervating the rat gastrointestinal tract

Rezai, K.; Madariaga, M.; Thomas Gossain, N.; Phillips, L.; Weinstein, R.A.; Hayden, M.K., 2003:
Vre carriage on healthcare worker hands Transient or persitent?

Yoshida, T.; Nishida, H.; Zhu, J.; Nitcher, R.; Distelfeld, A.; Akashi, Y.; Kato, K.; Dubcovsky, J., 2010:
Vrn-D4 is a vernalization gene located on the centromeric region of chromosome 5D in hexaploid wheat

Ivanov, V.B.; Obrucheva, N.V., 2004:
Vsevolod V Polevoi

Semikhatova, O.A.; Maslova, T.G.; Vassilyev, A.E.; Sherstnyova, O.A., 2002:
Vsevolod Vladimirovich Polevoi

Kurtzman, A.L.; Passini, M.A.; Schechter, N., 1999:
Vsx-1, a paired-likeCVC homeobox protein is expressed in the retina and is regulated by the ubiquitin pathway

Mcinnes, R.R.; Chow, R.L.; Birch, D.G., 2002:
Vsx1, a rapidly evolving paired-like homeobox gene is essential for retinal cone bipolar cell development

Iberoamerican Society O.O.teology And Mineral Metabolism; Argentine Society O.O.teology And Mineral Metabolism, 2001:
Vth Iberoamerican Congress of the Iberoamerican Society of Osteology and Mineral Metabolism and the XVIIth Annual Meeting of the Argentine Society of Osteology and Mineral Metabolism, Buenos Aires, Argentina, November 29-December 1, 2000

Cuschieri, A.; Frank, T., 1999:
VuMedical handling device in particular for endoscopic applications

Anonymous, 2001:
Vulimiri Ramalingaswami

Young,G.; Zavala,H.; Wandel,J.; Smit,B.; Salas,S.; Jimenez,E.; Fiebig,M.; Espinoza,R.; Diaz,H.; Cepeda,J., 2010:
Vulnerability and adaptation in a dryland community of the Elqui Valley, Chile

Kohrt, B.A.; Kohrt, H.E.; Tsagaankhuu, T., 2001:
Vulnerability and stress in Mongolia The adaptive significance of yadargaa

Bodini,A.; Cossu,Q.A., 2010:
Vulnerability assessment of Central-East Sardinia to extreme rainfall events

Giardino, N.D.; Epstein, E.; Labouvie, E., 2000:
Vulnerability factors associated with severity of adult alcohol problems

Weiss, B., 1999:
Vulnerability is a lifetime issue

Selas, Vidar, 2003:
Vulnerability of Black Grouse hens to Goshawk predation in relation to vole cycles

Gayot, M.; Sist, P., 2004:
Vulnerability of Macaranduba species to logging in the Brazilian Amazon The need for new logging standards

Sancesario, G.; Morello, M.; Canini, A.; Grilli, C.M.; Massa, R.; Schoen, S.; Bernardi, G., 2000:
Vulnerability of globus pallidus to Mn2+ may be dependent on preferential Mn2+ accumulation in pallidal neurons nucleoli

Hendriks,I.E.; Duarte,C.M.; Alvarez,M., 2010:
Vulnerability of marine biodiversity to ocean acidification a meta-analysis

Akaike, N.; Carpenter, D.O.; Hori, N., 2003:
Vulnerability of motoneurons prepared from adult spinal cords of mice to ischemic insult, AMPA and kainic acid

Wetzel, M.K.; Tibbits, J.; Shuttleworth, C.W.; Rosenberg, G.A.; Cunningham, L.A., 2003:
Vulnerability of mouse cortical neurons to doxorubicin-induced apoptosis is strain-dependent

Renaudin,C., 2010:
Vulnerability of peasant cotton farmers in the Eastern region of Burkina Faso

Christensen, L.; Coughenour, M.B.; Ellis, J.E.; Chen,, 2002:
Vulnerability of the Asian typical steppe to grazing and climate change

Assayag, P.; Tanguy, S.; D.L.iris, J.; Boucher, F.; Swynghedauw, B.; Besse, S., 1999:
Vulnerability of the aged rat heart to ischaemia and reperfusion

Bhutta, A.T.; Anand, K.J.S., 2002:
Vulnerability of the developing brain. Neuronal mechanisms

Noyan, B.; Gulec, G.; Ozluk, K., 1999:
Vulnerability of two different strains of rats to lithium-pilocarpine-induced seizures

Schijven, J.F.; Hassanizadeh, S.Majid.; de Roda Husman, A.Maria., 2010:
Vulnerability of unconfined aquifers to virus contamination

Mora, C.; Monteiro, S., 2010:
Vulnerability to STIs/HIV: sociability and the life trajectories of young women who have sex with women in Rio de Janeiro

Teitelbaum, R.; Lifshitz, S.; Ling, E.; Dagan, R.; Troyanovsky, N.; Feldman, G.; Mizrachi Brauner, Y., 2001:
Vulnerability to Streptococcus pneumoniae infection Difference between microbial strains and genetically determined host response in adult mice

Cohen Salmon, C.A.; Misdrahi, D.; Gerardin, P.; Hanoun, H.; Joubert, C., 2002:
Vulnerability to a chronic stress environment gradually increasing throughout gestation

Leshner, A.I., 2000:
Vulnerability to addiction: new research opportunities

Krebs, M.O.; Leroy, S.; Duaux, E.; Bourdel, M.C.; Griffon, N.; Gorwood, P.; Loo, H.; Poirier, M.F., 2002:
Vulnerability to cannabis, schizophrenia and the N polymorphism of the cannabinoid receptor type 1 gene

Katwijk,M.M.van; Bos,A.R.; Kennis,P.; Vries,, 2010:
Vulnerability to eutrophication of a semi-annual life history a lesson learnt from an extinct eelgrass population

Adriani, W.; Macri, S.; Laviola, G., 2000:
Vulnerability to nicotine in mice during early adolescence as measured by the oral self-administration paradigm

Laviola, G.; Macri', S.; Adriani, W., 2000:
Vulnerability to nicotine oral self-administration in mice during early adolescence

Glass, T.F.; Reeves, B.; Sharp, F.R., 2003:
Vulnerability to secondary insults in mixed neuronal cultures Membrane-based or transcriptional

Grippo, A.J.; Santos, C.M.; Johnson, R.F.; Beltz, T.G.; Martins, J.B.; Felder, R.B.; Johnson, A.K.m, 2003:
Vulnerability to ventricular arrhythmias in a rat model of depression

Rekhter, M., 2002:
Vulnerable atherosclerotic plaque: emerging challenge for animal models

McFadden,K.W.; Garcia-Vasco,D.; Cuaron,A.D.; Valenzuela-Galvan,D.; Medellin,R.A.; Gompper,M.E., 2010:
Vulnerable island carnivores the endangered endemic dwarf procyonids from Cozumel Island

Zaidel, D.W., 1999:
Vulnerable neurons in the hippocampus in Alzheimers Disease, schizophrenia, and Down Syndrome

Maier, H.; Zinn, C.; Zenner, H.P.; Gummer, A.W., 2000:
Vulnerable non-linearities and their effects on in vivo micromechanics and tuning characteristics of the apical guinea pig cochlea

Erbel, Raimund, 2003:
Vulnerable plaque - vulnerable vessel - vulnerable patient Plaques prone to rupture, plaques at risk, unstable plaques

Higo, S.; Nanto, S.; Uematsu, M.; Ohara, T.; Morozumi, T.; Kotani, J.I.hi; Awata, M.; Onishi, T.; IIda, O.; Ito, N.; Nagata, S., 2004:
Vulnerable plaque can be the predominant source of serum interleukin-6 but not of serum C-reactive protein in patients with acute myocardial infarction

Schaar, J.A.; D.K.rte, C.L.; Mastik, F.; Strijder, C.; Pasterkamp, G.; Serruys, P.W.; Van Der Steen, A.F.W., 2002:
Vulnerable plaque characterization with intravascular elastography

D.K.rte, C.L.; Schaar, J.A.; Mastik, F.; Van Damme, L.C.A.; Krams, R.; Serruys, P.W.; Van Der Steen, A.F.W., 2002:
Vulnerable plaque detection with 3-dimensional palpography

Schaar, J.A.; D.K.rte, C.L.; Mastik, F.; Strijder, C.; Pasterkamp, G.; Van Der Steen, A.F.W., 2001:
Vulnerable plaque detection with intravascular elastography A sensitivity and specificity study

Schneiderman, J.; Wilensky, R.L.; Weisse, A.; Samouha, E.; Muchnik, L.; Alexandrowicz, G.; Chen Zion, M.; Ilovich, M.T.; Flugelman, M.; Golan, E.; Virmani, R., 2003:
Vulnerable plaque diagnosis by a self-contained intravascular magnetic resonance imaging probe in ex vivo human insitu coronary arteries

Mckinney, M.L., 2001:
Vulnerable to what? Distinguishing abiotic from biotic causes of extinction

Carpenter, Mary C., 2002:
Vulpes vulpes remains from Stantons Cave, Arizona First known record from the Grand Canyon

Sova, T.V.; Mosyakin, S.L., 2002:
Vulpia octoflora Rydb , a new alien species in Ukraine

Cousin, M.Thérèse.; Bernard, C.; Vulpian, A., 2002:
Vulpian and not Claude Bernard first proposed the hypothesis of the motor end-plate as the site of action of curare

Mavlyutova, Z.V.; Savelyev, E.V., 2000:
Vulva cancer cases after laser evaporation of leukoplakia foci

Csatadi, K.; Altbacker, V.; Bilko, A., 2002:
Vulva colour and anogenital distance as predictors of breeding status in domestic rabbits

Micheletti, L.; Preti, M.; Bogliatto, F.; Zanotto-Valentino, M.C.; Ghiringhello, B.; Massobrio, M., 2000:
Vulval lichen planus in the practice of a vulval clinic

Crawford, D.; Nimmo, M.; Thomson, T.; Benedet, J.L.; Miller, D.; Clement, P.B.; Gilks, C.B., 1999:
Vulvar Pagets disease Prognostic factors

Schnuerch, H.G., 2004:
Vulvar cancer diagnosis and treatment

Naumann, R.W.ndel; Sanders, C.A.; Higgins, R.V.; Hall, J.B.; Norton, H.J.mes; Grigsby, J.H., 1999:
Vulvar cytologic smears in the detection of recurrent vulvar dysplasia and vulvar carcinoma

Puig, A.M.; Martinez, C.; Millana, C.; Luque, A.; Relea, F.M.; Munoz, J., 2002:
Vulvar cytology and precursor lesions in a Spanish rural population Cross-sectional study in 484 smears

Quint, E.H.; Smith, Y.R., 1999:
Vulvar disorders in adolescent patients

Moller, K.; Van Le, L., 2002:
Vulvar intraepithelial neoplasia III Current understanding and controversy

Heller, 2001:
Vulvar intraepithelial neoplasia and squamous cell carcinoma at the vulva of young women Dr Heller replies

Jones, R.W., 2001:
Vulvar intraepithelial neoplasia and squamous cell carcinoma of the vulva in young women

Yang, B.; Hart, W.R., 1999:
Vulvar intraepithelial neoplasia of simplex type Clinicopathologic features, p53 expression and HPV in situ hybridization

Mendilcioglu, I.; Zorlu, C.G.; Pestereli, H.E.; Karaveli, S.; Trak, B., 2002:
Vulvar malignant melanoma following radiotherapy for cervical cancer

Ragnarsson Olding, B.; Kanter Lewensohn, L.; Lagerlof, B.; Nilsson, B.; Ringborg, U., 1999:
Vulvar melanoma are different from cutaneous melanoma

Wilkinson, Edward J., 2000:
Vulvar pagetoid urothelial intraepithelial neoplasia

Wilkinson, E.J.; Brown, H.M., 2001:
Vulvar pagetoid urothelial intraepithelial neoplasia Differentiation from Paget disease of cutaneous or ano-rectal origin

Paavonen, J., 2001:
Vulvar pain syndrome

Marin, G.; Dennerstein, G., 2002:
Vulvar vestibulitis: a real syndrome?

Hamel-Teillac, D., 2004:
Vulvo-vaginal disorders

Pontes, L.; Ribeiro, M.; Domingues, C.; Dos Santos, G., 1999:
Vulvo-vaginal reconstruction in advanced oncologic pathology

Fukunaga, M., 2001:
Vulvovaginal angiomyofibroblastoma Clinicopathologic analysis

Costa, M.; Fernandes, O.D.F.tima Lisboa; Silva, M.D.R.sario Rodrigues, 2003:
Vulvovaginal candidiasis Clinical aspects, oral treatment with azoles and susceptibility in vitro

Talim, M.; Deshpande, G.; Mansukhani, G.; Raheja, B.S., 2000:
Vulvovaginal infections in type-2 diabetes

Giraldo, P.; Balzan, S.N.; Goncalves, A.K.S.; Vicentini, R.M.; Neves, N.A.; Ribeiro Filho, A.D., 2001:
Vulvovaginitis Contraceptive methods and sexual habits

Sobel, J.D., 1999:
Vulvovaginitis in healthy women

Caukwell, S.; Fox, R., 2004:
Vulvovaginitis secondary to examination with latex rubber gloves

Hruby, D.E.; Byrd, C.M.; Bolken, T.C., 2004:
VvG1L An antiviral drug target

Hruby, D.E.; Byrd, C.M.; Bolken, T.C.; Mjalli, A.M.; Arimilli, M.N.; Andrews, R.C.; Rothlein, R.; Andrea, T.; Rao, M.; Owens, K.L., 2004:
VvI7L An antiviral drug target

Toomsalu, Maie, 2003:
Vyacheslav Afanasyev, honorary doctor of the University of Tartu

Murray, N.M.F., 2000:
W A Cobb

Houston, C.S.uart; Gosselin, M., 2003:
W Earl Godfrey, 1910-2002

Watters, David R., 2002:
W J Hollands roles in the 1902 meetings of the American Association for the Advancement of Science and the American Anthropological Association

Watters, David R., 2002:
W J Hollands speech at the International Congress of Americanists, 13th Session, in 1902

Dixon, James R., 2000:
W L Moody Jr Natural History Series Amphibians and reptiles of Texas, Second edition

Anonymous, 2002:
W Maxwell Cowan, BM, BCh, D Phil Managing Editor, 1968-1980

Anonymous, 2000:
W Mejbaum-Katzenellenbogens Molecular Biology Seminars 7 Chromatin Arrangement and Programmed Cell Death

Anonymous, 2001:
W Mejbaum-Katzenellenbogens Molecular Biology Seminars 8 Membrane Skeleton and its Regulatory Functions

Takayanagi, Yokichi, 2002:
W S Warner Publishing and presenting clinical research

Dioumaev, V.K.; Bullock, R.M.rris; Szalda, D.J., 2003:
W and MO Green catalysts for ionic hydrosilylation of carbonyl compounds A solvent-free process with self-separation and efficient recycling of the catalyst

Serhiyenko, A.; Urbanovich, A.M.; Serhiyenko, V.O.; Serhiyenko, L.M., 2001:
W-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids in the treatment of cardiovascular autonomic neuropathy in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus

Jan, C.R.n; Tseng, C.J.unn, 2000:
W-7 induces i increases in Madin-Darby canine kidney cells

Bara, I.; Lemann, P.; Tournilhac, F.; Collette, A.; Simon, J.C.ristophe, 2002:
W/O emulsion composition comprising such an mulsion and cosmetic pharmaceutical or hygiene use thereof

Hahné, S.; Handford, S.; Ramsay, M., 2002:
W135 meningococcal carriage in Hajj pilgrims

Ponce, E.; Grabowski, G.A., 2000:
W381Ter Novel mutation in the coding sequence of the acid beta-glucosidase gene of a type 1 Gaucher patient who developed neutralizing antibodies

Berrou, L.; Klein, H.; Parent, L., 2003:
W386 within the AID motif is an essential determinant of Cavbeta3- induced binding and modulation of Cav23

Mclenithan, J.C.; Xu, A.H.a; Pray, J.; Quon, M.; Shuldiner, A.R., 2001:
W64R is a naturally occurring dominant negative mutation in the beta3-adrenergic receptor

Kelley, W.M.; Ojemann, J.G.; Wetzel, R.D.; Derdeyn, C.P.; Moran, C.J.; Cross, D.W.IIi; Dowling, J.L.; Miller, J.W.; Petersen, S.E., 1999:
WADA testing reveals frontal lateralization during memorization of words and faces

Harris, C.; Enoch, M.A.; Goldman, D., 2000:
WAIS-R performance scores in alcoholics and non-alcoholics in a Plains Indian tribe

Kohorn, B.D., 2001:
WAKs; cell wall associated kinases

Kowalski, K.G.; Wang, W.; Hermann, D., 2004:
WAM A user-friendly software program for efficient covariate model building

Sun, Y.; Wechselberger, C.; Bianco, C.; Khan, N.I.; Hirota, M.; Jones, B.; Salomon, D., 2002 :
WAP-Cripto-1 transgenic mice suppress mammary gland development and differentiation

Scacheri, P.C.; Rozenblatt Rosen, O.; Caplen, N.; Wolfsberg, T.; Meyerson, M.; Collins, F.S., 2003:
WARNING siRNAs can induce off-target effects in mammalian cells

Machesky, L.M.; Insall, R.H.; Volkman, L.E., 2001:
WASP homology sequences in baculoviruses

Cannon, J.L.; Labno, C.M.; Bosco, G.; Seth, A.; Mcgavin, M.H.K.; Siminovitch, K.A.; Rosen, M.K.; Burkhardt, J.K., 2001:
WASP recruitment to the T cell-APC contact occurs independently of Cdc42 interaction and may be dependent on Nck or Grb2

Snapper, S.B.; Nguyen, D.; Stockton, B.; Bozza, P.; Laouar, A.; Liu, C.H.i; Rosen, F.S.; Mulligan, R.C.; Alt, F.W.; Von Andrian, U.H.; Klein, C., 2000:
WASP-deficiency causes impaired migration of T-cells, dendritic cells, and neutrophils

Calle, Y.; Jagger, C.; Chambers, T.; Fuller, K.; Blundell, M.P.; Chow, J.; Jones, G.E.; Thrasher, A., 2002:
WASp deficiency in mice results in abnormal assembly of podosomes in osteoclasts and defects in bone resorption

Novelli, S.; Chiellini, C.; Ciccarone, A.M.; Bertacca, A.; Soukas, A.; Folli, F.; Perego, L.; Pontiroli, A.; Dimitri, R.; Gandini, D.; Bottone, P.; Massei, A.; Benzi, L.; Friedman, J.M.; Maffei, M., 2000:
WAT haptoglobin expression is regulated in rodent, but not in human obesity

Nozumi, M.; Nakagawa, H.; Miki, H.; Takenawa, T.; Miyamoto, S., 2002:
WAVE/scar proteins control filopodial formation on neuronal growth cones

Oikawa, T.; Suetsugu, S.; Itoh, T.; Yamaguchi, H.; Takenawa, T., 2003:
WAVE2-PtdIns P3 interaction is essential for Rac-induced lamellipodial protrusions

Mcilvain, H.B.; Stack, G.; Eliasof, S.; Carrick, T.A.; Greenfield, A.; Kowal, D.; Petroski, R.E.; Foster, A.C.; Moyer, J.; Dunlop, J., 2003:
WAY - 855 heptane - 1,3 - dicarboxylic acid a novel, EAAT2 preffering, non - substrate and competitive inhibitor of high affinity glutamate uptake

Komm, B.S.; Miller, C.P.; Lyttle, C.R., 2000:
WAY-140424, a third generation tissue selective estrogen with a potentially improved therapeutic profile

Dunlop, J.; Eliasof, S.; Stack, G.; Mcilvain,; Greenfield, A.; Kowal, D.; Petroski, R.; Carrick, T., 2003:
WAY-855 heptane-1,3-dicarboxylic acid A novel, EAAT2-preferring, nonsubstrate inhibitor of high-affinity glutamate uptake

Caggiano, Thomas J., 2002:
WAY-VNA-932 Treatment of central diabetes insipidus, treatment of nocturnal enuresis, treatment of nocturia vasopressin V2 agonist

Turner, M.R.; Rabiner, E.A.; Grasby, P.M.; Leigh, P.N.gel; Brooks, D.J., 2002:
WAY100635 PET A potential in vivo marker for ALS?

Luthe, H.; Binder, L.; Martetschlager, I.; Oellerich, M., 1999:
WBC differentials, flagging performance and reticulocyte quantification on the Abbott Cell-DYN 4000 in comparison to the coulter STKS and the reticulocyte analyzer sysmex R-1000

Gresens, C.J.; Paglieroni, T.G.; Moss, C.B.; Ward, J.M.; Hill, L.; Mackenzie, M.R.; Holland, P.V., 1999:
WBC populations in thawed fresh frozen plasma

Gaehtgens, P.; Walzog, B., 1999:
WBC-endothelial interaction and the control of inflammatory reactions

Stevenson, Robert, 2002:
WCBP 2002 Will science-based regulations prevail?

Gupte, S.V.; Patel, M.V.; Jafri, M.A.; Upadhyay, D.J.; Takalkar, S.; Shetty, N.; Chugh, Y.; Khorakiwala, H.F.; D.S.uza, N.J., 2003:
WCK 1152 WCK 1153 Novel respiratory chiral fluoroquinolones with high potency against fluoroquinolone resistant pneumococci and viridans streptococci

Gupte, S.V.; Patel, M.V.; Upadhyay, D.J.; Jafri, M.; Takalkar, S.; Chugh, Y.; Bhagwat, S.S.; Khorakiwala, H.F.; D.S.uza, N.J., 2003:
WCK 1152 and WCK 1153 Novel chiral fluoroquinolones with attractive anti-staphylococcal features

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