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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 36068

Chapter 36068 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Am.N.Col.S.Lvaggio.M.Chell.S.Reich.J.Nnife.E.H.Pper.C.Arle.A.P.Erce, 2011:
Why Do Fools Fall in Love at Work? Factors Associated With the Incidence of Workplace Romance

Sébastie, M.Ineri, N.Cola, G.Éguen, 2011:
I Hope Im Not Disturbing You, Am I? Another Operationalization of the Foot-in-the-Mouth Paradigm

Jiyoun, C.Oi.D.Vi.W.J.Hnson, R.Ge.J.Hns, N., 2011:
Relationships Among Cooperative Learning Experiences, Social Interdependence, Childrens Aggression, Victimization, and Prosocial Behaviors

Mauricio Lima; Alan A.B.rryman, 2011:
Positive and negative feedbacks in human population dynamics future equilibrium or collapse?

N.B.Davies, 2011:
Cuckoo adaptations trickery and tuning

Eliasson, A.; Ortorp, A., 2012:
The accuracy of an implant impression technique using digitally coded healing abutments

Del Fabbro, M.; Bortolin, M.; Taschieri, S.; Weinstein, R.L., 2014:
Effect of autologous growth factors in maxillary sinus augmentation: a systematic review

Miyamoto, I.; Funaki, K.; Yamauchi, K.; Kodama, T.; Takahashi, T., 2012:
Alveolar ridge reconstruction with titanium mesh and autogenous particulate bone graft: computed tomography-based evaluations of augmented bone quality and quantity

Adhyapak, S.M.; Iyengar, S.S., 2011:
Characteristics of a subset of patients with reversible systolic dysfunction in chronic kidney disease

Taiwo, O.O.; Jalo, H.P., 2011:
Dental injuries in 12-year old Nigerian students

Frontera, R.Reis.; Zanin, L.; Ambrosano, G.Maria.Bovi.; Flório, Fávia.Martão., 2011:
Orofacial trauma in Brazilian basketball players and level of information concerning trauma and mouthguards

Matsumoto-Takeda, S.; Yamamoto, N.; Nishida, I.; Saeki, K.; Oda, M.; Yamauchi, K.; Miyamoto, I.; Tanaka, T.; Kito, S.; Wakasugi-Sato, N.; Seta, Y.; Shiiba, S.; Matsumoto, Y.; Yamashita, Y.; Maki, K.; Takahashi, T.; Morimoto, Y., 2011:
Importance of magnetic resonance imaging for evaluation of a child with prominent swelling of the facial region after trauma: report of a case

Neya, S.; Kawaguchi, A.T., 2012:
Inherently distorted heme as a novel tool for myoglobin-based oxygen carrier

Abrahante, J.E.; Martins, K.; Papas, K.K.; Hering, B.J.; Schuurman, H-Jan.; Murtaugh, M.P., 2011:
Microbiological safety of porcine islets: comparison with source pig

Nguyen, B-Ngoc.H.; Azimzadeh, A.M.; Schroeder, C.; Buddensick, T.; Zhang, T.; Laaris, A.; Cochrane, M.; Schuurman, H-Jan.; Sachs, D.H.; Allan, J.S.; Pierson, R.N., 2011:
Absence of Gal epitope prolongs survival of swine lungs in an ex vivo model of hyperacute rejection

Chatelais, M.; Devallière, J.; Galli, C.; Charreau, Béatrice., 2011:
Gene transfer of the adaptor Lnk (SH2B3) prevents porcine endothelial cell activation and apoptosis: implication for xenograft's cytoprotection

Fisicaro, N.; Londrigan, S.L.; Brady, J.L.; Salvaris, E.; Nottle, M.B.; O'Connell, P.J.; Robson, S.C.; d'Apice, A.J.F.; Lew, A.M.; Cowan, P.J., 2011 :
Versatile co-expression of graft-protective proteins using 2A-linked cassettes

Uribe-Herranz, M.; Casinghino, S.R.; Bosch-Presegué, L.; Fodor, W.L.; Costa, C., 2011:
Identification of soluble and membrane-bound isoforms of porcine tumor necrosis factor receptor 2

Furchtgott, L.; Wingreen, N.S.; Huang, K.Casey., 2011:
Mechanisms for maintaining cell shape in rod-shaped Gram-negative bacteria

Chandrangsu, P.; Lemke, J.J.; Gourse, R.L., 2011:
The dksA promoter is negatively feedback regulated by DksA and ppGpp

Mower, M.M.; Hepp, D.; Hall, R., 2011:
Comparison of chronic biphasic pacing versus cathodal pacing of the right ventricle on left ventricular function in sheep after myocardial infarction

Nussinovitch, U.; Elishkevitz, K.Politi.; Katz, K.; Nussinovitch, M.; Segev, S.; Volovitz, B.; Nussinovitch, N., 2011:
Reliability of Ultra-Short ECG Indices for Heart Rate Variability

Peltola, M.A.; Thomsen, P.Erik.Bloch.; Joergensen, R.Moerch.; Huikuri, H.V., 2011:
Effects of postectopic heart rate turbulence on measures of heart rate variability in patients after an acute myocardial infarction

Yodogawa, K.; Seino, Y.; Ohara, T.; Takayama, H.; Katoh, T.; Mizuno, K., 2011:
Effect of corticosteroid therapy on ventricular arrhythmias in patients with cardiac sarcoidosis

Razak, E.; Buncová, M.; Shusterman, V.; Winter, B.; Shen, W-Kuang.; Ackerman, M.J.; Donovan, T.; Lampert, R.; Němec, J., 2011:
Slow QT interval adaptation to heart rate changes in normal ambulatory subjects

Kasamaki, Y.; Ozawa, Y.; Ohta, M.; Sezai, A.; Yamaki, T.; Kaneko, M.; Watanabe, I.; Hirayama, A.; Nakayama, T., 2011 :
Automated versus manual measurement of the QT interval and corrected QT interval

Hekkala, A-Mari.; Swan, H.; Viitasalo, M.; Väänänen, H.; Toivonen, L., 2011:
Epinephrine bolus test in detecting long QT syndrome mutation carriers with indeterminable electrocardiographic phenotype

Grossman, A.; Wand, O.; Matezki, S.; Kerner, A.; Assa, A.; Glikson, M., 2011:
Use of adenosine test for the exclusion of preexcitation syndrome in asymptomatic individuals

Ergul, Y.; Nisli, K.; Varkal, M.Ali.; Oner, N.; Dursun, M.; Dindar, A.; Aydogan, U.; Omeroglu, R.Eker., 2011:
Electrocardiographic findings at initial diagnosis in children with isolated left ventricular noncompaction

Pérez Riera, Aés.Ricardo.; Ferreira, C.; Ferreira Filho, C.; Meneghini, A.; Uchida, A.Hiroshi.; Moffa, P.Jorge.; Schapachnik, E.; Dubner, S.; Baranchuk, A., 2011:
Electrovectorcardiographic diagnosis of left septal fascicular block: anatomic and clinical considerations

Grilo, L.Sintra.; Schläpfer, Jürg.; Fellmann, F.; Abriel, H., 2011:
Patient with syncope and LQTS carrying a mutation in the PAS domain of the hERG1 channel

Strauss, D.G.; Selvester, R.H.; Dibernardo, L.R., 2011:
Myocardial scar in sarcoidosis by 12-lead ECG and pathology

Ulrich Schulte; Axel Hochkirch; Stefan Lötters; Dennis Rödder; Silke Schweiger; Thomas Weimann; Michael Veith, 2012:
Cryptic niche conservatism among evolutionary lineages of an invasive lizard

Tim Seipel; Christoph Kueffer; Lisa J.R.w; Curtis C.D.ehler; Aníbal Pauchard; Bridgett J.N.ylor; Jake M.A.exander; Peter J.E.wards; Catherine G.P.rks; José Ramon Arevalo; Lohengrin A.C.vieres; Hansjörg Dietz; Gabi Jakobs; Keith McDougall; Rüdiger Otto; Neville Walsh, 2012:
Processes at multiple scales affect richness and similarity of non-native plant species in mountains around the world

Héctor T.A.ita; Andrés Christen; Pilar Rodríguez; Jorge Soberón, 2012:
The presence–absence matrix reloaded the use and interpretation of range–diversity plots

J.S.bastián Tello; Richard D.S.evens, 2012:
Can stochastic geographical evolution re-create macroecological richness–environment correlations?

D.R.dder; J.O.E.gler, 2011:
Quantitative metrics of overlaps in Grinnellian niches advances and possible drawbacks

Jörn Pagel; Frank M.S.hurr, 2012:
Forecasting species ranges by statistical estimation of ecological niches and spatial population dynamics

Felix J.S.W.itton; Andy Purvis; C.D.vid; Miguel Á. Olalla-Tárraga, 2012:
Understanding global patterns in amphibian geographic range size does Rapoport rule?

Schanab, O.; Humer, J.; Gleiss, A.; Mikula, M.; Sturlan, S.; Grunt, S.; Okamoto, I.; Muster, T.; Pehamberger, H.; Waltenberger, A., 2011:
Expression of human endogenous retrovirus K is stimulated by ultraviolet radiation in melanoma

Anonymous, 2011:
Integumental reddish-violet coloration due to novel dichromatic chromatophores in the teleost fish, Pseudochromis diadema

S.K.shal; J.D.E.eson;, 2011:
Unusual maxillary branch paraesthesia after an articaine inferior alveolar nerve block

V.C.atzaras; P.X.polias; S.K.kkalas; I.K.ukouvelas, 2011:
Oligocene–Miocene thrusting in central Aegean insights from the Cycladic island of Amorgos

Van Dorst, B.; Mehta, J.; Rouah-Martin, E.; Backeljau, J.; D.C.en, W.; Eeckhout, D.; D.J.eger, G.; Blust, R.; Robbens, J., 2013:
Selection of scFv phages specific for chloramphenicol acetyl transferase (CAT), as alternatives for antibodies in CAT detection assays

Jelicic, M.; Ceunen, E.; Peters, M.J.V.; Merckelbach, H., 2011:
Detecting coached feigning using the Test of Memory Malingering (TOMM) and the Structured Inventory of Malingered Symptomatology (SIMS)

Long, M.E.; Davis, J.L.; Springer, J.R.; Elhai, J.D.; Rhudy, J.L.; Teng, E.J.; Frueh, B.Christopher., 2012:
The role of cognitions in imagery rescripting for posttraumatic nightmares

Choi, D-Sic.; Park, J.Ok.; Jang, S.Chul.; Yoon, Y.Jin.; Jung, J.Woo.; Choi, D-Young.; Kim, J-Wook.; Kang, J.Seon.; Park, J.; Hwang, D.; Lee, K-Hee.; Park, S-Hyun.; Kim, Y-Keun.; Desiderio, D.M.; Kim, K.Pyo.; Gho, Y.Song., 2011:
Proteomic analysis of microvesicles derived from human colorectal cancer ascites

Courcelles, M.; Lemieux, Sébastien.; Voisin, L.; Meloche, S.; Thibault, P., 2011:
ProteoConnections: a bioinformatics platform to facilitate proteome and phosphoproteome analyses

Kwok, Y.; Sung, W-Chou.; Lin, A.Li-Hsiu.; Liu, H-Hung.; Chou, F.Ai-Hsiang.; Hsieh, S.Shih-Yang.; Leng, C-Hsiang.; Chong, P., 2011:
Rapid isolation and characterization of bacterial lipopeptides using liquid chromatography and mass spectrometry analysis

He, D.; Han, C.; Yao, J.; Shen, S.; Yang, P., 2011:
Constructing the metabolic and regulatory pathways in germinating rice seeds through proteomic approach

Zanetti, E.; Molette, C.; Chambon, C.; Pinguet, J.; Rémignon, Hé.; Cassandro, M., 2011:
Using 2-DE for the differentiation of local chicken breeds

Schneider, T.; Schmid, E.; de Castro, Jão.V.; Cardinale, M.; Eberl, L.; Grube, M.; Berg, G.; Riedel, K., 2011:
Structure and function of the symbiosis partners of the lung lichen (Lobaria pulmonaria L. Hoffm.) analyzed by metaproteomics

Gao, J.; Shi, J.; Lu, X.; Sun, C.; Pan, Y., 2011:
Differentiation of common diastereoisomeric ursane-type triterpenoids by high-performance liquid chromatography/tandem mass spectrometry

Hu, W.; Liu, J.; Luo, Q.; Han, Y.; Wu, K.; Lv, S.; Xiong, S.; Wang, F., 2011:
Elucidation of the binding sites of sodium dodecyl sulfate to β-lactoglobulin using hydrogen/deuterium exchange mass spectrometry combined with docking simulation

Shukla, A.; Zhang, R.; Orton, D.J.; Zhao, R.; Clauss, T.R.W.; Moore, R.; Smith, R.D., 2011:
Formation of iron complexes from trifluoroacetic acid based liquid chromatography mobile phases as interference ions in liquid chromatography/electrospray ionization mass spectrometric analysis

Feng, H-tao.; Sim, L.Chiin.; Wan, C.; Wong, N.S.C.; Yang, Y., 2011:
Rapid characterization of protein productivity and production stability of CHO cells by matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization time-of-flight mass spectrometry

Badea, S-Laurentiu.; Vogt, C.; Gehre, M.; Fischer, A.; Danet, A-Florin.; Richnow, H-Hermann., 2011:
Development of an enantiomer-specific stable carbon isotope analysis (ESIA) method for assessing the fate of α-hexachlorocyclo-hexane in the environment

Luo, L-Zhong.; Jin, H-Wei.; Huang, H-Qing., 2011:
Application of capillary isoelectric focusing and peptide mass fingerprinting in carbohydrate-deficient transferrin detection

Silva, Aé.Moreira.Neto.; Borralho, A.Carolina.; Pinho, Sónia.Andreia.; Domingues, M.Rosário.M.; Domingues, P., 2011:
Cross-oxidation of angiotensin II by glycerophosphatidylcholine oxidation products

Bushee, J.L.; Argikar, U.A., 2011:
An experimental approach to enhance precursor ion fragmentation for metabolite identification studies: application of dual collision cells in an orbital trap

Chernetsova, E.S.; Morlock, G.E., 2015:
Determination of drugs and drug-like compounds in different samples with direct analysis in real time mass spectrometry

Reinhold, S.; Jürges, H., 2012:
Parental income and child health in Germany

Sun, C.S.; Markey, M.K., 2011:
Recent advances in computational analysis of mass spectrometry for proteomic profiling

Ching, J.; Lin, H-Shu.; Tan, C-Hoon.; Koh, H-Ling., 2011:
Quantification of α- and β-amyrin in rat plasma by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry: application to preclinical pharmacokinetic study

Morales-Ríos, M.S.; López-Camacho, P.Y.; Jacobo-Cabral, C.O.; Pérez-Rojas, N.A.; Trujillo-Serrato, J.J.; Burgueño-Tapia, E.; Suárez-Castillo, O.R.; Joseph-Nathan, P., 2011:
Unimolecular rearrangements of ketene-O,O-acetals and fragmentations occurring in the gas phase

Jang, S.; Song, M.Ju.; Kim, H.; Choi, S-Seen., 2011:
Formation of metal complex ions from amino acid in the presence of Li+, Na+ and K+ by electrospray ionization: metal replacement of hydrogen in the ligands

Hasegawa, H.; Shinohara, Y.; Masuda, N.; Hashimoto, T.; Ichida, K., 2011:
Simultaneous determination of serine enantiomers in plasma using Mosher's reagent and stable isotope dilution gas chromatography-mass spectrometry

Elbeheri, G.; Everatt, J.; Mahfoudhi, A.; Abu Al-Diyar, M.; Taibah, N., 2011:
Orthographic processing and reading comprehension among Arabic speaking mainstream and LD children

Z.J.n;; Y.C.Q.; W.G.L.u; Z.S.A., 2012:
Characterizing variations in soil particle-size distribution along a grass–desert shrub transition in the ordos plateau of inner mongolia, china

Han, Y.Kue.; Ha, T.Kwang.; Lee, S.Jeong.; Lee, J.Seong.; Lee, G.Min., 2011:
Autophagy and apoptosis of recombinant Chinese hamster ovary cells during fed-batch culture: effect of nutrient supplementation

Frandsen, T.P.; Naested, H.; Rasmussen, Søren.K.; Hauptig, P.; Wiberg, F.C.; Rasmussen, L.Kjaer.; Jensen, A.Marie.Valentin.; Persson, P.; Wikén, M.; Engström, A.; Jiang, Y.; Thorpe, S.J.; Förberg, C.; Tolstrup, A.B., 2011:
Consistent manufacturing and quality control of a highly complex recombinant polyclonal antibody product for human therapeutic use

Matasci, M.; Baldi, L.; Hacker, D.L.; Wurm, F.M., 2011:
The PiggyBac transposon enhances the frequency of CHO stable cell line generation and yields recombinant lines with superior productivity and stability

Hofinger, M.; Bertholdt, G.; Weuster-Botz, D., 2011:
Microbial production of homogeneously layered cellulose pellicles in a membrane bioreactor

Peacock, R.W.S.; Wang, C.L., 2011:
A genetic reporter system to gauge cell proliferation rate

Li, Z.; Zhang, Y.; LeDuc, P.R.; Gregory, K.B., 2011:
Microbial electricity generation via microfluidic flow control

Sajja, V.Sunil.Kumar.; Hanley, T.R.; Gapsis, H.; Guernsey, B.; Kennedy, D.J.; Taylor, M.J.; Papas, K.K.; Todd, P.W., 2011:
Application of magnetic particle tracking velocimetry to quadrupole magnetic sorting of porcine pancreatic islets

Blanchard, Véronique.; Liu, X.; Eigel, S.; Kaup, M.; Rieck, S.; Janciauskiene, S.; Sandig, V.; Marx, U.; Walden, P.; Tauber, R.; Berger, M., 2011:
N-glycosylation and biological activity of recombinant human alpha1-antitrypsin expressed in a novel human neuronal cell line

Strobel, K.L.; McGowan, S.; Bauer, R.D.; Griebler, C.; Liu, J.; Ford, R.M., 2011 :
Chemotaxis increases vertical migration and apparent transverse dispersion of bacteria in a bench-scale microcosm

Tang, H.; Chen, M.; Garcia, M.E.D.; Abunasser, N.; Ng, K.Y.Simon.; Salley, S.O., 2015:
Culture of microalgae Chlorella minutissima for biodiesel feedstock production

Moheimani, N.R.; Isdepsky, A.; Lisec, J.; Raes, E.; Borowitzka, M.A., 2011:
Coccolithophorid algae culture in closed photobioreactors

Chitravas, N.; Jung, R.S.; Kofskey, D.M.; Blevins, J.E.; Gambetti, P.; Leigh, R.John.; Cohen, M.L., 2011:
Treatable neurological disorders misdiagnosed as Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease

Ramlackhansingh, A.F.; Brooks, D.J.; Greenwood, R.J.; Bose, S.K.; Turkheimer, F.E.; Kinnunen, K.M.; Gentleman, S.; Heckemann, R.A.; Gunanayagam, K.; Gelosa, G.; Sharp, D.J., 2011:
Inflammation after trauma: microglial activation and traumatic brain injury

Anonymous, 2011:
Gestational vitamin D and the risk of multiple sclerosis in the offspring

Hamdi, M.Faouzi., 2012:
Glomus tumour of fingertip: report of eight cases and literature review

Frattini, M.; Soncini, G.; Corradi, M.; Panno, B.; Tocco, S.; Pogliacomi, F., 2012:
Mid-term results of complex distal humeral fractures

Vikas Kumar Singh; Priti Upadhyay; Pallavi Sinha; Ashish Kumar Mall; Ranjith K.E.lur; Atul Singh; Sanjay K.J.iswal; Sunil Biradar; S.R.makrishna; R.M.S.ndaram; Ilyas Ahmed; B.C.V.raktamath; C.K.le; Sukhpal Singh, 2011:
Prediction of hybrid performance based on the genetic distance of parental lines in two-line rice Oryza sativa L hybrids

Dam Van Xuan; Il-Doo Jin, 2011:
Relationship between esterase isozymes and some agronomic traits in F2 populations derived from the crossing of Milyang 23 and Ashahi

Jae-Hong Lee; Yahya Abawi; Chang-Sung Kang; Byeong-Rourl Choi; Kyeong-Yeol Park; Ho-Jin Lee, 2011:
Field-specific variable rate fertilizer application based on rice growth diagnosis and soil testing for high quality rice production

Puji Lestari; Kurniawan Rudi Trijatmiko; Reflinur; Ahmad Warsun; Tasliah; Isabelita Ona; Casiana Vera Cruz; Masdiar Bustamam, 2011:
Mapping quantitative trait loci conferring blast resistance in upland indica rice Oryza sativa L

Manoj Kumar Mishra; Patrizia Tornincasa; Barbara D.N.rdi; Elisa Asquini; René Dreos; Lorenzo Del Terra; Rajkumar Rathinavelu; Paola Rovelli; Alberto Pallavicini; Giorgio Graziosi, 2011:
Genome organization in coffee as revealed by EST PCRRFLP, SNPs and SSR analysis

Weixian Liu; Moon Young Kim; Kyujung Van; Yeong-H.L.e; Hulin Li; Xianhu Liu; Suk-H.L.e, 2011:
QTL identification of yield-related traits and their association with flowering and maturity in soybean

T.S.Y.ldashbaev; I.A.salyamova; N.K.lakhmedov; Kh. Nuritdinov, 2011:
Determining the energy spectrum slope of diffuse superhigh-energy gamma radiation

D.M.G.omushkin; A.A.P.trukhin; Yu. V.S.enkin; I.I.Y.shin, 2011:
Study of the temporal structure of the EAS neutron component

S.S.K.okhlov; M.B.A.elchakov; V.V.A.hikhmin; I.A.V.robiev; E.A.Z.deba; V.V.K.ndin; K.G.K.mpaniets; A.A.P.trukhin; M.S.S.kolov; I.A.S.ulzhenko; V.V.S.utenko; I.I.Y.shin, 2011:
Muon calibration of the cherenkov water detector NEVOD

N.V.T.lkacheva; A.G.B.gdanov; A.N.D.itrieva; R.P.K.koulin; V.V.S.utenko, 2011:
Atmospheric effects in the intensity of cosmic ray muon bundles

I.P.L.khtin; A.K.M.nagadze; L.I.S.rycheva; A.M.S.igirev, 2011:
The phenomenon of alignment in cosmic rays and analyzing azimuthal anisotropy on the large hadron collider

Yu. V.B.labin; D.D.D.happuev; B.B.G.ozdevsky; E.A.M.urchev; A.U.K.dzhaev; O.I.M.khailova, 2011:
Neutron multiplicity Local hadronic showers and extensive air showers

V.A.K.losov; A.A.M.khailov, 2011:
Extensive ultrahigh energy air showers and pulsars

N.Y. Agafonova; V.V.B.yarkin; V.L.D.dykin; E.A.D.brynina; R.I.E.ikeev; G.T.Z.tsepin; A.S.M.lgin; O.G.R.azhskaya; V.G.R.asny; I.R.S.akiryanova; V.F.Y.kushev; the LV.C.llaboration, 2011:
Analysis of seasonal variations of the cosmic ray muon flux and neutrons produced by muons in the LVD detector

V.N.Z.rakashvili; V.S.P.uskin; E.S.S.o, 2011:
Spectrum of galactic cosmic rays accelerated in supernova remnants

O.P.S.ustova; N.N.K.lmykov; B.A.K.renov, 2011:
Possibility of using satellite-based detector for recording the Cherenkov light from ultrahigh-energy extensive atmospheric shower penetrating into ocean water

Yu. V.S.enkin; V.V.A.ekseenko; V.I.V.lchenko; G.V.V.lchenko; D.D.D.appuev; A.U.K.djaev; O.I.M.khailova; V.I.S.epanov; A.L.T.yabuk, 2011:
Underground hadronic calorimeter for EAS studies

A.B.K.repin; A.V.D.rmenev; M.B.G.lubeva; the CASTO.C.llaboration, 2011:
Search for anomalous and exotic cosmic rays phenomena in the CMS experiment on the CASTOR calorimeter at the large hadron collider

N.N.K.lmykov; A.A.K.nstantinov; R.A.M.khamedshin; D.M.P.dorozhnyi; L.G.S.eshnikova; A.N.T.rundaevskii; L.G.T.achev; A.P.C.ubenko, 2011:
Study of primary cosmic rays on the Moon’s surface and in orbit around the Moon

R.V.N.voseltseva; M.M.B.liev; G.M.V.reshkov; V.I.V.lchenko; G.V.V.lchenko; I.M.D.aparova; M.M.K.chkarov; M.G.K.styuk; Yu. F.N.voseltsev; V.B.P.tkov; P.S.S.riganov; A.F.Y.nin, 2011:
The search for neutrino bursts from core collapse Supernovae at the Baksan Underground Scintillation Telescope

Anonymous, 2011:
Energy spectrum of cosmic ray muons above 1 TeV according to BUST data

Yu. I.Stozhkov, 2011:
The anomalous PAMELA effect and its explanation

L.V.Volkova, 2011:
Bremsstrahlung photons from cosmic ray muons of high and ultrahigh energies

D.D.D.happuev; N.F.K.imenko; A.U.K.dzhaev; A.S.L.dvansky; V.B.P.tkov; T.R.iha; J.S.rkamo, 2011:
Lateral distribution function of charged particles in EAS near the axis

N.Y. Agafonova; V.V.B.yarkin; V.L.D.dykin; E.A.D.brynina; R.I.E.ikeev; A.S.M.lgin; O.G.R.azhskaya; V.G.R.asny; I.R.S.akiryanova; V.F.Y.kushev; G.T.Z.tsepin; the LV.C.llaboration, 2011:
Single and multiple muons and the generation of neutrons in the LVD experiment

V.B.P.tkov; A.S.P.zanenko; V.M.L.znikov; A.N.G.ponenko; M.V.A.dreyev; A.V.S.rgeyev, 2011:
Searching for high-energy gamma emissions from cosmic gamma ray bursts

O.P.S.ustova; N.N.K.lmykov; A.V.U.yson, 2011:
Influence of background radiation on the composition of ultrahigh-energy cosmic rays in propagating from their source to an earth-based facility

A.D.P.nov; J.H.A.ams; H.S.A.n; G.L.B.shindzhagyan; J.W.W.tts; J.P.W.fel; J.W.; T.G.G.zik; V.I.Z.tsepin; J.I.bert; K.C.K.m; M.C.ristl; E.N.K.uznetsov; M.I.P.nasyuk; E.B.P.stnikov; E.S.S.o; N.V.S.kolskaya; J.C.ang, 2011:
Fine structure in the cosmic ray electron spectrum measured by the ATIC-2 and ATIC-4 experiments

G.K.Ustinova, 2011:
Effects of cosmic ray acceleration in relic grains of nanodiamonds in chondrites

L.G.D.denko; A.V.G.ushkov; S.P.K.urenko; I.T.M.karov; M.I.P.avdin; I.E.S.eptsov; T.M.R.ganova; G.F.F.dorova, 2011:
Changes in the chemical composition of primary cosmic radiation at ultrahigh energies

Anonymous, 2011:
Intensity of muon bundles at large zenith angles and hadron interaction models at energy of 118 eV

V.S.P.uskin; S.I.R.govaya; V.N.Z.rakashvili, 2011:
Propagation of ultrahigh-energy cosmic rays in an expanding Universe

Anonymous, 2011:
Hadrons with energies higher than 5 MeV in EASes with Ne = 15–17

L.G.S.eshnikova; V.S.P.uskin; O.N.S.relnikova, 2011:
Analysis of the possibility of describing the phase and amplitude of cosmic ray proton anisotropy and electron spectra in the 1-TeV range within one set of nearby sources

R.I.R.ikin; A.A.L.gutin, 2011:
Model-independent approach to deducing the mass composition of primary cosmic rays on the basis of the scale invariance in the radial distribution of electrons in extensive air showers

O.V.V.deneev; N.N.K.lmykov; A.A.K.nstantinov, 2011:
Comparison of experimental and computed lateral distributions of EAS radio emission from the data of the MSU and LOPES experiments

N.Y. Agafonova; V.V.B.yarkin; V.L.D.dykin; E.A.D.brynina; R.I.E.ikeev; G.T.Z.tsepin; A.S.M.lgin; O.G.R.azhskaya; V.G.R.asny; I.R.S.akiryanova; V.F.Y.kushev; the LV.C.llaboration, 2011:
The search for different neutrino flavors from collapsing stars using the LVD detector

M.Y. Zotov; G.V.K.likov, 2011:
Three regions of an excessive flux of PeV cosmic rays

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Classifying groups of PCR nuclei with energies of 115–116 eV according to the spatial-angular distribution of EAS Cherenkov light

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Present status of the opera experiment for the direct observation of neutrino oscillations in the ?? ? ?? channel

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TeV activity of Cygnus X-3 high mass binary system

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Investigation of primary cosmic rays at energies above 114 eV

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Who Benefits from Nodal Field Irradiation?

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Attentional load inhibits vection

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A model of top-down gain control in the auditory system

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Intracoronary Optical Frequency Domain Imaging for Identifying Stent-Related Complications

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Colorectal liver metastases with extrahepatic disease--a new criteria for oncologic resection?

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Abnormal lipoprotein(a) levels predict coronary artery calcification in Southeast Asians but not in Caucasians: use of noninvasive imaging for evaluation of an emerging risk factor

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Separation of Steviol Glycosides by Hydrophilic Liquid Interaction Chromatography

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Parasitoid attack of the seed-feeding beetle Bruchus loti enhances the germination success of Lathyrus japonicus seeds

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Black holes in the Einstein-Cartan theory II Riemann-Cartan spaces

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Effect of lipopolysaccharide mutation on oxygenation of linoleic acid by recombinant Escherichia coli expressing CYP12A2 of Bacillus subtilis

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Production of agarase from a novel Micrococcus sp GNUM-8124 strain isolated from the East Sea of Korea

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Screening of porous and cellular materials for covalent immobilisation of Agaricus bisporus tyrosinase

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Emission Removal Capability of India’s Forest and Tree Cover

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New forest owners and owners-to-be apples and oranges?

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Incidence and risk factors of vascular complications following endovascular treatment of peripheral arterial disease via the popliteal artery

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Prevention of biliary leaks

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Effect of the informed consent process on anxiety and comprehension of patients undergoing esophageal and gastrointestinal surgery

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Quantitative Genetics and Evolution of Head Shape in Plethodon Salamanders

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Geomorphosites and Geotourism in the Parks of the Abruzzo Region Central Italy

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Landscapes and Wine Production Areas A Geomorphological Heritage

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Study of Antioxidant Capacity and Quality Parameters in An Orange Juice–Milk Beverage After High-Pressure Processing Treatment

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The Effect of Lemon Juice on Shelf Life of Sous Vide Packaged Whiting Merlangius merlangus euxinus, Nordmann, 184

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Does Effort Matter in Mindful Parenting?

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Short-Term Training in Loving-Kindness Meditation Produces a State, But Not a Trait, Alteration of Attention

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A naive toy model of dark matter Fermion sea

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Future treatment strategies for metastatic breast cancer: curable or incurable?

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Fractal analysis revisited by the continuous wavelet transform of AVO seismic data

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Fluoride pollution in soils and waters of Koohbanan region, southeastern Iran

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Spatio-Temporal Aspects of Gated Residential Security Estates in Non-metropolitan Western Cape

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Diversity, Geographical, and Consumption Patterns of Traditional Vegetables in Sociolinguistic Communities in Benin Implications for Domestication and Utilization

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Epigenetics and the power of art

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The Effects of Dormancy Status on the Endogenous Contents and Biological Activities of Jasmonic Acid, N-jasmonoyl-Isoleucine, and Tuberonic Acid in Potato Tubers

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Poetics in Schizophrenic Language Speech, Gesture and Biosemiotics

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Semiotics of Communication From Semiosis of Nature to Culture

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Minocycline development for acute ischemic stroke

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Combined amelioration of soils of solonetz complexes in the Lower Volga region

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Change in agrochemical properties of texture-differentiated agrozem during application of green manure and organic and mineral fertilizers

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Breeding indices when evaluating the genotype of pigs

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Creation of rice breeding material with blast disease resistance gene Pi-b with the use of molecular genetic methods

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Problems of chemical dressing and bacterization of soybean seeds in the amur oblast

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Biological and productive characteristics of silkworm mulberry varieties of different ploidy and their use for raising silkworms in different seasons

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Whey protein partial hydrolysates for specialized and infant nutrition

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Effectiveness of biopreparations in spring wheat crops

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Effect of meteorological conditions on electrophoretic spectra of enzymes in soybean seeds

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Katapol-based polymer nanocomposition for treating vegetable seeds and potato tubers against bacterial pathogens

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Root exudates as an important factor of formation of nanomolecular structures of the rhizosphere

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Investigation of the process of accelerated photodestruction of the photosynthetic apparatus of plants

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Structural and functional particularities of microsatellites in cattle and sheep genomes; X.M.i, 2011:
Application of natural aminopolysaccharide in seed film-coating for pest control and cotton growth

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Technology of In Vitro production of dihaploid Brassica plants

Anonymous, 2011:
Bioclimatological analysis of the bark necrotic rubber tree in Cote d’Ivoire plantations

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Method of approximation and calibration of the Mitscherlich-Spillman-Baule-von Boguslawski model

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Effects of NaCl, Na2SO4 and mannitol on utilization of storage protein and transformation of vacuoles in the cotyledons and seedling roots of alfalfa Medicago sativa L

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Predictors of atrial fibrillation occurrence after coronary artery bypass graft surgery

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Thoracic splenosis: know it--avoid unnecessary investigations, interventions, and thoracotomy

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Surgical risk of vessel injury: an unusual anatomical variant of the right medial basal segmental pulmonary artery

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Cor triatriatum repair to eliminate suffering from paroxysmal atrial fibrillation

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Novel technique of retrograde cerebral perfusion for descending aortic repair: direct cannulation into left internal jugular vein

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Radical resection of a pleomorphic carcinoma after relieving airway obstruction by the endobronchial snare method

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Surgical treatment of cardiac myxosarcoma

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Biphasic clinical characteristics of mild to moderate chest trauma according to age

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Transcatheter aortic valve implantation: first trans-iliac experience in Japan

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Left ventricular perforation and dissecting subepicardial hematoma after catheter ablation for Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome

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Evaluation of risk factors for hospital mortality and current treatment for poststernotomy mediastinitis

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Implications of paraquat and hydrogen peroxide-induced oxidative stress treatments on the GABA shunt pathway in Arabidopsis thaliana calmodulin mutants

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Enhanced recovery after elective colorectal surgery: now the standard of care

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Agriculture and food security in selected countries in Sub-Saharan Africa diversity in trends and opportunities

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Sea-level rise and landscape change influence mangrove encroachment onto marsh in the Ten Thousand Islands region of Florida, USA

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Bone mass, bone markers and prevalence of fractures in adults with osteogenesis imperfecta

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A new species of Pustula Oomycetes, Albuginales is the causal agent of sunflower white rust

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Sativumoides and Cladosporiopsis, two new genera of hyphomycetes from China

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Diversity and ecology of Armillaria species in virgin forests in the Ukrainian Carpathians

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Differential gene expression in Alternaria gaisen exposed to dark and light

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Computer-aided simple triage

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Quasi-linear viscoelastic modeling of arterial wall for surgical simulation

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Design considerations for a novel MRI compatible manipulator for prostate cryoablation

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Leaf dehydroascorbate reductase and catalase activity is associated with soil drought tolerance in bread wheat

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N-terminal pro-brain natriuretic peptide level as a screening tool for cardiac involvement in paediatric diseases of extracardiac origin

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Regulation of mammalian target of rapamycin complex 1 (mTORC1) by hypoxia: causes and consequences

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Future directions of mammalian target of rapamycin (mTOR) inhibitor therapy in renal cell carcinoma

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Risk of malnutrition among Brazilian institutionalized elderly A study with the Mini Nutritional Assessment MNA questionnaire

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Improved diabetes control in the elderly delays global cognitive decline

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Dietary intakes and antioxidant status in mind-body exercising pre- and postmenopausal women

Anonymous, 2011:
Body mass index in a large cohort of patients assigned to age decades between 2 and ?8 years Relationship with cardiovascular morbidity and medication

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Green tea consumption, abdominal obesity as related factors of lacunar infarction in Korean women

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Designing phase II B trials in Sarcopenia The best target population

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Assessment of analytical methods used to measure changes in body composition in the elderly and recommendations for their use in phase II clinical trials

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Diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease patients with rapid cognitive decline in clinical practice: interest of the Deco questionnaire

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Unawareness of memory impairment and behavioral abnormalities in patients with Alzheimer's disease: relation to professional health care burden

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Bone quantitative ultrasound measurements in relation to the metabolic syndrome and type 2 diabetes mellitus in a cohort of elderly subjects at high risk of cardiovascular disease from the predimed study

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Study on factors affecting the occurrence of upper gastrointestinal bleeding in elderly acute stroke patients undergoing rehabilitation

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Morbidly Obese are Ghrelin and Leptin Hyporesponders with Lesser Intragastric Balloon Treatment Efficiency

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Anonymous, 2011:
Preliminary Outcomes 1 Year after Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy Based on Bariatric Analysis and Reporting Outcome System BAROS

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Morbid obesity in women is associated to a lower prevalence of thyroid nodules

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Anesthesia for bariatric surgery

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Structural study of the Cdc25 domain from Ral-specific guanine-nucleotide exchange factor RalGPS1a

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N-catch crops affect soil profile nitrate-N accumulation during vegetable cultivation

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Additive insect-resistant effects of transgenic triploid Chinese white poplar against Clostera anachoreta

Anonymous, 2011:
A rare case of intestinal obstruction due to ascariasis in Nis, south Serbia

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Preliminary study on the unusual properties in the habitat of Ranunculetum baudotii in Central Europe

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EANM procedure guideline for the treatment of liver cancer and liver metastases with intra-arterial radioactive compounds

Anonymous, 2011:
ODAGA-RGD for imaging ?v?3 integrin expression

Anonymous, 2011:
The production of 124Iiodine and 86Yyttrium

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Absolute quantification in SPECT

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Three-dimensional radiobiological dosimetry (3D-RD) with 124I PET for 131I therapy of thyroid cancer

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Quantitative imaging of 124I and 86Y with PET

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Clinical applications of 124I-PET/CT in patients with differentiated thyroid cancer

Anonymous, 2011:
Evaluation of 123I-CLINDE as a potent SPECT radiotracer to assess the degree of astroglia activation in cuprizone-induced neuroinflammation

Anonymous, 2011:
Assessment of ?7 nicotinic acetylcholine receptor availability in juvenile pig brain with 18FNS1743

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Molecular imaging in patients with mood disorders: a review of PET findings

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Landslide hazard zoning along Himalayan Kaghan Valley of Pakistan—by integration of GPS, GIS, and remote sensing technology

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Model learning for robot control: a survey

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ERG signal analysis using wavelet transform

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Multi-scale genetic dynamic modelling I : an algorithm to compute generators

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Synergetic deodorant effect and antibacterial activity of composite paper containing waste tea leaves

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Assessing the impact of climate change on basin-average annual typhoon rainfalls with consideration of multisite correlation

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An approach to determining potential surrogates for analyzing ecological patterns of planktonic ciliate communities in marine ecosystems

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Combined inverse modeling approach and load duration curve method for variable nitrogen total maximum daily load development in an agricultural watershed

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Effects of livestock wastewater variety and disinfectants on the performance of constructed wetlands in organic matters and nitrogen removal

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Structural isomers of polyfluorinated di- and tri-alkylated phosphate ester surfactants present in industrial blends and in microwave popcorn bags

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Anonymous, 2011:
Soluble CD4 ligand levels in acute pulmonary embolism a prospective, randomized, controlled study

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FEM analysis of the mandibular first premolar with different post diameters

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Tactile sensation and occlusal loading condition of mandibular premolars and molars

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Radiation-induced malignant fibrous histiocytoma of the maxilla

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Penicillium viticola, a new species isolated from a grape in Japan

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Cost-effectiveness of adjunctive eptifibatide in patients undergoing coronary stenting in Germany

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Integration of imaging signs into RadLex

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Prevalence of bovine viral diarrhea virus antibodies in dairy cattle herds in the suburb of Kerman, Iran

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Comparison of different inoculation methods of H9N2 subtype avian influenza virus in broiler chickens

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The first case of mastitis in sheep caused by Actinobacillus ureae from Iran

Anonymous, 2011:
Oil spill trajectory projections based on ensemble drifter analyses

Anonymous, 2011:
The influence of meteorological variation on the upwelling system off eastern Hainan during summer 27–28

Anonymous, 2011:
Pelagic primary production in the Algero-Provencal Basin by means of multisensor satellite data focus on interannual variability and its drivers

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Application of an unstructured mesh model to storm surge propagation in the Mersey estuary region of the Irish Sea

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Comparison between satellite and in situ sea surface temperature data in the Western Mediterranean Sea

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Wien effect determination of binding and adsorption energies between positively charged nano-particles and anions

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Development of a biotechnological process for the production of high quality linen fibers

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Starch hydrolysis modeling: application to fuel ethanol production

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Pilot study on orthodontic space closure after guided bone regeneration

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Quantity and distribution of plaque in orthodontic patients treated with molar bands

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Orthodontic space closure after first molar extraction without skeletal anchorage

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Measuring mesiodistal width of impacted maxillary canines

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Relationship between occlusal findings and orofacial myofunctional status in primary and mixed dentition

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Nucleotide diversity and linkage disequilibrium in Populus nigra cinnamyl alcohol dehydrogenase CAD4 gene

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Generation of a large-scale genomic resource for functional and comparative genomics in Liriodendron tulipifera L

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Identification and characterization of differential gene expression in the mesocarp and kernel of oil palm nuts using suppression subtractive hybridization

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Genome size and cytogenetic characterization of three Algerian Retama species

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Genome-wide BAC-end sequencing of Musa acuminata DH Pahang reveals further insights into the genome organization of banana

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Anti-angiogenic effects of purine inhibitors of cyclin dependent kinases

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Effect of MDM2 and vascular endothelial growth factor inhibition on tumor angiogenesis and metastasis in neuroblastoma

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Intermittent drug dosing intervals guided by the operational multiple dosing half lives for predictable plasma accumulation and fluctuation

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Expressions of IL-22 in circulating CD4+/CD8+ T cells and their correlation with disease activity in SLE patients

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Post pump chorea in a 77-year-old male

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Lung cancer presenting with trigeminal neuropathy

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Serotonin toxicity: a short review of the literature and two case reports involving citalopram

Anonymous, 2011:
Temporal coincidence of myasthenia gravis and Guillain Barre syndrome associated with Hashimoto thyroiditis

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Awake surgery in low-grade gliomas harboring eloquent areas: 3-year mean follow-up

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Solitary olfactory schwannoma without olfactory dysfunction: a new case report and literature review

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Normal pressure form of the spontaneous intracranial hypotension: a case report with pituitary enlargement and asymptomatic pituitary haemorrhage

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A modified visual analogue scale for the assessment of chronic pain

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TGF-β signaling in breast cancer cell invasion and bone metastasis

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Choreographing metastasis to the tune of LTBP

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Viscosity analysis of high concentration bovine serum albumin aqueous solutions

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The airways, a novel route for delivering monoclonal antibodies to treat lung tumors

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A new exact test for the evaluation of population pharmacokinetic and/or pharmacodynamic models using random projections

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Using partial area for evaluation of bioavailability and bioequivalence

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The role of constitutive androstane receptor in oxazaphosphorine-mediated induction of drug-metabolizing enzymes in human hepatocytes

Anonymous, 2011:
Determination of insecticidal Cry1Ab protein in soil collected in the final growing seasons of a nine-year field trial of Bt-maize MON81

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Ways to build a spindle the complexity of microtubule generation during mitosis

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Dynamic Mobility of Immunological Cells Expressing S1A8 and S1A9 in vivo A Variety of Functional Roles of the two Proteins as Regulators in Acute Inflammatory Reaction

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Public attitudes toward restoration of impaired river ecosystems Does residents’ attachment to place matter?

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Emission Permit Trading Between Imperfectly Competitive Product Markets

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Hydrocarbons on harvester ant (Pogonomyrmex barbatus) middens guide foragers to the nest

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Boron fertilization enhances the induced defense of silver birch

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Production of herbivore-induced plant volatiles is constrained seasonally in the field but predation on herbivores is not

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Newborn screening: how are we travelling, and where should we be going?

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Interactions of bacterial cytokinins and IAA in the rhizosphere may alter phytostimulatory efficiency of rhizobacteria

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Flattening Index of the Solar Corona and the Solar Cycle

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Some Characteristics of the Ionospheric Behavior During the Solar Cycle 23 – 24 Minimum

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Seasonal and annual variability of days with strong winds and wind damage in Krakow Poland during the period 2–27

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Biotechnological Production of 2-alpha-Dihydrodydrogesterone at Pilot Scale

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Novel challenges for the allergist

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Soil Contamination in Dumps on the Karstic Areas from the Plateaus Southeast of Madrid, Spain

Anonymous, 2011:
Isolation and Identification of Achromobacter sp DN-6 and Evaluation of Its Pyridine Degradation Kinetics

Sandrini, G.; Perrotta, A.; Tassorelli, C.; Torelli, P.; Brighina, F.; Sances, G.; Nappi, G., 2011:
Botulinum toxin type-A in the prophylactic treatment of medication-overuse headache: a multicenter, double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled, parallel group study

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Atlantic Diabetes in Pregnancy (DIP): the prevalence and outcomes of gestational diabetes mellitus using new diagnostic criteria

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Insulin resistance is not associated with myocardial steatosis in women

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Altered gene expression and spongiotrophoblast differentiation in placenta from a mouse model of diabetes in pregnancy

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The insulin-melatonin antagonism: studies in the LEW.1AR1-iddm rat (an animal model of human type 1 diabetes mellitus)

Aston-Mourney, K.; Hull, R.L.; Zraika, S.; Udayasankar, J.; Subramanian, S.L.; Kahn, S.E., 2011:
Exendin-4 increases islet amyloid deposition but offsets the resultant beta cell toxicity in human islet amyloid polypeptide transgenic mouse islets

Schmitt, H.; Lenzen, S.; Baltrusch, S., 2011:
Glucokinase mediates coupling of glycolysis to mitochondrial metabolism but not to beta cell damage at high glucose exposure levels

Wong, V.S.C.; Oh, A.H.; Chassot, A.A.; Chaboissier, M.C.; Brubaker, P.L., 2011:
R-spondin1 deficiency in mice improves glycaemic control in association with increased beta cell mass

Williams, R.C.; Muller, Y.L.; Hanson, R.L.; Knowler, W.C.; Mason, C.C.; Bian, L.; Ossowski, V.; Wiedrich, K.; Chen, Y.F.; Marcovina, S.; Hahnke, J.; Nelson, R.G.; Baier, L.J.; Bogardus, C., 2011:
HLA-DRB1 reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes mellitus by increased insulin secretion

Marcia Glaze Wyatt; Sergey Kravtsov; Anastasios A.T.onis, 2012:
Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation and Northern Hemisphere’s climate variability

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TCAGG, an alternative telomeric sequence in insects

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Studies on soft centered coated snacks

Madhusudana, R.B.; Surendran, P.K., 2014:
Detection of ctx gene positive non-O1/non-O139 V. cholerae in shrimp aquaculture environments

Karpińska-Tymoszczyk, Mława., 2014:
The effect of oil-soluble rosemary extract, sodium erythorbate, their mixture, and packaging method on the quality of Turkey meatballs

Devi, K.C.; Devi, S.S., 2014:
Insecticidal and oviposition deterrent properties of some spices against coleopteran beetle, Sitophilus oryzae

Sarala, M.; Velu, V.; Anandharamakrishnan, C.; Singh, R.P., 2012:
Spray drying of Tinospora cordifolia leaf and stem extract and evaluation of antioxidant activity

Yildirim, A.; Oner, M.Durdu.; Bayram, M., 2014:
Effect of soaking and ultrasound treatments on texture of chickpea

Vasishtha, H.; Srivastava, R.P., 2014:
Effect of soaking and cooking on dietary fibre components of different type of chickpea genotypes

Patange, D.D.; Patel, A.A.; Singh, R.R.B.; Patil, G.R.; Bhosle, D.N., 2014:
Storage related changes in ghee-based low-fat spread

Shanmugam, A.; Natarajan, J., 2012:
Comparative modeling of UDP-N-acetylmuramoyl-glycyl-D-glutamate-2, 6-diaminopimelate ligase from Mycobacterium leprae and analysis of its binding features through molecular docking studies

Barišić, N.; Chaouch, A.; Müller, J.S.; Lochmüller, H., 2012:
Genetic heterogeneity and pathophysiological mechanisms in congenital myasthenic syndromes

Higurashi, N.; Hamano, S-ichiro.; Oritsu, T.; Minamitani, M.; Sasaki, M.; Ida, H., 2012:
Iomazenil hyperfixation in single photon emission computed tomography study of malformations of cortical development during infancy

Donesky, D.; Janson, S.L.; Nguyen, H.Q.; Neuhaus, J.; Neilands, T.B.; Carrieri-Kohlman, V., 2011:
Determinants of frequency, duration, and continuity of home walking in patients with COPD

Wagner, L.M.; Scott, V.; Silver, M., 2011:
Current approaches to fall risk assessment in nursing homes

Lourbopoulos, A.; Ioannidis, P.; Balogiannis, I.; Stavrinou, P.; Koletsa, T.; Karacostas, D., 2011:
Cervical epidural plasmacytoma presenting as ascending paraparesis

Bergman, R.; Khamaysi, K.; Khamaysi, Z.; Ben Arie, Y., 2011:
A study of histologic and immunophenotypical staining patterns in cutaneous lymphoid hyperplasia

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Dermatopathologic effects of taxane therapy

von Bubnoff, D.; Scheler, M.; Wilms, H.; Wenzel, Jörg.; von Bubnoff, N.; Häcker, G.; Schultze, J.; Popov, A.; Racz, P.; Bieber, T.; Wickenhauser, C., 2011:
Indoleamine 2,3-dioxygenase-expressing myeloid dendritic cells and macrophages in infectious and noninfectious cutaneous granulomas

Somoano, B.; Kampp, J.; Gladstone, H.B., 2011:
Accelerated takedown of the paramedian forehead flap at 1 week: indications, technique, and improving patient quality of life

Pineda, A.Angelo.M.; Minohara, M.; Kawamura, N.; Matsushita, T.; Yamasaki, R.; Sun, X.; Piao, H.; Shimokawa, H.; Kira, J-ichi., 2011:
Preventive and therapeutic effects of the selective Rho-kinase inhibitor fasudil on experimental autoimmune neuritis

Zhang, G.; Tu, Y.; Feng, W.; Huang, L.; Li, M.; Qi, S., 2011:
Association of interleukin-6-572G/C gene polymorphisms in the Cantonese population with intracranial aneurysms

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