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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 36087

Chapter 36087 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Jonkers, M.; Richters, A.; Zwart, J.; Öry, F.; van Roosmalen, J., 2011:
Severe maternal morbidity among immigrant women in the Netherlands: patients' perspectives

Purdy, C.H., 2011:
Using the Internet and social media to promote condom use in Turkey

Knerr, W., 2011:
Does condom social marketing improve health outcomes and increase usage and equitable access?

Collumbien, M.; Mishra, M.; Blackmore, C., 2011:
Youth-friendly services in two rural districts of West Bengal and Jharkhand, India: definite progress, a long way to go

Ravizza, D.; Tamayo, D.; Fiori, G.; Trovato, C.; D.R.berto, G.; de Leone, A.; Crosta, C., 2011:
Linear array ultrasonography to stage rectal neoplasias suitable for local treatment

Gramenzi, A.; Gitto, S.; Caputo, F.; Biselli, M.; Lorenzini, S.; Bernardi, M.; Andreone, P., 2012:
Liver transplantation for patients with alcoholic liver disease: an open question

Daniel López; Elvira Jiménez Gómez; María José Méndez Vidal; Rafael Oteros Fernández; Fernando Delgado Acosta, 2011:
Endovascular embolization with Onyx of spinal metastases from renal cell carcinoma

Tsz Wai Yeung; Vincent Lai; Hin Yue Lau; Yiu Chung Wong, 2011:
Moyamoya syndrome associated with systemic lupus erythematosus A case report and literature review

Silvia Gaia; Andrea Marengo; Anna Morgando; Francesca Barisone; Jochen Maass; Franco Brunello; Mario Rizzetto, 2011:
3D cholangio-Magnetic Resonance Imaging in Caroli disease

J.Y.ung Park; I.H.L.e; Chang June Song; Hee Youn Hwang, 2011:
Papillary carcinoma in thyroglossal duct cyst

Mohamed Rubnawaz Hanief; Benjamin William Lamb; Ilayaraj Rajendran; Lucy Wilding; Rajiv Vashisht; Farhad Aref, 2011:
The role of breast imaging in macrolane injection—A review and report of three cases

Hoffman, M.R.; Rieves, A.L.; Budde, A.J.; Surender, K.; Zhang, Y.; Jiang, J.J., 2012:
Phonation instability flow in excised canine larynges

Oliveira, G.; Hirani, S.P.; Epstein, R.; Yazigi, L.; Behlau, M., 2012:
Coping strategies in voice disorders of a Brazilian population

Anonymous, 2011:
Voice-Related Quality of Life in Adults with Neurofibromatosis Type

Deguchi, S.; Kawahara, Y.; Takahashi, S., 2012:
Cooperative regulation of vocal fold morphology and stress by the cricothyroid and thyroarytenoid muscles

Zheng, Y-Qing.; Zhang, B-Ru.; Su, W-Yang.; Gong, J.; Yuan, M-Qiong.; Ding, Y-Lin.; Rao, S-Qi., 2012:
Laryngeal aerodynamic analysis in assisting with the diagnosis of muscle tension dysphonia

Sharifzadeh, H.Reza.; McLoughlin, I.V.; Russell, M.J., 2012:
A comprehensive vowel space for whispered speech

Law, T.; Lee, K.Y-S.; Ho, F.N-Y.; Vlantis, A.C.; van Hasselt, A.C.; Tong, M.C-F., 2012:
The effectiveness of group voice therapy: a group climate perspective

Li, H.; Huang, Z.; Hu, R.; Zhang, L.; Xu, W., 2012:
Study on the simplified Chinese version of the voice handicap index

Echternach, M.; Richter, B., 2012:
Passaggio in the professional tenor voice--evaluation of perturbation measures

Odutola, A.A.; Sheridan, B.D.; Kelly, A.J., 2012:
Headless compression screw fixation prevents symptomatic metalwork in arthroscopic ankle arthrodesis

Singh, D.; Parker, L.; Angel, J., 2012:
"The chisel test"--a useful operative, technique for determining adequate, compression during arthrodesis

Shayan Irani; Richard Kozarek, 2010:
Esophageal stents past, present, and future

Massimo Conio; Antonella D.C.glie; Sabrina Blanchi; Deborah A.F.sher, 2010:
Esophageal strictures, tumors, and fistulae stents for primary esophageal cancer

Peter D.S.ersema; Frank P.V.eggaar, 2010:
Esophageal strictures, tumors, and fistulae alternative techniques for palliating primary esophageal cancer

Louis Kee Song; Todd H.B.ron, 2010:
Stents for uncommon malignant and benign esophageal indications extrinsic compression, esophagorespiratory fistulas, and proximal esophageal obstruction

Hans-Ulrich Laasch; Derrick F.M.rtin, 2010:
Antireflux stents

Pari M.S.ah; Michael L.K.chman, 2010:
Alternative techniques for treating benign esophageal strictures

Frank P.V.eggaar; Peter D.S.ersema, 2010:
Stents for benign esophageal strictures

Alessandro Repici; Giacomo Rando, 2010:
Stent for nonmalignant leaks, perforations, and ruptures

Alexander Meining, 2010:
Alternative techniques for treating nonmalignant leaks, perforations, and ruptures

Kulkarni, V.; Joshi, S.; Gupte, N.; Parchure, R.; Darak, S.; Kulkarni, S., 2011:
Declining HIV prevalence among women attending antenatal care in Pune, India

Busin, M.; Beltz, J.; Scorcia, V., 2011:
Descemet-stripping automated endothelial keratoplasty for congenital hereditary endothelial dystrophy

Zhu, H.; Crabb, D.P.; Fredette, M-Josée.; Anderson, D.R.; Garway-Heath, D.F., 2011:
Quantifying discordance between structure and function measurements in the clinical assessment of glaucoma

Charalampidou, S.; Loughman, J.; Nolan, J.; Stack, J.; Cassidy, L.; Pesudovs, K.; Beatty, S., 2011:
Prognostic indicators and outcome measures for surgical removal of symptomatic nonadvanced cataract

Lass, J.H.; Beck, R.W.; Benetz, B.Ann.; Dontchev, M.; Gal, R.L.; Holland, E.J.; Kollman, C.; Mannis, M.J.; Price, F.; Raber, I.; Stark, W.; Stulting, R.Doyle.; Sugar, A., 2011:
Baseline factors related to endothelial cell loss following penetrating keratoplasty

D.M.raes, C.Gustavo.V.; Juthani, V.J.; Liebmann, J.M.; Teng, C.C.; Tello, C.; Susanna, R.; Ritch, R., 2011:
Risk factors for visual field progression in treated glaucoma

Caramoy, A.; Kirchhof, B.; Fauser, S., 2011:
Retinal pigment epithelium tears secondary to age-related macular degeneration: a simultaneous confocal scanning laser ophthalmoscopy and spectral-domain optical coherence tomography study

Sheybani, A.; Brantley, M.A.; Apte, R.S., 2011:
Pattern electroretinography in age-related macular degeneration

Mahajan, V.B.; Tarantola, R.M.; Graff, J.M.; Boldt, H.Culver.; Abramoff, M.D.; Russell, S.R.; Folk, J.C., 2011:
Sutureless triplanar sclerotomy for 23-gauge vitrectomy

Wallace, D.K.; Freedman, S.F.; Hartnett, M.E.; Quinn, G.E., 2011:
Predictive value of pre-plus disease in retinopathy of prematurity

Fujinami, K.; Tsunoda, K.; Hanazono, G.; Shinoda, K.; Ohde, H.; Miyake, Y., 2011:
Fundus autofluorescence in autosomal dominant occult macular dystrophy

Frick, K.D.; Hariharan, L.; Repka, M.X.; Chandler, D.; Melia, B.Michele.; Beck, R.W., 2011:
Cost-effectiveness of 2 approaches to managing nasolacrimal duct obstruction in infants: the importance of the spontaneous resolution rate

Doherty, A.L.; Bowers, A.R.; Luo, G.; Peli, E., 2011:
Object detection in the ring scotoma of a monocular bioptic telescope

Tovell, V.E.; Dahlmann-Noor, A.H.; Khaw, P.T.; Bailly, M., 2011:
Advancing the treatment of conjunctival scarring: a novel ex vivo model

Barakat, M.R.; Shusterman, M.; Moshfeghi, D.; Danis, R.; Gertner, M.; Singh, R.P., 2011:
Pilot study of the delivery of microcollimated pars plana external beam radiation in porcine eyes

Han, S.Beom.; Hyon, J.Young.; Woo, S.Joon.; Lee, J.Jae.; Kim, T.Hui.; Kim, K.Woong., 2011:
Prevalence of dry eye disease in an elderly Korean population

Margo, C.E.; Harman, L.E.; Smith, D.B.; Lummis, C.Fletcher., 2011:
The curious blindness of Charles F. Lummis

Ponticelli, C.; Moroni, G.; Glassock, R.J., 2011:
Recurrence of secondary glomerular disease after renal transplantation

Rosansky, S.; Glassock, R.J.; Clark, W.F., 2011:
Early start of dialysis: a critical review

Song, A.Young.; Jo, H.Jin.; Sung, P.S.; Kim, Y.Hyuk., 2012:
Three-dimensional kinematic analysis of pelvic and lower extremity differences during trunk rotation in subjects with and without chronic low back pain

Lívia Madureira; Luis C.N.nes; José G.B.rges; André O.F.lcão, 2011:
Assessing forest management strategies using a contingent valuation approach and advanced visualisation techniques A Portuguese case study

Raffaele Spinelli; Natascia Magagnotti; Gianni Picchi, 2011:
Annual use, economic life and residual value of cut-to-length harvesting machines

Ruzvidzo, O.; Donaldson, L.; Valentine, A.; Gehring, C., 2013:
The Arabidopsis thaliana natriuretic peptide AtPNP-A is a systemic regulator of leaf dark respiration and signals via the phloem

A.B.en; T.K.H.raldsen, 2011:
Fertilizer effects of increasing loads of composts and biosolids in urban greening

Papa Ibnou Ndiaye; Yann Quilichini; Aminata Sène; Cheikh Tidiane Bâ; Bernard Marchand, 2011:
Ultrastructure of the spermatozoon of the digenean Cricocephalus albus Kuhl van Hasselt, 1822 Looss, 1899 Platyhelminthes, Pronocephaloidea, Pronocephalidae, parasite of “the hawksbill sea turtle Eretmochelys imbricata Linnaeus, 1766 in Senegal

Mortensen, M.Ellen.; Wong, L-Yang.; Osterloh, J.D., 2011:
Smoking status and urine cadmium above levels associated with subclinical renal effects in U.S. adults without chronic kidney disease

Ernst, J.F.; Pla, J., 2011:
Signaling the glycoshield: maintenance of the Candida albicans cell wall

Morschhäuser, J., 2011:
Nitrogen regulation of morphogenesis and protease secretion in Candida albicans

Fleck, C.B.; Schöbel, F.; Brock, M., 2011:
Nutrient acquisition by pathogenic fungi: nutrient availability, pathway regulation, and differences in substrate utilization

Martin, R.; Wächtler, B.; Schaller, M.; Wilson, D.; Hube, B., 2011:
Host-pathogen interactions and virulence-associated genes during Candida albicans oral infections

Ok, M.; Einsele, H.; Loeffler, J., 2011:
Genetic susceptibility to Aspergillus fumigatus infections

Albrecht, D.; Kniemeyer, O.; Mech, F.; Gunzer, M.; Brakhage, A.; Guthke, R., 2011:
On the way toward systems biology of Aspergillus fumigatus infection

Weindl, Günther.; Wagener, J.; Schaller, M., 2011:
Interaction of the mucosal barrier with accessory immune cells during fungal infection

Anonymous, 2011:
Kaempferol Identified from Semen Cuscutae Attenuates the Immune Function of Dendritic Cells

Meyer, C.; Nicklisch, N.; Held, P.; Fritsch, B.; Alt, K.W., 2011:
Tracing patterns of activity in the human skeleton: an overview of methods, problems, and limits of interpretation

Chaodong Yang; Xia Zhang; Cunyu Zhou; James L.S.ago Jr, 2011:
Root and stem anatomy and histochemistry of four grasses from the Jianghan Floodplain along the Yangtze River, China

Hood, H.K.; Carney, C.E.; Harris, A.L., 2012:
Rethinking safety behaviors in insomnia: examining the perceived utility of sleep-related safety behaviors

Wild, J.; Clark, D.M., 2012:
Imagery Rescripting of Early Traumatic Memories in Social Phobia

S.K.lani-Jaziri; W.B.ouri; I.S.andrani; I.L.mem; L.C.ekir-Ghedira; K.G.edira, 2011:
Phytochemical, antimicrobial, antioxidant and antigenotoxic potentials of Cyperus rotundus extracts

S.T.weechaisupapong; P.N.aonee; P.P.tsuk; W.P.tiphat; W.K.unkitti, 2012:
Antibiofilm activity and post antifungal effect of lemongrass oil on clinical Candida dubliniensis isolate

Tachi, K.; Furukawa, K.S.; Koshima, I.; Ushida, T., 2011:
New microvascular anastomotic ring-coupling device using negative pressure

M. Øverland; N.K.K.os; A.K.F.uske; J.T.ige; H.S.rum, 2011:
Easily fermentable carbohydrates reduce skatole formation in the distal intestine of entire male pigs

Tong, Z.; Zhou, L.; Li, J.; Jiang, W.; Ma, L.; Ni, L., 2011:
In vitro evaluation of the antibacterial activities of MTAD in combination with nisin against Enterococcus faecalis

Pauly, K.; Fritz, K.; Furey, A.; Lobner, D., 2011:
Insulin-like growth factor 1 and transforming growth factor-β stimulate cystine/glutamate exchange activity in dental pulp cells

Peters, O.A.; Bardsley, S.; Fong, J.; Pandher, G.; Divito, E., 2011:
Disinfection of root canals with photon-initiated photoacoustic streaming

Ozkan, L.; Ozkurkcugil, C.; Gok, N.Demir.; Ozkan, T.Alp.; Yildiz, K., 2011:
Angioleiomyoma of the scrotal wall

Hsieh, M-Yen.; Lin, Z-Yau.; Chuang, W-Long., 2011:
Serial serum VEGF-A, angiopoietin-2, and endostatin measurements in cirrhotic patients with hepatocellular carcinoma treated by transcatheter arterial chemoembolization

Memis, A.; Ugurlu, O.; Ozden, C.; Oztekin, C.Volkan.; Aktas, B.Kagan.; Akdemir, A.Ozgur., 2011:
The correlation among the percentage of positive biopsy cores from the dominant side of prostate, adverse pathology, and biochemical failure after radical prostatectomy

Fu, P-Sung.; Wu, Y-Min.; Tsai, C-Fang.; Wang, J-Chyan.; Huang, T-Ko.; Chen, W-Cheng.; Hung, C-Cheng., 2011:
Immediate implant placement following minimally invasive extraction: a case report with a 6-year follow-up

Jhuang, J-Yang.; Lin, L-Wei.; Hsieh, M-Shu., 2011:
Adult capillary hemangioma of the liver: case report and literature review

Alexander Dzien; Hannes Winner; Engelbert Theurl; Christine Dzien-Bischinger; Monika Lechleitner, 2011:
Food intake patterns and cardiovascular disease in different age cohorts The relevance of food variety

Teichgräber, U.Karl-Martin.; Streitparth, F.; Cho, C.Hee.; Gebauer, B.; Ricke, J.; Benter, T., 2011:
Percutaneous push-through gastrostomy by applying a CT-guided gastropexy

James, C.A.; Braswell, L.E.; Wright, L.B.; Roberson, P.K.; Moore, M.B.; Waner, M.; Buckmiller, L.M., 2011:
Preoperative sclerotherapy of facial venous malformations: impact on surgical parameters and long-term follow-up

Meloni, M.Franca.; Andreano, A.; Bovo, G.; Chiarpotto, B.; Amabile, C.; Gelsomino, S.; Lazzaroni, S.; Sironi, S., 2011:
Acute portal venous injury after microwave ablation in an in vivo porcine model: a rare possible complication

Rasmussen, M.A.; Hall, V.J.; Carter, T.F.; Hyttel, P., 2011:
Directed differentiation of porcine epiblast-derived neural progenitor cells into neurons and glia

Anonymous, 2011:
Empirical Distributions and Exploratory Data Analysis

Anonymous, 2011:
Parametric Probability Distributions

Anonymous, 2011:
Frequentist Statistical Inference

Marshall, Jon C., 1968:
Bayesian Inference

Anonymous, 1959:
Statistical Forecasting

Anonymous, 2011:
Forecast Verification

Anonymous, 2011:
Matrix Algebra and Random Matrices

Anonymous, 2011:
The Multivariate Normal MVN Distribution

Anonymous, 2011:
Principal Component EOF Analysis

Anonymous, 2011:
Canonical Correlation Analysis CCA

Sims, C.A., 1972:
Cluster Analysis

Thomson, R.H.; Maller, J.J.; Daskalakis, Z.J.; Fitzgerald, P.B., 2012:
Blood oxygenation changes resulting from trains of low frequency transcranial magnetic stimulation

Duffau, H., 2012:
The "frontal syndrome" revisited: lessons from electrostimulation mapping studies

Nana N.T.kasu; Motomi Toichi; Wataru Nakamura, 2011:
Importance of regular lifestyle with daytime bright light exposure on circadian rhythm sleep–wake disorders in pervasive developmental disorders

Zhu, X.; Peng, S.; Zhang, S.; Zhang, X., 2011:
Stress-induced depressive behaviors are correlated with Par-4 and DRD2 expression in rat striatum

Gao, S.; Suenaga, T.; Oki, Y.; Yukie, M.; Nakahara, D., 2011:
Cocaine enhances resistance to extinction of responding for brain-stimulation reward in adult prenatally stressed rats

Bhatia, K.S.; Szabo, S.T.; Fowler, J.Corey.; Wetsel, W.C.; Lee, T.H., 2011:
Reversal of long-term methamphetamine sensitization by combination of pergolide with ondansetron or ketanserin, but not mirtazapine

Norris, J.N.; Ortega, L.A.; Papini, M.R., 2011:
Posttrial d-cycloserine enhances the emotional memory of an incentive downshift event

Zsombok, A.; Gao, H.; Miyata, K.; Issa, A.; Derbenev, A.V., 2012:
Immunohistochemical localization of transient receptor potential vanilloid type 1 and insulin receptor substrate 2 and their co-localization with liver-related neurons in the hypothalamus and brainstem

Jiang, W-Gao.; Li, S-Xia.; Zhou, S-Jiang.; Sun, Y.; Shi, J.; Lu, L., 2011:
Chronic unpredictable stress induces a reversible change of PER2 rhythm in the suprachiasmatic nucleus

Lee, E-Ju.; Kwon, G.; Lee, A.; Ghajar, J.; Suh, M., 2011:
Individual differences in working memory capacity determine the effects of oculomotor task load on concurrent word recall performance

Contreras, R.; Ghajar, J.; Bahar, S.; Suh, M., 2012:
Effect of cognitive load on eye-target synchronization during smooth pursuit eye movement

Bingham, D.; John, C.M.; Panter, S.Scott.; Jarvis, G.A., 2012:
Post-injury treatment with lipopolysaccharide or lipooligosaccharide protects rat neuronal and glial cell cultures

McDevitt, R.A.; Neumaier, J.F., 2012:
Regulation of dorsal raphe nucleus function by serotonin autoreceptors: a behavioral perspective

Skarica, M.; Eckstein, C.; Whartenby, K.A.; Calabresi, P.A., 2011:
Novel mechanisms of immune modulation of natalizumab in multiple sclerosis patients

Akirav, E.M.; Xu, Y.; Ruddle, N.H., 2011:
Resident B cells regulate thymic expression of myelin oligodendrocyte glycoprotein

Ahlgren, C.; Odén, A.; Haghighi, S.; Andersen, O.; Bergström, T.; Lycke, J., 2011:
The effect of live, attenuated measles vaccine and measles infection on measles antibody levels in serum and CSF of patients with multiple sclerosis or clinically isolated syndrome

Gerrits, P.O.; Kortekaas, R.; de Weerd, H.; Veening, J.G.; van der Want, J.J.L., 2012:
Regional differences in age-related lipofuscin accumulation in the female hamster brainstem

Carpaneto, J.; Umiltà, M.A.; Fogassi, L.; Murata, A.; Gallese, V.; Micera, S.; Raos, V., 2011:
Decoding the activity of grasping neurons recorded from the ventral premotor area F5 of the macaque monkey

Imamura, Y.; Wang, H.; Matsumoto, N.; Muroya, T.; Shimazaki, J.; Ogura, H.; Shimazu, T., 2011:
Interleukin-1β causes long-term potentiation deficiency in a mouse model of septic encephalopathy

Hausott, B.; Rietzler, A.; Vallant, N.; Auer, M.; Haller, I.; Perkhofer, S.; Klimaschewski, L., 2011:
Inhibition of fibroblast growth factor receptor 1 endocytosis promotes axonal branching of adult sensory neurons

Frasnelli, J.; Albrecht, J.; Bryant, B.; Lundström, J.N., 2012:
Perception of specific trigeminal chemosensory agonists

Vavra, V.; Bhattacharya, A.; Zemkova, H., 2011:
Facilitation of glutamate and GABA release by P2X receptor activation in supraoptic neurons from freshly isolated rat brain slices

Holtman, L.; van Vliet, E.A.; Baas, F.; Aronica, E.; Gorter, J.A., 2011:
Complement protein 6 deficiency in PVG/c rats does not lead to neuroprotection against seizure induced cell death

Boyette-Davis, J.; Fuchs, P.N., 2011:
Chronic administration of phencyclidine produces decreased sensitivity to mechanical stimulation in the absence of altered affective behavior: Implications for pain processing in schizophrenia

Koh, P-Ok., 2011:
Nicotinamide attenuates the ischemic brain injury-induced decrease of Akt activation and Bad phosphorylation

Warren, J.P.; Tillery, S.I.Helms., 2012:
Tactile perception: do distinct subpopulations explain differences in mislocalization rates of stimuli across fingertips?

Salles, J.Inacio.; Costa, F.; Cunha-Cruz, V.; Cagy, M.; Piedade, R.; Ribeiro, P., 2012:
Electrophysiological analysis of the perception of passive movement

Gutierrez, T.; Crystal, J.D.; Zvonok, A.M.; Makriyannis, A.; Hohmann, A.G., 2012:
Self-medication of a cannabinoid CB2 agonist in an animal model of neuropathic pain

Kaiya, H.; Miyazato, M.; Kangawa, K., 2012:
Recent advances in the phylogenetic study of ghrelin

Bessesen, D.H., 2011:
Regulation of body weight: what is the regulated parameter?

Walsh, B.Timothy., 2011:
The importance of eating behavior in eating disorders

Escobar, C.; Salgado, R.; Rodriguez, K.; Blancas Vázquez, A.Susana.; Angeles-Castellanos, M.; Buijs, R.M., 2011:
Scheduled meals and scheduled palatable snacks synchronize circadian rhythms: consequences for ingestive behavior

Parylak, S.L.; Koob, G.F.; Zorrilla, E.P., 2011:
The dark side of food addiction

Ren, J-Yi.; Song, J-Xian.; Lu, M-Yu.; Chen, H., 2011:
Cardioprotection by ischemic postconditioning is lost in isolated perfused heart from diabetic rats: Involvement of transient receptor potential vanilloid 1, calcitonin gene-related peptide and substance P

Caselli, S.; D.P.olo, F.M.; Pisicchio, C.; D.P.etro, R.; Quattrini, F.M.; D.G.acinto, B.; Culasso, F.; Pelliccia, A., 2011:
Three-dimensional echocardiographic characterization of left ventricular remodeling in Olympic athletes

Vaturi, M.; Perl, L.; Leshem-Lev, D.; Dadush, O.; Bental, T.; Shapira, Y.; Yedidya, I.; Greenberg, G.; Kornowski, R.; Sagie, A.; Battler, A.; Lev, E.I., 2011:
Circulating endothelial progenitor cells in patients with dysfunctional versus normally functioning congenitally bicuspid aortic valves

Benson, M.D.; Teague, S.D.; Kovacs, R.; Feigenbaum, H.; Jung, J.; Kincaid, J.C., 2011:
Rate of progression of transthyretin amyloidosis

Côté, Mélanie.; Cartier, Aélie.; Reuwer, A.Q.; Arsenault, B.J.; Lemieux, I.; Després, J-Pierre.; Wareham, N.J.; Kastelein, J.J.P.; Boekholdt, S.Matthijs.; Khaw, K-Tee., 2011:
Adiponectin and risk of coronary heart disease in apparently healthy men and women (from the EPIC-Norfolk Prospective Population Study)

Mullens, W.; Kepa, J.; D.V.sser, P.; Vercammen, J.; Rivero-Ayerza, M.; Wagner, P.; Dens, J.; Vrolix, M.; Vandervoort, P.; Tang, W.H.Wilson., 2011:
Importance of adjunctive heart failure optimization immediately after implantation to improve long-term outcomes with cardiac resynchronization therapy

Luijendijk, P.; Bouma, B.J.; Vriend, J.W.J.; Vliegen, H.W.; Groenink, M.; Mulder, B.J.M., 2011:
Usefulness of exercise-induced hypertension as predictor of chronic hypertension in adults after operative therapy for aortic isthmic coarctation in childhood

Bisdas, T.; Beutel, G.; Warnecke, G.; Hoeper, M.M.; Kuehn, C.; Haverich, A.; Teebken, O.E., 2011:
Vascular complications in patients undergoing femoral cannulation for extracorporeal membrane oxygenation support

Petrucci, O.; O'Brien, S.M.; Jacobs, M.L.; Jacobs, J.P.; Manning, P.B.; Eghtesady, P., 2011:
Risk factors for mortality and morbidity after the neonatal Blalock-Taussig shunt procedure

Yang, T-Ying.; Chang, G-Chen.; Chen, K-Chieh.; Hung, H-Wen.; Hsu, K-Hsuan.; Sheu, G-Tarng.; Hsu, S-Lan., 2011:
Sustained activation of ERK and Cdk2/cyclin-A signaling pathway by pemetrexed leading to S-phase arrest and apoptosis in human non-small cell lung cancer A549 cells

Kato, K.; Morita, I., 2011:
Acidosis environment promotes osteoclast formation by acting on the last phase of preosteoclast differentiation: a study to elucidate the action points of acidosis and search for putative target molecules

Gillard, M.; Fuks, B.; Leclercq, K.; Matagne, A., 2011:
Binding characteristics of brivaracetam, a selective, high affinity SV2A ligand in rat, mouse and human brain: relationship to anti-convulsant properties

Shan, T.; Ma, Q.; Zhang, D.; Guo, K.; Liu, H.; Wang, F.; Wu, E., 2011:
β2-adrenoceptor blocker synergizes with gemcitabine to inhibit the proliferation of pancreatic cancer cells via apoptosis induction

Ma, B.; Pan, Y.; Song, Q.; Tie, L.; Zhang, Y.; Xiao, Y.; Zhang, J.; Han, J.; Xu, Y.; Xiang, Y.; Yu, H-Ming.; Li, X-Jun., 2011:
The effect of topiramate on tumor-related angiogenesis and on the serum proteome of mice bearing Lewis lung carcinoma

Choi, I-Sun.; Cho, J-Hwa.; Lee, M-Gee.; Jang, I-Sung., 2011:
Tyramine reduces glycinergic transmission by inhibiting presynaptic Ca(2+) channels in the rat trigeminal subnucleus caudalis

Robich, M.P.; Osipov, R.M.; Chu, L.M.; Han, Y.; Feng, J.; Nezafat, R.; Clements, R.T.; Manning, W.J.; Sellke, F.W., 2011:
Resveratrol modifies risk factors for coronary artery disease in swine with metabolic syndrome and myocardial ischemia

Knopp, S.; Stothard, J.Russell.; Rollinson, D.; Mohammed, K.A.; Khamis, I.Simba.; Marti, H.; Utzinger, Jürg., 2014:
From morbidity control to transmission control: time to change tactics against helminths on Unguja Island, Zanzibar

Mika, J.T.; Moiset, G.; Cirac, A.D.; Feliu, L.; Bardají, E.; Planas, M.; Sengupta, D.; Marrink, S.J.; Poolman, B., 2011:
Structural basis for the enhanced activity of cyclic antimicrobial peptides: the case of BPC194

Vestergaard, M'delanji.C.; Yoda, T.; Hamada, T.; Akazawa Ogawa, Y.; Yoshida, Y.; Takagi, M., 2011:
The effect of oxycholesterols on thermo-induced membrane dynamics

Megli, F.M.; Conte, E.; Ishikawa, T., 2011:
Cholesterol attenuates and prevents bilayer damage and breakdown in lipoperoxidized model membranes. A spin labeling EPR study

Judith A.V.ynow; Apparao Kummarapurugu, 2011:
Isoprostanes and Asthma

Yoneda, M.; Ikawa, M.; Arakawa, K.; Kudo, T.; Kimura, H.; Fujibayashi, Y.; Okazawa, H., 2012:
In vivo functional brain imaging and a therapeutic trial of L-arginine in MELAS patients

Winyard, P.; Jenkins, D., 2011:
Putative roles of cilia in polycystic kidney disease

Brasen, J.Christian.; Olsen, L.Folke.; Hallett, M.B., 2011:
Extracellular ATP induces spikes in cytosolic free Ca(2+) but not in NADPH oxidase activity in neutrophils

Alhazzazi, T.Y.; Kamarajan, P.; Verdin, E.; Kapila, Y.L., 2011 :
SIRT3 and cancer: tumor promoter or suppressor?

Tasci, A.G.; Bilgili, H.; Altunay, H.; Gecit, M.R.; Keskin, D., 2011:
Prospective evaluation of Vitamin K2, Raloxifene and their co-administration in osteoporotic rats

Aviv, A., 2012:
Genetics of leukocyte telomere length and its role in atherosclerosis

Murnane, J.P., 2012:
Telomere dysfunction and chromosome instability

Zou, G.; Xu, H.Ying.; Qing, M.; Wang, Q-Yin.; Shi, P-Yong., 2011:
Development and characterization of a stable luciferase dengue virus for high-throughput screening

Boran, A.D.W.; Chen, Y.; Iyengar, R., 2011:
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How do you RUN on?

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Effect of four processed animal proteins in the diet on behavior in laying hens

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Allosteric modulators of the α4β2 subtype of neuronal nicotinic acetylcholine receptors

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Differentiation between Birt–Hogg–Dube syndrome and lymphangioleiomyomatosis Quantitative analysis of pulmonary cysts on computed tomography of the chest in 66 females

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Canopy damage to conifer plantations within a large mixed-severity wildfire varies with stand age

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Factors affecting the probability of windthrow at stand level as a result of Gudrun winter storm in southern Sweden

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Composition and structure of natural mixed-oak stands in northern and central Portugal

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Chamomile harvesters A review

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Transcription factor fork head regulates the promoter of diapause hormone gene in the cotton bollworm, Helicoverpa armigera, and the modification of SUMOylation

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Molecular characterization and functional expression of the DSC1 channel

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Prospective of guar gum and its derivatives as controlled drug delivery systems

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Calculated carbon-hydrogen bond dissociation enthalpies for predicting oxidative susceptibility of drug substance molecules

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Experimental simulation of trophic interactions among omnivorous copepods, heterotrophic dinoflagellates and diatoms

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Alogia and formal thought disorder: differential patterns of verbal fluency task performance

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Using pharmacokinetic modelling to determine the effect of drug and food on gastrointestinal transit in dogs

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Parking at the UC campus Problems and solutions

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Patient selection criteria for vertebroplasty or kyphoplasty in painful osteoporotic fracture

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Congenital hand anomalies

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Model study of atmospheric particulates during dust stormperiodin March 21 over East Asia

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Neighborhood-level built environment and social characteristics associated with serious childhood motor vehicle occupant injuries

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Geomagnetic storm effects in the ionospheric E- and F- regions

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Humanized VB22B minibody for human Mpl stimulates human megakaryopoiesis but does not enhance platelet aggregation

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Realistic modelling of the exceptional inflows into the central Baltic Sea in 23 using terrain-following coordinates

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D,L-Threo-1-phenyl-2-decanoylamino-3-morpholino-1-propanol (DL-PDMP) increases endoplasmic reticulum stress, autophagy and apoptosis accompanying ceramide accumulation via ceramide synthase 5 protein expression in A549 cells

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FT, a mobile developmental signal in plants

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Fragile X syndrome and the amygdala

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Work and common psychiatric disorders

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Circuits and brain rhythms in schizophrenia: a wealth of convergent targets

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Assessing environmental conditions of the Río Champoton Mexico using diverse indices and biomarkers in the fish Astyanax aeneus Gunther, 186

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Ecological risk assessment of urban stormwater ponds Literature review and proposal of a new conceptual approach providing ecological quality goals and the associated bioassessment tools

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Towards rapid bioassessment of wadeable streams in Brazil Development of the Guapiacu-Macau Multimetric Index GMMI based on benthic macroinvertebrates

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Multi-linear regression models predict the effects of water chemistry on acute lead toxicity to Ceriodaphniadubia and Pimephalespromelas

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The roles of phosphate and the phosphate carrier in the mitochondrial permeability transition pore

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Modulation of the mitochondrial permeability transition by cyclophilin D Moving closer to F-F1 ATP synthase?

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Personality affects zebra finch feeding success in a producer–scrounger game

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Serving large portions of vegetable soup at the start of a meal affected children's energy and vegetable intake

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A modulator domain controlling thermal stability in the Group II chaperonins of Archaea

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Free NADH/NAD+ Regulates Sirtuin Expression

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Molecular engineering to improve antibodies' anti-lymphoma activity

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Cardiac extracellular matrix tenascin-C deposition during fibronectin degradation

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Siglec-15, a member of the sialic acid-binding lectin, is a novel regulator for osteoclast differentiation

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Hydrogen-rich medium protects human skin fibroblasts from high glucose or mannitol induced oxidative damage

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Phosphate and HEPES buffers potently affect the fibrillation and oligomerization mechanism of Alzheimer's Aβ peptide

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CHFR binds to and regulates MAD2 in the spindle checkpoint through its cysteine-rich domain

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Eribulin mesylate, a novel microtubule inhibitor in the treatment of breast cancer

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Are complementary medicine practitioners implementing evidence based practice?

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Attending to music decreases inattentional blindness

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Immediate and long-term priming effects are independent of prime awareness

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Segment-specific regulation of the Drosophila AP-2 gene during leg and antennal development

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Plasticity in reflex pathways to the lower urinary tract following spinal cord injury

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Role of myelin-associated inhibitors in axonal repair after spinal cord injury

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Responsiveness of the foot and ankle ability measure (FAAM) in individuals with diabetes

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A preliminary study of the effect of low intensity pulsed ultrasound on new bone formation during mandibular distraction osteogenesis in rabbits

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Oral squamous cell carcinoma in a 7-year-old Brazilian boy

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Revision for Recurrent InstabilityWhat are the Predictors of Failure?

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Management of a pelvic mass following a worn uncemented total hip arthroplasty

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Indications for the use of temporary arterial occlusion during aneurysm repair: an institutional experience

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Unilateral optic neuritis in a Chinese population in three centers

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Environmental Constituent Interest, Green Electricity Policies, and Legislative Voting

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Deontic and epistemic reasoning in children

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No good deed goes unquestioned Cynical reconstruals maintain belief in the power of self-interest

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Radiographic laxity of the trapeziometacarpal joint is correlated with generalized joint hypermobility

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Seroprevalence of antibodies to pandemic H1N1 29 influenza virus among health care workers in two general hospitals after first outbreak in Kobe, Japan

Anonymous, 2011:
The Clustering and Transmission Dynamics of Pandemic Influenza A H1N1 29 cases in Hong Kong

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Local control in cardiac E-C coupling

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Utilization of the tympanomastoid fissure for intraoperative identification of the facial nerve: a cadaver study

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Different flow patterns between left and right internal thoracic artery grafts influence the evaluation of severe graft stenosis by transthoracic Doppler echocardiography

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Early and long-term results of reoperative total aortic root replacement with reimplantation of the coronary arteries

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Midwifery and the LGBT midwife

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Orientation dependency of intrinsic optical signal dynamics in cat area 18

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Wallerian degeneration after spinal lesions in cats detected with diffusion tensor imaging

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Functional community analysis of brain: a new approach for EEG-based investigation of the brain pathology

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Placentation in the African elephant (Loxodonta africana). V: the trophoblast secretes placental lactogen

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Occupancy of chromatin organizers in the Epstein-Barr virus genome

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Dynamics of mammalian NER proteins

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Effect of observation errors On the uncertainty of design floods

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Acquired melanosis of a conjunctival autograft following pterygium surgery

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Sequence-specific predictive chromatography to assist mass spectrometric analysis of asparagine deamidation and aspartate isomerization in peptides

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Serum prolactin levels determine whether they improve or impair ?-cell function and insulin sensitivity in diabetic rats

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Analysis of fexofenadine in pharmaceutical formulations using tris1,1-phenanthroline–rutheniumII peroxydisulphate chemiluminescence system in a multichip device

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Spatial Variation in Divorce and Separation Compositional or Contextual Effects?

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Observation and modelling of gap flow and wake formation on Svalbard

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Aberrantly expressed AURKC enhances the transformation and tumorigenicity of epithelial cells

Anonymous, 2011:
Aberrant succination of proteins in fumarate hydratase-deficient mice and HLRCC patients is a robust biomarker of mutation status

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Can we model the probability of presence of species without absence data?

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Spatial monopoly of multi-establishment firms An empirical study for supermarkets in the Netherlands

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Family preservation services incorporating the voice of families into service implementation

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Chainsawing for conservation Ecologically informed tree removal for habitat management

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Differences in the Spacing Behaviour of Two Breeds of Domestic Sheep Ovis aries – Influence of Artificial Selection?

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Is There Division of Labor in Cooperative Pseudoscorpions? An Analysis of the Behavioral Repertoire of a Tropical Species

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Patterns of Nutrient Concentrations across Multiple Floodplain Surfaces in a Large Dryland River System

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Evaluation of the selective and differential ET-medium for detection of Edwardsiella tarda in aquaculture systems

Anonymous, 2011:
Lactobacillus pentosus strain b24 suppresses pneumonia induced by Streptococcus pneumoniae in mice

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Xylitol production from a mutant strain of Candida tropicalis

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Demonstration of viable but nonculturable V cholerae O1 in fresh water environment of India using ciprofloxacin DFA-DVC method

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Characterization and comparison of microbial community of different typical Chinese liquor Daqus by PCR-DGGE

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Potential application of the nisin Z preparation of Lactococcus lactis W8 in preservation of milk

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Hundred years of allergen immunotherapy

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Metabolic engineering of soybean affords improved phytosterol seed traits

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GhHmgB3 deficiency deregulates proliferation and differentiation of cells during somatic embryogenesis in cotton

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Histochemical, immunohistochemical, and ultrastructural observations of the esophagus morphology of Rinella icterica Anuran, Bufonidae

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Long-term fitness consequences for offspring of female oviposition decisions in the rose bitterling Rhodeus ocellatus

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Age and growth of the round goby Neogobius melanostomus in the Gulf of Gdańsk several years after invasion. Is the Baltic Sea a new Promised Land?

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Hypoxia and male behaviour in an African cichlid Pseudocrenilabrus multicolor victoriae

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Diet and food selection by Ramnogaster arcuata (Osteichthyes, Clupeidae)

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Successful extraction of DNA from archived alcohol-fixed white-eye fish specimens using an ancient DNA protocol

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Gonadal development of triploid Atlantic Cod Gadus morhua

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Making Markets Out of Thin Air A Case of Capital Involution

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Accounting for Carbon The Role of Accounting Professional Organisations in Governing Climate Change

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Changes in viral and bacterial communities during the ice-melting season in the coastal Arctic (Kongsfjorden, Ny-Ålesund)

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Microbial growth on the edge of desiccation

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Key two-component regulatory systems that control biofilm formation in Pseudomonas aeruginosa

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Drivers of bacterial diversity dynamics in permeable carbonate and silicate coral reef sands from the Red Sea

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Bioavailability of soil organic matter and microbial community dynamics upon permafrost thaw

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Adherence to antiretroviral therapy: factors independently associated with reported difficulty taking antiretroviral therapy in a national sample of HIV-positive Australians

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Regulation of meristem size by cytokinin signaling

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The Multiple Dimensions of Video Game Effects

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The Challenge in Creating Games for Education Aligning Mental Models With Game Models

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Children’s Mathematical Reasoning in Online Games Can Data Mining Reveal Strategic Thinking?

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Exergames for Physical Education Courses: Physical, Social, and Cognitive Benefits

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Strengthening Africa’s Contributions to Child Development Research Introduction

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Think Locally, Act Globally Contributions of African Research to Child Development

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Bridging Culture, Research, and Practice in Early Childhood Development The Madrasa Resource Centers in East Africa

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Envisioning an African Child Development Field

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The Development of Episodic Memory Lifespan Lessons

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Expression of CD4+ forkhead box P3 (FOXP3)+ regulatory T cells in inflammatory bowel disease

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Annotation of sheep keratin intermediate filament genes and their patterns of expression

Anonymous, 2011:
A rare case of isolated levocardia with polysplenia including normally structured lung without cardiac anomaly

Anonymous, 2011:
A novel association of multiple gastrointestinal anomalies in a single patient - Can Sonic Hedgehog explain it?

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Risk factors for bleeding after endoscopic submucosal dissection of gastric epithelial neoplasm

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Desire for perioperative information and parental ethnicity

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Are all ICUs the same?

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Efficacy of the glucagon-like peptide-1 agonist exenatide in the treatment of short bowel syndrome

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Visible Light-Curing

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Effect of whitening dentifrices on the surface roughness of commercial composites

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An esthetic solution to the screw-retained implant restoration: introduction to the implant crown adhesive plug: clinical report

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Flow profile of regular and fast-setting elastomeric impression materials using a shark fin testing device

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Effect of home-use and in-office bleaching agents containing hydrogen peroxide associated with amorphous calcium phosphate on enamel microhardness and surface roughness

Anonymous, 2011:
Sodium Arsenite-induced Alteration in Hepatocyte Function of Rat with Special Emphasis on Super Oxide Dismutase Expression Pathway and its Prevention by Mushroom Lectin

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Analytical relation between two chaos indicators FLI and MEGNO

Anonymous, 2011:
Swift detection of an intermediately long X-ray burst from the very faint X-ray binary XMMU J1747161–28148

Anonymous, 2011:
The discovery of the T85 dwarf UGPS J521+364

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Further Sunyaev–Zel’dovich observations of two Planck ERCSC clusters with the Arcminute Microkelvin Imager

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Palaeoenvironmental control on modern forest composition of southwestern Marajo Island, Eastern Amazonia

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Pachyonychia congenita with laryngeal obstruction

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Gianotti-Crosti syndrome after H1N1-influenza vaccine

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Molecular phylogeny of echinometrid sea urchins more species of Heliocidaris with derived modes of reproduction

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Insect molecular biology an Australian perspective

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Thrombocytopenia and bleeding in dental procedures of patients with Gaucher disease

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Clinical severity of haemophilia A does the classification of the 195s still stand?

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Mild protein oxidation enhanced hydration and myofibril swelling capacity of fresh ground pork muscle packaged in high oxygen atmosphere

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Online shear viscosity measurement of starchy melts enriched in wheat bran

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Polymeric Proanthocyanidins in Skins and Seeds of 37?Vitis vinifera?L Cultivars A Methodological Comparative Study

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Determination of lactic microflora of kefir grains and kefir beverage by using culture-dependent and culture-independent methods

Anonymous, 2011:
Implantation Ability of the Potential Probiotic Strain,?Lactobacillus reuteri?PL519, in “Salchichon, a Traditional Iberian Dry Fermented Sausage

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Fatty acid synthase inhibitors separated from oiltea camellia by high-speed counter-current chromatography

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Chemical composition and nutritive value of lantana and sweet pepper seeds and nabak seed kernels

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Quality, bioactive compounds, and antioxidant activity of new flat-type peach and nectarine cultivars: a comparative study

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Nonvolatile taste compounds in cooked Chinese Nanjing duck meat following postproduction heat treatment

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Herbicide hormesis – can it be useful in crop production?

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Common genetic variation at 15q25.2 impacts on chronic lymphocytic leukaemia risk

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The clinical management of tumour lysis syndrome in haematological malignancies

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Life satisfaction and inflammatory biomarkers The 28 Scottish Health Survey

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Biological Consequences of Disturbed Sleep: Important Mediators of Health?

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Blunted as well as exaggerated cardiovascular reactivity to stress is associated with negative health outcomes

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Modulation of stress reactivity in brain and body by serotonin transporter promoter polymorphism

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Exercise Training in Hemodialysis Patients A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

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Recombinant WNTs differentially activate ?-catenin-dependent and -independent signaling in mouse microglia-like cells

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Clinical assessment of a new computerised objective method of measuring facial palsy

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Cranial and appendicular ontogeny of Bactrosaurus johnsoni, a hadrosauroid dinosaur from the Late Cretaceous of northern China

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A concept analysis of suicidal behavior

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Effects of visiting nurses' individually tailored education for low-income adult diabetic patients in Korea

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Undermining of nutrition and exercise decisions: experiencing negative social influence

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Physical activity among South Asian Indian immigrants: an integrative review

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One-year prospective study on the effect of workplace bullying on long-term sickness absence

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Assessing the short-term impact of an insecticide Deltamethrin on predator and herbivore abundance in soybean Glycine max using a replicated small-plot field experiment

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A new active piggyBac-like element in Aphis gossypii

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Inference on core surface flow from observations and 3-D dynamo modelling

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Rapid full-wave centroid moment tensor CMT inversion in a three-dimensional earth structure model for earthquakes in Southern California

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The Feasibility and Acceptability of an Approach to Emotional Wellbeing Support for High School Students

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Prior probability (the pretest best guess) affects predictive values of diagnostic tests

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P2Y12 receptor gene mutation associated with postoperative hemorrhage in a Greater Swiss Mountain dog

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Secondary renal tubular acidosis in a Hereford calf

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Direct colloid osmometry in healthy New World camelids

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Peatland dynamics in a complex landscape Development of a fen-bog complex in the Sporadic Discontinuous Permafrost zone of northern Alberta, Canada

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Geophysical Survey of the Burnum Archaeological Site, Croatia

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Appealing to common humanity increases forgiveness but reduces collective action among victims of historical atrocities

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Tracing the Proterozoic continental collision in NW India a geophysical approach

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Pattern Analysis in Neuroimaging: Beyond Two-Class Categorization

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Focused ultrasound modulates the level of cortical neurotransmitters Potential as a new functional brain mapping technique

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Embryonic development of the emu, Dromaius novaehollandiae

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Mass spectrometric glycan rearrangements

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Enhancement of the capabilities of liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry with derivatization: general principles and applications

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Do exports explain industrial agglomeration and regional disparities in Turkey?

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The Impact of Trade and Economic Growth on the Environment Revisiting the Cross-Country Evidence

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The Discursive Construction of the 1978–1979 Iranian Revolution in the Speeches of Ayatollah Khomeini

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Deconstructing Health and the Un/Healthy Fat Woman

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Peptidic partial bisubstrates as inhibitors of the protein arginine N-methyltransferases

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Generation of novel nucleases with extended specificity by rational and combinatorial strategies

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Biomineralization in diatoms: the role of silacidins

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Protein modification by strain-promoted alkyne-azide cycloaddition

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Outcome after autologous dermal sling-assisted immediate breast reconstruction

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Optimal margins and lymphadenectomy in colonic cancer surgery

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Laparoscopic resection with transanal specimen extraction for sigmoid diverticulitis

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Perioperative use of a neutrophil elastase inhibitor in video-assisted thoracoscopic oesophagectomy for cancer

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Engaging the Public in the Ethics of Robots for War and Peace

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We Should Stop Running Away from Radiation

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There’s an App for That Technical Standards and Commodification by Technological Means

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