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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 36112

Chapter 36112 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Wang, S.; Zhang, S., 2011:
Dickkopf-1 is frequently overexpressed in ovarian serous carcinoma and involved in tumor invasion

Huang, Y.; Simms, A.E.; Mazur, A.; Wang, S.; León, N.R.; Jones, B.; Aziz, N.; Kelly, T., 2011:
Fibroblast activation protein-α promotes tumor growth and invasion of breast cancer cells through non-enzymatic functions

Ale, M.T.tor; Mikkelsen, Jørn Dalgaard; Meyer, A.S., 2012:
Designed optimization of a single-step extraction of fucose-containing sulfated polysaccharides from Sargassum sp

Zhang, Q.S.eng; Tang, Y.Z.eng; Liu, S.K.i; Zhang, S.B.o; Lu, Z.C.eng; Cu, S.H.a; Yu, Y.Q.ang, 2012:
Zygote-derived seedling production of Sargassum thunbergii focus on two frequently experienced constraints in tank culture of seaweed

Koo, S.Y.; Cha, K.H.un; Song, D.-Geun; Chung, D.; Pan, C.-Ho, 2012:
Optimization of pressurized liquid extraction of zeaxanthin from Chlorella ellipsoidea

Santoyo, S.; Jaime, L.; Plaza, M.; Herrero, M.; Rodriguez-Meizoso, I.; Ibañez, E.; Reglero, G., 2012:
Antiviral compounds obtained from microalgae commonly used as carotenoid sources

Kanamori, M.; Mizuta, H.; Yasui, H., 2012:
Effects of ambient calcium concentration on morphological form of callus-like cells in Saccharina japonica Phaeophyceae sporophyte

Walter, H.P.arson; Richard, B.D.riso; Ralph, A.E.ston; Sharon, E.H.ok; Keith, R.P.rker; Jack, W.A.derson, 2012 :
Hypotheses concerning the decline and poor recovery of Pacific herring in Prince William Sound, Alaska

Alejandro Espinoza-Tenorio; Matthias Wolff; Marc, H.T.ylor; Ileana Espejel, 2012:
What model suits ecosystem-based fisheries management? A plea for a structured modeling process

Tarik Baibai; Laila Oukhattar; Javier Vasquez Quinteiro; Abdelhakim Mesfioui; Manuel Rey-Mendez; Abdelaziz soukri, 2012:
First global approach morphological and biological variability in a genetically homogeneous population of the European pilchard, Sardina pilchardus Walbaum, 1792 in the North Atlantic coast

Tynkkynen, T.; Mursu, J.; Nurmi, T.; Tuppurainen, K.; Laatikainen, R.; Soininen, P., 2012:
NMR protocol for determination of oxidation susceptibility of serum lipids and application of the protocol to a chocolate study

Okazaki, Y.; Kamide, Y.; Hirai, M.Yokota.; Saito, K., 2013:
Plant lipidomics based on hydrophilic interaction chromatography coupled to ion trap time-of-flight mass spectrometry

Pellis, L.; van Erk, M.J.; van Ommen, B.; Bakker, G.C.M.; Hendriks, H.F.J.; Cnubben, N.H.P.; Kleemann, R.; van Someren, E.P.; Bobeldijk, I.; Rubingh, C.M.; Wopereis, S., 2012:
Plasma metabolomics and proteomics profiling after a postprandial challenge reveal subtle diet effects on human metabolic status

Jansen, J.J.; Szymańska, E.; Hoefsloot, H.C.J.; Jacobs, D.M.; Strassburg, K.; Smilde, A.K., 2012:
Between Metabolite Relationships: an essential aspect of metabolic change

Shahrbanoo Karbalaeemohammad; Hossein Naderi-Manesh, 2011:
Two Novel Anticancer Peptides from Aurein12

Lynch, J.; Parrott, A.; Hopkin, R.J.; Myers, M., 2011:
Media coverage of direct-to-consumer genetic testing

Wonkam, A.; Njamnshi, A.K.; Mbanya, D.; Ngogang, J.; Zameyo, C.; Angwafo, F.F., 2011:
Acceptability of prenatal diagnosis by a sample of parents of sickle cell anemia patients in Cameroon (sub-Saharan Africa)

Ronald, D.V.llanueva; Maria Vanessa, B.B.ria; Dexter, W. dela Cruz; Romeo, M.D.zon, 2011:
Diel timing of planulation and larval settlement in the coral Isopora cuneata Scleractinia Acroporidae

Cecilia Brand; María Laura Miserendino, 2011:
Life history strategies and production of caddisflies in a perennial headwater stream in Patagonia

Spreitzer, M.Luise.; Mautner, S.; Makasa, L.; Sturmbauer, C., 2012:
Genetic and morphological population differentiation in the rock-dwelling and specialized shrimp-feeding cichlid fish species Altolamprologus compressiceps from Lake Tanganyika, East Africa

G.L.scheid; T.K.lettka, 2012:
Grasping the heterogeneity of kettle hole water quality in Northeast Germany

K.M.chael Garman; Haydn Rubelmann; David, J.K.rlen; Tiehang Wu; James, R.G.rey, 2011:
Comparison of an inactive submarine spring with an active nearshore anchialine spring in Florida

Matthew Gollock; David Curnick; Alison Debney, 2011:
Recent recruitment trends of juvenile eels in tributaries of the River Thames

R.J.U.cles; S.B.M.tchell, 2011:
Turbidity in the Thames Estuary How turbid do we expect it to be?

R.S.K.B.rnes; M.K.S.B.rnes, 2011:
Hierarchical scales of spatial variation in the smaller surface and near-surface macrobenthos of a subtropical intertidal seagrass system in Moreton Bay, Queensland

Tiago da S.V.sconcelos; Tiago, G. dos Santos; Denise de C.R.ssa-Feres; Célio F.B.H.ddad, 2011:
Spatial and temporal distribution of tadpole assemblages Amphibia, Anura in a seasonal dry tropical forest of southeastern Brazil

Natàlia Corcoll; Berta Bonet; Manel Leira; Helena Guasch, 2011:
Chl-a fluorescence parameters as biomarkers of metal toxicity in fluvial biofilms an experimental study

D.J.H.einghaus; J.P.V.eira; C.S.C.sta; C.E.B.mvenuti; K.O.W.nemiller; A.M.G.rcia, 2011:
Estuary hydrogeomorphology affects carbon sources supporting aquatic consumers within and among ecological guilds

Fonseca, Leila; Colclough, Steve; Hughes, Rob G., 2011:
Variations in the feeding of 0-group bass Dicentrarchus labrax L in managed realignment areas and saltmarshes in SE England

John Couwenberg; Annett Thiele; Franziska Tanneberger; Jürgen Augustin; Susanne Bärisch; Dimitry Dubovik; Nadzeya Liashchynskaya; Dierk Michaelis; Merten Minke; Arkadi Skuratovich; Hans Joosten, 2011:
Assessing greenhouse gas emissions from peatlands using vegetation as a proxy

Hossein AnvariFar; Alireza Khyabani; Hamid Farahmand; Saber Vatandoust; Hassan AnvariFar; Shrinivas Jahageerdar, 2011:
Detection of morphometric differentiation between isolated up- and downstream populations of Siah Mahi Capoeta capoeta gracilis Pisces Cyprinidae in the Tajan River Iran

N.D.P.pe; W.J.L.ngston, 2011:
Sources, distribution and temporal variability of trace metals in the Thames Estuary

Anonymous, 2011:
Seabed dynamics in a lage coastal embayment 18 years of morphological change in the outer Thames estuary

Margaret Kadiri; Kate, L.S.encer; Catherine, M.H.ppell; Paul Fletcher, 2011:
Sediment characteristics of a restored saltmarsh and mudflat in a managed realignment scheme in Southeast England

Keith, R.E.wards; Dáša Bastlová; Magda Edwards-Jonášová; Jan Kv?t, 2011:
A comparison of univariate and multivariate methods for analyzing clinal variation in an invasive species

Paul Miller; M.D.ane Clark, 2011:
Phonemic Awareness is Not Necessary to Become a Skilled Deaf Reader

Adam, B.L.win; Jeffrey, J.W.od; Sarah Gunderson; Tanya, K.M.rphy; Eric, A.S.orch, 2011:
Phenomenology of Comorbid Autism Spectrum and Obsessive-Compulsive Disorders Among Children

Iyyakkannu Sivanesan; M.Y.ung Lim; Byoung Ryong Jeong, 2011:
Somatic embryogenesis and plant regeneration from leaf and petiole explants of Campanula punctata Lam var rubriflora Makino

J.Y.on Song; Neil, S.M.ttson; Byoung Ryong Jeong, 2011:
Efficiency of shoot regeneration from leaf, stem, petiole and petal explants of six cultivars of Chrysanthemum morifolium

Tanavat Kaensaksiri; Puangpaka Soontornchainaksaeng; Noppamas Soonthornchareonnon; Sompop Prathanturarug, 2011:
In vitro induction of polyploidy in Centella asiatica L Urban

Hail, Z.R.han; Mohammed Al-Issawi; Stephen Burchett; Michael, P.F.ller, 2011:
Encapsulation of cauliflower Brassica oleracea var botrytis microshoots as artificial seeds and their conversion and growth in commercial substrates

Meiru Li; Xiaojie Lin; Hongqing Li; Xiaoping Pan; Guojiang Wu, 2011:
Overexpression of AtNHX5 improves tolerance to both salt and water stress in rice Oryza sativa L

Cui Rong You; Ting Jun Fan; Xue Qin Gong; F.H.a Bian; L.K.n Liang; F.N.ng Qu, 2011:
A high-frequency cyclic secondary somatic embryogenesis system for Cyclamen persicum Mill

Peng Zhao; Wanjun Wang; Mengxiang Sun, 2011:
Characterization and expression pattern analysis of DcNAC gene in somatic embryos of Dendrobium candidum Wall Ex Lindl

Sadiye Hayta; Ismail Hakki Akgun; Markus Ganzera; Erdal Bedir; Aynur Gurel, 2011:
Shoot proliferation and HPLC-determination of iridoid glycosides in clones of Gentiana cruciata L

Shang Gao; L.Y.an; Hong Zhai; Chenglong Liu; Shaozhen He; Qingchang Liu, 2011:
Transgenic sweetpotato plants expressing an LOS5 gene are tolerant to salt stress

Amit Kumar Verma; Virupaksha, U.P.til; Ramesh, S.B.at, 2011:
A transiently expressed transposase system to generate Ds-tagged mutants for functional genomics in sorghum

Elena Albrecht; Dapeng Zhang; Robert, A.S.ftner; John, R.S.ommel, 2012:
Genetic diversity and population structure of Capsicum baccatum genetic resources

Phillip, E.M.Clean; Jeff Terpstra; Melody McConnell; Caleb White; Rian Lee; Sujan Mamidi, 2012:
Population structure and genetic differentiation among the USDA common bean Phaseolus vulgaris L core collection

Aybeniz Javad Aliyeva; Naib Khaliq Aminov, 2011:
Inheritance of the branching in hybrid populations among tetraploid wheat species and the new branched spike line 166-Schakheli

Hongxu Wei; Chengyang Xu; Barbara, J.H.wkins; Lüyi Ma; Lini Jiang, 2012:
Organic amendment and inorganic fertilization affect soil properties and quality of Larix olgensis bareroot stock

Melamed, B.G.; Castro, C., 2011:
Observations and insights about strengthening our soldiers SOS

Van Houdenhove, L.; Buyse, B.; Gabriëls, L.; Van den Bergh, O., 2012:
Treating primary insomnia: clinical effectiveness and predictors of outcomes on sleep, daytime function and health-related quality of life

Kuntz, K.K.; Bonfiglio, D.B.V., 2012:
Psychological distress in patients presenting for initial renal transplant evaluation

Feinstein, A.B.; Forman, E.M.; Masuda, A.; Cohen, L.L.; Herbert, J.D.; Moorthy, L.Nandini.; Goldsmith, D.P., 2012:
Pain intensity, psychological inflexibility, and acceptance of pain as predictors of functioning in adolescents with juvenile idiopathic arthritis: a preliminary investigation

Kertz, S.J.; Woodruff-Borden, J., 2012:
Human and economic burden of GAD, subthreshold GAD, and worry in a primary care sample

Tedeschi, R.G., 2011:
Posttraumatic growth in combat veterans

McGeary, D.; Moore, M.; Vriend, C.A.; Peterson, A.L.; Gatchel, R.J., 2011:
The evaluation and treatment of comorbid pain and PTSD in a military setting: an overview

Peterson, A.L.; Luethcke, C.A.; Borah, E.V.; Borah, A.M.; Young-McCaughan, S., 2011:
Assessment and treatment of combat-related PTSD in returning war veterans

Ahmadi, H.; Green, S.L., 2011:
Screening, brief intervention, and referral to treatment for military spouses experiencing alcohol and substance use disorders: a literature review

Margaret Arnd-Caddigan, 2012:
The Therapeutic Alliance Implications for Therapeutic Process and Therapeutic Goals

Tania Lecomte; Marie-Christine Laferrière-Simard; Claude Leclerc, 2012:
What Does the Alliance Predict in Group Interventions for Early Psychosis?

Cunningham, A.B., 2012:
Measuring change in social interaction skills of young children with autism

Oliveras-Rentas, R.E.; Kenworthy, L.; Roberson, R.B.; Martin, A.; Wallace, G.L., 2012:
WISC-IV profile in high-functioning autism spectrum disorders: impaired processing speed is associated with increased autism communication symptoms and decreased adaptive communication abilities

Tan, M.; Reich, J.; Hart, L.; Thuma, P.E.; Grigorenko, E.L., 2011:
Examining Specific Effects of Context on Adaptive Behavior and Achievement in Rural Africa Six Case Studies from Southern Province, Zambia

Chiang, H-Min.; Cheung, Y.Kuen.; Hickson, L.; Xiang, R.; Tsai, L.Y., 2012:
Predictive factors of participation in postsecondary education for high school leavers with autism

Simon, J.C.; Dickson, W.B.; Dickinson, M.H., 2012:
Prior mating experience modulates the dispersal of Drosophila in males more than in females

Hepner, K.A.; Hunter, S.B.; Paddock, S.M.; Zhou, A.J.; Watkins, K.E., 2011:
Training addiction counselors to implement CBT for depression

Dorts, J.; Grenouillet, Gël.; Douxfils, J.; Mandiki, S.N.M.; Milla, S.; Silvestre, Fédéric.; Kestemont, P., 2012:
Evidence that elevated water temperature affects the reproductive physiology of the European bullhead Cottus gobio

Filipiak, M.; Tylko, G.; Kilarski, W., 2012:
Flow cytometric determination of genome size in European sunbleak Leucaspius delineatus (Heckel, 1843)

Gingerich, A.J.; Suski, C.D., 2012:
The effect of body size on post-exercise physiology in largemouth bass

Biswas, S.P.; Palande, N.V.; Jadhao, A.G., 2012:
Nitric oxide inhibited the melanophore aggregation induced by extracellular calcium concentration in snakehead fish, Channa punctatus

Manju, M.; Akbarsha, M.Abdulkader.; Oommen, O.Vilaverthottathil., 2012:
In vivo protective effect of dietary curcumin in fish Anabas testudineus (Bloch)

Anna Pietryczuk; Romuald Czerpak, 2011:
Effect of traumatic acid on antioxidant activity in Chlorella vulgaris Chlorophyceae

Muhammad Nakhooda; M.P.ula Watt; David Mycock, 2011:
Auxin stability and accumulation during in vitro shoot morphogenesis influences subsequent root induction and development in Eucalyptus grandis

Noelle Giacomini Lemos; Alessandro de Lucca e Braccini; Ricardo Vilela Abdelnoor; Maria Cristina Neves de Oliveira; Kazuhiro Suenaga; Naoki Yamanaka, 2011:
Characterization of genes Rpp2, Rpp4, and Rpp5 for resistance to soybean rust

José Luis Díaz D.L.ón; Ricardo Escoppinichi; Nadia Geraldo; Thelma Castellanos; Abdul Mujeeb-Kazi; Marion, S.R.der, 2011:
Quantitative trait loci associated with salinity tolerance in field grown bread wheat

Anonymous, 2011:
Genetic analysis and genotype × environment G × E for grey leaf spot disease resistance in elite African maize Zea mays L germplasm

Sara Fondevilla; Nuno, F.A.meida; Zlatko Satovic; Diego Rubiales; Maria, C.V.z Patto; José I.C.bero; Ana, M.T.rres, 2011:
Identification of common genomic regions controlling resistance to Mycosphaerella pinodes, earliness and architectural traits in different pea genetic backgrounds

Vieira, R.A.gusto; Scapim, C.A.berto; Moterle, L.M.ra; Tessmann, D.J.sé; Amaral Júnior, A.T.ixeira; Gonçalves, L.S.mões Azeredo, 2012:
The breeding possibilities and genetic parameters of maize resistance to foliar diseases

Zhihui Xue; Ping Liu; Mengjun Liu, 2011:
Cytological mechanism of 2n pollen formation in Chinese jujube Ziziphus jujuba Mill ‘Linglingzao’

L.W.llocquet; M.N.el; R.S.ckville Hamilton; S.S.vary, 2012:
Susceptibility of rice to sheath blight an assessment of the diversity of rice germplasm according to genetic groups and morphological traits

Eunsoo Choe; Torbert, R.R.cheford, 2012:
Genetic and QTL analysis of pericarp thickness and ear architecture traits of Korean waxy corn germplasm

Moterle, L.M.ra; Lucca e Braccini, A.; Scapim, C.A.berto; Pinto, R.J.sé Barth; Gonçalves, L.S.mões Azeredo; Rodrigues, R.; Amaral Júnior, A.T.ixeira, 2012:
Combining ability of popcorn lines for seed quality and agronomic traits

Kenneth David Head; Belva, C.C.llins; John, W.S.huster; Melinda Jones Ault, 2011:
A Comparison of Simultaneous Prompting and Constant Time Delay Procedures in Teaching State Capitals

Tsai, J.; Ford, E.S.; Zhao, G.; Li, C.; Greenlund, K.J.; Croft, J.B., 2012:
Co-occurrence of obesity and patterns of alcohol use associated with elevated serum hepatic enzymes in US adults

Masters, K.S.; Knestel, A., 2012:
Religious motivation and cardiovascular reactivity among middle aged adults: is being pro-religious really that good for you?

Adrian Kammer; Michael, W.I.S.hmidt; Frank Hagedorn, 2012:
Decomposition pathways of 13C-depleted leaf litter in forest soils of the Swiss Jura

Jodie Smith; Michele, A.B.rford; Andrew, T.R.vill; Ralf, R.H.ese; Julia Fortune, 2012:
Effect of nutrient loading on biogeochemical processes in tropical tidal creeks

Pujin Zhang; Jie Yang; Liqing Zhao; Sarula Bao; Bingyu Song, 2011:
Effect of Caragana tibetica nebkhas on sand entrapment and fertile islands in steppe–desert ecotones on the Inner Mongolia Plateau, China

Yun Zeng Zhang; E.T.o Wang; Mao Li; Qin Qin Li; Yan Ming Zhang; Shuang Jin Zhao; Xiu Ling Jia; L.H.a Zhang; Wen Feng Chen; Wen Xin Chen, 2011:
Effects of rhizobial inoculation, cropping systems and growth stages on endophytic bacterial community of soybean roots

Juan Rodríguez-Gamir; Gema Ancillo; Frederic Aparicio; Mireia Bordas; Eduardo Primo-Millo; M. Ángeles Forner-Giner, 2011:
Water-deficit tolerance in citrus is mediated by the down regulation of PIP gene expression in the roots

Chandra Shekhar Seth; V.M.sra; R.R.S.ngh; Lello Zolla, 2011:
EDTA-enhanced lead phytoremediation in sunflower Helianthus annuus L hydroponic culture

Liwen Zhang; Xiangcheng Mi; Hongbo Shao; Keping Ma, 2011:
Strong plant-soil associations in a heterogeneous subtropical broad-leaved forest

Panagiota Bresta; Dimosthenis Nikolopoulos; Garifalia Economou; Petros Vahamidis; Dionyssia Lyra; Andreas Karamanos; George Karabourniotis, 2011:
Modification of water entry xylem vessels and water exit stomata orchestrates long term drought acclimation of wheat leaves

Rong Mao; De-Hui Zeng; Lu-Jun Li, 2011:
Fresh root decomposition pattern of two contrasting tree species from temperate agroforestry systems effects of root diameter and nitrogen enrichment of soil

Catherine Hénault; Cécile Revellin, 2011 :
Inoculants of leguminous crops for mitigating soil emissions of the greenhouse gas nitrous oxide

Ana Paula Rodiño; Maria, D.L.F.ente; Antonio, M.D.R.n; Maria, J.L.ma; Jean Jacques Drevon; Marta Santalla, 2011:
Variation for nodulation and plant yield of common bean genotypes and environmental effects on the genotype expression

Xiao Ming Shi; Xiao Gang Li; Rong Mei Wu; Yun Hui Yang; Rui Jun Long, 2011:
Changes in soil biochemical properties associated with Ligularia virgaurea spreading in grazed alpine meadows

Chubatsu, L.S.tie; Monteiro, R.A.ele; Souza, E.M.ltempi; Oliveira, M.A.relio Schuler; Yates, M.G.offrey; Wassem, R.; Bonatto, A.C.audia; Huergo, L.F.rnandes; Steffens, M.B.renice Reynaud; Rigo, L.U.; Pedrosa, F. de Oliveira, 2012:
Nitrogen fixation control in Herbaspirillum seropedicae

Matthew, S.R.dda; Gang Li; Robert, J.R.id, 2011:
The timing of grain Cd accumulation in rice plants the relative importance of remobilisation within the plant and root Cd uptake post-flowering

Fischer, D.; Pfitzner, B.; Schmid, M.; Simões-Araújo, J.L.; Reis, V.M.; Pereira, W.; Ormeño-Orrillo, E.; Hai, B.; Hofmann, A.; Schloter, M.; Martinez-Romero, E.; Baldani, J.I.o; Hartmann, A., 2012:
Molecular characterisation of the diazotrophic bacterial community in uninoculated and inoculated field-grown sugarcane Saccharum sp

Jennifer, S.P.wers; Stefani Salute, 2011:
Macro- and micronutrient effects on decomposition of leaf litter from two tropical tree species inferences from a short-term laboratory incubation

Chris John Phillips; Jagath, C.E.anayake; Mike Marden, 2011:
Root site occupancy modelling of young New Zealand native plants implications for soil reinforcement

Tomomi Inoue; Seiichi Nohara; Katsumi Matsumoto; Yasuharu Anzai, 2011:
What happens to soil chemical properties after mangrove plants colonize?

Tao Sun; Zijun Mao, 2011:
Functional relationships between morphology and respiration of fine roots in two Chinese temperate tree species

Harry Olde Venterink, 2011:
Does phosphorus limitation promote species-rich plant communities?

Andreas Heinemeyer; Niall, P.M.Namara, 2011:
Comparing the closed static versus the closed dynamic chamber flux methodology Implications for soil respiration studies

Keiser, O.; Spycher, B.; Rauch, A.; Calmy, A.; Cavassini, M.; Glass, T.R.; Nicca, D.; Ledergerber, B.; Egger, M.; Barth, J.; Battegay, M.; Bernasconi, E.; Böni, J.; Bucher, H.C.; Bürgisser, P.; Burton-Jeangros, C.; Calmy, A.; Cavassini, M.; Dubs, R.; Egger, M.; Elzi, L.; Fehr, J.; Fischer, M.; Flepp, M.; Francioli, P.; Furrer, H.; Fux, C.A.; Gorgievski, M.; Günthard, H.; Hasse, B.; Hirsch, H.H.; Hirschel, B.; Hösli, I.; Kahlert, C.; Kaiser, L.; Keiser, O.; Kind, C.; Klimkait, T.; Kovari, H.;, 2012:
Outcomes of antiretroviral therapy in the Swiss HIV Cohort Study: latent class analysis

Pietsch, D.; Bernát, Gábor.; Kahmann, U.; Staiger, D.; Pistorius, E.K.; Michel, K-Peter., 2012:
New insights into the function of the iron deficiency-induced protein C from Synechococcus elongatus PCC 7942

Sarilar, Véronique.; Marmagne, A.; Brabant, P.; Joets, J.; Alix, K., 2011:
BraSto, a Stowaway MITE from Brassica: recently active copies preferentially accumulate in the gene space

Hao, S.; Zhao, T.; Xia, X.; Yin, W., 2011:
Genome-wide comparison of two poplar genotypes with different growth rates

Halimi, Y.; Dessau, M.; Pollak, S.; Ast, T.; Erez, T.; Livnat-Levanon, N.; Karniol, B.; Hirsch, J.A.; Chamovitz, D.A., 2011:
COP9 signalosome subunit 7 from Arabidopsis interacts with and regulates the small subunit of ribonucleotide reductase (RNR2)

Khan, G.A.; Declerck, M.; Sorin, Céline.; Hartmann, C.; Crespi, M.; Lelandais-Brière, C., 2011:
MicroRNAs as regulators of root development and architecture

Berg, C.J.; Daley, C.Makosky.; Nazir, N.; Kinlacheeny, J.B.; Ashley, A.; Ahluwalia, J.S.; Greiner, K.Allen.; Choi, W.S., 2012:
Physical activity and fruit and vegetable intake among American Indians

Russell, E.; Robinson, D.H.Z.; Thompson, N.J.; Perryman, J.P.; Arriola, K.R.Jacob., 2012:
Distrust in the healthcare system and organ donation intentions among African Americans

Labadie, G.R.; de la Iglesia, A.; Morbidoni, Héctor.R., 2012:
Targeting tuberculosis through a small focused library of 1,2,3-triazoles

Speck-Planche, A.; Kleandrova, V.V.; Rojas-Vargas, J.A., 2012:
QSAR model toward the rational design of new agrochemical fungicides with a defined resistance risk using substructural descriptors

Stephen, E.M.lka; Steven, L.L.ncaster; Andrew, R.B.yant; Benjamin, F.R.driguez; Rebecca Weston, 2011:
An Exploratory and Confirmatory Factor Analysis of the Affective Control Scale in an Undergraduate Sample

Kleim, B.; Gonzalo, Désirée.; Ehlers, A., 2011:
The Depressive Attributions Questionnaire (DAQ): Development of a Short Self-Report Measure of Depressogenic Attributions

Amit Bernstein; Samuel Jurado Cárdenas; Patricia Edith Campos Coy; Michael, J.Z.olensky, 2011:
Test of a Factor Mixture-Based Taxonic-Dimensional Model of Anxiety Sensitivity and Panic Attack Vulnerability among University and Clinical Samples in Mexico City

James, W.Drisko, 2011:
A Clinician-Researcher’s Understanding of “The Effectiveness of Long-Term Psychodynamic Psychotherapy

Storr, C.L.; Lee, G.P.; Derevensky, J.L.; Ialongo, N.S.; Martins, S.S., 2012:
Gambling and adverse life events among urban adolescents

Cuadrado, M.; Lieberman, L., 2012:
Use of a short gambling screen with an arrestee population: a feasibility study

Borkar, A.; Kumar, D.; Hosur, R.V., 2011:
AUTOBA: automation of backbone assignment from HN(C)N suite of experiments

Amero, C.; Asunción Durá, M.; Noirclerc-Savoye, M.; Perollier, A.; Gallet, B.; Plevin, M.J.; Vernet, T.; Franzetti, B.; Boisbouvier, Jérôme., 2011:
A systematic mutagenesis-driven strategy for site-resolved NMR studies of supramolecular assemblies

Sugase, K., 2011:
Elucidating slow binding kinetics of a protein without observable bound resonances by longitudinal relaxation NMR spectroscopy

Schuyler, A.D.; Maciejewski, M.W.; Arthanari, H.; Hoch, J.C., 2011:
Knowledge-based nonuniform sampling in multidimensional NMR

Bieri, M.; d'Auvergne, E.J.; Gooley, P.R., 2011:
relaxGUI: a new software for fast and simple NMR relaxation data analysis and calculation of ps-ns and μs motion of proteins

Li, Q.; Guo, H.; Wu, Y.; Zhang, X.; Liu, Y.; Zhao, J., 2012:
Enhanced enantioselective recognition with diastereoisomeric BINOL based chiral fluorescent boronic acid sensors

Ozyurt, D.; Demirata, B.; Apak, R., 2012:
Determination of total antioxidant capacity by a new spectrofluorometric method based on Ce(IV) reduction: Ce(III) fluorescence probe for CERAC assay

Jiang, Z.; Kun, L.; Ouyang, H.; Liang, A.; Jiang, H., 2011:
A simple and sensitive fluorescence quenching method for the determination of H(2)O(2) using Rhodamine B and FE(3)O(4) nanocatalyst

Li, J.; Hu, Q.; Yu, X.; Zeng, Y.; Cao, C.; Liu, X.; Guo, J.; Pan, Z., 2011:
A novel rhodamine-benzimidazole conjugate as a highly selective turn-on fluorescent probe for Fe(3+)

Giri, N.Kumar.; Mishra, K.; Rai, S.B., 2011:
Upconversion based tunable white-light generation in Ln:Y(2)O(3) nanocrystalline phosphor (Ln = Tm/Er/Yb)

Leitão, Jão.M.M.; Tauler, R.; da Silva, J.C.G.Esteves., 2011:
Chemometric analysis of excitation emission matrices of fluorescent nanocomposites

Yuichi Kano; Kaori Ohnishi; Yasuo Tomida; Naoyo Ikeda; Naomi Iwawaki; Masahiko Miyagawa; Yasushi Harada; Hidetaka Ichiyanagi; Katsutoshi Watanabe, 2011:
Fluctuation and variation in stream-fish assemblages after a catastrophic flood in the Miyagawa River, Japan

William, R.Heard, 2012:
Overview of salmon stock enhancement in southeast Alaska and compatibility with maintenance of hatchery and wild stocks

Patricia Speares; Carol Johnston, 2011:
Sound production in Etheostoma oophylax Percidae and call characteristics correlated to body size

Jennifer, L.S.aw; R.A.len Curry, 2011:
Ontogenetic divergence of growth among rainbow smelt morphotypes

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Line color affects the collision risk and deterrence of crows

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Muscle damage protection by low-intensity eccentric contractions remains for 2 weeks but not 3 weeks

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Auditory nerve excitation via a non-traveling wave mode of basilar membrane motion

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Evaluating the perceptual and pathophysiological consequences of auditory deprivation in early postnatal life: a comparison of basic and clinical studies

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Significance of lipid binding on the functional and nutritional profiles of single and multigrain matrices

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UV inactivation of milk-related microorganisms with a novel electrodeless lamp apparatus

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The role of acyl moiety in the formation and reactions of steryl ester hydroperoxides

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Hepatocyte nuclear factor 4α transactivates the mitochondrial alanine aminotransferase gene in the kidney of Sparus aurata

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Multigene barcoding and phylogeny of geographically widespread muricids (Gastropoda: Neogastropoda) along the coast of China

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Systematic review for paediatric metachronous contralateral inguinal hernia: a decreasing concern

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Simulation of a groundwater fall caused by geological discontinuities

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AMS fabric and tectonic evolution of Quaternary intramontane extensional basins in the Picentini Mountains southern Apennines, Italy

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Magnetic anisotropy of hematite natural crystals high field experiments

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Role recognition and changes to self-identity in family caregivers of people with advanced cancer: a qualitative study

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Effect of 1,64-nm NdYAG laser therapy on GCF IL-1? and MMP-8 levels in patients with chronic periodontitis

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Geographic differences in the increasing ESRD rate have disappeared in Japan

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Lung injury following acute kidney injury: kidney-lung crosstalk

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Prevention of hepatitis B virus reactivation in immunosuppressive therapy or chemotherapy

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Fanconi-Bickel syndrome in a 3-year-old Indian boy with a novel mutation in the GLUT2 gene

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Long-term beneficial effects of angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitor and angiotensin receptor blocker therapy for patients with advanced immunoglobulin A nephropathy and impaired renal function

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Successful therapy with tonsillectomy for severe ISKDC grade VI Henoch–Schonlein purpura nephritis and persistent nephrotic syndrome

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Rituximab and minimal change nephrotic syndrome: a therapeutic option

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Roles of organic anion/cation transporters at the blood-brain and blood-cerebrospinal fluid barriers involving uremic toxins

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Mullerianosis involving the urinary bladder

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Mixed urinary incontinence--time to uncouple urgency from stress?

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Service user attachments to psychiatric key workers and teams

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Seasonal variations of gas exchange, photosynthetic pigments, and antioxidants in Turkey oak Quercus cerris L and Hungarian oak Quercus frainetto Ten of different age

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Density effects on the growth of self-thinning Eucalyptus urophylla stands

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Leaf area index development in temperate oak and beech forests is driven by stand characteristics and weather conditions

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Physeal injuries of the proximal humerus: long-term results in seventy two patients

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The secretions products from invading cercariae of S japonicum –3hRP restrain mouse dendritic cells to mature

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Presence of Ribeiroia ondatrae in the developing anuran limb disrupts retinoic acid levels

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Redescription and molecular analysis of Myxobolus shantungensis Hu, 1965 (Myxozoa: Myxosporea) infecting common carp Cyprinus carpio haematopterus

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Do secretions from the uropygial gland of birds attract biting midges and black flies?

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Molecular characterization of Hepatozoon sp in cats from Sao Luís Island, Maranhao, Northeastern Brazil

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Revisiting caryophyllidean type of spermiogenesis in the Eucestoda based on spermatozoon differentiation and ultrastructure of Caryophyllaeus laticeps (Pallas, 1781)

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Detection of Cryptosporidium parvum and Cryptosporidium hominis in human patients in Cairo, Egypt

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Thoracic Situs As an Indicator of Atrial Appendage Morphology A Postmortem Study of 36 Specimens With Situs Solitus in 25 and Heterotaxy in 56 Cases

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Up-regulation of bradykinin B2 receptor by Pseudomonas aeruginosa via the NF-κB pathway

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Acquired hemophilia: a rare but life-threatening potential cause of bleeding in the intensive care unit

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Family members' experiences of "wait and see" as a communication strategy in end-of-life decisions

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The birth of intensive care medicine Bjorn Ibsen’s records

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Fasting glucose cutoff point: where does the risk terminate? Tehran lipid and glucose study

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Computing an optimal time window of audiovisual integration in focused attention tasks: illustrated by studies on effect of age and prior knowledge

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Depth-related variation in epiphytic communities growing on the brown alga Lobophora variegata in a Caribbean coral reef

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Suspended sediment impairs habitat choice and chemosensory discrimination in two coral reef fishes

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Vicariance and dispersal across an intermittent barrier population genetic structure of marine animals across the Torres Strait land bridge

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Passive acoustic telemetry reveals highly variable home range and movement patterns among unicornfish within a marine reserve

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Low connectivity and declining genetic variability along a depth gradient in Corallium rubrum populations

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Growth history and intrinsic factors influence risk assessment at a critical life transition for a fish

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Synchronous femoral hernias diagnosed during endoscopic inguinal hernia repair

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Prospective comparative study of the efficacy of staple-line reinforcement in laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy

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Experience with the use of fibrin sealant plus polyglycolic acid felt at the cut surface of the liver in laparoscopic hepatectomy

Anonymous, 2011:
Laparoscopic salvage surgery for recurrent and metachronous colorectal cancer 15 years’ experience in a single center

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Laparoscopic implantation of neural electrodes on pelvic nerves: an experimental study on the obturator nerve in a chronic minipig model

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Single-incision laparoscopic colectomy for malignant disease

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Robotic gastric banding in children and adolescents: a comparative study

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Open versus endoscopic component separation: a cost comparison

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Enodoscopic band ligation (EBL) is superior to endoscopic clipping for the treatment of colonic diverticular hemorrhage

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First human surgery with a novel single-port robotic system: cholecystectomy using the da Vinci Single-Site platform

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Laparoscopic repair of large hiatal hernia: impact on dyspnoea

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Percutaneous endoscopic sigmoid colostomy for irrigation in the management of bowel dysfunction of adults with central neurologic disease

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Operation time and body mass index are significant risk factors for surgical site infection in laparoscopic sigmoid resection: a multicenter study

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Image inversion and digital mirror-image technology aid laparoscopic surgery task performance in the paradoxical view: a randomized controlled trial

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Laparoscopic resection of the uncinate process of the pancreas: the inframesocolic approach and hanging maneuver of the mesenteric root

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Mastery versus the standard proficiency target for basic laparoscopic skill training: effect on skill transfer and retention

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Physiologic effects of simultaneous carbon dioxide insufflation by laparoscopy and colonoscopy: prospective evaluation

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Intravenous flat-detector CT angiography in acute ischemic stroke management

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Changes in susceptibility signs on serial T2*-weighted single-shot echo-planar gradient-echo images in acute embolic infarction: comparison with recanalization status on 3D time-of-flight magnetic resonance angiography

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The Woven EndoBridge cerebral aneurysm embolization device (WEB II): initial clinical experience

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Diffuse vascular injury: convergent-type hemorrhage in the supratentorial white matter on susceptibility-weighted image in cases of severe traumatic brain damage

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BCHE and CYP2D6 genetic variation in Alzheimer's disease patients treated with cholinesterase inhibitors

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The effect of bezafibrate and omega-3 fatty acids on lymphocyte cytokine release and systemic inflammation in patients with isolated hypertriglyceridemia

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A candidate gene study of serotonergic pathway genes and pain relief during treatment with escitalopram in patients with neuropathic pain shows significant association to serotonin receptor2C (HTR2C)

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Spinal cord involvement in a child with raccoon roundworm (Baylisascaris procyonis) meningoencephalitis

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'Benign' ovarian teratoma and N-methyl-D-aspartate receptor (NMDAR) encephalitis in a child

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Radiological evaluation of dysmorphic thorax of paternal uniparental disomy 14

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SPECT/CT imaging in children with papillary thyroid carcinoma

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Hemangiomas revisited: the useful, the unusual and the new. Part 2: endangering hemangiomas and treatment

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Syringocoele of the bulbourethral duct with additional lower genito-urinary anomalies

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Postmortem gastric perforation (gastromalacia) mimicking abusive injury in sudden unexplained infant death

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Functional imaging of infection: conventional nuclear medicine agents and the expanding role of 18-F-FDG PET

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Hydatid cysts of the liver in children: percutaneous treatment with ultrasound follow-up

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Limitations of using logarithmic transformation and linear fitting to estimate relaxation rates in iron-loaded liver

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Cystic dysplasia of the testis: spontaneous regression

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Accurate localization of the position of the tip of a naso/orogastric tube in children; where is the location of the gastro-esophageal junction?

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Growth inhibitory, apoptotic and anti-inflammatory activities displayed by a novel modified triterpenoid, cyano enone of methyl boswellates

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Advance in the treatment of aneurysmal bone cyst of the sacrum

Anonymous, 2011:
Vacuum phenomenon prevalence and appearance in the knee with 3 T magnetic resonance imaging

Anonymous, 2011:
MRI findings, patterns of disease distribution, and muscle fat fraction calculation in five patients with Charcot-Marie-Tooth type 2 F disease

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The teres minor muscle in rotator cuff tendon tears

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High origin of the anterior band of the inferior glenohumeral ligament: MR arthrography with anatomic and histologic correlation in cadavers

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Fog Simulations Based on Multi-Model System A Feasibility Study

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Generic Prediction Rules for Regime Change in Bimodal Processes

Anonymous, 2011:
Typical Insoluble Particles in Fog Water at Milesovka Observatory Czech Republic

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Marine Boundary Layer Structure for the Sea Fog Formation off the West Coast of the Korean Peninsula

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Dew Formation and Chemistry Near a Motorway in Poland

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S-Wave Velocities of the Lithosphere–Asthenosphere System in the Caribbean Region

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Effects of P-Wave and S-Wave Impedance Contrast on the Characteristics of Basin Transduced Rayleigh Waves

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