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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 36176

Chapter 36176 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Chen Song, S.; Zhong, S.; Xiang, Y.; Li, J-H.; Guo, H.; Wang, W-Y.; Xiong, Y-L.; Li, X-C.; Chen Shi, S.; Chen, X-P.; Chen, G., 2012:
Complement inhibition enables renal allograft accommodation and long-term engraftment in presensitized nonhuman primates

Kaouk, J.H.; Spana, G.; Hillyer, S.P.; White, M.A.; Haber, G-P.; Goldfarb, D., 2012:
Robotic-assisted laparoscopic partial nephrectomy for a 7-cm mass in a renal allograft

Gabardi, S.; Halloran, P.F.; Friedewald, J., 2011:
Managing risk in developing transplant immunosuppressive agents: the new regulatory environment

Abate, M.T.; Kaur, J.; Suh, H.; Darras, F.; Mani, A.; Nord, E.P., 2012:
The use of drug-eluting stents in the management of transplant renal artery stenosis

Leithead, J.A.; Ferguson, J.W.; Bates, C.M.; Davidson, J.S.; Simpson, K.J.; Hayes, P.C., 2011:
Chronic kidney disease after liver transplantation for acute liver failure is not associated with perioperative renal dysfunction

Haas, M.; Mirocha, J., 2012:
Early ultrastructural changes in renal allografts: correlation with antibody-mediated rejection and transplant glomerulopathy

Hellinger, W.C.; Heckman, M.G.; Crook, J.E.; Taner, C.B.; Willingham, D.L.; Diehl, N.N.; Zubair, A.C.; Shalev, J.A.; Nguyen, J.H., 2011:
Association of surgeon with surgical site infection after liver transplantation

Grau, V.; Fuchs-Moll, G.; Wilker, S.; Weimer, R.; Padberg, W., 2011:
Proliferation of CD8-positive T cells in blood vessels of rat renal allografts

Messersmith, E.E.; Arrington, C.; Alexander, C.; Orlowski, J.P.; Wolfe, R., 2012:
Development of donor yield models

Lozano, J.J.; Pallier, A.; Martinez-Llordella, M.; Danger, R.; López, M.; Giral, M.; Londoño, M.C.; Rimola, A.; Soulillou, J.P.; Brouard, S.; Sánchez-Fueyo, A., 2011:
Comparison of transcriptional and blood cell-phenotypic markers between operationally tolerant liver and kidney recipients

Kaplan, J.; Han, L.; Halgrimson, W.; Wang, E.; Fryer, J., 2011:
The impact of MELD/PELD revisions on the mortality of liver-intestine transplantation candidates

Bosch, W.; Heckman, M.G.; Diehl, N.N.; Shalev, J.A.; Pungpapong, S.; Hellinger, W.C., 2012:
Association of cytomegalovirus infection and disease with death and graft loss after liver transplant in high-risk recipients

Luan, F.L.; Kommareddi, M.; Ojo, A.O., 2011:
Impact of cytomegalovirus disease in D+/R- kidney transplant patients receiving 6 months low-dose valganciclovir prophylaxis

H.L.o; S.J.W.lie; B.C.utts; R.A.C.J.nes; M.G.K.J.nes, 2011:
A virus of an isolated indigenous flora spreads naturally to an introduced crop species

Yves Collos; Imene Hadjadji; Benoit Plisson; Philippe Cecchi; Mohamed Laabir; Christian Bechemin; Estelle Masseret, 2011:
Phased oscillations in cell numbers and nitrate in batch cultures of alexandrium tamarense dinophyceae

Cathy Kilroy; Max Bothwell, 2011:
Environmental control of stalk length in the bloom-forming, freshwater benthic diatom didymosphenia geminata bacillariophyceae

Tayler-Smith, K.; Zachariah, R.; Manzi, M.; Kizito, W.; Vandenbulcke, A.; Sitienei, J.; Chakaya, J.; Harries, A.D., 2012:
Antiretroviral treatment uptake and attrition among HIV-positive patients with tuberculosis in Kibera, Kenya

Gabrysch, S.; Zanger, P.; Campbell, O.M.R., 2012:
Emergency obstetric care availability: a critical assessment of the current indicator

Sipetic, S.B.; Vlajinac, H.D.; Maksimovic, J.M.; Marinkovic, J.M.; Dzoljic, E.D.; Ratkov, I.S.; Kostic, V.S., 2012:
Cigarette smoking, coffee intake and alcohol consumption preceding Parkinson's disease: a case-control study

Abdulkader Alam; Kadiamada Nanaiah Roy Chengappa, 2011:
Obstructive sleep apnoea and schizophrenia a primer for psychiatrists

René E.Nielsen, 2011:
Treatment of psychosis during pregnancy – a case report and a mini-review; T.M.B.ackburn; J.S.B.le, 2012:
Effects of acclimation and latitude on the activity thresholds of the aphid Myzus persicae in Europe

Pimenta, J.; Dias, F.M.V.; Marques, C.C.; Baptista, M.C.; Vasques, M.I.; Horta, A.E.M.; Barbas, J.P.; Soares, R.; Mesquita, P.; Cabrita, E.; Fontes, C.M.G.A.; Prates, J.A.; Pereira, R.M., 2012:
The prion-like protein Doppel enhances ovine spermatozoa fertilizing ability

Rameshbabu, K.; Sharma, R.; Singh, K.P.; George, A.; Chauhan, M.S.; Singla, S.K.; Manik, R.S.; Palta, P., 2012:
Presence of nitric oxide synthase immunoreactivity and mRNA in buffalo (Bubalus bubalis) oocytes and embryos

Moselhy, W.A.; Helmy, N.A.; Abdel-Halim, B.R.; Nabil, T.M.; Abdel-Hamid, M.I., 2012:
Role of ginger against the reproductive toxicity of aluminium chloride in albino male rats

Li, X.X.; Yang, X.G.; Lu, Y.Q.; Lu, S.S.; Zhang, M.; Yao, H.I.; Meng, L.J.; Lu, K.H., 2012:
Protective effects of melatonin against oxidative stress in flow cytometry-sorted buffalo sperm

Overland, M.; Skrede, A., 2013:
Fatty acid composition, oxidative stability and sensory quality of meat from broiler chicken fed autolysate from bacteria grown on natural gas

Petrovic, V.; Marcincak, S.; Popelka, P.; Simkova, J.; Martonova, M.; Buleca, J.; Marcincakova, D.; Tuckova, M.; Molnar, L.; Kovac, G., 2013:
The effect of supplementation of clove and agrimony or clove and lemon balm on growth performance, antioxidant status and selected indices of lipid profile of broiler chickens

Piccione, G.; Giannetto, C.; Marafioti, S.; Faggio, C.; Alberghina, D.; Fazio, F., 2013:
Training-induced modifications of circadian rhythmicity of peroxidative parameters in horses

Anonymous, 2011:
Domestic cats convert 2H8-?-carotene to 2H4-retinol following a single oral dose

Awad, W.A.; Aschenbach, J.R.; Zentek, J., 2013:
Cytotoxicity and metabolic stress induced by deoxynivalenol in the porcine intestinal IPEC-J2 cell line

Ogilvy, V.; Preziosi, R.F., 2013:
Can carotenoids mediate the potentially harmful effects of ultraviolet light in Silurana (Xenopus) tropicalis larvae?

K.L.H.ctor;; S.N.kagawa, 2012:
Consequences of compensatory growth in an amphibian

S.L.C.oix; M.L.Z.lditch; J.A.S.ivik; B.L.L.ndrigan; K.E.H.lekamp, 2011:
Ontogeny of feeding performance and biomechanics in coyotes

Huew, R.; Waterhouse, P.; Moynihan, P.; Kometa, S.; Maguire, A., 2012:
Dental caries and its association with diet and dental erosion in Libyan schoolchildren

Furtado, Lís.Carlos.Do.Rego.; Batista, M.da.Graça.Câmara.; Silva, F.José.Ferreira., 2012:
Leadership and job satisfaction among Azorean hospital nurses: an application of the situational leadership model

Riahi, S., 2012:
Role stress amongst nurses at the workplace: concept analysis

Fagerström, L.; Glasberg, A-Louise., 2012:
The first evaluation of the advanced practice nurse role in Finland - the perspective of nurse leaders

Sudicky, E.A.; Illman, W.A., 2011:
Lessons learned from a suite of CFB Borden experiments

Norbert R.Nowaczyk, 2011:
Dissolution of titanomagnetite and sulphidization in sediments from Lake Kinneret, Israel

Anna M.M.kinen; Arwen Deuss, 2011:
Global seismic body-wave observations of temporal variations in the Earths inner core, and implications for its differential rotation

K.A.W.itemeyer; S.C.nstable; A.M.T.éhu, 2011:
A marine electromagnetic survey to detect gas hydrate at Hydrate Ridge, Oregon

Bing Shi; Hongling Xie, 2012:
Socialization of Physical and Social Aggression in Early Adolescents Peer Groups High-status Peers, Individual Status, and Gender

Gjuvsland, A.B.; Vik, J.O.; Woolliams, J.A.; Omholt, S.W., 2012:
Order-preserving principles underlying genotype-phenotype maps ensure high additive proportions of genetic variance

Priti; Weisi Yan; Sam Trichter; Albert Sabbas; Ruth Rosenblatt; Michele B.D.otman; Alexander Swistel; K.S.C.ifford Chao; Dattatreyudu Nori; Mary Katherine Hayes, 2011:
Seroma is an Expected Consequence and not a Complication of MammoSite Brachytherapy

Turcotte, M.M.; Reznick, D.N.; Hare, J.Daniel., 2012:
The impact of rapid evolution on population dynamics in the wild: experimental test of eco-evolutionary dynamics

Mur, L.; Martínez-López, B.; Martínez-Avilés, M.; Costard, S.; Wieland, B.; Pfeiffer, D.U.; Sánchez-Vizcaíno, J.M., 2012:
Quantitative risk assessment for the introduction of African swine fever virus into the European Union by legal import of live pigs

Rout, M.; Saikumar, G., 2012:
Virus load in pigs affected with different clinical forms of classical swine fever

Tateishi, K.; Matsushita, M., 2012:
Activation of the alternative complement pathway by mannose-binding lectin via a C2-bypass pathway

Anonymous, 2011:
Evaluation of immunogenicity and protective efficacy against Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection elicited by recombinant Mycobacterium bovis BCG expressing human Interleukin-12p7 and Early Secretory Antigen Target-6 fusion protein

Anonymous, 2011:
Lipopolyssacharide-induced innate immune factors in the bottlenose dolphin Tursiops truncatus detected in expression sequence tag analysis

Arae, K.; Hirata, M.; Kurata, S.; Kamiya, S.; Taguchi, H., 2012:
Mycoplasma pneumoniae induces interleukin-8 production via the epidermal growth factor receptor pathway

Seki, Y.; Hirano, N.; Mizukura, M.; Watanabe, R.; Takase-Yoden, S., 2012:
Narrowing down the critical region within env gene for determining neuropathogenicity of murine leukemia virus A8

Chen, X.; Ye, J.; Ye, J., 2012:
Analysis of peripheral blood lymphocyte subsets and prognosis in patients with septic shock

Gleason, L.U.; Burton, R.S., 2012:
High-throughput molecular identification of fish eggs using multiplex suspension bead arrays

Coombs, J.A.; Letcher, B.H.; Nislow, K.H., 2012:
GONe: software for estimating effective population size in species with generational overlap

Sivakumar, S.; Weiland, T.J.; Gerdtz, M.F.; Knott, J.; Jelinek, G.A., 2012:
Mental health-related learning needs of clinicians working in Australian emergency departments: a national survey of self-reported confidence and knowledge

Beckley K.N.or; Diego S.Z.luaga; Peter J.T.V.rheijen; Peter D.E.M.V.rhaert; Luuk A.M. van der Wielen; and Marcel Ottens, 2011:
Model-based rational strategy for chromatographic resin selection

Reneer, M.C.; Estes, D.J.; Vélez-Ortega, A.C.; Norris, A.; Mayer, M.; Marti, F., 2011:
Peripherally induced human regulatory T cells uncouple Kv1.3 activation from TCR-associated signaling

Keppler, S.J.; Aichele, P., 2011:
Signal 3 requirement for memory CD8+ T-cell activation is determined by the infectious pathogen

Renoux, V.M.; Bisig, B.; Langers, I.; Dortu, E.; Clémenceau, Béatrice.; Thiry, M.; Deroanne, C.; Colige, A.; Boniver, J.; Delvenne, P.; Jacobs, N., 2011:
Human papillomavirus entry into NK cells requires CD16 expression and triggers cytotoxic activity and cytokine secretion

Kerekov, N.S.; Mihaylova, N.M.; Grozdev, I.; Todorov, T.A.; Nikolova, M.; Baleva, M.; Nikolova, M.; Prechl, J.; Erdei, A.; Tchorbanov, A.I., 2011:
Elimination of autoreactive B cells in humanized SCID mouse model of SLE

Moroso, V.; Famili, F.; Papazian, N.; Cupedo, T.; van der Laan, L.J.W.; Kazemier, G.; Metselaar, H.J.; Kwekkeboom, J., 2011:
NK cells can generate from precursors in the adult human liver

Barboza, R.; Cociorva, D.; Xu, T.; Barbosa, V.C.; Perales, J.; Valente, R.H.; França, F.M.G.; Yates, J.R.; Carvalho, P.C., 2012:
Can the false-discovery rate be misleading?

Ji, H.; Goode, R.J.A.; Vaillant, F.; Mathivanan, S.; Kapp, E.A.; Mathias, R.A.; Lindeman, G.J.; Visvader, J.E.; Simpson, R.J., 2012:
Proteomic profiling of secretome and adherent plasma membranes from distinct mammary epithelial cell subpopulations

Gundry, R.L.; Burridge, P.W.; Boheler, K.R., 2012:
Pluripotent stem cell heterogeneity and the evolving role of proteomic technologies in stem cell biology

Anonymous, 2011:
Proteomic Analysis of Extracellular Matrices used in Human Embryonic Stem Cell Culture

Sokale, A.; Peebles, E.D.; Zhai, W.; Pendarvis, K.; Burgess, S.; Pechan, T., 2012:
Proteome profile of the pipping muscle in broiler embryos

Anonymous, 2011:
O centered radicals, N-alkoxyaminyl and aminoxyl radicals

Hannah Bulloch, 2012:
Contending developments local notions of development on siquijor island, philippines

de Preux, L.B., 2011:
Anticipatory ex ante moral hazard and the effect of Medicare on prevention

Keane, M.; Stavrunova, O., 2011:
A smooth mixture of Tobits model for healthcare expenditure

Samuel Pehrson; Mirona A.G.eorghiu; Tomas Ireland, 2012:
Cultural Threat and Anti-immigrant Prejudice The Case of Protestants in Northern Ireland

Stevens, V.; Dumyati, G.; Brown, J.; Wijngaarden, E., 2012:
Differential risk of Clostridium difficile infection with proton pump inhibitor use by level of antibiotic exposure

Bentley, F.K.; Melis, A., 2012:
Diffusion-based process for carbon dioxide uptake and isoprene emission in gaseous/aqueous two-phase photobioreactors by photosynthetic microorganisms

Nakazawa, H.; Kawai, T.; Ida, N.; Shida, Y.; Kobayashi, Y.; Okada, H.; Tani, S.; Sumitani, J-Ichi.; Kawaguchi, T.; Morikawa, Y.; Ogasawara, W., 2012:
Construction of a recombinant Trichoderma reesei strain expressing Aspergillus aculeatus β-glucosidase 1 for efficient biomass conversion

Pirlo, R.Kirk.; Wu, P.; Liu, J.; Ringeisen, B., 2012:
PLGA/hydrogel biopapers as a stackable substrate for printing HUVEC networks via BioLP

Wu, X.; Kobori, H.; Orita, I.; Zhang, C.; Imanaka, T.; Xing, X-Hui.; Fukui, T., 2012:
Application of a novel thermostable NAD(P)H oxidase from hyperthermophilic archaeon for the regeneration of both NAD⁺ and NADP⁺

M.B.ake Hargrove; James Campbell Quick; Debra L.N.lson; Jonathan D.Q.ick, 2011:
The theory of preventive stress management a 33-year review and evaluation

A.E.ette; C.B.lique; C.L.vaine; F.R.y; P.P.unier, 2012:
Using ecological and biogeographical features to produce a typology of the plant species used in bioengineering for riverbank protection in europe

C.P.rker; N.J.C.ifford; C.R.T.orne, 2012:
Automatic delineation of functional river reach boundaries for river research and applications

N.W.iterod; B.S.erman, 2012:
Environmental Gradients Along a Lowland Weir Pool in the Southern Murray-Darling Basin, Australia

N.J.S.uter; M.W.lter; L.W.n, 2012:
Weir pool surcharge and a corresponding increase in algal biofilm community diversity in the lower river murray, south australia

V.S.Neary, 2012:
Binary fish passage models for uniform and nonuniform flows

M.L.W.ldhaber; D.W.G.adish; A.A.ab, 2012:
Distribution and Habitat Use of the Missouri River and Lower Yellowstone River Benthic Fishes from 1996 to 1998 a Baseline for Fish Community Recovery

I.B.avida; J.M.S.ntos; R.C.rtes; A.P.nheiro; M.T.F.rreira, 2012:
Benchmarking river habitat improvement

B.C.P.ulton; A.L.A.lert, 2012:
An evaluation of the relative quality of dike pools for benthic macroinvertebrates in the lower missouri river, usa

C.I.g; F.F.eckler; O.D.ichner; K.H.nle, 2012:
Hydrological gradient and species traits explain gastropod diversity in floodplain grasslands

P.S.P.mpeu; A.A.A.ostinho; F.M.P.licice, 2012:
Existing and future challenges the concept of successful fish passage in south america

K.L.J.eger; J.D.O.den, 2012:
Electrical resistance sensor arrays as a means to quantify longitudinal connectivity of rivers

R.E.L.zotte Jr.; F.D.S.ields Jr.; S.S.K.ight; C.M.C.oper; S.T.sta III.C.T.B.yant, 2012:
Effects of artificial flooding on water quality of a floodplain backwater

C.F.L.nhart; E.S.V.rry; K.N.B.ooks; J.A.M.gner, 2012:
Adjustment of prairie pothole streams to land-use, drainage and climate changes and consequences for turbidity impairment

A.A.A.sani; R.L.ndry; M.L.urencelle, 2012:
Comparison of interannual variability modes and trends of seasonal precipitation and streamflow in southern Quebec Canada

D.B.veridge; R.A.C.rry; A.S.-Hilaire, 2012:
Selecting Hydrologic Indices for the Prairie Provinces

K.A.fredsen; A.H.rby; T.L.nnansaari; O.U.edal, 2012:
Development of an inflow-controlled environmental flow regime for a norwegian river

Anonymous, 2011:
3D ultrasound imaging and measurement of nasal bone length, prenasal thickness and fronto-maxillary facial angle in normal second and third trimester fetuses

Oldenburg, A.; Rode, L.; Bødker, B.; Ersbak, V.; Holmskov, A.; Jørgensen, F.S.; Larsen, H.; Larsen, T.; Laursen, L.; Mogensen, H.; Petersen, O.B.; Rasmussen, S.; Skibsted, L.; Sperling, L.; Stornes, I.; Zingenberg, H.; Tabor, A., 2012:
Influence of chorionicity on perinatal outcome in a large cohort of Danish twin pregnancies

Shi, J.; Zhang, L.; Liu, Y.; Wang, J.; Scarf, C.; Xiong, J., 2014:
Exploring China's western and central county systems performance measured by outcomes framework scores-a cross-sectional survey of routine healthcare data

Yi, C.; Bai, X.; Chen, J.; Chen, J.; Li, J.; Liu, P.; Liao, Y., 2014 :
Effect of ω-3 polyunsaturated fatty acid on toll-like receptors in patients with severe multiple trauma

Li, Y.; Mei, F.; Yang, C.; Lv, P.; Ouyang, C.; Jin, B., 2014:
Intravenous leiomyomatosis with right heart involvement-a report of 4 cases and literature review

Zhou, B.; Li, Y.; Shang, D.; Dang, Y.; Wang, W.; Sheng, S.; Kong, X.; Jin, B., 2014:
Deep vein thrombosis: related to anemophilous pollen?

Wang, Z.; Wang, Z., 2014:
Effects of rapamycin on expression of Bcl-2 and Bax in human lens epithelial cells and cell cycle in rats

Lin, F.; Wang, X.; Jie, Z.; Hong, X.; Li, X.; Wang, M.; Yu, Y., 2014:
Inhibitory effects of miR-146b-5p on cell migration and invasion of pancreatic cancer by targeting MMP16

Cai, H.; Ni, A.; Li, W.; Li, J., 2014:
Inhibition of melanoma cell proliferation by targeting Wnt/β-catenin pathway through Sox4 RNA interference

Zhu, W.; Lv, Q.; Chen, H.; Wang, Z.; Zhong, Q., 2014:
Protective effect and mechanism of sodium tanshinone II A sulfonate on microcirculatory disturbance of small intestine in rats with sepsis

Feng, A.; Dai, X.; Wang, X.; Gao, Y.; Luo, R.; Li, Y.; Zhang, N.; Liu, J., 2014:
Molecular genetic analysis of partial 9p trisomy in two Chinese families with mental retardation and facial anomaly

Cheng, L.; Chen, J.; Mao, X., 2014:
Everolimus vs. rapamycin for treating diabetic nephropathy in diabetic mouse model

You, H.; Chen, A.; Liu, T.; Wang, M.; Zhang, G., 2014:
Construction of eukaryotic expression plasmid of hTGF-β3 and its inducing effect on differentiation of precartilaginous stem cells into chondroblasts

Liu, S.; Wang, Z.; Hu, Z.; Zeng, X.; Li, Y.; Su, Y.; Zhang, C.; Ye, Z., 2014:
Anti-tumor activity of curcumin against androgen-independent prostate cancer cells via inhibition of NF-κB and AP-1 pathway in vitro

Anonymous, 2011:
MiR-125b confers resistance of ovarian cancer cells to cisplatin by targeting pro-apoptotic Bcl-2 antagonist killer

Zhou, Y.; Xiong, J.; Li, J.; Huang, S.; Shang, X.; Liu, G.; Zhang, M.; Yin, P.; Wei, S.; Xiong, C., 2014:
Urgent need for contraceptive education and services in Chinese unmarried undergraduates: a multi-campus survey

Zhang, H.; Yan, Q.; Xu, S.; Ou, Y.; Ye, F.; Wang, B.; Lei, T.; Guo, D., 2014:
Association of expression of Leucine-rich repeats and immunoglobulin-like domains 2 gene with invasiveness of pituitary adenoma

Anonymous, 2011:
Correlation of vascular endothelial growth factor and CD15-microvascular density in primary pterygium

Zeng, R.; Zeng, L.; Chen, Y.; Zhao, F.; Li, R.; Wen, L.; Zhang, C., 2014:
Triptolide-induced apoptosis by inactivating nuclear factor-kappa B apoptotic pathway in multiple myeloma in vitro

Weng, Y.; Wang, Y.; Shi, Y.; Zhou, W.; Wang, H.; Wang, C., 2014:
TLR9 expression and its role in chemosensitivity to DDP in human cervical cancer cells in vitro

Zhuang, K.; Zhang, W.; Zhang, X.; Wu, F.; Cheng, L., 2014:
Effects of SNPs at newly identified lipids loci on blood lipid levels and risk of coronary heart disease in Chinese Han population: a case control study

Yu, L.; Huang, A.; Wang, W.; Du, R.; Shen, L.; Hou, X., 2014 :
Relatively increased number of liver Foxp(3+) regulatory T cells against hepatic lesions in murine lupus

Jianchu Zhang;; Xianzhi Xiong; Pei Wang; Jianbao Xin; Wanli Ma, 2011:
Effect of tiotropium bromide on expression of CD8+CD25+FoxP3+ regulatory T cells in patients with stable chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

Yang, Q.; Chen, C.; Yang, Z.; Gao, Y.; Tang, J., 2014:
Suppression of breast cancer proliferation and induction of apoptosis via AKT and ERK1/2 signal transduction pathways by synthetic polypeptide derived from viral macrophage inflammatory protein II

Shen, J.; Ke, X.; Hong, S.; Zeng, Q.; Liang, C.; Li, T.; Tang, A., 2014:
Epidemiological features of allergic rhinitis in four major cities in Western China

Liu, L.; Yao, J.; Li, J.; Zhang, J.; Yu, J.; Jiang, X.; Sun, S.; Liu, Q.; Chang, Y.; He, Y.; Lin, J., 2014:
Effects of variant rs346473 in ARHGAP24 gene on disease progression of HBV infection in Han Chinese population

Qin, Y.; Zhu, W.; Zhan, C.; Zhao, L.; Wang, J.; Tian, Q.; Wang, W., 2014:
Investigation on positive correlation of increased brain iron deposition with cognitive impairment in Alzheimer disease by using quantitative MR R2' mapping

Xiong, M.; Zhang, H.; Jin, L.; Ai, J.; Huang, Z.; Zhu, G., 2014:
Association of controlled ovarian hyperstimulation treatment with down-regulation of key regulators involved in embryonic implantation in mice

Yao, Y.; Wei, H.; Liu, L.; Liu, L.; Bai, S.; Li, C.; Luo, Y.; Zeng, R.; Han, M.; Ge, S.; Xu, G., 2014:
Upregulated DJ-1 promotes renal tubular EMT by suppressing cytoplasmic PTEN expression and Akt activation

Anonymous, 2011:
Synergistic effect of hyperthermia and neferine on reverse multidrug resistance in adriamycin-resistant SGC791/ADM gastric cancer cells

George Molchan, 2012:
On the testing of seismicity models

Anonymous, 2011:
Can peroxygenase and microperoxidase substitute cytochrome P45 in biosensors

Lei Cai; Tatiana Giraud; Ning Zhang; Dominik Begerow; Guohong Cai; Roger G.S.ivas, 2011:
The evolution of species concepts and species recognition criteria in plant pathogenic fungi

Pengcheng Li, Xiaolan Ye, Qian Yang, 2012:
Antagonistic activity of Lactobacillus acidophilus ATCC 4356 S-layer protein on Salmonella enterica subsp enterica serovar Typhimurium in Caco-2 cells

Duru, N.?e; Karadeniz, F.; Erge, H.S.len, 2012:
Changes in Bioactive Compounds, Antioxidant Activity and HMF Formation in Rosehip Nectars During Storage

Cerqueira, M.A.; Souza, B.W.S.; Teixeira, J.é A.; Vicente, A.ónio A., 2012:
Effects of Interactions between the Constituents of Chitosan-Edible Films on Their Physical Properties

Yun Li; XiaoChan Li; Tao Zhang; AnH.H.; CanDong Hu; Xin Wang; Miao He; Yong Zhang; QiaoL.N.u; LingZhi Zhao; ShuT.L.; XianWen Chen, 2011:
Enhancement of light output powers of GaN-based light emitting diodes with textured indium tin oxide transparent layer by using corrosive liquid

Cheng Wang; HeMing Zhang; JianJun Song; HuiYong Hu, 2011:
Hole scattering mechanism of strained Si/111Si1?xGex

XiaoSan Ma; MingFan Ren; GuangXing Zhao; AnMin Wang, 2011:
Effect of decoherence from a spin environment on the entanglement dynamics of two-qutrit states

Ni, D.Dong; Ren, Z.Zhou, 2011:
Half-lives and fine structure for the ? decay of deformed even-even nuclei

HuiFang Li; HuaiQian Wang; XiaoY.K.ang, 2011:
Optical and magnetic properties of transition-metal ions in tetrahedral and octahedral compounds

Xia, C.Jun; Sun, B.Xi; Zhao, E.Guang; Zhou, S.Gui, 2011:
Systematic study of survival probability of excited superheavy nuclei

Liu, W.Ping; Li, Z.Hong; Bai, X.Xiang; Wang, Y.Bao; Guo, B.; Peng, C.Hua; Yang, Y.; Su, J.; Cui, B.Qun; Zhou, S.Hua, 2011:
BRIF and CARIF progress

JingXian Zhou; YaJian Zhou; XinXin Niu; YiXian Yang, 2011:
Quantum proxy signature scheme with public verifiability

Feng Zhang; Tao Wang; Hamid Yimit; QingDong Shi; QiuRong Ruan; ZhiQiong Sun; Fang Li, 2011:
Hydrological changes and settlement migrations in the Keriya River delta in central Tarim Basin ca 27-16 ka BP Inferred from 14C and OSL chronology

B.R.R.S.shan; Usha Natesan; K.D.epthi, 2012:
Geochemical evidence of terrigenous influence in sediments of Buckingham canal, Ennore, Southeast coast of India

Romina Sanci; Héctor O.P.narello; Héctor A.O.tera, 2012:
CO2 emissions from a municipal site for final disposal of solid waste in Gualeguaychu, Entre Rios Province, Argentina

K.C.Krishna Bahadur, 2012:
Spatio-temporal patterns of agricultural expansion and its effect on watershed degradation a case from the mountains of Nepal

Shiqin Wang, Xianfang Song, Qinxue Wang, Guoqiang Xiao, Zhimin Wang, Xin Liu, Peng Wang, 2012:
Shallow groundwater dynamics and origin of salinity at two sites in salinated and water-deficient region of North China Plain, China

John Koban; Daniel Larsen; Stephanie Ivey, 2012:
Resolving the source and mixing proportions of modern leakage to the Memphis aquifer in a municipal well field using geochemical and 3H/3He data, Memphis, Tennessee, USA

Samuel Y.G.nyaglo; Shiloh Osae; Samuel B.D.mpare; Joseph R.F.anko; Mohammad A.H.B.uiyan; Abass Gibrilla; Edward Bam; Elikem Ahialey; Juliet Osei, 2012:
Preliminary groundwater quality assessment in the central region of Ghana

Kadono, M.; Kimura, K.; Imamura, J.; Saeki, S.; Kurata, M.; Honda, G.; Tsuruta, K.; Horiguchi, S.; Hayashi, S., 2011:
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Automatic pH control system enhances the dechlorination of 2,4,4?-trichlorobiphenyl and extracted PCBs from contaminated soil by nanoscale Fe and Pd/Fe

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Comparative pollen morphology of the Iberian species of Pulicaria Asteraceae, Inuleae, Inulinae and its taxonomic significance

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Determination of parameters of attitude motion of a small communication satellite using the data of measurements of current of solar panels

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Evolution of motion of two viscoelastic planets in the field of forces of their mutual attraction

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Parametric excitation of gyroscopic waves in Thomson-Delaney cells of the ocean of Jovian moon Europa

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Orbit lifetime for microparticles in highly elliptical orbits with low perigee

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Single-impulse transfers from orbits of artificial satellites to orbits around L1 or L2 libration points

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Magneto-ionospheric effects of active experiments conducted on February 18, 24

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Evaluation of dose rate reduction in a spacecraft compartment due to additional water shield

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Solar flare with a surge Scenario, energy budget, and forecast

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Structure of the earth’s magnetosheath at small fluctuations in the interplanetary magnetic field direction

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Electrification of a rocket during its launch and motion in the atmosphere along active part of the trajectory

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Mechanisms by which the extracellular matrix and integrin signaling act to regulate the switch between tumor suppression and tumor promotion

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Soluble NgR fusion protein modulates the proliferation of neural progenitor cells via the Notch pathway

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+]-Huperzine A protects against soman toxicity in guinea pigs

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NT-proBNP as a biomarker for the assessment of a potential cardiovascular drug-induced liability in beagle dogs

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Exploring the concept of positive deviance related to breastfeeding initiation in black and white WIC enrolled first time mothers

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Local feeding strategies and milk composition in small-scale dairy production systems during the rainy season in the highlands of Mexico

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Familia adelante: a multi-risk prevention intervention for Latino families

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Regeneration of peach Prunus persica L Batsch cultivars and Prunus persica × Prunus dulcis rootstocks via organogenesis

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Effects of cryopreservation on germinability of olive Oleaeuropaea L pollen

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Life events as environmental States and genetic traits and the role of personality: a longitudinal twin study

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Side-chain to backbone correlations from solid-state NMR of perdeuterated proteins through combined excitation and long-range magnetization transfers

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Low-Level Jets in the Moscow Region in Summer and Winter Observed with a Sodar Network

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A novel SOX1 mutation in a patient with PCWH who developed hypoxic–ischemic encephalopathy after E coli sepsis

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An old drug for use in the prevention of sudden infant unexpected death due to vagal hypertonia

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Involvement of the endocannabinoid system in reward processing in the human brain

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Selection of Momentum Variables for a Three-Dimensional Variational Analysis

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Two new species of Myxobolus (Myxozoa: Myxosporea: Bivalvulida) infecting an Indian major carp and a cat fish in wetlands of Punjab, India

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Toxicity of DMSO, Triton X 1 and Tween 2 against Rhipicephalus Boophilus annulatus

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Population structure and marker-trait association analysis of the US peanut (Arachis hypogaea L.) mini-core collection

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Effects of seasonality on the reproductive cycle of Diadema aff antillarum in two contrasting habitats implications for the establishment of a sea urchin fishery

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Quality assessment of systematic reviews of health care interventions using AMSTAR

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Deliberate self harm in children

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GOCE gravitational gradiometry

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Penile strangulation by metallic rings

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Gastric subepithelial masses: evaluation of multidetector CT (multiplanar reconstruction and virtual gastroscopy) versus endoscopic ultrasonography

Anonymous, 2011:
Homozygous carriers of the G allele of rs4664447 of the glucagon gene GCG are characterised by decreased fasting and stimulated levels of insulin, glucagon and glucagon-like peptide GLP-

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Aggregation of sensory data using fuzzy logic for sensory quality evaluation of food

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Skin, bone and muscle collagen extraction from the trash fish, leather jacket (Odonus niger) and their characterization

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First record of Oxytorinae Hymenoptera Ichneumonidae from South America, with description of a new species of Oxytorus Forster, 1869

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Ecology and distribution of a controversial macrophyte in Sicily Zannichellia peltata Zannichelliaceae

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Seed production of cut-leaved teasel Dipsacus laciniatus in central Missouri

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Changes in the curvature of sperm apical hooks in murine rodents

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New finds of the Neogene lizard and snake fauna Squamata Lacertilia; Serpentes from the Slovak Republic

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Brainstem neuronal populations activated in the model of ovalbumine induced allergic rhinitis in guinea pigs — the c-Fos study

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Influence of cultivation conditions on production of lignocellulolytic enzymes by Ceriporiopsis subvermispora

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Phytochemical and morphological evaluation of flowers and fruits from Epiphyllum hybrids during development

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Cytological and histological studies on male and female gametophyte of endangered species Amygdalus nana in Slovakia

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Postulation of resistance genes to barley diseases in heterogeneous varieties

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Relationships between musk extraction, social rank and tail-rubbing in male Alpine musk deer, Moschus sifanicus

Anonymous, 2011:
Batracobdelloides moogi Nesemann et Csanyi, 1995 Hirudinida Glossiphoniidae Morphometry and structure of the alimentary tract and reproductive system

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Further investigation of the mechanism of Vitreoscilla hemoglobin VHb protection from oxidative stress in Escherichia coli

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An unexpected new record of the Mediterranean orchid, Ophrys bertolonii Orchidaceae in Central Europe

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Distribution of mitochondrial haplotypes cytb in Polish populations of Emys orbicularis L, 1758

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Longitudinal structure of fish assemblages in a minimally disrupted stream

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New, rare and noteworthy lichens in the Giant Mountains

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Connections between the habitat pattern and the pattern of the mosquito larval assemblages

Anonymous, 2011:
Growth enhancement of black pepper Piper nigrum by a newly isolated Bacillus tequilensis NII-943

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Impact of natural enemies on Obolodiplosis robiniae invasion

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Characterization of halophilic bacteria from environmental samples from the brackish water of Pulicat Lake, India

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First record of planktonic crustaceans in Sardinian reservoirs

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Effect of transgenic alfalfa plants with introduced gene for Alfalfa Mosaic Virus coat protein on rhizosphere microbial community composition and physiological profile

Enik? Anna Tamás, 2011:
Longevity and survival of the black stork Ciconia nigra based on ring recoveries

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Expression analysis of nuclear W2-containing homologs of eukaryotic initiation factors in rice

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Effects of amyloid-β peptides on voltage-gated L-type Ca(V)1.2 and Ca(V)1.3 Ca(2+) channels

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A Polymorphism-Specific Memory Mechanism in the beta2-Adrenergic Receptor

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Beta2-Adrenergic Receptor Polymorphisms and Signaling Do Variants Influence the Memory of Receptor Activation?

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Intracellular signaling and the origins of the sensations of itch and pain

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Curaxins Anticancer Compounds That Simultaneously Suppress NF-kappaB and Activate p53 by Targeting FACT

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Survival strategies of male homeless adolescents

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Anonymous, 2011:
Specific targeting of the GABA-A receptor alpha5 subtype by a selective inverse agonist restores cognitive deficits in Down syndrome mice

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Monoterpenoid extract of sage (Salvia lavandulaefolia) with cholinesterase inhibiting properties improves cognitive performance and mood in healthy adults

Anonymous, 2011:
Anti-amnesic and neuroprotective potentials of the mixed muscarinic receptor/sigma1 sigma1 ligand ANAVEX2-73, a novel aminotetrahydrofuran derivative

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Nicotine restores morphine-induced memory deficit through the D1 and D2 dopamine receptor mechanisms in the nucleus accumbens

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Current Methodological Considerations in Exploratory and Confirmatory Factor Analysis

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Testing Measurement Invariance and Comparing Latent Factor Means Within a Confirmatory Factor Analysis Framework

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Whats the DIF? Why Differential Item Functioning Analyses Are an Important Part of Instrument Development and Validation

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Coefficient Alpha A Reliability Coefficient for the 21st Century?

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Comparison of KIR gene content profiles revealed a difference between northern and southern Persians in the distribution of KIR2DS5 and its linked loci

Anonymous, 2011:
Mismatches outside exon 2 and 3 do not alter the peptide motif of the the allele group B*442P

Anonymous, 2011:
Assessment of Physiological NK Cell Cytotoxicity In Vitro

Anonymous, 2011:
Are There Advantages to the Patients to Type Donors for HLA-C or Other Loci at High Resolution Level at Registration?

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Care of urinary incontinence in Spain

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Anonymous, 2011:
The place of routine HIV testing

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Individual and organisational determinants of use of ergonomic devices in healthcare

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Anonymous, 2011:
Plasticity and evolutionary innovation

Anonymous, 2011:
Cardiac t-tubules in health and disease

Anonymous, 2011:
IFD of red knots across western Europe

Anonymous, 2011 :
New World blue butterflies

Anonymous, 2011:
Thermoregulation optimizes nutrition

Anonymous, 2011:
School closures during a flu pandemic

Anonymous, 2011:
Bat social relationships

Anonymous, 2011:
Resource heterogeneity and kin selection

Anonymous, 2011:
Cuckoo parasitism and host defence

Anonymous, 2011:
Variation in Pristionchus dauer larvae

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Oldest skulls and evolution of Cingulata

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Mate choice and corticosterone

Anonymous, 2011:
Information--competition in bumble-bees

Anonymous, 1996:
Host-parasite coevolution

Anonymous, 2011:
Female mice benefit from polyandry

Anonymous, 2011:
Host-parasite local adaptation

Anonymous, 2011:
Acoustic facilitation of object motion

Anonymous, 2011:
Gene associated with avian migration

Anonymous, 2011:
ADAM17/TACE Inhibits Neurogenesis and Promotes Gliogenesis from Neural Stem Cells

Anonymous, 2011:
Action at a Distance Systemically Administered Adult Stem/Progenitor Cells MSCs Reduce Inflammatory Damage to the Cornea Without Engraftment and Primarily by Secretion of TSG-6

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Identification of germline alterations of the mad homology 2 domain of SMAD3 and SMAD4 from the Ontario site of the breast cancer family registry (CFR)

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Elevated red cell distribution width predicts poor outcome in young patients with community acquired pneumonia

Anonymous, 2011:
Electrical impedance tomography measured at two thoracic levels can visualize the ventilation distribution changes at the bedside during a decremental positive end-expiratory pressure PEEP trial

Anonymous, 2011:
Delivery and CO2 production during cardiopulmonary bypass as determinants of acute kidney injury time for a goal-directed perfusion management?

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Revised trauma scoring system to predict in-hospital mortality in the emergency department: Glasgow Coma Scale, Age, and Systolic Blood Pressure score

Anonymous, 2011:
Ex vivo validation of long axis vs short axis quantification of left ventricular parameters by cardiovascular MR

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Mesenchymal stem cell effects on T-cell effector pathways

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Phylogenetic and experimental characterization of an acyl-ACP thioesterase family reveals significant diversity in enzymatic specificity and activity

Anonymous, 2011:
Quantitative nucleolar proteomics reveals nuclear re-organization during stress-induced senescence in mouse fibroblast

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Acute kidney injury in septua- and octogenarians after cardiac surgery

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Establishing baseline criteria of cardio-ankle vascular index as a new indicator of arteriosclerosis: a cross-sectional study

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Twist and snai1 expression in pharyngeal squamous cell carcinoma stroma is related to cancer progression

Anonymous, 2011:
Rationale and design of DECISION a double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled phase III trial evaluating the efficacy and safety of sorafenib in patients with locally advanced or metastatic radioactive iodine RAI-refractory, differentiated thyroid ca

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MMP-1 expression has an independent prognostic value in breast cancer

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Repression of human activation induced cytidine deaminase by miR-93 and miR-155

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Serum-free microcarrier based production of replication deficient influenza vaccine candidate virus lacking NS1 using Vero cells

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RNase H-dependent PCR (rhPCR): improved specificity and single nucleotide polymorphism detection using blocked cleavable primers

Anonymous, 2011:
Identification and characterization of a set of conserved and new regulators of cytoskeletal organisation, cell morphology and migration

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Goishi tea consumption inhibits airway hyperresponsiveness in BALB/c mice

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Effect of variable transmission rate on the dynamics of HIV in sub-Saharan Africa

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What does matrix metalloproteinase-1 expression in patients with breast cancer really tell us?

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Framework and indicator testing protocol for developing and piloting quality indicators for the UK quality and outcomes framework

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Family structure and phylogenetic analysis of odorant receptor genes in the large yellow croaker (Larimichthys crocea)

Anonymous, 2011:
Changes among male and female visitors to practitioners of complementary and alternative medicine in a large adult Norwegian population from 1997 to 28 The HUNT studies

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Differential regulation of the foraging gene associated with task behaviors in harvester ants

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Is the presence of modic changes associated with the outcomes of different treatments? A systematic critical review

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Association of blood pressure with decline in renal function and time until the start of renal replacement therapy in pre-dialysis patients: a cohort study

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Arithmetic mismatch negativity and numerical magnitude processing in number matching

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Extended passaging increases the efficiency of neural differentiation from induced pluripotent stem cells

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An evaluation of clinical treatment of convergence insufficiency for children with reading difficulties

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A prognostic tool to identify adolescents at high risk of becoming daily smokers

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Psychosocial working conditions and the utilization of health care services

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Why have total cholesterol levels declined in most developed countries?

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Non-pharmacological treatment of hypertension in primary health care: a comparative clinical trial of two education strategies in health and nutrition

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Quantification of histone modification ChIP-seq enrichment for data mining and machine learning applications

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Serum ferritin levels, socio-demographic factors and desferrioxamine therapy in multi-transfused thalassemia major patients at a government tertiary care hospital of Karachi, Pakistan

Anonymous, 2011:
An unusual complication of a common endemic disease Clinical laboratory aspects of patients with brucella epididymoorchitis in north of Iran

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The perspective of private practitioners regarding tuberculosis case detection and treatment delay in Amhara Region, Ethiopia: a cross-sectional study

Anonymous, 2011:
Sampling of Angambiae ss mosquitoes using Limburger cheese, in combination with heat and moisture as baits in a homemade trap

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Inspiratory muscle training to facilitate weaning from mechanical ventilation: protocol for a systematic review

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A previously functional tetracycline-regulated transactivator fails to target gene expression to the bone

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A pilot study to evaluate the application of a generic protein standard panel for quality control of biomarker detection technologies

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Determination of circulating Mycobacterium tuberculosis strains and transmission patterns among pulmonary TB patients in Kawempe municipality, Uganda, using MIRU-VNTR

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A mark-resight survey method to estimate the roaming dog population in three cities in Rajasthan, India

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The impact of West Nile virus on the abundance of selected North American birds

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Sympathetic nervous dysregulation in the absence of systolic left ventricular dysfunction in a rat model of insulin resistance with hyperglycemia

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Carbon fluxes in ecosystems of Yellowstone National Park predicted from remote sensing data and simulation modeling

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Magnetic resonance imaging indicators of blood-brain barrier and brain water changes in young rats with kaolin-induced hydrocephalus

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Gastrointestinal symptoms of infantile colic and their change after light needling of acupuncture: a case series study of 913 infants

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FISH as an effective diagnostic tool for the management of challenging melanocytic lesions

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In vitro analysis of the cytotoxicity and the antimicrobial effect of four endodontic sealers

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Criterion distances and environmental correlates of active commuting to school in children

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Urinary hepcidin level as an early predictor of iron deficiency in children: A case control study

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Improving hypertension management through pharmacist prescribing; the rural Alberta clinical trial in optimizing hypertension (Rural RxACTION): trial design and methods

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Expression of HES and HEY genes in infantile hemangiomas

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Anti-DLL4, a cancer therapeutic with multiple mechanisms of action

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Uptake and fate of surface modified silica nanoparticles in head and neck squamous cell carcinoma

Anonymous, 2011:
Methylsalicylate 2-O-beta-D-lactoside, a novel salicylic acid analogue, acts as an anti-inflammatory agent on microglia and astrocytes

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CRP gene variation affects early development of Alzheimer's disease-related plaques

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The use of twin-ring Ilizarov external fixator constructs: application and biomechanical proof-of principle with possible clinical indications

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Triple selectin knockout (ELP-/-) mice fail to develop OVA-induced acute asthma phenotype

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Catabolic regulation analysis of Escherichia coli and its crp, mlc, mgsA, pgi and ptsG mutants

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Randomised controlled trial of food elimination diet based on IgG antibodies for the prevention of migraine like headaches

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First detection of Leishmania killicki (Kinetoplastida, Trypanosomatidae) in Ctenodactylus gundi (Rodentia, Ctenodactylidae), a possible reservoir of human cutaneous leishmaniasis in Tunisia

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Ultrasonography and color Doppler of proximal gluteal enthesitis in juvenile idiopathic arthritis: a descriptive study

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The utility of the new generation of humanized mice to study HIV-1 infection: transmission, prevention, pathogenesis, and treatment

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Minimally invasive scoliosis surgery: an innovative technique in patients with adolescent idiopathic scoliosis

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Acute referral of patients from general practitioners: should the hospital doctor or a nurse receive the call?

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One strategy for arthroscopic suture fixation of tibial intercondylar eminence fractures using the Meniscal Viper Repair System

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Software predicted risk in California West Nile virus epidemic

Anonymous, 2011:
Corn silage hybrids and seeding rates

Anonymous, 2011:
Urban impacts on phosphorus in streams

Anonymous, 2011:
Decade-long study reveals recurring patterns of viruses in the open ocean

Anonymous, 2011:
Visiting researcher at IU leads international team in formal identification of new fungi class

Anonymous, 2011:
New technology could capture ammonia from liquid manure

Anonymous, 2011:
The flight of the bumble bee Why are they disappearing?

Anonymous, 2011:
Dark beer has more iron than pale beer

Anonymous, 2011:
Hidden soil fungus, now revealed, is in a class all its own

Anonymous, 2011:
Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County makes scientific history with pregnant plesiosaur

Anonymous, 2011:
UVa researchers find high energy output from algae-based fuel, but no silver bullet

Anonymous, 2011:
Most plant species important in various and varying ecosystems ISU research

Anonymous, 2011:
Worldwide map identifies important coral reefs exposed to stress

Anonymous, 2011:
Arctic ice melt could pause for several years, then resume again

Anonymous, 2011:
Polar climate change may lead to ecological change

Anonymous, 2011:
Scientists explore the role of aeroecology in bat conservation and ecosystem health

Anonymous, 2011:
Study finds high levels of flame-retardant chemicals in California pregnant women

Anonymous, 2011:
UCI studies find different reasons for global methane riddle

Anonymous, 2011:
Dual-action protein developed at Stanford better restricts blood vessel formation

Anonymous, 2011:
Pregnant women in Vancouver may not be getting enough vitamin D

Anonymous, 2011:
Researchers decode workings of mysterious, but critical TB drug

Anonymous, 2011:
Stanford engineers redefine how the brain plans movement

Anonymous, 2011:
In quest for new therapies, clinician-scientist team unlocks hidden information in human genome

Anonymous, 2011:
Durham University solar car takes on World Solar Challenge

Anonymous, 2011:
Intestinal protein may have role in ADHD, other neurological disorders

Anonymous, 2011:
Scientists copy the ways viruses deliver genes

Anonymous, 2011:
When you can recite a poem but not remember who asked you to learn it a few days earlier

Anonymous, 2011:
La Jolla Institute opens major RNAi center for identifying genetic triggers of disease

Anonymous, 2011:
Taking a shine to heart repair

Anonymous, 2011:
Common class of pain drugs reduces severity of postpartum breast cancers

Anonymous, 2011:
Stem cell mobilization therapy found to be safe for bone marrow donors

Anonymous, 2011:
Blocking receptor in key hormone fires up enzyme to kill pancreatic cancer cells

Anonymous, 2011:
A novel mechanism that regulates pro-inflammatory cells is identified

Anonymous, 2011:
Genetically modified serial killer T cells obliterate tumors in leukemia patients

Anonymous, 2011:
New data shows El Mayor-Cucapah earthquake was simple on surface, complicated at depth

Anonymous, 2011:
For bugs within bugs within mealybugs, life is a patchwork

Anonymous, 2011:
Like humans, chimps are born with immature forebrains

Anonymous, 2011:
Woods Hole team joins NOAAs Battle of the Atlantic

Anonymous, 2011:
Future of water will be topic of Changing Planet town hall at Arizona State University

Anonymous, 2011:
INRS researchers improve performance of iron-based catalysts

Anonymous, 2011:
Metabolism in reverse Making biofuels at full-throttle pace

Anonymous, 2011:
Deep recycling in the Earth faster than thought

Anonymous, 2011:
Outbreak C difficile strain common in Chicago hospitals, investigation finds

Anonymous, 2011:
Scientists explain unique activity of TB drug pyrazinamide

Anonymous, 2011:
New TB vaccine enters proof-of-concept trial in people living with HIV

Anonymous, 2011:
NIH-led team maps route for eliciting HIV-neutralizing antibodies

Anonymous, 2011:
Researchers fight cholera with computer forecasting

Anonymous, 2011:
Good fat most prevalent in thin children

Anonymous, 2011:
Alcohol consumption in relation to acute pancreatitis

Anonymous, 2011:
Contrary to earlier findings, excess body fat in elderly decreases life expectancy

Anonymous, 2011:
USF researchers get $26 million NIH grant to investigate new post-stroke therapy

Anonymous, 2011:
Coke addicts prefer money in hand to snowy future

Anonymous, 2011:
New research explains how estrogen could help protect women from cardiovascular disease

Anonymous, 2011:
Radiofrequency ablation safely and effectively treats Barretts esophagus

Anonymous, 2011:
Hysterectomy in Germany

Anonymous, 2011:
Tanning bed users exhibit brain changes and behavior similar to addicts

Anonymous, 2011:
Protein preserves muscle and physical function in dieting postmenopausal women

Anonymous, 2011:
Get off the couch, please

Anonymous, 2011:
Scared of the wrong things Lack of major enzyme causes poor threat-assessment in mice

Anonymous, 2011:
Telephone trumps social media when communicating with teens about research

Anonymous, 2011:
Bird song-sharing like verbal sparring

Anonymous, 2011:
Exotic quantum crystal discovered

Anonymous, 2011:
Escaping gravitys clutches The black hole breakout

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Electro-acupuncture in polycystic ovary syndrome a potent placebo or a new promising treatment?

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Arnica is no more helpful than placebo for ecchymosis after eye surgery

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Serum YKL-4 is a marker of prognosis and disease status in high-grade gliomas

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Post-translational modifications of Hsp9 and their contributions to chaperone regulation

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Risk assessment of accidental nortriptyline poisoning The importance of cytochrome P45 for nortriptyline elimination investigated using a population-based pharmacokinetic simulator

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Antiviral activity of the MEK-inhibitor U126 against pandemic H1N1v and highly pathogenic avian influenza virus in vitro and in vivo

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Competitive inhibitor of cellular alpha-glucosidases protects mice from lethal dengue virus infection

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Interaction of maternal age and mode of delivery in the development of postpartum depression in Yerevan, Armenia

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Effect of heme oxygenase-1 on induction and development of chemically-induced squamous cell carcinoma in mice

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AMP-Dependent kinase and autophagic flux are involved in aldehyde dehydrogenase 2-offered protection against cardiac toxicity of ethanol

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Effects of a Dairy-Yeast Prebiotic and Water Hardness on the Growth Performance, Mineral Composition and Gut Microflora of Fathead Minnow Pimephales promelas in Recirculating Systems

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Fish oil replacement in rainbow trout diets and total dietary PUFA content I effects on feed efficiency, fat deposition and the efficiency of a finishing strategy

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Hypocretin/orexin signaling in the hypothalamic paraventricular nucleus is essential for the expression of nicotine withdrawal

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Association of cognitive dysfunction with hippocampal atrophy in elderly Japanese patients with type 2 diabetes

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Effects of short-term therapy with glibenclamide and repaglinide on incretin hormones and oxidative damage associated with postprandial hyperglycaemia in subjects with type 2 diabetes mellitus

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Anonymous, 2011:
Ochratoxin A Reduces Aflatoxin B1 Induced DNA Damage Detected by the Comet Assay in HepG2 Cells

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Heat stress leads to superoxide formation in Bacillus cereus detected using the fluorescent probe MitoSOX

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Comparison of two minimally invasive techniques for treating chronic rhinosinusitis in the pediatric population

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Galectin-3 and the skin

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Molecular cytogenetic analysis of Haemulidae fish Perciformes Evidence of evolutionary conservation

Anonymous, 2011:
An Analysis of the Frame-Content Theory in Babble of Nine-Month-Old Babies with Cleft Lip and Palate

Anonymous, 2011:
The Effect of Low Intensity Pulsed Ultrasound in a 3D Ex-vivo Orthodontic Model

Anonymous, 2011:
Effects of acidulated phosphate fluoride gel application on surface roughness, gloss and color of different type resin composites

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Airway responsiveness in an allergic rabbit model

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Practice patterns and perceptions about parenteral hydration in the last weeks of life: a survey of palliative care physicians in Latin America

Anonymous, 2011:
A Novel Virus-encoded Nucleocytoplasmic Shuttling Protein the UL3 Protein of Herpes Simplex Virus Type

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Recombinant non-structural polyprotein 3AB-based serodiagnostic strategy for FMD surveillance in bovines irrespective of vaccination

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Anonymous, 2011:
Prolactin concentrations in newly diagnosed, antipsychotic-naive patients with nonaffective psychosis

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Rhizosphere isoflavones daidzein and genistein levels and their relation to the microbial community structure of mono-cropped soybean soil in field and controlled conditions

T.E.H.nter; D.S.ster; F.R.D.nshea; L.J.C.mmins;; B.J.L.ury, 2011:
Dual energy X-ray absorptiometry DXA can be used to predict live animal and whole carcass composition of sheep

Adriana Luiza Somavilla; Laila Talarico Dias; Rodrigo de Almeida Teixeira, 2012:
Environmental and genetic effects on conformation, precocity and musculature traits at weaning in Suffolk lambs

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Revision for stiffness following TKA: a predictable procedure?

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Gap changes after popliteus-tendon resection in PS-TKA: a cadaveric study in Thai female knees

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The relationship between pain and dynamic knee joint loading in knee osteoarthritis varies with radiographic disease severity. A cross sectional study

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Effects of tibial slope changes in the stability of fixed bearing medial unicompartmental arthroplasty in anterior cruciate ligament deficient knees

Elabbas, L.E.; Herlin, M.; Finnilä, M.A.; Rendel, F.; Stern, N.; Trossvik, C.; Bowers, W.J.; Nakai, J.; Tuukkanen, J.; Viluksela, M.; Heimeier, R.A.; Akesson, A.; Håkansson, H., 2012:
In utero and lactational exposure to Aroclor 1254 affects bone geometry, mineral density and biomechanical properties of rat offspring

Shchepinov, M.S.; Chou, V.P.; Pollock, E.; Langston, J.William.; Cantor, C.R.; Molinari, R.J.; Manning-Boğ, A.B., 2011:
Isotopic reinforcement of essential polyunsaturated fatty acids diminishes nigrostriatal degeneration in a mouse model of Parkinson's disease

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Rutile TiO2 particles exert size and surface coating dependent retention and lesions on the murine brain

Xia, M.; Tan, M.; Wei, C.; Zhong, W.; Wang, L.; McNeal, M.; Jiang, X., 2012:
A candidate dual vaccine against influenza and noroviruses

A.E.masl?; L.F.ssati; C.P.F.lsom; B.A.bayrak; H.I.umiura, 2012:
A Spectroscopic Study of DD UMa Ursa Major Group Member and Candidate for BRITE

Tapas K.D.s; B.C.erny, 2012:
Hysteresis effects and diagnostics of the shock formation in low angular momentum axisymmetric accretion in the Kerr metric

G.V.lensky; G. ter Haar; N.S.ffari, 2012:
A model of acoustic absorption in fluids based on a continuous distribution of relaxation times

Takao Kume; Yoichi Ikeda; Yuki Nakagawa; Ryuichi Tominaga; Takaya Iseki; Masayuki Tamura; Hisataka Yakabe; Hiroyuki Tanaka; Hideaki Hikosaka; Yasuhiro Takagi; Masaya Ito, 2011:
Development of compact and efficient hydrogen production module with membrane on catalyst; Yu-Hsien Lai; Chih-Hsien Wang; Bang-Gee Hsu; Te-Chao Fang, 2011:
Clinical correlates of arterial stiffness assessed by the cardio-ankle vascular index in peritoneal dialysis patients

James Mason; Jan Stupl; William Marshall; Creon Levit, 2011:
Orbital Debris-Debris Collision Avoidance

Menglin Lou; Huaifeng Wang; X.C.en; Yongmei Zhai, 2011:
Structure–soil–structure interaction Literature review

James; John L.N.ff, 2011:
Predicted fates of ground-nesting bees in soil heated by wildfire Thermal tolerances of life stages and a survey of nesting depths

N.A.lison; H.A.stin; W.A.stin; D.M.P.terson, 2011:
Effects of seawater pH and calcification rate on test Mg/Ca and Sr/Ca in cultured individuals of the benthic, calcitic foraminifera Elphidium williamsoni

Armstrong, T.; Zald, D.H.; Olatunji, B.O., 2012:
Attentional control in OCD and GAD: specificity and associations with core cognitive symptoms; L.L.P.urhiet; L.L.brousse; E.B.B.rov; L.J.livet, 2011:
Formation of metamorphic core complex in inherited wedges A thermomechanical modelling study

Delphine Bosch; Carlos J.G.rrido; Olivier Bruguier; Bruno Dhuime; Jean-Louis Bodinier; Jose A.P.dròn-Navarta; Béatrice Galland, 2011:
Building an island-arc crustal section Time constraints from a LA-ICP-MS zircon study

Ulrike Fallet; Jenny E.U.lgren; Isla S.C.stañeda; Hendrik M. van Aken; Stefan Schouten; Herman Ridderinkhof; Geert-Jan A.B.ummer, 2011:
Contrasting variability in foraminiferal and organic Paleotemperature proxies in sedimenting particles of the Mozambique Channel SW Indian Ocean

Bai-Qiu Wang; Mei-F.Z.ou; Jian-Wei Li; Dan-Ping Yan, 2011:
Late Triassic porphyritic intrusions and associated volcanic rocks from the Shangri-La region, Yidun terrane, Eastern Tibetan Plateau Adakitic magmatism and porphyry copper mineralization

F.J.M.rtínez; A.I.iondo; C.D.etsch; J.N.A.einikoff; J.J.P.ucat; J.C.rès; J.R.che; R.C.pdevila, 2011:
U-Pb SHRIMP-RG zircon ages and Nd signature of lower Paleozoic rifting-related magmatism in the Variscan basement of the Eastern Pyrenees

Aleksandra Vierek; Grzegorz Racki, 2011:
Depositional versus ecological control on the conodont distribution in the Lower Frasnian fore-reef facies, Holy Cross Mountains, Poland

Pabortsava, K.; Purser, A.; Wagner, H.; Thomsen, L., 2011:
The influence of drill cuttings on physical characteristics of phytodetritus

Kirk M.S.ueve; Ian W.H.usman; Patrick L.Z.mmerman; Mark D.N.lson; Jeremy; Charles H.P.rry; Robert A.C.astain; Dale D.G.rmanson; Chengquan Huang; Sean P.H.aley; Warren B.C.hen, 2011:
Snow-covered Landsat time series stacks improve automated disturbance mapping accuracy in forested landscapes

Steven Hancock; Mathias Disney; Jan-Peter Muller; Philip Lewis; Mike Foster, 2011:
A threshold insensitive method for locating the forest canopy top with waveform lidar

Kim, E-Ah.; Luthy, R.G., 2012:
Partitioning of dissolved organic matter-bound mercury between a hydrophobic surface and polysulfide-rubber polymer

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Seawater quality and microbial communities at a desalination plant marine outfall. A field study at the Israeli Mediterranean coast

Anonymous, 2011:
Influence of structural heterogeneities and of large scale topography on imbricate gravitational rock slope failures New insights from 3-D physical modelling and geomorphological analysis

Richard D.R.y; Bruce C.D.uglas, 2011:
Experiments in Reconstructing Twentieth-Century Sea Levels

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Biostrome communities and mercury and selenium bioaccumulation in the Great Salt Lake (Utah, USA)

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Trophic status of earthen ponds used for semi-intensive shrimp (Litopenaeus stylirostris, Stimpson, 1874) farming in New Caledonia (Pacific Ocean)

Shuang Yu; Changchun Pan; Jinji Wang; Xiaodong Jin; Lanlan Jiang; Dayong Liu; Xiuxiang Lü; Jianzhong Qin; Yixiong Qian; Yong Ding; Honghan Chen, 2011:
Molecular correlation of crude oils and oil components from reservoir rocks in the Tazhong and Tabei uplifts of the Tarim Basin, China

Wilson, A.Blank.; Draine, J.; Hadley, T.; Metraux, S.; Evans, A., 2012:
Examining the impact of mental illness and substance use on recidivism in a county jail

Robert S.P.itchard; Guang Li; R.O.D.vis, 2012:
A Deterministic-Statistical Sea Ice Drift Forecast Model

Shmueli, A., 2012:
Switching sickness funds in Israel: adverse selection or risk selection? Some insights from the analysis of the relative costs of switchers

Mikhail Mishurov; Gerard Kiely, 2011:
Gap-filling techniques for the annual sums of nitrous oxide fluxes

E.N.dal-Romero; E.V.rachtert;; J.P.esen, 2011:
Quantitative assessment of the piping erosion susceptibility of loess-derived soil horizons using the pinhole test

Ryan T.H.well; Katrina S.R.dzon, 2011:
An exploration of personality–affect relations in daily life Determining the support for the affect-level and affect-reactivity views

Sodagar, A.; Kassaee, M.Zaman.; Akhavan, A.; Javadi, N.; Arab, S.; Kharazifard, M.Javad., 2013:
Effect of silver nano particles on flexural strength of acrylic resins

Anonymous, 2011:
On the relation between lithospheric strength and ridge pushtransmissionin the Nazca plate

M.W.L.e; T.S.C.llett, 2012:
Pore- and Fracture-Filling Gas Hydrate Reservoirs in the Gulf of Mexico Gas Hydrate Joint Industry Project Leg II Green Canyon 955 H well

Orłowska, Eżbieta.; Przybyłowicz, W.; Orlowski, D.; Turnau, K.; Mesjasz-Przybyłowicz, J., 2012:
The effect of mycorrhiza on the growth and elemental composition of Ni-hyperaccumulating plant Berkheya coddii Roessler

Tipping, E.; Poskitt, J.M.; Lawlor, A.J.; Wadsworth, R.A.; Norris, D.A.; Hall, J.R., 2012:
Mercury in United Kingdom topsoils; concentrations, pools, and Critical Limit exceedances

Yuan, Y.; Ke, X.; Chen, F.; Krogh, P.Henning.; Ge, F., 2012:
Decrease in catalase activity of Folsomia candida fed a Bt rice diet

Kim, J-Woo.; Isobe, T.; Chang, K-Hyeon.; Amano, A.; Maneja, R.H.; Zamora, P.B.; Siringan, F.P.; Tanabe, S., 2012:
Levels and distribution of organophosphorus flame retardants and plasticizers in fishes from Manila Bay, the Philippines

Kuo, W-Hua., 2012:
Techno-politics of genomic nationalism: tracing genomics and its use in drug regulation in Japan and Taiwan

Bror F.J.nsson; Kristofer Döös; Kai Myrberg; Peter A.L.ndberg, 2011:
A lagrangian-trajectory study of a gradually mixed estuary

Jan; C.J.son Williams; Lee A.V.erling; Osama Z.A.-Hamdan; Frederick B.P.erson, 2011:
Suitability of terrestrial laser scanning for studying surface roughness effects on concentrated flow erosion processes in rangelands

Anonymous, 2011:
Advantages and Challenges of Space-borne Remote sensing for Volcanic Explosivity Index VEI The 29 eruption of Sarychev Peak on Matua Island, Kuril Islands, Russia

Anonymous, 2011:
REE, Y, Nb, U, and Th contents and tetrad effect in zircon from a magmatic-hydrothermal F-rich system of Sn-Rare Metal - Cryolite mineralized granites from the Pitinga Mine, Amazonia, Brazil

V.A.T.anakakis; N.V.P.ranychianakis; P.A.L.ndra; A.N.A.gelakis, 2011:
Effluent application to the land Changes in soil properties and treatment potential

Frédéric André; Cornelis van Leeuwen; Stéphanie Saussez; Renaud Van Durmen; Patrick Bogaert; Davood Moghadas; Laure de Rességuier; Bruno Delvaux; Harry Vereecken; Sébastien Lambot, 2012:
High-resolution imaging of a vineyard in south of France using ground-penetrating radar, electromagnetic induction and electrical resistivity tomography

Qifeng Dou; Yuefeng Sun; Charlotte Sullivan; Hao Guo, 2011:
Paleokarst system development in the San Andres Formation, Permian Basin, revealed by seismic characterization

Ahmed, A.T.; Khalid, H.A., 2012:
Effectiveness of novel and traditional treatments on the performance of incinerator bottom ash waste

Chao, C-Wen.; Liao, C-Jong., 2012:
Approaches to eliminate waste and reduce cost for recycling glass

Stewart Barr; Andrew Gilg; Gareth Shaw, 2011:
Citizens, consumers and sustainability ReFraming environmental practice in an age of climate change

Brice Louvel; Aurélie Cébron; Corinne Leyval, 2011:
Root exudates affect phenanthrene biodegradation, bacterial community and functional gene expression in sand microcosms

Patrícia M.G.P.iva; Giselly M.S.S.ntana; Igor F.A.C.S.uza; Lidiane P.A.buquerque; Afonso C.A.ra-Neto; Auristela C.A.buquerque; Luciana A.L.z; Thiago H.N.poleão; Luana C.B.B.C.elho, 2011:
Effect of lectins from Opuntia ficus indica cladodes and Moringa oleifera seeds on survival of Nasutitermes corniger

Hyde, L.W.; Bogdan, R.; Hariri, A.R., 2011:
Understanding risk for psychopathology through imaging gene-environment interactions

Papassotiropoulos, A.; de Quervain, D.J-F., 2011:
Genetics of human episodic memory: dealing with complexity

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