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Allelic Variation of Polyphenol Oxidase Genes Impacts on Chinese Raw Noodle Color

John, M.M.; James, E.B.; Petrea, H. Kenneth, D.K.; Deanna, N. Philip, L.B.

Journal of Cereal Science 54(3): 387-394


ISSN/ISBN: 0733-5210
DOI: 10.1016/j.jcs.2011.08.003
Accession: 036186781

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Polyphenol oxidase (PPO) activity is a factor in time dependent discoloration of Asian noodles. At least two major genes Ppo-A1 and Ppo-D1 control kernel PPO activity in wheat. The goal was to determine the relative importance of allelic variation for Ppo-A1 and Ppo-D1 on Chinese raw noodle color profile and kernel and flour characteristics using a winter wheat recombinant inbred population segregating for Ppo-A1 and Ppo-DPpo-A1 allelic variation explained 8% and Ppo-D1 allelic variation explained 2% of the variation in kernel PPO activity. The low PPO allele at each locus gave noodles that were brighter (greater L*), more yellow. Highlights: Ppo-A1 had greater impact on kernel PPO activity than Ppo-DPpo-D1 had greater impact on Chinese raw noodle color profile than Ppo-APPO loci interacted to impact kernel weight. Ppo-A1 impacted flour yield, while Ppo-D1 impacted ash content.

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