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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 36191

Chapter 36191 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

J.K.lasa; L.L.M.nne; S.N.P.ndit, 2012:
Species–area relationships arise from interaction of habitat heterogeneity and species pool

Nicholas, A.C.M.rino; Rafael, D.G.ariento; Viviane Dib; Fernanda, D.A.evedo; Vinicius, F.F.rjalla, 2011:
Habitat size determine algae biomass in tank-bromeliads

H.E.N.nga; M.S.ndvik; C.O.M.les; E.L.e; R.H.M.egela; G.L.M.amengele; W.D.S.muguruka; J.U.S.aare, 2011:
Possible involvement of microcystins in the unexplained mass mortalities of Lesser Flamingo Phoeniconaias minor Geoffroy at Lake Manyara in Tanzania

Gilbert John J., 2011:
Temperature, kairomones, and phenotypic plasticity in the rotifer Keratella tropica Apstein, 1907

Lotfi Rabaoui; Randa Mejri; Sabiha Tlig-Zouari; Lilia Bahri; Oum Kalthoum Ben Hassine; Costas, S.T.igenopoulos, 2011:
Genetic variation among populations of the endangered fan mussel Pinna nobilis Mollusca Bivalvia along the Tunisian coastline

Eve Gazave; Pascal Lapébie; Alexander, V.E.eskovsky; Jean Vacelet; Emmanuelle Renard; Paco Cárdenas; Carole Borchiellini, 2012:
No longer Demospongiae Homoscleromorpha formal nomination as a fourth class of Porifera

M.T.keshi; S.A.akaki, 2012:
Habitat complexity in aquatic systems fractals and beyond

Juan Carlos Pérez-Quintero, 2011:
Distribution patterns of freshwater molluscs along environmental gradients in the southern Guadiana River basin SW Iberian Peninsula

Edlin Guerra-Castro; Carlos Carmona-Suárez; Jesús E.C.nde, 2011:
Biotelemetry of crustacean decapods sampling design, statistical analysis, and interpretation of data

Maja Pavlin; Sebastian Birk; Daniel Hering; Gorazd Urbani?, 2011:
The role of land use, nutrients, and other stressors in shaping benthic invertebrate assemblages in Slovenian rivers

Lemian Liu; Jun Yang; Yongyu Zhang, 2011:
Genetic diversity patterns of microbial communities in a subtropical riverine ecosystem Jiulong River, southeast China

David, H.W.hl; Matthew, D.W.lfe; Victor, J.S.ntucci; Jonathan, A.F.eedman, 2011:
Invasive carp and prey community composition disrupt trophic cascades in eutrophic ponds

Daniel, L.G.af; Kevin, S.C.mmings, 2011:
Freshwater mussel Mollusca Bivalvia Unionoida richness and endemism in the ecoregions of Africa and Madagascar based on comprehensive museum sampling

Erik Jeppesen; Peeter Nõges; Thomas, A.D.vidson; Juta Haberman; Tiina Nõges; Kätlin Blank; Torben, L.L.uridsen; Martin Søndergaard; Carl Sayer; Reet Laugaste; Liselotte, S.J.hansson; Rikke Bjerring; Susanne, L.A.sinck, 2011:
Zooplankton as indicators in lakes a scientific-based plea for including zooplankton in the ecological quality assessment of lakes according to the European Water Framework Directive WFD

Melanie Shapiera; Adam Jeziorski; Norman, D.Y.n; John, P.S.ol, 2011:
Calcium content of littoral Cladocera in three softwater lakes of the Canadian Shield

Bob Rumes; Hilde Eggermont; Dirk Verschuren, 2011:
Distribution and faunal richness of Cladocera in western Uganda crater lakes

Lyubov, E.B.rlakova; Alexander, Y.K.ratayev; Vadim, A.K.ratayev, 2012:
Invasive mussels induce community changes by increasing habitat complexity

Amar Kaur; Phyllis Butow; Belinda Thewes, 2011:
Do Metacognitions Predict Attentional Bias in Health Anxiety?

Witter, Robert C.; Jaffe, Bruce E.; Zhang, Yinglong; Priest, George, 2012:
Reconstructing hydrodynamic flow parameters of the 17 tsunami at Cannon Beach, Oregon, USA

Jonathan, W.F.R.mo; Megan Carlson; Nicholas Pinter, 2012:
Hydraulic and flood-loss modeling of levee, floodplain, and river management strategies, Middle Mississippi River, USA

Kirti Srivastava, R.Krishna Kumar, M.Swapna, V.Swaroopa Rani, V.P.Dimri, 2012:
Inundation studies for Nagapattinam region on the east coast of India due to tsunamigenic earthquakes from the Andaman region

Georgia Kandilioti; Christos Makropoulos, 2012:
Preliminary flood risk assessment the case of Athens

Praveen, K.T.akur; Sreyasi Maiti; Nanette, C.K.ngma; V.H.ri Prasad; S.P.A.garwal; Ashutosh Bhardwaj, 2012:
Estimation of structural vulnerability for flooding using geospatial tools in the rural area of Orissa, India

Arun, K.S.raf; Vineeta Rawat; Josodhir Das; Mohammed Zia; Kanika Sharma, 2012:
Satellite detection of thermal precursors of Yamnotri, Ravar and Dalbandin earthquakes

Lorella Montrasio; Roberto Valentino; Gian Luca Losi, 2012:
Shallow landslides triggered by rainfalls modeling of some case histories in the Reggiano Apennine Emilia Romagna Region, Northern Italy

Chengjing Nie; Hairong Li; Linsheng Yang; Shaohong Wu; Y.L.u; Yongfeng Liao, 2012:
Spatial and temporal changes in flooding and the affecting factors in China

Bin Fang; Chun-Feng Liu; Le- L.Z.u; Yi-Ming Wei, 2012:
The assessment of health impact caused by energy use in urban areas of China an intake fraction–based analysis

Larissa de Lima Alves; Neila Silvia Pereira dos Santos Richards; Lilian Regina Barros Mariutti; Gislaine Chrystina Nogueira; Neura Bragagnolo, 2011:
Inulin and probiotic concentration effects on fatty and linoleic conjugated acids in cream cheeses

Yongjian Cao, Jianxiong Lu, Rongfeng Huang, Jiali Jiang, 2012:
Increased dimensional stability of Chinese fir through steam-heat treatment

M.A.Sosa Zitto, J.Köhler, J.C.Piter, 2012:
Embedding strength in joints of fast-growing Argentinean Eucalyptus grandis with dowel-type fasteners Analysis according to the criterion adopted by European standards

?. Bratasz, A.Koz?owska, R.Koz?owski, 2012:
Analysis of water adsorption by wood using the Guggenheim-Anderson-de Boer equation

Hien Mai Trinh, Holger Militz, Carsten Mai, 2012:
Modification of beech veneers with N-methylol-melamine compounds for the production of plywood

Lopes, A.José.; de Menezes, S.Lucia.Silveira.; Dias, C.Márcia.; de Oliveira, J.Flávia.; Mainenti, Míriam.Raquel.Meira.; Guimarães, F.Silva., 2012:
Comparison between cardiopulmonary exercise testing parameters and computed tomography findings in patients with thoracic sarcoidosis

Michel, G.H.ulé; C.M.chael Lesher; Paul, C.D.vis, 2012:
Thermomechanical erosion at the Alexo Mine, Abitibi greenstone belt, Ontario implications for the genesis of komatiite-associated Ni–Cu–PGE mineralization

Hossein Kouhestani; Majid Ghaderi; Khin Zaw; Sebastien Meffre; Mohammad Hashem Emami, 2012:
Geological setting and timing of the Chah Zard breccia-hosted epithermal gold–silver deposit in the Tethyan belt of Iran

Giannini, C.; D'Adamo, E.; de Giorgis, T.; Chiavaroli, V.; Verrotti, A.; Chiarelli, F.; Mohn, A., 2012:
The possible role of esRAGE and sRAGE in the natural history of diabetic nephropathy in childhood

Zhang, Y.; Yu, J-Han.; Lin, X-Yong.; Miao, Y.; Han, Y.; Fan, C-Feng.; Dong, X-Jun.; Dai, S-Dong.; Wang, E-Hua., 2011:
Overexpression of Frat1 correlates with malignant phenotype and advanced stage in human non-small cell lung cancer

Hwang, I.; Go, H.; Jeon, Y.Kyung.; Ko, Y.Hyeh.; Yoon, D.Hyun.; Suh, C.; Huh, J.Ryung.; Lee, H.; Gil, M.; Park, C-Sik., 2011:
Expression of JL1 in Burkitt lymphoma is associated with improved overall survival

K.W.M.Mahon; M.L.B.rumen; I.M.teo; T.S.E.sdon; S.R.T.orrold, 2011:
Carbon isotopes in otolith amino acids identify residency of juvenile snapper Family Lutjanidae in coastal nurseries

D.J.B.oth; K.P.rkinson, 2011:
Pelagic larval duration is similar across 23° of latitude for two species of butterflyfish Chaetodontidae in eastern Australia

Zobitz, J.M.; Desai, A.R.; Moore, D.J.P.; Chadwick, M.A., 2012:
A primer for data assimilation with ecological models using Markov Chain Monte Carlo (MCMC)

Tretiach, M.; Pavanetto, S.; Pittao, E.; Sanità di Toppi, L.; Piccotto, M., 2012:
Water availability modifies tolerance to photo-oxidative pollutants in transplants of the lichen Flavoparmelia caperata

Régnier, T.; Labonne, J.; Gaudin, P.; Bolliet, Vérie., 2012 :
Influence of energetic status on ontogenetic niche shifts: emergence from the redd is linked to metabolic rate in brown trout

Coca, M.; Pausas, J.G., 2012:
Scale-dependent segregation of seeders and resprouters in cork oak (Quercus suber) forests

Liu, Z.; Scheirs, J.; Heckel, D.G., 2012:
Trade-offs of host use between generalist and specialist Helicoverpa sibling species: adult oviposition and larval performance

Kreyling, J.; Haei, M.; Laudon, H., 2012:
Absence of snow cover reduces understory plant cover and alters plant community composition in boreal forests

Riascos, D.; de Leon, D.; Baker-Nigh, A.; Nicholas, A.; Yukhananov, R.; Bu, J.; Wu, C-Kuo.; Geula, C., 2012:
Age-related loss of calcium buffering and selective neuronal vulnerability in Alzheimer's disease

Milde, T.; Kleber, S.; Korshunov, A.; Witt, H.; Hielscher, T.; Koch, P.; Kopp, H-Georg.; Jugold, M.; Deubzer, H.E.; Oehme, I.; Lodrini, M.; Gröne, H-Josef.; Benner, A.; Brüstle, O.; Gilbertson, R.J.; von Deimling, A.; Kulozik, A.E.; Pfister, S.M.; Martin-Villalba, A.; Witt, O., 2012:
A novel human high-risk ependymoma stem cell model reveals the differentiation-inducing potential of the histone deacetylase inhibitor Vorinostat

Svendsen, A.; Verhoeff, J.J.C.; Immervoll, H.; Brøgger, J.C.; Kmiecik, J.; Poli, A.; Netland, I.A.; Prestegarden, L.; Planagumà, Jús.; Torsvik, A.; Kjersem, A.Bohne.; Sakariassen, P.Ø.; Heggdal, J.I.; Van Furth, W.R.; Bjerkvig, R.; Lund-Johansen, M.; Enger, P.Ø.; Felsberg, J.; Brons, N.H.C.; Tronstad, K.J.; Waha, A.; Chekenya, M., 2012:
Expression of the progenitor marker NG2/CSPG4 predicts poor survival and resistance to ionising radiation in glioblastoma

Schwarzbich, M-Alexander.; Gutknecht, M.; Salih, J.; Salih, H.R.; Brossart, P.; Rittig, S.M.; Grünebach, F., 2012:
The immune inhibitory receptor osteoactivin is upregulated in monocyte-derived dendritic cells by BCR-ABL tyrosine kinase inhibitors

van de Ven, R.; Reurs, A.W.; Wijnands, P.G.J.T.B.; van Wetering, S.; Kruisbeek, A.M.; Hooijberg, E.; Scheffer, G.L.; Scheper, R.J.; de Gruijl, T.D., 2012:
Exposure of CD34+ precursors to cytostatic anthraquinone-derivatives induces rapid dendritic cell differentiation: implications for cancer immunotherapy

Filippiadis, D.K.; Mazioti, A.; Papakonstantinou, O.; Brountzos, E.; Gouliamos, A.; Kelekis, N.; Kelekis, A., 2013:
Quantitative discomanometry: correlation of intradiscal pressure values to pain reduction in patients with intervertebral disc herniation treated with percutaneous, minimally invasive, image-guided techniques

Lemus-Deschamps, L.; Makin, J.K., 2012:
Fifty years of changes in UV Index and implications for skin cancer in Australia

Pezzopane, Jé.Ricardo.Macedo.; Salva, T.de.Jesus.Garcia.; de Lima, Véria.Bittencourt.; Fazuoli, L.Carlos., 2012:
Agrometeorological parameters for prediction of the maturation period of Arabica coffee cultivars

Wu, J.C.Y., 2012:
Does Helicobacter pylori infection protect against esophageal diseases in Asia?

Lam, E.T.; Goel, S.; Schaaf, L.J.; Cropp, G.F.; Hannah, A.L.; Zhou, Y.; McCracken, B.; Haley, B.I.; Johnson, R.G.; Mani, S.; Villalona-Calero, M.A., 2012:
Phase I dose escalation study of KOS-1584, a novel epothilone, in patients with advanced solid tumors

Wang, Z.; Lu, J.; Leaw, S.; Hong, X.; Wang, J.; Shao, Z.; Hu, X., 2012:
An all-oral combination of metronomic cyclophosphamide plus capecitabine in patients with anthracycline- and taxane-pretreated metastatic breast cancer: a phase II study

Cai, Z.; Wang, F.; Cao, H.; Xia, Q.; Chen, X.; Cai, Y., 2012:
The value of laparoscopy alone or combined with hysteroscopy in the treatment of interstitial pregnancy: analysis of 22 cases

Demetriades, A.K.; Sheikh, M.F.; Minhas, P.S., 2012:
Fatal bilateral subdural haematoma after epidural anaesthesia for pregnancy

Elfayomy, A.K.; Habib, F.A.; Elkablawy, M.A.; Alkabalawy, M.A., 2012:
Role of hysteroscopy in the detection of endometrial pathologies in women presenting with postmenopausal bleeding and thickened endometrium

Vadlamani Ravikant; A.D.arwadkar; P.R.G.lani; R.R.vindra, 2011:
Petrology and geochemistry of the Grubergebirge anorthosite and marginal rocks, central Dronning Maud Land Further characterization of the Late Neoproterozoic magmatic event in East Antarctica

J.R.K.yal; V.K.S.ivastava; P.K.mar; Rima Chatterjee; P.K.K.an, 2011:
Evaluation of crustal and upper mantle structures using receiver function analysis ISM broadband observatory data

D.B.attacharya; G.B.J.shi; Rakesh Sharma, 2011:
Uranium mineralisation associated with felsic volcanism at Mohar, Shivpuri district, Madhya Pradesh

R.P.K.chhara; K.B.gyapati Devi; R.L.J.dhawat, 2011:
Molluscan assemblage from the marine Palaeocene sequence in southwestern Kachchh, Gujarat

Pawan Govil; Abhijit Mazumder; Anoop Tiwari; Sandeep Kumar, 2011:
Holocene climate variability from lake sediment core in Larsemann Hills, Antarctica

Hari, B.S.ivastava; Vaibhava Srivastava; Rajesh, K.S.ivastava; Chandra Kant Singh, 2011:
Structural analyses of the crystalline rocks between Dirang and Tawang, West Kameng district, Arunachal Himalaya

Meloth Thamban; C.M.L.luraj; Sushant, S.N.ik; Arun Chaturvedi, 2011:
Reconstruction of Antarctic climate change using ice core proxy records from the coastal Dronning Maud Land, East Antarctica

Rahul Mohan; Sunil Kumar Shukla; Shramik, M.P.til; Suhas, S.S.etye; Karima, K.K.rkar, 2011:
Diatoms from surface sediments of Enderby Basin of Indian Sector of Southern Ocean

Peroglio, M.; Grad, S.; Mortisen, D.; Sprecher, C.Martin.; Illien-Jünger, S.; Alini, M.; Eglin, D., 2013:
Injectable thermoreversible hyaluronan-based hydrogels for nucleus pulposus cell encapsulation

Nishinome, M.; Iizuka, H.; Iizuka, Y.; Takagishi, K., 2012:
Anatomy of subaxial cervical foramens: the safety zone for lateral mass screwing

Obeid, I.; Hauger, O.; Aunoble, Séphane.; Bourghli, A.; Pellet, N.; Vital, J-Marc., 2012:
Global analysis of sagittal spinal alignment in major deformities: correlation between lack of lumbar lordosis and flexion of the knee

Chaléat-Valayer, E.; Mac-Thiong, J-Marc.; Paquet, Jérôme.; Berthonnaud, E.; Siani, F.; Roussouly, P., 2012:
Sagittal spino-pelvic alignment in chronic low back pain

Fontes, R.; O'Toole, J.E., 2012:
Chordoma of the thoracic spine in an 89-year-old

U.S.D.lvi; U.D.C.avan; M.S.S.inde; S.R.G.dakh, 2011:
Assessment of Sweet Sorghum Cultivars for Efficient Ethanol Production

Kamalvanshi, M.; Kumar, A.; Jha, A.; Dhyani, S.Kumar., 2013:
Occurrence of Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi in Rhizosphere of Jatropha curcas L. in Arid and Semi Arid Regions of India

Karmakar, M.; Ghosh, B.; Ray, R.Rani., 2013:
Effect of Extracellular Factors on Growth and Dimorphism of Rhizopus oryzae with Multiple Enzyme Synthesizing Ability

Marn, S.C.Stanzo, D.Nie, L.H.Rtl, 2011:
The evolutionary landscape of antifolate resistance in Plasmodium falciparum

Shao-Jun Qiu; Pei-Qin Peng; Ling Li; Ping He; Qiang Liu; Jin-Shui Wu; Peter Christie; Xiao-Tang Ju, 2012:
Effects of applied urea and straw on various nitrogen fractions in two Chinese paddy soils with differing clay mineralogy

Jindal, A.; Singhi, S.C.; Singhi, P., 2013:
Non-traumatic coma and altered mental status

Yuzbasioglu Ariyurek, S.; Aksoy, Kıymet., 2012:
Effect of oxidative stress on membrane proteins in thalassemia and iron deficiency anemia

Aggarwal, P.; Suri, D.; Narula, N.; Manojkumar, R.; Singh, S., 2012:
Symptomatic myocarditis in Kawasaki disease

Russell Johnston, 2011:
Shedding light on the galaxy luminosity function

A.M.B.kov; R.A.T.eumann, 2011:
Fundamentals of collisionless shocks for astrophysical application, 2 Relativistic shocks

Krishnan, P.; Gupta, R.T.; Boll, D.T.; Brady, C.M.; Husarik, D.B.; Merkle, E.M., 2012:
Functional evaluation of cystic duct patency with Gd-EOB-DTPA MR imaging: an alternative to hepatobiliary scintigraphy for diagnosis of acute cholecystitis?

Kumar, R.Ranjith.; Rao, P.Hanumantha.; Subramanian, V.V.; Sivasubramanian, V., 2014:
Enzymatic and non-enzymatic antioxidant potentials of Chlorella vulgaris grown in effluent of a confectionery industry

Ramadhan, K.; Huda, N.; Ahmad, R., 2014:
Effect of number and washing solutions on functional properties of surimi-like material from duck meat

Bajwa, U.; Sandhu, K.Singh., 2014 :
Effect of handling and processing on pesticide residues in food- a review

Niskanen, M.; Hirva, P.; Haukka, M., 2012:
Metal-metal interactions in linear tri-, penta-, hepta-, and nona-nuclear ruthenium string complexes

da Fonsêca, M.Maria.; Zaha, A.; Caffarena, E.R.; Vasconcelos, A.Tereza.Ribeiro., 2012:
Structure-based functional inference of hypothetical proteins from Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae

Trine Marianne Holm, Karin, A.Koinig, Tom Andersen, Espen Donali, Anne Hormes, Dag Klaveness, Roland Psenner, 2012:
Rapid physicochemical changes in the high Arctic Lake Kongressvatn caused by recent climate change

Lourenço, G.Jacob.; Silva, E.Furquim.Soledade.Neves.; Rinck-Junior, Jé.Augusto.; Chone, C.Takahiro.; Lima, C.Silvia.Passos., 2012:
CYP1A1, GSTM1 and GSTT1 polymorphisms, tobacco and alcohol status and risk of head and neck squamous cell carcinoma

M.I.Yaroshevich, 2011:
On some interrelations in the dynamics of tropical cyclonic activity

M.V.Kalashnik, 2011:
The effect of cyclone-anticyclone asymmetry at small Rossby numbers

E.M.V.lodin; S.V.K.strykin; A.G.R.aboshapko, 2011:
Simulation of climate change induced by injection of sulfur compounds into the stratosphere

S.V.P.reslegin; Z.A.K.alikov, 2011:
Bistatic quasi-mirror radar of the sea surface

M.V.M.karova; A.V.R.kitin; D.V.I.nov; A.V.P.berovskii, 2011:
Analysis of variability of the CO, NO2, and O3 contents in the troposphere near St Petersburg

S.A.Sitnov, 2011:
Weekly variations in temperature and precipitation in Moscow Relation with weekly cycles of air pollutants and synoptic variability

I.B.K.novalov; M.B.ekmann; I.N.K.znetsova; A.A.G.azkova; A.V.V.sil’eva; R.B.Z.ripov, 2011:
Estimation of the influence that natural fires have on air pollution in the region of Moscow megalopolis based on the combined use of chemical transport model and measurement data

Ya. A.V.rolainen; Yu. M.T.mofeev; D.V.I.nov; A.V.P.berovskii; A.M.S.alamyanskii, 2011:
Ground-based measurements of total ozone content by the infrared method

I.L.K.rol’; A.A.K.selev; V.A.F.ol’kis, 2011:
Indices of the factors that form climate changes of different scales

G.D.Aburjania, 2011:
Self-localization of planetary wave structures in the ionosphere upon interaction with nonuniform geomagnetic field and zonal wind

Siira, L.; Jalava, J.; Tissari, P.; Vaara, M.; Kaijalainen, T.; Virolainen, A., 2012:
Clonality behind the increase of multidrug-resistance among non-invasive pneumococci in Southern Finland

Lacoma, A.; Rodríguez, N.; Prat, C.; Ruiz-Manzano, J.; Andreo, F.; Ramírez, A.; Bas, A.; Pérez, M.; Ausina, V.; Domínguez, J., 2012:
Usefulness of consecutive biomarkers measurement in the management of community-acquired pneumonia

Abuali, M.M.; Katariwala, R.; LaBombardi, V.J., 2012:
A comparison of the Sensititre® MYCOTB panel and the agar proportion method for the susceptibility testing of Mycobacterium tuberculosis

Terracciano, A.; Renaldo, F.; Zanni, G.; D'Amico, A.; Pastore, A.; Barresi, S.; Valente, E.Maria.; Piemonte, F.; Tozzi, G.; Carrozzo, R.; Valeriani, M.; Boldrini, R.; Mercuri, E.; Santorelli, F.Maria.; Bertini, E., 2012:
The use of muscle biopsy in the diagnosis of undefined ataxia with cerebellar atrophy in children

Jarell, A.D.; Mully, T.W., 2012:
Basal cell carcinoma on the ear is more likely to be of an aggressive phenotype in both men and women

Buster, K.J.; You, Z.; Fouad, M.; Elmets, C., 2012:
Skin cancer risk perceptions: a comparison across ethnicity, age, education, gender, and income

Marlow, P.; Kim, J.; Anderson, B. L., 2011:
The role of brightness and orientation congruence in the perception of surface gloss

Lawson, R. P.; Clifford, C. W. G.; Calder, A. J., 2011:
A real head turner Horizontal and vertical head directions are multichannel coded

Anonymous, 2011:
Cardioprotective effect of therapeutic hypothermia at 34°C against ischaemia/reperfusion injury mediated by PI3K and nitric oxide in a rat isolated heart model

DeLuca, L.A.; Simpson, A.; Beskind, D.; Grall, K.; Stoneking, L.; Stolz, U.; Spaite, D.W.; Panchal, A.R.; Denninghoff, K.R., 2012:
Analysis of automated external defibrillator device failures reported to the Food and Drug Administration

Rodríguez-Fernández, A.L.; Garrido-Santofimia, Víctor.; Güeita-Rodríguez, J.; Fernández-de-Las-Peñas, César., 2011:
Effects of burst-type transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation on cervical range of motion and latent myofascial trigger point pain sensitivity

Kim, J.Yoon.; Chun, S.; Bang, M.Suk.; Shin, H-Ik.; Lee, S-Uk., 2011:
Safety of low-dose oral dantrolene sodium on hepatic function

Badke, M.Beth.; Sherman, J.; Boyne, P.; Page, S.; Dunning, K., 2011:
Tongue-based biofeedback for balance in stroke: results of an 8-week pilot study

Carroll, S.; Tsakirides, C.; Hobkirk, J.; Moxon, J.W.A.; Moxon, J.W.D.; Dudfield, M.; Ingle, L., 2011:
Differential improvements in lipid profiles and Framingham recurrent risk score in patients with and without diabetes mellitus undergoing long-term cardiac rehabilitation

Bellet, R.Nicole.; Francis, R.L.; Jacob, J.S.; Healy, K.M.; Bartlett, H.J.; Adams, L.; Morris, N.R., 2011:
Repeated six-minute walk tests for outcome measurement and exercise prescription in outpatient cardiac rehabilitation: a longitudinal study

Bouffioulx, E.; Arnould, C.; Thonnard, J-Louis., 2011:
Satisfaction with activity and participation and its relationships with body functions, activities, or environmental factors in stroke patients

de Jong, L.D.; Hoonhorst, M.H.; Stuive, I.; Dijkstra, P.U., 2011:
Arm motor control as predictor for hypertonia after stroke: a prospective cohort study

Duncan, R.P.; Leddy, A.L.; Earhart, G.M., 2011:
Five times sit-to-stand test performance in Parkinson's disease

van der Pas, S.C.; Verbunt, J.A.; Breukelaar, D.E.; van Woerden, R.; Seelen, H.A., 2011:
Assessment of arm activity using triaxial accelerometry in patients with a stroke

Zhou, J.; Bates, B.E.; Kurichi, J.E.; Kwong, P.L.; Xie, D.; Stineman, M.G., 2011:
Factors influencing receipt of outpatient rehabilitation services among veterans following lower extremity amputation

Tang, W-Kwong.; Lau, C.G.; Mok, V.; Ungvari, G.S.; Wong, K-Sing., 2011:
Burden of Chinese stroke family caregivers: the Hong Kong experience

Palisano, R.J.; Orlin, M.; Chiarello, L.A.; Oeffinger, D.; Polansky, M.; Maggs, J.; Gorton, G.; Bagley, A.; Tylkowski, C.; Vogel, L.; Abel, M.; Stevenson, R., 2011 :
Determinants of intensity of participation in leisure and recreational activities by youth with cerebral palsy

Peiris, C.L.; Taylor, N.F.; Shields, N., 2011:
Extra physical therapy reduces patient length of stay and improves functional outcomes and quality of life in people with acute or subacute conditions: a systematic review

Disseldorp, L.M.; Nieuwenhuis, M.K.; Van Baar, M.E.; Mouton, L.J., 2011:
Physical fitness in people after burn injury: a systematic review

Kara, M.; Akyüz, Müfit.; Yılmaz, A.; Hatipoğlu, C.; Ozçakar, L., 2011:
Peripheral nerve involvement in a neurofibromatosis type 2 patient with plexiform neurofibroma of the cauda equina: a sonographic vignette

Smulders, E.; van Lankveld, W.; Eggermont, F.; Duysens, J.; Weerdesteyn, V., 2011:
Step performance in persons with rheumatoid arthritis: a case-control study

Chen, Y-Kun.; Wong, K.Sing.; Mok, V.; Ungvari, G.S.; Tang, W.Kwong., 2011:
Health-related quality of life in patients with poststroke emotional incontinence

Herrmann, S.D.; Snook, E.M.; Kang, M.; Scott, C.B.; Mack, M.G.; Dompier, T.P.; Ragan, B.G., 2011:
Development and validation of a movement and activity in physical space score as a functional outcome measure

Adsuar, J.C.; Olivares, P.R.; del Pozo-Cruz, B.; Parraca, J.A.; Gusi, N., 2011:
Test-retest reliability of isometric and isokinetic knee extension and flexion in patients with fibromyalgia: evaluation of the smallest real difference

Severinsen, K.; Jakobsen, J.K.; Overgaard, K.; Andersen, H., 2011:
Normalized muscle strength, aerobic capacity, and walking performance in chronic stroke: a population-based study on the potential for endurance and resistance training

Huisinga, J.M.; Filipi, M.L.; Schmid, K.K.; Stergiou, N., 2011:
Is there a relationship between fatigue questionnaires and gait mechanics in persons with multiple sclerosis?

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Use of secondary prevention drugs for cardiovascular disease in the community in high-income, middle-income, and low-income countries (the PURE Study): a prospective epidemiological survey

Anonymous, 2011:
HIV-1 Infection Protects Against a Tc1 to Tc2 Shift in CD8+ T-cells

Anonymous, 2011:
No association between mannose-binding lectin deficiency and H1N1 29 infection found during first season due to this novel pandemic influenza virus

Anonymous, 2011:
TLRs on the Fork roads between innate and adaptive immunity

Anonymous, 2011:
KIR genes and their HLA ligands in the progression to cirrhosis in patients with Chronic Hepatitis C

Anonymous, 2011:
Banning reproductive travel? Turkey’s assisted reproduction legislation and third-party assisted reproduction

Montenegro-Calderón, Jé.Guadalupe.; Martínez-Álvarez, Jé.Ascención.; Vieyra-Hernández, M.Teresa.; Rangel-Macías, L.Imelda.; Razzo-Soria, T.; Chávez-Herrera, R.; Ponce-Noyola, P.; Leal-Morales, C.Alberto., 2012:
Molecular identification of two strains of Cercospora rodmanii isolated from water hyacinth present in Yuriria lagoon, Guanajuato, Mexico and identification of new hosts for several other strains

Anonymous, 2011:
Management of supra-mesocolic peritonitis using the Levy helicoid drain Helisonde®

Brown, L.K.; Nugent, N.R.; Houck, C.D.; Lescano, C.M.; Whiteley, L.B.; Barker, D.; Viau, L.; Zlotnick, C., 2012:
Safe Thinking and Affect Regulation (STAR): human immunodeficiency virus prevention in alternative/therapeutic schools

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Optical coherence tomography images of bell-shaped appearance in late sirolimus-eluting stent restenosis with extension of previous incomplete stent apposition

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Aortic valve endocarditis and cerebral mycotic aneurysm due to brucellosis

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Expression and function of calcium-activated potassium channels following in-stent restenosis in a porcine coronary artery model

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Rapid collision detection for deformable objects using inclusion-fields applied to cloth simulation

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Stapler access and visibility in the deep pelvis: A comparative human cadaver study between a computerized right angle linear cutter versus a curved cutting stapler

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Younger age as a prognostic indicator in breast cancer: a cohort study

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The mitochondrial genome of Sinentomon erythranum (Arthropoda: Hexapoda: Protura): an example of highly divergent evolution

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Stakeholders' perspectives on the regulation and integration of complementary and alternative medicine products in Lebanon: a qualitative study

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Proteasome modulator 9 SNPs are linked to hypertension in type 2 diabetes families

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Application of a diagnosis-based clinical decision guide in patients with neck pain

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Identification of sources of lead exposure in French children by lead isotope analysis: a cross-sectional study

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Great inclination to smoke among younger adults coming from low-socioeconomic class in Thailand

Anonymous, 2011:
The role of tumor necrosis factor-alpha and TNF-alpha receptors in cerebral arteries following cerebral ischemia in rat

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Mapping of ESE-1 subdomains required to initiate mammary epithelial cell transformation via a cytoplasmic mechanism

Zou, J.; Huang, X-Xi.; Yin, G-Wen.; Ding, Y.; Liu, X-Yong.; Wang, H.; Chen, Q-Jun.; Suo, X., 2011:
Evaluation of Toxoplasma gondii as a live vaccine vector in susceptible and resistant hosts

Anonymous, 2011:
New genome sequence could improve important agricultural crops

Anonymous, 2011:
Friend and foe Nitrogen pollutions little-known environmental and human health threats

Anonymous, 2011:
Filling the pantry for the first voyages to the Red Planet

Anonymous, 2011:
New skin test determines age of wild animals to help control nuisance animals

Anonymous, 2011:
The first nuclear power plants for settlements on the moon and Mars

Anonymous, 2011:
Tackling mysteries about carbon, possible oil formation and more deep inside Earth

Anonymous, 2011:
Hollywood screenwriters and scientists More than an artistic collaboration

Anonymous, 2011:
Remedies for sciences shortage of superheroes

Anonymous, 2011:
Bilingual babies vocabulary linked to early brain differentiation

Anonymous, 2011 :
New roles emerge for non-coding RNAs in directing embryonic development

Anonymous, 2011:
The genome of mesopolyploid crop Brassica rapa sheds new light on the study of genome evolution

Anonymous, 2011:
New research validates clinical importance of leukemia stem cells

Waldrop, M.M., 1985:
Going with the flow

Anonymous, 2011:
In cell culture, like real estate, the neighborhood matters

Anonymous, 2011:
Research offers new way to target shape-shifting proteins

Anonymous, 2011:
Six new genetic variants linked to type 2 diabetes discovered in South Asians

Anonymous, 2011:
Free radicals crucial to suppressing appetite

Anonymous, 2011:
New Heroes of Chemistry are pioneers in personalized medicine and decoding genes

Anonymous, 2011:
Stanford researchers invent sutureless method for joining blood vessels

Anonymous, 2011:
Apixaban superior to warfarin for preventing stroke, reducing bleeding and saving lives

Valles-Ortega, J.; Duran, J.; Garcia-Rocha, M.; Bosch, C.; Saez, I.; Pujadas, Lís.; Serafin, A.; Cañas, X.; Soriano, E.; Delgado-García, Jé.M.; Gruart, Aès.; Guinovart, J.J., 2012:
Neurodegeneration and functional impairments associated with glycogen synthase accumulation in a mouse model of Lafora disease

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Microvascular dysfunction: a potential mechanism in the pathogenesis of obesity-associated insulin resistance and hypertension

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Non-invasive assessment of skin microvascular function in humans: an insight into methods

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The human genome retains relics of its prokaryotic ancestry: human genes of archaebacterial and eubacterial origin exhibit remarkable differences

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On characterizing adaptive events unique to modern humans

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Percutaneous endoscopic transapical aortic valve implantation: three experimental transcatheter models

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Pneumothorax associated with treatment for pulmonary malignancy

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Leukocyte subsets dynamics following open pulmonary lobectomy for lung cancer: a prospective, observational study

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Intrathoracic chemo-thermotherapy with radiofrequency waves after extrapleural pneumonectomy for malignant pleural mesothelioma

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Surgery for hemoptysis in various pulmonary tuberculous lesions: a prospective study

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Advantages of the L-incision approach comprising a combination of left anterior thoracotomy and upper half-median sternotomy for aortic arch aneurysms

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Outcomes of total aortic arch replacement with coronary artery bypass grafting

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Comparing the outcome of on-pump versus off-pump coronary artery bypass grafting in patients with preoperative atrial fibrillation

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Left ventricle unloading by percutaneous pigtail during extracorporeal membrane oxygenation

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Triclosan-coated sutures for the reduction of sternal wound infections? A retrospective observational analysis

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Is preoperative physiotherapy/pulmonary rehabilitation beneficial in lung resection patients?

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Is surgery indicated in patients with stage IIIa lung cancer and mediastinal nodal involvement?

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In patients undergoing lung resection for non-small cell lung cancer, is lymph node dissection or sampling superior?

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Do patients with haemophilia undergoing cardiac surgery have good surgical outcomes?

Sunderland, N.; Maruthappu, M.; Nagendran, M., 2011:
What size of left atrium significantly impairs the success of maze surgery for atrial fibrillation?

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Neo-coarctation after the arterial switch operation

Paci, M.; Valli, R.; Tenconi, S.; Sgarbi, G., 2011:
Mediastinal Castleman's disease mimicking thoracic paravertebral schwannoma

Yamamoto, K.; Tomiyama, K.; Mitsuoka, M., 2011:
Total cricoidectomy and laryngotracheal reconstruction for subglottic stenosis with glottic involvement

de Siena, P.; Rajakaruna, C.; Parry, A.J.; Caputo, M., 2011:
Reverse subclavian flap and aorto-pulmonary window technique for repair of interrupted aortic arch and truncus arteriosus

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Is there a place for video-associated thoracoscopy for dissecting intramural haematoma of the oesophagus?

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Dangerous mediastinal basal pulmonary artery during left upper lobectomy

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Professional parachuting: the risk of acute aortic dissection

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Dynamics of Alexandrium fundyense blooms and shellfish toxicity in the Nauset Marsh System of Cape Cod Massachusetts, USA

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Investigation of ultrasound screening efficiency for neural tube defects during pregnancy in rural areas of China

Ebare, M.N.; Omuemu, V.O.; Isah, E.C., 2012:
Assessment of noise levels generated by music shops in an urban city in Nigeria

Susanne Williams-Frey, 2011:
Management of atypical infant colic – a pain syndrome of infancy – and the emotional stress associated with it Why treat a benign disorder?

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The platelet-derived growth factor system in renal disease: an emerging role of endogenous inhibitors

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Acoustic analysis of alarm calls of the European ground squirrel Spermophilus citellus and the Taurus ground squirrel S taurensis Mammalia Sciuridae

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Cell invasion and strain dependent induction of suppressor of cytokine signaling-1 by Toxoplasma gondii

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Ionic mechanism of shock-induced arrhythmias: role of intracellular calcium

Anonymous, 2011:
A Novel Method of Signal Analysis for Ablation of Wolff-Parkinson-White Syndrome

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Myocardial performance is reduced immediately prior to ventricular ectopy

Bender, S.J.; Parker, M.S.; Armbrust, E.Virginia., 2012:
Coupled effects of light and nitrogen source on the urea cycle and nitrogen metabolism over a diel cycle in the marine diatom Thalassiosira pseudonana

Anonymous, 2011:
A New Look at Nutritional Care for Obese Patients Candidates for Bariatric Surgery

Cuicchi, D.; Lombardi, R.; Cariani, S.; Leuratti, L.; Lecce, F.; Cola, B., 2013:
Clinical and instrumental evaluation of pelvic floor disorders before and after bariatric surgery in obese women

Anonymous, 2011:
Years’ Duration of Type 2 Diabetes as a Prognostic Factor for Remission after Sleeve Gastrectomy

Anonymous, 2011:
Diet-Induced Obesity is Associated with Steatosis, Oxidative Stress and Inflammation in the Liver

Anonymous, 2011:
The Impact of Preoperative Weight Loss in Bariatric Surgical Patients A Systematic Review

Anonymous, 2011:
Outcomes of Bariatric Surgery in Patients with BMI less than 35 kg/m2

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Statistical precision of diet diversity from scat and pellet analysis

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Partial penile reconstruction following fat augmentation with anterolateral thigh perforator flap

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Effects of RRR-?-tocopheryl acetate supplementation during the transition period on vitamin status in blood and milk of organic dairy cows during lactation

E.V.chkova; B.B.volarski; M.G.lubova; R.K.nakchieva; I.P.G.orgiev; R.S.meonov, 2011:
Immunohistochemical localisation of EGF receptors in the intestinal tract of growing rabbits in relation to age

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Imaging guidance with C-arm CT: prospective evaluation of its impact on patient radiation exposure during transhepatic arterial chemoembolization

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N-butyl cyanoacrylate embolization as the primary treatment of acute hemodynamically unstable lower gastrointestinal hemorrhage

Contessa, J.; Kyriakides, T.; Kim, D., 2012:
Can moral reasoning predict general surgery residents' clinical competence?

Banerjee, S.; Dhara, S.K.; Bacanamwo, M., 2012:
Endoglin is a novel endothelial cell specification gene

Anonymous, 2011:
Comparable analysis of measurement of stratospheric aerosol by lidar and aerosol sonde above Ny-Aalesund in the winter of 1995

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Endophyte-mediated adjustments in host morphology and physiology and effects on host fitness traits in grasses

Marjorie Lorch; Paula Hellal, 2012:
The ‘Idioglossia’ Cases of the 189s and the Clinical Investigation and Treatment of Developmental Language Impairment

Didier Bresson; Franck Sibellas; Fadi Farhat; Olivier Jegaden; Gilbert Kirkorian; Eric Bonnefoy, 2011:
Preliminary experience with Impella Recover® LP5 in nine patients with cardiogenic shock A new circulatory support system in the intensive cardiac care unit

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Acute pericardial effusion following atrial fibrillation ablation: characteristics and relationship with arrhythmia recurrences

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Transradial approach and subclavian wired temporary pacemaker to increase safety of alcohol septal ablation for treatment of obstructive hypertrophic cardiomyopathy: the TRASA trial

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Physiological basis and clinical significance of left ventricular suction studied using echo-dynamography

Alexandra McManus; Lynda Fielder; Wendy Newton; James White, 2011:
Health benefits of seafood for men

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Effects of D-cycloserine and midazolam on the expression of the GABA-A alpha-2 receptor subunits in brain structures of fear conditioned rats

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Hesperidin ameliorates functional and histological outcome and reduces neuroinflammation in experimental stroke

Sanda, P.; Marsalek, P., 2013:
Stochastic interpolation model of the medial superior olive neural circuit

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Tropisetron upregulates cannabinoid CB1 receptors in cerebellar granule cells: possible involvement of calcineurin

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Quantitative estimates of the cytoplasmic, PSD, and NMDAR-bound pools of CaMKII in dendritic spines

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Glucocorticoids dexamethasone and hydrocortisone inhibit proliferation and accelerate maturation of chicken cerebellar granule neurons

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Acute lithium administration selectively lowers tyrosine levels in serum and brain

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Dependence of the histofluorescently reactive zinc pool on zinc transporter-3 in the normal brain

Anonymous, 2011:
Behavioral effects of N-desmethylclozapine on locomotor activity and sensorimotor gating function in mice – possible involvement of muscarinic receptors

Horn, C.C.; Murat, Cé.; Rosazza, M.; Still, L., 2012:
Effects of gastric distension and infusion of umami and bitter taste stimuli on vagal afferent activity

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Low frequency electroacupuncture selectively decreases voluntarily ethanol intake in rats

Zhong, X-Ling.; Lv, K-Rong.; Zhang, Q.; Yu, J-Tai.; Xing, Y-Yao.; Wang, N-Dong.; Tan, L., 2012 :
Low-frequency stimulation of bilateral anterior nucleus of thalamus inhibits amygdale-kindled seizures in rats

Enayati, M.; Solati, J.; Hosseini, M-Hassan.; Shahi, H-Reza.; Saki, G.; Salari, A-Akbar., 2012:
Maternal infection during late pregnancy increases anxiety- and depression-like behaviors with increasing age in male offspring

Ye, R.; Blakely, R.D., 2012:
Natural and engineered coding variation in antidepressant-sensitive serotonin transporters

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Biomarkers of anhedonic-like behavior, antidepressant drug refraction, and stress resilience in a rat model of depression

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Importance of central AT1 receptors for sodium intake induced by GABAergic activation of the lateral parabrachial nucleus

Anonymous, 2011:
Cannabinoid type 1 CB1 receptors and transient receptor potential type 1 TRPV1 channels in fear and anxiety – two sides of one coin?

Atsak, P.; Roozendaal, B.; Campolongo, P., 2012:
Role of the endocannabinoid system in regulating glucocorticoid effects on memory for emotional experiences

Anonymous, 2011:
C-fos activation of spinal glycinergic and GABAergic neurons is increased after capsaicin stimulation in rats with contralateral chronic pain

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Dopaminergic modulation of striatal neurons, circuits, and assemblies

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Pathophysiology of Huntington's disease: time-dependent alterations in synaptic and receptor function

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Exercise affects memory acquisition, anxiety-like symptoms and activity of membrane-bound enzyme in brain of rats fed with different dietary fats: impairments of trans fat

Anonymous, 2011:
Expression of FTPD-17 tau induces specific degeneration of the ventral dentate gyrus and depressive-like behavior in mice

Tanida, M.; Yamamoto, N., 2012:
Central AMP-activated protein kinase affects sympathetic nerve activity in rats

Jiang, X.; Knox, R.; Pathipati, P.; Ferriero, D., 2012:
Developmental localization of NMDA receptors, Src and MAP kinases in mouse brain

Sadahiro, R.; Suzuki, A.; Matsumoto, Y.; Shibuya, N.; Enokido, M.; Kamata, M.; Goto, K.; Otani, K., 2012:
Functional polymorphism of the GTP cyclohydrolase 1 gene affects the personality trait of novelty seeking in healthy subjects

Stauffer, B.; Wallis, K.T.; Wilson, S.P.; Egertová, M.; Elphick, M.R.; Lewis, D.L.; Hardy, L.Redmond., 2012:
CRIP1a switches cannabinoid receptor agonist/antagonist-mediated protection from glutamate excitotoxicity

Anonymous, 2011:
Novel demonstration of conformationally-modified tau in sporadic inclusion-body myositis muscle fibers

Oguro, A.; Kubota, H.; Shimizu, M.; Ishiura, S.; Atomi, Y., 2012:
Protective role of the ubiquitin binding protein Tollip against the toxicity of polyglutamine-expansion proteins

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In vivo 5-HT(6) receptor occupancy by antipsychotic drugs in the rat brain

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Prevention of extracellular ADP-induced ATP accumulation of the cultured rat spinal astrocytes via P2Y(1)-mediated inhibition of AMPK

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Increased apoptosis and different regulation of pro-apoptosis protein bax and anti-apoptosis protein bcl-2 in the olfactory bulb of a rat model of depression

Wang, J.; Zhang, Y.; Tang, L.; Zhang, N.; Fan, D., 2012:
Protective effects of resveratrol through the up-regulation of SIRT1 expression in the mutant hSOD1-G93A-bearing motor neuron-like cell culture model of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis

Yao, L-Hua.; Li, C-Hua.; Yan, W-Wen.; Huang, J-Ni.; Liu, W-Xiao.; Xiao, P., 2012:
Cordycepin decreases activity of hippocampal CA1 pyramidal neuron through membrane hyperpolarization

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Aquaporins AQP1 and AQP4 in the cerebrospinal fluid of bacterial meningitis patients

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Effect of salicylate on potassium currents in inner hair cells isolated from guinea-pig cochlea

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Polymorphisms in LMNA and near a SERPINA13 gene are not associated with cognitive performance in Chinese elderly males without dementia

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The relationship between callosal axons and cortical neurons in the planum temporale: alterations in schizophrenia

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Effects of antipsychotic drugs on BDNF, GSK-3β, and β-catenin expression in rats subjected to immobilization stress

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Variability in placebo analgesia and the role of fear of pain--an ERP study

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Ghrelin acylation and metabolic control

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The role of transparency in da Vinci stereopsis

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The contribution of different parts of the visual field to the perception of upright

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The effect of photopigment optical density on the color vision of the anomalous trichromat

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Foveal phase retardation changes associated with normal aging

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Carotenoid content, leaf gas-exchange, and non photochemical quenching in transgenic tomato overexpressing the ?-carotene hydroxylase 2 gene CrtR-b2

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Phenylbutyrate suppresses distinct Characterization skin reactions that are enhanced by blockade of epidermal growth factor receptor signaling

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Insights into the local pathogenesis induced by fish toxins role of natterins and nattectin in the disruption of cell-cell and cell- extracellular matrix interactions and modulation of cell migration

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Trends of Generalized and Restricted Altruism in Organ Donations

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Quantification of glacial till chemical composition by reflectance spectroscopy

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Sand dispersal in the southeastern Austral Basin, Tierra del Fuego, Argentina outcrop insights from Eocene channelled turbidite systems

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Characterization of heterogeneities in porous media using constant rate air injection porosimetry

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Productivity growth and environmental regulations - accounting for undesirable outputs Analysis of Chinas thirty provincial regions using the Malmquist–Luenberger index

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Negative externalities on property values resulting from water impairment The case of the Pigeon River Watershed

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When does a carbon tax on fossil fuels stimulate biofuels?

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Operationalising active involvement in the EU Water Framework Directive Why, when and how?

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Comparative costs and conservation of wild species in situ, eg orangutans

Anonymous, 2011:
Flexural controls on late Neogene basin evolution in southern McMurdo Sound

Anonymous, 2011:
Millennial-scale paleoceanographic events and implication for the intermediate-water ventilation in the northern slope area of the Bering Sea during the last 71 kyrs

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Soil moisture and vegetation memories in a cold, arid climate

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Global assessment of the fishing impacts on the Southern Benguela ecosystem using an EcoTroph modelling approach

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Method to obtain standard pseudosections from pseudo pole-dipole arrays

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Testate amoebae as indicators of hydroseral change An 8500 year record from Mer Bleue Bog, eastern Ontario, Canada

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Between Sierra and Selva landscape transformations in upper Ecuadorian Amazonia

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Tephrochronological investigation at Dvuh-yurtochnoe Lake area, Kamchatka numerous landslides and lake tsunami, and their environmental impacts

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Pliocene And Pleistocene Volcanic Interaction With Cordilleran Ice Sheets, Damming Of The Yukon River And Vertebrate Palaeontology, Fort Selkirk Volcanic Group, West-Central Yukon, Canada

Anonymous, 2011:
First find of a partially articulated elephant skeleton from a Late Pleistocene hyena den in Sicily San Teodoro Cave, North Eastern Sicily, Italy

Anonymous, 2011:
Moravia during MIS 3 in the context of the Middle Danube Region

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Ancient diet of the Pleistocene gomphothere Notiomastodon platensis Mammalia, Proboscidea, Gomphotheriidae from lowland mid-latitudes of South America stereomicrowear and tooth calculus analyses combined

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Simulation of aerosol direct radiative forcing with RAMS-CMAQ in East Asia

Anonymous, 2011:
In-situ observations of Eyjafjallajokull ash particles by hot-air balloon

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Wind Tunnel Investigation of the Downwash Effect of a Rooftop Structure on Plume Dispersion

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A system for free-air ozone concentration elevation with rice and wheat Control performance and ozone exposure regime

Anonymous, 2011:
Evaporation in relation to co2 concentration analysis of mass transfer coefficientzss

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Aircraft Emissions and Local Air Quality Impacts from Takeoff Activities at a large International Airport

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Triassic Subduction of the Paleo-Tethys in northern Tibet, China evidence from the geochemical and isotopic characteristics of eclogites and blueschists of the Qiangtang Block

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Activation of adenosine A1 receptor attenuates tumor necrosis factor-α induced hypertrophy of cardiomyocytes

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Arbuscular mycorrhizal colonization, plant chemistry, and aboveground herbivory on Senecio jacobaea

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A resprouter herb reduces negative density-dependent effects among neighboring seeders after fire

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Motifs in the C-terminal region of the Penicillium chrysogenum ACV synthetase are essential for valine epimerization and processivity of tripeptide formation

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Bioavailability of Extended-Release Nevirapine 4 and 3 mg in HIV-1 A Multicenter, Open-Label Study

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Back to basics Considerations in evaluating the outcomes of community forestry

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Bird Flu rears its head again

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Recombinant expression of his-tagged Saposin B and pH dependent binding to the lipid Coenzyme Q1

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An enzymatic colorimetric assay for glucose-6-phosphate

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Bacterial transformation using micro-shock waves

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The isotopic exchange of oxygen as a tool for detection the glycation sites in proteins

Anonymous, 2011:
Detecting and resolving position-dependent temperature effects in real-time quantitative PCR

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Eating green. Consumers' willingness to adopt ecological food consumption behaviors

Anonymous, 2011:
Implicit wanting and explicit liking are markers for trait binge eating–a susceptible phenotype for overeating

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Protein tyrosine nitration in the cell cycle

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Genetic dissection of proteolytic and non-proteolytic contributions of MT1-MMP to macrophage invasion

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Loss of DLK expression in WI-38 human diploid fibroblasts induces a senescent-like proliferation arrest

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CD4 T cell dependent tumor immunity stimulated by dendritic cell based vaccine

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Regular exercise prevents high-sucrose diet-induced fatty liver via improvement of hepatic lipid metabolism

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Alternative splicings on p53, BRCA1 and PTEN genes involved in breast cancer

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Differential expression of co-signal molecules and migratory properties in four distinct subsets of migratory dendritic cells from the oral mucosa

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Effects of bacterial products on enterocyte-macrophage interactions in vitro

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Identification of the site of binding of sulfated, low molecular weight lignins on thrombin

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Palmitate alters the rhythmic expression of molecular clock genes and orexigenic neuropeptide Y mRNA levels within immortalized, hypothalamic neurons

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Characterization of zebrafish dysferlin by morpholino knockdown

Anonymous, 2011:
Starch Binding Domain Protein 1 Stbd1 and glycogen metabolism Identification of the Atg8 family interacting motif AIM in Stbd1 required for interaction with GABARAPL

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Numblike and Numb differentially affect p53 and Sonic Hedgehog signaling

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TNF-α increases cardiac fibroblast lysyl oxidase expression through TGF-β and PI3Kinase signaling pathways

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Berberine exerts anti-adipogenic activity through up-regulation of C/EBP inhibitors, CHOP and DEC2

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Docetaxel combined with targeted therapies in metastatic breast cancer

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Immunomodulatory activity of polyphenols derived from Cassia auriculata flowers in aged rats

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Antibody binding to porcine sialoadhesin reduces phagocytic capacity without affecting other macrophage effector functions

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Combined effects of antioxidant vitamin and NOS3 genetic polymorphisms on breast cancer risk in women

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Rewarding performance feedback alters reported time of action

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Change of supercooling capability in solutions containing different kinds of ice nucleators by flavonol glycosides from deep supercooling xylem parenchyma cells in trees

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Maternal smoking during pregnancy, polymorphic CYP1A1 and GSTM1, and lung-function measures in urban family children

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Marine Biological Valuation Mapping of the Basque continental shelf Bay of Biscay, within the context of Marine Spatial Planning

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Caspase-8, c-FLIP, and caspase-9 in c-Myc-induced apoptosis of fibroblasts

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Depletion of optineurin in RGC-5 cells derived from retinal neurons causes apoptosis and reduces the secretion of neurotrophins

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A zebrafish model for the rapid evaluation of pro-oxidative and inflammatory death by lipopolysaccharide, oxidized low-density lipoproteins, and glycated high-density lipoproteins

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A novel sialic acid binding lectin with anti-bacterial activity from the Hong Kong oyster (Crassostrea hongkongensis)

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Growth hormone (GH) treatment acts on the endocrine and autocrine/paracrine GH/IGF-axis and on TNF-α expression in bony fish pituitary and immune organs

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Eukaryotic origin of a metabolic pathway in virus by horizontal gene transfer

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Population structure of two dominant gypsophyte shrubs through a secondary plant succession

Anonymous, 2011:
Prospective Results of Uncemented Tantalum Monoblock Tibia in Total Knee ArthroplastyMinimum 5-Year Follow-up in Patients Younger Than 55 Years

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Refusing intergroup help from the morally superior How one groups moral superiority leads to another groups reluctance to seek their help

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Identification of a nucleopolyhedrovirus in winter moth populations from Massachusetts

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S-nitrosylation: a radical way to protect the heart

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Behavioral Inhibition and Triallelic Genotyping of the Serotonin Transporter Promoter 5-HTTLPR Polymorphism

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Different patterns of adaptation of the right ventricle to pressure overload: a comparison between pulmonary hypertension and pulmonary stenosis

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Exponential transient propagating oscillations in a ring of spiking neurons with unidirectional slow inhibitory synaptic coupling

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Characterization of lipid matrices for membrane protein crystallization by high-throughput small angle X-ray scattering

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Computational approaches to selecting and optimising targets for structural biology

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GLUT2 (SLC2A2) is not the principal glucose transporter in human pancreatic beta cells: implications for understanding genetic association signals at this locus

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Enzyme replacement therapy attenuates disease progression in two Japanese siblings with mucopolysaccharidosis type VI

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Mucopolysaccharidosis type VI (Maroteaux-Lamy syndrome) with a predominantly cardiac phenotype

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Grouping of MEG gamma oscillations by EEG sleep spindles

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AFNI: what a long strange trip it's been

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The experiences of undergraduate Assistants in Nursing (AIN)

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A clinical predicament--diagnosis and differential diagnosis of cutaneous facial sinus tracts of dental origin: a series of case reports

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Cytocompatibility of new bioceramic-based materials on human fibroblast cells (MRC-5)

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Taekwondo training improves the neuromotor excitability and reaction of large and small muscles

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Identification of novel pathogenicity-related cellulase genes in Xanthomonas oryzae pv oryzae

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Heat stability, its measurement, and its lack of utility in the assessment of the potential allergenicity of novel proteins

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Evaluation of dermal and eye irritation and skin sensitization due to carbon nanotubes

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Characterisation of Geological formations by Physical Parameters obtained through full waveform acoustic logging

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Antifungal management and resource use in patients with acute myeloid leukaemia AML after chemotherapy – retrospective analysis of changes over three years in a German hospital

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Survival benefits from reduced intensity conditioning in allogeneic stem cell transplantation for young lower-risk MDS patients without significant co-morbidities

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Comparison of loop-mediated isothermal amplification and real-time PCR for diagnosis of tuberculous pleurisy

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Characterization of the central nervous system and various peripheral innervations during larval development of the oyster Crassostrea virginica

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Proteomics and Multilocus Sequence Analysis confirm the intraspecific variability of Vibrio tapetis

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Plasmid-mediated transfer of the bla(NDM-1) gene in Gram-negative rods

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Just what the doctor ordered Moving forward with electronic health records

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Hearts and Minds Project A breastfeeding curriculum intervention to improve the education outcomes for nutrition and dietetics graduates

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Dietetic care of hip fracture patients across Australia Are we doing enough?

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Decolonization to prevent infections with Staphylococcus aureus in patients undergoing hemodialysis: a review of current evidence

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New Rice for Africa (NERICA) cultivars exhibit different levels of post-attachment resistance against the parasitic weeds Striga hermonthica and Striga asiatica

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Eurosdr And Its Role In Developing Links Between Science And National Mapping

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Perceiving pictures

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High cell density fed-batch fermentation for the production of recombinant E coli K-12 ghost vaccine against streptococcal disease

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Banning Evolution

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The (un)managed self: paradoxical forms of agency in self-management of bipolar disorder

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