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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 36194

Chapter 36194 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Parikh, C.R.; Coca, S.G.; Thiessen-Philbrook, H.; Shlipak, M.G.; Koyner, J.L.; Wang, Z.; Edelstein, C.L.; Devarajan, P.; Patel, U.D.; Zappitelli, M.; Krawczeski, C.D.; Passik, C.S.; Swaminathan, M.; Garg, A.X.; Patel, U.; Swaminathan, M.; Passik, C.; Garwood, S.; Ma, Q.; Bennett, M., 2011:
Postoperative biomarkers predict acute kidney injury and poor outcomes after adult cardiac surgery

Guerra, G.; Ciancio, G.; Gaynor, J.J.; Zarak, A.; Brown, R.; Hanson, L.; Sageshima, J.; Roth, D.; Chen, L.; Kupin, W.; Tueros, L.; Ruiz, P.; Livingstone, A.S.; Burke, G.W., 2011:
Randomized trial of immunosuppressive regimens in renal transplantation

Aronov, P.A.; Luo, F.J-G.; Plummer, N.S.; Quan, Z.; Holmes, S.; Hostetter, T.H.; Meyer, T.W., 2011:
Colonic contribution to uremic solutes

Prevatt, F.; Proctor, B.; Baker, L.; Garrett, L.; Yelland, S., 2012:
Time estimation abilities of college students with ADHD

McRae-Clark, A.L.; Brady, K.T.; Hartwell, K.J.; White, K.; Carter, R.E., 2012:
Methylphenidate transdermal system in adults with past stimulant misuse: an open-label trial

Torrente, F.; Lischinsky, A.; Torralva, T.; López, P.; Roca, Mía.; Manes, F., 2012:
Not always hyperactive? Elevated apathy scores in adolescents and adults with ADHD

Matza, L.S.; Van Brunt, D.L.; Cates, C.; Murray, L.T., 2012:
Test-retest reliability of two patient-report measures for use in adults with ADHD

Fasmer, O.Bernt.; Riise, T.; Eagan, T.Mikal.; Lund, A.; Dilsaver, S.C.; Hundal, O.; Oedegaard, K.J., 2012:
Comorbidity of asthma with ADHD

Anastopoulos, A.D.; Smith, T.F.; Garrett, M.E.; Morrissey-Kane, E.; Schatz, N.K.; Sommer, J.L.; Kollins, S.H.; Ashley-Koch, A., 2012:
Self-Regulation of Emotion, Functional Impairment, and Comorbidity Among ChildrenWith AD/HD

Motlagh, M.G.; Sukhodolsky, D.G.; Landeros-Weisenberger, A.; Katsovich, L.; Thompson, N.; Scahill, L.; King, R.A.; Peterson, B.S.; Schultz, R.T.; Leckman, J.F., 2012:
Adverse effects of heavy prenatal maternal smoking on attentional control in children with ADHD

Ghanizadeh, A., 2012:
Predictors of postural stability in children with ADHD

Anonymous, 2011:
Allergy blood testing A practical guide for clinicians

Anonymous, 2011:
Hepatic encephalopathy Suspect it early in patients with cirrhosis

Anonymous, 2011:
Venous thromboembolism What to do after anticoagulation is started

Anonymous, 2011:
What is the optimal duration of bisphosphonate therapy?

Will Kalkhoff, C.Wesley Younts and Lisa Troyer, 2011:
Do Others Views of Us Transfer to New Groups and Tasks? An Expectation States Approach

John O'Brien, 2011:
Spoiled Group Identities and Backstage Work A Theory of Stigma Management Rehearsals

Robert Vargas, 2011:
Being in Bad Company Power Dependence and Status in Adolescent Susceptibility to Peer Influence

Blauw-Hospers, C.H.; Dirks, T.; Hulshof, L.J.; Bos, A.F.; Hadders-Algra, M., 2011:
Pediatric physical therapy in infancy: from nightmare to dream? A two-arm randomized trial

Chmielewski, T.L.; Zeppieri, G.; Lentz, T.A.; Tillman, S.M.; Moser, M.W.; Indelicato, P.A.; George, S.Z., 2011:
Longitudinal changes in psychosocial factors and their association with knee pain and function after anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction

Almeida, G.J.M.; Wasko, M.Chester.M.; Jeong, K.; Moore, C.G.; Piva, S.R., 2011:
Physical activity measured by the SenseWear Armband in women with rheumatoid arthritis

Sherman, M.P., 2011:
Historical Perspectives Perinatal Profiles Elie Metchnikoff Probiotic Pioneer

Joss-Moore, L.A.; Lane, R.H., 2011:
Perinatal Nutrition, Epigenetics, and Disease

Vlaardingerbroek, H.; van den Akker, C.H.P.; de Groof, F.; Hogewind-Schoonenboom, J.E.; Huang, L.; Riedijk, M.A.; van der Schoor, S.R.D.; Huang, Y.; van Goudoever, J.B., 2011:
Amino Acids for the Neonate Search for the Ideal Dietary Composition

Veesler, D.; Cambillau, C., 2012:
A common evolutionary origin for tailed-bacteriophage functional modules and bacterial machineries

Hinnebusch, A.G., 2012:
Molecular mechanism of scanning and start codon selection in eukaryotes

Gerlier, D.; Lyles, D.S., 2012:
Interplay between innate immunity and negative-strand RNA viruses: towards a rational model

Spitzer, J., 2012:
From water and ions to crowded biomacromolecules: in vivo structuring of a prokaryotic cell

Verstraeten, N.; Fauvart, M.; Versées, W.; Michiels, J., 2012:
The universally conserved prokaryotic GTPases

Sarkar, Jaydip; di Lustro, Mary, 2011:
Evolution of secure services for women in England

Anonymous, 2011:
Hepatitis C a patients journey from a psychiatrists perspective

Anonymous, 2011:
Occupational psychiatry in the armed forces should depressed soldiers carry guns?

Hampson, Michele, 2011:
Raising standards in relation to Section 136 of the Mental Health Act 1983

Mason, J.; Adeshina, A., 2011:
The role of psychiatrists in developing the skills of dementia care workers

Fridman, W.Herman.; Galon, Jérôme.; Pagès, F.; Tartour, E.; Sautès-Fridman, Cé.; Kroemer, G., 2011:
Prognostic and predictive impact of intra- and peritumoral immune infiltrates

Anonymous, 2011:
TGF-beta/SMAD/GLI2 Signaling Axis in Cancer Progression and Metastasis

Dothager, R.S.; Piwnica-Worms, D., 2011:
Nano in cancer: linking chemistry, biology, and clinical applications in vivo

Izawa, N.; Wu, W.; Sato, K.; Nishikawa, H.; Kato, A.; Boku, N.; Itoh, F.; Ohta, T., 2011:
HERC2 Interacts with Claspin and regulates DNA origin firing and replication fork progression

Kummar, S.; Chen, A.; Ji, J.; Zhang, Y.; Reid, J.M.; Ames, M.; Jia, L.; Weil, M.; Speranza, G.; Murgo, A.J.; Kinders, R.; Wang, L.; Parchment, R.E.; Carter, J.; Stotler, H.; Rubinstein, L.; Hollingshead, M.; Melillo, G.; Pommier, Y.; Bonner, W.; Tomaszewski, J.E.; Doroshow, J.H., 2011:
Phase I study of PARP inhibitor ABT-888 in combination with topotecan in adults with refractory solid tumors and lymphomas

Buffa, F.M.; Camps, C.; Winchester, L.; Snell, C.E.; Gee, H.E.; Sheldon, H.; Taylor, M.; Harris, A.L.; Ragoussis, J., 2011:
microRNA-associated progression pathways and potential therapeutic targets identified by integrated mRNA and microRNA expression profiling in breast cancer

Suzuki, H.; Takatsuka, S.; Akashi, H.; Yamamoto, E.; Nojima, M.; Maruyama, R.; Kai, M.; Yamano, H-O.; Sasaki, Y.; Tokino, T.; Shinomura, Y.; Imai, K.; Toyota, M., 2011:
Genome-wide profiling of chromatin signatures reveals epigenetic regulation of MicroRNA genes in colorectal cancer

Ugras, S.; Brill, E.; Jacobsen, A.; Hafner, M.; Socci, N.D.; Decarolis, P.L.; Khanin, R.; O'Connor, R.; Mihailovic, A.; Taylor, B.S.; Sheridan, R.; Gimble, J.M.; Viale, A.; Crago, A.; Antonescu, C.R.; Sander, C.; Tuschl, T.; Singer, S., 2011:
Small RNA sequencing and functional characterization reveals MicroRNA-143 tumor suppressor activity in liposarcoma

Martinet, L.; Garrido, I.; Filleron, T.; Le Guellec, S.; Bellard, E.; Fournie, J-Jacques.; Rochaix, P.; Girard, J-Philippe., 2011:
Human solid tumors contain high endothelial venules: association with T- and B-lymphocyte infiltration and favorable prognosis in breast cancer

Liao, D.; Liu, Z.; Wrasidlo, W.J.; Luo, Y.; Nguyen, G.; Chen, T.; Xiang, R.; Reisfeld, R.A., 2011:
Targeted therapeutic remodeling of the tumor microenvironment improves an HER-2 DNA vaccine and prevents recurrence in a murine breast cancer model

Fagiani, E.; Lorentz, P.; Kopfstein, L.; Christofori, G., 2011:
Angiopoietin-1 and -2 exert antagonistic functions in tumor angiogenesis, yet both induce lymphangiogenesis

Anonymous, 2011:
Dual Function of ERRalpha in Breast Cancer and Bone Metastasis Formation Implication of VEGF and Osteoprotegerin

Prenzel, T.; Begus-Nahrmann, Y.; Kramer, F.; Hennion, M.; Hsu, C.; Gorsler, T.; Hintermair, C.; Eick, D.; Kremmer, E.; Simons, M.; Beissbarth, T.; Johnsen, S.A., 2011:
Estrogen-dependent gene transcription in human breast cancer cells relies upon proteasome-dependent monoubiquitination of histone H2B

Uesugi, A.; Kozaki, K-Ichi.; Tsuruta, T.; Furuta, M.; Morita, K-Ichi.; Imoto, I.; Omura, K.; Inazawa, J., 2011:
The tumor suppressive microRNA miR-218 targets the mTOR component Rictor and inhibits AKT phosphorylation in oral cancer

Berndt, A.; Cario, C.L.; Silva, K.A.; Kennedy, V.E.; Harrison, D.E.; Paigen, B.; Sundberg, J.P., 2011:
Identification of fat4 and tsc22d1 as novel candidate genes for spontaneous pulmonary adenomas

Rebbeck, T.R.; Mitra, N.; Domchek, S.M.; Wan, F.; Friebel, T.M.; Tran, T.V.; Singer, C.F.; Tea, M-Kheng.Maria.; Blum, J.L.; Tung, N.; Olopade, O.I.; Weitzel, J.N.; Lynch, H.T.; Snyder, C.L.; Garber, J.E.; Antoniou, A.C.; Peock, S.; Evans, D.Gareth.; Paterson, J.; Kennedy, M.John.; Donaldson, A.; Dorkins, H.; Easton, D.F.; Rubinstein, W.S.; Daly, M.B.; Isaacs, C.; Nevanlinna, H.; Couch, F.J.; Andrulis, I.L.; Freidman, E.; Laitman, Y.; Ganz, P.A.; Tomlinson, G.E.; Neuhausen, S.L.; Narod, S.A.; Phe, 2011:
Modification of BRCA1-Associated Breast and Ovarian Cancer Risk by BRCA1-Interacting Genes

Babij, C.; Zhang, Y.; Kurzeja, R.J.; Munzli, A.; Shehabeldin, A.; Fernando, M.; Quon, K.; Kassner, P.D.; Ruefli-Brasse, A.A.; Watson, V.J.; Fajardo, F.; Jackson, A.; Zondlo, J.; Sun, Y.; Ellison, A.R.; Plewa, C.A.; San, M.Tisha.; Robinson, J.; McCarter, J.; Schwandner, R.; Judd, T.; Carnahan, J.; Dussault, I., 2011:
STK33 kinase activity is nonessential in KRAS-dependent cancer cells

Lovejoy, D.B.; Jansson, P.J.; Brunk, U.T.; Wong, J.; Ponka, P.; Richardson, D.R., 2011 :
Antitumor activity of metal-chelating compound Dp44mT is mediated by formation of a redox-active copper complex that accumulates in lysosomes

Dondossola, E.; Gasparri, A.Maria.; Colombo, B.; Sacchi, A.; Curnis, F.; Corti, A., 2011:
Chromogranin A restricts drug penetration and limits the ability of NGR-TNF to enhance chemotherapeutic efficacy

Stefanska, B.; Huang, J.; Bhattacharyya, B.; Suderman, M.; Hallett, M.; Han, Z-Guang.; Szyf, M., 2011:
Definition of the landscape of promoter DNA hypomethylation in liver cancer

Mazumdar, T.; Devecchio, J.; Agyeman, A.; Shi, T.; Houghton, J.A., 2011:
Blocking Hedgehog survival signaling at the level of the GLI genes induces DNA damage and extensive cell death in human colon carcinoma cells

Zhang, Y.; Chertov, O.; Zhang, J.; Hassan, R.; Pastan, I., 2011:
Cytotoxic activity of immunotoxin SS1P is modulated by TACE-dependent mesothelin shedding

Toustrup, K.; Sørensen, B.Singers.; Nordsmark, M.; Busk, M.; Wiuf, C.; Alsner, J.; Overgaard, J., 2011:
Development of a hypoxia gene expression classifier with predictive impact for hypoxic modification of radiotherapy in head and neck cancer

Burden-Gulley, S.M.; Qutaish, M.Q.; Sullivant, K.E.; Lu, H.; Wang, J.; Craig, S.E.L.; Basilion, J.P.; Wilson, D.L.; Brady-Kalnay, S.M., 2011:
Novel cryo-imaging of the glioma tumor microenvironment reveals migration and dispersal pathways in vivid three-dimensional detail

Jelkmann, W.; Lundby, C., 2011:
Blood doping and its detection

Franchini, M.; Mannucci, P.Mannuccio., 2011:
Thrombogenicity and cardiovascular effects of ambient air pollution

Kneppers, E.; van der Holt, B.; Kersten, M-Jose.; Zweegman, S.; Meijer, E.; Huls, G.; Cornelissen, J.J.; Janssen, J.J.; Huisman, C.; Cornelisse, P.B.; Bruijnen, C.P.; Emmelot, M.; Sonneveld, P.; Lokhorst, H.M.; Mutis, T.; Minnema, M.C., 2011:
Lenalidomide maintenance after nonmyeloablative allogeneic stem cell transplantation in multiple myeloma is not feasible: results of the HOVON 76 Trial

Schaniel, C.; Sirabella, D.; Qiu, J.; Niu, X.; Lemischka, I.R.; Moore, K.A., 2011:
Wnt-inhibitory factor 1 dysregulation of the bone marrow niche exhausts hematopoietic stem cells

Biswas, K.; Das, R.; Alter, B.P.; Kuznetsov, S.G.; Stauffer, S.; North, S.L.; Burkett, S.; Brody, L.C.; Meyer, S.; Byrd, R.Andrew.; Sharan, S.K., 2011:
A comprehensive functional characterization of BRCA2 variants associated with Fanconi anemia using mouse ES cell-based assay

Mishima, Y.; Miyagi, S.; Saraya, A.; Negishi, M.; Endoh, M.; Endo, T.A.; Toyoda, T.; Shinga, J.; Katsumoto, T.; Chiba, T.; Yamaguchi, N.; Kitabayashi, I.; Koseki, H.; Iwama, A., 2011:
The Hbo1-Brd1/Brpf2 complex is responsible for global acetylation of H3K14 and required for fetal liver erythropoiesis

Ng, A.P.; Loughran, S.J.; Metcalf, D.; Hyland, C.D.; de Graaf, C.A.; Hu, Y.; Smyth, G.K.; Hilton, D.J.; Kile, B.T.; Alexander, W.S., 2011:
Erg is required for self-renewal of hematopoietic stem cells during stress hematopoiesis in mice

Hubert, Fçois-Xavier.; Kinkel, S.A.; Davey, G.M.; Phipson, B.; Mueller, S.N.; Liston, A.; Proietto, A.I.; Cannon, P.Z.F.; Forehan, S.; Smyth, G.K.; Wu, L.; Goodnow, C.C.; Carbone, F.R.; Scott, H.S.; Heath, W.R., 2011:
Aire regulates the transfer of antigen from mTECs to dendritic cells for induction of thymic tolerance

Belrose, G.; Gross, A.; Olindo, Séphane.; Lézin, Aès.; Dueymes, M.; Komla-Soukha, I.; Smadja, D.; Tanaka, Y.; Willems, L.; Mesnard, J-Michel.; Peloponese, J-Marie.; Césaire, R., 2011:
Effects of valproate on Tax and HBZ expression in HTLV-1 and HAM/TSP T lymphocytes

Bouma, G.; Mendoza-Naranjo, A.; Blundell, M.P.; de Falco, E.; Parsley, K.L.; Burns, S.O.; Thrasher, A.J., 2011:
Cytoskeletal remodeling mediated by WASp in dendritic cells is necessary for normal immune synapse formation and T-cell priming

van de Ven, R.; van den Hout, M.F.C.M.; Lindenberg, J.J.; Sluijter, B.J.R.; van Leeuwen, P.A.M.; Lougheed, Séad.M.; Meijer, S.; van den Tol, M.Petrousjka.; Scheper, R.J.; de Gruijl, T.D., 2011:
Characterization of four conventional dendritic cell subsets in human skin-draining lymph nodes in relation to T-cell activation

Shi, J.; Fallahi, M.; Luo, J-Li.; Petrie, H.T., 2011:
Nonoverlapping functions for Notch1 and Notch3 during murine steady-state thymic lymphopoiesis

Lugli, E.; Mueller, Y.M.; Lewis, M.G.; Villinger, F.; Katsikis, P.D.; Roederer, M., 2011:
IL-15 delays suppression and fails to promote immune reconstitution in virally suppressed chronically SIV-infected macaques

Lim, S.H.; Vaughan, A.T.; Ashton-Key, M.; Williams, E.L.; Dixon, S.V.; Chan, H.T.Claude.; Beers, S.A.; French, R.R.; Cox, K.L.; Davies, A.J.; Potter, K.N.; Mockridge, C.Ian.; Oscier, D.G.; Johnson, P.W.M.; Cragg, M.S.; Glennie, M.J., 2011:
Fc gamma receptor IIb on target B cells promotes rituximab internalization and reduces clinical efficacy

Nishimoto, N.; Arai, S.; Ichikawa, M.; Nakagawa, M.; Goyama, S.; Kumano, K.; Takahashi, T.; Kamikubo, Y.; Imai, Y.; Kurokawa, M., 2011:
Loss of AML1/Runx1 accelerates the development of MLL-ENL leukemia through down-regulation of p19ARF

Pronier, E.; Almire, C.; Mokrani, H.; Vasanthakumar, A.; Simon, A.; da Costa Reis Monte Mor, B.; Massé, A.; Le Couédic, J-Pierre.; Pendino, Fédéric.; Carbonne, B.; Larghero, Jérôme.; Ravanat, J-Luc.; Casadevall, N.; Bernard, O.A.; Droin, N.; Solary, E.; Godley, L.A.; Vainchenker, W.; Plo, I.; Delhommeau, Fçois., 2011:
Inhibition of TET2-mediated conversion of 5-methylcytosine to 5-hydroxymethylcytosine disturbs erythroid and granulomonocytic differentiation of human hematopoietic progenitors

Cudejko, Céline.; Wouters, K.; Fuentes, Lía.; Hannou, S.Anissa.; Paquet, C.; Bantubungi, K.; Bouchaert, E.; Vanhoutte, J.; Fleury, Sébastien.; Remy, P.; Tailleux, A.; Chinetti-Gbaguidi, G.; Dombrowicz, D.; Staels, B.; Paumelle, Réjane., 2011:
p16INK4a deficiency promotes IL-4-induced polarization and inhibits proinflammatory signaling in macrophages

Anonymous, 2011:
Structural variants of IFNalpha preferentially promote antiviral functions

Anonymous, 2011:
Chronic IFN-gamma production in mice induces anemia by reducing erythrocyte life span and inhibiting erythropoiesis through an IRF-1/PU1 axis

Loof, T.G.; Mörgelin, M.; Johansson, L.; Oehmcke, S.; Olin, A.I.; Dickneite, G.; Norrby-Teglund, A.; Theopold, U.; Herwald, H., 2011:
Coagulation, an ancestral serine protease cascade, exerts a novel function in early immune defense

Panova-Noeva, M.; Marchetti, M.; Buoro, S.; Russo, L.; Leuzzi, A.; Finazzi, G.; Rambaldi, A.; Ottomano, C.; Ten Cate, H.; Falanga, A., 2011:
JAK2V617F mutation and hydroxyurea treatment as determinants of immature platelet parameters in essential thrombocythemia and polycythemia vera patients

Hirsch, B.; Oseth, L.; Cain, M.; Trader, E.; Pulkrabek, S.; Lindgren, B.; Luo, X.; Clay, M.; Miller, J.; Confer, D.; Weisdorf, D.; McCullough, J., 2011:
Effects of granulocyte-colony stimulating factor on chromosome aneuploidy and replication asynchrony in healthy peripheral blood stem cell donors

Lee, K-Hyung.; Lee, J-Hwan.; Lee, J-Hee.; Kim, D-Young.; Seol, M.; Lee, Y-Shin.; Kang, Y-Ah.; Jeon, M.; Hwang, H-Ju.; Jung, A-Rang.; Kim, S-Han.; Yun, S-Cheol.; Shin, H-Jin., 2011:
Reduced-intensity conditioning therapy with busulfan, fludarabine, and antithymocyte globulin for HLA-haploidentical hematopoietic cell transplantation in acute leukemia and myelodysplastic syndrome

Eapen, M.; Le Rademacher, J.; Antin, J.H.; Champlin, R.E.; Carreras, J.; Fay, J.; Passweg, J.R.; Tolar, J.; Horowitz, M.M.; Marsh, J.C.W.; Deeg, H.Joachim., 2011:
Effect of stem cell source on outcomes after unrelated donor transplantation in severe aplastic anemia

Kim, J-Hyun.; Choi, D.Soon.; Lee, O-Hee.; Oh, S-Hyun.; Lippman, S.M.; Lee, H-Young., 2011:
Antiangiogenic antitumor activities of IGFBP-3 are mediated by IGF-independent suppression of Erk1/2 activation and Egr-1-mediated transcriptional events

Kisely, S.; Quek, L-Hui.; Pais, J.; Lalloo, R.; Johnson, N.W.; Lawrence, D., 2011:
Advanced dental disease in people with severe mental illness: systematic review and meta-analysis

Haro, J.Maria.; Novick, D.; Bertsch, J.; Karagianis, J.; Dossenbach, M.; Jones, P.B., 2011:
Cross-national clinical and functional remission rates: Worldwide Schizophrenia Outpatient Health Outcomes (W-SOHO) study

Ortiz-Gil, J.; Pomarol-Clotet, E.; Salvador, R.; Canales-Rodríguez, E.J.; Sarró, S.; Gomar, Jús.J.; Guerrero, A.; Sans-Sansa, B.; Capdevila, A.; Junqué, C.; McKenna, P.J., 2011:
Neural correlates of cognitive impairment in schizophrenia

Liang, W.; Chikritzhs, T., 2011:
Affective disorders, anxiety disorders and the risk of alcohol dependence and misuse

Goddard, E.; Macdonald, P.; Sepulveda, A.Rosa.; Naumann, U.; Landau, S.; Schmidt, U.; Treasure, J., 2011:
Cognitive interpersonal maintenance model of eating disorders: intervention for carers

Shah, A.; Pennington, M.; Heginbotham, C.; Donaldson, C., 2011:
Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards in England: implementation costs

Sibitz, I.; Scheutz, A.; Lakeman, R.; Schrank, B.; Schaffer, M.; Amering, M., 2011:
Impact of coercive measures on life stories: qualitative study

Toyosima, M.; Maekawa, M.; Toyota, T.; Iwayama, Y.; Arai, M.; Ichikawa, T.; Miyashita, M.; Arinami, T.; Itokawa, M.; Yoshikawa, T., 2011:
Schizophrenia with the 22q11.2 deletion and additional genetic defects: case history

Coppola, N.; Pisaturo, M.; Guastafierro, S.; Tonziello, G.; Sica, A.; Iodice, V.; Sagnelli, C.; Ferrara, M.Giovanna.; Sagnelli, E., 2012:
Increased hepatitis C viral load and reactivation of liver disease in HCV RNA-positive patients with onco-haematological disease undergoing chemotherapy

Choi, S.Hee.; Lee, J.; Sprecher, A.J.; Jiang, J.J., 2012:
The effect of segment selection on acoustic analysis

Izadi, F.; Mohseni, R.; Daneshi, A.; Sandughdar, N., 2012:
Determination of fundamental frequency and voice intensity in Iranian men and women aged between 18 and 45 years

Erickson, M.L., 2012:
Can listeners hear who is singing? What is the pitch bandwidth of singer discrimination in untrained listeners?

Lyberg Åhlander, V.; Rydell, R.; Löfqvist, A., 2012:
How do teachers with self-reported voice problems differ from their peers with self-reported voice health?

Namwanje, H.; Kabatereine, N.B.; Olsen, A., 2011:
Efficacy of single and double doses of albendazole and mebendazole alone and in combination in the treatment of Trichuris trichiura in school-age children in Uganda

Han, C.S.; Schatz, F.; Lockwood, C.J., 2012:
Abruption-associated prematurity

Allen, M.C.; Cristofalo, E.A.; Kim, C., 2012:
Outcomes of preterm infants: morbidity replaces mortality

Chalak, L.F.; Rouse, D.J., 2012:
Neuroprotective approaches: before and after delivery

Anonymous, 2011:
Controversy Antenatal Steroids

Anonymous, 2011 :
Late Preterm Birth Preventable Prematurity?

Clark, S.L.; Fleischman, A.R., 2012:
Term pregnancy: time for a redefinition

Oshiro, B.T.; Berns, S.D., 2012:
Quality improvement opportunities to prevent preterm births

Schnall-Levin, M.; Rissland, O.S.; Johnston, W.K.; Perrimon, N.; Bartel, D.P.; Berger, B., 2012:
Unusually effective microRNA targeting within repeat-rich coding regions of mammalian mRNAs

Rao, N.A.S.; McCalman, M.T.; Moulos, P.; Francoijs, K-Jan.; Chatziioannou, A.; Kolisis, F.N.; Alexis, M.N.; Mitsiou, D.J.; Stunnenberg, H.G., 2012:
Coactivation of GR and NFKB alters the repertoire of their binding sites and target genes

Savic, D.; Ye, H.; Aneas, I.; Park, S-Young.; Bell, G.I.; Nobrega, M.A., 2012:
Alterations in TCF7L2 expression define its role as a key regulator of glucose metabolism

Chantalat, S.; Depaux, A.; Héry, P.; Barral, S.; Thuret, J-Yves.; Dimitrov, S.; Gérard, M., 2012:
Histone H3 trimethylation at lysine 36 is associated with constitutive and facultative heterochromatin

Cayrou, C.; Coulombe, P.; Vigneron, A.; Stanojcic, S.; Ganier, O.; Peiffer, I.; Rivals, E.; Puy, A.; Laurent-Chabalier, S.; Desprat, R.; Méchali, M., 2012:
Genome-scale analysis of metazoan replication origins reveals their organization in specific but flexible sites defined by conserved features

Wang, J.; Czech, B.; Crunk, A.; Wallace, A.; Mitreva, M.; Hannon, G.J.; Davis, R.E., 2012:
Deep small RNA sequencing from the nematode Ascaris reveals conservation, functional diversification, and novel developmental profiles

Raghavan, R.; Groisman, E.A.; Ochman, H., 2012 :
Genome-wide detection of novel regulatory RNAs in E. coli

Ajay, S.S.; Parker, S.C.J.; Abaan, H.Ozel.; Fajardo, K.V.Fuentes.; Margulies, E.H., 2012:
Accurate and comprehensive sequencing of personal genomes

Alon, S.; Vigneault, F.; Eminaga, S.; Christodoulou, D.C.; Seidman, J.G.; Church, G.M.; Eisenberg, E., 2012:
Barcoding bias in high-throughput multiplex sequencing of miRNA

Paten, B.; Earl, D.; Nguyen, N.; Diekhans, M.; Zerbino, D.; Haussler, D., 2012:
Cactus: Algorithms for genome multiple sequence alignment

Jiang, L.; Schlesinger, F.; Davis, C.A.; Zhang, Y.; Li, R.; Salit, M.; Gingeras, T.R.; Oliver, B., 2012:
Synthetic spike-in standards for RNA-seq experiments

Huson, D.H.; Mitra, S.; Ruscheweyh, H-Joachim.; Weber, N.; Schuster, S.C., 2012:
Integrative analysis of environmental sequences using MEGAN4

Dang, Y.; Yang, Q.; Xue, Z.; Liu, Y., 2011:
RNA interference in fungi: pathways, functions, and applications

Kolev, N.G.; Tschudi, C.; Ullu, E., 2011:
RNA interference in protozoan parasites: achievements and challenges

Cerutti, H.; Ma, X.; Msanne, J.; Repas, T., 2011:
RNA-mediated silencing in Algae: biological roles and tools for analysis of gene function

Thompson, D.S.; Carlisle, P.L.; Kadosh, D., 2011:
Coevolution of morphology and virulence in Candida species

Hickman, M.A.; Froyd, C.A.; Rusche, L.N., 2011:
Reinventing heterochromatin in budding yeasts: Sir2 and the origin recognition complex take center stage

Samaranayake, H.S.; Cowan, A.E.; Klobutcher, L.A., 2011:
Vacuolar protein sorting protein 13A, TtVPS13A, localizes to the tetrahymena thermophila phagosome membrane and is required for efficient phagocytosis

Kraidlova, L.; Van Zeebroeck, G.; Van Dijck, P.; Sychrová, H., 2011:
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HeRO Vascular Access Device

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Management of central vein stenoses and occlusions: the critical importance of the costoclavicular junction

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Early pregnancy induces expression of prostaglandin E2 receptors EP2 and EP4 in the ovine endometrium and regulated by interferon tau through multiple cell signaling pathways

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COX-2 and PGE2-derived Immunomodulation in Breast Cancer

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Microbial Reduction of Tellurium Metalloids as a Tool in Biotechnology

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Complex phenotypes and phenomenon of genome-wide inter-chromosomal linkage disequilibrium in the human genome

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Heterosis×environment interaction in maize What drives heterosis for grain yield?

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Calculation of theoretical nitrogen rate for simple nitrogen recommendations in intensive cropping systems A case study on the North China Plain

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Soil carbon and nutrient pools in Douglas-fir plantations 5years after manipulating biomass and competing vegetation in the Pacific Northwest

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Effects of selective logging on the mating system and pollen dispersal of Hymenaea courbaril L Leguminosae in the Eastern Brazilian Amazon as revealed by microsatellite analysis

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Analysis of nutrient depletion in a radiata pine plantation

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Daily variation in body core temperature using radio-telemetry in aluminum industry shift-workers

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Reprint of Laboratory Experiments on the Dynamics of the Core

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Incrementally developed slickenfibres – geological record of repeating low stress-drop seismic events?

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The Effect of Music and Lyrics on Personality

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Low and High Spatial Frequencies Are Most Useful for Drawing

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Designing Aesthetic Concepts Can It Be Done?

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Management of side effects of androgen deprivation therapy

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Efficacy of Sphaeranthus indicus and cream of Lawsonia inermis in cervical erosion with cervicitis

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Residential decision-making and satisfaction among new suburbanites in the Tallinn urban region, Estonia

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A critical review of Hong Kong’s proposed climate change strategy and action agenda

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Planning illegality The roots of unauthorised housing in Arab East Jerusalem

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Analysis of gravity field to reconstruct the structure of Omo basin in SW Ethiopia and implications for hydrocarbon potential

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Trapped in mirror-images The rhetoric of maps in Israel/Palestine

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Distinct roles for F-BAR proteins Cdc15p and Bzz1p in actin polymerization at sites of endocytosis in fission yeast

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Immersing the foot in painfully-cold water evokes ipsilateral extracranial vasodilatation

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Metrological traceability in clinical biochemistry

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Pharmacogenetics and pharmacogenomics: a clinical reality

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Comparison of serum cortisol measurement by immunoassay and liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry in patients receiving the 11beta-hydroxylase inhibitor metyrapone

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Doing More with Fluorophores

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Categorization of Synaesthesia

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Sustainable Well-Being A Potential Synergy Between Sustainability and Well-Being Research

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Seeing Minds in Behavior Descriptive Mentalism

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Participational Agency

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Happy mouth and sad eyes: scanning emotional facial expressions

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Moving faces, looking places: validation of the Amsterdam Dynamic Facial Expression Set (ADFES)

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Musical emotions: predicting second-by-second subjective feelings of emotion from low-level psychoacoustic features and physiological measurements

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A Tuesday in the life of a flourisher: the role of positive emotional reactivity in optimal mental health

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Always look on the broad side of life: happiness increases the breadth of sensory memory

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Pecunia olet: the role of incidental disgust in the ultimatum game

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The effect of fear and anger on selective attention

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Compatibility between tones, head movements, and facial expressions

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When dynamic, the head and face alone can express pride

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Brain Mechanisms for Reading and Language Processing in Spina Bifida Meningomyelocele A Combined Magnetic Source- and Structural Magnetic Resonance Imaging Meningomyelocele Study

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Finding the self in metacognitive evaluations: metamemory and agency in nondemented elders

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Unconscious vigilance: worldview defense without adaptations for terror, coalition, or uncertainty management

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Held in contempt: the psychological, interpersonal, and performance consequences of contempt in a work context

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Personality and obesity across the adult life span

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A rare case of penetrating ocular injury secondary to a boa constrictor bite

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Psychogenic unresponsiveness

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Mechanically induced calcium signaling in chondrocytes in situ

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Blueberries reduce pro-inflammatory cytokine TNF-α and IL-6 production in mouse macrophages by inhibiting NF-κB activation and the MAPK pathway

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