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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 36264

Chapter 36264 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Blair, J.A.; Possley, D.R.; Petfield, J.L.; Schoenfeld, A.J.; Lehman, R.A.; Hsu, J.R., 2013:
Military penetrating spine injuries compared with blunt

Cohen, S.P.; Gallagher, R.M.; Davis, S.A.; Griffith, S.R.; Carragee, E.J., 2013:
Spine-area pain in military personnel: a review of epidemiology, etiology, diagnosis, and treatment

Possley, D.R.; Blair, J.A.; Schoenfeld, A.J.; Lehman, R.A.; Hsu, J.R., 2013:
Complications associated with military spine injuries

Piddock, L.J.V., 2012:
The crisis of no new antibiotics--what is the way forward?

Michel, J.; Fakhry, N.; Duflo, S.; Lagier, A.; Mancini, J.; Dessi, P.; Giovanni, A., 2012:
Prognostic value of the status of resection margins after endoscopic laser cordectomy for T1a glottic carcinoma

Sakka, L.; Coll, G.; Chazal, J., 2012:
Anatomy and physiology of cerebrospinal fluid

Balasa, A.; Sanchez-Valle, A.; Sadikovic, B.; Sangi-Haghpeykar, H.; Bravo, J.; Chen, L.; Liu, W.; Wen, S.; Fiorotto, M.L.; Veyver, I.B.Van.den., 2012:
Chronic maternal protein deprivation in mice is associated with overexpression of the cohesin-mediator complex in liver of their offspring

Lebold, K.M.; Jump, D.B.; Miller, G.W.; Wright, C.L.; Labut, E.M.; Barton, C.L.; Tanguay, R.L.; Traber, M.G., 2012:
Vitamin E deficiency decreases long-chain PUFA in zebrafish (Danio rerio)

Tsai, C-Wen.; Lin, C-Yuan.; Wang, Y-Jung., 2012:
Carnosic acid induces the NAD(P)H: quinone oxidoreductase 1 expression in rat clone 9 cells through the p38/nuclear factor erythroid-2 related factor 2 pathway

Moazzami, A.A.; Zhang, J-Xian.; Kamal-Eldin, A.; Aman, P.; Hallmans, Göran.; Johansson, J-Erik.; Andersson, S-Olof., 2012:
Nuclear magnetic resonance-based metabolomics enable detection of the effects of a whole grain rye and rye bran diet on the metabolic profile of plasma in prostate cancer patients

Anonymous, 2011:
Polydextrose Enrichment of Infant Formula Demonstrates Prebiotic Characteristics by Altering Intestinal Microbiota, Organic Acid Concentrations, and Cytokine Expression in Suckling Piglets Nutrient Physiology, Metabolism, and Nutrient-Nutrient Interactio

Anonymous, 2011:
Dietary Cholecalciferol Regulates the Recruitment and Growth of Skeletal Muscle Fibers and the Expressions of Myogenic Regulatory Factors and the Myosin Heavy Chain in European Sea Bass Larvae Nutrient Physiology, Metabolism, and Nutrient-Nutrient Intera

Quiner, T.E.; Nakken, H.L.; Mason, B.A.; Lephart, E.D.; Hancock, C.R.; Christensen, M.J., 2012:
Soy content of basal diets determines the effects of supplemental selenium in male mice

Dewell, A.; Marvasti, F.Fani.; Harris, W.S.; Tsao, P.; Gardner, C.D., 2012:
Low- and high-dose plant and marine (n-3) fatty acids do not affect plasma inflammatory markers in adults with metabolic syndrome

Bakker, R.; Timmermans, S.; Steegers, E.A.P.; Hofman, A.; Jaddoe, V.W.V., 2012:
Folic acid supplements modify the adverse effects of maternal smoking on fetal growth and neonatal complications

Mangravite, L.M.; Chiu, S.; Wojnoonski, K.; Rawlings, R.S.; Bergeron, N.; Krauss, R.M., 2012:
Changes in atherogenic dyslipidemia induced by carbohydrate restriction in men are dependent on dietary protein source

Thomson, J.L.; Tussing-Humphreys, L.M.; Onufrak, S.J.; Zoellner, J.M.; Connell, C.L.; Bogle, M.L.; Yadrick, K., 2012:
A simulation study of the potential effects of healthy food and beverage substitutions on diet quality and total energy intake in Lower Mississippi Delta adults

Engström, A.; Håkansson, H.; Skerfving, S.; Bjellerup, P.; Lidfeldt, J.; Lundh, T.; Samsioe, Göran.; Vahter, M.; Akesson, A., 2012:
Retinol may counteract the negative effect of cadmium on bone

Vernarelli, J.A.; Mitchell, D.C.; Hartman, T.J.; Rolls, B.J., 2012:
Dietary energy density is associated with body weight status and vegetable intake in U.S. children

Gong, J.; Campos, H.; McGarvey, S.; Wu, Z.; Goldberg, R.; Baylin, A., 2012:
Genetic variation in stearoyl-CoA desaturase 1 is associated with metabolic syndrome prevalence in Costa Rican adults

Corella, D.; Arnett, D.K.; Tucker, K.L.; Kabagambe, E.K.; Tsai, M.; Parnell, L.D.; Lai, C-Qiang.; Lee, Y-Chi.; Warodomwichit, D.; Hopkins, P.N.; Ordovas, J.M., 2012:
A high intake of saturated fatty acids strengthens the association between the fat mass and obesity-associated gene and BMI

Engle-Stone, R.; Haskell, M.J.; Ndjebayi, A.Ongla.; Nankap, M.; Erhardt, J.G.; Gimou, M-Madeleine.; Brown, K.H., 2012:
Plasma retinol-binding protein predicts plasma retinol concentration in both infected and uninfected Cameroonian women and children

Bolhuis, D.P.; Lakemond, C.M.M.; de Wijk, R.A.; Luning, P.A.; Graaf, C.de., 2012:
Both longer oral sensory exposure to and higher intensity of saltiness decrease ad libitum food intake in healthy normal-weight men

Hecht, L.N.; Vecera, S.P., 2012:
Delayed offset detection on figures relative to backgrounds

Faivre, N.; Kouider, S., 2011 :
Increased sensory evidence reverses nonconscious priming during crowding

Livne, T.; Sagi, D., 2012:
Multiple levels of orientation anisotropy in crowding with Gabor flankers

Lee, J.Hyuk.; Suh, G.Joon.; Kwon, W.Yong.; Kim, K.Su.; Rhee, J.Eui.; Kim, M.A.; Park, M.Hee., 2013:
Protective effects of therapeutic hypothermia in post-resuscitation myocardium

Dae Young Hong; Sang O Park; Kyeong Ryong Lee; Kwang Je Baek; Dong Hyuk Shin, 2012:
A different rescuer changing strategy between 32 cardiopulmonary resuscitation and Hands-only cardiopulmonary resuscitation that considers rescuer factors A Randomised cross-over simulation study with a time-dependent analysis

Shin, S.Do.; Ahn, K.Ok.; Song, K.Jun.; Park, C.Bae.; Lee, E.Jung., 2012:
Out-of-hospital airway management and cardiac arrest outcomes: a propensity score matched analysis

Rajapakse, B.N.; Thiermann, H.; Eyer, P.; Worek, F.; Bowe, S.J.; Dawson, A.H.; Buckley, N.A., 2012:
Evaluation of the Test-mate ChE (cholinesterase) field kit in acute organophosphorus poisoning

Hsia, R.Y.; Srebotnjak, T.; Kanzaria, H.K.; McCulloch, C.; Auerbach, A.D., 2012:
System-level health disparities in California emergency departments: minorities and Medicaid patients are at higher risk of losing their emergency departments

Dawood, H., 2016:
A case of immune reconstitution syndrome to disseminated histoplasmosis

Oyedeji, O.A.; Oluwadiya, K.S.; Aremu, A.A., 2016:
Blistering Digital Dactylitis Complicated by Osteomyelitis and Amputation in an HIV-Positive Infant

Lim, K.; Davidson, A.; Harwell, J.; Thay, S.; Boardman, L.A.; Feller, E.; Cu-Uvin, S., 2016 :
Comparing Visual Inspection with Acetic Acid to Cytology in Detection of Precancerous Lesions of the Cervix in HIV-Infected Cambodian Women

Obeid, K.M.; Sural, P.; Szpunar, S.; Johnson, L.B., 2016:
Long-Term Resolution of Viral Breakthrough after Changing HIV Viral Load Assay

Rojas, P.; Malow, R.; Ruffin, B.; Rothe, E.M.; Rosenberg, R., 2016:
The HIV/AIDS Epidemic in the Dominican Republic: Key Contributing Factors

Saint-Jean, G.; Dévieux, J.; Malow, R.; Tammara, H.; Carney, K., 2016:
Substance Abuse, Acculturation, and HIV Risk among Caribbean-Born Immigrants in the United States

Papakostas, G.I.; Fan, H.; Tedeschini, E., 2013:
Severe and anxious depression: combining definitions of clinical sub-types to identify patients differentially responsive to selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors

Smith, M.R.; Saad, F.; Coleman, R.; Shore, N.; Fizazi, K.; Tombal, B.; Miller, K.; Sieber, P.; Karsh, L.; Damião, R.; Tammela, T.L.; Egerdie, B.; Van Poppel, H.; Chin, J.; Morote, J.; Gómez-Veiga, F.; Borkowski, T.; Ye, Z.; Kupic, A.; Dansey, R.; Goessl, C., 2012:
Denosumab and bone-metastasis-free survival in men with castration-resistant prostate cancer: results of a phase 3, randomised, placebo-controlled trial

Sadeghi, M.; Lahdou, I.; Daniel, V.; Schnitzler, P.; Fusch, G.; Schefold, J.C.; Zeier, M.; Iancu, M.; Opelz, G.; Terness, P., 2012:
Strong association of phenylalanine and tryptophan metabolites with activated cytomegalovirus infection in kidney transplant recipients

Anonymous, 2011:
Primary malignant Gastric PEComa–Diagnostic and Technical Dilemmas

Howard, N.; Pranesh, N.; Carter, P., 2012:
Colo-colonic intusussception secondary to a lipoma

Anonymous, 2011:
Gluteal Necrosis Following Pelvic Fracture and Bilateral Internal Iliac Embolization Reconstruction with a Transposition Flap Based on the Lumbar Artery Perforators

Anonymous, 2011:
Distribution and infection frequency of ‘CandidatusRickettsia amblyommii’ in Maryland populations of the lone star tick Amblyomma americanum and culture in anAnopheles gambiaemosquito cell line

Tuli, J.; Drzymalski, D.Michael.; Lidov, H.; Tuli, S., 2012:
Extradural en-plaque spinal meningioma with intraneural invasion

Murai, Y.; Mizunari, T.; Umeoka, K.; Tateyama, K.; Kobayashi, S.; Teramoto, A., 2012:
Ischemic complications after radial artery grafting and aneurysmal trapping for ruptured internal carotid artery anterior wall aneurysm

Dabus, G.; Batjer, H.Hunt.; Hurley, M.C.; Nimmagadda, A.; Russell, E.J., 2012:
Endovascular treatment of a bilateral dural carotid-cavernous fistula using an unusual unilateral approach through the basilar plexus

Derrey, Séphane.; Charpentier, Cé.; Gérardin, E.; Langlois, O.; Touchais, J-Yves.; Lerebours, E.; Proust, Fçois.; Laquerrière, A., 2012:
Inflammatory pseudotumor of the cerebellum in a patient with Crohn's disease

LaBorde, D.V.; Mason, A.M.; Riley, J.; Dion, J.E.; Barrow, D.L., 2012:
Aneurysm of a duplicate middle cerebral artery

Ostling, L.R.; Bierbrauer, K.S.; Kuntz, C., 2012:
Outcome, reoperation, and complications in 99 consecutive children operated for tight or fatty filum

Po-L.W.i; Shyr-Y.L.n; Yu-Jia Chang, 2011:
Cigarette Smoking and Colorectal Cancer From Epidemiology to Bench

Chin-Sheng Hung; Yu-Jin Peng; Po-L.W.i; Chia-Hwa Lee; Hou-Y.S.; Yuan-Soon Ho; Shyr-Y.L.n; Chih-Hsiung Wu; Yu-Jia Chang, 2011:
The alpha9 nicotinic acetylcholine receptor is the key mediator in nicotine-enhanced cancer metastasis in breast cancer cells

Ching-Hui Chen; Shauh-Der Yeh; Jeng-Fong Chiou; Yun-H.L.n; Ching-Wen Chang, 2011:
Optimum treatment for primary squamous cell carcinoma of the pelvic retroperitoneum

Hughes, G., 2012:
Reconfiguring hospital services

Lopez-Monclus, J.; Garcia-Ureña, M.Angel.; Blazquez, L.Alberto.; Aguilera, L.Felipe.; Melero, D.Adolfo., 2012:
Diffuse intestinal pneumatosis and massive hepatic portal gas

Sleat, G.K.J.; Ardolino, A.M.; Willett, K.M., 2012:
Outcome measures in major trauma care: a review of current international trauma registry practice

Coughlan, J.; Eatock, J.; Patel, N., 2012:
Simulating the use of re-prioritisation as a wait-reduction strategy in an emergency department

Bilén, K.; Ottosson, C.; Castrén, M.; Ponzer, S.; Ursing, C.; Ranta, P.; Ekdahl, K.; Pettersson, H., 2012:
Deliberate self-harm patients in the emergency department: factors associated with repeated self-harm among 1524 patients

Ng, C-Jin.; Yen, Z-Shen.; Tsai, J.Che-Hung.; Chen, L.Chin.; Lin, S.Ju.; Sang, Y.Yiing.; Chen, J-Chang., 2012:
Validation of the Taiwan triage and acuity scale: a new computerised five-level triage system

van der Wulp, I.; Rullmann, H.A.A.; Leenen, L.P.H.; van Stel, H.F., 2012:
Associations of the Emergency Severity Index triage categories with patients' vital signs at triage: a prospective observational study

Jacques, K.G.; Dewar, A.; Gray, A.; Kerslake, D.; Leal, A.; Lees, F., 2012:
Procedural sedation and analgesia in a large UK Emergency Department: factors associated with complications

Anonymous, 2011:
Initial salivary alpha-amylase activity predicts malignant ventricular arrhythmias and short-term prognosis after ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction

Man, S.Y.; Graham, C.A.; Chan, S.S.W.; Mak, P.S.K.; Yu, A.H.Y.; Cheung, C.S.K.; Cheung, P.S.Y.; Lui, G.; Lee, N.; Chan, M.; Ip, M.; Rainer, T.H., 2012:
Disease severity prediction for nursing home-acquired pneumonia in the emergency department

Regan, L.; Mitchelson, M.; Macdonald, C., 2012:
Mephedrone toxicity in a Scottish emergency department

Durham, M., 2012:
Ivory wave: the next mephedrone?

Coutts, S.J.; El-kasaby, H.T., 2012:
Scleral calcification

Malpas, M., 2012:
Prehospital reflections: diagnosing apnoea at a multiple casualty chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear incident

Reed, M.J.; Gibson, L., 2012:
The effect of syncope on brain natriuretic peptide

Jacob, J.; Martín-Sánchez, F.Javier.; Gil, Víctor.; Llorens, P., 2012:
The prognostic usefulness of platelets in acute heart failure

Chauhan, A.; Khan, J.Nasir.; Khan, J.M.; Varma, C., 2012:
Prehospital assessment and management of chest pain needs improving

Rohdenberg, P.; Graubard, M.; Jang, T., 2012:
Short answer question case series: a complex case of fever and headache

Howlett, P.J.; Chua, T.P., 2012:
Pneumopericardium: diagnosing a rare entity with bedside imaging

Vigneau, J-François.; Yordanov, Y.; Kierzek, G.; Istria, R.; Pourriat, J-Louis., 2012:
A functional 'three-joint limb'

Salih, F.; Leithner, C.; Bohner, G.; Ploner, C.J., 2012:
Impressive hypertensive encephalopathy

Lee, Y-Chia.; Yen, Z-Shen.; Hsieh, M-Ju.; Fang, C-Chung.; Chen, S-Chyr., 2012:
A misleading chest plain radiograph acquired after the return of spontaneous circulation

Ahmad, K.; Wright, M.; Lueck, C.J., 2011:

Saifee, T.A.; Edwards, M.J., 2012:
Tardive movement disorders: a practical approach

Ahmad, S.A.Bazir.; Archer, H.A.; Rice, C.M.; Gerhand, S.; Bradley, M.; Wilkins, A., 2012:
Seronegative limbic encephalitis: case report, literature review and proposed treatment algorithm

Fuller, G., 2012:
Simple dramatic research

Stokes, V.; Küker, W.; Schulz, U.G., 2012:
Gesundheit! Sneezing, paraesthesiae and ataxia in a 35-year-old man

Fuller, G., 2012:
Ignorant of ignorance?

Waddington, K.; Thomas, R.; Willis, M., 2011:
General paralysis of the insane

Gibbon, F.; Gibbon, F., 2012:
It's just petit mal: she'll grow out of it

Cohen, D., 2012:
Stroke thrombolysis in Mombasa--an outreach service

Hughes, T., 2012:

Hope, H., 2012:
MS: the big knit

Johnston, A., 2012:
Neurologists 'suited and booted' and not a desk in sight

Carson, A.J.; Kiernan, M.C., 2012:
Who is really the world's best known neurologist?

Anonymous, 2011:
How Can 1 + 1 = 3? beta2-Adrenergic and Glucocorticoid Receptor Agonist Synergism in Obstructive Airway Diseases

Herrington, J.; Solly, K.; Ratliff, K.S.; Li, N.; Zhou, Y-Ping.; Howard, A.; Kiss, L.; Garcia, M.L.; McManus, O.B.; Deng, Q.; Desai, R.; Xiong, Y.; Kaczorowski, G.J., 2012:
Identification of novel and selective Kv2 channel inhibitors

Anonymous, 2011:
2-Aminoethyl Methylphosphonate, a Potent and Rapidly Acting Antagonist of GABAA-rho1 Receptors

Tung, E.W.Y.; Winn, L.M., 2012:
Valproic acid increases formation of reactive oxygen species and induces apoptosis in postimplantation embryos: a role for oxidative stress in valproic acid-induced neural tube defects

Narasimhan, M.; Mahimainathan, L.; Rathinam, M.Latha.; Riar, A.Kaur.; Henderson, G.I., 2012:
Overexpression of Nrf2 protects cerebral cortical neurons from ethanol-induced apoptotic death

Lin, Z.Ping.; Lee, Y.; Lin, F.; Belcourt, M.F.; Li, P.; Cory, J.G.; Glazer, P.M.; Sartorelli, A.C., 2012:
Reduced level of ribonucleotide reductase R2 subunits increases dependence on homologous recombination repair of cisplatin-induced DNA damage

Anonymous, 2011:
Investigation of the Molecular Mechanism of the alpha7 Nicotinic Acetylcholine Receptor Positive Allosteric Modulator PNU-12596 Provides Evidence for Two Distinct Desensitized States

Alvarez-Curto, E.; Prihandoko, R.; Tautermann, C.S.; Zwier, J.M.; Pediani, J.D.; Lohse, M.J.; Hoffmann, C.; Tobin, A.B.; Milligan, G., 2012:
Developing chemical genetic approaches to explore G protein-coupled receptor function: validation of the use of a receptor activated solely by synthetic ligand (RASSL)

Narasimhan, D.; Collins, G.T.; Nance, M.R.; Nichols, J.; Edwald, E.; Chan, J.; Ko, M-Chuan.; Woods, J.H.; Tesmer, J.J.G.; Sunahara, R.K., 2012:
Subunit stabilization and polyethylene glycolation of cocaine esterase improves in vivo residence time

Zhu, H.; Li, J.Tao.; Zheng, F.; Martin, E.; Kots, A.Y.; Krumenacker, J.S.; Choi, B-Kwon.; McCutcheon, I.E.; Weisbrodt, N.; Bögler, O.; Murad, F.; Bian, K., 2012:
Restoring soluble guanylyl cyclase expression and function blocks the aggressive course of glioma

Kalia, J.; Swartz, K.J., 2012:
Elucidating the molecular basis of action of a classic drug: guanidine compounds as inhibitors of voltage-gated potassium channels

Anonymous, 2011:
Therapeutic Targeting of a Novel 6-Substituted Pyrrolo

de Kruijf, P.; Lim, H.D.; Roumen, L.; Renjaän, Véronique.A.; Zhao, J.; Webb, M.L.; Auld, D.S.; Wijkmans, J.C.H.M.; Zaman, G.J.R.; Smit, M.J.; de Graaf, C.; Leurs, R., 2012:
Identification of a novel allosteric binding site in the CXCR2 chemokine receptor

Brim, R.L.; Noon, K.R.; Collins, G.T.; Nichols, J.; Narasimhan, D.; Sunahara, R.K.; Woods, J.H., 2012:
The ability of bacterial cocaine esterase to hydrolyze cocaine metabolites and their simultaneous quantification using high-performance liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry

Anonymous, 2011:
P38 Mitogen-Activated Protein Kinase-gamma Inhibition by Long-Acting beta2 Adrenergic Agonists Reversed Steroid Insensitivity in Severe Asthma

Pittelli, M.; Felici, R.; Pitozzi, V.; Giovannelli, L.; Bigagli, E.; Cialdai, F.; Romano, G.; Moroni, F.; Chiarugi, A., 2012:
Pharmacological effects of exogenous NAD on mitochondrial bioenergetics, DNA repair, and apoptosis

Choi, M.; Yamada, S.; Makishima, M., 2012:
Dynamic and ligand-selective interactions of vitamin D receptor with retinoid X receptor and cofactors in living cells

Anonymous, 2011:
Nectandrin B Activates Endothelial Nitric-Oxide Synthase Phosphorylation in Endothelial Cells Role of the AMP-Activated Protein Kinase/Estrogen Receptor alpha/Phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase/Akt Pathway

Müller, I.; Rössler, O.G.; Thiel, G., 2012:
Pregnenolone sulfate activates basic region leucine zipper transcription factors in insulinoma cells: role of voltage-gated Ca2+ channels and transient receptor potential melastatin 3 channels

Anonymous, 2011:
Concise ES vs iPS Cells; the Game is on

Anonymous, 2011:
Inner Ear Stem Cells – an Oxymoron, But Why?

Anonymous, 2011:
The Cross-talk Between TGF-?1 and Dlk1 Mediates Early Chondrogenesis During Embryonic Endochondral Ossification

Sarrio, D.; Franklin, C.K.; Mackay, A.; Reis-Filho, J.S.; Isacke, C.M., 2012:
Epithelial and mesenchymal subpopulations within normal basal breast cell lines exhibit distinct stem cell/progenitor properties

Anonymous, 2011:
NANOS2 Acts Downstream of GDNF Signaling to Suppress Differentiation of Spermatogonial Stem Cells

Anonymous, 2011:
Preconditioning by Phosphodiesterase-5 Inhibition Improves Therapeutic Efficacy of Adipose Derived Stem Cells Following Myocardial Infarction in Mice

Anonymous, 2011:
Bone Marrow Derived Mesenchymal Stromal Cells are Attracted by Multiple Myeloma Cell-Produced Chemokine CCL25 and Favor Myeloma Cell Growth In Vitro and In Vivo

Anaka, M.; Freyer, C.; Gedye, C.; Caballero, O.; Davis, I.D.; Behren, A.; Cebon, J., 2012:
Stem cell media culture of melanoma results in the induction of a nonrepresentative neural expression profile

Anonymous, 2011:
Great Plains river basins threatened by pumping of aquifers

Anonymous, 2011:
A corny turn for biofuels from switchgrass

Anonymous, 2011:
Missouri Botanical Garden signs exchange agreement with 3 botanical institutions in China

Anonymous, 2011:
Underground water reservoirs for the Jordan Valley

Anonymous, 2011:
UGA researchers develop super yeast that turns pine into ethanol

Anonymous, 2011:
NASAs TRMM satellite sees deadly tornadic thunderstorms in Southeastern US

Anonymous, 2011:
New NASA missions to investigate how Mars turned hostile

Anonymous, 2011:
GOES satellite eyeing late season lows for tropical development

Anonymous, 2011:
NRL Monterey develops more accurate tropical cyclone prediction model

Anonymous, 2011:
Protection from severe malaria explained

Anonymous, 2011:
Corals can sense whats coming

Anonymous, 2011:
Combo hormone therapy has increased breast cancer risk over estrogen alone

Anonymous, 2011:
Old drugs find new target for treating brain tumor

Anonymous, 2011:
Hope on the horizon for patients with post-traumatic stress disorder

Anonymous, 2011:
MU researchers develop tool that saves time, eliminates mistakes in diabetes care

Anonymous, 2011:
Walking through doorways causes forgetting, new research shows

Austin, M.; Yang, Y-Ching.; Vittinghoff, E.; Adami, S.; Boonen, S.; Bauer, D.C.; Bianchi, G.; Bolognese, M.A.; Christiansen, C.; Eastell, R.; Grauer, A.; Hawkins, F.; Kendler, D.L.; Oliveri, B.; McClung, M.R.; Reid, I.R.; Siris, E.S.; Zanchetta, J.; Zerbini, C.A.F.; Libanati, C.; Cummings, S.R., 2012:
Relationship between bone mineral density changes with denosumab treatment and risk reduction for vertebral and nonvertebral fractures

Oh, J-Eun.; Kim, H.Joon.; Kim, W-Shin.; Lee, Z.Hee.; Ryoo, H-Mo.; Hwang, S.Jung.; Lee, Y.; Kim, H-Hee., 2012:
PlexinA2 mediates osteoblast differentiation via regulation of Runx2

Anonymous, 2011:
Low bone mass and high material bone density in two patients with Loeys-Dietz syndrome caused by transforming growth factor receptor 2 mutations

Sornay-Rendu, E.; Karras-Guillibert, C.; Munoz, F.; Claustrat, B.; Chapurlat, R.D., 2012:
Age determines longitudinal changes in body composition better than menopausal and bone status: the OFELY study

Nicks, K.M.; Amin, S.; Atkinson, E.J.; Riggs, B.Lawrence.; Melton, L.Joseph.; Khosla, S., 2012:
Relationship of age to bone microstructure independent of areal bone mineral density

Anonymous, 2011:
The association between insulin levels and cortical bone findings from a cross sectional analysis of pQCT parameters in adolescents

Prieto-Alhambra, D.; Premaor, M.O.; Fina Avilés, F.; Hermosilla, E.; Martinez-Laguna, D.; Carbonell-Abella, C.; Nogués, X.; Compston, J.E.; Díez-Pérez, A., 2012:
The association between fracture and obesity is site-dependent: a population-based study in postmenopausal women

Soler, Z.M.; Smith, T.L., 2012:
Endoscopic sinus surgery checklist

Luginbuhl, A.; Schwartz, D.M.; Sestokas, A.K.; Cognetti, D.; Pribitkin, E., 2012:
Detection of evolving injury to the brachial plexus during transaxillary robotic thyroidectomy

Crozier, E.E.; Klein, K.; Deane, J.; Toles, L.E.; Myers, L.L., 2012:
Video laryngoscopy-assisted secondary tracheoesophageal puncture placement for the patient with severely limited neck extension

Alicandri-Ciufelli, M.; Moretti, V.; Ruberto, M.; Monzani, D.; Chiarini, L.; Presutti, L., 2012:
Otolaryngology fantastica: the ear, nose, and throat manifestations of Munchausen's syndrome

Lazard, D.S.; Collette, J-Louis.; Perrot, X., 2012:
Speech processing: from peripheral to hemispheric asymmetry of the auditory system

Horn, D.L.; Maguire, R.C.; Simons, J.P.; Mehta, D.K., 2012:
Endoscopic anterior cricoid split with balloon dilation in infants with failed extubation

Anonymous, 2011:
Endoscopic anatomy of the palatovaginal canal palatosphenoidal canalA Landmark for Dissection of the Vidian Nerve During Endonasal Transpterygoid Approaches

Anonymous, 2011:
Complications in endoscopic sinus surgery for chronic rhinosinusitis

Kern, W.; Bacher, U.; Haferlach, C.; Alpermann, T.; Dicker, F.; Schnittger, S.; Haferlach, T., 2012 :
Frequency and prognostic impact of the aberrant CD8 expression in 5,523 patients with chronic lymphocytic leukemia

Harvey, A.Nadine.; Snape, I.; Siciliano, S.Douglas., 2012:
Validating potential toxicity assays to assess petroleum hydrocarbon toxicity in polar soil

Harvey, A.Nadine.; Snape, I.; Siciliano, S.Douglas., 2012:
Changes in liquid water alter nutrient bioavailability and gas diffusion in frozen antarctic soils contaminated with petroleum hydrocarbons

Säwström, C.; Pollard, P., 2012:
Environmental influences on virus-host interactions in an Australian subtropical reservoir

Alessandra Fidelis; Carolina, C.B.anco; Sandra, C.M.ller; Valério D.P.llar; Jörg Pfadenhauer, 2012:
Short-term changes caused by fire and mowing in Brazilian Campos grasslands with different long-term fire histories

Hussaarts, P.; Roozen, H.G.; Meyers, R.J.; van de Wetering, B.J.M.; McCrady, B.S., 2012:
Problem areas reported by substance abusing individuals and their concerned significant others

Tkacz, J.; Severt, J.; Cacciola, J.; Ruetsch, C., 2012:
Compliance with buprenorphine medication-assisted treatment and relapse to opioid use

Andrade, L.F.; Alessi, S.M.; Petry, N.M., 2012:
The impact of contingency management on quality of life among cocaine abusers with and without alcohol dependence

Jordan, A.T.omson; Andrew, B.C.oper; Derek, A.B.rkholder; Michael, R.H.ithaus; Lawrence, M.D.ll, 2012:
Heterogeneous patterns of availability for detection during visual surveys spatiotemporal variation in sea turtle dive–surfacing behaviour on a feeding ground

Anonymous, 2011 :
Structural and optical properties of copper doped ZnO film derived by sol gel

Ali Shanaghi; Ali Reza Sabour Rouhaghdam; Shahrokh Ahangarani; Paul, K.C.u; Taghi Shahrabi Farahani, 2012:
Effects of duty cycle on microstructure and corrosion behavior of TiC coatings prepared by DC Pulsed Plasma CVD

Guojia Ma; Shuili Gong; Guoqiang Lin; Lin Zhang; Gang Sun, 2012:
A Study of Structure and Properties of Ti-doped DLC Film by Reactive Magnetron Sputtering with Ion Implantation

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Chemical and Electrical Passivation of Si111 Surfaces

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Wettability and Friction Coefficient of Micro-Magnet Arrayed Surface

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Surface Activation on Multi-Wall Carbon Nanotube for Electrochemical Capacitor Applications

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Surface modification of CNTs and enhanced photocatalytic activity of TiO2coated on hydrophilically modified CNTs

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Comparison and SEM-characterization of novel solvents of DNA/carbon nanotube

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Does the iowa gambling task measure executive function?

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Utility of the mild brain injury atypical symptoms scale as a screening measure for symptom over-reporting in operation enduring freedom/operation iraqi freedom service members with post-concussive complaints

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Pre-surgical mood predicts memory decline after anterior temporal lobe resection for epilepsy

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Development and validation of the stanford binet-5 rarely missed items-nonverbal index for the detection of malingered mental retardation

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Cross-validation of picture completion effort indices in personal injury litigants and disability claimants

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Transcriptional activity of ATF3 in the stromal compartment of tumors promotes cancer progression

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Small GTPase RAB45-mediated p38 activation in apoptosis of chronic myeloid leukemia progenitor cells

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Anonymous, 2011:
14-3-3sigma and p63 play opposing roles in epidermal tumorigenesis

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TLR signaling-mediated differential histone modification at IL-1 and IL-12 promoter region leads to functional impairments in tumor-associated macrophages

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MicroRNA-499-5p promotes cellular invasion and tumor metastasis in colorectal cancer by targeting FOXO4 and PDCD4

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Graded activation of the MEK1/MT1-MMP axis determines renal epithelial cell tumor phenotype

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Polyphenol-rich sweet potato greens extract inhibits proliferation and induces apoptosis in prostate cancer cells in vitro and in vivo

Anonymous, 2011:
Green tea polyphenol EGCG suppresses lung cancer cell growth through upregulating miR-21 expression caused by stabilizing HIF-1alpha

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Ling Zhi-8 mediates p53-dependent growth arrest of lung cancer cells proliferation via the ribosomal protein S7-MDM2-p53 pathway

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Downregulation of p57 accelerates the growth and invasion of hepatocellular carcinoma

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Carriers of the hypertrophic cardiomyopathy MYBPC3 mutation are characterized by reduced myocardial efficiency in the absence of hypertrophy and microvascular dysfunction

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Systolic pulmonary artery pressure and heart rate are main determinants of oxygen consumption in the right ventricular myocardium of patients with idiopathic pulmonary arterial hypertension

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Aldosterone and cortisol predict medium-term left ventricular remodelling following myocardial infarction

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Circulating levels of hepatocyte growth factor and left ventricular remodelling after acute myocardial infarction (from the REVE-2 study)

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Additive value of severe diastolic dysfunction and contractile reserve in the identification of responders to cardiac resynchronization therapy

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Right and left bundle branch block as predictors of long-term mortality following myocardial infarction

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Red cell distribution width and risk for first hospitalization due to heart failure: a population-based cohort study

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Heart failure and cognitive function in the general population: the Hoorn Study

Anonymous, 2011:
Dysregulation of Semaphorin7A/beta1-integrin signaling leads to defective GnRH-1 cell migration, abnormal gonadal development and altered fertility

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Disease-associated epigenetic changes in monozygotic twins discordant for schizophrenia and bipolar disorder

Anonymous, 2011:
The X-linked intellectual disability protein IL1RAPL1 regulates excitatory synapse formation by binding PTPdelta and RhoGAP2

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Genes and pathways affected by CAG-repeat RNA-based toxicity in Drosophila

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Losing balance: Hardy-Weinberg disequilibrium as a marker for recurrent loss-of-heterozygosity in cancer

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Human Pompe disease-induced pluripotent stem cells for pathogenesis modeling, drug testing and disease marker identification

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The spinal muscular atrophy disease protein SMN is linked to the Rho-kinase pathway via profilin

Anonymous, 2011:
Autophagy is increased in laminin alpha2 chain-deficient muscle and its inhibition improves muscle morphology in a mouse model of MDC1A

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The X-chromosome-linked intellectual disability protein PQBP1 is a component of neuronal RNA granules and regulates the appearance of stress granules

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Large-scale transcriptional profiling and functional assays reveal important roles for Rho-GTPase signalling and SCL during haematopoietic differentiation of human embryonic stem cells

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Functional genomic screen and network analysis reveal novel modifiers of tauopathy dissociated from tau phosphorylation

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Expression of the dystrophin isoform Dp116 preserves functional muscle mass and extends lifespan without preventing dystrophy in severely dystrophic mice

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Polymorphisms in B3GAT1, SLC9A9 and MGAT5 are associated with variation within the human plasma N-glycome of 3533 European adults

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Making up koro: multiplicity, psychiatry, culture, and penis-shrinking anxieties

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Vaginismus: a Franco-American story

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Shell shock, trauma, and the First World War: the making of a diagnosis and its histories

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High intensity interval training alters substrate utilization and reduces oxygen consumption in the heart

Anonymous, 2011:
Beta-Adrenergic receptors desensitization is not involved in exercise-induced cardiac fatigue NADPH oxidase-induced oxidative stress as a new trigger

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Swimming training improves the vasodilator effect of angiotensin-(1-7) in the aorta of spontaneously hypertensive rat

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Angiotensin II and norepinephrine activate specific calcineurin-dependent NFAT transcription factor isoforms in cardiomyocytes

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Force control of quadriceps muscle is bilaterally impaired in subacute stroke

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Sympathetic nerve activity and whole body heat stress in humans

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Resistance exercise enhances the molecular signaling of mitochondrial biogenesis induced by endurance exercise in human skeletal muscle

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Effect of old age on human skeletal muscle force-velocity and fatigue properties

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Caffeine intake improves intense intermittent exercise performance and reduces muscle interstitial potassium accumulation

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A web-based intervention to reduce alcohol-exposed pregnancies in the community

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The relationship between self-efficacy for behaviors that promote healthy weight and clinical indicators of adiposity in a sample of early adolescents

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A systematic review of factors utilized in preconception health behavior research

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Activating community health center patients in developing question-formulation skills: a qualitative study

Anonymous, 2011:
Nicastrin and Related Components of gamma-Secretase Generate a Peptide Epitope Facilitating Immune Recognition of Intracellular Mycobacteria, through MHC Class II-Dependent Priming of T Cells

Anonymous, 2011:
Calcium/Calmodulin-Dependent Protein Kinase Type IV Is Essential for Mesangial Cell Proliferation and Lupus Nephritis

Anonymous, 2011:
Natural Helper Cells Derive from Lymphoid Progenitors

Anonymous, 2011:
A Role for Inside-Out Signaling in TCR Regulation of CD28 Ligand Binding

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Altered differentiation, diminished pathogenicity, and regulatory activity of myelin-specific T cells expressing an enhanced affinity TCR

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Different expression levels of the TAP peptide transporter lead to recognition of different antigenic peptides by tumor-specific CTL

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Virally-induced upregulation of heparan sulfate on B cells via the action of type I IFN

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Coordinated regulation of lymph node vascular-stromal growth first by CD11c+ cells and then by T and B cells

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CD84 negatively regulates IgE high-affinity receptor signaling in human mast cells

Anonymous, 2011:
Glycogen synthase kinase-3beta is a prosurvival signal for the maintenance of human mast cell homeostasis

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Negative selection by IgM superantigen defines a B cell central tolerance compartment and reveals mutations allowing escape

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B7-h1 expressed by activated CD8 T cells is essential for their survival

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Human Th1 and Th17 cells exhibit epigenetic stability at signature cytokine and transcription factor loci

Anonymous, 2011:
Il-1beta and tgf-beta act antagonistically in induction and differentially in propagation of human proinflammatory precursor cd4+ t cells

Anonymous, 2011:
Regulation of ifn-lambda1 promoter activity ifn-lambda1/il-29 in human airway epithelial cells

Schaeuble, K.; Hauser, M.A.; Singer, E.; Groettrup, M.; Legler, D.F., 2012:
Cross-talk between TCR and CCR7 signaling sets a temporal threshold for enhanced T lymphocyte migration

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Pathogenic and protective functions of TNF in neuroinflammation are defined by its expression in T lymphocytes and myeloid cells

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Osteopontin modulates the generation of memory CD8+ T cells during influenza virus infection

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Immune regulation through mitochondrion-dependent dendritic cell death induced by T regulatory cells

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Proliferating cell nuclear antigen is a novel inhibitory ligand for the natural cytotoxicity receptor NKp44

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A critical role for macrophages in promotion of urethane-induced lung carcinogenesis

Anonymous, 2011:
Formation of b-1 b cells from neonatal b-1 transitional cells exhibits nf-kappab redundancy

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Affinity thresholds for naive CD8+ CTL activation by peptides and engineered influenza A viruses

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Influence of galectin-9/Tim-3 interaction on herpes simplex virus-1 latency

Mushaben, E.M.; Kramer, E.L.; Brandt, E.B.; Khurana Hershey, G.K.; Le Cras, T.D., 2012:
Rapamycin attenuates airway hyperreactivity, goblet cells, and IgE in experimental allergic asthma

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IL-6 promotes cardiac graft rejection mediated by CD4+ cells

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PTEN negatively regulates engulfment of apoptotic cells by modulating activation of Rac GTPase

Brickshawana, A.; Shapiro, V.Smith.; Kita, H.; Pease, L.R., 2012:
Lineage(-)Sca1+c-Kit(-)CD25+ cells are IL-33-responsive type 2 innate cells in the mouse bone marrow

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C5a regulates NKT and NK cell functions in sepsis

Schaefer, J. S.; Montufar-Solis, D.; Vigneswaran, N.; Klein, J. R., 2011:
Selective upregulation of microrna expression in peripheral blood leukocytes in il-1-/- mice precedes expression in the colon

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Uric acid-driven Th17 differentiation requires inflammasome-derived IL-1 and IL-18

Anonymous, 2011:
Alpha9beta1 integrin-mediated signaling serves as an intrinsic regulator of pathogenic th17 cell generation

Saxena, M.; Busca, A.; Pandey, S.; Kryworuchko, M.; Kumar, A., 2012:
CpG protects human monocytic cells against HIV-Vpr-induced apoptosis by cellular inhibitor of apoptosis-2 through the calcium-activated JNK pathway in a TLR9-independent manner

Xue, X.; Feng, T.; Yao, S.; Wolf, K. J.; Liu, C.-G.; Liu, X.; Elson, C. O.; Cong, Y., 2011:
Microbiota downregulates dendritic cell expression of mir-1a, which targets il-12/il-23p4

Freeman, S.A.; Lei, V.; Dang-Lawson, M.; Mizuno, K.; Roskelley, C.D.; Gold, M.R., 2012:
Cofilin-mediated F-actin severing is regulated by the Rap GTPase and controls the cytoskeletal dynamics that drive lymphocyte spreading and BCR microcluster formation

Yolcu, E.S.; Zhao, H.; Bandura-Morgan, L.; Lacelle, C.; Woodward, K.B.; Askenasy, N.; Shirwan, H., 2012:
Pancreatic islets engineered with SA-FasL protein establish robust localized tolerance by inducing regulatory T cells in mice

Anonymous, 2011:
Sap-mediated inhibition of diacylglycerol kinase alpha regulates tcr-induced diacylglycerol signaling

Anonymous, 2011:
T cell factor 1 regulates thymocyte survival via a rorgammat-dependent pathway

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EphB receptors trigger Akt activation and suppress Fas receptor-induced apoptosis in malignant T lymphocytes

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Hck Tyrosine Kinase Regulates TLR4-Induced TNF and IL-6 Production via AP-

Anonymous, 2011:
Mammalian Target of Rapamycin Inhibition in Macrophages of Asymptomatic HIV+ Persons Reverses the Decrease in TLR-4-Mediated TNF-alpha Release through Prolongation of MAPK Pathway Activation

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Mapping the transcriptional machinery of the IL-8 gene in human bronchial epithelial cells

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Attenuated Atherosclerotic Lesions in apoE-Fcgamma-Chain-Deficient Hyperlipidemic Mouse Model Is Associated with Inhibition of Th17 Cells and Promotion of Regulatory T Cells

Anonymous, 2011:
Integrin alphavbeta5-Mediated TGF-beta Activation by Airway Smooth Muscle Cells in Asthma

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The role for decorin in delayed-type hypersensitivity

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Adenosinergic regulation of the expansion and immunosuppressive activity of CD11b+Gr1+ cells

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Inflammasome activation of IL-18 results in endothelial progenitor cell dysfunction in systemic lupus erythematosus

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PP5 Regulates UV Light-induced Chk1 Phosphorylation

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Cytosolic SAT in Thlaspi goesingense

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Mechanism of HIV-RT Inhibition by Zinc

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ADAM9 Affects Cellular ADAM1 Activity

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CcmI as Apocytochrome c2 Chaperone

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Roles of ATGL and HSL in TNF-alpha-induced Lipolysis

Anonymous, 2011:
Chaperone Binding to PolyQ

Anonymous, 2011:
T vaginalis Surface Lipoglycan Structure

Anonymous, 2011:
PEX5-Catalase Interaction

Anonymous, 2011:
CYLD Targets Smad7 to Regulate Treg Development

Anonymous, 2011:
JARID1B Represses let-7e

Anonymous, 2011 :
NF-kappaB and Inflammasome Regulation by POP2

Anonymous, 2011:
Ideal Model System for the Inducible Expression of CD24

Anonymous, 2011:
SWI/SNF-dependent Catalysis of Nucleosome Disassembly in Vivo

Anonymous, 2011:
Remodeling of Kinetoplast DNA by a Replication Initiator

Anonymous, 2011:
FGF2 Modulation of Wnt Pathway in Osteoblasts

Anonymous, 2011:
CARHSP1 Modulates Gluconeogenic Gene Expression

Anonymous, 2011:
Mechanism of Resistance in IMPDH from MPA-producing Fungi

Anonymous, 2011:
C-terminal Dimerization Activates TRPV

Anonymous, 2011:
Crystal Structure of Human FcgammaRI

Anonymous, 2011:
Reactions at the H-cluster

Anonymous, 2011:
MuSK Activation by Lrp4

Anonymous, 2011:
Bidirectional Cell Membrane Ordering by Transmembrane Protein

Anonymous, 2011:
Stimulation of Pol gamma and mtDNA Helicase by mtSSB Variants

Anonymous, 2011:
Functional Interaction between ICln and HSPC38

Anonymous, 2011:
SATB2 Inhibits a Subset of p63 Mutants

Anonymous, 2011:
SP-D Mutant Enhances Defenses against Influenza A Virus

Anonymous, 2011:
Acquisition of PI3P Binding in p4phox

Anonymous, 2011:
Crystal Structure and Nucleotide Binding by MtbATIC

Anonymous, 2011:
CoA Thioesters in Mtb Cholesterol Catabolism

Anonymous, 2011:
Antimicrobial Inhibitors of GlmU Acetyltransferase

Anonymous, 2011:
Polar Body Transcriptome

Anonymous, 2011:
P45s Are Both FeII and FeIII in the Resting State

Anonymous, 2011:
AP-2, Epsin-1, and GPCR Endocytosis

Anonymous, 2011:
PKD3 in Pathological Cardiac Hypertrophy

Anonymous, 2011:
Interaction Network inside the T2SS

Anonymous, 2011:
Beta2-Adrenergic Receptor Interacts with RGGT

Anonymous, 2011:
AgaSK, a Bifunctional Galactosidase/Sucrose Kinase

Anonymous, 2011:
SGSs Are Immunogenic Components of Mosquito Saliva

Anonymous, 2011:
Fbw7alpha Regulates Liver Triglyceride via KLF5/PPARgamma2

Anonymous, 2011:
Mt3-induced Actin Organization in Cultured Astrocytes

Anonymous, 2011:
IAPP Alters KATP Channels in Beta-cells

Anonymous, 2011:
Substrate-assisted E1 Inhibition

Anonymous, 2011:
Regulatory Characteristics of V vulnificus nan Operons

Anonymous, 2011:
Macrophages and Nrf2-dependent Proteasome Activation

Anonymous, 2011:
Calcium-sensing Receptor and Integrins

Anonymous, 2011:
Flexible Cullins Allosterically Regulate Ubiquitination

Anonymous, 2011:
Tyrosine Phosphorylation in Integrins

Anonymous, 2011:
NHE1/CaM Complex Structure

Anonymous, 2011:
AP-1 Regulates HPV Transcription

Anonymous, 2011:
BetaCl Elimination by Yeast DAAO

Anonymous, 2011:
Activation of Mec1 by Dpb11 C Terminus

Anonymous, 2011:
MYC Regulation through G4 in Euchromatin

Anonymous, 2011:
Aromatic-Carbohydrate Interactions in a Processive Cellulase

Anonymous, 2011:
Dicer in Epicardial Development

Anonymous, 2011:
Role of Pendrin in HCO3- Secretion in the Airways

Anonymous , 2011:
DNA Demethylation during ADSC Osteogenic Differentiation

Anonymous, 2011:
Amotl2 Promotes Angiogenesis

Anonymous, 2011:
Modulating Oxygen Reactivity of Aryl-alcohol Oxidase

Anonymous, 2011:
Setdb1 Function in PML-NB

Anonymous, 2011:
Involvement of HIV-1 Tat in HAND

Anonymous, 2011:
Understanding How Pathogenic Bacteria Secrete Toxinsdiams;

Anonymous, 2011:
View of the Human Na+/H+ Exchanger Regulatory Region Bound to Calmodulindiams;

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Organizational climate determinants of resident safety culture in nursing homes

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Rurality and Nursing Home Quality Evidence From the 24 National Nursing Home Survey

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Mesozooplankton and microzooplankton grazing during cyanobacterial blooms in the western basin of Lake Erie

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Evaluation and management of central venous access complications

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The Relationship Between Suicidal Thinking and Dating Violence in a Sample of Adolescent Abortion Patients

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Does Screening High School Students for Psychological Distress, Deliberate Self-Harm, or Suicidal Ideation Cause Distress — And Is It Acceptable? An Australian-Based Study

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The Effects of Situational Obstacles and Social Support on Suicide-Prevention Gatekeeper Behaviors

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Coping Style as a Mediator of the Relationship Between Depressive Symptoms and Deliberate Self-Harm

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How Henry Hellyers Use of Language Foretold His Suicide

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Treatment of schizophrenia with electroconvulsive therapy

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Attaching and effacingEscherichia coliand Shiga toxin-producingE coliin children with acute diarrhoea and controls in Teresina/PI, Brazil

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Carbon molecular sieve dense film membranes derived from Matrimidfor ethylene/ethane separation

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Structure and hydrogen adsorption properties of low density nanoporous carbons from simulations

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A passive microfluidic valve fabricated from a hydrogel filled with carbon nanotubes

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Simple and cost-effective reduction of graphite oxide by sulfuric acid

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CD2 Receptor and Macrophage Function in the Intestine

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iNKTs foil fungi

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Minimization of bacterial size allows for complement evasion and is overcome by the agglutinating effect of antibody

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Viral microRNA targetome of KSHV-infected primary effusion lymphoma cell lines

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Comparative numerical study of the effects of rotating and travelling magnetic fields on the carbon transport in the solution growth of SiC crystals

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Salts of amino acids with hexafluorosilicate anions

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Crystal growth and luminescence properties of Cr-doped YAlO3single crystals

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Effect of flow pattern on the segregation of impurities in vertical bridgman growth of multi-crystalline silicon

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The control of mean ionic radius at Y site by Lu co-doping for CeLiYF4single crystals

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Expression of Heparanase in Vasculature Cells and Astrocytes of the Mouse Brain after Focal Cerebral Ischemia

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Glutamate receptor subunit GluA1 is necessary for long-term potentiation and synapse unsilencing, but not long-term depression in mouse hippocampus

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MAP1B 1-126 interacts with tubulin isoforms and induces neurite outgrowth and neuronal death of cultured cortical neurons

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Alpha-synuclein synaptic pathology and its implications in the development of novel therapeutic approaches to cure Parkinsons disease

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Neuroprotective effects of osthole pretreatment against traumatic brain injury in rats

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Optical analysis of developmental changes in synaptic potentiation in the neonatal rat corticostriatal projection

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Love is more than just a kiss A neurobiological perspective of love and affection

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Profound reduction in sensitivity to the aversive effects of methamphetamine in mice bred for high methamphetamine intake

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Emotional faces and the default mode network

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Metabolic alterations in corpus callosum may compromise brain functional connectivity in MTBI patients: an 1H-MRS study

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Characterization of BmKbpp, a multifunctional peptide from the Chinese scorpionMesobuthus martensiiKarsch gaining insight into a new mechanism for the functional diversification of scorpion venom peptides

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Engineered antibody therapies to counteract mutant huntingtin and related toxic intracellular proteins

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Neuropeptide Y (NPY) in the central nucleus of the amygdala (CeA) does not affect ethanol-reinforced responding in binge-drinking, nondependent rats

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Effects of intraplantar nocistatin and (±)-J 113397 injections on nociceptive behavior in a rat model of inflammation

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Morris water maze performance deficit produced by intermittent swim stress is partially mediated by norepinephrine

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Value of electrocardiogram in the differentiation of hypertensive heart disease, hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, aortic stenosis, amyloidosis, and Fabry disease

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Functional genetics

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The inhibition of the integrin VLA-4 in MV3 melanoma cell binding by non-anticoagulant heparin derivatives

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Socio-demographics and the development of malaria elimination strategies in the low transmission setting

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Electrogenic events upon photolysis of CO from fully reduced cytochromecoxidase

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VDAC, the early days

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VDAC proteomics: post-translation modifications

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Acetylation of αA-crystallin in the human lens: effects on structure and chaperone function

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Multitasking in the mitochondrion by the ATP-dependent Lon protease

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Lipophilicity of morphine microspecies and their contribution to the lipophilicity profile

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Simultaneous determination of alkyl mesilates and alkyl besilates in finished drug products by direct injection GC/MS

Anonymous, 2011:
Binding of diuretic antihypertensive bendroflumethiazide to human serum albumin studied byF nuclear magnetic resonance method

Anonymous, 2011:
EPR studies of free radical decay and survival in gamma irradiated aminoglycoside antibiotics sisomicin, tobramycin and paromomycin

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Influences of heat seal lacquer thickness on the quality of blister packages

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Optimisation and scale-up of a highly-loaded 5-ASA multi-particulate dosage form using a factorial approach

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Providing a reinforcement history that reduces the sunk cost effect

Anonymous, 2011:
Comparative Genotoxicity of Nitrosamine Drinking Water Disinfection Byproducts inSalmonellaand Mammalian Cells

Anonymous, 2011:
Influence ofCYP2C9,GSTM1,GSTT1andNAT2Genetic Polymorphisms on DNA Damage in Workers Occupationally Exposed to Organophosphate Pesticides

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Comparison of DNA damage in human-derived hepatoma line (HepG2) exposed to the fifteen drinking water disinfection byproducts using the single cell gel electrophoresis assay

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Unexpected diversity in Shisa-like proteins suggests the importance of their roles as transmembrane adaptors

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Role of JAK3 in myogenic differentiation

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Nuclear localization drives α1-adrenergic receptor oligomerization and signaling in cardiac myocytes

Anonymous, 2011:
Inositol-1,4,5-trisphosphate 3-kinase A regulates dendritic morphology and shapes synaptic Catransients

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Eph receptors at synapses: implications in neurodegenerative diseases

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A 'bacteriocin PCR array' for identification of bacteriocin-related structural genes in lactic acid bacteria

Anonymous, 2011:
Rapid detection ofblaIMP-6by Amplification Refractory Mutation System

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Dynamics of frequency flow in epileptic brain during extra-temporal partial and idiopathic generalized epilepsy

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Frontal lobe function in temporal lobe epilepsy

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Nucleofection-based gene targeting in human pre-B cells

Anonymous, 2011:
The effect of adipokinetic hormone on midgut characteristics inPyrrhocoris apterusL Heteroptera

Anonymous, 2011:
Adhesive performance of the stick-capture apparatus of rove beetles of the genusStenusColeoptera, Staphylinidae toward various surfaces

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Neural control of salivary glands in ixodid ticks

Anonymous, 2011:
Nitrogen dioxide oxidizes mitochondrial cytochromec

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Advanced microscopy techniques to assess solid-state properties of inhalation medicines

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Physico-chemical aspects of lactose for inhalation

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Intranasal delivery of biologics to the central nervous system

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APEX simulation of best irrigation and N management strategies for off-site N pollution control in three Mediterranean irrigated watersheds

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Wetland drainage in the Canadian prairies Nutrient, salt and bacteria characteristics

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Hemp seed cake in organic broiler diets

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Low environmental levels of fluoxetine induce spawning and changes in endogenous estradiol levels in the zebra musselDreissena polymorpha

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Hydrogen peroxide application to a, commercial recirculating aquaculture system

Anonymous, 2011:
Phylogeography ofUlmus elongatabased on Fourier transform-infrared spectroscopy FTIR, thermal gravimetric and differential thermal analyses

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Targeting cathepsin S induces tumor cell autophagy via the EGFR-ERK signaling pathway

Anonymous, 2011:
Evaluation of the GABAergic nervous system in autistic brainI-iomazenil SPECT study

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Suppression of TNBS-induced colitis in rats by 4-methylesculetin, a natural coumarin: comparison with prednisolone and sulphasalazine

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Epigallocatechin gallate suppresses peritoneal fibrosis in mice

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Developing a Quality System for Quantitative Laboratory-Developed Tests

Anonymous, 2011:
Properties ofDrosophila melanogasterprophenoloxidases expressed inEscherichia coli

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Co-stimulation with TLR3 and TLR21 ligands synergistically up-regulates Th1-cytokine IFN-? and regulatory cytokine IL-1 expression in chicken monocytes

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Body image and psychological distress after prophylactic mastectomy and breast reconstruction in genetically predisposed women: a prospective long-term follow-up study

Anonymous, 2011:
Ex VivoStudy of Bevacizumab Transport through Porcine Nasal Mucosa

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Novel Tanshinone II A ternary solid dispersion pellets prepared by a single-step technique: in vitro and in vivo evaluation

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Effects of solid carriers on the crystalline properties, dissolution and bioavailability of flurbiprofen in solid self-nanoemulsifying drug delivery system (solid SNEDDS)

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Dichloroacetonitrile induces oxidative stress and developmental apoptotic imbalance in mouse fetal brain

Anonymous, 2011:
Evaluation of the effect ofUncaria tomentosaextracts on the size and shape of human erythrocytes in vitro

Anonymous, 2011:
Baccharis dracunculifolia,the Main Source of Green Propolis, Exhibits Potent Antioxidant Activity and Prevents Oxidative Mitochondrial Damage

Anonymous, 2011:
Induction of apoptosis and cell cycle arrest by pericarp polyphenol-rich extract ofBanehin human colon carcinoma HT29 cells

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Furan induction of DNA cross-linking and strand breaks in turkey fetal liver in comparison to 1,3-propanediol

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Optimized Descriptive Profile a rapid methodology for sensory description

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Likelihood of Buying Healthy Convenience Food An At-home Testing Procedure for Ready-To-Heat Meals

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Comparison Study of Three Rapid Test Kits for Histamine in Fish BiooScientific MaxSignal Enzymatic Assay, Neogen Veratox ELISA, and the Neogen Reveal Histamine Screening Test

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Chemical characterisation, biogenic amines contents, and identification of fish species in cod and escolar steaks, and salted escolar roe products

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Repeatability in the assessment of multi-segment foot kinematics

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Mechanistic insights into protein precipitation by alcohol

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Investigation of the inclusion behavior of chlorogenic acid with hydroxypropyl-β-cyclodextrin

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Application of reactive salicylanilide to viscose fabrics as antibacterial and antifungus finishing

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Facile production of chitin from crab shells using ionic liquid and citric acid

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Antifungal property of quaternized chitosan and its derivatives

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Predictors of hospitalized patients' intentions to prevent healthcare harm: a cross sectional survey

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The nursing contribution to chronic disease management: a case of public expectation? Qualitative findings from a multiple case study design in England and Wales

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Effect of back pressure on emulsification of lipid nanodispersions in a high-pressure homogenizer

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The role of TRPV1 channel in aged human skin

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Cochlear implant outcomes in children with motor developmental delay

Anonymous, 2011:
The spectral content of postural sway during quiet stan Influences of age, vision and somatosensory inputs

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Individuals with non-specific low back pain use a trunk stiffening strategy to maintain upright posture

Anonymous, 2011:
Use of macro and trace elements as biological markers in the lesser grain borer,Rhyzopertha dominicaF Coleoptera Bostrichidae

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CAG repeat polymorphism in androgen receptor gene is not directly associated with polycystic ovary syndrome but influences serum testosterone levels

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Transgenic mouse models of hormonal mammary carcinogenesis: advantages and limitations

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PECAM-1 dampens cytokine levels during LPS-induced endotoxemia by regulating leukocyte trafficking

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Physico-chemical, textural and structural characteristics of sous-vide cooked pork cheeks as affected by vacuum, cooking temperature, and cooking time

Anonymous, 2011:
Analysis of antibiotic resistance patterns and detection ofmecAgene inStaphylococcus aureusisolated from packaged hamburger

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EMAS position statement: Vitamin D and postmenopausal health

Anonymous, 2011:
Myopathy in a woman and her daughter associated with a novel splice siteMTM1mutation

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Light qualities and dose influence ascorbate pool size in detached oat leaves

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Enantioselectivity in estrogenicity of the organochlorine insecticide acetofenate in human trophoblast and MCF-7 cells

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No tillage in rainfed Aragon NE Spain Effect on organic carbon in the soil surface horizon

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Economic evaluation of tillage management practices at the watershed scale in southern Manitoba

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Capsule null locus meningococci: typing of antigens used in an investigational multicomponent meningococcus serogroup B vaccine

Anonymous, 2011:
A tetravalent meningococcal serogroups A, C, W-135, and Y tetanus toxoid conjugate vaccine is immunogenic and well-tolerated when co-administered withTwinrixin subjects aged 11–17 years An open, randomised, controlled trial

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Effect of vaccination with an inactivated vaccine on transplacental transmission of BTV-8 in mid term pregnant ewes and heifers

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Development and qualification of the parallel line model for the estimation of human influenza haemagglutinin content using the single radial immunodiffusion assay

Anonymous, 2011:
Immunogenicity and protective efficacy of theMycobacterium aviumsubspparatuberculosisattenuated mutants against challenge in a mouse model

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Oral vaccination with inactivated influenza vaccine induces cross-protective immunity

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Vaccine effectiveness in preventing influenza hospitalizations in Navarre, Spain, 21–211 Cohort and case–control study

Anonymous, 2011:
Identification and characterization ofBorreliaantigens as potential vaccine candidates against Lyme borreliosis

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Impact of delayed processing of bovine peripheral blood on differential gene expression

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Molecular cloning and characterization of canine fractalkine and its receptor CX3CR

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Proteomic alteration of Marc-145 cells and PAMs after infection by porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus

Anonymous, 2011:
Histological, histochemical and immunohistochemical study of the lymph nodes of the one humped camelCamelus dromedarius

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Discharge patterns after radical prostatectomy in the United States of America

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Early incontinence after radical prostatectomy: a community based retrospective analysis in 911 men and implications for preoperative counseling

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Adult urologic sarcoma: experience during 2 decades

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Applying narrow-band imaging in complement with white-light imaging cystoscopy in the detection of urothelial carcinoma of the bladder

Anonymous, 2011:
Expression profiling, gene silencing and transcriptional networking of Metzincin metalloproteases in the cattle tick,RhipicephalusBoophilus microplus

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The logarithm of the triglyceride/HDL-cholesterol ratio is related to the history of cardiovascular disease in patients with familial hypercholesterolemia

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The Photometric Period of the Cataclysmic Variable HV Andromedae

Gerald, D.R.de II.F.A.R.ngwald, 2012:
The Photometric Periods of the Nova-Like Cataclysmic Variable LQ Pegasi PG 2133+115

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The design and methods of the aging successfully with pain study

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The Mexican-American Trial of Community Health workers (MATCH): design and baseline characteristics of a randomized controlled trial testing a culturally tailored community diabetes self-management intervention

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Inelastic buckling design of monosymmetric I-beams

J.Paul Smith-Pardo, 2012:
Design aids for simplified nonlinear soil–structure interaction analyses

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Seismic analysis of sheathing-braced cold-formed steel structures

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Endocrine and anatomical findings in a case of Solitary Median Maxillary Central Incisor Syndrome

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How awkward! Social anxiety and the perceived consequences of social blunders

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Outcome predictors in guided and unguided self-help for social anxiety disorder

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Geochemical paleogradient in pore waters controlled by AOM recorded in an Oligocene laminated limestone from the Outer Carpathians

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Stability and structure of pentavalent antimony complexes with aqueous organic ligands

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Exploring the associations between coping patterns for everyday stressors and mental health in young schoolchildren

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A meta-analysis of the effect of cognitive bias modification on anxiety and depression

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Psychological stress in childhood and susceptibility to the chronic diseases of aging: moving toward a model of behavioral and biological mechanisms

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Facial affect processing and depression susceptibility: cognitive biases and cognitive neuroscience

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Pain, nicotine, and smoking: research findings and mechanistic considerations

Anonymous, 2011:
Distribution and seasonal variation in the partial pressure of CO2during autumn and winter in Jiaozhou Bay, a region of high urbanization

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Occurrence of selected estrogens in mangrove sediments

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On relation between mid-latitude ionospheric ionization and quasi-trapped energetic electrons during 15 December 26 magnetic storm

Anonymous, 2011:
Power law distribution of pressure drops in dust devils Observation techniques and earth Mars comparison

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Search strategies for trojan asteroids in the inner solar system

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Comparing copepod time-series in the north of Spain spatial autocorrelation of community composition

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Risk perception and social participation among women exposed to manganese in the mining district of the state of Hidalgo, Mexico

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Implications ofZostera noltiirecolonization onHydrobia ulvaepopulation structure success

Anonymous, 2011:
Effect studies of human pharmaceuticals onFucus vesiculosusandGammarusspp

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Isoprenoid glycerol dialkanol diethers a series of novel archaeal lipids in marine sediments

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Inferences on gas transport based on molecular and isotopic signatures of gases at acoustic chimneys and background sites in the Ulleung Basin

Anonymous, 2011:
Influence of cellulose oxygen isotope variability in sub-fossilSphagnumand plant macrofossil components on the reliability of paleoclimate records at the Mer Bleue Bog, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

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Influence of stimulus amplitude on unintended visuomotor entrainment

Anonymous, 2011:
Vertebral body reconstruction system B-Twinversus corset following non-osteoporotic Magerl A12 thoracic and lumbar fracture Functional and radiological outcome at 12 month follow-up in a prospective randomized series of 5 patients

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Exploring the effects of cell size in geochemical mapping

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Comparisons of four categories of waste recycling in China's paper industry based on physical input-output life-cycle assessment model

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The environmental comparison of landfilling vs. incineration of MSW accounting for waste diversion

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Present Status and Prospects of Artificial Reefs in Thailand

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Is the EU’s Fisheries Partnership Agreement FPA with Mauritania a genuine partnership or exploitation by the EU?

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Therapygenetics: moving towards personalized psychotherapy treatment

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Population genetics of beneficial heritable symbionts

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Maturation affects fluoride uptake by glass-ionomer dental cements

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Homeostasis of hematopoietic stem cells regulated by the myeloproliferative disease associated-gene product Lnk/Sh2b3 via Bcl-xL

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Hyaluronan and versican in the control of human T lymphocyte adhesion and migration

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Anonymous, 2011:
Cathepsin C and Plasma glutamate carboxypeptidase secreted from Fisher rat thyroid cells liberate thyroxin from the N-terminus of thyroglobulin

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Metabolomics-assisted synthetic biology

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Algae biofuels: versatility for the future of bioenergy

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Development of functional gene microarrays for microbial community analysis

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Genetically encoded neural activity indicators

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Microscopy for symptomatic men: not all symptoms are born equal

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New vistas in opioid control of pain

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Leukopheresis for profound hyperleukocytosis

Anonymous, 2011:
Comparative levels of macrophage migration inhibitory factor, procalcitonin, osteoprotegerin, interleukin-8, hs-C reactive protein,d-dimer in febrile neutropenia, newly diagnosed cancer patients, and infectious fever

Anonymous, 2011:
Neuroprotective effect of ginkgolide K on glutamate-induced cytotoxicity in PC 12 cells via inhibition of ROS generation and Cainflux

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Nicotine attenuates spatial learning deficits induced by sodium metavanadate

Anonymous, 2011:
Oryza Quick Global Overview #8211; Indonesians Book Indian and Viet Rice; Physical Rice Markets Frozen Across All Origins Outside India; Indians About To Reach Million Ton Mark; Thai Government Still in Denial; Philippines Hints Returning to the Market S

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The role of transthoracic echocardiography in the diagnosis and management of acute type A aortic syndrome

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Anonymous, 2011:
Horizontal Carryover of Proteins on One-Dimensional Polyacrylamide Gels May Jeopardize GeLC-MS Proteomics Interpretations

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Acute neurocognitive effects of epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG)

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Regulation of the structure and activity of pyruvate carboxylase by acetyl CoA

Anonymous, 2011:
Sensitivity ofSaccharomyces cerevisiaeto the cell-penetrating antifungal peptide PAF26 correlates with endogenous nitric oxide NO production

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Overexpression of the human ubiquitin E3 ligase CUL4A alleviates hypoxia-reoxygenation injury in pheochromocytoma (PC12) cells

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Glycosylphosphatidylinositol (GPI)-anchoring of mamba toxins enables cell-restricted receptor silencing

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Prolonged effect of fluid flow stress on the proliferative activity of mesothelial cells after abrupt discontinuation of fluid streaming

Anonymous, 2011:
Detection and Mapping of Anti-oxidant Marker ‘Glutathione’ in different Human Brain Regions using Non-invasive Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy

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Prediction of pattern recognition receptor family using pseudo-amino acid composition

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The X protein of hepatitis B virus activates hepatoma cell proliferation through repressing melanoma inhibitory activity 2 gene

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The iA?5p ?-breaker peptide regulates the A? 25–35 interaction with lipid bilayers through a cholesterol-mediated mechanism

Anonymous, 2011:
Synthetic Cyclohexenyl Chalcone Natural Products Possess Cytotoxic Activities Against Prostate Cancer Cells and Inhibit Cysteine Cathepsinsin vitro

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Smooth muscle myosin light chain kinase efficiently phosphorylates serine 15 of cardiac myosin regulatory light chain

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Histone demethylase JMJD2B is required for tumor cell proliferation and survival and is overexpressed in gastric cancer

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P12-catenin Modulates Airway Epithelial Cell Migration Induced by Cigarette Smoke

Anonymous, 2011:
XLG?olfregulates expression of p27in a CSN5 and CDK2 dependent manner

Seol, D-Wu., 2012:
p53-Independent up-regulation of a TRAIL receptor DR5 by proteasome inhibitors: a mechanism for proteasome inhibitor-enhanced TRAIL-induced apoptosis

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Flaviviral helicase: insights into the mechanism of action of a motor protein

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The human Ino8 binds to microtubule via the E-hook of tubulin Implications for the role in spindle assembly

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The microtubule-associated protein EB1 maintains cell polarity through activation of protein kinase C

Anonymous, 2011:
Expression of recombinant HAO3 from an Iranian isolate ofHyalomma anatolicum anatolicuminPichia pastorisand evaluation of its antigenicity

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Hemisphere-dependent holistic processing of familiar faces

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Mighty metaphors: behavioral and ERP evidence that power shifts attention on a vertical dimension

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Neural dynamics of animacy processing in language comprehension: ERP evidence from the interpretation of classifier-noun combinations

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Neurofunctional (re)organization underlying narrative discourse processing in aging: evidence from fNIRS

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Prodromes and coping types in bipolar patients with nonpsychotic or psychotic mania

Anonymous, 2011:
The embryonic development of the centipedeStrigamia maritima

Anonymous, 2011:
The PP1 phosphatase Flapwing regulates the activity of Merlin and Moesin inDrosophila

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Pre- and postictal, not ictal, heart rate distinguishes complex partial and psychogenic nonepileptic seizures

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Cognitive and adaptive development of patients with tuberous sclerosis complex: a retrospective, longitudinal investigation

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Cortical thickness abnormalities associated with depressive symptoms in temporal lobe epilepsy

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Carbon flow and trophic structure of an Antarctic coastal benthic community as determined by ?13C and ?15N

Anonymous, 2011:
Contribution of planktonic and benthic food sources to the diet of the reef-forming vermetid gastropodDendropoma petraeumin the western Mediterranean

Anonymous, 2011:
Litterfall dynamics in an overcrowded mangroveKandelia obovataS, L Yong stand over five years

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Propagation of ovine prions from "poor" transmitter scrapie isolates in ovine PrP transgenic mice

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Inhibition of pathological retinal angiogenesis by the integrin αvβ3 antagonist tetraiodothyroacetic acid (tetrac)

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Culture of human corneal endothelial cells isolated from corneas with Fuchs endothelial corneal dystrophy

Anonymous, 2011:
The presence of the -866A/55Val/Ins haplotype in theuncoupling protein 2UCP2 gene is associated with decreasedUCP2gene expression in human retina

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Identification of common secreted factors in human corneal fibroblasts exposed to LPS, poly(I:C), or zymosan

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Retinoic acid from retinal pigment epithelium induces T regulatory cells

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Comprehensive locomotor outcomes correlate to hyperacute diffusion tensor measures after spinal cord injury in the adult rat

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The functional deficiency of bone marrow mesenchymal stromal cells in ALS patients is proportional to disease progression rate

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Exercise modulates microRNAs that affect the PTEN/mTOR pathway in rats after spinal cord injury

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Neuronal death by repetitive cortical spreading depression in juvenile rat brain

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Na(+)-dependent transport of taurine is found only on the abluminal membrane of the blood-brain barrier

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Trypanosoma brucei: inhibition of acetyl-CoA carboxylase by haloxyfop

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Survival of freeze-dried microcapsules of α-galactosidase producing probiotics in a soy bar matrix

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A prospective blinded comparison of the accuracy of transvaginal sonography and frozen section in the assessment of myometrial invasion in endometrial cancer

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Revision of FIGO surgical staging in 29 for endometrial cancer validates to improve risk stratification

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Latitudinal and altitudinal controls of Titan’s dune field morphometry

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The 29-1 Fade of Jupiter’s South Equatorial Belt vertical cloud structure models and zonal winds from visible imaging

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Mars mesospheric zonal wind around northern spring equinox from infrared heterodyne observations of CO2

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Io’s Atmosphere Constraints on Sublimation Support from Density Variations on Seasonal Timescales using NASA IRTF/TEXES Observations from 21 to 21

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Spectral reflectance properties of carbonaceous chondrites 3 CR chondrites

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Illumination Conditions at the Asteroid 4 Vesta Implications for the Presence of Water Ice

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Reduction in spinal-induced hypotension with ondansetron in parturients undergoing caesarean section: a double-blind randomised, placebo-controlled study

Anonymous, 2011:
Intrathecal fentanyl added to bupivacaine and morphine for cesarean delivery may induce a subtl acute opioid tolerance

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Birds of an ethnic feather? Ethnic identity homophily among college-age friends

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A meta-analytic review of Berzonsky's Identity Style Inventory (ISI)

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Increased chest tube drainage is independently associated with adverse outcome after cardiac surgery

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Pulse pressure variation predicts fluid responsiveness in elderly patients after coronary artery bypass graft surgery

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A randomized, double-blind trial comparing continuous thoracic epidural bupivacaine with and without opioid in contrast to a continuous paravertebral infusion of bupivacaine for post-thoracotomy pain

Anonymous, 2011:
Interspecific geographic distribution and variation of two pathogens,Nosema bombiandCrithidia bombi, in United States bumble bee populations

Anonymous, 2011:
Transcription profiling of resistance toBtitoxins in the mosquitoAedes aegyptiusing next-generation sequencing

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Predictors of the First Onset of a Major Depressive Episode and Changes in Depressive Symptoms Across Adolescen Stress and Negative Cognitions

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The Role of Organizational Insiders Developmental Feedback and Proactive Personality on Newcomers Performan An Interactionist Perspective

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A moderated mediation model of the relationship between organizational citizenship behaviors and job performance

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Holding parents responsible is vicarious responsibility the publics answer to juvenile crime?

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Last of the mohicans? james mccosh and psychology “old and “new

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Relating trait self-control and forgiveness within prosocials and proselfs: compensatory versus synergistic models

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The shape of action

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Recollection-Based Prospective Metamemory Judgments Are More Accurate Than Those Based on Confiden Judgments of Remembering and Knowing JORKs

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Dynamic adaptation to history of trial difficulty explains the effect of congruency proportion on masked priming

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Mapping numerical magnitudes along the right lines: differentiating between scale and bias

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The sentence-composition effect: processing of complex sentences depends on the configuration of common noun phrases versus unusual noun phrases

Anonymous, 2011:
Predicting the Future as Bayesian Inferen People Combine Prior Knowledge With Observations When Estimating Duration and Extent

Anonymous, 2011:
Leadership and Learning Climate in a Work Setting

Anonymous, 2011:
Successful Entrepreneurship as Developmental Outcome A Path Model From a Lifespan Perspective of Human Development

Anonymous, 2011:
Differential Correlates of Group and Organizational Collective Efficacy

Anonymous, 2011:
An Application of Affective Events Theory to Workplace Bullying The Role of Emotions, Trait Anxiety, and Trait Anger

Anonymous, 2011:
The Relationship Between Safety Attitudes and Occupational Accidents The Role of Safety Climate

Anonymous, 2011:
Social Discounting of Monetary Rewards The Effects of Amount and Social Relationship

Anonymous, 2011:
Save Now, Save Later? Linkages Between Saving Behavior in Adolescence and Adulthood

Anonymous, 2011:
? 1 Coins Versus Banknotes and Peoples Spending Behavior

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Impact of post-transplant anemia on patient and graft survival rates after kidney transplantation: a meta-analysis

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Management of chronic kidney disease in the elderly

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High Level Resistance to Gentamicin Genetic Transfer Between Enterococcus Faecalis Isolated From Food of Animal Origin and Human Microbiota

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