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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 36280

Chapter 36280 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Schneider, U.; Rackwitz, L.; Andereya, S.; Siebenlist, S.; Fensky, F.; Reichert, J.; Löer, I.; Barthel, T.; Rudert, M.; Nöth, U., 2012:
A prospective multicenter study on the outcome of type I collagen hydrogel-based autologous chondrocyte implantation (CaReS) for the repair of articular cartilage defects in the knee

Vanlauwe, J.; Saris, D.B.F.; Victor, J.; Almqvist, K.Fredrik.; Bellemans, J.; Luyten, F.P.; Bohnsack, M.; Claes, T.; Fortems, Y.; Handelberg, F.; Haspl, M.; Jelic, M.; Lagae, K.; Vandekerckhove, B.; Vandenneucker, H.; van der Bauwhede, J.; Verdonk, R., 2012:
Five-year outcome of characterized chondrocyte implantation versus microfracture for symptomatic cartilage defects of the knee: early treatment matters

Alam, M.; Bull, A.M.J.; Thomas, R.deW.; Amis, A.A., 2012:
Measurement of rotational laxity of the knee: in vitro comparison of accuracy between the tibia, overlying skin, and foot

Lawrence, J.Todd.R.; Argawal, N.; Ganley, T.J., 2012:
Degeneration of the knee joint in skeletally immature patients with a diagnosis of an anterior cruciate ligament tear: is there harm in delay of treatment?

Wolf, B.R.; Britton, C.L.; Vasconcellos, D.A.; Spencer, E.E.; Baumgarten, K.M.; Bishop, J.Y.; Brophy, R.H.; Carey, J.L.; Dunn, W.R.; Jones, G.L.; Kuhn, J.E.; Ma, C.Benjamin.; Marx, R.G.; McCarty, E.C.; Vidal, A.F.; Wright, R.W., 2012:
Agreement in the classification and treatment of the superior labrum

Li, R.T.; Lorenz, S.; Xu, Y.; Harner, C.D.; Fu, F.H.; Irrgang, J.J., 2012:
Predictors of radiographic knee osteoarthritis after anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction

Sim, J.Ang.; Gadikota, H.R.; Li, J-Sheng.; Li, G.; Gill, T.J., 2012:
Biomechanical evaluation of knee joint laxities and graft forces after anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction by anteromedial portal, outside-in, and transtibial techniques

Illingworth, K.David.; Hensler, D.; Working, Z.Mark.; Macalena, J.Alexander.; Tashman, S.; Fu, F.H., 2012:
A simple evaluation of anterior cruciate ligament femoral tunnel position: the inclination angle and femoral tunnel angle

Backman, L.J.; Danielson, P., 2012:
Low range of ankle dorsiflexion predisposes for patellar tendinopathy in junior elite basketball players: a 1-year prospective study

Claudio Rosso; K.K.vtun; W.D.w; B.M.kenzie; A.N.zarian; J.P.D.angelis; A.J.R.mappa, 2011:
Comparison of All-Inside Meniscal Repair Devices With Matched Inside-Out Suture Repair

Funakoshi, T.; Iwasaki, N.; Kamishima, T.; Nishida, M.; Ito, Y.; Nishida, K.; Motomiya, M.; Suenaga, N.; Minami, A., 2012:
In vivo vascularity alterations in repaired rotator cuffs determined by contrast-enhanced ultrasound

Panni, A.Schiavone.; Alam, M.; Cerciello, S.; Vasso, M.; Maffulli, N., 2012:
Medial patellofemoral ligament reconstruction with a divergent patellar transverse 2-tunnel technique

Kearney, R.S.; Lamb, S.E.; Achten, J.; Parsons, N.R.; Costa, M.L., 2012:
In-shoe plantar pressures within ankle-foot orthoses: implications for the management of achilles tendon ruptures

Hirschmüller, A.; Baur, H.; Braun, S.; Kreuz, P.C.; Südkamp, N.P.; Niemeyer, P., 2012:
Rehabilitation after autologous chondrocyte implantation for isolated cartilage defects of the knee

Djenane, D.; Yangüela, J.; Amrouche, T.; Boubrit, S.; Boussad, N.; Roncalés, P., 2012:
Chemical composition and antimicrobial effects of essential oils of Eucalyptus globulus, Myrtus communis and Satureja hortensis against Escherichia coli O157:H7 and Staphylococcus aureus in minced beef

Fissore, E.N.; Ponce, N.M.A.; Matkovic, L.; Stortz, C.A.; Rojas, A.M.; Gerschenson, L.N., 2012:
Isolation of pectin-enriched products from red beet (Beta vulgaris L. var. conditiva) wastes: composition and functional properties

Sanchez-Bel, P.; Egea, I.; Pretel, M.T.; Flores, F.B.; Romojaro, F.; Martínez-Madrid, M.C., 2012:
Roasting and packaging in nitrogen atmosphere protect almond var. Guara against lipid oxidation

Kumari, D.; Reddy, M.S.; Upadhyay, R.C., 2012:
Nutritional composition and antioxidant activities of 18 different wild Cantharellus mushrooms of northwestern Himalayas

Nikolaidis, N.M.; Kulkarni, R.M.; Gray, J.K.; Collins, M.H.; Waltz, S.E., 2012:
Ron receptor deficient alveolar myeloid cells exacerbate LPS-induced acute lung injury in the murine lung

Sprong, T.; Ley, P.van.der.; Abdollahi-Roodsaz, S.; Joosten, L.; Meer, J.van.der.; Netea, M.; Deuren, M.van., 2012:
Neisseria meningitidis lipid A mutant LPSs function as LPS antagonists in humans by inhibiting TLR 4-dependent cytokine production

Sivaram, G.; Tiwari, S.K.; Bardia, A.; Manoj, G.; Santhosh, B.; Saikant, R.; Aejaz, H.; Vishnupriya, S.; Khan, A.A.; Habibullah, C., 2012:
Association of genetic variants of mannan-binding (MBL) lectin-2 gene, MBL levels and function in ulcerative colitis and Crohn's disease

Pudla, M.; Kananurak, A.; Limposuwan, K.; Sirisinha, S.; Utaisincharoen, P., 2012:
Nucleotide-binding oligomerization domain-containing protein 2 regulates suppressor of cytokine signaling 3 expression in Burkholderia pseudomallei-infected mouse macrophage cell line RAW 264.7

Folwaczny, M.; Manolis, V.; Markus, C.; Glas, Jürgen., 2012:
Variants of the human PPARG locus and the susceptibility to chronic periodontitis

Soundararajan, V.; Patel, N.; Subramanian, V.; Sasisekharan, V.; Sasisekharan, R., 2012:
The many faces of the YopM effector from plague causative bacterium Yersinia pestis and its implications for host immune modulation

Bardach, S.H.; Schoenberg, N.E.; Tarasenko, Y.N.; Fleming, S.T., 2011:
Rural Residents' Perspectives on Multiple Morbidity Management and Disease Prevention

Wilschut, J.A.; Habbema, J.Dik.F.; van Leerdam, M.E.; Hol, L.; Lansdorp-Vogelaar, I.; Kuipers, E.J.; van Ballegooijen, M., 2012:
Fecal occult blood testing when colonoscopy capacity is limited

Monsees, G.M.; Malone, K.E.; Tang, M-Tzu.C.; Newcomb, P.A.; Li, C.I., 2012:
Bisphosphonate use after estrogen receptor-positive breast cancer and risk of contralateral breast cancer

Chen, Q-Yan.; Wen, Y-Feng.; Guo, L.; Liu, H.; Huang, P-Yu.; Mo, H-Yuan.; Li, N-Wei.; Xiang, Y-Qun.; Luo, D-Hua.; Qiu, F.; Sun, R.; Deng, M-Quan.; Chen, M-Yuan.; Hua, Y-Jun.; Guo, X.; Cao, K-Jia.; Hong, M-Huang.; Qian, C-Nan.; Mai, H-Qiang., 2012:
Concurrent chemoradiotherapy vs radiotherapy alone in stage II nasopharyngeal carcinoma: phase III randomized trial

Voit, C.A.; van Akkooi, A.C.J.; Eggermont, A.M.M.; Schäfer-Hesterberg, G.; Kron, M.; Ulrich, J.; Sterry, W.; Schoengen, A.; Rademaker, Jürgen., 2012:
Fine needle aspiration cytology of palpable and nonpalpable lymph nodes to detect metastatic melanoma

Berenbaum, M.R.; Eisner, T., 2012:
Thomas Eisner: Interpreter extraordinaire of nature's chemistry

Guy Rachmuth, Harel, Z.Shouval, Mark, F.Bear and Chi-Sang Poon, 2011:
A biophysically-based neuromorphic model of spike rate- and timing-dependent plasticity

Olson, P.; Chu, G.C.; Perry, S.R.; Nolan-Stevaux, O.; Hanahan, D., 2012:
Imaging guided trials of the angiogenesis inhibitor sunitinib in mouse models predict efficacy in pancreatic neuroendocrine but not ductal carcinoma

Marinelli, F.; Kuhlmann, S.I.; Grell, E.; Kunte, H-Jörg.; Ziegler, C.; Faraldo-Gómez, Jé.D., 2012:
Evidence for an allosteric mechanism of substrate release from membrane-transporter accessory binding proteins

Lombardi, L.M.; Ellahi, A.; Rine, J., 2012:
Direct regulation of nucleosome density by the conserved AAA-ATPase Yta7

Kiyota, T.; Ingraham, K.L.; Jacobsen, M.T.; Xiong, H.; Ikezu, T., 2012:
FGF2 gene transfer restores hippocampal functions in mouse models of Alzheimer's disease and has therapeutic implications for neurocognitive disorders

Mirna Kvajo, Heather McKellar, Liam, J.Drew, Aude-Marie Lepagnol-Bestel, Lan Xiao, Rebecca, J.Levy, Richard Blazeski, P.Alexander Arguello, Clay, O.Lacefield, Carol, A.Mason, Michel Simonneau, James, M.O'Donnell, Amy, B.MacDermott, Maria Karayiorgou and Joseph, A.Gogos, 2011:
Altered axonal targeting and short-term plasticity in the hippocampus of Disc1 mutant mice

Bianchi, T.S., 2012:
The role of terrestrially derived organic carbon in the coastal ocean: a changing paradigm and the priming effect

Wu, X-Jie.; Schepartz, L.A.; Liu, W.; Trinkaus, E., 2012:
Antemortem trauma and survival in the late Middle Pleistocene human cranium from Maba, South China

von Cramon-Taubadel, N., 2012:
Global human mandibular variation reflects differences in agricultural and hunter-gatherer subsistence strategies

Hyodo, M.; Matsu'ura, S.; Kamishima, Y.; Kondo, M.; Takeshita, Y.; Kitaba, I.; Danhara, T.; Aziz, F.; Kurniawan, I.; Kumai, H., 2012:
High-resolution record of the Matuyama-Brunhes transition constrains the age of Javanese Homo erectus in the Sangiran dome, Indonesia

Pagliero, D.; Meriles, C.A., 2012:
Magneto-optical contrast in liquid-state optically detected NMR spectroscopy

Liu, B.; Powers, T.R.; Breuer, K.S., 2012:
Force-free swimming of a model helical flagellum in viscoelastic fluids

Sitar, T.; Gallinger, J.; Ducka, A.M.; Ikonen, T.P.; Wohlhoefler, M.; Schmoller, K.M.; Bausch, A.R.; Joel, P.; Trybus, K.M.; Noegel, A.A.; Schleicher, M.; Huber, R.; Holak, T.A., 2012:
Molecular architecture of the Spire-actin nucleus and its implication for actin filament assembly

David, A.Gross, Chenyang Zhan and David, L.Silver, 2011:
Direct binding of triglyceride to fat storage-inducing transmembrane proteins 1 and 2 is important for lipid droplet formation

Shingo Hatakeyama, Kazuhiro Sugihara, Toshiaki, K.Shibata, Jun Nakayama, Tomoya, O.Akama, Naoaki Tamura, Shuk-Man Wong, Andrey, A.Bobkov, Yutaka Takano, Chikara Ohyama, Minoru Fukuda and Michiko, N.Fukuda, 2011:
Targeted drug delivery to tumor vasculature by a carbohydrate mimetic peptide

Yu, F.; Tanaka, Y.; Yamashita, K.; Suzuki, T.; Nakamura, A.; Hirano, N.; Suzuki, T.; Yao, M.; Tanaka, I., 2012:
Molecular basis of dihydrouridine formation on tRNA

Lin, L.-j.; Schultz, M. C., 2011:
Promoter regulation by distinct mechanisms of functional interplay between lysine acetylase Rtt19 and histone chaperone Asf

Mao, X-Bo.; Wang, C-Xuan.; Wu, X-Kui.; Ma, X-Jing.; Liu, L.; Zhang, L.; Niu, L.; Guo, Y-Yuan.; Li, D-Hua.; Yang, Y-Lian.; Wang, C., 2012:
Beta structure motifs of islet amyloid polypeptides identified through surface-mediated assemblies

Anonymous, 2011:
Hypoxia promotes isocitrate dehydrogenase-dependent carboxylation of alpha-ketoglutarate to citrate to support cell growth and viability

Madhu Mahankali, Hong-Juan Peng, Karen, M.Henkels, Mary, C.Dinauer and Julian Gomez-Cambronero, 2011:
Phospholipase D2 PLD2 is a guanine nucleotide exchange factor GEF for the GTPase Rac2

Su, L.; Mruk, D.D.; Lui, W-Yee.; Lee, W.M.; Cheng, C.Yan., 2012:
P-glycoprotein regulates blood-testis barrier dynamics via its effects on the occludin/zonula occludens 1 (ZO-1) protein complex mediated by focal adhesion kinase (FAK)

Lee, J-Hee.; Choy, M.L.; Ngo, L.; Venta-Perez, G.; Marks, P.A., 2012:
Role of checkpoint kinase 1 (Chk1) in the mechanisms of resistance to histone deacetylase inhibitors

Kwon, N.Hoon.; Kang, T.; Lee, J.Young.; Kim, H.Hyun.; Kim, H.Rim.; Hong, J.; Oh, Y.Sun.; Han, J.Min.; Ku, M.Jeong.; Lee, S.Yeol.; Kim, S., 2012:
Dual role of methionyl-tRNA synthetase in the regulation of translation and tumor suppressor activity of aminoacyl-tRNA synthetase-interacting multifunctional protein-3

Chai, J.; Wong, L.Shin.; Giam, L.; Mirkin, C.A., 2012:
Single-molecule protein arrays enabled by scanning probe block copolymer lithography

Barceló-Coblijn, G.; Martin, M.Laura.; de Almeida, R.F.M.; Noguera-Salvà, M.Antònia.; Marcilla-Etxenike, A.; Guardiola-Serrano, F.; Lüth, A.; Kleuser, B.; Halver, J.E.; Escribá, P.V., 2012:
Sphingomyelin and sphingomyelin synthase (SMS) in the malignant transformation of glioma cells and in 2-hydroxyoleic acid therapy

Kinoshita, N.; Sueki, K.; Sasa, K.; Kitagawa, J-ichi.; Ikarashi, S.; Nishimura, T.; Wong, Y-Shee.; Satou, Y.; Handa, K.; Takahashi, T.; Sato, M.; Yamagata, T., 2012:
Assessment of individual radionuclide distributions from the Fukushima nuclear accident covering central-east Japan

Yasunari, T.J.; Stohl, A.; Hayano, R.S.; Burkhart, J.F.; Eckhardt, S.; Yasunari, T., 2012:
Cesium-137 deposition and contamination of Japanese soils due to the Fukushima nuclear accident

O'Connor, J.; Zhou, Z.; Xu, X., 2012:
Additional specimen of Microraptor provides unique evidence of dinosaurs preying on birds

Hines, H.M.; Counterman, B.A.; Papa, R.; Albuquerque de Moura, P.; Cardoso, M.Z.; Linares, M.; Mallet, J.; Reed, R.D.; Jiggins, C.D.; Kronforst, M.R.; McMillan, W.Owen., 2012:
Wing patterning gene redefines the mimetic history of Heliconius butterflies

Beadell, A.V.; Liu, Q.; Johnson, D.M.; Haag, E.S., 2012:
Independent recruitments of a translational regulator in the evolution of self-fertile nematodes

Burton, N.O.; Burkhart, K.B.; Kennedy, S., 2012:
Nuclear RNAi maintains heritable gene silencing in Caenorhabditis elegans

Junqueira, C.; Santos, L.I.; Galvão-Filho, B.; Teixeira, S.M.; Rodrigues, Fávia.G.; DaRocha, W.D.; Chiari, E.; Jungbluth, A.A.; Ritter, G.; Gnjatic, S.; Old, L.J.; Gazzinelli, R.T., 2012:
Trypanosoma cruzi as an effective cancer antigen delivery vector

Cossart, P., 2012:
Illuminating the landscape of host-pathogen interactions with the bacterium Listeria monocytogenes

Ingham, C.J.; Kalisman, O.; Finkelshtein, A.; Ben-Jacob, E., 2012:
Mutually facilitated dispersal between the nonmotile fungus Aspergillus fumigatus and the swarming bacterium Paenibacillus vortex

Purdy, A.E.; Watnick, P.I., 2012:
Spatially selective colonization of the arthropod intestine through activation of Vibrio cholerae biofilm formation

Gatherer, D.; Seirafian, S.; Cunningham, C.; Holton, M.; Dargan, D.J.; Baluchova, K.; Hector, R.D.; Galbraith, J.; Herzyk, P.; Wilkinson, G.W.G.; Davison, A.J., 2012:
High-resolution human cytomegalovirus transcriptome

Clapham, D.E.; Miller, C., 2012:
A thermodynamic framework for understanding temperature sensing by transient receptor potential (TRP) channels

Anselmi, F.; Ventalon, C.; Bègue, Aélien.; Ogden, D.; Emiliani, V., 2012:
Three-dimensional imaging and photostimulation by remote-focusing and holographic light patterning

de Lafuente, V.; Romo, R., 2012:
Dopamine neurons code subjective sensory experience and uncertainty of perceptual decisions

Filip, A.Konopacki, Nadia Jaafari, Dan, L.Rocca, Kevin, A.Wilkinson, Sophie Chamberlain, Philip Rubin, Sriharsha Kantamneni, Jack, R.Mellor and Jeremy, M.Henley, 2011:
Agonist-induced PKC phosphorylation regulates GluK2 SUMOylation and kainate receptor endocytosis

Majumdar, S.; Grinnell, S.; Le Rouzic, V.; Burgman, M.; Polikar, L.; Ansonoff, M.; Pintar, J.; Pan, Y-Xian.; Pasternak, G.W., 2012:
Truncated G protein-coupled mu opioid receptor MOR-1 splice variants are targets for highly potent opioid analgesics lacking side effects

Merchant, H.; Zarco, W.; Pérez, O.; Prado, L.; Bartolo, Rón., 2012:
Measuring time with different neural chronometers during a synchronization-continuation task

Hana Belmabrouk, Thomas Nowotny, Jean-Pierre Rospars and Dominique Martinez, 2011:
Interaction of cellular and network mechanisms for efficient pheromone coding in moths

Anush Oganesian, Vladimir Yarov-Yarovoy, William, C.Parks and Debra, A.Schwinn, 2011:
Constitutive coupling of a naturally occurring human alpha1a-adrenergic receptor genetic variant to EGFR transactivation pathway

Murata, T.; Aritake, K.; Matsumoto, S.; Kamauchi, S.; Nakagawa, T.; Hori, M.; Momotani, E.; Urade, Y.; Ozaki, H., 2012:
Prostagladin D2 is a mast cell-derived antiangiogenic factor in lung carcinoma

García-Morales, V.; Krischer, K., 2012:
Superstatistics in nanoscale electrochemical systems

Song, W-Yong.; Choi, K-Sam.; Alexis, D.Angeli.; Martinoia, E.; Lee, Y., 2012:
Brassica juncea plant cadmium resistance 1 protein (BjPCR1) facilitates the radial transport of calcium in the root

Mott, K.A.; Peak, D., 2012:
Alternative perspective on the control of transpiration by radiation

Willmann, R.; Lajunen, H.M.; Erbs, G.; Newman, M-Anne.; Kolb, D.; Tsuda, K.; Katagiri, F.; Fliegmann, J.; Bono, J-Jacques.; Cullimore, J.V.; Jehle, A.K.; Götz, F.; Kulik, A.; Molinaro, A.; Lipka, V.; Gust, A.A.; Nürnberger, T., 2012:
Arabidopsis lysin-motif proteins LYM1 LYM3 CERK1 mediate bacterial peptidoglycan sensing and immunity to bacterial infection

Dakin, S.C.; Tibber, M.S.; Greenwood, J.A.; Kingdom, F.A.A.; Morgan, M.J., 2012:
A common visual metric for approximate number and density

Zaki, J.; Mitchell, J.P., 2012:
Equitable decision making is associated with neural markers of intrinsic value

Luís M.A.Bettencourt and Jasleen Kaur, 2011:
Evolution and structure of sustainability science

Golden, C.D.; Fernald, L.C.H.; Brashares, J.S.; Rasolofoniaina, B.J.Rodolph.; Kremen, C., 2012:
Benefits of wildlife consumption to child nutrition in a biodiversity hotspot

Vetrano, S.; Ploplis, V.A.; Sala, E.; Sandoval-Cooper, M.; Donahue, D.L.; Correale, C.; Arena, V.; Spinelli, A.; Repici, A.; Malesci, A.; Castellino, F.J.; Danese, S., 2012:
Unexpected role of anticoagulant protein C in controlling epithelial barrier integrity and intestinal inflammation

Li, Y.; Hao, P.; Zhang, S.; Li, Y., 2012:
Feature-matching pattern-based support vector machines for robust peptide mass fingerprinting

Bayona, J.C.; Nakayasu, E.S.; Laverrière, M.; Aguilar, C.; Sobreira, T.J.P.; Choi, H.; Nesvizhskii, A.I.; Almeida, I.C.; Cazzulo, J.J.; Alvarez, V.E., 2012:
SUMOylation pathway in Trypanosoma cruzi: functional characterization and proteomic analysis of target proteins

Komarova, A.V.; Combredet, C.; Meyniel-Schicklin, Lène.; Chapelle, M.; Caignard, Gégory.; Camadro, J-Michel.; Lotteau, V.; Vidalain, P-Olivier.; Tangy, Fédéric., 2012:
Proteomic analysis of virus-host interactions in an infectious context using recombinant viruses

Carroll, K.M.; Simpson, D.M.; Eyers, C.E.; Knight, C.G.; Brownridge, P.; Dunn, W.B.; Winder, C.L.; Lanthaler, K.; Pir, P.; Malys, N.; Kell, D.B.; Oliver, S.G.; Gaskell, S.J.; Beynon, R.J., 2012:
Absolute quantification of the glycolytic pathway in yeast: deployment of a complete QconCAT approach

Shteynberg, D.; Deutsch, E.W.; Lam, H.; Eng, J.K.; Sun, Z.; Tasman, N.; Mendoza, L.; Moritz, R.L.; Aebersold, R.; Nesvizhskii, A.I., 2012:
iProphet: multi-level integrative analysis of shotgun proteomic data improves peptide and protein identification rates and error estimates

Zhang, Y.; Filiou, M.D.; Reckow, S.; Gormanns, P.; Maccarrone, G.; Kessler, M.S.; Frank, E.; Hambsch, B.; Holsboer, F.; Landgraf, R.; Turck, C.W., 2012:
Proteomic and metabolomic profiling of a trait anxiety mouse model implicate affected pathways

Lam, H., 2012:
Building and searching tandem mass spectral libraries for peptide identification

Lee, J.Yeon.; Kim, J.Young.; Park, G.Wook.; Cheon, M.Hee.; Kwon, K-Hoon.; Ahn, Y.Hee.; Moon, M.Hee.; Lee, H-Joo.; Paik, Y.Ki.; Yoo, J.Shin., 2012:
Targeted mass spectrometric approach for biomarker discovery and validation with nonglycosylated tryptic peptides from N-linked glycoproteins in human plasma

Besson, D.; Pavageau, A-Hélène.; Valo, I.; Bourreau, A.; Bélanger, A.; Eymerit-Morin, C.; Moulière, A.; Chassevent, Aès.; Boisdron-Celle, M.; Morel, A.; Solassol, Jôme.; Campone, M.; Gamelin, E.; Barré, B.; Coqueret, O.; Guette, C., 2012:
A quantitative proteomic approach of the different stages of colorectal cancer establishes OLFM4 as a new nonmetastatic tumor marker

Jedrychowski, M.P.; Huttlin, E.L.; Haas, W.; Sowa, M.E.; Rad, R.; Gygi, S.P., 2012:
Evaluation of HCD- and CID-type fragmentation within their respective detection platforms for murine phosphoproteomics

Wang, J.; Bourne, P.E.; Bandeira, N., 2012:
Peptide identification by database search of mixture tandem mass spectra

Soblik, H.; Younis, A.Elshazly.; Mitreva, M.; Renard, B.Y.; Kirchner, M.; Geisinger, F.; Steen, H.; Brattig, N.W., 2012:
Life cycle stage-resolved proteomic analysis of the excretome/secretome from Strongyloides ratti--identification of stage-specific proteases

Guergova-Kuras, M.; Kurucz, Ián.; Hempel, W.; Tardieu, Nège.; Kádas, János.; Malderez-Bloes, C.; Jullien, A.; Kieffer, Y.; Hincapie, M.; Guttman, Aás.; Csánky, E.; Dezso, Bázs.; Karger, B.L.; Takács, László., 2012:
Discovery of lung cancer biomarkers by profiling the plasma proteome with monoclonal antibody libraries

Millholland, M.G.; Chandramohanadas, R.; Pizzarro, A.; Wehr, A.; Shi, H.; Darling, C.; Lim, C.Teck.; Greenbaum, D.C., 2012:
The malaria parasite progressively dismantles the host erythrocyte cytoskeleton for efficient egress

Guan, S.; Price, J.C.; Prusiner, S.B.; Ghaemmaghami, S.; Burlingame, A.L., 2012:
A data processing pipeline for mammalian proteome dynamics studies using stable isotope metabolic labeling

Koepke, J.; Kaffarnik, F.; Haag, C.; Zarnack, K.; Luscombe, N. M.; Konig, J.; Ule, J.; Kellner, R.; Begerow, D.; Feldbrugge, M., 2011:
The RNA-Binding Protein Rrm4 is Essential for Efficient Secretion of Endochitinase Cts

Van Houdt, W.J.; Emmink, B.L.; Pham, T.V.; Piersma, S.R.; Verheem, A.; Vries, R.G.; Fratantoni, S.A.; Pronk, A.; Clevers, H.; Borel Rinkes, I.H.M.; Jimenez, C.R.; Kranenburg, O., 2012:
Comparative proteomics of colon cancer stem cells and differentiated tumor cells identifies BIRC6 as a potential therapeutic target

Kelkar, D.S.; Kumar, D.; Kumar, P.; Balakrishnan, L.; Muthusamy, B.; Yadav, A.K.; Shrivastava, P.; Marimuthu, A.; Anand, S.; Sundaram, H., 2011:
Proteogenomic Analysis of Mycobacterium tuberculosis By High Resolution Mass Spectrometry

Wu, Z.; Doondeea, J.B.; Gholami, A.Moghaddas.; Janning, M.C.; Lemeer, S.; Kramer, K.; Eccles, S.A.; Gollin, S.M.; Grenman, R.; Walch, A.; Feller, S.M.; Kuster, B., 2012:
Quantitative chemical proteomics reveals new potential drug targets in head and neck cancer

Khadka, S.; Vangeloff, A.D.; Zhang, C.; Siddavatam, P.; Heaton, N.S.; Wang, L.; Sengupta, R.; Sahasrabudhe, S.; Randall, G.; Gribskov, M.; Kuhn, R.J.; Perera, R.; LaCount, D.J., 2012:
A physical interaction network of dengue virus and human proteins

Yu, X.; Ivanic, J.; Memisević, V.; Wallqvist, A.; Reifman, J., 2012:
Categorizing biases in high-confidence high-throughput protein-protein interaction data sets

Cox, B.; Sharma, P.; Evangelou, A.I.; Whiteley, K.; Ignatchenko, V.; Ignatchenko, A.; Baczyk, D.; Czikk, M.; Kingdom, J.; Rossant, J.; Gramolini, A.O.; Adamson, S.Lee.; Kislinger, T., 2012:
Translational analysis of mouse and human placental protein and mRNA reveals distinct molecular pathologies in human preeclampsia

Peng, C.; Lu, Z.; Xie, Z.; Cheng, Z.; Chen, Y.; Tan, M.; Luo, H.; Zhang, Y.; He, W.; Yang, K.; Zwaans, B.M.M.; Tishkoff, D.; Ho, L.; Lombard, D.; He, T-Chuan.; Dai, J.; Verdin, E.; Ye, Y.; Zhao, Y., 2012:
The first identification of lysine malonylation substrates and its regulatory enzyme

Anonymous, 2011:
MicroRNA-181 Promotes Human NK Cell Development by Regulating Notch Signaling

Anonymous, 2011:
Loss of alpha4 Integrin Expression Differentially Affects the Homing of Th1 and Th17 Cells

Anonymous, 2011:
Activation of Virus-Specific CD4 T Cells throughout gamma-Herpesvirus Latency

Popovic, Z.V.; Wang, S.; Papatriantafyllou, M.; Kaya, Z.; Porubsky, S.; Meisner, M.; Bonrouhi, M.; Burgdorf, S.; Young, M.F.; Schaefer, L.; Gröne, H-Josef., 2012:
The proteoglycan biglycan enhances antigen-specific T cell activation potentially via MyD88 and TRIF pathways and triggers autoimmune perimyocarditis

Sabry, M.; Tsirogianni, M.; Bakhsh, I.A.; North, J.; Sivakumaran, J.; Giannopoulos, K.; Anderson, R.; Mackinnon, S.; Lowdell, M.W., 2012:
Leukemic priming of resting NK cells is killer Ig-like receptor independent but requires CD15-mediated CD2 ligation and natural cytotoxicity receptors

Gonzaga, R.; Matzinger, P.; Perez-Diez, A., 2012:
Resident peritoneal NK cells

Martner, A.; Aurelius, J.; Rydström, A.; Hellstrand, K.; Thorén, F.B., 2012:
Redox remodeling by dendritic cells protects antigen-specific T cells against oxidative stress

Anonymous, 2011:
Induction of endoplasmic reticulum-endosome fusion for antigen cross-presentation induced by poly gamma-glutamic acid nanoparticles

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Anonymous, 2011:
Th-1 lymphocytes induce dendritic cell tumor killing activity by an ifn-gamma-dependent mechanism

Anonymous, 2011:
A novel pathway responsible for lipopolysaccharide-induced translational regulation of tnf-alpha and il-6 expression involves protein kinase c and fascin

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Rat and mouse cd94 associate directly with the activating transmembrane adaptor proteins dap12 and dap1 and activate nk cell cytotoxicity

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Regulation of tcrbeta allelic exclusion by gene segment proximity and accessibility

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Stable coordination of the inhibitory ca2+ ion at the metal ion-dependent adhesion site in integrin cd11b/cd18 by an antibody-derived ligand aspartate implications for integrin regulation and structure-based drug design molecular and structural immunolo

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A novel bacterial resistance mechanism against human group IIA-secreted phospholipase A2: role of Streptococcus pyogenes sortase A

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Dengue virus-induced autoantibodies bind to plasminogen and enhance its activation

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Eosinophils as a novel cell source of prostaglandin D2: autocrine role in allergic inflammation

Anonymous, 2011:
Blocking IL-1 Signaling Rescues Cognition, Attenuates Tau Pathology, and Restores Neuronal beta-Catenin Pathway Function in an Alzheimers Disease Model

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Expansion of functionally anergic CD21-/low marginal zone-like B cell clones in hepatitis C virus infection-related autoimmunity

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BAFF/APRIL inhibition decreases selection of naive but not antigen-induced autoreactive B cells in murine systemic lupus erythematosus

Anonymous, 2011:
SWAP-7 regulates erythropoiesis by controlling alpha4 integrin

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Pathways for the regulation of hepcidin expression in anemia of chronic disease and iron deficiency anemia in vivo

Anonymous, 2011:
Leukemia burden initiated in femoral diaphysis and preceded by mature B-cell depletion

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Second-generation tyrosine kinase inhibitors improve the survival of patients with chronic myeloid leukemia in whom imatinib therapy has failed

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Anonymous, 2011:
Rare occurrence of DNMT3A mutations in myelodysplastic syndromes

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Anonymous, 2011:
A A386G biallelic GPIbalpha gene mutation with anomalous behavior a new mechanism suggested for Bernard-Soulier syndrome pathogenesis

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Anonymous, 2011:
Weight Loss Improves Flow-Mediated Dilatation

Anonymous, 2011:
Percutaneous Catheter Decompression

Anonymous, 2011:
Thromboprophylaxis and Mortality

Anonymous, 2011:
Epidemiology of Critical Care Syndromes

Anonymous, 2011:
Early Tracheotomy in Critically Ill Patients

Anonymous, 2011:
Nebulized Bronchodilator Therapy Effects

Anonymous, 2011:
Quality of Life in Critically Ill Octogenerians

Anonymous, 2011:
21CDepression and Memory Complaints After ARDS21D

Anonymous, 2011:
Early-Stage Non-small Cell Lung Cancer Recurrence

Anonymous, 2011:
Apoptosis in Obstructive Sleep Apnea

Anonymous, 2011:
Adjustable Oral Appliance Efficacy

Anonymous, 2011:
Natriuretic Peptides and Central Sleep Apnea

Anonymous, 2011:
Self-Efficacy in Pulmonary Rehabilitation

Anonymous, 2011:
Particulate Matter Retention in Lungs With COPD

Anonymous, 2011:
Endobronchial Ultrasound in Lung Cancer

Anonymous, 2011:
Transbronchial Needle Aspiration Diagnostic Yield

Anonymous, 2011:
Cardiac Adiposity and Lung Function and Pattern

Anonymous, 2011:
Digital vs Film Radiographs for Pneumoconiosis

Anonymous, 2011:
MRI for Lung Evaluation in Immunodeficiencies

Anonymous, 2011:
Automated High-Resolution CT Scan Quantification

Anonymous, 2011:
Pain in Cystic Fibrosis

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Exercise Testing and Lung Transplant

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Early Mobilization in the ICU

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The ethics and reality of rationing in medicine

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Cryoablation After Pneumonectomy

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What Are Emotion Expressions For?

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Was Darwin Wrong About Emotional Expressions?

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LDL-Apheresis is effective in reducing lipoprotein a levels and in improving symptoms in a patient with refractory angina secondary to accelerated coronary artery disease

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Genetic analyses reveal further cryptic lineages within theMyotis nattererispecies complex

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Seasonal and spatial variation in lipid and triacylglycerol levels in juvenile chinook salmon Oncorhynchus tshawytscha from the Bridge River, British Columbia

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Dentinal microcrack formation during root canal preparations by different NiTi rotary instruments and the self-adjusting file

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Heterozygosity for a Loss-of-Function Mutation inGALNT2Improves Plasma Triglyceride Clearance in Man

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Crystal Growth, Structure and Characterization ofp-Toluidinium picrate

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Influence of a high magnetic field on the precipitation behavior of the primary Al3Fe phase during the solidification of a hypereutectic Al-331 wt% Fe alloy

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Solute segregation in a lid driven cavity effect of the flow on the boundary layer thickness and solute segregation

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Magnetic and optical properties of virgin arc furnace grown MgO crystals

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Electromagnetic stirring and retention to improve segregation in silicon for photovoltaics

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Mosquito vectors of dog heartworm in the United States: vector status and factors influencing transmission efficiency

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Evidence for Macrocyclic Lactone Anthelmintic Resistance inDirofilaria immitis

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Heartworm genomics: unprecedented opportunities for fundamental molecular insights and new intervention strategies

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Evidence of Elevated Cortical Hyperexcitability and its association with Out-of-Body Experiences in the non-clinical population New Findings from a Pattern-Glare Task

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Trainees’ clinical exposure in the general urological outpatient environment and its relevance to their expected clinic throughput at completion of surgical training

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Identification of the moderate SRT for reliable operation in MBR

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A proposed rapid screening technique for new reverse osmosis membranes

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Impaired hippocampal glucoregulation in the cannabinoid CB1receptor knockout mice as revealed by an optimizedin vitroexperimental approach

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The role of the frontal eye fields in the oculomotor inhibition of reflexive saccades: evidence from lesion patients

Anonymous, 2011:
Activity-dependent neurotrophic factor-derived peptide prevents alcohol-induced apoptosis, in part, through Bcl2 and JNK signaling pathways in fetal brain of C57BL/6 mouse

Anonymous, 2011:
The new P2Y-like receptor GPR17 mediates acute neuronal injury and late microgliosis after focal cerebral ischemia in rats

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Transient and state modulation of beta power in human subthalamic nucleus during speech production and finger movement

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Spatio-temporal expression analysis of the calcium-binding protein calumenin in the rodent brain

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Subacute treatment with vascular endothelial growth factor after traumatic brain injury increases angiogenesis and gliogenesis

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Age-related differences in corpus callosum area of capuchin monkeys

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Role of glutamate in coupling between bilaterally paired circadian clocks in Bulla gouldiana

Anonymous, 2011:
Fear relief - towards a new conceptual frame work and what endocannabinoids gotta do with it

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Cholinergic and GABAergic Receptor Functional Deficit in the Hippocampus of Insulin Induced Hypoglycemic and Streptozotocin Induced Diabetic Rats

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Increased cholecystokinin labeling in the hippocampus of a mouse model of epilepsy maps to spines and glutamatergic terminals

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The intricate link between glucocorticoids and endocannabinoids at stress-relevant synapses in the hypothalamus

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Inter-individual reaction time variability is related to resting-state network topology An EEG study

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A procyanidin type A trimer from cinnamon extract attenuates glial cell swelling and the reduction in glutamate uptake following ischemia-like injury in vitro

Anonymous, 2011:
Cell type-specific localization of optineurin in the striatal neurons of mi Implications for neuronal vulnerability in Huntingtons disease

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The noradrenaline transporter as site of action for the anti-Parkinson drug amantadine

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Dissociable contributions of motor-execution and action-observation to intermanual transfer

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C19, a C-terminal peptide of chemokine-like factor 1, protects the brain against focal brain ischemia in rats

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Co-administration of apocynin with lipoic acid enhances neuroprotection in a rat model of ischemia/reperfusion

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Phase synchronization of foot dynamics in quiet standing

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Event-related potentials during exposure to aversion and its anticipation: the moderating effect of intolerance of uncertainty

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The changes of ERG channel expression after administration of antiepileptic drugs in the hippocampus of epilepsy gerbil model

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Multi-walled carbon nanotubes inhibit regenerative axon growth of dorsal root ganglia neurons of mice

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A direct comparison of affective pain processing underlying two traditional pain modalities in rodents

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Effects of dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) and lactate on glucose uptake in the central nervous system

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Genetic association between the dopamine D3 receptor gene polymorphism (Ser9Gly) and tardive dyskinesia in patients with schizophrenia: a reevaluation in East Asian populations

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Auditory processing in autism spectrum disorder: a review

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'Post-lunch' sleepiness during prolonged, monotonous driving - effects of meal size

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Neonatal maternal separation in male rats increases intestinal permeability and affects behaviour after chronic social stress

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Cortical parvalbumin interneurons and cognitive dysfunction in schizophrenia

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Soluble epoxide hydrolase inhibition improves myocardial perfusion and function in experimental heart failure

Anonymous, 2011:
Diatomaceous earth and oil enhance effectiveness ofMetarhizium anisopliaeagainstTriatoma infestans

Anonymous, 2011:
Are remote areas free from swine influenza? A case study in Northern Vietnam

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Structure, dynamics, and hydration of POPC/POPS bilayers suspended in NaCl, KCl, and CsCl solutions

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Galectin-1 and galectin-3 expression profiles in classically and alternatively activated human macrophages

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Non-histone lysine acetylated proteins in heart failure

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Hsp9 structure and function studied by NMR spectroscopy

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High Risk of Benzo?pyrene-induced Lung Cancer in E16D FEN1 Mutant Mice

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Spontaneous tool-use: an observation of a dingo (Canis dingo) using a table to access an out-of-reach food reward

Anonymous, 2011:
Assessment of thein vivogenotoxicity of isomers of dinitrotoluene using the alkaline Comet and peripheral blood micronucleus assays

Anonymous, 2011:
Cytogenetic and microtubule array effects of the zineb-containing commercial fungicide formulation Azzurro® on meristematic root cells ofAllium cepaL

Anonymous, 2011:
Nucleotide allosteric regulation of the glutamate dehydrogenases ofTeladorsagia circumcinctaandHaemonchus contortus

Anonymous, 2011:
Rapidly expanding genetic diversity and host range of theCircoviridaeviral family and other Rep encoding small circular ssDNA genomes

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Inflammation profile of four early onset Crohn patients

Anonymous, 2011:
Natriuresis and diuretic hormone synergism inR prolixusupper Malpighian tubules is inhibited by the anti-diuretic hormone, RhoprCAPA-?2

Anonymous, 2011:
Olfaction in dragonflies an electrophysiological evidence

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Androgen regulated HN1 leads proteosomal degradation of androgen receptor (AR) and negatively influences AR mediated transactivation in prostate cells

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Predicting the future: from implicit learning to consolidation

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High prescription drug use and associated costs among Medicaid-eligible children with autism spectrum disorders identified by a population-based surveillance network

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Effect of fasting on self-feeding activity in juvenile sea bass Dicentrarchus labrax

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Detecting autocorrelation problems from GPS collar data in livestock studies

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Development and validation of a molecular tool for assessing triploidy in turbot Scophthalmus maximus

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Effects of arbuscular mycorrhizal inoculation on metallophyte and agricultural plants growing at increasing copper levels

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Grass–endophyte symbiosis A neglected aboveground interaction with multiple belowground consequences

Anonymous, 2011:
Arbuscular mycorrhizal colonization of Sorghum vulgarein presence of root endophytic fungi ofMyrtus communis

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Morbidity in aged Finns: a systematic review

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Litterfall of tropical forested wetlands of Veracruz in the coastal floodplains of the Gulf of Mexico

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Identification of dual mTORC1 and mTORC2 inhibitors in melanoma cells: prodigiosin vs. obatoclax

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Abnormal functional connectivity in children with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder

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Nociceptin/orphanin FQ blockade of corticotropin-releasing factor-induced gamma-aminobutyric acid release in central amygdala is enhanced after chronic ethanol exposure

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Prognostic value of soluble ST2 in an unselected cohort of patients admitted to an intensive care unit - The Linz Intensive Care Unit (LICU) study

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Bcl-XL, but not Bcl-2, can protect human B-lymphoma cell lines from parthenolide-induced apoptosis

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Determinants of co-contraction during walking before and after arthroplasty for knee osteoarthritis

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Single brain metastasis: resection followed by whole-brain irradiation and a boost to the metastatic site compared to whole-brain irradiation plus radiosurgery

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Prediction of infarct growth and neurologic deterioration in patients with positive perfusion-diffusion mismatch

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Anhedonia in Japanese patients with Parkinson's disease: analysis using the Snaith-Hamilton Pleasure Scale

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Anonymous, 2011:
BartonellaandRickettsiain arthropods from the Lao PDR and from Borneo, Malaysia

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Biology and signal transduction pathways of the Lymphotoxin-αβ/LTβR system

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Effects of the phytoestrogen genistein on the porcine anterior pituitary insulin-like growth factor system

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Precipitating factors of diabetic ketoacidosis at a public hospital in a middle-income country

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Screening and intervention of diabetes mellitus in patients with pulmonary tuberculosis in poverty zones in China: rationale and study design

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The management of Type 2 diabetes: a survey of Australian general practitioners

Anonymous, 2011:
Low prevalence ofPneumocystis jiroveciilung colonization in Ugandan HIV-infected patients hospitalized with non-Pneumocystispneumonia

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No trade-off between hydraulic and mechanical properties in several transgenic poplars modified for lignins metabolism

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Prospects for ecological intensification of Australian agriculture

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A long duration of the prediagnostic symptomatic interval is not associated with an unfavourable prognosis in childhood medulloblastoma

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Decision-making in the end-of-life phase of high-grade glioma patients

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Caesarean scar pregnancy: comparative efficacy and safety of treatment by uterine artery chemoembolization and systemic methotrexate injection

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Local excision of uterine adenomyomas: a report of 86 cases with follow-up analyses

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The low attenuation area on dual-energy perfusion CT: correlation with the pulmonary function tests and quantitative CT measurements

Lin, X.Zhu.; Wu, Z.Yuan.; Tao, R.; Guo, Y.; Li, J.Ying.; Zhang, J.; Chen, K.Min., 2013 :
Dual energy spectral CT imaging of insulinoma-Value in preoperative diagnosis compared with conventional multi-detector CT

Anonymous, 2011:
T1?andT2mapping of the proximal tibiofibular joint in relation to aging and cartilage degeneration

Lu, Q.; Zhong, X.Fei.; Huang, Z.Xing.; Yu, B.Yang.; Ma, B.Yun.; Ling, W.Wu.; Wu, H.; Yang, J.Ying.; Luo, Y., 2012:
Role of contrast-enhanced ultrasound in decision support for diagnosis and treatment of hepatic artery thrombosis after liver transplantation

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Age-related deterioration in trabecular bone mechanical properties at material level: nanoindentation study of the femoral neck in women by using AFM

Niels Madsen; Kurt, E.H.nsen; Rikke Petri Frandsen; Ludvig Ahm Krag, 2012:
Development and test of a remotely operated Minisampler for discrete trawl sampling

Douglas Rotherham; Daniel, D.J.hnson; Caitlin, L.K.sby; Charles, A.G.ay, 2012:
Sampling estuarine fish and invertebrates with a beam trawl provides a different picture of populations and assemblages than multi-mesh gillnets

Jan Kube?ka; Olav Rune Godø; Phil Hickley; Marie Prchalová; Milan ?íha; Lars Rudstam; Robin Welcomme, 2012:
Fish Sampling with Active Methods

Mauro Sinopoli; Luca Castriota; Pietro Vivona; Michele Gristina; Franco Andaloro, 2012:
Assessing the fish assemblage associated with FADs Fish Aggregating Devices in the southern Tyrrhenian sea using two different professional fishing gears

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Relationships between hydroacoustic derived density and gill net catch Implications for Fish Assessments

Claudia Kruschel; Stewart, T.S.hultz, 2012:
Use of a lure in visual census significantly improves probability of detecting wait-ambushing and fast cruising predatory fish

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Effects of sea-state on the physical performance of a survey bottom trawl

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Relationship between mid-water trawling effort and catch composition uncertainty in two large lakes Huron and Michigan dominated by alosines, osmerids, and coregonines

André E.P.nt; Richard McGarvey; Adrian Linnane; Justin Phillips; Lianos Triantafillos; John Feenstra, 2012:
Evaluating empirical decision rules for southern rock lobster fisheries A South Australian example

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Fish catchability and comparison of four electrofishing crews in Mediterranean streams

Liz Baldwin; Miran Aprahamian, 2012:
An evaluation of electric fishing for assessment of resident eel in rivers

M.G.dlewska; J.F.ouzova; J.K.becka; W.W.?niewolski; J.S.lakowski, 2012:
Comparison of hydroacoustic estimates with fish census in shallow Malta Reservoir – which TS/L regression to use in horizontal beam applications?

Anonymous, 2011:
Use of high-frequency imaging sonar DIDSON to observe fish behaviour toward a surface trawl

Anonymous, 2011:
Combining Contingent Valuationwith the Analytical Hierarchy Process to Decompose the Value Of Rabbit Meat

Roerdink, M.; Roeles, S.; van der Pas, S.C.H.; Bosboom, O.; Beek, P.J., 2012:
Evaluating asymmetry in prosthetic gait with step-length asymmetry alone is flawed

Yiou, E.; Hussein, T.; Larue, J., 2012:
Influence of temporal pressure on anticipatory postural control of medio-lateral stability during rapid leg flexion

Lo, H-Chang.; Hsu, Y-Chun.; Hsueh, Y-Hsin.; Yeh, C-Yu., 2012:
Cycling exercise with functional electrical stimulation improves postural control in stroke patients

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The effect of a long-distance run on plantar pressure distribution during running

King, G.W.; Akula, C.K.; Luchies, C.W., 2012:
Age-related differences in kinetic measures of landing phase lateral stability during a balance-restoring forward step

Anonymous, 2011:
Inheritance pattern and genetics of yield and component traits in opium poppy Papaver somniferumL

Arfin, N.; Bohidar, H.B., 2012:
Concentration selective hydration and phase states of hydroxyethyl cellulose (HEC) in aqueous solutions

Anonymous, 2011:
Adsorption of Hg, Cuand Znions from aqueous solution using formaldehyde cross-linked modified chitosan

Tian, L.; Branford-White, C.; Wang, W.; Nie, H.; Zhu, L., 2012:
Laccase-mediated system pretreatment to enhance the effect of hydrogen peroxide bleaching of cotton fabric

Yang, T.; Jia, M.; Zhou, S.; Pan, F.; Mei, Q., 2012:
Antivirus and immune enhancement activities of sulfated polysaccharide from Angelica sinensis

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Help-seeking and coping with the psychosocial burden of chronic hepatitis C: a qualitative study of patient, hepatologist, and counsellor perspectives

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Factors influencing self-management in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: an integrative review

Ahn, S-Joon.; Vogel, H.; Heckel, D.G., 2012:
Comparative analysis of the UDP-glycosyltransferase multigene family in insects

Anonymous, 2011:
2-hydroxyecdysone and juvenile hormone analogue prevent precocious metamorphosis in recessive trimolter mutants ofBombyx mori

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Stability of lyophilized siRNA nanosome formulations

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Low frequency sonophoresis mediated transdermal and intradermal delivery of ketoprofen

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Stabilization of tetanus toxoid formulation containing aluminium hydroxide adjuvant against agitation

Kona, S.; Dong, J-Fei.; Liu, Y.; Tan, J.; Nguyen, K.T., 2012:
Biodegradable nanoparticles mimicking platelet binding as a targeted and controlled drug delivery system

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Optimisation of multiple W/O/W nanoemulsions for dermal delivery of aciclovir

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Microarray-based mutation detection of pediatric sporadic nonsyndromic hearing loss in China

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Suicidal ideation and self-harm behavior in a community sample of preadolescent youth: a case-control study

Anonymous, 2011:
Longitudinal Trajectories of Metabolic Control Across Adolescen Associations With Parental Involvement, Adolescents Psychosocial Maturity, and Health Care Utilization

Dalal, K.; Lee, M.Shinn.; Gifford, M., 2013:
Male adolescents' attitudes toward wife beating: a multi-country study in South Asia

Anonymous, 2011:
Variability in particle retention efficiency by the musselMytilus edulis

A.S.uder; R.P.ulin, 2012:
Effects of salinity on an intertidal host–parasite system Is the parasite more sensitive than its host?

Barbosa, I.Guimarães.; Rocha, N.Pessoa.; de Miranda, A.Silva.; Magalhães, P.Vieira.da.Silva.; Huguet, R.Barreto.; de Souza, L.Pires.; Kapczinski, Fávio.; Teixeira, A.Lucio., 2012:
Increased levels of adipokines in bipolar disorder

Anonymous, 2011:
Succinylcholine-induced Hyperkalemia in a Patient with Multiple Sclerosis

Bond, M.C.; Klemt, R.; Merlis, J.; Kopinski, J.E.; Hirshon, J.Mark., 2013:
Computer access and Internet use by urban and suburban emergency department customers

Calle, P.; Cerro, L.; Valencia, Ján.; Jaimes, F., 2012:
Usefulness of severity scores in patients with suspected infection in the emergency department: a systematic review

Anonymous, 2011:
Simultaneous T-Wave Inversions in Anterior and Inferior Leads An Uncommon Sign of Pulmonary Embolism

Anonymous, 2011:
Acute Meningitis Prognosis Using Cerebrospinal Fluid Interleukin-6 Levels

Anonymous, 2011:
Access Difficulty Incidence and Delays in an Urban Emergency Department

Joshi, S.G., 2012:
Detection of biologically active botulinum neurotoxin--A in serum using high-throughput FRET-assay

de Souza, Fício.T.A.; Teixeira, Aônio.L.; Amaral, Tânia.M.P.; dos Santos, Tálita.P.M.; Abreu, M.H.N.G.; Silva, Tília.A.; Kummer, A., 2012:
Psychiatric disorders in burning mouth syndrome

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Alexithymia in adolescents with borderline personality disorder

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Resources and training in outpatient substance abuse treatment facilities

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Does the Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test–Consumption identify the same patient population as the full 1-item Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test?

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The impact of organizational stress and burnout on client engagement

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Community-based group intervention for tobacco cessation in rural Tamil Nadu, India: a cluster randomized trial

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Innovation adoption as facilitated by a change-oriented workplace

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Tobacco use and psychiatric comorbidity among adolescents in substance abuse treatment

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Community Reinforcement and Family Training: a pilot comparison of group and self-directed delivery

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System-level effects of integrating a promising treatment into juvenile drug courts

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Factors associated with methadone treatment among injection drug users in Bangkok, Thailand

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Assessing self-determined motivation for addiction treatment: validity of the Treatment Entry Questionnaire

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An intervention to increase alcohol treatment engagement: a pilot trial

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A multilevel approach to predicting community addiction treatment attitudes about contingency management

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Cardioprotection requires flipping the 'posttranslational modification' switch

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Higher drip loss is associated with protein oxidation

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Effect of lamb age and retail packaging types on the quality of long-term chilled lamb loins

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Effect of feeding treatment during the backgrounding phase of beef production from pasture on: I. Animal performance, carcass and meat quality

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A rapid molecular strategy for early detection and characterization of Vietnamese foot-and-mouth disease virus serotypes O, A, and Asia

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A novel high-throughput cellular screening assay for the discovery of HIV-1 integrase inhibitors

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Development and evaluation of one-step rRT-PCR and immunohistochemical methods for detection of Rift Valley fever virus in biosafety level 2 diagnostic laboratories

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TaqMan real-time PCR for detection and quantitation of squash leaf curl virus in cucurbits

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Detection of Grapevine leafroll-associated virus 7 using real time qRT-PCR and conventional RT-PCR

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Baculovirus as a PRRSV and PCV2 bivalent vaccine vector: baculovirus virions displaying simultaneously GP5 glycoprotein of PRRSV and capsid protein of PCV2

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Development of a loop-mediated isothermal amplification method for rapid detection of porcine boca-like virus

Wang, X.; Zhu, J-ping.; Zhang, Q.; Xu, Z-gang.; Zhang, F.; Zhao, Z-hui.; Zheng, W-zhi.; Zheng, L-shu., 2012:
Detection of enterovirus 71 using reverse transcription loop-mediated isothermal amplification (RT-LAMP)

Lindsay, S.M.; Timm, A.; Yin, J., 2012:
A quantitative comet infection assay for influenza virus

Anonymous, 2011:
Common genetic variants in complement genes other thanCFH,CD46and theCFHRsare not associated with aHUS

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Interleukin-4 and interleukin-13 inhibit the expression of leukemia inhibitory factor and interleukin-11 in fibroblasts

Sudhakar Veeranki; Divaker Choubey, 2012:
Interferon-inducible p2-family protein IFI16, an innate immune sensor for cytosolic and nuclear double-stranded DNA Regulation of subcellular localization

Wang, D.; Parkman, H.P.; Jacobs, M.R.; Mishra, A.K.; Krynetskiy, E.; Obradovic, Z., 2012 :
DNA microarray SNP associations with clinical efficacy and side effects of domperidone treatment for gastroparesis

Anonymous, 2011:
High cardiovascular morbidity and mortality in myofibrillar myopathies due toDESgene mutations a 1-year longitudinal study

Alessandro Pincherle; Vincenzo Patruno; Paola Raimondi; Sabrina Moretti; Ambra Dominese; Filippo Martinelli-Boneschi; Maria Barbara Pasanisi; Eleonora Canioni; Franco Salerno; Francesco Deleo; Roberto Spreafico; Renato Mantegazza; Flavio Villani; Lucia Morandi, 2012:
Sleep breathing disorders in 4 Italian patients with Myotonic dystrophy type

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Characterization of European forage maize lines for stover composition and associations with polymorphisms within O-methyltransferase genes

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Estimation of sensitivity and specificity of five serological tests for the diagnosis of porcine brucellosis

Susan Lurie; Christopher, B.W.tkins, 2012:
Superficial scald, its etiology and control

Anonymous, 2011:
Effect of heat treatment on inhibition ofMonilinia fructicolaand induction of disease resistance in peach fruit

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The neural basis of dysfunctional beliefs in non-medicated patients with obsessive-compulsive disorder

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Increased white matter integrity in the corpus callosum in subjects with high genetic loading for schizophrenia

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Does IGRT ensure target dose coverage of head and neck IMRT patients?

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Genetic and functional analysis of the gene encoding GAP-43 in schizophrenia

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Interactive effects of background facial emotion stimulus and target salience on sustained attention performance in schizophrenia

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Sensorimotor gating and clinical outcome following cognitive behaviour therapy for psychosis

Anonymous, 2011:
Asymmetry of lexicon-semantic processing in schizophrenia changes with disease progression

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Are there specific neuropsychological deficits underlying poor insight in first episode psychosis?

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Rimonabant for neurocognition in schizophrenia: a 16-week double blind randomized placebo controlled trial

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Decreased activity in right-hemisphere structures involved in social cognition in siblings discordant for schizophrenia

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The association between self-disorders and neurocognitive dysfunction in schizophrenia

Huerta-García, E.; Ventura-Gallegos, Jé.Luis.; Victoriano, M.Elena.Crescencio.; Montiél-Dávalos, Aélica.; Tinoco-Jaramillo, G.; López-Marure, R., 2012:
Dehydroepiandrosterone inhibits the activation and dysfunction of endothelial cells induced by high glucose concentration

Anonymous, 2011:
An appleatp9pseudogene is maintained at high copy number in ‘Golden Delicious’-type mitochondria but is present substoichiometrically in ‘Delicious’-type mitochondria

Iryna Tartachnyk; Jan Kuckenberg; José Antonio Yuri; Georg Noga, 2012:
Identifying fruit characteristics for non-invasive detection of sunburn in apple

Jian-Qiang Ma; Chun-Lei Ma; Ming-Zhe Yao; Ji-Qiang Jin; Zhi-Lan Wang; Xin-Chao Wang; Liang Chen, 2012:
Microsatellite markers from tea plant expressed sequence tags ESTs and their applicability for cross-species/genera amplification and genetic mapping

Anonymous, 2011:
Seasonal changes in the expression pattern of flowering-related genes in evergreen azalea ‘Oomurasaki’ Rhododendron × pulchrum

Anonymous, 2011:
Variation in total phenolic content and antioxidant activity ofPrunus cerasiferaEhrh selections from Mediterranean region of Turkey

Almasieh, M.; Wilson, A.M.; Morquette, B.; Cueva Vargas, J.Luis.; Di Polo, A., 2012:
The molecular basis of retinal ganglion cell death in glaucoma

M.E.E.-Boshy; S.A.E.-Khodery; H.A.G.dalla; M.R.E.-Ashker, 2012:
Prognostic significance of selected immunological and biochemical parameters in the cerebrospinal fluid of Ossimi sheep with encephalitic listeriosis

L.M.piliyao; D.P.pe; U.M.rume; V.M.chenje, 2012:
Flock dynamics, body condition and weight variation in sheep in two ecologically different resource-poor communal farming systems

M.E.genia Mosca Torres; Silvia Puig, 2012:
Habitat use and selection by the vicuña Vicugna vicugna, Camelidae during summer and winter in the High Andean Puna of Argentina

Anas Abdelqader; Azzam, A.Y.coub; Matthias Gauly, 2012:
Factors influencing productive longevity of Awassi and Najdi ewes in intensive production systems at arid regions

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The changing conceptual basis of trabeculectomy: a review of past and current surgical techniques

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Causes of blindness and visual impairment in Latin America

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Penta-O-galloyl-β-D-glucose attenuates cisplatin-induced nephrotoxicity via reactive oxygen species reduction in renal epithelial cells and enhances antitumor activity in Caki-2 renal cancer cells

Anonymous, 2011:
Embryonic death in goats caused by the ingestion ofMimosa tenuiflora

Anonymous, 2011:
Functional and structural characterization of a new serine protease with thrombin-like activity TLBan fromBothrops andianusAndean Lancehead snake venom

Anonymous, 2011:
Low molecular weight compounds from Zoanthus sociatus impair insulin secretion via Ca+2 influx blockade and cause glucose intolerance in vivo

Varelas, X.; Wrana, J.L., 2012:
Coordinating developmental signaling: novel roles for the Hippo pathway

Anonymous, 2011:
The role of toxin A and toxin B in the virulence ofClostridium difficile

Meurens, Fçois.; Summerfield, A.; Nauwynck, H.; Saif, L.; Gerdts, V., 2012:
The pig: a model for human infectious diseases

Watanabe, Y.; Ibrahim, M.S.; Suzuki, Y.; Ikuta, K., 2012:
The changing nature of avian influenza A virus (H5N1)

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Development and characterization of mouse monoclonal antibodies reactive with chicken CD83

Rebl, A.; Verleih, M.; Korytář, Táš.; Kühn, C.; Wimmers, K.; Köllner, B.; Goldammer, T., 2012:
Identification of differentially expressed protective genes in liver of two rainbow trout strains

Yu, T-fei.; Ma, B.; Gao, M-chun.; Wang, J-wei., 2012:
Localization of linear B-cell epitopes on goose parvovirus structural protein

Burke, J.M.; Miller, J.E.; Mosjidis, J.A.; Terrill, T.H., 2012:
Use of a mixed sericea lespedeza and grass pasture system for control of gastrointestinal nematodes in lambs and kids

Anonymous, 2011:
Spatio-temporal epidemiology ofTritrichomonas foetusinfection in Texas bulls based on state-wide diagnostic laboratory data

Anonymous, 2011 :
Consumption ofPistacia lentiscusfoliage alleviates coccidiosis in young goats

Anonymous, 2011:
Evaluation of the pharmacokinetic profile of artesunate, artemether and their metabolites in sheep naturally infected withFasciola hepatica

Anonymous, 2011:
The therapeutic efficacy of two antibabesial strategies against Babesiagibsoni

So, E.Sun.; Chin, Y.Ran.; Lee, I.Sook., 2011:
Relationship Between Health-related Behavioral and Psychological Factors and Cardiovascular and Cerebrovascular Diseases Comorbidity Among Korean Adults With Diabetes

Xuhong Qiang; Frans S.K. Bijlaard; Henk Kolstein, 2012:
Post-fire mechanical properties of high strength structural steels S46 and S69

Lamis Ahmed; Anders Ansell, 2012:
Structural dynamic and stress wave models for the analysis of shotcrete on rock exposed to blasting

Anonymous, 2011:
Seasonal-to-interannual variability of chlorophyll-abloom timing associated with physical forcing in the Gulf of Cadiz

Wei Wang; Bin Zhao; Q.W.ng; Shaomin Yang, 2012:
Noise analysis of continuous GPS coordinate time series for CMONOC

Allan, D.Forsman, 2012:
The Effects of Simulated Microgravity on the Seminiferous Tubules of Rats

Claudia Stummer; Christian Siemes; Roland Pail; Björn Frommknecht; Rune Floberghagen, 2012:
Upgrade of the GOCE Level 1b gradiometer processor

Peeters, Jé.M.; Mistiaen, P.; Francke, A.L., 2012:
Costs and financial benefits of video communication compared to usual care at home: a systematic review

Lamminen, J.; Forsvik, H.; Vopio, V.; Ruohonen, K., 2012:
Teleconsultation: changes in technology and costs over a 12-year period

North, F.; Odunukan, O.; Varkey, P., 2012:
The value of telephone triage for patients with appendicitis

Duchêne, J.; Hewson, D.J., 2012:
Longitudinal evaluation of balance quality using a modified bathroom scale: usability and acceptability

Mair, F.; McClusky, C.; Wilsgaard, T.; Wootton, R., 2012:
The added value of video for consultations in telemedicine for minor injuries work

Smith, M.W.; An, L.C.; Fu, S.S.; Nelson, D.B.; Joseph, A.M., 2012:
Cost-effectiveness of an intensive telephone-based intervention for smoking cessation

Hutchison, A.J.; Breckon, J.D., 2012:
A review of telephone coaching services for people with long-term conditions

Anonymous, 2011:
FAO steps up support to South-South Cooperation

Joensuu, H.; Vehtari, A.; Riihimäki, J.; Nishida, T.; Steigen, S.E.; Brabec, P.; Plank, L.; Nilsson, B.; Cirilli, C.; Braconi, C.; Bordoni, A.; Magnusson, M.K.; Linke, Z.; Sufliarsky, J.; Federico, M.; Jonasson, J.G.; Dei Tos, A.Paolo.; Rutkowski, P., 2012:
Risk of recurrence of gastrointestinal stromal tumour after surgery: an analysis of pooled population-based cohorts

Gianni, L.; Pienkowski, T.; Im, Y-Hyuck.; Roman, L.; Tseng, L-Ming.; Liu, M-Ching.; Lluch, A.; Staroslawska, Eżbieta.; de la Haba-Rodriguez, J.; Im, S-Ah.; Pedrini, J.Luiz.; Poirier, B.; Morandi, P.; Semiglazov, V.; Srimuninnimit, V.; Bianchi, G.; Szado, T.; Ratnayake, J.; Ross, G.; Valagussa, P., 2012:
Efficacy and safety of neoadjuvant pertuzumab and trastuzumab in women with locally advanced, inflammatory, or early HER2-positive breast cancer (NeoSphere): a randomised multicentre, open-label, phase 2 trial

Henglong Xu; Wei Zhang; Yong Jiang; Mingzhuang Zhu; Khaled, A.S.A.-Rasheid, 2012:
An approach to analyzing influence of enumeration time periods on detecting ecological features of microperiphyton communities for marine bioassessment

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Is species richness congruent among taxa? Surrogacy, complementarity, and environmental correlates among three disparate taxa in geographically isolated wetlands

Anonymous, 2011:
Measuring more of?-diversity Quantifying patterns of variation in assemblage heterogeneity An insight from marine benthic assemblages

Geertrui Louwagie; Greg Northey; John, A.F.nn; Gordon Purvis, 2012:
Development of indicators for assessment of the environmental impact of livestock farming in Ireland using the Agri-environmental Footprint Index

Malte Busch; Alessandra, L.N.tte; Valérie Laporte; Markus Erhard, 2012:
Potentials of quantitative and qualitative approaches to assessing ecosystem services

Susana França; Rita, P.V.sconcelos; Patrick Reis-Santos; Vanessa, F.F.nseca; Maria José Costa; Henrique, N.C.bral, 2012:
Vulnerability of Portuguese estuarine habitats to human impacts and relationship with structural and functional properties of the fish community

Daniel, A.C.istol; Elizabeth, K.M.jica; Claire, W.V.rian-Ramos; Bryan, D.W.tts, 2012:
Molted feathers indicate low mercury in bald eagles of the Chesapeake Bay, USA

Anonymous, 2011:
The black scorpionfish,Scorpaena porcusScorpaenidae Could it serve as reliable indicator of Mediterranean coastal communities’ health?

Sebastian Birk; Wendy Bonne; Angel Borja; Sandra Brucet; Anne Courrat; Sandra Poikane; Angelo Solimini; Wouter van de Bund; Nikolaos Zampoukas; Daniel Hering, 2012:
Three hundred ways to assess Europes surface waters An almost complete overview of biological methods to implement the Water Framework Directive

Subramanian Senthilkannan Muthu; Y.L.; Jun-Yan Hu; Pik-Yin Mok, 2012:
Recyclability Potential Index RPI The concept and quantification of RPI for textile fibres

Jochem Kail; Jens Arle; Sonja, C.J.hnig, 2012:
Limiting factors and thresholds for macroinvertebrate assemblages in European rivers Empirical evidence from three datasets on water quality, catchment urbanization, and river restoration

Javier, M.G.rcía-López; Carmen Allué, 2012:
A phytoclimatic-based indicator for assessing the inherent responsitivity of the European forests to climate change

Mark, S.P.os; Donald, A.J.ckson, 2012:
Addressing the removal of rare species in multivariate bioassessments The impact of methodological choices

Dan Gottlieb; Meidad Kissinger; Eran Vigoda-Gadot; Abraham Haim, 2012:
Analyzing the ecological footprint at the institutional scale – The case of an Israeli high-school

C.V.eira; A.S.neca; C.S.rgio; M.T.F.rreira, 2012:
Bryophyte taxonomic and functional groups as indicators of fine scale ecological gradients in mountain streams

Naicheng Wu; Qinghua Cai; Nicola Fohrer, 2012:
Development and evaluation of a diatom-based index of biotic integrity D-IBI for rivers impacted by run-of-river dams

S.R.M.C.uceiro; N.H.mada; B.R.F.rsberg; T.P.P.mentel; S.L.B.L.z, 2012:
A macroinvertebrate multimetric index to evaluate the biological condition of streams in the Central Amazon region of Brazil

Eva Díaz; Javier Fernández; Salvador Ordóñez; Noel Canto; Albino González, 2012:
Carbon and ecological footprints as tools for evaluating the environmental impact of coal mine ventilation air

Anonymous, 2011:
Oryza Rice Recap #8211; Rice Market Bulls vs Bears

Anonymous, 2011:
Oryza Rice Currency Analysis for Today #8211; Currency Markets Nervously Await European Outcome

Anonymous, 2011:
Oryza Afternoon Recap #8211; Chicago Rice Futures Trade Lower as Traders Await Results of USDA Supply and Demand Report Due Friday

Anonymous, 2011:
Thai Rice Sellers Lower Quotes; Viet, Indian, Pak Rice Indications on Hold

Anonymous, 2011:
US Physical Rice Trade Slow as Market Struggles to Find Direction

Anonymous, 2011:
Oryza Quick Global Overview #8211; Viets Get Nervous And Aggressive As Iraqis Turn to Indians Pakistanis, Large Viet Crop On Its Way, Thai Exports Severely Falling Behind, Africa Flooded With Rice, Buyers Start Defaulting and Renegotiating

Anonymous, 2011:
Oryza Rice Currency Analysis for Today #8211; Euro Unchanged as Investors Mull Uncertain Outcome in Europe

Anonymous, 2011 :
Oryza Afternoon Recap #8211; Chicago Rice Futures Trade Higher on Short Selling

Anonymous, 2011:
Philippines Government to Set #8216;Initial#8217; 212 Rice Import Target at 5, Tons

Anonymous, 2011:
Real-time polymerase chain reaction testing forClostridium difficilereduces isolation time and improves patient management in a small community hospital

Verhamme, I.M., 2012:
Fluorescent reporters of thrombin, heparin cofactor II, and heparin binding in a ternary complex

Leite, C.Eduardo.; Teixeira, A.da.Cruz.; Cruz, F.Fernandes.; Concatto, S.Cervieri.; Amaral, J.Henrich.; Bonan, C.Denise.; Campos, M.Martha.; Morrone, F.Bueno.; Battastini, A.Maria.Oliveira., 2012:
Analytical method for determination of nitric oxide in zebrafish larvae: toxicological and pharmacological applications

Amber, K.T.; Castaño, J.E.; Angeli, S.I., 2012:
Prophylactic valacyclovir in a patient with recurrent vestibular disturbances secondary to vestibular neuritis

Nakahira, M.; Saito, N.; Murata, S-ichi.; Sugasawa, M.; Shimamura, Y.; Morita, K.; Takajyo, F.; Omura, G.; Matsumura, S., 2012:
Quantitative diffusion-weighted magnetic resonance imaging as a powerful adjunct to fine needle aspiration cytology for assessment of thyroid nodules

Gudrun Schneider; Konstanze Krueger, 2012:
Third-party interventions keep social partners from exchanging affiliative interactions with others

Timko, C.Alix.; Juarascio, A.; Chowansky, A., 2012:
The effect of a pre-load experiment on subsequent food consumption. Caloric and macronutrient intake in the days following a pre-load manipulation

Groesz, L.M.; McCoy, S.; Carl, J.; Saslow, L.; Stewart, J.; Adler, N.; Laraia, B.; Epel, E., 2012:
What is eating you? Stress and the drive to eat

Kishinevsky, F.I.; Cox, J.E.; Murdaugh, D.L.; Stoeckel, L.E.; Cook, E.W.; Weller, R.E., 2012:
fMRI reactivity on a delay discounting task predicts weight gain in obese women

Fontana, A.; Bistolfi, A.; Crova, M.; Rosso, F.; Massazza, G., 2012:
Arthroscopic treatment of hip chondral defects: autologous chondrocyte transplantation versus simple debridement--a pilot study

Smith, M.J.; Cook, J.L.; Kuroki, K.; Jayabalan, P.S.; Cook, C.R.; Pfeiffer, F.M.; Waters, N.P., 2012:
Comparison of a novel bone-tendon allograft with a human dermis-derived patch for repair of chronic large rotator cuff tears using a canine model

Rieusset, J.; Chauvin, M-Agnès.; Durand, A.; Bravard, Aélie.; Laugerette, F.; Michalski, M-Caroline.; Vidal, H., 2012:
Reduction of endoplasmic reticulum stress using chemical chaperones or Grp78 overexpression does not protect muscle cells from palmitate-induced insulin resistance

Lee, Y.Ju.; Lee, S-Wook., 2012:
Regression of hepatocarcinoma cells using RNA aptamer specific to alpha-fetoprotein

Anonymous, 2011:
Activation of voltage gated Kchannel Kv15 by ?-catenin

Mascalchi, P.; Lamort, A.Sophie.; Salomé, L.; Dumas, F., 2012:
Single Particle Tracking reveals two distinct environments for CD4 receptors at the surface of living T lymphocytes

Anonymous, 2011:
Hydroxylation state of fatty acid and long-chain base moieties of sphingolipid determine the sensitivity to growth inhibition due toAUR1repression inSaccharomyces cerevisiae

Nyberg, L.K.; Persson, F.; Berg, J.; Bergström, J.; Fransson, E.; Olsson, L.; Persson, M.; Stålnacke, A.; Wigenius, J.; Tegenfeldt, J.O.; Westerlund, F., 2012:
A single-step competitive binding assay for mapping of single DNA molecules

Anonymous, 2011:
In vitroselection ofEscherichia coliO157H7-specific RNA aptamer

Tan, G.; Shi, Y.; Wu, Z-Hui., 2012:
MicroRNA-22 promotes cell survival upon UV radiation by repressing PTEN

Long, L.Hua.; Halliwell, B., 2012:
The effects of oxaloacetate on hydrogen peroxide generation from ascorbate and epigallocatechin gallate in cell culture media: potential for altering cell metabolism

Anonymous, 2011:
Structural insight into the role ofStreptococcusparasanguinisFap1 within oral biofilm formation

Zhang, W.; Feng, M.; Zheng, G.; Chen, Y.; Wang, X.; Pen, B.; Yin, J.; Yu, Y.; He, Z., 2012:
Chemoresistance to 5-fluorouracil induces epithelial-mesenchymal transition via up-regulation of Snail in MCF7 human breast cancer cells

Anonymous, 2011:
Fe III and Fe II ions different effects onEnterococcus hiraecell growth and membrane-associated ATPase activity

Marquez-Lona, E.Magdalena.; Tan, Z.; Schreiber, S.S., 2012:
Nucleolar stress characterized by downregulation of nucleophosmin: a novel cause of neuronal degeneration

Anonymous, 2011:
GacA directly regulates expression of several virulence genes inPseudomonas syringaepvtabaci11528

Kondo, T.; Isoda, R.; Uchimura, T.; Sugiyama, M.; Hamao, K.; Hosoya, H., 2012:
Diphosphorylated but not monophosphorylated myosin II regulatory light chain localizes to the midzone without its heavy chain during cytokinesis

Dai Kato; Mayumi Waki; Masaki Umezawa; Yuka Aoki; Takahiko Utsugi; Masaya Ohtsu; Yasufumi Murakami, 2012:
Phosphorylation of human INO8 is involved in DNA damage tolerance

Alamdari, N.; Aversa, Z.; Castillero, E.; Gurav, A.; Petkova, V.; Tizio, S.; Hasselgren, P-Olof., 2012:
Resveratrol prevents dexamethasone-induced expression of the muscle atrophy-related ubiquitin ligases atrogin-1 and MuRF1 in cultured myotubes through a SIRT1-dependent mechanism

Anonymous, 2011:
Interaction of the host protein NbDnaJ withPotato virus Xminus-strand stem-loop 1 RNA and capsid protein affects viral replication and movement

Yamaguchi, Y.; Naiki, T.; Irie, K., 2012:
Stau1 regulates Dvl2 expression during myoblast differentiation

Ka, W.Hye.; Jeong, Y.Young.; You, J.Chang., 2012:
Identification of the HIV-1 packaging RNA sequence (Ψ) as a major determinant for the translation inhibition conferred by the HIV-1 5' UTR

Yusuke Nagara; Man Hagiyama; Naoya Hatano; Eugene Futai; Satoshi Suo; Yutaka Takaoka; Yoshinori Murakami; Akihiko Ito; Shoichi Ishiura, 2012:
Tumor suppressor cell adhesion molecule 1 CADM1 is cleaved by a disintegrin and metalloprotease 1 ADAM1 and subsequently cleaved by ?-secretase complex

Byun, C.Jeonghae.; Seo, J.; Jo, S.Ahn.; Park, Y.Jung.; Klug, M.; Rehli, M.; Park, M-Ho.; Jo, I., 2012:
DNA methylation of the 5'-untranslated region at +298 and +351 represses BACE1 expression in mouse BV-2 microglial cells

Anonymous, 2011:
Involvement of Gli proteins in undifferentiated state maintenance and proliferation of embryonic stem cells

Anonymous, 2011:
Inability of p53-Reactivating compounds Nutlin-3 and RITA to overcome p53 resistance in tumor cells deficient for p53Ser46 phosphorylation

Liang-Liang Cui; Frédéric Francis; Stéphanie Heuskin; Georges Lognay; Ying-Jie Liu; Jie Dong; Ju-Lian Chen; Xu-Ming Song; Yong Liu, 2012:
The functional significance of E-?-Farnesene does it influence the populations of aphid natural enemies in the fields?

Anonymous, 2011:
Vanadate-induced Caand Couptake in human red blood cells

Bhatla, N.; Singla, S.; Awasthi, D., 2012:
Human papillomavirus deoxyribonucleic acid testing in developed countries

Kulasingam, S.; Havrilesky, L., 2012:
Health economics of screening for gynaecological cancers

ten Have, R.; Thomassen, Y.E.; Hamzink, M.R.J.; Bakker, W.A.M.; Nijst, O.E.M.; Kersten, G.; Zomer, G., 2012:
Development of a fast ELISA for quantifying polio D-antigen in in-process samples

François-Fiquet, C.; Wavreille, O.; Poli Merol, M-Laurence.; Doco-Fenzy, M., 2013:
Cleft palate and bilateral congenital cataract: a familial observation: a new syndrome?

Gao, Y.; Li, Y-Feng.; Shao, B.; Li, T.; Xia, N.; Xu, L-Xian.; Wang, Z-Yi.; Kong, L., 2013:
Biomechanical optimisation of the length ratio of the two endosseous portions in distraction implants: a three-dimensional finite element analysis

Dua, R.; Poate, T.; Abe, F.; Diaz-Cano, S., 2013:
Lingual necrosis secondary to mucormycosis

Khamashta-Ledezma, L.; Collier, J.; Sharma, P.K.; Ali, N., 2013:
Incidence and impact of previous orthodontic treatment in patients attending orthognathic combined clinics: a survey

Joëls, M.; Karst, H., 2012:
Corticosteroid effects on calcium signaling in limbic neurons

Anonymous, 2011:
The involvement of calcium carriers and of the vacuole in the glucose-induced calcium signaling and activation of the plasma membrane H-ATPase inSaccharomyces cerevisiaecells

Anonymous, 2011:
Type I interferon signaling regulates the composition of inflammatory infiltrates upon infection withListeria monocytogenes

Rottman, B.M.; Keil, F.C., 2012:
Causal structure learning over time: observations and interventions

B.-Y. Zhang; B. Yin; Y.-X. Li; J.-S. Wu; H. Chen; X.-Q. Wang; Dao-Ying Geng, 2012:
Neuroradiological findings and clinical features of fourth-ventricular meningioma A study of 1 cases

Xu, H-X.; Lu, M-D.; Liu, L-N.; Guo, L-H., 2012:
Magnetic navigation in ultrasound-guided interventional radiology procedures

Yuanfeng Cai; Xiaoxiao Hu; Xiang Li; Yuguan Pan, 2012:
Origin of the red colour in a red limestone from the Vispi Quarry section central Italy a high-resolution transmission electron microscopy analysis

Romain Jattiot; Gunter Bechly; Romain Garrouste; André Nel, 2012:
An enigmatic Nepoidea from the Lower Cretaceous of Brazil Hemiptera Heteroptera

Yongjun Li; André Nel; Dong Ren; Hong Pang, 2012:
A new damsel-dragonfly from the Lower Cretaceous of China enlightens the systematics of the Isophlebioidea Odonata Isophlebioptera Campterophlebiidae

Lopez, J.Kido.; Fuxjager, M.J., 2012:
Self-deception's adaptive value: effects of positive thinking and the winner effect

Willenbrock, S.; Braun, O.; Baumgart, J.; Lange, S.; Junghanss, C.; Heisterkamp, A.; Nolte, I.; Bullerdiek, Jörn.; Murua Escobar, H., 2012:
TNF-α induced secretion of HMGB1 from non-immune canine mammary epithelial cells (MTH53A)

Noda, T.; Oki, S.; Kitajima, K.; Harada, T.; Komune, S.; Meno, C., 2012:
Restriction of Wnt signaling in the dorsal otocyst determines semicircular canal formation in the mouse embryo

Anonymous, 2011:
EVEN-SKIPPED HOMEOBOX 1 controls human ES cell differentiation by directly repressingGOOSECOIDexpression

Anonymous, 2011:
The making of a fusion branch in theDrosophilatrachea

Van Scoy, A.R.; Anderson, B.S.; Philips, B.M.; Voorhees, J.; McCann, M.; De Haro, H.; Martin, M.J.; McCall, J.; Todd, C.R.; Crane, D.; Sowby, M.L.; Tjeerdema, R.S., 2012:
NMR-based characterization of the acute metabolic effects of weathered crude and dispersed oil in spawning topsmelt and their embryos

Knauer, K.; Hommen, U., 2012:
Sensitivity, variability, and recovery of functional and structural endpoints of an aquatic community exposed to herbicides

Zhang, F.; Wang, L.; Zhou, L.; Wu, D.; Pan, H.; Pan, C., 2012:
Residue dynamics of pyraclostrobin in peanut and field soil by QuEChERS and LC-MS/MS

Anonymous, 2011:
Effects of indomethacin and propranolol onChironomus ripariusandPhysellaCostatellaacuta

Campos-Pereira, F.D.; Oliveira, C.A.; Pigoso, Aácio.A.; Silva-Zacarin, E.C.M.; Barbieri, R.; Spatti, E.F.; Marin-Morales, M.A.; Severi-Aguiar, G.D.C., 2012:
Early cytotoxic and genotoxic effects of atrazine on Wistar rat liver: a morphological, immunohistochemical, biochemical, and molecular study

Bonarska-Kujawa, D.; Kleszczyńska, H.; Przestalski, Sław., 2012:
The location of organotins within the erythrocyte membrane in relation to their toxicity

A.S.ko?owski; M.W.?owicz; H.A.mus; R.A.mus; A.C.rlier; Z.G.siunaité; A.G.émare; H.H.mmel; J.L.sutiené; A.R.zinkovas; P.E.R.naud; P.R.chard; M.K.dra, 2012:
Is benthic food web structure related to diversity of marine macrobenthic communities?

Anonymous, 2011:
Prospective randomized comparison of conventional instruments and the Harmonic Focusdevice in breast-conserving therapy for primary breast cancer

Exner, R.; Krois, W.; Mittlböck, M.; Dubsky, P.; Jakesz, R.; Gnant, M.; Fitzal, F., 2012:
Objectively measured breast symmetry has no influence on quality of life in breast cancer patients

Courrech Staal, E.F.W.; Bloemendal, K.M.; Bloemer, M.C.; Aleman, B.M.P.; Cats, A.; van Sandick, J.W., 2012:
Oesophageal cancer treatment in a tertiary referral hospital evaluated by indicators for quality of care

Anonymous, 2011:
Low humidity environmental challenge causes barrier disruption and cornification of the mouse corneal epithelium in mice via a c-jun N-terminal kinase 2 JNK2 pathway

Wang, R-Fang.; Podos, S.M.; Serle, J.B.; Baltatu, O.C., 2012:
Effect of SPP 635, a renin inhibitor, on intraocular pressure in glaucomatous monkey eyes

Yohei Ishikawa; Kouhei Hashizume; Seishi Kishimoto; Yu Tezuka; Hideo Nishigori; Naoki Yamamoto; Yoshitaka Kondo; Naoki Maruyama; Akihito Ishigami; Daijiro Kurosaka, 2012:
Effect of vitamin C depletion on UVR-B induced cataract in SMP3/GNL knockout mice

Arana, L.; Gangoiti, P.; Ouro, A.; Rivera, I-Guané.; Ordoñez, M.; Trueba, M.; Lankalapalli, R.S.; Bittman, R.; Gomez-Muñoz, A., 2012:
Generation of reactive oxygen species (ROS) is a key factor for stimulation of macrophage proliferation by ceramide 1-phosphate

Vulcano, F.; Milazzo, L.; Ciccarelli, C.; Barca, A.; Agostini, F.; Altieri, I.; Macioce, G.; Di Virgilio, A.; Screnci, M.; De Felice, L.; Giampaolo, A.; Hassan, H.Jane., 2012:
Valproic acid affects the engraftment of TPO-expanded cord blood cells in NOD/SCID mice

Talbot, Sébastien.; Couture, Réjean., 2012:
Emerging role of microglial kinin B1 receptor in diabetic pain neuropathy

Anonymous, 2011:
Isolation and Characterization of cDNAs Encoding Ars2 and Pasha Homologues, Two Components of the RNA Interference Pathway inLitopenaeus vannamei

Anonymous, 2011:
A novel putative lipoprotein receptor CasLpR in the hemocytes of the blue crab,Callinectes sapidus cloning and up-regulated expression after the injection of LPS and LTA

Anonymous, 2011:
A novelLactobacillus pentosus-paired starter culture for Spanish-style green olive fermentation

Anonymous, 2011:
Central distribution ofkiss2neurons and peri-pubertal changes in their expression in the brain of male and female red seabreamPagrus major

Anonymous, 2011:
Comparative analysis ofFusariummitochondrial genomes reveals a highly variable region that encodes an exceptionally large open reading frame

Tian, F.; Luo, J.; Zhang, H.; Chang, S.; Song, J., 2012:
MiRNA expression signatures induced by Marek's disease virus infection in chickens

Stevenson, E.L.; Caldwell, H.K., 2012:
The vasopressin 1b receptor and the neural regulation of social behavior

Wolfson, A.H.; Varia, M.A.; Moore, D.; Rao, G.G.; Gaffney, D.K.; Erickson-Wittmann, B.A.; Jhingran, A.; Mayr, N.A.; Puthawala, A.A.; Small, W.; Yashar, C.M.; Yuh, W.; Cardenes, H.Rosa., 2012:
ACR Appropriateness Criteria® role of adjuvant therapy in the management of early stage cervical cancer

Nugent, E.K.; Bishop, E.A.; Mathews, C.A.; Moxley, K.M.; Tenney, M.; Mannel, R.S.; Walker, J.L.; Moore, K.N.; Landrum, L.M.; McMeekin, D.S., 2012:
Do uterine risk factors or lymph node metastasis more significantly affect recurrence in patients with endometrioid adenocarcinoma?

S.B.uley; D.B.ratoux; J.V.ubaillon; A.M.cquet; M.L.F.uvre; F.C.las; Z.B.nkhaldoun; A.D.assou; M.S.bil; P.L.gnonné, 2012:
Power and duration of impact flashes on the Moon implication for the cause of radiation

Anonymous, 2011:
Improved Luminosity Model and Albedo forSaturn

Evelyn Füri; Bernard Marty; Sergey, S.A.sonov, 2012:
Constraints on the flux of meteoritic and cometary water on the Moon from volatile element N-Ar analyses of single lunar soil grains, Luna 24 core

Anonymous, 2011:
Optical constants of Titan tholins at mid-infrared wavelengths 25 – 25 ?m and the possible chemical nature of Titan’s haze particles

Peter, M.G.indrod; Matthew West; Nicholas, H.W.rner; Sanjeev Gupta, 2012:
Formation of an Hesperian-Aged Sedimentary Basin Containing Phyllosilicates in Coprates Catena, Mars

Timezguid, N.; Das, V.; Hamdi, A.; Ciroldi, M.; Sfoggia-Besserat, D.; Chelha, R.; Obadia, E.; Pallot, J-L., 2012:
Maternal sepsis during pregnancy or the postpartum period requiring intensive care admission

Russell, I.F., 2012:
A prospective controlled study of continuous spinal analgesia versus repeat epidural analgesia after accidental dural puncture in labour

Bang, E.C.; Lee, H.S.; Kang, Y.I.; Cho, K.S.; Kim, S.Y.; Park, H., 2012:
Onset of labor epidural analgesia with ropivacaine and a varying dose of fentanyl: a randomized controlled trial

Bollag, L.; Richebe, P.; Ortner, C.; Landau, R., 2012:
Transversus abdominis plane catheters for post-cesarean delivery analgesia: a series of five cases

M. Camorcia; G. Capogna; S. Stirparo; C. Berritta; J.L. Blouin; R. Landau, 2012:
Effect of ?-opioid receptor A118G polymorphism on the ED5 of epidural sufentanil for labor analgesia

Staikou, C.; Mani, A.; Petropoulos, G., 2012:
Perioperative management of a parturient with hyponatraemia due to carbamazepine therapy

Anonymous, 2011:
Protective effect of IgM against colonization of the respiratory tract by nontypeableHaemophilus influenzaein patients with hypogammaglobulinemia

Abrahamsson, T.R.; Jakobsson, H.E.; Andersson, A.F.; Björkstén, B.; Engstrand, L.; Jenmalm, M.C., 2012:
Low diversity of the gut microbiota in infants with atopic eczema

Kesserwan, C.; Sokolic, R.; Cowen, E.W.; Garabedian, E.; Heselmeyer-Haddad, K.; Lee, C-Chia.Richard.; Pittaluga, S.; Ortiz, C.; Baird, K.; Lopez-Terrada, D.; Bridge, J.; Wayne, A.S.; Candotti, F., 2012:
Multicentric dermatofibrosarcoma protuberans in patients with adenosine deaminase-deficient severe combined immune deficiency

Fall, A-Mária.; Roberts, G., 2012:
High school dropouts: interactions between social context, self-perceptions, school engagement, and student dropout

Haider, H.; Weisenburger, J.N.; Kurtz, S.M.; Rimnac, C.M.; Freedman, J.; Schroeder, D.W.; Garvin, K.L., 2012:
Does vitamin E-stabilized ultrahigh-molecular-weight polyethylene address concerns of cross-linked polyethylene in total knee arthroplasty?

Anonymous, 2011:
Shortening Cemented Femoral Implants An In Vitro Investigation to Quantify Exeter Femoral Implant Rotational Stability vs Simulated Implant Length 

Abouelela, A.A.K.H., 2012:
Salvage of failed trochanteric fracture fixation using the Revitan curved cementless modular hip arthroplasty

Anonymous, 2011:
Winter establishment of the alien annualSchismus barbatusis not affected by insect herbivory in Northern-Central Monte Desert

Stylianos Exarhopoulos; Stylianos, N.R.phaelides, 2012:
Morphological and structural studies of thermally treated starch-fatty acid systems

Anonymous, 2011:
Agronomical and nutritional evaluation of quinoa seeds Chenopodium quinoaWilld as an ingredient in bread formulations

Egashira, Y.; Yoshimura, S.; Funatsu, N.; Tanaka, Y.; Yamada, K.; Enomoto, Y.; Iwama, T., 2012:
Continuous growth of remote intracerebral haematoma following angiographically successful endovascular embolisation of ruptured cerebral aneurysms

Anonymous, 2011:
Human brain glioma stem cells are more invasive than their differentiated progeny cellsin vitro

Almeida, Vânia.; Ohana, B.; de Carvalho, M.; Swash, M., 2012:
Patrikios syndrome in two patients with treatable flail-leg weakness

Tadashi Hamasaki; Jun-ichi Imamura; Hiroshi Kawai; Jun-ichi Kuratsu, 2012:
A three-dimensional MRI study of variations in central sulcus location in 4 normal subjects

Turel, M.K.; Asha, H.S.; Rajaratnam, S.; Chacko, G.; Chacko, A.G., 2012:
Thyroid stimulating hormone microadenoma as a rare cause of thyrotoxicosis amenable to surgical cure

Chu, S-Hua.; Ma, Y-Bin.; Feng, D-Fu.; Zhang, H.; Zhu, Z-An.; Li, Z-Qiang.; Jiang, P-Cha., 2012:
Correlation of low SLC22A18 expression with poor prognosis in patients with glioma

Cai, J.; He, C.; Yuan, F.; Chen, L.; Ling, F., 2012:
A novel haemodynamic cerebral aneurysm model of rats with normal blood pressure

Miao, Z.; Miao, Y.; Lin, Y.; Lu, X., 2012:
Overexpression of the Notch3 receptor in non-functioning pituitary tumours

Khurana, V.G.; Kaye, A.H., 2012:
An overview of concussion in sport

Wirl, Franz, 2012:
Global warming Prices versus quantities from a strategic point of view

Sanford, E.D.Voe; Julian House, 2012:
Time, money, and happiness How does putting a price on time affect our ability to smell the roses?

Jagjit Singh, G.K.; Ijaz, S.; Rockwood, N.; Farnworth, S.P.; Devitt, E.; Atkins, M.; Tedder, R.; Nelson, M., 2013:
Chronic Hepatitis E as a cause for cryptogenic cirrhosis in HIV

Anonymous, 2011:
Reduction of surface contamination and biofilms ofEnterococcussp andStaphylococcus aureususing a citrus-based vapour

Gamaletsou, M.N.; Poulia, K-A.; Karageorgou, D.; Yannakoulia, M.; Ziakas, P.D.; Zampelas, A.; Sipsas, N.V., 2012:
Nutritional risk as predictor for healthcare-associated infection among hospitalized elderly patients in the acute care setting

Anonymous, 2011:
Nosocomial postneurosurgicalAcinetobacter baumanniimeningitis a retrospective study of six cases admitted to Hamad General Hospital, Qatar

Herring, N.; Cranley, J.; Lokale, M.N.; Li, D.; Shanks, J.; Alston, E.N.; Girard, B.M.; Carter, E.; Parsons, R.L.; Habecker, B.A.; Paterson, D.J., 2012:
The cardiac sympathetic co-transmitter galanin reduces acetylcholine release and vagal bradycardia: implications for neural control of cardiac excitability

Anonymous, 2011:
Protein kinase domain of CTR1 fromArabidopsis thalianaPromotes Ethylene ReceptorCross-talk

Buvoli, M.; Buvoli, A.; Leinwand, L.A., 2012:
Effects of pathogenic proline mutations on myosin assembly

Anonymous, 2011:
Analysis of the active site mechanism of Tyrosyl-DNA phosphodiesterase I A member of the phospholipase D superfamily

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Unwinding initiation by the viral RNA helicase NPH-II

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Teaching Evidence-Based Practi The Bachelor of Science in Nursing Essentials at Work at the Bedside

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Challenge with care: reflections on teaching excellence

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UsingThe Essentials of Baccalaureate Education for Professional Nursing Practice28 as a Framework for Curriculum Revision

Anonymous, 2011:
Digging Deeper Nurse Excess or Shortage? The Effect on a New Nurse 

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A faculty development collaborative in interprofessional simulation

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Body fat percentage as a risk factor for atherosclerosis but not for inflammation for hemodialysis patients: differences between genders

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Evolutionary bidirectional expansion for the tracing of alpha helices in cryo-electron microscopy reconstructions

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Evolution of ape and human mating systems

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A new three-dimensional model for emotions and monoamine neurotransmitters

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Are proinflammatory cytokines involved in an increased risk for depression by unhealthy diets?

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Renal cell carcinoma: resistance to therapy, role of apoptosis, and the prognostic and therapeutic target potential of TRAF proteins

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Methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase C677T gene polymorphism and coronary artery disease in a Chinese Han population: a meta-analysis

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Anonymous, 2011 :
Leisure time and occupational physical activity in relation to obesity and insulin resistan a population-based study from the Skaraborg Project in Sweden

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Metabolic consequences of stress during childhood and adolescence

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Bioactives of fruiting bodies and submerged culture mycelia ofAgaricus brasiliensisA blazei and their antioxidant properties

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Effects of Chinese domestic cooking methods on the carotenoid composition of vegetables in Taiwan

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Heat-unstable protein removal by different bentonite labels in white wines

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Mechanical and thermal characteristics of amaranth starch isolated by acid wet-milling procedure

Anonymous, 2011:
Characterization of antioxidant chitosan film incorporated withZataria multifloraBoiss essential oil and grape seed extract

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Assessment of indigo Polygonum tinctorium Ait water extracts bioactive compounds, and their antioxidant and antiproliferative activities

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Development of quenching and washing protocols for quantitative intracellular metabolite analysis of uninfected and baculovirus-infected insect cells

Anonymous, 2011:
Comparative proteomic analysis of aHaemophilus parasuisSC96 mutant deficient in the outer membrane protein P5

Anonymous, 2011:
Expression of infection-related genes in parasites and host during murine experimental infection withLeishmania Leishmania amazonensis

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Effects of cell-free layer formation on NO/O2 bioavailability in small arterioles

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A microchip flow-chamber system for quantitative assessment of the platelet thrombus formation process

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Internal consistency as a method to assess the quality of dating estimates using multiple markers

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Multifractal analysis of HIV-1 genomes

Anonymous, 2011:
A phylogeny of the northern temperate leafy liverwort genusScapaniaScapaniaceae, Jungermanniales

Anonymous, 2011:
Wnt1Expression Temporally Allocates Upper Rhombic Lip Progenitors and Defines Their Terminal Cell Fate in the Cerebellum

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Transcript expression levels of full-length alpha-synuclein and its three alternatively spliced variants in Parkinson's disease brain regions and in a transgenic mouse model of alpha-synuclein overexpression

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Biological activity of ruthenium nitrosyl complexes

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User involvement in health and social care education: a concept analysis

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The effects of simulation-based resuscitation training on nurses' self-efficacy and satisfaction

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Knowledge, attitudes and beliefs about tobacco use after an educative intervention in health sciences' students

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Patients assessing students' assignments; making the patient experience real

Anonymous, 2011:
Lactobacillus fermentum CECT 5716 is safe and well tolerated in infants of 1 to 6 months of age A Randomized Controlled Trial

Anonymous, 2011:
Diiodomethyl-p-tolysulfone evaluation of the mode of action for reproductive toxicity

Anonymous, 2011:
Parent-offspring conflict and the control of placental function

Anonymous, 2011:
Assessment of mast cells degranulation in rainbow trout Oncorhynchus mykissWalbaum by means of gray level and texture analysis Gray Level Correlation Matrices

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Inhibitive effects of quinestrol on male testes in Mongolian gerbils (Meriones unguiculatus)

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Inhibition of homologous recombination by the PCNA-interacting protein PARI

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Lymphangiogenesis in COPD: another link in the pathogenesis of the disease

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Influence of inspiration level on bronchial lumen measurements with computed tomography

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Spontaneous pneumothorax in Wegener's granulomatosis: case report and literature review

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Apoptosis, cell proliferation and vitellogenesis during the folliculogenesis and follicular growth in teleost fish

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The state of therapy for removal of alloantibody producing plasma cells in transplantation

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Radiation-induced platelet-endothelial cell interactions are mediated by P-selectin and P-selectin glycoprotein ligand-1 in the colonic microcirculation

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Sodium selenosulfate at an innocuous dose markedly prevents cisplatin-induced gastrointestinal toxicity

Anonymous, 2011:
Canine intestinal mast cell tumor withc-kitexon 8 mutation responsive to imatinib therapy

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The high risk HPV16 L2 minor capsid protein has multiple transport signals that mediate its nucleocytoplasmic traffic

Anonymous, 2011:
First steps of bacteriophage SPP1 entry intoBacillus subtilis

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Characterization of a monoclonal anti-capsid antibody that cross-reacts with three major primate lentivirus lineages

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The impact of molecular manipulation in residue 114 of human immunodeficiency virus type-1 reverse transcriptase on dNTP substrate binding and viral replication

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Conservation of the DENV-2 type-specific and DEN complex-reactive antigenic sites among DENV-2 genotypes

Roozendaal, B.; McGaugh, J.L., 2012:
Memory modulation

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Deficits in attentional control: cholinergic mechanisms and circuitry-based treatment approaches

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Neonatal amygdala lesions result in globally blunted affect in adult rhesus macaques

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Reevaluating hippocampus-dependent learning in FVB/N mice

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Nonlinear temporal integration of brain stimulation reward

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Social facial touch in rats

Anonymous, 2011:
Differential Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor Expression in Limbic Brain Regions Following Social Defeat of Territorial Aggression

Anonymous, 2011:
Capacity of Visual Classical Conditioning inDrosophilaLarvae

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A history of bingeing on fat enhances cocaine seeking and taking

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Higher reported saturated fat and refined sugar intake is associated with reduced hippocampal-dependent memory and sensitivity to interoceptive signals

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Ingestion analgesia occurs when a bad taste turns good

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Comprehensive motor testing in Fmr1-KO mice exposes temporal defects in oromotor coordination

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Risky business: executive function, personality, and reckless behavior during adolescence and emerging adulthood

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Conditioned inhibition in a rodent model of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder

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Treatment of co-occurring substance abuse and suicidality among adolescents: a randomized trial

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A body image and disordered eating intervention for women in midlife: a randomized controlled trial

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Two novel treatments to reduce overeating in overweight children: a randomized controlled trial

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Predicting relationship stability among midlife African American couples

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Self-Compassion Conceptualizations, Correlates, Interventions

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Unpacking Intuition A Process and Outcome Framework

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An Integrative Conceptual Framework for Assessing Personality and Personality Pathology

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Rereading Vygotskys Theses on Types of Internalization and Verbal Mediation

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The Return of the Anal Character

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The Influence of Fictional Narrative Experience on Work Outcomes A Conceptual Analysis and Research Model

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Measure Twice, Cut Down Error A Process for Enhancing the Validity of Survey Scales

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Development and validation of the social information processing application: a Web-based measure of social information processing patterns in elementary school-age boys

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The Achievement of Therapeutic Objectives Scale: interrater reliability and sensitivity to change in short-term dynamic psychotherapy and cognitive therapy

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Multiculturally Sensitive Mental Health Scale (MSMHS): development, factor analysis, reliability, and validity

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Psychometric properties of the Schedule for Nonadaptive and Adaptive Personality in a PTSD sample

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The Novaco Anger Scale-Provocation Inventory (1994 version) in Dutch forensic psychiatric patients

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Positive affect, negative affect, and physiological hyperarousal among referred and nonreferred youths

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An abbreviated tool for assessing feminine norm conformity: psychometric properties of the Conformity to Feminine Norms Inventory-45

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Assessing psychological flexibility: what does it add above and beyond existing constructs?

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A comparison of the concurrent and predictive validity of three measures of readiness to change alcohol use in a clinical sample of adolescents

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Comparative validity of brief to medium-length Big Five and Big Six Personality Questionnaires

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Analyzing longitudinal data with missing values

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Ecological validity of the screening module and the Daily Living tests of the Neuropsychological Assessment Battery using the Mayo-Portland Adaptability Inventory-4 in postacute brain injury rehabilitation

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Severity of children's intellectual disabilities and Medicaid personal care services

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The time course of similarity effects in visual search

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Time-course of feature-based top-down control in saccadic distractor effects

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Deciding where to attend: priming of pop-out drives target selection

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Relative saliency in change signals affects perceptual comparison and decision processes in change detection

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Visual marking: the influence of temporary changes on time-based visual selection

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Perceptual grouping, not emotion, accounts for search asymmetries with schematic faces

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What top-down task sets do for us: an ERP study on the benefits of advance preparation in visual search

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The benefit of surface uniformity for encoding boundary features in visual working memory

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The crossmodal facilitation of visual object representations by sound: evidence from the backward masking paradigm

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The perceptual root of object-based storage: an interactive model of perception and visual working memory

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Distinguishing norm-based from exemplar-based coding of identity in children: evidence from face identity aftereffects

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The education of attention as explanation of variability of practice effects: learning the final approach phase in a flight simulator

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The weight of time: affordances for an integrated magnitude system

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Different attentional blink tasks reflect distinct information processing limitations: an individual differences approach

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Judgments relative to patterns: how temporal sequence patterns affect judgments and memory

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Effects of spatial and selective attention on basic multisensory integration

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The boundaries of sequential modulations: evidence for set-level control

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Attention blinks for selection, not perception or memory: reading sentences and reporting targets

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Eye movements and display change detection during reading

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Word recognition reflects dimension-based statistical learning

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Visual temporal processing in dyslexia and the magnocellular deficit theory: the need for speed?

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Frequency-shift detectors bind binaural as well as monaural frequency representations

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The influence of adaptation and inhibition on the effects of onset asynchrony on auditory grouping

Silvia Gnaedinger, 2012:
Ginkgoalean woods from the Jurassic of Argentina taxonomic considerations and palaeogeographical distribution

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Taphonomy of dense concentrations of juvenile ammonoids in the Upper Cretaceous Mancos Shale, east-central Utah, USA

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The normal acid-base status of mice

Anonymous, 2011:
The Hybodontiformes Chondrichthyes Elasmobranchii from the Missao Velha Formation ?Lower Cretaceous of the Araripe Basin, North-East Brazil

Anonymous, 2011:
Increasing resistance of the Liverpool Epidemic Strain LES ofPseudomonas aeruginosaPsa to antibiotics in cystic fibrosis CF—A cause for concern?

L.D.nte; Z.V.kerdy; J.W.n; Z.S., 2012:
Maqu network for validation of satellite-derived soil moisture products

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Adaptation of microalgae to lindane: a new approach for bioremediation

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Preparation of Pt/polypyrogallol/graphene electrode and its electrocatalytic activity for methanol oxidation

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Thermal-electrochemical Model for Passive Thermal Management of a Spiral-wound Lithium-ion Battery

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Enhance electrochemical performance of lithium sulfur battery through a solution-based processing technique

B.H.n; J.Y.; Hua Meng, 2012:
Lattice Boltzmann Simulations of Liquid Droplets Development and Interaction in a Gas Channel of a Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell

Yuta Chiba; Yoichi Tominaga, 2012:
Polyethylene–co–vinyl alcohol/Sulfonated Mesoporous Organosilicate Composites as Proton-Conductive Membranes

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Organic monoliths for hydrophilic interaction electrochromatography/chromatography and immunoaffinity chromatography

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HLA-B*818– joining the fold of silent alpha-1 proline mutations in HLA-B

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Ultraviolet-B Exposure Causes DNA Damage and Changes in Protein Expression in Northern Pike Esox lucius Posthatched Embryos

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