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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 36346

Chapter 36346 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Jiao, R-Qing.; Li, G.; Chiu, J-Fu., 2012:
Comparative proteomic analysis of differentiation of mouse F9 embryonic carcinoma cells induced by retinoic acid

Gobbo, M.Guimarães.; Ribeiro, D.Lisboa.; Taboga, São.Roberto.; de Almeida, E.Alves.; Góes, R.Maira., 2012:
Oxidative stress markers and apoptosis in the prostate of diabetic rats and the influence of vitamin C treatment

Daskalakis, M.; Schulz-Huotari, C.; Burger, M.; Klink, I.; Umhau, M., 2012:
Evaluation of the performance of Trima Accel® v5.2 for the collection of concentrated high-dose platelet products and concurrent plasma from high platelet count donors, in Germany

Chen, M.; Zhao, J.; Luo, C.; Pandi, S.Priya.Soundara.; Penalva, R.G.; Fitzgerald, D.C.; Xu, H., 2012:
Para-inflammation-mediated retinal recruitment of bone marrow-derived myeloid cells following whole-body irradiation is CCL2 dependent

Pellatt, A.J.; Wolff, R.K.; Herrick, J.; Lundgreen, A.; Slattery, M.L., 2013:
TERT's role in colorectal carcinogenesis

Kowalczyk, P.; Kowalczyk, M.C.; Junco, J.J.; Tolstykh, O.; Kinjo, T.; Truong, H.; Walaszek, Z.; Hanausek, M.; Slaga, T.J., 2013:
The possible separation of 12-O-tetradecanoylphorbol-13-acetate-induced skin inflammation and hyperplasia by compound A

Lu, M.; Liu, Z.; Yu, H.; Wang, L-E.; Li, G.; Sturgis, E.M.; Johnson, D.G.; Wei, Q., 2013:
Combined effects of E2F1 and E2F2 polymorphisms on risk and early onset of squamous cell carcinoma of the head and neck

Fukumasu, H.; Avanzo, J.L.; Sanches, D.S.; Mennecier, G.; Mori, C.M.C.; Dagli, M.L.Z., 2013:
Higher susceptibility of spontaneous and NNK-induced lung neoplasms in connexin 43 deficient CD1 × AJ F1 mice: paradoxical expression of connexin 43 during lung carcinogenesis

Alvarez, C.; Tapia, T.; Cornejo, V.; Fernandez, W.; Muñoz, A.; Camus, M.; Alvarez, M.; Devoto, L.; Carvallo, P., 2013:
Silencing of tumor suppressor genes RASSF1A, SLIT2, and WIF1 by promoter hypermethylation in hereditary breast cancer

Zhang, T.; Zhao, D.; Wang, Q.; Yu, X.; Cui, Y.; Guo, L.; Lu, S.Hsin., 2013:
MicroRNA-1322 regulates ECRG2 allele specifically and acts as a potential biomarker in patients with esophageal squamous cell carcinoma

Kellett, S.; Poirier, P.; Dewailly, E.; Sampasa, H.; Chateau-Degat, M-Ludivine., 2012:
Is severe obesity a cardiovascular health concern in the Inuit population?

Heymsfield, S.B.; Müller, M.J.; Bosy-Westphal, A.; Thomas, D.; Shen, W., 2012:
Human brain mass: similar body composition associations as observed across mammals

Smits, J.; Monden, C.W.S., 2012:
Taller Indian women are more successful at the marriage market

Hristu, R.; Stanciu, S.G.; Stanciu, G.A.; Çapan, İnci.; Güner, B.; Erdoğan, M., 2012:
Influence of atomic force microscopy acquisition parameters on thin film roughness analysis

Manuja, N.; Nagpal, R., 2012:
Resin-tooth interfacial morphology and sealing ability of one-step self-etch adhesives: microleakage and SEM study

Branco, Érika.; Cabral, R.; Gomes, B.Duarte.; Kfoury, Jé.Roberto.; Miglino, M.Angelica., 2012:
Bone marrow cells of swine: collection and separation

McColley, S.A.; Ren, C.L.; Schechter, M.S.; Regelmann, W.E.; Pasta, D.J.; Konstan, M.W., 2013:
Risk factors for onset of persistent respiratory symptoms in children with cystic fibrosis

Marcella Ferrari; Paola Palladino, 2012:
A Longitudinal Study of English as Foreign Language Learning L1 Predictors in Italian Students

González-Dominguez, R.; García-Barrera, T.; Gómez-Ariza, J-L., 2012:
Iberian ham typification by direct infusion electrospray and photospray ionization mass spectrometry fingerprinting

Perera, S.; Berthod, A.; Dodbiba, E.; Armstrong, D.W., 2012:
Coupling solid-phase microextraction and laser desorption ionization for rapid identification of biological material

Ninomiya, S.; Chen, L.Chuin.; Suzuki, H.; Sakai, Y.; Hiraoka, K., 2012:
Vacuum electrospray of volatile liquids assisted by infrared laser irradiation

Murphy, R.; Straebler, S.; Basden, S.; Cooper, Z.; Fairburn, C.G., 2012:
Interpersonal psychotherapy for eating disorders

Hautmann, C.; Hoijtink, H.; Eichelberger, I.; Görtz-Dorten, A.; Hanisch, C.; Plück, J.; Walter, D.; Döpfner, M., 2014:
Any indication for bias due to participation? Comparison of the effects of a parent management training rated by participating and non-participating parents

Alfonso, J.; Hall, T.V.; Dunn, M.E., 2014:
Feedback-based alcohol interventions for mandated students: an effectiveness study of three modalities

Alexander Y. Karatayev; Thomas D. Miller; Lyubov E. Burlakova, 2012:
Long-term changes in unionid assemblages in the Rio Grande, one of the Worlds top 1 rivers at risk

Neal, R.H.ddaway; Robert, J.G.M.rtimer; Martin Christmas; John, W.G.ahame; Alison, M.D.nn, 2012:
Morphological diversity and phenotypic plasticity in the threatened British white-clawed crayfish Austropotamobius pallipes

Paolo Casale; Annette, C.B.oderick; Daniela Freggi; Resi Mencacci; Wayne, J.F.ller; Brendan, J.G.dley; Paolo Luschi, 2012:
Long-term residence of juvenile loggerhead turtles to foraging grounds a potential conservation hotspot in the Mediterranean

Taylor, L.G.; Xie, S.; Meyer, T.E.; Coster, T.S., 2012:
Acetaminophen overdose in the Military Health System

Rebecca Wagner; Stephanie J. Wetzel; John Kern; H. M. Skip Kingston, 2012:
Improved sample preparation of glyphosate and methylphosphonic acid by EPA method 68A and time-of-flight mass spectrometry using novel solid-phase extraction

Huang, J-Tang.; Hannah-Qiuhua, L.; Szyszka, R.; Veselov, V.; Reed, G.; Wang, X.; Price, S.; Alquier, L.; Vas, G., 2012:
Molecular imaging of drug-eluting coronary stents: method development, optimization and selected applications

Kneisel, S.; Westphal, F.; Bisel, P.; Brecht, V.; Broecker, S.; Auwärter, V., 2012:
Identification and structural characterization of the synthetic cannabinoid 3-(1-adamantoyl)-1-pentylindole as an additive in 'herbal incense'

Palmer, A.D.; Griffiths, R.; Styles, I.; Claridge, E.; Calcagni, A.; Bunch, J., 2012:
Sucrose cryo-protection facilitates imaging of whole eye sections by MALDI mass spectrometry

Károly Schöll; Anita Kiss; Mária Dinka; Árpád Berczik, 2012:
Flood-Pulse Effects on Zooplankton Assemblages in a River-Floodplain System Gemenc Floodplain of the Danube, Hungary

Dong-Kyun Kim; Kwang-Seuk Jeong; Kwang-Hyeon Chang; Geung-Hwan La; Gea-Jae Joo; Hyun-Woo Kim, 2012 :
Patterning Zooplankton Communities in Accordance with Annual Climatic Conditions in a Regulated River System Nakdong River, South Korea

Anonymous, 2012:
Kinetics study on epoxidation of trimethylolpropane ester

Storch, A.; Csoti, I.; Eggert, K.; Henriksen, T.; Plate, A.; Lorrain, M.; Oertel, W.H.; Antonini, A., 2013:
Intrathecal application of autologous bone marrow cell preparations in Parkinsonian syndromes

Decloedt, A.; Verheyen, T.; Sys, S.; De Clercq, D.; van Loon, G., 2013:
Two-dimensional speckle tracking for quantification of left ventricular circumferential and radial wall motion in horses

Green, A.L.; Stone, E.; Sitsapesan, H.; Turney, B.W.; Coote, J.H.; Aziz, T.Z.; Hyam, J.A.; Lovick, T.A., 2012:
Switching off micturition using deep brain stimulation at midbrain sites

Anonymous, 2012:
Functional MRI detection of vascular reactivity in cerebral amyloid angiopathy

Manconi, M.; Ferri, R.; Zucconi, M.; Bassetti, C.L.; Fulda, S.; Aricò, D.; Ferini-Strambi, L., 2012:
Dissociation of periodic leg movements from arousals in restless legs syndrome

Anonymous, 2012:
Calcium permeable AMPA receptors are expressed in a rodent model of status epilepticus

Kim, E.; Febbraio, M.; Bao, Y.; Tolhurst, A.T.; Epstein, J.M.; Cho, S., 2012:
CD36 in the periphery and brain synergizes in stroke injury in hyperlipidemia

Anonymous, 2012:
Somatic mtDNA mutations in early Parkinsons and incidental lewy body disease

Anonymous, 2012:
Seizure-induced brain-born inflammation sustains seizure recurrence and blood-brain barrier damage

Romics, L.; Chew, B.K.; Weiler-Mithoff, E.; Doughty, J.C.; Brown, I.M.; Stallard, S.; Wilson, C.R.; Mallon, E.A.; George, W.D., 2012:
Ten-year follow-up of skin-sparing mastectomy followed by immediate breast reconstruction

Ly, J.; Mittal, A.; Windsor, J., 2012:
Systematic review and meta-analysis of cutting diathermy versus scalpel for skin incision

Fujitani, K.; Tsujinaka, T.; Fujita, J.; Miyashiro, I.; Imamura, H.; Kimura, Y.; Kobayashi, K.; Kurokawa, Y.; Shimokawa, T.; Furukawa, H., 2012:
Prospective randomized trial of preoperative enteral immunonutrition followed by elective total gastrectomy for gastric cancer

Kuppinger, D.; Hartl, W.H.; Bertok, M.; Hoffmann, J.M.; Cederbaum, J.; Küchenhoff, H.; Jauch, K-W.; Rittler, P., 2012:
Nutritional screening for risk prediction in patients scheduled for abdominal operations

Pierides, G.; Scheinin, T.; Remes, V.; Hermunen, K.; Vironen, J., 2012:
Randomized comparison of self-fixating and sutured mesh in open inguinal hernia repair

Seibt, J.; Nørskov, M., 2012:
Embodying the Internet Towards the Moral Self via Communication Robots?

Zhang, H.; Prisinzano, T.E.; Donovan, M.D., 2013:
Permeation and metabolism of cocaine in the nasal mucosa

Robert, C.F.ohn; Ellen D’Amico; Charles Lane; Brad Autrey; Justicia Rhodus; Hongxing Liu, 2012:
Multi-temporal Sub-pixel Landsat ETM+ Classification of Isolated Wetlands in Cuyahoga County, Ohio, USA

Laura, L.Belicka, Eric, R.Sokol, J.Matthew Hoch, Rudolf Jaffé, Joel, C.Trexler, 2012:
A Molecular and Stable Isotopic Approach to Investigate Algal and Detrital Energy Pathways in a Freshwater Marsh

Brent, A.French, 2012:
Animal Models in Cardiovascular MRI Research Value and Limitations

Laura González-Acebrón, Robert, H.Goldstein, Ramon Mas, Jose Arribas, 2012:
Easily altered minerals and reequilibrated fluid inclusions provide extensive records of fluid and thermal history gypsum pseudomorphs of the Tera Group, Tithonian-Berriasian, Cameros Basin

Daniel Moncada, Robert, J.Bodnar, 2012:
Gangue mineral textures and fluid inclusion characteristics of the Santa Margarita Vein in the Guanajuato Mining District, Mexico

Lara Loughrey, Dan Marshall, Peter Jones, Paul Millsteed, Arthur Main, 2012:
Pressure-temperature-fluid constraints for the Emmaville-Torrington emerald deposit, New South Wales, Australia Fluid inclusion and stable isotope studies

Wakte, K.V.; Zanan, R.L.; Thengane, R.J.; Jawali, N.; Nadaf, A.B., 2012:
Identification of Elite Population of Pandanus amaryllifolius Roxb for Higher 2-Acetyl-1-pyrroline and Other Volatile Contents by HS-SPME/GC-FID from Peninsular India

Cie?li?ski, R.; Major, M., 2012:
Differences in the abiotic parameters of water in coastal lakes in the light of the EU water framework directive An example of the polish southern Baltic coast

Kryukov, V.I., 2013:
Towards a unified model of pavlovian conditioning: short review of trace conditioning models

Miner, E.J.; Shackelford, T.K.; Block, C.Rebecca.; Starratt, V.G.; Weekes-Shackelford, V.A., 2012:
Risk of death or life-threatening injury for women with children not sired by the abuser

Ishihara, T.; Iida, O.; Okamoto, S.; Dohi, T.; Sato, K.; Nanto, K.; Fujita, M.; Watanabe, T.; Awata, M.; Sera, F.; Tanaka, N.; Ishida, Y.; Nanto, S.; Uematsu, M., 2013:
Successful outside-the-stent stenting for in-stent chronic total occlusion in the common iliac artery

K.S.amatiou; P.S.ikakis; S.K.ntostolis; H.M.schouris; A.Z.S.rmpetzoglou, 2011:
Primary adenocarcinoma of the seminal vesicles - a phantom tumour

V.D.akopoulos; I.K.rampinis; V.V.ugas; S.D.akopoulos; A.K.stakis, 2011:
Transplantation of paediatric kidneys to adult recipients Analysis of 21 cases

I.K.S.andalos; A.A.S.maras; A.S.I.K.rakatsanis; Th. K.D.tsias; A.A.F.lippidis; K.S.M.vromatidis; N.K.K.utsouflianiotis, 2011:
Insertion of Permanent haemodialysis catheters through the great saphenous vein

M.A.K.nakis; P.M.sthos; E.N.alarizou; D.N.kolaki; G.P.pagiannakis; A.G.L.oulias, 2011:
Rapid recurrence of a giant thoracic chordoma after extensive resection

P.R.ssi; A.M.nzelli; A.P.trou; K.B.amis; A.A.selmo; G.I.ria; L.T.ti; T.M.T.mmaso; M.B.rlanda; G.T.sone, 2011:
RFA assisted liver resection combined with hanging manoeuvre The alternative option for safe and bloodless major hepatectomy

Jayne, D.G.; Fook, S.; Loi, C.; Seow-Choen, F., 2002:
Peritoneal carcinomatosis from colorectal cancer

Constantine Karaliotas, 2011:
When simulation in surgical training meets virtual reality

V.P.ychogiou; D.D.llaportas; A.Y.allourou; T.T.eodosopoulos; D.V.ros, 2011:
Management of isolated pancreatic injury

Matteo Garofano; David Govoni, 2012:
Underground Geotourism a Historic and Economic Overview of Show Caves and Show Mines in Italy

Nakajima, Y.; Takahashi, T.; Shetty, V.; Yamaguchi, M., 2012:
Patterns of salivary cortisol levels can manifest work stress in emergency care providers

N.C.hanwal; A.T.nk; K.S.M.S.R.ghavarao; C.A.andharamakrishnan, 2012:
Computational Fluid Dynamics CFD Modeling for Bread Baking Process—A Review

D.Albanese, G.Attanasio, L.Cinquanta, M.D.Matteo, 2013:
Volatile Compounds in Red Wines Processed on an Industrial Scale by Short Pre-fermentative Cold Maceration

Waer, P.; Samson, I.; Sinnaeve, F.; Sciot, R.; Pans, S., 2012:
Perineural spread of endometriosis along the obturator nerve into the adductor thigh compartment

Hinterman, C.; Burns, L.; Hopwood, D.; Rogers, W., 2012:
Mindfulness Seeking a More Perfect Approach to Coping with Life’s Challenges

Kelley, T.M.; Lambert, E.G., 2012:
Mindfulness as a Potential Means of Attenuating Anger and Aggression for Prospective Criminal Justice Professionals

Masuda, A.; Hill, M.L.; Tone, E.B., 2012:
The Role of Mindfulness and Disordered Eating Cognitions in Psychological Distress among College Females with Elevated Disordered Eating

LiangLiang Wu; DeGang Zhao; Y.D.ng; DeSheng Jiang; JianJun Zhu; Hui Wang; ZongShun Liu; ShuMing Zhang; BaoShun Zhang; Hui Yang, 2012:
Distribution of electric field and design of devices in GaN avalanche photodiodes

YuHai Yuan, 2012:
Radio variability for OJ287 and 3C279

Phisitkul, P., 2012:
Endoscopic surgery of the Achilles tendon

Gustav Bernroider; Johann Summhammer, 2012:
Can Quantum Entanglement Between Ion Transition States Effect Action Potential Initiation?

Wiedermann, Ji?í, 2012:
A Computability Argument Against Superintelligence

Bryant, R.J.; McClung, A.M.; Grimm, C., 2011:
Development of a single kernel analysis method for detection of 2-acetyl-1-pyrroline in aromatic rice germplasm

Ishihara, T.; Yoden, E.; Konishi, K.; Nagase, N.; Yoshida, K.; Kurebayashi, J.; Sonoo, H.; Murashima, N.; Sasaki, R.; Hiratsuka, J., 2014:
Long-term outcome of hypofractionated radiotherapy to the whole breast of Japanese women after breast-conserving surgery

Julka, P.K.; Chacko, R.T.; Nag, S.; Parshad, R.; Nair, A.; Koppiker, C.B.; Xue, F.Chao.Richard.; Barraclough, H.; Dhindsa, N.; Seth, A.; Majumdar, A.; Puri, T., 2014:
A phase 2 study of sequential neoadjuvant chemotherapy with gemcitabine and doxorubicin followed by gemcitabine and cisplatin in patients with large or locally advanced operable breast cancer: results from long-term follow-up

Uematsu, T., 2013:
MRI findings of inflammatory breast cancer, locally advanced breast cancer, and acute mastitis: T2-weighted images can increase the specificity of inflammatory breast cancer

Jaloul Bejaoui, Mohamed Samaali, Souad Baccouche…, 2013:
New information on radionuclides concentration in phosphorites originating from Tunisia and Algeria

Ömer Köse, 2013:
Various filtering algorithms used to eliminate outliers in velocity time series obtained by ADVs acoustic Doppler velocimeter

Anonymous, 2012:
The Enigma of Solanum maglia in the Origin of the Chilean Cultivated Potato, Solanum tuberosum Chilotanum Group

Viviany Teixeira do Nascimento; Maria Angélica da Silva Vasconcelos; Maria Inês Sucupira Maciel; Ulysses Paulino Albuquerque, 2012:
Famine Foods of Brazil’s Seasonal Dry Forests Ethnobotanical and Nutritional Aspects

Soudani, N.; Troudi, A.; Amara, I.Ben.; Bouaziz, H.; Boudawara, T.; Zeghal, N., 2013:
Ameliorating effect of selenium on chromium (VI)-induced oxidative damage in the brain of adult rats

Maldonado-Cervantes, M.I.; Galicia, O.G.; Moreno-Jaime, B.; Zapata-Morales, J.R.; Montoya-Contreras, A.; Bautista-Perez, R.; Martinez-Morales, F., 2013:
Autocrine modulation of glucose transporter SGLT2 by IL-6 and TNF-α in LLC-PK(1) cells

Behnam Keshavarzi, Farid Moore, Fatemeh Rastmanesh, Maryam Kermani, 2012:
Arsenic in the Muteh gold mining district, Isfahan, Iran

Shengli Zhang, Cuiping Liang, 2012:
Effect of a native forest canopy on rainfall chemistry in China’s Qinling Mountains

M.Godarzi Nik, B.Shahbazi, K.Grigoryan, 2012:
The study of mercury pollution distribution around a chlor-alkali petrochemical complex, Bandar Imam, southern Iran

Li-Hua Feng, Yuan-Jun Ma, 2012:
Evolution of tidal flats in China and ecological exploitation of tidal flat resources

P.V.Augustin Jr., A.P.Viero, 2012:
Environmental impact and geochemical behavior of soil contaminants from an industrial waste landfill in Southern Brazil

Feng Sun, Haibing Shao, Wenqing Wang, Norihiro Watanabe…, 2012:
Groundwater deterioration in Nankou—a suburban area of Beijing data assessment and remediation scenarios

M.Shakir Khan, D.S.Srivastava, Ameer Azam, 2012:
Study of radium content and radon exhalation rates in soil samples of northern India

Peter Malík; Silvia Vojtková, 2012:
Use of recession-curve analysis for estimation of karstification degree and its application in assessing overflow/underflow conditions in closely spaced karstic springs

Tatsuhiro Nishikiori, Takejiro Takamatsu, Ayato Kohzu, Yasuhiro Nakajima, Mirai Watanabe, 2012:
Distribution of nitrate in groundwater affected by the presence of an aquitard at an agricultural area in Chiba, Japan

N.Subba Rao, A.Subrahmanyam, S.Ravi Kumar, N.Srinivasulu, G.Babu Rao, P.Surya Rao, G.Venkatram Reddy, 2012:
Geochemistry and quality of groundwater of Gummanampadu sub-basin, Guntur District, Andhra Pradesh, India

Christopher Gomez, 2012:
Multi-scale topographic analysis of Merbabu and Merapi volcanoes using wavelet decomposition

Sappok, A.; Mahlknecht, U., 2011:
Ribavirin restores ESR1 gene expression and tamoxifen sensitivity in ESR1 negative breast cancer cell lines

Jiménez, D.; Yusen, R.D.; Ramacciotti, E., 2012:
Apixaban: an oral direct factor-xa inhibitor

Celik, S.; Oktenli, C.; Kilicaslan, E.; Tangi, F.; Sayan, O.; Ozari, H.Onur.; Ipcioglu, O.; Sanisoglu, Y.S.; Terekeci, M.Hakan.; Erikci, A.A., 2012:
Frequency of inherited variants in the MEFV gene in myelodysplastic syndrome and acute myeloid leukemia

Lauridsen, C.; Jensen, Søren.Krogh., 2012:
α-Tocopherol incorporation in mitochondria and microsomes upon supranutritional vitamin E supplementation

Lidyanne Yuriko Saleme Aona; Robert, B.F.den; Maria do Carmo, E.A.aral, 2011:
Five new species of Dichorisandra J C Mikan Commelinaceae from Bahia State, Brazil

Veerle Beelaerts; Maite Bauwens; Rik Pintelon, 2012:
Time Series Reconstruction from Unequally Spaced Natural Archive Data

Angadi, P.V.; Savitha, J.K.; Rao, S.S.; Sivaranjini, Y., 2013:
Oral field cancerization: current evidence and future perspectives

Robinson, Jennifer, G., 2012:
Identification and Treatment of Women with Familial Hypercholesterolemia

Ye, S.; Denton, E-Ge.; Wasson, L.T.; Davidson, K.W., 2012:
Epidemiology and Management of Depression Following Coronary Heart Disease Diagnosis in Women

Kumar, R.; Einstein, G., 2012:
Cardiovascular Disease in Somali Women in the Diaspora

Seth, J.B.um; Aidan Hamm, 2012:
Fatty Acids and Their Derivatives in Cardiovascular Disease Arachidonic, Eicosapentaenoic, and Docosahexaenoic Acids and Their Byproducts, the Eicosanoids and Docosanoids

T.L.King, B.A.Lubinski, M.K.Burnham-Curtis, W.Stott, R.P.Morgan II, 2012:
Tools for the management and conservation of genetic diversity in brook trout Salvelinus fontinalis tri- and tetranucleotide microsatellite markers for the assessment of genetic diversity, phylogeography, and historical demographics

Áki J.Láruson, Sean, F.Craig, Kirk, J.Messer, Joshua, A.Mackie, 2012:
Rapid and reliable inference of mitochondrial phylogroups among Watersipora species, an invasive group of ship-fouling species Bryozoa, Cheilostomata

Jonathan Sandoval-Castillo, Michael, G.Gardner, Luciano, B.Beheregaray, 2012:
Isolation and characterization of microsatellite markers for the marine black nerite Nerita atramentosa tools for assessment and design of marine protected areas

Lynne, E.Burns, Hugh, G.Broders, Timothy, R.Frasier, 2012:
Characterization of 11 tetranucleotide microsatellite loci for the little brown bat Myotis lucifugus based on in silico genome sequences

Sheena, M.Townsend, Tania, M.King, Ian, G.Jamieson, 2012:
Isolation and characterisation of microsatellite markers from the South Island robin Petroica australis

Cécile Berthouly-Salazar, Phillip Cassey, Bettine Jansen van Vuuren, Berndt Janse van Rensburg, Cang Hui, Michael, G.Gardner, Johannes, J.L.Roux, 2012:
Development and characterization of 13 new, and cross amplification of 3, polymorphic nuclear microsatellite loci in the common myna Acridotheres tristis

Melissa Giresi, Mark, A.Renshaw, David, S.Portnoy, John, R.Gold, 2012:
Development and characterization of microsatellite markers for the finetooth shark, Carcharhinus isodon

Eduardo Sánchez Garibay, Adrian Silva-Caballero, Melina Del Real-Monroy, Stacey, L.Lance, David Valenzuela-Galván, Jorge Ortega, 2012:
Development of 24 microsatellite markers for the white nosed coati Nasua narica using 454 sequencing

Kyung, I.Kim, H.Young Chung, K.Hyun Yoo, Jong-Hwa Park, Hyun, H.Lee, Yeon, J.Soek, K.Sung Ko, Hyung Sik Kang, Kyung Jin Lee, Doo-Byoung Oh, Young Hee Joung, I.Sik Chung, 2012:
Expression of a recombinant chimeric protein of human colorectal cancer antigen GA733-2 and Fc fragment of antibody using a replicating vector based on Beet curly top virus in infiltrated Nicotiana benthamiana leaves

Duan, D.; Fu, Y.; Paxinos, G.; Watson, C., 2013:
Spatiotemporal expression patterns of Pax6 in the brain of embryonic, newborn, and adult mice

Nau, A.; Hertle, R.W.; Yang, D., 2012:
Effect of tongue stimulation on nystagmus eye movements in blind patients

Papa Abdoulaye Seck; Aliou Diagne; Samarendu Mohanty; Marco, C.S.W.pereis, 2012:
Crops that feed the world 7 Rice

Anonymous, 2012:
Structural, thermal, and electrical properties of 1?x ZrO2 x Bi2O3 compound

Qiang Zhang; Jian Zeng; Tong Yao, 2012:
Interaction of aerodynamic roughness length and windflow conditions and its parameterization over vegetation surface

HaiWen Liu; TianJun Zhou; YuXiang Zhu; YiHua Lin, 2012:
The strengthening East Asia summer monsoon since the early 199s

ShuHong Wang; Wen Yan; H.V.tor Magalhães; Zhong Chen; M.L.is Pinheiro; Nikolaus Gussone, 2012:
Calcium isotope fractionation and its controlling factors over authigenic carbonates in the cold seeps of the northern South China Sea

Anonymous, 2012:
Effect of Ag addition on the thermal stability and glass-forming ability of Zr35Ti3Cu75Be275 bulk metallic glass

DaiD.F.n; GuoF.C.i; Shuai Shang; YiJing Wu; YanWei Zhang; Lei Gao, 2012 :
Sedimentation processes and sedimentary characteristics of tidal bores along the north bank of the Qiantang Estuary

Huang, S.Yong; Deng, X.Hua; Zhou, M.; Yuan, Z.Gang; Li, H.Min; Wang, D.Dong, 2012:
Energetic electrons associated with magnetic reconnection in the sheath of interplanetary coronal mass ejection

Feng, H.Qiang; Wang, J.Min; Wu, D.Jin, 2012:
The evidence for the evolution of interplanetary small flux ropes Boundary layers

Yao, S.; Tu, C.Yi; He, J.Sen; Wei, W.Bo; Meng, X.Hong, 2012:
Multi-scale pressure-balanced structures in the solar wind observed by WIND

Li, B.; Chen, Y.; Xia, L.Dong, 2012:
What geometrical factors determine the in situ solar wind speed?

Wu, G.Ping; Zhang, D.Yu, 2012:
Nonlinear dependence of anomalous resistivity on the reconnecting electric field in the Earth’s magnetotail

A.K.E.roby Shabaan; A.E.ais Hassan; G.A.iz Saadullah, 2012:
Effects of protonation and deprotonation on the reactivity of quinolone A theoretical study

Yan, C.Hui; Wang, L.Lin; Gao, H.Huan; Sun, H.Mei; Shen, Q., 2012:
An efficient and recyclable ironIII-containing imidazolium salt catalyst for cross-coupling of aryl Grignard reagents with alkyl halides

Qureshi, M.N.S.; Shi, J.Kui; Cheng, Z.Wei; Liu, Z.Xing, 2012:
An interpretation of density holes observed by Cluster and Double Star in solar wind

Arai, H.; Ikota, H.; Sugawara, K-ichi.; Nobusawa, S.; Hirato, J.; Nakazato, Y., 2012:
Nestin expression in brain tumors: its utility for pathological diagnosis and correlation with the prognosis of high-grade gliomas

Joaquim, A.G.Silveira, José M.Júnior, Evandro, N.Silva, Sérgio L.Ferreira-Silva, Rafael, M.Aragão, Ricardo, A.Viégas, 2012:
Salt resistance in two cashew species is associated with accumulation of organic and inorganic solutes

Bonaventura, K.; Leber, A.W.; Sohns, C.; Roser, M.; Boldt, L-Hendrik.; Kleber, F.X.; Haverkamp, W.; Dorenkamp, M., 2012:
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