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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 36361

Chapter 36361 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Huang, H-Run.; Yan, P-Cheng.; Lascoux, M.; Ge, X-Jun., 2014:
Flowering time and transcriptome variation in Capsella bursa-pastoris (Brassicaceae)

Deng, W.; Yang, Y.; Ren, Z.; Audran-Delalande, C.; Mila, I.; Wang, X.; Song, H.; Hu, Y.; Bouzayen, M.; Li, Z., 2012:
The tomato SlIAA15 is involved in trichome formation and axillary shoot development

Liu, S.S.; Li, A.Y.; Lohmeyer, K.H.; Pérez De León, A.A., 2013:
Effects of pyriproxyfen and buprofezin on immature development and reproduction in the stable fly

Jyothikumar, V.; Klanbut, K.; Tiong, J.; Roxburgh, J.S.; Hunter, I.S.; Smith, T.K.; Herron, P.R., 2012:
Cardiolipin synthase is required for Streptomyces coelicolor morphogenesis

Arce, A.N.; Johnston, P.R.; Smiseth, P.T.; Rozen, D.E., 2012:
Mechanisms and fitness effects of antibacterial defences in a carrion beetle

Manna, F.; Gallet, R.; Martin, G.; Lenormand, T., 2012:
The high-throughput yeast deletion fitness data and the theories of dominance

Liedvogel, M.; Cornwallis, C.K.; Sheldon, B.C., 2012:
Integrating candidate gene and quantitative genetic approaches to understand variation in timing of breeding in wild tit populations

McDonald, D.E.; Daniels, S.R., 2012:
Phylogeography of the Cape velvet worm (Onychophora: Peripatopsis capensis) reveals the impact of Pliocene/Pleistocene climatic oscillations on Afromontane forest in the Western Cape, South Africa

Shea, K.; Chamoff, B., 2012:
Telehomecare communication and self-care in chronic conditions: moving toward a shared understanding

Cousins, D.A.; Grunze, H., 2013:
Interpreting magnetic resonance imaging findings in bipolar disorder

Huang, Y.; Jing, J.; Zhao, X-Quan.; Wang, C-Xue.; Wang, Y-Long.; Liu, G-Fen.; Wang, C-Juan.; Liu, L-Ping.; Yang, X-Meng.; Jiao, Y.; Jiao, Y.; Wang, L-Shi.; Wang, Y-Jun.; Gu, W-Kuan., 2013:
High-sensitivity C-reactive protein is a strong risk factor for death after acute ischemic stroke among Chinese

Maeda, K.; Noda, E.; Nagahara, H.; Inoue, T.; Takii, M.; Watanabe, K.; Yamagami, H.; Sogawa, M.; Kamata, N.; Hirakawa, K., 2013:
A comparative study of single-incision versus conventional multiport laparoscopic ileocecal resection for Crohn's disease with strictures

Kai Epstude; Johanna Peetz, 2012:
Mental time travel A conceptual overview of social psychological perspectives on a fundamental human capacity

Ruth, H.W.rner; Molly, J.V.nDeursen; Anna, R.D.P.pe, 2012:
Temporal distance as a determinant of just world strategy

Bas Verplanken, 2012:
When bittersweet turns sour Adverse effects of nostalgia on habitual worriers

Heather Barry Kappes; Bettina Schwörer; Gabriele Oettingen, 2012:
Needs instigate positive fantasies of idealized futures

Wilco, W. van Dijk; Lotte, F. van Dillen; Elise, C.S.ip; Mark Rotteveel, 2012:
Emotional time travel Emotion regulation and the overestimation of future anger and sadness

Zhansheng Chen; Kipling, D.W.lliams, 2012:
Imagined future social pain hurts more now than imagined future physical pain

Karl-Andrew Woltin; Kai, J.J.nas, 2012:
Thinking deadline The impact of regulatory focus on deadline descriptions and deadline behavior

Michael, L.W.V.iek; Mark Rotteveel, 2012:
If time flies, are you more fun? The relative effect of expected exposure duration on the evaluation of social stimuli

Julie Caouette; Michael, J.A.W.hl; Johanna Peetz, 2012:
The future weighs heavier than the past Collective guilt, perceived control and the influence of time

Rachel Smallman; Kathleen, C.M.Culloch, 2012:
Learning from yesterdays mistakes to fix tomorrows problems When functional counterfactual thinking and psychological distance collide

H.L.ntuit; W.H.P.llard; N.C.uture; M.F.itz; L.S.hirrmeister; H.M.yer; H.-W.H.bberten, 2012:
Modern and Late Holocene Retrogressive Thaw Slump Activity on the Yukon Coastal Plain and Herschel Island, Yukon Territory, Canada

Philip, P.B.nnaventure; Antoni, G.L.wkowicz; Marian Kremer; Michael, C.S.wada, 2012:
A Permafrost Probability Model for the Southern Yukon and Northern British Columbia, Canada

Stoner, L.; McCully, K.K., 2012:
Peak and time-integrated shear rates independently predict flow-mediated dilation

De Schauwer, C.; Piepers, S.; Van de Walle, G.R.; Demeyere, K.; Hoogewijs, M.K.; Govaere, J.L.J.; Braeckmans, K.; Van Soom, A.; Meyer, E., 2012:
In search for cross-reactivity to immunophenotype equine mesenchymal stromal cells by multicolor flow cytometry

Gibson, T.M.; Wang, S.S.; Cerhan, J.R.; Maurer, M.J.; Hartge, P.; Habermann, T.M.; Davis, S.; Cozen, W.; Lynch, C.F.; Severson, R.K.; Rothman, N.; Chanock, S.J.; Morton, L.M., 2012:
Inherited genetic variation and overall survival following follicular lymphoma

Anonymous, 2012:
In multiple myeloma, bone marrow lymphocytes harboring the same chromosomal abnormalities as autologous plasma cells predict poor survival

Leissinger, C.A., 2012:
The literature on inhibitors: articles that influence my management of patients with hemophilia A and high-titer inhibitors

Nishi, M.; Nishimura, R.; Suzuki, N.; Sawada, A.; Okamura, T.; Fujita, N.; Kanai, R.; Yano, J.; Adachi, S.; Yasumi, T.; Sato, E.; Yasutomo, K.; Ishii, E.; Ohga, S., 2012:
Reduced-intensity conditioning in unrelated donor cord blood transplantation for familial hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis

Anonymous, 2012:
High cut-off hemodialysis HCOD and bortezomib-based therapy to rescue kidneys in myeloma-dependent cast nephropathy MCN

Armand, P.; Sainvil, M-Michele.; Kim, H.T.; Rhodes, J.; Cutler, C.; Ho, V.T.; Koreth, J.; Alyea, E.P.; Neufeld, E.J.; Kwong, R.Y.; Soiffer, R.J.; Antin, J.H., 2012:
Does iron overload really matter in stem cell transplantation?

Sam M. Mbulaiteye; William F. Anderson; Jacques Ferlay; Kishor Bhatia; Cindy Chang; Philip S. Rosenberg; Susan S. Devesa; Donald M. Parkin, 2012:
Pediatric, elderly, and emerging adult-onset peaks in Burkitt's lymphoma incidence diagnosed in four continents, excluding Africa

Jabbour, E.J.; Kantarjian, H.; Eliasson, L.; Cornelison, A.Megan.; Marin, D., 2012:
Patient adherence to tyrosine kinase inhibitor therapy in chronic myeloid leukemia

Pandit, T.Nath.; Sarode, R., 2012:
Blood component support in acquired coagulopathic conditions: is there a method to the madness?

Kloesel, B.; Vaidya, R.; Howard, M.T.; Thompson, C.A., 2013:
A unifying diagnosis for pancytopenia, fever, hypoglycemia, and lactic acidosis

Schmidt, P.J.; Fleming, M.D., 2012:
Transgenic HFE-dependent induction of hepcidin in mice does not require transferrin receptor-2

Abel, G.A.; Friese, C.R.; Neville, B.A.; Wilson, K.M.; Hastings, B.Taylor.; Earle, C.C.; Keating, N.L.; Richardson, L.C., 2012:
Referrals for suspected hematologic malignancy: a survey of primary care physicians

Grande, T.L.; Hallman, J.; Rutledge, B.; Caldwell, K.; Upton, B.; Underwood, L.A.; Warren, K.M.; Rehfuss, M., 2012:
Examining mental health symptoms in male and female incarcerated juveniles

Ahmed, T.; Senzel, L., 2013:
The role of therapeutic apheresis in the treatment of acute antibody-mediated kidney rejection

Rickard, I.J., 2012:
Serum IGF-I in middle age covaries with reproductive life-history traits in British men and women

Prakash, J.; Srivastava, N.; Awasthi, S.; Agarwal, C.; Natu, S.; Rajpal, N.; Mittal, B., 2012:
Association of PPAR-γ gene polymorphisms with obesity and obesity-associated phenotypes in North Indian population

Catalano, R.A.; Saxton, K.B.; Bruckner, T.A.; Pearl, M.; Anderson, E.; Goldman-Mellor, S.; Margerison-Zilko, C.; Subbaraman, M.; Currier, R.J.; Kharrazi, M., 2012:
Hormonal evidence supports the theory of selection in utero

Cerqueira, C.C.S.; Paixão-Côrtes, V.R.; Zambra, F.M.B.; Salzano, F.M.; Hünemeier, Tábita.; Bortolini, M-Cátira., 2013:
Predicting Homo pigmentation phenotype through genomic data: from Neanderthal to James Watson

Burton, R.F.; Nevill, A.M.; Stewart, A.D.; Daniell, N.; Olds, T., 2012:
A negative relationship between leg length and leg cross-sectional areas in adults

Anonymous, 2012:
Immunophenotypic characterisation of enteric neural crest cells in the developing avian colorectum

He, X.; Sun, C.; Wang, F.; Shan, A.; Guo, T.; Gu, W.; Cui, B.; Ning, G., 2012:
Peri-implantation lethality in mice lacking the PGC-1-related coactivator protein

Vandenberg, L.N.; Adams, D.S.; Levin, M., 2012:
Normalized shape and location of perturbed craniofacial structures in the Xenopus tadpole reveal an innate ability to achieve correct morphology

Gleghorn, J.P.; Kwak, J.; Pavlovich, A.L.; Nelson, C.M., 2012:
Inhibitory morphogens and monopodial branching of the embryonic chicken lung

Roos, A.B.; Berg, T.; Barton, J.L.; Didon, L.; Nord, M., 2012:
Airway epithelial cell differentiation during lung organogenesis requires C/EBPα and C/EBPβ

English, M.A.; Lei, L.; Blake, T.; Wincovitch, S.M.; Sood, R.; Azuma, M.; Hickstein, D.; Liu, P.Paul., 2012:
Incomplete splicing, cell division defects, and hematopoietic blockage in dhx8 mutant zebrafish

Cowles, M.W.; Hubert, A.; Zayas, R.M., 2012:
A Lissencephaly-1 homologue is essential for mitotic progression in the planarian Schmidtea mediterranea

Zhang, Y.; Blackwell, E.L.; McKnight, M.T.; Knutsen, G.R.; Vu, W.T.; Ruest, L.Bruno., 2012:
Specific inactivation of Twist1 in the mandibular arch neural crest cells affects the development of the ramus and reveals interactions with hand2

Cunha, A.Gabriela.Gama.; De Vasconcelos, A.Alcantara.Meira.; Borges, B.Castillo.Dutra.; Vitoriano, J.De.Oliveira.; Alves-Junior, C.; Machado, C.Tavares.; Dos Santos, A.Jose.Souza., 2012:
Efficacy of in-office bleaching techniques combined with the application of a casein phosphopeptide-amorphous calcium phosphate paste at different moments and its influence on enamel surface properties

Anonymous, 2012:
Degenerative process and cell death in salivary glands of rhipicephalus sanguineus latreille, 186 acari Ixodidae semi-engorged female exposed to the acaricide permethrin

Carlos Martínez-Sanz; Cynthia, S.S.C.nzano; Margarita Fernández-Aláez; Francisco García-Criado, 2012:
Relative contribution of small mountain ponds to regional richness of littoral macroinvertebrates and the implications for conservation

Anonymous, 2012:
Pandemic influenza AH1N1 29 virus in pregnancy

Miriam Cnop, 2012:
High fat feeding exacerbates endoplasmic reticulum stress and beta cell demise

Grant, S.W.; Grayson, A.D.; Mitchell, D.C.; McCollum, C.N., 2012:
Evaluation of five risk prediction models for elective abdominal aortic aneurysm repair using the UK National Vascular Database

Singh, O.; Gupta, S.Singh.; Arvind, N.Kishore., 2013:
A case of extensive genitourinary tuberculosis: combined augmentation ileo-cystoplasty, ureteric ileal replacement and buccal mucosal graft urethroplasty

Bonardelli, S.; Cervi, E.; Nodari, F.; Guadrini, C.; Zanotti, C.; Giulini, S.Maria., 2012 :
Lesson learned from early and long-term results of 327 cases of coexisting surgical abdominal diseases and aortic aneurysms treated in open and endovascular surgery

Pamecha, S.; Dayakara, H.R., 2013:
Comparative measurement of mesiodistal width of six anterior maxillary and mandibular teeth in rajasthan population

Hamid Kariman, Kamran Heydari, Mohammad Fakhri, Ali Shahrami, Ali Arhami Dolatabadi, Hossein Ali Mohammadi, Morteza Gharibi, 2012:
Aluminium Phosphide Poisoning and Oxidative Stress

Harré, R., 2012:
The brain can be thought of as a tool

Berend, G. van der Wall, 2012:
Extensions of prescribed wake modelling for helicopter rotor BVI noise investigations

Nogami, T.; Shien, T.; Tanaka, T.; Nishiyama, K.; Mizoo, T.; Iwamto, T.; Ikeda, H.; Taira, N.; Doihara, H.; Miyoshi, S., 2014:
Expression of ALDH1 in axillary lymph node metastases is a prognostic factor of poor clinical outcome in breast cancer patients with 1-3 lymph node metastases

Able, R.A.; Ngnabeuye, C.; Beck, C.; Holland, E.C.; Vazquez, M., 2012:
Low Concentration Microenvironments Enhance the Migration of Neonatal Cells of Glial Lineage

John Bamberg; J.C.eighton Miller, 2012:
Comparisons of ga1 with Other Reputed Gibberellin Mutants in Potato

Isabelle Boulogne, Philippe Petit, Harry Ozier-Lafontaine, Lucienne Desfontaines, Gladys Loranger-Merciris, 2012:
Insecticidal and antifungal chemicals produced by plants a review

Kwak, H-Il.; Kang, H.; Dave, J.M.; Mendoza, E.Adriana.; Su, S-Chi.; Maxwell, S.A.; Bayless, K.J., 2012:
Calpain-mediated vimentin cleavage occurs upstream of MT1-MMP membrane translocation to facilitate endothelial sprout initiation

Shore, A.N.; Herschkowitz, J.I.; Rosen, J.M., 2012:
Noncoding RNAs involved in mammary gland development and tumorigenesis: there's a long way to go

Verma, A.Kumar.; Prasad, S.Bali., 2012:
Bioactive component, cantharidin from Mylabris cichorii and its antitumor activity against Ehrlich ascites carcinoma

Bender, V.B.; Hanebuth, T.J.J.; Mena, A.; Baumann, K.-Heinz; Francés, G.; Dobeneck, T., 2012:
Control of sediment supply, palaeoceanography and morphology on late Quaternary sediment dynamics at the Galician continental slope

Tessari, A.; Ottoboni, G.; Baroni, G.; Symes, E.; Nicoletti, R., 2012:
Is access to the body structural description sensitive to a body part's significance for action and cognition? A study of the sidedness effect using feet

Holmes, N.P., 2012:
Does tool use extend peripersonal space? A review and re-analysis

Melcher, D.; Fracasso, A., 2012:
Remapping of the line motion illusion across eye movements

Alexander Kieneke, Alexandra Ostmann, 2012:
Structure, function and evolution of somatic musculature in Dasydytidae Paucitubulatina, Gastrotricha

Pesa, N.; Hermens, D.F.; Battisti, R.A.; Kaur, M.; Hickie, I.B.; Solowij, N., 2012:
Delayed preattentional functioning in early psychosis patients with cannabis use

Domschke, K.; Klauke, B.; Winter, B.; Gajewska, A.; Herrmann, M.J.; Warrings, B.; Mühlberger, A.; Wosnitza, K.; Dlugos, A.; Naunin, S.; Nienhaus, K.; Fobker, M.; Jacob, C.; Arolt, V.; Pauli, P.; Reif, A.; Zwanzger, P.; Deckert, Jürgen., 2012 :
Modification of caffeine effects on the affect-modulated startle by neuropeptide S receptor gene variation

Mao, X-Ying.; Hua, Y-Fei., 2014:
Chemical composition, molecular weight distribution, secondary structure and effect of NaCl on functional properties of walnut (Juglans regia L) protein isolates and concentrates

Teramoto, W.; Hidaka, S.; Sugita, Y.; Sakamoto, S.; Gyoba, J.; Iwaya, Y.; Suzuki, Yôiti., 2012:
Sounds can alter the perceived direction of a moving visual object

Sander, A.M.; Maestas, K.Little.; Sherer, M.; Malec, J.F.; Nakase-Richardson, R., 2012:
Relationship of caregiver and family functioning to participation outcomes after postacute rehabilitation for traumatic brain injury: a multicenter investigation

Hunter, J.; Claridge, A.; James, S.; Chan, D.; Stacey, B.; Stroud, M.; Patel, P.; Fine, D.; Cummings, J.R.Fraser., 2012:
Improving outpatient services: the Southampton IBD virtual clinic

Gordon, H., 2012:
Aviation a pilot study for safety in gastroenterology?

Brown, J.L., 2012:
Safety in the endoscopy suite lessons from the aviation industry

Stroet, A.; Hemmelmann, C.; Starck, M.; Zettl, U.; Dörr, J.; Friedemann, P.; Paul, F.; Flachenecker, P.; Fleischer, V.; Zipp, F.; Nückel, H.; Kieseier, B.C.; Ziegler, A.; Gold, R.; Chan, A., 2012:
Incidence of therapy-related acute leukaemia in mitoxantrone-treated multiple sclerosis patients in Germany

Dalgas, U.; Stenager, E., 2012:
Exercise and disease progression in multiple sclerosis: can exercise slow down the progression of multiple sclerosis?

Bomprezzi, R.; Okuda, D.T.; Alderazi, Y.J.; Stüve, O.; Frohman, E.M., 2012 :
From injection therapies to natalizumab: views on the treatment of multiple sclerosis

Martinez-Martin, P.; Kurtis, Mónica.M., 2012:
Health-related quality of life as an outcome variable in Parkinson's disease

Kassubek, J.; Ludolph, A.C.; Müller, H-Peter., 2012:
Neuroimaging of motor neuron diseases

Bhatt, V.; Green, J.; McVeigh, K.; Monaghan, A.; Dover, S., 2012:
Contemporary management of orbitozygomatic complex trauma

Brazier, A.; Sheena, Y.; Jeffery, S.L., 2012:
Burn surgery and blood loss - a review

Dimitriou, R.; Calori, G.M.; Giannoudis, P.V., 2012:
Polytrauma - new horizons for management

McVeigh, K.; Bhatt, V.; Green, J.; Monaghan, A.; Dover, M., 2012:
The contemporary management of midface and craniofacial trauma

Parris, R.J., 2012:
Initial management of bereaved relatives following trauma

Hamed, Y.; Ashwood, N., 2012:
Hip avulsion fractures

Garlapati, A.K.; Ashwood, N., 2012:
An overview of pelvic ring disruption

Shastri-Hurst, N., 2012:
Sir Harold Gillies CBE, FRCS The father of modern plastic surgery

Georgakarakos, E.; Georgiadis, G.S.; Xenakis, A.; Kapoulas, K.C.; Lazarides, M.K.; Tsangaris, A.S.; Ioannou, C.V., 2012:
Application of bioengineering modalities in vascular research: evaluating the clinical gain

Lioupis, C.; MacKenzie, K.S.; Corriveau, M-Michel.; Obrand, D.I.; Abraham, C.Z.; Steinmetz, O.K., 2012:
Midterm results following endovascular repair of blunt thoracic aortic injuries

Aldin, Z.; Kashef, E.; Jenkins, M.; Gibbs, R.; Wolfe, J.; Hamady, M., 2012:
The midterm experience of tapered stent grafts in the endovascular management of iliac artery aneurysms with unfavorable anatomy

Sigala, F.; Kontis, E.; Hepp, W.; Filis, K.; Melissas, J.; Mirilas, P., 2012:
Long-term outcomes following 282 consecutive cases of infrapopliteal PTA and association of risk factors with primary patency and limb salvage

Gürer, O.; Yapıcı, F.; Yapıcı, N.; Özler, A.; Işık, Ömer., 2012:
Comparison between local and general anesthesia for carotid endarterectomy: early and late results

Lee, J-Ah.; Zierler, B.K.; Zierler, R.Eugene., 2012:
The risk factors and clinical outcomes of upper extremity deep vein thrombosis

Malgor, R.D.; Labropoulos, N.; Gasparis, A.P.; Landau, D.S.; Tassiopoulos, A.K., 2012:
Results of a new human recombinant thrombin for the treatment of arterial pseudoaneurysm

Glynn, R.W.; Tawfick, W.; Elsafty, Z.; Hynes, N.; Sultan, S., 2012:
Supraclavicular scalenectomy for thoracic outlet syndrome--functional outcomes assessed using the DASH scoring system

Satiani, B.; Kiser, D.; Mason, T., 2012:
Turnaround time and timeliness of physician interpretation in the vascular laboratory

Pecoraro, F.; Pfammatter, T.; Lachat, M.; Mayer, D.; Veith, F.; Rancic, Z., 2012:
A new off-pump hybrid open and endovascular repair to treat ductus Botalli and ascendens aneurysms

Tam, M.D.B.S.; Morrow, D.; Crawford, M.B., 2012:
Use of an Amplatzer vascular plug II for aortic sac occlusion after failed surgical ligation

Poon, H.; Patel, A.; Vijay, S.; Downing, R., 2012:
Endovascular repair for left common iliac artery occlusion following blunt trauma without associated bony injury: image in vascular surgery

Stone, P.A.; Hass, S.M.; Knackstedt, K.S.; Jagannath, P., 2012:
Malposition of a central venous catheter into the right internal mammary vein: review of complications of catheter misplacement

Brake, M.A.; Shalhoub, J.; Crane, J.S.; Gibbs, R.G.J.; Franklin, I.J., 2012:
Investigation and treatment of a complicated inflammatory aortoiliac aneurysm

Jang, D.; Gilchrist, J.; Portillo, E.; Smieja, M.; Toor, R.; Chernesky, M., 2012:
Comparison of dacron and nylon-flocked self-collected vaginal swabs and urine for the detection of Trichomonas vaginalis using analyte-specific reagents in a transcription-mediated amplification assay

Chotmongkol, V.; Sawanyawisuth, K.; Yimtae, K.; Chantarojanasiri, T.; Chotmongkol, R., 2012:
Doxycycline treatment of otosyphilis with hearing loss

Chamberland, A.; Diabaté, S.; Sylla, M.; Anagounou, Séverin.; Geraldo, N.; Zannou, D.Marcel.; Labbé, A-Claude.; Worobey, M.; Alary, M.; Tremblay, Cécile., 2012:
Transmission of HIV-1 drug resistance in Benin could jeopardise future treatment options

Dhairyawan, R.; Creighton, S.; Sivyour, L.; Anderson, J., 2012:
Testing the fathers: carrying out HIV and STI tests on partners of pregnant women

Chan, C.H.; McCabe, C.J.; Fisman, D.N., 2012:
Core groups, antimicrobial resistance and rebound in gonorrhoea in North America

Gillespie, P.; O'Neill, C.; Adams, E.; Turner, K.; O'Donovan, D.; Brugha, R.; Vaughan, D.; O'Connell, E.; Cormican, M.; Balfe, M.; Coleman, C.; Fitzgerald, M.; Fleming, C., 2012:
The cost and cost-effectiveness of opportunistic screening for Chlamydia trachomatis in Ireland

Anonymous, 2012:
Looking a trophy buck in the mouth

Anonymous, 2012:
Tecnalia will develop active packaging for cheeses, cakes and pastries

Anonymous, 2012:
Fertilization by invasive species threatens nutrient-poor ecosystems

Anonymous, 2012:
Researcher sees marine nutraceuticals as growth industry

Anonymous, 2012:
Neglecting prominent role of women in agriculture hindering solutions to food security

Anonymous, 2012:
Nitrate in drinking water poses health risks for rural Californians

Anonymous, 2012:
DuPont joins Stanfords Global Climate and Energy Project

Anonymous, 2012:
Forest service report shows forest growth in north outpacing other parts of country

Anonymous, 2012:
Scientists document first consumption of abundant life form, Archaea

Blackwell, M., 2012:
The shape of things to come

Anonymous, 2012:
Increased honey bee diversity means fewer pathogens, more helpful bacteria, IU biologist finds

Anonymous, 2012:
Blood on the menu

Anonymous, 2012:
Why do promiscuous queens produce healthier honey bee colonies? Study reveals surprising clues

Anonymous, 2012:
Common North American frog identified as carrier of deadly amphibian disease

Anonymous, 2012:
NASA sees double tropical trouble in northern Australia

Anonymous, 2012:
Kessler Foundation MS study documents negative effect of warmer weather on cognition

Anonymous, 2012:
Global warming skepticism climbs during tough economic times

Anonymous, 2012:
Laser lightning rod Guiding bursts of electricity with a flash of light

Anonymous, 2012:
Detecting clouds from both sides now

Anonymous, 2012:
Roadway with recycled toilets is worlds first official Greenroad

Anonymous, 2012:
Baboon-like social structure creates efficiencies for spotted hyena

Anonymous, 2012:
Cancer epigenetics Breakthrough in IDing target genes

Anonymous, 2012:
A Lethal Inheritance

Anonymous, 2012:
Discovery of Mer protein in leukemia cells nuclei may be new, druggable target

Anonymous, 2012:
Genome sequencing initiative links altered gene to age-related neuroblastoma risk

Anonymous, 2012:
A new approach to faster anticancer drug discovery

Anonymous, 2012:
ONR Director to discuss basic research, STEM education on NPRs Science Friday

Anonymous, 2012:
UC Riverside alumna receives high honor in genetics

Anonymous, 2012:
Body clocks may hold key for treatment of bipolar disorder

Anonymous, 2012:
NIH and Lilly to generate public resource of approved and investigational medicines

Anonymous, 2012:
Post-exposure antibody treatment protects primates from Ebola, Marburg viruses

Anonymous, 2012:
JoVE shows how researchers open the brain to new treatments

Anonymous, 2012:
U-M biologists find potential drug that speeds cellular recycling

Anonymous, 2012:
Study shows rats match humans in decision-making that involves combining different sensory cues

Anonymous, 2012:
Cancer drug improves memory in mouse model of Alzheimers disease

Anonymous, 2012:
UGA College of Public Health cancer survival study uncovers wide racial disparities

Anonymous, 2012:
John Theurer Cancer Center Surgeon co-authors only guide on orthopedic oncology surgery

Anonymous, 2012:
Study finds association between genetic mutation and age at diagnosis for common childhood cancer

Anonymous, 2012:
Trudeau Institute announces latest discovery

Anonymous, 2012:
Penn researchers find Epstein Barr-like virus infects and may cause cancer in dogs

Anonymous, 2012:
Study reports steady increases in long-term survival among children with acute lymphoblastic leukemia, reflecting impact of treatment advances

Anonymous, 2012:
UNC study identifies pockets of high cervical cancer rates in North Carolina

Anonymous, 2012:
Mini-molecule governs severity of acute graft vs host disease, study finds

Anonymous, 2012:
Red meat consumption linked to increased risk of total, cardiovascular, and cancer mortality

Anonymous, 2012:
Largest ever study of childhood ALL shows improving survival

Anonymous, 2012:
Sending out an SOS How telomeres incriminate cells that cant divide

Anonymous, 2012:
A new theory on the formation of the oldest continents

Anonymous, 2012:
Butterfly molecule may aid quest for nuclear clean-up technology

Anonymous, 2012:
The first dinosaur discovered in Spain is younger than originally thought

Anonymous, 2012:
Extensive taste loss in mammals

Aharonson, O.; Goldreich, P.; Sari, R.'em, 2012 :
Why do we see the man in the moon?

Anonymous, 2012:
Smartphones more accurate, faster, cheaper for disease surveillance

Denys, D.; Feenstra, M.; Schuurman, R., 2012:
Deep brain stimulation

Anonymous, 2012:
Children at risk for schizophrenia show disordered brain networks Wayne State finds

Anonymous, 2012:
Italian researchers found how to stop low back pain

Anonymous, 2012:
More trans fat consumption linked to greater aggression

Anonymous, 2012:
Reduced baby risk from another cesarean

Anonymous, 2012:
Just 6 seconds of combat impairs memory

Anonymous, 2012:
University of Warwick research suggests suicide rates higher in Protestant areas than Catholic

Anonymous, 2012:
Research shows 5 years of motherhood manuals set standards too high for new moms

Anonymous, 2012:
Prolonged space travel causes brain and eye abnormalities in astronauts

Ferreira Josencler L.R.; Barros, Daniela M.; Geracitano, Laura A.; Fillmann Gilberto; Fossa, Carlos Eduardo; de Almeida Eduardo A.; de Castro, Prado Mariana; Almeida Neves Bernardo Ruegger; Brant Pinheiro Mauricio; Veloso; Monserrat Jose M., 2012:
In vitro exposure to fullerene C60 influences redox state and lipid peroxidation in brain and gills from Cyprinus carpio Cyprinidae

Gevertz, A.K.; Tucker, A.J.; Bowling, A.M.; Williamson, C.E.; Oris, J.T., 2012:
Differential tolerance of native and nonnative fish exposed to ultraviolet radiation and fluoranthene in Lake Tahoe (California/Nevada), USA

Xiao, X.; Li, F.; Huang, J.; Sheng, G.Daniel.; Qiu, Y., 2012:
Reduced adsorption of propanil to black carbon: effect of dissolved organic matter loading mode and molecule size

Vasquez Martice E.; Rinderneck Janna; Newman, Julie; McMillin, Stella; Finlayson, Brian; Abdou, Mekebri; Crane, David; Tjeerdema, Ronald S., 2012:
Rotenone formulation fate in Lake Davis following the 2007 treatment

Fillos, D.; Scott, L.L.F.; De Sylor, M.Anderle.; Grespin, M.; Luksemburg, W.J.; Finley, B., 2012:
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Pso2 (SNM1) is a DNA structure-specific endonuclease

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West Nile virus encodes a microRNA-like small RNA in the 3' untranslated region which up-regulates GATA4 mRNA and facilitates virus replication in mosquito cells

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Cleavage mediated by the P15 domain of bacterial RNase P RNA

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Crystal structure of the NurA-dAMP-Mn2+ complex

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Helix-length compensation studies reveal the adaptability of the VS ribozyme architecture

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Carrier-free cellular uptake and the gene-silencing activity of the lipophilic siRNAs is strongly affected by the length of the linker between siRNA and lipophilic group

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Enhancing the cellular uptake of Py-Im polyamides through next-generation aryl turns

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Development of a 'clickable' non-natural nucleotide to visualize the replication of non-instructional DNA lesions

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Construction of a prototype two-component system from the phosphorelay system TodS/TodT

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Characterization of plasmids encoding extended-spectrum beta-lactamases and their addiction systems circulating among Escherichia coli clinical isolates in the UK

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Rapid detection of carbapenemase genes by multiplex real-time PCR

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Culture, Visual Perspective, and the Effect of Material Success on Perceived Life Quality

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Beyond Individual Creativity The Superadditive Benefits of Multicultural Experience for Collective Creativity in Culturally Diverse Teams

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Culture and Stereotype Communication Are People From Eastern Cultures More Stereotypical in Communication?

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Using Automatic Item Generation to Simultaneously Construct German and English Versions of a Word Fluency Test

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Social Class Predicts Generalized Trust But Only in Wealthy Societies

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Extensive morphological divergence and rapid evolution of the larval neuromuscular junction in Drosophila

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Polar localization of a symbiosis-specific phosphate transporter is mediated by a transient reorientation of secretion

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Water reservoir maintained by cell growth fuels the spreading of a bacterial swarm

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Agonism/antagonism switching in allosteric ensembles

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Gating mechanism of a P2X4 receptor

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Epimutations in ICSI mice

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Calcium influx and egg activation

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Fish story repeats itself

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Fracture of crystalline silicon during lithiation

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Adaptive horizontal gene transfer to an insect

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Introns in bacterial 16S rRNA genes

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Telomere biology of immortal worms

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RNase H-mediated degradation of toxic RNA

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Inhibition controls adult hippocampal neurons

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Calcium permeability of the alpha9alpha1 nAChR

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Don't keep blaming nurse education ....

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What is a p value and what does it mean?

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Nurses trained in the use of the ROSIER tool can assess signs and symptoms of stroke with comparable accuracy to doctors performing standard neurological assessment

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Mitochondrial-mediated antiviral immunity

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Ancient history of flatfish research

Anonymous, 2012:
US Dollar Stregthens After Fed Announces Unemployment Declined Notably

Anonymous, 2012:
US Buyers Sellers Ideas Fail To Come Together, Market Remains Quiet

Anonymous, 2012:
Oryza Afternoon Recap #8211; Chicago Rice Futures Settle Nearly Unchanged as Firmer Grain Prices are Balanced by Strength in US Dollar

Anonymous, 2012:
Thai, Viet Rice Sellers Increase Some of Their Quotes; Indian Rice Sellers Lower Some Quotes; Pak Rice Sellers Lower Their Quotes

Anonymous, 2012:
Rice Harvest in Brazil#8217;s Rio Grande do Sul Down From Last Year But Still Higher Than Previous Estimates

Anonymous, 2012:
Oryza Overnight Recap #8211; Chicago Rice Futures Give Back Some Ground, Trade Lower Overnight Despite Firmer Grains

Anonymous, 2012:
India Hopes to Use Iran as a Stepping Stone to Central Asia and Europe, Possibly Boosting Rice Trade Flows

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Deep sequencing of the LRRK2 gene in 14,2 individuals reveals evidence of purifying selection and independent origin of the pArg1628Pro mutation in Europe

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Integration of global resources for human genetic variation and disease

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Rights Nature

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What matters most to patients?

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Tapentadol (Palexia) for moderate to severe acute pain

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Topical therapy for scalp psoriasis in adults

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Interferon-gamma Activates Transglutaminase 2 via a Phosphatidylinositol-3-Kinase-Dependent Pathway Implications for Celiac Sprue Therapy

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Activation of Protein Kinase C PKCalpha or PKCvarepsilon as an Approach to Increase Morphine Tolerance in Respiratory Depression and Lethal Overdose

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A Novel Small Molecule, E-5-2,4-di-tert-butyl-6-2,4-dioxothiazolidin-5-ylidenemethylphenyl-5-methyl-7,7-dimethoxy-4,4-bibenzod1,3dioxole-5,5-dicarboxylate 7k, Alleviates the Development of D-Galactosamine/Lipopolysaccharide-Induced Acute

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P-glycoprotein (ABCB1) and breast cancer resistance protein (ABCG2) restrict brain accumulation of the active sunitinib metabolite N-desethyl sunitinib

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Microinjection of glycine into the ventral tegmental area selectively decreases ethanol consumption

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Role of transient receptor potential ankyrin 1 in gastric accommodation in conscious guinea pigs

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Role of CYP2A5 in the bioactivation of the lung carcinogen 4-(methylnitrosamino)-1-(3-pyridyl)-1-butanone in mice

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Studies of the biogenic amine transporters. 14. Identification of low-efficacy "partial" substrates for the biogenic amine transporters

Anonymous, 2012 :
Xanomeline Modulation of the Blood Oxygenation Level-Dependent Signal in Awake Rats Development of Pharmacological Magnetic Resonance Imaging as a Translatable Pharmacodynamic Biomarker for Central Activity and Dose Selection Drug Discovery and Translat

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Novel pharmacological approaches to the treatment of type 2 diabetes

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Brain-derived neurotrophic factor and neuropsychiatric disorders

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Fluorescence/bioluminescence resonance energy transfer techniques to study G-protein-coupled receptor activation and signaling

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Serotonin and blood pressure regulation

Anonymous, 2012 :
Slug ecology and management in no-till field crops

Anonymous, 2012:
Tennessees urban forests valued in the billions

Anonymous, 2012:
Planting the seeds for heart-healthier fries and other foods

Anonymous, 2012:
Corn insecticide linked to great die-off of beneficial honeybees

Anonymous, 2012:
New study of pine nuts leaves mystery of pine mouth unsolved

Anonymous, 2012:
An avalanche of planning for multi-national Arctic field campaigns

Anonymous, 2012:
Current water resources in Europe and Africa

Anonymous, 2012:
UNH research adds to mounting evidence against popular pavement sealcoat

Anonymous, 2012:
Hiding in plain sight, a new frog species with a weird croak is identified in New York City

Anonymous, 2012:
UNH researchers find African farmers need better climate change data to improve farming practices

Anonymous, 2012:
CDC study shows outbreaks linked to imported foods increasing

Anonymous, 2012:
Research reveals carbon footprint caused by Chinas irrigation system

Anonymous, 2012:
Dietary cadmium may be linked with breast cancer risk

Anonymous, 2012:
NASAs TRMM satellite sees tropical storm Luas rainfall

Anonymous, 2012:
End of Winter How 212 snow stacks up

Anonymous, 2012:
Fielding questions about climate change

Anonymous, 2012:
New study lowers estimate of ancient sea-level rise

Anonymous, 2012:
Millions of Americans at risk of flooding as sea levels rise

Anonymous, 2012:
Epigenetics and epidemiology -- hip, hype and science

Anonymous, 2012:
Food stamp customers buy more at farmers markets when point-of-sale system is available

Anonymous, 2012:
Princeton scientists identify neural activity sequences that help form memory, decision-making

Anonymous, 2012:
New study compares diets for weight management in obese children

Anonymous, 2012:
Ob-gyns can prevent negative health impacts of environmental chemicals

Anonymous, 2012:
Loss of appetite deciphered in brain cell circuit

Anonymous, 2012:
Killer silk Making silk fibers that kill anthrax and other microbes in minutes

Anonymous, 2012:
Size isnt everything -- its how sharp you are

Anonymous, 2012:
An evolutionary surprise

Anonymous, 2012:
Voters prefer candidates with deep voices

Anonymous, 2012:
Gold nanoantennas detect proteins

Anonymous, 2012:
New test could help track down and prosecute terrorists

Anonymous, 2012:
New study shines light on barriers to diabetes care in NYC Bangladeshi community

Anonymous, 2012:
Genomic data in GBIF moves a step closer

Anonymous, 2012:
New drug now available for actinic keratosis

Anonymous, 2012:
Fighting cancer with nanotechnology

Anonymous, 2012:
How cancer cells start new tumor sites

Anonymous, 2012:
New study shows promise for developing new treatments for breast cancer

Anonymous, 2012:
Genetic profiling can help doctors more accurately predict prognosis and guide treatment decisions for leukemia patients

Anonymous, 2012:
Personalized immune mouse offers new tool for studying autoimmune diseases

Anonymous, 2012:
Study US tobacco-control efforts prevented nearly 8, cancer deaths between 1975 and 2

Anonymous, 2012:
Study finds genes improving survival with higher chemo doses in leukemia

Anonymous, 2012:
Nearly 8, deaths prevented due to declines in smoking

Anonymous, 2012:
Smoking depicted in movies influences younger adolescents

Anonymous, 2012:
Scientists map genetic evolution of leukemia

Anonymous, 2012:
New compound discovered that rapidly kills liver cancer

Anonymous, 2012:
New NASA LRO videos See moons evolution, take a tour

Anonymous, 2012:
Danish research center to explore mysteries of Earths interior

Anonymous, 2012:
Some mammals used highly complex teeth to compete with dinosaurs

Anonymous, 2012:
A fragrant new biofuel

Anonymous, 2012:
Breakthroughs in Chikungunya research from A*STAR spell new hope for better treatment and protection

Anonymous, 2012:
Genome-wide study reveals how key immune sensors arrive at the front lines of infection

Anonymous, 2012:
Study suggests link between H pylori bacteria and adult Type 2 diabetes

Anonymous, 2012:
Deaths from gastroenteritis doubles

Anonymous, 2012:
Vaccinations arent just for kids

Anonymous, 2012:
Advice to breastfeed exclusively for 6 months may be unhelpful and too idealistic

Anonymous, 2012:
Heavy rucksacks storing up back problems for many school-kids

Anonymous, 2012:
Some NHS trusts consistently outperform others on patient experience

Anonymous, 2012:
How to best help your child lose weight Lose weight yourself

Anonymous, 2012:
Evidence builds that meditation strengthens the brain, UCLA researchers say

Anonymous, 2012:
Hiding emotions may exacerbate depression among black men who confront racial discrimination

Anonymous, 2012:
Increased collaboration between nursing home RNs and LPNs could improve patient care

Anonymous, 2012:
Recent generations focus more on fame, money than giving back

Anonymous, 2012:
What does delaying childbearing cost?

Anonymous, 2012:
The Brazilian Navy faces its worst enemy in WWI The Spanish flu

Anonymous, 2012:
New labor-tracking tool proposed to reduce C-sections in first-time moms

Anonymous, 2012:
Study suggests motivation to be active may lead to impulsive behavior

Anonymous, 2012 :
Brain fog of menopause confirmed

Anonymous, 2012:
Groundbreaking, long-term study of head injuries among athletes kicks off with NCAA grant

Anonymous, 2012:
Study finds a quarter of adults with HIV were abused as children

Anonymous, 2012:
The feeding habits of teenage galaxies

Anonymous, 2012:
NASA and CSA robotic operations advance satellite servicing

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