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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 36377

Chapter 36377 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Platelet glycoprotein IIIA PIA2 polymorphism is associated with ST elevation acute myocardial infarction in young Mexican population
, Journal of Thrombosis and Thrombolysis 33(4): 389-396 (2012)

Value of platelet/lymphocyte ratio as a predictor of all-cause mortality after non-ST-elevation myocardial infarction
, Journal of Thrombosis and Thrombolysis 34(3): 326-334 (2012)

Relationship between biomarkers and subsequent clinical and angiographic restenosis after paclitaxel-eluting stents for treatment of STEMI: a HORIZONS-AMI substudy
, Journal of Thrombosis and Thrombolysis 34(2): 165-179 (2012)

The incidence of venous thromboembolism following stroke and its risk factors in eastern China
, Journal of Thrombosis and Thrombolysis 34(2): 269-275 (2012)

Reliability of the diagnostic tests for Cushing's syndrome performed in a tertiary referral center
, Pituitary 16(2): 139-145 (2013)

Identifying the palliative care needs of patients living with cerebral tumors and metastases: a retrospective analysis
, Journal of Neuro-Oncology 108(3): 527-534 (2012)

A randomized clinical trial comparing embryo culture in a conventional incubator with a time-lapse incubator
, Journal of Assisted Reproduction and Genetics 29(6): 565-572 (2012)

Delivery of a chromosomally normal child from an oocyte with reciprocal aneuploid polar bodies
, Journal of Assisted Reproduction and Genetics 29(6): 533-537 (2012)

Patterns in ?15N in roots, stems, and leaves of sugar maple and American beech seedlings, saplings, and mature trees
, Biogeochemistry 112(1-3): 275-291 (2013)

Comparing the effects on work performance of mental and physical disorders
, Social Psychiatry and Psychiatric Epidemiology 47(11): 1873-1883 (2012)

Sap flux density measurements based on the heat field deformation method
, Trees 26(5): 1439-1448 (2012)

Femoral neck fractures in Lithuania and Sweden. The differences in care and outcome
, International Orthopaedics 36(8): 1681-1686 (2012)

Frequent aberrant expression of the human ether a go-go hEAG1 potassium channel in head and neck cancer pathobiological mechanisms and clinical implications
, Unknown (2012)

Role of cryosurgery in the surgical management of nasoalveolar cyst
, Indian Journal of Otolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery 65(Suppl 2): 376-379 (2013)

Comparison of partially covered nitinol stents with partially covered stainless stents as a historical control in a multicenter study of distal malignant biliary obstruction: the WATCH study
, Gastrointestinal Endoscopy 76(1): 84-92 (2012)

Endoscopic submucosal dissection of early gastric neoplasia with a water jet-assisted knife: a Western, single-center experience
, Gastrointestinal Endoscopy 75(6): 1166-1174 (2012)

Characterization of buried glands before and after radiofrequency ablation by using 3-dimensional optical coherence tomography (with videos)
, Gastrointestinal Endoscopy 76(1): 32-40 (2012)

High mortality of cocaine-related ischemic colitis: a hybrid cohort/case-control study
, Gastrointestinal Endoscopy 75(6): 1226-1232 (2012)

Endoscopic lumen restoration for obstructive aphagia: outcomes of a 25-year experience
, Gastrointestinal Endoscopy 76(1): 25-31 (2012)

Factors predicting perforation during endoscopic submucosal dissection for gastric cancer
, Gastrointestinal Endoscopy 75(6): 1159-1165 (2012)

Endoscopic appearance of proximal colorectal neoplasms and potential implications for colonoscopy in cancer prevention
, Gastrointestinal Endoscopy 75(6): 1218-1225 (2012)

Efficacy and safety of self-expandable metal stents for biliary decompression in patients receiving neoadjuvant therapy for pancreatic cancer: a prospective study
, Gastrointestinal Endoscopy 76(1): 67-75 (2012)

Systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials on topical interventions for genital lichen sclerosus
, Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology 67(2): 305-312 (2012)

Reservoir potential of sands formed in glaciomarine environments an analogue study based on Cenozoic examples from McMurdo Sound, Antarctica
, Geological Society Special Publications 368: 211-228 (2012)

3D seismic analysis of buried tunnel valleys in the Central North Sea tunnel valley fill sedimentary architecture
, Geological Society Special Publications 368: 173-184 (2012)

Middle Pleistocene landforms in the Danish Sector of the southern North Sea imaged on 3D seismic data
, Geological Society Special Publications 368: 111-127 (2012)

Sociology Location Matters
, Unknown (2012)

Science Practice Networking Knowledge Creation
, Unknown (2012)

Applied physics. Stressing ferroelectrics
, Science 336(6077): 41-42 (2012)

Medicine. Irisin, light my fire
, Science 336(6077): 42-43 (2012)

Materials science. Watching solution growth of nanoparticles in graphene cells
, Science 336(6077): 44-45 (2012)

Ecology. How bacterial lineages emerge
, Science 336(6077): 45-46 (2012)

Paleontology. Reading Pliocene bones
, Science 336(6077): 46-47 (2012)

Population genomics of early events in the ecological differentiation of bacteria
, Science 336(6077): 48-51 (2012)

Mechanical writing of ferroelectric polarization
, Science 336(6077): 59-61 (2012)

High-resolution EM of colloidal nanocrystal growth using graphene liquid cells
, Science 336(6077): 61-64 (2012)

Copper systematics in arc magmas and implications for crust-mantle differentiation
, Science 336(6077): 64-68 (2012)

The role and implications of bassanite as a stable precursor phase to gypsum precipitation
, Science 336(6077): 69-72 (2012)

Late accretion on the earliest planetesimals revealed by the highly siderophile elements
, Science 336(6077): 72-75 (2012)

A major genome region underlying artemisinin resistance in malaria
, Science 336(6077): 79-82 (2012)

A lineage of myeloid cells independent of Myb and hematopoietic stem cells
, Science 336(6077): 86-90 (2012)

Neural mechanisms of foraging
, Science 336(6077): 95-98 (2012)

Patients with hemispatial neglect are more prone to limb spasticity, but this does not prolong their hospital stay
, Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation 93(7): 1191-1195 (2012)

Home accessibility, living circumstances, stage of activity limitation, and nursing home use
, Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation 93(9): 1609-1616 (2012)

Efficacy and safety of ultra-long-acting insulin degludec
, Therapeutic Advances in Endocrinology and Metabolism 3(2): 55-59 (2012)

Clinical management of SIADH
, Therapeutic Advances in Endocrinology and Metabolism 3(2): 61-73 (2012)

The broad field of forensic pharmacy
, Journal of Pharmacy Practice 25(1): 7-12 (2012)

Anticoagulants: therapeutics, risks, and toxicity--special emphasis on heparin-induced thrombocytopenia (HIT)
, Journal of Pharmacy Practice 25(1): 22-29 (2012)

An overview of alcohol testing and interpretation in the 21st century
, Journal of Pharmacy Practice 25(1): 30-36 (2012)

Forensic aspects of drug-induced violence
, Journal of Pharmacy Practice 25(1): 41-49 (2012)

The association between pharmacologic drug intoxication and forensic-specific intent
, Journal of Pharmacy Practice 25(1): 50-60 (2012)

Emergency management of chemical weapons injuries
, Journal of Pharmacy Practice 25(1): 61-68 (2012)

Fish oil: what is the role in cardiovascular health?
, Journal of Pharmacy Practice 25(1): 69-74 (2012)

Side effects of the therapy with peginterferon and ribavirin in chronic hepatitis C: a small audit
, Journal of Pharmacy Practice 25(1): 85-88 (2012)

Medication therapy management in the primary care setting: a pharmacist-based pay-for-performance project
, Journal of Pharmacy Practice 25(1): 89-95 (2012)

A qualitative study of herbal medicine use in the Ukraine: implications for US pharmacy practice
, Journal of Pharmacy Practice 25(1): 96-100 (2012)

A compilation of strategies for implementing clinical innovations in health and mental health
, Medical Care Research and Review 69(2): 123-157 (2012)

Residential segregation and disparities in health care services utilization
, Medical Care Research and Review 69(2): 158-175 (2012)

Factors associated with parental activation in pediatric hematopoietic stem cell transplant
, Medical Care Research and Review 69(2): 194-214 (2012)

Creating a survey to assess physicians' adoption of health information technology
, Medical Care Research and Review 69(2): 231-245 (2012)

Defibrotide for prophylaxis of hepatic veno-occlusive disease in paediatric haemopoietic stem-cell transplantation: an open-label, phase 3, randomised controlled trial
, Lancet 379(9823): 1301-1309 (2012)

A pharmacist-led information technology intervention for medication errors (PINCER): a multicentre, cluster randomised, controlled trial and cost-effectiveness analysis
, Lancet 379(9823): 1310-1319 (2012)

Application of total care time and payment per unit time model for physician reimbursement for common general surgery operations
, Journal of the American College of Surgeons 214(6): 937-942 (2012)

Anorectal avulsion: Management of a rare rectal trauma
, International Journal of Surgery Case Reports 3(7): 319-321 (2012)

Treatment of Rectovaginal Fistula with Bioglue®
, Unknown (2012)

Left subdiaphragmatic paraganglioma supplied by contralateral right renal artery
, International Journal of Surgery Case Reports 3(7): 333-337 (2012)

Irritable bowel syndrome, gastro-oesophageal reflux disease and dyspepsia: overlap analysis using loglinear models
, Arab Journal of Gastroenterology 13(1): 20-23 (2012)

A placenta for life
, Reproductive Biomedicine Online 25(1): 5-11 (2012)

Placental adaptations to the maternal-fetal environment: implications for fetal growth and developmental programming
, Reproductive Biomedicine Online 25(1): 68-89 (2012)

Aging population of the Barents Euro-Arctic Region
, Unknown (2012)

Intramedullary spinal cord metastases a 2-year institutional experience with comprehensive literature review
, Unknown (2012)

Characteristics of brain arteriovenous malformations presenting with non-hemorrhagic neurological deficits
, Unknown (2012)

Intravascular ultrasound in the evaluation and management of cerebral venous disease
, World Neurosurgery 80(5): 655.E7 (2013)

Evaluation of interspinous process distraction device (X-STOP) in a representative patient cohort
, World Neurosurgery 80(1-2): 213-217 (2013)

Minimally invasive intradural spinal dural arteriovenous fistula ligation
, World Neurosurgery 80(6): E267 (2013)

Enhanced activation and restorative care
, Healthcare Management Forum 25(1): 4-15 (2012)

Redesigning care delivery in British Columbia
, Healthcare Management Forum 25(1): 16-19 (2012)

Creating and sustaining a collaborative model of care
, Healthcare Management Forum 25(1): 20-25 (2012)

Patient management in the emergency department by advanced care paramedics
, Healthcare Management Forum 25(1): 26-31 (2012)

The phenomenology and course of depression in parentally bereaved and non-bereaved youth
, Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry 51(5): 528-536 (2012)

Longitudinal follow-up of children with autism receiving targeted interventions on joint attention and play
, Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry 51(5): 487-495 (2012)

Transnational relations between perceived parental acceptance and personality dispositions of children and adults: a meta-analytic review
, Personality and Social Psychology Review 16(2): 103-115 (2012)

Perception and motivation in face recognition: a critical review of theories of the Cross-Race Effect
, Personality and Social Psychology Review 16(2): 116-142 (2012)

The role of glucose in self-control: another look at the evidence and an alternative conceptualization
, Personality and Social Psychology Review 16(2): 143-153 (2012)

When prisoners take over the prison: a social psychology of resistance
, Personality and Social Psychology Review 16(2): 154-179 (2012)

Protesters as "passionate economists": a dynamic dual pathway model of approach coping with collective disadvantage
, Personality and Social Psychology Review 16(2): 180-199 (2012)

Endometrial stromal polyps in rodents: biology, etiology, and relevance to disease in women
, Toxicologic Pathology 40(3): 419-424 (2012)

Differentiation of rodent immune and hematopoietic system reactive lesions from neoplasias
, Toxicologic Pathology 40(3): 425-434 (2012)

The PPARalpha Agonists Fenofibrate and CP-778875 Cause Increased beta-Oxidation, Leading to Oxidative Injury in Skeletal and Cardiac Muscle in the Rat
, Unknown (2012)

Bronchial and bronchiolar fibrosis in rats exposed to 2,3-pentanedione vapors: implications for bronchiolitis obliterans in humans
, Toxicologic Pathology 40(3): 448-465 (2012)

Cancer prevention mediated by caffeic acid phenethyl ester involves cyp2b1/2 modulation in hepatocarcinogenesis
, Toxicologic Pathology 40(3): 466-472 (2012)

Association of advanced chronic progressive nephropathy (CPN) with renal tubule tumors and precursor hyperplasia in control F344 rats from two-year carcinogenicity studies
, Toxicologic Pathology 40(3): 473-481 (2012)

Chronic low-level arsenite exposure through drinking water increases blood pressure and promotes concentric left ventricular hypertrophy in female mice
, Toxicologic Pathology 40(3): 504-512 (2012)

Mice deficient in glycerol-3-phosphate acyltransferase-1 have a reduced susceptibility to liver cancer
, Toxicologic Pathology 40(3): 513-521 (2012)

Evaluation of novel urinary renal biomarkers with a cisplatin model of kidney injury: effects of collection period
, Toxicologic Pathology 40(3): 534-540 (2012)

Respiratory physiology: adaptations to high-level exercise
, British Journal of Sports Medicine 46(6): 381-384 (2012)

Airway injury during high-level exercise
, British Journal of Sports Medicine 46(6): 385-390 (2012)

Assessment and prevention of exercise-induced bronchoconstriction
, British Journal of Sports Medicine 46(6): 391-396 (2012)

Winter sports athletes: long-term effects of cold air exposure
, British Journal of Sports Medicine 46(6): 397-401 (2012)

Airway dysfunction in swimmers
, British Journal of Sports Medicine 46(6): 402-406 (2012)

Effect of air pollution on athlete health and performance
, British Journal of Sports Medicine 46(6): 407-412 (2012)

An overview of asthma and airway hyper-responsiveness in Olympic athletes
, British Journal of Sports Medicine 46(6): 413-416 (2012)

Cough and upper airway disorders in elite athletes: a critical review
, British Journal of Sports Medicine 46(6): 417-421 (2012)

Feasibility of a portable pedal exercise machine for reducing sedentary time in the workplace
, British Journal of Sports Medicine 46(6): 430-435 (2012)

Identifying sedentary time using automated estimates of accelerometer wear time
, British Journal of Sports Medicine 46(6): 436-442 (2012)

Elbow flexor and extensor muscle weakness in lateral epicondylalgia
, British Journal of Sports Medicine 46(6): 449-453 (2012)

Exclusive rights in gastric cancer genomics
, Gut 61(5): 638-640 (2012)

Quantification of serum hepatitis B surface antigen: is it useful for the management of chronic hepatitis B?
, Gut 61(5): 641-645 (2012)

Association of insulin and insulin-like growth factors with Barrett's oesophagus
, Gut 61(5): 665-672 (2012)

A comprehensive survey of genomic alterations in gastric cancer reveals systematic patterns of molecular exclusivity and co-occurrence among distinct therapeutic targets
, Gut 61(5): 673-684 (2012)

Neuronal guidance molecule netrin-1 attenuates inflammatory cell trafficking during acute experimental colitis
, Gut 61(5): 695-705 (2012)

A patient with biliary colic and intestinal obstruction
, Gut 61(5): 713 752 (2012)

The orphan receptor TR3 suppresses intestinal tumorigenesis in mice by downregulating Wnt signalling
, Gut 61(5): 714-724 (2012)

Detection of miR-92a and miR-21 in stool samples as potential screening biomarkers for colorectal cancer and polyps
, Gut 61(5): 739-745 (2012)

Inhibition of histidine decarboxylase ablates the autocrine tumorigenic effects of histamine in human cholangiocarcinoma
, Gut 61(5): 753-764 (2012)

Hepatitis B virus strains of subgenotype A2 with an identical sequence spreading rapidly from the capital region to all over Japan in patients with acute hepatitis B
, Gut 61(5): 765-773 (2012)

Gastric adenocarcinoma and proximal polyposis of the stomach (GAPPS): a new autosomal dominant syndrome
, Gut 61(5): 774-779 (2012)

Cumulative incidence of metachronous colorectal cancer risk for mismatch repair gene mutation carriers is overestimated
, Gut 61(5): 783; Author Reply 783-4 (2012)

Kaplan-Meier failure estimate for metachronous colorectal cancer risk is clinically relevant
, Gut 61(5): 783-784 (2012)

Ischaemic colitis associated with JAK2V617F mutation
, Gut 61(5): 784-785 (2012)

Stem cell markers characterise familial adenomatous polyposis
, Gut 61(5): 785-786 (2012)

Treatment of a traumatic carotid-cavernous fistula by the sole use of a flow diverting stent
, Journal of Neurointerventional Surgery 4(3): E1 (2012)

Cerebellar hemangioblastoma supplied by persistent hypoglossal artery
, Journal of Neurointerventional Surgery 4(3): E3 (2012)

Treatment of two blood blister-like aneurysms with flow diverter stenting
, Journal of Neurointerventional Surgery 4(3): E4 (2012)

Dural tentorial arteriovenous fistula causing isolated trochlear nerve palsy: remission after endovascular embolization
, Journal of Neurointerventional Surgery 4(3): E5 (2012)

Undulating microcatheter tip motion with respiratory cycle during intracranial aneurysm embolization: description of a case and strategy for its mitigation
, Journal of Neurointerventional Surgery 4(3): E8 (2012)

Do less harm
, Journal of Neurointerventional Surgery 4(3): 155-155 (2012)

Controversies section: introduction
, Journal of Neurointerventional Surgery 4(3): 163 (2012)

Intra-arterial therapies for acute ischemic stroke: unsafe and without proven value
, Journal of Neurointerventional Surgery 4(3): 164-166 (2012)

There is sufficient evidence to support intra-arterial therapy of ischemic stroke
, Journal of Neurointerventional Surgery 4(3): 167-168 (2012)

Invasive interventional management of post-hemorrhagic cerebral vasospasm in patients with aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage
, Journal of Neurointerventional Surgery 4(3): 169-177 (2012)

The design of the STenting in Aneurysm Treatments (STAT) trial
, Journal of Neurointerventional Surgery 4(3): 178-181 (2012)

Treatment of ruptured and unruptured cerebral aneurysms in the USA: a paradigm shift
, Journal of Neurointerventional Surgery 4(3): 182-189 (2012)

The Penumbra Stroke System: a technical review
, Journal of Neurointerventional Surgery 4(3): 199-205 (2012)

Endovascular treatment of extracranial atherosclerotic disease involving the vertebral artery origins: a comparison of drug-eluting and bare-metal stents
, Journal of Neurointerventional Surgery 4(3): 206-210 (2012)

Computed tomographic angiography versus digital subtraction angiography for the postoperative detection of residual aneurysms: a single-institution series and meta-analysis
, Journal of Neurointerventional Surgery 4(3): 219-225 (2012)

Percutaneous plasma mediated radiofrequency ablation of spinal osteoid osteomas
, Journal of Neurointerventional Surgery 4(3): 226-228 (2012)

Effects of a music intervention on patients undergoing cerebral angiography: a pilot study
, Journal of Neurointerventional Surgery 4(3): 229-233 (2012)

Spinal cord angiography and Rene Djindjian
, Journal of Neurointerventional Surgery 4(3): 234 (2012)

Reivew Ecological genomics in Daphnia
, Unknown (2012)

Marine larval dispersal
, Unknown (2012)

Costs of multiple resistance
, Unknown (2012)

Resource-holding potential and boldness
, Unknown (2012)

Lightness contrast in Papilio
, Unknown (2012)

Personality, starvation and predation
, Unknown (2012)

Cross-modal recognition in crows
, Unknown (2012)

How do communication systems emerge?
, Proceedings. Biological Sciences 279(1735): 1943-1949 (2012)

Sea lice epidemics
, Unknown (2012)

Chimpanzees neurocorrelates of clapping
, Unknown (2012)

Cuckoo-host spatial coevolution
, Unknown (2012)

The hummingbird flight stroke
, Unknown (2012)

Dispersal, environment and turnover
, Unknown (2012)

Origins of ectomycorrhizal Agaricales
, Unknown (2012)

Adaptive trade-off limits pungency
, Unknown (2012)

Sprinter foot structure
, Unknown (2012)

Staged diversification in vertebrates
, Unknown (2012)

Ecology of maternal antibody persistence
, Unknown (2012)

Adaptive radiation of Malagasy vangas
, Unknown (2012)

Competition and climate change
, Unknown (2012)

Impact of warming climate doesnt always translate to streamflow
, Unknown (2012)

Scientists forecast forest carbon loss
, Unknown (2012)

Long-term research reveals causes and consequences of environmental change
, Unknown (2012)

Long-term studies detect effects of disappearing snow and ice
, Unknown (2012)

Which plants will survive droughts, climate change?
, Unknown (2012)

New research reveals food ingredients most prone to fraudulent economically motivated adulteration
, Unknown (2012)

Researchers find evidence of banned antibiotics in poultry products
, Unknown (2012)

Use of common pesticide linked to bee colony collapse
, Unknown (2012)

NASAs TRMM Satellite sees tornadic Texas storms in 3-D
, Unknown (2012)

History of abandoned urban sites found stored in soil
, Unknown (2012)

New online portal, app provide information on tsunami zones in the Northwest
, Unknown (2012)

Satellite observes rapid ice shelf disintegration in Antarctic
, Unknown (2012)

Scientists identify major source of cells defense against oxidative stress
, Unknown (2012)

Researchers use game to change how scientists study disease outbreaks
, Unknown (2012)

Salk scientists redraw the blueprint of the bodys biological clock
, Unknown (2012)

Copper chains Study reveals Earths deep-seated hold on copper
, Unknown (2012)

New iPad, iPhone app helps mariners avoid endangered right whales
, Unknown (2012)

Notre Dame researchers using novel method to combat malaria drug resistance
, Unknown (2012)

Detecting breast cancers fingerprint in a droplet of blood
, Unknown (2012)

BU researchers derive purified lung and thyroid progenitors from embryonic stem cells
, Unknown (2012)

Misperception of weight is an important barrier to weight loss
, Unknown (2012)

New lab mice cut search for genetic links to disease by more than a decade
, Unknown (2012)

Obese patients face higher radiation exposure from CT scans -- but new technology can help
, Unknown (2012)

Tiny hitchhikers attack cancer cells
, Unknown (2012)

Risk of suicide and fatal heart attack immediately following a cancer diagnosis
, Unknown (2012)

Breast cancer risk after false-positive mammography results
, JNCI Journal of the National Cancer Institute 104(9): NP-NP (2012)

Diagnostic and invasive procedures common in women with breast-conserving surgery
, JNCI Journal of the National Cancer Institute 104(8): NP-NP (2012)

To prevent leukemias dreaded return, go for the stem cells
, Unknown (2012)

URI oceanographer leading effort to enlist commercial ships to collect ocean data
, Unknown (2012)

Predictors identified for rehospitalization among post-acute stroke patients
, Unknown (2012)

Pulse pressure elevation could presage cerebrovascular disease in Alzheimers patients
, Unknown (2012)

Coordinating the circadian clock Molecular pair controls time-keeping and fat metabolism
, Unknown (2012)

Long-term neuropsychological impairment is common in acute lung injury survivors
, Unknown (2012)

Women cannot rewind the biological clock
, Unknown (2012)

Big advance against cystic fibrosis
, Unknown (2012)

Recovery from propofol anesthesia may be sped by use of common stimulant
, Unknown (2012)

Psychological testing may predict success in soccer
, Unknown (2012)

Heightened sensitivity to cheap, high-calorie food is linked with obesity
, Unknown (2012)

Tackling dyslexia before kids learn to read
, Unknown (2012)

Revision of sediment quality triad indicators in Puget Sound (Washington, USA): I. a Sediment Chemistry Index and targets for mixtures of toxicants
, Integrated Environmental Assessment and Management 9(1): 31-49 (2013)

Impact of an insecticide changes with amount of leaf litter input: implications for amphibian populations
, Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry 31(7): 1518-1524 (2012)

Ranking ecological risks of multiple chemical stressors on amphibians
, Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry 31(6): 1416-1421 (2012)

Using video-tracking to assess sublethal effects of pesticides on honey bees (Apis mellifera L.)
, Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry 31(6): 1349-1354 (2012)

Effects of leachate from tree leaves and grass litter on tadpoles
, Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry 31(7): 1511-1517 (2012)

Toxicity of crude oil chemically dispersed in a wave tank to embryos of Atlantic herring (Clupea harengus)
, Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry 31(6): 1324-1333 (2012)

Mixture toxicity of wood preservative products in the fish embryo toxicity test
, Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry 31(6): 1239-1248 (2012)

Hexabromocyclododecane in consumer fish from South China: implications for human exposure via dietary intake
, Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry 31(7): 1424-1430 (2012)

Predicted-no-effect concentrations for the steroid estrogens estrone, 17β-estradiol, estriol, and 17α-ethinylestradiol
, Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry 31(6): 1396-1406 (2012)

Endocrine disruption due to estrogens derived from humans predicted to be low in the majority of U.S. surface waters
, Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry 31(6): 1407-1415 (2012)

Cadmium-induced changes in trace element bioaccumulation and proteomics perspective in four marine bivalves
, Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry 31(6): 1292-1300 (2012)

Plasma carotenoid levels are not directly related to heavy metal exposure or reproductive success in three insectivorous passerines
, Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry 31(6): 1363-1369 (2012)

Acute toxicity of cadmium, lead, zinc, and their mixtures to stream-resident fish and invertebrates
, Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry 31(6): 1334-1348 (2012)

Correlates and predictors of disability in “vulnerable United States Hispanics with rheumatoid arthritis
, Unknown (2012)

Sustaining conservation values in selectively logged tropical forests The attained and the attainable
, Conservation Letters 5(4): 296-303 (2012)

How indeterminism shapes ecologists’ contributions to managing socio-ecological systems
, Conservation Letters 5(4): 289-295 (2012)

TGI Monday?: drug-dependent outpatients report lower stress and more happiness at work than elsewhere
, American Journal on Addictions 21(3): 189-198 (2012)

Acceptance of naltrexone by pregnant women enrolled in comprehensive drug addiction treatment: an initial survey
, American Journal on Addictions 21(3): 199-201 (2012)

Delay discounting, locus of control, and cognitive impulsiveness independently predict tobacco dependence treatment outcomes in a highly dependent, lower socioeconomic group of smokers
, American Journal on Addictions 21(3): 221-232 (2012)

Affective and Behavioral Features of Jealousy Protest Associations with Child Temperament, Maternal Interaction Style, and Attachment
, Infancy aop(aop): 0-0 (2012)

Inhibitory effects of Zataria multiflora essential oil and its main components on nitric oxide and hydrogen peroxide production in lipopolysaccharide-stimulated macrophages
, Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology 64(10): 1491-1500 (2012)

Total glucosides of Danggui Buxue Tang attenuates bleomycin-induced pulmonary fibrosis via inhibition of extracellular matrix remodelling
, Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology 64(6): 811-820 (2012)

Age and living in an urban environment are major determinants of diabetes among South Kivu Congolese adults
, Diabetes and Metabolism 38(4): 324-331 (2012)

Cardiovascular epidemiology in a changing world--challenges to investigators and the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute
, American Journal of Epidemiology 175(7): 597-601 (2012)

Interaction and exposure modification: are we asking the right questions?
, American Journal of Epidemiology 175(7): 602-605 (2012)

Use of calcium channel blockers and Parkinson's disease
, American Journal of Epidemiology 175(7): 627-635 (2012)

Parental incarceration and gender-based risks for increased body mass index: evidence from the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health in the United States
, American Journal of Epidemiology 175(7): 636-644 (2012)

Relation of blood cadmium, lead, and mercury levels to biomarkers of lipid peroxidation in premenopausal women
, American Journal of Epidemiology 175(7): 645-652 (2012)

Biomarkers of oxidative stress and risk of developing colorectal cancer: a cohort-nested case-control study in the European Prospective Investigation Into Cancer and Nutrition
, American Journal of Epidemiology 175(7): 653-663 (2012)

The joint association of eating frequency and diet quality with colorectal cancer risk in the Health Professionals Follow-up Study
, American Journal of Epidemiology 175(7): 664-672 (2012)

The influence of health and lifestyle characteristics on the relation of serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D with risk of colorectal and breast cancer in postmenopausal women
, American Journal of Epidemiology 175(7): 673-684 (2012)

Prospective study of human papillomavirus seropositivity and risk of nonmelanoma skin cancer
, American Journal of Epidemiology 175(7): 685-695 (2012)

Welding and lung cancer in Central and Eastern Europe and the United Kingdom
, American Journal of Epidemiology 175(7): 706-714 (2012)

Risk prediction measures for case-cohort and nested case-control designs: an application to cardiovascular disease
, American Journal of Epidemiology 175(7): 715-724 (2012)

Interplay among BRAF, p16, p53, and MIB1 in pediatric low-grade gliomas
, Neuro-Oncology 14(6): 777-789 (2012)

Insights into pediatric diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma through proteomic analysis of cerebrospinal fluid
, Neuro-Oncology 14(5): 547-560 (2012)

Glioblastoma blood flow measured with stable xenon CT indicates tumor necrosis, vascularity, and brain invasion
, Neuro-Oncology 14(5): 641-648 (2012)

Achieving a cure for HIV infection: do we have reasons to be optimistic?
, Journal of Antimicrobial ChemoTherapy 67(5): 1063-1074 (2012)

Recombinant human interleukin 28B: anti-HCV potency, receptor usage and restricted cell-type responsiveness
, Journal of Antimicrobial ChemoTherapy 67(5): 1080-1087 (2012)

GyrA mutations and phenotypic susceptibility levels to ofloxacin and moxifloxacin in clinical isolates of Mycobacterium tuberculosis
, Journal of Antimicrobial ChemoTherapy 67(5): 1088-1093 (2012)

Detection of the staphylococcal multiresistance gene cfr in Escherichia coli of domestic-animal origin
, Journal of Antimicrobial ChemoTherapy 67(5): 1094-1098 (2012)

Escherichia coli with extended-spectrum beta-lactamase and plasmid-mediated quinolone resistance genes in great cormorants and mallards in Central Europe
, Unknown (2012)

High community faecal carriage rates of CTX-M ESBL-producing Escherichia coli in a specific population group in Birmingham, UK
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Molecular epidemiology of extended-spectrum-beta-lactamase-producing Klebsiella pneumoniae over a 1 year period in Calgary, Canada
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Evolution of IncHI2 plasmids via acquisition of transposons carrying antibiotic resistance determinants
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Antimicrobial-resistant Shigella infections from Iran: an overlooked problem?
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Polyethylene glycol-stabilized sulphur nanoparticles: an effective antimicrobial agent against multidrug-resistant bacteria
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Novel inhibitory activity of the Staphylococcus aureus NorA efflux pump by a kaempferol rhamnoside isolated from Persea lingue Nees
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Coadministration of the cyanobacterial lipopolysaccharide antagonist CyP with antibiotic inhibits cytokine production by an in vitro meningitis model infected with Neisseria meningitidis
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In vitro interference of tigecycline at subinhibitory concentrations on biofilm development by Enterococcus faecalis
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Cerium, chitosan and hamamelitannin as novel biofilm inhibitors?
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SQ19 and PNU-148 interact to kill Mycobacterium tuberculosis in vitro
, Unknown (2012)

Antimicrobial activity of the novel pleuromutilin antibiotic BC-3781 against organisms responsible for community-acquired respiratory tract infections (CARTIs)
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Spread of the epidemic European fusidic acid-resistant impetigo clone (EEFIC) in general practice patients in the south of The Netherlands
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Epidemiology, species distribution and in vitro antifungal susceptibility of fungaemia in a Spanish multicentre prospective survey
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In vivo activity of thiophene-containing trisubstituted methanes against acute and persistent infection of non-tubercular Mycobacterium fortuitum in a murine infection model
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Synergistic antibacterial efficacy of early combination treatment with tobramycin and quorum-sensing inhibitors against Pseudomonas aeruginosa in an intraperitoneal foreign-body infection mouse model
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Alveolar diffusion and pharmacokinetics of linezolid administered in continuous infusion to critically ill patients with ventilator-associated pneumonia
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Use of dried blood spots for the determination of plasma concentrations of nevirapine and efavirenz
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Lopinavir/ritonavir significantly influences pharmacokinetic exposure of artemether/lumefantrine in HIV-infected Ugandan adults
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Viral tropism by geno2pheno as a tool for predicting CD4 decrease in HIV-1-infected naive patients with high CD4 counts
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Differential alterations of the CD4 and CD8 T cell subsets in HIV-infected patients on highly active antiretroviral therapy with low CD4 T cell restoration
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Plasma IL-6 and IL-9 predict the failure of interferon-alpha plus ribavirin therapy in HIV/HCV-coinfected patients
, Unknown (2012)

Impact of IL28B gene polymorphisms on interferon-lambda3 plasma levels during pegylated interferon-alpha/ribavirin therapy for chronic hepatitis C in patients coinfected with HIV
, Unknown (2012)

High burden of transmitted HIV-1 drug resistance in Italian patients carrying F1 subtype
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Safety of benznidazole use in the treatment of chronic Chagas' disease
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Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus bacteraemia and endocarditis treated with ceftaroline salvage therapy
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Acute kidney injury associated with trimethoprim/sulfamethoxazole
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Preventing Students With Disabilities From Dropping Out
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TAK1 and ASK1 Function as MAP3Ks in Cdo-mediated Myogenesis
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Osteoglycin, Muscle, and Bone
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ER Stress Regulates Macrophage Differentiation
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, Unknown (2012)

CCL19 Controls Lymphocyte Expression of EDG-
, Unknown (2012)

Microcin Fibrils Release Biologically Active Oligomers
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IFT A Architecture
, Unknown (2012)

The Role of RED in Mitosis
, Unknown (2012)

H2O2 Signaling from Chloroplasts to Nucleus
, Unknown (2012)

Beta-Catenin/TCF4 Activates YAP Gene Expression
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An Improved Binding Model for MexA and OprM
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Alpha-Catenin and Gli3R in beta-Catenin signaling
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P38 MAPK Promotes Cholesterol Ester Accumulation
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Role of Terminal Domains in Linker Histones
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Crystal Structure of TcrPDEC
, Unknown (2012)

Refining Centrally Acting AChE Reactivators
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GSMs Modulate Abeta Production through Different Mechanisms
, Unknown (2012)

Branch Migration Activity of Human DNA Translocases
, Unknown (2012)

C-Jun and Ets2 Regulate Expression of Syk in T Cells
, Unknown (2012)

Seminal Plasma Accelerates SEVI Formation
, Unknown (2012)

Modulation of c-MET by CMTM8 Regulates EMT-like Changes
, Unknown (2012)

Microtubule-dependent Nuclear Accumulation of HIF-1alpha
, Unknown (2012)

Architecture of Kv72/Kv73 Heteromer
, Unknown (2012)

PYGM, a New Effector Molecule for Rac-
, Unknown (2012)

Human ORC2 Phosphorylation
, Unknown (2012)

COX-2 Mediates IL-27 Production during Viral Infection
, Unknown (2012)

Mucin-type O-Glycosylation in Plants
, Unknown (2012)

DPF3 Enhances RelA/p5 Transactivation via SWI/SNF
, Unknown (2012)

Phylogenetically Novel Phosphoserine Phosphatases
, Unknown (2012)

Tat Broadly Reactive Neutralizing mAb
, Unknown (2012)

Amino Acid Substitutions within P-binding Region of MeV NTAIL
, Unknown (2012)

Regulation and Function of Myonectin
, Unknown (2012)

Structure of Actin-binding Protein SCAB
, Unknown (2012)

Brain gamma-Secretase-associated Proteins in DRMs
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MiR-13a Represses Transcriptional Activity of AQP4 M
, Unknown (2012)

Insulin and Wnt Signaling Cross-talk in Preadipocytes
, Unknown (2012)

FSGS-linked ACTN4 Mutants in Nuclear Receptor Function
, Unknown (2012)

DDB1-CUL4BDDB2 E3 Ligase Destabilizes Nucleosomes
, Unknown (2012)

Crystal Structure of Eukaryotic CPD Photolyase
, Unknown (2012)

Allosteric Modulator ORG27569-induced CB1 Biased Signaling
, Unknown (2012)

Beta3G32R Impairs GABAA Receptor Expression and Gating
, Unknown (2012)

Characterization of BrnTA Type II Toxin-Antitoxin System
, Unknown (2012)

Mechanism to Insulate Complex Formation
, Unknown (2012)

Bifunctional cis-Abienol Synthase
, Unknown (2012)

Inhibiting CXCR4-mediated Cell Migration by Targeting mTOR
, Unknown (2012)

InrS and NiII Specificity
, Unknown (2012)

Alix Is a Novel Substrate of Ozz-E3 Ubiquitin Ligase
, Unknown (2012)

Understanding the Assembly of the 26 S Proteasomes Regulatory Particlediams;
, Unknown (2012)

Regulates Histone H3 Phosphorylations
, Unknown (2012)

Syndecan-1 and -4 Binding to Laminin alpha3LG45
, Unknown (2012)

Dlx3 in Odontoblast Differentiation and Dentin Formation
, Unknown (2012 )

Noggin Induces Mesenchymal Stem Cell Adipogenesis
, Unknown (2012)

Connexin Hemichannels and Ca2+ Oscillations
, Unknown (2012)

Peptide Focused TCR Recognition
, Unknown (2012)

ICP27 Interaction with Nup62
, Unknown (2012)

GIT-1 Regulates Endothelial Nitric-oxide Synthase Function
, Unknown (2012)

New Fold for Scorpion Venom Peptides
, Unknown (2012)

Erg Controls Endothelial Quiescence by Repressing NF-kappaB
, Unknown (2012)

DNA Binding by RAD51AP1 in DNA Repair
, Unknown (2012)

Conformation-dependent Na+-K+ Pump Glutathionylation
, Unknown (2012)

Molecular Function of the Cfd1-Nbp35 Scaffold Complex
, Unknown (2012)

Acrolein Inhibits DNA Repair via Degrading Repair Proteins
, Unknown (2012)

Endocytosis Required for Endotoxin Priming of PMN
, Unknown (2012)

NMNAT-1 Interacts with PARP-1 at Gene Promoters
, Unknown (2012)

CIBZ Regulates Proliferation in ES Cells
, Unknown (2012)

Serpin Folding Pathway
, Unknown (2012)

IalphaI, TSG-6, and HC-HA Expression by Amniotic Membrane Cells
, Unknown (2012)

Autophagy-dependent iDISC Formation
, Unknown (2012)

De-SUMOylation of CTCF by Hypoxia
, Unknown (2012)

The Werner Syndrome Exonuclease Cooperates with DNA Pol delta
, Unknown (2012)

The Role of miR-34a in Chondroblasts
, Unknown (2012)

ICK Phosphorylation of Raptor Regulates mTORC1 Activity
, Unknown (2012)

Regulation of PAI-1 Expression by TGFbeta and EGF
, Unknown (2012)

RGS2 Promotes EDHF-mediated Vasodilatation
, Unknown (2012)

Folate Deficiency, hnRNP-E1, HPV16 RNA, and Viral Integration
, Unknown (2012)

Acetyl-CoA Carboxylase 2 Affects Hepatic Lipid Metabolism
, Unknown (2012)

OmpA Links Innate and Adaptive Immunity
, Unknown (2012)

Heparan sulfate mimetics can efficiently mobilize long-term hematopoietic stem cells
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Exome sequencing identifies MPL as a causative gene in familial aplastic anemia
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Expression of the c-Met oncogene by tumor cells predicts a favorable outcome in classical Hodgkin's lymphoma
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BCR and TLR signaling pathways are recurrently targeted by genetic changes in splenic marginal zone lymphomas
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Th17 and non-Th17 interleukin-17-expressing cells in chronic lymphocytic leukemia: delineation, distribution, and clinical relevance
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Benefit from autologous stem cell transplantation in primary refractory myeloma? Different outcomes in progressive versus stable disease
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Genes with a spike expression are clustered in chromosome (sub)bands and spike (sub)bands have a powerful prognostic value in patients with multiple myeloma
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Metformin inhibits growth of thyroid carcinoma cells, suppresses self-renewal of derived cancer stem cells, and potentiates the effect of chemotherapeutic agents
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Intermittent exercise with and without hypoxia improves insulin sensitivity in individuals with type 2 diabetes
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GPR98/Gpr98 gene is involved in the regulation of human and mouse bone mineral density
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Overexpression of 17beta-Hydroxysteroid Dehydrogenase Type 1 Increases the Exposure of Endometrial Cancer to 17beta-Estradiol
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Deiodinase 2 expression is increased in dorsocervical fat of patients with HIV-associated lipohypertrophy syndrome
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Serum osteoprotegerin, RANKL, and Dkk-1 levels in adults with Langerhans cell histiocytosis
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Unusual complication of a pancreatic neuroendocrine tumor presenting with malignant hypercalcemia
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Low iodine content in the diets of hospitalized preterm infants
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Low 25-hydroxyvitamin D is associated with increased mortality in female nursing home residents
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Increased arterial stiffness in subjects with impaired glucose tolerance and newly diagnosed diabetes but not isolated impaired fasting glucose
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Germline AIP mutations in apparently sporadic pituitary adenomas: prevalence in a prospective single-center cohort of 443 patients
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High frequency of SERPINA6 polymorphisms that reduce plasma corticosteroid-binding globulin activity in Chinese subjects
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Risk factors for variation in 25-hydroxyvitamin D₃ and D₂ concentrations and vitamin D deficiency in children
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Rate of bone density change does not enhance fracture prediction in routine clinical practice
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Prevalence and significance of NALP5 autoantibodies in patients with idiopathic hypoparathyroidism
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Estimation of maximal cortisol secretion rate in healthy humans
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Fat mass and lipid profile in young adults born preterm
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How I treat HIV-associated lymphoma
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Abeta delays fibrin clot lysis by altering fibrin structure and attenuating plasminogen binding to fibrin
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JAM-A protects from thrombosis by suppressing integrin alphaIIbbeta3-dependent outside-in signaling in platelets
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Resurface the Patellae in Total Knee Arthroplasty? Always
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