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Early-elective single-incision laparoscopic sigmoidectomy for perforated diverticulitis using a totally reusable single-port device

Reibetanz, J.; Kerscher, A.; Kim, M.; Wierlemann, A.; Germer, C.-T.; Krajinovic, K.

Surgical Innovation 19(1): 45-49


ISSN/ISBN: 1553-3514
PMID: 21778213
DOI: 10.1177/1553350611413610
Accession: 036402277

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Single-port access (SPA) is an emerging concept in minimally invasive colorectal surgery. The authors report their experience using SPA sigmoidectomy as an early-elective approach to complicated diverticulitis with paracolic abscess. Between September 2009 und April 2010, 4 patients underwent SPA sigmoidectomy for Hinchey-I diverticulitis using the reusable X-Cone device. After a median time of antibiotic treatment of 8 days, SPA sigmoidectomy was performed successfully in all patients. The median operative time was 200 minutes (range, 187-221 minutes). No intraoperative or postoperative complications were recorded; the median postoperative hospital stay was 7 days (range, 5-7 days). No incisional hernias were observed at midterm follow-up (median, 11.5 months; range, 8-14 months). When performed by an experienced laparoscopic surgeon, early-elective SPA sigmoidectomy is a feasible and safe approach to complicated diverticulitis. The reusability of the X-Cone device ensures that the costs of the procedure are not high.

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