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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 36409

Chapter 36409 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Goodwin, H.; Haycraft, E.; Meyer, C., 2012:
The relationship between compulsive exercise and emotion regulation in adolescents

Brakel, T.M.; Dijkstra, A.; Buunk, A.P., 2012:
Effects of the source of social comparison information on former cancer patients' quality of life

Hagger-Johnson, G.; Bewick, B.M.; Conner, M.; O'Connor, D.; Shickle, D., 2012:
School-related conscientiousness, alcohol drinking, and cigarette smoking in a representative sample of English school pupils

Lewis, A.; Eves, F., 2012:
Prompt before the choice is made: effects of a stair-climbing intervention in university buildings

Bergvik, S.; Sørlie, T.; Wynn, R., 2012:
Coronary patients who returned to work had stronger internal locus of control beliefs than those who did not return to work

Byrne, C.; Walsh, J.; Kola, S.; Sarma, K.M., 2012:
Predicting intention to uptake H1N1 influenza vaccine in a university sample

Gardner, B.; de Bruijn, G-Jan.; Lally, P., 2012:
Habit, identity, and repetitive action: a prospective study of binge-drinking in UK students

Delaney, M.; Simpson, J.; Leroi, I., 2012:
Perceptions of cause and control of impulse control behaviours in people with Parkinson's disease

Knott, V.; Turnbull, D.; Olver, I.; Winefield, A., 2012:
A grounded theory approach to understand the cancer-coping process

Gillison, F.; Sebire, S.; Standage, M., 2012:
What motivates girls to take up exercise during adolescence? Learning from those who succeed

Mark, G.; Smith, A.P., 2012:
Occupational stress, job characteristics, coping, and the mental health of nurses

Evers, A.; Klusmann, V.; Schwarzer, R.; Heuser, I., 2012:
Adherence to physical and mental activity interventions: coping plans as a mediator and prior adherence as a moderator

Petersen, S.; Taube, K.; Lehmann, K.; Van den Bergh, O.; von Leupoldt, A., 2012:
Social comparison and anxious mood in pulmonary rehabilitation: the role of cognitive focus

Mulligan, K.; Mehta, P.A.; Fteropoulli, T.; Dubrey, S.W.; McIntyre, H.F.; McDonagh, T.A.; Sutton, G.C.; Walker, D.M.; Cowie, M.R.; Newman, S., 2012:
Newly diagnosed heart failure: change in quality of life, mood, and illness beliefs in the first 6 months after diagnosis

Chambers, J.A.; Swanson, V., 2012:
Stories of weight management: factors associated with successful and unsuccessful weight maintenance

Phillips, L.Alison.; Leventhal, H.; Leventhal, E.A., 2012:
Physicians' communication of the common-sense self-regulation model results in greater reported adherence than physicians' use of interpersonal skills

Dovey, T.M.; Aldridge, V.K.; Dignan, W.; Staples, P.A.; Gibson, E.Leigh.; Halford, J.C.G., 2012:
Developmental differences in sensory decision making involved in deciding to try a novel fruit

Burkert, S.; Knoll, N.; Scholz, U.; Roigas, J.; Gralla, O., 2012:
Self-regulation following prostatectomy: phase-specific self-efficacy beliefs for pelvic-floor exercise

Wright, A.J.; Sutton, S.R.; Hankins, M.; Whitwell, S.C.L.; Macfarlane, A.; Marteau, T.M., 2012:
Why does genetic causal information alter perceived treatment effectiveness? An analogue study

Bendayan, R.; Esteve, R.; Blanca, Mía.J., 2012:
New empirical evidence of the validity of the Chronic Pain Acceptance Questionnaire: the differential influence of activity engagement and pain willingness on adjustment to chronic pain

Gillison, F.; Greaves, C.; Stathi, A.; Ramsay, R.; Bennett, P.; Taylor, G.; Francis, M.; Chandler, R., 2012:
'Waste the Waist': the development of an intervention to promote changes in diet and physical activity for people with high cardiovascular risk

Guidetti, M.; Conner, M.; Prestwich, A.; Cavazza, N., 2012:
The transmission of attitudes towards food: twofold specificity of similarities with parents and friends

Matthiesen, S.; Klonoff-Cohen, H.; Zachariae, R.; Jensen-Johansen, M.B.; Nielsen, B.K.; Frederiksen, Y.; Schmidt, L.; Ingerslev, H.Jakob., 2012:
The effect of an expressive writing intervention (EWI) on stress in infertile couples undergoing assisted reproductive technology (ART) treatment: a randomized controlled pilot study

Hagger, M.S.; Lonsdale, A.J.; Hein, V.; Koka, A.; Lintunen, T.; Pasi, H.; Lindwall, M.; Rudolfsson, L.; Chatzisarantis, N.L.D., 2012:
Predicting alcohol consumption and binge drinking in company employees: an application of planned behaviour and self-determination theories

Flink, I.K.; Boersma, K.; MacDonald, S.; Linton, S.J., 2012:
Understanding catastrophizing from a misdirected problem-solving perspective

Jansson-Fröjmark, M.; Boersma, K., 2012:
Bidirectionality between pain and insomnia symptoms: a prospective study

Glaesmer, H.; Rief, W.; Martin, A.; Mewes, R.; Brähler, E.; Zenger, M.; Hinz, A., 2012:
Psychometric properties and population-based norms of the Life Orientation Test Revised (LOT-R)

Svedholm, A.M.; Lindeman, M., 2014:
The separate roles of the reflective mind and involuntary inhibitory control in gatekeeping paranormal beliefs and the underlying intuitive confusions

Rusconi, P.; Marelli, M.; Russo, S.; D'Addario, M.; Cherubini, P., 2013:
Integration of base rates and new information in an abstract hypothesis-testing task

Bègue, Laurent; Bushman, Brad, J.; Zerhouni, Oulmann; Subra, Baptiste; Ourabah, Medhi, 2013:
‘Beauty is in the eye of the beer holder’ People who think they are drunk also think they are attractive

Aksentijevic, A.; Garcia, L.M., 2013:
Cross-modal facilitation of mental rotation: effects of modality and complexity

Eriksen, W.; Sundet, J.M.; Tambs, K., 2013:
Are stepfathers' education levels associated with the intelligence of their stepsons? A register-based study of Norwegian half-brothers

Lee, Y-shiow.; Chen, K-Nan., 2013:
Post-event information presented in a question form eliminates the misinformation effect

Anonymous, 2012:
Family emotion expressivity, emotion regulation, and the link to psychopathology Examination across race

Vadillo, M.A.; Orgaz, C.; Luque, D.; Cobos, P.L.; López, F.J.; Matute, H., 2013:
The role of outcome inhibition in interference between outcomes: a contingency-learning analogue of retrieval-induced forgetting

Flouri, E.; Mavroveli, S.; Panourgia, C., 2013:
The role of general cognitive ability in moderating the relation of adverse life events to emotional and behavioural problems

Wen, M-Ching.; Butler, L.T.; Koutstaal, W., 2013:
Improving insight and non-insight problem solving with brief interventions

Gelade, G.A., 2013:
Personality and place

Icht, M.; Chajut, E.; Algom, D., 2013:
Segregation of study items in memory determines the magnitude and direction of directed forgetting

O'Neill, S.; Zajac, R., 2013:
The role of repeated interviewing in children's responses to cross-examination-style questioning

Van Vugt, M.; Iredale, W., 2013:
Men behaving nicely: public goods as peacock tails

Smeeton, N.J.; Williams, A.M., 2013:
The role of movement exaggeration in the anticipation of deceptive soccer penalty kicks

Pine, K.J.; Reeves, L.; Howlett, N.; Fletcher, B.C., 2013:
Giving cognition a helping hand: the effect of congruent gestures on object name retrieval

Howard, R.W., 2013:
Practice other than playing games apparently has only a modest role in the development of chess expertise

McDougall, Sé.; Pfeifer, G., 2013 :
Personality differences in mental imagery and the effects on verbal memory

Hills, P.J.; Sullivan, A.J.; Pake, J.Michael., 2013:
Aberrant first fixations when looking at inverted faces in various poses: the result of the centre-of-gravity effect?

Morsanyi, K.; Primi, C.; Handley, S.J.; Chiesi, F.; Galli, S., 2013:
Are systemizing and autistic traits related to talent and interest in mathematics and engineering? Testing some of the central claims of the empathizing-systemizing theory

Gardiner, E.; Jackson, C.J., 2013:
Workplace mavericks: how personality and risk-taking propensity predicts maverickism

Horvath, M.A.H.; Hegarty, P.; Tyler, S.; Mansfield, S., 2013:
"Lights on at the end of the party": are lads' mags mainstreaming dangerous sexism?

Billieux, Jël.; Van der Linden, M.; Khazaal, Y.; Zullino, D.; Clark, L., 2012:
Trait gambling cognitions predict near-miss experiences and persistence in laboratory slot machine gambling

Williams, A.M.; Ward, P.; Bell-Walker, J.; Ford, P.R., 2012:
Perceptual-cognitive expertise, practice history profiles and recall performance in soccer

Megreya, A.M.; Bindemann, M., 2013:
Identification accuracy for single- and double-perpetrator crimes: does accomplice gender matter?

Vecchione, M.; Caprara, G.; Schoen, H.; Castro, Jè.Luis.Gonzàlez.; Schwartz, S.H., 2012:
The role of personal values and basic traits in perceptions of the consequences of immigration: a three-nation study

Comesaña, M.; Soares, A.Paula.; Sánchez-Casas, R.; Lima, Cátia., 2012:
Lexical and semantic representations in the acquisition of L2 cognate and non-cognate words: evidence from two learning methods in children

Watkins, C.D., 2012:
Reproductive ambition predicts partnered, but not unpartnered, women's preferences for masculine men

Vartanian, O., 2012:
Dissociable neural systems for analogy and metaphor: implications for the neuroscience of creativity

Otani, H.; Libkuman, T.M.; Goernert, P.N.; Kato, K.; Migita, M.; Freehafer, S.E.; Landow, M.P., 2012:
Emotion, directed forgetting, and source memory

Maras, K.L.; Bowler, D.M., 2012:
Context reinstatement effects on eyewitness memory in autism spectrum disorder

North, A.C., 2012:
The effect of background music on the taste of wine

Sutcliffe, A.; Dunbar, R.; Binder, J.; Arrow, H., 2012:
Relationships and the social brain: integrating psychological and evolutionary perspectives

van Vugt, M., 2012:
The missing link: leadership, identity, and the social brain

Stewart, A.D.; Klein, S.; Young, J.; Simpson, S.; Lee, A.J.; Harrild, K.; Crockett, P.; Benson, P.J., 2012:
Body image, shape, and volumetric assessments using 3D whole body laser scanning and 2D digital photography in females with a diagnosed eating disorder: preliminary novel findings

Dawson, I.G.J.; Johnson, J.E.V.; Luke, M.A., 2012:
Subjective judgements of synergistic risks: a cognitive reasoning perspective

Moran, A.; Guillot, A.; Macintyre, T.; Collet, C., 2012:
Re-imagining motor imagery: building bridges between cognitive neuroscience and sport psychology

Scott-Parker, B.; Watson, B.; King, M.J.; Hyde, M.K., 2012:
The influence of sensitivity to reward and punishment, propensity for sensation seeking, depression, and anxiety on the risky behaviour of novice drivers: a path model

Jordet, G.; Hartman, E.; Vuijk, P.Jelle., 2012:
Team history and choking under pressure in major soccer penalty shootouts

Anonymous, 2012:
Assigned experts with competitive goals withhold information in group decision making

Sani, F.; Herrera, M.; Wakefield, J.R.H.; Boroch, O.; Gulyas, C., 2013:
Comparing social contact and group identification as predictors of mental health

Edwards, D., 2013:
Discursive and scientific psychology

Joyce, Carmel; Stevenson, Clifford; Muldoon, Orla, 2013:
Claiming and displaying national identity Irish Travellers’ and students’ strategic use of ‘banal’ and ‘hot’ national identity in talk

Skorich, D.P.; Mavor, K.I., 2014:
Cognitive load privileges memory-based over data-driven processing, not group-level over person-level processing

Jeffries, C.H.; Hornsey, M.J., 2013:
Withholding negative feedback: is it about protecting the self or protecting others?

Stokoe, E.; Hepburn, A.; Antaki, C., 2013:
Beware the 'Loughborough School' of Social Psychology? Interaction and the politics of intervention

Haslam, S.Alexander.; Reicher, S.D.; Reynolds, K.J.; Turner, J., 2012:
Identity, influence, and change: rediscovering John Turner's vision for social psychology

Iatridis, T., 2014:
Occupational status differences in attributions of uniquely human emotions

Rabinovich, A.; Morton, T.A.; Crook, M.; Travers, C., 2013:
Let another praise you? The effects of source and attributional content on responses to group-directed praise

Smith, M.K.; Masser, B.M., 2013:
Principles and popularity: the interplay of moral norms and descriptive norms in the context of volunteerism

Rohmer, O.; Louvet, E., 2013:
Implicit measures of the stereotype content associated with disability

Harinck, F.; Van Kleef, G.A., 2013:
Be hard on the interests and soft on the values: conflict issue moderates the effects of anger in negotiations

Billig, M., 2013:
Undisciplined beginnings, academic success, and discursive psychology

Dysvik, A.; Kuvaas, Bård., 2014:
Intrinsic and extrinsic motivation as predictors of work effort: the moderating role of achievement goals

Platow, M.J.; Eggins, R.A.; Chattopadhyay, R.; Brewer, G.; Hardwick, L.; Milsom, L.; Brocklebank, J.; Lalor, Térèse.; Martin, R.; Quee, M.; Vassallo, S.; Welsh, J., 2014:
Two experimental tests of relational models of procedural justice: non-instrumental voice and authority group membership

Anonymous, 2012:
Re-reading?Discourse and Social Psychology Transforming social psychology

Stel, Mëlle.; van den Bos, K.; Sim, S.; Rispens, S., 2014:
Mimicry and just world beliefs: mimicking makes men view the world as more personally just

Orr, R.; McKeown, S.; Cairns, E.; Stringer, M., 2013:
Examining non-racial segregation: a micro-ecological approach

Eyssel, F.; Kuchenbrandt, D., 2013:
Social categorization of social robots: anthropomorphism as a function of robot group membership

Miles, J.B., 2014:
'Irresponsible and a disservice': the integrity of social psychology turns on the free will dilemma

Verkuyten, M., 2014:
Justifying discrimination against Muslim immigrants: out-group ideology and the five-step social identity model

Anonymous, 2012:
The impact of choice on retributive reactions How observers’ autonomy concerns shape responses to criminal offenders

Kaposi, D., 2014:
The crooked timber of identity: Integrating discursive, critical, and psychosocial analysis

Gibson, S., 2014:
Milgram's obedience experiments: a rhetorical analysis

Heflick, N.A.; Goldenberg, J.L., 2012:
No atheists in foxholes: arguments for (but not against) afterlife belief buffers mortality salience effects for atheists

Weatherall, A., 2013:
Discursive psychology and feminism

Burns, Michele; Stevenson, Clifford, 2013:
Deconstructing national leadership Politicians’ accounts of electoral success and failure in the Irish Lisbon Treaty referenda

Yam, K.Chi.; Bumpus, M.F.; Hill, L.G., 2013:
Motivating effort: a theoretical synthesis of the self-sufficiency and two-market theories

Jingree, T.; Finlay, W.M.L., 2014:
Expressions of dissatisfaction and complaint by people with learning disabilities: a discourse analytic study

Eaton, J., 2014:
The effects of third-party validation and minimization on judgments of the transgressor and the third party

Boag, E.M.; Carnelley, K.B., 2012:
Self-reported discrimination and discriminatory behaviour: the role of attachment security

Scheepers, D.; Ellemers, N.; Sassenberg, K., 2014:
Power in group contexts: the influence of group status on promotion and prevention decision making

Anonymous, 2012:
Managing shame An interpersonal perspective

Jasinskaja-Lahti, I.; Mähönen, T.Anna.; Liebkind, K., 2012:
Identity and attitudinal reactions to perceptions of inter-group interactions among ethnic migrants: a longitudinal study

Schmitz, F.; Teige-Mocigemba, S.; Voss, A.; Klauer, K.C., 2013:
When scoring algorithms matter: effects of working memory load on different IAT scores

Koschate, M.; Hofmann, W.; Schmitt, M., 2012:
When East meets West: a longitudinal examination of the relationship between group relative deprivation and intergroup contact in reunified Germany

Tropp, L.R.; Hawi, D.R.; Van Laar, C.; Levin, S., 2012:
Cross-ethnic friendships, perceived discrimination, and their effects on ethnic activism over time: a longitudinal investigation of three ethnic minority groups

Gilles, I.; Bangerter, A.; Clémence, A.; Green, E.G.T.; Krings, F.; Mouton, A.; Rigaud, D.; Staerklé, C.; Wagner-Egger, P., 2013:
Collective symbolic coping with disease threat and othering: a case study of avian influenza

Tong, E.M.W.; Ang, M-San.; Chua, A.S.Y., 2013:
The attitudinal consequences of thought suppression: a focus on thinness thoughts

Caricati, L., 2012:
Upward and downward comparison in the intermediate-status group: the role of social stratification stability

Cook, J.E.; Calcagno, J.E.; Arrow, H.; Malle, B.F., 2012:
Friendship trumps ethnicity (but not sexual orientation): comfort and discomfort in inter-group interactions

Al Ramiah, A.; Hewstone, M., 2012:
'Rallying around the flag': Can an intergroup contact intervention promote national unity?

Parker, I., 2013:
Discursive social psychology now

van Dijk, T.A., 2013:
A note on epistemics and discourse analysis

Durrheim, K. , 2013:
Discourse, action, rhetoric: from a perception to an action paradigm in social psychology

Dhont, K.; Van Hiel, A.; De Bolle, M.; Roets, A., 2012:
Longitudinal intergroup contact effects on prejudice using self- and observer-reports

Ramos, M.R.; Cassidy, C.; Reicher, S.; Haslam, S.Alexander., 2013:
A longitudinal investigation of the rejection-identification hypothesis

Chatzisarantis, N.L.D.; Kee, Y.Hwa.; Thaung, H.Kyaw.; Hagger, M.S., 2013:
When small losses do not loom larger than small gains: effects of contextual autonomy support and goal contents on behavioural responses to small losses and small gains

Toma, C.; Gilles, I.; Butera, F., 2013:
Strategic use of preference confirmation in group decision making: the role of competition and dissent

Abrams, D.; Grant, P.R., 2013:
Testing the social identity relative deprivation (SIRD) model of social change: the political rise of Scottish nationalism

Bounoua, Lënda.; Cury, Fçois.; Regner, I.; Huguet, P.; Barron, K.E.; Elliot, A.J., 2013:
Motivated use of information about others: linking the 2 × 2 achievement goal model to social comparison propensities and processes

Gleibs, I.H.; Morton, T.A.; Rabinovich, A.; Haslam, S.Alexander.; Helliwell, J.F., 2013:
Unpacking the hedonic paradox: a dynamic analysis of the relationships between financial capital, social capital and life satisfaction

Hughes, J.S.; Trafimow, D., 2013:
Inferences about character and motive influence intentionality attributions about side effects

Sacchi, S.; Rusconi, P.; Russo, S.; Bettiga, R.; Cherubini, P., 2013 :
New knowledge for old credences: asymmetric information search about in-group and out-group members

Mignon, A.; Mollaret, P., 2013:
Perceiving the target's state or state provoked by the target? An analysis of the descriptive and evaluative knowledge in person perception

Rabinovich, A.; Morton, T.A.; Postmes, T.; Verplanken, B., 2013:
Collective self and individual choice: the effects of inter-group comparative context on environmental values and behaviour

McKinlay, A.; McVittie, C.; Sambaraju, R., 2013:
'This is ordinary behaviour': categorization and culpability in Hamas leaders' accounts of the Palestinian/Israeli conflict

Curşeu, P.Lucian.; Schruijer, S.G.L.; Boroş, S., 2013:
Socially rejected while cognitively successful? The impact of minority dissent on groups' cognitive complexity

Morton, T.A.; Rabinovich, A.; Postmes, T., 2012:
Who we were and who we will be: the temporal context of women's in-group stereotype content

Fiske, S.T., 2012:
Journey to the edges: social structures and neural maps of inter-group processes

Pietersma, S.; Dijkstra, A., 2012:
Cognitive self-affirmation inclination: an individual difference in dealing with self-threats

van Zomeren, M.; Postmes, T.; Spears, R., 2012:
On conviction's collective consequences: integrating moral conviction with the social identity model of collective action

Blackwood, L.M.; Louis, W.R., 2012:
If it matters for the group then it matters to me: collective action outcomes for seasoned activists

Zaal, M.P.; Van Laar, C.; Ståhl, T.; Ellemers, N.; Derks, B., 2012:
Social change as an important goal or likely outcome: how regulatory focus affects commitment to collective action

Rose, J.P.; Jasper, J.D.; Corser, R., 2012:
Interhemispheric interaction and egocentrism: the role of handedness in social comparative judgement

Rooyackers, I.N.; Verkuyten, M., 2012:
Mobilizing support for the extreme right: a discursive analysis of minority leadership

Brambilla, M.; Sacchi, S.; Rusconi, P.; Cherubini, P.; Yzerbyt, V.Y., 2012:
You want to give a good impression? Be honest! Moral traits dominate group impression formation

Barlow, F.Kate.; Sibley, C.G.; Hornsey, M.J., 2012:
Rejection as a call to arms: inter-racial hostility and support for political action as outcomes of race-based rejection in majority and minority groups

Lench, H.C.; Flores, S.A., 2012:
The fast and the dangerous: the speed of events influences risk judgements

Dario, N.R.driguez; Melissa, A.B.rry, 2012:
The effect of line-up administrator blindness on the recording of eyewitness identification decisions

Anonymous, 2012:
Information in Fleeting Opportunities

Zunder, Thomas; Westerheim, Hans; Jorna, Ronald; Pedersen, Jan Tore, 2012:
Is it Possible to Manage and Plan Co-Modal Freight Transport Without a Centralised System?

Anonymous, 2012 :
Efficient and Reliable Transportation of Consignments ERTOC

Anonymous, 2012:
Business Intelligence Conceptual Model

Banks, M.R., 2012:
Should patients expect their colonoscopy to reach the standards experienced by bowel cancer screening patients?

Riihimaki, M.; Thomsen, H.; Sundquist, K.; Hemminki, K., 2012:
Colorectal cancer patients what do they die of?

Selvapatt, N.; Hoare, J., 2012:
Abdominal pain and weight loss an uncommon outcome to a common referral

Nicolai, M.P.J.; Fidder, H.H.; Bekker, M.D.; Putter, H.; Pelger, R.C.M.; Elzevier, H.W., 2012:
Pelvic floor complaints in gastroenterology practice: results of a survey in the netherlands

Kasturi, R.; Patodi, N.; Ahmed, M.M.; Lim, C., 2012:
The white nipple sign

Jordan, J.; Boye, S.W.; Breton, S.Le.; Keefe, D.L.; Engeli, S.; Prescott, M.Forney., 2012:
Antihypertensive treatment in patients with class 3 obesity

Giugliano, D.; Esposito, K., 2012:
Efficacy and safety of insulin lispro protamine suspension as basal supplementation in patients with type 2 diabetes

Michell, J., 2012:
The constantly recurring argument Inferring quantity from order

Haig, B.D.; Borsboom, D., 2012:
Truth, science, and psychology

K.L.Slaney, 2012:
Laying the cornerstone of construct validity theory Herbert Feigls influence on early specifications

Banicki, K., 2012:
Connective conceptual analysis and psychology

Harrist, S.; Richardson, F.C., 2012:
Levinas and hermeneutics on ethics and the Other

Robinson, D.N., 2012:
A brief note on moral psychology

Hodgkiss-Harlow, K.; Back, M.R.; Brumberg, R.; Armstrong, P.; Shames, M.; Johnson, B.; Bandyk, D.F., 2012:
Technical factors affecting the accuracy of bedside IVC filter placement using intravascular ultrasound

Wang, L.; Yao, L.; Guo, D.; Wang, C.; Wan, B.; Ji, G.; Yang, C.; Zhang, J.; Sheng, Z.; Fu, W.; Wang, Y., 2012:
Gene expression profiling in acute Stanford type B aortic dissection

Samuel, N.; Wallace, T.; Carradice, D.; Shahin, Y.; Mazari, F.A.K.; Chetter, I.C., 2012:
Endovenous laser ablation in the treatment of small saphenous varicose veins: does site of access influence early outcomes?

Lindvall, P.; Borota, L.; Birgander, R.; Jonasson, P.; Ridderheim, P-Åke., 2012:
Long-term follow-up of intracranial aneurysms treated with endovascular coiling: experience from one institution

Gilani, R.; Saucedo-Crespo, H.; Scott, B.G.; Tsai, P.I.; Wall, M.J.; Mattox, K.L., 2012:
Endovascular therapy for overcoming challenges presented with blunt abdominal aortic injury

Santos-Franco, J.A.; Lee, A.; Zenteno, M.; Gil-Ortiz, C.; Vega-Montesinos, S., 2012:
Carotid-cavernous fistula treatment with ethylene vinyl alcohol (onyx) exclusively through anterior venous approach

Lensvelt, M.M.A.; Wikkeling, O.R.M.; Van Oostayen, J.A.; Roukema, J.G.; Zeebregts, C.J.; Reijnen, M.M.P.J., 2012:
The use of endografts to create an endoluminal femoropopliteal bypass after failed above-knee femoropopliteal open bypass surgery

Santos-Franco, J.A.; Lee, A.; Nava-Salgado, G.; Zenteno, M.; Vega-Montesinos, S.; Pane-Pianese, C., 2012:
Hybrid carotid stent for the management of a venous aneurysm of the sigmoid sinus treated by sole stenting

Stöllberger, C.; Reiter, M.; Schäffl-Doweik, L.; Finsterer, J., 2012:
Fatal basilar artery occlusion under dabigatran occurring 13 days after femoral embolectomy

Todoran, T.M.; Connors, G.; Engelson, B.A.; Sobieszczyk, P.S.; Eisenhauer, A.C.; Kinlay, S., 2012:
Femoral artery percutaneous revascularization for patients with critical limb ischemia: outcomes compared to patients with claudication over 2.5 years

Goldenberg, N.A.; Krantz, M.J.; Hiatt, W.R., 2012:
L-Carnitine plus cilostazol versus cilostazol alone for the treatment of claudication in patients with peripheral artery disease: a multicenter, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial

Shah, S.; Fischman, A.; Marin, M.; Won, J., 2012:
Spontaneous tibioperoneal trunk and anterior tibial artery pseudoaneurysms

Georgakarakos, E.; Georgiadis, G.S.; Ioannou, C.V.; Kapoulas, K.C.; Trellopoulos, G.; Lazarides, M., 2012:
Aneurysm sac shrinkage after endovascular treatment of the aorta: beyond sac pressure and endoleaks

Ouma, G.O.; Jonas, R.A.; Usman, M.Haris.U.; Mohler, E.R., 2012 :
Targets and delivery methods for therapeutic angiogenesis in peripheral artery disease

Ball, A.S.; Stewart, R.J.; Schliephake, K., 2012:
A review of the current options for the treatment and safe disposal of drill cuttings

López-Delgado, A.; Tayibi, H., 2012:
Can hazardous waste become a raw material? The case study of an aluminium residue: a review

Parthan, S.R.; Milke, M.W.; Wilson, D.C.; Cocks, J.H., 2012:
Cost function analysis for solid waste management: a developing country experience

Nazemi, M.K.; Rashchi, F., 2012:
Recovery of nickel from spent NiO/Al2O3 catalyst through sulfuric acid leaching, precipitation and solvent extraction

Akinbile, C.O.; Yusoff, M.Suffian., 2012:
Solid waste generation and decomposition using compost bin technique in Pulau Pinang, Malaysia

Wu, H.; Hanna, M.A.; Jones, D.D., 2012:
Fluidized-bed gasification of dairy manure by Box-Behnken design

Corvellec, Hé.; Bramryd, T.; Hultman, J., 2012:
The business model of solid waste management in Sweden - a case study of two municipally-owned companies

Arvidsson, A.; Stage, J., 2012:
Technology-neutral green procurement in practice - an example from Swedish waste management

Mokhtarani, N.; Bayatfard, A.; Mokhtarani, B., 2012:
Full scale performance of compost's leachate treatment by biological anaerobic reactors

Matura, M.; Ettler, V.; Klementová, M., 2012:
Transmission electron microscopy investigation of colloids and particles from landfill leachates

Yazici, R.; Sekman, E.; Top, S.; Varank, G.; Bilgili, M.Sinan., 2012:
Degradation of phenolic compounds in aerobic and anaerobic landfills: a pilot scale study

Calabrò, P.S.; Mancini, G., 2012:
Possible interactions between recirculated landfill leachate and the stabilized organic fraction of municipal solid waste

Vyzantiadis, T-Achilleas.A.; Johnson, E.M.; Kibbler, C.C., 2012:
From the patient to the clinical mycology laboratory: how can we optimise microscopy and culture methods for mould identification?

Sheppard, M.N., 2012:
Approach to the cardiac autopsy

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Wish-fulfilling medicine in practice: a qualitative study of physician arguments

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Liberty or death; don't tread on me

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The case of biobank with the law: between a legal and scientific fiction

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Cognitive neuroenhancement: false assumptions in the ethical debate

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HIV-positive status and preservation of privacy: a recent decision from the Italian Data Protection Authority on the procedure of gathering personal patient data in the dental office

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'To CT or not to CT? That is the question': outcome surrogates for surveillance in childhood cystic fibrosis

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Structural landscape in crystal engineering

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Optical lattice quantum physics

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The memory of surfaces

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DNA information

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Organometallic chemical gardens

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Beyond crystals

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Investigation of the antibiotic resistance and biofilm formation of Staphylococcus aureus strains isolated from gangrenous mastitis of ewes

Anonymous, 2012:
WhaleWatch Satellite tracking to help reduce number of whales entangled in fishing gear

Anonymous, 2012:
Does polyploidy play a role in the onset of the Italian endemic flora?

Anonymous, 2012:
New means of safeguarding world fish stocks proven

Anonymous, 2012:
Financial tool considered climate change uncertainty to select land for conservation

Anonymous, 2012:
Blossom end rot plummets in Purdue-developed transgenic tomato

Anonymous, 2012:
York researchers evaluate impact of climate change on biodiversity and habitats in East Africa

Anonymous, 2012:
Mercury in dolphins Study compares toxin levels in captive and wild sea mammals

Anonymous, 2012:
Toxic mercury, accumulating in the Arctic, springs from a hidden source

Anonymous, 2012:
Todays environment influences behavior generations later

Anonymous, 2012:
Richer parasite diversity leads to healthier frogs, says University of Colorado study

Anonymous, 2012:
How plants chill out

Anonymous, 2012:
Squid ink from Jurassic period identical to modern squid ink, UVa study shows

Anonymous, 2012:
Supercharged safflower

Anonymous, 2012:
Latest Southern Ocean research shows continuing deep ocean change

Anonymous, 2012:
Earths water cycle intensifying with atmospheric warming

Anonymous, 2012:
Home damage following Sept 11 attacks linked with higher levels of respiratory illness

Anonymous, 2012:
NASA sees a hot tower in newborn eastern Pacific Tropical Depression 2E

Anonymous, 2012:
NASA sees Tropical Depression 3Ws hot tower on approach to Guam

Anonymous, 2012:
NASA satellites spy Alberto, the Atlantic Ocean seasons first tropical storm

Anonymous, 2012:
New study by WHOI scientists provides baseline measurements of carbon in Arctic Ocean

Anonymous, 2012:
Launch of IMPACT World+

Anonymous, 2012:
Sequence it?and they will come

Anonymous, 2012:
Newly discovered breast milk antibodies help neutralize HIV

Anonymous, 2012:
Researchers take virus-tracking software worldwide

Anonymous, 2012:
Food fight or romantic dinner? Communication between couples is key to improving mens diets

Anonymous, 2012:
Research reveals new clue in fight against TB in cattle

Anonymous, 2012:
Nea Kameni volcano movement captured by Envisat

Anonymous, 2012:
Stem cell research paves way for progress on dealing with Fragile X retardation

Anonymous, 2012:
Better tests for sleeping sickness

Anonymous, 2012:
Discovered a new checkpoint of cell cycle control through joint action of 2 proteins

Anonymous, 2012:
New frog species from Panama dyes fingers yellow

Anonymous, 2012:
Genetic marker may predict smoking quantity in African Americans

Anonymous, 2012:
Flu shot during pregnancy shows unexpected benefits in large study

Anonymous, 2012:
Sichuan Agricultural University and BGI to unravel the relation between DNA methylomes and obesity

Anonymous, 2012:
How one strain of MRSA becomes resistant to last-line antibiotic

Anonymous, 2012:
A quick fix is possible for sacroiliac joint pain in many children and adolescents

Anonymous, 2012:
Study reveals how high-fat foods impact diabetes and metabolic syndrome

Anonymous, 2012:
Researchers present new findings for novel pancreatic cancer vaccine

Anonymous, 2012:
University of Hawaii Cancer Center researchers create new anti-cancer drug

Anonymous, 2012:
Folic acid food enrichment potentially protective against childhood cancers

Anonymous, 2012:
Strategy discovered to activate genes that suppress tumors and inhibit cancer

Anonymous, 2012 :
Donor aortic graft improves reconstruction after partial laryngectomy

Anonymous, 2012:
Vitamin D + TB vaccine Allies in fight against bladder cancer?

Anonymous, 2012:
Study Heart damage after chemo linked to stress in cardiac cells

Anonymous, 2012:
Surgical removal of abdominal fat reduces skin cancer in mice

Anonymous, 2012:
Discovery suggests new combination therapy strategy for basal-like breast cancers

Anonymous, 2012:
Heparin-like compounds inhibit breast cancer metastasis to bone

Anonymous, 2012:
Study suggests obese patients have more advanced, aggressive papillary thyroid cancer

Anonymous, 2012:
Mayo Clinic Pancreatic cancer may be detected with simple intestinal probe

Anonymous, 2012:
Folic acid may reduce some childhood cancers

Anonymous, 2012:
Orphan sleep drug may be potent cancer-fighting agent

Anonymous, 2012:
Cholesterol-lowering drugs may slow prostate growth

Anonymous, 2012:
NIH study finds sigmoidoscopy reduces colorectal cancer rates

Anonymous, 2012:
Final word Task force recommends against PSA-based screening for prostate cancer

Anonymous, 2012:
Tuberculosis increases the risk of lung cancer mortality in the elderly

Anonymous, 2012:
For monogamous sparrows, it doesnt pay to stray but they do it anyway

Anonymous, 2012:
U-M biologist plays key role in effort to create first comprehensive tree of life

Anonymous, 2012:
Researchers aim to assemble the tree of life for all 2 million named species

Anonymous, 2012:
New TB test promises to be cheap and fast

Anonymous, 2012:
Genomes show how Staph bacteria gain resistance to last-line drug

Anonymous, 2012:
Harvard team cracks code for new drug resistant superbugs

Anonymous, 2012:
Correct treatment of common diabetic foot infections can reduce amputations

Anonymous, 2012:
Research suggests why bovine TB continues to spread

Anonymous, 2012:
New discoveries about severe malaria

Anonymous, 2012:
NIH study shows poor quality malaria drugs pose threat

Anonymous, 2012:
Combination antibiotic treatment does not result in less organ failure in adults with severe sepsis

Anonymous, 2012:
Pandemic 29 H1N1 vaccination produces antibodies against multiple flu strains

Anonymous, 2012:
Doing the tooth implant 2-step

Anonymous, 2012:
Percent of workers gave up smoking when the anti-tobacco law took effect

Anonymous, 2012:
Novel biomarkers reveal evidence of radiation exposure

Anonymous, 2012:
FDA clears test developed in partnership with VCU researcher

Anonymous, 2012:
Revised ARDS definition sets out levels of severity

Anonymous, 2012:
Neuron-nourishing cells appear to retaliate in Alzheimers

Anonymous, 2012:
Alcohol intake in the elderly affects risk of cognitive decline and dementia

Anonymous, 2012:
GPS for the brain UGA researchers develop new brain map

Anonymous, 2012:
Voters views of Mormonism still hamper Romneys campaign

Anonymous, 2012:
Antidepressant use associated with increased mortality among critically ill patients?

Anonymous, 2012:
NIH selects 11 Centers of Excellence in Pain Education

Anonymous, 2012:
Timing can affect whether women and minorities face discrimination

Anonymous, 2012:
NASA Goddard delivers magnetometers for NASAs next mission to Mars

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Two-tone interferences by active hair-cell bundles

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Coevolution in proteins

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RNAs in Epstein-Barr virions

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Structural basis for sigma factor mimicry

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Structure of an anti-sigma/anti-anti-sigma complex

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Ballgame, Oaxaca, Mexico

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Chauvet cave sealed for 21, years

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Opportunity for selection in humans

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Moment-based inference in gene expression

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Noninvasive pH imaging with T1rho

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Planets near hot Jupiters

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Interplay of T7 phage with E coli H-NS and tRNAs

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MCC disassembly and Cdc2 phosphorylation

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Monomeric nucleases for genome editing

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Short adaptive path from DNA to RNA polymerases

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Nanosensing protein allostery

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Nonsense RNA decay protects cells from ER stress

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IBRAF regulates BRAF35 sumoylation

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Structure of a TDG lesion recognition complex

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DNA unwinding mechanism of Phi29 DNA polymerase

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Transmembrane helix flexibility

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Depolymerization of individual FtsZ filaments

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Folding helical proteins in explicit solvent

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Diurnal phosphatidylserine exposure of rod tips

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Regulation of Pin1 by MLK3

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EDI3 drives tumor cell migration and metastasis

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CHD4 and rDNA transcription

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Isotope fractionation

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Graphene grown on liquid copper surface

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Potential and dynamics of the O + CHD3 reaction

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Organization, dynamics, and segregation of Ras nanoclusters in membrane domains

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Spermatozoa reveals boundary-following navigation

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Proliferation of sensory precursors by Wnt

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Control of bone resorption by Schnurri-3

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Origin of the beak-like dentition in pufferfish

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Predator spillover effects in marginal ecosystems

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Nanoparticle wortmannin as a radiosensitizer

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Bisphenol A alters the rhesus monkey mammary gland

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Plague foci in China

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Co-occurring linguistic and biological diversity

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Horse domestication in the Eurasian steppe

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Evolution of the W chromosome

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Cooperating chromosome 8p tumor suppressor genes

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Role of DOT1L in chondrogenesis and osteoarthritis

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Coregulation of female maturation and lifespan

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Density and quorum sensing

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Biological importance of ribonuclease activation

Anonymous, 2012:
Intrinsic value of self-disclosure

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Cortical reorganization after LIP inactivation

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Gap junctions and multipolar neuronal migration

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Laser ablation of respiratory interneurons

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Central excitability changes during hearing loss

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Generation of quinolone antimalarials

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GPCR conformational dynamics

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Turbulent magnetic fields in hot, dense plasmas

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Near-field manipulation of spectroscopic rules

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Temperature compensation by enzyme competition

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Cryptogam phytobilins and light signaling

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Exocytotic pathway in plant-microbe symbiosis

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PIN2 ubiquitylation

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Barley eam8

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Biodiversity, human microbiota, and allergy

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Cell circuits with paradoxical components

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Web-based mammography audit feedback

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Accuracy of MRI in the diagnosis of meniscal tears in older patients

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Diffusion-weighted imaging for differentiating benign from malignant skull lesions and correlation with cell density

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Feasibility of mapping T2 relaxation time in the pediatric metacarpal head with a 3-T MRI system

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Inferior vena cava filter-associated abnormalities: MDCT findings

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Comparison of 3- and 1.5-T dynamic breast MRI for visualization of spiculated masses previously identified using mammography

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Postbiopsy confirmation of MR-detected lesions biopsied using ultrasound

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Imaging in the follow-up of renal cell carcinoma

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Renal cell carcinoma and mimics: pathologic primer for radiologists

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Current role of imaging in the diagnosis and management of pulmonary hypertension

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Risk-benefit analysis of pulmonary CT angiography in patients with suspected pulmonary embolus

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Pulmonary embolism diagnosis and mortality with pulmonary CT angiography versus ventilation-perfusion scintigraphy: evidence of overdiagnosis with CT?

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Axial and reformatted four-chamber right ventricle-to-left ventricle diameter ratios on pulmonary CT angiography as predictors of death after acute pulmonary embolism

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Factors involved in discrepant preliminary radiology resident interpretations of neuroradiological imaging studies: a retrospective analysis

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Physician self-referral of lumbar spine MRI with comparative analysis of negative study rates as a marker of utilization appropriateness

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Differentiation of kidney stones using dual-energy CT with and without a tin filter

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MRI of aseptic lymphocytic vasculitis-associated lesions in metal-on-metal hip replacements

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Progression of corpus callosum diffusion-tensor imaging values during a period of signal changes consistent with myelination

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Ultrafast 3-T MRI in the evaluation of children with acute lower abdominal pain for the detection of appendicitis

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Percutaneous radiofrequency ablation of hepatocellular carcinoma: fusion imaging guidance for management of lesions with poor conspicuity at conventional sonography

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Unresectable pancreatic cancer: arterial embolization to achieve a single blood supply for intraarterial infusion of 5-fluorouracil and full-dose IV gemcitabine

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Early postoperative CT as a prognostic biomarker in patients with advanced ovarian, tubal, and primary peritoneal cancer deemed optimally debulked at primary cytoreductive surgery

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Necessity of hysterosalpingography after Essure microinsert placement for contraception

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Patient follow-up after concordant histologically benign imaging-guided biopsy of MRI-detected lesions

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Sudden cardiac arrest and death following application of shocks from a TASER electronic control device

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Periodontal disease and atherosclerotic vascular disease: does the evidence support an independent association?: a scientific statement from the American Heart Association

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Reconstruction of a major storm event from its geomorphic signature The Ladakh floods, 6 August 21

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Large-scale liquid immiscibility at the top of the Bushveld Complex, South Africa

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Storm and fair-weather wave base A relevant distinction?

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Transforming Siberia along the Laurussian margin

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The invisible hand Tectonic triggering and modulation of a rhyolitic supereruption

Vetti, V.V.; Fossen, H., 2012:
Origin of contrasting Devonian supradetachment basin types in the Scandinavian Caledonides

Anonymous, 2012:
New partnership to promote nutrition education, reduce household food waste

Anonymous, 2012:
Iraq Buys 1, Tons of Thailand, Uruguay Rice

Anonymous, 2012 :
Philippines to Import 1, Tons Rice from Thailand, Vietnam; Cambodia Given One-Week Deadline to Sign Trade Deal for Eligibility for Next Tender

Anonymous, 2012:
Indian Minister Blames Low Grain Use by State Governments for Storage Crisis

Anonymous, 2012:
Bangladesh Rice Farmers Demand Higher Purchase Price for New Crop Boro Paddy

Anonymous, 2012:
Australia Reaches Free Trade Agreement for Rice Exports to Malaysia

Anonymous, 2012:
Sri Lanka to Export 2, Tons Red Rice to South Africa; Priced at a Loss to Compete with Vietnam

Anonymous, 2012:
Viet, Indian Rice Sellers Lower Some of Their Quotes; Thai, Pak Rice Sellers Keep Quotes Unchanged

Anonymous, 2012:
Oryza Overnight Recap #8211; Chicago Rice Futures Flat, Grain Complex Trades Lower on Strength in US Dollar

Anonymous, 2012:
Thailand#8217;s 212 Rice Exports Will Surprise Pessimists, Commerce Minister Says

Anonymous, 2012:
India to Produce #8216;Modest Estimate#8217; of 14 Million Tons of Rice in 212-13, Less Wheat, More Pulses and Oil Seeds

Anonymous, 2012:
Pakistan Ups Ante on Basmati Rice Controversy; Seeks Joint Registration with India

Anonymous, 2012:
Thai Rice Mortgage Scheme Perilous to Economy, Warn Analysts; Government Hopes Rice Cartel Will Solve Problem

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Evaluation of RapidChek Select for the screening of Salmonella in meat and meat products

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The zinc homeostasis network of land plants

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A microarray of ubiquitylated proteins for profiling deubiquitylase activity reveals the critical roles of both chain and substrate

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Allocation of grass fields to Hybrid Soil Moisture Deficit model drainage classes using visual indicators

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SKI-1/S1P inhibition: a promising surrogate to statins to block hepatitis C virus replication

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The thrifty lipids: endocannabinoids and the neural control of energy conservation

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Sensing pressure with ion channels

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Nested PCR detection of abalone shriveling syndrome-associated virus in China

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Development of a strand specific real-time RT-qPCR assay for the detection and quantitation of murine norovirus RNA

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Detection of rabies viral RNA by TaqMan real-time RT-PCR using non-neural specimens from dogs infected with rabies virus

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Adenovirus receptors: implications for targeting of viral vectors

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Influence of adenotonsillectomy on hard palate dimensions

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Genetic structure of the Peruvian scallop Argopecten purpuratus inferred from mitochondrial and nuclear DNA variation

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Transcriptomics: mRNA and alternative splicing

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CCR9+ plasmacytoid dendritic cells in the small intestine suppress development of intestinal inflammation in mice

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Binding affinity of anti-xylitol antibodies to canine hepatic vessels

Slater, J.D.; Kalamangalam, G.P.; Hope, O., 2013:
Quality assessment of electroencephalography obtained from a "dry electrode" system

Anonymous, 2012:
Cutaneous and Electrically-Evoked Glutamate Signaling in the Adult Rat Somatosensory System

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Imaging inflammation: molecular strategies to visualize key components of the inflammatory cascade, from initiation to resolution

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Drug development for severe asthma: what are the metrics?

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Anonymous, 2012:
Cutaneous vasculitis in ulcerative colitis mimicking Henoch–Schonlein purpura

Saito, S.; Shimizu, U.; Nan, Z.; Mandai, N.; Yokoyama, J.; Terajima, K.; Akazawa, K., 2013:
Economic impact of combination therapy with infliximab plus azathioprine for drug-refractory Crohn's disease: a cost-effectiveness analysis

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Urinary NMR metabolomic profiles discriminate inflammatory bowel disease from healthy

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A patient with ulcerative colitis and central serous chorioretinopathy--a therapeutic dilemma

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The abundance of Rad51 protein in mouse embryonic stem cells is regulated at multiple levels

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Chiropractic care of children from birth to adolescence and classification of reported conditions: an internet cross-sectional survey of 956 European chiropractors

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Lumbar lordosis rehabilitation for pain and lumbar segmental motion in chronic mechanical low back pain: a randomized trial

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A randomized clinical trial of chiropractic treatment and self-management in patients with acute musculoskeletal chest pain: 1-year follow-up

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Prevalence of low back and pelvic pain during pregnancy in a Norwegian population

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Effects of muscular stretching and segmental stabilization on functional disability and pain in patients with chronic low back pain: a randomized, controlled trial

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Investigation of the effects of a centrally applied lumbar sustained natural apophyseal glide mobilization on lower limb sympathetic nervous system activity in asymptomatic subjects

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Effect of high-velocity, low-amplitude treatment on superoxide dismutase and glutathione peroxidase activities in erythrocytes from men with neck pain

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Immediate effects of ischemic compression on neck function in patients with cervicogenic cephalic syndrome

Ballenberger, N.; von Piekartz, H.; Paris-Alemany, A.; La Touche, R.; Angulo-Diaz-Parreño, S., 2012:
Influence of different upper cervical positions on electromyography activity of the masticatory muscles

Burke, J.R.; Papuga, M.Owen., 2012:
Effects of foot orthotics on running economy: methodological considerations

Meynen, G., 2012:
An ethical framework for assessments of criminal responsibility: applying Susan Wolf's account of sanity to forensic psychiatry

Anonymous, 2012:
Nævus eruptifs sur epidermolyse bulleuse hereditaire

Anonymous, 2012:
Caracteristiques du nævus de Spitz chez l’enfant Étude retrospective de 196 cas

Ratner, P.H.; Melchior, A.; Dunbar, S.A.; Tantry, S.K.; Dorinsky, P.M., 2012:
Pharmacokinetic profile of beclomethasone dipropionate hydrofluoroalkane after intranasal administration versus oral inhalation in healthy subjects: results of a single-dose, randomized, open-label, 3-period crossover study

Marjani, A.; Shirafkan, A., 2016:
The metabolic syndrome in type 2 diabetic patients in Gorgan: According to NCEP ATPIII and IDF definitions

A.M.F.rlazzo; G.B.uschetta; P.D.P.etro; P.M.dica, 2012:
The influence of age on plasma serotonin levels in Thoroughbred horses

Anonymous, 2012:
Where is SDM at home? Putting theoretical constraints on the way shared decision making is measured

Anonymous, 2012:
Strategie therapeutique de la pubalgie du sportif

Anonymous, 2012:
Que faire de ces valeurs d’hormones parathyroidiennes reputees trop basses chez les patients dialyses ?

Yushun Gong; Yunfeng Luo; Jian-an Huang; Jianwei Zhang; Yuxuan Peng; Zhonghua Liu; Zhao Baolu, 2012:
Theanine improves stress resistance in Caenorhabditis elegans

Bener, A.; Abdulmalik, M.; Al-Kazaz, M.; Sanya, R.; Buhmaid, S.; Al-Harthy, M.; Mohammad, A-Ghani., 2013:
Does good clinical practice at the primary care improve the outcome care for diabetic patients? Gender differences

Kim, D.Yup.; Kim, H.Young.; Han, Y.Sik.; Park, J.Hyung., 2013:
Chest wall reconstruction with a lateral thoracic artery perforator propeller flap for a radiation ulcer on the anterior chest

Williams, A.Leah.; Grogan, S.; Buckley, E.; Clark-Carter, D., 2012:
A qualitative study examining women's experiences of an appearance-focussed facial-ageing sun protection intervention

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Physical self-concept and disturbed eating attitudes and behaviors in French athlete and non-athlete adolescent girls: direct and indirect relations

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Rituximab-induced hepatitis C virus reactivation in rheumatoid arthritis

Tsui, K.; Tsai, C-Ren.; Lin, L-Chen.; Yang, C-Chu.; Huang, C-Hua., 2013:
Aggregatibacter aphrophilus pyogenic liver abscess in an immunocompetent young woman

Olivier Brivois; Déborah Idier; Jérôme Thiébot; Bruno Castelle; Gonéri L.C.zannet; Daniel Calvete, 2012:
On the use of linear stability model to characterize the morphological behaviour of a double bar system Application to Truc Vert beach France

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Environmental determinants of coral reef fish diversity across several French Polynesian atolls

Anonymous, 2012:
Analgesie inhalatoire  experience et soulagement des patients Étude Serena

Nicolle, V.S.dney; Fabio, A.M.chado; Erika Hingst-Zaher, 2012:
Timing of ontogenetic changes of two cranial regions in Sotalia guianensis Delphinidae

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Increased frequency and enhanced perception of reflux in non-erosive reflux disease patients non-responders to proton pump inhibitors

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Overutilization of post-polypectomy surveillance colonoscopy in clinical practi A prospective, multicentre study

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Obesidad analisis etiopatogenico y fisiopatologico

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PCR detection of Burkholderia cepacia complex as one of key factors to handle a long-term outbreak

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Transforming Mother-Infant Interaction within Cultural and Caregiving Contexts Home-Based Occupational Therapy for Preterm Infants

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Patients with autoimmune hepatitis who have antimitochondrial antibodies need long-term follow-up to detect late development of primary biliary cirrhosis

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Opening a new GATAway for treating KRAS-driven lung tumors

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Signaling Is Crucial for Myeloid Cell Colonization at Future Metastatic Sites

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Height and torsional stiffness are most sensitive to annular injury in large animal intervertebral discs

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Subclinical vitamin D deficiency

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Structure, development and function of tertiary lymphoid organs in infection and autoimmunity

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Emotion Regulation Questionnaire for use with athletes

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Scale-up of high voltage electrical discharges for polyphenols extraction from grape poma Effect of the dynamic shock waves

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Alteraciones de la potasemia en el adulto

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Síndrome de dificultad respiratoria aguda

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Radiotherapie en conditions stereotaxiques des metastases cerebrales

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Radiotherapie stereotaxique intracranienne  prescription de la dose

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Therapie cellulaire et incontinence urinaire

Anonymous, 2012:
Resultats perioperatoires et postoperatoires precoces de la photovaporisation prostatique au laser Greenlight XPS selon l’utilisation d’une fibre 49 delivrant 12 watts ou d’une fibre MOXY delivrant 18 watts

Anonymous, 2012:
Fractura bilateral de pelvis por estres

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Complete fifth ray amputation with peroneal tendon transfer--a staged surgical protocol

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Bioengineered Vascular Grafts Can We Make Them Off-the-Shelf? The authors are all founders of Humacyte, Inc All authors have a financial interest in Humacyte, which is developing decellularized bioengineered vascular grafts

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Estimating cocaine production using a novel dataset based on reported seizures of laboratories in Colombia

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Proof of the existence of both zero- and low-frequency information in a damped wavefield

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Late Cretaceous ARC Rocks in the Andean retroarc region at 365°S Evidence supporting a late Cretaceous slab shallowing

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Decoupling of paired elements, crossover REE patterns, and mirrored spider-diagrams fingerprinting liquid immiscibility in the Tapira Alkaline-Carbonatite Complex, SE Brazil

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