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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 36416

Chapter 36416 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Enhancement of lipid stability of broiler breast meat and meat products fed on alpha lipoic acid and alpha tocopherol acetate supplemented feed
, Lipids in Health and Disease 11: 57 (2012)

Dietary resveratrol increases the expression of hepatic 7alpha-hydroxylase and ameliorates hypercholesterolemia in high fat-fed C57BL/6J mice
, Unknown (2012)

Plasma levels of lipometabolism-related miR-122 and miR-37 are increased in patients with hyperlipidemia and associated with coronary artery disease
, Unknown (2012)

High-density lipoprotein subclass and particle size in coronary heart disease patients with or without diabetes
, Lipids in Health and Disease 11: 54 (2012)

Long term stability of paraoxonase-1 and high-density lipoprotein in human serum
, Lipids in Health and Disease 11: 53 (2012)

Oleamide activates peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor gamma PPARgamma in vitro
, Unknown (2012)

Association of rs5888 SNP in the scavenger receptor class B type 1 gene and serum lipid levels
, Lipids in Health and Disease 11: 50 (2012)

Minor lipid components of some Acacia species: potential dietary health benefits of the unexploited seeds
, Lipids in Health and Disease 11: 49 (2012)

Dietary sea cucumber cerebroside alleviates orotic acid-induced excess hepatic adipopexis in rats
, Lipids in Health and Disease 11: 48 (2012)

Proteomic identification of host and parasitebiomarkers in saliva from patients withuncomplicated Plasmodium falciparum malaria
, Unknown (2012)

The effects of serum lipids on the in vitro activity oflumefantrine and atovaquone against plasmodiumfalciparum
, Unknown (2012)

Artemether-lumefantrine treatment failure despite adequate lumefantrine day 7 concentration in a traveller with Plasmodium falciparum malaria after returning from Tanzania
, Malaria Journal 11: 176-176 (2012)

Quantitative detection of PfHRP2 in saliva of malaria patients in the Philippines
, Malaria Journal 11: 175 (2012)

Efficacy of fixed-dose combination artesunate-amodiaquine versus artemether-lumefantrine for uncomplicated childhood Plasmodium falciparum malaria in Democratic Republic of Congo: a randomized non-inferiority trial
, Malaria Journal 11: 174-174 (2012)

Suppression of erythroid development in vitro by Plasmodium vivax
, Malaria Journal 11: 173 (2012)

An affordable, quality-assured community-based system for high-resolution entomological surveillance of vector mosquitoes that reflects human malaria infection risk patterns
, Malaria Journal 11: 172 (2012)

Quality of life and satisfaction with life of malariapatients in context of acceptance of the diseasequantitative studies
, Unknown (2012)

Characterizing the spatial and temporal variation ofmalaria incidence in Bangladesh, 27
, Unknown (2012)

Post-treatment haemolysis in severe imported malaria after intravenous artesunate: case report of three patients with hyperparasitaemia
, Malaria Journal 11: 169 (2012)

A generalised module for the selective extracellular accumulation of recombinant proteins
, Microbial Cell Factories 11: 69 (2012)

Production of 2,3-butanediol in Saccharomyces cerevisiae by in silico aided metabolic engineering
, Microbial Cell Factories 11: 68 (2012)

Inclusion bodies as potential vehicles for recombinant protein delivery into epithelial cells
, Microbial Cell Factories 11: 67 (2012)

Comparative transcriptional analysis of Bacillus subtilis cells overproducing either secreted proteins, lipoproteins or membrane proteins
, Microbial Cell Factories 11: 66 (2012)

Formation of Se Nanoparticles by Duganella sp and Agrobacterium sp isolated from Se-laden soil of North-East Punjab, India
, Unknown (2012)

Overexpression of an exotic thermotolerant beta-glucosidase in Trichoderma reesei and its significant increase in cellulolytic activity and saccharification of barley straw
, Unknown (2012)

Expression of lignocellulolytic enzymes in Pichia pastoris
, Microbial Cell Factories 11: 61 (2012)

R2 and R2/R1 hybrid non-autonomous retrotransposons derived by internal deletions of full-length elements
, Mobile Dna 3(1): 10-10 (2012)

C-GATE - catalogue of genes affected by transposable elements
, Mobile Dna 3(1): 9 (2012 )

Orangutan Alu quiescence reveals possible source element: support for ancient backseat drivers
, Mobile Dna 3: 8 (2012)

Towards a more accurate annotation of tyrosine-based site-specific recombinases in bacterial genomes
, Mobile Dna 3(1): 6 (2012)

How does selfing affect the dynamics of selfish transposable elements?
, Mobile Dna 3: 5 (2012)

Copy number variation of ribosomal DNA and Pokey transposons in natural populations of Daphnia
, Mobile Dna 3(1): 4 (2012)

The predominantly selfing plant Arabidopsis thaliana experienced a recent reduction in transposable element abundance compared to its outcrossing relative Arabidopsis lyrata
, Mobile Dna 3(1): 2 (2012)

Protein-DNA interactions define the mechanistic aspects of circle formation and insertion reactions in IS2 transposition
, Mobile Dna 3(1): 1 (2012)

The isoflavone metabolite 6-methoxyequol inhibits angiogenesis and suppresses tumor growth
, Molecular Cancer 11: 35 (2012)

Protective effect of the poly(ADP-ribose) polymerase inhibitor PJ34 on mitochondrial depolarization-mediated cell death in hepatocellular carcinoma cells involves attenuation of c-Jun N-terminal kinase-2 and protein kinase B/Akt activation
, Molecular Cancer 11: 34 (2012)

Role of toll-like receptor 4 on the immune escape of human oral squamous cell carcinoma and resistance of cisplatin-induced apoptosis
, Molecular Cancer 11: 33 (2012)

Galectin-1, a gene preferentially expressed at the tumor margin, promotes glioblastoma cell invasion
, Molecular Cancer 11: 32 (2012)

Interferon-alpha enhances antitumor activities of oncolytic adenovirus-mediated IL-24 expression in hepatocellular carcinoma
, Unknown (2012)

Osteoblast-secreted collagen upregulates paracrineSonic hedgehog signaling by prostate cancer cellsand enhances osteoblast differentiation
, Unknown (2012)

Increased tumorigenesis associated with loss of the tumor suppressor gene Cadm
, Unknown (2012)

Temporally distinct roles for tumor suppressor pathways in cell cycle arrest and cellular senescence in Cyclin D1-driven tumor
, Molecular Cancer 11: 28 (2012)

Molecular mechanism implicated in Pemetrexed-induced apoptosis in human melanoma cells
, Molecular Cancer 11: 25 (2012)

Loci nominally associated with autism from genome-wide analysis show enrichment of brain expression quantitative trait loci but not lymphoblastoid cell line expression quantitative trait loci
, Molecular Autism 3(1): 3 (2012)

Evidence of novel fine-scale structural variation at autism spectrum disorder candidate loci
, Molecular Autism 3: 2 (2012)

Optimizing the phenotyping of rodent ASD models: enrichment analysis of mouse and human neurobiological phenotypes associated with high-risk autism genes identifies morphological, electrophysiological, neurological, and behavioral features
, Molecular Autism 3(1): 1 (2012)

Increased copy number for methylated maternal 15q duplications leads to changes in gene and protein expression in human cortical samples
, Molecular Autism 2(1): 19 (2011)

An X-chromosome-wide association study in autism families identifies TBL1X as a novel autism spectrum disorder candidate gene in males
, Unknown (2012)

Investigation of the serum levels of anterior pituitary hormones in male children with autism
, Molecular Autism 2: 16 (2011)

Facial phenotypes in subgroups of prepubertal boys with autism spectrum disorders are correlated with clinical phenotypes
, Molecular Autism 2(1): 15 (2011)

Robust spinal neuroinflammation mediatesmechanical allodynia in Walker 256 induced bonecancer rats
, Unknown (2012)

Caspases in synaptic plasticity
, Molecular Brain 5: 15 (2012)

The molecular biology of memory: cAMP, PKA, CRE, CREB-1, CREB-2, and CPEB
, Molecular Brain 5: 14 (2012)

Direct interaction between GluR2 and GAPDHregulates AMPAR-mediated excitotoxicity
, Unknown (2012)

Revision to Molecular brain barrel neurons and astrocytes coordinately respond to an increased whisker stimulus frequency
, Unknown (2012)

Loss of glutathione homeostasis associated with neuronal senescence facilitates TRPM2 channel activation in cultured hippocampal pyramidal neurons
, Molecular Brain 5: 11 (2012)

M4 muscarinic receptor knockout mice display abnormal social behavior and decreased prepulse inhibition
, Molecular Brain 5: 10 (2012)

The Brugada syndrome mutation A39V does not affect surface expression of neuronal rat Cav1.2 channels
, Molecular Brain 5: 9 (2012)

Dysfunction of the RAR/RXR signaling pathway in the forebrain impairs hippocampal memory and synaptic plasticity
, Molecular Brain 5: 8 (2012)

Exosome-delivered microRNAs of "chromosome 19 microRNA cluster" as immunomodulators in pregnancy and tumorigenesis
, Molecular Cytogenetics 5(1): 27-27 (2012)

Molecular cytogenetic characterization of undifferentiated embryonal sarcoma of the liver: a case report and literature review
, Molecular Cytogenetics 5(1): 26 (2012)

Critical region in 2q312q323 deletion syndromeReport of two phenotypically distinct patients, onewith an additional deletion in alagille syndromeregion
, Unknown (2012)

Selection of single blastocysts for fresh transfer viastandard morphology assessment alone and witharray CGH for good prognosis IVF patients resultsfrom a randomized pilot study
, Unknown (2012)

BCR-JAK2 fusion as a result of a translocation (9;22)(p24;q11.2) in a patient with CML-like myeloproliferative disease
, Molecular Cytogenetics 5(1): 23 (2012)

Analysis of ZAP7 expression in adult acutelymphoblastic leukaemia by real time quantitativePCR
, Unknown (2012)

A novel unbalanced de novo translocationder5t4;5q26;q211 in adult T-cell precursorlymphoblastic leukemia
, Unknown (2012)

Meiotic errors followed by two parallel postzygotic trisomy rescue events are a frequent cause of constitutional segmental mosaicism
, Molecular Cytogenetics 5: 19 (2012)

Co-existence of other copy number variations with 22q11.2 deletion or duplication: a modifier for variable phenotypes of the syndrome?
, Molecular Cytogenetics 5(1): 18 (2012)

Group I mGluR antagonist rescues the deficit of D1- induced LTP in a mouse model of fragile X syndrome
, Unknown (2012)

Absence of amyloid beta oligomers at the postsynapse and regulated synaptic Zn2+ in cognitively intact aged individuals with Alzheimers disease neuropathology
, Unknown (2012)

Inhibition of MMP-9 by a selective gelatinase inhibitor protects neurovasculature from embolic focal cerebral ischemia
, Molecular Neurodegeneration 7: 21 (2012)

Quantitative connection between polyglutamine aggregation kinetics and neurodegenerative process in patients with Huntington's disease
, Molecular Neurodegeneration 7: 20 (2012)

Inhibition of gamma-secretase worsens memory deficits in a genetically congruous mouse model of Danish dementia
, Unknown (2012)

Prion subcellular fractionation reveals infectivity spectrum, with a high titre-low PrPres level disparity
, Molecular Neurodegeneration 7: 18 (2012)

Apoptosis-inducing factor downregulation increased neuronal progenitor, but not stem cell, survival in the neonatal hippocampus after cerebral hypoxia-ischemia
, Molecular Neurodegeneration 7: 17 (2012)

Multiple gamma-secretase product peptides are coordinately increased in concentration in the cerebrospinal fluid of a subpopulation of sporadic Alzheimers disease subjects
, Unknown (2012)

The I22T Leucine-rich repeat kinase 2 transgenicmouse exhibits impaired locomotive abilityaccompanied by dopaminergic neuron abnormalities
, Unknown (2012)

Ethyl pyruvate attenuates formalin-induced inflammatory nociception by inhibiting neuronal ERK phosphorylation
, Molecular Pain 8: 40 (2012)

Role of JNK isoforms in the development of neuropathic pain following sciatic nerve transection in the mouse
, Molecular Pain 8: 39 (2012)

Molecular and cellular mechanisms of the age-dependency of opioid analgesia and tolerance
, Molecular Pain 8: 38 (2012)

Inflammation-induced changes in BK(Ca) currents in cutaneous dorsal root ganglion neurons from the adult rat
, Molecular Pain 8: 37 (2012)

Transient receptor potential melastatin 8 (TRPM8) channels are involved in body temperature regulation
, Molecular Pain 8: 36 (2012)

Mitogen activated protein kinase phosphatase-1 prevents the development of tactile sensitivity in a rodent model of neuropathic pain
, Molecular Pain 8: 34 (2012)

Network dynamics in nociceptive pathways assessed by the neuronal avalanche model
, Molecular Pain 8: 33 (2012)

Patients with fibromyalgia display less functional connectivity in the brain's pain inhibitory network
, Molecular Pain 8: 32-32 (2012)

Distinct degree of radiculopathy at different levels of peripheral nerve injury
, Molecular Pain 8: 31 (2012)

MiR-124-regulated RhoG reduces neuronal process complexity via ELMO/Dock18/Rac1 and Cdc42 signalling
, The EMBO Journal 31(13): 2908-2921 (2012)

A lack of commitment for over 5 million years conserved animal stem cell pluripotency
, The EMBO Journal 31(12): 2747-2749 (2012)

4S subunit dissociation and proteasome-dependent RNA degradation in nonfunctional 25S rRNA decay
, The EMBO Journal 31(11): 2579-2589 (2012)

Differential effects of viral silencing suppressors on siRNA and miRNA loading support the existence of two distinct cellular pools of ARGONAUTE
, The EMBO Journal 31(11): 2553-2565 (2012)

Generalized Levy walks and the role of chemokines in migration of effector CD8+ T cells
, Unknown (2012)

Gated regulation of CRAC channel ion selectivity by STIM
, Nature (2012)

Stress and cardiovascular disease
, Nature Reviews Cardiology 9(6): 360-370 (2012)

Anti-Mullerian hormone an ovarian reserve marker in primary ovarian insufficiency
, Unknown (2012)

Testing times
, Nursing Standard 1987) 26(14): 64-64 (2012)

TGF-? and retinoic acid induce the microRNA miR-1a, which targets Bcl-6 and constrains the plasticity of helper T cells
, Nature Immunology 13(6): 587-595 (2012)

Sound medicine
, Nature Medicine 18(5): 642-645 (2012)

Metabolic surgery for type 2 diabetes
, Unknown (2012)

Topic Metabolic insights from cutting the gut
, Unknown (2012)

RBM2, a gene for hereditary cardiomyopathy, regulates titin splicing
, Nature Medicine 18(5): 766-773 (2012)

Has a protective role in age-related macular degeneration through the induction of IL-18 by drusen components
, Unknown (2012)

Years of resistance
, Nature Reviews Microbiology 10(6): 373-373 (2012)

Structure of the c1 ring of the yeast mitochondrial ATP synthase in the open conformation
, Nature Structural and Molecular Biology 19(5): 485-491 (2012)

Olfactory discrimination largely persists in mice with defects in odorant receptor expression and axon guidance
, Neural Development 7: 17 (2012)

Fbxw7 regulates Notch to control specification of neural precursors for oligodendrocyte fate
, Neural Development 7: 15 (2012)

Analysis of cell identity, morphology, apoptosis and mitotic activity in a primary neural cell culture system in Drosophila
, Neural Development 7: 14 (2012)

Spinal Cord Regeneration in Xenopus Tadpoles Proceeds through Activation of Sox2 Positive Cells
, Unknown (2012)

Structural distinctions in BMPs underlie divergent signaling in spinal neurons
, Neural Development 7: 16 (2012)

Wnt3 and Wnt3a are required for induction of the mid-diencephalic organizer in the caudal forebrain
, Neural Development 7: 12-12 (2012)

Pannexin 1 regulates postnatal neural stem and progenitor cell proliferation
, Neural Development 7: 11 (2012)

Neuregulin repellent signaling via ErbB4 restricts GABAergic interneurons to migratory paths from ganglionic eminence to cortical destinations
, Neural Development 7: 10 (2012)

NeuroD2 regulates the development of hippocampal mossy fiber synapses
, Neural Development 7: 9 (2012)

Facilitation of neocortical presynaptic terminal development by NMDA receptor activation
, Neural Development 7: 8 (2012)

Influence of the distensibility of large arteries on the longitudinal impedance: application for the development of non-invasive techniques to the diagnosis of arterial diseases
, Nonlinear Biomedical Physics 6(1): 2 (2012)

Fractional modeling dynamics of HIV and CD4+ T-cells during primary infection
, Nonlinear Biomedical Physics 6(1): 1 (2012)

Nonlinear changes in the activity of the oxygen-dependent demethylase system in Rhodococcus erythropolis cells in the presence of low and very low doses of formaldehyde
, Nonlinear Biomedical Physics 5(1): 9 (2011)

Entrainment of marginally stable excitation waves by spatially extended sub-threshold periodic forcing
, Nonlinear Biomedical Physics 5(1): 8 (2011)

Using 3-6 differences in essential fatty acids rather than 3/6 ratios gives useful food balance scores
, Nutrition and Metabolism 9(1): 46 (2012)

Transcriptome-based identification of antioxidativegene expression after fish oil supplementation innormo- and dyslipidemic men
, Unknown (2012)

Thyroid stimulating hormone, independent ofthyroid hormone, can elevate the serum totalcholesterol level in patients with coronary heartdisease a cross-sectional design
, Unknown (2012)

Effect of a LoBAG3 diet on protein metabolism in men with type 2 diabetes
, Unknown (2012)

Serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D3 and body composition in an elderly cohort from Germany: a cross-sectional study
, Nutrition and Metabolism 9(1): 42 (2012)

Substrate utilization during submaximal exercise inchildren with a severely obese parent
, Unknown (2012)

Meju, unsalted soybeans fermented with Bacillus subtilis and Aspergilus oryzae, potentiates insulinotropic actions and improves hepatic insulin sensitivity in diabetic rats
, Nutrition and Metabolism 9(1): 37 (2012)

Dairy products and calcium intake during pregnancy and dental caries in children
, Nutrition Journal 11: 33 (2012)

Kinetic stability of all-in-one parenteral nutrition admixtures in the presence of high dose Ca2+ additive under clinical application circumstances
, Nutrition Journal 11: 32 (2012)

A comprehensive assessment of urinary iodine concentration and thyroid hormones in New Zealand schoolchildren a cross sectional study
, Unknown (2012)

Association between illness severity and timing of initial enteral feeding in critically ill patients: a retrospective observational study
, Nutrition Journal 11: 30 (2012)

Tomato juice intake suppressed serum concentration of 8-oxodG after extensive physical activity
, Nutrition Journal 11: 29 (2012)

Relationships between food consumption and living arrangements among university students in four European countries - a cross-sectional study
, Nutrition Journal 11: 28-28 (2012)

Influence of the relative composition of trace elements and vitamins in physicochemical stability of total parenteral nutrition formulations for neonatal use
, Nutrition Journal 11: 26 (2012)

Race and region have independent and synergistic effects on dietary intakes in black and white women
, Nutrition Journal 11: 25 (2012)

Construct validity of a figure rating scale for Brazilian adolescents
, Nutrition Journal 11: 24 (2012)

Human endometrial cell coculture reduces the endocrine disruptor toxicity on mouse embryo development
, Journal of Occupational Medicine and Toxicology 7(1): 7 (2012)

Interferon-gamma release assays for the tuberculosis serial testing of health care workers: a systematic review
, Journal of Occupational Medicine and Toxicology 7(1): 6 (2012)

The course of physical functional limitations and occupational conditions in a middle-aged working population in France
, Journal of Occupational Medicine and Toxicology 7(1): 5 (2012)

Effect of education and health locus of control on safe use of pesticides: a cross sectional random study
, Journal of Occupational Medicine and Toxicology 7: 3 (2012)

Six-month low level chlorine dioxide gas inhalation toxicity study with two-week recovery period in rats
, Journal of Occupational Medicine and Toxicology 7: 2 (2012)

Combined effects of salicylic acid and furosemide and noise on hearing
, Journal of Occupational Medicine and Toxicology 7(1): 1 (2012)

Leupeptin reduces impulse noise induced hearing loss
, Journal of Occupational Medicine and Toxicology 6: 38 (2011)

Risk stratification by residual enzyme activity after newborn screening for medium-chain acyl-CoA dehyrogenase deficiency: data from a cohort study
, Orphanet Journal of Rare Diseases 7: 30 (2012)

Kruppel-like zinc finger proteins in end-stage COPD lungs with and without severe alpha1-antitrypsin deficiency
, Unknown (2012)

Improvement of genetic stability in lymphocytes from Fanconi anemia patients through the combined effect of alpha-lipoic acid and N-acetylcysteine
, Unknown (2012)

A mutation in KIF7 is responsible for the autosomal recessive syndrome of macrocephaly, multiple epiphyseal dysplasia and distinctive facial appearance
, Orphanet Journal of Rare Diseases 7: 27 (2012)

Hypoglycaemia related to inherited metabolic diseases in adults
, Orphanet Journal of Rare Diseases 7: 26 (2012)

Leucine-sensitive hyperinsulinaemic hypoglycaemia in patients with loss of function mutations in 3-Hydroxyacyl-CoA Dehydrogenase
, Orphanet Journal of Rare Diseases 7: 25 (2012)

Copper and bezafibrate cooperate to rescue cytochrome c oxidase deficiency in cells of patients with SCO2 mutations
, Orphanet Journal of Rare Diseases 7: 21 (2012)

Polycystic ovary syndrome resemblinghistopathological alterations in ovaries fromprenatal androgenized female rats
, Unknown (2012)

CONCERN: Does ovary need D-chiro-inositol?
, Journal of Ovarian Research 5(1): 14 (2012)

Tubal ligation, hysterectomy and ovarian cancer Ameta-analysis
, Unknown (2012)

Thailandepsins are new small molecule class I HDAC inhibitors with potent cytotoxic activity in ovarian cancer cells: a preclinical study of epigenetic ovarian cancer therapy
, Journal of Ovarian Research 5(1): 12 (2012)

The value of serum CA125 for the development of virtual follow-up strategies for patients with epithelial ovarian cancer: a retrospective study
, Journal of Ovarian Research 5: 11 (2012)

MicroRNAs and ovarian function
, Journal of Ovarian Research 5: 8 (2012)

Production of IL1-beta by ovarian cancer cells induces mesothelial cell beta1-integrin expression facilitating peritoneal dissemination
, Journal of Ovarian Research 5(1): 7 (2012)

Discovery of dachshund 2 protein as a novel biomarker of poor prognosis in epithelial ovarian cancer
, Journal of Ovarian Research 5(1): 6 (2012)

Low-temperature threshold for egg survival of a post-diapause and non-diapause European aedine strain, Aedes albopictus (Diptera: Culicidae)
, Parasites and Vectors 5: 100 (2012)

Evidence of mosquito-transmitted flavivirus circulation in Piedmont, north-western Italy
, Parasites and Vectors 5: 99 (2012)

Detection of Leishmania infantum DNA mainly in Rhipicephalus sanguineus male ticks removed from dogs living in endemic areas of canine leishmaniosis
, Parasites and Vectors 5: 98 (2012)

Population genetic structure of Ascaridia galli re-emerging in non-caged laying hens
, Parasites and Vectors 5: 97 (2012)

Abiotic and biotic factors associated with the presence of Anopheles arabiensis immatures and their abundance in naturally occurring and man-made aquatic habitats
, Parasites and Vectors 5: 96 (2012)

Spinosad: a biorational mosquito larvicide for use in car tires in southern Mexico
, Parasites and Vectors 5: 95 (2012)

Trapping of Rift Valley Fever (RVF) vectors using light emitting diode (LED) CDC traps in two arboviral disease hot spots in Kenya
, Parasites and Vectors 5: 94 (2012)

Elevation of dopamine level reduces host-seeking activity in the adult female mosquito Aedes albopictus
, Parasites and Vectors 5: 92 (2012)

Pet roundworms and hookworms: a continuing need for global worming
, Parasites and Vectors 5: 91 (2012)

Pulmonary surfactant coating of multi-walled carbon nanotubes (MWCNTs) influences their oxidative and pro-inflammatory potential in vitro
, Particle and Fibre Toxicology 9: 17 (2012)

Nano-titanium dioxide modulates the dermal sensitization potency of DNCB
, Particle and Fibre Toxicology 9: 15 (2012)

Multi-walled carbon nanotubes induce COX-2 and iNOS expression via MAP kinase-dependent and -independent mechanisms in mouse RAW264.7 macrophages
, Particle and Fibre Toxicology 9: 14 (2012)

A short history of the toxicology of inhaled particles
, Particle and Fibre Toxicology 9: 13 (2012)

Effects of wood smoke particles from wood-burning stoves on the respiratory health of atopic humans
, Particle and Fibre Toxicology 9: 12 (2012)

Cytotoxicity and cellular uptake of tri-block copolymer nanoparticles with different size and surface characteristics
, Particle and Fibre Toxicology 9: 11 (2012)

Factoring-in agglomeration of carbon nanotubes and nanofibers for better prediction of their toxicity versus asbestos
, Particle and Fibre Toxicology 9: 10 (2012)

Diesel exhaust particulate induces pulmonary and systemic inflammation in rats without impairing endothelial function ex vivo or in vivo
, Particle and Fibre Toxicology 9: 9 (2012)

Presentation of hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis due to a novel MUNC 13-4 mutation masked by partial therapeutic immunosuppression
, Pediatric Rheumatology Online Journal 10(1): 13 (2012)

Differential manifestations of prepubescent, pubescent and postpubescent pediatric patients with systemic lupus erythematosus: A retrospective study of 96 Chinese children and adolescents
, Pediatric Rheumatology Online Journal 10(1): 12 (2012)

Hemolytic anemia following intravenous immunoglobulin therapy in patients treated for Kawasaki disease: a report of 4 cases
, Pediatric Rheumatology Online Journal 10(1): 10 (2012)

Fatal myocarditis in a child with systemic onset juvenile idiopathic arthritis during treatment with an interleukin 1 receptor antagonist
, Pediatric Rheumatology Online Journal 10: 8 (2012)

MR enterography to evaluate for sub-clinical intestinal inflammation in children with spondyloarthritis
, Unknown (2012)

Poinsettia protoplasts - a simple, robust and efficient system for transient gene expression studies
, Plant Methods 8(1): 14 (2012)

A novel fluorescent assay for sucrose transporters
, Plant Methods 8: 13 (2012)

Targeted parallel sequencing of large genetically-defined genomic regions for identifying mutations in Arabidopsis
, Plant Methods 8: 12 (2012)

Xylem sap collection and extraction methodologies to determine in vivo concentrations of ABA and its bound forms by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC-MS)
, Plant Methods 8: 11 (2012)

In planta assays involving epigenetically silenced genes reveal inhibition of cytosine methylation by genistein
, Plant Methods 8: 10 (2012)

A novel procedure for absolute real-time quantification of gene expression patterns
, Plant Methods 8: 9 (2012)

Isolation of dimorphic chloroplasts from the single-cell C4 species Bienertia sinuspersici
, Plant Methods 8(1): 8 (2012)

Impact of diabetes mellitus on life expectancy and health-adjusted life expectancy in Canada
, Population Health Metrics 10(1): 7 (2012)

Mapping populations at risk: improving spatial demographic data for infectious disease modeling and metric derivation
, Population Health Metrics 10(1): 8 (2012)

Estimating global mortality from potentially foodborne diseases: an analysis using vital registration data
, Population Health Metrics 10(1): 5 (2012)

Determining the best population-level alcohol consumption model and its impact on estimates of alcohol-attributable harms
, Population Health Metrics 10: 6 (2012)

A critical re-evaluation of the regression model specification in the US D1 EQ-5D value function
, Population Health Metrics 10(1): 2 (2012)

Modeling causes of death: an integrated approach using CODEm
, Population Health Metrics 10: 1 (2012)

Proteins differentially expressed in elicited cell suspension culture of Podophyllum hexandrum with enhanced podophyllotoxin content
, Proteome Science 10(1): 34 (2012)

Proteomic analysis of purified Newcastle disease virusparticles
, Unknown (2012)

Vigilin interacts with signal peptide peptidase
, Proteome Science 10(1): 33 (2012)

Development stage-specific proteomic profiling uncovers small, lineage specific proteins most abundant in the Aspergillus Fumigatus conidial proteome
, Proteome Science 10(1): 30 (2012)

Plasma protein alterations in the refractory anemia with excess blasts subtype 1 subgroup of myelodysplastic syndrome
, Proteome Science 10(1): 31 (2012)

A proteomic analysis of liver after ethanol binge in chronically ethanol treated rats
, Proteome Science 10(1): 29 (2012)

In-depth proteomic analysis of a mollusc shell: acid-soluble and acid-insoluble matrix of the limpet Lottia gigantea
, Proteome Science 10(1): 28 (2012)

Proteomic profiling of the rat hypothalamus
, Proteome Science 10(1): 26 (2012)

Effects of human and porcine bile on the proteome of Helicobacter hepaticus
, Proteome Science 10: 27 (2012)

Proteomics analysis of differentially expressed proteins in chicken trachea and kidney after infection with the highly virulent and attenuated coronavirus infectious bronchitis virus in vivo
, Proteome Science 10: 24 (2012)

Pyonephrosis and urosepsis in a 41-year old patientwith spina bifida Case report of a preventable death
, Unknown (2012)

Description of a multicenter safety checklist for intraoperative hemorrhage control while clamped during robotic partial nephrectomy
, Patient Safety in Surgery 6: 8 (2012)

The dangers of damage control orthopedics: a case report of vascular injury after femoral fracture external fixation
, Patient Safety in Surgery 6: 7 (2012)

Percutaneous reduction and fixation of an intra-articular calcaneal fracture using an inflatable bone tamp: description of a novel and safe technique
, Patient Safety in Surgery 6(1): 6 (2012)

Transient common peroneal nerve palsy following skeletal tibial traction in a morbidly obese patient - case report of a preventable complication
, Patient Safety in Surgery 6(1): 4 (2012 )

What can we learn from patient claims? - A retrospective analysis of incidence and patterns of adverse events after orthopaedic procedures in Sweden
, Patient Safety in Surgery 6(1): 2-2 (2012)

Are urological procedures in tetraplegic patients safely performed without anesthesia? a report of three cases
, Patient Safety in Surgery 6: 3 (2012)

Effect of hCG priming on embryonic development of immature oocytes collected from unstimulated women with polycystic ovarian syndrome
, Reproductive Biology and Endocrinology 10: 40 (2012)

Bovine trophoblastic cell differentiation and binucleation involves enhanced endogenous retrovirus element expression
, Reproductive Biology and Endocrinology 10: 41 (2012)

The FSH-inhibin axis in prader-willi syndrome: heterogeneity of gonadal dysfunction
, Reproductive Biology and Endocrinology 10: 39 (2012)

Association of the genetic variants of luteinizing hormone, luteinizing hormone receptor and polycystic ovary syndrome
, Reproductive Biology and Endocrinology 10: 36 (2012)

Minimal ovarian stimulation combined with elective single embryo transfer policy: age-specific results of a large, single-centre, Japanese cohort
, Reproductive Biology and Endocrinology 10: 35 (2012)

GnRH agonist versus GnRH antagonist in assisted reproduction cycles: oocyte morphology
, Reproductive Biology and Endocrinology 10: 33 (2012)

Expression of the T regulatory cell transcription factor FoxP3 in peri-implantation phase endometrium in infertile women with endometriosis
, Reproductive Biology and Endocrinology 10: 34 (2012)

Association of interleukin-18 gene polymorphism with body mass index in women
, Reproductive Biology and Endocrinology 10: 31 (2012)

Implementation of legal abortion in Nepal: a model for rapid scale-up of high-quality care
, Reproductive Health 9: 7 (2012)

Swedish high school students' knowledge and attitudes regarding fertility and family building
, Reproductive Health 9: 6 (2012)

Home birth and barriers to referring women with obstetric complications to hospitals: a mixed-methods study in Zahedan, southeastern Iran
, Reproductive Health 9: 5 (2012)

Health services for reproductive tract infections among female migrant workers in industrial zones in Ha Noi, Viet Nam: an in-depth assessment
, Reproductive Health 9: 4-4 (2012)

Factors associated with the prevalence of periodontal disease in low-risk pregnant women
, Reproductive Health 9: 3 (2012)

Clinical training alone is not sufficient for reducing barriers to IUD provision among private providers in Pakistan
, Reproductive Health 8: 40 (2011)

Reductions in abortion-related mortality following policy reform: evidence from Romania, South Africa and Bangladesh
, Reproductive Health 8: 39 (2011)

Psychosocial implications of tubal ligation in a rural health district: a phenomenological study
, Reproductive Health 8: 38 (2011)

Cost and cost effectiveness of long-lasting insecticide-treated bed nets - a model-based analysis
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Groundwater depletion in semiarid regions of Texas and California threatens US food security
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Unzipped carbon nanotubes could help energize fuel cells and batteries, Stanford scientists say
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Computer model pinpoints prime materials for efficient carbon capture
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Yale study concludes public apathy over climate change unrelated to science literacy
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U of M study finds titan cells protect Cryptococcus
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Engineered microvessels provide a 3-D test bed for human diseases
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NIH-funded study examines use of mobile technology to improve diet and physical activity behavior
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New stem cell technique promises abundance of key heart cells
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Analyzing disease transmission at the community level
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Earlier detection of bone loss may be in future
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Targeting tuberculosis hotspots could have widespread benefit
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Less couch time equals fewer cookies
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Study provides new insights into structure of heart muscle fibers
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Family values
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Working with solvents tied to cognitive problems for less-educated people
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T cells hunt parasites like animal predators seek prey, a Penn Vet-Penn Physics study reveals
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Same gene that stunts infants growth also makes them grow too big
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Variations of a single gene can lead to too much or too little growth, study shows
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Powerful new approach to attack flu virus
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Aggressively controlling glucose levels may not reduce kidney failure in Type 2 diabetes
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Size doesnt fit all when treating blood pressure in people with diabetes, VA/U-M study suggests
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Meta-analysis examines intensive glycemic control, renal disease in patients with type 2 diabetes
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Mobile technology, remote coaching, financial incentives may help improve diet, activity level
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Super-sensitive tests could detect diseases earlier
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