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Get PDF Full Texts from EurekaMag Chapter 36452

Chapter 36452 provides scholary research titles of which PDF Full Texts are available through EurekaMag.

Kurklinsky, A.K.; Bjarnason, H.; Friese, J.L.; Wysokinski, W.E.; McBane, R.D.; Misselt, A.; Moller, S.Margret.; Gloviczki, P., 2013:
Outcomes of venoplasty with stent placement for chronic thrombosis of the iliac and femoral veins: single-center experience

Jin, R-ping.; Hu, Y-hua.; Sun, B-guang.; Zhang, X-hua.; Sun, L., 2012:
Edwardsiella tarda sialidase: pathogenicity involvement and vaccine potential

Wang, G.; Li, J.; Zou, P.; Xie, H.; Huang, B.; Nie, P.; Chang, M., 2012:
Expression pattern, promoter activity and bactericidal property of β-defensin from the mandarin fish Siniperca chuatsi

Su, Y.; Dai, Y.; Lin, Y.; Gao, X.; Han, Y.; Zhao, B., 2012:
Serum organochlorine pesticide residues and risk of gallstone disease: a case-control study in Xiamen

Siamakpour-Reihani, S.; Scarbrough, P.M.; Wang, F.; Spasojevic, I.; Base, K.; Sedjo, R.; D'Agostino, R.B.; Il'yasova, D., 2012:
Systemic markers of oxidative status and colorectal adenomatous polyps

Park, J.; Russell, L.B., 2012:
Effect of non-leisure physical activity on mortality in U.S. adults: does propensity score matching make a difference?

Veronesi, G.; Ferrario, M.M.; Chambless, L.E.; Borsani, A.; Fornari, C.; Cesana, G., 2012:
The effect of revascularization procedures on myocardial infarction incidence rates and time trends: the MONICA-Brianza and CAMUNI MI registries in Northern Italy

Rustagi, A.; Doehle, B.P.; McElrath, M.Juliana.; Gale, M., 2013:
Two new monoclonal antibodies for biochemical and flow cytometric analyses of human interferon regulatory factor-3 activation, turnover, and depletion

Shen, C.; Kaelin, W.G., 2013:
The VHL/HIF axis in clear cell renal carcinoma

Fisher, R.; Gore, M.; Larkin, J., 2013:
Current and future systemic treatments for renal cell carcinoma

Linehan, W.Marston.; Ricketts, C.J., 2013:
The metabolic basis of kidney cancer

Häsler, J.; Rada, C.; Neuberger, M.S., 2012:
The cytoplasmic AID complex

Chahwan, R.; Edelmann, W.; Scharff, M.D.; Roa, S., 2012:
AIDing antibody diversity by error-prone mismatch repair

Larijani, M.; Martin, A., 2012:
The biochemistry of activation-induced deaminase and its physiological functions

Shen, J.; Wan, R.; Hu, G.; Wang, F.; Shen, J.; Wang, X., 2013:
Involvement of thrombopoietin in acinar cell necrosis in L-arginine-induced acute pancreatitis in mice

Davoodi, P.; Mahesh, P.A.; Holla, A.D.; Vijayakumar, G.S.; Jayaraj, B.S.; Chandrashekara, S.; Ramachandra, N.B., 2013:
Serum levels of interleukin-13 and interferon-gamma from adult patients with asthma in Mysore

Qianfu Zhong; Cheng Ding; Meilin Wang; Ying Sun; Yan Xu, 2012:
Interleukin-1 gene polymorphisms and chronic/aggressive periodontitis susceptibility A meta-analysis based on 14 case-control studies

Wahli, W.; Michalik, L., 2012:
PPARs at the crossroads of lipid signaling and inflammation

Peter, A.Finke, 2012:
Modeling the genesis of luvisols as a function of topographic position in loess parent material

Asja Engovatova; Alexandra Golyeva, 2012:
Anthropogenic soils in Yaroslavl Central Russia History, development, and landscape reconstruction

Edoardo, A.C.C.stantini; Pierluigi Bucelli; Simone Priori, 2012:
Quaternary landscape history determines the soil functional characters of terroir

J.M. van Mourik; A.C.S.ijmonsbergen; R.T.S.otboom; J.W.llinga, 2012:
Impact of human land use on soils and landforms in cultural landscapes on aeolian sandy substrates Maashorst, SE-Netherlands

Alexey Rusakov; Sergey Sedov, 2012:
Late Quaternary pedogenesis in periglacial zone of northeastern Europe near ice margins since MIS 3 Timing, processes, and linkages to landscape evolution

Anonymous, 2012:
Lithostratigraphic and geochronological framework for the paleoenvironmental reconstruction of the last ?36 ka cal BP from a sediment record from Lake Iznik NW Turkey

Abdul-Mohsen, M.Fakhry., 2013:
Echocardiographic evaluation of left ventricular diastolic and systolic function in Saudi patients with sickle cell disease

Li, L.; Yi, H., 2013:
Effect of sulfur dioxide on ROS production, gene expression and antioxidant enzyme activity in Arabidopsis plants

Yang, L.; Han, R.; Sun, Y., 2012 :
Damage repair effect of He-Ne laser on wheat exposed to enhanced ultraviolet-B radiation

Duan, M.; Ma, N-Na.; Li, D.; Deng, Y-Sheng.; Kong, F-Ying.; Lv, W.; Meng, Q-Wei., 2013:
Antisense-mediated suppression of tomato thylakoidal ascorbate peroxidase influences anti-oxidant network during chilling stress

Anonymous, 2012:
Proteomic study participating the enhancement of growth and salt tolerance of bottle gourd rootstock-grafted watermelon seedlings

Vijayakumar, K.R.; Gowda, L.R., 2012:
Temporal expression profiling of lipase during germination and rice caryopsis development

Bhateja, Sumit, 2012:
The miraculous healing therapy –“Ozone therapy in dentistry

Wang, C.; Chung, B.C.; Yan, H.; Lee, S-Yong.; Pitt, G.S., 2012:
Crystal structure of the ternary complex of a NaV C-terminal domain, a fibroblast growth factor homologous factor, and calmodulin

Goers Sweeney, E.; Henderson, J.Nathan.; Goers, J.; Wreden, C.; Hicks, K.G.; Foster, J.K.; Parthasarathy, R.; Remington, S.James.; Guillemin, K., 2012:
Structure and proposed mechanism for the pH-sensing Helicobacter pylori chemoreceptor TlpB

Foch, E.; Milner, C.E., 2013:
Lower extremity joint position sense in runners with and without a history of knee overuse injury

Soltanipoor, F.; Delaram, M.; Taavoni, S.; Haghani, H., 2012:
The effect of olive oil on prevention of striae gravidarum: a randomized controlled clinical trial

Luisa Barreiros; Joana Peres; Nuno, F.A.evedo; Célia M.M.naia; Olga, C.N.nes, 2012:
Environmental factors influencing molinate biodegradation by a two-member mixed culture in rice paddy field floodwater

Jean-Philippe Maréchal; Kiyotaka Matsumura; Sheelagh Conlan; Claire Hellio, 2012:
Competence and discrimination during cyprid settlement in Amphibalanus amphitrite

Szczepanek, K.; Lesnefsky, E.J.; Larner, A.C., 2012:
Multi-tasking: nuclear transcription factors with novel roles in the mitochondria

Kamakshi, N.Perera-Mubarak, 2012:
Reading ‘stories’ of corruption Practices and perceptions of everyday corruption in post-tsunami Sri Lanka

Bianco, I.H.; Ma, L-Hang.; Schoppik, D.; Robson, D.N.; Orger, M.B.; Beck, J.C.; Li, J.M.; Schier, A.F.; Engert, F.; Baker, R., 2012:
The tangential nucleus controls a gravito-inertial vestibulo-ocular reflex

Samuni-Blank, M.; Izhaki, I.; Dearing, M.Denise.; Gerchman, Y.; Trabelcy, B.; Lotan, A.; Karasov, W.H.; Arad, Z., 2013:
Intraspecific directed deterrence by the mustard oil bomb in a desert plant

Hodges, A.R.; Krementsova, E.B.; Bookwalter, C.S.; Fagnant, P.M.; Sladewski, T.E.; Trybus, K.M., 2012:
Tropomyosin is essential for processive movement of a class V myosin from budding yeast

Ferdek, P.E.; Gerasimenko, J.V.; Peng, S.; Tepikin, A.V.; Petersen, O.H.; Gerasimenko, O.V., 2013:
A novel role for Bcl-2 in regulation of cellular calcium extrusion

Niehuis, O.; Hartig, G.; Grath, S.; Pohl, H.; Lehmann, Jörg.; Tafer, H.; Donath, A.; Krauss, V.; Eisenhardt, C.; Hertel, J.; Petersen, M.; Mayer, C.; Meusemann, K.; Peters, R.S.; Stadler, P.F.; Beutel, R.G.; Bornberg-Bauer, E.; McKenna, D.D.; Misof, B., 2012:
Genomic and morphological evidence converge to resolve the enigma of Strepsiptera

Ferreira, F.; Foley, M.; Cooke, A.; Cunningham, M.; Smith, G.; Woolley, R.; Henderson, G.; Kelly, E.; Mundell, S.; Smythe, E., 2012:
Endocytosis of G protein-coupled receptors is regulated by clathrin light chain phosphorylation

Song, Z.; Postma, M.; Billings, S.A.; Coca, D.; Hardie, R.C.; Juusola, M., 2012:
Stochastic, adaptive sampling of information by microvilli in fly photoreceptors

Concetta De Cicco; Laura Gilardi; Edoardo Botteri; Silvia L.V. Fracassi; Giuseppina A. Di Dia; Francesca Botta; Gennaro Prisco; Dario Lombardo; Nicole Rotmensz; Umberto Veronesi; Giovanni Paganelli, 2013:
Is 18F fluorodeoxyglucose uptake by the primary tumor a prognostic factor in breast cancer?

Genin, A-Sophie.; Lesieur, Bénédicte.; Gligorov, J.; Antoine, M.; Selleret, L.; Rouzier, R., 2012:
Pregnancy-associated breast cancers: do they differ from other breast cancers in young women?

Cserni, G.; Bori, R.; Sejben, I.; Vörös, A.; Kaiser, L.; Hamar, S.; Csörgő, E.; Kulka, J., 2013:
Unifocal, multifocal and diffuse carcinomas: a reproducibility study of breast cancer distribution

Thomas Kelley; David Thomson; Dominic Furniss, 2012:
When should axillary drains be removed post axillary dissection? A systematic review of randomised control trials

Marco Scarpa; Romilda Cardin; Marina Bortolami; Andromachi Kotsafti; Maria Cristina Scarpa; Anna Pozza; Giorgia Maran; Marika Picciocchi; Cesare Ruffolo; Renata D’Incà; Giacomo C. Sturniolo; Ignazio Castagliuolo; Carlo Castoro; Imerio Angriman, 2013:
Mucosal immune environment in colonic carcinogenesis CD8 expression is associated to oxidative DNA damage and TLR4–NF?B signalling

Su, C-Hao.; Chu, W-Chih.; Lan, K-Hsin.; Li, C-Pin.; Chao, Y.; Lin, H-Chieh.; Lee, S-Dong.; Tsai, Y-Chieh.; Lee, W-Ping., 2013:
Gemcitabine causes telomere attrition by stabilizing TRF2

Sandra Steffens; Martin Janssen; Frederik, C.R.os; Frank Becker; Simon Schumacher; Christoph Seidel; Gerd Wegener; Joachim, W.T.üroff; Rainer Hofmann; Michael Stöckle; Stefan Siemer; Mark Schrader; Arndt Hartmann; Markus, A.K.czyk; Kerstin Junker; Andres, J.S.hrader, 2012:
Incidence and long-term prognosis of papillary compared to clear cell renal cell carcinoma – A multicentre study

Dehaene, S.; Sigman, M., 2013:
From a single decision to a multi-step algorithm

Faumont, S.; Lindsay, T.H.; Lockery, S.R., 2013:
Neuronal microcircuits for decision making in C. elegans

Shannon Hagerman; Rebecca Witter; Catherine Corson; Daniel Suarez; Edward, M.M.clin; Maggie Bourque; Lisa Campbell, 2012:
On the coattails of climate? Opportunities and threats of a warming Earth for biodiversity conservation

Tehrani, R.M.A.; A.G.ani, S., 2012:
MWCNT-ruthenium oxide composite paste electrode as non-enzymatic glucose sensor

Park, B-Wook.; Zheng, R.; Ko, K-A.; Cameron, B.D.; Yoon, D-Young.; Kim, D-Shik., 2012:
A novel glucose biosensor using bi-enzyme incorporated with peptide nanotubes

Broitman, D.; Ayalon, O.; Kan, I., 2013:
One size fits all? An assessment tool for solid waste management at local and national levels

Binner, E.; Böhm, K.; Lechner, P., 2013:
Large scale study on measurement of respiration activity (AT(4)) by Sapromat and OxiTop

Virmond, E.; D.S.na, R.F.; Albrecht, W.; Althoff, C.A.; Moreira, R.F.P.M.; José, H.J., 2013:
Characterisation of agroindustrial solid residues as biofuels and potential application in thermochemical processes

Ribé, V.; Nehrenheim, E.; Odlare, M.; Gustavsson, L.; Berglind, R.; Forsberg, A., 2013:
Ecotoxicological assessment and evaluation of a pine bark biosorbent treatment of five landfill leachates

Davis, G., 2013:
Formulating a VET roadmap for the waste and recycling sector: a case study from Queensland, Australia

Kumar, K.Anand.; Lalitha, A.; Pavithra, D.; Padmavathi, I.J.N.; Ganeshan, M.; Rao, K.Rajender.; Venu, L.; Balakrishna, N.; Shanker, N.Hari.; Reddy, S.Umakar.; Chandak, G.Ratan.; Sengupta, S.; Raghunath, M., 2013:
Maternal dietary folate and/or vitamin B12 restrictions alter body composition (adiposity) and lipid metabolism in Wistar rat offspring

Park, H-Jin.; Jung, U.Ju.; Cho, S-Jung.; Jung, H-Kyung.; Shim, S.; Choi, M-Sook., 2013:
Citrus unshiu peel extract ameliorates hyperglycemia and hepatic steatosis by altering inflammation and hepatic glucose- and lipid-regulating enzymes in db/db mice

Sugioka, K.; Sawa, H., 2013:
Formation and functions of asymmetric microtubule organization in polarized cells

Thornton, J.; Lewis, J.; Lebrun, C.M.; Licskai, C.J., 2012:
Clinical characteristics of women with menstrual-linked asthma

Makrides, M., 2013:
DHA supplementation during the perinatal period and neurodevelopment: Do some babies benefit more than others?

Michael Meyners, 2012:
Equivalence tests – A review

Zhou, Z.; Nair, M.G.; Claycombe, K.J., 2012:
Synergistic inhibition of interleukin-6 production in adipose stem cells by tart cherry anthocyanins and atorvastatin

D'Souza, D.P.; Rumble, R.B.; Fyles, A.; Yaremko, B.; Warde, P.; Warde, P.; Gutierrez, E.; Bak, K.; Costa, S.; Murray, E.; Rumble, B.; Whitton, A.; Etheridge, S.; Favell, L.; Fleming, K.; Green, E.; Leszczynski, K.; Sharpe, M.; D'Souza, D.P.; Fyles, A.; Yaremko, B., 2013:
Intensity-modulated radiotherapy in the treatment of gynaecological cancers

Gill, S.; Younie, S.; Rolfo, A.; Thomas, J.; Siva, S.; Fox, C.; Kron, T.; Phillips, D.; Tai, K.H.; Foroudi, F., 2013:
Cost minimisation analysis: kilovoltage imaging with automated repositioning versus electronic portal imaging in image-guided radiotherapy for prostate cancer

Chan, Y-Fan.; Moestrup, Øjvind.; Chang, J., 2013:
On Keelungia pulex nov. gen. et nov. sp., a heterotrophic euglenoid flagellate that lacks pellicular plates (Euglenophyceae, Euglenida)

Lin, H-Pin.; Wang, Y-Ping.; Chen, H-Ming.; Kuo, Y-Shiung.; Lang, M-Jane.; Sun, A., 2014:
Significant association of hematinic deficiencies and high blood homocysteine levels with burning mouth syndrome

Lu, C-Hsiang.; Wu, T-Jen.; Shih, K-Chung.; Ni, E.; Reed, V.; Yu, M.; Sheu, W.H-H.; Chuang, L-Ming., 2013:
Safety and efficacy of twice-daily exenatide in Taiwanese patients with inadequately controlled type 2 diabetes mellitus

Wu, U-In.; Wang, J-Tay.; Ho, Y-Chi.; Pan, S-Ching.; Chen, Y-Chun.; Chang, S-Chwen., 2012:
Factors associated with development of complications among adults with influenza: a 3-year prospective analysis

Liao, H-Fang.; Yao, G.; Chien, C-Chun.; Cheng, L-Yee.; Hsieh, W-Shiun., 2014:
Likelihood ratios of multiple cutoff points of the Taipei City Developmental Checklist for Preschoolers, 2nd version

Lin, C-Ming.; Lee, C-Ting.; Tung, Y-Ching.; Wu, M-Zon.; Tsai, W-Yu.; Yang, Y-Li.; Lu, M-Yao.; Jou, S-Tarng.; Lin, D-Tsamn.; Lin, K-Hsin., 2014:
Endocrine dysfunction in Taiwanese children with human chorionic gonadotropin-secreting germ cell tumors

Cheng-Lin Hsieh; Wei-Ming Tiao; Yi-Hong Chou; Chui-Mei Tiu, 2012 :
Retroaortic Left Renal Vein Three Case Reports

Li-Jen Liao; Wu-Chia Lo, 2012:
High-Resolution Sonographic Measurement of Normal Temporomandibular Joint and Masseter Muscle

Chia-Wei Lin; Yan-Hao Chen; Wen-Shiang Chen, 2012:
Application of Ultrasound and Ultrasound-Guided Intervention for Evaluating Elbow Joint Pathologies

Chueh-Hung Wu; Wen-Shiang Chen; Gi-Young Park; Tyng-Guey Wang; Henry, L.L.w, 2012:
Musculoskeletal Sonoelastography A Focused Review of its Diagnostic Applications for Evaluating Tendons and Fascia

Tian-Shin Yeh; Chueh-Hung Wu; Wen-Shiang Chen; Tyng-Guey Wang, 2012:
Serial Ultrasonography for Early Detection and Follow-up of Heterotopic Ossification in Stroke

Wen-Hsiu Kuo; Chueh-Hung Wu; Tyng-Guey Wang, 2012:
Sonographic Detection of Knee Neurilemmoma A Case Report and Literature Review

Anonymous, 2012:
Étude retrospective des consequences de l’administration d’une preparation de FDG contenant de 5 % a 1 % de fluorure 18F libre sur l’imagerie TEP/TDM de l’os sain et des foyers osseux pathologiques Comparaison avec un groupe apparie de patients ayant

Anonymous, 2012:
TEP/TDM au FDG et hibernome  a propos d’un cas

Gareth Jones; Marcin Zielinski; Philippe Sentenac, 2012:
Mapping desiccation fissures using 3-D electrical resistivity tomography

Sri Niwas; Muhammed Celik, 2012:
Equation estimation of porosity and hydraulic conductivity of Ruhrtal aquifer in Germany using near surface geophysics

Deepak, M.K.sote; Yogesh, S.B.dhe; Mahabaleshwar, V.H.gde, 2013:
Effect of mechanical press oil extraction processing on quality of linseed oil

Natasha Jayapal; A.K.S.manta; Atul, P.K.lte; S.S.nani; Manpal Sridhar; K.P.S.resh; K.T.S.mpath, 2013:
Value addition to sugarcane bagasse Xylan extraction and its process optimization for xylooligosaccharides production

Mahendra Phulwaria; N.S.S.ekhawat; J.S.R.thore; R.P.S.ngh, 2013:
An efficient in vitro regeneration and ex vitro rooting of Ceropegia bulbosa Roxb—A threatened and pharmaceutical important plant of Indian Thar Desert

Parviz Rezvani Moghaddam; Jabbar Fallahi; Mahsa Aghhavani Shajari; Marziyeh Nassiri Mahallati, 2013:
Effects of harvest date, harvest time, and post-harvest management on quantitative and qualitative traits in seedless barberry Berberis vulgaris L

Munnu Singh; Neha Guleria, 2013:
Influence of harvesting stage and inorganic and organic fertilizers on yield and oil composition of rosemary Rosmarinus officinalis L in a semi-arid tropical climate

Zhanying Zhang; Ian, M.O.Hara; Geoff, A.K.nt; William, O.S.D.herty, 2013:
Comparative study on adsorption of two cationic dyes by milled sugarcane bagasse

Martin Claude Ngueho Yemele; Ahmed Koubaa; Alain Cloutier; Patrice Soulounganga; Tatjana Stevanovic; Michael, P.W.lcott, 2013:
Effects of hot water treatment of raw bark, coupling agent, and lubricants on properties of bark/HDPE composites

J.A.S.nchez-Burgos; M.V.R.mírez-Mares; M.M.L.rrosa; J.A.G.llegos-Infante; R.F.G.nzález-Laredo; L.M.dina-Torres; N.E.R.cha-Guzmán, 2013:
Antioxidant, antimicrobial, antitopoisomerase and gastroprotective effect of herbal infusions from four Quercus species

Marlito, M.B.nde; Jan Grenz; Victor, B.A.io; Joachim Sauerborn, 2013 :
Fiber yield and quality of abaca Musa textilis var Laylay grown under different shade conditions, water and nutrient management

Carlos, L.C.spedes; Sofia, C.M.lina; Evelyn Muñoz; Claudio Lamilla; Julio Alarcon; Sara, M.P.lacios; Maria, C.C.rpinella; Jose, G.A.ila, 2013:
The insecticidal, molting disruption and insect growth inhibitory activity of extracts from Condalia microphylla Cav Rhamnaceae

Ndubisi, A.A.iara; Pwanzadom, P.P.wer; Thlama Abbas, 2013:
Moisture-dependent physical properties of Moringa oleifera seed relevant in bulk handling and mechanical processing

Hefting, M.M.; van den Heuvel, R.N.; Verhoeven, J.T.A., 2013:
Wetlands in agricultural landscapes for nitrogen attenuation and biodiversity enhancement Opportunities and limitations

M.G.rcía-Rojas; O.G.denschwager; B.G.D.filippi; M.G.nzález-Agüero, 2012:
Identification of genes possibly related to loss of quality in late-season ‘Hass’ avocados in Chile

Khamis Youssef; Angela Ligorio; Simona Marianna Sanzani; Franco Nigro; Antonio Ippolito, 2012:
Control of storage diseases of citrus by pre- and postharvest application of salts

Stefanie Kienzle; Pittaya Sruamsiri; Reinhold Carle; Suparat Sirisakulwat; Wolfram Spreer; Sybille Neidhart, 2012:
Harvest maturity detection for ‘Nam Dokmai #4’ mango fruit Mangifera indica L in consideration of long supply chains

Sachs, G.; Moser, E.; Katschnig, H.; Gur, R.C.; Gur, R.E.; Erfurth, A., 2012:
No amygdala attenuation in schizophrenic patients treated with atypical antipsychotics

Ismail, Z.; Nguyen, M-Quan.; Fischer, C.E.; Schweizer, T.A.; Mulsant, B.H., 2012:
Neuroimaging of delusions in Alzheimer's disease

Han, D.Hyun.; Kim, S.Mi.; Lee, Y.Sik.; Renshaw, P.F., 2012:
The effect of family therapy on the changes in the severity of on-line game play and brain activity in adolescents with on-line game addiction

Rapin, L.A.; Dohen, M.; Lœvenbruck, Hélène.; Whitman, J.C.; Metzak, P.D.; Woodward, T.S., 2012:
Hyperintensity of functional networks involving voice-selective cortical regions during silent thought in schizophrenia

Dalby, R.B.; Frandsen, J.; Chakravarty, M.Mallar.; Ahdidan, J.; Sørensen, L.; Rosenberg, R.; Østergaard, L.; Videbech, P., 2012:
Correlations between Stroop task performance and white matter lesion measures in late-onset major depression

Tamm, L.; Barnea-Goraly, N.; Reiss, A.L., 2012:
Diffusion tensor imaging reveals white matter abnormalities in Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder

Boyer, L.; Richieri, R.; Faget, C.; Padovani, R.; Vaillant, F.; Mundler, O.; Lançon, C.; Auquier, P.; Guedj, E., 2012:
Functional involvement of superior temporal sulcus in quality of life of patients with schizophrenia

Newberg, A.B.; Amsterdam, J.D.; Wintering, N.; Shults, J., 2012:
Low brain serotonin transporter binding in major depressive disorder

Liu, Z.; Zhang, Y.; Yan, H.; Bai, L.; Dai, R.; Wei, W.; Zhong, C.; Xue, T.; Wang, H.; Feng, Y.; You, Y.; Zhang, X.; Tian, J., 2012:
Altered topological patterns of brain networks in mild cognitive impairment and Alzheimer's disease: a resting-state fMRI study

Sorrentino, A.; Giosafatto, C.Valeria.L.; Sirangelo, I.; D.S.mone, C.; D.P.erro, P.; Porta, R.; Mariniello, L., 2013:
Higher susceptibility to amyloid fibril formation of the recombinant ovine prion protein modified by transglutaminase

Fujiki, Y.; Yagita, Y.; Matsuzaki, T., 2013 :
Peroxisome biogenesis disorders: molecular basis for impaired peroxisomal membrane assembly: in metabolic functions and biogenesis of peroxisomes in health and disease

Michael, D.R.; Salter, R.C.; Ramji, D.P., 2013:
TGF-β inhibits the uptake of modified low density lipoprotein by human macrophages through a Smad-dependent pathway: a dominant role for Smad-2

Rongfu Tang; Dieter Fritsch; Michael Cramer, 2012:
New rigorous and flexible Fourier self-calibration models for airborne camera calibration

Stijn Temmerman; Mindert, B.D.V.ies; Tjeerd, J.B.uma, 2012:
Coastal marsh die-off and reduced attenuation of coastal floods A model analysis

Knapp, Paul A.; Hadley, Keith S., 2012:
A 3-Year History of Pacific Northwest Windstorms Inferred from Tree Rings

Schäffler, A.; Swilling, M., 2013:
Valuing green infrastructure in an urban environment under pressure — The Johannesburg case

Aske Skovmand Bosselmann, 2012:
Mediating factors of land use change among coffee farmers in a biological corridor

Andrés Rey; Andrés J.N.varo; Mercedes Sahores; M.L.ura Guichón, 2012:
Demographic effects of live shearing on a guanaco population

G.P.ccione; S.C.sella; C.G.annetto; E.G.udice; F.F.zio, 2012:
Utility of acute phase proteins as biomarkers of transport stress in ewes

Debbané, M.; Lazouret, M.; Lagioia, A.; Schneider, M.; Van, D.V.lle, D.; Eliez, S., 2012:
Resting-state networks in adolescents with 22q11.2 deletion syndrome: associations with prodromal symptoms and executive functions

Hooker, C.I.; Bruce, L.; Fisher, M.; Verosky, S.C.; Miyakawa, A.; Vinogradov, S., 2012:
Neural activity during emotion recognition after combined cognitive plus social cognitive training in schizophrenia

Zhang, X.; Cai, Q.; Liu, H.; Heng, B.C.; Peng, H.; Song, Y.; Yang, Z.; Deng, X., 2013:
Osteoconductive effectiveness of bone graft derived from antler cancellous bone: an experimental study in the rabbit mandible defect model

Maria Dorotéia Borges-Santos; Fernando Moreto; Paulo Câmara Marques Pereira; Yong Ming-Yu; Roberto Carlos Burini, 2012:
Plasma glutathione of HIV+ patients responded positively and differently to dietary supplementation with cysteine or glutamine

Olumuyiwa, S.F.lade; Steve, R.A.A.ewusi; Chris, E.H.rwood, 2012:
S–carboxyethylcysteine a constituent of Acacia seed negatively affects casein protein utilization by rats

Joanna Malinowska; Karolina Babicz; Beata Olas; Anna Stochmal; Wieslaw Oleszek, 2012:
Aronia melanocarpa extract suppresses the biotoxicity of homocysteine and its metabolite on the hemostatic activity of fibrinogen and plasma

Juncos, L.I.; Martín, F.L.; Baigorria, S.T.; Pasqualini, Mía.E.; Fiore, Mía.C.; Eynard, A.R.; Juncos, L.A.; García, Néstor.H., 2012:
Atorvastatin improves sodium handling and decreases blood pressure in salt-loaded rats with chronic renal insufficiency

Kim, A.Yeong.; Yoo, S-Young.; Kim, J.Hye.; Eo, H.; Jeon, T.Yeon., 2013:
Currarino syndrome: variable imaging features in three siblings with HLXB9 gene mutation

Laranjeira, C.António., 2012:
Translation and adaptation of the fatigue severity scale for use in Portugal

Giannakopoulos, B.; Gao, L.; Qi, M.; Wong, J.W.; Yu, D.M.; Vlachoyiannopoulos, P.G.; Moutsopoulos, H.M.; Atsumi, T.; Koike, T.; Hogg, P.; Qi, J.C.; Krilis, S.A., 2013:
Factor XI is a substrate for oxidoreductases: enhanced activation of reduced FXI and its role in antiphospholipid syndrome thrombosis

Kawata, K.; Illarionov, P.; Yang, G-Xiang.; Kenny, T.P.; Zhang, W.; Tsuda, M.; Ando, Y.; Leung, P.S.C.; Ansari, A.A.; Eric Gershwin, M., 2013:
Mincle and human B cell function

Valença, E.H.O.; Souza, A.H.O.; Oliveira, A.H.A.; Valença, S.L.; Salvatori, R.; Gonçalves, M.I.R.; Oliveira-Neto, L.A.; Barros, A.D.; Nascimento, U.N.; Oliveira, C.R.P.; Cardoso, D.F.; Melo, V.A.; Aguiar-Oliveira, M.H., 2013:
Voice quality in short stature with and without GH deficiency

Anonymous, 2012:
Neurobehavioral deficits at age 7 years associated with prenatal exposure to toxicants from maternal seafood diet

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Anonymous, 2012:
Taxa de filtracao glomerular que formula devera ser usada em doentes com enfarte agudo do miocardio?

Anonymous, 2012:
Presentation d’un outil original mesurant la qualite des representations motrices en sports de combat  le test specifique d’imagerie du mouvement MIST

Anonymous, 2012:
Atteinte tracheobronchique isolee de la polychondrite atrophiante  interet du TEP-scanner

Anonymous, 2012:
Motifs de consultation thematisee de maladie ungueale  etude prospective

Anonymous, 2012:
Arret cardiaque et anesthesiques locaux

Anonymous, 2012:
Pression tissulaire cerebrale en oxygene  pour quoi faire et pour qui ?

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Anonymous, 2012:
Lipodeme  une entite mal connue

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The Mt Moio eruption Etna Stratigraphy, petrochemistry and 4Ar/39Ar age determination with inferences on the relationship between structural setting and magma intrusion

Anonymous, 2012:
Injection of drug residue as a potential risk factor for HCV acquisition among Montreal young injection drug users

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Lateral vision in horses: a behavioral investigation

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Analysis of rhizospheric bacterial community in soils affected by the formation of calcrete

Anonymous, 2012:
Geoenvironmental characterization of riverbeds affected by mine tailings in the Mazarron district Spain

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Phenolic compounds and plant extracts as potential natural anti-obesity substances

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Evaluation of physicochemical properties of plasma treated brown rice

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Release of wine monoterpenes from natural precursors by glycosidases from Oenococcus oeni

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Identification and quantification of major phenolic compounds from mango Mangifera indica, cv Ataulfo fruit by HPLC–DAD–MS/MS-ESI and their individual contribution to the antioxidant activity during ripening

Anonymous, 2012:
Supercritical fluid extraction and hydrodistillation for the recovery of bioactive compounds from Lavandula viridis L’Her

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Influence of lamb age and high-oxygen modified atmosphere packaging on protein polymerization of long-term aged lamb loins

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The effect of the subunit composition on the thermostability of collagens from the scales of freshwater fish

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Lipid and protein structure analysis of frankfurters formulated with olive oil-in-water emulsion as animal fat replacer

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Shelf-life extension of crucian carp Carassius auratus using natural preservatives during chilled storage

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Distribution and migration study of pesticides between peel and pulp in grape by online gel permeation chromatography–gas chromatography/mass spectrometry

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Determination of industrial pollution effects on citrus honeys with chemometric approach

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Optimisation and validation of a specific analytical method for the determination of thiram residues in fruits and vegetables by LC–MS/MS

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HPLC–MS analyses and bioactivities of novel chemicals in Devil’s club Oplopanax horridus Sm Miq

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A novel chemiluminescence immunoassay of staphylococcal enterotoxin B using HRP-functionalised mesoporous silica nanoparticle as label

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Analysis of the potential allergenicity of traditional apple cultivars by Multiplex Biochip-Based Immunoassay

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Analysis of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in fish Optimisation and validation of microwave-assisted extraction

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A rapid method for simultaneous determination of triterpenoid saponins in Pulsatilla turczaninovii using microwave-assisted extraction and high performance liquid chromatography–tandem mass spectrometry

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Analysis of pesticide residues in seaweeds using matrix solid-phase dispersion and gas chromatography–mass spectrometry detection

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Quantification of total polysaccharides and triterpenoids in Ganoderma lucidum and Ganoderma atrum by near infrared spectroscopy and chemometrics

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Development of competitive enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays for boscalid determination in fruit juices

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Compositional study of different soybean Glycine max L varieties by 1H NMR spectroscopy, chromatographic and spectrometric techniques

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Development and validation of a new LC–MS/MS method for the simultaneous determination of six major ergot alkaloids and their corresponding epimers Application to some food and feed commodities

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Mineral profile of “fino wines using inductively coupled plasma optical emission spectrometry methods

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The integrated risk assessment of transgenic rice Oryza sativa A comparative proteomics approach

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Understanding the rapid spread of System of Rice Intensification SRI in Andhra Pradesh Exploring the building of support networks and media representation

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Do autism spectrum disorders involve a generalized object categorization and identification dysfunction?

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The effect of valsartan and nebivolol treatment on ADMA and pentraxin-3 levels in hypertensive patients

Anonymous, 2012:
Clusters of Pain, Depression and Sleep Disorders among Methadone Maintenance Treatment MMT Patients

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Latent factor structure of a behavioral economic cigarette demand curve in adolescent smokers

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Control and amount of heat dissipation through thermal windows in harbor seals Phoca vitulina

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Use of Suprathel® for partial thickness burns in children

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Development of quality of life scale in Chinese burn patients: cross-cultural adaptation process of burn-specific health scale - brief

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The role of the chemical burns caused by hydroxide ion in the toxicity of dermal exposure to tetramethylammonium ion in a rat model

Anonymous, 2012:
The effect of jaw relaxation on pain anxiety duing burn dressings Randomised clinical trial

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DNA barcoding and phylogeny in the family Mactridae Bivalvia Heterodonta Evidence for cryptic species

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Floral scents of typical Buddleja species with different pollination syndromes

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Molecular diversity and phylogenetic relationships of Pistacia vera, Pistacia atlantica subsp mutica and Pistacia khinjuk using SRAP markers

Anonymous, 2012:
Ensayo clínico controlado de la influencia del entrenamiento aerobico en la tolerancia al ejercicio y los síntomas depresivos en primigestantes colombianas

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Exogenous nitric oxide NO increased antioxidant capacity of cucumber hypocotyl and radicle under salt stress

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Combined effects of irrigation, crop load and fruit position on size, color and firmness of fruits in an extra-early cultivar of peach

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Characterising the genetic diversity of Lithuanian sweet cherry Prunus avium L cultivars using SSR markers

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Isolation and expression analysis of CiNIP5, a citrus boron transport gene involved in tolerance to boron deficiency

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Identification of floral fragrances in tree peony cultivars by gas chromatography–mass spectrometry

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Ivermectin resistance status and factors associated in Rhipicephalus microplus (Acari: Ixodidae) populations from Veracruz, Mexico

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Comparison of three different techniques to diagnose Fasciola hepatica infection in experimentally and naturally infected sheep

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A comparison of four self-report scales of pain intensity in 6- to 8-year-old children

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Cigarette smoking and pain: depressive symptoms mediate smoking-related pain symptoms

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Mindfulness meditation-related pain relief: evidence for unique brain mechanisms in the regulation of pain

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Real-time fMRI applied to pain management

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Cerebral interactions of pain and reward and their relevance for chronic pain

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A dynamic network perspective of chronic pain

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Spinal cord clinical trials and the role for bioengineering

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Combination therapies in the CNS: engineering the environment

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Strategies for restoring vision to the blind: current and emerging technologies

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Impact of crop patterns and cultivation on carbon sequestration and global warming potential in an agricultural freeze zone

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Regional estimation of savanna grass nitrogen using the red-edge band of the spaceborne RapidEye sensor

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Sequence stratigraphy, provenance, C and O isotopic composition, and correlation of the Upper Hornby Bay Group and Lower Dismal Lakes Groups, NWT and Nunavut

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Ecosystem services and integrated water resource management: different paths to the same end?

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Robust optimization approach to regional wastewater system planning

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The Impact of anti-HLA antibodies on allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplantation outcomes after reduced-intensity conditioning regimens

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Quantitative in vivo imaging of embryonic development: opportunities and challenges

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Does the number of rescuers affect the survival rate from out-of-hospital cardiac arrests? Two or more rescuers are not always better than one

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Emergent pediatric thoracotomy following traumatic arrest

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Jasmonates in flower and seed development

Anonymous, 2012:
La planificacion estrategica en las organizaciones sanitarias

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Intrinsic and extrinsic discoloration of dimethacrylate and silorane based composites

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Drosophila CYP6g1 and its human homolog CYP3A4 confer tolerance to methylmercury during development

Anonymous, 2012:
Lambeau musculocutane de grand dorsal a cicatrice unique et palette transversale en reconstruction mammaire

Anonymous, 2012:
L’anatomie chirurgicale du nez en six sous-unites esthetiques

Anonymous, 2012:
Mise au point d’un modele animal original de cicatrice cheloide

Anonymous, 2012:
Le comblement du sillon nasogenien par greffon de fascia temporalis superficialis

Anonymous, 2012:
La lipostructure dans les sequelles de brulures faciales

Anonymous, 2012:
Morsures de chien a la face chez l’enfant  etude retrospective de 77 cas

Anonymous, 2012:
Prise en charge des fentes nasolabiales  problematique a Dakar

Anonymous, 2012:
Application des techniques d’anastomoses de chirurgie vasculaire a la microchirurgie maxillofaciale

Anonymous, 2012:
Évaluation a long terme de la sensibilite du nerf infraorbitaire chez les patients porteurs de fente labiale unilaterale complete apres traitement primaire selon la technique de J Delaire

Anonymous, 2012:
Lambeau total du dos du nez base sur l’artere alaire superieure

Anonymous, 2012:
Regeneration osseuse apres erosion majeure du maxillaire sur implants malaires en silicone Cas clinique

Anonymous, 2012:
La fibromatose agressive faciale chez l’enfant  une localisation frequente d’une tumeur exceptionnelle 

Anonymous, 2012:
Schwannome malin primitif du rameaux buccal superieur du nerf facial

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Bergamottin is a competitive inhibitor of CYP1A1 and is antimutagenic in the Ames test

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Inhibitory effects of Zataria multiflora essential oil and its main components on nitric oxide and hydrogen peroxide production in glucose-stimulated human monocyte

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Protective effect of allicin against acrylamide-induced hepatocyte damage in vitro and in vivo

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Anti-skin cancer properties of phenolic-rich extract from the pericarp of mangosteen (Garcinia mangostana Linn.)

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Anesthetic effects in Alzheimer transgenic mouse models

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Association of MB-COMT polymorphisms with schizophrenia-susceptibility and symptom severity in an African cohort

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Contribution of combined carbohydrates to dissolved and particulate organic carbon after the spring bloom in the northern Bay of Biscay North-Eastern Atlantic Ocean

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Seasonal dynamics of dissolved organic matter on a coastal salinity gradient in the Northern Baltic Sea

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Global doctor opinion versus a patient questionnaire for the outcome assessment of treated temporomandibular disorder patients

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Detection of crestal radiolucencies around dental implants: an in vitro experimental study

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Small and large titanium plates are equally effective for treating mandible fractures

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Manual reduction of mandibular fractures before internal fixation leads to shorter operative duration and equivalent outcomes when compared with reduction with intermaxillary fixation

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Ultrasonic treatment of canine ORNM

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Modelling rock avalanche propagation onto glaciers

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Thrombotic complications associated with stem cell transplantation

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Microcones configured with full-bridge circuits

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Seismic yield displacements of plane moment resisting and x-braced steel frames

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Reducing the need for general anaesthesia in children: use of LAT gel in treating facial lacerations

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Determination of dose rate from Chernobyl-derived radiocaesium in Estonian soil

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Using 137Cs to study spatial patterns of soil erosion and soil organic carbon (SOC) in an agricultural catchment of the typical black soil region, Northeast China

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Urban politics and public policy – Looking back and going forward “Project Renewal in one Israeli city

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Bioelectrical phase angle and impedance vector analysis – Clinical relevance and applicability of impedance parameters

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Final year students' perceptions of learning to be a midwife in six British universities

Anonymous, 2012:
Deficits immunitaires primitifs et cytopenies auto-immunes de l’adulte

Anonymous, 2012:
Une cause inhabituelle d’exophtalmie uni- ou bilaterale  les fistules arterioveineuses carotidocaverneuses Trois observations

Anonymous, 2012:
Le ressenti des patients vis-a-vis d’une corticotherapie orale prolongee influence l’adherence declaree a ce traitement

Anonymous, 2012:
Prise en charge du purpura thrombopenique immunologique en France avant la mise a disposition des agonistes du recepteur a la thrombopoietine

Anonymous, 2012:
Hepatite alcoolique aigue

Anonymous, 2012:
Chirurgie de l’obesite et ses complications

Anonymous, 2012:
L’hepatite virale E  une maladie emergente

Anonymous, 2012:
Systeme nerveux enterique et maladie de Parkinson

Anonymous, 2012:
Maladie de Lyme avec hepatite et corticotherapie  a propos d’une observation

Anonymous, 2012:
Modeles de representations du handicap et leur impact sur les droits des personnes en situation de handicap

Anonymous, 2012:
Marche appareillee chez une patiente paraplegique avec une amputation de jambe unilaterale

Anonymous, 2012:
L’usage de Facebook et les enjeux de l’adolescence  une etude qualitative

Anonymous, 2012:
Sobrecarga oral de glucosa e identificacion de pacientes con riesgo cardiovascular

Anonymous, 2012:
A proposito de la excepcionalidad de las innovaciones farmacologicas para el cancer

Anonymous, 2012:
La denervacion 5-HTergica cortico-frontal induce cambios en la expresion de las subunidades ?4 y ?7 de los receptores de acetilcolina tipo nicotínico en la corteza prefrontal de la rata adulta

Anonymous, 2012:
Implementacion de las guías de practica clínica sobre ictus isquemico agudo en atencion especializada

Anonymous, 2012:
Parametros de marcha en una muestra de referencia de escolares sanos españoles descripcion multivariante y asimetrías entre ciclos izquierdos y derechos

Anonymous, 2012:
Psicosis epileptica periictal, una causa de psicosis reversible

Campdelacreu, J., 2012:
Enfermedad de Parkinson y enfermedad de Alzheimer factores de riesgo ambientales

Carod-Artal, F.J., 2014:
Cefalea de elevada altitud y mal de altura

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Linfomas primarios del sistema nervioso central

Matías-Guiu, J.A.; García-Ramos, R., 2013:
Afasia progresiva primaria del síndrome a la enfermedad

Anonymous, 2012:
Fiabilidad del cuestionario VIDA, para valoracion de Actividades Instrumentales de la Vida Diaria AIVD en personas mayores

Anonymous, 2012:
Estudio de un brote epidemico de ambito poblacional por el virus de la parotiditis G1 en JEREZ de la Frontera

Anonymous, 2012:
Espirometría como metodo de cribado y de intervencion antitabaco en fumadores de alto riesgo en atencion primaria

Anonymous, 2012:
Utilizacion de medicamentos en España y en Europa

Anonymous, 2012:
Comparacion entre tres metodos de medida de la multimorbilidad en funcion del uso de recursos sanitarios en atencion primaria

Anonymous, 2012:
Comunicacion medico-paciente una de las competencias basicas pero diferente

Anonymous, 2012:
Cistectomía radical laparoendoscopica con neovejiga íleal ortotopica a traves de puerto unico umbilical

Flannery, K.; Resnick, B.; Galik, E.; Lipscomb, J.; McPhaul, K., 2013:
Reliability and validity assessment of the job attitude scale

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Effects of dance therapy and ballroom dances on physical and mental illnesses A systematic review

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Areas of Concern in Psychiatric Music Therapy A Descriptive Analysis

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The Use Of Sand Tray Techniques By School Counsellors To Assist Children With Emotional And Behavioural Problems

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Grandiose and vulnerable narcissism from the perspective of the interpersonal circumplex

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Social support mediates the impact of emotional intelligence on mental distress and life satisfaction in Chinese young adults

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Geometry and kinematics of fault-propagation folds with variable interlimb angle

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The Variscan Kasperske Hory orogenic gold deposit, Bohemian Massif, Czech Republic

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The influence of emotional intelligence EI on coping and mental health in adolescen Divergent roles for trait and ability EI

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Men Don’t Just Get Mad; They Get Even Revenge but not Anger Mediates Gender Differences in Physical Aggression

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Meta-analysis of gene expression in the mouse liver reveals biomarkers associated with inflammation increased early during aging

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