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Advantages and disadvantages of bordeaux mixture and of lime-sulphur used on apples in the growing season
Observations on the Umaria marine bed
10 years of hearing conservation in the Royal Air Force
Chocolate crumb - dairy ingredient for milk chocolate
Effect of daily gelatin ingestion on human scalp hair
Comparison of rice bran and maize bran as feeds for growing and fattening pigs
The composition of pampas-grass (Cortaderia argentea.)
The Accraian Series:
The mechanism of the Liebermann-Burchard reaction of sterols and triterpenes and their esters
Cerebrovascular Doppler ultrasound studies (cv-Doppler)
Toria: PT-303 - first national variety
Hair growth promoting activity of tridax procumbens
Productivity of Pekin x Khaki Campbell ducks
A stable cytosolic expression of VH antibody fragment directed against PVY NIa protein in transgenic potato plant confers partial protection against the virus
Solar treatment of wheat loose smut
Swimmers itch in the Lake of Garda
Bactofugation and the Bactotherm process
The effects of prefrontal lobotomy on aggressive behavior in dogs
Visual rating scales for screening whorl-stage corn for resistance to fall armyworm
Breakdown of seamounts at the trench axis, viewed from gravity anomaly
Kooken; pennsylvania's toughest cave
Recovery of new dinosaur and other fossils from the Early Cretaceous Arundel Clay facies (Potomac Group) of central Maryland, U.S.A
Zubor horny (Bison bonasus) v prirodnych podmienkach Slovensku
The extended Widal test in the diagnosis of fevers due to Salmonella infection
Hair of the american mastodon indicates an adaptation to a semi aquatic habitat

List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 36495

Chapter 36495 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Baseline characteristics and follow-up in patients with normal haemodynamics versus borderline mean pulmonary arterial pressure in systemic sclerosis: results from the PHAROS registry
, Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases 71(8): 1335-1342 (2012)

Comprehensive assessment of rheumatoid arthritis susceptibility loci in a large psoriatic arthritis cohort
, Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases 71(8): 1350-1354 (2012)

Differential human leucocyte allele association between psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis: a family-based association study
, Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases 71(8): 1361-1365 (2012)

Performance of classification criteria for peripheral spondyloarthritis and psoriatic arthritis in the Leiden Early Arthritis cohort
, Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases 71(8): 1366-1369 (2012)

Does the change in season affect disease activity in patients with psoriatic arthritis?
, Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases 71(8): 1370-1373 (2012)

A CD4 T cell gene signature for early rheumatoid arthritis implicates interleukin 6-mediated STAT3 signalling, particularly in anti-citrullinated peptide antibody-negative disease
, Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases 71(8): 1374-1381 (2012)

Fra-2 transgenic mice as a novel model of pulmonary hypertension associated with systemic sclerosis
, Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases 71(8): 1382-1387 (2012)

IL-17 and tumour necrosis factor alpha combination induces a HIF-1alpha-dependent invasive phenotype in synoviocytes
, Unknown (2012)

Angiopoietin-2 promotes inflammatory activation of human macrophages and is essential for murine experimental arthritis
, Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases 71(8): 1402-1410 (2012)

SNAPIN: an endogenous Toll-like receptor ligand in rheumatoid arthritis
, Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases 71(8): 1411-1417 (2012)

Treatment with etanercept of autoimmune hepatitis associated with rheumatoid arthritis: an open label proof of concept study
, Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases 71(8): 1423-1424 (2012)

No impact of serum uric acid on the outcome of recent-onset arthritis
, Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases 71(8): 1424-1425 (2012)

Ultrasound detection of calcium pyrophosphate dihydrate crystal deposits in menisci: a pilot in vivo and ex vivo study
, Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases 71(8): 1426-1427 (2012)

High cell surface CD26-associated activities and low plasma adenosine concentration in fibromyalgia
, Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases 71(8): 1427-1428 (2012)

Alcohol consumption protects against arthritis development in seropositive arthralgia patients
, Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases 71(8): 1431-1432 (2012)

Who are the young professionals working in the field of rheumatology in Europe and what are their needs? An EMEUNET (EMerging EUlar NETwork) survey
, Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases 71(8): 1432-1433 (2012)

Dynamics of escaping Earth ejecta and their collision probabilities with different Solar System bodies
, Icarus 220(2) (2012)

Large-scale deformational systems in the South Polar Layered Deposits Promethei Lingula, Mars “Soft-sediment and Deep-Seated Gravitational Slope Deformations Mechanisms
, Icarus 220(2) (2012)

Forward and inverse modeling for jovian seismology
, Icarus 220.2 (2012)

Water vapor in Titan’s stratosphere from Cassini CIRS far-infrared spectra
, Icarus 220(2) (2012)

Mountain torque and its influence on the atmospheric angular momentum on Titan
, Icarus 220(2) (2012)

Influence of solar flare X-rays on the habitability on the Mars
, Icarus 220(2) (2012)

Resonance scattering polarization in the magnetosphere of Mercury
, Icarus 220(2) (2012)

On the “strict homeostasis assumption in ecological stoichiometry
, Ecological Modelling 243(none) (2012)

Effects of different logging schemes on bird communities in tropical forests A simulation study
, Ecological Modelling 243(none) (2012)

Tree mortality in dynamic vegetation models – A key feature for accurately simulating forest properties
, Ecological Modelling 243(none) (2012)

A model for cotton Gossypium hirsutum L fiber length and strength formation considering temperature-radiation and N nutrient effects
, Ecological Modelling 243(none) (2012)

Dispersal-mediated coexistence under recruitment limitation and displacement competition
, Ecological Modelling 243(none) (2012)

Numerical modeling on transition of dominant algae in Lake Kitaura, Japan
, Ecological Modelling 242(none) (2012)

Extending ecological network analysis measures to dynamic ecosystem models
, Ecological Modelling 242(none) (2012)

Liver stiffness measurements in patients with different stages of nonalcoholic fatty liver disease: diagnostic performance and clinicopathological correlation
, Digestive Diseases and Sciences 58(1): 265-274 (2013)

Direct health care insurer and out-of-pocket expenditures of inflammatory bowel disease: evidence from a US national survey
, Digestive Diseases and Sciences 57(12): 3080-3091 (2012)

Factors predisposing metastatic tumor antigen 1 overexpression in hepatitis B virus associated hepatocellular carcinoma
, Digestive Diseases and Sciences 57(11): 2917-2923 (2012)

Hepatic injury due to combined choline-deprivation and thioacetamide administration: an experimental approach to liver diseases
, Digestive Diseases and Sciences 57(12): 3168-3177 (2012)

Life-cycle assessment of continuous pad-dyeing technology for cotton fabrics
, The International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment 18(3): 659-672 (2013)

Economic modelling and indicators in life cycle sustainability assessment
, The International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment 18(9): 1710-1721 (2013)

Improving the integrated hybrid LCA in the upstream scope 3 emissions inventory analysis
, The International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment 18(1): 17-23 (2013)

The enhanced LCA Resources Directory a tool aimed at improving Life Cycle Thinking practices
, The International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment 18(1): 273-277 (2013)

Usefulness of SBA-15 mesoporous ceramics as a delivery system for vancomycin, rifampicin and linezolid: a preliminary report
, International journal of antimicrobial agents 40(3): 252-256 (2012)

In vitro activity of ceftaroline and comparator antimicrobials against European and Middle East isolates from complicated skin and skin-structure infections collected in 28–29
, Unknown (2012)

Synergistic antimicrobial effect against early biofilm formation: micropatterned surface plus antibiotic treatment
, International Journal of Antimicrobial Agents 40(3): 221-226 (2012)

Cross validation with the mood disorder questionnaire (MDQ) of an instrument for the detection of hypomania in Brazil: The 32 item hypomania symptom check-list, first Revision (HCI-32-R1)
, Journal of Affective Disorders 140(3): 215-221 (2012)

The predictive validity of atypical neurovegetative depressive symptoms identified by the first principal component in the DUAG trial of moclobemide versus clomipramine
, Journal of Affective Disorders 140(3): 253-259 (2012)

Gray matter abnormalities in patients with premenstrual dysphoric disorder: an optimized voxel-based morphometry
, Journal of Affective Disorders 140(3): 260-267 (2012)

Interacting with nature improves cognition and affect for individuals with depression
, Journal of Affective Disorders 140(3): 300-305 (2012)

Human pluripotent stem cell-derived hepatocytes support complete replication of hepatitis C virus
, Journal of Hepatology 57(2): 246-251 (2012)

National patterns and predictors of liver biopsy use for management of hepatitis C
, Journal of Hepatology 57(2): 252-259 (2012)

Immediate vs. delayed treatment in patients with acute hepatitis C based on IL28B polymorphism: a model-based analysis
, Journal of Hepatology 57(2): 260-266 (2012)

Urinary neutrophil gelatinase-associated lipocalin as biomarker in the differential diagnosis of impairment of kidney function in cirrhosis
, Journal of Hepatology 57(2): 267-273 (2012)

Severe hyponatremia is a better predictor of mortality than MELDNa in patients with cirrhosis and refractory ascites
, Journal of Hepatology 57(2): 274-280 (2012)

Excessive alcohol consumption after liver transplantation impacts on long-term survival, whatever the primary indication
, Journal of Hepatology 57(2): 306-312 (2012)

An in situ molecular signature to predict early recurrence in hepatitis B virus-related hepatocellular carcinoma
, Journal of Hepatology 57(2): 313-321 (2012)

Increased activity of serum mitochondrial isoenzyme of creatine kinase in hepatocellular carcinoma patients predominantly with recurrence
, Journal of Hepatology 57(2): 330-336 (2012)

M6P/IGF2R modulates the invasiveness of liver cells via its capacity to bind mannose 6-phosphate residues
, Journal of Hepatology 57(2): 337-343 (2012)

Methyl donor deficiency impairs fatty acid oxidation through PGC-1α hypomethylation and decreased ER-α, ERR-α, and HNF-4α in the rat liver
, Journal of Hepatology 57(2): 344-351 (2012)

A survey of patterns of practice and perception of NAFLD in a large sample of practicing gastroenterologists in France
, Journal of Hepatology 57(2): 376-383 (2012)

Modest alcohol consumption is associated with decreased prevalence of steatohepatitis in patients with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD)
, Journal of Hepatology 57(2): 384-391 (2012)

Visceral adiposity index is not a predictor of liver histology in patients with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease
, Journal of Hepatology 57(2): 392-398 (2012)

The use of ceftaroline fosamil in methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus endocarditis and deep-seated MRSA infections a retrospective case series of 1 patients
, Unknown (2012)

Antimicrobial susceptibility and penicillin-binding protein 1 and 2 mutations in Neisseria gonorrhoeae isolated from male urethritis in Sapporo, Japan
, Journal of Infection and Chemotherapy: Official Journal of the Japan Society of ChemoTherapy 19(1): 50-56 (2013)

Bethesda criteria for microsatellite instability testing: impact on the detection of new cases of Lynch syndrome
, Familial Cancer 11(4): 571-578 (2012)

Short time augmented extended Kalman filter for soil analysis a feasibility study
, Atmospheric Science Letters aop(aop) (2012)

Generalized approach for using unbiased symmetric metrics with negative values normalized mean bias factor and normalized mean absolute error factor
, Atmospheric Science Letters aop(aop) (2012)

Quantifying the role of atmospheric rivers in the interior western United States
, Atmospheric Science Letters aop(aop) (2012)

Global height system unification with GOCE a simulation study on the indirect bias term in the GBVP approach
, Journal of Geodesy 87(1): 57-67 (2013)

Robust estimation by expectation maximization algorithm
, Journal of Geodesy 87(2): 107-116 (2013)

The enhancement of biofilm formation in Group B streptococcal isolates at vaginal pH
, Medical Microbiology and Immunology 202(2): 105-115 (2013)

Developmental alterations of the respiratory human retrotrapezoid nucleus in sudden unexplained fetal and infant death
, Autonomic Neuroscience: Basic and Clinical 170(1-2): 12-19 (2012)

Atomistic modeling of protein-DNA interaction specificity: progress and applications
, Current Opinion in Structural Biology 22(4): 397-405 (2012)

Assessment of radionuclidic impurities in cyclotron produced (99m)Tc
, Nuclear Medicine and Biology 39(8): 1286-1291 (2012)

Delirium: its historical evolution and current interpretation
, European Journal of Internal Medicine 23(6): 483-486 (2012)

'Struggling to be an insider': a phenomenological design of new nurses' transition
, Journal of Clinical Nursing 22(5-6): 789-797 (2013)

Tinkering and tailoring individual consultations: how practice nurses try to make cardiovascular risk communication meaningful
, Journal of Clinical Nursing 21(17-18): 2590-2598 (2012)

Addressing incontinence for people with dementia living at home: a documentary analysis of local English community nursing service continence policies and clinical guidance
, Journal of Clinical Nursing 22(3-4): 339-346 (2013)

Role of social support in cognitive function among elders
, Journal of Clinical Nursing 21(15-16): 2118-2125 (2012)

Spirituality and spiritual caring: nurses' perspectives and practice in palliative and acute care environments
, Journal of Clinical Nursing 21(15-16): 2126-2135 (2012)

Tracking the route to sustainability: a service evaluation tool for an advance care planning model developed for community palliative care services
, Journal of Clinical Nursing 21(15-16): 2136-2148 (2012)

Experiences of caregivers of people with Parkinson's disease in Singapore: a qualitative analysis
, Journal of Clinical Nursing 21(15-16): 2235-2246 (2012)

Lifestyle health promotion interventions for the nursing workforce: a systematic review
, Journal of Clinical Nursing 21(15-16): 2247-2261 (2012)

The cross-level impact of patient safety climate on nursing innovation: a cross-sectional questionnaire survey
, Journal of Clinical Nursing 21(15-16): 2262-2274 (2012)

Emotional intelligence as a moderator in the stress-burnout relationship: a questionnaire study on nurses
, Journal of Clinical Nursing 21(15-16): 2275-2285 (2012)

Practice nurses and general practitioners: perspectives on the role and future development of practice nursing in Ireland
, Journal of Clinical Nursing 21(15-16): 2286-2295 (2012)

Oppression and exposure as differentiating predictors of types of workplace violence for nurses
, Journal of Clinical Nursing 21(15-16): 2296-2305 (2012)

Conflict and containment events in inpatient psychiatric units
, Journal of Clinical Nursing 21(15-16): 2306-2315 (2012)

The lived experience of women victims of intimate partner violence
, Journal of Clinical Nursing 21(15-16): 2336-2346 (2012)

People living with serious illness: stories of spirituality
, Journal of Clinical Nursing 21(15-16): 2347-2356 (2012)

Quality of life of individuals with schizophrenia living in the community: relationship to socio-demographic, clinical and psychosocial characteristics
, Journal of Clinical Nursing 21(15-16): 2367-2376 (2012)

Factors affecting the quality of life of middle-aged women suffering Hwa-Byung
, Journal of Clinical Nursing 21(15-16): 2377-2385 (2012)

Gender differences in quality of life after stroke and TIA: a cross-sectional survey of out-patients
, Journal of Clinical Nursing 21(15-16): 2386-2391 (2012)

Force and time gain interact to nonlinearly scale adaptive visual-motor isometric force control
, Experimental Brain Research 221(2): 191-203 (2012)

A new paradigm for human stick balancing: a suspended not an inverted pendulum
, Experimental Brain Research 221(3): 309-328 (2012)

The anti-orienting phenomenon revisited: effects of gaze cues on antisaccade performance
, Experimental Brain Research 221(4): 385-392 (2012)

Contribution of intracortical inhibition in voluntary muscle relaxation
, Experimental Brain Research 221(3): 299-308 (2012)

Electrophysiological evidence for inhibition of return effect in exogenous orienting
, Experimental Brain Research 221(3): 279-285 (2012)

Modulation of event-related desynchronization during motor imagery with transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) in patients with chronic hemiparetic stroke
, Experimental Brain Research 221(3): 263-268 (2012)

Dual modes of extracellular serotonin changes in the rat ventral striatum modulate adaptation to a social stress environment, studied with wireless voltammetry
, Experimental Brain Research 230(4): 583-596 (2013)

Unraveling the interaction between pathological upper limb synergies and compensatory trunk movements during reach-to-grasp after stroke: a cross-sectional study
, Experimental Brain Research 221(3): 251-262 (2012)

Oral hapsis guides accurate hand preshaping for grasping food targets in the mouth
, Experimental Brain Research 221(2): 223-240 (2012)

Parietal double-cone coil stimulation in tinnitus
, Experimental Brain Research 221(3): 337-343 (2012)

Alpha oscillations and the control of voluntary saccadic behavior
, Experimental Brain Research 221(2): 123-128 (2012)

Concurrent adaptation to four different visual rotations
, Experimental Brain Research 221(1): 85-91 (2012)

Training-induced modifications of corticospinal reactivity in severely affected stroke survivors
, Experimental Brain Research 221(2): 211-221 (2012)

Gender invariance and correlates of the drive for leanness scale
, Body Image 9(4): 555-558 (2012)

Attachment, the tripartite influence model, and the development of body dissatisfaction
, Body Image 9(4): 469-475 (2012)

Pressure effects on past regional sea level trends and variability in the German Bight
, Ocean Dynamics 62(8): 1169-1186 (2012)

Forecasting search areas using ensemble ocean circulation modeling
, Ocean Dynamics 62(8): 1245-1257 (2012)

Docking-based 3D-QSAR modeling of the inhibitors of IMP metallo-?-lactamase
, Medicinal Chemistry Research 22(4): 1730-1739 (2013)

Quantitative structure activity relationship analysis of aminoimidazoles as BACE-I inhibitors
, Medicinal Chemistry Research 22(4): 1740-1746 (2013)

Receptor and ligand-based 3D-QSAR study on a series of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs
, Medicinal Chemistry Research 22(4): 1529-1537 (2013)

Experiential Avoidance and Negative Emotional Experiences The Moderating Role of Expectancies About Emotion Regulation Strategies
, Cognitive Therapy and Research 37(2): 352-362 (2013)

Hospital Acquired Pressure Ulcers
, Unknown (2012)

Adolescent pregnancy Problems and consequencies
, Unknown (2012)

Maximizing biomass productivity and cell density of Chlorella vulgaris by using light-emitting diode-based photobioreactor
, Journal of Biotechnology 161(3): 242-249 (2012)

Tandem transformation of glycerol to esters
, Journal of Biotechnology 162(4): 390-397 (2012)

Aerosol capture by small trees in savannas marginal to treeless grassland in South Africa
, Geoderma 189-190: 124-132 (2012)

Hepatitis C virus-specific T cell-derived transforming growth factor beta is associated with slow hepatic fibrogenesis
, Unknown (2012)

The complicated relationships of amino acid substitution in HCV core region and IL28Bgenotype influencing hepatocarcinogenesis
, Unknown (2012)

Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide phosphate oxidase nox in experimental liver fibrosis GKT137831 as a novel potential therapeutic agent
, Unknown (2012)

Prevention of hepatitis B virus-related hepatocellular carcinoma with antiviral therapy
, Hepatology 57(1): 399-408 (2013)

Second infections independently increase mortality in hospitalized cirrhotic patients The nacseld experience
, Unknown (2012)

Performance status in patients with hepatocellular carcinoma Determinants, prognostic impact and ability to improve the BCLC system
, Unknown (2012)

Identification of an intrahepatic transcriptional signature associated with self-limiting infection in the woodchuck model of hepatitis B
, Hepatology 57(1): 13-22 (2013)

Short-term feedback regulation of bile salt uptake by bile salts in rat liver
, Unknown (2012)

Simultaneous knockdown of multiple ligands of innate receptor NKG2D high efficiently prevents NK cell-mediated fulminant hepatitis
, Unknown (2012)

47-jahrige Patientin mit paroxysmaler arterieller Hypertonie und gastralen Raumforderungen
, Unknown (2012)

High-rate Li4Ti5O12/C composites as anode for lithium-ion batteries
, Ionics 19(3): 385-389 (2013)

Influence of methanol impurity in hydrogen on PEMFC performance
, Ionics 19(3): 517-522 (2013)

Electrochemical performance of Mo-doped LiFePO4/C composites prepared by two-step solid-state reaction
, Ionics 19(3): 437-443 (2013)

Part II Effect of high energy proton beam fluence on the electrical studies of lithium gallium phosphate glass electrolyte doped with selenium ions
, Ionics 19(5): 811-822 (2013)

Electrochemical characteristics of Li4 ? xCuxTi5O12 used as anode material for lithium-ion batteries
, Unknown (2012)

Preparation of Si-PPy-Ag composites and their electrochemical performance as anode for lithium-ion batteries
, Ionics 19(3): 401-407 (2013)

Mortality and surgical risk assessment among the extreme old undergoing emergency surgery
, American Journal of Surgery 205(1): 58-63 (2013)

Immunohistochemical localization of beta defensins in the endometrium of rat uterus during the postpartum involution period
, Veterinary Research Communications 36(3): 173-185 (2012)

Sports participation in patients with implantable cardioverter-defibrillators
, Herzschrittmachertherapie and Elektrophysiologie 23(2): 87-93 (2012)

Electrocardiogram interpretation in the athlete
, Herzschrittmachertherapie and Elektrophysiologie 23(2): 65-71 (2012)

The right heart in athletes
, Unknown (2012)

Arrhythmias in the athlete
, Herzschrittmachertherapie and Elektrophysiologie 23(2): 76-81 (2012)

Prevalence and risk factors of hepatitis C among former blood donors in rural China
, International Journal of Infectious Diseases: Ijid: Official Publication of the International Society for Infectious Diseases 16(10): E731-E734 (2012)

Impact of hepatitis B vaccination among children in Guangdong Province, China
, International Journal of Infectious Diseases: Ijid: Official Publication of the International Society for Infectious Diseases 16(9): E692-E696 (2012)

Sympathoinhibitory signals from the gut and obesity-related hypertension
, Clinical Autonomic Research: Official Journal of the Clinical Autonomic Research Society 23(1): 33-39 (2013)

Vestibular-evoked myogenic potential tests in orthostatic dizziness
, Clinical Autonomic Research: Official Journal of the Clinical Autonomic Research Society 22(6): 281-287 (2012)

The basis of synthetic aperture radar interferometry in Hungary
, Geocarto International 28(1): 37-45 (2013)

The evolution of size of the uropygial gland: mutualistic feather mites and uropygial secretion reduce bacterial loads of eggshells and hatching failures of European birds
, Journal of Evolutionary Biology 25(9): 1779-1791 (2012)

A framework for estimating the fixation time of an advantageous allele in stepping-stone models
, Journal of Evolutionary Biology 25(9): 1751-1764 (2012)

Grain of environment explains variation in the strength of genotype × environment interaction
, Journal of Evolutionary Biology 25(9): 1897-1901 (2012)

Transfusion strategies for traumatic coagulopathy
, Blood Reviews 26(5): 223-232 (2012)

Vulnerability assessment of reinforced concrete buildings subjected to seismically triggered slow-moving earth slides
, Landslides (Springer) 10(5): 563-582 (2013)

Immune Challenge and Pre- and Post-copulatory Female Choice in the Cricket Teleogryllus commodus
, Journal of Insect Behavior 26(2): 176-190 (2013)

The effects of age, physical activity level, and body anthropometry on calcaneal speed of sound value in men
, Archives of Osteoporosis 7: 135-145 (2012)

How do osteoporosis patients perceive their illness and treatment? Implications for clinical practice
, Archives of Osteoporosis 7: 115-124 (2012)

Implementation of a protocol facilitates evidence-based physiotherapy practice in intensive care units
, PhysioTherapy 99(2): 139-145 (2013)

Active video games as a form of exercise and the effect of gaming experien a preliminary study in healthy young adults
, Unknown (2012)

Inter-cohort differences in growth, condition and feeding of juvenile anchovy Engraulis encrasicolus in the Gulf of Bejaia Algerian coast, SW Mediterranean Implications for recruitment success
, Fisheries Research (Amsterdam) 129-130: 73-81 (2012)

Bud and shoot structure may relate to the distribution area of South American Proteaceae tree species
, Flora - Morphology, Distribution, Functional Ecology of Plants 207(8) (2012)

Combining field observations and modeling approaches to examine Greenland halibut Reinhardtius hippoglossoides early life ecology in the southeastern Bering Sea
, Journal of Sea Research 75(none) (2013)

Changes in NP stoichiometry influence taxonomic composition and nutritional quality of phytoplankton in the Peruvian upwelling
, Journal of Sea Research 73(none) (2012)

Reconstruction of the moderately atrophic edentulous maxilla with mandibular bone grafts
, Clinical Oral Implants Research 24(11): 1214-1221 (2013)

The natural history of insomnia: focus on prevalence and incidence of acute insomnia
, Journal of Psychiatric Research 46(10): 1278-1285 (2012)

Clinical correlates of social adjustment in patients with obsessive-compulsive disorder
, Journal of Psychiatric Research 46(10): 1286-1292 (2012)

Combining scales to assess suicide risk
, Journal of Psychiatric Research 46(10): 1272-1277 (2012)

Low back pain and postural sway during quiet standing with and without sensory manipulation: a systematic review
, Gait and Posture 37(1): 12-22 (2013)

Gait phase detection and discrimination between walking-jogging activities using hidden Markov models applied to foot motion data from a gyroscope
, Gait and Posture 36(4): 657-661 (2012)

Does an additional load modify the Anticipatory Postural Adjustments in gait initiation?
, Gait and Posture 37(1): 144-146 (2013)

Orbital stability analysis in biomechanics: a systematic review of a nonlinear technique to detect instability of motor tasks
, Gait and Posture 37(1): 1-11 (2013)

Influence of body position on fibularis longus and soleus Hoffmann reflexes
, Gait and Posture 37(1): 138-140 (2013)

Relative risk assessment for ballast-mediated invasions at Canadian Arctic ports
, Biological Invasions 15(2): 295-308 (2013)

Low genetic and morphological differentiation between an introduced population of dunnocks in New Zealand and an ancestral population in England
, Biological Invasions 15(1): 185-197 (2013)

Australian acacias useful and sometimes weedy
, Biological Invasions 14(11): 2229-2233 (2012)

Overestimation of establishment success of non-native birds in Hawaii and Britain
, Biological Invasions 15(2): 249-252 (2013)

Australian acacias weeds or useful trees?
, Biological Invasions 14(11): 2217-2227 (2012)

Natural born killers an invasive amphipod is predatory throughout its life-history
, Biological Invasions 15(2): 309-313 (2013)

Genetic diversity and reproductive mode in two non-native hydromedusae, Maeotias marginata and Moerisia sp, in the upper San Francisco Estuary, California
, Biological Invasions 15(1): 199-212 (2013)

Cardioembolic stroke is frequent in late recurrence after transient ischemic attack
, Journal of Stroke and Cerebrovascular Diseases: the Official Journal of National Stroke Association 22(6): 822-827 (2013)

A randomised, double-blind, multi-centre trial comparing vasopressin and adrenaline in patients with cardiac arrest presenting to or in the Emergency Department
, Resuscitation 83(8): 953-960 (2012)

Impact of a standardized nurse observation protocol including MEWS after Intensive Care Unit discharge
, Resuscitation 84(2): 184-188 (2013)

The PAWPER tape: A new concept tape-based device that increases the accuracy of weight estimation in children through the inclusion of a modifier based on body habitus
, Resuscitation 84(2): 227-232 (2013)

The quality of cardiopulmonary resuscitation using supraglottic airways and intraosseous devices: a simulation trial
, Resuscitation 84(1): 93-97 (2013)

Tertiary centres have improved survival compared to other hospitals in the Copenhagen area after out-of-hospital cardiac arrest
, Resuscitation 84(2): 162-167 (2013)

Mild hypothermia reduces per-ischemic reactive oxygen species production and preserves mitochondrial respiratory complexes
, Resuscitation 84(2): 249-255 (2013)

Out of hospital cardiac arrest in Vienna: incidence and outcome
, Resuscitation 84(1): 42-47 (2013)

Recognition of the time and level of emplacement of the Sillai Patti carbonatite complex, Malakand Division, Northwest Pakistan Constraints from fission-track dating
, Russian Geology and Geophysics 53(8): 736-744 (2012)

Gas reservoirs in the Dead Sea area evidence from chemistry of combustion metamorphic rocks in Nabi Musa fossil mud volcano
, Russian Geology and Geophysics 53(8): 745-762 (2012)

The age of camptonite dikes of the Agardag alkali-basalt complex western Sangilen results of Ar/Ar and U/Pb dating
, Russian Geology and Geophysics 53(8): 763-775 (2012)

New biostratigraphical constraints on the Lower and lower Middle Cambrian of the Kharaulakh Mountains northeastern Siberian Platform, Chekurovka anticline
, Russian Geology and Geophysics 53(8): 776-786 (2012)

Geochemistry of biomarkers and catagenesis of organic matter of Cretaceous and Cenozoic deposits in the Indigirka–Zyryanka basin northeastern Yakutia
, Russian Geology and Geophysics 53(8): 787-797 (2012)

Strain and displacement rates during a large earthquake in the South Baikal region
, Russian Geology and Geophysics 53(8): 798-816 (2012)

High-frequency induction data affected by biopolymer-based drilling fluids
, Russian Geology and Geophysics 53(8): 817-822 (2012)

Effects of a mudcake on Stoneley waves in a fluid-filled porous formation around a borehole
, Russian Geology and Geophysics 53(8): 823-828 (2012)

Impacts of land use changes and synoptic forcing on the seasonal climate over the Pearl River Delta of China
, Atmospheric Environment 60(none) (2012)

Assessment and prediction of air quality using fuzzy logic and autoregressive models
, Atmospheric Environment 60(none) (2012)

NOx and N2O fluxes in a nitrogen-enriched European spruce forest soil under experimental long-term reduction of nitrogen depositions
, Atmospheric Environment 60(none) (2012)

Aerosol hygroscopicity and its impact on atmospheric visibility and radiative forcing in Guangzhou during the 26 PRIDE-PRD campaign
, Unknown (2012)

Hygroscopic behavior of wet dispersed and dry deposited NaNO3 particles
, Atmospheric Environment 60(none) (2012)

Uptake of partially fluorinated alcohols on atmospheric ice surfaces
, Atmospheric Environment 60(none) (2012)

Atmospheric pollutants in Chiang Mai Thailand over a five-year period 25–29, their possible sources and relation to air mass movement
, Unknown (2012)

Data assimilation of surface air pollutants O3 and NO2 in the regional-scale air quality model AURORA
, Atmospheric Environment 60(none) (2012)

Effects of light duty gasoline vehicle emission standards in the United States on ozone and particulate matter
, Atmospheric Environment 60(none) (2012)

A comparative study of traffic related air pollution next to a motorway and a motorway flyover
, Atmospheric Environment 60(none) (2012)

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