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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 36502

Chapter 36502 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

A network-based feature selection approach to identify metabolic signatures in disease
, Journal of Theoretical Biology 310: 216-222 (2012)

A method to distinguish between lysine acetylation and lysine methylation from protein sequences
, Journal of Theoretical Biology 310: 223-230 (2012)

Why the term neonatal encephalopathy should be preferred over neonatal hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy
, American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology 208(3): 176-180 (2013)

Prevalence of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome Among the Privately Insured—United States, 23–28
, Unknown (2012)

Neonatal respiratory morbidity in the early term delivery
, American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology 207(4): 292.E1 (2012)

Management of late-preterm premature rupture of membranes: the PPROMEXIL-2 trial
, American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology 207(4): 276.E1-10 (2012)

Strenuous exercise during pregnancy: is there a limit?
, American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology 207(3): 179.E1 (2012)

HIV peripheral neuropathy progression: protection with glucose-lowering drugs?
, Journal of Neurovirology 18(5): 428-433 (2012)

Production economics in the presence of risk
, Unknown (2012)

Impact of opiate addiction on neuroinflammation in HIV
, Journal of Neurovirology 18(5): 364-373 (2012)

Older people and poverty in rural Britain Material hardships, cultural denials and social inclusions
, Journal of Rural Studies 28(4): 389-397 (2012)

Neuroscience The Mind Inside Our Skull
, Unknown (2012)

Physiology Finding Their Place In the World
, Unknown (2012)

Plant Science Life from a Rooted Perspective
, Unknown (2012)

Natural History From the Belly of a Whale
, Unknown (2012)

Computers MANIACal Roots
, Unknown (2012)

Chemistry. Molecule formation in ultrahigh magnetic fields
, Science 337(6092): 302-303 (2012)

Chemistry. Nanomaterials for drug delivery
, Science 337(6092): 303-305 (2012)

Ecology. The art of ecological modeling
, Science 337(6092): 306-307 (2012)

Applied physics. Spin twists in a transistor
, Science 337(6092): 307-308 (2012)

2.8 million years of Arctic climate change from Lake El'gygytgyn, NE Russia
, Science 337(6092): 315-320 (2012)

Imaging the impact of single oxygen atoms on superconducting Bi(2+y)Sr(2-y)CaCu2O(8+x)
, Science 337(6092): 320-323 (2012)

A paramagnetic bonding mechanism for diatomics in strong magnetic fields
, Science 337(6092): 327-331 (2012)

Sulfate burial constraints on the Phanerozoic sulfur cycle
, Science 337(6092): 331-334 (2012)

Identifying influential and susceptible members of social networks
, Science 337(6092): 337-341 (2012)

Hypoxia triggers meiotic fate acquisition in maize
, Science 337(6092): 345-348 (2012)

Diversity of interaction types and ecological community stability
, Science 337(6092): 349-351 (2012)

LAAT-1 is the lysosomal lysine/arginine transporter that maintains amino acid homeostasis
, Science 337(6092): 351-354 (2012)

Deformations within moving kinetochores reveal different sites of active and passive force generation
, Science 337(6092): 355-358 (2012)

High-resolution protein structure determination by serial femtosecond crystallography
, Science 337(6092): 362-364 (2012)

Detection of significant coronary artery stenosis with cardiac dual-source computed tomography angiography in heart transplant recipients
, Transplant International 25(10): 1065-1071 (2012)

Effects of sotrastaurin, mycophenolic acid and everolimus on human B-lymphocyte function and activation
, Transplant International 25(10): 1106-1116 (2012)

Improvement in renal function in kidney transplant recipients switched from cyclosporine or tacrolimus to belatacept: 2-year results from the long-term extension of a phase II study
, Transplant International 25(10): 1059-1064 (2012)

Therapeutic effect of surfactant inhalation during warm ischemia in an isolated rat lung perfusion model
, Transplant International 25(10): 1096-1105 (2012)

Galactose half-life is a useful tool in assessing prognosis of chronic liver disease in children
, Transplant International 25(10): 1041-1049 (2012)

Surgical prevention and management of vascular complications of kidney transplantation
, Transplant International 25(9): 994-1001 (2012)

An earthquake in a maze
, Unknown (2012)

Strategies to improve renewable energy feedstocks
, Unknown (2012)

Team discovers how western corn rootworm resists crop rotation
, Unknown (2012)

NASA sees Tropical Storm Khanun weakening for South Korea landfall
, Unknown (2012)

Never resting region — mPFC in schizophrenia
, Unknown (2012)

Cardiovascular risk factors during second generation antipsychotic treatment are associated with increased C-reactive protein
, Schizophrenia Research 140(1-3): 169-174 (2012)

Effect of RYR, MFA and MFB on serum lipids and antioxidant activity in rats
, e-SPEN Journal 7(5): e176-e181 (2012)

The implementation of mentalization-based treatment for adolescents: a case study from an organizational, team and therapist perspective
, International Journal of Mental Health Systems 6(1): 10 (2012)

Convergence and divergence in the subterranean realm a reassessment
, Biological Journal of the Linnean Society 107(1) (2012)

The link between dental microwear and feeding ecology in tree sloths and armadillos Mammalia Xenarthra
, Biological Journal of the Linnean Society 107(2) (2012)

Are the liverworts really that old? Cretaceous origins and Cenozoic diversifications in Lepidoziaceae reflect a recurrent theme in liverwort evolution
, Biological Journal of the Linnean Society 107(2) (2012)

Genetic and phenotypic differentiation among Galaxias maculatus populations in a Patagonian postglacial lake system
, Biological Journal of the Linnean Society 107(2) (2012)

A narrow hybrid zone between the grasshoppers Stenobothrus clavatus and Stenobothrus rubicundus courtship song analysis
, Biological Journal of the Linnean Society 107(2) (2012)

Order by disorder in plant signaling
, Trends in Plant Science 17(11): 625-632 (2012)

Proton channels in algae: reasons to be excited
, Trends in Plant Science 17(11): 675-684 (2012)

Mix-and-match: ligand-receptor pairs in stomatal development and beyond
, Trends in Plant Science 17(12): 711-719 (2012)

Fungal superhighways: do common mycorrhizal networks enhance below ground communication?
, Trends in Plant Science 17(11): 633-637 (2012)

Preconditioning with hypercapnic acidosis: hope for the ischemic brain
, Neuroscience Letters 523(1): 1-2 (2012)

Dendritic-targeting interneuron controls spike timing of hippocampal CA1 pyramidal neuron via activation of I(h)
, Neuroscience Letters 523(1): 9-14 (2012)

Effector-specific motor activation modulates verb production
, Neuroscience Letters 523(1): 15-18 (2012)

Effect of low intensity low-frequency stimuli on long-term depression in the rat hippocampus area CA1 in vivo
, Neuroscience Letters 523(1): 24-29 (2012)

Calcium signals induced by FGF-2 in parasympathetic neurons: role of second messenger pathways
, Neuroscience Letters 523(1): 30-34 (2012)

Analysis of ATP13A2 in large neurodegeneration with brain iron accumulation (NBIA) and dystonia-parkinsonism cohorts
, Neuroscience Letters 523(1): 35-38 (2012)

MEK-ERK signaling in adult newt retinal pigment epithelium cells is strengthened immediately after surgical induction of retinal regeneration
, Neuroscience Letters 523(1): 39-44 (2012)

Protective effect of gliclazide on diabetic peripheral neuropathy through Drp-1 mediated-oxidative stress and apoptosis
, Neuroscience Letters 523(1): 45-49 (2012)

Thioredoxin-1 expression regulated by morphine in SH-SY5Y cells
, Neuroscience Letters 523(1): 50-55 (2012)

CD5-positive B cell subsets in secondary progressive multiple sclerosis
, Neuroscience Letters 523(1): 56-61 (2012)

The effect of early attention allocation on location-based attention toward a later threat: an ERP study
, Neuroscience Letters 523(1): 62-66 (2012)

The neural connectivity of the inferior olivary nucleus in the human brain: a diffusion tensor tractography study
, Neuroscience Letters 523(1): 67-70 (2012)

N-linked glycosylation of proline-rich membrane anchor (PRiMA) is not required for assembly and trafficking of globular tetrameric acetylcholinesterase
, Neuroscience Letters 523(1): 71-75 (2012)

High expression of human monocyte iNOS mRNA induced by Paracoccidioides brasiliensis is not associated with increase in NO production
, Microbes and Infection 14(12): 1049-1053 (2012)

Interspecifc variation in eye shape and retinal topography in seven species of galliform bird (Aves: Galliformes: Phasianidae)
, Journal of Comparative Physiology. A Neuroethology Sensory Neural and Behavioral Physiology 198(10): 717-731 (2012)

Effects of suppression and acceptance of sadness on the urge for non-suicidal self-injury and self-punishment
, Psychiatry Research 200(2-3): 404-416 (2012)

Psychopaths lack the automatic avoidance of social threat: relation to instrumental aggression
, Psychiatry Research 200(2-3): 761-766 (2012)

Stigma of Suicide Attempt (STOSA) scale and Stigma of Suicide and Suicide Survivor (STOSASS) scale: two new assessment tools
, Psychiatry Research 200(2-3): 872-878 (2012)

Cognitive and clinical outcomes associated with cannabis use in patients with bipolar I disorder
, Psychiatry Research 200(2-3): 242-245 (2012)

A comparison of two new take-away strategies and their relation to rating and ranking of extrinsic properties of dry cured ham
, Food Quality and Preference 27(1) (2013)

Neophobia, personal consumer values and novel food acceptance
, Food Quality and Preference 27(1) (2013)

The digital revolution and adolescent brain evolution
, Journal of Adolescent Health 51(2): 101-105 (2012)

Individual and contextual determinants of quality of life in adolescents with congenital heart disease
, Journal of Adolescent Health 51(2): 122-128 (2012)

Family influences related to adult substance use and mental health problems: a developmental analysis of child and adolescent predictors
, Journal of Adolescent Health 51(2): 129-135 (2012)

Decomposing the components of friendship and friends' influence on adolescent drinking and smoking
, Journal of Adolescent Health 51(2): 136-143 (2012)

Perceptions of chronicity and recovery among youth in treatment for substance use problems
, Journal of Adolescent Health 51(2): 144-149 (2012)

Parental views of school-located delivery of adolescent vaccines
, Journal of Adolescent Health 51(2): 190-196 (2012)

Emergency centre management of paediatric diarrhoea An overview
, African Journal of Emergency Medicine 3(2): 75-82 (2013)

Orientation among multiple truths An introduction to qualitative research
, African Journal of Emergency Medicine 3(2): 92-99 (2013)

Warning scores in triage – Is there any point?
, African Journal of Emergency Medicine 2(3): 103-107 (2012)

The state of emergency medicine in the United Republic of Tanzania
, African Journal of Emergency Medicine 2(3): 97-102 (2012)

Chewing the fat A case report on intravenous lipid emulsion to reverse cardiotoxicity from intentional amitriptyline overdose
, African Journal of Emergency Medicine 2(4): 159-162 (2012)

First aid knowledge and application among commercial inter-city drivers in Nigeria
, African Journal of Emergency Medicine 2(3): 108-113 (2012)

Leishmania amazonensis fails to induce the release of reactive oxygen intermediates by CBA macrophages
, Parasite Immunology 34(10): 492-498 (2012)

Organic accumulation in the lower Chihsia Formation Middle Permian of South China Constraints from pyrite morphology and multiple geochemical proxies
, Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology 353 355: 73-86 (2012)

Belemnite taphonomy Upper Jurassic, Western Tethys Part II fossil-diagenetic analysis including combined petrographic and geochemical techniques
, Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology 358-360: 89-108 (2012)

Tectonostratigraphic terrane relationships A glimpse into the Caribbean under a cladistic approach
, Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology 353-355: 87-92 (2012)

Taphonomy and palaeoecology of high-stress benthic associations from the Upper Jurassic of Asturias, northern Spain
, Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology 358 360: 1-18 (2012)

Are there multiple memory systems? Tests of models of implicit and explicit memory
, The Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology 65(8): 1449-1474 (2012)

The effect of budesonide/formoterol maintenanceand reliever therapy on the risk of severe asthmaexacerbations following episodes of high relieveruse an exploratory analysis of two randomised,controlled studies with comparisons to standardtherapy
, Unknown (2012)

Synergistic protection against hyperoxia-induced lung injury by neutrophils blockade and EC-SOD overexpression
, Respiratory Research 13: 58 (2012)

Congenital Dermal Sinus with Triple Ostia An Unusual Presentation
, Indian Journal of Pediatrics 80(12): 1071 (2013)

Successful use of low molecular weight heparin in intracardiac thrombus of an extremely low birth weight infant
, Indian Journal of Pediatrics 80(9): 779-780 (2013)

Cystic fibrosis presenting with neonatal cholestasis simulating biliary atresia in a patient with a novel mutation
, Indian Journal of Pediatrics 80(6): 502-504 (2013)

Pharyngocutaneous fistula following total laryngectomy: multivariate analysis of risk factors
, European Archives of Oto-Rhino-Laryngology 270(1): 173-179 (2013)

Evaluation of round window accessibility to cochlear implant insertion
, European Archives of Oto-Rhino-Laryngology 270(4): 1237-1242 (2013)

Structured clinical assessment of the ear, nose and throat in patients with granulomatosis with polyangiitis (Wegener's)
, European Archives of Oto-Rhino-Laryngology 270(1): 345-354 (2013)

Cancer cachexia alters intracellular surfactant metabolism but not total alveolar surface area
, Histochemistry and Cell Biology 138(5): 803-813 (2012)

Laminin induced local axonal translation of β-actin mRNA is impaired in SMN-deficient motoneurons
, Histochemistry and Cell Biology 138(5): 737-748 (2012)

Immunohistological study of small Rho GTPases and β-catenin during regeneration of the rat submandibular gland
, Journal of Molecular Histology 43(6): 751-759 (2012)

How obstructing is an obstacle? The influence of starting posture on obstacle avoidance
, Acta Psychologica 141(1): 1-8 (2012)

A matter of time: antecedents of one-reason decision making based on recognition
, Acta Psychologica 141(1): 9-16 (2012)

Parafoveal semantic information extraction in traditional Chinese reading
, Acta Psychologica 141(1): 17-23 (2012)

The perception and representation of orientations: a study in the haptic modality
, Acta Psychologica 141(1): 24-30 (2012)

Heavy metal concentrations in some commercially important fishes and their contribution to heavy metals exposure in Palestinian people of Gaza Strip Palestine
, Journal of the Association of Arab Universities for Basic and Applied Sciences 13(1): 44-51 (2013)

Lactoferrin restrains allergen-induced pleurisy in mice
, Inflammation Research 61(11): 1247-1255 (2012 )

Serum vitronectin levels in patients with Behcet’s disease
, Unknown (2012)

Combined use of etanercept and MTX restores CD4⁺/CD8⁺ ratio and Tregs in spleen and thymus in collagen-induced arthritis
, Inflammation Research 61(11): 1229-1239 (2012)

Les pachymeningites intracraniennes  aspects TDM et IRM
, Unknown (2012)

Localization and expression of inducible nitric oxide synthase in patients after BCG treatment for bladder cancer
, Nitric Oxide 27(3): 185-191 (2012)

Relative dispersion in a single realization of divergent flow
, Deep Sea Research Part II: Topical Studies in Oceanography 85: 6-14 (2013)

Formation and erosion of the seasonal thermocline in the Kuroshio Extension Recirculation Gyre
, Deep Sea Research Part II: Topical Studies in Oceanography 85: 62-74 (2013)

Foraging strategies of Southern sea lion females in the La Plata River Estuary Argentina-Uruguay
, Deep Sea Research Part II: Topical Studies in Oceanography (2012)

Assessment of trophic dynamics of cephalopods and large pelagic fishes in the central North Atlantic Ocean using stable isotope analysis
, Deep Sea Research Part II: Topical Studies in Oceanography 95: 63-73 (2013)

The complexity of adverse side-effects to biological agents
, Journal of Crohn's and Colitis 7(4): 257-262 (2013)

Anti-tumor necrosis factor-α induced systemic lupus erythematosus in a patient with metastatic Crohn's disease--what is the role of anti-TNF antibody?
, Journal of Crohn's and Colitis 7(4): E143 (2013)

Schizandrin prevents dexamethasone-induced cognitive deficits
, Neuroscience Bulletin 28(5): 532-540 (2012)

Intraoperative radiation therapy with the photon radiosurgery system in locally advanced and recurrent rectal cancer: retrospective review of the Cleveland clinic experience
, Radiation Oncology 7: 110-110 (2012)

Assessing the effects of urbanization on annual runoff and flood events using an integrated hydrological modelling system for Qinhuai River basin, China
, Unknown (2012)

Incentives to Adopt Irrigation Water Saving Measures for Wetlands Preservation An Integrated Basin Scale Analysis
, Journal of Hydrology 464-465(none) (2012)

ANN Based Inversion of DC resistivity data for groundwater exploration in hard rock terrain of western Maharashtra India
, Journal of Hydrology 464-465(none) (2012)

Microflowmeter-tension disc infiltrometer Part I Measurement of the transient infiltration rate
, Journal of Hydrology 466-467(none) (2012)

Selection of hydrologic modeling approaches for climate change assessment; a comparison of model scale and structures
, Journal of Hydrology 464-465(none) (2012)

A flow cytometry based assay for the enumeration of regulatory T cells in whole blood
, Journal of Immunological Methods 390(1-2): 121-126 (2013)

Investigation on PLK2 and PLK3 substrate recognition
, Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 1824(12): 1366-1373 (2012)

Redox regulation of protein tyrosine phosphatase activity by hydroxyl radical
, Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 1834(1): 464-469 (2013)

Prediction of heparin binding sites in bone morphogenetic proteins (BMPs)
, Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 1824(12): 1374-1381 (2012)

Profound conformational changes of PED/PEA-15 in ERK2 complex revealed by NMR backbone dynamics
, Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 1824(12): 1382-1393 (2012)

Environmental change and cultural dynamics of Holocene Hunter–Gatherers in Northeast Asia Comparative analyses and research potentials in Cis-Baikal Siberia and Hokkaido Japan
, Unknown (2012)

Characteristics of the East Asian Summer Monsoon in the South Sea of Korea during the Little Ice Age
, Quaternary International 286: 36-44 (2013)

Mammuthus primigenius in the cave and portable art An overview with a short account on the elephant fossil record in Southern Europe during the last glacial
, Quaternary International 276-277: 61-76 (2012)

Electron spin resonance dating of the late Quaternary megafauna fossils from Baixa Grande, Bahia, Brazil
, Quaternary International 305: 91-96 (2013)

Levallois and non-Levallois blade production at Shuidonggou Province of Ningxia, North China
, Unknown (2012)

Chemical analyses of archaeological sediments identified the ancient activity areas of an iron age building at Rotzo Vicenza, Italy
, Quaternary International 289: 101-112 (2013)

De Levi-Strauss a Lacan et retour
, Unknown (2012)

Anaerobic Metabolism in Tidal Freshwater Wetlands I Plant Removal Effects on Iron Reduction and Methanogenesis
, Estuaries and Coasts 36(3): 457-470 (2013)

Detection and Classification of Phytoplankton Deposits Along an Estuarine Gradient
, Estuaries and Coasts 35(6): 1361-1375 (2012)

Systematic review of the impact of urinary tract infections on health-related quality of life
, Bju International 110(11 Pt C): E830 (2012)

Outcomes and prognostic factors in patients with a single lymph node metastasis at time of radical cystectomy
, Bju International 111(1): 74-84 (2013)

Significance of the Cgl1427 gene encoding cytidylate kinase in microaerobic growth of Corynebacterium glutamicum
, Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology 97(3): 1259-1267 (2013)

Comparison of prominent Azospirillum strains in Azospirillum-Pseudomonas-Glomus consortia for promotion of maize growth
, Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology 97(10): 4639-4649 (2013)

Molecular cloning, purification, and characterization of a novel polyMG-specific alginate lyase responsible for alginate MG block degradation in Stenotrophomas maltophilia KJ-2
, Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology 95(6): 1643-1653 (2012)

Cloning, expression, and functional analysis of molecular motor pilT and pilU genes of type IV pili in Acidithiobacillus ferrooxidans
, Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology 97(3): 1251-1257 (2013)

Health status of seabirds and coastal birds found atthe German North Sea coast
, Unknown (2012)

Modulation of fatty acid transport and metabolism by maternal obesity in the human full-term placenta
, Biology of Reproduction 87(1): 14 1 (2012)

Equine cloning: in vitro and in vivo development of aggregated embryos
, Biology of Reproduction 87(1): 15 1-9 (2012)

Thyroid hormone limits postnatal Sertoli cell proliferation in vivo by activation of its alpha1 isoform receptor (TRalpha1) present in these cells and by regulation of Cdk4/JunD/c-myc mRNA levels in mice
, Biology of Reproduction 87(1): 16 1-9 (2012)

Sphingomyelinase activity in mother's milk is essential for juvenile development: a case from lactating tsetse flies
, Biology of Reproduction 87(1): 17 1 (2012)

Plasma clearance and half-life of prostaglandin F2alpha: a comparison between mares and heifers
, Biology of Reproduction 87(1): 18 1-6 (2012)

Schwannoma in the floor of the mouth A case report and clinicopathological studies of 1 cases in the oral region
, Unknown (2012)

A comparative evaluation of the outcome of treating condylar fractures with the mini retromandibular and the preauricular approaches
, Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Medicine, and Pathology (2012)

Anti-tumor chemotherapeutic agents induce developmental disorders of tooth germ
, Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Medicine and Pathology 24(4) (2012)

Electric Load Forecasting for Western Canada A Comparison of Two Non-Linear Methods
, Atmosphere-Ocean 50(3): 352-363 (2012)

Detection and treatment of subclinical tuberculosis
, Tuberculosis 92(6): 447-452 (2012)

Cellular auxin homeostasis: gatekeeping is housekeeping
, Molecular Plant 5(4): 772-786 (2012)

The role of PIN auxin efflux carriers in polar auxin transport and accumulation and their effect on shaping maize development
, Molecular Plant 5(4): 787-798 (2012)

Coordination of plastid and light signaling pathways upon development of Arabidopsis leaves under various photoperiods
, Molecular Plant 5(4): 799-816 (2012)

Repression of the Arabidopsis thaliana jasmonic acid/ethylene-induced defense pathway by TGA-interacting glutaredoxins depends on their C-terminal ALWL motif
, Molecular Plant 5(4): 831-840 (2012)

Extracellular ATP Promotes Stomatal Opening of Arabidopsis thaliana through Heterotrimeric G Protein alpha Subunit and Reactive Oxygen Species
, Unknown (2012)

Identification of quantitative trait Loci for lipid metabolism in rice seeds
, Molecular Plant 5(4): 865-875 (2012)

Studies on differential nuclear translocation mechanism and assembly of the three subunits of the Arabidopsis thaliana transcription factor NF-Y
, Molecular Plant 5(4): 876-888 (2012)

A comparative miRNAome analysis reveals seven fiber initiation-related and 36 novel miRNAs in developing cotton ovules
, Molecular Plant 5(4): 889-900 (2012)

Role of 9-Lipoxygenase and alpha-Dioxygenase Oxylipin Pathways as Modulators of Local and Systemic Defense
, Unknown (2012)

The Arabidopsis homolog of the mammalian OS-9 protein plays a key role in the endoplasmic reticulum-associated degradation of misfolded receptor-like kinases
, Molecular Plant 5(4): 929-940 (2012)

Molecular body imaging: MR imaging, CT, and US. Part II. Applications
, Radiology 264(2): 349-368 (2012)

Benefit of semiannual ipsilateral mammographic surveillance following breast conservation therapy
, Radiology 264(2): 371-377 (2012)

Breast cancer: missed interval and screening-detected cancer at full-field digital mammography and screen-film mammography-- results from a retrospective review
, Radiology 264(2): 378-386 (2012)

Gadolinium accumulation and fibrosis in the liver after administration of gadoxetate disodium in a rat model of active hepatic fibrosis
, Radiology 264(2): 423-427 (2012)

Low contrast agent and radiation dose protocol for hepatic dynamic CT of thin adults at 256-detector row CT: effect of low tube voltage and hybrid iterative reconstruction algorithm on image quality
, Radiology 264(2): 445-454 (2012)

Diffusion-weighted MR imaging for the regional characterization of liver tumors
, Radiology 264(2): 464-472 (2012)

Reducing error and improving efficiency during vascular interventional radiology: implementation of a preprocedural team rehearsal
, Radiology 264(2): 473-483 (2012)

Ultrashort-echo time MR imaging of the patella with bicomponent analysis: correlation with histopathologic and polarized light microscopic findings
, Radiology 264(2): 484-493 (2012)

Factors associated with meniscal extrusion in knees with or at risk for osteoarthritis: the Multicenter Osteoarthritis study
, Radiology 264(2): 494-503 (2012)

Lesions of the biceps pulley: diagnostic accuracy of MR arthrography of the shoulder and evaluation of previously described and new diagnostic signs
, Radiology 264(2): 504-513 (2012)

Sequential MR imaging of denervated and reinnervated skeletal muscle as correlated to functional outcome
, Radiology 264(2): 522-530 (2012)

Pulmonary lesion assessment: comparison of whole-body hybrid MR/PET and PET/CT imaging--pilot study
, Radiology 264(2): 551-558 (2012)

Prognostic value of whole-body total lesion glycolysis at pretreatment FDG PET/CT in non-small cell lung cancer
, Radiology 264(2): 559-566 (2012)

Adenocarcinomas with predominant ground-glass opacity: correlation of morphology and molecular biomarkers
, Radiology 264(2): 590-596 (2012)

Transseptal guidewire stabilization for device closure of a large pulmonary arteriovenous malformation
, Cardiovascular and Interventional Radiology 36(3): 829-833 (2013)

Mechanical revascularization for acute ischemic stroke: a single-center, retrospective analysis
, Cardiovascular and Interventional Radiology 36(2): 338-345 (2013)

Portal vein embolization before liver resection: a systematic review
, Cardiovascular and Interventional Radiology 36(1): 25-34 (2013)

Afamin secreted from nonresorbing osteoclasts acts as a chemokine for preosteoblasts via the Akt-signaling pathway
, Bone 51(3): 431-440 (2012)

Small-for-gestational-age preterm-born infants already have lower bone mass during early infancy
, Bone 51(3): 441-446 (2012)

Dynamic hydraulic flow stimulation on mitigation of trabecular bone loss in a rat functional disuse model
, Bone 51(4): 819-825 (2012)

Suture compression induced bone resorption with intensified MMP-1 and 13 expressions
, Bone 51(4): 695-703 (2012)

Vaginally inserted herbs causing vesico-vaginal fistula and vaginal stenosis
, International Urogynecology Journal 24(6): 1057-1058 (2013)

Provenance variations in the Late Paleozoic accretionary complex of central Chile as indicated by detrital zircons
, Congres Geologique International, Resumes 34: 3483 (2012)

From back-arc to rifted margin Geochemical and Nd isotopic records in Neoproterozoic?-Cambrian metabasites of the Bystrzyckie and Orlickie Mountains Sudetes, SW Poland
, Gondwana Research 23(3): 1104-1121 (2013)

A Calculator for Prostate Cancer Risk 4 Years After an Initially Negative Screen: Findings from ERSPC Rotterdam
, European Urology 63(4): 627-633 (2013)

A population-based assessment of germline HOXB13 G84E mutation and prostate cancer risk
, European Urology 65(1): 169-176 (2014)

Giant splenic artery aneurysm: A rare but potentially catastrophic surgical challenge
, International Journal of Surgery Case Reports 3(11): 533-536 (2012)

Gastric carcinoma with osteoblastic differentiation
, International Journal of Surgery Case Reports 3(11): 516-519 (2012)

Living in in-between spaces A structure-agency analysis of the India–China and India–Bangladesh borderlands
, Cities 34: 18-29 (2013)

Cities in Asia, 212 Demographics, economics, poverty, environment and governance
, Cities 29: S44-S61 (2012)

India’s urbanization and business attractiveness by 22
, Cities 31: 412-416 (2013)

Remote identification of a shipwreck site from MBES backscatter
, Journal of Environmental Management 111: 44-52 (2012)

Recovery of iron oxides from acid mine drainage and their application as adsorbent or catalyst
, Journal of Environmental Management 111: 53-60 (2012)

Assessment of salinity intrusion in the James and Chickahominy Rivers as a result of simulated sea-level rise in Chesapeake Bay, East Coast, USA
, Journal of Environmental Management 111: 61-69 (2012)

Mechanisms of in vitro resistance to dihydroartemisinin in Plasmodium falciparum
, Molecular Microbiology 86(1): 111-128 (2012)

Double locking of an Escherichia coli promoter by two repressors prevents premature colicin expression and cell lysis
, Molecular Microbiology 86(1): 129-139 (2012)

Structural insight in histo-blood group binding by the F18 fimbrial adhesin FedF
, Molecular Microbiology 86(1): 82-95 (2012)

The coming of age of the LeuO regulator
, Molecular Microbiology 85(6): 1026-1028 (2012)

Four chromosome replication origins in the archaeon Pyrobaculum calidifontis
, Molecular Microbiology 85(5): 986-995 (2012)

Overexpression of the rhodanese PspE, a single cysteine-containing protein, restores disulphide bond formation to an Escherichia coli strain lacking DsbA
, Molecular Microbiology 85(5): 996-1006 (2012)

Transport and Retention of Fullerene nC6 Nanoparticles in Unsaturated Porous Media Effects of Solution Chemistry and Solid Phase Coating
, Journal of Contaminant Hydrology 138-139: 104-112 (2012)

Metabolomic fingerprinting employing DART-TOFMS for authentication of tomatoes and peppers from organic and conventional farming
, Food Additives and Contaminants. Part A Chemistry Analysis Control Exposure and Risk Assessment 29(9): 1335-1346 (2012)

On the Cognitive Benefits of Cultural Experience Exploring the Relationship between Studying Abroad and Creative Thinking
, Applied Cognitive Psychology 26(5) (2012)

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Form your own club, Pluto
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Great white sharks threatened species status threatened
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Tiny drones learn to fly inside
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Broadband metering could hit homes
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Gorgeous snub-nosed monkey with the face of a god
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‘The countryside is angry’ emotion and explanation in protest mobilizationLe paysage est en colere lemotion et lexplication dans la mobilisation des manifestations‘El campo esta enojado’ emocion y explanacion en la movilizacion de protesta
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BUSM researchers identify genetic markers for testosterone, estrogen level regulation
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Dominant deer hinds choose the best food
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Cell research opens new avenues in combating neurodegenerative diseases
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Stem cell research aids understanding of cancer
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Beneficial bacteria may help ward off infection
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Blood vessel forming potential of stem cells from human placenta and umbilical cord blood
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Virus discovered in Cultus Lake sport fish
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International cloud researchers meet in Leipzig
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Stroke caregivers are at risk for depression
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ECGs administered by paramedics can speed treatment for severe heart attacks
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Treatment effective in patients with milder OSA and daytime sleepiness
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The first reported case of non-compacted cardiomyopathy in a preterm infant with Ebsteins anomaly
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An unusual cause of a non-functioning stoma in an 87-year-old gentleman
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Fulminant inflammatory neuropathy mimicking cerebral death
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A rare genetic disorder causing persistent severe neonatal hypoglycaemia the diagnostic workup
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Sclerochoroidal calcification associated with Albrights hereditary osteodystrophy
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Cryptogenic stroke in low-risk patients, consider a cardiac shunt at your peril
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Hand-biting and hand-waving paroxysms in epilepsy
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Successful salvage using combined radiation and ABMT for patients with recurrent CNS NGGCT following failed initial transplant
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Silicon granuloma mimicking lung cancer
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IVIG treatment for VZV-related acute inflammatory polyneuropathy in a child
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Unusual cause of small bowel obstruction in an autistic child
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Cranial neuropathy because of IgG4-related pachymeningitis; intracranial and spinal mass lesions
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Ophthalmic manifestations of atypical IgD multiple myeloma
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Bloody nipple discharge in infancy--report of two cases
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Radiotherapy is effective for a primary lung cancer invading the left atrium
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Polysling skin pressure necrosis--a complication of shoulder immobilisation
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Inflammatory pathway spurs cancer stem cells to resist HER2-targeted breast cancer treatment
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