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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 36548

Chapter 36548 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Pei-Ying Wu; Keng-F.H.u; Chiung-Hsin Chang; Fong-Ming Chang, 2012:
Ultrasonographic Diagnosis and Treatment of a Giant Uterine Cervical Nabothian Cyst

I-Wen Lee; Chiung-Hsin Chang; Yueh-Chin Cheng; Huei-Chen Ko; Fong-Ming Chang, 2012:
A Review of Three-dimensional Ultrasound Applications in Fetal Growth Restriction

Grimmer, M.K.; John Foulkes, M.; Paveley, N.D., 2013:
Foliar pathogenesis and plant water relations: a review

Heun, M.; Abbo, S.; Lev-Yadun, S.; Gopher, A., 2013:
A critical review of the protracted domestication model for Near-Eastern founder crops: linear regression, long-distance gene flow, archaeological, and archaeobotanical evidence

Zografos, B.R.; Sung, S., 2013:
Vernalization-mediated chromatin changes

Gao, S.; Wang, G., 2013:
The enhancement of cyclic electron flow around photosystem I improves the recovery of severely desiccated Porphyra yezoensis (Bangiales, Rhodophyta)

Mur, L.A.J.; Sivakumaran, A.; Mandon, J.; Cristescu, S.M.; Harren, F.J.M.; Hebelstrup, K.H., 2013:
Haemoglobin modulates salicylate and jasmonate/ethylene-mediated resistance mechanisms against pathogens

Anonymous, 2012:
Comprehending crystalline beta-carotene accumulation by comparing engineered cell models and the natural carotenoid-rich system of citrus

D.G.sperini; A.G.eenland; P.H.dden; R.D.eos; W.H.rwood; S.G.iffiths, 2012:
Genetic and physiological analysis of Rht8 in bread wheat an alternative source of semi-dwarfism with a reduced sensitivity to brassinosteroids

Xiong, H.; Kobayashi, T.; Kakei, Y.; Senoura, T.; Nakazono, M.; Takahashi, H.; Nakanishi, H.; Shen, H.; Duan, P.; Guo, X.; Nishizawa, N.K.; Zuo, Y., 2013:
AhNRAMP1 iron transporter is involved in iron acquisition in peanut

Elhiti, M.; Yang, C.; Chan, A.; Durnin, D.C.; Belmonte, M.F.; Ayele, B.T.; Tahir, M.; Stasolla, C., 2013:
Altered seed oil and glucosinolate levels in transgenic plants overexpressing the Brassica napus SHOOTMERISTEMLESS gene

Yue, H.; Nie, S.; Xing, D., 2013:
Over-expression of Arabidopsis Bax inhibitor-1 delays methyl jasmonate-induced leaf senescence by suppressing the activation of MAP kinase 6

Pasqualini, S.; Reale, L.; Calderini, O.; Pagiotti, R.; Ederli, L., 2013:
Involvement of protein kinases and calcium in the NO-signalling cascade for defence-gene induction in ozonated tobacco plants

Ampomah-Dwamena, C.; Dejnoprat, S.; Lewis, D.; Sutherland, P.; Volz, R.K.; Allan, A.C., 2013:
Metabolic and gene expression analysis of apple (Malus x domestica) carotenogenesis

Sánchez-Linares, L.; Gavilanes-Ruíz, M.; Díaz-Pontones, D.; Guzmán-Chávez, F.; Calzada-Alejo, V.; Zurita-Villegas, V.; Luna-Loaiza, V.; Moreno-Sánchez, R.; Bernal-Lugo, I.; Sánchez-Nieto, S., 2013:
Early carbon mobilization and radicle protrusion in maize germination

Roumeliotis, E.; Kloosterman, B.; Oortwijn, M.; Kohlen, W.; Bouwmeester, H.J.; Visser, R.G.F.; Bachem, C.W.B., 2013:
The effects of auxin and strigolactones on tuber initiation and stolon architecture in potato

Ganesan, G.; Sankararamasubramanian, H.M.; Harikrishnan, M.; Ganpudi, A.; Ashwin, G.; Parida, A., 2013:
A MYB transcription factor from the grey mangrove is induced by stress and confers NaCl tolerance in tobacco

Smillie, I.R.A.; Pyke, K.A.; Murchie, E.H., 2013:
Variation in vein density and mesophyll cell architecture in a rice deletion mutant population

Barros, P.M.; Gonçalves, N.; Saibo, N.J.M.; Oliveira, M.Margarida., 2013:
Cold acclimation and floral development in almond bud break: insights into the regulatory pathways

Cambra, I.; Martinez, M.; Dáder, B.; González-Melendi, P.; Gandullo, J.; Santamaría, M.Estrella.; Diaz, I., 2013:
A cathepsin F-like peptidase involved in barley grain protein mobilization, HvPap-1, is modulated by its own propeptide and by cystatins

Kukavica, B.M.; Veljovicc-Jovanovicc, S.D.; Menckhoff, L.; Lüthje, S., 2013:
Cell wall-bound cationic and anionic class III isoperoxidases of pea root: biochemical characterization and function in root growth

Usman, J.; McIntosh, A.Stuart., 2013:
Upper limb injury in rugby union football: results of a cohort study

Ruedl, G.; Kopp, M.; Burtscher, M., 2013:
Is ski helmet legislation more effective than education?

Eirale, C.; Tol, J.L.; Farooq, A.; Smiley, F.; Chalabi, H., 2014:
Low injury rate strongly correlates with team success in Qatari professional football

Levine, Laura E.; Waite, Bradley M.; Bowman, Laura L., 2012:
Mobile Media Use, Multitasking and Distractibility

Anonymous, 2012:
Cell Phone Use Leads to Brain Tumors

Anonymous, 2012:
Driven by a Social and Interactional Routine

Anonymous, 2012:
Effects of Mobile Devices and Text Messages

Anonymous, 2012:

Anonymous, 2012:
Supporting the Assembly Process by Leveraging Augmented Reality, Cloud Computing, and Mobile Devices

Dreger, C.; Zhang, Y., 2013:
Is there a Bubble in the Chinese Housing Market?

Waters, T.E.A.; Shallcross, J.F.; Fivush, R., 2013:
The many facets of meaning making: comparing multiple measures of meaning making and their relations to psychological distress

Banks, M.V.; Salmon, K., 2013:
Reasoning about the self in positive and negative ways: relationship to psychological functioning in young adulthood

Cohen, A-Lisa.; Jaudas, A.; Hirschhorn, E.; Sobin, Y.; Gollwitzer, P.M., 2013:
The specificity of prospective memory costs

Rummel, J.; Einstein, G.O.; Rampey, H., 2013:
Implementation-intention encoding in a prospective memory task enhances spontaneous retrieval of intentions

Tekcan, A.İ.; Kaya-Kızılöz, B.; Odaman, H., 2013:
Life scripts across age groups: a comparison of adolescents, young adults, and older adults

Lilgendahl, J.Pals.; McLean, K.C.; Mansfield, C.D., 2013:
When is meaning making unhealthy for the self? The roles of neuroticism, implicit theories, and memory telling in trauma and transgression memories

, O.Univ. Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Wolfhard Wegscheider, 2012:
Modern Methods of Analysis in Mineral Raw Materials Industry

Spaggiari, E.; Heidet, L.; Grange, G.; Guimiot, F.; Dreux, S.; Delezoide, A-Lise.; Muller, Fçoise., 2013:
Prognosis and outcome of pregnancies exposed to renin-angiotensin system blockers

Pajkrt, E.; Cicero, S.; Griffin, D.R.; van Maarle, M.C.; Chitty, L.S., 2013:
Fetal forearm anomalies: prenatal diagnosis, associations and management strategy

Liu, J.; Yan, X.; Li, L.; Zhu, Y.; Qin, K.; Zhou, L.; Sun, D.; Zhang, X.; Ye, R.; Zhao, G., 2013:
Ginsennoside rd attenuates cognitive dysfunction in a rat model of Alzheimer's disease

Mandegary, A.; Sharififar, F.; Abdar, M.; Arab-Nozari, M., 2013:
Anticonvulsant activity and toxicity of essential oil and methanolic extract of Zhumeria majdae Rech, a unique Iranian plant in mice

Daulatzai, M.Adam., 2013:
Quintessential risk factors: their role in promoting cognitive dysfunction and Alzheimer's disease

Pailleux, F.; Lemoine, Jérôme.; Beaudry, F., 2013:
Quantitative mass spectrometry analysis reveals that deletion of the TRPV1 receptor in mice alters substance P and neurokinin A expression in the central nervous system

Moschen, I.; Bröer, A.; Galić, S.; Lang, F.; Bröer, S., 2013:
Significance of short chain fatty acid transport by members of the monocarboxylate transporter family (MCT)

Shin, J.A.; Lee, K-Eun.; Kim, H-Sun.; Park, E-Mi., 2013:
Acute resveratrol treatment modulates multiple signaling pathways in the ischemic brain

Wang, J.; Su, T.; Liu, Y.; Yue, Y.; He, R., 2013:
Postoperative cognitive dysfunction is correlated with urine formaldehyde in elderly noncardiac surgical patients

Glaire, M.A.; El-Omar, E.M.; Wang, T.C.; Worthley, D.L., 2013:
The mesenchyme in malignancy: a partner in the initiation, progression and dissemination of cancer

Engin, E.; Liu, J.; Rudolph, U., 2013:
α2-containing GABA(A) receptors: a target for the development of novel treatment strategies for CNS disorders

Anonymous, 2012:
Inhibition of Staphylococcus aureus adherence to Caco-2 cells by lactobacilli and cell surface properties that influence attachment

Anonymous, 2012:
The clinical relevance of IgA anticardiolipin and IgA anti-?2 glycoprotein I antiphospholipid antibodies A systematic review

Radice, A.; Bianchi, L.; Sinico, R.Alberto., 2013:
Anti-neutrophil cytoplasmic autoantibodies: methodological aspects and clinical significance in systemic vasculitis

Lester, R.J.G., 2012:
Overdispersion in marine fish parasites

Mortazavi, A.; Hajiqanbar, H., 2012:
A new podapolipid species (Acari) on Scarabaeus (Scarabaeus) acuticollis (Insecta: Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae) from Iran

Gomez-Puerta, L.A.; Ticona, D.S.; Lopez-Urbina, M.T.; Gonzalez, A.E., 2012 :
A new species of Atriotaenia (Cestoda: Anoplocephalidae) from the hog-nosed skunk Conepatus chinga (Carnivora: Mephitidae) in Peru

Hoberg, E.P.; Abrams, A.; Pilitt, P.A.; Jenkins, E.J., 2012:
Discovery and description of a new trichostrongyloid species (Nematoda: Ostertagiinae), abomasal parasites in mountain goat, Oreamnos americanus, from the Western Cordillera of North America

Tkach, V.V.; Platt, T.R.; Greiman, S.E., 2012:
A new species of Opisthioglyphe (Trematoda: Telorchiidae) from gall bladder of turtles in Malaysia

Locke Sean A.; Lapierre, Angela Rose; Byers Kaylee; Proctor, Heather; Daniel, McLaughlin J.; Marcogliese David J., 2012:
Molecular and Morphological Evidence for the Holarctic Distribution of Urogonimus macrostomus Rudolphi, 1803 Monticelli, 1888 Digenea Leucochloridiidae

Ryan, S.J.; Brashares, J.S.; Walsh, C.; Milbers, K.; Kilroy, C.; Chapman, C.A., 2012:
A survey of gastrointestinal parasites of olive baboons (Papio anubis) in human settlement areas of Mole National Park, Ghana

Storandt, S.T.; Kazacos, K.R., 2012:
Echinococcus multilocularis identified in Michigan with additional records from Ohio

De Chiara, G.; Marcocci, M.Elena.; Sgarbanti, R.; Civitelli, L.; Ripoli, C.; Piacentini, R.; Garaci, E.; Grassi, C.; Palamara, A.Teresa., 2013:
Infectious agents and neurodegeneration

Janda, E.; Isidoro, C.; Carresi, C.; Mollace, V., 2013:
Defective autophagy in Parkinson's disease: role of oxidative stress

Serchov, T.; Atas, H-Cem.; Normann, C.; van Calker, D.; Biber, K., 2013:
Genetically controlled upregulation of adenosine A(1) receptor expression enhances the survival of primary cortical neurons

Cook, E.J.; van Geel, B.; van der Kaars, S.; van Arkel, J., 2011:
A Review of the use of Non-Pollen Palynomorphs in Palaeoecology with Examples from Australia

Zetter, R.; Farabee, M.J.; Pigg, K.B.; Manchester, S.R.; DeVore, M.L.; Nowak, M.D., 2011:
Palynoflora of the Late Paleocene Silicified Shale at Almont, North Dakota, USA

Cowles, D.L.; Galusha, J.G.; Hayward, J.L., 2012:
Negative Interspecies Interactions in a Glaucous-Winged Gull Colony on Protection Island, Washington

A.G.Hope, 2012:
High Shrew Diversity on Alaskas Seward Peninsula Community Assembly and Environmental Change

Rognan, C.B.; Szewczak, J.M.; Morrison, M.L., 2012:
Autonomous Recording of Great Gray Owls in the Sierra Nevada

Liu, Z.-Jian; Chen, L.-Jun; Liu, K.-Wei, 2012:
Neuwiedia malipoensis, a New Species Orchidaceae, Apostasioideae from Yunnan, China

David, H.Lorence and Kenneth, R.Wood, 2012:
Psychotria kosraensis Rubiaceae, a New Species from Kosrae, Caroline Islands, Micronesia

Mink, J.N.; Singhurst, J.R.; Holmes, W.C., 2012:
A New Species of Hymenoxys Asteraceae, Helenieae, Tetraneuridinae from Texas

Pringle, James, S., 2012:
Gentianella weigendii Gentianaceae, an Unusual New Gentian from Peru

Rakotondrainibe, F.; Hovenkamp, P.H., 2012:
A New Species of Pyrrosia Polypodiaceae from Madagascar

Ranjbar, M.; Karamian, R.; Nouri, S., 2012:
Taxonomic Notes on Astragalus prilipkoanus Group of Astragalus sect Incani Fabaceae in Iran

Zika, Peter F, 2012:
Carex orestera Cyperaceae, a New Sedge from the Mountains of California

Zou, P.; Ye, Y.-Shi; Chen, S.-Jen; Chen, Z.-Yi; Liao, J.-Ping, 2012:
Alpinia rugosa Zingiberaceae, a New Species from Hainan, China

Monsalve, M.ía Victoria; Defler, T.R., 2010:
An Aotus Karyotype from Extreme Eastern Colombia

Moser, W.E.; Richardson, D.J.; Hammond, C.I.; Lazo-Wasem, E.A., 2012:
Redescription of Placobdella ornata Verrill, 1872 Hirudinida Glossiphoniidae

Jasna Sehic; Larisa Garkava-Gustavsson; Felicidad Fernández-Fernández; Hilde Nybom, 2012:
Genetic diversity in a collection of European pear Pyrus communis cultivars determined with SSR markers chosen by ECPGR

Rohayu Ma’arup; Maheran Abd Aziz; Mohamad Osman, 2012:
Development of a procedure for production of haploid plants through microspore culture of roselle Hibiscus sabdariffa L

Hua Huang; Yueming Jiang, 2012:
Effect of plant growth regulators on banana fruit and broccoli during storage

Xiaohe Song; Zhanao Deng; L.G.ng; Jinguo Hu; Qing Ma, 2012:
Cloning and characterization of resistance gene candidate sequences and molecular marker development in gerbera Gerbera hybrida

Natacha Coelho; Sandra Gonçalves; M.E.ena González-Benito; Anabela Romano, 2012:
Germination and cryopreservation tolerance of seeds from the rare aromatic species Thymus lotocephalus

Anonymous, 2012:
From Early Polynesian Settlements to the Present Bird Extinctions in the Gambier Islands

Anonymous, 2012:
Bird Populations on the Island of Tinian Persistence Despite Wholesale Loss of Native Forests

Giovanna Gilardi; Maria Lodovica Gullino; Angelo Garibaldi, 2013:
Critical aspects of grafting as a possible strategy to manage soil-borne pathogens

Kaneko, N.; Kubodera, T.; Iguchis, A., 2011:
Taxonomic Study of Shallow-Water Octopuses Cephalopoda Octopodidae in Japan and Adjacent Waters using Mitochondrial Genes with Perspectives on Octopus DNA Barcoding

Valentine-Darby, P.L.; Darby, P.C.; Percival, H.F.anklin, 2011:
Gender-Based Differences in Florida Apple Snail Pomacea paludosa Movements

Absalão, R.S.lva; Dilnei, D.C.stro Oliveira, C.éo, 2011:
The Genus Cuspidaria Pelecypoda Septibranchia Cuspidariidae from the Deep Sea of Campos Basin, Brazil, with Descriptions of Two New Species

Robertson, Robert, 2012:
B-type Protoconchs and All Three Modes of Larval Development in Eastern North American Boonea Pyramidellidae

Cooper, C.E.; Withers, P.C., 2012:
Does season or captivity influence the physiology of an endangered marsupial, the numbat Myrmecobius fasciatus?

Bogdanowicz, W.?aw; Piksa, K.; Tereba, A., 2012:
Genetic structure in three species of whiskered bats genus Myotis during swarming

Zack, Shawn, P., 2012:
Deciduous dentition of Didymictis Carnivoramorpha Viverravidae implications for the first appearance of “Creodonta

Lou, S.Ling.; Jin, L.; Liu, Y.Hong.; Mi, Z.Ping.; Tao, G.; Tang, Y.Mei.; Liao, W.Bo., 2012:
Altitudinal variation in age and body size in Yunnan pond frog (Pelophylax pleuraden)

Kurita, T.; Yoshino, T., 2012:
Cryptic diversity of the eel goby, genus Taenioides (Gobiidae: Amblyopinae), in Japan

Pine, R.H.; Timm, R.M.; Weksler, M., 2012:
A newly recognized clade of trans-Andean Oryzomyini Rodentia Cricetidae, with description of a new genus

McLean, James, H., 2011:
Reinstatement of the Fissurellid Subfamily Hemitominae, with the Description of New Genera, and Proposed Evolutionary Lineage, Based on Morphological Characters of Shell and Radula Gastropoda Vetigastropoda

Engel, M.S.; L.F.ente, R.P.rez-de, 2012:
A New Species of Roach from the Jurassic of India Blattaria Mesoblattinidae

Kadej, Marcin, 2012:
Detailed Description of the Morphology of the Last Instar Larva of Trogoderma megatomoides Reitter, 1881 Dermestidae Megatominae Megatomini with Comparison to Related Species

Colla, S. R.; Ascher, J. S.; Arduser, M.; Cane, J.; Deyrup, M.; Droege, S.; Gibbs, J.; Griswold, T.; Hall, H. G.; Henne, C.; Neff, J.; Jean, R. P.; Rightmyer, M. G.; Sheffield, C.; Veit, M.; Wolf, A., 2012:
Documenting Persistence of Most Eastern North American Bee Species Hymenoptera Apoidea Anthophila to 199–29

P.Dr. B.Ulmar, A.Eschler, T.Mittlmeier, 2012:
Offene Arthrolyse der Ellenbogensteife

Nishikawa, K.; Matsui, M.; Jiang, J.-Ping, 2012:
A New Species of Pachytriton from China Amphibia Urodela Salamandridae

Nishikawa, K.; Matsui, M.; Orlov, N.L., 2012:
A New Striped Ichthyophis Amphibia Gymnophiona Ichthyophiidae from Kon Tum Plateau, Vietnam

Stephen, R.G.ldberg; Fred, K., 2012:
Notes on Reproduction of the Moth Skink, Lipinia noctua Squamata Scincidae from the Pacific Islands

Guoqian, W.; Xuequan, W.; Bo, W.; Qi, L., 2012:
Desertification and Its Mitigation Strategy in China

Jie, Y.; Shaohong, W.; Erfu, D., 2012:
Assessment of Economic Damage Risks from Typhoon Disasters in Guangdong, China

Bo, C.; Zhu, O.; Shaohui, Z., 2012:
Evaluation of Hydraulic Process and Performance of Border Irrigation with Different Regular Bottom Configurations

Mateo, I.; Durbin, E.G.; Bengtson, D.A.; Kingsley, R.; Swart, P.K.; Durant, D., 2012:
Spatial and Temporal Variation in Otolith Chemistry for Tautog Tautoga onitis along the US Northeast Coast

Tardona, Daniel, R., 2012:
Promoting Companion Animal Leash Compliance on an Urban Park Trail System

Dabruzzi, T.F.; Sutton, M.A.; Bennett, W.A., 2012:
Metabolic Thermal Sensitivity Optimizes Sea Krait Amphibious Physiology

Ortega-Andrade, H.M.uricio; Valencia, J.H., 2012:
A New Species of the Pristimantis frater Group Anura Strabomantidae from the Eastern Evergreen Lowland Forests Of Ecuador

Torres, I.án; Urbieta, I.R.; Moreno, J.é M., 2012:
Vegetation and Soil Seed Bank Relationships Across Microhabitats in an Abandoned Quercus suber Parkland Under Simulated Fire

Cameron, E.K.; Zabrodski, M.W.; Karst, J.; Bayne, E.M., 2012:
Non-Native Earthworm Influences on Ectomycorrhizal Colonization and Growth of White Spruce

Cardinal, E.; Martin, J.-Louis; Côté, S.D., 2012:
Large Herbivore Effects on Songbirds in Boreal Forests Lessons from Deer Introduction on Anticosti Island

Pato, J.; Ramón Obeso, J.é, 2012:
Growth and Reproductive Performance in Bilberry Vaccinium myrtillus Along an Elevation Gradient

Simcha Lev-Yadun; Kevin, S.G.uld, 2007:
What Do Red and Yellow Autumn Leaves Signal

Anonymous, 2012:
Variacion Estacional de un Ensamble de Aves en un Bosque Subtropical Semiarido del Chaco Argentino

Felts, Sara, J.; Karnitz, Larry, M.; Toft, David, O., 2007:
Functioning of the Hsp90 machine in chaperoning checkpoint kinase 1 (Chk1) and the progesterone receptor (PR)

S.G.eipsson; H.E.-Mayas; H.A.okas, 2004:
Variation in populations of the coastal dune building grass Leymus arenarius in Iceland revealed by endospermal prolamins

David, T.T.dor; Allan, T.W.lliams, 2004:
Development of a ‘Matrix Scoring Technique’ to determine litter sources at a Bristol Channel beach

M.S.I.tekhar; M.R.I.lam, 2004:
Managing mangroves in Bangladesh A strategy analysis

Cannings, Robert, A., 2011:
Efferia okanagana, a New Species of Robber Fly Diptera Asilidae from the Grasslands of Southern British Columbia, Canada, with Notes on Taxonomy, Biology, Distribution, and Conservation Status

Gaimari, Stephen, D., 2011:
An Unusual New Genus of Eurychoromyiine Lauxaniidae Diptera

Barger, Michael, A., 2012:
Life Span of Cercariae of Postharmostomum helicis Trematoda Brachylaimidae Under Different Temperatures and Relative Humidity

Adler, P.H.; T.H.ang, Y., 2011:
Integrated Systematics of the Simuliidae Diptera Evolutionary Relationships of the Little-Known Palearctic Black Fly Simulium acrotrichum

Cárdenas, M.Q.; Lanfredi, R.M.; Oliveira-Menezes, A., 2012:
Cytochemical Analysis of the Body Wall of the Flounder Parasite Procamallanus Spirocamallanus halitrophus Nematoda Camallanidae

Clopton, R. E., 2012:
Redescription of Protomagalhaensia blaberae Peregrine, 197 Apicomplexa Eugregarinida Blabericolidae Parasitizing the Bolivian Cockroach, Blaberus boliviensis Dictyoptera Blaberidae

García-Varela, M.ín; Aznar, F.J.vier; Rodríguez, R.P.©rez; Pérez-Ponce de León, G., 2012:
Genetic and Morphological Characterization of Southwellina hispida Van Cleave, 1925 Acanthocephala Polymorphidae, a Parasite of Fish-Eating Birds

Grégoire Taillefer, A.élie; Wheeler, T.A., 2011:
The Genus Calamoncosis in the Nearctic Region Diptera Chloropidae

Shima, Hiroshi, 2011:
Notes on Parerigone with a Description of a New Species from Nepal Diptera Tachinidae

Brown, Brian, V., 2011:
Taxonomic Status of Macrocerides Species Diptera Phoridae

Anonymous, 2012:
By the Numbers How is Recovery Defined by the US Endangered Species Act?

Kappler, R.H.; Michaels, H.J.; Root, K.V., 2012:
Impact of Seed Predation by Mice on Wild Lupine in and near Oak Savannas

Terry, V.C.llaghan; Margareta Johansson; Ross, D.B.own; Pavel Ya. Groisman; Niklas Labba; Vladimir Radionov; Raymond, S.B.adley; Sylvie Blangy; Olga, N.B.lygina; Torben, R.C.ristensen; Jonathan, E.C.lman; Richard, L.H.E.sery; Bruce, C.F.rbes; Mads, C.F.rchhammer; Vladimir, N.G.lubev; Richard, E.H.nrath; Glenn, P.J.day; Anna, V.M.shcherskaya; Gareth, K.P.oenix; John Pomeroy; Arja Rautio; David, A.R.binson; Niels, M.S.hmidt; Mark, C.S.rreze; Vladimir, P.S.evchenko; Alexander, I.S.iklomanov; Andre, 2011:
Multiple Effects of Changes in Arctic Snow Cover

Warwick, F.V.ncent; Terry, V.C.llaghan; Dorthe Dahl-Jensen; Margareta Johansson; Kit, M.K.vacs; Christine Michel; Terry Prowse; James, D.R.ist; Martin Sharp, 2011:
Ecological Implications of Changes in the Arctic Cryosphere

Sedwick, Caitlin, 2012:
Functional Morphology at the Mall

Glover, M.; McKenna, D.; Downing, C.; Smith, D.; Croom, C.; Sonek, J., 2012:
You Sank My…Bacteriophage?

Grabiec, M.; Budzik, T.; GÅ?owacki, P., 2012:
Modeling and Hindcasting of the Mass Balance of Werenskioldbreen Southern Svalbard

Pope, S.; Copland, L.; Mueller, D., 2012:
Loss of Multiyear Landfast Sea Ice from Yelverton Bay, Ellesmere Island, Nunavut, Canada

Sadro, S.; Melack, J.M., 2012:
The Effect of an Extreme Rain Event on the Biogeochemistry and Ecosystem Metabolism of an Oligotrophic High-Elevation Lake

Faghih Roohi, S.; Aghaeizadeh Zoroofi, R., 2014:
4D statistical shape modeling of the left ventricle in cardiac MR images

Timothy, J.S.erry; Christie, D.R.we; James, D.K.rkpatrick; Emily, E.B.odsky, 2012:
Emplacement and dewatering of the worlds largest exposed sand injectite complex

Ligi, M.; Bonatti, E.; Bortoluzzi, G.; Cipriani, A.; Cocchi, L.; Caratori Tontini, F.; Carminati, E.; Ottolini, L.; Schettino, A., 2012:
Birth of an ocean in the Red Sea Initial pangs

Takashi Sano; Kenji Shimizu; Akira Ishikawa; Ryoko Senda; Qing Chang; Jun-Ichi Kimura; Mike Widdowson; William, W.S.ger, 2012:
Variety and origin of magmas on Shatsky Rise, northwest Pacific Ocean

Y.T.ugawa; Y.K.toh; N.T.rada; T.O.o; H.T.unakawa; F.T.kahashi; H.S.ibuya; H.S.imizu; M.M.tsushima; Y.S.ito; S.Y.kota; M.N.N.shino, 2012:
Statistical study of broadband whistler-mode waves detected by Kaguya near the Moon

Y.F.nzi; S.L.nger, 2012:
Damage in step-overs may enable large cascading earthquakes

Ray, G.A.derson; Min-Hui Lo; James, S.F.miglietti, 2012:
Assessing surface water consumption using remotely-sensed groundwater, evapotranspiration, and precipitation

Plant, William, J., 2012:
Whitecaps in deep water

Quanan Zheng; Benjamin Holt; Xiaofeng Li; Xinan Liu; Qing Zhao; Yeli Yuan; Xiaofeng Yang, 2012:
Deep-water seamount wakes on SEASAT SAR image in the Gulf Stream region

Laurenz Thomsen; Christopher Barnes; Mairi Best; Ross Chapman; Benoît Pirenne; Richard Thomson; Joachim Vogt, 2012:
Ocean circulation promotes methane release from gas hydrate outcrops at the NEPTUNE Canada Barkley Canyon node

Mrigakshi, A.I.ha; Matthiä, D.; Berger, T.; Reitz, Günther; Wimmer-Schweingruber, R.F., 2012:
Assessment of galactic cosmic ray models

Selesnick, R.S., 2012:
Atmospheric scattering and decay of inner radiation belt electrons

Feng Ding; Weixing Wan; Baiqi Ning; Biqiang Zhao; Qiang Li; Rui Zhang; B.X.ong; Qian Song, 2012:
Two-dimensional imaging of large-scale traveling ionospheric disturbances over China based on GPS data

Anonymous, 2012:
Ionospheric disturbances infrasound waves over the Czech Republic excited by the 211 Tohoku earthquake

Takashi Yoshino; Akira Shimojuku; Shuanming Shan; Xinzhuan Guo; Daisuke Yamazaki; Eiji Ito; Yuji Higo; Ken-ichi Funakoshi, 2012:
Effect of temperature, pressure and iron content on the electrical conductivity of olivine and its high-pressure polymorphs

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Clinical application of multi-contrast 7-T MR imaging in multiple sclerosis increased lesion detection compared to 3 T confined to grey matter

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Impact of silica on the reductive transformation of schwertmannite and the mobilization of arsenic

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A robust plate assay for detection of extracellular microbial protease activity in metagenomic screens and pure cultures

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Abundance and culture trials of Ruditapes philippinarum Adam and Reeve, 185, and abundance of Tellina Quidnipagus palatum Iredale, 1929 at two sites in K?neohe Bay, Oahu, Hawaii

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Bias corrected Estimator for intraclass correlationcoefficient in the balanced one-way random effectsmodel

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Estimating and validating disability-adjusted lifeyears at the global level a methodologicalframework for cancer

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FOXP3, CBLB and ITCH gene expression and CTLA4 expression on CD4+CD25high T cells in multiple sclerosis

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B-cell activating factor BAFF in the natural history of Chronic Hepatitis C Virus liver disease and mixed cryoglobulinemia

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Vitamin D supplementation can decrease risk of respiratory infections in children

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Impact of land-use management on nitrogen transformation in a mountain forest ecosystem in the north of Iran

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Schluckstorungen nach Kehlkopfteilresektion

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Beta-blockade for mitral regurgitation: could the management of valvular heart disease actually be moving into the 21st century?

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Performance of the HEMORR2HAGES, ATRIA, and HAS-BLED Bleeding Risk–Prediction Scores in Patients With Atrial Fibrillation Undergoing Anticoagulation The AMADEUS Evaluating the Use of SR346 Compared to Warfarin or Acenocoumarol in Patients With Atrial F

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Persistence of Transferable Extended-Spectrum-beta-Lactamase Resistance in the Absence of Antibiotic Pressure

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Prevalence and Molecular Characterization of Extended-Spectrum-beta-Lactamase-Producing Enterobacteriaceae in a Pediatric Patient Population

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Pan-beta-Lactam Resistance Development in Pseudomonas aeruginosa Clinical Strains Molecular Mechanisms, Penicillin-Binding Protein Profiles, and Binding Affinities

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Activity of Ceftaroline-Avibactam Tested against Gram-Negative Organism Populations, including Strains Expressing One or More beta-Lactamases and Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus Carrying Various Staphylococcal Cassette Chromosome mec Types

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Emergence of Metallo-beta-Lactamase GIM-1 in a Clinical Isolate of Serratia marcescens

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The extravascular compartment of the bonemarrow a niche for Plasmodium falciparumgametocyte maturation?

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Deaths due to Plasmodium knowlesi malaria inSabah, Malaysia association with reporting asPlasmodium malariae and delayed parenteralartesunate

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Timing of malaria messages for target audience onradio airwaves

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Performance of community health workers underintegrated community case management ofchildhood illnesses in eastern Uganda

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First legislative actions to shape the environment of the shale gas business in Poland in 212 prospects for further changes

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