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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 36619

Chapter 36619 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Anonymous, 2012:
Adenovirus and its interaction with host cellproteins

Anonymous, 2012:
An investigation of NAADP-dependent Ca? signallingmechanisms in arterial smooth muscle

Anonymous, 2012:
An investigation of factors related to the bycatch ofsmall cetaceans in fishing gear

Anonymous, 2012:
An investigation of human protein interactions using thecomparative method

Anonymous, 2012:
An efficient one-step site-directed deletion, insertion,single and multiple-site plasmid mutagenesis protocol

Anonymous, 2012:
Biochemical characterization of the initial steps of theKennedy pathway in Trypanosoma brucei the ethanolamine andcholine kinases

Elliott, R.M.; Weber, F., 2009:
Bunyaviruses and the type I interferon system

Anonymous, 2012:
Characterisation of Sulfolobus solfataricus Ard1, apromiscuous N-acetyltransferase

Anonymous, 2012:
Effects of cationic antimicrobial peptides on Candida andSaccharomyces species

Anonymous, 2012:
Functional analysis of the orthobunyavirus nucleocapsidN protein

Anonymous, 2012:
A first survey of the global population size anddistribution of the Scottish Crossbill Loxia scotica

Anonymous, 2012:
A toolbox for fitting complex spatial point processmodels using integrated nested Laplace approximationINLA

Anonymous, 2012:
A unified framework for modelling wildlife populationdynamics

Anonymous, 2012:
Comparing pre- and post-construction distributions oflong-tailed ducks Clangula hyemalis in and around the Nystedoffshore wind farm, Denmark a quasi-designed experimentaccounting for imperfect detection, local surface features andautocorrelation

Scott-Hayward, L.A.S.; Mackenzie, M.L.; Donovan, C.R.; Walker, C.G.; Ashe, E., 2014:
Complex Region Spatial Smoother CReSS

Anonymous, 2012:
Distance software design and analysis of distancesampling surveys for estimating population size

Anonymous, 2012:
Comparison of aerial survey methods for estimatingabundance of common scoters

Anonymous, 2012:
Bayesian modelling of integrated data and its applicationto seabird populations

Anonymous, 2012:
Incorporating measurement error and density gradients indistance sampling surveys

Anonymous, 2012:
Community-specific evaluation of tool affordances in wildchimpanzees

Anonymous, 2012:
Female chimpanzees use copulation calls flexibly toprevent social competition

Anonymous, 2012:
Identification of learning mechanisms in a wild meerkatpopulation

Anonymous, 2012:
Repeated elicitation of the acoustic startle reflex leadsto sensitisation in subsequent avoidance behaviour and induces fearconditioning

Anonymous, 2012:
Aversiveness of sound in marine mammals psycho-physiological basis, behavioural correlates and potentialapplications

Anonymous, 2012:
Characterisation of the supply-settlement relationshipfor Semibalanus balanoides L along a wave swept coast in Fife,East Scotland

Anonymous, 2012:
Ecological and acoustic investigations of jellyfishScyphozoa and Hydrozoa

Anonymous, 2012:
Ecological investigations of euphausiids at highlatitudes

Anonymous, 2012:
Foraging strategies in grey seals Halichoerus grypus foraging effort and prey selection

Anonymous, 2012:
Investigation into a prominent 38 kHz scattering layer inthe North Sea

Anonymous, 2012:
Investigations into the use of quantified BayesianMaximum Entropy methods to generate improved distribution maps andbiomass estimates from fisheries acoustic survey data

Anonymous, 2012:
Neural events underlying escape swimming behaviour in thesquat lobster Galathea strigosa Crustacea, Anomura

Anonymous, 2012:
Physical, biological and cultural factors influencing theformation, stabilisation and protection of archaeological depositsin UK coastal waters

Anonymous, 2012:
Forecasts for areas smaller than districts Populationprojections for wards in Bradford

Anonymous, 2012:
A study of the dynamics of the British Ice Sheet duringMarine Isotope Stages 2 and 3, focusing on Heinrich Events 2 and 4and their relationship to the North Atlantic glaciological andclimatological conditions

Anonymous, 2012:
An investigation into the controls of granite plutonismin the Sierra da Freita region, Northern Portugal

Anonymous, 2012:
Bedload transport, vertical exchange and sediment storagein two Scottish Highland gravel bed streams

Anonymous, 2012:
Benthic habitats of the extended Faial Island shelf andtheir relationship to geologic, oceanographic and infralittoralbiologic features

Anonymous, 2012:
Between the allyu and the nation-state intertextualityand ambiguities of identity in San Pedro de Lipez

Anonymous, 2012 :
Christian Palestinians in Britain

Anonymous, 2012:
Estimating flood statistics from basin characteristics inScotland

Anonymous, 2012:
Exploring ethnic inequalities in cardiovascular diseaseusing Hospital Episode Statistics

Anonymous, 2012:
From laissez-faire to homes fit for heroes housingin Dundee 1868-1919

Anonymous, 2012:
Antibody-based detection and quantification ofpectobacterium carotovorum ssp carotovorum

Anonymous, 2012:
Bioaccumulation of sediment-associated contaminants infreshwater organisms Development and standardization of alaboratory method

Anonymous, 2012:
Indices of Phosphorus Loss Potential from OntarioAgricultural Soils to Surface Waters

Anonymous, 2012:
Mapping the Distribution of the EPS Matrix Within MixedMicrobial Flocs

Anonymous, 2012:
Nitrous Oxide Emission and Abundance of N-cyclingMicroorganisms in Corn-based Biofuel Cropping Systems

Anonymous, 2012:
Selection, characterization, and application of amycotoxin-specific single domain antibody fragment

Peters, J.H.; Tjabringa, G.S.; Fasse, E.; de Oliveira, V.L.; Schalkwijk, J.; Koenen, H.J.P.M.; Joosten, I., 2013:
Co-culture of healthy human keratinocytes and T-cells promotes keratinocyte chemokine production and RORγt-positive IL-17 producing T-cell populations

Anonymous, 2012:
A Conservation Strategy for Sustaining the CulturalSignificance of Rural Landscapes

Anonymous, 2012:
Circulating ?/? T cells in systemic sclerosis exhibit activated phenotype and enhance gene of proalpha2I collagen of fibroblasts

Anonymous, 2012:
A Microclimate Analysis of a Niagara Peninsula VineyardUsing Solar Aspect as a Variable

Anonymous, 2012:
Amenity in Sustainable Stormwater A PreliminaryAssessment of the Toronto Green Standard

Anonymous, 2012:
Children and the Natural Environment - An Exploration ofAdult Memories of Childhood Nature Play

Anonymous, 2012:
Designing for Food, Community and Multi-Use SpaceLessons Learned from Grassroots Urban Agriculture

Anonymous, 2012:
Exploring the utilization of sustainable developmentstrategies for the new parks in the municipalities of the greatertoronto area

Anonymous, 2012:
Ecosystems as Models for Plant Selection on ExtensiveGreen Roofs in Southern Ontario

Anonymous, 2012:
Examining the use of Urban Colour in the Hardscape ofOutdoor Public Spaces

Anonymous, 2012:
Exploring Social Media Facebook and Twitter as a PublicParticipation Tool for Design and Planning

Anonymous, 2012:
Exploring the Relationship Between Grape Quality and theMicroclimate in Madeira, Portugal

Anonymous, 2012:
An evaluation of the impact of management practice on thehealth and welfare of dairy heifer calves

Anonymous, 2012:
An investigation of various sources of health data forswine disease surveillance

Anonymous, 2012:
Antimicrobial resistance of human campylobacter jejuniinfections from saskatchewan

Anonymous, 2012:
An Evaluation of Biosecurity Practices on SouthernOntario Swine Farms, and its Application to Risk-Based SurveillanceApproaches

Anonymous, 2012:
Assessing and Mediating Pain in Dairy Cows withExperimentally-Induced Clinical Mastitis

Anonymous, 2012:
Associations among neutrophil function, metabolicindicators, and reproductive health in dairy cows

Anonymous, 2012:
Associations between canine male reproductive parametersand serum Vitamin D and prolactin concentrations

Anonymous, 2012:
Clients Service Expectations and PractitionersTreatment Recommendations in Veterinary Oncology

Anonymous, 2012:
Cysticercus ovis in Canadian sheep risk factors and atransmission model to assess control measures

Anonymous, 2012:
Effects of Pet Ownership on Street-Involved Youth inOntario

Anonymous, 2012:
Adaptation to Mega-environments Introgression of novelalleles for yield using Canadian x Chinese crosses inSoybean

Anonymous, 2012:
Artificial Selection and the Genome A Deep PedigreeAnalysis of an Elite Soybean Cultivar

Anonymous, 2012:
Characterizing Agricultural Residue Nutrient Propertiesand Removal Variation in Ontario

Anonymous, 2012:
Comparison of the quality aspects of organic andconventional green beans Phaseolus vulgaris L

Anonymous, 2012:
Development of sequence-specific molecular markers basedon phenylpropanoid pathway genes for resistance to fusariumgraminearum schwabe in zea mays l

Anonymous, 2012:
Effects of nitrogen source and nitrogen metabolism onchlorosis in leaves of ‘sr 72’ velvet bentgrass agrostis caninal

Anonymous, 2012:
Evaluation of common bacterial blight resistance in aresistant inter-cross population of common bean

Anonymous, 2012:
Emergence timing and the effect of fertilization on therecruitment of large Digitaria sanguinalis L Scop and smallDigitaria ischaemum Schreb ex Muhl crabgrass in residentialturfgrass

Anonymous, 2012:
Evaluation of Genes Encoding the Enzymes of the KennedyPathway in Soybeans with Altered Fatty Acid Profiles

Anonymous, 2012:
Evaluation of Miscanthus Winter Hardiness and YieldPotential in Ontario

Anonymous, 2012:
A sedimentological and geomorphical investigation of theparis moraine in the guelph area, ontario, canada

Anonymous, 2012:
High-resolution discrete fracture networkcharacterization using inclined coreholes in a Silurian dolostoneaquifer in Guelph, Ontario

Anonymous, 2012:
Modeling carbon dynamics in agriculture and forestecosystems using the process-based models daycent andcn-class

Anonymous, 2012:
The Role of Xylem in the Differential Accumulation ofCadmium in Soybean Cultivars

Anonymous, 2012:
Utilization of Biodiesel-Derived Crude Glycerol by Fungifor Biomass and Lipid Production

Anonymous, 2012:
Modelling outdoor thermal comfort of humans performingphysical activity applications to health and emergency heat stresspreparedness

Anonymous, 2012:
Adoptive mothers’ resolution with regard to the adoptionexperience and behavioral sensitivity to children’s cues

Anonymous, 2012:
Behavioral Therapy to Ameliorate the Effects of NeonatalAlcohol Exposure on Dendritic Organization of Pyramidal Neurons inthe Rodent mPFC

Anonymous, 2012 :
Effects of MK81 on attentional flexibility in a rodentmodel of schizophrenia

Anonymous, 2012:
Can you help me? American ratings of Japanese andAmerican social support situations

Anonymous, 2012:
Effects of Stimulation Pattern and Frequency on theAbility of the Human Quadriceps Femoris to Produce RepetitiveDynamic Contractions

Anonymous, 2012:
Electrophysiological measures of inhibitory control inchildhood obesity

Anonymous, 2012:
Externalizing behaviors of low income and high incomepreschool children a study of income as a predictor of observerand teacher ratings of externalizing behaviors

Anonymous, 2012:
Ontogeny and Neural Substrates of the ContextPre-exposure Facilitation Effect on Contextual FearConditioning

Anonymous, 2012:
How Does the Brain Track Multiple Objects?

Anonymous, 2012:
A Citizens Guide to Water Resources inDelaware

Anonymous, 2012:
Christina Basin Pollution Control Strategy AWatershed-based Strategy to Implement Total Maximum Daily Loads inthe Brandywine, Red Clay, and White Clay Creeks, and ChristinaRiver in Delaware

Anonymous, 2012:
Development of the University of Delaware ExperimentalWatershed Project

Anonymous, 2012:
Economic Benefits and Jobs Provided by DelawareWatersheds

Anonymous, 2012:
Economic Value of the Delaware Estuary Watershed -Comprehensive Report

Anonymous, 2012:
Final Report Governors Water Supply TaskForce

Anonymous, 2012:
Economic Value of the Delaware Estuary Watershed -Summary Document

Anonymous, 2012:
Phase III Report Christina Basin Water QualityManagement Strategy

Anonymous, 2012:
Mini-Superfund Site in Kawerau, New Zealand A CloserLook at Water Quality

Anonymous, 2012:
Linking Land Use and Water Quality Guiding DevelopmentSurrounding Durham County’s Drinking Watershed

Anonymous, 2012:
A Biomass Fuel Assessment for Duke University’s ChilledWater Plant #2

Anonymous, 2012:
A Bottom-up Approach to Setting a Greenhouse GasReduction Target for Charlotte, North Carolina

Anonymous, 2012:
A Business Plan for Blue Carbon Offsets at DukeUniversity

Anonymous, 2012:
A case study of grassroots advocacy and thesociopolitical process authorization of processor quota shares inthe magnuson-stevens fishery conservation and managementact

Anonymous, 2012:
A Climate Change Vulnerability and Risk Assessment forthe City of Atlanta, Georgia

Anonymous, 2012:
A Sustainable Information System for e-homeServices

Anonymous, 2012:
A gender perspective on factors that influence outdoorrecreational physical activity among the elderly

Anonymous, 2012:
Age and gender effect on the use of herbal medicineproducts and food supplements among the elderly

Anonymous, 2012:
Applied Health Technology – a New Research Discipline atBlekinge Institute of Technology

Stjernberg, L.; Berglund, J., 2005:
Detecting ticks on light versus dark clothing

Anonymous, 2012:
Developing a Semantic Web Services forInteroperability

Anonymous, 2012:
NASA satellite indicates Tropical Storm Prapiroons rains mostly south of center

Anonymous, 2012:
NASA sees rainfall pushed away from Tropical Storm Anais center

Anonymous, 2012:
Satellite sees large Hurricane Rafael battering Bermuda

Anonymous, 2012:
NASA sees Hurricane Paul eye Mexicos Socorro Island, coastline

Anonymous, 2012:
NASA How do you solve a problem like Tropical Storm Maria?

Anonymous, 2012:
NASA must reinvest in nanotechnology research, according to new Rice University paper

Anonymous, 2012:
The sound in Saturns rings RUB-Physicists explain nonlinear dust acoustic waves in dusty plasmas

Anonymous, 2012:
Dark matter filament studied in 3-D for the first time

Anonymous, 2012:
An extremely brief reversal of the geomagnetic field, climate variability and a super volcano

Anonymous, 2012:
Plutos moons and possible rings may be hazards to New Horizons spacecraft

Anonymous, 2012:
UNH scientists provide window on space radiation hazards

Anonymous, 2012:
Space station and space flight gravity influence immune system development

Anonymous, 2012:
University of Tennessee study confirms solar wind as source for moon water

Anonymous, 2012:
Solar wind particles likely source of water locked inside lunar soils

Anonymous, 2012:
Lipopolysaccharide promotes lipid accumulation in human adventitial fibroblasts via TLR4-NF-kappaB pathway

Lovallo, W.R., 2014:
Early life adversity reduces stress reactivity and enhances impulsive behavior: implications for health behaviors

Bellati, F.; Palaia, I.; Gasparri, M.Luisa.; Musella, A.; Panici, P.Benedetti., 2013:
First case of isolated vaginal metastasis from breast cancer treated by surgery

Blix, E.S.; Irish, J.M.; Husebekk, A.; Delabie, J.; Forfang, L.; Tierens, A.M.; Myklebust, J.H.; Kolstad, A., 2013:
Phospho-specific flow cytometry identifies aberrant signaling in indolent B-cell lymphoma

Zhao, F.; Chen, X.; Meng, T.; Hao, B.; Zhang, Z.; Zhang, G., 2013:
Genetic polymorphisms in the osteopontin promoter increases the risk of distance metastasis and death in Chinese patients with gastric cancer

Anonymous, 2012:
Alcohol consumption and risk of gastric cancer a cohort study of men in Kaunas, Lithuania, with up to 3 years follow-up

Oberguggenberger, A.S.; Sztankay, M.; Beer, B.; Schubert, B.; Meraner, V.; Oberacher, H.; Kemmler, G.; Giesinger, J.; Gamper, E.; Sperner-Unterweger, B.; Marth, C.; Holzner, B.; Hubalek, M., 2013:
Adherence evaluation of endocrine treatment in breast cancer: methodological aspects

Dialla, P.Olivia.; Dabakuyo, T.Sandrine.; Marilier, S.; Gentil, J.; Roignot, P.; Darut-Jouve, A.; Poillot, M-Laure.; Quipourt, Vérie.; Arveux, P., 2013:
Population-based study of breast cancer in older women: prognostic factors of relative survival and predictors of treatment

Zargar, H.; Ryan, K.L.; Marshall, J.D., 2013:
Feasibility study of a gap damper to control seismic isolator displacements in extreme earthquakes

Li, H.; Tao, D.; Huang, Y.; Bao, Y., 2013:
A data-driven approach for seismic damage detection of shear-type building structures using the fractal dimension of time–frequency features

Lei, Y.; Wu, D.T.; Liu, L.J., 2013:
A decentralized structural control algorithm with application to the benchmark control problem for seismically excited buildings

Nasser Laouami, Abdennasser Slimani, 2013:
Earthquake Induced Site Effect in the Algiers–Boumerdes Region Relation Between Spectral Ratios Higher Peaks and Observed Damage During the May 21st Mw 68 Boumerdes Earthquake Algeria

Anonymous, 2012:
The Impact of Weather Forecasts of Various Lead Times on Snowmaking Decisions Made for the 21 Vancouver Olympic Winter Games

Cenderello, G.; Pontali, E.; Cassola, G.; Torresin, A., 2013:
Could anti-HCV treatment prevent recurrence of hepatocellular carcinoma in HIV-infected patients? Two case reports

Rivero-Juarez, A.; Mira, J.A.; Camacho, A.; Neukam, K.; Perez-Camacho, I.; Caruz, A.; Macias, J.; Torre-Cisneros, J.; Pineda, J.A.; Rivero, A., 2013:
Baseline risk factors for relapse in HIV/HCV co-infected patients treated with PEG-IFN/RBV

Park, S-Y.; Chong, Y.P.; Park, H.J.; Park, K-H.; Moon, S.M.; Jeong, J-Y.; Kim, M-N.; Kim, S-H.; Lee, S-O.; Choi, S-H.; Woo, J.H.; Kim, Y.S., 2013:
agr Dysfunction and persistent methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus bacteremia in patients with removed eradicable foci

Ushida, H.; Koizumi, S.; Katoh, K.; Okabe, H.; Okada, Y.; Okamoto, K., 2013:
Recurrent rhabdomyosarcoma after adjuvant chemotherapy for stage?I non-seminomatous germ cell tumor with malignant transformation

Hood, B.; Andersson, K-Erik., 2013 :
Common theme for drugs effective in overactive bladder treatment: inhibition of afferent signaling from the bladder

Wales, N., 2013:
Modeling Neanderthal clothing using ethnographic analogues

Silcox, M.T.; Williamson, T.E., 2013:
New discoveries of early Paleocene (Torrejonian) primates from the Nacimiento Formation, San Juan Basin, New Mexico

Anonymous, 2012:
Reduction of the East Asian winter monsoon interannual variability after the mid-198s and possible cause

Anonymous, 2012:
Numerical simulation of Urumqi Glacier No 1 in the eastern Tianshan, central Asia from 25 to 27

Feiyue Wang, JinZhong Zhang, 2013:
Mercury contamination in aquatic ecosystems under a changing environment Implications for the Three Gorges Reservoir

XinBin Feng, RunSheng Yin, Ben Yu, BuYun Du, 2013:
Mercury isotope variations in surface soils in different contaminated areas in Guizhou Province, China

JingZ.Tan, LiMing Li, JianB.Zhang, WenQing Fu, HaiJuan Guan…, 2013:
Craniometrical evidence for population admixture between Eastern and Western Eurasians in Bronze Age southwest Xinjiang

Anonymous, 1982:
Growing Skull Fracture

Aghmasheh, F.; Bardal, R.; Reihani, Z.; Moghaddam, M.A.i; Rahro Taban, S.; Fallahzadeh, F.; Ahmadi, A., 2012:
Comparative study of the effect of direct and indirect digital radiography on the assessment of proximal caries

Rubina, ; Kumar, M.; Garg, R.; Saini, R.; Kaushal, S., 2012:
Prosthodontic rehabilitation of patient with flabby ridges with different impression techniques – Case Reports

Augustine, D.; Sekar, B.; Murali, S., 2012:
Clear cell variant of mucoepidermoid carcinoma – A rare report with special staining

Singh, K.; Tripathi, A.; Chand, P.; Mishra, N.; Agrawal, K.K.; Kumar, L., 2012:
A Study to evaluate the effect of monopoly on the softness of soft liner by Durometer

Dghoughi, S.; Elwady, W.â, 2014:
Pyogenic granuloma botryomycoma of the tongue

Anonymous, 2012:
Reperage des cancers de vessie et naso-sinusiens declarables en maladie professionnelle, en le-de-France

Anonymous, 2012:
État des lieux des sources d’information sur la prevention primaire des cancers d’origine professionnelle pour les medecins du travail  besoins et perspectives

García-Villoria, J.; Hernández-Pérez, J.Maria.; Arias, A.; Ribes, A., 2013:
Improvement of the cystine measurement in granulocytes by liquid chromatograhy-tandem mass spectrometry

Cooper, A.J.L., 2013:
Possible treatment of end-stage hyperammonemic encephalopathy by inhibition of glutamine synthetase

Anonymous, 2012:
The use of routine preoperative magnetic resonance imaging in identifying intraspinal anomalies in patients with idiopathic scoliosis a 1-year review

Lubina, Z.Ivan.; Baranovic, S.; Karlak, I.; Novacic, K.; Potocki-Karacic, T.; Lovrić, Džen., 2014:
The grading model for the assessment of the total amount of epidural fibrosis in postoperative lumbar spine

Janke, A.K.; Gates, R.J., 2013:
Home range and habitat selection of northern bobwhite coveys in an agricultural landscape

Harwood, C.A.; Mesher, D.; McGregor, J.M.; Mitchell, L.; Leedham-Green, M.; Raftery, M.; Cerio, R.; Leigh, I.M.; Sasieni, P.; Proby, C.M., 2013:
A surveillance model for skin cancer in organ transplant recipients: a 22-year prospective study in an ethnically diverse population

Bentall, A.; Cornell, L.D.; Gloor, J.M.; Park, W.D.; Gandhi, M.J.; Winters, J.L.; Chedid, M.F.; Dean, P.G.; Stegall, M.D., 2013:
Five-year outcomes in living donor kidney transplants with a positive crossmatch

Chinnock, R.; Webber, S.A.; Dipchand, A.I.; Brown, R.N.; George, J.F., 2013:
A 16-year multi-institutional study of the role of age and EBV status on PTLD incidence among pediatric heart transplant recipients

Soares, M.Augusta., 2013:
Legibility of USP pictograms by clients of community pharmacies in Portugal

Liu, J.; Githinji, J.; Mclaughlin, B.; Wilczek, K.; Nolta, J., 2013:
Role of miRNAs in neuronal differentiation from human embryonic stem cell-derived neural stem cells

de Faria, C.Arruda.; de las Heras Kozma, R.; Stessuk, T.; Ribeiro-Paes, Jão.Tadeu., 2013:
Experimental basis and new insights for cell therapy in Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

H.J.D.S.rup; H.M.dsen; K.A.nbjerg-Nielsen, 2012:
Descriptive and predictive evaluation of high resolution Markov chain precipitation models

Parker, A.M.; Petroze, R.T.; Schirmer, B.D.; Calland, J.F., 2013:
Surgical residency market research-what are applicants looking for?

Robson, D.; Haddad, M.; Gray, R.; Gournay, K., 2014:
Mental health nursing and physical health care: a cross-sectional study of nurses' attitudes, practice, and perceived training needs for the physical health care of people with severe mental illness

Missen, R.Leigh.; Brannelly, T.; Newton-Howes, G., 2014:
Qualitative exploration of family perspectives of smoke-free mental health and addiction services

Cutcliffe, J.; Stevenson, C.; Lakeman, R., 2014:
Oxymoronic or synergistic: deconstructing the psychiatric and/or mental health nurse

Yolande Pottie-Sherman, 2013:
Talent for Citizenship and the American Dream the USA as Outlier in the Global Race for Talent

M.V.Arcos-Hernandez, S.Pratt, B.Laycock, P.Johansson…, 2013:
Waste Activated Sludge as Biomass for Production of Commercial-Grade Polyhydroxyalkanoate PHA

Haapasalo, T.; Nordfors, K.; Järvelä, S.; Kok, E.; Sallinen, P.; Kinnula, V.L.; Haapasalo, H.Kalervo.; Soini, Y., 2013:
Peroxiredoxins and their expression in ependymomas

Nagase, T.; Akase, T.; Sanada, H.; Minematsu, T.; Ibuki, A.; Huang, L.; Asada, M.; Yoshimura, K.; Nagase, M.; Shimada, T.; Aburada, M.; Nakagami, G.; Sugama, J., 2013:
Aging-like skin changes in metabolic syndrome model mice are mediated by mineralocorticoid receptor signaling

Tsai-Hsueh Leu; Wei-Pin Ho; Poo-Kuang Wong; Tai-Yuan Chuang; Chin-Chean Wong, 2012:
Clavicular Hook Plate, a Better Implant Choice for Fixation of Unstable Distal Clavicle Fractures?

Ting-Kai Leung; Pai-Jung Huang; Hung-Hua Liang; Chin-Sheng Hung; Ching-Shyang Chen; Jan-Show Chu; Hui-Y.L.ou; Chi-Ming Lee; Chih-Hsiung Wu, 2012:
Retrospective Study of False-positive Breast Magnetic Resonance Images and Pathological Results in Taiwan

Markus A.Maier, Andrew J.Elliot, Borah Lee…, 2013:
The influence of red on impression formation in a job application context

Ashenden, M.; Clarke, A.; Sharpe, K.; d'Onofrio, G.; Plowman, J.; Gore, C.J., 2013:
Stability of athlete passport parameters during extended storage

Villarino, N.; Lesman, S.; Fielder, A.; García-Tapia, D.; Cox, S.; Lucas, M.; Robinson, J.; Brown, S.A.; Martín-Jiménez, T., 2014:
Pulmonary pharmacokinetics of tulathromycin in swine. Part I: Lung homogenate in healthy pigs and pigs challenged intratracheally with lipopolysaccharide of Escherichia coli

Villarino, N.; Lesman, S.; Fielder, A.; García-Tapia, D.; Cox, S.; Lucas, M.; Robinson, J.; Brown, S.A.; Martín-Jiménez, T., 2014:
Pulmonary pharmacokinetics of tulathromycin in swine. Part 2: Intra-airways compartments

Vander Werf, K.A.; Davis, E.G.; Kukanich, B., 2014:
Pharmacokinetics and adverse effects of oral meloxicam tablets in healthy adult horses

Wang, G-Y.; Tu, P.; Chen, X.; Guo, Y-G.; Jiang, S-X., 2014:
Effect of three polyether ionophores on pharmacokinetics of florfenicol in male broilers

Nakamichi, K.; Mizusawa, H.; Yamada, M.; Kishida, S.; Miura, Y.; Shimokawa, T.; Takasaki, T.; Lim, C-Kweng.; Kurane, I.; Saijo, M., 2013:
Characteristics of progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy clarified through internet-assisted laboratory surveillance in Japan

Sakallıoğlu, O.; Düzer, Sç.; Kapusuz, Z.; Soylu, E., 2014:
The evaluation of nasal mucociliary activity after septoplasty and external septorhinoplasty

Anonymous, 2012:
Two dimensional ultrasound imaging of the diaphragm Quantitative values in normal subjects

Rossi, L.F.; Luaces, J.P.; Aldana Marcos, H.J.; Cetica, P.D.; Perez Jimeno, G.; Merani, M.S., 2014:
Anatomy and histology of the male reproductive tract and spermatogenesis fine structure in the lesser anteater (Tamandua tetradactyla, Myrmecophagidae, Xenarthra): morphological evidences of reproductive functions

Li, Y.; Liu, X.; Zhang, Y.; Ma, X.; Lin, H., 2013:
Effects of cysteamine on mRNA levels of growth hormone and its receptors and growth in orange-spotted grouper (Epinephelus coioides)

Van Arsdale, A.P.; Wolpoff, M.H., 2013:
A single lineage in early Pleistocene Homo: size variation continuity in early Pleistocene Homo crania from East Africa and Georgia

Bashey, F.; Hawlena, H.; Lively, C.M., 2013:
Alternative paths to success in a parasite community: within-host competition can favor higher virulence or direct interference

Pavoine, S.; Ricotta, C., 2013:
Testing for phylogenetic signal in biological traits: the ubiquity of cross-product statistics

Niemiller, M.L.; Fitzpatrick, B.M.; Shah, P.; Schmitz, L.; Near, T.J., 2013:
Evidence for repeated loss of selective constraint in rhodopsin of amblyopsid cavefishes (Teleostei: Amblyopsidae)

Goodnight, C., 2013:
On multilevel selection and kin selection: contextual analysis meets direct fitness

Ji-Guang Wei, Cong-Kien Phan, Lin Wang, Tong Xu, Ji-Tong Luo…, 2013:
Pestalotiopsis yunnanensis sp nov, an endophyte from Podocarpus macrophyllus Podocarpaceae based on morphology and ITS sequence data

Yousaf, N.; Kreisel, H.; Khalid, A.N., 2013:
Bovista himalaica sp nov gasteroid fungi; Basidiomycetes from Pakistan

Xiao Juan Deng, Pei Gui Liu, Cheng Y.Liu, Yun Wang, 2013:
A new white truffle species, Tuber panzhihuanense from China

Nagy, László G.; Vágvölgyi, C.; Papp, T.ás, 2013:
Morphological characterization of clades of the Psathyrellaceae Agaricales inferred from a multigene phylogeny

Yu, N.H.e; Kim,, M.H.e; Cheong, Y.H.a; Jung,; Hur, J.-Seoun, 2013:
Characterization of two novel non-reducing polyketide synthase genes from the lichen-forming fungus Hypogymnia physodes

Teresa Lebel, Else C.Vellinga, 2013:
Description and affinities of a sequestrate Lepiota Agaricaceae from Australia

K.Zhang, Yuan-Ying Su, Lei Cai, 2013:
Morphological and phylogenetic characterisation of two new species of Phyllosticta from China

Lebeda, A.; Mieslerová, B.; Petrželová, I.; Korbelová, P., 2013:
Host specificity and virulence variation in populations of lettuce powdery mildew pathogen Golovinomyces cichoracearum s str from prickly lettuce Lactuca serriola

Williams, D.T.; Hoare, D.; Shingler, G.; Fairweather, C.; Whitaker, C., 2013:
Data recording aids in acute admissions

Al-Borie, H.M.; Damanhouri, A.M.Sheikh., 2013:
Patients' satisfaction of service quality in Saudi hospitals: a SERVQUAL analysis

Anonymous, 2012:
Medication Reconciliation Service in Tan Tock Seng Hospital TTSH

Grøndahl, V.Abrahamsen.; Hall-Lord, M.Louise.; Karlsson, I.; Appelgren, J.; Wilde-Larsson, B., 2013:
Exploring patient satisfaction predictors in relation to a theoretical model

Polsa, P.; Fuxiang, W.; Sääksjärvi, M.; Shuyuan, P., 2013:
Cultural values and health service quality in China

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MicroRNA-34a Modulates Chemosensitivity of Breast Cancer Cells to Adriamycin by Targeting Notch

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Maternal/Child Seroprevalence of Antibodies Against Treponema pallidum at Four General Hospitals in the State of Morelos, Mexico

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Epidemiological Characterization of a Fourth Wave of Pandemic A/H1N1 Influenza in Mexico, Winter 211–212 Age Shift and Severity

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Salubrinal Protects Against Cigarette Smoke Extract-induced HBEpC Apoptosis Likely Via Regulation of the PERK-eIF2? Signaling Pathway

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Human germline genetic modification: scientific and bioethical perspectives

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Motoneuron firing patterns underlying fast oscillations in phrenic nerve discharge in the rat

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Division of labor in frontal eye field neurons during presaccadic remapping of visual receptive fields

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Comparative breeding performance of Marsh Harriers Circus aeruginosus along a gradient of land-use intensification and implications for population management

Anonymous, 2012:
Quantum Chemical Modeling in the Molecular Ecology

Anonymous, 2012:
Evolution before Life

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Dealing with Spatial Autocorrelation in Gene Flow Modeling

Anonymous, 2012:
Modeling In Vitro Cell-Based Assays Experiments Cell Population Dynamics

Anonymous, 2012:
Keystone Species of Molecular Interaction Networks

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Evolutionary Transition to Complex Population Dynamic Patterns in an Age-structured Population

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Use of Tracking System Data for Individual-based Modeling of Sweetfish Plecoglossus altivelis Behavior

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Formation of the Mosaic Structure of Vegetative Communities due to Spatial Competition for Life Resources

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Influence of Intra-Seasonal Variability of Metabolic Rates on the Output of a Steady-State Food Web Model

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Trophic Network Analysis Comparison of System-Wide Properties

Anonymous, 2012:
An Individual-Based Approach for Studying System-Wide Properties of Ecological Networks

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Trophic Interactions in Lake Tana, a Large Turbid Highland Lake in Ethiopia

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Modeling the Mercury Cycle in the Marano-Grado Lagoon Italy

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Impact of Global and Local Pressures on the Ecology of a Medium-Sized Pre-Alpine Lake

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Biogeochemical 1D ERSEM Ecosystem Model Applied to Recent Carbon Dioxide and Nutrient Data in the North Sea

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Cities as Ecosystems Functional Similarities and the Quest for Sustainability

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Three-Dimensional Modeling of Pollutant Dispersion in Lake Garda North Italy

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DLES A Component-Based Framework for Ecological Modeling

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Understanding Forest Changes to Support Planning A Fine-Scale Markov Chain Approach

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Spatial Algorithms Applied to Landscape Diversity Estimate from Remote Sensing Data

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Offsetting Policies for Biodiversity Conservation The Need for Compensating Habitat Relocation

Anonymous, 2012:
Combining Habitat Suitability Models and Fluvial Functionality Data for a Multilayer Assessment of Riverine Vulnerability

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Carbon Cycle Modeling and Principle of the Worst Scenario

Anonymous, 2012:
The Worst Scenario Principle and the Assessment of the Impact of Quality of Life for Biosphere Dynamics

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Modeling and Evaluating the Global Energy Flow in Ecosystems and its Impacts on the Ecological Footprint

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The Dynamics Linking Biological Hierarchies, Fish Stocks and Ecosystems Implications for Fisheries Management

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A Network Model of the Hierarchical Organization of Supra-Individual Biosystems

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Hierarchical Energy Dissipation in Populations

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Targeting CD3 in Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma

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Interaction between glycated serum albumin and AGE-receptors depends on structural changes and the glycation reagent

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Introducing leaky-well concept for stormwater quantity control in Dhaka, Bangladesh

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Neuronal Wiskott-Aldrich syndrome protein N-WASP is critical for formation of alpha-smooth muscle actin filaments during myofibroblast differentiation

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Anonymous, 2012:
Transplantation uterine État des lieux

Anonymous, 2012:
Une reproduction sans uterus ? État des lieux de l’ectogenese

Anonymous, 2012:
A 1-Year Clinical and Radiographic Study of Implants Placed after Maxillary Sinus Floor Augmentation with an 82 Mixture of Deprotenized Bovine Bone and Autogenous Bone

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Parents take both size and conspicuousness into account when feeding nestlings in dark cavity nests

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The proximal fibula should be examined in all patients with ankle injury: a case series of missed maisonneuve fractures

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A case report: a young waiter with Paget-Schroetter syndrome

Anonymous, 2012:
Sigmoid Volvulus in a Young Woman Nearly Misdiagnosed As Fecal Impaction

Anonymous, 2012:
Effect of sevoflurane anesthesia and blood donation on the sonographic appearance of the spleen in 6 healthy cats

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Evaluation of two objective methods to optimize kVp and personnel exposure using a digital indirect flat panel detector and simulated veterinary patients

Anonymous, 2012:
T63, a New 4-Arylidene Curcumin Analogue induces cell cycle arrest and apoptosis through activation of Reactive Oxygen Species-FOXO3a pathway in lung cancer cells

Anonymous, 2012:
Enhanced expression of cystine/glutamate transporter in the lung caused by the oxidative stress-inducing agent paraquat

Anonymous, 2012:
Nitrogen Dioxide Delivery System for Biological Media

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Screening and characterization of LAB-produced bacteriocin-like substances from the intestine of grey mullet (Mugil cephalus L.) as potential biocontrol agents in aquaculture

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Impact of weather conditions on Escherichia coli accumulation in oysters of the Thau lagoon (the Mediterranean, France)

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A Comparative Study of Gravidogram and Ultrasound in Detection of IUGR

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Immunohistochemical Expression of Cell Proliferating Nuclear Antigen (PCNA) and p53 Protein in Cervical Cancer

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Outcome of breech deliveries in cameroonian nulliparous women

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Validation of swept source optical coherence tomography (SS-OCT) for the diagnosis of smooth surface caries in vitro

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Effect of proanthocyanidins and photo-initiators on photo-polymerization of a dental adhesive

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Rapid estrogen receptor signaling is essential for the protective effects of estrogen against vascular injury

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Impaired Insulin Signaling in Human Adipocytes After Experimental Sleep Restriction A Randomized, Crossover Study

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Reuse of Explanted, Resterilized Implantable Cardioverter-Defibrillators A Cohort Study

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Rilonacept for Colchicine-Resistant or -Intolerant Familial Mediterranean Fever A Randomized Trial

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Accuracy of Rapid and Point-of-Care Screening Tests for Hepatitis C A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis

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Price and Utilization Why We Must Target Both to Curb Health Care Costs

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Rethinking Adherence

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A Ghost of the Past

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Hormonal contraceptives with ethinyl estradiol were associated with increased thrombotic stroke and MI

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Hydroxyethyl starch 13/42 increased death at 9 days compared with Ringers acetate in severe sepsis

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Drugs for urgency urinary incontinence improve continence in women

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Quality improvement strategies reduce HbA 1c , LDL cholesterol, and BP in diabetes

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Various risk stratification schemes predict ischemic stroke and bleeding in atrial fibrillation

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Obstructive sleep apnoea is associated with the development and progression of diabetic retinopathy, independent of conventional risk factors and novel biomarkers for diabetic retinopathy

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Association of electroretinographic parameters and inflammatory factors in branch retinal vein occlusion with macular oedema

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An IgE epitope of Bet v 1 and fagales PR1 proteins as defined by a human monoclonal IgE

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Nieuws van de Vereniging voor Psychogeriatrie

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In de etalage Veelbelovende initiatieven in de zorg

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‘Gelukkig, de scherven zijn nog heel’

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Even geduld aub…

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Intramurale dementiezorg aan migranten in Nederland

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Debat over kleinschaligheid

Han Diesfeldt, 2012:
Onder de loe Wetenschappelijk onderzoek nader bekeken

Paul-Jeroen Verkade, 2012:
Een stap vooruit

Maud Graff, 2012:
Doen wat onmogelijk leek

Anonymous, 2012:
Familieparticipatie 2

Dorothea Touwen, 2012:
Tussen zelfstandigheid en veiligheid

Anonymous, 2012:
Edema macular quístico por fingolimod en esclerosis multiple

Anonymous, 2012:
Lentilitoribacterdonghaensis gen nov, sp nov, a slowly-growing alphaproteobacterium isolated from coastal seawater

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Minimal groups increase young children's motivation and learning on group-relevant tasks

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Identification of amino acid residues essential to the activity of lyase CpcT1 from Nostoc sp PCC712

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A novel type heterozygous mutation in the glucose-6-phosphatase gene in a Chinese patient with glycogen storage disease Ia

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Computational centrosomics: an approach to understand the dynamic behaviour of centrosome

Anonymous, 2012:
Ovarian Cancer Microenvironment Treatment

Anonymous, 2012:
GAB2 in Cancer

Anonymous, 2012:
Changes in uPA/PAI-1 Balance Regulate Tumorigenesis

Anonymous, 2012:
Copper-Modulated Proteolysis and Prostate Cancer Cell Invasion

Anonymous, 2012:
Akt1 Modulates Inflammatory Breast Cancer Invasion

Anonymous, 2012:
YWHAZ/beta-Catenin Axis in Lung Cancer Metastasis

Anonymous, 2012:
GPR19 in Lung Cancer and Cell-Cycle

Anonymous, 2012:
Radiation-Induced EGFR-DNA-PKcs Interactions

Anonymous, 2012:
AhR Antagonizes Tumor Cell Aggressive Phenotype

Anonymous, 2012:
Gialpha2 in Prostate Cancer Metastasis

Anonymous, 2012:
Smad3 Dosage Effects in Breast Cancer

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Molecular diagnostic strategies: a role in the practice of dermatology

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Mortality from acquired bullous diseases of skin in Canadian adults 2–27

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Family-based association study in Tunisian familial psoriasis

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Angular artery perforator-based transposition flap for the reconstruction of midface defect

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Comparative efficacy of tacrolimus 1% ointment and clobetasol propionate 5% ointment in oral lichen planus a randomized double-blind trial

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Phenytoin induces in vitro melanocyte proliferation

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Overestimates of maternity and population growth rates in multi-annual breeders

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Patterns of magnesium content in Arctic bryozoan skeletons along a depth gradient

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Addiction-related gene regulation: risks of exposure to cognitive enhancers vs. other psychostimulants

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Lower esophageal sphincter-preserving laparoscopy-assisted proximal gastrectomy in patients with early gastric cancer: a method for the prevention of reflux esophagitis

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P-wave velocity structure beneath the northern Antarctic Peninsula evidence of a steeply subducting slab and a deep-rooted low-velocity anomaly beneath the central Bransfield Basin

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A unified concept for comparison of seismograms using transfer functions

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Optimized discrete wavelet transforms in the cubed sphere with the lifting scheme—implications for global finite-frequency tomography

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Distributions of waist circumference and waist-to-height ratio for children and adolescents in Shandong, China

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Don't forget to report "simple" finding on CT: the hypodense eye lens

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Renal complications of seasonal and pandemic influenza A virus infections

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Specific immunotherapy with allergens: an important tool in the treatment of the allergic diseases

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A Juvenile Skull of Ancylotherium Mammalia, Perissodactyla, Chalicotheriidae from the Pliocene of China

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Thick bottom nepheloid layers in the western Mediterranean generated by deep dense shelf water cascading

Anonymous, 2012:
Mesure instantanee, aisee et non invasive de la pression arterielle, de la frequence cardiaque et du debit cardiaque application en kinesitherapie

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The neuronal organization of the retina

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Attention, learning, and the value of information

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A subtype-specific function for the extracellular domain of neuroligin 1 in hippocampal LTP

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Parametric functional maps of visual inputs to the tectum

Anonymous, 2012:
Genetic Removal of p7 S6 Kinase 1 Corrects Molecular, Synaptic, and Behavioral Phenotypes in Fragile X Syndrome Mice

Anonymous, 2012:
Reelin Controls Neuronal Positioning by Promoting Cell-Matrix Adhesion via Inside-Out Activation of Integrin ?5?

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Drosophila CPEB Orb2A mediates memory independent of Its RNA-binding domain

Anonymous, 2012:
Transsynaptic Signaling by Activity-Dependent Cleavage of Neuroligin-

Anonymous, 2012:
Activity-Dependent Proteolytic Cleavage of Neuroligin-

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Discrete neocortical dynamics predict behavioral categorization of sounds

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Opposing mechanisms support the voluntary forgetting of unwanted memories

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Words about body and soul: social representations relating to health and illness

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Debiasing comparative optimism and increasing worry for health outcomes

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Family functioning and binge drinking among Italian adolescents

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Healthy, wealthy, wise? Psychosocial factors influencing the socioeconomic status-health gradient

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Impact when receiving a diagnosis: additive and multiplicative effects between illness severity and perception of control

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Passion in breast cancer survivors: examining links to emotional well-being

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Racial discrimination and health-promoting vs damaging behaviors among African-American adults

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The impact of perceived stress and perceived control on anxiety and mood disorders in noncardiac chest pain

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Stages of change and decisional balance for condom use with a romantic partner

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Psychological symptoms and blood pressure among rural-dwellers

Bogart, K.R.; Tickle-Degnen, L.; Joffe, M.S., 2013 :
Social interaction experiences of adults with Moebius Syndrome: a focus group

Wilson, A.Justine.; Jung, M.E.; Cramp, A.; Simatovic, J.; Prapavessis, H.; Clarson, C., 2013:
Effects of a group-based exercise and self-regulatory intervention on obese adolescents' physical activity, social cognitions, body composition and strength: a randomized feasibility study

Gao, K.; Xiong, Q.; Xu, J.; Wang, K.; Wang, K., 2013:
CpBir1 is required for conidiation, virulence and anti-apoptotic effects and influences hypovirus transmission in Cryphonectria parasitica

Lackner, G.; Misiek, M.; Braesel, J.; Hoffmeister, D., 2013:
Genome mining reveals the evolutionary origin and biosynthetic potential of basidiomycete polyketide synthases

Ge, Z.-Ming; Kellomäki, S.; Peltola, H.; Zhou, X.; Väisänen, H.; Strandman, H., 2013:
Impacts of climate change on primary production and carbon sequestration of boreal Norway spruce forests Finland as a model

Elodie Blanc,Eric Strobl, 2013:
The impact of climate change on cropland productivity evidence from satellite based products at the river basin scale in Africa

Juen, L.; Marco, P., 2012:
Dragonfly endemism in the Brazilian Amazon competing hypotheses for biogeographical patterns

Siyu-Mao; Hong-Chen; Li-Chen; Chuanxi-Wang; Wei-Jia; Xiaoming-Chen; Huangjian-Yang; Wei-Huang; Wei-Zheng, 2014:
Two novel ansamitocin analogs from Actinosynnema pretiosum

Huang, R.; Peng, Y.; Zhou, X.; Yang, X.; Liu, Y., 2014:
A new taurine derivative from South China Sea marine sponge Axinella sp

Abdel-Mogib, M.; Raghib, H.M., 2014 :
Two new pregnane glycoside diesters from Caralluma russeliana

Shu, J-Cheng.; Liu, J-Qun.; Chou, G-Xin., 2014:
A new triterpenoid from Verbena officinalis L

Anonymous, 2012:
Cartografía hídrica muestra zonas inundables del Parana

Palvinskaya, T.; Antkowiak, M.; Burg, E.; Lenox, C.C.; Ubags, N.; Cramer, A.; Rincón, M.; Dixon, A.E.; Fessler, M.B.; Poynter, M.E.; Suratt, B.T., 2014:
Effects of acute and chronic low density lipoprotein exposure on neutrophil function

Cameron, A.J.; Magliano, D.J.; Söderberg, S., 2013:
A systematic review of the impact of including both waist and hip circumference in risk models for cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and mortality

Stephen C.Hadler, 1985:
Delta Hepatitis

Anonymous, 2012:
Vitamin D and inflammation in the prevention of type 2 diabetes public health relevance

Jason, L.A.; Barker, K.; Brown, A., 2012:
Pediatric Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Anonymous, 2012:
Evidence for an increased distribution range of Dermacentor reticulatus in south-west Poland

Vásquez, C.; de Moraes, G.J., 2013:
Geographic distribution and host plants of Raoiella indica and associated mite species in northern Venezuela

Anonymous, 2012 :
Utilization of Radiotherapy Services by a Palliative Care Unit Pattern and Implication

Kleinhans, C.; Barz, J.; Wurster, S.; Willig, M.; Oehr, C.; Müller, M.; Walles, H.; Hirth, T.; Kluger, P.J., 2013:
Ammonia plasma treatment of polystyrene surfaces enhances proliferation of primary human mesenchymal stem cells and human endothelial cells

Anonymous, 2012:
Screening for Cytochrome P45 Expression in Pichia pastoris whole-cells by P45-Carbon Monoxide Complex Determination

Godawat, R.; Brower, K.; Jain, S.; Konstantinov, K.; Riske, F.; Warikoo, V., 2013:
Periodic counter-current chromatography -- design and operational considerations for integrated and continuous purification of proteins

Anonymous, 2012:
Intervencoes farmaceuticas na atencao a saude mental uma revisao

Anonymous, 2012:
Aspectos farmacologicos, efeitos anticonvulsivantes e neuroprotetores da buspirona

Anonymous, 2012:
Presenca da Toxina Microcistina em Água, Impactos na Saude Publica e Medidas de Controle

Anonymous, 2012:
Modelos animales para la malaria cerebral y su aplicabilidad para la investigacion de nuevos farmacos

Anonymous, 2012:
Lipid profiles of rats fed with diets supplemented with vitamins niacin and pyridoxine

Anonymous, 2012:
Acute toxicity study of break-stone phyllanthus tenellus roxb a kind used widely by poor people in the form of tea

Anonymous, 2012:
Efeito do tratamento agudo do oleo essencial de Citrus sinensis L Osbeck na aquisicao da memoria espacial de ratos avaliada no labirinto aquatico de Morris

Anonymous, 2012:
Efeito da dexametasona e do cetoprofeno na osteogenese e na resistencia ossea em ratosossea em ratos

Anonymous, 2012:
Avaliacao do fator de protecao solar em fotoprotetores acrescidos com extratos da flora brasileira ricos em substancias fenolicas

Anonymous, 2012:
Estudo de propriedades físico-químicas envolvidas no processo de compactacao de uma formulacao experimental contendo zidovudina

Li, M.; Mazilu, D.; Horvath, K.A., 2012:
Minimally invasive cardiac surgery: transapical aortic valve replacement

Knels, Lilla; Valtink, Monika; De la Vega Marin, Jamlec; Steiner, Gerald; Roehlecke, Cora; Krueger, Alexander; Funk, Richard H. W., 2012:
Effects of Temperature and Water-Filtered Infrared-A Alone or in Combination on Healthy and Glyoxal-Stressed Fibroblast Cultures

Anonymous, 2012:
The Critical Role of Redox Homeostasis in Shikonin-Induced HL-6 Cell Differentiation via Unique Modulation of the Nrf2/ARE Pathway

Barclay, D.A., 2012:
Impact of "sick" and "recovery" roles on brain injury rehabilitation outcomes

Liu, Y., 2012:
Invalidity of SUV Measurements of Lesions in Close Proximity to Hot Sources due to "Shine-Through" Effect on FDG PET-CT Interpretation

Testa, S.; Paoletti, O.; Zimmermann, A.; Bassi, L.; Zambelli, S.; Cancellieri, E., 2012:
The role of anticoagulation clinics in the era of new oral anticoagulants

Martin, L.Katherine.; Bekaii-Saab, T., 2012:
Management of venous thromboembolism in patients with advanced gastrointestinal cancers: what is the role of novel oral anticoagulants?

R.S.n, T.; Chan, M.Yan.Yee.; Wee Siong, T.; Kok Foo, T.; Kheng Siang, N.; Lee, S.Huar.; Chi Keong, C., 2012:
Stroke prevention in atrial fibrillation: understanding the new oral anticoagulants dabigatran, rivaroxaban, and apixaban

Gualdi-Russo, E.; Manzon, V.Samantha.; Masotti, S.; Toselli, S.; Albertini, A.; Celenza, F.; Zaccagni, L., 2013:
Weight status and perception of body image in children: the effect of maternal immigrant status

Anonymous, 2012:
Identification of key peptidoglycan hydrolases for morphogenesis, autolysis, and peptidoglycan composition of Lactobacillus plantarum WCFS

Cheng, J.; Wang, Y.; Yu, H.; Wang, D.; Ye, J.; Jiang, H.; Wu, Y.; Shen, G., 2013:
An epidemiological and clinical analysis of craniomaxillofacial fibrous dysplasia in a Chinese population

Spagnolo, P.; Luppi, F.; Cerri, S.; Richeldi, L., 2013:
Genetic testing in diffuse parenchymal lung disease

Kusumi, J.; Ross, R.G., 2012:
Prevalence of psychiatric illness in primary caretakers of childhood-onset schizophrenia subjects

Urankar, R.N.; Lust, R.M.; Mann, E.; Katwa, P.; Wang, X.; Podila, R.; Hilderbrand, S.C.; Harrison, B.S.; Chen, P.; Ke, P.Chun.; Rao, A.M.; Brown, J.M.; Wingard, C.J., 2013:
Expansion of cardiac ischemia/reperfusion injury after instillation of three forms of multi-walled carbon nanotubes

Borges, F.; Gardner, R.; Lopes, T.; Calarco, J.P.; Boavida, L.C.; Slotkin, R.Keith.; Martienssen, R.A.; Becker, Jörg.D., 2012:
FACS-based purification of Arabidopsis microspores, sperm cells and vegetative nuclei

Kang, S.H.; Haydu, L.E.; Goh, R.Yeong.Hong.; Fogarty, G.B., 2013:
Radiotherapy is associated with significant improvement in local and regional control in Merkel cell carcinoma

Combs, S.E.; Kessel, K.A.; Herfarth, K.; Jensen, A.; Oertel, S.; Blattmann, C.; Ecker, S.; Hoess, A.; Martin, E.; Witt, O.; Jäkel, O.; Kulozik, A.E.; Debus, Jürgen., 2013:
Treatment of pediatric patients and young adults with particle therapy at the Heidelberg Ion Therapy Center (HIT): establishment of workflow and initial clinical data

Anonymous, 2012:
Zuruf Landschaft aus okonomischer Sicht

Geys, Benny; Heinemann, Friedrich; Kalb, Alexander, 2013:
Local Government Efficiency in German Municipalities

Christos Kanellopoulos, 2012:
Distribution, lithotypes and mineralogical study of newly formed thermogenic travertines in Northern Euboea and Eastern Central Greece

Anonymous, 2012:
RECIST No Longer the Sharpest Tool

Anonymous, 2012:
RLIP76 Is Essential for Tumor Angiogenesis

Anonymous, 2012:
Sperm Production in Cryopreserved Primate Autograft

Anonymous, 2012:
Metabolomic Diagnosis of Leptomeningeal Carcinomatosis

Anonymous, 2012:
PDC in Breast Cancer Pathophysiology

Anonymous, 2012:
Adipose Progenitor Cell Trafficking in Cancer

Anonymous, 2012:
PD-1 Blockade Improves the Effectiveness of ACT for Cancer

Anonymous, 2012:
TNF-alpha Mediates Bystander Effects

Anonymous, 2012:
Retinoic Acid and Tumor Immunity

Anonymous, 2012:
PDC-Driven Treg Cell Stimulation in Ovarian Cancer

Anonymous, 2012:
53BP1 Role in Gliomagenesis

Anonymous, 2012:
CLU Suppression Inhibits Cancer Metastasis

Anonymous, 2012:
Genomic Characterization of Clear Cell Renal Carcinoma

Anonymous, 2012:
Molecular Background of DCE-MRI in Cervical Cancer

Anonymous, 2012:
Shp2 in Maintenance of Chromosome Stability

Anonymous, 2012:
IGHV Genes in MCL

Anonymous, 2012:
TC21 and TGF-beta in NF1 Tumors

Anonymous, 2012:
Leptin and Soluble Leptin Receptor and Risk of Colorectal Cancer

Anonymous, 2012:
ROCK as a Potential Therapeutic Target in NSCLC

Anonymous, 2012:
Sorafenib Is a Potent Anticancer Agent against Multiple Myeloma

Anonymous, 2012:
CDK7 Mediates RNAPII Degradation

Anonymous, 2012:
Centrosomal Cluster Inhibition

Anonymous, 2012:
UPR-Mediated Angiogenic Switch

Anonymous, 2012:
STMN1 Accelerates the Metastatic Process

Anonymous, 2012:
The Role of Pocket Proteins in Cervical Carcinogenesis

Graham, R.I.; Wilson, K., 2013:
Male-killing Wolbachia and mitochondrial selective sweep in a migratory African insect

Hopp, Walter, 2013:
No such look problems with the dual content theory

Anonymous, 2012:
Hematome sous-dural lie a la pratique de la boxe chez l’enfant  a propos d’un cas

Buyayisqui, Mía.Pía.; Bordoni, Ní.; Garbossa, G., 2013:
Overcoming language and cultural barriers: a graphical communication tool to perform a parasitological screening in two vulnerable populations from Argentina

Moran, M.Bridgid.; Murphy, S.T.; Sussman, S., 2013:
Campaigns and cliques: variations in effectiveness of an antismoking campaign as a function of adolescent peer group identity

Selsky, C.; Luta, G.; Noone, A-Michelle.; Huerta, E.E.; Mandelblatt, J.S., 2013:
Internet access and online cancer information seeking among Latino immigrants from safety net clinics

Anonymous, 2012:
Exploring Objective and Subjective Numeracy at a Population Level Findings From the 27 Health Information National Trends Survey HINTS

Wright, K.B.; Rosenberg, J.; Egbert, N.; Ploeger, N.A.; Bernard, D.R.; King, S., 2013:
Communication competence, social support, and depression among college students: a model of facebook and face-to-face support network influence

Schlegel, M.E.; McIntosh, J.C.; Petsch, S.T.; Orem, W.H.; Jones, E.J.P.; Martini, A.M., 2013:
Extent and limits of biodegradation by in situ methanogenic consortia in shale and formation fluids

Ma, J.; He, J.; Qi, S.; Zhu, G.; Zhao, W.; Mike Edmunds, W.; Zhao, Y., 2013:
Groundwater recharge and evolution in the Dunhuang Basin, Northwestern China

Yang, L.; Guo, W.; Chen, N.; Hong, H.; Huang, J.; Xu, J.; Huang, S., 2013:
Influence of a summer storm event on the flux and composition of dissolved organic matter in a subtropical river, China

Anonymous, 2012:
Oryza Rice Recap - USA Rice Federation Fears Thailand Will Eventually Dump Rice on the Market; Euro Zone Continues to Play #8216;Kabuki Theater;#8217; China Economic Growth Tumbles Down a Black Hole?

Anonymous, 2012:
US Rice Market Anticipates New Colombia Business

Anonymous, 2012:
Oryza Afternoon Recap #8211; Chicago Rough Rice Futures Rally on Bargain Buying; Grains Higher Despite Lack of Outside Support

Anonymous, 2012:
Oryza Rice Currency Analysis for Today #8211; Euro Continues Rally

Anonymous, 2012:
Nigeria Rice Farmers Urge Government to Ban Rice Imports Immediately

Anonymous, 2012:
Thailand Rice Has Safe Levels of Arsenic, Claims Scientist

Anonymous, 2012:
Oryza Overnight Recap #8211; Chicago Rough Rice Futures Higher Overnight, Grains Provide Bullish Backdrop

Anonymous, 2012:
Thailand Rice Sellers Increase Some of Their Quotes; Vietnam Rice Sellers Increase Most of Their Quotes; India, Pakistan Rice Sellers Keep Indications on Hold

Anonymous, 2012:
Philippines Government Targets 175 Million Tons Domestic Paddy Rice Procurement in 213

Anonymous, 2012:
Thailand Private Storage Companies Eye Windfall as Rice Storage Problem Mounts

Anonymous, 2012:
Brazil Paddy Rice Prices Decline 2% to #36;38 Per Ton; Exports Up 14%

Anonymous, 2012:
US Rice Market Lifeless, Buyers and Sellers Stubbornly Hold Firm

Anonymous, 2012:
Oryza Afternoon Recap #8211; Chicago Rough Rice Futures Continue to Slide, Grains Little Changed Despite Supportive Macroeconomic Conditions

Kang, W.; Xu, L., 2012:
Optimal placement of mobile sensors for data assimilations

Kahn, M.R.; Kosmas, C.E.; Wagman, G.; Serrao, G.W.; Fallahi, A.; Grady, K.M.; Vittorio, T.J., 2014:
Low-density lipoprotein levels in patients with acute heart failure

Krupińska, J.; Urbanowicz, W.; Kaczmarczyk, M.; Kulig, G.; Sowińska-Przepiera, Eżbieta.; Andrysiak-Mamos, Eżbieta.; Syrenicz, A., 2012:
Association between genetic mutations and the development of autoimmune thyroiditis in patients with chronic hepatitis C treated with interferon alpha

Sağlam, Hasan S.; Köse, Osman; Kumsar, Şükrü; Budak, Salih; Adsan, Öztuğ, 2012:
Fasting Blood Glucose and Lipid Profile Alterations following Twelve-Month Androgen Deprivation Therapy in Men with Prostate Cancer

Zhang, Fengsong; Li, Yanxia; Xiong, Xiong; Yang, Ming; Li, Wei, 2012:
Effect of Composting on Dissolved Organic Matter in Animal Manure and Its Binding with Cu

Bernardi, Juliana Rombaldi; Escobar, Renata de Souza; Ferreira, Charles Francisco; Silveira, Patrícia Pelufo, 2012:
Fetal and Neonatal Levels of Omega-3 Effects on Neurodevelopment, Nutrition, and Growth

Anonymous, 2012:
Ethylene Inhibitors Enhance Shoot Organogenesis of Gloxinia Sinningia speciosa

Anonymous, 2012:
The Evaluation of Thyroid Diseases in Patients with PemphigusVulgaris

Al-Waili, Noori; Salom, Khelod; Al-Ghamdi, Ahmed; Ansari, Mohammad Javed, 2012:
Antibiotic, Pesticide, and Microbial Contaminants of Honey Human Health Hazards

Vainionpää, Mari; Tienhaara, Esa-Pekka; Raekallio, Marja; Junnila, Jouni; Snellman, Marjatta; Vainio, Outi, 2012:
Thermographic Imaging of the Superficial Temperature in Racing Greyhounds before and after the Race

Anonymous, 2012:
Gulf airlines come in from the cold with alliances

Anonymous, 2012:
Londons Gatwick airport to study second runway plans

Anonymous, 2012:
Kingfisher Air extends grounding of flights

Anonymous, 2012:
New Yorks Upper East Side now priciest US address

Anonymous, 2012:
Nigeria opens museum to Afrobeat King Fela Kuti

Anonymous, 2012:
Bahrains Gulf Air says Iran holds up flight resumption

Anonymous, 2012:
Cuba lifting hated travel restrictions

Anonymous, 2012:
FIFA doubts Brazil will be ready for Confederations Cup

Anonymous, 2012:
Fuel shortages at Scottish airport a warning for winter

Anonymous, 2012:
Frankfurt Airport gets an A-Plus

Kang, L.; Lustig, M.E.; Bonner, J.S.; Lee-Young, R.S.; Mayes, W.H.; James, F.D.; Lin, C-Te.; Perry, C.G.R.; Anderson, E.J.; Neufer, P.Darrell.; Wasserman, D.H., 2013:
Mitochondrial antioxidative capacity regulates muscle glucose uptake in the conscious mouse: effect of exercise and diet

Tan, C.Ozan., 2013:
Defining the characteristic relationship between arterial pressure and cerebral flow

Anonymous, 2012:
Influence of alpha-adrenergic vasoconstriction on the blunted skeletal muscle contraction-induced rapid vasodilation with aging

Laurie, S. S.; Elliott, J. E.; Goodman, R. D.; Lovering, A. T., 2012:
Catecholamine-induced opening of intrapulmonary arteriovenous anastomoses in healthy humans at rest

Martin, J. S.; Padilla, J.; Jenkins, N. T.; Crissey, J. M.; Bender, S. B.; Rector, R. S.; Thyfault, J. P.; Laughlin, M. H., 2012:
Functional adaptations in the skeletal muscle microvasculature to endurance and interval sprint training in the type 2 diabetic OLETF rat

McLeod, D.; Parsons, G.; Gunther, R.; Quail, A.; Cottee, D.; White, S., 2013 :
Differential effects of inhaled methacholine on circumferential wall and vascular smooth muscle of third-generation airways in awake sheep

Radiloff, D.R.; Zhao, Y.; Boico, A.; Wu, C.; Shan, S.; Palmer, G.; Hamilton, K.; Irwin, D.; Hanna, G.; Piantadosi, C.A.; Schroeder, T., 2013:
The combination of theophylline and endothelin receptor antagonism improves exercise performance of rats under simulated high altitude

Umar, S.; Nadadur, R.; Iorga, A.; Amjedi, M.; Matori, H.; Eghbali, M., 2013:
Cardiac structural and hemodynamic changes associated with physiological heart hypertrophy of pregnancy are reversed postpartum

Lee, M.Chul.; Okamoto, M.; Liu, Y.Fan.; Inoue, K.; Matsui, T.; Nogami, H.; Soya, H., 2013:
Voluntary resistance running with short distance enhances spatial memory related to hippocampal BDNF signaling

Anonymous, 2012:
Aortic function quantified the hearts essential cushion

Gabor, A.; Leenen, F.H.H., 2013:
Central neuromodulatory pathways regulating sympathetic activity in hypertension

Prabhakar, N.R.; Kumar, G.K.; Peng, Y-Jie., 2013:
Sympatho-adrenal activation by chronic intermittent hypoxia

Anonymous, 2012:
Altered hemodynamics during muscle metaboreflex in young type 1 diabetes patients

Lujan, H.L.; Janbaih, H.; DiCarlo, S.E., 2013:
Dynamic interaction between the heart and its sympathetic innervation following T5 spinal cord transection

Calcagno, C.; Ramachandran, S.; Millon, A.; Robson, P.M.; Mani, V.; Fayad, Z., 2013:
Gadolinium-Based Contrast Agents for Vessel Wall Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) of Atherosclerosis

Stäubert, C.; Bohnekamp, J.; Schöneberg, T., 2013:
Determinants involved in subtype-specific functions of rat trace amine-associated receptors 1 and 4

Anonymous, 2012:
Local modulation of Cystic Fibrosis Conductance Regulator cytoskeleton and compartmentalised cAMP signalling

Anonymous, 2012:
Interferon alpha subtypes Distinct biological activities in anti-viral therapy

Steinmann, J.; Buer, J.; Pietschmann, T.; Steinmann, E., 2013:
Anti-infective properties of epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG), a component of green tea

I.G.mez Ledesma; M.Á. de Santiago Rodriguez; I.F.llana Neira; F.L.ón Garrigosa, 2012:
Neovascular membrane and pregnancy Treatment with bevacizumab

C.T.rrón; S.F.rnández-Pérez; O.R.iz; J.L.ciñena; L.P.blo, 2012:
Long-term visual acuity in patients with age-related macular degeneration and persistence of subretinal fluid after treatment with ranibizumab

Ge, B.; Guo, L.; Zhang, T.; Hu, X.; Han, J.; Liu, T., 2013:
Resting state fMRI-guided fiber clustering: methods and applications

Bolaños, M.; Bernat, E.M.; He, B.; Aviyente, S., 2013:
A weighted small world network measure for assessing functional connectivity

Bianchi, A.M.; Marchetta, E.; Tana, M.G.; Tettamanti, M.; Rizzo, G., 2013:
Frequency-based approach to the study of semantic brain networks connectivity

Nair, M.; Prabhakaran, D., 2012:
Why Do South Asians Have High Risk for CAD?

Anonymous, 2012:
Insights into deregulated TNF and IL-1 production in malaria implications for understanding severe malarial anaemia

Syan-Bhanvadia, S.; Daneshmand, S., 2012:
Management of the Continent Cutaneous Stomal Complications

Ritter, R.é; Gakis, G.; Stenzl, A.; Sievert, K.-Dietrich, 2012:
Urinary Incontinence and Retention in the Female Neobladder Why Does This Occur and Treatment Options?

Park, J.; Chung, N-G.; Chae, H.; Kim, M.; Lee, S.; Kim, Y.; Lee, J-W.; Cho, B.; Jeong, D.C.; Park, I.Y., 2014:
FANCA and FANCG are the major Fanconi anemia genes in the Korean population

Senst, N.; Llacuachaqui, M.; Lubinski, J.; Lynch, H.; Armel, S.; Neuhausen, S.; Ghadirian, P.; Sun, P.; Narod, S.A.; Panchal, S.; Rosen, B.; Demsky, R.; Foulkes, W.D.; Kim-Sing, C.; Singer, C.; Short, T.; Senter, L.; Sweet, K.; Tung, N.; Ainsworth, P.; Eisen, A.; Gilchrist, D.; Bordeleau, L.; Olopade, O.I.; Karlan, B.; Kurz, R.; Couch, F.; Manoukian, S.; Daly, M.; Saal, H.; McKinnon, W.; Wood, M.; Elser, C.; Eng, C.; Weitzel, J.; McLennan, J.; Lemire, E.; Fallen, T.; Kaklamani, V.; Stoppa-Lyonne, 2014:
Parental origin of mutation and the risk of breast cancer in a prospective study of women with a BRCA1 or BRCA2 mutation

Seidenari, S.; Pellacani, G.; Nasti, S.; Tomasi, A.; Pastorino, L.; Ghiorzo, P.; Ruini, C.; Bianchi-Scarrà, G.; Pollio, A.; Mandel, V.D.; Ponti, G., 2014:
Hereditary trichilemmal cysts: a proposal for the assessment of diagnostic clinical criteria

Anonymous, 2012:
Beckwith-Wiedemann Syndrome and Long QT Syndrome due to familial balanced translocation t11;17p155;q213 involving the KCNQ1 gene

Rio, M.; Royer, G.; Gobin, S.; de Blois, M.C.; Ozilou, C.; Bernheim, A.; Nizon, M.; Munnich, A.; Bonnefont, J-P.; Romana, S.; Vekemans, M.; Turleau, C.; Malan, V., 2014:
Monozygotic twins discordant for submicroscopic chromosomal anomalies in 2p25.3 region detected by array CGH

Król, E.; Krejpcio, Z.; Michalak, Sławomir.; Wójciak, Rł.W.; Bogdański, Pł., 2013:
Effects of combined dietary chromium(III) propionate complex and thiamine supplementation on insulin sensitivity, blood biochemical indices, and mineral levels in high-fructose-fed rats

Li, X.; Han, Y.; Guan, Y.; Zhang, L.; Bai, C.; Li, Y., 2013:
Aluminum induces osteoblast apoptosis through the oxidative stress-mediated JNK signaling pathway

Villarroel, P.; L.B.anc, S.; Arredondo, M., 2013:
Interleukin-6 and lipopolysaccharide modulate hepcidin mRNA expression by HepG2 cells

Gao, J.; Zhang, D.; Zhang, K.; Liu, M.; Han, Z.; Li, J., 2013:
Effects of selenium supplementation on expression of endothelin-1 and its receptors in pulmonary microvascular endothelial cells from chick embryos

Bergmann, M.; Klages, M., 2013:
Increase of litter at the Arctic deep-sea observatory HAUSGARTEN

Brewer, D.T.; Morello, E.B.; Griffiths, S.; Fry, G.; Heales, D.; Apte, S.C.; Venables, W.N.; Rothlisberg, P.C.; Moeseneder, C.; Lansdell, M.; Pendrey, R.; Coman, F.; Strzelecki, J.; Jarolimek, C.V.; Jung, R.F.; Richardson, A.J., 2013:
Impacts of gold mine waste disposal on a tropical pelagic ecosystem

Gladstone, W.; Curley, B.; Shokri, M.Reza., 2013:
Environmental impacts of tourism in the Gulf and the Red Sea

Lee, D.; Suh, Y-Lim.; Kang, S.Young.; Park, T-In.; Jeong, J.Yun.; Kim, S-Hoon., 2013:
IDH1 mutations in oligodendroglial tumors: comparative analysis of direct sequencing, pyrosequencing, immunohistochemistry, nested PCR and PNA-mediated clamping PCR

Gai, Z.; Zhang, X.; Wang, X.; Peng, J.; Li, Y.; Liu, K.; Hong, H., 2012:
Differential proteomic analysis of Trichoplusia ni cells after continuous selection with activated Cry1Ac toxin

Shi-Guo Sun, Shuang-Quan Huang, You-Hao Guo, 2013:
Pollinator shift to managed honeybees enhances reproductive output in a bumblebee-pollinated plant

G.Ding, Daizhen Zhang, Yanqiu Yu, Lingling Zhao, Beibei Zhang, 2013:
Population genetic diversity and divergence of the halobiotic herb Limonium sinense estimated by AFLP and ISSR, and implications for conservation

Xue Qin Wan, Fan Zhang, Y.Zhong, Yun Hai Ding, Chang Liang Wang, Ting Xin Hu, 2013:
Study of genetic relationships and phylogeny of the native Populus in Southwest China based on nucleotide sequences of chloroplast trnT–trnF and nuclear DNA

Schwietz, T.; Ehrlich, J.R.;, S.; Fichtlscherer, S.; Schächinger, V.; Baier, G.; Laskowski, R.; Zeiher, A.M.; Spyridopoulos, I.; Lehmann, R., 2013:
Prognostic impact of using drug-eluting-stents on outcome and strategy in multivessel PCI: data from the Frankfurt MV-PCI registry

Dai, K.; Ishihara, M.; Inoue, I.; Kawagoe, T.; Shimatani, Y.; Miura, F.; Nakama, Y.; Otani, T.; Ooi, K.; Ikenaga, H.; Nakamura, M.; Miki, T.; Kishimoto, S.; Sumimoto, Y., 2013:
Coronary angioscopic findings 9 months after everolimus-eluting stent implantation compared with sirolimus-eluting stents

Goto, D.; Kinugawa, S.; Hamaguchi, S.; Sakakibara, M.; Tsuchihashi-Makaya, M.; Yokota, T.; Yamada, S.; Yokoshiki, H.; Tsutsui, H.; Takeshita, A.; Tsutsui, H.; Kinugawa, S.; Goto, D.; Kitabatake, A.; Yonezawa, K.; Shirato, K.; Kasanuki, H.; Nagai, R.; Izumi, T.; Ogawa, S.; Yamaguchi, I.; Isobe, M.; Yamaguchi, T.; Takegoshi, J.; Aizawa, Y.; Yokoyama, H.; Fujiwara, H.; Tomoike, H.; Hori, M.; Yokoyama, M.; Yoshikawa, J.; Matsuzaki, M.; Imaizumi, T.; Matsumoto, T.; Yamazaki, T.; Mizoue, T.; Kishi, R., 2013:
Clinical characteristics and outcomes of dilated phase of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy: report from the registry data in Japan

Johnston, M.D.; Siegel, D.; Szederkényi, Gábor., 2013:
Computing weakly reversible linearly conjugate chemical reaction networks with minimal deficiency

Floria, M.; Gerard, M.; Marchandise, B.; Schroeder, E., 2014:
Aberrantly inserted chordae tendineae without significant mitral regurgitation

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Spatial variability of summer and autumn phytoplankton community structure in Xiamen Western Bay based on pigment analysis

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A review on the South China Sea western boundary current

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Diagnosis of the ENSO modulation of tropical cyclogenesis over the southern South China Sea using a genesis potential index

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The impact of mean dynamic topography on a sea-level anomaly assimilation in the South China Sea based on an eddy-resolving model

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Historical simulation and twenty-first century prediction of oceanic CO2 sink and pH change

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Cultural attraction, ‘soft power’ and proximity the popularity of Japanese language in Hong Kong since the 198s

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Cultural geography and the inner dimensions of the quest for knowledge

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Well-Being and Recovery Functioning among Substance Users Engaged in Posttreatment Recovery Support Groups

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Region fessiere  analyse semiologique et application pour le remodelage par lipofilling

Anonymous, 2012:
La prescription du fauteuil roulant electrique chez le blesse medullaire

Anonymous, 2012:
Fauteuil roulant electrique et code de la route

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Biodegradable polymers as encapsulation materials for cosmetics and personal care markets

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Amino acid composition, including key derivatives of eccrine sweat: potential biomarkers of certain atopic skin conditions

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Anonymous, 2012:
Continuous passive disinfection of catheter hubs prevents contamination and bloodstream infection

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Product developments in the bio-based chemicals arena

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Air quality analysis and indexing of Kolkata city with respect to vertical floor heights and seasonal variation

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A rare complication of myocardial infarction

Anonymous, 2012:
Health Aspects of Organophosphorous Pesticides in Asian Countries

Anonymous, 2012 :
The Opportunities of Crises and Emergency Risk Communication in Activities of Serbian Public Health Workforce in Emergencies

Anonymous, 2012:
Effect of Mindfulness Based Stress Management on Reduction of Generalized Anxiety Disorder

Anonymous, 2012:
Sensitization to Aeroallergens in Patients with Respiratory Aller¬gies Based on Skin-Prick Test Results

Anonymous, 2012:
E-Health Readiness Assessment Framework in Iran

Anonymous, 2012:
Risk Factors for Spinal Osteoporosis As Compared with Femoral Osteoporosis in Urban Iranian Women

Anonymous, 2012:
Estimating the Frequency and Rate of First 5 Common Types of Invasive Procedures in Iran Healthcare System

Anonymous, 2012:
Delayed Vaccination and Related Predictors among Infants

Anonymous, 2012:
Candida parapsilosis as a Potent Biocontrol Agent against Growth and Aflatoxin Production by Aspergillus Species

Anonymous, 2012:
Co-Inheritance of Sickle Cell Trait and Thalassemia Mutations in South Central Iran

Anonymous, 2012:
Tuberculosis Surveillance Using a Hidden Markov Model

Anonymous, 2012:
Determination of Aflatoxin M1 Contamination and Integrity as well as Credibility

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Managed aquifer recharge in farming landscapes using large floods an opportunity to improve outcomes for the Murray-Darling Basin?

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Floral and reproductive biology of the Mexican endemic Chamaecrista chamaecristoides Fabaceae

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Reporte de Narnia femorata Stal Hemiptera Coreidae Sobre Opuntia ficusindica L Miller en Milpa Alta, Ciudad de MexicoReport Narnia femorata Stal Hemiptera Coreidae on Opuntia ficus-índica L Miller in Milpa Alta, Mexico City, Mexico

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CXCL1 Activities, Biological Structure, and Source Along with Its Significant Role Played in Pathophysiology of Type I Diabetes Mellitus

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Silencing of miR155 Promotes the Production of Inflammatory Mediators in Guillain–Barre Syndrome In Vitro

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Exogenous glucose preserves the quality of watermelon Citrullus lanatus plug seedlings for low-temperature storage

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Hexactinellid Sponge Spicules in Neoproterozoic Dolostone from South China

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miR-143 inhibits the metastasis of pancreatic cancer and an associated signaling pathway

Li, J.; Yang, Z-Lin.; Ren, X.; Zou, Q.; Yuan, Y.; Liang, L.; Chen, M.; Chen, S., 2013:
ILK and PRDX1 are prognostic markers in squamous cell/adenosquamous carcinomas and adenocarcinoma of gallbladder

Yang, C-Hui.; Huang, C-Cheng.; Ko, M-Tse.; Wei, Y-Ching.; Hwang, C-Feng., 2013:
Human papillomavirus infection and papillary squamous cell carcinoma in the head and neck region

Deng, B.; Liu, F.; Wei, Y.; Luo, L.; Chen, X.; Yan, L.; Li, B., 2013:
Association of a p73 exon 2 G4C14-to-A4T14 polymorphism with risk of hepatocellular carcinoma in a Chinese population

Yan, L.; Yan, K.; Kun, W.; Xu, L.; Ma, Q.; Tang, Y.; Jiao, W.; Gu, G.; Fan, Y.; Xu, Z., 2013:
Berberine inhibits the migration and invasion of T24 bladder cancer cells via reducing the expression of heparanase

Vilardi, B.Maria.Rodrigues.; Bravo-Calderón, D.Mauricio.; Bernabé, D.Galera.; Oliveira, S.Helena.Penha.; Oliveira, D.Tostes., 2013:
VEGF-C expression in oral cancer by neurotransmitter-induced activation of beta-adrenergic receptors

Kubo, T.; Takigawa, N.; Osawa, M.; Harada, D.; Ninomiya, T.; Ochi, N.; Ichihara, E.; Yamane, H.; Tanimoto, M.; Kiura, K., 2013:
Subpopulation of small-cell lung cancer cells expressing CD133 and CD87 show resistance to chemotherapy

Kim, S-Jung.; Kim, Y.Jung.; Kim, J.Hyun.; Park, D.Joong.; Kim, H-Ho.; Lee, J.Seok.; Lee, K-Wook., 2013:
Safety, compliance, and predictive parameters for dosage modification in adjuvant S-1 chemotherapy for gastric cancer

Shikata, K.; Ninomiya, T.; Kiyohara, Y., 2013:
Diabetes mellitus and cancer risk: review of the epidemiological evidence

Humphreys, H., 2013:
Staphylococcus aureus: the enduring pathogen in surgery

Williams, M.E.; Sandeep, J.; Catic, A., 2013:
Aging and ESRD demographics: consequences for the practice of dialysis

Yevzlin, A.S.; Gimelli, G., 2013:
Diagnosis and treatment of peripheral arterial disease in CKD patients

Roy-Chaudhury, P.; Arnold, P.; Seigel, J.; Misra, S., 2013:
From basic biology to randomized clinical trial: the Beta Radiation for Arteriovenous Graft Outflow Stenosis (BRAVO II)

Haslam, R.P.; Ruiz-Lopez, N.; Eastmond, P.; Moloney, M.; Sayanova, O.; Napier, J.A., 2013:
The modification of plant oil composition via metabolic engineering--better nutrition by design

Wakasa, Y.; Takagi, H.; Hirose, S.; Yang, L.; Saeki, M.; Nishimura, T.; Kaminuma, O.; Hiroi, T.; Takaiwa, F., 2013:
Oral immunotherapy with transgenic rice seed containing destructed Japanese cedar pollen allergens, Cry j 1 and Cry j 2, against Japanese cedar pollinosis

Vayssières, J-F.; Adandonon, A.; N'Diaye, O.; Sinzogan, A.; Kooymann, C.; Badji, K.; Rey, J-Y.; Wharton, R.A., 2012:
Native Parasitoids Associated with Fruit Flies Diptera Tephritidae in Cultivated and Wild Fruit Crops in Casamance, Senegal

Egbon, I.N.; Ayertey, J.N.; Eziah, V.Y., 2012:
Relative Susceptibility of 13 Cowpea Vigna unguiculata Varieties and Some Cereal Grains to Attack by Sitophilus oryzae Coleoptera Curculionidae

Vabishchevich, Anastasia P., 2012:
Two Strategies of between-Season Changes in the Song Composition of the Pied Flycatcher

Jokimäki, J.; Kaisanlahti-Jokimäki, M.-Liisa, 2012:
Residential Areas Support Overwintering Possibilities of Most Bird Species

Anonymous, 2012:
A Dental Microwear Texture Analysis of the Mio-Pliocene Hyaenids from Langebaanweg, South African

Andreas, M.; Reiter, A.ín; Benda, P., 2012:
Prey Selection and Seasonal Diet Changes in the Western Barbastelle Bat Barbastella barbastellus

Castro-Luna, A.A.; Galindo-González, J., 2012:
Seed Dispersal by Phyllostomid Bats in Two Contrasting Vegetation Types in a Mesoamerican Reserve

Munin,; Fischer, E.; Gonçalves, F., 2012:
Food Habits and Dietary Overlap in a Phyllostomid Bat Assemblage in the Pantanal of Brazil

Burgdorf-Moisuk, A.; Wack, R.; Ziccardi, M.; Larsen, R.Scott.; Hopper, K., 2012:
Validation of lactate measurement in American flamingo (Phoenicopterus ruber) plasma and correlation with duration and difficulty of capture

Plesker, R.; Schulze, H.; Schuhmacher, A., 2012:
Gallstones in slender lorises (Loris tardigradus)

Borges, Jão.Carlos.Gomes.; Freire, A.Carlos.da.Bôaviagem.; Attademo, F.Loffler.Niemeyer.; Serrano, Iê; Anzolin, D.Garcia.; de Carvalho, P.Sérgio.Martins.; Vergara-Parente, J.Einhardt., 2012:
Growth pattern differences of captive born Antillean manatee (Trichechus manatus) calves and those rescued in the Brazilian northeastern coast

Jardim, C.Catão.Gomes.; Cunha, L.Maciel.; Rezende,; Teixeira, C.Mara.; Martins, N.Rodrigo.da.Silva.; de Oliveira, P.Roberto.; Leite, Rário.Cerqueira.; Faccini, Jão.Luiz.Horácio.; Leite, Rômulo.Cerqueira., 2012:
Quill mites in Brazilian psittacine birds (Aves: Psittaciformes)

Raske, M.; Lewbart, G.A.; Dombrowski, D.S.; Hale, P.; Correa, M.; Christian, L.S., 2012:
Body temperatures of selected amphibian and reptile species

Makungu, M.; du Plessis, W.M.; Barrows, M.; Koeppel, K.N.; Groenewald, H.B., 2012:
Ultrasonographic abdominal anatomy of healthy captive caracals (Caracal caracal)

Marques, M.Vinícius.Romero.; Ferreira Júnior, F.Carlos.; Andery,; Fernandes, Aé.Almeida.; de Araújo, A.Vitelli.; de Resende, Jé.Sérgio.; Donatti, Rério.Venâncio.; Martins, N.Rodrigo.da.Silva., 2012:
Health assessment of captive tinamids (Aves, Tinamiformes) in Brazil

Steeil, J.C.; Sura, P.A.; Ramsay, E.C.; Reilly, S.; Seddighi, R.; Whittemore, J., 2012:
Laparoscopic-assisted ovariectomy of tigers (Panthera tigris) with the use of the LigaSure device

Naidoo, V.; Wolter, K.; Espie, I.; Kotze, A., 2012:
Lead toxicity: consequences and interventions in an intensively managed (Gyps coprotheres) vulture colony

Thomovsky, S.A.; Chen, A.V.; Roberts, G.R.; Schmidt, C.E.; Layton, A.W., 2012:
Spinal cord compression in two related Ursus arctos horribilis

Meegan, J.; Sidor, I.F.; Field, C.; Roddy, N.; Sirpenski, G.; Dunn, J.Lawrence., 2012:
Endoscopic evaluation and biopsy collection of the gastrointestinal tract in the green moray eel (Gymnothorax funebris): application in a case of chronic regurgitation with gastric mucus gland hyperplasia

Koehler, J.; Cox, N.; Passler, T.; Wolfe, D., 2012:
Subependymal glioneuronal hamartoma in the mesencephalic aqueduct of a giraffe

El-Dakhly, K.; Abo El-Hadid, S.; Shimizu, H.; El-Nahass, S.; Murai, A.; Sakai, H.; Yanai, T., 2012:
Occurrence of Thelazia callipaeda and Toxocara cati in an imported European lynx (Lynx lynx) in Japan

Barord, G.J.; Ju, C.; Basil, J.A., 2012:
First report of a successful treatment of a mucodegenerative disease in the chambered nautilus (Nautilus pompilius)

Wiratsudakul, A.; Sariya, L.; Prompiram, P.; Tantawet, S.; Suraruangchai, D.; Sedwisai, P.; Sangkachai, N.; Suksai, P.; Ratanakorn, P., 2012:
Detection and phylogenetic characterization of hepatitis E virus genotype 3 in a captive wild boar in Thailand

Leschnik, M.; Kirtz, G.; Virányi, Zófia.; Wille-Piazzai, W.; Duscher, G., 2012:
Acute granulocytic anaplasmosis in a captive timber wolf (Canis lupus occidentalis)

Spriggs, M.; Reeder, C., 2012:
Treatment of vasculitis and dermatitis in a 59-yr-old Nile hippopotamus (Hippopotamus amphibius)

Keller, D.L.; Ellison, M.; Clyde, V.L.; Wallace, R.S., 2012:
Accessory carpal bone luxation in two gray wolves (Canis lupus)

Mans, C.; Lahner, L.L.; Baker, B.B.; Johnson, S.M.; Sladky, K.K., 2012:
Antinociceptive efficacy of buprenorphine and hydromorphone in red-eared slider turtles (Trachemys scripta elegans)

Zeira, O.; Briola, C.; Konar, M.; Dumas, M.Pia.; Wrzosek, M.Adam.; Papa, V., 2012:
Suspected neurotoxicity due to Clostridium perfringens type B in a tiger (Panthera tigris)

Dias, R.Grobério.Souto.; Legatti, E.; Rahal, S.Canevese.; Teixeira, C.Roberto.; Ruiz Júnior, R.Lopes.; Rocha, N.Sousa.; dos Santos, I.Felismino.Charas.; Schmidt, E.Moreira.dos.Santos., 2012:
Oslerus osleri (Cobbold, 1876) infection in maned wolf (Chrysocyon brachyurus, illiger, 1815)

Eo, K-Yeon.; Kwak, D.; Kwon, O-Deog., 2012:
Detection of gastrointestinal parasites in raccoon dogs (Nyctereutes procyonoides) in the Seosan reclaimed lands, Korea

Libert, Cédric.; Ravel, C.; Pratlong, F.; Lami, P.; Dereure, J.; Keck, N., 2012:
Leishmania infantum infection in two captive barbary lions (Panthera leo leo)

Libert, Cédric.; Jouet, D.; Ferté, H.; Lemberger, K.; Keck, N., 2012:
Air sac fluke Circumvitellatrema momota in a captive blue-crowned motmot (Momotus momota) in France

Martinez-Sanchez, A.; Garcia, I.; Fernandez, J-Jesus., 2013:
A ridge-based framework for segmentation of 3D electron microscopy datasets

Weiner, A.; Kapishnikov, S.; Shimoni, E.; Cordes, S.; Guttmann, P.; Schneider, G.; Elbaum, M., 2013:
Vitrification of thick samples for soft X-ray cryo-tomography by high pressure freezing

Wu, W.; Chen, Z.; Cheng, N.; Watts, N.R.; Stahl, S.J.; Farci, P.; Purcell, R.H.; Wingfield, P.T.; Steven, A.C., 2013:
Specificity of an anti-capsid antibody associated with Hepatitis B Virus-related acute liver failure

Pham, T.-Thanh-Hien; Apparicio, P.; Landry, S.; Séguin, A.-Marie; Gagnon, M., 2013:
Predictors of the distribution of street and backyard vegetation in Montreal, Canada

Alison F.B.nwell; Neil S.A.nold; Ian C.W.llis; Marco Tedesco; Andreas P.A.lstrøm, 2012:
Modeling supraglacial water routing and lake filling on the Greenland Ice Sheet

Joshua P.R.chardson; Gregory P.W.ite; Wayne D.P.nnington; Roger M.T.rpening; James M.R.binson, 2012:
Icequake locations and discrimination of source and path effects with small aperture arrays, Bering Glacier terminus, AK

Lundström, C., 2014:
vPSNR: a visualization-aware image fidelity metric tailored for diagnostic imaging

S.G.A.arna; J.P.M.Creary; D.S.ankar; P.N.V.nayachandran, 2012:
Signatures of Indian Ocean Dipole and El Niño–Southern Oscillation events in sea level variations in the Bay of Bengal

David K.R.lston; W.R.ckwell Geyer; John C.W.rner, 2012:
Bathymetric controls on sediment transport in the Hudson River estuary Lateral asymmetry and frontal trapping

Römer, M.; Sahling, H.; Pape, T.; Bohrmann, G.; Spieß, V., 2012:
Quantification of gas bubble emissions from submarine hydrocarbon seeps at the Makran continental margin offshore Pakistan

Christopher P.Konrad, 2012:
Reoccupation of floodplains by rivers and its relation to the age structure of floodplain vegetation

Anonymous, 2012:
Retrospective retrieval of long-term consistent global leaf area index 1981–211 from combined AVHRR and MODIS data

P.J.M.Bride; K.S.S.hmidt; P.P.lewskie; A.W.lther; A.K.H.idinger; D.E.W.lfe; C.W.F.irall; S.L.nce, 2012:
CalNex cloud properties retrieved from a ship-based spectrometer and comparisons with satellite and aircraft retrieved cloud properties

K.S.hepanski; T.J.W.ight; P.K.ippertz, 2012:
Evidence for flash floods over deserts from loss of coherence in InSAR imagery

Houk Paek; Huei-Ping Huang, 2012:
A comparison of the interannual variability in atmospheric angular momentum and length-of-day using multiple reanalysis data sets

Wei Li; Chris; Joseph Barsugli, 2012:
Comparing two methods to estimate the sensitivity of regional climate simulations to tropical SST anomalies

A.C.andran; D.W.R.sch; G.E.T.omas; S.E.P.lo; G.B.umgarten; E.J.J.nsen; A.W.M.rkel, 2012:
Atmospheric gravity wave effects on polar mesospheric clouds A comparison of numerical simulations from CARMA 2D with AIM observations

Weiner, W.M.ria; Najt, J.; Pa?nik, G., 2012:
Collembola Poduromorpha Entognatha from continental Yemen and Socotra Island, with the description of a new Xenylla Tullberg, 1869

Valentine, G.A.; White, J.D.L.; Ross, P.-Simon; Amin, J.; Taddeucci, J.; Sonder, I.; Johnson, P.J., 2012:
Experimental craters formed by single and multiple buried explosions and implications for volcanic craters with emphasis on maars

Anonymous, 2012:
Challenging the rate-state asperity model Afterslip following the 211 M9 Tohoku-oki, Japan, earthquake

Anonymous, 2012:
Seismic-afterslip characterization of the 21 MW 88 Maule, Chile, earthquake based on moment tensor inversion

Anonymous, 2012:
Decade-scale decrease in b value prior to the M9-class 211 Tohoku and 24 Sumatra quakes

Anonymous, 2012:
New detection of tremor triggered in Hokkaido, northern Japan by the 24 Sumatra–Andaman earthquake

Zhang, Q.; Li, L.; Wang, Y.-G.; Werner, A.D.; Xin, P.; Jiang, T.; Barry, D.A., 2012:
Has the Three-Gorges Dam made the Poyang Lake wetlands wetter and drier?

Sheng, Y.P.ter; Lapetina, A.; Ma, G., 2012:
The reduction of storm surge by vegetation canopies Three-dimensional simulations

J.R.C.rpenter; M.-L.T.mmermans, 2012:
Deep mesoscale eddies in the Canada Basin, Arctic Ocean

Grodsky, S.A.; Reul, N.; Lagerloef, G.; Reverdin, G.; Carton, J.A.; Chapron, B.; Quilfen, Y.; Kudryavtsev, V.N.; Kao, H.-Ying, 2012 :
Haline hurricane wake in the Amazon/Orinoco plume AQUARIUS/SACD and SMOS observations

Anonymous, 2012:
Mitigation of 21st century Antarctic sea ice loss by stratospheric ozone recovery

Arblaster, Julie M.; Alexander, Lisa V., 2012:
The impact of the El Niño-Southern Oscillation on maximum temperature extremes

Watanabe, M.; Kug, J.-Seong; Jin, F.-Fei; Collins, M.; Ohba, M.; Wittenberg, A.T., 2012:
Uncertainty in the ENSO amplitude change from the past to the future

B.S.herllin-Pirscher; C.D.ser; S.-P.H.; C.C.ou; W.R.ndel; Y.-H.K.o, 2012:
The vertical and spatial structure of ENSO in the upper troposphere and lower stratosphere from GPS radio occultation measurements

Anonymous, 2012:
Fraction of natural area as main predictor of net CO2 emissions from cities

Chiara Santinelli; Richard Sempéré; France Van Wambeke; Bruno Charriere; Alfredo Seritti, 2012:
Organic carbon dynamics in the Mediterranean Sea An integrated study

Appy Sluijs; Gerald R.D.ckens, 2012:
Assessing offsets between the ?13C of sedimentary components and the global exogenic carbon pool across early Paleogene carbon cycle perturbations

Suzon Jammes; Ritske S.H.ismans, 2012:
Structural styles of mountain building Controls of lithospheric rheologic stratification and extensional inheritance

C.C.dio; J.K.renaga, 2012:
Localization of geoid anomalies and the evolution of oceanic lithosphere A case study from the Mendocino Fracture Zone

Andrew M.F.eed; David M.B.air; Thomas R.W.tters; Christian Klimczak; Paul K.B.rne; Sean C.S.lomon; Maria T.Z.ber; H.J.M.losh, 2012:
On the origin of graben and ridges within and near volcanically buried craters and basins in Mercurys northern plains

Wolfgang van Berk; Yunjiao Fu; Jan-Michael Ilger, 2012:
Reproducing early Martian atmospheric carbon dioxide partial pressure by modeling the formation of Mg-Fe-Ca carbonate identified in the Comanche rock outcrops on Mars

Anonymous, 2012:
Scale dependence of the variance anisotropy near the proton gyroradius scale Additional evidence for kinetic Alfven waves in the solar wind at 1 AU

Anonymous, 2012:
Short large-amplitude magnetic structures SLAMS at Venus

Steffl, A.J.; Shinn, A.B.; Gladstone, G.R.; Parker, J.W.; Retherford, K.D.; Slater, D.C.; Versteeg, M.H.; Stern, S.A., 2012:
MeV electrons detected by the Alice UV spectrograph during the New Horizons flyby of Jupiter

Eliasson, B.; Chang, C.-L.; Papadopoulos, K., 2012:
Generation of ELF and ULF electromagnetic waves by modulated heating of the ionospheric F2 region; M.K.znetsova; L.R.stätter; D.B.litza; M.B.tala; M.C.drescu; B.A.E.ery; B.F.ster; T.J.F.ller-Rowell;; A.J.M.nnucci; X.P.; A.R.dley; L.S.herliess; R.W.S.hunk; J.J.S.jka; P.S.ephens; D.C.T.ompson; D.W.imer; L.Z.u; E.S.tton, 2012:
CEDAR Electrodynamics Thermosphere Ionosphere ETI Challenge for systematic assessment of ionosphere/thermosphere models Electron density, neutral density, NmF2, and hmF2 using space based observations

Anonymous, 2012:

E.L.B.eton; P.R.C.bbold; O.D.uteuil; G.L.wis, 2012:
Variations in amount and direction of seafloor spreading along the northeast Atlantic Ocean and resulting deformation of the continental margin of northwest Europe

José R.M.rtínez Catalán; Fernando Álvarez Lobato; Victor Pinto; Juan Gómez Barreiro; Puy Ayarza; Juan José Villalaín; Albert Casas, 2012:
Gravity and magnetic anomalies in the allochthonous Órdenes Complex Variscan belt, northwest Spain Assessing its internal structure and thickness

S.M.zur; C.G.een; M.G.S.ewart; J.M.W.ittaker; S.W.lliams; R.B.uatmani, 2012:
Displacement along the Red River Fault constrained by extension estimates and plate reconstructions

Melissa D.M.sbruch; David S.C.apman; D.K.p Solomon, 2012:
Air, ground, and groundwater recharge temperatures in an alpine setting, Brighton Basin, Utah

T.J.P.terson; A.W.W.stern;, 2012:
Analytical methods for ecosystem resilience A hydrological investigation

Rubaiat Sharmeen; Walter A.I.lman; Steven J.B.rg; Tian-Chyi J.Y.h; Young-Jin Park; Edward A.S.dicky; Ken Ando, 2012:
Transient hydraulic tomography in a fractured dolostone Laboratory rock block experiments

Zhaohui Yang; Anne F.S.eehan; John A.C.llins; Gabi Laske, 2012:
The character of seafloor ambient noise recorded offshore New Zealand Results from the MOANA ocean bottom seismic experiment

K.H.M.han; V.S.hulte-Pelkum; T.J.B.ackburn; S.A.B.wring; F.O.D.das, 2012:
Seismic structure and lithospheric rheology from deep crustal xenoliths, central Montana, USA

Ã?zcan, E.; Ã?olak, H.; Hamidi, M.M.stafa, 2012:
Root and canal morphology of maxillary first premolars in a Turkish population

Anonymous, 2012:
Do the effects of high intensity 4 km cycling upon left ventricular function and cardiac biomarker during recovery vary with time of day?

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