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Efeito da dexametasona e do cetoprofeno na osteogenese e na resistencia ossea em ratosossea em ratos

, : Efeito da dexametasona e do cetoprofeno na osteogenese e na resistencia ossea em ratosossea em ratos.

O presente estudo teve como objetivo avaliar o efeito do cetoprofeno e da dexametasona na osteog nese ao redor de implante de hidroxiapatita densa (HAD) na t bia, no osso parietal, e na resist ncia ssea. Utilizaram-se 15 ratos Wistar, pesando 250 30 g, com 50 dias de idade. Ap s a anestesia com quetamina/xilazina IM, produziu-se no osso parietal e na ep fise proximal da t bia uma cavidade de 3 mm, sendo implantada a HAD. Ap s a cirurgia os animais foram divididos em tr s grupos (n=5): controle (CT), anti-inflamat rio n o esteroidal (AINES) e anti-inflamat rio esteroidal (AIES). O grupo AINES foi submetido ao tratamento com cetoprofeno na dose de 12 mg/Kg/dia, o AIES recebeu doses de 0,10 mg/kg/dia de dexametasona o grupo CT recebeu solu o fisiol gica 0,9% (SF) por via subcut nea durante 30 dias. Todos os grupos receberam a mesma dieta s lida e gua ad libitum. Ap s 30 dias de experimento os animais sofreram eutan sia, os f mures coletados, para teste mec nico, e os locais do implante das t bias e o osso parietal, para an lise histomorfom trica. Os grupos AINES e AIES apresentaram menor volume de osso neoformado na falha ssea e ao redor do implante de HAD , como tamb m, menor for a m xima para a ruptura completa dos f mures, quando comparados com o grupo CT. O uso do cetoprofeno e a dexametasona interferiram na osteog nese ao redor do implante de HAD e no osso parietal, diminuindo a resist ncia ssea principalmente pela inibi o da COX2 e diminui o das prostaglandinas, comprometendo a estabilidade e manuten o do implante. Palavras-chave: Hidroxiapatita. Osseointegra o. Osteog nese. Cetoprofeno. Dexametasona. Effect of dexamethasone and ketoprofen on osteogenesis and bone resistance in rats This study aimed at evaluating the effect of ketoprofen (NSAID) and dexamethasone (SAID) on osteogenesis around a dense hydroxyapatite (DHA) implant in the tibia and parietal bone, and on the bone resistance. Fifteen fifty-day-old Wistar rats weighing on average 250 30 g were used. The animals were separated into three groups (n=5): control (CT); non-steroidal anti-inflammatoryl (NSAID); and steroidal anti-inflammatory (SAID). After anesthesia with IM ketamine/xylazine, a 3 mm cavity was made in the left parietal bone and in the proximal epiphysis of the left tibia. A DHA bioceramic was implanted in the tibia. The animals were treated subcutaneously during 30 days as follows: NSAID group: ketoprofen at the dose of 12/Kg/day; SAID group: dexamethasone, 0,10 mg/ kg/day. The CT group received saline through the same route. All the animals received the same solid diet and water ad libitum. After 30 days of experiment, the animals wereeuthanized, and their femurs collected for the mechanical test, while their tibia and parietal sites were prepared for the histomorphometrical analysis. Microscopically, the SAID and NSAID groups showed a lower volume of neoformed bone. In addition, the NSAID and SAID group femurs required lower maximum force for complete rupture when compared with the CT group. It was concluded that ketoprofen and dexamethasone interfered with osteogenesis and decreased bone resistance by altering the bone tissue metabolism, mainly by inhibiting the COX-2 and decreasing prostaglandins. Therefore, the use of ketoprofen and dexamethasone after bone surgeries can compromise the stability and maintenance of implants. Keywords: Hydroxyapatite. Osseointegration. Osteogenesis. Ketoprofen. Dexamethasone.

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