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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 36620

Chapter 36620 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Gutierrez, J.; Elkind, M.S.V.; Petito, C.; Chung, D.Y.; Dwork, A.J.; Marshall, R.S., 2014:
The contribution of HIV infection to intracranial arterial remodeling: a pilot study

Xu, J.; Gao, W.; Ju, Y., 2013:
Tranexamic acid for the prevention of postpartum hemorrhage after cesarean section: a double-blind randomization trial

Buse, J.; Schoenefeld, K.; Münchau, A.; Roessner, V., 2014:
Neuromodulation in Tourette syndrome: dopamine and beyond

Anonymous, 2012:
Neurosteroids, Stress Depression Potential Therapeutic Opportunities

Schwenzer, M.; Mathiak, K., 2013:
Hypochondriacal attitudes comprise heterogeneous non-illness-related cognitions

Palmier-Claus, J.E.; Ainsworth, J.; Machin, M.; Barrowclough, C.; Dunn, G.; Barkus, E.; Rogers, A.; Wykes, T.; Kapur, S.; Buchan, I.; Salter, E.; Lewis, Sôn.W., 2013:
The feasibility and validity of ambulatory self-report of psychotic symptoms using a smartphone software application

van den Brink, R.H.S.; Broer, J.; Tholen, A.J.; Winthorst, W.H.; Visser, E.; Wiersma, D., 2013:
Role of the police in linking individuals experiencing mental health crises with mental health services

Tateno, M.; Park, T.Woo.; Kato, T.A.; Umene-Nakano, W.; Saito, T., 2013:
Hikikomori as a possible clinical term in psychiatry: a questionnaire survey

Vijverberg, H.P.M.; Westerink, R.H.S., 2013:
Sense in Pb2+ sensing

Higuchi, S.; Yano, A.; Takai, S.; Tsuneyama, K.; Fukami, T.; Nakajima, M.; Yokoi, T., 2013:
Metabolic activation and inflammation reactions involved in carbamazepine-induced liver injury

Anonymous, 2012:
Melamine Induces Human Renal Proximal Tubular Cell Injury via Transforming Growth Factor-beta and Oxidative Stress

Tornero-Velez, R.; Davis, J.; Scollon, E.J.; Starr, J.M.; Setzer, R.Woodrow.; Goldsmith, M-Rock.; Chang, D.T.; Xue, J.; Zartarian, V.; DeVito, M.J.; Hughes, M.F., 2013:
A pharmacokinetic model of cis- and trans-permethrin disposition in rats and humans with aggregate exposure application

Chao, M-Wei.; Kim, M.Young.; Ye, W.; Ge, J.; Trudel, L.J.; Belanger, C.L.; Skipper, P.L.; Engelward, B.P.; Tannenbaum, S.R.; Wogan, G.N., 2013:
Genotoxicity of 2,6- and 3,5-dimethylaniline in cultured mammalian cells: the role of reactive oxygen species

Rhodes, M.; Laffan, S.; Genell, C.; Gower, J.; Maier, C.; Fukushima, T.; Nichols, G.; Bassiri, A.Eaton., 2013:
Assessing a theoretical risk of dolutegravir-induced developmental immunotoxicity in juvenile rats

Bauer, S.M.; Roy, A.; Emo, J.; Chapman, T.J.; Georas, S.N.; Lawrence, B.Paige., 2013:
The effects of maternal exposure to bisphenol A on allergic lung inflammation into adulthood

Montaño, M.; Cocco, E.; Guignard, C.; Marsh, Göran.; Hoffmann, L.; Bergman, A.; Gutleb, A.Christian.; Murk, A.Jacoba., 2013:
New approaches to assess the transthyretin binding capacity of bioactivated thyroid hormone disruptors

Leite, S.B.; Wilk-Zasadna, I.; Zaldivar, J.M.; Airola, E.; Reis-Fernandes, M.A.; Mennecozzi, M.; Guguen-Guillouzo, C.; Chesne, C.; Guillou, C.; Alves, P.M.; Coecke, S., 2013:
Three-dimensional HepaRG model as an attractive tool for toxicity testing

Rana, P.; Anson, B.; Engle, S.; Will, Y., 2013:
Characterization of human-induced pluripotent stem cell-derived cardiomyocytes: bioenergetics and utilization in safety screening

Foldbjerg, R.; Irving, E.S.; Hayashi, Y.; Sutherland, D.S.; Thorsen, K.; Autrup, H.; Beer, C., 2013:
Global gene expression profiling of human lung epithelial cells after exposure to nanosilver

Glushakova, O.Y.; Jeromin, A.; Martinez, J.; Johnson, D.; Denslow, N.; Streeter, J.; Hayes, R.L.; Mondello, S., 2013:
Cerebrospinal fluid protein biomarker panel for assessment of neurotoxicity induced by kainic acid in rats

Massa, H.; Lacoh, C-Marvine.; Vutskits, L., 2013:
Effects of morphine on the differentiation and survival of developing pyramidal neurons during the brain growth spurt

Pinton, P.; Tsybulskyy, D.; Lucioli, J.; Laffitte, Jëlle.; Callu, P.; Lyazhri, F.; Grosjean, Fçois.; Bracarense, A.Paula.; Kolf-Clauw, M.; Oswald, I.P., 2013:
Toxicity of deoxynivalenol and its acetylated derivatives on the intestine: differential effects on morphology, barrier function, tight junction proteins, and mitogen-activated protein kinases

Ebert-McNeill, A.; Clark, S.P.; Miller, J.J.; Birdsall, P.; Chandar, M.; Wu, L.; Cerny, E.A.; Hall, P.H.; Johnson, M.H.; Isales, C.; Chutkan, N.; Bhattacharyya, M.H., 2013:
Cadmium intake and systemic exposure in postmenopausal women and age-matched men who smoke cigarettes

Wong, H.; Budha, N.R.; West, K.; Blackwood, E.; Ware, J.A.; Yu, R.; Darbonne, W.C.; Gould, S.E.; Steigerwalt, R.; Erickson, R.; Hop, C.E.A.C.; LoRusso, P.; Eckhardt, S.Gail.; Wagner, A.; Chan, I.T.; Mamounas, M.; Flygare, J.A.; Fairbrother, W.J., 2013:
Dogs are more sensitive to antagonists of inhibitor of apoptosis proteins than rats and humans: a translational toxicokinetic/toxicodynamic analysis

Kongsted, H.Christian.; Konnerup, M., 2013:
Are more observational studies being included in Cochrane Reviews?

de Boer, C.M.; Eini, R.; Gillis, A.M.; Stoop, H.; Looijenga, L.H.J.; White, S.J., 2013:
DICER1 RNase IIIb domain mutations are infrequent in testicular germ cell tumours

Radwan, G.Nasr.; Loffredo, C.A.; Aziz, R.; Abdel-Aziz, N.; Labib, N., 2013:
Implementation, barriers and challenges of smoke-free policies in hospitals in Egypt

Zhang, T.; Luo, Y.; Chen, Y.; Li, X.; Yu, J., 2013:
BIGrat: a repeat resolver for pyrosequencing-based re-sequencing with Newbler

Abd E.K.der, T.; Kubota, S.; Janune, D.; Nishida, T.; Hattori, T.; Aoyama, E.; Perbal, B.; Kuboki, T.; Takigawa, M., 2012:
Anti-fibrotic effect of CCN3 accompanied by altered gene expression profile of the CCN family

Chalmers, J.D.; McHugh, B.J.; Docherty, C.; Govan, J.R.W.; Hill, A.T., 2013:
Vitamin-D deficiency is associated with chronic bacterial colonisation and disease severity in bronchiectasis

Ch'ng, S.L.; Cochrane, A.D.; Goldstein, J.; Smith, J.A., 2013:
Stanford type a aortic dissection in pregnancy: a diagnostic and management challenge

Kalaji, H.M.; Goltsev, V.; Bosa, K.; Allakhverdiev, S.I.; Strasser, R.J.; Govindjee, 2013:
Experimental in vivo measurements of light emission in plants: a perspective dedicated to David Walker

Zhu, Q.; Wani, G.; Sharma, N.; Wani, A., 2013:
Lack of CAK complex accumulation at DNA damage sites in XP-B and XP-B/CS fibroblasts reveals differential regulation of CAK anchoring to core TFIIH by XPB and XPD helicases during nucleotide excision repair

Anonymous, 2012:
Is blind faulting truly invisible? Tectonic-controlled drainage evolution in the epicentral area of the May 212, Emilia-Romagna earthquake sequence northern Italy

Anonymous, 2012:
The May-June 212 Ferrara Arc earthquakes northern Italy structural control of the spatial evolution of the seismic sequence and of the surface pattern of coseismic fractures

Anonymous, 2012:
AIDA – Seismic data acquisition, processing, storage and distribution at the National Earthquake Center, INGV

Anonymous, 2012:
The 212 Pianura Padana Emiliana seimic sequence locations, moment tensors and magnitudes

Anonymous, 2012:
Daily earthquake forecasts during the May-June 212 Emilia earthquake sequence northern Italy

Anonymous, 2012:
Source complexity of the May 2, 212, Mw 59, Ferrara Italy event

Anonymous, 2012:
Preliminary results of ground-motion characteristics

Anonymous, 2012:
Quick regional centroid moment tensor solutions for the Emilia 212 northern Italy seismic sequence

Anonymous, 2012:
Seismic hazard in the Po Plain and the 212 Emilia earthquakes

Anonymous, 2012:
ShakeMaps during the Emilia sequence

Anonymous, 2012:
Engineering seismic demand in the 212 Emilia sequence preliminary analysis and model compatibility assessment

Anonymous, 2012:
Fault-plane solutions from moment-tensor inversion and preliminary Coulomb stress analysis for the Emilia Plain

Anonymous, 2012:
Static stress transfer from the May 2, 212, M 61 Emilia-Romagna northern Italy earthquake using a co-seismic slip distribution model

Anonymous, 2012:
The MCS macroseismic survey of the Emilia 212 earthquakes

Anonymous, 2012:
Rapid scenarios and observed intensities

Anonymous, 2012:
The Emilia 212 sequence a macroseismic survey

Anonymous, 2012:
Technologies and new approaches used by the INGV EMERGEO Working Group for real-time data sourcing and processing during the Emilia Romagna northern Italy 212 earthquake sequence

Anonymous, 2012:
Ground effects induced by the 212 seismic sequence in Emilia implications for seismic hazard assessment in the Po Plain

Anonymous, 2012:
Aerial inventory of surficial geological effects induced by the recent Emilia earthquake Italy preliminary report

Anonymous, 2012:
Electrical resistivity tomography investigation of coseismic liquefaction and fracturing at San Carlo, Ferrara Province, Italy

Anonymous, 2012:
Searching for the effects of the May-June 212 Emilia seismic sequence northern Italy medium-depth deformation structures at the periphery of the epicentral area

Anonymous, 2012:
The survey and mapping of sand-boil landforms related to the Emilia 212 earthquakes preliminary results

Anonymous, 2012:
The May 212 Emilia Italy earthquakes preliminary interpretations on the seismogenic source and the origin of the coseismic ground effects

Anonymous, 2012:
GPS observations of coseismic deformation following the May 2 and 29, 212, Emilia seismic events northern Italy data, analysis and preliminary models

Anonymous, 2012:
High-rate 1 Hz to 2 Hz GPS coseismic dynamic displacements carried out during the Emilia 212 seismic sequence

Anonymous, 2012:
Combination of coseismic displacement fields a geodetic perspective

Anonymous, 2012:
Coseismic deformation pattern of the Emilia 212 seismic sequence imaged by Radarsat-1 interferometry

Anonymous, 2012:
Soil-gas survey of liquefaction and collapsed caves during the Emilia seismic sequence

Anonymous, 2012:
Effects on the groundwater levels of the May-June 212 Emilia seismic sequence

Anonymous, 2012:
Geochemical features and effects on deep-seated fluids during the May-June 212 southern Po Valley seismic sequence

Anonymous, 2012:
Preliminary analysis of surface temperature anomalies that preceded the two major Emilia 212 earthquakes Italy

Anonymous, 2012:
The INGVterremoti blog a new communication tool to improve earthquake information during the Po Plain seismic sequence

Hernandez, G.; Regueira, T.; Bruhn, A.; Castro, R.; Rovegno, M.; Fuentealba, A.; Veas, E.; Berrutti, D.; Florez, J.; Kattan, E.; Martin, C.; Ince, C., 2012:
Relationship of systemic, hepatosplanchnic, and microcirculatory perfusion parameters with 6-hour lactate clearance in hyperdynamic septic shock patients: an acute, clinical-physiological, pilot study

Mathew, A.Jacob.; George, J., 2012:
Acute kidney injury in the tropics

Baharoon, S.; Almodaimeg, H.; A.W.tban, H.; A.J.hdali, H.; Alenazi, T.; A.S.yyari, A.; A.D.wood, A.; Al-Sultan, M.;, E., 2012:
Home intravenous antibiotics in a tertiary care hospital in Saudi Arabia

Asghar, A.H., 2012:
Frequency and antibiotic susceptibility of gram-positive bacteria in Makkah hospitals

A.A.ed, M.Saeed.; Hawan, A.Abdullah., 2012:
Retrospective review of invasive pediatric pneumococcal diseases in a military hospital in the southern region of Saudi Arabia

Al-Shaaln, F.Fayez.; Bakrman, M.Abdurrahman.; Ibrahim, A.Mohammad.; Aljoudi, A.Srour., 2012:
Prevalence and causes of visual impairment among Saudi adults attending primary health care centers in northern Saudi Arabia

Aziza, A.; Kandasamy, R.; Shazia, S., 2012:
Pattern of craniofacial anomalies seen in a tertiary care hospital in Saudi Arabia

E.M.uzan, M.I.; A.H.rbish, A.S.; A.S.lloum, A.A.; Foster, P.J.;, A.A.; Qurachi, M.M., 2012:
Prevalence of short stature in Saudi children and adolescents

Alomar, M.; Alenazi, F.; Alruwaili, N., 2012:
Accuracy of acetaminophen dosing in children by caregivers in Saudi Arabia

Kishore, D.; Khurana, V.; Raj, A.; Gambhir, I.Singh.; Diwaker, A., 2012:
Hepatocellular carcinoma presenting as polymyositis: a paraneoplastic syndrome

Bhat, N.A.; Rashid, K.Abdul.; Wani, I.; Wani, S.; Syeed, A., 2012:
Hydatid cyst of the pancreas mimicking choledochal cyst

Alrifai, M.Talal.; A.N.ji, F.; Alamir, A.; Russell, N., 2012:
Pseudotumor cerebri in a child receiving peritoneal dialysis: Recovery of vision after lumbo-pleural shunt

Singal, R.; Singh, P.; Mittal, A.; Gupta, S.; Singla, S.; Kenwar, D.Benjamin., 2012:
Primary sternal tuberculous ulcer with dissemination to the bone marrow: a clinical rarity

Anonymous, 2012:
Planning for geoconservation in the 194s an exploration of the aspirations that shaped the first national geoconservation legislation

Roberts, D.H.; Evans, D.J.A.; Lodwick, J.; Cox, N.J., 2013:
The subglacial and ice-marginal signature of the North Sea Lobe of the British–Irish Ice Sheet during the Last Glacial Maximum at Upgang, North Yorkshire, UK

Maart-Noelck, S.C.; Musshoff, O., 2013:
Investing Today or Tomorrow? An Experimental Approach to Farmers’ Decision Behaviour

Yang, B.; Brosig, S.; Chen, J., 2013:
Environmental Impact of Foreign vs Domestic Capital Investment in China

Larochelle, C.; Alwang, J., 2013:
The Role of Risk Mitigation in Production Efficiency A Case Study of Potato Cultivation in the Bolivian Andes

Penker, M.; Enengel, B.; Mann, C.; Aznar, O., 2013:
Understanding Landscape Stewardship – Lessons to be Learned from Public Service Economics

Bernal, T.; Moncada-Pazos, A.; Soria-Valles, C.; Gutiérrez-Fernández, A., 2013:
Effects of azacitidine on matrix metalloproteinase-9 in acute myeloid leukemia and myelodysplasia

Anonymous, 2012:
Replication-Dependent Irreversible Topoisomerase 1 Poisoning is Responsible for FdUMP1 Anti-Leukemic Activity

Tsujioka, T.; Yokoi, A.; Uesugi, M.; Kishimoto, M.; Tochigi, A.; Suemori, S.; Tohyama, Y.; Tohyama, K., 2013:
Effects of DNA methyltransferase inhibitors (DNMTIs) on MDS-derived cell lines

Wolschke, C.; Stübig, T.; Hegenbart, U.; Schönland, S.; Heinzelmann, M.; Hildebrandt, Y.; Ayuk, F.; Atanackovic, D.; Dreger, P.; Zander, A.; Kröger, N., 2013:
Postallograft lenalidomide induces strong NK cell-mediated antimyeloma activity and risk for T cell-mediated GvHD: Results from a phase I/II dose-finding study

Anonymous, 2012:
A Dynamic Analysis of the Role of the Planetary- and Synoptic-Scale in the Summer of 21 Blocking Episodes over the European Part of Russia

Mamah, D.; Owoso, A.; Mbwayo, A.W.; Mutiso, V.N.; Muriungi, S.K.; Khasakhala, L.I.; Barch, D.M.; Ndetei, D.M., 2014:
Classes of psychotic experiences in Kenyan children and adolescents

Mohammadi, S.; Najafi, M.; Hamzeiy, H.; Maleki-Dizaji, N.; Pezeshkian, M.; Sadeghi-Bazargani, H.; Darabi, M.; Mostafalou, S.; Bohlooli, S.; Garjani, A., 2012:
Protective effects of methylsulfonylmethane on hemodynamics and oxidative stress in monocrotaline-induced pulmonary hypertensive rats

Groenewald, A.J.; Walsh, C.M.; Van Wyk, H.J.; Van Zyl, S.; Van der Merwe, L.J., 2012:
Staging and haematological abnormalities of HIV-infected persons in Mangaung in the Free State Province, South Africa

Anonymous, 2012:
First-pass contrast-enhanced renal MRA at 7 Tesla initial results

Johnson, T.R.C.; Himsl, I.; Hellerhoff, K.; Mayr, D.; Rjosk-Dendorfer, D.; Ditsch, N.; Krauss, B.; Friese, K.; Reiser, M.F.; Lenhard, M.S., 2013:
Dual-energy CT for the evaluation of silicone breast implants

Zhao, L.; Ma, X.; Delano, M.C.; Jiang, T.; Zhang, C.; Liu, Y.; Zhang, Z., 2013:
Assessment of myocardial fibrosis and coronary arteries in hypertrophic cardiomyopathy using combined arterial and delayed enhanced CT: comparison with MR and coronary angiography

Vogl, T.J.; Farshid, P.; Naguib, N.N.N.; Zangos, S., 2013:
Thermal ablation therapies in patients with breast cancer liver metastases: a review

Ronot, M.; Paradis, Vérie.; Duran, R.; Kerbaol, A.; Vullierme, M-Pierre.; Belghiti, J.; Valla, D-Charles.; Vilgrain, Vérie., 2013:
MR findings of steatotic focal nodular hyperplasia and comparison with other fatty tumours

Willemink, M.J.; Habets, J.; de Jong, P.A.; Schilham, A.M.R.; Mali, W.P.Th.M.; Leiner, T.; Budde, R.P.J., 2013:
Iterative reconstruction improves evaluation of native aortic and mitral valves by retrospectively ECG-gated thoracoabdominal CTA

Wang, M-Ching.; Hung, P-Shih.; Tu, H-Feng.; Shih, W-Yu.; Li, W-Chun.; Chang, K-Wei., 2013 :
Lipopolysaccharide induces the migration of human dental pulp cells by up-regulating miR-146a

Burroughs, J.R.; Bergeron, B.E.; Roberts, M.D.; Hagan, J.L.; Himel, V.T., 2013:
Shaping ability of three nickel-titanium endodontic file systems in simulated S-shaped root canals

Anonymous, 2012:
Efficacy and Safety of Various Active Irrigation Devices When Used with Either Positive or Negative Pressure An In Vitro Study

Sarno, M.U.; Sidow, S.J.; Looney, S.W.; Lindsey, K.W.; Niu, L-na.; Tay, F.R., 2013:
Canal and isthmus debridement efficacy of the VPro EndoSafe negative-pressure irrigation technique

Anonymous, 2012:
Oral administration of Lactobacillus gasseri TMC356 stimulates peritoneal macrophages and attenuates general symptoms caused by enteropathogenic Escherichia coli infection

Anonymous, 2012:
La dysfonction erectile chez les patients hemodialyses au CNHU-HKM de Cotonou profil epidemiologique

Anonymous, 2012:
Dysfonction erectile profil epidemiologique dans une population de sujets retraites au Senegal

Heap, M.J.; Mollo, S.; Vinciguerra, S.; Lavallée, Y.; Hess, K.-U.; Dingwell, D.B.; Baud, P.; Iezzi, G., 2013:
Thermal weakening of the carbonate basement under Mt Etna volcano Italy Implications for volcano instability

Ziming Yang; Ian R.G.uld; Lynda B.W.lliams; Hilairy E.H.rtnett; Everett L.S.ock, 2012:
The central role of ketones in reversible and irreversible hydrothermal organic functional group transformations

Wang, Y.V.; Larsen, T.; Leduc, G.; Andersen, N.; Blanz, T.; Schneider, R.R., 2013:
What does leaf wax ?D from a mixed C3/C4 vegetation region tell us?

Anonymous, 2012:
Evolution of carbon cycle over the past 1 million years

Wang, Z.; Hu, P.; Gaetani, G.; Liu, C.; Saenger, C.; Cohen, A.; Hart, S., 2013:
Experimental calibration of Mg isotope fractionation between aragonite and seawater

Blake Tooth; Barbara Etschmann; Gleb S.P.krovski; Denis Testemale; Jean-Louis Hazemann; Pascal V.G.undler; Joël Brugger, 2013:
Bismuth Speciation in Hydrothermal Fluids An X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy and Solubility Study

Florian M.S.hwandner; Terry M.S.ward; Andrew P.G.?e; Keith Hall; Volker J.D.etrich, 2013:
Halocarbons and other trace heteroatomic organic compounds in volcanic gases from Vulcano Aeolian Islands, Italy

Ahmed E.G.resy; Ph. Gillet; M.M.yahara; E.O.tani; S.O.awa;; G.M.ntagnac, 2013:
Shock-induced deformation of Shergottites Shock–pressures and perturbations of magmatic ages on Mars

Potter, T.; Illambas, J.; Pelligand, L.; Rycroft, A.; Lees, P., 2014:
Pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic integration and modelling of marbofloxacin in calves for Mannheimia haemolytica and Pasteurella multocida

Moll, X.; Santos, L.; García, F.; Andaluz, A., 2014:
The effects on cardio-respiratory and acid-base variables of a constant rate infusion of alfaxalone-HPCD in sheep

Walsh, C.M.; Prendergast, R.L.; Sheridan, J.T.; Murphy, B.A., 2014:
Blue light from light-emitting diodes directed at a single eye elicits a dose-dependent suppression of melatonin in horses

Schmidt, M.G.; Rapp, J.T.; Novotny, M.A.; Lood, E.A., 2013:
Detecting changes in non-simulated events using partial interval recording and momentary time sampling evaluating false positives, false negatives, and trending

Call, N.A.; Zangrillo, A.N.; Delfs, C.H.; Findley, A.J., 2013:
A comparison of brief functional analyses with and without consequences

Andrew, R.L.; Kane, N.C.; Baute, G.J.; Grassa, C.J.; Rieseberg, L.H., 2013:
Recent nonhybrid origin of sunflower ecotypes in a novel habitat

Buggs, R.J.A., 2013:
Monkeying around with ploidy

Jansen, M.W.; D.L.euw, E.; Hoeijmakers, M.; D.V.ies, N.K., 2013:
Working at the nexus between public health policy, practice and research. Dynamics of knowledge sharing in The Netherlands

Smith, J.R.; Rowe, P.J.; Blyth, M.; Jones, B., 2013:
The effect of electromagnetic navigation in total knee arthroplasty on knee kinematics during functional activities using flexible electrogoniometry

Kinzl, M.; Schwiedrzik, J.; Zysset, P.K.; Pahr, D.H., 2013:
An experimentally validated finite element method for augmented vertebral bodies

Meeusen, J.W.; Haselkorn, K.E.; Fryer, J.P.; Kryzer, T.J.; Gibbons, S.J.; Xiao, Y.; Lennon, V.A., 2013:
Gastrointestinal hypomotility with loss of enteric nicotinic acetylcholine receptors: active immunization model in mice

Y.T.A.uma; K.N.shiyama; S.K.ta; I.K.muro; H.N.kajima; T.I.amoto; T.T.keuchi, 2012:
Na+/Ca2+ exchanger 2-heterozygote knockout mice display decreased acetylcholine release and altered colonic motility in vivo

Alqudah, M.M.; Gregersen, H.; Drewes, A.M.; McMahon, B.P., 2013:
Evaluation of anal sphincter resistance and distensibility in healthy controls using EndoFLIP ©

Jardí, F.; Martínez, V.; Vergara, P., 2013:
NGF is involved in oral ovalbumin-induced altered colonic contractility in rats: evidence from the blockade of TrkA receptors with K252a

Liu, C.J.; Huang, S.C.; Huang, Y.C.; Liu, C.Y.; Chen, H.I., 2013:
Sonographic demonstration of human small intestinal migrating motor complex phase III

Anonymous, 2012:
Gastric secretion does not affect the reliability of the 13C-acetate breath test A validation of the 13C-acetate breath test by magnetic resonance imaging

Gallardo-Pujol, D.; Andrés-Pueyo, A.; Maydeu-Olivares, A., 2013:
MAOA genotype, social exclusion and aggression: an experimental test of a gene-environment interaction

Li, J.Hua.; Jiao, S.Mei.; Gao, R.Qing.; Bardgett, R.D., 2013:
Differential effects of legume species on the recovery of soil microbial communities, and carbon and nitrogen contents, in abandoned fields of the Loess Plateau, China

Shafer, C.L., 2013:
Chronology of awareness about US National Park external threats

Calcagno, J.M.; Fuentes, Aín., 2013:
What makes us human? Answers from evolutionary anthropology

Wheeler, B.C.; Fischer, J., 2013:
Functionally referential signals: a promising paradigm whose time has passed

Mancini, A.; Lazzi, C.; Bernini, V.; Neviani, E.; Gatti, M., 2013:
Identification of dairy lactic acid bacteria by tRNAAla-23S rDNA-RFLP

Lee, J.Hwa.; Jun, S.Hyun.; Baik, S.Chul.; Kim, D.Ryong.; Park, J-Yong.; Lee, Y.Seok.; Choi, C.Hee.; Lee, J.Chul., 2013:
Prediction and screening of nuclear targeting proteins with nuclear localization signals in Helicobacter pylori

Jankun, M.; Mochol, M.; Ocalewicz, K., 2014:
Conventional and molecular cytogenetics of the pikeperch Sander lucioperca L

Jeeva, S.; Kim, N.-Il; Jang, I.-Kwon; Choi, T.-Jin, 2012:
Development of a multiplex PCR system for the simultaneous detection of white spot syndrome virus and hepatopancreatic parvovirus infection

van der Knaap, M.S.; Boor, I.; Estévez, Rúl., 2013:
Megalencephalic leukoencephalopathy with subcortical cysts: chronic white matter oedema due to a defect in brain ion and water homoeostasis

Sidransky, E.; Lopez, G., 2013:
The link between the GBA gene and parkinsonism

Baron, R.; Förster, M.; Binder, A., 2013:
Subgrouping of patients with neuropathic pain according to pain-related sensory abnormalities: a first step to a stratified treatment approach

Stern, Y., 2013:
Cognitive reserve in ageing and Alzheimer's disease

Pottegård, A.; Friis, Søren.; Hallas, J., 2013:
Cancer risk in long-term users of vitamin K antagonists: a population-based case-control study

Chaiwongkot, A.; Vinokurova, S.; Pientong, C.; Ekalaksananan, T.; Kongyingyoes, B.; Kleebkaow, P.; Chumworathayi, B.; Patarapadungkit, N.; Reuschenbach, M.; von Knebel Doeberitz, M., 2013:
Differential methylation of E2 binding sites in episomal and integrated HPV 16 genomes in preinvasive and invasive cervical lesions

Tennstedt, P.; Fresow, R.; Simon, R.; Marx, A.; Terracciano, L.; Petersen, C.; Sauter, G.; Dikomey, E.; Borgmann, K., 2013:
RAD51 overexpression is a negative prognostic marker for colorectal adenocarcinoma

Cocco, P.; Satta, G.; D'Andrea, I.; Nonne, T.; Udas, G.; Zucca, M.; Mannetje, A.'t.; Becker, N.; Sanjosé,; Foretova, L.; Staines, A.; Maynadié, M.; Nieters, A.; Brennan, P.; Ennas, M.G.; Boffetta, P., 2013:
Lymphoma risk in livestock farmers: results of the Epilymph study

Anonymous, 2012:
Potential effect of the risk of ovarian cancer algorithm ROCA on the mortality outcome of the prostate, lung, colorectal and ivarian PLCO trial

Kikuchi, A.; Ishikawa, T.; Mogushi, K.; Ishiguro, M.; Iida, S.; Mizushima, H.; Uetake, H.; Tanaka, H.; Sugihara, K., 2013:
Identification of NUCKS1 as a colorectal cancer prognostic marker through integrated expression and copy number analysis

Kostas Komnitsas; Dimitra Zaharaki, 2012:
Pre-treatment of olive mill wastewaters at laboratory and mill scale and subsequent use in agriculture Legislative framework and proposed soil quality indicators

Anonymous, 2012:
Characterization of THLE-Cytochrome P45 P45 Cell Lines Gene Expression Background and Relationship to P45-Enzyme Activity

Anonymous, 2012:
Vitamin D Receptor Activation Enhances Benz

Rais, R.; Thomas, A.G.; Wozniak, K.; Wu, Y.; Jaaro-Peled, H.; Sawa, A.; Strick, C.A.; Engle, S.J.; Brandon, N.J.; Rojas, C.; Slusher, B.S.; Tsukamoto, T., 2013:
Pharmacokinetics of oral D-serine in D-amino acid oxidase knockout mice

Gunduz, M.; Argikar, U.A.; Kamel, A.; Colizza, K.; Bushee, J.L.; Cirello, A.; Lombardo, F.; Harriman, S., 2013:
Oxidative ipso substitution of 2,4-difluoro-benzylphthalazines: identification of a rare stable quinone methide and subsequent GSH conjugate

Ishii, Y.; An, K.; Nishimura, Y.; Yamada, H., 2013:
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Chronic Doxorubicin Cardiotoxicity Modulates Cardiac Cytochrome P45-Mediated Arachidonic Acid Metabolism in Rats

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Impact of Organic Solvents on Cytochrome P45 Probe Reactions Filling the Gap with S-Warfarin and Midazolam Hydroxylation

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Cytochrome P45-Mediated Oxidative Metabolism of Abused Synthetic Cannabinoids Found in K2/Spice Identification of Novel Cannabinoid Receptor Ligands

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UDP-glucuronic acid binds first and the aglycone substrate binds second to form a ternary complex in UGT1A9-catalyzed reactions, in both the presence and absence of bovine serum albumin

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Utility of DPX2 cells for predicting CYP3A induction-mediated drug-drug interactions and associated structure-activity relationships

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Generation and characterization of a novel multidrug resistance protein 2 humanized mouse line

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The downsides of national identification for minority groups in intergroup conflicts in assimilationist societies

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Vitalistic thinking in adults

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Outside-school physical activity participation and motivation in physical education

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Why self-critical patients present with more severe eating disorder pathology: the mediating role of shame

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Children and adolescents' self-reported coping strategies during the Southeast Asian Tsunami

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Predicting post-traumatic stress disorder following first onset acute coronary syndrome: Testing a theoretical model

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A fractal-based sampling design for ecological surveys quantifying ?-diversity

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Identifying appropriate spatial scales of predictors in species distribution models with the random forest algorithm

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Improving visual estimation through active feedback

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Nested by design model fitting and interpretation in a mixed model era

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Comparison of red blood cell parameters in smokers and nonsmokers with chronic periodontitis

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Unveiling the role of stress in periodontal etiopathogenesis: an evidence-based review

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Pregnancy desire among a sample of young couples who are expecting a baby

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Where next for rigorous CAM research?

Anonymous, 2012:
A nanoparticle depot formulation of 4-N-stearoyl gemcitabine shows a strong anti-tumour activity

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Hypermethylation-repressed methionine adenosyltransferase 1A as a potential biomarker for hepatocellular carcinoma

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Economic analysis of HPAI control in the Netherlands I: epidemiological modelling to support economic analysis

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Cross-border collaboration in the field of highly contagious livestock diseases: a general framework for policy support

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Bacterial contamination of the fitting surfaces of restorations in teeth with pulp and periapical disease: a scanning electron microscopy study

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Adherence of Streptococcus mutans to orthodontic band cements

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Is poor access to dental care why people outside capital cities have poor oral health?

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Functional asymmetry in kinesin and dynein dimers

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Activity-dependent regulation of the sumoylation machinery in rat hippocampal neurons

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Reconstruction of chronic anterior sternoclavicular joint dislocations using a Palmaris longus autograft

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Physical properties and mechanical behavior in quasi-static loading of faba bean Vicia faba L

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N2O fluxes of a bio-energy poplar plantation during a two years rotation period

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Approaches for inclusion of forest carbon cycle in life cycle assessment – a review

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Environmental impacts of future bioenergy pathways the case of electricity from wheat straw bales and pellets

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The role of forest residues in the accounting for the global warming potential of bioenergy

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Production and characterization of slow pyrolysis biochar influence of feedstock type and pyrolysis conditions

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How does bioenergy compare with other land-based renewable energy sources globally?

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Evidence based practice curriculum in allied health professions for teaching-research-practice nexus

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Impact of cement factory operations on air quality and human health in Ewekoro Local Government Area, South-Western Nigeria

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Water resources planning and management for Chennai City using decision support system

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Compatibility of compacted lateritic soil treated with bagasse ash and Municipal Solid Waste leachate

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Heavy metals in wet scrubber residue from a medium-sized 32 MW municipal district heating plant incinerating wood and peat in a fluidised bed boiler

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Analytical model for uni-directional flow passive soil vapour extraction system

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Prioritising municipal solid waste management factors in India using fuzzy analytic hierarchy process

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Ecological Restoration and Enabling Behavior A New Metaphorical Lens?

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Temporal abnormalities in children with developmental dyscalculia

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In search for incentives to gum arabic collection and marketing in Senegal Interlocking gum trade with pre-finances from traders

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Options for maintaining forest productivity after natural disturban A principal–agent approach

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The molecular basis of the cooperation between EGF, FGF and eCB receptors in the regulation of neural stem cell function

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Hereditary spastic paraplegia-causing mutations in atlastin-1 interfere with BMPRII trafficking

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Unlike most vipers, female rattlesnakes Crotalus atrox continue to hunt and feed throughout pregnancy

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The Miocene Sommieres basin, SE Fran bioclastic carbonates in a tide-dominated depositional system

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High-resolution clay mineralogy as a proxy for orbital tuning Example of the Hauterivian-Barremian transition in the Betic Cordillera SE Spain

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Assessment of pesticide exposure in female population living in cotton growing areas of Punjab, Pakistan

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Distribution and sources of organochlorine pesticides in Taihu Lake, China

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A Thermolabile Aspartic Proteinase from Mucor mucedo DSM 89 Gene Identification, Cloning, and Functional Expression in Pichia pastoris

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Evaluation of rhizobacterial isolates from Argentina, Uruguay and Chile for plant growth-promoting characteristics and antagonistic activity towards Rhizoctonia sp and Macrophomina sp in vitro

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Explaining clinical behaviors using multipletheoretical models

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Adsorption of amino acids on the magnetite-(111)-surface: a force field study

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On the influence of point defects on the structural and electronic properties of graphene-like sheets: a molecular simulation study

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Arsenic interactions with a fullerene-like BN cage in the vacuum and aqueous phase

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Steered molecular dynamics simulation of the binding of the β2 and β3 regions in domain-swapped human cystatin C dimer

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Modern Sedentary Behaviors Favor Energy Consumption in Children and Adolescents

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Leukemia specific loss of heterozygosity of MHC in a CLL patient: disease state impacts timing of confirmatory typing

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Is mycobacterial heat shock protein 16 kDa, a marker of the dormant stage of Mycobacterium tuberculosis, a sarcoid antigen?

Anonymous, 2012:
Late-onset combined immune deficiency associated to skin granuloma due to heterozygous compound mutations in RAG1 gene in a 14 years old male

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Anonymous, 2012:
A Comparison of Symptom Severity and Bolus Retention to Chicago Classification Esophageal Pressure Topography Metrics in Patients with Achalasia

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Unusual path to diagnose celiac disease

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Effects of colon capsule endoscopy on medical decision making in patients with incomplete colonoscopies

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Bryostatin-1 promotes long-term potentiation via activation of PKCα and PKCε in the hippocampus

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Distribution maps of D-dopachrome tautomerase in the mouse brain

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Gender-specific perturbations in modulatory inputs to motoneurons in a mouse model of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis

Anonymous, 2012:
Glycogen synthase kinase 3-specific inhibitor AR-A14418 decreases neuropathic pain in mi Evidence for the mechanisms of action

Anonymous, 2012:
Why are coastal salt marshes falling apart?

Anonymous, 2012:
Mathematics and the ocean Movement, mixing and climate modeling

Anonymous, 2012:
Too late to stop global warming by cutting emissions

Anonymous, 2012 :
Ice sheet retreat controlled by the landscape

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Developmental genetics and psychopathology: some new feathers for a fine old hat

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Bringing a developmental perspective to anxiety genetics

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Confluence of genes, environment, development, and behavior in a post Genome-Wide Association Study world

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Association of a functional variant of the nitric oxide synthase 1 gene with personality, anxiety, and depressiveness

Anonymous, 2012:
The role of limbic system irritability in linking history of childhood maltreatment and psychiatric outcomes in low-income, high-risk women Moderation by FK56 binding protein 5 haplotype

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The implications of genotype-environment correlation for establishing causal processes in psychopathology

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Interparental conflict, parent psychopathology, hostile parenting, and child antisocial behavior: examining the role of maternal versus paternal influences using a novel genetically sensitive research design

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Resilience and measured gene-environment interactions

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The gene in its natural habitat: the importance of gene-trait interactions

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Developmental psychopathology: the role of structural variation in the genome

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Genomic structural variation in psychiatric disorders

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Linking prenatal maternal adversity to developmental outcomes in infants: the role of epigenetic pathways

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The epigenetics of maternal cigarette smoking during pregnancy and effects on child development

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Childhood adversity and DNA methylation of genes involved in the hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal axis and immune system: whole-genome and candidate-gene associations

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Groundwater resources assessment using integrated geophysical techniques in the southwestern region of Peninsular Malaysia

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Petrochemical and Sr-Nd isotope investigations of A-type granites in the east of Misho, NW Iran

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Utilities of Landsat 7 data and selective image processing in characterization of radioactivity zones of Wadi Baba–Wadi Shalal Area, Westcentral Sinai, Egypt

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Mother–infant bonding impairment across the first 6 months postpartum the primacy of psychopathology in women with childhood abuse and neglect histories

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Conventional asphalt modified by physical mixtures of linear SBS and montmorillonite

Anonymous, 2012:
Settlement of particulate matter in a ceramic cluster NE, Spain during the years 2–25

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Influence of temperature and background electrolyte on the sorption of neptuniumV on Opalinus Clay

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Combining mineral and clay-based wastes to produce porcelain-like ceramics An exploratory study

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Use of kaolinite as adsorbent Equilibrium, dynamics and thermodynamic studies on the adsorption of Rhodamine B from aqueous solution

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Modifications induced by the thermal treatment of kaolin and determination of reactivity of metakaolin

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Financing for innovative technologies and best practices to reduce persistent organic pollutants

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Geisoleerd nierletsel na een trauma; een casus

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Adolescent Drinking Patterns Across Countries Associations with Alcohol Policies

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Benign prostate hyperplasia and stem cells: a new therapeutic opportunity

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Angiodysplasia (vascular malformations) of the colon presenting as an acute abdomen

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Loss of the sticky harpoon – COI sequences indicate paraphyly of Stenus with respect to Dianous Staphylinidae, Steninae

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Benefices de la ventilation non invasive a domicile au decours d’une insuffisance respiratoire aigue hypercapnique chez les patients BPCO Étude controlee randomisee multicentrique Étude Non Invasive Ventilation in Obstructive Lung Disease Nivold

Anonymous, 2012:
Pneumopathie a mycoplasme  une cause rare de syndrome de detresse respiratoire aigue SDRA et de resistance potentielle aux antibiotiques

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BPCO des producteurs laitiers  depistage, caracterisation et constitution d’une cohorte Étude BALISTIC

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Antifungal activity of Meyerozyma guilliermondii: identification of active compounds synthesized during dough fermentation and their effect on long-term storage of wheat bread

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Prevalence, Serotype Diversity, and Antimicrobial Resistance of Salmonella in Imported Shipments of Spice offered for entry to the United States, FY27-FY29

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Assessing extinction risks under the combined effects of climate change and human disturbance through the analysis of life-history plasticity

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Kardiovaskulares Risiko und medikamentose Lipidtherapie

Anonymous, 2012:
Klinische Befunde und rationelle Differenzialdiagnostik der diabetischen Dyslipidamie

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Suppressive ability of selected fodder plants on the growth of Parthenium hysterophorus

Anonymous, 2012:
Overexpression of OrbHLH1, a putative helix–loop–helix transcription factor, causes increased expression of AKT1 and maintains ionic balance under salt stress in rice

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The social role of hobbling and torture Violence in the prehistoric Southwest

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Comparison of Nine Clones of ‘Jewel’ Strawberry in Ontario and Nova Scotia

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Autonomic nervous system dysfunction: implication in sickle cell disease

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Exploitation of chicken feather waste as a plant growth promoting agent using keratinase producing novel isolate Paenibacillus woosongensis TKB2

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Thermal stability of Candida antarctica lipase B immobilized on macroporous acrylic resin particles in organic media

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Control rule performance for intermixing lake whitefish populations in the 1836 Treaty waters of the Great Lakes A simulation-based evaluation

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Improving fishery-independent indices of abundance for a migratory walleye population

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Comparison of the perioperative outcome of esophagectomy by thoracoscopy in the prone position with that of thoracotomy in the lateral decubitus position

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End-to-side pancreaticojejunostomy without stitches in the pancreatic stump

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Endoscopy-assisted thyroid surgery via a subclavian approach

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Enhanced recovery in the management of mild gallstone pancreatitis: a prospective cohort study

Anonymous, 2012:
Non-infected babies born to HIV mothers have reduced immunity to measles

Anonymous, 2012:
Antibiotic shows promise in treating extensively drug-resistant tuberculosis

Anonymous, 2012:
Online First article posted to wwwannalsorg

Anonymous, 2012:
Bloodstream infections cut by 44 percent in sickest hospital patients, study concludes

Anonymous, 2012:
New radiation treatment significantly increases survival rate

Anonymous, 2012:
Wide discrepancy in surveillance and control of infections in ICUs

Anonymous, 2012:
NIH-funded study to test pneumococcal vaccine in older adults

Anonymous, 2012:
Ebola antibody treatment, produced in plants, protects monkeys from lethal disease

Anonymous, 2012:
Urgent need for tuberculosis vaccines; experts report progress, obstacles in growing drug resistance

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5p13 microduplication syndrome: a new case and better clinical definition of the syndrome

Anonymous, 2012:
Etiology of childhood hearing loss in Cameroon sub-Saharan Africa

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Antioxidant, genotoxic and antigenotoxic activities of daphne gnidium leaf extracts

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Problematic computer game use among adolescents, younger and older adults

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Smoking and absence from work: systematic review and meta-analysis of occupational studies

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Egocentric social network analysis of pathological gambling

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Subtypes of Disordered Gamblers Results from the National Epidemiologic Survey on Alcohol and Related Conditions NESARC

Anonymous, 2012:
Efficacy combined with specified ingredients A new direction for empirically-supported addiction treatment

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Graphic imagery is not sufficient for increased attention to cigarette warnings: the role of text captions

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ESCAPE: a randomised controlled trial of computer-tailored smoking cessation advice in primary care

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Peak provoked craving: an alternative to smoking cue-reactivity

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Pathways to heroin dependence: time to re-appraise self-medication

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Gambling experiences, problems and policy in India: a historical analysis

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Gambling experiences, problems, research and policy: gambling in Germany

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National gambling experiences in the United States: will history repeat itself?

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Gambling in Taiwan: problems, research and policy

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Gambling in Britain: the application of restraint erosion theory

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Leptin, insulin and thyroid hormones in a cohort of Egyptian obese Down syndrome children: a comparative study

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Site-specific protein O-glycosylation modulates proprotein processing - deciphering specific functions of the large polypeptide GalNAc-transferase gene family

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Riccardin D-26, a synthesized macrocyclic bisbibenzyl compound, inhibits human oral squamous carcinoma cells KB and KB/VCR: In vitro and in vivo studies

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Lipoic acid prevents liver metabolic changes induced by administration of a fructose-rich diet

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The cancer stem cell niche(s): the crosstalk between glioma stem cells and their microenvironment

Malliaras, G.G., 2013:
Organic bioelectronics: a new era for organic electronics

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DNA uptake in swine sperm: effect of plasmid topology and methyl-beta-cyclodextrin-mediated cholesterol depletion

Salaheldeen, E.; Kurio, H.; Howida, A.; Iida, H., 2013:
Molecular cloning and localization of a CEACAM2 isoform, CEACAM2-L, expressed in spermatids in mouse testis

Anonymous, 2012:
The Pac-Man zona

Anonymous, 2012:
Epididymal protease inhibitor EPPIN is differentially expressed in the male rat reproductive tract and is immunolocalized in maturing spermatozoa

Zhang, S.; Kong, S.; Lu, J.; Wang, Q.; Chen, Y.; Wang, W.; Wang, B.; Wang, H., 2013:
Deciphering the molecular basis of uterine receptivity

Anonymous, 2012:
A comparison study of removal of methylene blue dye by adsorption on neem leaf powder NLP and activated NLPMetileno m?lynojo dazo pasalinimo adsorbcijos b?du is NEEM lap? milteli? NLP ir aktyvint?j? NLP lyginamasis tyrimas

Anonymous, 2012:
Research on correlation between nitrogen compounds, iron and manganese concentrations in drinking water supply systemsAzoto jungini?, gelezies ir mangano koncentracij? geriamojo vandens tiekimo sistemose s?saj? tyrimai

Anonymous, 2012:
Screening indoor air quality evaluation in the Lithuanian theatre, music and cinema museumOro kokyb?s vertinimas lietuvos teatro, muzikos ir kino muziejuje vilniuje

Anonymous, 2012:
Betterment of ecological parameters of a diesel engine using Brown‘s gasDyzelinio variklio ekologini? parametr? gerinimas naudojant brauno dujas

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Refinements in osteotomy design to improve structural integrity: a finite element analysis study

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Predictors of laterality of motor block during epidural analgesia in a mixed surgical population

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Hyperbaric articaine with or without fentanyl in spinal anaesthesia: patient and observer blinded comparison

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The incidence of delirium in Norwegian intensive care units; deep sedation makes assessment difficult

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Prevalence of saphenous nerve injury after adductor-canal-blockade in patients receiving total knee arthroplasty

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The duration of fibre-optic intubation is increased by cricoid pressure. A randomised double-blind study

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A novel approach for global noise reduction in resting-state fMRI: APPLECOR

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Variations in the temporal pattern of perforant pathway stimulation control the activity in the mesolimbic pathway

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Expected reward modulates encoding-related theta activity before an event

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Shared electrophysiology mechanisms of body ownership and motor imagery

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Subthalamic nucleus gamma oscillations mediate a switch from automatic to controlled processing: a study of random number generation in Parkinson's disease

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Task-related component analysis for functional neuroimaging and application to near-infrared spectroscopy data

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Automated detection of white matter signal abnormality using T2 relaxometry: application to brain segmentation on term MRI in very preterm infants

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Anonymous, 2012:
Encoding and recall of finger sequences in experienced pianists compared with musically naive controls A combined behavioral and functional imaging study

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Dissociation between process-based and data-based limitations for conscious perception in the human brain

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A method for event-related phase/amplitude coupling

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Simultaneous and noninvasive imaging of cerebral oxygen metabolic rate, blood flow and oxygen extraction fraction in stroke mice

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Subject position affects EEG magnitudes

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A fNIRS investigation of switching and inhibition during the modified Stroop task in younger and older adults

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It is not all about phase: amplitude dynamics in corticomuscular interactions

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Auditory nerve function following cochleitis

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The PAADRN study: a design for a randomized controlled practical clinical trial to improve bone health

E.K.K.rapatzak; A.W.gstaffe; P.H.dley; N.H.B.ttey, 2012:
High-temperature-induced reductions in cropping in everbearing strawberries Fragaria × ananassa are associated with reduced pollen performance

S.M.nticelli; E.D.N.cola-Negri; A.G.ntile; C.D.miano; V.I.ardi, 2012:
Production and in vitro assessment of transgenic plums for resistance to Plum pox virus a feasible, environmental risk-free, cost-effective approach

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Grafting under water stress in tomato cherry improving the fruit yield and quality

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TNF-α has tropic rather than apoptotic activity in human hematopoietic progenitors: involvement of TNF receptor-1 and caspase-8

Anonymous, 2012:
LGR5-Positive Colon Cancer Stem Cells Interconvert with Drug Resistant LGR5-Negative Cells and are Capable of Tumor Reconstitution

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Bone marrow endothelial progenitors augment atherosclerotic plaque regression in a mouse model of plasma lipid lowering

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Functional dissection of Pax3 in paraxial mesoderm development and myogenesis

Anonymous, 2012:
TGF-beta-Superfamily Signaling Regulates Embryonic Stem Cell Heterogeneity Self-Renewal as a Dynamic and Regulated Equilibrium

Anonymous, 2012:
The Evolution of Human Pluripotent Stem Cell Culture From Feeder Cells to Synthetic Coatings

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Transient receptor potential melastatin 4 channel controls calcium signals and dental follicle stem cell differentiation

Anonymous, 2012:
MTORC1 and mTORC2 Play Different Roles in the Functional Survival of Transplanted Adipose-derived Stromal Cells in Hindlimb Ischemic Mice via Regulating Inflammation in vivo

Anonymous, 2012:
Limited Gene Expression Variation in Human Embryonic Stem Cell and Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell Derived Endothelial Cells

Anonymous, 2012:
Concise Defining Characteristics of Mammalian Spermatogenic Stem Cells

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Demethylation of epiregulin gene by histone demethylase FBXL11 and BCL6 corepressor inhibits osteo/dentinogenic differentiation

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Severity of alcohol dependence in the Swedish adult population: association with consumption and social factors

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Effect of dissolved oxygen in alcoholic beverages and drinking water on alcohol elimination in humans

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Combat exposure and suicide risk in two samples of military personnel

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Tracheo-innominate artery fistula successfully treated by endovascular stent-graft repair

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Rupture of jejunal varices treated with balloon-occluded retrograde transvenous obliteration

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Utility of (99m)Tc-MDP hybrid SPECT-CT for diagnosis of skull base osteomyelitis: comparison with planar bone scintigraphy, SPECT, and CT

Anonymous, 2012:
Dosimetric investigation of LDR brachytherapy 192Ir wires by Monte Carlo and TPS calculations

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The microstructure and internal architecture of shear bands in sand-clay sequences

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An extraordinary new carnivorous sponge, Chondrocladia lyra, in the new subgenus Symmetrocladia Demospongiae, Cladorhizidae, from off of northern California, USA

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Comparative larval energetics of an ophiuroid and an echinoid echinoderm

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Ecology of Gordian knots in natural conditions

Anonymous, 2012:
Desconexion de la ventilacion mecanica ¿Por que seguimos buscando metodos alternativos?

Anonymous, 2012:
Onion-induced anaphylactic shock rapidly evolved to allergic right ventricular myocardial infarction and subsequent cardiogenic shock

Schneider, S.C.; Fosholt Moe, T.; Hessen, D.O.; Kaste, Øyvind, 2013:
Juncus bulbosus nuisance growth in oligotrophic freshwater ecosystems Different triggers for the same phenomenon in rivers and lakes?

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Borrowing to cope with adverse health events: liquidity constraints, insurance coverage, and unsecured debt

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Effects of vitamin E on the concentration of conjugated linoleic acids and accumulation of intermediates of ruminal biohydrogenation in vitro

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Treatment of patients with small-cell lung cancer: from meta-analyses to clinical practice

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Surfactant protein A influences reepithelialization in an alveolocapillary model system

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Early identification of small airways disease on lung cancer screening CT: comparison of current air trapping measures

Wrobel, J.P.; Thompson, B.R.; Snell, G.I.; Williams, T.J., 2013:
Preoperative echocardiographic-defined moderate-severe pulmonary hypertension predicts prolonged duration of mechanical ventilation following lung transplantation for patients with COPD

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Overwhelming support among urban Irish COPD patients for lung cancer screening by low-dose CT scan

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Pulmonary arterial hypertension in the elderly-clinical characteristics and long-term survival

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Examining the temporal relationships between childhood obesity and asthma

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Rhabdomyosarcoma of biliary tract- a diagnostic dilemma

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Extending primary care: potential learning from Italy

Pendleton, D., 2013:
Leadership for primary health care research

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The Keck Aperture Masking Experiment dust-enshrouded red giants

Anonymous, 2012:
Upper limits on bolometric luminosities of 1 Type Ia supernova progenitors from Chandra observations

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The chemistry of extragalactic carbon stars

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Type 1 AGN at low z – II The relative strength of narrow lines and the nature of intermediate type AGN

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The clustering of galaxies in the SDSS-III Baryon Oscillation Spectroscopic Survey measurements of the growth of structure and expansion rate at z = 57 from anisotropic clustering

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The M–? relation in different environments

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Stochastic backgrounds of gravitational waves from cosmological sources – the role of dark energy

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Peaks theory and the excursion set approach

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A fundamental problem in our understanding of low-mass galaxy evolution

Xinwu Cao, 2012:
The launching condition of a jet driven by the magnetic field and radiation pressure of an accretion disc

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Ultraviolet variability of the helium-peculiar star a Centauri

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Optical polarization of quasars and the Balmer edge feature revealed by ultraviolet and polarized visible to near-infrared emissions

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Synthetic X-ray spectra for simulations of the dynamics of an accretion flow irradiated by a quasar

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Measuring primordial non-Gaussianity with weak lensing surveys

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Line formation in the inner winds of classical T?Tauri stars testing the conical-shell wind solution

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The Elephant Trunk Nebula and the Trumpler 37 cluster contribution of triggered star formation to the total population of an H?ii region

Anonymous, 2012:
Miscentring in galaxy clusters dark matter to brightest cluster galaxy offsets in 1? Sloan Digital Sky Survey clusters

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Herschel observations of extended atomic gas in the core of the Perseus cluster

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Weak lensing by line-of-sight haloes as the origin of flux-ratio anomalies in quadruply lensed QSOs

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The stellar initial mass function in red-sequence galaxies 1-?m spectroscopy of Coma cluster galaxies with Subaru/FMOS

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On the fraction of star formation occurring in bound stellar clusters

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Long-term stability of horseshoe orbits

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Radio sources in the Chandra Galactic Bulge Survey

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A new way to produce and isolate the OH–H2O complex

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A search for mass segregation of stars and brown dwarfs in ? Ophiuchi; K.T.K.rista; A.J.R.ff, 2012:
The broad emission-line region the confluence of the outer accretion disc with the inner edge of the dusty torus

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Gas stripping and mixing in galaxy clusters a numerical comparison study

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Anisotropic inverse Compton scattering of photons from the circumstellar disc in PSR B1259?63

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Binarity among Cepheids in the Magellanic Clouds

László Szabados; Aliz Derekas; Csaba Kiss; Péter Klagyivik, 2012:
Discovery of the spectroscopic binary nature of the Cepheids X Puppis and XX Sagittarii

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Synthetic X-ray and radio maps for two different models of Stephans Quintet

Anonymous, 2012:
Constrainingquasar and intergalactic medium properties through bubble detection in redshifted 21-cm maps

G.B.rderas; P.R.mero; L.V.zquez; J.L.V.zquez-Poletti; I.M.L.orente, 2012:
Opportunities to observe solar eclipses by Phobos with the Mars Science Laboratory

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The evolutionary connection between QSOs and SMGs molecular gas in far-infrared luminous QSOs at z???25

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Vortex and spiral instabilities at gap edges in three-dimensional self-gravitating disc–satellite simulations

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Simultaneous X-ray and optical observations of true type 2 Seyfert galaxies

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GRMHD simulations of magnetized advection-dominated accretion on a non-spinning black hole role of outflows

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Excursion set theory for modified gravity correlated steps, mass functions and halo bias

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Using the Bright Ultrahard XMM–Newton survey to define an IR selection of luminous AGN based on WISE colours

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The delay-time distribution of Type Ia supernovae from Sloan II

Anonymous, 2012:
Characterizing foreground for redshifted 21?cm radiation 15?MHz Giant Metrewave Radio Telescope observations

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The periodic spectroscopic variability of FU Orionis

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The Australia Telescope Large Area Survey spectroscopic catalogue and radio luminosity functions

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How can large-scale twisted magnetic structures naturally emerge from buoyancy instabilities?

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Combined constraints on intergalactic dust from quasar colours and the soft X-ray background

Anonymous, 2012:
A weak lensing mass reconstruction of the large-scale filament feeding the massive galaxy cluster MACS?J7175+3745

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Predictions for ASKAP neutral hydrogen surveys

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The relationship between ethnic identity and Chlamydia and Gonorrhea infections among low-income detained African American adolescent females

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Prevalence of post-traumatic stress symptoms and associated factors in tuberculosis (TB), TB retreatment and/or TB-HIV co-infected primary public health-care patients in three districts in South Africa

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Through a glass darkly Personal reflections on the role of meaning in response to trauma

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Cranial myology and bite force performance of Erlikosaurus andrewsi: a novel approach for digital muscle reconstructions

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Glycogen synthase kinase-3beta regulates differentiation-induced apoptosis of human neural progenitor cells

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GAP-43 dependency defines distinct effects of netrin-1 on cortical and spinal neurite outgrowth and directional guidance

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Transplantation of neural stem cells co-transfected with Nurr1 and Brn4 for treatment of Parkinsonian rats

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Anterior knee laxity measurement: comparison of passive stress radiographs Telos(®) and "Lerat", and GNRB(®) arthrometer

Anonymous, 2012:
Bench scale production of benzohydroxamic acid using acyl transfer activity of amidase from Alcaligenes sp MTCC 1674

Brogaard, T.; Neergaard, M.Asbjørn.; Guldin, M-Britt.; Sokolowski, I.; Vedsted, P., 2014:
Translation, adaptation and data quality of a Danish version of the Burden Scale for Family Caregivers

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Anxiety and depression among nursing home residents without cognitive impairment

Andersson, E.Kazimiera.; Borglin, G.; Sjöström-Strand, A.; Willman, A., 2014:
Standing alone when life takes an unexpected turn: being a midlife next of kin of a relative who has suffered a myocardial infarction

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Community nurses' experiences of ethical problems in end-of-life care in the patient's own home

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Parental stress in early parenthood among mothers and fathers in Sweden

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Perceptions of the effect of information and communication technology on the quality of care delivered in emergency departments: a cross-site qualitative study

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Videolaryngoscopy versus direct laryngoscopy in simulated pediatric intubation

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Narcolepsy: clinical differences and association with other sleep disorders in different age groups

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CYP46A1 T/C polymorphism associated with the APOE?4 allele increases the risk of Alzheimer’s disease

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Seasonal and meteorological determinants of aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage: a systematic review and meta-analysis

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Down on heights? One in three has visual height intolerance

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Very long-term results (up to 17 years) with the double-orifice mitral valve repair combined with ring annuloplasty for degenerative mitral regurgitation

Hwang, H.Young.; Kim, J.Sung.; Oh, S.Jin.; Kim, K-Bong., 2013:
A randomized comparison of the Saphenous Vein Versus Right Internal Thoracic Artery as a Y-Composite Graft (SAVE RITA) trial: early results

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Surgical ablation of atrial fibrillation trends and outcomes in North America

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Robotic total endoscopic double-vessel coronary artery bypass grafting--state of procedure development

Watanabe, N.; Anagnostopoulos, P.V.; Shinkawa, T.; Johnson, N.; Azakie, A., 2013:
Size of the right ventricle-to-pulmonary artery conduit impacts mid-term outcome after the Norwood procedure in patients weighing less than 3 kg

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Surgical technical performance scores are predictors of late mortality and unplanned reinterventions in infants after cardiac surgery

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Congenital heart surgeon's technical proficiency affects neonatal hospital survival

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Robot-aided thoracoscopic thymectomy for early-stage thymoma: a multicenter European study

Anonymous, 2012:
Lung transplantation in patients 7 years old or older Have outcomes changed after implementation of the lung allocation score?

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Survival and quality of life at least 1 year after pneumonectomy

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Omental reinforcement of the thoracic esophagogastric anastomosis: an analysis of leak and reintervention rates in patients undergoing planned and salvage esophagectomy

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Differences in reported esophageal cancer resection outcomes between national clinical and administrative databases

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Thoracoscopic localization of intraparenchymal pulmonary nodules using direct intracavitary thoracoscopic ultrasonography prevents conversion of VATS procedures to thoracotomy in selected patients

Anonymous, 2012:
In vitro and in vivo therapeutic efficacy of CXCR4 antagonist BKT14 against human non–small cell lung cancer

Jessica A.Y.; David Mauchley; Howard Li; Xianzhong Meng; Raphael A.N.menoff; David A.F.llerton; Michael J.W.yant, 2012:
Knockdown of secretory phospholipase A2 IIa reduces lung cancer growth in vitro and in vivo

Zhao, R.; Quaroni, L.; Casson, A.G., 2013:
Identification and characterization of stemlike cells in human esophageal adenocarcinoma and normal epithelial cell lines

Anonymous, 2012:
Experience with the first 5 ex vivo lung perfusions in clinical transplantation

Demerouti, E.; Andreadou, I.; Aggeli, I-Katerina.; Farmakis, D.; Zoga, A.; Gaitanaki, C.; Beis, I.; Anastasiou-Nana, M.; Kremastinos, D.Th.; Iliodromitis, E.K., 2013:
Ovariectomy reinstates the infarct size-limiting effect of postconditioning in female rabbits

Ralph Knöll, Byambajav Buyandelger, 2013:
Z-disc Transcriptional Coupling, Sarcomeroptosis and Mechanopoptosis

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Iron species in soils on a mofette site studied by Fe K-edge X-ray absorption near-edge spectroscopy

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Fayalite dissolution and siderite formation in water-saturated supercritical CO2

John M.C.ttle; Andrew R.K.lander-Clark; Johannes C.V.ijmoed, 2012:
U–Th/Pb geochronology of detrital zircon and monazite by single shot laser ablation inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry SS-LA-ICPMS

Niamh M.Doyle, Nicole M.DeRosa…, 2013:
Development of a Combined Intervention to Decrease Problem Behavior Displayed by Siblings with Pervasive Developmental Disorder

Anonymous, 2012:
Hunger-Free Initiative for West Africa signed

Anonymous, 2012:
$2 million project aims to transfer Brazilian know-how in support of cotton farmers

Anonymous, 2012:
Hunger Run 212 and Crescita SMS Campaign

Anonymous, 2012:
Improved food security planning set for Sierra Leone

Anonymous, 2012:
Agricultural cooperatives critical to fight hunger

Anonymous, 2012:
FAO calls for strengthened food security governance

Anonymous, 2012:
MDG hunger target still within reach

Towl, G.; Crighton, D., 2013:
Policing and mental health

Starling, J., 2012:
Changes in occipital lobe gyrification may be an early marker for psychosis in youth with velo-cardio-facial syndrome

Asarnow, J.Rosenbaum.; Hughes, J.L., 2012:
Modular psychotherapy improves problems in youth with anxiety, depression or conduct disorder more rapidly than standard psychotherapy

Foa, E., 2012:
Cognitive behavioural treatments have long-term benefits in female rape survivors with post-traumatic stress disorder

Griffiths, K.Margaret., 2012:
SPARX computerised CBT is as effective as usual care for mild-to-moderate depression in help seeking adolescents

Carnahan, R., 2012:
No difference in extrapyramidal side effects between first-generation and second-generation antipsychotics

Anonymous, 2012:
Maintenance antipsychotics prevent relapse in patients with schizophrenia

Wilbur, J.; Buchholz, S.W., 2012:
Adding facilitated physical activity to standard GP care for depression does not improve symptoms

Anonymous, 2012:
Urgent need for RCT evidence on effectiveness of crisis interventions for borderline personality disorder

Clements, C.; Fritz, A., 2012:
Community-based outreach may reduce distress in women exposed to intimate partner abuse more than system-based referral

Eugene Arnold, L., 2012:
Atomoxetine reduces ADHD symptoms in children with autism spectrum disorder

Weinmann, S., 2012:
Use of benzodiazepines in adults with schizophrenia is associated with increased mortality

Shah, A.; Bhat, R., 2012:
Fluoxetine and sertraline may be associated with lower risk of suicide death than paroxetine in adults with depression

Kaplan, M.S.; McFarland, B.H., 2012:
Veterans who have served in the conflicts of Iraq and Afghanistan are at increased risk of suicide compared to other veterans if they have a psychiatric diagnosis

Anonymous, 2012:
Adverse effects of different second-generation antipsychotics vary in children and adolescents

John, A., 2012:
Following self-harm, there are shared and differing risk factors for subsequent suicide death or accidental death

R Levin, F., 2012:
Hyperactivity/impulsivity in childhood, but not inattention, is associated with early-onset tobacco and alcohol use

Anonymous, 2012:
Adults with disabilities experience more violence than non-disabled adults

Mond, J.M., 2012:
Higher BMI, lower self-esteem and more abnormal eating habits are associated with greater body dissatisfaction in adolescents

Andrade, L.Helena.; Wang, Y-Pang., 2012:
Prevalence of psychotic symptoms in the general population varies across 52 countries

Anonymous, 2012:
Emotion identification deficits are associated with functional impairments in people with schizophrenia

Luby, J.L., 2012:
About 7% of 4-year-olds in Norway meet criteria for a psychiatric diagnosis

Tsenkova, V.K.; Carr, D.; Coe, C.L.; Ryff, C.D., 2014:
Anger, adiposity, and glucose control in nondiabetic adults: findings from MIDUS II

Meese, T.S.; Summers, R.J., 2013:
Theory and data for area summation of contrast with and without uncertainty: evidence for a noisy energy model

Anonymous, 2012:
Detecting the structural form of cast shadows patterns

Dennett, H.W.; Edwards, M.; McKone, E., 2013:
Global face distortion aftereffects tap face-specific and shape-generic processes

Csaba Vadadi-Fülöp, Csaba Sipkay, Gergely Mészáros, Levente Hufnagel, 2012:
Climate change and freshwater zooplankton what does it boil down to?

Anonymous, 2012:
Ischemie critique des membres inferieurs Les resultats justifient-ils les pontages cruraux ou jambiers chez les patients en age avance ou presentant des comorbidites?

Anonymous, 2012:
Thrombolyse peroperatoire regionale manuelle a haut-dose des embolies des membres inferieurs apres reparation ouverte dun anevrysme aortique abdominal rompu

Al-Nouri, O.; Moeller, C.; Borrowdale, R.; Milner, R., 2011:
Complication tardive d’un stentgraft thoracique

Anonymous, 2012:
Rupture spontanee de la veine iliaque commune gauche

Anonymous, 2012 :
Traitement endovasculaire dune dissection aortique de type B apres tentative de catheterisme veineux central

Anonymous, 2012:
Effet dose-dependant de la rosuvastatine sur la regulation de lexpression des metalloproteinases

Anonymous, 2012:
Devenir des stents en nitinol sur les arteres femorales superficielles et poplitees dans une population agee

Anonymous, 2012:
Faux anevrysme anastomotique apres pontage sur une artere peroniere porcelaine Traitement reussi par injection percutanee de thrombine

Anonymous, 2012:
Thrombus libre flottant de lartere carotide interne Diagnostic et traitement de 16 cas dans un centre

Anonymous, 2012:
Comparaison du stenting carotidien chez les patients avec lesion unilaterale versus bilaterale et facteurs affectant le resultat a moyen terme

Anonymous, 2012:
Correlation entre la pression de perfusion collaterale peroperatoire pendant lendarteriectomie carotidienne et le statut de lartere carotide controlaterale et du flux sanguin cerebral collateral

Anonymous, 2012:
Repeated Dose 14 Days Rat Intramuscular Toxicology Study of Her1 Vaccine

Quirantes-Piné, R.; Verardo, V.; Arráez-Román, D.; Fernández-Arroyo, S.; Micol, V.; Caboni, M.F.; Segura-Carretero, A.; Fernández-Gutiérrez, A., 2013:
Evaluation of different extraction approaches for the determination of phenolic compounds and their metabolites in plasma by nanoLC-ESI-TOF-MS

Anonymous, 2012:
Validation of an LC-MS/MS method for the quantitative determination of mavoglurant AFQ56 in human plasma

Buré, C.; Ayciriex, S.; Testet, E.; Schmitter, J-Marie., 2013:
A single run LC-MS/MS method for phospholipidomics

Kataoka, H.; Ehara, K.; Yasuhara, R.; Saito, K., 2013:
Simultaneous determination of testosterone, cortisol, and dehydroepiandrosterone in saliva by stable isotope dilution on-line in-tube solid-phase microextraction coupled with liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry

Valentini, F.; Carbone, M.; Palleschi, G., 2013:
Carbon nanostructured materials for applications in nano-medicine, cultural heritage, and electrochemical biosensors

Lei, Y.; Feng, M-juan.; Wang, K.; Lin, L-qing.; Chen, Y-zhong.; Lin, X-hua., 2013:
Sequence-specific electrochemical detection of double-strand PCR amplicons of PML/RARα fusion gene in acute promyelocytic leukemia

Wiegelmann, M.; Soltwisch, J.; Jaskolla, T.W.; Dreisewerd, K., 2014:
Matching the laser wavelength to the absorption properties of matrices increases the ion yield in UV-MALDI mass spectrometry

Rodushkin, I.; Engström, E.; Baxter, D.C., 2013:
Isotopic analyses by ICP-MS in clinical samples

Pintado-Herrera, M.G.; González-Mazo, E.; Lara-Martín, P.A., 2012:
Environmentally friendly analysis of emerging contaminants by pressurized hot water extraction-stir bar sorptive extraction-derivatization and gas chromatography-mass spectrometry

Chen, Z-Feng.; Ying, G-Guo.; Lai, H-Jie.; Chen, F.; Su, H-Chang.; Liu, Y-Sheng.; Peng, F-Qiang.; Zhao, J-Liang., 2013:
Determination of biocides in different environmental matrices by use of ultra-high-performance liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry

Michel, T.; Destandau, E.; Fougère, Lëtitia.; Elfakir, C., 2013 :
New "hyphenated" CPC-HPLC-DAD-MS strategy for simultaneous isolation, analysis and identification of phytochemicals: application to xanthones from Garcinia mangostana

Anonymous, 2012:
Analisis del control del paciente diabetico en el area de atencion primaria Mancha-Centro de Castilla-La Mancha Barometro de la diabetes

Anonymous, 2012:
Synthesis of 18FSiFB a prosthetic group for direct protein radiolabeling for application in positron emission tomography

Smith, T.O.; Mann, C.J.V.; Donell, S.T., 2014:
Does knee joint proprioception alter following medial patellofemoral ligament reconstruction?

Pan, Y.; Li, J.; Li, L.; Hu, X.; Al-Rasheid, K.A.S.; Warren, A., 2013:
Ontogeny and molecular phylogeny of a new marine ciliate genus, Heterokeronopsis g. n. (Protozoa, Ciliophora, Hypotricha), with description of a new species

Menni, F.; Chiarelli, G.; Sabatini, C.; Principi, N.; Esposito, S., 2013:
Vaccination in children with inborn errors of metabolism

Anonymous, 2012:
Effectiveness of an influenza A H1N1 29 monovalent vaccine among Japanese pregnant women A prospective observational study assessing antibody efficacy

Rahman, M.Masudur.; Eo, S.Kug., 2013:
Prospects and challenges of using chicken cytokines in disease prevention

Shah, M.S.; Ashraf, A.; Rahman, M.; Khan, M.I.; Qureshi, J.A., 2013:
A subunit vaccine against hydropericardium syndrome using adenovirus penton capsid protein

Anonymous, 2012:
Live oral typhoid vaccine Salmonella Typhi Ty21a – A surrogate vaccine against non-typhoid salmonellae?

Oh, H.; Joung, J.; Kim, B-Guk.; Nam, K-Tak.; Hong, S-Hwa.; Song, H.Chul.; Lee, H-Lim.; Ahn, B-Yoon., 2013:
Improved protocols for histamine sensitization testing of acellular pertussis vaccines

Gupta, S.; Garg, N.Jain., 2013:
Delivery of antigenic candidates by a DNA/MVA heterologous approach elicits effector CD8(+)T cell mediated immunity against Trypanosoma cruzi

Dhanoya, A.; Wang, T.; Keshavarz-Moore, E.; Fassati, A.; Chain, B.M., 2013:
Importin-7 mediates nuclear trafficking of DNA in mammalian cells

Robles-Martínez, L.; Guerra-Sánchez, Mía.Guadalupe.; Flores-Herrera, O.; Hernández-Lauzardo, A.Niurka.; Velázquez-Del Valle, M.Gerardo.; Pardo, J.Pablo., 2013:
The mitochondrial respiratory chain of Rhizopus stolonifer (Ehrenb.:Fr.) Vuill

Erica Giammarco, 2013:
Edgar Allan Poe A psychological profile

S.M.P.rk; Yoon A.P.rk; Hae Woo Lee; Hee Yeon Jung; Jun-Young Lee; Jung-Seok Choi, 2013:
The effects of behavioral inhibition/approach system as predictors of Internet addiction in adolescents

Vergara-Lopez, C.; Lopez-Vergara, H.I.; Colder, C.R., 2012:
Executive functioning moderates the relationship between motivation and adolescent depressive symptoms

Nancy L.Segal, 2013:
Personality similarity in unrelated look-alike pairs Addressing a twin study challenge

Becky L.C.oma; Yaniv Hanoch; Michaela Gummerum; Gordon Hodson, 2013:
Relations between risk perceptions and socio-political ideology are domain- and ideology- dependent

Laura C.C.ysel; Benjamin S.C.osier; Gregory D.W.bster, 2013:
The Dark Triad and risk behavior

Kristie M.W.sterlaken; Peter R.W.ods, 2013:
The relationship between psychopathy and the Full Range Leadership Model

John C.Loehlin, 2013:
The general factor of personality What lies beyond?—II

Rachel D.M.rton; Melanie J.W.ite, 2013:
Revised reinforcement sensitivity theory The impact of FFFS and stress on driving

Andrea Markovic; Linda Rose-Krasnor; Robert J.C.plan, 2013:
Shy children’s coping with a social conflict The role of personality self-theories

Fisher, J.E.; Heller, W.; Miller, G.A., 2012:
Neuropsychological differentiation of adaptive creativity and schizotypal cognition

Iftah Yovel; Ariela Friedman, 2013:
Bridging the gap between explicit and implicit measurement of personality The questionnaire-based implicit association test

Alexander B.S.egling; Ashley K.V.sely; Donald H.S.klofske, 2013:
Advancing the trait EI content domain Further evidence for the distinctiveness of interpersonal facets

Hill, P.L.; Allemand, M.; Roberts, B.W., 2012:
Examining the Pathways between Gratitude and Self-Rated Physical Health across Adulthood

Andrea Oskis; Angela Clow; Frank Hucklebridge; Antonia Bifulco; Catherine Jacobs; Catherine Loveday, 2013:
Understanding alexithymia in female adolescents The role of attachment style

Violet Lee; Vincent Egan, 2013:
Predictors of aggression in Southeast Asian female prisoners

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Relative and longitudinal evidence for the importance of the General Factor of Psychosocial Development in predicting well-being

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Dark triad personality traits and theory of mind among school-age children

Yaniv Hanoch; Jonathan Rolison; Michaela Gummerum, 2013:
Good things come to those who wait Time discounting differences between adult offenders and nonoffenders

HaengRyang Huh, 2013:
Digit ratios, but not facial width-to-height ratios, are associated with the priority placed on attending to faces versus bodies

Laurence Claes; Fernando Fernández-Aranda; Susana Jimenez-Murcia; Cristina Botella; Felipe F.C.sanueva; Rafael de la Torre; José M.F.rnández-Real; Gema Frühbeck; Francisco J.T.nahones; Nuria Vilarrasa; Mónica Montserrat-Gil de Bernabé; Roser Granero; Zaida Agüera; Carolina Sancho; Jennifer Muehlenkamp; José M.M.nchón, 2013:
Co-occurrence of non-suicidal self-injury and impulsivity in extreme weight conditions

Julie Aitken Schermer; Robyn MacDougall, 2013:
A general factor of personality, social desirability, cognitive ability, and the survey of work styles in an employment selection setting

Anonymous, 2012:
Archive and refugia of soil organisms applying a pedodiversity framework for the conservation of biological and non-biological heritages

Sarah A.B.ynon; Darren J.M.nn; Eleanor M.S.ade; Owen T.L.wis, 2012:
Species-rich dung beetle communities buffer ecosystem services in perturbed agro-ecosystems

Arora, M.; Senadhi, V.; Arora, D.; Weinstock, J.; Dubin, E.; Okolo, P.I.; Dutta, S.K., 2014:
A critical evaluation and a search for the ideal colonoscopic preparation

Luo, M.; Li, L.; Yang, E-Na.; Dai, C-Yang.; Liang, S-Ren.; Cao, W-Kui., 2014:
Correlation between interleukin-6 and ammonia in patients with overt hepatic encephalopathy due to cirrhosis

Lemoine, M.; Ingiliz, P., 2013:
Liver injury in HIV monoinfected patients: should we turn a blind eye to it?

Anonymous, 2012:
Reciprocal regulation of Rag expression in thymocytes by the zinc-finger proteins, Zfp68 and Zfp69

Duncan, M.C.; Linington, R.G.; Auerbuch, V., 2013:
Chemical inhibitors of the type three secretion system: disarming bacterial pathogens

Sahota, T.; Della Pasqua, O., 2013:
Feasibility of a fixed-dose regimen of pyrazinamide and its impact on systemic drug exposure and liver safety in patients with tuberculosis

Debnath, A.; Tunac, J.B.; Galindo-Gómez, S.; Silva-Olivares, Aélica.; Shibayama, M.; McKerrow, J.H., 2013:
Corifungin, a new drug lead against Naegleria, identified from a high-throughput screen

Aedo, S.; Tse-Dinh, Y-Ching., 2013:
Isolation and quantitation of topoisomerase complexes accumulated on Escherichia coli chromosomal DNA

Chang, K-Chiu.; Leung, C-Chiu.; Yew, W-Wai.; Leung, E.Chung-Ching.; Leung, W-Man.; Tam, C-Ming.; Zhang, Y., 2013:
Pyrazinamide may improve fluoroquinolone-based treatment of multidrug-resistant tuberculosis

Stryjewski, M.E.; Potgieter, P.D.; Li, Y-Ping.; Barriere, S.L.; Churukian, A.; Kingsley, J.; Corey, G.Ralph.; Bunce, C.; Clark, C.; Churukian, A.; Gezon, J.; Harvey, R.; Klein, S.; Labrada, H.; Lee, P.C.; Mehra, P.; Pollak, R.; Pullman, J.; Schrock, C.; Towfigh, S., 2013:
TD-1792 versus vancomycin for treatment of complicated skin and skin structure infections

Saunders, D.; Khemawoot, P.; Vanachayangkul, P.; Siripokasupkul, R.; Bethell, D.; Tyner, S.; Se, Y.; Rutvisuttinunt, W.; Sriwichai, S.; Chanthap, L.; Lin, J.; Timmermans, A.; Socheat, D.; Ringwald, P.; Noedl, H.; Smith, B.; Fukuda, M.; Teja-Isavadharm, P., 2013:
Pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of oral artesunate monotherapy in patients with uncomplicated Plasmodium falciparum malaria in western Cambodia

L.P.gam, S.; Yan, J.M.; Chhabra, M.; Ilnicka, M.; Kang, H.; Kosaka, A.; Ali, S.; Chin, D.J.; Shulman, N.S.; Smith, P.; Klumpp, K.; Nájera, I., 2013:
Characterization of hepatitis C virus (HCV) quasispecies dynamics upon short-term dual therapy with the HCV NS5B nucleoside polymerase inhibitor mericitabine and the NS3/4 protease inhibitor danoprevir

Kim, I.Kyoung.; Kim, B.Gwan.; Kim, W.; Kim, D.; Kim, Y.Jun.; Yoon, J-Hwan.; Lee, H.Suk., 2013:
Clinical prediction of failure of Lamivudine prophylaxis for hepatitis B virus-infected patients undergoing cytotoxic chemotherapy for malignancy

Roces, C.; Pérez, Vónica.; Campelo, A.B.; Blanco, D.; Kok, J.; Kuipers, O.P.; Rodríguez, A.; Martínez, B., 2013:
The putative lactococcal extracytoplasmic function anti-sigma factor llmg2447 determines resistance to the cell wall-active bacteriocin lcn972

Xiong, Y.Q.; Hady, W.Abdel.; Bayer, A.S.; Chen, L.; Kreiswirth, B.N.; Yang, S-Jin., 2013:
Telavancin in therapy of experimental aortic valve endocarditis in rabbits due to daptomycin-nonsusceptible methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus

Anonymous, 2012:
Macrolides and beta-Lactam Antibiotics Enhance C3b Deposition on the Surface of Multidrug-Resistant Streptococcus pneumoniae Strains by a LytA Autolysin-Dependent Mechanism

Ueng, S.W.N.; Hsieh, P-Hsin.; Shih, H-Nung.; Chan, Y-Shan.; Lee, M.S.; Chang, Y., 2013:
Antibacterial activity of joint fluid in cemented total-knee arthroplasty: an in vivo comparative study of polymethylmethacrylate with and without antibiotic loading

Monecke, S.; Müller, E.; Schwarz, S.; Hotzel, H.; Ehricht, R., 2013:
Rapid microarray-based identification of different mecA alleles in Staphylococci

Marathe, S.A.; Sen, M.; Dasgupta, I.; Chakravortty, D., 2013:
Differential modulation of intracellular survival of cytosolic and vacuolar pathogens by curcumin

Anonymous, 2012:
Characterization of Poliovirus Variants Selected for Resistance to the Antiviral Compound V-73

Anonymous, 2012:
Risk Factors for Infection or Colonization with CTX-M Extended-Spectrum-beta-Lactamase-Positive Escherichia coli

Kamau, E.T.; Srinivasan, A.R.; Brown, M.J.; Fair, M.G.; Caraher, E.J.; Boyle, J.P., 2013:
A focused small-molecule screen identifies 14 compounds with distinct effects on Toxoplasma gondii

Krahn, T.; Gilmour, C.; Tilak, J.; Fraud, S.; Kerr, N.; Lau, C.Ho-Fung.; Poole, K., 2013:
Determinants of intrinsic aminoglycoside resistance in Pseudomonas aeruginosa

Kagan, S.; Ickowicz, D.; Shmuel, M.; Altschuler, Y.; Sionov, E.; Pitusi, M.; Weiss, A.; Farber, S.; Domb, A.J.; Polacheck, I., 2013:
Toxicity mechanisms of amphotericin B and its neutralization by conjugation with arabinogalactan

Chung, I-Young.; Sim, N.; Cho, Y-Hee., 2013:
Antibacterial efficacy of temperate phage-mediated inhibition of bacterial group motilities

Anonymous, 2012:
Kinetic and Crystallographic Studies of Extended-Spectrum GES-11, GES-12, and GES-14 beta-Lactamases

Byren, I.; Rege, S.; Campanaro, E.; Yankelev, S.; Anastasiou, D.; Kuropatkin, G.; Evans, R., 2013:
Randomized controlled trial of the safety and efficacy of Daptomycin versus standard-of-care therapy for management of patients with osteomyelitis associated with prosthetic devices undergoing two-stage revision arthroplasty

Hess, D.; Wu, A.; Golparian, D.; Esmaili, S.; Pandori, W.; Sena, E.; Klausner, J.D.; Barry, P.; Unemo, M.; Pandori, M., 2013:
Genome sequencing of a Neisseria gonorrhoeae isolate of a successful international clone with decreased susceptibility and resistance to extended-spectrum cephalosporins

Sampson, T.R.; Liu, X.; Schroeder, M.R.; Kraft, C.S.; Burd, E.M.; Weiss, D.S., 2013:
Rapid killing of Acinetobacter baumannii by polymyxins is mediated by a hydroxyl radical death pathway

Noel, G.J.; Draper, M.P.; Hait, H.; Tanaka, S.Ken.; Arbeit, R.D., 2013:
A randomized, evaluator-blind, phase 2 study comparing the safety and efficacy of omadacycline to those of linezolid for treatment of complicated skin and skin structure infections

Anonymous, 2012:
Has the Emergence of Community-Associated Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus Increased Trimethoprim-Sulfamethoxazole Use and Resistance? a 1-Year Time Series Analysis

Silva-Costa, C.; Friães, A.; Ramirez, M.; Melo-Cristino, J.; Vaz, T.; Gião, Mília.; Ferreira, R.; Klyeshtorna, I.; Fonseca, A.Buschy.; Oliveira, H.; Silva, A.Cristina.; Costa, Hínia.; Silva, M.Fátima.; Afonso, M.Amélia.; Pinto, M.; Chantre, O.; Marques, Jão.; Peres, I.; Daniel, I.; Marcelo, C.; Monteiro, L.; Lito, Lís.Marques.; Marques, T.; Pessanha, M.Ana.; Gonçalves, E.; Lopes, P.; Felício, Lísa.; Lameirão, A.; Vieira, A.Paula.Mota.; Tomaz, M.; Bento, R.; Ramos, M.Helena.; Castro,, 2013:
Differences between macrolide-resistant and -susceptible Streptococcus pyogenes: importance of clonal properties in addition to antibiotic consumption

Anonymous, 2012:
Mutagenesis of Zinc Ligand Residue Cys221 Reveals Plasticity in the IMP-1 Metallo-beta-Lactamase Active Site

Anonymous, 2012:
Substitutions at Position 15 in SHV Family beta-Lactamases Decrease Catalytic Efficiency and Cause Inhibitor Resistance

Anonymous, 2012:
Early Insights into the Interactions of Different beta-Lactam Antibiotics and beta-Lactamase Inhibitors against Soluble Forms of Acinetobacter baumannii PBP1a and Acinetobacter sp PBP3

Ho, C-Mao.; Li, C-Yuan.; Ho, M-Wang.; Lin, C-Yu.; Liu, S-Hui.; Lu, J-Jih., 2013:
High rate of qacA- and qacB-positive methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus isolates from chlorhexidine-impregnated catheter-related bloodstream infections

Nagant, C.; Pitts, B.; Nazmi, K.; Vandenbranden, M.; Bolscher, J.G.; Stewart, P.S.; Dehaye, J-P., 2013:
Identification of peptides derived from the human antimicrobial peptide LL-37 active against biofilms formed by Pseudomonas aeruginosa using a library of truncated fragments

Anonymous, 2012:
Evaluation of the Novel Combination of High-Dose Daptomycin plus Trimethoprim-Sulfamethoxazole against Daptomycin-Nonsusceptible Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus Using an In Vitro Pharmacokinetic/Pharmacodynamic Model of Simulated Endocardial V

Landersdorfer, C.B.; Bulitta, J.B.; Kirkpatrick, C.M.J.; Kinzig, M.; Holzgrabe, U.; Drusano, G.L.; Stephan, U.; Sörgel, F., 2013:
Population pharmacokinetics of piperacillin at two dose levels: influence of nonlinear pharmacokinetics on the pharmacodynamic profile

Abdelraouf, K.; He, J.; Ledesma, K.R.; Hu, M.; Tam, V.H., 2013:
Pharmacokinetics and renal disposition of polymyxin B in an animal model

Coilly, A.; Furlan, Vérie.; Roche, B.; Barau, C.; Noël, C.; Bonhomme-Faivre, L.; Antonini, T.Maria.; Roque-Afonso, A-Marie.; Samuel, D.; Taburet, A-Marie.; Duclos-Vallée, J-Charles., 2013:
Practical management of boceprevir and immunosuppressive therapy in liver transplant recipients with hepatitis C virus recurrence

Neuner, E.A.; Sekeres, J.; Hall, G.S.; van Duin, D., 2013:
Experience with fosfomycin for treatment of urinary tract infections due to multidrug-resistant organisms

Tarning, J.; Chotsiri, P.; Jullien, V.; Rijken, M.J.; Bergstrand, M.; Cammas, M.; McGready, R.; Singhasivanon, P.; Day, N.P.J.; White, N.J.; Nosten, F.; Lindegardh, N., 2013:
Population pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic modeling of amodiaquine and desethylamodiaquine in women with Plasmodium vivax malaria during and after pregnancy

Vale-Costa, Sílvia.; Vale, N.; Matos, J.; Tomás, A.; Moreira, R.; Gomes, P.; Gomes, M.Salomé., 2013:
Peptidomimetic and organometallic derivatives of primaquine active against Leishmania infantum

Zhang, M.; Sala, C.; Hartkoorn, R.C.; Dhar, N.; Mendoza-Losana, A.; Cole, S.T., 2013:
Streptomycin-starved Mycobacterium tuberculosis 18b, a drug discovery tool for latent tuberculosis

Anonymous, 2012:
In Vitro Combination Studies of Benzothiazinone Lead Compound BTZ43 against Mycobacterium tuberculosis

Saising, J.; Dube, L.; Ziebandt, A-Kathrin.; Voravuthikunchai, S.Piyawan.; Nega, M.; Götz, F., 2013:
Activity of gallidermin on Staphylococcus aureus and Staphylococcus epidermidis biofilms

Fouhy, F.; Guinane, C.M.; Hussey, S.; Wall, R.; Ryan, C.Anthony.; Dempsey, E.M.; Murphy, B.; Ross, R.Paul.; Fitzgerald, G.F.; Stanton, C.; Cotter, P.D., 2013:
High-throughput sequencing reveals the incomplete, short-term recovery of infant gut microbiota following parenteral antibiotic treatment with ampicillin and gentamicin

Chen, W.; Green, K.D.; Garneau-Tsodikova, S., 2013:
Cosubstrate tolerance of the aminoglycoside resistance enzyme Eis from Mycobacterium tuberculosis

Hafer, C.; Lin, Y.; Kornblum, J.; Lowy, F.D.; Uhlemann, A-Catrin., 2013 :
Contribution of selected gene mutations to resistance in clinical isolates of vancomycin-intermediate Staphylococcus aureus

Azeredo, F.Johansson.; de Araújo, B.Verlindo.; Haas, S.Elisa.; Torres, B.; Pigatto, M.; de Andrade, C.; Dalla Costa, T., 2013:
Comparison of fluconazole renal penetration levels in healthy and Candida albicans-infected Wistar rats

Romero-Sánchez, M.Concepción.; Machmach, K.; Gonzalez-Serna, A.; Genebat, M.; Pulido, I.; García-García, Mía.; Alvarez-Ríos, A.Isabel.; Ferrando-Martinez, S.; Ruiz-Mateos, E.; Leal, M., 2013:
Effect of maraviroc on HIV disease progression-related biomarkers

Kaplan, N.; Albert, M.; Awrey, D.; Bardouniotis, E.; Berman, J.; Clarke, T.; Dorsey, M.; Hafkin, B.; Ramnauth, J.; Romanov, V.; Schmid, M.B.; Thalakada, R.; Yethon, J.; Pauls, H.W., 2013:
Mode of action, in vitro activity, and in vivo efficacy of AFN-1252, a selective antistaphylococcal FabI inhibitor

Lepak, A.; Castanheira, M.; Diekema, D.; Pfaller, M.; Andes, D., 2013:
Optimizing Echinocandin dosing and susceptibility breakpoint determination via in vivo pharmacodynamic evaluation against Candida glabrata with and without fks mutations

Fujiwara, K.; Yoshizaki, Y.; Shin, M.; Miyazaki, T.; Saita, T.; Nagata, S., 2013:
Immunocytochemistry for vancomycin using a monoclonal antibody that reveals accumulation of the drug in rat kidney and liver

Anonymous, 2012:
T-237 Causes Collapse of Mitochondrial Membrane Potential in Yeast

Espinel-Ingroff, A.; Aller, A.I.; Canton, E.; Castañón-Olivares, L.R.; Chowdhary, A.; Cordoba, S.; Cuenca-Estrella, M.; Fothergill, A.; Fuller, J.; Govender, N.; Hagen, F.; Illnait-Zaragozi, M.T.; Johnson, E.; Kidd, S.; Lass-Flörl, C.; Lockhart, S.R.; Martins, M.A.; Meis, J.F.; Melhem, M.S.C.; Ostrosky-Zeichner, L.; Pelaez, T.; Pfaller, M.A.; Schell, W.A.; St-Germain, G.; Trilles, L.; Turnidge, J., 2013:
Cryptococcus neoformans-Cryptococcus gattii species complex: an international study of wild-type susceptibility endpoint distributions and epidemiological cutoff values for fluconazole, itraconazole, posaconazole, and voriconazole

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