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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 36654

Chapter 36654 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Demographic factors influencing contraceptive use
, Unknown (2013)

Effectiveness of preoperative instruction on anxiety among patients undergoing abdominal surgery
, Unknown (2013)

Cost effectiveness in the use of aloevera gel dressing in diabetic foot ulcer management
, Unknown (2013)

Effectiveness of information, education and communication on knowledge, attitude and compliance of childhood obesity among parents of obese children
, Unknown (2013)

Global Warming An Overview of Indian Scenario
, Unknown (2013)

A Giant Left Atrium Largest Left Atrium Reported From India
, Unknown (2013)

Factors influencing the success of salmonid egg development in river substratum
, Ecology of Freshwater Fish 22(2): 322-333 (2013)

Bigger is not always better egg size influences survival throughout incubation in brown trout Salmo trutta
, Ecology of Freshwater Fish 22(2): 169-177 (2013)

Biological traits of eastern sand darter Ammocrypta pellucida in the lower Thames River, Canada, with comparisons to a more southern population
, Unknown (2013)

Offspring investment in wild Atlantic salmon Salmo salar relationships with smolt age and spawning condition
, Ecology of Freshwater Fish 22(2): 317-321 (2013)

Movement patterns of southern redbelly dace, Chrosomus erythrogaster, in a headwater reach of an Ozark stream
, Ecology of Freshwater Fish 22(2): 216-227 (2013)

Habitat use, home range, movements and interactions of introduced Lepomis gibbosus and native Salmo trutta in a small stream of Southern England
, Ecology of Freshwater Fish 22(2): 202-215 (2013)

Translocation of cave fish Poecilia mexicana within and between natural habitats along a toxicity gradient
, Ecology of Freshwater Fish 22(2): 228-233 (2013)

Influence of estuary conditions on the recovery rate of coded-wire-tagged Chinook salmon Oncorhynchus tshawytscha in an ocean fishery
, Ecology of Freshwater Fish 22(1) (2013)

Red Kidney Beans Phaseolus vulgaris l A Plant Food Abounding with Nutrition
, Unknown (2013)

Biodiversity and phytosociological analysis of trees around the rajpipla JFM plantations
, Unknown (2013)

Exploration of homegardens as important lichen conservation areas in dargakona village of southern assam, Northeast India
, Unknown (2013)

Studies on the Biochemical Composition of Parthenium hysterophorus L in Different Seasons
, Unknown (2013)

Identification of Polymorphic SSR Markers Linked with Fusarium wilt Resistance Loci in Various Genotypes of Chickpea to Develop Sustainable Variety
, Unknown (2013)

Effect of Treated Textile Mill Effluent on Seed Germination and Seedling Growth of Urd Varieties
, Unknown (2013)

Herb, oil yield and hormonal content of lemon grass in relation to some growth regulators
, Unknown (2013)

Release of Adsorbable Organic Halide AOX in Bleach Plant Effluent in Wood and Agro Based Pulp and Paper Mills
, Unknown (2013)

Molecular Dynamics Basic Study
, Unknown (2013)

Collection, viability and storage behaviour of pollen of commercially important Salix willow species/clones
, Unknown (2013)

The Walkhampton Enclosure Devon
, Landscape History 33(2): 5-28 (2012)

A seventeenth-century Warwickshire Estate Map
, Landscape History 33(2): 29-48 (2012)

Typological variation in pre-modern settlement morphology in the Clashindarroch Forest, Aberdeenshire
, Landscape History 33(2): 49-64 (2012)

Topographical art and landscape history Elizabeth Fanshawe 1779–1856 in early nineteenth-century Liguria
, Landscape History 33(2): 65-82 (2012)

Effects of some crude plant extracts on the cowpea bruchid, Callosobruchus maculatus Coleoptera Bruchidae
, Unknown (2013)

Anti-feedant, repellent and growth regulatory effects of four plant extracts on Pieris brassicae larvae Lepidoptera Pieridae
, Unknown (2013)

Effect of botanical extracts against thrips Pseudodendrothrips mori infested mulberry on enzyme activity in silkworm, Bombyx mori L
, Unknown (2013)

Feeding deterrence in sweet wormwood and Indian snakeroot against pod borer, Helicoverpa armigera Hub Lepidoptera Noctuidae
, Unknown (2013)

Influence of weather parameters on population dynamics of Lipaphis erysimi Kaltenbach Hemiptera Aphididae and its parasitoid Diaeretiella rapae McIntosh Hymenoptera Braconidae in mustard
, Unknown (2013)

Survival of solenopsis mealy bug, Phenacoccus solenopsis tinsley Hemiptera Pseudococcidae on cotton in relation to abiotic and biotic factors
, Unknown (2013)

Studies on infestation of brown soft scale, Coccus hesperidium Linnaeus on different species of Cymbidium orchid under agroclimatic condition of Uttarakhand
, Unknown (2013)

A record of host plants of mealybug, Phenacoccus solenopsis tinsley for devising ecofriendly management strategies
, Unknown (2013)

Alkanes used for host recognition by the arctiid moth, Diacrisiacasignetum Kollar
, Unknown (2013)

Development and use of novel IPM modules for the management of mealy bug, Phenacoccus solenopsis tinsley under irrigated cotton ecosystem
, Unknown (2013)

Chronic effect of carbaryl on the levels of total protein, total free amino acids and total glucose in the male reproductive system of Iphita limbata stal Heteroptera Pyrrhocorridae
, Unknown (2013)

Impact of ozone and carbon dioxide on growth and development of Chilo partellus swinhoe maize stalk borer
, Unknown (2013)

Ecotypic diversity in the assassin bug Rhynocoris kumarii Ambrose and Livingstone Heteroptera reduviidae
, Unknown (2013)

First report of a species Astratodina inermis Mosely trichoptera Limnephilidae Astratodina from the Indian Himalaya along with a checklist to its family
, Unknown (2013)

Description of a new species of Sphegigaster spinola Chalcidoidea Pteromalidae from Kashmir, India
, Unknown (2013)

Sensory and texture profile analysis of Burfi samples manufactured in Varanasi
, Unknown (2013)

Shelf life of khoa prepared in beed district of Maharashtra state
, Unknown (2013)

Physico-chemical and sensory quality of cereal bran enriched biscuits
, Unknown (2013)

Chemical and physicochemical properties, of horse gram Macrotyloma uniflorum and its product formulation
, Unknown (2013)

Process optimization for development of instant pigeon pea Cajanus cajan L dal using sodium carbonate pretreatment
, Unknown (2013)

Determination of In vitro functional efficacy of fiber isolate from mushrooms
, Unknown (2013)

Development of low cost chicken cutlets using different extenders
, Unknown (2013)

Sensory and nutritional evaluation of vegetables prepared from dehydrated snap peas
, Unknown (2013)

Packaging and storage of minimal processed garuc Aluum satlvum L
, Unknown (2013)

Effect of temperature and period of storage on physical, biochemical and textural properties of banana during ripening
, Unknown (2013)

Empowerment of self help group women through value addition of finger millet
, Unknown (2013)

Development of cognitive learning scale to test the knowledge of dairy farmers about milk and milk products
, Unknown (2013)

Parental differential treatment in different silings dyads
, Unknown (2013)

Delayed effects of annular solar eclipse of 15 January 2010 on the tropospheric and lower stratospheric winds along the eclipse path
, Atmospheric Research 122: 1-7 (2013)

A review on the applications of wavelet transform in hydrology time series analysis
, Atmospheric Research 122: 8-15 (2013)

Changes in temperature and precipitation extremes observed in Modena, Italy
, Atmospheric Research 122: 16-31 (2013)

The relevance and legibility of radio/TV weather reports to the Austrian public
, Atmospheric Research 122: 32-42 (2013)

A method to improve the accuracy of continuous measuring of vertical profiles of temperature and water vapor density by means of a ground-based microwave radiometer
, Atmospheric Research 122: 43-54 (2013)

Seasonal variations in surface ozone as influenced by Asian summer monsoon and biomass burning in agricultural fields of the northern Yangtze River Delta
, Atmospheric Research 122: 67-76 (2013)

Lightning ground flash patterns over Paris area between 1992 and 2003 Influence of pollution?
, Atmospheric Research 122: 77-92 (2013)

Atmospheric aerosol episodes over Lithuania after the May 2011 volcano eruption at Grimsvotn, Iceland
, Unknown (2013)

Carbonaceous species in PM25 in the coastal urban agglomeration in the Western Taiwan Strait Region, China
, Atmospheric Research 122: 102-110 (2013)

An evaluation of a semi-analytical cloud property retrieval using MSG SEVIRI, MODIS and CloudSat
, Atmospheric Research 122: 111-135 (2013)

Statistical analysis of long term spatial and temporal trends of precipitation during 1901–2002 at Madhya Pradesh, India
, Atmospheric Research 122: 136-149 (2013)

Elemental composition of different air masses over Jeju Island, South Korea
, Atmospheric Research 122: 150-164 (2013)

Calibrating LAWR weather radar using laser disdrometers
, Atmospheric Research 122: 165-173 (2013)

Verification of the MM5 model using radiosonde data from Madrid–Barajas Airport
, Atmospheric Research 122: 174-182 (2013)

Synoptic environment, mesoscale configurations and forecast parameters for hailstorms in Southwestern Europe
, Atmospheric Research 122: 183-198 (2013)

Opposing seasonal trends for polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and PM10 Health risk and sources in southwest Mexico City
, Atmospheric Research 122: 199-212 (2013)

Wintertime connections between extreme wind patterns in Spain and large-scale geopotential height field
, Atmospheric Research 122: 213-228 (2013)

The separation of convective and stratiform precipitation regions of simulated Typhoon Chanchu and its sensitivity to the number concentration of cloud droplets
, Atmospheric Research 122: 229-236 (2013)

Concentration, distribution and variation of polar organic aerosol tracers in Yaan, a middle-sized city in western China
, Atmospheric Research 120 121: 29-42 (2013)

High concentration episodes of PM10 in the air over the urbanized coastal zone of the Baltic Sea Gdynia — Poland
, Atmospheric Research 120-121: 55-67 (2013)

Characterization, concentrations and emission rates of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in the exhaust emissions from in-service vehicles in Damascus
, Atmospheric Research 120-121: 68-77 (2013)

Analysis of a long-lasting haze episode in Nanjing, China
, Atmospheric Research 120-121: 78-87 (2013)

Chemical characteristics and source apportionment of fine particulate organic carbon in Hong Kong during high particulate matter episodes in winter 2003
, Atmospheric Research 120 121: 88-98 (2013)

Lightning, convective rain and solar activity — Over the South/Southeast Asia
, Atmospheric Research 120 121: 99-111 (2013)

Effect of non-spherical dust aerosol on its direct radiative forcing
, Atmospheric Research 120 121: 112-126 (2013)

A comparison of WRF model simulations with SAR wind data in two case studies of orographic lee waves over the Eastern Mediterranean Sea
, Atmospheric Research 120-121: 127-146 (2013)

Upgrade of the DAUMOD atmospheric dispersion model to estimate urban background NO2 concentrations
, Atmospheric Research 120 121: 147-154 (2013)

Rainwater content estimated using polarimetric radar parameters in the Heihe River Basin
, Atmospheric Research 120-121: 155-161 (2013)

A first-order WKB approximation for air pollutant dispersion equation
, Atmospheric Research 120 121: 162-169 (2013)

Cloud-scale simulation study of Typhoon Hagupit 2008 Part I Microphysical processes of the inner core and three-dimensional structure of the latent heat budget
, Atmospheric Research 120 121: 170-180 (2013)

Observation and simulation of boundary layer coherent roll structures and their effect on pollution dispersion
, Atmospheric Research 120 121: 181-191 (2013)

Use of satellite derived cloud properties to quantify growing cumulus beneath cirrus clouds
, Atmospheric Research 120-121: 192-201 (2013)

Cloud-scale simulation study of Typhoon Hagupit 2008 Part II Impact of cloud microphysical latent heat processes on typhoon intensity
, Atmospheric Research 120-121: 202-215 (2013)

Orographic effects related to deep convection events over the Andes region
, Atmospheric Research 120-121: 216-225 (2013)

A diagnostic study of convective environment leading to heavy rainfall during the summer monsoon 2010 over Pakistan
, Atmospheric Research 120 121: 226-239 (2013)

Seasonal and diurnal variations in aerosol concentrations at a high-altitude site on the northern boundary of Qinghai-Xizang Plateau
, Atmospheric Research 120 121: 240-248 (2013)

An assessment of cumulus parameterization schemes in the short range prediction of rainfall during the onset phase of the Indian Southwest Monsoon using MM5 Model
, Atmospheric Research 120-121: 249-267 (2013)

Cloud episode propagation over the Indonesian Maritime Continent from 10years of infrared brightness temperature observations
, Atmospheric Research 120 121: 268-286 (2013)

Seasonal variations of atmospheric heterocyclic aromatic amines in Beijing, China
, Atmospheric Research 120-121: 287-297 (2013)

Volatile organic compounds in suburban Ankara atmosphere, Turkey Sources and variability
, Atmospheric Research 120-121: 298-311 (2013)

Composition and sources of organic tracers in aerosol particles of industrial central India
, Atmospheric Research 120-121: 312-324 (2013)

Phase differences between rainfall and its sources in the tropical deep convective regime A partitioning analysis based on the surface rainfall budget
, Atmospheric Research 120 121: 325-333 (2013)

Retrieval of aerosol optical and physical properties from ground-based measurements for Zanjan, a city in Northwest Iran
, Atmospheric Research 120-121: 343-355 (2013)

Effects of addition of somatic cells to caprine milk on cheese quality
, International Dairy Journal 29(2): 61-67 (2013)

Rennet induced gelation of reconstituted milk protein concentrates The role of calcium and soluble proteins during reconstitution
, International Dairy Journal 29(2): 68-74 (2013)

Application of an inline particle size device to microgel particles during post-processing of fresh cheese
, International Dairy Journal 29(2): 75-81 (2013)

The comparative assessment of ACE-inhibitory and antioxidant activities of peptide fractions obtained from fermented camel and bovine milk by Lactobacillus rhamnosus PTCC 1637
, International Dairy Journal 29(2): 82-87 (2013)

Enzymatic cross-linking of whey proteins in low fat Iranian white cheese
, International Dairy Journal 29(2): 88-92 (2013)

Composition and emulsifying properties of a milk fat globule membrane enriched material
, International Dairy Journal 29(2): 99-106 (2013)

Cheese fortification using water-in-oil-in-water double emulsions as carrier for water soluble nutrients
, International Dairy Journal 29(2): 107-114 (2013)

Prolonged observation and modelling of milk coagulation, curd firming, and syneresis
, International Dairy Journal 29(2): 115-123 (2013)

Temporal aspects of yoghurt texture perception
, International Dairy Journal 29(2): 124-134 (2013)

Quality evaluation and discrimination of semi-hard and hard cheeses from the Marche region Central Italy using chemometric tools
, International Dairy Journal 29(1) (2013)

Effect of protein content on the physical stability and microstructure of a model infant formula
, International Dairy Journal 29(1) (2013)

Flavour compounds and sensory characteristics of cheese powders made from matured cheeses
, International Dairy Journal (2013)

Effect of Temperature on the Pyroligneous Oil from Selected Tropical Woody Biomass in a Fixed-Bed Reactor
, Unknown (2013)

Biodiesel Production from Various Tree Borne Oil
, Unknown (2013)

Current Advances and Applications of Microbial Bio-Fuel Cells
, Unknown (2013)

Bioethanol production from xylose Problems and possibilities
, Unknown (2013)

Performance and Emission Studies of a Compression Ignition Engine on blends of Calophyllum Oil and Diesel
, Unknown (2013)

Performance Evaluation of an Air Cooled Diesel Engine Fuelled with Neat Neem Oil and Diesel Blends
, Unknown (2013)

Current understanding on the genesis of lode gold mineralization in the southern granulite terrain, peninsular India
, Unknown (2013)

Chemistry of the cupriferous ore fluid COF at malanjkhand copper deposit, central India Constraints from ion chromatography of fluid inclusion leachates
, Unknown (2013)

New insights on the evolution of Indian lithosphere from kimberlite and related rock studies and need for an exclusive centre for deep continental lithospheric studies in India
, Unknown (2013)

Geochemical studies of clastic sediments from late- Archaean bababudan group, western dharwar craton Implications for redo conditions, provenance modeling and tectonic settings
, Unknown (2013)

Synergy amongst geosciences to enhance petroleum exploration efficiency Challenges to academia and industry
, Unknown (2013)

Pyrolysis study of oligocene coals from upper Assam basin to evaluate their hydrocarbon generation potential
, Unknown (2013)

Development of novel flux for effective sample decomposition of refractory samples and field oriented pre-concentration methods for the determination of twenty nine trace and ultra trace elements in a variety of geological samples by flame and plasma tech
, Unknown (2013)

Application of ground magnetic survey in identification of geological structures -A guiding tool for iron ore exploration Case study from part of noamundi iron ore leasehold of Tata Steel Ltd, Jharkhand
, Unknown (2013)

Hydrochemical characterisation and water quality assessment of the coastal springs of southern Kerala, India
, Unknown (2013)

Geochemistry of rainwater in and around kochi Cochin An industrial belt of Kerala, India
, Unknown (2013)

Shear controlled fe-mineralization from parts of South Purulia Shear Zone
, Unknown (2013)

Global surface heat flow and its implications on mantle structure
, Unknown (2013)

Supporting collapsed and highly deformed areas of block cave extraction levels
, Unknown (2013)

Study of wellbore stresses and stability based on a hollow cylinder model
, Unknown (2013)

Engineering geologicaland geotechnical evaluation of dam spillway II-C of bunakha hydroelectric project, Bhutan Himalaya
, Unknown (2013)

The Intellectual Roots of Guerreros Cold War Rebellion
, Journal of Iberian and Latin American Research 18(2): 101-117 (2012)

Porfirio Díaz, Positivism and ‘The Scientists’ A Reconsideration of the Myth
, Journal of Iberian and Latin American Research 18(2): 135-150 (2012)

Monopolies and Maquiladoras The Resistant Re-encoding of Gaming in Coco Fusco and Ricardo Domínguezs Turista Fronterizo
, Journal of Iberian and Latin American Research 18(2): 151-165 (2012)

Coming in from the Cold? The Spy Novel as Trojan Horse, Or the Case of Belen Gopeguis El lado frío de la almohada
, Unknown (2013)

Aquatic weeds problems and management in India
, Unknown (2013)

Effects on production potential and economics of direct seeded rice sowing dates and weed management techniques
, Unknown (2013)

Bio-efficacy of herbicides applied at the 2 to 4 leaf stage of weeds in sugarcane after second interculture
, Unknown (2013)

Effect of different herbicides on weeds and lac yield in bhalia plantation
, Unknown (2013)

Optimizing the surfactant dose for sulfosulfuron and ready mix combination of sulfosulfuron and carfentrazone against weeds in wheat
, Unknown (2013)

Productivity and economics of rice-zero till maize as influenced by weed management practices in southern Telangana region of Andhra Pradesh
, Unknown (2013)

Efficacy of imazethapyr on weed management in soybean
, Unknown (2013)

Efficacy of pre and post emergence herbicides on weed flora of urd bean under rainfed subtropical Shiwalik foothills of Jammu Kashmir
, Unknown (2013)

Chemical weed control in transplanted rice in Hirakud command area of Orissa
, Unknown (2013)

Isolation and pathogenicity of some native fungal pathogens for the biological management of water hyacinth
, Unknown (2013)

Persistence of pendimethalin and oxyfluorfen at different temperature and moisture levels in an alfisol and vertisol
, Unknown (2013)

Screening for antipathogenicity of weeds
, Unknown (2013)

Efficacy of mechanical, cultural and chemical methods on weed suppression and yield of lentil
, Unknown (2013)

Bio-efficacy of clodinafop-propargyl + metsulfuron methyl against complex weed flora in wheat
, Unknown (2013)

Persistence and dissipation of pretilachlor in soil, plant and water of coastal rice ecosystem
, Unknown (2013)

Weed population, nitrogen removal by weeds and crop yield under maize + blackgram intercropping system in Chhattisgarh plains
, Unknown (2013)

Biological based chemical integration for early control of water hyacinth
, Unknown (2013)

Chemical weed control in wheat through on form demonstrations in Rewa district of Madhya Pradesh
, Unknown (2013)

Effect of different weed management practices on weed density and weed dry matter production in system of rice intensification SRI
, Unknown (2013)

Occurrence of soil microbes under Parthenium weed in Tamil Nadu
, Unknown (2013)

Lead and manganese accumulation by weeds at heavy metal contaminated sites in Jabalpur
, Unknown (2013)

Weed management in okra grown in kharif season under middle Gujarat conditions
, Unknown (2013)

Critical period of crop-weed competition in zero-till cotton
, Unknown (2013)

Effect of aqueous leaf extract of Parthenium on seed germination and seedling emergence of some cultivated crops
, Unknown (2013)

Nutrient depletion by weeds, yield and economics of drum seeded rice influenced by weed management
, Unknown (2013)

Effect of rice straw incorporation on weed management and crop growth in rice
, Unknown (2013)

Effect of weed control treatments on growth of little seed cannary grass and productivity of wheat
, Unknown (2013)

Chemical and cultural methods for weed control of mung bean under limited moisture conditions of Kandi belt of Jammu
, Unknown (2013)

Impact of weeders for weed management in system of rice intensification SRI
, Unknown (2013)

Comparative evaluation of xylazine, midazolam and xylazine-midazolam combination as preanaesthetics to propofol-halothane anaesthesia in dogs
, Unknown (2013)

Evaluation of mephentermine-prethcamide and norepinephrine- nikethamide in the management of thiopentone induced cardiopulmonary dysfunction in buffalo calves
, Unknown (2013)

Clinicophysiological and haemodynamic effects of fentanyl with medetomidine in halothane and isoflurane anaesthetized water buffaloes Bubalus bubalis
, Unknown (2013)

Diazepam and azaperone as premedicants to ketamine anaesthesia in pigs
, Unknown (2013)

Evaluation of wound healing potential of methanolic extract of Ocimum sanctum and Tinospora cordifolia ointments in experimental wounds of dog
, Unknown (2013)

Comparison of laparoscopic methods of endostapling and endoloop suturing for ovariohysterectomy in female dogs
, Unknown (2013)

Comparative evaluation of different internal fixation techniques to correct ante-bracheal deformities in growing dogs
, Unknown (2013)

Ultrasonography of kidney and urinary bladder in dogs and goats A comparative evaluation
, Unknown (2013)

Clinical studies on the ultrasound guided biopsy of liver and kidneys in dogs
, Unknown (2013)

Study of normal oesophagus through fiberoptic gastroscope in sixty healthy dogs
, Unknown (2013)

Ultrasonographic and radiographic observations in cases of obstructive urolithiasis in dogs
, Unknown (2013)

Ultrasonographic observations of the haematoma and neoplasm in dogs
, Unknown (2013)

Barium contrast radiographic studies of canine stomach disorders
, Unknown (2013)

Double contrast radiographic studies of canine stomach
, Unknown (2013)

Comparative evaluation of Steinmann pin, Kuntscher nail and interlocking nail for femur fracture repair in dog
, Unknown (2013)

Diaphragmatic herniorrhaphy without positive pressure ventilation in buffaloes
, Unknown (2013)

Comparative clinical evaluation of different surgical techniques of castration in horses a report of 38 cases
, Unknown (2013)

Studies on adhesion prevention efficacy of 1% hyaluronic acid and hyaluronic acid-carboxymethylcellulose in a rat model
, Unknown (2013)

Equine eye worm a review of 50 cases
, Unknown (2013)

Intestinal obstruction due to intussusception in cattle A clinical study of twenty cases
, Unknown (2013)

, Queue 1(1): 22 (2003)

Delineation of Navara Punja - a Unique Germplasm in Oryza sativa cv Navara Complex in Kerala, India using Morphological and SSR Markers
, Unknown (2013)

Identification of Diverse Sources of Multiple Disease Resistance in Wheat
, Unknown (2013)

Malt Quality Evaluation of Exotic Barley Germplasm Grown in Northern Hills A Non-Traditional Malt Area
, Unknown (2013)

Canonical Discriminant Analysis for the Assessment of Genetic Variation in Soybean Glycine max L Merrill
, Unknown (2013)

Influence of Seed Size on Germination and Early Seedling Growth in Indian Mustard Brassica juncea L
, Unknown (2013)

Physico-chemical Characterization of Unexploited Mango Diversity in Sub-mountane Zone of Northern India
, Unknown (2013)

Genetic Variability for Morphological and Qualitative Traits in Cabbage Brassica oleracea var capitata L
, Unknown (2013)

Genetic Diversity in Rice Varieties of Singpho Community of Assam
, Unknown (2013)

Yield and Quality Assessment of Ginger Zingiber officinale Rosc Genotypes
, Unknown (2013)

Chromatographic Profiles of Fruits and Flowers of Russian Olive Elaeagnus angustifolia L Morpho-variants from Ladakh, India
, Unknown (2013)

Classificatory Analysis in Little Millet Germplasm Collections of Odisha
, Unknown (2013)

Assessment of Genetic Diversity Using Quantitative and Qualitative Traits in Hazelnut
, Unknown (2013)

Genetic Variability in Bell Pepper Capsicum annum L Under High Altitude Temperate Environment
, Unknown (2013)

Genotype x Environment Interactions for Forage Productivity in Oats Avena sativa L
, Unknown (2013)

Methods to Increase Peripheral Veins Visualization in Patients Getting Chemotherapy
, Unknown (2013)

Problems Faced by Children of Alcoholics Admitted in Selected De-Addiction Centers in Mangalore
, Unknown (2013)

Problem Based Learning in Clinical Nursing Education
, Unknown (2013)

Knowledge, Attitude, Problems Faced and Remedial Measures Adopted by Menopausal Women
, Unknown (2013)

Ruellia Tuberosa and Wound Healing
, Unknown (2013)

Urinary Incontinence Kegels Exercise
, Unknown (2013)

Reflective Practice in Nursing
, Unknown (2013)

The Added Value of 3D Simulations in Healthcare Education
, Unknown (2013)

A Comparative Study on Emotional Maturity among Adolescent Boys and Girls
, Unknown (2013)

Health Related Quality of Life of Maintenance Hemodialysis Patients
, Unknown (2013)

Evidence-Based Practice- the Future of Nursing and the Role of Nurse
, Unknown (2013)

Curriculum Alignment Teachers Guide
, Unknown (2013)

Patient Safety and Nursing Education
, Journal of Nursing Scholarship 37(2): 97-97 (2005)

Socio-Cultural and Norms Factors Infl uencing Contraception use among Adult Female in Urban Areas of Dakshina Kannada District
, Unknown (2013)

A Study of Factors Influencing Episiotomy Wound Healing
, Unknown (2013)

Comparison of Stress and Coping Mechanisms of Fathers and Mothers of Children Admitted in The Intensive Care Unit
, Unknown (2013)

Strategies in the Promotion of Nursing as a Career among Second Level Students An Irish Perspective
, Unknown (2013)

A Study on Nurses’ Acceptability for Utilization of Theory based Nursing Assessment Tool
, Unknown (2013)

A Study on Effectiveness of Meditation on Subjective Wellbeing, Anxiety and Study Habits of Undergraduate Nursing Students
, Unknown (2013)

Knowledge Attitude of Diabetic Patients Regarding Diabetic diet, Exercise and Foot care
, Unknown (2013)

Effectiveness of a Therapeutic Counseling Intervention for Depression, Anxiety, Self Esteem and Marital Adjustment Among Infertile Women
, Unknown (2013)

Implementation of a Dedicated Education Unit for Baccalaureate Students Process and Evaluation
, Unknown (2013)

Effectiveness of Home Based Diet Therapy For Malnourished Children in the Age Group of 2–5 Yrs in Rural Salem, Tamil Nadu, India
, Unknown (2013)

Analytical Study on Practices Related to Care of Water Sealed Chest Drainage System
, Unknown (2013)

Knowledge, Attitude and Practice of Herbal Remedies among Kani Tribes of Kerala State in India
, Unknown (2013)

A Methodological Study to Develop A Peristomal Skin Assessment Tool For Patients With Colostomy In Selected Hospital, Ludhiana, Punjab
, Unknown (2013)

BSc Nursing Curriculum Innovation in Pakistan
, Unknown (2013)

Domestic Violence towards Married Women in a Slum Area of Southern Karnataka
, Unknown (2013)

Abbreviated exposure to cuprizone is sufficient to induce demyelination and oligodendrocyte loss
, Journal of Neuroscience Research 91(3): 363-373 (2013)

Dichlorvos-induced cell cycle arrest and DNA damage repair activation in primary rat microglial cells
, Journal of Neuroscience Research 91(3): 444-452 (2013)

γ-Aminobutyric acid type A receptor inhibition triggers a nicotinic neuroprotective mechanism
, Journal of Neuroscience Research 91(3): 416-425 (2013)

Prenatal stress disturbs hippocampal KIF17 and NR2B in spatial cognition in male offspring
, Journal of Neuroscience Research 91(4): 535-544 (2013)

Feasibility of direct mapping of cerebral fluorodeoxy-D-glucose metabolism in situ at subcellular resolution using soft X-ray fluorescence
, Journal of Neuroscience Research 91(8): 1050-1058 (2013)

Conditional deletion of histone deacetylase-4 in the central nervous system has no major effect on brain architecture or neuronal viability
, Journal of Neuroscience Research 91(3): 407-415 (2013)

A DEAD-box RNA helicase Ddx54 protein in oligodendrocytes is indispensable for myelination in the central nervous system
, Journal of Neuroscience Research 91(3): 335-348 (2013)

Comparative study of lacosamide and classical sodium channel blocking antiepileptic drugs on sodium channel slow inactivation
, Journal of Neuroscience Research 91(3): 436-443 (2013)

Structural bases for central nervous system malfunction in the quaking mouse: dysmyelination in a potential model of schizophrenia
, Journal of Neuroscience Research 91(3): 374-381 (2013)

Alterations in local thyroid hormone signaling in the hippocampus of the SAMP8 mouse at younger ages: association with delayed myelination and behavioral abnormalities
, Journal of Neuroscience Research 91(3): 382-392 (2013)

Nucleus-localized 21.5-kDa myelin basic protein promotes oligodendrocyte proliferation and enhances neurite outgrowth in coculture, unlike the plasma membrane-associated 18.5-kDa isoform
, Journal of Neuroscience Research 91(3): 349-362 (2013)

Environmental enrichment upregulates micro-RNA-183 and alters acetylcholinesterase splice variants to reduce anxiety-like behavior in the little Indian field mouse (Mus booduga)
, Journal of Neuroscience Research 91(3): 426-435 (2013)

Neuroprotective effects of umbelliferone and esculetin in a mouse model of Parkinson's disease
, Journal of Neuroscience Research 91(3): 453-461 (2013)

Lipidome and proteome map of myelin membranes
, Journal of Neuroscience Research 91(3): 321-334 (2013)

Synucleins: are they two-edged swords?
, Journal of Neuroscience Research 91(2): 161-166 (2013)

Cerebrolysin modulates pronerve growth factor/nerve growth factor ratio and ameliorates the cholinergic deficit in a transgenic model of Alzheimer's disease
, Journal of Neuroscience Research 91(2): 167-177 (2013)

Olig2-lineage cells preferentially differentiate into oligodendrocytes but their processes degenerate at the chronic demyelinating stage of proteolipid protein-overexpressing mouse
, Journal of Neuroscience Research 91(2): 178-186 (2013)

Delayed leptin administration after stroke induces neurogenesis and angiogenesis
, Journal of Neuroscience Research 91(2): 187-195 (2013)

SOX2 expression is upregulated in adult spinal cord after contusion injury in both oligodendrocyte lineage and ependymal cells
, Journal of Neuroscience Research 91(2): 196-210 (2013)

Protein kinase Cα is involved in impaired perinatal hypothyroid rat brain development
, Journal of Neuroscience Research 91(2): 211-219 (2013)

Upregulation of brain-derived neurotrophic factor expression in nodose ganglia and the lower brainstem of hypertensive rats
, Journal of Neuroscience Research 91(2): 220-229 (2013)

Elevated serum haptoglobin after traumatic brain injury is synthesized mainly in liver
, Journal of Neuroscience Research 91(2): 230-239 (2013)

N-methyl-D-aspartate receptor-mediated axonal injury in adult rat corpus callosum
, Journal of Neuroscience Research 91(2): 240-248 (2013)

Experimental epidural hematoma causes cerebral infarction and activates neocortical glial and neuronal genesis in adult guinea pigs
, Journal of Neuroscience Research 91(2): 249-261 (2013)

Guanosine protects against reperfusion injury in rat brains after ischemic stroke
, Journal of Neuroscience Research 91(2): 262-272 (2013)

Self-evolving oxidative stress with identifiable pre- and postmitochondrial phases in PC12 cells
, Journal of Neuroscience Research 91(2): 273-284 (2013)

Impaired hypoxic sensor Siah-1, PHD3, and FIH system in spinal motor neurons of an amyotrophic lateral sclerosis mouse model
, Journal of Neuroscience Research 91(2): 285-291 (2013)

Hyperexcitability of inferior colliculus neurons caused by acute noise exposure
, Journal of Neuroscience Research 91(2): 292-299 (2013)

Pentoxifylline and propentofylline prevent proliferation and activation of the mammalian target of rapamycin and mitogen activated protein kinase in cultured spinal astrocytes
, Journal of Neuroscience Research 91(2): 300-312 (2013)

Sodium L-lactate differently affects brain-derived neurothrophic factor, inducible nitric oxide synthase, and heat shock protein 70 kDa production in human astrocytes and SH-SY5Y cultures
, Journal of Neuroscience Research 91(2): 313-320 (2013)

Application of Paecilomyces lilacinus for the Control of Meloidogyne incognita Infecting Vigna radiata
, Unknown (2013)

Pseudomonas fluorescens Induced Systemic Resistance in Tomato Against Meloidogyne incognita
, Unknown (2013)

Identification of Non-Host Cultivable Crops for Rotylenchulus reniformis
, Unknown (2013)

Effect of Temperature on Longevity of Entomopathogenic Nematodes, Steinernema abbasi and Heterorhabditis indica
, Unknown ( 2013)

Compatibility of Entomopathogenic Nematode, Steinernema thermophilum Nematoda Rhabditida with Different Surfactants/Adjuvants Commonly Used in Spray Mixtures
, Unknown (2013)

Eco-Friendly Management of Root-Knot Nematode, Meloidogyne incognita Using Neem on Cowpea and Mungbean
, Unknown (2013)

Evaluation of Wheat Varieties for Resistance against Pratylenchus thornei and Effect of Sowing Dates on its Reproduction
, Unknown (2013)

Incidence of Root-Knot Nematode Associated with Okra in District Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh, India
, Unknown (2013)

Bioefficacy of Obligate Bacterial Parasite, Pasteuria penetrans Against Root-Knot Nematode, Meloidogyne incognita Infestation in Chilli
, Unknown (2013)

Evaluation for Relative Susceptibility of Rice Against Field Population of Meloidogyne graminicola
, Unknown (2013)

Crotalaria juncea for the Management of Root-Knot Nematode Meloidogyne incognita in Tomato
, Unknown (2013)

Interaction of Rhizoctonia solani and Meloidogyne incognita on Tomato
, Unknown (2013)

Species Diversity and Multivariate Analysis of Nematode Communities Associated with Guava Psidium guajava L in Karachi District, Sindh
, Unknown (2013)

Biotic Potential ofPaeciliomyces lilacinus, Pochonia chlamydosporiaand Trichoderma viride Against Rotylenchulus reniformis on Okra
, Unknown (2013)

Quantitative trait loci QTLs for potassium chlorate resistance and low temperature tolerance in seedling stage in rice Oryza sativa L
, Unknown (2013)

Identification of microsatellite markers associated with staygreen trait in wheat RILs
, Unknown (2013)

Genetic variability and stability for kernel iron and zinc concentration in maize Zea mays L genotypes
, Unknown (2013)

Genotype × environment interactions for grain micronutrient contents in sorghum
, Unknown (2013)

Environmental effects on genetic parameters for oil and seed meal quality components of Indian mustard Brassica juncea L
, Unknown (2013)

Assessment of genetic variation and selection of most responsive lines for root traits in relation to phosphorous nutrition in groundnut Arachis hypogaea L
, Unknown (2013)

Analysis of phylogenetic relationships in Abelmoschus species Malvaceae using ribosomal and chloroplast intergenic spacers
, Unknown (2013)

Test of equivalence of PCR-based marker systems in assessing genetic variability and molecular characterization of Jatropha curcus A case study
, Unknown (2013)

Microsatellite diversity among aerobic and lowland indica rice genotypes with differential water requirements
, Unknown (2013)

Development of EST-derived microsatellite markers in mungbean Vigna radiata L Wilczek and their transferability to other Vigna species
, Unknown (2013)

Genetic purity assessment of D x T hybrids in coconut with SSR markers
, Unknown (2013)

Development and evaluation of intervarietal hybrids of Asiatic lily Lilium x elegans Thunb
, Unknown (2013)

Molecular diversity in the Indian Chenopod Chenopodium album as revealed by DNA-based markers
, Unknown (2013)

AFLP diversity of teak clonal seed orchard
, Unknown (2013)

Characterization and disaster management of landslides in the Nilgiris mountainous terrain of Tamil Nadu, India
, Unknown (2013)

Landslide disaster perception of the AILA cyclone in the Darjeeling town, West Bengal, India
, Unknown (2013)

Application of electrical resistivity techniques in the investigation of groundwater contamination A case study of lie -Epo Dumpsite, Lagos, Nigeria
, Unknown (2013)

Risk and vulnerability assessment of flood hazard in part of Ghaggar Basin A case study of Guhla block, Kaithal, Haryana, India
, Unknown (2013)

Groundwater potential zone identification using geoelectrical survey A case study from Medak district, Andhra Pradesh, India
, Unknown (2013)

Determination of erosion surfaces and stages of evolution of Sangra drainage basin in Giridih district, Jharkhand, India
, Unknown (2013)

Location allocation for urban waste disposal site using multi-criteria analysis A study on Nabadwip Municipality, West Bengal, India
, Unknown (2013)

Development of an economical Spatial health information system
, Unknown (2013)

Landform characterizations and water resource management -A case study of Mohand in the foothills of Siwaliks
, Unknown (2013)

Online web GIS-based services for spatial data and sharing of leptospirosis epidemiology information; Development of pilot project in Mahasarakham province Thailand
, Unknown (2013)

Status of coastal ecosystems through geospatial techniques for degraded coast of Gulf of Mannar
, Unknown (2013)

GIS based lineament Delineation using geophysical resistivity data, Karur district, Tamil Nadu, India
, Unknown (2013)

Evaluation of hydrogeomorphologicall and forms and lineaments using GIS and Remote Sensing techniques in Bargur -Mathur subwatersheds, Ponnaiyar River basin, India
, Unknown (2013)

Markov Chain Model for probability of weekly rainfall in Orathanadu Taluk, Thanjavur District, Tamil Nadu
, Unknown (2013)

Geo-Hydrological study of Gandheshwari Sub-watershed using Remote Sensing and GIS Techniques
, Unknown (2013)

SCS curve number method in Narmada basin
, Unknown (2013)

An evaluation of aquifer characteristics in and around Kadiri Schist belt of Anantapur District, Andhrapradesh
, Unknown (2013)

GIS approach in assessing the status of neritic water quality and petroleum hydrocarbons in Bay of Bengal From Chennai to Nagapattinam, Tamilnadu, India
, Unknown (2013)

Visualization of rangeland resources from space A case of Sahel Region, West Africa
, Unknown (2013)

The evaluation of ground water pollution in alluvial and crystalline aquifer by Principal Component Analysis
, Unknown (2013)

Sensitivity and uncertainty of analytical footprint models according to a combined natural tracer and ensemble approach
, Agricultural and Forest Meteorology 169(none) (2013)

What controls the error structure in evapotranspiration models?
, Agricultural and Forest Meteorology 169(none) (2013)

Investigating discrepancies in heat, CO2 fluxes and O3 deposition velocity over maize as measured by the eddy-covariance and the aerodynamic gradient methods
, Agricultural and Forest Meteorology 169(none) (2013)

Controls on gross production by a semiarid forest growing near its warm and dry ecotonal limit
, Agricultural and Forest Meteorology 169(none) (2013)

Assessing impacts of bioenergy crops and climate change on hydrometeorology in the Yazoo River Basin, Mississippi
, Agricultural and Forest Meteorology 169(none) (2013)

Physical interpretation of the difference in drop size distributions of leaf drips among tree species
, Agricultural and Forest Meteorology 169(none) (2013)

Can an energy balance model provide additional constraints on how to close the energy imbalance?
, Agricultural and Forest Meteorology 169: 85-91 (2013)

Quercus ilex forests are influenced by annual variations in water table, soil water deficit and fine root loss caused by Phytophthora cinnamomi
, Agricultural and Forest Meteorology 169(none) (2013)

Fluxes of the greenhouse gases CO2, CH4 and N2O above a short-rotation poplar plantation after conversion from agricultural land
, Agricultural and Forest Meteorology 169(none) (2013)

Canopy vertical heterogeneity plays a critical role in reflectance simulation
, Agricultural and Forest Meteorology 169(none) (2013)

A strategy for quality and uncertainty assessment of long-term eddy-covariance measurements
, Agricultural and Forest Meteorology 169(none) (2013)

Comparing carbon flux and high-resolution spring phenological measurements in a northern mixed forest
, Agricultural and Forest Meteorology 169(none) (2013)

Two separate periods of the LAI–VIs relationships using in situ measurements in a deciduous broadleaf forest
, Agricultural and Forest Meteorology 169(none) (2013)

Climate change, phenology, and phenological control of vegetation feedbacks to the climate system
, Agricultural and Forest Meteorology 169(none) (2013)

The importance of seasonal temperature and moisture patterns on growth of Douglas-fir in western Oregon, USA
, Agricultural and Forest Meteorology 169(none) (2013)

Is the spherical leaf inclination angle distribution a valid assumption for temperate and boreal broadleaf tree species?
, Agricultural and Forest Meteorology 169(none) (2013)

Turbulence spectra measured during fire front passage
, Agricultural and Forest Meteorology 169(none) (2013)

Pre-harvest forecasting of county wheat yield and wheat quality using weather information
, Agricultural and Forest Meteorology 168(none) (2013)

Prebiotics Current status and perspectives
, Unknown (2013)

Antimicrobial activity of essential oils A Review
, Unknown (2013)

Use of fermentation technology on vegetable residues for value added product development A concept of zero waste utilization
, Unknown (2013)

White button mushroom Agaricus bisporus Composition, nutritive value, shelf-life extension and value addition
, Unknown (2013)

Preparation and evaluation of instant chutney mix from lactic acid fermented vegetables
, Unknown (2013)

Comparative evaluation of different cell disruption methods for the release of L-asparaginase from Erwinia carotovora MTCC 1428
, Unknown (2013)

Effect of different initial TSS level on physico-chemical and sensory quality of wild apricot mead
, Unknown (2013)

Olive press cake - proximate composition and quality of extracted oil
, Unknown (2013)

Development of wild pomegranate drink and its evaluation during storage
, Unknown (2013)

Beneficial effects of pigment from Monascus purpureus as an alternative treatment in preventing atherosclerosis, hypercholesterolemia and lipid modificaction
, Unknown (2013)

Preparation and evaluation of custard apple wine Effect of dilution of pulp on physico-chemical and sensory quality characteristics
, Unknown (2013)

Preliminary study on preparation and evaluation of wine from guava Psidium guajava L fruit
, Unknown (2013)

A study on the physico -chemical analysis of automobile contaminated soil of Uttarakhand, India
, Unknown (2013)

Comparative study on Hepatoprotective activity of Aegle marmelos and Eclipta alba against alcohol induced in albino rats
, Unknown (2013)

Improving multiple linear regression model using principal component analysis for predicting PM10 concentration in Seberang Prai, Pulau Pinang
, Unknown (2013)

Phytoremediation of Chromium contaminated soil using Sorghum plant
, Unknown (2013)

An evaluation of forest conservation perceptions after a decade of community conservation in Afadjato-Agumatsa, Ghana
, Unknown (2013)

Haematology and Haemochemistry of Silkworm, Bombyx Mori L Infected with Bacillus Thurungenses
, Unknown (2013)

Effects of repeated burning on woody vegetation structure and composition in a semi-arid southern African savanna
, Unknown (2013)

Physico-Chemical parameters of Karamana River Water in Trivandrum District, Kerala, India
, Unknown (2013)

Cage culture of Epinephelus malabaricus Bloch and Scheneider, 1801 in Mandapam Coastal waters Southeast Coast of India
, Unknown (2013)

Graphical and statistical approaches to assess the quality of ground water of Sikar city, Raj asthan, India
, Unknown (2013)

Horizontal transmission of Wolbachia in the honeybee subspecies Apis mellifera carnica and its ectoparasite Varroa destructor
, Unknown (2013)

Antipathogenic activity of marine Gastropoda Hemifusus pugilinus from Pazhayar, South East Coast of India
, Unknown (2013)

Effect of Cadmium Chloride on the Histoarchitecture of Liver and Kidney of a freshwater Catfish, Clarias Batrachus
, Unknown (2013)

Classification of radioactive wastes and their derived release limits FROM near surface repository Proposed approach
, Unknown (2013)

Assessment of water quality of River Bandi affected by textile dyeing and printing effluents, Pali, Western Raj asthan, India
, Unknown (2013)

Seasonal variation of South China Sea physical characteristics off the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia from 2002–2010 datasets
, Unknown (2013)

Evaluation of water quality, Hydro-geochemistry of Confined and Unconfined aquifers and irrigation water quality in Digha Coast of West Bengal, India A case study
, Unknown (2013)

Wastewater Treatment with Vertical Flow Constructed Wetland
, Unknown (2013)

Use of Sesame Bran Industry Byproduct in the Broiler Chicks Diet and its effects on the performance and Carcass quality characteristics
, Unknown (2013)

Municipal Solid Waste Management at Amravati City -Present practice and future challenges
, Unknown (2013)

Adsorption of Copper II and Nickel II Ions on Chitin/Polyvinyl Alcohol Binary Blend Kinetics and Equilibrium Studies
, Unknown (2013)

Used oil generation and management in the automotive industries
, Unknown (2013)

Effect of Cyanopith Biofertilizer as Basal and Spray on Zea Mays Corn Cultivation
, Unknown (2013)

Accumulation of heavy metals in fishes A human health concern
, Unknown (2013)

Phytosociological analysis of Mangroves at Kannur District, Kerala
, Unknown (2013)

Degradation of AZO Dye in fixed film Bioreactors A bench scale study
, Unknown (2013)

Determinants of public participation in management activities of local parks
, Unknown (2013)

Physicochemical analysis of selected ground water samples of Vijayawada rural and urban in Krishna district, Andhra Pradesh, India
, Unknown (2013)

Biodiversity of Grasses and Associated Vegetation on Different Aged Soil Dumns from Sonepur Bazari OCP, Raniganj Coalfield
, Unknown (2013)

Microbial diversity in solid waste molasses of Sugar Industry, Aranthangi, Tamilnadu
, Unknown (2013)

GIS based Assessment of Noise Pollution in Guwahati City of Assam, India
, Unknown (2013)

Biodegradation prospective of microbes
, Unknown (2013)

AdBlue An Overview
, Unknown (2013)

Utilization of Gebel Attaqa Quarry Waste in the manufacture of Single Fast Firing Ceramic Wall Tiles
, Unknown (2013)

Removal of Heavy Metals from Industrial Effluent Using Bacteria
, Unknown (2013)

Synthesizing and characterization of chitosan graft co polymer adsorption studies for Cu II and Cr VI
, Unknown (2013)

Biobleaching of wheat straw richsoda pulp by the application of thermophilic mannanase from Bacillus sp MG33
, Unknown (2013)

Assessment of underground water quality in North Eastern region of India A case study of Agartala City
, Unknown (2013)

Assessment of the quality of revegetated soil near an active goldmine in southwestern Ghana
, Unknown (2013 )

Heavy metals concentrations in vegetables grown in the vicinity of the closed dumpsite
, Unknown (2013)

Assessment of drinking water quality A case study of Ambala cantonment area, Haryana, India
, Unknown (2013)

Economic activities decrease biodiversity in Hakaluki haor, the largest inland fresh water ecosystem in Bangladesh
, Unknown (2013)

Lung function decline A cohort study in a population exposed to coal dust
, Unknown (2013)

Assessment of ground water quality characteristics and Water Quality Index WQI of Bidar city and its industrial area, Karnataka State, India
, Unknown (2013)

Evaluation and assessment of drinking water quality in Krishnarajanagara town of Mysore district, Karnataka
, Unknown (2013)

Impact of climate variability on road transport in Warri Metropolis
, Unknown (2013)

Diatoms as indicators of water quality deterioration in the estuaries of Dakshina Kannada and Udupi Districts of Karnataka
, Unknown (2013)

Seasonal Variations in Zooplankton Diversity of Railway Pond, Sasaram, Bihar
, Unknown (2013)

Effect of Lipase in Biodegrading Polybutylene Succinate
, Unknown (2013)

Studies on Potassium content in two root crops under Nitrogen fertilization
, Unknown (2013)

Biodiesel Spentwash Characterization, Amelioration and its effect on Seed Germination, Seedling Growth and Biochemical Parameters of French bean Phaseolus vulgaris L
, Unknown (2013)

Smallscale Gold Mining in the Ambalanga Catchment, Philippines Its Control on Mercury Methylation in Stream Sediments
, Unknown (2013)

Toxic effects of Carbofuran on Duttaphrynus Melanostictus Larvae
, Unknown (2013)

Implication of Solarization against Soil borne fusaria in leguminous crop fields in Kalli paschim village in Lucknow, India A Tropical Country
, Unknown (2013)

A strategic approach to Environmental Management Systems EMS An assessment of Sustainability in EMS to move toward Sustainability
, Unknown (2013)

Chronic arsenic toxicity and its relation with nutritional status A Case Study in Purabasthali-II, Burdwan, West Bengal, India
, Unknown (2013)

Electrochemical behaviour of the Acharicide Methiocarb and its residues in soil and water samples
, Unknown (2013)

Economics of soil conservation practices in Abia state of Nigeria
, Unknown (2013)

Effect of phosphorus and zinc on biomass accumulation, oil yield and quality in geranium Pelargonium graveolens -Garlic Aluum sativum intercropping system
, Unknown (2013)

Multitier cropping system for profitable resource conservation and sustainable management of sloping lands of eastern India
, Unknown (2013)

Modelling soil water characteristics of an inland valley soil
, Unknown (2013)

Determination of threshold and screening for salt tolerance in jute
, Unknown (2013)

Influence of genotypes and methods of production on growth and seed yield in rice Oryza sativa L
, Unknown (2013)

Physical and chemical characteristics of termite mounds and associated soils in tropical forest-savanna transitional area of southern Nigeria
, Unknown (2013)

Comparative study of carrier based materials for Rhizobium culture formulation
, Unknown (2013)

Socio-economic dimensions of small and marginal farmers in agrarian distress prone districts of Vidarbha
, Unknown (2013)

Constraints perceived by the farmers in using sprinkler irrigation system in Jhunjhunu district of Rajasthan
, Unknown (2013)

Critical absorption limit of nitrate and optimizing estimation methodology for soil solutions and extracts using UV-VIS spectroscopy
, Unknown (2013)

Integrated nitrogen management on growth, yield and economics of ramie Boehmeria nivea L under terai region of West Bengal
, Unknown (2013)

Induced mutagenesis and In vitro cell selection for resistance against Alternaria blight in Brassica napus L
, Unknown (2013)

Evaluation of orange fruited tomato cultivars for beta carotene content by HPLC and OCC methods
, Unknown (2013)

Effect of extenders on the extra cellular activity of transaminases in boar semen during preservation
, Unknown (2013)

Leptin as a Metabolic and Energy Homeostatic Hormone in Dairy Animals A Review
, Unknown (2013)

Growth and Feed Efficiency of Weaner Kids on Different Feeding Regimes under Intensive System of Rearing
, Unknown (2013)

Nutritional Quality of Exotic Rainbow Trout Oncorhynchus mykiss and Indigenous Snow Trout Schizothorax richardsonii in Upland Himalayan Region
, Unknown (2013)

Effect of Feeding Processed Sweet Sorghum Sorghum bicolour L moench Based Complete Ration on the Performance of Buffalo Calves
, Unknown (2013)

Effect of Feeding Processed Paddy Straw Based Complete Diets on Nutrient Utilization and Rumen Fermentation Pattern in Sheep
, Unknown (2013)

Plasma Mineral Profile of Crossbred Calves Supplemented with Various Levels of Limestone Powder
, Unknown (2013)

Comparative Study of Intensive and Extensive System of Rearing in Osmanbad Goats Fed Supplementary Feed Containing Different Sources of Energy
, Unknown (2013)

Effect of Feeding Bypass Protein on Growth, Body Measurements and Nutrient Utilization in Growing Buffalo Heifers A Field Trial
, Unknown (2013)

Nutritional Evaluation of Chicory, Berseem and Oats Fodders in Growing Buffalo Calves
, Unknown (2013)

Nutrient Changes with the Growth of Hydroponics Fodder Maize
, Unknown (2013)

Effect of Cottonseed Meal Inclusion in the Feeds of Labeo rohita
, Unknown (2013)

Effect of Plant Based Attractants on Growth and Feed Utilization in Ompok pabda Siluridae fry
, Unknown (2013)

Effect of Fenugreek and Black Cumin Seeds as Feed Additives on Blood Biochemical Profile and Performance of Broilers
, Unknown (2013)

Effect of Replacement of Dicalcium Phosphate by Heat Treated Rock Phosphate With and Without Phytase on Performance and Nutrient Utilization in Layers
, Unknown (2013)

Effect of Substitution of Heat Treated Rock Phosphate With and Without Phytase for Dicalcium Phosphate on Performance and Nutrient Utilization in Egg Type Starters
, Unknown (2013)

Effect of Dietary Crude Fibre Levels and Enzyme Supplementation on Balance of Nutrients in Broilers
, Unknown (2013)

Effect of Vitamin E and Vitamin C Supplementation to Coloured Chicken on Growth and Serum Lipid Profile during Heat Stress
, Unknown (2013)

Effect of Replacing Maize with Steam Flaked Rice Byproducts SFRB on the Performance of Growing Crossbred Hampshire x Niang Megha Pigs
, Unknown (2013)

Effect of Mannan Oligosaccharides on Some Nutritional and Biochemical Parameters of Mice
, Unknown (2013)

Feather disintegration studies with keratinolytic protease from Thermo actionmyces sp RM4
, Unknown (2013)

Role of polyamine in combating heavy metal stress in Stevia rebaudiana Bertoni under in vitro conditions
, Unknown (2013)

Development of multi-residue method for determination of pesticides in river, ground and lake water in delhi using gas chromatography
, Unknown (2013)

Quality assessment of treated effluent of mayapuri CETP for agricultural use
, Unknown (2013)

Gas chromatographic-mass spectrometric GC-MS analysis of marigold Tagetes erecta L flower oil
, Unknown (2013)

Drip irrigation design based on different pressure units
, Unknown (2013)

Planning and cost estimation of roof rainwater harvesting structure “A case study
, Unknown (2013)

Efficacy of A fish scale bacterial isolate FSD-B3 encapsulated in nontoxic biodegradable gel matrix for alkaline protease activity augmentation
, Unknown (2013)

In vitro and In vivo activity of rhizosphere Pseudomonas fluorescencs against phytopathogenic fungi
, Unknown (2013)

Effect of different active fungicides molecules on the management of rice blast disease
, Unknown (2013)

Distribution, epidemiology, Detection and mnagement of Pepper veinal mottle virus in bell pepper crop from Himachal Pradesh
, Unknown (2013)

Influence of decomposed organic manures on yield attributing traits, yield potential and economics of hybrid rice ‘Proagro-6201’
, Unknown (2013)

Effect of moong straw on soil properties under INM in long-term rice-wheat cropping system in a Mollisol
, Unknown (2013)

An analysis of instructional technologies used by teachers as perceived by students in a state agriculture rniversity
, Unknown (2013)

Evaluation of different long-term preservation and storage methods of Fusarium oxysporum f sp lycopersici on the basis of survival, growth and pathogenicity
, Unknown (2013)

Climate change and its impact on agriculture A review
, Unknown (2013)

Nitric oxide as a signaling molecule in plants
, Unknown (2013)

An ab initio Approach to Construct Clay Mineral Structures II Pyrophyllite
, Unknown (2013)

Elemental Composition and Mineralogy of Silt and Clay Fractions of Cracking Clay Soils of Semi Arid and Arid Parts of Gujarat, India
, Unknown (2013)

Amorphous ferri-aluminosilicates in soils developed on different landforms in lower Brahmaputra valley of Assam
, Unknown (2013)

Linking Minerals to Selected Soil Bulk Properties and Climate Change A Review
, Unknown (2013)

Survey of parasitoid fauna on groundnut leaf miner, Aproaerema modicella deventer
, Unknown (2013)

Seasonal incidence of parasitoid fauna on groundnut leaf miner, Aproaerema modicella deventer
, Unknown (2013)

Impact of coating, packaging materials and temperatures on acidity of paneer
, Unknown (2013)

Farmers’ perception about environmental risk in pesticide use
, Unknown (2013)

Biochemical changes in tomato due to seed treatment with fungal spores
, Unknown (2013)

Seasonal incidence of brown planthopper BPH, Nilaparvata lugens Stal and its predators in Chamarajanagar District OF Karnataka, India
, Unknown (2013)

Genetic divergence, genetic advance and heritability in sesame Sesamum indicum L
, Unknown (2013)

Length Weight relationship in penaeus monodon from mayank aqua farm, Kapasi, Tal Olpad, Dist Surat Gujarat
, Unknown (2013)

Characterization of soybean Glycine max L Merrill genotypes on the basis of seed and seedling morphology
, Unknown (2013)

Effect of N, K and biofertilizers on yield and quality of cowpea Vigna unguiculata L in konkan region
, Unknown (2013)

Influence of seedling age and spacing on yield of rice variety pkv hmt
, Unknown (2013)

Study of air-sporainside poultry shed
, Unknown (2013)

Effect of cut root size and organic manures on seed yield of carrot cv Jatt local
, Unknown (2013)

Genetic diversity analysis using random amplified polymorphic DNA RAPD markers in mungbean Vignaradiata L wilczek
, Unknown (2013)

Variabilityand character association analysis in rice Oryza sativa L
, Unknown (2013)

Role of weather parameters on incidence and development of sugarcane smut disease
, Unknown (2013)

Influence of glyphosate on seed germination and seedling growth of Psoralea Corylifolia L
, Unknown (2013)

Effect of threshing methods on seed quality of sunflower
, Unknown (2013)

Effect of bio-agents on seed and rhizosphere microfloraof rice
, Unknown (2013)

Effect of different solid media on mycelial growth of wilt complex fungi of chickpea
, Unknown (2013)

Soil microbial biomass and enzymes under different cropping systems in acid soils of Karnataka
, Unknown ( 2013)

Genetic diversity analysis of mustard Brassica juncea L under protected and unprotected conditions at Bijapur, Karnataka
, Unknown (2013)

Distribution of organic carbon in particle size fractions under different cropping systems of Karnataka
, Unknown (2013)

Efficacy of fungicides against colletotrichum gloeosporioides penz and sacc causing anthracnose disease in Lablab purpureus L
, Unknown (2013)

Genetic variability, correlation and path co-efficient analysis for grain yield in rice Oryza sativa L genotypes
, Unknown (2013)

Chemical mutagenesis in soybean
, Unknown (2013)

Variability studies in F6 generation recombinant lines of G Hirsutum X G Barbadense cross
, Unknown (2013)

Round the year management techniques for the control of lantana under mid hill sub humid zone of Himachal Pradesh
, Unknown (2013)

Molecular characterization of transgenic tobacco with hepatitis b gene
, Unknown (2013)

Population density of common myna, Acriodotherestristis, in nanded region, Maharashtra India
, Unknown (2013)

Morphologicaland cultural characters of Fusarium udum
, Unknown (2013)

Integrated nutrient management in sesame Sesamum indicum L
, Unknown (2013)

Physico-chemical properties of soil and effect of npk levels on growth and yield of maize + potato intercropping system
, Unknown (2013)

Swot analysis of dairy farming as perceived by the dairy owners
, Unknown (2013)

Callase enzyme activity in thermo sensitive genetic male sterility TGMS lines of diploid cotton Gossypium arboreum L
, Unknown (2013)

Effect of weed management in mango seedling nursery
, Unknown (2013)

Performance of kharif onion under the influence of nitrogen sources
, Unknown (2013)

Pre-monsoon fish diversity of nandur madhmeshwar water reservoir, Nasik, Maharashtra India
, Unknown (2013)

Evaluation of Sclerotinia sclerotiorum isolates for oxalic acid production
, Unknown (2013)

Form of sulphur in paddy soil of saharanpur district U P in relation to physico-chemical properties
, Unknown (2013)

Molecular diversity analysis in peanut bud necrosis disease resistant groundnut genotypes
, Unknown (2013)

Screening of potassium solubilizing bacteria KSB for plant growth promotionalactivity
, Unknown (2013)

Comparative performance of different rice varieties in relation to growth and yield
, Unknown (2013)

Performance of maize Zea mays L in intercropping systems at different fertility levels
, Unknown (2013)

Effect of sowing methods and weed management practices on performance of prosomillet Panicum miliaceum L
, Unknown (2013)

Effect of organic sources of nutrients on development of Thrips tabaci lindeman Thripidae thysanoptera in onion
, Unknown (2013)

Stoneworts of nathsagar, paithan
, Unknown (2013)

Stem anatomy in genus alysicarpus DESV
, Unknown (2013)

Irrigation scheduling in semi rabi pigeon pea Cajanus cajan L millspaugh
, Unknown (2013)

Life table, biology and age specific reproduction of wrinkling aphids Forda hirsuta Mordv of Pistachio leaf under natural conditions of Rafsanjan Orchards
, Unknown (2013)

Bioefficacy of novel insecticides against Cotton Leafhopper, Amrasca devastans
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Intra-specific and intra-guild predation of two native Aphidophagous Coccinellids
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Biological control of phytopathogens using Trichoderma isolated from rhizospheric soils of Uttarakhand
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Screening of Chick pea germplasms, date of sowing and integrated management of collar rot caused by Sclerotium rolfsii’
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Effect of weather parameters and fungicidal management of leaf blight of Colocasia caused by Phytophthora colocasiae Racib
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Economics of substrates in cultivation of Oyster Mushroom Pleurotus djmore and P sajor-caju in Arunachal Pradesh
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Effect of plant extracts against Meloidogyne incognita on Chick pea Cicer arietinum L
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