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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 36692

Chapter 36692 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

De Nunzio, C.; Albisinni, S.; Presicce, F.; Lombardo, R.; Cancrini, F.; Tubaro, A., 2014:
Serum levels of chromogranin A are not predictive of high-grade, poorly differentiated prostate cancer: results from an Italian biopsy cohort

Yeung, L.L.; Brandes, S.B., 2014:
Dynamic sentinel lymph node biopsy as the new paradigm for the management of penile cancer

Katz, B.; Srougi, M.; Dall'Oglio, M.; Nesrallah, A.J.; Sant'anna, A.C.; Pontes, Jé.; Reis, S.T.; Sañudo, A.; Camara-Lopes, L.H.; Leite, K.R.M., 2013:
Are we able to correctly identify prostate cancer patients who could be adequately treated by focal therapy?

Panteliadou, M.; Giatromanolaki, A.; Touloupidis, S.; Destouni, E.; Tsoutsou, P.G.; Pantelis, P.; Abatzoglou, I.; Sismanidou, K.; Koukourakis, M.I., 2013:
Treatment of invasive bladder cancer with conformal hypofractionated accelerated radiotherapy and amifostine (HypoARC)

Fernández, M.I.; Parikh, S.; Grossman, H.Barton.; Katz, R.; Matin, S.F.; Dinney, C.P.N.; Kamat, A.M., 2013:
The role of FISH and cytology in upper urinary tract surveillance after radical cystectomy for bladder cancer

Fairey, A.S.; Kassouf, W.; Aprikian, A.G.; Chin, J.L.; Izawa, J.I.; Fradet, Y.; Lacombe, L.; Rendon, R.A.; Bell, D.; Cagiannos, I.; Drachenberg, D.E.; Lattouf, J-Baptiste.; Estey, E.P., 2013:
Age ≥ 80 years is independently associated with survival outcomes after radical cystectomy: results from the Canadian Bladder Cancer Network Database

Yun, S.Joong.; Jo, S-Whan.; Ha, Y-Sok.; Lee, O-Jun.; Kim, W.Tae.; Kim, Y-June.; Lee, S-Cheol.; Kim, W-Jae., 2013:
PFKFB4 as a prognostic marker in non-muscle-invasive bladder cancer

Forde, J.C.; Perry, A.S.; Brennan, K.; Martin, L.M.; Lawler, M.P.; Lynch, T.H.; Hollywood, D.; Marignol, L., 2013:
Docetaxel maintains its cytotoxic activity under hypoxic conditions in prostate cancer cells

Zhang, T.; Fan, J.; Wu, K.; Zeng, J.; Sun, K.; Guan, Z.; Wang, X.; Hiesh, J-Tsong.; He, D., 2013:
Roles of HIF-1α in a novel optical orthotopic spontaneous metastatic bladder cancer animal model

Gulley, J.L.; Emberton, M.; Kurhanewicz, J.; Choyke, P., 2013:
Progress in prostate cancer imaging

Wallen, E.M.; Pruthi, R.S.; Joyce, G.F.; Wise, M., 2007:
Kidney cancer

Sato, Y.; Itoh, H.; Suzuki, Y.; Tatsuta, R.; Takeyama, M., 2013:
Effect of pilocarpine on substance P and calcitonin gene-related peptide releases correlate with salivary secretion in human saliva and plasma

Aron, A.; Wang, J.; Collier, B.; Ahmed, N.; Brateanu, A., 2013:
Subcutaneous versus intravenous insulin therapy for glucose control in non-diabetic trauma patients. A randomized controlled trial

Sekse, R.J.Tveit.; Gjengedal, E.; Råheim, Målfrid., 2013:
Living in a changed female body after gynecological cancer

Kirkman, M.; Stern, C.; Neil, S.; Winship, I.; Mann, G.Bruce.; Shanahan, K.; Missen, D.; Shepherd, H.; Fisher, J.R.W., 2013:
Fertility management after breast cancer diagnosis: a qualitative investigation of women's experiences of and recommendations for professional care

Katzman, S., 2013:
Becoming patient: a path to effective participation with chronic terminal cancer

Gonçalves, B.; Fagulha, T.; Ferreira, A., 2013:
A population-based assessment of the relationship between menopausal and depressive symptoms in Portuguese women

Liu, T.; Sun, B.; Zhao, X.; Gu, Q.; Dong, X.; Yao, Z.; Zhao, N.; Chi, J.; Liu, N.; Sun, R.; Ma, Y., 2013:
HER2/neu expression correlates with vasculogenic mimicry in invasive breast carcinoma

Zhao, B.; Chen, S.; Liu, J.; Yuan, Z.; Qi, X.; Qin, J.; Zheng, X.; Shen, X.; Yu, Y.; Qnin, T.J.; Chan, J.Yeuk-Hon.; Cai, D., 2013:
Cardiac telocytes were decreased during myocardial infarction and their therapeutic effects for ischaemic heart in rat

Luesma, M.José.; Cantarero, I.; Castiella, Tás.; Soriano, M.; Garcia-Verdugo, Jé.Manuel.; Junquera, Cón., 2013:
Enteric neurons show a primary cilium

Tassin, A.; Laoudj-Chenivesse, D.; Vanderplanck, Céline.; Barro, M.; Charron, Sébastien.; Ansseau, Eénie.; Chen, Y-Wen.; Mercier, J.; Coppée, Fédérique.; Belayew, A., 2013:
DUX4 expression in FSHD muscle cells: how could such a rare protein cause a myopathy?

Kubo, E.; Hasanova, N.; Fatma, N.; Sasaki, H.; Singh, D.P., 2013:
Elevated tropomyosin expression is associated with epithelial-mesenchymal transition of lens epithelial cells

Momin, J.K.; Jayakumar, C.; Prajapati, J.B., 2012:
Potential of Nanotechnology in Functional Foods

Jaradat, Abdullah, A., 2012:
Wheat Landraces A mini review

Gurung, A.; Gurung, O.P.akash; Karki, R.; Oh, S.E.n, 2012:
Landslide and mass movement disasters in the upper Madi watershed, Nepal

Wakeel, A.; Gul, M.; Sanaullah, M., 2012:
Potassium dynamics in three alluvial soils differing in clay contents

Begum, F.; Islam, A.K.M.A.inul; Rasul, M.G.lam; Mian, M.A.K.aleque; Hossain, M.M.fazzal, 2012:
Morphological diversity of eggplant Solanum melongena in Bangladesh

Bhatti, I.H.; Ahmad, R.; Jabbar, A.; Nadeem, M.; Khan, M.M.; Vains, S.N., 2012:
Agronomic performance of mash bean as an intercrop in sesame under different planting patterns

Gaafar, K.M.; Selim, S.A.; Ballal, S.S.E.-, 2012:
Effect of in-ovo administration with two levels of amino acids mixture on the performance of Muscovy ducks

Munir, K.; Maqsood, S., 2012:
A review on role of exogenous enzyme supplementation in poultry production

Enaami, M.E.; Mohamed, Z.; Ghani, S.A., 2012:
Model development for wheat production Outliers and multicollinearity problem in Cobb-Douglas production function

Anonymous, 2013:
Do Humorous People Take Poorer Care of Their Health? Associations Between Humor Styles and Substance Use

Bornmann, Lutz; Leydesdorff, Loet; Krampen, Günter, 2012:
Which Are the “Best Cities for Psychology Research Worldwide?

Karwowski, Maciej, 2012:
Did Curiosity Kill the Cat? Relationship Between Trait Curiosity, Creative Self-Efficacy and Creative Personal Identity

Anonymous, 2013:
Context-Dependence, Visibility, and Prediction Using State and Trait Individual Differences as Moderators of ESP in a Ganzfeld Environment

Anonymous, 2013:
Direct and Indirect Effects of IQ, Parental Help, Effort, and Mathematics Self-Concept on Mathematics Achievement

Strack, Micha; Dobewall, Henrik, 2012:
The Value Structure in Socioeconomically Less Developed European Countries Still Remains an Ellipse

Catak, Pelin D., 2012:
The Turkish Version of the Cognitive and Affective Mindfulness Scale-Revised

Anonymous, 2013:
Measuring Patients’ Attachment Avoidance in Psychotherapy Development of the Attachment Avoidance in Therapy Scale AATS

Soleti, Emanuela; Curci, Antonietta; Bianco, Antonella; Lanciano, Tiziana, 2012:
Does Talking About Emotions Influence Eyewitness Memory? The Role of Emotional vs Factual Retelling on Memory Accuracy

Myszkowski, Nils; Storme, Martin, 2012:
How Personality Traits Predict Design-Driven Consumer Choices

Anonymous, 2013:
How do national strategic plans for HIV and AIDS in Southern and Eastern Africa address gender-based violence? A women’s rights perspective

Anonymous, 2013:
Policy reform to shift the health and human rights environment for vulnerable groups The case of Kyrgyzstan’s instruction 417

Anonymous, 2013:
Access to health care for undocumented migrants from a human rights perspective A comparative study of Denmark, Sweden, and the Netherlands

Anonymous, 2013:
Forest conservation policy the role of state forestry department in oyo state

Anonymous, 2013:
The impact of palm oil on the combination of blood meal and wheat bran in diet for broiler finisher

Anonymous, 2013:
Chemical composition and in vitro fermentation characteristics of ensiled cassava manihot esculentus, crantz tops and guinea grass mixture

Anonymous, 2013:
Agricultural farm dam for the university of jos a reconnaissance survey

Anonymous, 2013:
Farmer managed tree natural regeneration and diversity in a sahelian environment case study of maradi region, niger

Anonymous, 2013:
Evaluation of okra performance to different rates of poultry manure and plant population density

Anonymous, 2013:
Comparative investigation of reproductive performance of two edible ectotype of giant land snails fed banana leaves in the humid tropical zone of cross river state

Anonymous, 2013:
Evaluation of the reproductive characteristics of two subspecies of african giant land snails archachatina marginata ovum and archachatina marginata saturalis fed oil palm fruits in swamp forest zone of nigeria

Anonymous, 2013:
Enumeration and characterization of bacteria associated with backwater fish species in wilberforce island bayelsa state nigeria

Anonymous, 2013:
Aeromagnetic mapping of basinal structures over part of niger delta, and its implication for hydrocarbon migration and accumulation

Anonymous, 2013:
The influence of vacuum packaging in combination with sulphite treatment on melanosis and quality of tiger shrimp during ice storage

Anonymous, 2013:
The quality changes in indian mackerel during ice storage, following treatment with natural extracts

Anonymous, 2013:
Nutrient composition of “nduduagworagwo, a traditional food of akokwa people in ideato north lga of imo state, nigeria

Anonymous, 2013:
Physical and organoleptic properties of fish sausage prepared from bull’s eye priacanthus hamrur

Anonymous, 2013:
Calcium nutriture of nigerian elderly in ibadan south east local government

Anonymous, 2013:
Nutritional assessment of primary school pupils in bokkos local government area of plateau state, nigeria

Anonymous, 2013:
Physical and psychological factors influencing maternal non-compliance with immunization schedule

Anonymous, 2013:
Nursing shortage paradigm the bayelsa state situation

Anonymous, 2013:
In­vitro anti-arthritic activity of holoptelia integrifolia roxb leaves

Anonymous, 2013:
The comparative proximate compositions of staple food crops in ezzangbo ohaukwu lga and iboko izzi lga of ebonyi state, nigeria

Anonymous, 2013:
Biochemical studies on “udu an antimalarial concoction used in umunchi village, isiala mbano lga of imo state, nigeria

Anonymous, 2013:
Human-system interaction based on active objects

Anonymous, 2013:
Virtual performer an environment for interactive multimedeia art

Anonymous, 2013:
Conception of bioadaptable childrens computer toys

Anonymous, 2013:
A Media supported playland and interactions among players

Anonymous, 2013:
Multimedia interactive art system design and artistic concept of real-time performance with computer graphics and computer music

Anonymous, 2013:
Network Neuro-Baby with robotics hand An automatic facial expression synthesizer that responds to expressions of feeling in the human voice and handshake

Anonymous, 2013:
Relationship between eye movement and visual cognition for ambiguous man/girl figures

Anonymous, 2013:
A human-computer dialogue agent with body gestures, hand motion, and speech

Anonymous, 2013:
Hand gesture recognition using computer vision based on model-matching method

Anonymous, 2013:
Gesture recognition for manipulation in artificial realities

Anonymous, 2013:
Screening fur diabetische Retinopathie bei Typ-2-Diabetes Eine kritische Evaluation der jahrlichen Routine

Anonymous, 2013:
Entwicklung und Bewertung von Qualitatsindikatoren aus den Leitlinien Halsschmerzen, Nackenschmerzen und Demenz der Deutschen Gesellschaft fur Allgemeinmedizin und Familienmedizin DEGAM

Berger, B.; Gerlach, A.; Groth, S.; Sladek, U.; Ebner, K.; Mühlhauser, I.; Steckelberg, A., 2013:
Competence training in evidence-based medicine for patients, patient counsellors, consumer representatives and health care professionals in Austria: a feasibility study

Anonymous, 2013:
Evidenzbasierte Medizin online zum arztlichen Berufsstart– eine randomisiert-kontrollierte Studie

Horst Möller; Amin-Farid Aly, 2012:
Definitionen zu Pharmakovigilanz und Arzneimitteltherapiesicherheit AMTS

Ulrich Jaehde; Petra, A.T.ürmann, 2012:
Arzneimitteltherapiesicherheit in Alten- und Pflegeheimen

Steffen Amann; Pamela Kantelhardt, 2012:
Bericht aus der Praxis Medikationsfehlererfassung und Medication Reconciliation aus Sicht der Krankenhausapotheker

Christof Schaefer; Marc Oppermann; Evelin Wacker; Corinna Weber-Schoendorfer, 2012:
Arzneimitteltherapiesicherheit in der Schwangerschaft – das Embryotox-Projekt

Amin-Farid Aly; Horst Möller, 2012 :
Forschung auf dem Gebiet der Arzneimitteltherapiesicherheit AMTS

Anonymous, 2013:
GRADE Leitlinien 7 Einschatzung der Qualitat der Evidenz – Inkonsistenz

Anonymous, 2013:
GRADE Leitlinien 8 Einschatzung der Qualitat der Evidenz – Indirektheit

Anonymous, 2013:
Die Kooperation zwischen Haus- und Betriebsarzten in Deutschland Wo befinden sich Defizite und Barrieren? Eine qualitative Analyse anhand von Fokusgruppeninterviews

Anonymous, 2013:
Trou maculaire bilateral decouvert en post-partum

Anonymous, 2013:
Efficacite et tolerance de la toxine botulique dans l’hemispasme facial

Anonymous, 2013:
Retentissements anatomique et fonctionnel du pelage de limitante interne dans la chirurgie de membrane epiretinienne

Anonymous, 2013:
L’iridoschisis, une forme particuliere d’atrophie irienne

Anonymous, 2013:
Kyste dermoide intraorbitaire À propos d’une observation et revue de la litterature

Anonymous, 2013:
Prevention de l’endophtalmie post injection intravitreenne  l’antibioprophylaxie a-t-elle sa place ?

Anonymous, 2013:
Traitement des neovaisseaux choroidiens maculaires du myope fort  injection intravitreenne de bevacizumab versus phototherapie dynamique a la verteporfine a 24 mois

Anonymous, 2013:
La machoire d’une orphie dans l’orbite

Anonymous, 2013:
L’autogreffe conjonctivo-limbique versus l’exerese simple avec mitomycine C dans la chirurgie du pterygion  etude comparative

Anonymous, 2013:
Apport du bilan des anomalies de la coagulation et de la fibrinolyse dans les occlusions de la veine centrale de la retine chez les sujets de moins de 60ans

Poindron, V.; Camuset, G.; Krencker, D.; Ballonzoli, L.; Naoun, O-K.; Kennel, N.; Speeg, C.; Pasquali, J-L., 2013:
Intermediate uveitis, an ophthalmological manifestation of systemic disease

Huerva, V.; Sánchez, M.C.; Soldevila, J.; Ascaso, F.J., 2013:
Combined nevus of the tarsal conjunctival

Sauer, A.; Villard, O.; Bourcier, T.; Speeg-Schatz, C.; Candolfi, E., 2013:
Toxoplasmose oculaire  de la physiopathologie au diagnostic microbiologique

Anonymous, 2013:
Neovaisseaux choroidiens du myope fort naifs traites par injections intravitreennes de bevacizumab  resultats a plus de 12 mois

Khoueir, Z.; Haddad, N.M.; Saad, A.; Chelala, E.; Warrak, E., 2013:
Traumatic flap dislocation 10 years after LASIK. Case report and literature review

Anonymous, 2013:
Resultats fonctionnels de la chirurgie de la cataracte de l’adulte

Gauthiera, A.S.; Rival, B.; Sahler, J.; Fagnoni-Legat, C.; Limat, S.; Guillaume, Y.; Delbosc, B., 2013:
Galenic and analytic development of tacrolimus 0.06% eye drops - Développement galénique et analytique d’un collyreà base de tacrolimus 0,06 %

Anonymous, 2013:
Facteurs oculaires predictifs de la progression du glaucome primitif a angle ouvert dans la population tunisienne

Anonymous, 2013:
Un cas rare de maculopathie cystoide

Waked, N.; Daou, Z.; Fadlallah, A.; Antoun, J., 2013:
Analyse de l’indice NFI du GDx VCC dans le glaucome au Liban

Querques, G.; Querques, L.; Leveziel, N.; Bandello, F.; Souied, E.H., 2013:
Intravitreal ranibizumab for type 3 choroidal neovascularization complicating adult onset foveomacular vitelliform dystrophy

Anonymous, 2013:
Atteintes ophtalmologiques unilaterales dans le syndrome d’Aicardi

Rahman, W.; Horgan, N.; Hungerford, J., 2013:
Circumscribed choroidal haemangioma mimicking chronic central serous chorioretinopathy

St-Onge, M.R.; Rayner, N.; Palin, R.M.; Searle, M.P.; Waters, D.J., 2013:
Integrated pressure–temperature–time constraints for the Tso Morari dome Northwest India Implications for the burial and exhumation path of UHP units in the western Himalaya

Adjerid, Z.; Godard, G.; Ouzegane, KH.; Kienast, J.-R., 2013:
Multistage progressive evolution of rare osumilite-bearing assemblages preserved in ultrahigh-temperature granulites from In Ouzzal Hoggar, Algeria

Gao, X.-Y.; Zheng, Y.-F.; Chen, Y.-X.; Hu, Z., 2013:
Trace element composition of continentally subducted slab-derived melt insight from multiphase solid inclusions in ultrahigh-pressure eclogite in the Dabie orogen

Guo, S.; Ye, K.; Wu, T.F.; Chen, Y.; Yang, Y.H.; Zhang, L.M.; Liu, J.B.; Mao, Q.; Ma, Y.G., 2013:
A potential method to confirm the previous existence of lawsonite in eclogite the mass imbalance of Sr and LREEs in multi-stage epidote Ganghe, Dabie UHP terrane

Anonymous, 2013:
Strontium isotope zoning in garnets Implications for metamorphic matrix equilibration, geochronology, and phase equilibrium modelling

Anonymous, 2013:
Petrological and zirconological evidence for anatexis of UHP quartzite during continental collision in the Sulu orogen

Anonymous, 2013:
A geochronological and petrological study of anatectic paragneiss and associated granite dykes from the Day Nui Con Voi metamorphic core complex, North Vietnam; constraints upon the timing of metamorphism within the Red River shear zone

Smit, M.A.; Scherer, E.E.; Mezger, K., 2013:
Peak metamorphic temperatures from cation diffusion zoning in garnet

Dr. S.Seiler, G.H.Heine, D.Fliser, 2013:
Was gibt es Neues in der CKD-MBD-Pathogenese?

Anonymous, 2013:
Epstein-Barr-Virus-Infektion nach padiatrischer Nierentransplantation

Prof. Dr. J.Floege, V.M.Brandenburg, 2013:

Prof. Dr. P.M.Jehle, 2013 :

Prof. Dr. J.Hoyer, 2012:
Chronische metabolische Azidose bei Niereninsuffizienz

Vedat Schwenger, 2007:

Prof. Dr. R.Kettritz, 2012:
Gastrointestinale Ursachen von metabolischer Alkalose

K.Hahn, M.K.Kuhlmann, Prof. Dr. Dr. E.Ritz, 2013:
Phosphat und Nahrung

Mark, D.F.eming; William, M.S.one; Paul Scott; Alyssa, B.C.apital; Richard, J.F.wl; Samuel, R.M.ney, 2009:
Seguridad de la endarterectomía carotídea en pacientes en tratamiento con clopidogrel

M.M.llado Joan; B.G.mez Moya; F.P.ñella Agustí; R.G.rcía Vidal; Y.A.ril Arjona; M.P.F.riñas Alija; V.M.rtín Paredero, 2009:
Utilidad de la ultrasonografía intravascular durante el stenting carotídeo

Anonymous, 2013:
Importancia del angulo de la anastomosis en la mejoría de la permeabilidad a largo plazo de la derivacion femoropoplítea supragenicular

Anonymous, 2013:
Morbilidad y mortalidad secundaria a complicaciones cardiologicas despues de la revascularizacion de extremidad por isquemia crítica

Anonymous, 2013:
Fiabilidad del eco-Doppler preoperatorio en el diseño de una estrategia terapeutica para la isquemia cronica del miembro inferior

Anonymous, 2013 :
La angioplastia transluminal percutanea de las arterias de la extremidad inferior como causa de una respuesta inflamatoria sistemica

Anonymous, 2013:
Influencia de la nefropatía cronica en los resultados del tratamiento endovascular de la arteria femoral superficial

Anonymous, 2013:
Analisis de coste del salvamento de extremidad mediante angioplastia en pacientes de alto riesgo

Anonymous, 2013:
Tratamiento de los tumores del cuerpo carotídeo y paragangliomas familiares revision de 30 años de experiencia

Anonymous, 2013:
Tratamiento endovascular de aneurismas aorticos abdominales mediante abordaje percutaneo ¿pueden ampliarse los criterios de seleccion?

Anonymous, 2013:
Incidencia y evolucion del trombo mural en endoprotesis aorticas abdominales

Anonymous, 2013:
Tratamiento endovascular de la rotura aguda del istmo aortico resultados a medio plazo

Anonymous, 2013:
Evaluacion del diametro de la aorta toracica descendente proximal con la edad implicaciones para la implantacion de una endoprotesis de aorta toracica

Anonymous, 2013:
Efecto de la N-acetilcisteína en la atenuacion de la lesion de isquemia-reperfusion en pacientes sometidos a bypass coronario con bypass cardiopulmonar

Anonymous, 2013:
Efectos antiaterogenicos de la inhibicion de la expresion de MCP-1 mediada por ARNi

Anonymous, 2013:
Fibroblastos dermicos humanos una posible fuente de celulas para la endotelizacion de los injertos vasculares

Anonymous, 2013:
Efectos protectores del resveratrol y de L-NAME sobre los organos viscerales despues de clampaje aortico

Anonymous, 2013:
Deterioro de la funcion renal en la arteriopatía periferica un parametro que no debe ser infravalorado

Anonymous, 2013:
Revascularizacion abierta y endovascular para la isquemia mesenterica cronica revision tabulada de los estudios publicados

Anonymous, 2013:
Triple guía una variacion de la tecnica “preclose

Anonymous, 2013:
Embolizacion cerebral durante stenting carotídeo transcervical con inversion de flujo estudio con resonancia magnetica de difusion

J.K.R.ndall; R.A.med; A.S.B.ar, 2009:
Complicaciones durante el período de espera para endarterectomía carotídea

Anonymous, 2013:
Stents carotídeos de morfología cilíndrica o conica tasas de complicaciones neurologicas y de reestenosis asociadas

Anonymous, 2013:
Desarrollo y validacion del Rapid Estimate of Adult Literacy in Vascular Surgery REAL_VS

Anonymous, 2013:
Percepcion de 219 cirujanos vasculares en formacion sobre el futuro de la cirugía vascular

Anonymous, 2013:
El índice de comorbilidad de Charlson ajustado por edad como variable pronostica en pacientes con isquemia mesenterica aguda

Anonymous, 2013:
Bypass de vena subclavia a orejuela derecha sin esternotomía para mantenimiento acceso arteriovenoso en pacientes con oclusion venosa central

Anonymous, 2013:
Resultados y supervivencia en pacientes de mas de 75 años despues de correccion quirurgica por rotura de aneurisma aortico abdominal ¿justifican los resultados el esfuerzo?

Anonymous, 2013:
Proximalizacion del flujo arterial aferente ¿nuevo tratamiento de eleccion en pacientes con síndrome de robo asociado a la fístula de dialisis?

Anonymous, 2013:
Ciertos farmacos mejoran el índice de permeabilidad primaria tardía de los accesos vasculares para hemodialisis

Anonymous, 2013:
El inhibidor tisular de la metaloproteinasa-1 es un marcador temprano de disfuncion endotelial en un modelo murino de lesion oxidativa venosa

Anonymous, 2013:
Respuestas fisiologicas a diferentes períodos isquemicos durante el clampaje aortico laparoscopico infrarrenal evaluacion en un modelo experimental

Anonymous, 2013:
Recuperacion de la actividad de celulas progenitoras endoteliales deteriorada por envejecimiento participacion de la vía de señalizacion de la fosfatidilinositol 3-cinasa/Akt

Anonymous, 2013:
Tratamiento endovascular de la diseccion espontanea de un aneurisma de la arteria mesenterica superior caso clínico y discusion de las opciones terapeuticas

Anonymous, 2013:
Variante del síndrome de atrapamiento poplíteo con afectacion de la cabeza lateral del musculo gastrocnemio caso clínico

Gao, L-juan.; Yu, J.; Wang, D-li.; Li, R-yu., 2013:
Recalcitrant primary subcutaneous phaeohyphomycosis due to Phialophora verrucosa

Reis, F.; Collier, P.Pimentel.; Souza, T.Ferreira.; Lopes, G.Pinheiro.; Bronzatto, E.; Silva Junior, N.Adolfo.; Pereira, R.Mendes.; Appenzeller, S., 2013:
Neuroparacoccidioidomycosis (NPCM): magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) findings

da Silva, C.Maria.; de Carvalho Parahym, A.Maria.Rabelo.; Leão, M.Porto.Carneiro.; de Oliveira, N.Tinti.; de Jesus Machado Amorim, R.; Neves, R.Pereira., 2013:
Fungemia by Candida pelliculosa (Pichia anomala) in a neonatal intensive care unit: a possible clonal origin

Kano, R.; Isizuka, M.; Hiruma, M.; Mochizuki, T.; Kamata, H.; Hasegawa, A., 2013:
Mating type gene (MAT1-1) in Japanese isolates of Trichophyton rubrum

Kong, Q.T.; Zhou, W.Q.; Feng, J.; Sang, H.; Deng, D.Q.; Wang, Z.; Li, J.; Shi, Q.L.; Wu, B.; Liu, W.D., 2013:
Isolated skull cryptococcosis in an immunocompetent patient

Zhang, H.; Ran, Y.; Xie, Z.; Zhang, R., 2013:
Identification of Malassezia species in patients with seborrheic dermatitis in China

de Aguiar Cordeiro, R.; Patoilo, K.Rabelo.Nobre.; Praciano, S.Bandeira.; Medrano, D.Jessica.Astete.; de Farias Marques, F.Jakelyne.; Martins, L.Maria.Soares.; Eulalio, K.Dantas.; de Deus Filho, Aônio.; Cavalvanti, M.do.Amparo.Salmito.; Fechine, M.Auxiliadora.Bezerra.; Brilhante, R.Samia.Nogueira.; de Camargo, Z.Pires.; Rocha, M.Fábio.Gadelha.; Sidrim, Jé.Júlio.Costa., 2013:
Antigens of Coccidioides posadasii as an important tool for the immunodiagnosis of coccidioidomycosis

Forde, Rita, 2012 :
The challenges in developing a dedicated pre-pregnancy clinic

Atif, M.L.; Brenet, A.; Hageaux, S.; Fave, M.H.; Cochet, C.; Baticle, E.; Pourrier, C.; Wolny, D.; Astagneau, P.; Kadi, Z., 2013:
Awareness of standard precautions for 4439 healthcare professionals in 34 institutions in France

Rouveix, E.; Gherissi Cherni, D.; Dupont, C.; Beauchet, A.; Sordet Guepet, H.; Gavazzi, G.; Gaillat, J., 2013:
Streptococcus pneumoniae vaccinal coverage in hospitalized elderly patients in France

Chikarmane, S.A.; Khurana, B.; Krajewski, K.M.; Shinagare, A.B.; Howard, S.; Sodickson, A.; Jagannathan, J.; Ramaiya, N., 2013:
What the emergency radiologist needs to know about treatment-related complications from conventional chemotherapy and newer molecular targeted agents

Kleber, C.; Buschmann, C.T., 2014:
Clinical implications of immediate or later periportal edema in MS-CT trauma scans: surrogate parameter of intravenous fluid status and venous congestion

Husainy, M.Ali.; Gopalan, D.; Pakkal, M.; Raj, V., 2014:
Mimics of acute coronary syndrome on MDCT

Nguyen, C.T.; Nguyen, C.; Saksobhavivat, N.; Saksobahavivat, N.; Shanmuganathan, K.; Steenburg, S.D.; Steenburg, S.; Moeslein, F.M.; Moeslein, F.; Mirvis, S.E.; Chiu, W., 2014:
MDCT diagnosis of post-traumatic hepatic arterio-portal fistulas

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Assessing drinking status in liver transplant patients with alcoholic liver disease

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Perioperative estimation of intracranial pressure using optic nerve sheath diameter during liver transplantation

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Long-term clinical outcome of biliary cast syndrome in liver transplantation recipients

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Local access to subspecialty care influences the chance of receiving a liver transplant

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A national survey of provider opinions on controversial characteristics of liver transplant candidates

Anonymous, 2013:
Mesenchymal stem cells overexpressing CXCR4 improve early liver regeneration of small-for-size liver grafts

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The incidence of death and potentially life-threatening “near miss events in living donor hepatic lobectomy A world-wide survey

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Self-reported oral symptoms and signs in liver transplant recipients and control population ID LT-12-439

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An association between plasma cGMP level and hemodynamic instability during liver transplantation

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Infertility treatment at the edge: discovery and risk converge at the limits of knowledge

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Childhood visual impairment in England: a rising trend

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Genetic Diversity of Potato virus Y Complex

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Population Growth of Myzus persicae on Potato Plants Infected with Different Strains and Variants of Potato virus Y

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Changes in the Levels of Glycoalkaloids and Nitrates After the Dehydration of Cooked Potatoes

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PVY An Old Enemy and A Continuing Challenge

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First Report of Potato Psyllids, Bactericera cockerelli, Overwintering in the Pacific Northwest

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Effects of Limited Supplemental Irrigation with Catchment Rainfall on Rain-fed Potato in Semi-arid Areas on the Western Loess Plateau, China

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Quantification of Field Resistance to Verticillium dahliae in Eight Russet-Skinned Potato Cultivars Using Real-Time PCR

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Relationship of lipid alterations and impaired calcium homeostasis during myocardial ischemia

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The sphingomyelin cycle The flip side of the lipid signaling paradigm

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The regulation of carnitine acyltransferases and their role in cellular metabolism

Anonymous, 2013:
Regulation of mammalian CTP Phosphocholine cytidylyltransferase

Anonymous, 2013:
Diacylglycerol metabolism in cellular membranes

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First case of human infestation by the tick Ixodes vespertilionis Acari Ixodidae

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Effect of Path Persistence Length of Molecular Shuttles on Two-stage Analyte Capture in Biosensors

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Role of the Actin–Myosin Catch Bond on Actomyosin Aggregate Formation

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Nucleotide-dependent control of internal strains in ring-shaped AAA+ motors

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Cytoplasmic dynein: tension generation on microtubules and the nucleus

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Severity, not type, is the main predictor of decreased quality of life in elderly women with urinary incontinence: a population-based study as part of a randomized controlled trial in primary care

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Do patient expectations influence treatment outcomes in Total Knee and Total Hip Arthroplasty?

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Anonymous, 2013:
Barrieres in het gebruik van evidencebased medicine

Anonymous, 2013:
Patientoordelen op internet

Henk Schers, 2012:
Gunstig effect van telehealth

Henk Schers, 2012:
Therapietrouw beter door sms-reminders

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Vermijden van onttrekkingsverschijnselen van fentanylpleisters

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Antimicrobial susceptibility testing of Streptococcus pneumoniae and Haemophilus influenzae --internal quality control as a quality tool on a national level

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Efficacy and safety of Echinaforce® in respiratory tract infections

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Mechanismen und Risikofaktoren fur Typ 1 Nahrungsmittelallergien Die Rolle der gastrischen Verdauung

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Food allergy prevalence: new possibilities for therapy and prevention

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STW 5 (Iberogast®)--a safe and effective standard in the treatment of functional gastrointestinal disorders

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Comfrey root: from tradition to modern clinical trials

Anonymous, 2013:
Besserung der Symptome einer leichten Schilddrusenuberfunktion mit einem Trockenextrakt aus Wolfstrappkraut Thyreogutt® mono

Anonymous, 2013:
Bauchschmerzen, Blahbauch, Diarrhoe Fruktosemalabsorption, Laktoseintoleranz oder Reizdarmsyndrom?

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Herbal triplet in treatment of nervous agitation in children

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Respiratory function in late-onset Pompe disease patients receiving long-term enzyme replacement therapy for more than 48 months

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Ethical considerations in targeted paediatric neurosurgery missions

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Cancer survivors' perception of participation in a long-term follow-up study

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The Ulysses contract in obstetrics: a woman's choices before and during labour

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Impact of the demand for 'proxy assent' on recruitment to a randomised controlled trial of vaccination testing in care homes

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Willingness to treat infectious diseases: what do students think?

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The NHS and market forces in healthcare: the need for organisational ethics

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Dependent relational animals

DeGrazia, D., 2013:
On the wrongness of killing

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What makes killing wrong?

Driver, J., 2013:
On 'What makes killing wrong?'

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A concise argument: on the wrongness of killing

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How to solve a mechanical problem: the relevance of visible and unobservable functionality for kea

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Automated cognitive testing of monkeys in social groups yields results comparable to individual laboratory-based testing

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Environmental enrichment affects suboptimal, risky, gambling-like choice by pigeons

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Dogs' attention towards humans depends on their relationship, not only on social familiarity

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Spatial cognition and perseveration by horses, donkeys and mules in a simple A-not-B detour task

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Helium inhalation in adolescents: characteristics of users and prevalence of use

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Mental health symptoms and their relationship to cannabis use in adolescents attending residential treatment

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Illicit use of LSD or psilocybin, but not MDMA or nonpsychedelic drugs, is associated with mystical experiences in a dose-dependent manner

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Neuroenhancement among German university students: motives, expectations, and relationship with psychoactive lifestyle drugs

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Racial and ethnic differences in reported criminal justice referral at treatment admission

Lev-Ran, S., 2013:
A case of treating cathinone dependence and comorbid depression using bupropion

Anonymous, 2013:
Ganetespib Activity in KRAS-Mutant NSCLCs

Anonymous, 2013:
Glucocorticoid Receptor Signals in Bladder Cancer Cells

Anonymous, 2013:
Sorafenib Targets VCP in Hepatocellular Cancer Cells

Anonymous, 2013:
RSK2 as Therapeutic Target for Myeloma

Anonymous, 2013:
Novel BMP4 Agonist to Promote Tumor Angiogenesis

Anonymous, 2013:
Dll4-Fc Suppresses Liver Metastasis of SCLC Cells

Anonymous, 2013:
Ligand Systemic Targeting of the Grp78 Promoter

Anonymous, 2013:
Its About Time CML and Solid Tumors

Anonymous, 2013:
Targeting IAPs in Medulloblastoma

Anonymous, 2013:
PSMA-Specific BiTE Antibody

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Intratumoral Molecular Heterogeneity

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Yersinia cytidine monophosphate kinase

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Effects of diet history on energy metabolism and physiological parameters in C57BL/6J mice

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KCa31 channel downregulation and impaired EDH-type relaxation in pulmonary arteries from chronic hypoxic rats

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Microbial Metropolis

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Carbon Monoxide in Biology and Microbiology Surprising Roles for the “Detroit Perfume

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Combinatorial compound libraries for enhanced drug discovery approaches

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Development of estrogen antagonists as pharmaceutical agents

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Regulation of glucose homoeostasis

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Therapeutic use of insulin

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The secretory machinery of insulin release

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Compounds acting on insulin secretion Sulphonylureas

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Compounds acting on glucose absorption

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Aldose reductase inhibitors as new antidiabetic drugs

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Mycoses cutanees a Cunninghamella bertholletiae, Phomopsis sp et Paraconiothyrium sp chez un patient immunodeprime  a propos d’un cas martiniquais

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Anonymous, 2013:
Les acides linoleiques conjugues CLA permettent-ils de lutter contre l’obesite sans risque ?

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Implication du microbiote intestinal dans l’obesite et les pathologies associees quelles perspectives therapeutiques et nutritionnelles ?

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