Factors affecting the rate of disappearance of amphetamine in rats

Groppetti, A.; Costa, E.

International Journal of Neuropharmacology 8(3): 209-215


ISSN/ISBN: 0375-9458
PMID: 5796263
DOI: 10.1016/0028-3908(69)90041-0
Accession: 036694559

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The rate of disappearance of amphetamine is faster in male adult Sprague-Dawley rats than in adult females. Estradiol (0 8 mg/kg s.c. for 16 days) slow down the rate ofd-amphetamine disappearance in adult male rats. The half-life (T12) ofd-amphetamine in young male rats is greater than in adult male or female rats. Pretreatment of rats with either phenobarbital or 3-methylcholanthrene in doses sufficient to decrease theT12 of hexobarbital and zoxazolamine does not change the tissue levels ofd-amphetamine. Diphenylhydantoin, another inducer of liver microsomal aromatic hydroxylase, does not increase and actually decreases the rate ofd-amphetamine disappearance.