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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 36706

Chapter 36706 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Enhanced peroxissomal ?-oxidation is associated with prevention of obesity and glucose intolerance by fish oil-enriched diets
, Unknown (2013)

Changes in weight and health behaviors after pregnancies complicated by gestational diabetes mellitus: the CARDIA study
, Obesity 21(6): 1269-1275 (2013)

The involvement of cathepsin B and l in inflammation and cholesterol trafficking protein NPC2 secretion in macrophages
, Unknown (2013)

Serum leptin and adiponectin levels and risk of renal cell carcinoma
, Obesity 21(7): 1478-1485 (2013)

The adipokine profile of metabolically benign obese and at-risk normal weight postmenopausal women: the Women's Health Initiative Observational Study
, Obesity 22(3): 786-794 (2014)

Prediction of measured weight from self-reported weight was not improved after stratification by body mass index
, Obesity 21(1): E137 (2013)

Parental obesity moderates the relationship between childhoodappetitive traits and weight
, Unknown (2013)

Aerobic exercise alone results in clinically significant weight loss for men and women Midwest Exercise Trial-2
, Obesity 21(3): E219-E228 (2013)

Acculturation and overweight-related attitudes and behavior among obese Hispanic adults in the United States
, Obesity 21(11): 2396-2404 (2013)

Impact of visceral obesity on cardiac parasympathetic activity in type 2 diabetics after coronary artery bypass graft surgery
, Obesity 21(8): 1578-1585 (2013)

Anti-hypertensive treatment preserves appetite suppression while preventing cardiovascular adverse effects of tesofensine inrats
, Unknown (2013)

Dietary modification dampens liver inflammation and fibrosis in obesity-related fatty liver disease
, Obesity 21(6): 1189-1199 (2013)

Simple anthropometrics are more correlated with health variables than are estimates of body composition in Yup'ik people
, Obesity 21(9): E435 (2013)

SAA is found on ApoB-containing lipoproteins in obese diabetic humans
, Unknown (2013)

Patterning of children's sedentary time at and away from school
, Obesity 21(1): E131 (2013)

Maternal serum leptin during pregnancy and infant birth weight: the influence of maternal overweight and obesity
, Obesity 21(5): 1064-1069 (2013)

The association between acanthosis nigricans and dysglycemia in an ethnically diverse group of eighth grade students
, Obesity 21(3): E328 (2013)

Depressive symptoms are associated with visceral adiposity in a community-based sample of middle-aged women and men
, Obesity 21(8): 1713-1719 (2013)

A cross-sectional study of osteocalcin and body fat measures among obese adolescents
, Obesity 21(4): 808-814 (2013)

Dark nights reverse metabolic disruption caused by dim light at night
, Obesity 21(6): 1159-1164 (2013)

Resistant starch from high amylose maize (HAM-RS2) reduces body fat and increases gut bacteria in ovariectomized (OVX) rats
, Obesity 21(5): 981-984 (2013)

Associations of pericardial and intrathoracic fat with coronary calcium presence and progression in a multiethnic study
, Obesity 21(8): 1704-1712 (2013)

Insurer and employer views on pediatric obesity treatment: a qualitative study
, Obesity 21(4): 795-799 (2013)

Reliable change in depression during behavioral weight loss treatment among women with major depression
, Obesity 21(3): E211 (2013)

Adipocyte size is associated with NAFLD independent of obesity, fat distribution, and PNPLA3 genotype
, Obesity 21(6): 1174-1179 (2013)

Small and large size for gestational age at birth, infant growth, and childhood overweight
, Obesity 21(6): 1261-1268 (2013)

Peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor delta protects against obesity-related glomerulopathy through the P38 MAPK pathway
, Obesity 21(3): 538-545 (2013)

Meta-analysis of the association between body mass index and health-related quality of life among adults, assessed by the SF-36
, Obesity 21(3): E322 (2013)

Circulating regulatory T cells are reduced in obesity and may identify subjects at increased metabolic and cardiovascular risk
, Obesity 21(3): 461-468 (2013)

Measurement of waist circumference predicts coronary atherosclerosis beyond plasma adipokines
, Obesity 21(1): E118 (2013)

Preferring thin people does not imply derogating fat people. A Rasch analysis of the implicit weight attitude
, Obesity 21(2): 261-265 (2013)

Adolescent suicidal behavior across the excess weight status spectrum
, Obesity 21(5): 1039-1045 (2013)

Effects of BMI on the risk and frequency of AIS 3+ injuries in motor-vehicle crashes
, Obesity 21(1): E88-E97 (2013)

Normal vs. high-protein weight loss diets in men: effects on body composition and indices of metabolic syndrome
, Obesity 21(3): E204 (2013)

Liver fat and SHBG affect insulin resistance in midlife women: the Study of Women's Health Across the Nation (SWAN)
, Obesity 21(5): 1031-1038 (2013)

Compulsive buying: relationship with body mass index
, Obesity 21(1): E86 (2013)

Independent and combined effects of eating rate and energy density on energy intake, appetite, and gut hormones
, Obesity 21(3): E244 (2013)

Paradoxical protective effect of central obesity in patients with suspected stable coronary artery disease
, Obesity 21(3): E314 (2013)

Circulating cortisol-associated signature of glucocorticoid-related gene expression in subcutaneous fat of obese subjects
, Obesity 21(5): 960-967 (2013)

The visceral adiposity index as a predictor of insulin resistance in young women with polycystic ovary syndrome
, Obesity 21(8): 1690-1694 (2013)

Nicotinamide nucleotide transhydrogenase NNT mRNA expression is related to human obesity
, Unknown (2013)

New developments in the law for obesity discrimination protection
, Obesity 21(3): 469-471 (2013)

Sympathetic support of energy expenditure and sympathetic nervous system activity after gastric bypass surgery
, Obesity 21(3): 480-485 (2013)

Weight-related teasing from adolescence to young adulthood: longitudinal and secular trends between 1999 and 2010
, Obesity 21(9): E428 (2013)

Pressuring and restrictive feeding styles influence infant feeding and size among a low-income African-American sample
, Obesity 21(3): 562-571 (2013)

Influence of acute sleep deprivation on cardiovascular parameters in female Zucker obese and lean rats
, Obesity 21(3): 510-515 (2013)

Uric acid best predicts metabolically unhealthy obesity with increased cardiovascular risk in youth and adults
, Obesity 21(1): E71 (2013)

Psychosocial predictors of 4-year BMI change in overweight and obese children in primary care
, Obesity 21(3): E262-E270 (2013)

The inverse relation of HDL anti-oxidative functionality with serum amyloid a is lost in metabolic syndrome subjects
, Obesity 21(2): 361-366 (2013)

The effects of weight loss on relative bone mineral density in premenopausal women
, Obesity 21(3): 441-448 (2013)

Differences in motivations and weight loss behaviors in young adults and older adults in the National Weight Control Registry
, Obesity 21(3): 449-453 (2013)

Skinfolds and coronary heart disease risk factors are more strongly associatedwith BMI than with the body adiposity index
, Unknown (2013)

Endothelial function and weight lossComparison of low-carbohydrate and low-fat diets
, Unknown (2013)

Common FSNP variants of fourteen Bardet-Biedl syndrome genes and adult body mass
, Obesity 21(8): 1684-1689 (2013)

Increased Smad signaling and reduced MRF expression in skeletal muscle from obese subjects
, Obesity 21(3): 525-528 (2013)

New echocardiographic techniques in the evaluation of left ventricular function in obesity
, Obesity 21(5): 881-892 (2013)

Effect of dietary composition of weight loss diets on high sensitivity C-reactive protein The randomized POUNDS LOST trial
, Unknown (2013)

Cardiometabolic risks during anabolic hormone supplementation in older men
, Obesity 21(5): 968-975 (2013)

Behavioral risk factors for obesity during health transition in Vanuatu, South Pacific
, Obesity 21(1): E98 (2013)

Oxidative stress and inflammatory markers in relation to circulating levels of adiponectin
, Obesity 21(7): 1467-1473 (2013)

Gastric Helicobacter pylori infection is associated with adverse metabolic traits in severely obese subjects
, Obesity 21(3): 535-537 (2013)

Arterial stiffness, lifestyle intervention and a low calorie diet in morbidly obese patients - a nonrandomized clinical trial
, Unknown (2013)

A risk adjusted cost-effectiveness analysis of alternative models of nurse involvement in obesity management in primary care
, Obesity 21(3): 472-479 (2013)

Differences in subcutaneous abdominal adiposity regions in four ethnic groups
, Obesity 21(11): 2288-2295 (2013)

Sterculic oil, a natural inhibitor of SCD1, improves the metabolic state of obese OLETF rats
, Obesity 21(2): 344-352 (2013)

Longitudinal study shows increasing obesity and hyperglycemia in micronesia
, Obesity 21(9): E421 (2013)

Effects of taspoglutide on glycemic control and body weight in obese patients with type 2 diabetes (T-emerge 7 study)
, Obesity 21(2): 238-247 (2013)

Midlife obesity and dementia Meta-analysis and adjusted forecast of dementia prevalence in the US and China
, Unknown (2013)

Sociodemographic, behavioral, and biological variables related to weight loss in native Hawaiians and other Pacific Islanders
, Obesity 21(3): E196 (2013)

High and low activity rats Elevated intrinsic physical activity drives resistance to diet induced obesity in non-bred rats
, Unknown (2013)

Diurnal salivary cortisol is associated with body mass index and waist circumference: the Multiethnic Study of Atherosclerosis
, Obesity 21(1): E56 (2013)

Influence of body mass index on the choice of therapy for depression and follow-up care
, Obesity 21(3): E303 (2013)

Development of metabolic syndrome components in adults with a healthy obese phenotype A three year follow-up
, Unknown (2013)

The relationship of C-reactive protein to obesity-related depressive symptoms: a longitudinal study
, Obesity 21(2): 248-250 (2013)

Preoperative lifestyle intervention in bariatric surgery: initial results from a randomized, controlled trial
, Obesity 21(2): 254-260 (2013)

Divergent neural substrates of inhibitory control in binge eating disorder relative to other manifestations of obesity
, Obesity 21(2): 367-377 (2013)

ERRγ enhances UCP1 expression and fatty acid oxidation in brown adipocytes
, Obesity 21(3): 516-524 (2013)

Possible risk factors for increased suicide following bariatric surgery
, Obesity 21(4): 665-672 (2013)

Combined influence of leisure time physical activity and hip circumference on all-cause mortality
, Unknown (2013)

Diet versus exercise in "the biggest loser" weight loss competition
, Obesity 21(5): 957-959 (2013)

A dairy-based high calcium diet improves glucose homeostasis and reduces steatosis in the context of preexisting obesity
, Obesity 21(3): E229 (2013)

Adherence to vitamin supplementation following adolescent bariatric surgery
, Obesity 21(3): E190 (2013)

Delayed efficient anticoagulation with heparin in patients with a weight of 110 kg and more treated for acute coronary syndrome
, Obesity 21(9): 1753-1758 (2013)

Visceral fat resection in humans: effect on insulin sensitivity, beta-cell function, adipokines, and inflammatory markers
, Obesity 21(3): E182 (2013)

Associations of leg fat accumulation with adiposity-related biological factors and risk of metabolic syndrome
, Obesity 21(4): 824-830 (2013)

Redefining metabolic syndrome as a fat storage condition based on studies of comparative physiology
, Obesity 21(4): 659-664 (2013)

Effects of increased meal frequency on fat oxidation and perceived hunger
, Obesity 21(2): 336-343 (2013)

Adaptive thermogenesis with weight loss in humans
, Obesity 21(2): 218-228 (2013)

Obesity and early mortality in the US
, Unknown (2013)

Gastric emptying and Ca2+ and K+channels of circular smooth muscle cells in diet-induced obese prone and resistant rats
, Unknown (2013)

Implication of high body fat percentage on cardiometabolic risk in middle-aged, healthy, normal-weight adults
, Unknown (2013)

Turning the analysis of obesity-mortality associations upside down: modeling years of life lost through conditional distributions
, Obesity 21(2): 398-404 (2013)

Childhood intelligence and adult obesity
, Obesity 21(3): 434-440 (2013)

Beta and alpha cell function in metabolically healthy but obese MHO subjects Relationship with entero-insular axis
, Unknown (2013)

The burden of obesity on blood pressure is reduced in older persons: the SardiNIA study
, Obesity 21(1): E10 (2013)

Plasma stearoyl-CoA desaturase indices: association with lifestyle, diet, and body composition
, Obesity 21(3): E294 (2013)

Concordance of BAI and BMI with DXA in the Newfoundland population
, Obesity 21(3): 499-503 (2013)

Alterations in adipocytokines and cGMP homeostasis in morbid obesity patients reverse after bariatric surgery
, Obesity 21(2): 229-237 (2013)

A retinoic acid receptor agonist tamibarotene suppresses iron accumulation in the liver
, Obesity 21(1): E22 (2013)

Effects of dietary protein to carbohydrate balance on energy intake, fat storage, and heat production in mice
, Obesity 21(1): 85-92 (2013)

Changes in cardiovascular disease risk factors from age 9 to 19 and the influence of television viewing
, Obesity 21(2): 386-393 (2013)

Relationship between perceptions about neighborhood environment and prevalent obesity: data from the Dallas Heart Study
, Obesity 21(1): E14 (2013)

Objectively measured sedentary behavior, physical activity, and plasma lipids in overweight and obese children
, Obesity 21(2): 382-385 (2013)

XOMA 052, an anti-IL-1? monoclonal antibody, prevents IL-1? mediated insulin resistance in 3T3-L1 adipocytes
, Unknown (2013)

S-Glutathionylation of hepatic and visceral adipose proteins decreases in obese rats
, Obesity 21(2): 297-305 (2013)

Low-density lipoprotein receptor-related protein 1 variant interacts with saturated fatty acids in Puerto Ricans
, Obesity 21(3): 602-608 (2013)

Serum adiponectin levels are associated with hepatitis B viral load in overweight to obese hepatitis B virus carriers
, Obesity 21(2): 291-296 (2013)

PROP taster status interacts with the built environment to influence children's food acceptance and body weight status
, Obesity 21(4): 786-794 (2013)

The concepts of vínculo1 and dialectical spiral a bridge between intra-and intersubjectivity
, Unknown (2013)

The reluctance to self-disclose: reflexive or reasoned?
, Psychoanalytic Quarterly 81(3): 627-655 (2012)

On myths and myth-making psychoanalytic theorizing about mother—daughter relationships and the “female oedipus complex
, The Psychoanalytic Quarterly LXXXI(3): 727-750 (2012)

What Is Climate?
, Advances in Space Research 5(6): 5-14 (1985)

Watson Urges Measures to Minimize Climate Change
, Unknown (2013)

Assessing carbon storage in western US ecosystems
, Unknown (2013)

Consequences of early snowmelt in Rocky Mountains
, Eos, Transactions American Geophysical Union 94(1): 3-3 (2013)

Linking earthquakes and hydraulic fracturing operations
, Eos Transactions American Geophysical Union 94(1): 3-3 (2013)

, Eos, Transactions American Geophysical Union 94(30): 263-263 (2013)

The Policy of “Pumping the Recharge Is Out of Control
, Eos, Transactions American Geophysical Union 94(1): 4-4 (2013)

Cresting the Ocean-Outreach Wave, AGU Signs Memorandum of Understanding
, Eos, Transactions American Geophysical Union 94(1): 12-12 (2013)

Decompression wave caused eruption chain reaction
, Unknown (2013)

Central European summer temperature variability to increase
, Unknown (2013)

Century-long trend of global ocean warming identified
, Unknown (2013)

A randomized, double-blind, crossover, placebo-controlled comparative clinical trial of arginine aspartate plus adenosine monophosphate for the intermittent treatment of male erectile dysfunction
, Andrology 1(2): 223-228 (2013)

Prevalence of high DNA fragmentation index in male partners of unexplained infertile couples
, Andrology 1(3): 357-360 (2013)

The microtubule-associated protein astrin transgenesis rescues spermatogenesis and renal function in hypogonadic (hgn/hgn) rats
, Andrology 1(2): 301-307 (2013)

Herpes simplex virus infection and erectile dysfunction: a nationwide population-based study
, Andrology 1(2): 240-244 (2013)

Orally applied doxazosin disturbed testosterone homeostasis and changed the transcriptional profile of steroidogenic machinery, cAMP/cGMP signalling and adrenergic receptors in Leydig cells of adult rats
, Andrology 1(2): 332-347 (2013)

Immunofluorescent characterization of meiotic recombination in human males with variable spermatogenesis
, Andrology 1(2): 262-273 (2013)

Rat models of post-irradiation recovery of spermatogenesis: interstrain differences
, Andrology 1(2): 206-215 (2013)

Intratesticular 13-cis retinoic acid is lower in men with abnormal semen analyses: a pilot study
, Andrology 1(2): 325-331 (2013)

Partial loss of contractile marker proteins in human testicular peritubular cells in infertility patients
, Andrology 1(2): 318-324 (2013)

The insertion/deletion (I/D) polymorphism in the angiotensin-converting enzyme gene and erectile dysfunction risk: a meta-analysis
, Andrology 1(2): 274-280 (2013)

Seminal vesicles and diabetic neuropathy: ultrasound evaluation after prolonged treatment with a selective phosphodiesterase-5 inhibitor
, Andrology 1(2): 245-250 (2013)

Spermatozoa and seminal plasma fatty acids as predictors of cryopreservation success
, Andrology 1(3): 365-375 (2013)

Male hypogonadism: an extended classification based on a developmental, endocrine physiology-based approach
, Andrology 1(1): 3-16 (2013)

Mendelian randomization suggests non-causal associations of testosterone with cardiometabolic risk factors and mortality
, Andrology 1(1): 17-23 (2013)

Is the haematopoietic effect of testosterone mediated by erythropoietin? The results of a clinical trial in older men
, Andrology 1(1): 24-28 (2013)

Enhanced evaluation of selective androgen receptor modulators in vivo
, Andrology 1(1): 29-36 (2013)

Germ cell-specific disruption of the Meig1 gene causes impaired spermiogenesis in mice
, Andrology 1(1): 37-46 (2013)

Sperm retrieval and live birth rates in presumed Sertoli-cell-only syndrome in testis biopsy: a single centre experience
, Andrology 1(1): 47-51 (2013)

Sperm cephalic vacuoles: new arguments for their non acrosomal origin in two cases of total globozoospermia
, Andrology 1(1): 52-56 (2013)

Modification of chromosomal architecture in human spermatozoa with large vacuoles
, Andrology 1(1): 57-66 (2013)

Optimizing TESE-ICSI by laser-assisted selection of immotile spermatozoa and polarization microscopy for selection of oocytes
, Andrology 1(1): 67-74 (2013)

RNASET2 in human spermatozoa and seminal plasma: a novel relevant indicator for asthenozoospermia
, Andrology 1(1): 75-84 (2013)

The BMI of men and not sperm parameters impact on embryo quality and the IVF outcome
, Andrology 1(1): 85-89 (2013)

The relationship between anogenital distance and age
, Andrology 1(1): 90-93 (2013)

Digit ratio (2D:4D) in Klinefelter's syndrome
, Andrology 1(1): 94-99 (2013)

Fertility potential in men with a history of congenital undescended testes: a long-term follow-up study
, Andrology 1(1): 100-108 (2013)

Adolescent varicocoele management controversies
, Andrology 1(1): 109-115 (2013)

Association of left varicocoele with height, body mass index and sperm counts in infertile men
, Andrology 1(1): 116-119 (2013)

Efficacy of vitamin E in the conservative treatment of Peyronie's disease: legend or reality? A controlled study of 70 cases
, Andrology 1(1): 120-128 (2013)

Comparison of transdermal electromotive administration of verapamil and dexamethasone versus intra-lesional injection for Peyronie's disease
, Andrology 1(1): 129-132 (2013)

Ultrasonographic determination of caput epididymis diameter is strongly predictive of obstruction in the genital tract in azoospermic men with normal serum FSH
, Andrology 1(1): 133-138 (2013)

Relations of morphometric parameters to zinc content in paediatric and nonhyperplastic young adult prostate glands
, Andrology 1(1): 139-146 (2013)

Lymphangiogenesis in chronic inflammation in the testis
, Andrology 1(1): 147-154 (2013)

Chronic scrotal pain syndrome (CSPS): the widespread use of antibiotics is not justified
, Andrology 1(1): 155-159 (2013)

Evolution of testis-specific kinases TSSK1B and TSSK2 in primates
, Andrology 1(1): 160-168 (2013)

Ectopic expression of the ABA-inducible dehydration-responsive chickpea l-myo-inositol 1-phosphate synthase 2 CaMIPS2 in Arabidopsis enha
, Unknown (2013)

Self-disclosure of serostatus by youth who are HIV-positive: a review
, Journal of Behavioral Medicine 37(2): 276-288 (2014)

Differential medication nonadherence and illness beliefs in co-morbid HIV and type 2 diabetes
, Journal of Behavioral Medicine 37(2): 266-275 (2014)

The effect of first dose of tamsulosin on flow rate and its predictive ability on the improvement of LUTS in men with BPH in the mid-term
, International Urology and Nephrology 45(1): 45-51 (2013)

Haematuria and acute kidney injury in elderly patients admitted to hospital with supratherapeutic warfarin anticoagulation
, International Urology and Nephrology 45(2): 561-570 (2013)

Primary squamous cell carcinoma of seminal vesicle: an extremely rare case report with literature review
, International Urology and Nephrology 45(1): 135-138 (2013)

The influence of ethanol intake on RhoA/Rho kinase signaling pathway in corpus cavernosum of OLETF rats
, International Urology and Nephrology 45(2): 429-438 (2013)

Ureteral quadruplication with three blind-ending branches
, International Urology and Nephrology 45(1): 69-71 (2013)

The effectiveness of N-Acetylcysteine in preventing contrast-induced nephropathy in patients undergoing contrast-enhanced computed tomography: a meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials
, International Urology and Nephrology 45(5): 1309-1318 (2013)

Low serum endothelial cell-selective adhesion molecule predicts increase in albuminuria in type 2 diabetes patients
, International Urology and Nephrology 45(5): 1319-1326 (2013)

Fibromuscular dysplasia presenting with asymptomatic bilateral renal infarctions
, International Urology and Nephrology 46(1): 243-246 (2014)

A Descriptive Analysis of Nursing Student Communication Behaviors
, Clinical Simulation in Nursing 9(1) (2013)

Impacts of enhanced CCN on the organization of convection and recent reduced counts of monsoon depressions
, Climate Dynamics 41(1): 117-134 (2013)

A mechanism for Atlantic multidecadal variability in the Kiel Climate Model
, Climate Dynamics 41(7-8): 2133-2144 (2013)

The 20th century cooling trend over the southeastern United States
, Climate Dynamics 40(1-2): 341-352 (2013)

A lesson not to be learned? Understanding stereotype threat does not protect women from stereotype threat
, Social Psychology of Education 16(2): 199-213 (2013)

Parenting at home and bullying at school
, Social Psychology of Education 16(2): 165-179 (2013)

Considering trauma exposure in the context of genetics studies of posttraumatic stress disorder: a systematic review
, Biology of Mood and Anxiety Disorders 3(1): 2 (2013)

Wastewater use in algae production for generation of renewable resources: a review and preliminary results
, Aquatic Biosystems 9(1): 2 (2013)

Mathematical modelling and experimental investigation of the hybrid desiccant cooling system
, International Journal of Sustainable Energy 33(1): 103-111 (2014)

Techno-economic assessment of the application of small-scale wind turbines
, International Journal of Sustainable Energy 32(6): 587-598 (2013)

Estimation of the effect of biomass moisture content on the direct combustion of sugarcane bagasse in boilers
, International Journal of Sustainable Energy 33(2): 349-356 (2014)

Energetic and exergetic analyses of a hydrogen-fuelled HCCI engine for environmentally benign operation
, International Journal of Sustainable Energy 33(2): 367-385 (2014)

CFD analysis of a thermo-hydraulic flow distribution in generic indirect-type natural-circulation solar-energy dryers
, International Journal of Sustainable Energy 33(1): 159-178 (2014)

Clean energy investment scenarios using the Bayesian network
, International Journal of Sustainable Energy 33(2): 400-415 (2014)

CO2 emissions and carbon capture and storage prospects in the electric power industry of Guangdong Province, China
, Unknown (2013)

A model for cardiomyocyte cell death: insights into mechanisms of oncosis
, Experimental and Molecular Pathology 94(1): 289-300 (2013)

Mutations in the mitochondrial ATPase6 gene are frequent in human osteosarcoma
, Experimental and Molecular Pathology 94(1): 285-288 (2013)

Huddling up in a dry environment the physiological benefits of aggregation in an intertidal gastropod
, Marine Biology 160(5): 1119-1126 (2013)

The MTA family proteins as novel histone H3 binding proteins
, Cell and Bioscience 3(1): 1 (2013)

Poly(ADP-ribose): PARadigms and PARadoxes
, Molecular Aspects of Medicine 34(6): 1046-1065 (2013)

Physiological and molecular determinants of embryo implantation
, Molecular Aspects of Medicine 34(5): 939-980 (2013)

Inhaler devices - from theory to practice
, Respiratory Medicine 107(4): 495-502 (2013)

A rare tumor of the lung: pulmonary sclerosing hemangioma (pneumocytoma)
, Respiratory Medicine 107(3): 448-450 (2013)

Efficacy of theophylline plus salmeterol/fluticasone propionate combination therapy in patients with asthma
, Respiratory Medicine 107(3): 347-354 (2013)

Intravenous and nebulized magnesium sulfate for treating acute asthma in adults and children: a systematic review and meta-analysis
, Respiratory Medicine 107(3): 321-330 (2013)

Upper and lower airway nitric oxide levels in primary ciliary dyskinesia, cystic fibrosis and asthma
, Respiratory Medicine 107(3): 380-386 (2013)

Novel method to differentiate 3T3 L1 cells in vitro to produce highly sensitive adipocytes for a GLUT4 mediated glucose uptake using fluorescent glucose analog
, Journal of Cell Communication and Signaling 7(2): 129-140 (2013)

PINK1 positively regulates IL-1β-mediated signaling through Tollip and IRAK1 modulation
, Journal of Neuroinflammation 9: 271 (2012)

Dendritic cell CNS recruitment correlates with disease severity in EAE via CCL2 chemotaxis at the blood-brain barrier through paracellular transmigration and ERK activation
, Journal of Neuroinflammation 9: 245 (2012)

Association of dimethylarginines and mediators of inflammation after acute ischemic stroke
, Journal of Neuroinflammation 9: 251 (2012)

Musculotopic organization of the motor neurons supplying the mouse hindlimb muscles: a quantitative study using Fluoro-Gold retrograde tracing
, Brain Structure and Function 219(1): 303-321 (2014)

Functional anatomy of cortical areas characterized by Von Economo neurons
, Brain Structure and Function 218(1): 1-20 (2013)

Tracing superior longitudinal fasciculus connectivity in the human brain using high resolution diffusion tensor tractography
, Brain Structure and Function 219(1): 269-281 (2014)

Comparison of percent density from raw and processed full field digital mammography data
, Unknown (2013)

Influence of Tyrphostin AG490 on the expression of diabetes-associated markers in human adipocytes
, Immunogenetics 65(1): 83-90 (2013)

Association of a single-nucleotide polymorphism within the miR-146a gene with susceptibility for acute-on-chronic hepatitis B liver failure
, Immunogenetics 65(4): 257-263 (2013)

An interdisciplinary momentary confluence of events model to explain, minimize, and prevent pediatric patient falls and fall-related injuries
, Journal for Specialists in Pediatric Nursing 18(1): 4-12 (2013)

The development of a mother's internal working model of feeding
, Journal for Specialists in Pediatric Nursing 18(1): 54-64 (2013)

Cystic fibrosis-related diabetes in older adolescents: parental support and self-management
, Journal for Specialists in Pediatric Nursing 18(1): 42-53 (2013)

Religion and anxiety treatments in primary care patients
, Anxiety Stress and Coping 26(5): 526-538 (2013)

Does equity sensitivity moderate the relationship between effort-reward imbalance and burnout
, Anxiety Stress and Coping 26(6): 643-658 (2013)

Angiotensin-(1-7) inhibits vascular calcification in rats
, Peptides 42: 25-34 (2013)

Wrwyrggrywrw is a single-chain functional analog of the Holliday junction-binding homodimer, (wrwycr)2
, Peptides 40: 112-122 (2013)

A role for both ecology and geography as mechanisms of genetic differentiation in specialized butterflies
, Evolutionary Ecology 27(3): 565-578 (2013)

Soldiers with large weapons in predator-abundant midsummer phenotypic plasticity in a eusocial aphid
, Evolutionary Ecology 27(5): 847-862 (2013)

Low-field magnetic resonance imaging study on carpal arthritis in systemic sclerosis - low grade erosive arthritis of carpal bones is an unexpected and frequent disease manifestation
, Unknown (2013)

OPN gene polymorphism influence the risk of knee OA and OPN levels in synovial fluid in a Chinese population
, Unknown (2013)

Investigating systematic misclassification of central line-associated bloodstream infection (CLABSI) to secondary bloodstream infection during health care-associated infection reporting
, American Journal of Medical Quality 28(1): 56-59 (2013)

An assessment of clinical performance measures for pediatric emergency physicians
, American Journal of Medical Quality 28(1): 33-39 (2013)

The hybrid progress note: semiautomating daily progress notes to achieve high-quality documentation and improve provider efficiency
, American Journal of Medical Quality 28(1): 25-32 (2013)

Medication Safety in Primary Care Practice: results from a PPRNet quality improvement intervention
, American Journal of Medical Quality 28(1): 16-24 (2013)

Minimizing geriatric rehospitalizations: a successful model
, American Journal of Medical Quality 28(1): 8-15 (2013)

Migration of antimony from PET trays into food simulant and food: determination of Arrhenius parameters and comparison of predicted and measured migration data
, Food Additives and Contaminants. Part A Chemistry Analysis Control Exposure and Risk Assessment 30(3): 587-598 (2013)

Use of folk tests to detect ciguateric fish: a scientific evaluation of their effectiveness in Raivavae Island (Australes, French Polynesia)
, Food Additives and Contaminants. Part A Chemistry Analysis Control Exposure and Risk Assessment 30(3): 550-566 (2013)

Evaluation of seafood toxicity in the Australes archipelago (French Polynesia) using the neuroblastoma cell-based assay
, Food Additives and Contaminants. Part A Chemistry Analysis Control Exposure and Risk Assessment 30(3): 567-586 (2013)

Are Agrofuels a Conservation Threat or Opportunity for Grassland Birds in the United States?¿Son los Agrocombustibles una Amenaza o una Oportunidad para la Conservacion de las Aves de Pastizal en Estados Unidos?
, Unknown (2013)

Year-Round Bird use of Monotypic Stands of the Chinese Tallow Tree, Triadica Sebifera, in Southeast TexasUso de Rodales Monotípicos de Triadica sebifera Durante Todo el Año por Aves en el Sureste de Texas
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Migrating Birds use of Stopover Habitat in The Southwestern United StatesUso de Habitats de Parada por Aves Migratorias en el Suroeste de los Estados Unidos
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An Experimental Study of Social Attraction in Two Species of Storm-Petrel by Acoustic and Olfactory CuesEstudio Experimental de Atraccion Social en Dos Especies de Oceanodroma con Señates Acusticas y Olfativas
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The Effects of Prey Density on Capture Times and Foraging Success of Course-Hunting Adult Snail KitesEfectos de Densidad de Presa en los Tiempos de Captura y Éxito de Forrajeo de Adultos de Rostrhamus sociabilis
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Correlates and Fitness Consequences of Natal Dispersal in Swainsons HawksCorrelatos y Consecuencias en la Adecuacion Biologica de la Dispersion Natal en Buteo swainsoni
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Recent Population Decline of the Marbled Murrelet in the Pacific NorthwestDisminucion Reciente de la Poblacion de Brachyramphus marmoratus en el Noroeste Pacífico de Norteamerica
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Variation in Plasma Oxidative Status and Testosterone Level in Relation to Egg-Eviction Effort and Age of Brood-Parasitic Common Cuckoo NestlingsVariacion en el Estatus Oxidativo del Plasma y Niveles de Testosterona en Relacion al Esfuerzo de Desalojo de
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Variation in Aggression of Black-Throated Blue Warblers Wintering in JamaicaVariacion en la Agresion de Individuos de Setophaga caerulescens que Invernan en Jamaica
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Predator Vocalizations Alter Parental Return Time at Nests of the Hooded WarblerLas Vocalizaciones de los Depredadores Alteran el Tiempo de Retorno Parental a los Nidos de Setophaga citrina
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Effectiveness of Artificial Song Playback on Influencing the Settlement Decisions of an Endangered Resident Grassland PasserineEfectividad de la Reproduccion Artificial de Cantos para Influenciar las Decisiones de Asentamiento de un Paserino en Peligro Re
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Evaluating Habitat-Association Models for the Saltmarsh SparrowEvaluacion de Modelos de Asociacion de Habitat para Ammodramus caudacutus
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Clinical effects of natalizumab on multiple sclerosis appear early in treatment course
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Diffusion imaging in neurological disease
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Deep whole-genome sequencing of 100 southeast Asian Malays
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Metaphyseal dysplasia with maxillary hypoplasia and brachydactyly is caused by a duplication in RUNX2
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Mutations in MEOX1, encoding mesenchyme homeobox 1, cause Klippel-Feil anomaly
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DNA methylation profiling of medulloblastoma allows robust subclassification and improved outcome prediction using formalin-fixed biopsies
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Ditching and Ditch-Plugging in New England Salt Marshes Effects on Hydrology, Elevation, and Soil Characteristics
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À propos d’un syndrome EPPER eosinophilic polymorphic pruritic eruption associated with radiotherapy survenu chez une patiente apres traitement d’un cancer de l’endometre
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Sources of Acute Sport Stress Scale for Sports Officials Rasch Calibration
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Buffer capacity capturing a dimension of resilience to climate change in African smallholder agriculture
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Mighty minipig in fight against cardiovascular disease
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Generation of Ponto-Geniculo-Occipital PGO Waves as a Possible Cause of Impairments to Visual Perception during Microsleep
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Phenotropil Succinate as a Substance Correcting Neuroimmune Impairments in Conditions of Informational-Physical Stress
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Changes in the Severity of Hypoxic Brain Damage in Rats Due to Hypoxic Postconditioning
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Changes in Hippocampal and Neocortical Neurons in Rats in Different Regimes of Hypobaric Hypoxia
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Applying CLSM to increment core surfaces for histometric analyses A novel advance in quantitative wood anatomy
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How prostate cancer therapies compare by cost and effectiveness
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Encuesta nacional sobre profilaxis antibiotica de infeccion de herida quirurgica en cirugía cardíaca
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Putting PAID to diabetes-related distress: the potential utility of the problem areas in diabetes (PAID) scale in patients with diabetes
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Predictors of success of corticosteroid injection for the management of rotator cuff disease
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Impfung bei Virushepatitis
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Diagnostik und Therapie der chronischen Hepatitis-B- und Hepatitis-D-Virus-Infektion
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Minimal Bounds on Nonlinearity in Auditory Processing
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Fructose metabolism in humans - what isotopic tracer studies tell us
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Observation of peripheral retina by topical endoscopic imaging method-a preliminary study
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Quantitative Modeling of Fibrinogen Adsorption on Different Biomaterials
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Bronchodilator responsiveness using spirometry in healthy and asthmatic preschool children
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Prevalence et caracteristiques de la douleur et des patients douloureux en France  resultats de l’etude epidemiologique National Health and Wellness Survey realisee aupres de 15000 personnes adultes
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The COP1 E3-ligase interacts with FIP200, a key regulator of mammalian autophagy
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A disruption mechanism of the molecular clock in a MPTP mouse model of Parkinson's disease
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Retinoic acid and human olfactory ensheathing cells cooperate to promote neural induction from human bone marrow stromal stem cells
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A Royal Chartered College joins Chiropractic Manual Therapies
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Bloch surface wave-enhanced fluorescence biosensor
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Rapid and sensitive in-situ detection of polar antibiotics in water using a disposable Ag-graphene sensor based on electrophoretic preconcentration and surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy
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Magnetic particle detection (MPD) for in-vitro dosimetry
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Selective and sensitive mercuric (ii) ion detection based on quantum dots and nicking endonuclease assisted signal amplification
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Label-free electrochemical impedance spectroscopy biosensor for direct detection of cancer cells based on the interaction between carbohydrate and lectin
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Prussian blue @ platinum nanoparticles/graphite felt nanocomposite electrodes: application as hydrogen peroxide sensor
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Simultaneous and early detection of Mycobacterium tuberculosis resistance to antituberculosis drugs using an indirect series piezoelectric system
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Prevascularisation with endothelial progenitor cells improved restoration of the architectural and functional properties of newly formed bone for bone reconstruction
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Antigenic variation and pathogen fitness
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Sperm size and energetics in passerines
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BMR parental investment are correlated
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Salmon subsidized size spectra
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Isolating drivers of synchrony
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Validating the gambling functional assessment--revised in a United kingdom sample
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Pulsed Dye Laser-resistant Port Wine Stains Mechanisms of Resistance and Implications for Treatment
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Mechanism underlying prolongevity induced by bifidobacteria in Caenorhabditis elegans
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Sesamin extends the mean lifespan of fruit flies
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Targeting the tumor microenvironment for cancer therapy
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TMPRSS2-ERG fusion transcripts in matched urine and needle rinse material after biopsy for the detection of prostate cancer
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Very low PSA concentrations and deletions of the KLK3 gene
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GALNT9 gene expression is a prognostic marker in neuroblastoma patients
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The biology of brain metastasis
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Genomic medicine: new frontiers and new challenges
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The long journey of cancer biomarkers from the bench to the clinic
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New opportunities from the cancer metabolome
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Unleashing the power of proteomics to develop blood-based cancer markers
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Integrated analyses of proteins and their glycans in a magnetic bead-based multiplex assay format
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Multicenter Evaluation of
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Oral cancer diagnosis via a ferrocenylnaphthalene diimide-based electrochemical telomerase assay
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Comparative Assessment of Urinary Prostate Cancer Antigen 3 and TMPRSS2ERG Gene Fusion with the Serum
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