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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 36736

Chapter 36736 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Morales, M.; Iraola, Víctor.; Leonor, J.R.; Carnés, Jónimo., 2013:
Enzymatic activity of allergenic house dust and storage mite extracts

Ritchie, S.A.; Cortis, G.; Paton, C.; Townsend, M.; Shroyer, D.; Zborowski, P.; Hall-Mendelin, S.; Van Den Hurk, A.F., 2013:
A simple non-powered passive trap for the collection of mosquitoes for arbovirus surveillance

Iko, M.; Tsutsumi, M.; Aikawa, H.; Matsumoto, Y.; Go, Y.; Nii, K.; Abe, G.; Ye, I.; Nomoto, Y.; Kazekawa, K., 2013:
Distal protection filter device efficacy with carotid artery stenting: comparison between a distal protection filter and a distal protection balloon

Licata, S.C.; Nickerson, L.D.; Lowen, S.B.; Trksak, G.H.; Maclean, R.R.; Lukas, S.E., 2013:
The hypnotic zolpidem increases the synchrony of BOLD signal fluctuations in widespread brain networks during a resting paradigm

Gilaie-Dotan, S.; Hahamy-Dubossarsky, A.; Nir, Y.; Berkovich-Ohana, A.; Bentin, S.; Malach, R., 2013:
Resting state functional connectivity reflects abnormal task-activated patterns in a developmental object agnosic

Green, M.A.; Kim, M.M.; Barber, S.; Odulana, A.A.; Godley, P.A.; Howard, D.L.; Corbie-Smith, G.M., 2013:
Connecting communities to health research: development of the Project CONNECT minority research registry

Dai, Y.; Wang, S.; Zhou, J.; Tang, J.; Tang, W., 2013:
A family of single-isomer, dicationic cyclodextrin chiral selectors for capillary electrophoresis: mono-6(A)-ammonium-6(C)-butylimidazolium-β-cyclodextrin chlorides

Kim, J-Yeob.; Kim, H-Bae.; Jang, D-Jeon., 2013:
Electrophoretic separation of gold nanoparticles according to bifunctional molecules-induced charge and size

Zhang, L.; Du, X.; An, R.; Li, L.; Gasser, R.B., 2013:
Identification and genetic characterization of Anisakis larvae from marine fishes in the South China Sea using an electrophoretic-guided approach

Anonymous, 2013:
A reproducible method to enrich membrane proteins with high-purity and high-yield for an LC-MS/MS approach in quantitative membrane proteomics

Anonymous, 2013:
Identification and classification of seafood-borne pathogenic and spoilage bacteria 16S rRNA sequencing vs MALDI-TOF MS fingerprinting

Pasotti, F.; Martini, G.; Caimi, L.; Ricotta, D., 2013:
von Willebrand Factor multimers profiling with a semi-automated system

Romero, R.M.; Rojsittisak, P.; Haworth, I.S., 2013:
Electrophoretic mobility of duplex DNA cross-linked by mechlorethamine at a cytosine-cytosine mismatch pair

Anonymous, 2013:
Field amplified sample injection – capillary zone electrophoresis FASI-CZE for the analysis of amprolium in eggs

Us, M.Faruk.; Alshana, U.; Lubbad, I.; Göğer, Nün.G.; Ertaş, N., 2013:
Dispersive liquid-liquid microextraction based on solidification of floating organic drop combined with field-amplified sample injection in capillary electrophoresis for the determination of beta(2)-agonists in bovine urine

Calixto, L.Augusto.; Bonato, P.Sueli., 2013:
Combination of hollow-fiber liquid-phase microextraction and capillary electrophoresis for pioglitazone and its main metabolites determination in rat liver microsomal fraction

Tabry, I.F.; Zachariah, Z.P., 2015:
Right thoracotomy approach for repair of recurrent or complex coarctation of the aorta using an extra-anatomic ascending aorta to descending aorta bypass graft off-pump

Rhee, J.; Parent, D.; Basu, A., 2013:
The influence of personality and ability on undergraduate teamwork and team performance

Terova, G.; Robaina, L.; Izquierdo, M.; Cattaneo, A.; Molinari, S.; Bernardini, G.; Saroglia, M., 2013:
PepT1 mRNA expression levels in sea bream (Sparus aurata) fed different plant protein sources

Marie-Sophie Callens, Marie Valentová…, 2014:
Do Attitudes Towards the Integration of Immigrants Change Over Time? A Comparative Study of Natives, Second-Generation Immigrants and Foreign-Born Residents in Luxembourg

Bunkoed, O.; Thavarungkul, P.; Thammakhet, C.; Kanatharana, P., 2013:
Evaluation of cost-effective sol-gel-based sensor for monitoring of formaldehyde in workplace environment and cancer risk assessment

Anonymous, 2013:
Vitamin D accelerates clinical recovery from tuberculosis results of the SUCCINCT Study Supplementary Cholecalciferol in recovery from tuberculosis A randomized, placebo-controlled, clinical trial of vitamin d supplementation in patients with pulmonar

Shrosbree, J.; Campbell, L.J.; Ibrahim, F.; Hopkins, P.; Vizcaychipi, M.; Strachan, S.; Post, F.A., 2013:
Late HIV diagnosis is a major risk factor for intensive care unit admission in HIV-positive patients: a single centre observational cohort study

Shephard, S.; Fung, T.; Rossberg, A.G.; Farnsworth, K.D.; Reid, D.G.; Greenstreet, S.P.R.; Warnes, S., 2013:
Modelling recovery of Celtic Sea demersal fish community size-structure

Grimm, C.; Chari, A.; Pelz, J-Patrick.; Kuper, J.; Kisker, C.; Diederichs, K.; Stark, H.; Schindelin, H.; Fischer, U., 2013:
Structural basis of assembly chaperone- mediated snRNP formation

Kim, D.Young.; Kwon, E.; Hartley, P.D.; Crosby, D.C.; Mann, S.; Krogan, N.J.; Gross, J.D., 2013:
CBFβ stabilizes HIV Vif to counteract APOBEC3 at the expense of RUNX1 target gene expression

Castel, Mía.Ángeles.; Roig, Eàlia.; Rios, Jé.; Tomas, C.; Mirabet, S.; Cardona, M.; Brossa, V.; López, L.; Vargas, L.; Sionis, A.; Vallejos, I.; Pérez-Villa, Félix., 2014:
Long-term prognostic value of elevated heart rate one year after heart transplantation

Barone-Rochette, G.; Machecourt, J.; Vanzetto, G.; Foote, A.; Quesada, J-Louis.; Castelli, C.; Danchin, N.; Combescure, C., 2014:
The favorable price evolution between bare metal stents and drug eluting stents increases the cost effectiveness of drug eluting stents

Zhong, L.; Ng, K.K.C.; Sim, L.Ling.; Allen, J.Carson.; Lau, Y.How.; Sim, D.K.L.; Lee, R.K.K.; Poh, K.Keong.; Chua, T.S.J.; Kassab, G.S.; Kwok, B.W.K.; Tan, R.San., 2014:
Myocardial contractile dysfunction associated with increased 3-month and 1-year mortality in hospitalized patients with heart failure and preserved ejection fraction

Ahn, M-Soo.; Kim, J-Bae.; Yoo, B-Su.; Lee, J-Won.; Lee, J.Hyun.; Youn, Y.Jin.; Ahn, S.Gyun.; Kim, J-Young.; Lee, S-Hwan.; Yoon, J.; Choe, K-Hoon., 2014:
Fragmented QRS complexes are not hallmarks of myocardial injury as detected by cardiac magnetic resonance imaging in patients with acute myocardial infarction

Lip, G.Y.H.; Lin, H-Ju.; Hsu, H-Ching.; Su, T-Chen.; Chen, M-Fong.; Lee, Y-Teh.; Chien, K-Liong., 2014:
Comparative assessment of the HAS-BLED score with other published bleeding risk scoring schemes, for intracranial haemorrhage risk in a non-atrial fibrillation population: the Chin-Shan Community Cohort Study

Douwes, J.M.; Roofthooft, M.T.R.; Bartelds, B.; Talsma, M.D.; Hillege, H.L.; Berger, R.M.F., 2014:
Pulsatile haemodynamic parameters are predictors of survival in paediatric pulmonary arterial hypertension

Teixeira, R.ério; Gonçalves, L.; Gersh, B., 2013:
Acute myocardial infarction — Historical notes

Kwong, J.S.W.; Leithäuser, B.; Park, J-Wun.; Yu, C-Man., 2014:
Diagnostic value of magnetocardiography in coronary artery disease and cardiac arrhythmias: a review of clinical data

Morici, N.; Moja, L.; Rosato, V.; Oreglia, J.Andrea.; Sacco, A.; D.M.rco, F.; Bruschi, G.; Klugmann, S.; L.V.cchia, C.; Savonitto, S., 2014:
Time from adenosine di-phosphate receptor antagonist discontinuation to coronary bypass surgery in patients with acute coronary syndrome: meta-analysis and meta-regression

Toprak,; Hamidi, N.; Toprak, ?ahin; ?en, Z.âi, 2013:
Climatic identity assessment of the climate change

Budzianowski, Wojciech M., 2013:
Modelling of CO2 content in the atmosphere until 2300 influence of energy intensity of gross domestic product and carbon intensity of energy

Beyene, A.; Zevenhoven, R., 2013:
Thermodynamics of climate change

Elagib,; Alvi, S.H.que, 2013:
Moderate solar dimming in an accelerating warming climate of Bahrain

Tsai, Wen Tien, 2013:
Environmental risks of new-generation fluorocarbons in replacement of potent greenhouse gases

Amin, A.Q.asem Al; Kari, F.; Alam, G.M.habubul, 2013:
Global warming and climate change prospects and challenges toward long-term policies in Bangladesh

Anonymous, 2013:
Unconventional coal reservoir for CO2 safe geological sequestration

Singh, G.; Kumar, P., 2013:
Phytochemical and Antibacterial Studies of Different Parts of Euphorbia hirta L

Bamhania, K.; Khatakar, S.; Punia, A.; Yadav, O.P.akash, 2013:
Genetic Variability Analysis Using ISSR Markers in Withania Somnifera L Dunal Genotypes from Different Regions

Hivrale, V.K.; Lomate, P.R., 2013:
Angiotensin-Converting Enzyme Inhibitory Potential of Harmaline Isolated from Peganum Harmala L Seeds

Kumar, D.; Datta, S.; Roy, S.S.nkar; Gaonkar, R.H.; Vedasiromoni, J.R.; Ghosh, R.; Pal, B.C., 2013:
Bioactivity-Guided Isolation and Quantification of Anti-diabetic Principle in vitro from Holarrhena antidysenterica L Wall

Rohela,; Bylla, P.; Kota, S.; Abbagani, S.; Chithakari, R.; Reuben, T.C.ristopher, 2013:
In vitro Plantlet Regeneration from Leaf and Stem Calluses of Rauwolfia tetraphylla R canescens and Confirmation of Genetic Fidelity of Plantlets Using the ISSR-PCR Method

Gurav, S.S.; Deshkar, N.S.; Tilloo, S.K.; Duragkar, N.J.; Burade, K., 2013:
Antimicrobial and Antioxidant Evaluation of Flacourtia Ramontchi L Herit

Wang, S.; Qiu, D.; So, K-Fai.; Wu, E.X.; Leung, L.H.T.; Gu, J.; Khong, P-Lan., 2013:
Radiation induced brain injury: assessment of white matter tracts in a pre-clinical animal model using diffusion tensor MR imaging

Llop, S.; Casas, L.; Santa Marina, L.; Estarlich, M.; Fernández-Somoano, A.; Esplugues, A.; Jimenez, A.; Zock, J-Paul.; Tardón, A.; Marco, A.; Ballester, F., 2013:
Prenatal and postnatal residential usage of insecticides in a multicenter birth cohort in Spain

Emelogu, E.S.; Pollard, P.; Robinson, C.D.; Webster, L.; McKenzie, C.; Napier, F.; Steven, L.; Moffat, C.F., 2013:
Identification of selected organic contaminants in streams associated with agricultural activities and comparison between autosampling and silicone rubber passive sampling

Peñuelas, J.; Sardans, J.; Estiarte, M.; Ogaya, Rà.; Carnicer, J.; Coll, M.; Barbeta, A.; Rivas-Ubach, A.; Llusià, J.; Garbulsky, M.; Filella, I.; Jump, A.S., 2013:
Evidence of current impact of climate change on life: a walk from genes to the biosphere

McSherry, M.E.; Ritchie, M.E., 2013:
Effects of grazing on grassland soil carbon: a global review

Birte-Marie Ehlers, Wilfried Jokat, 2013:
Paleo-bathymetry of the northern North Atlantic and consequences for the opening of the Fram Strait

Anonymous, 2013:
Saudi Young Patient Understanding of Information about Side Effects Verbal versus Numerical expression

Hu, X.; Holers, V.Michael.; Thurman, J.M.; Schoeb, T.R.; Ramos, T.N.; Barnum, S.R., 2013:
Therapeutic inhibition of the alternative complement pathway attenuates chronic EAE

Wang, Y.; He, T.; Schwarz, S.; Zhao, Q.; Shen, Z.; Wu, C.; Shen, J., 2013:
Multidrug resistance gene cfr in methicillin-resistant coagulase-negative staphylococci from chickens, ducks, and pigs in China

Antunes Wilhelm, E.; Ricardo Jesse, C.; Folharini Bortolatto, C.; Wayne Nogueira, C., 2013:
Correlations between behavioural and oxidative parameters in a rat quinolinic acid model of Huntington's disease: protective effect of melatonin

AlSuleimani, Y.M.; Hiley, C.Robin., 2014:
Mechanisms of vasorelaxation induced by oleoylethanolamide in the rat small mesenteric artery

Ho, W-S.V., 2013:
Modulation by 17β-estradiol of anandamide vasorelaxation in normotensive and hypertensive rats: a role for TRPV1 but not fatty acid amide hydrolase

Van Kolen, K.; Bruinzeel, W.; He, W.; D.K.mpe, N.; Van Puyvelde, L.; Cik, M.; Pullan, S., 2013:
Investigation of signalling cascades induced by neurotrophic synaptolepis factor K7 reveals a critical role for novel PKCε

Parida, S.; Uttam Singh, T.; Ravi Prakash, V.; Mishra, S.K., 2013:
Molecular and functional characteristics of β3-adrenoceptors in late pregnant mouse uterus: a comparison with β2-adrenoceptors

Jaramillo, M.Del.Carmen.; Martínez-Duarte, R.; Hüttener, M.; Renaud, P.; Torrents, E.; Juárez, A., 2013:
Increasing PCR sensitivity by removal of polymerase inhibitors in environmental samples by using dielectrophoresis

Mohamed E.M.Ali, Tarek A.Gad-Allah, Mohamed I.Badawy, 2013:
Heterogeneous Fenton process using steel industry wastes for methyl orange degradation

Ranvijay Kumar, Kaushlendra Sharma, K.P.Tiwary, Gautam Sen, 2013:
Polymethacrylic acid grafted psyllium Psy-g-PMA a novel material for waste water treatment

Šantl-Temkiv, T.; Finster, K.; Hansen, B.M.nk; Paši?, L.; Karlson, U.G.sewinkel, 2013:
Viable methanotrophic bacteria enriched from air and rain can oxidize methane at cloud-like conditions

Foronda, C.; Liu, S.; Bauman, E.B., 2013:
Evaluation of Simulation in Undergraduate Nurse Education An Integrative Review

Kang, S.; Seol, S.J.e; Chung, Y.; Kwon, H.-Seok, 2013:
Pitfalls of 1D inversion of small-loop electromagnetic data for detecting man-made objects

Benedetto, Andrea, 2013:
A three dimensional approach for tracking cracks in bridges using GPR

Quah-Smith, I.; Smith, C.; Crawford, J.D.; Russell, J., 2014:
Laser acupuncture for depression: a randomised double blind controlled trial using low intensity laser intervention

Anonymous, 2013:
Characterization of human rotaviruses circulating in Iraq in 2008 atypical G8 and high prevalence of P6 strains

Fernandez, S.; de Vedia, L.; Lopez Furst, M.J.; Gardella, N.; D.G.egorio, S.; Ganaha, M.C.; Prieto, S.; Carbone, E.; Lista, N.; Rotrying, F.; Stryjewski, M.E.; Mollerach, M., 2013:
Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus ST30-SCCmec IVc clone as the major cause of community-acquired invasive infections in Argentina

Tamim, S.; Hasan, F.; Matthijnssens, J.; Sharif, S.; Shaukat, S.; Alam, M.M.; Angez, M.; Suleman Rana, M.; Khurshid, A.; Zaidi, S.S.Z., 2013:
Epidemiology and phylogenetic analysis of VP7 and VP4 genes of rotaviruses circulating in Rawalpindi, Pakistan during 2010

Sow, A.; Ganaba, R.; Percoma, L.; Sidibé, I.; Bengaly, Z.; Adam, Y.; Koné, P.; Sawadogo, G.J.; Van Den Abbeele, J.; Marcotty, T.; Delespaux, V., 2013:
Baseline survey of animal trypanosomosis in the region of the Boucle du Mouhoun, Burkina Faso

B.R.Srinivasa Murthy, 2013:
Case Studies in Geotechnical Engineering Constructions

Yasir, T.A.mad; Min, D.; Chen, X.; Condon, A.G.rard; Hu, Y.-Gang, 2013:
The association of carbon isotope discrimination ? with gas exchange parameters and yield traits in Chinese bread wheat cultivars under two water regimes

NIU.B.-yue; LAN.X.-ming; YAN.X.-hong; DI.S.-wei; WANG.Y.; LI.H.-tao; XIONG.Y.-zhu; WANG.X.-biao, 2013:
Characterization of Porcine Matrix Metalloproteinase 23 pMMP-23 Gene and Its Association with Litter Size Traits

LI.J.; LIU.X.-gang; DONG.F.-shou; XU.J.; GUO.L.-qun; KONG.Z.-qiang; TIAN.Y.-ying; WU.Y.-bin; ZHENG.Y.-quan, 2013:
A Simple Method for the Isolation and Purification of 2,4-Dihydroxy-7-Methoxy-2H-1,4-Benzoxazin-34H-One DIMBOA from Maize Zea mays L Seedlings

JIA.W.-mmg; ZHOU.Y.-lin; DUAN.X.-yu; LUO.Y.; DING.S.-li; CAO.X.-ren; Bruce, D L Fitt, 2013:
Assessment of Risk of Establishment of Wheat Dwarf Bunt Tilletia controversa in China

ZHAO.W.-qing; ZHOU.Z.-guo; MENG.Y.-li; CHEN.B.-lin; WANG.Y.-hua, 2013:
Modeling Fiber Fineness, Maturity, and Micronaire in Cotton Gossypium hirsutum L

ZHANG.H.; CHEN.T.-ting; LIU.L.-jun; WANG.Z.-qin; YANG.J.-chang; ZHANG.J.-hua, 2013:
Performance in Grain Yield and Physiological Traits of Rice in the Yangtze River Basin of China During the Last 60 yr

JIANG.X.-jian; TANG.L.; LIU.X.-jun; CAO.W.-xing; ZHU.Y., 2013:
Spatial and Temporal Characteristics of Rice Potential Productivity and Potential Yield Increment in Main Production Regions of China

PAN.L.-juan; YANG.Q.-li; CHI.X.-yuan; CHEN.M.-na; YANG.Z.; CHEN.N.; WANG.T.; WANG.M.; HE.Y.-nan; YU.S.-lin, 2013:
Functional Analysis of the Phosphoenolpyruvate Carboxylase on the Lipid Accumulation of Peanut Arachis hypogaea L Seeds

WANG.L.-jun; HE.S.-zhen; ZHAI.H.; LIU.D.-gao; WANG.Y.-nan; LIU.Q.-chang, 2013:
Molecular Cloning and Functional Characterization of a Salt Tolerance-Associated Gene IbNFU1 from Sweetpotato

LI.R.; XIAO.L.-hai; WANG.J.; LU.Y.-li; RONG.T.-zhao; PAN.G.-tang; WU.Y.-qi; TANG.Q.; LAN.H.; CAO.M.-ju, 2013:
Combining Ability and Parent-Offspring Correlation of Maize Zea may L Grain ?-Carotene Content with a Complete Diallel

FU.X.-qian; FENG.J.; YU.B.; GAO.Y.-jun; ZHENG.Y.-lian; YUE.B., 2013:
Morphological, Biochemical and Genetic Analysis of a Brittle Stalk Mutant of Maize Inserted by Mutator

MEI.D.-yong; ZHU.Y.-jun; YU.Y.-hong; FAN.Y.-yang; HUANG.D.-run; ZHUANG.J.-yun, 2013:
Quantitative Trait Loci for Grain Chalkiness and Endosperm Transparency Detected in Three Recombinant Inbred Line Populations of Indica Rice

LU.S.-sha; LIU.Y.-sui; LONG.H.-lou; GUAN.X.-Hang, 2013:
Agricultural Production Structure Optimization A Case Study of Major Grain Producing Areas, China

CHEN.Y.-fu; WU.Z.-gang; ZHU.T.-hui; YANG.L.; MA.G.-ying; Chien, H.-ping, 2013:
Agricultural Policy, Climate Factors and Grain Output Evidence From Household Survey Data in Rural China

ZHANG.F.; ZHANG.L.-wen; WANG.X.-zhen; HUNG.J.-feng, 2013:
Detecting Agro-Droughts in Southwest of China Using MODIS Satellite Data

WANG.W.; LIAO.Y.-cheng; GUO.Q., 2013:
Seasonal and Annual Variations of CO2 Fluxes in Rain-Fed Winter Wheat Agro-Ecosystem of Loess Plateau, China

YU.D.-bing; JIANG.B.-chun; GONG.J.; DONG.F.-lu; LU.Y.-lin; YUE.H.-jie; WANG.Z.-chao; DU.W.-xing; GUO.A.-yuan, 2013:
Identification of Novel and Differentially Expressed MicroRNAs in the Ovaries of Laying and Non-Laying Ducks

LAN.X.-yong; ZHAO.H.-yu; LI.Z.-jian; ZHOU.R.; PAN.C.-ying; LEI.C.-zhao; CHEN.H., 2013:
Exploring the Novel Genetic Variant of PITX1 Gene and Its Effect on Milk Performance in Dairy Goats

LIU.R.; SUN.D.-xiao; WANG.Y.-chun; YU.Y.; ZHANG.Y.; CHEN.H.-yong; ZHANG.Q.; ZHANG.S.-li; ZHANG.Y., 2013:
Fine Mapping QTLs Affecting Milk Production Traits on BTA6 in Chinese Holstein with SNP Markers

Lee, D-Yun.; Kim, H.Jeong.; Yoon, B-Koo.; Choi, D., 2013:
Clinical characteristics of adolescent endometrioma

Nur Azurah, A.Ghani.; Sanci, L.; Moore, E.; Grover, S., 2013:
The quality of life of adolescents with menstrual problems

Johnson, L.T.; Lara-Torre, E.; Murchison, A.; Garcia, E.M., 2013:
Large epidermal cyst of the clitoris: a novel diagnostic approach to assist in surgical removal

Draganovic, V.; van der Goot, A.J.; Boom, R.; Jonkers, J., 2013:
Wheat gluten in extruded fish feed effects on morphology and on physical and functional properties

Akter, S.; Jesmin, S.; Islam, M.; Sultana, S.Nusrat.; Okazaki, O.; Hiroe, M.; Moroi, M.; Mizutani, T., 2012:
Association of age at menarche with metabolic syndrome and its components in rural Bangladeshi women

Annan, M.; Chua, J.; Cole, R.; Kennedy, E.; James, R.; Markúsdóttir, I.örg; Monsen, J.; Robertson, L.; Shah, S., 2013:
Further iterations on using the Problem-analysis Framework

Tzermpos, F.; Iatrou, I.; Papadimas, C.; Pistiki, A.; Georgitsi, M.; Giamarellos-Bourboulis, E.J., 2013:
Function of blood monocytes among patients with orofacial infections

Almeida, Lígia.Moreira.; Caldas, Jé.; Ayres-de-Campos, D.; Salcedo-Barrientos, D.; Dias, Sónia., 2014:
Maternal healthcare in migrants: a systematic review

Panni, A.Schiavone.; Vasso, M.; Cerciello, S., 2013:
Acute patellar dislocation. What to do?

Sansone, M.; Ahldén, M.; Jónasson, Páll.; Swärd, L.; Eriksson, T.; Karlsson, J., 2013:
Total dislocation of the hip joint after arthroscopy and ileopsoas tenotomy

Sugihara, I.; Fujita, H., 2013:
Peri- and postnatal development of cerebellar compartments in the mouse

Fernández-Rodríguez, S.; Skjøth, C.Ambelas.; Tormo-Molina, R.; Brandao, R.; Caeiro, E.; Silva-Palacios, I.; Gonzalo-Garijo, A.; Smith, M., 2015:
Identification of potential sources of airborne Olea pollen in the Southwest Iberian Peninsula

Sarah K.Mincey, Miranda Hutten, Burnell C.Fischer, Tom P.Evans…, 2013:
Structuring institutional analysis for urban ecosystems A key to sustainable urban forest management

Brown, A.; Taylor, L.; Mitchell, K.; Veeramootoo, D.; Wajed, S.A., 2013:
Nutritional advantage for patients undergoing minimally invasive surgical resection for oesophago-gastric cancer

Ren, X-Ling.; Qi, G-Ning.; Feng, H-Qian.; Zhao, S.; Zhao, S-Shuang.; Wang, Y.; Wu, W-Hua., 2013:
Calcineurin B-like protein CBL10 directly interacts with AKT1 and modulates K+ homeostasis in Arabidopsis

Du, X.; Gellerstedt, G.; Li, J., 2013:
Universal fractionation of lignin-carbohydrate complexes (LCCs) from lignocellulosic biomass: an example using spruce wood

Zhao, L.; Li, R.; Shao, C.; Li, P.; Liu, J.; Wang, K., 2013:
3p21.3 tumor suppressor gene RBM5 inhibits growth of human prostate cancer PC-3 cells through apoptosis

Lee, H.Hong.; Song, K.Young.; Park, C.Hyun.; Jeon, H.Myung., 2013:
Undifferentiated-type gastric adenocarcinoma: prognostic impact of three histological types

Arakelian, E.; Torkzad, M.R.; Bergman, A.; Rubertsson, S.; Mahteme, H., 2013:
Pulmonary influences on early post-operative recovery in patients after cytoreductive surgery and hyperthermic intraperitoneal chemotherapy treatment: a retrospective study

Lee, H.; Lee, J.; Sung, K.Young., 2013:
Comparative study comparing endoscopic thyroidectomy using the axillary approach and open thyroidectomy for papillary thyroid microcarcinoma

Türkyılmaz, K.; Oner, V.; Sevim, M.Şahin.; Kurt, A.; Sekeryapan, B.; Durmuş, M., 2013:
Effect of pterygium surgery on tear osmolarity

Cartwright, J.A.; Ott, U.; Mittlefehldt, D.W.; Herrin, J.S.; Herrmann, S.; Mertzman, S.A.; Mertzman, K.R.; Peng, Z.X.; Quinn, J.E., 2013:
The quest for regolithic howardites Part 1 Two trends uncovered using noble gases

Katz, A.; Nishri, A., 2013:
Calcium, magnesium and strontium cycling in stratified, hardwater lakes Lake Kinneret Sea of Galilee, Israel

Tanaka, M.; Takahashi, Y.; Yamaguchi, N.; Kim, K.-Woong; Zheng, G.; Sakamitsu, M., 2013:
The difference of diffusion coefficients in water for arsenic compounds at various pH and its dominant factors implied by molecular simulations

Nagase, A.; Dunnett, N., 2013:
Establishment of an annual meadow on extensive green roofs in the UK

Lesmerises, F.édéric; Dussault, C.; St-Laurent, M.-Hugues, 2013:
Major roadwork impacts the space use behaviour of gray wolf

Zheng, X.; Wu, Y.; Zhu, L.; Chen, Q.; Zhou, Y.; Yan, H.; Chen, T.; Xiao, Q.; Zhu, J.; Zhang, L., 2013:
Angiotensin II promotes differentiation of mouse embryonic stem cells to smooth muscle cells through PI3-kinase signaling pathway and NF-κB

Neese, S.L.; Bandara, S.B.; Schantz, S.L., 2013:
Working memory in bisphenol-A treated middle-aged ovariectomized rats

Yunus, M.; Shaila, M.S., 2013:
Establishment of an in vitro transcription system for Peste des petits ruminant virus

Zhang, J.; Wang, K.; Guo, Y.; Shi, Q.; Tian, C.; Chen, C.; Gao, C.; Zhang, B-Yun.; Dong, X-Ping., 2013:
Heat shock protein 70 selectively mediates the degradation of cytosolic PrPs and restores the cytosolic PrP-induced cytotoxicity via a molecular interaction

Chen, J.; Hu, L.; Wu, M.; Zhong, T.; Zhou, Y-Hua.; Hu, Y., 2013:
Kinetics of IgG antibody to cytomegalovirus (CMV) after birth and seroprevalence of anti-CMV IgG in Chinese children

Anonymous, 2013:
Browsing of sallow Salix caprea L and rowan Sorbus aucuparia L in the context of life history strategies a literature review

Ortiz, B.V.; Balkcom, K.B.; Duzy, L.; Santen, E.; Hartzog, D.L., 2013:
Evaluation of agronomic and economic benefits of using RTK-GPS-based auto-steer guidance systems for peanut digging operations

Dupouy, J.; Dassieu, L.; Bourrel, R.; Poutrain, J-Christophe.; Bismuth, S.; Oustric, Séphane.; Lapeyre-Mestre, M., 2013:
Effectiveness of drug tests in outpatients starting opioid substitution therapy

Riansuwan, W.; Lertakyamanee, N., 2013:
An easier technique of endoanal mucosectomy in ileal pouch anal anastomosis IPAA for familial adenomatous polyposis FAP patients

Beaton, C.; Twine, C.P.; Williams, G.L.; Radcliffe, A.G., 2014:
Systematic review and meta-analysis of histopathological factors influencing the risk of lymph node metastasis in early colorectal cancer

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Wood pulp as an immobilization matrix for the continuous production of isopropanol and butanol

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Metastatic angiomatoid fibrous histiocytoma of the scalp, with EWSR1-CREB1 gene fusions in primary tumor and nodal metastasis

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Historia natural de la estenosis carotídea de grado moderado en pacientes con enfermedad arterial periferica

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Best practices in secondary fracture prevention: fracture liaison services

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Refinement of the time-space evolution of the giant Mio-Pliocene Río Blanco-Los Bronces porphyry Cu–Mo cluster, Central Chile new U–Pb SHRIMP II and Re–Os geochronology and 40Ar/39Ar thermoc

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A Paediatric Investigation Plan Case Study

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Mapping and Characterizing the Development Pathway from Non-Clinical through Early Clinical Drug Development

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Phase III Trial of Lapatinib

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Effects of CO2 Addition to Raw Milk on Microbial, Physiochemical and Sensory Properties of

Anonymous, 2013:
Comparative Study on the Effect of Soil Water Stress on Photosynthetic Function of Triticale,

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Role of leptin and adiponectin in insulin resistance

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Interexaminer reliability of infrared thermography for the diagnosis of complex regional pain syndrome

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Seasonal and annual variation in the intensity of facial wrinkles

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Automatic measurement of skin textures of the dorsal hand in evaluating skin aging

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Gender differences in predictors of self-rated health in Armenia: a population-based study of an economy in transition

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Gestion de la glycemie  un audit dans 66 reanimations

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A review of the use of biological agents for chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyradiculoneuropathy

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Investigations of an Integrated Angular Velocity Measurement and Attitude Control System for Spacecraft Using Magnetically Suspended Double-Gimbal CMGs

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Integrating impairments in reaction time and executive function using a diffusion model framework

Anonymous, 2013:
Paralysie cerebrale organisation de la transition enfant-adulte et specificites de la prise en charge MPR de l’adulte

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Identifying cardiovascular disease risk and outcome: use of the plasma triglyceride/high-density lipoprotein cholesterol concentration ratio versus metabolic syndrome criteria

Anonymous, 2013:
Opioid use for non-cancer pain and risk of myocardial infarction among adults

Anonymous, 2013:
Sitagliptin improves beta-cell function in patients with acute coronary syndromes and newly diagnosed glucose abnormalities the BEGAMI study

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Regenerative medicine for the treatment of heart disease

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Toxic neurofilamentous axonopathies -- accumulation of neurofilaments and axonal degeneration

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Open Access to General Practice Was Associated with Burnout among General Practitioners

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Hydro-Physical Behavior of Gypseous Soils Under Different Soil Management in a Semiarid Region of NE Spain

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Continuous corneal intrastromal ring implantation for treatment of keratoconus in an Iranian population

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Water stress effects on Cumin Cuminum cyminum L yield and oil essential components

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Ethephon and prohexadione-calcium influence the flowering, early yield, and vegetative growth of young ‘Northern Spy’ apple trees

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Anonymous, 2013:
Childhood Disintegrative Disorder as a Likely Manifestation of Vitamin B12 Deficiency

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Impaired DNA methylation and its mechanisms in CD4(+)T cells of systemic lupus erythematosus

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Associated and disassociated changes in hormones, song, behavior and brain receptor expression between life-cycle stages in male black redstarts, Phoenicurus ochruros

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Evaluation of mechanisms controlling the priming of soil carbon along a substrate age gradient

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Climate Change in the Wine Sector of an Ultra?Peripheral European Region A Case Study

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Resilience in Agriculture Small- and Medium-Sized Farms in Northwest Washington State

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Sleep habits, food intake, and physical activity levels in normal and overweight and obese Malaysian children

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Antivenom therapy of carpet viper (Echis ocellatus) envenoming: effectiveness and strategies for delivery in West Africa

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Bioassay evaluation of the entomopathogenic fungus, Lecanicillium longisporum Petch Zare Gams against egg and nymphs of Trialeurodes vaporariorum Westwood in laboratory conditions

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Survival, fecundity and reproductive recovery period of Neoseiulus californicus McGregor during long-term preservation on maize pollen and after switch to Tetranychus urticae Koch

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National Institutes of Health NIH Chronic GVHD Staging in Severely Affected Patients Organ and Global Scoring Correlate with Established Indicators of Disease Severity and Prognosis

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Human capabilities, mild autism, deafness and the morality of embryo selection

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Delta-associated molluscan life and death assemblages in the northern Adriatic Sea: Implications for paleoecology, regional diversity and conservation

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Ecological instability in Upper Cambrian–Lower Ordovician trilobite communities from Northwestern Argentina

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The Suess effect in Fiji coral ?13C and its potential as a tracer of anthropogenic CO2 uptake

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The Upper Ypresian and Lutetian in San Pelegrín section Southwestern Pyrenean Basin Magnetostratigraphy and larger foraminifera correlation

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Phytolith variability in Zingiberales A tool for the reconstruction of past tropical vegetation

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Residential Short-Term Rentals Should Local Governments Regulate the Industry?

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Breaking the Stranglehold of Single-Family Zoning Strategies and First Steps Toward Modernizing Local Codes

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Judge Rules on Oregon Equal Protection Case

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Effect of Integrated Nutrients Management on Cane Yield, Juice Quality and Soil Fertility Under Sugarcane Based Cropping System

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Varietal Differences in Chlorosis and Yield of Sugarcane Grown on a Typic Haplustert

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Alternative expression of TCRζ related genes in patients with chronic myeloid leukemia

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Treatment of large impacted proximal ureteral stones: randomized comparison of minimally invasive percutaneous antegrade ureterolithotripsy versus retrograde ureterolithotripsy

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Surviving a potentially lethal injury? bite mark and associated trauma in the vertebra of a dyrosaurid crocodilian

Anonymous, 2013:
Delivering exposure and ritual prevention for obsessive compulsive disorder via videoconferen Clinical considerations and recommendations

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Do People with Hoarding Disorder Under-Report Their Symptoms?

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Evidence for the use of Levomepromazine for symptom control in the palliative care setting: a systematic review

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Proteomic study of granulocytic differentiation induced by apigenin 7-glucoside in human promyelocytic leukemia HL-60 cells

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Contesting the zoo as a setting for ecotourism, and the design of a first principle

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The second order spin-2 system in flat space near space-like and null-infinity

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Loop effects and infrared divergences in slow-roll inflation

Anonymous, 2013:
A Gravitational Aharonov-Bohm Effect, and its Connection to Parametric Oscillators and Gravitational Radiation

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Super-Eddington accreting massive black holes as long-lived cosmological standards

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BTZ black holes inspired by noncommutative geometry

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Nonstandard approach to gravity for the dark sector of the Universe

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Covariant equations of motion for test bodies in gravitational theories with general nonminimal coupling

Anonymous, 2013:
Cosmological equivalence between the Finsler-Randers space-time and DGP gravity model

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Dynamical analysis of the cosmology of mass-varying massive gravity

Anonymous, 2013:
Can quantum gravity be exposed in the laboratory? A tabletop experiment to reveal the quantum foam

F.Nogueira, 2013:
Extremal Surfaces in Asymptotically AdS Charged Boson Stars Backgrounds

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Development of a foam flotation system for harvesting microalgae biomass

Anonymous, 2013:
C elegans as a Genetic Model System to Identify Parkinsons Disease- Associated Therapeutic Targets

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Effects of α-synuclein overexpression in transgenic Caenorhabditis elegans strains

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Environmental toxicants as extrinsic epigenetic factors for parkinsonism: studies employing transgenic C. elegans model

Anonymous, 2013:
Iridoid Compound 10-O-trans-p-Coumaroylcatalpol Extends Longevity and Reduces Alpha Synuclein Aggregation in Caenorhabditis elegans

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Elicitation of dopaminergic features of Parkinson's disease in C. elegans by monocrotophos, an organophosphorous insecticide

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Effect of various classes of pesticides on expression of stress genes in transgenic C. elegans model of Parkinson's disease

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An overview on potential neuroprotective compounds for management of Alzheimer's disease

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Frequency of pituitary tumor apoplexy during treatment of prolactinomas with dopamine agonists: a systematic review

Anonymous, 2013:
Nuclear Factor Erythroid 2 - Related Factor 2 Signaling in Parkinson Disease A Promising Multi Therapeutic Target Against Oxidative Stress, Neuroinflammation and Cell Death

Luo, T.; Jiang, W.; Kong, Y.; Li, S.; He, F.; Xu, J.; Wang, H-Qiao., 2013:
The protective effects of jatrorrhizine on β-amyloid (25-35)-induced neurotoxicity in rat cortical neurons

Anonymous, 2013:
Geniposide Regulates Insulin-Degrading Enzyme Expression to Inhibit the Cytotoxicity of A1-42 in Cortical Neurons

Lorke, D.E.; Hasan, M.Y.; Nurulain, S.M.; Shafiullah, M.; Kuča, K.; Petroianu, G.A., 2013:
Acetylcholinesterase inhibitors as pretreatment before acute exposure to organophosphates: assessment using methyl-paraoxon

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Outcome-dependent global similarity analysis of imbalanced core signaling pathways in ischemic mouse hippocampus

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Perceptions of neighborhood park quality: associations with physical activity and body mass index

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Does neighbourhood walkability moderate the effects of mass media communication strategies to promote regular physical activity?

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Beyond distance: children's school travel mode choice

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District and school physical education policies: implications for physical education and recess time

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Polymorphic mutation frequencies in clinical isolates of Staphylococcus aureus: the role of weak mutators in the development of fluoroquinolone resistance

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Antibiotics at subinhibitory concentrations improve the quorum sensing behavior of Chromobacterium violaceum

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Pheromonal bile acid 3-ketopetromyzonol sulfate primes the neuroendocrine system in sea lamprey

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Disabled older people's use of health and social care services and their unmet care needs in six European countries

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Classroom characteristics and implementation of a substance use prevention curriculum in European countries

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CD133 induces tumour-initiating properties in HEK293 cells

Kurbel, S., 2013:
In search of triple-negative DCIS: tumor-type dependent model of breast cancer progression from DCIS to the invasive cancer

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Serum soluble MICB (sMICB) correlates with disease progression and survival in melanoma patients

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EphB4 is overexpressed in gliomas and promotes the growth of glioma cells

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TAGLN suppresses proliferation and invasion, and induces apoptosis of colorectal carcinoma cells

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Cucurbitacin D induces growth inhibition, cell cycle arrest, and apoptosis in human endometrial and ovarian cancer cells

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High COL4A3 expression correlates with poor prognosis after cisplatin plus gemcitabine chemotherapy in non-small cell lung cancer

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The level of circulating miRNA-10b and miRNA-373 in detecting lymph node metastasis of breast cancer: potential biomarkers

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Quantification of Phase Values of Cerebral Microbleeds in Hypertensive Patients Using ESWAN MRI

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Performance correlates of resting metabolic rate in garden skinks Lampropholis delicata

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Varus external rotation stress test for radiographic detection of deep deltoid ligament disruption with and without syndesmotic disruption: a cadaveric study

Nakagawa, Tomoko, 2013:
Ion entry into the wake behind a nonmagnetized obstacle in the solar wind Two-dimensional particle-in-cell simulations

Anonymous, 2013:
Linear scaling and periodicity on the measures of global and local scale complexities of dynamics of Total Electron Content

Lee, H.-B.; Jee, G.; Kim, Y.H.; Shim, J.S., 2013:
Characteristics of global plasmaspheric TEC in comparison with the ionosphere simultaneously observed by Jason-1 satellite

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Kinetic analysis of the energy transport of bursty bulk flows in the plasma sheet

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Serial echocardiographic left ventricular ejection fraction measurements: a tool for detecting thalassemia major patients at risk of cardiac death

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A pilot randomized controlled trial comparing the efficacy of exercise, spinal manipulation, and neuro emotional technique for the treatment of pregnancy-related low back pain

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Global left ventricular load in asymptomatic aortic stenosis: covariates and prognostic implication (the SEAS trial)

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Coenurus gaigeri cyst in the thigh of a goat and its successful management

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Comparison of two methods of Marshallagia marshalli donor sheep production

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Evaluating how electronic charting affects resident productivity

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Gastroscopy-associated transmission of extended-spectrum beta-lactamase-producing Pseudomonas aeruginosa

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Economic compensation standard for irrigation processes to safeguard environmental flows in the Yellow River Estuary, China

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Economic Performance of Water Storage Capacity Expansion for Food Security

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The longwave infrared 3–14?m spectral properties of rock encrusting lichens based on laboratory spectra and airborne SEBASS imagery

Hantson, S.; Padilla, M.; Corti, D.; Chuvieco, E., 2013:
Strengths and weaknesses of MODIS hotspots to characterize global fire occurrence

Anonymous, 2013:
Tumeur d’Abrikossoff a localisation osophagienne a propos d’un nouveau cas

Bugalho, Paulo; Alves, Luísa; Miguel, Rita, 2013:
Gait dysfunction in Parkinson’s disease and normal pressure hydrocephalus a comparative study

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Bilateral giant extracranial carotid artery aneurysms

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Allelopathic exudates of cogongrass (Imperata cylindrica): implications for the performance of native pine savanna plant species in the southeastern US

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Detection and differentiation of pigeon paramyxovirus serotype-1 (PPMV-1) isolates by RT-PCR and restriction enzyme analysis

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Dry chemical processing and ensiling of rice straw to improve its quality for use as ruminant feed

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Estimation of genetic parameters for reproductive traits in Shall sheep

Muuka, G.Munkombwe.; Songolo, N.; Kabilika, S.; Fandamu, P.; Buonavoglia, D.; Scacchia, M., 2013:
Private sector involvement in the control of contagious bovine pleuropneumonia (CBPP) in the Kazungula district of Zambia benefitted the community and the control strategy

Preetha, P.P.; Girija Devi, V.; Rajamohan, T., 2013:
Effects of coconut water on carbohydrate metabolism and pancreatic pathology of alloxan induced diabetic rats

Bonnan-White, J.; Hightower, A.; Issa, A., 2013:
Of couscous and occupation a case study of women’s motivations to join and participate in Palestinian fair trade cooperatives

Seed, B.; Lang, T.; Caraher, M.; Ostry, A., 2013:
Integrating food security into public health and provincial government departments in British Columbia, Canada

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Association of the interleukin 1 beta gene and brain spontaneous activity in amnestic mild cognitive impairment

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Regulation of Kir4.1 expression in astrocytes and astrocytic tumors: a role for interleukin-1 β

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Hierarchical factors impacting the distribution of an invasive species landscape context and propagule pressure

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Linking life history traits to pollinator loss in fragmented calcareous grasslands

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Land use and host community characteristics as predictors of disease risk

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Climate and interrelated tree regeneration drivers in mixed temperate–boreal forests

Niels Brouwers, George Matusick, Katinka Ruthrof, Thomas Lyons…, 2013:
Landscape-scale assessment of tree crown dieback following extreme drought and heat in a Mediterranean eucalypt forest ecosystem

Xinping Ye, Andrew K.Skidmore, Tiejun Wang, 2013:
Within-patch habitat quality determines the resilience of specialist species in fragmented landscapes

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Identification and molecular characterization of porcine kobuvirus in U. S. swine

Sigurdsson, K., 2014:
Is a liquid-based cytology more sensitive than a conventional Pap smear?

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Diagnostic and prognostic significance of image cytometric DNA ploidy measurement in cytological samples of cervical squamous intraepithelial lesions

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Bilateral condyle fracture of tibial insert in mobile bearing total knee arthroplasty

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The influence of suture material on the strength of horizontal mattress suture configuration for meniscus repair

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Predictive modeling of human operator cognitive state via sparse and robust support vector machines

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Strategies for minimizing sample size for use in airborne LiDAR-based forest inventory

Csilléry, K.; Seignobosc, M.ëlle; Lafond, V.; Kunstler, G.; Courbaud, B.ît, 2013:
Estimating long-term tree mortality rate time series by combining data from periodic inventories and harvest reports in a Bayesian state-space model

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Selective thinning of Arbutus unedo coppices following fire Effects on growth at the individual and plot level

López, L.; Villalba, R.; Bravo, F., 2013:
Cumulative diameter growth and biological rotation age for seven tree species in the Cerrado biogeographical province of Bolivia

VolaÅ?ík, D.; Hédl, R., 2013:
Expansion to abandoned agricultural land forms an integral part of silver fir dynamics

Wu, J.; Pan, H.; Yang, S.; Niu, X., 2013:
Tree species and elevation influence the assemblage composition of saproxylic beetles in subtropical forest of east China

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The interacting ecological effects of large-scale disturbances and salvage logging on montane spruce forest regeneration in the western European Alps

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Investigation into Skin Friction of Bored Pile Including Influence of Soil Strength at Pile Base

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Progressive hereditary hearing impairment caused by a MYO6 mutation resembles presbyacusis

Li, J.; Lopez, B.N.; Liu, L.; Zhao, N.; Yu, K.; Zheng, L., 2014:
Regional or global WEEE recycling. Where to go?

Antoniu, S.A., 2012:
Nintedanib (BIBF 1120) for IPF: a tomorrow therapy?

Tantanasarit, C.; Babel, S.; Englande, A.J.; Meksumpun, S., 2013:
Influence of size and density on filtration rate modeling and nutrient uptake by green mussel (Perna viridis)

Law, R.J.; Bersuder, P.; Barry, J.; Barber, J.; Deaville, R.; Barnett, J.; Jepson, P.D., 2013:
Organochlorine pesticides and chlorobiphenyls in the blubber of bycaught female common dolphins from England and Wales from 1992-2006

Anonymous, 2013:
Producao de polvilho a partir do amido de mandioca busca de alternativas para otimizacao do processo de producao em industrias polvilheiras do município de Conceicao dos Ouros, Minas Gerais, Brasil

Rachna Malhotra,Divya Prakash…, 2013:
Comparative study of toxic chlorophenolic compounds generated in various bleaching sequences of wheat straw pulp

Pastore, S.; Berti, I.; Longo, G., 2013:
Autoimmune chronic urticaria: transferability of autologous serum skin test

Anonymous, 2013:
Nao compactacao isolada do ventrículo esquerdo experiencia de um centro

Raposeiras Roubín, S.; Barreiro Pardal, C.; Roubín-Camiña, F.; Ocaranza Sanchez, R.; Alvarez Castro, E.; Paradela Dobarro, B.; García-Acuña, J.María.; Aguiar Souto, P.; Jacquet Hervet, M.; Castromán, M.José.; Arufe, I.; Outes, Bén.; Reino-Maceiras, Mía.Victoria.; Abu Assi, E.; González-Juanatey, Jé.Ramón., 2013:
High-sensitivity C-reactive protein predicts adverse outcomes after non-ST-segment elevation acute coronary syndrome regardless of GRACE risk score, but not after ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction

Cullom, S.James.; Case, J.A.; Courter, S.A.; McGhie, A.Iain.; Bateman, T.M., 2014:
Regadenoson pharmacologic rubidium-82 PET: a comparison of quantitative perfusion and function to dipyridamole

Travin, M.I., 2014:
Cardiac autonomic imaging with SPECT tracers

Soussan, M.; Brillet, P-Yves.; Nunes, H.; Pop, G.; Ouvrier, M-John.; Naggara, N.; Valeyre, D.; Weinmann, P., 2014:
Clinical value of a high-fat and low-carbohydrate diet before FDG-PET/CT for evaluation of patients with suspected cardiac sarcoidosis

Anonymous, 2013:
Towards systemic and adaptive governan Exploring the revealing and concealing aspects of contemporary social-learning metaphors

Bluffstone, R.; Robinson, E.; Guthiga, P., 2013:
REDD+and community-controlled forests in low-income countries Any hope for a linkage?

Rasch, R.F.R.; Davidson, D.; Seiters, J.; MacMaster, S.A.; Adams, S.; Darby, K.; Cooper, R.Lyle., 2014:
Integrated recovery management model for ex-offenders with co-occurring mental health and substance use disorders and high rates of HIV risk behaviors

Farrell, G.; Comiskey, C., 2014:
Dualities of living with HIV/HCV co-infection: patients' perspectives from those who are ineligible for or nonresponsive to treatment

Alcaide, M.L.; Mumbi, M.; Chitalu, N.; Jones, D.L., 2013:
An intervention to decrease intravaginal practices in hiv-infected women in Zambia: a pilot study

Tsong, Y., 2013:
On the designs of thorough QT/QTc clinical trials

Tsong, Y.; Sun, A.; Kang, S-Ho., 2013:
Sample size of thorough QTc clinical trial adjusted for multiple comparisons

Poças Ribeiro, N.; Mendonça Filho, J.G.; Duarte, L.V.; Silva, R.L.; Mendonça, J.O.; Silva, T.F., 2013:
Palynofacies and Organic Geochemistry of the Sinemurian carbonate deposits in the western Lusitanian Basin Portugal Coimbra and Água de Madeiros formations

A.Abdaal, G.Jordan, P.Szilassi, 2013:
Testing Contamination Risk Assessment Methods for Mine Waste Sites

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Cutaneous and mucosal phaeohyphomycosis caused by Exophiala spinifera in a pregnant patient: case report and literature review

Anonymous, 2013:
Porosz sisakra emlekeztet? ST-szakasz-elevacio

Anonymous, 2013:
Harminceves betegut utan igazolt Larsen-szindroma

Anonymous, 2013:
Visszater? szomatikus mutacio hajas sejtes leukemiaban

Anonymous, 2013:
A serdul?kori polycystas ovarium szindroma diagnosztikai nehezsegei

Roehler, D.R.; Sann, S.; Kim, P.; Bachani, A.M.; Campostrini, S.; Florian, M.; Sidik, M.; Blanchard, C.; Sleet, D.A.; Hyder, A.A.; Ballesteros, M.F., 2014:
Motorcycle helmet attitudes, behaviours and beliefs among Cambodians

Chen, Chi-Feng, 2013:
Performance evaluation and development strategies for green roofs in Taiwan A review

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The sinks of dissolved inorganic nitrogen in surface water of wetland mesocosms

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The utility of predatory fish in biomanipulation of deep reservoirs

Jáuregui, B.M.; Rivera, D.ée; Peco, B.ña, 2013:
Does topsoil accelerate the decomposition of litter on roadslopes?

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Denitrification of groundwater using Brewers spent grain as biofilter media

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Intensive care nurses' conceptions of a critical pathway in caring for aortic-surgery patients: a phenomenographic study

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ICU-recovery in Scandinavia: a comparative study of intensive care follow-up in Denmark, Norway and Sweden

Saito, T.; Ujiie, K.; Tsutsumi, A.; Kameda, J.; Shibazaki, B., 2013:
Geological and frictional aspects of very-low-frequency earthquakes in an accretionary prism

J.T.ddeucci; G.A.V.lentine; I.S.nder; J.D.L.W.ite;; P.S.arlato, 2013:
The effect of pre-existing craters on the initial development of explosive volcanic eruptions an experimental investigation

Anonymous, 2013:
Conflicting evolutionary and biostratigraphical trends in Nephrolepidina praemarginata Douville, 1908 Foraminiferida

Michel Baguette, Virginie Stevens, 2013:
Predicting minimum area requirements of butterflies using life-history traits

Anonymous, 2013:
Comparing the Effects of Methadone Maintenance Treatment, Therapeutic Community, and Residential Rehabilitation on Quality of Life and Mental Health of Drug Addicts

Anonymous, 2013:
Opium Induces Apoptosis in Jurkat Cells

Selvin, E.; Juraschek, S.P.; Eckfeldt, J.; Levey, A.S.; Inker, L.A.; Coresh, J., 2013:
Within-person variability in kidney measures

Fletcher, S.; Van Hal, S.; Andresen, D.; McLaws, M-Louise.; Stark, D.; Harkness, J.; Ellis, J., 2014:
Gastrointestinal pathogen distribution in symptomatic children in Sydney, Australia

Paterson, B.J.; Durrheim, D.N., 2014:
The remarkable adaptability of syndromic surveillance to meet public health needs

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A rare complication of hyperplastic gastric polyp

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The effects of fast-off-D2 receptor antagonism on L-DOPA-induced dyskinesia and psychosis in parkinsonian macaques

Brunoni, A.Russowsky.; Zanao, T.Araujo.; Ferrucci, R.; Priori, A.; Valiengo, L.; de Oliveira, J.Farias.; Boggio, P.S.; Lotufo, P.A.; Benseñor, I.M.; Fregni, F., 2013:
Bifrontal tDCS prevents implicit learning acquisition in antidepressant-free patients with major depressive disorder

Gupta, G.; Panwar, J.; Jha,, 2013:
Natural occurrence of Pseudomonas aeruginosa, a dominant cultivable diazotrophic endophytic bacterium colonizing Pennisetum glaucum L R Br

Rorat, A.; Kacprzak, M.; Vandenbulcke, F.; P?ytycz, B., 2013:
Soil amendment with municipal sewage sludge affects the immune system of earthworms Dendrobaena veneta

Ferrer, M.; Newton, I.; Muriel, R., 2013:
Rescue of a small declining population of Spanish imperial eagles

Avon, C.; Dumas, Y.; Bergès, L., 2013:
Management practices increase the impact of roads on plant communities in forests

Newman, B.J.; Ladd, P.; Brundrett, M.; Dixon, K.W., 2013:
Effects of habitat fragmentation on plant reproductive success and population viability at the landscape and habitat scale

Anonymous, 2013:
Prevalencia y factores asociados a sospecha de malos tratos en la unidad geriatrica del area de urgencias del hospital

Davis, G.B.; Laslett, D.; Patterson, B.M.; Johnston, C.D., 2013:
Integrating spatial and temporal oxygen data to improve the quantification of in situ petroleum biodegradation rates

Suárez, F.; Guzmán, E.; Muñoz, Jé.F.; Bachmann, J.; Ortiz, C.; Alister, C.; Kogan, M., 2013:
Simazine transport in undisturbed soils from a vineyard at the Casablanca valley, Chile

Tolman, H.L.; Grumbine, R.W., 2013 :
Holistic genetic optimization of a Generalized Multiple Discrete Interaction Approximation for wind waves

Bachman, S.; Fox-Kemper, B., 2013:
Eddy Parameterization Challenge Suite I Eady Spindown

Gerber, M.; Joos, F., 2013:
An Ensemble Kalman Filter multi-tracer assimilation determining uncertain ocean model parameters for improved climate-carbon cycle projections

Bähler, B.; Hinrichs, Jörg, 2013:
Characterisation of mozzarella cheese curd by means of capillary rheometry

Shen, H.; Akoda, E.; Zhang, K., 2013:
Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus Carriage among Students at a Historically Black University: A Case Study

Boysen, L.; Nauta, M.; Duarte, A.Sofia.Ribeiro.; Rosenquist, H., 2013:
Human risk from thermotolerant Campylobacter on broiler meat in Denmark

Anonymous, 2013:
Positive feedback loop and synergistic effects on promoting tumorgenesis between HIF-2? and SCD1 in clear cell renal cell carcinoma

Parazzini, F.; Viganò, P.; Candiani, M.; Fedele, L., 2013:
Diet and endometriosis risk: a literature review

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Preimplantation genetic diagnosis in mitochondrial DNA disorders: challenge and success

Edvardson, S.; Oz, S.; Abulhijaa, F.Aziz.; Taher, F.Barghouthi.; Shaag, A.; Zenvirt, S.; Dascal, N.; Elpeleg, O., 2013:
Early infantile epileptic encephalopathy associated with a high voltage gated calcium channelopathy

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Skewed X-inactivation patterns in ageing healthy and myelodysplastic haematopoiesis determined by a pyrosequencing based transcriptional clonality assay

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Phase equilibria of ultramafic compositions on Mercury and the origin of the compositional dichotomy

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Accelerated pacific plate subduction following interplate thrust earthquakes at the Japan trench

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Coronary artery ectasia

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Self-concept and depression among children who experienced the death of a family member

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The Economic Geography of South Africa’s Hotel Industry 1990–2010

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Clinical Practice Associated with a Switch from and to Ziprasidone during Routine Inpatient Treatment of Patients with Schizophrenia

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Increasing L-isoleucine production in Corynebacterium glutamicum by overexpressing global regulator Lrp and two-component export system BrnFE

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Increasing the antibacterial activity of gentamicin in combination with extracted polyphosphate from Bacillus megaterium

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Cost and predictors of lost productive time in chronic migraine and episodic migraine: results from the American Migraine Prevalence and Prevention (AMPP) Study

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Which health-related quality-of-life outcome when planning randomized trials: disease-specific or generic, or both? A common factor model

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An international survey of the public engagement practices of health technology assessment organizations

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Economic efficiency of countries' clinical review processes and competitiveness on the market of human experimentation

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Reliability and Construct Validity of the Iranian Version of Health-promoting Lifestyle Profile in a Female Adolescent Population

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Addressing the changing sources of health information in iran

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Exercise improves reaction time without compromising accuracy in a novel easy-to-administer tablet-based cognitive task

Anonymous, 2013:
Prueba repeticion de oraciones para niños de 24 a 48 meses PRO-24 Estudio piloto con niños típicos y niños sordos con implante coclear

Anonymous, 2013:
Comunicacion aumentativa y alternativa para personas con afasia

Anonymous, 2013:
Resistance and bioaccumulation of Cd2+, Cu2+, Co2+ and Mn2+ by thermophilic bacteria, Geobacillus thermanta

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New Frontiers Regulating Learning in CSCL

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Nematode succession at deep-sea hydrothermal vents after a recent volcanic eruption with the description of two dominant species

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The Amplitude of Fibrillatory Waves on Leads aVF and V1 Predicting the Recurrence of Persistent Atrial Fibrillation Patients Who Underwent Catheter Ablation

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A proposal for a 9-lead electrocardiogram recorded via the Wilson's central terminal

Anonymous, 2013:
Tpeak-Tend Interval in 12-Lead Electrocardiogram of Healthy Children and Adolescents Tpeak-Tend Interval in Childhood

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Epidemics of Rhizoctonia Root Rot in Association with Biological and Physicochemical Properties of Field Soil in Bean Crops

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Pierces Disease of Grapevines in Taiwan Isolation, Cultivation and Pathogenicity of Xylella fastidiosa

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Improvement in deployment of MRI of the sacroiliac joints in patients suspected for spondyloarthritis using a targeted intervention: a case study

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A comparison of effect of PEG and EC plasticizers on relaxation dynamics of PEO–PMMA–AgNO3 polymer blends

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Political geographies of the object

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Conservative treatment for cystic duct stenosis in a child

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Risk Factors for Anemia among Brazilian Infants from the 2006 National Demographic Health Survey

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Validation of an algorithm to estimate gestational age in electronic health plan databases

Anonymous, 2013 :
Adrenocorticotropic hormone ACTH A forgotton tool in the treatment of proteinuric nephropathies

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Vaccination in CKD Patients

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Phenotypic variability of two principal Algerian camel populations

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Gall-induced stress in the leaves of Terminalia arjuna, food plant of tropical tasar silkworm, Antheraea mylitta

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Effect of potassium uptake on the composition of Calendula officinalis L flower’s content of essential oil

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Virulence variation in Alternaria mali Roberts and evaluation of systemic acquired resistance SAR activators for the management of Alternaria leaf blotch of apple

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Application of plastics and paper as food packaging materials – an overview

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Value added products from nutri-cereals finger millet Eleusine coracana

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Consumer acceptability of chocolate chip cookies using applesauce as a fat butter substitute

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A software for planning loose yards and designing concrete constructions for dairy farms in arid and semi-arid zones

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Defining regulatory and phosphoinositide-binding sites in the human WIPI-1 β-propeller responsible for autophagosomal membrane localization downstream of mTORC1 inhibition

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Histoplasmosis and subcutaneous nodules in a kidney transplant recipient: erythema nodosum versus fungal panniculitis

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The Discovery of Novel Selective D1 Dopaminergic Agonists: A-68930, A-77636, A-86929, and ABT-413

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Effect of a prostaglandin F2α analogue on the cyclic corpus luteum during its refractory period in cows

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Canine muscle cell culture and consecutive patch-clamp measurements - a new approach to characterize muscular diseases in dogs

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Pyrosequencing of 16S rRNA genes in fecal samples reveals high diversity of hindgut microflora in horses and potential links to chronic laminitis

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Comparison of the geographical distribution of feline immunodeficiency virus and feline leukemia virus infections in the United States of America (2000-2011)

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Retrieval of Oocytes from Ovaries of Buffalo Cows Slaughtered in Abattoir

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Transmissible Venereal Tumor in Spitz Bitch

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Alpha 1A-Adrenergic Regulation of Inhibition in the Olfactory Bulb

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Quantitative interactions between the A-type K+ current and InsP3Rs regulate intraneuronal Ca2+ waves and synaptic plasticity

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Effects of voluntary wheel running on the kidney at baseline and after ischemia-reperfusion induced acute kidney injury a strain difference comparison

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High Viral Load in the Planthopper Vector Delphacodes kuscheli Hemiptera Delphacidae is Associated With Successful Transmission of Mal de Río Cuarto Virus

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Five New Records of Drosophilids Diptera in a Riparian Forest in the Brazilian Savanna, an Endangered Neotropical Biome

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Effect of Inbreeding on Host Discrimination and Other Fitness Components in a Seed Beetle

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Flow cytometry is of limited utility in the early identification of "double-hit" B-cell lymphomas

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Intravesical drug delivery for dysfunctional bladder

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Anonymous, 2013:
Internetressourcen fur Radiologen

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Radiologie und Schwangerschaft

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MRT bei Myokarditis

Anonymous, 2013:
MRT bei arrhythmogener rechtsventrikularer Dysplasie/Kardiomyopathie ARVD/C

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5-HT7 receptor neuroprotection against NMDA–induced excitotoxicity is PDGFs receptor-dependent

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Glucose metabolism down-regulates the uptake of 6-(N-(7-nitrobenz-2-oxa-1,3-diazol-4-yl)amino)-2-deoxyglucose (6-NBDG) mediated by glucose transporter 1 isoform (GLUT1): theory and simulations using the symmetric four-state carrier model

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DILI: New Insights into Diagnosis and Management

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Psychometric properties of an informant personality questionnaire (the HAP) in a sample of older adults in the Netherlands and Belgium

Anonymous, 2013:
Efek Ekstrak Daun Ashitaba Angelica keiskei Terhadap Gambaran Histopatologi Ginjal Mencit Mus musculus Jantan

Anonymous, 2013:
Profil Seks Rasio Tukik Penyu Hijau Chelonia mydas l Pada Penetasan Alami Dan Non-alami Di Pantai Sukamade Kabupaten Banyuwangi

Anonymous, 2013:
Perubahan Histopatologi Hati Mencit Mus musculus yang Diberikan Ekstrak Daun Ashitaba Angelica keiskei

Anonymous, 2013:
Penyebaran Virus Vaksin ND Pada Sekelompok Ayam Pedaging Yang Tidak Divaksinasi dan dipelihara bersama ayam yang divaksinasi

Anonymous, 2013:
Pengaruh Pemberian Pegagan Centella asiatica terhadap Struktur Mikroskopis Hati Mencit Pasca Infeksi Salmonella typhi

Anonymous, 2013 :
Perilaku Bermasalah pada AnjingKintamani

Anonymous, 2013:
Kelaianan Kulit Anjing Jalanan pada Beberapa Lokasi di Bali

Anonymous, 2013:
Keragaman Silak Tanduk Sapi Bali Jantan dan Betina

Anonymous, 2013:
Pengaruh Pemberian Pegagan Centella asiatica terhadap Gambaran Mikroskopis Usus Halus Mencit yang Diinfeksi Salmonella typhi

Anonymous, 2013:
Deteksi Toxoplasma gondii pada Mencit yang Diinfeksi Inokulat Jantung dan Otak Ayam Buras

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Free-associating with the bodymind

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Procalcitonin in acute exacerbations of interstitial pneumonia: another tool in the toolbox?

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Breathing what we eat

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The essential elements of a therapeutic presence

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Influence of the forest caterpillar hunter iCalosoma sycophanta on the transmission of microsporidia in larvae of the gypsy moth iLymantria dispar.

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BMP/Coco antagonism as a deterministic factor of metastasis dormancy in lung

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Convergent Caregiving Exploring Eldercare in Families of Children with Disabilities

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Side-effects of thiamethoxam on the brain andmidgut of the africanized honeybee Apis mellifera (Hymenopptera: Apidae)

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School performance as a precursor of adult health: exploring associations to disease-specific hospital care and their possible explanations

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Social differences in self-reported health among men and women in 31 countries in Europe

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Space weather impacts on satellites and forecasting the Earths electron radiation belts with SPACECAST

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La ventilacion mecanica no invasiva moderna cumple 25 años

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