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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 36739

Chapter 36739 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Dasgupta, A.; Battala, M.; Saggurti, N.; Nair, S.; Naik, D.D.; Silverman, J.G.; Balaiah, D.; Raj, A., 2013:
Local social support mitigates depression among women contending with spousal violence and husband's risky drinking in Mumbai slum communities

Goodwin, R.D.; Prescott, M.R.; Tamburrino, M.; Calabrese, J.R.; Liberzon, I.; Galea, S., 2013:
Cigarette smoking and subsequent risk of suicidal ideation among National Guard Soldiers

Sheehan, D.V.; Harnett-Sheehan, K.; Hidalgo, R.B.; Janavs, J.; McElroy, S.L.; Amado, D.; Suppes, T., 2013:
Randomized, placebo-controlled trial of quetiapine XR and divalproex ER monotherapies in the treatment of the anxious bipolar patient

Ambrosini, P.J.; Bennett, D.S.; Elia, J., 2013:
Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder characteristics: II. Clinical correlates of irritable mood

Coulston, C.M.; Bargh, D.M.; Tanious, M.; Cashman, E.L.; Tufrey, K.; Curran, G.; Kuiper, S.; Morgan, H.; Lampe, L.; Malhi, G.S., 2013:
Is coping well a matter of personality? A study of euthymic unipolar and bipolar patients

Bukh, J.Drachmann.; Bock, C.; Vinberg, M.; Kessing, L.Vedel., 2013:
The effect of prolonged duration of untreated depression on antidepressant treatment outcome

M'bailara, K.; Cosnefroy, O.; Vieta, E.; Scott, J.; Henry, C., 2013:
Group-based trajectory modeling: a novel approach to examining symptom trajectories in acute bipolar episodes

Pannekoek, J.Nienke.; Veer, I.M.; van Tol, M-José.; van der Werff, S.J.A.; Demenescu, L.R.; Aleman, Aé.; Veltman, D.J.; Zitman, F.G.; Rombouts, S.A.R.B.; van der Wee, N.J.A., 2013:
Aberrant limbic and salience network resting-state functional connectivity in panic disorder without comorbidity

van Loon, A.; van Schaik, A.; Dekker, J.; Beekman, A., 2014:
Bridging the gap for ethnic minority adult outpatients with depression and anxiety disorders by culturally adapted treatments

Fisher, H.L.; Cohen-Woods, S.; Hosang, G.M.; Korszun, A.; Owen, M.; Craddock, N.; Craig, I.W.; Farmer, A.E.; McGuffin, P.; Uher, R., 2013:
Interaction between specific forms of childhood maltreatment and the serotonin transporter gene (5-HTT) in recurrent depressive disorder

Kato, K.; Akama, F.; Yamada, K.; Maehara, M.; Kimoto, K.; Kimoto, K.; Takahashi, Y.; Sato, R.; Onishi, Y.; Matsumoto, H., 2013:
Frequency and clinical features of patients who attempted suicide by charcoal burning in Japan

Lawton, S.P.; Majoros, Gábor, 2013:
A foreign invader or a reclusive native? DNA bar coding reveals a distinct European lineage of the zoonotic parasite Schistosoma turkestanicum syn Orientobilharzia turkestanicum Dutt and Srivastava, 1955

Anonymous, 2013:
Pollen diets of two sibling orchid bee species, Euglossa, in Yucatan, southern Mexico

Kekuda, R.; Manoharan, P.; Baseler, W.; Sundaram, U., 2013:
Monocarboxylate 4 mediated butyrate transport in a rat intestinal epithelial cell line

Hursh, S.R.; Roma, P.G., 2013:
Behavioral economics and empirical public policy

Brás, S.; Gouveia, S.; Ribeiro, L.; Ferreira, D.A.; Antunes, L.; Nunes, C.S., 2013:
Fuzzy logic model to describe anesthetic effect and muscular influence on EEG Cerebral State Index

Makris, E.A.; Hu, J.C.; Athanasiou, K.A., 2013:
Hypoxia-induced collagen crosslinking as a mechanism for enhancing mechanical properties of engineered articular cartilage

Rakesh, J.Pillai, K.M.Nazeeh, R.G.Robinson, 2014:
Post-Cyclic Behaviour of Clayey Soil

Nagaratnam Sivakugan, Kelda Rankine, Julie Lovisa…, 2013:
Flow Rate Computations in Hydraulic Fill Mine Stopes

Hagiya, K.; Takeda, H.; Sasaki, O.; Yamaguchi, S.; Sogabe, M.; Yamazaki, T.; Saito, Y.; Nakagawa, S.; Togashi, K.; Suzuki, K., 2013:
Genetic correlations between milk production traits and somatic cell scores on test day within and across first and second lactations in Holstein cows

Bonesmo, H.; Beauchemin, K.A.; Harstad, O.M.; Skjelvåg, A.O., 2013:
Greenhouse gas emission intensities of grass silage based dairy and beef production A systems analysis of Norwegian farms

Terwisscha van Scheltinga, A.F.; Bakker, S.C.; Kahn, Ré.S.; Kas, M.J.H., 2014:
Fibroblast growth factors in neurodevelopment and psychopathology

Gayed, B.A.; Thoreson, G.R.; Margulis, V., 2013:
The role of systemic chemotherapy in management of upper tract urothelial cancer

Houtzager, S.; Wijkstra, H.; de la Rosette, J.J.M.C.H.; Laguna, M.P., 2013:
Evaluation of renal masses with contrast-enhanced ultrasound

Smith, P.; Mandel, J.; Raman, J.D., 2013:
Conservative nephron-sparing treatment of upper-tract tumors

Anonymous, 2013 :
Brake K, Herfert G dir, 2012, Reurbanisierung Materialitat und Diskurs in Deutschland Wiesbaden, Springer, 422 p

Anonymous, 2013:
Dire l’Europe a travers le monde

Cornet, I.; Gheit, T.; Clifford, G.M.; Combes, J-Damien.; Dalstein, Véronique.; Franceschi, S.; Tommasino, M.; Clavel, C., 2013:
Human papillomavirus type 16 E6 variants in France and risk of viral persistence

Garrote, Germán; López, Guillermo; Gil-Sánchez, José M.; Rojas, Eva; Ruiz, Manuel; Bueno, José F.; Lillo, Santiago; Rodriguez-Siles, Javier; Martín, José M.; Pérez, Joaquín; García-Tardío, Maribel; Valenzuela, Gerardo; Simón, Miguel, A., 2013:
Human–felid conflict as a further handicap to the conservation of the critically endangered Iberian lynx

Chuchalin, A.; Zakharova, M.; Dokic, D.; Tokić, M.; Marschall, H-Peter.; Petri, T., 2013:
Efficacy and safety of moxifloxacin in acute exacerbations of chronic bronchitis: a prospective, multicenter, observational study (AVANTI)

Roach, G.; Heath Wallace, R.; Cameron, A.; Emrah Ozel, R.; Hongay, C.F.; Baral, R.; Andreescu, S.; Wallace, K.N., 2013:
Loss of ascl1a prevents secretory cell differentiation within the zebrafish intestinal epithelium resulting in a loss of distal intestinal motility

Flasse, L.C.; Stern, D.G.; Pirson, J.L.; Manfroid, I.; Peers, B.; Voz, M.L., 2013:
The bHLH transcription factor Ascl1a is essential for the specification of the intestinal secretory cells and mediates Notch signaling in the zebrafish intestine

Zhang, B.; Romaker, D.; Ferrell, N.; Wessely, O., 2013:
Regulation of G-protein signaling via Gnas is required to regulate proximal tubular growth in the Xenopus pronephros

Greeson, K.M.; Jurin, R.R., 2012:
A Qualitative Study of Backcountry Recreationists’ Perceptions on Cougar-Related Interpretive Media

Williams, T.D.wn; Moore, R.; Markewitz, D., 2012:
Evaluating Potential Bias in Media Coverage of the Public Debate Over Acid Rain and Chlorofluorocarbons in the 1980s

Lindemann-Matthies, P.; Bönigk, I.; Benkowitz, D., 2012:
Cant See the Wood for the Litter Evaluation of Litter Behavior Modification in a Forest

d'Annunzio, G.; Marchi, M.; Aloi, C.; Salina, A.; Lugani, F.; Lorini, R., 2014:
Hyperglycaemia and β-cell antibodies: is it always pre-type 1 diabetes?

Tariq, A.; Georgiou, A.; Westbrook, J., 2013:
Medication incident reporting in residential aged care facilities: limitations and risks to residents' safety

da Silva, W.P.reira; e Silva, C.M.D.P.S.; Gama, F.J.A.; Gomes, J.P.lmeira, 2014:
Mathematical models to describe thin-layer drying and to determine drying rate of whole bananas

Erren, T.C., 2013:
Shift work and cancer research: can chronotype predict susceptibility in night-shift and rotating-shift workers?

de Vocht, F.; Hannam, K.; Buchan, I., 2013:
Environmental risk factors for cancers of the brain and nervous system: the use of ecological data to generate hypotheses

Flo, E.; Pallesen, Såle.; Åkerstedt, Tørn.; Magerøy, N.; Moen, B.Elisabeth.; Grønli, J.; Nordhus, I.Hilde.; Bjorvatn, Børn., 2013:
Shift-related sleep problems vary according to work schedule

Hsieh, Y-Chin.Jerrie.; Apostolopoulos, Y.; Sönmez, S., 2013:
The world at work: hotel cleaners

Bhatti, P.; Cushing-Haugen, K.L.; Wicklund, K.G.; Doherty, J.A.; Rossing, M.Anne., 2013:
Nightshift work and risk of ovarian cancer

Haselbacher, G., 2013:
Psychosomatische Grundversorgung

Ritzinger, P., 2013:
Mutterschaft mit 40 ? ovarielle Reserve und Risiken

T.S.rowitzki; H.H.pp; K.D.edrich, 2000:
Assistierte Reproduktion

Anonymous, 2013:
Delegation arztlicher Leistungen an Hebammen

Torres, G.; Izquierdo, F.; Capó, V.; López, L.X.; López, Mía.C.; Limonta, D.; Fenoy, S.; Del Águila, C.; Bornay-Llinares, F.J., 2013:
Genital microsporidiosis in women with AIDS: a post-mortem study

Anonymous, 2013:
Cultivo biotecnologico de macrohongos comestibles una alternativa en la obtencion de nutraceuticos

Davidson, L.; McComb, J.Gordon., 2013:
The safety of the intraoperative sacrifice of the deep cerebral veins

Castle, M.; Rivero, Mónica.; Marquez, J., 2013:
Primary Ewing's sarcoma of the skull: radical resection and immediate cranioplasty after chemotherapy. A technical note

Felix, F.H.C.; de Araujo, O.L.; da Trindade, K.M.; Trompieri, N.M.; Fontenele, J.B., 2013:
Survival of children with malignant brain tumors receiving valproate: a retrospective study

Locurto, C.; Dillon, L.; Collins, M.; Conway, M.; Cunningham, K., 2014:
Implicit chaining in cotton-top tamarins (Saguinus oedipus) with elements equated for probability of reinforcement

Anonymous, 2013:
Effect of pulse irrigation scheduling with hybrid station controller on fruit yield and quality of Nagpur mandarin citrus reticulate blanco

V.P.oks; J.B.us; O.P.p-georgievski; E.V.?erníková; W.W.sniewski; J.K.tek; M.U.banová; F.R.pá?ek, 2013:
Thermal-Induced Transformation of Polydopamine Structures An Efficient Route for the Stabilization of the Polydopamine Surfaces

Anonymous, 2013:
BismuthIII Alkoxide Catalysts for Ring-Opening Polymerization of Lactides and ?-Caprolactone

Anonymous, 2013:
A screening method for periodontal disease

Bonnin, Frédéric, 2013:
Closing spaces with the lingual technique in cases of agenesis of the upper lateral incisor

Meyer, M.; Griffiths, H., 2013:
Origins and diversity of eukaryotic CO2-concentrating mechanisms: lessons for the future

Kent, S.T.; Kabagambe, E.K.; Wadley, V.G.; Howard, V.J.; Crosson, W.L.; Al-Hamdan, M.Z.; Judd, S.E.; Peace, F.; McClure, L.A., 2015:
The relationship between long-term sunlight radiation and cognitive decline in the REGARDS cohort study

Gray, Fçoise.; Lescure, Fçois.Xavier.; Adle-Biassette, H.; Polivka, M.; Gallien, Sébastien.; Pialoux, G.; Moulignier, A., 2014:
Encephalitis with infiltration by CD8+ lymphocytes in HIV patients receiving combination antiretroviral treatment

Santâ??Anna, C.S.; Sebbenn, A.M.; Klabunde, G.H.F.; Bittencourt, R.; Nodari, R.O.; Mantovani, A.; dos Reis, M.ício S., 2013:
Realized pollen and seed dispersal within a continuous population of the dioecious coniferous Brazilian pine

Anonymous, 2013:
Eye reduction in cave crabs

Kirana, Titi Mutiara; Harijono, Harijono; Estiasih, Teti; Sriwahyuni, Endang, 2013:
Effect of Blanching Treatments against Protein Content and Amino Acid Drumstick Leaves Moringa oleifera

Khorasgani, Zahra Nazari; Nakisa, Azadeh; Farshpira, Nadereh Rahbar, 2013:
The Occurrence of Aflatoxins in Peanuts in Supermarkets in Ahvaz, Iran

Anonymous, 2013:
Evaluation of Suya Tsire – An Intermediate Moisture Meat Product in Ogun State, Nigeria

Anonymous, 2013:
Dual Mode Diffusion and Sorption of Sodium Chloride in Pre-Cooked Potato Solanum tuberosum L

Jayawardena, U.A.; Tkach, V.V.; Navaratne, A.N.; Amerasinghe, P.H.; Rajakaruna, R.S., 2015:
Malformations and mortality in the Asian Common Toad induced by exposure to pleurolophocercous cercariae (Trematoda: Cryptogonimidae)

Chen, J.I.; Slater, L.N.; Kurdgelashvili, G.; Husain, K.O.; Gentry, C.A., 2013:
Outcomes of health care-associated pneumonia empirically treated with guideline-concordant regimens versus community-acquired pneumonia guideline-concordant regimens for patients admitted to acute care wards from home

Biondo, L.; Bodge, M.; Paul, S.R., 2013:
Erythematous rash following romiplostim administration in a patient with autoimmune lymphoproliferative syndrome

Kaufman, K.R.; Podolsky, D.; Greenman, D.; Madraswala, R., 2013:
Antidepressant-selective gynecomastia

Engel, T.; Justo, D.; Amitai, M.; Volchek, Y.; Mayan, H., 2013:
Nilotinib-associated acute pancreatitis

Kirk, D.; Misita, C., 2013:
Spuriously elevated testosterone measurements caused by application of testosterone gel at or near the phlebotomy site

Cortes, N.J.; Lloyd, J.M.; Koziol, L.; O'Hara, L., 2013:
Successful clinical use of daptomycin-impregnated bone cement in two-stage revision hip surgery for prosthetic joint infection

Heilmann, R.M.F.; Campbell, S.M.; Kroner, B.A.; Proksel, J.R.; Billups, S.J.; Witt, D.M.; Helling, D.K., 2013:
Evolution, current structure, and role of a primary care clinical pharmacy service in an integrated managed care organization

Adams, K.S.; Lowe, D.K., 2013:
Tiotropium for adults with inadequately controlled persistent asthma

Whelan, A.Marie.; Jurgens, T.M.; Trinacty, M., 2013:
Bioidentical progesterone cream for menopause-related vasomotor symptoms: is it effective?

Oplinger, M.; Andrews, C.O., 2013:
Nitrofurantoin contraindication in patients with a creatinine clearance below 60 mL/min: looking for the evidence

Scharman, E.J.; Troutman, W.G., 2013:
Prevention of kidney injury following rhabdomyolysis: a systematic review

Hill, L.; Lee, K.C., 2013:
Pharmacotherapy considerations in patients with HIV and psychiatric disorders: focus on antidepressants and antipsychotics

Thompson, J.L., 2013:
Carfilzomib: a second-generation proteasome inhibitor for the treatment of relapsed and refractory multiple myeloma

Cole, S.W.; Lundquist, L.M., 2013:
Icatibant for the treatment of hereditary angioedema

Gilani, F.; Majumdar, S.R.; Johnson, J.A.; Tsuyuki, R.T.; Lewanczuk, R.Z.; Spooner, R.; Simpson, S.H., 2013:
Adding pharmacists to primary care teams increases guideline-concordant antiplatelet use in patients with type 2 diabetes: results from a randomized trial

Raji, M.A.; Lowery, M.; Lin, Y-Li.; Kuo, Y-Fang.; Baillargeon, J.; Goodwin, J.S., 2013:
National utilization patterns of warfarin use in older patients with atrial fibrillation: a population-based study of Medicare Part D beneficiaries

Hashem, M.G.; Cleary, K.; Fishman, D.; Nichols, L.; Khalid, M., 2013:
Effect of concurrent prescription antiarthralgia pharmacotherapy on persistence to aromatase inhibitors in treatment-naive postmenopausal females

Silinskie, K.M.; Kirshner, R.; Hite, M.S., 2013:
Converting continuous insulin infusion to subcutaneous insulin glargine after cardiac surgery using percentage-based versus weight-based dosing: a pilot trial

Spinelli, M.Silvia.; Perisano, C.; Della Rocca, C.; Hardes, J.; Barone, C.; Fabbriciani, C.; Maccauro, G., 2013:
A case of parosteal osteosarcoma with a rare complication of myositis ossificans

Müller, S.; Kupka, S.; Königsrainer, I.; Northoff, H.; Sotlar, K.; Bock, T.; Kandolf, R.; Traub, F.; Königsrainer, A.; Zieker, D., 2013:
MSH2 and CXCR4 involvement in malignant VIPoma

Zhou, X-cong.; Zhou, H.; Ye, Y-hai.; Zhang, X-feng.; Jiang, Y., 2013:
Invasive ductal breast cancer metastatic to the sigmoid colon

Sugimoto, F.; Katayama, J'ichi., 2013:
Somatosensory P2 reflects resource allocation in a game task: assessment with an irrelevant probe technique using electrical probe stimuli to shoulders

Camfferman, D.; Kennedy, J.Declan.; Gold, M.; Simpson, C.; Lushington, K., 2014:
Sleep and neurocognitive functioning in children with eczema

Sheng, L.; Cao, W.; Cha, B.; Chen, Z.; Wang, F.; Liu, J., 2013:
Serum osteocalcin level and its association with carotid atherosclerosis in patients with type 2 diabetes

Sangster-Gormley, E.; Martin-Misener, R.; Burge, F., 2013:
A case study of nurse practitioner role implementation in primary care: what happens when new roles are introduced?

Anonymous, 2013:
Quantifying the mass transfer from mountain ranges to deposition in sedimentary basins Source to Sink studies in the Danube Basin - Black Sea system

Anonymous, 2013:
Chemostratigraphy of the early Pliocene diatomite interval from MIS AND-1B core Antarctica Paleoenvironment implications

Croitoru, A.-Eliza; Chiotoroiu, B.îndu?a-Cristina; Ivanova Todorova, V.; Toric?, V., 2013:
Changes in precipitation extremes on the Black Sea Western Coast

Anonymous, 2013:
The adaptive nature of implementation practi Case study of a school-based nutrition education intervention

Anonymous, 2013:
Pose de chambre implantable par abord percutane echoguide  a propos d’une serie de 102 patients

Anonymous, 2013:
Évaluation de la prevalence et des facteurs de risque de l’arteriopathie obliterante des membres inferieurs dans le cadre d’une campagne de depistage ambulatoire

Tsoutsou, E.; Tzetis, M.; Giannikou, K.; Syrmou, A.; Oikonomakis, V.; Kosma, K.; Kanioura, A.; Kanavakis, E.; Fryssira, H., 2014:
Array-CGH revealed one of the smallest 16q21q22.1 microdeletions in a female patient with psychomotor retardation

Anonymous, 2013:
Guía de la Sociedad Española de Infectología Pediatrica para el diagnostico y tratamiento de la toxoplasmosis congenita

Anonymous, 2013:
Impacto clínico de la implantacion de la ventilacion por alto flujo de oxígeno en el tratamiento de la bronquiolitis en una planta de hospitalizacion pediatrica

Hildebrand, F.; Nguyen, T.Loan.Anh.; Brinkman, B.; Yunta, R.Garcia.; Cauwe, B.; Vandenabeele, P.; Liston, A.; Raes, J., 2015:
Inflammation-associated enterotypes, host genotype, cage and inter-individual effects drive gut microbiota variation in common laboratory mice

Byarugaba, D.K.; Erima, B.; Millard, M.; Kibuuka, H.; L, L.; Bwogi, J.; Mimbe, D.; Mworozi, E.A.; Sharp, B.; Krauss, S.; Webby, R.J.; Webster, R.G.; Martin, S.K.; Wabwire-Mangen, F.; Ducatez, M.F., 2013:
Genetic analysis of influenza B viruses isolated in Uganda during the 2009-2010 seasons

Almeida, S.Em.; de Medeiros, R.M.; Junqueira, D.M.; Gräf, T.; Passaes, C.P.B.; Bello, G.; Morgado, M.G.; L Guimarães, M., 2013:
Temporal dynamics of HIV-1 circulating subtypes in distinct exposure categories in southern Brazil

Alfajaro, M.Madel.; Kim, H-Jeong.; Park, J-Gyu.; Ryu, E-Hye.; Kim, J-Yun.; Jeong, Y-Ju.; Kim, D-Song.; Hosmillo, M.; Son, K-Yeol.; Lee, J-Hwan.; Kwon, H-Jun.; Ryu, Y.Bae.; Park, S-Jin.; Park, S-Ik.; Lee, W.Song.; Cho, K-Oh., 2013:
Anti-rotaviral effects of Glycyrrhiza uralensis extract in piglets with rotavirus diarrhea

Wang, J.Ben.; Zhu, Y.; McVoy, M.A.; Parris, D.S., 2013:
Changes in subcellular localization reveal interactions between human cytomegalovirus terminase subunits

Almajhdi, F.N.; Alshaman, M.S.; Amer, H.M., 2013:
Human parainfluenza virus type 2 hemagglutinin-neuramindase gene: sequence and phylogenetic analysis of the Saudi strain Riyadh 105/2009

Touihri, L.; Ahmed, S.Belhaj.; Chtourou, Y.; Daoud, R.; Bahloul, C., 2013:
Design of different strategies of multivalent DNA-based vaccination against rabies and canine distemper in mice and dogs

Leffers, L.; Unterberg, M.; Bartel, M.; Hoppe, C.; Pieper, I.; Stertmann, J.; Ebert, F.; Humpf, H-Ulrich.; Schwerdtle, T., 2013:
In vitro toxicological characterisation of the S-containing arsenic metabolites thio-dimethylarsinic acid and dimethylarsinic glutathione

Xu, B.; Wu, S-Wen.; Lu, C-Wei.; Deng, Y.; Liu, W.; Wei, Y-Gang.; Yang, T-Yao.; Xu, Z-Fa., 2013:
Oxidative stress involvement in manganese-induced alpha-synuclein oligomerization in organotypic brain slice cultures

Vakonaki, E.; Androutsopoulos, V.P.; Liesivuori, J.; Tsatsakis, A.M.; Spandidos, D.A., 2013:
Pesticides and oncogenic modulation

Stinn, W.; Berges, A.; Meurrens, K.; Buettner, A.; Gebel, S.; Lichtner, R.B.; Janssens, K.; Veljkovic, E.; Xiang, Y.; Roemer, E.; Haussmann, H-Juergen., 2013:
Towards the validation of a lung tumorigenesis model with mainstream cigarette smoke inhalation using the A/J mouse

Prabhakaran, L.; Vasu, A.; Yian, T.S.; Abisheganaden, J.; Meiyi, W.; Mun, W.W., 2013:
The Current Care Delivery Practice for Asthma at the Emergency Department in a Tertiary Hospital in Singapore

Bauermann, F.V.; Ridpath, J.F.; Weiblen, R.; Flores, E.F., 2013:
HoBi-like viruses: an emerging group of pestiviruses

Silva, M.L.C.R.; Pituco, E.M.; Nogueira, A.H.C.; Martins, M.S.N.; Lima, M.S.; de Azevedo, Sérgio.S., 2013:
Serological evidence and risk factors associated with Caprine herpesvirus 1 in dairy goat flocks in a semiarid region of northeastern Brazil

de Andrade, C.P.; de Almeida, L.L.; de Castro, L.A.; Driemeier, D.; da Silva, Sérgio.C., 2013:
Development of a real-time polymerase chain reaction assay for single nucleotide polymorphism genotyping codons 136, 154, and 171 of the prnp gene and application to Brazilian sheep herds

Lam, L.; Garner, M.M.; Miller, C.L.; Milne, V.E.; Cook, K.A.; Riggs, G.; Grillo, J.F.; Childress, A.L.; Wellehan, J.F.X., 2013:
A novel gammaherpesvirus found in oral squamous cell carcinomas in sun bears (Helarctos malayanus)

Pinn, T.L.; Gagliardo, L.F.; Purdy, S.R.; Appleton, J.A.; Stokol, T., 2013:
Comparison of three immunoglobulin G assays for the diagnosis of failure of passive transfer of immunity in neonatal alpacas

Pinn, T.L.; Bender, H.S.; Stokol, T.; Erb, H.N.; Schlafer, D.H.; Perkins, G.A., 2013:
Cerebrospinal fluid eosinophilia is a sensitive and specific test for the diagnosis of Parelaphostrongylus tenuis in camelids in the northeastern United States

Zhang, S.; Zhao, J.; Frey, K.; Su, J., 2013:
Dual-polarized ratio algorithm for retrieving Arctic sea ice concentration from passive microwave brightness temperature

Ryser, C.; Lüthi, M.; Blindow, N.; Suckro, S.; Funk, M.; Bauder, A., 2013:
Cold ice in the ablation zone Its relation to glacier hydrology and ice water content

Sherman, R.O.; Schwarzkopf, R.; Kiger, A.J., 2013:
What We Learned From Our Charge Nurses

Green, A.; Edmonson, C., 2013:
An Opportunity to Lead State Coalitions

Crenshaw, J.T.; Yoder-Wise, P.S., 2013:
Creating an Environment for Innovation The Risk-Taking Leadership Competency

Romano, Lisa, 2013:
Nurses Leaders in the Fight Against Hospital Diversions

Jeffery, Alvin, D., 2013:
The Art of Nursing Leadership

Ulrich, Beth, 2013:
Leading an Organization to Improved Outcomes Through Simulation

Brown, Amanda, 2013:
Nursing Frequently in the Bulls-Eye for Noncompliance

Trepanier, S.; Duran, P.; Lawson, L., 2013:
The Use of Advanced Practice Nurses in the Acute Care Setting

Anonymous, 2013:
Interplay of flagellar motility and mucin degradation stimulates the association of Pseudomonas aeruginosa with human epithelial colorectal adenocarcinoma Caco-2 cells

Anonymous, 2013:
Varon con enfermedad cavitaria pulmonar

Zhang, L.; Shao, H., 2013:
Direct plant–plant facilitation in coastal wetlands A review

Munari, C.; Serafin, G.; Mistri, M., 2013:
Structure, growth and secondary production of two Tyrrhenian populations of the white gorgonian Eunicella singularis Esper 1791

Fullerton, G.; Danielian, P.J.; Bhattacharya, S., 2013:
Outcomes of pregnancy following postpartum haemorrhage

Wechselberger, G.; Hladik, M.; Reichl, H.; Ensat, F.; Edelbauer, M.; Haug, D.; Schoeller, T., 2013:
The transverse musculocutaneous gracilis flap for chest wall reconstruction in male patients with Poland's syndrome

Lykoudis, E.G.; Seretis, K.; Lykissas, M.G., 2013:
Free sensate medial plantar flap for contralateral plantar forefoot reconstruction with flap reinnervation using end-to-side neurorrhaphy: a case report and literature review

Onoda, S.; Azumi, S.; Hasegawa, K.; Kimata, Y., 2013:
Preoperative identification of perforator vessels by combining MDCT, doppler flowmetry, and ICG fluorescent angiography

Watanabe, T.; Monzen, H.; Hara, M.; Mizowaki, T.; Hiraoka, M., 2013:
Pharmacokinetic model of myocardial (99m)Tc-sestamibi washout

Coutinho, Gçalo.F.; Correia, P.M.; Pancas, R.; Antunes, M.J., 2014:
Management of moderate secondary mitral regurgitation at the time of aortic valve surgery

Kutty, R.S.; Parameshwar, J.; Lewis, C.; Catarino, P.A.; Sudarshan, C.D.; Jenkins, D.P.; Dunning, J.J.; Tsui, S.S., 2014:
Use of centrifugal left ventricular assist device as a bridge to candidacy in severe heart failure with secondary pulmonary hypertension

Wilbring, M.; Tugtekin, S-Malte.; Alexiou, K.; Simonis, G.; Matschke, K.; Kappert, U., 2014:
Transapical transcatheter aortic valve implantation vs conventional aortic valve replacement in high-risk patients with previous cardiac surgery: a propensity-score analysis

Müller, J.; Böhm, B.; Semsch, S.; Oberhoffer, R.; Hess, J.; Hager, A., 2014:
Currently, children with congenital heart disease are not limited in their submaximal exercise performance

Vanhuyse, F.; Maureira, P.; Mattei, M-Françoise.; Laurent, N.; Folliguet, T.; Villemot, J.Pierre., 2014:
Use of the model for end-stage liver disease score for guiding clinical decision-making in the selection of patients for emergency cardiac transplantation

Anonymous, 2013:
One-year multicentre outcomes of transapical aortic valve implantation using the SAPIEN XTtrade; valve the PREVAIL transapical study

Poullis, M.; McShane, J.; Shaw, M.; Woolley, S.; Shackcloth, M.; Page, R.; Mediratta, N., 2014:
Prediction of in-hospital mortality following pulmonary resections: improving on current risk models

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Neo mamme, meno stress grazie a ossitocina

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Prise en charge a l’age adulte des patients avec un bloc en 21 hydroxylase

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Lightning Applications in Weather and Climate Research

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9p21 polymorphisms increase the risk of peripheral artery disease in the Han Chinese population

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Identification of haematological markers in shrimp health assessment from the immune profile of Fenneropenaeus indicus on ?-1,3-glucan administration and white spot syndrome virus challenge

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Peculiarities of backscattering in multifrequency nadir probing of the sea surface

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Mapping forest and peat fires using hyperspectral airborne remote-sensing data

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Rhythms in occurrence of epidemics and epizootics in Siberia and Mongolia

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Study of sea waves under the action of deep cyclones

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Observation of eddy structures in the Baltic Sea with the use of radiolocation and radiometric satellite data

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Effect of mesoscale atmospheric vortex processes on the upper atmosphere and ionosphere of the Earth

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Populations of Young Stellar Objects in Nearby Molecular Clouds

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The catalogue of positions of optically bright extragalactic radio sources OBRS-2

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The Equipartition Magnetic Field Formula in Starburst Galaxies Accounting for Pionic Secondaries and Strong Energy Losses

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Measurement of South Pole ice transparency with the IceCube LED calibration system

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Variability in Optical Spectra of epsilon Orionis

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Extended Dyer-Roeder Approach Improves the Cosmic Concordance Model

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Galaxy pairs in the Sloan digital sky survey - VII The merger -- luminous infra-red galaxy connection

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On Estimating Non-uniform Density Distributions using N Nearest Neighbors

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The Maximum Energy of Accelerated Particles in Relativistic Collisionless Shocks

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How the diffuse Universe cools

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The spectral energy distributions of K+A galaxies from the UV to the mid-IR stellar populations, star formation and hot dust

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High-pressure, low-abundance water in bipolar outflows Results from a Herschel-WISH survey

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Do jets precess or even move at all?

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A Virtual Observatory Census to Address Dwarfs Origins AVOCADO - I Science goals, sample selection and analysis tools

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The Growth in Size and Mass of Cluster Galaxies since z=2

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MaGICC Thick Disk I Comparing a Simulated Disk Formed with Stellar Feedback to the Milky Way

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Space-Times with Integrable Singularity

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Transit Timing Observations from Kepler VIII Catalog of Transit Timing Measurements of the First Twelve Quarters

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White Paper on GEMS Study of Polarized X-rays from Neutron Stars

Anonymous, 2013:
Automated Quantitative Description of Spiral Galaxy Arm-Segment Structure

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Statistical analysis of twin kHz QPO in LMXBs

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New theories of gravity

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The investigations of anisotropy in orientations of galaxies

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The rise of an ionized wind in the Narrow Line Seyfert 1 Galaxy Mrk 335 observed by XMM-Newton and HST

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The mass and radius evolution of globular clusters in tidal fields

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Multi-Planet Destabilisation and Escape in Post-Main Sequence Systems

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Tachyon motion in a black hole gravitational field

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Far-ultraviolet Observations of the Taurus-Perseus-Auriga Complex

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When can gravitational-wave observations distinguish between black holes and neutron stars?

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Origin of the dense core mass function in contracting filaments

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The effects of dust on the derived photometric parameters of disks and bulges in spiral galaxies

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Fields and Flares Understanding the Complex Magnetic Topologies of Solar Active Regions

Anonymous, 2013:
Magellan/MMIRS near-infrared multi-object spectroscopy of nebular emission from star forming galaxies at 2z3

Anonymous, 2013:
Mid-Infrared Imaging of Nearby Radio-Loud AGN

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No temperature fluctuations in the giant HII region H 1013

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Pulsar Constraints on Screened Modified Gravity

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The expansion proper motions of the extraordinary giant lobes of the planetary nebula KjPn 8 revisited

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Constraints on the Synchrotron Emission Mechanism in GRBs

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Atmospheric composition of weak G band stars CNO and Li abundances

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Essential Magnetohydrodynamics for Astrophysics

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Gas infall into atomic cooling haloes on the formation of protogalactic disks and supermassive black holes at z 10

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The Elemental Compositions of Extrasolar Planetesimals

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Cosmic radio dipole from NVSS and WENSS

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Physical Parameters for RR Lyrae Stars in the SDSS Filter System

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Clouds and Hazes in Exoplanet Atmospheres

Anonymous, 2013:
Earth tides in MacDonalds model

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Rhododendron arboreum Ericaceae immunomodulatory and related toxicity studies

Anonymous, 2013:
Detection isotopique des modalites d’allaitement et de sevrage a partir des ossements archeologiques

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Mineralogical and geochemical characterization of a rare ultramafic lamprophyre in the Tandilia belt basement, Río de la Plata Craton, Argentina

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Seasonal variability of total dissolved fluxes and origin of major dissolved elements within a large tropical river the Orinoco, Venezuela

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Relationships between serum osteocalcin, leptin and the effect of weight loss by pharmacological treatment in healthy, nonsmoking Korean obese adults

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Chemical modulation of crystalline state of calcium oxalate with nickel ions

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Associations of CXCL16/CXCR6 with carotid atherosclerosis in patients with metabolic syndrome

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Comparative pelvic development of the axolotl (Ambystoma mexicanum) and the Australian lungfish (Neoceratodus forsteri): conservation and innovation across the fish-tetrapod transition

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Improved transplantation outcome through delivery of DNA encoding secretion signal peptide-linked glucagon-like peptide-1 into mouse islets

Anonymous, 2013:
Les dysraphismes en pediatrie quel devenir a l’age adulte ?

Anonymous, 2013:
Toxine et phenolisation dans le traitement des deformations des membres chez les personnes tres agees

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An evaluation of the ability of Dichelobacter nodosus to survive in soil

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Immunohistochemical studies of angiogenin in the skin of patients with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis

Anonymous, 2013:
HDlive Pictures of a Serous Ovarian Borderline Tumor

Anonymous, 2013:
Sonographic imaging of foetal tympanic rings

Anonymous, 2013:
Early fetoscopic tracheal occlusion for extremely severe pulmonary hypoplasia in human isolated congenital diaphragmatic hernia preliminary results

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Bullies, victims, and antipathy: the feeling is mutual

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The Eating Attitudes Test-26 revisited using exploratory structural equation modeling

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Prevalence and function of non-suicidal self-injury (NSSI) in a community sample of adolescents, using suggested DSM-5 criteria for a potential NSSI disorder

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Differentiation of pure vasogenic edema and tumor-infiltrated edema in patients with peritumoral edema by analyzing the relationship of axial and radial diffusivities on 3.0T MRI

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Microsurgical clipping of previously coiled intracranial aneurysms

Anonymous, 2013:
Perspetivas atuais sobre a protecao jurídica da pessoa idosa vítima de violencia familiar contributo para uma investigacao em saude publica

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HIV testing and care in Burkina Faso, Kenya, Malawi and Uganda: ethics on the ground

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A patient-centered approach to counseling patients with head and neck cancer undergoing human papillomavirus testing: a clinician's guide

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Absolute Magnitude Calibration for Giants Based on the Colour–Magnitude Diagrams of Galactic Clusters II Calibration with SDSS

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Australian Participation in the Gaia Follow-up Network for Solar System Objects

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Nucleosome remodelers in double-strand break repair

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Effect of Ozone on Removal of Dissolved Organic Matter and its Biodegradability and Adsorbability in Biotreated Textile Effluents

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COD and AOX Removal and Biodegradability Assessment for Fenton and O3/UV Oxidation Processes A Case Study from a Graphical Industry Wastewater

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Formation of Nitrite- and Nitrate-Ions in Aqueous Solutions Treated with Pulsed Electric Discharges

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Dimensional Analysis of Detrimental Ozone Generation by Negative Wire-to-Plate Corona Discharge in Both Dry and Humid Air

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Disinfection of Seawater Application of UV and Ozone

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Microscale separation of heparosan, heparan sulfate, and heparin

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Charge-neutral morpholino microarrays for nucleic acid analysis

Anonymous, 2013:
Disentangling the taxonomy of Carex acuta sl in the Mediterranean basin and the Middle East Re-evaluation of C panormitana Guss and C kurdica Kuk ex Hand-Mazz

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Comparison of clinical characteristics between Korean and Western normal-tension glaucoma patients

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Effect of high carbon dioxide atmosphere packaging and soluble gas stabilization pre-treatment on the shelf-life and quality of chicken drumsticks

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Nutritional value and influence of the thermal processing on a traditional Portuguese fermented sausage (alheira)

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Effects of finishing period length with vitamin E supplementation and alfalfa grazing on carcass color and the evolution of meat color and the lipid oxidation of light lambs

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Effect of a commercial seaweed extract Kelpak® and polyamines on nutrient-deprived N, P and K okra seedlings

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Van couch naar computer

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Over schuld en schuldgevoel een psychodynamisch perspectief

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Toxicopathological studies on the effects of aflatoxin B(1), ochratoxin A and their interaction in New Zealand White rabbits

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Evolution and involution of atherosclerosis and its relationship with vascular reactivity in hypercholesterolemic rabbits

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Distance Makes the Metaphor Grow Stronger A Psychological Distance Model of Metaphor Use

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Intra- and inter-specific variation of turpentine composition in Eldar pine Pinus eldarica Medw and black pine Pinus nigra Arnold

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Phytochemical and chemotaxomic study on Polygonum perfoliatum L

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Higher genetic diversity and gene flow in wild populations of Miscanthus sinensis in southwest China

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Chemotaxonomic study of the genus Paris based on steroidal saponins

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Can interventional ablation be applied to the treatment of arterial aneurysm?

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The effect of Halofuginone in the amelioration of radiation induced-lung fibrosis

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A New Model and Analytical Solution for the Heat Conduction of Tunnel Lining Ground heat exchangers

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Triaxial T-C-C behavior of air-entrained concrete after freeze-thaw cycles

Anonymous, 2013:
Tumeur stromale de la jonction osogastrique

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Imagerie des exostoses solitaires

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A case of antibacterial-responsive mucocutaneous disease in a seven-year-old dwarf lop rabbit (Oryctolagus cuniculus) resembling mucocutaneous pyoderma of dogs

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Complication of a columellar strut in an edentulous patient

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Tracheo-innominate artery fistula: Diagnosis and surgical management

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mTOR, linking metabolism and immunity

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Exposure-Exposure Relationship of Tocilizumab, an Anti-IL-6 Receptor Monoclonal Antibody, in a Large Population of Patients With Rheumatoid Arthritis

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Single port laparoscopic sacrohysteropexy in a young patient presenting with grade III uterine prolapse and rectocele

Anonymous, 2013:
Evaluacion clínica y quirurgica de pacientes con diagnostico de mucocele en el Instituto de Oftalmología Fundacion Conde de Valenciana

Anonymous, 2013:
Cribado de la enfermedad oftalmologica del paciente diabetico exploracion del fondo de ojo con retinografía no midriatica complementada o no con exploracion de agudeza visual y presion intraocular

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Global Seasonal Variations of Midday Planetary Boundary Layer Depth from CALIPSO Space-Borne LIDAR

Anonymous, 2013:
Effects of atmospheric light scattering on spectroscopic observations of greenhouse gases from space Part 2 Algorithm intercomparison in the GOSAT data processing for CO2 retrievals over TCCON sites

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Climate extreme indices in the CMIP5 multi-model ensemble Part 2 Future climate projections

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Vertebral artery dissection complicated by basilar artery occlusion

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Anonymous, 2013:
Quel avenir en therapeutique cardiovasculaire pour le monoxyde d’azote et ses derives ?

Anonymous, 2013:
Toxicity assessment of textile effluents treated by advanced oxidative process UV/TiO2 and UV/TiO2/H2O2 in the species em class=

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Paroxysmal dome explosion during the Merapi 2010 eruption Processes and facies relationships of associated high-energy pyroclastic density currents

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Decoding crystal fractionation in calc-alkaline magmas from the Bezymianny Volcano Kamchatka, Russia using mineral and bulk rock compositions

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Is there a role for cyclophilin inhibitors in the management of primary biliary cirrhosis?

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Appearance of the nonlinearity from the nonlocality in diffusion through multiscale fractured porous media

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Alignment as a consequence of expectation adaptation: syntactic priming is affected by the prime's prediction error given both prior and recent experience

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Distinguishing ecological from evolutionary approaches to transposable elements

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Diet composition and feeding habits of the wide-eyed flounder, Bothus podas, in the Gulf of Gabes Tunisia

Anonymous, 2013:
Neurophysiological studies may provide a misleading picture of how perceptual-motor interactions are coordinated David Mann, Matt Dicks, Rouwen Cañal-Bruland, John van der Kamp

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Characterization of rare mammary tumours appearing on the neck of RIII/Sa mice infected with mouse mammary tumour virus

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Multiple congenital malformations in a dicephalic spur-thighed tortoise (Testudo graeca ibera)

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Sensitizing capacity and allergenicity of enzymatically cross-linked sodium caseinate in comparison to sodium caseinate in a mouse model for cow's milk allergy

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Determination of biotic aetiology of tapping panel dryness TPD syndrome of rubber tree Hevea brasiliensis by return-polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis R-PAGE technique

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Effect of temperature on the in vitro reproductive fitness of Pratylenchus coffeae populations from Vietnam

Anonymous, 2013:
Isolation, structural identification and herbicidal activity of N-phenylpropanamide from Streptomyces sp KA1-3

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Antifungal, anti-inflammatory and cytotoxicity activities of three varieties of labisia pumila benth: from microwave obtained extracts

Anonymous, 2013:
Water-Use Sustainability in Socioecological Systems A Multiscale Integrated Approach

Anonymous, 2013:
Biosafety Considerations of Synthetic Biology in the International Genetically Engineered Machine iGEM Competition

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Soil and Freshwater and Marine Sediment Food Webs Their Structure and Function

Anonymous, 2013:
Regional Differences in Phosphorus Budgets in Intensive Soybean Agriculture

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Heterozygous mutations in the PALB2 hereditary breast cancer predisposition gene impact on the three-dimensional nuclear organization of patient-derived cell lines

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Immunometabolism of AMPK in insulin resistance and atherosclerosis

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AMPK at the crossroads of circadian clocks and metabolism

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Real-time feedback on knee abduction moment does not improve frontal-plane knee mechanics during jump landings

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Effect of training cessation on muscular performance: a meta-analysis

Anonymous, 2013:
Relationship between changes in pulmonary V ? O 2 kinetics and autonomic regulation of blood flow

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Molecular cloning and characterization of acyl-CoA binding protein (ACBP) gene from shrimp Penaeus monodon exposed to salinity stress

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Shotgun proteomics of coelomic fluid from the purple sea urchin, Strongylocentrotus purpuratus

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Preparation of hyaluronic acid micro-hydrogel by biotin-avidin-specific bonding for doxorubicin-targeted delivery

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Chemometrics-based process analytical technology (PAT) tools: applications and adaptation in pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industries

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DNA degradation of genetically modified cottonseed meal during feed processing

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Lipid biomarkers of lens aging

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Mining of EST-SSR markers of Musa and their transferability studies among the members of order the Zingiberales

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Selection of DNA aptamers with affinity for pro-gastrin-releasing peptide (proGRP), a tumor marker for small cell lung cancer

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Laparoscopic anti-reflux surgery to treat proton pump inhibitor-resistant non-erosive reflux disease

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Not all stressors are equal: early social enrichment favors resilience to social but not physical stress in male mice

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A comparison of ocular alignment success of hang-back versus conventional bilateral lateral rectus muscle recession for true divergence excess intermittent exotropia

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Incidence of cataract development by 6 months' corrected age in the Early Treatment for Retinopathy of Prematurity study

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Pigmented choroidal nevus in a child with oculocutaneous albinism

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Severe complications of strabismus surgery

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Preoperative pain treatment in acute abdomen in Osogbo, Nigeria: a randomized double-blind placebo-controlled study

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Innovations in heart rhythm disturbances: cardiac electrophysiology, arrhythmias, and cardiac pacing

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Younger women have a higher risk of in-hospital mortality due to acute myocardial infarction in Chile

Anonymous, 2013:
Complex Mullerian malformation without any present classification Unilateral ovarian and tubal absence with an arcuate uterus

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Transumbilical single-incision laparoscopic ileocecal resection for Crohn's disease in a child

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Thoracoscopic resection of congenital cystic adenomatoid malformation in an adolescent

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Impact of constitutional copy number variants on biological pathway evolution

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Molecular decay of enamel matrix protein genes in turtles and other edentulous amniotes

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A hybrid zone between Bathymodiolus mussel lineages from eastern Pacific hydrothermal vents

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Joint predictability of health related quality of life and leisure time physical activity on mortality risk in people with diabetes

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BMI and psychological distress in 68, 000 Swedish adults A weak association when controlling for an age-gender combination

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Compaction and shear strength characteristics of colemanite ore waste modified active belite cement stabilized high plasticity soils

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Acute enhancement of non-rapid eye movement sleep in rats after drinking water contaminated with cadmium chloride

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Planning for climate change across the US Great Plains concerns and insights from government decision-makers

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Anaplastic oligodendroglioma: advances and treatment options

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The bifactor model of the Maslach Burnout Inventory-Human Services Survey (MBI-HSS)--an alternative measurement model of burnout

Anonymous, 2013:
Lack of Plasmodium vivax infections and high frequency of the erythroid silent Duffy antigen genotype in Haiti

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Gametocyte carriage in Plasmodium falciparum-infected travellers

Anonymous, 2013:
Analysis of antibody induction upon immunization with distinct NTS-DBL1alpha-domains of PfEMP1 from rosetting Plasmodium falciparum parasites

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Late Silurian–Middle Devonian long-term shoreline shifts on the northern Gondwanan margin eustatic versus tectonic controls

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Assessing metal bioaccumulation from estuarine sediments comparative experimental results for the polychaete Arenicola marina

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Study of the antimony species distribution in industrially contaminated soils

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Exploring the effect of organic matter on the interactions between mineral particles and cations with Wien effect measurements

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Distribution of total mercury in coastal sediments from Jade Bay and its catchment, Lower Saxony, Germany

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Distinguishing regional and local sources of pollution by trace metals and magnetic particles in fluvial sediments of the Morava River, Czech Republic

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Immunohistochemical expression of heat shock protein 70 in vitiligo

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Assessment of causal link between psychological factors and symptom exacerbation in inflammatory bowel disease: a protocol for systematic review of prospective cohort studies

Anonymous, 2013:
Evaluacion de medios de contraste en angiografía arterial y sus capacidades de atenuacion del haz

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Hair-on-end appearance in a case of thalassemia intermedia

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Oral contraceptive causing renal artery thrombosis

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Lumbar synovial cyst calcification after facet joint steroid injection

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Oral manifestations of epidermolysis bullosa dystrophica: a rare genetic disease

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Concomitant amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and paraclinical laboratory features of multiple sclerosis: coincidence or causal relationship?

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An interesting case of screen-detected breast cancer encasing a ventriculoperitoneal shunt

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Congestive hepatopathy secondary to large renal arteriovenous malformation

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Quadricuspid aortic valve with aortic regurgitation: a rare echocardiographic finding

Parla, G.; Ameh, V., 2013:
Cervical spine arterio venous malformation

Mathews, A.Zachariah.; Ibhanesebhor, S.; Richens, T.; Manjunatha, C.M., 2013:
Heart failure in the new born; vein of Galen aneurysmal malformation

A.S.lman, J.Mohammed.; Husain, A., 2013:
Renal malakolpkia followed by chronic myelogenous leukaemia: treatment challenges case report and literature review

Emmett, C.; Kane, G., 2013:
Necrotising fasciitis caused by P aeruginosa in a male patient with chronic lymphocytic leukaemia

Srinivas, S.; Patil, S.; Bhairappa, S.; Ramalingam, R., 2013:
Bag of worms in coronary angiogram: an interesting case of right coronary artery collateral circulation

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Imatinib-induced Stevens-Johnsons syndrome

Davison, J.M.; Graham, J.A.; Nieves, N.M.; Yoest, S.M., 2013:
PET-CT confirms the diagnosis of pyogenic spondylodiscitis complicated by psoas abscess

Sundaresh, K.J.; Srinivasan, R.; Mallikarjuna, R.; Rajalbandi, S., 2013:
Endodontic management of middle mesial canal of the mandibular molar

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Double migration of a schwannoma of thoracic spine

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Not all T wave inversions are ischaemic

Al-Saeedi, F.J.; Cheng, B., 2013 :
Choline treatment affects the liver reticuloendothelial system and plasma fatty acid composition in diabetic rats

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Tracking source materials of Phanerozoic granitoids in South Korea by zircon Hf isotopes

Dr. U.Häusler, B.Guminski, U.Helmchen, K.Kisters…, 2013:
Tubulointerstitielle-Nephritis-mit-Uveitis TINU-Syndrom

Bixter, M.T.; Daniel, F., 2014:
Working memory differences in illusory recollection of critical lures

Fathollahi, A.; Jasemi, M.; Saki, G., 2013:
Effect of noise stress on male rat fertility, and the protective effect of vitamins C and E on its potential effect

Abdallah, M.M.; Selim, M.; Abdelbakey, T., 2013:
Thermo-expandable metallic urethral stents for managing recurrent bulbar urethral strictures: To use or not?

Elbakry, A.; Zakaria, A.; Matar, A.; E.N.shar, A., 2013:
The management of moderate and severe congenital penile torsion associated with hypospadias: Urethral mobilisation is not a panacea against torsion

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Primary vesico-ureteric reflux: The need for individualised risk stratification

Grace, M.; Hütt, M-Thorsten., 2013:
Predictability of spatio-temporal patterns in a lattice of coupled FitzHugh-Nagumo oscillators

Abu-Jamous, B.; Fa, R.; Roberts, D.J.; Nandi, A.K., 2013:
Yeast gene CMR1/YDL156W is consistently co-expressed with genes participating in DNA-metabolic processes in a variety of stringent clustering experiments

Putman, N.F.; He, R., 2013:
Tracking the long-distance dispersal of marine organisms: sensitivity to ocean model resolution

MacLean, A.L.; Lo Celso, C.; Stumpf, M.P.H., 2013:
Population dynamics of normal and leukaemia stem cells in the haematopoietic stem cell niche show distinct regimes where leukaemia will be controlled

Donius, A.E.; Kiechel, M.A.; Schauer, C.L.; Wegst, U.G.K., 2013:
New crosslinkers for electrospun chitosan fibre mats. Part II: mechanical properties

Anonymous, 2013:
A comparison between intensive and conventional cabergoline treatment of newly diagnosed patients with macroprolactinomas

Agretti, P.; Segni, M.; De Marco, G.; Ferrarini, E.; Di Cosmo, C.; Corrias, A.; Weber, G.; Larizza, D.; Calcaterra, V.; Pelizzo, M.R.; Cesaretti, G.; Vitti, P.; Tonacchera, M., 2014:
Prevalence of activating thyrotropin receptor and Gsα gene mutations in paediatric thyroid toxic adenomas: a multicentric Italian study

Anonymous, 2013:
Screening for X-linked adrenoleukodystrophy among adult males with Addisons disease

Savage, T.; Derraik, Jé.G.B.; Miles, H.L.; Mouat, F.; Cutfield, W.S.; Hofman, P.L., 2014:
Birth order progressively affects childhood height

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Integrating genetic and imaging investigations into the clinical management of congenital hyperinsulinism

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Relationship between peak oxygen uptake and regional body composition in Japanese subjects

Leruez, S.; Gohier, P.; Menei, P.; Milea, D., 2013:
Schwannome du nerf optique

Anonymous, 2013:
Évaluation d’une nouvelle plateforme d’implant intraoculaire  centrage et stabilite rotatoire

Jarrell, K.F.; Ding, Y.; Nair, D.B.; Siu, S., 2013:
Surface appendages of archaea: structure, function, genetics and assembly

Dellas, N.; Lawrence, C.Martin.; Young, M.J., 2013:
A survey of protein structures from archaeal viruses

Dr. G.Ullrich, 2013:
Transition aus psychologischer Sicht

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The asymptotic safety scenario and scalar field inflation

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Energy exchange in Weyl geometry

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Marketing 'less harmful, low-tar' cigarettes is a key strategy of the industry to counter tobacco control in China

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Effects of Inoculum and Substrate Concentrations in Anaerobic Fermentation of Treated Rice Bran to Acetone, Butanol and Ethanol

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Bioremediation of Lead by a Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobium Species RL9

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Genetic parameters estimates for locomotion score, body condition score and final type score of Holstein cattle in southern China

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Evolution and function of the MADS-box genes involved in orchid floral development

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Neuroglial cells in long-term primary cultures from the gilthead sea bream Sparus aurata L new functional in vitro model from bony fish brain

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EmProsopis farcta/em beans increase HDL cholesterol and decrease LDL cholesterol in ostriches emStruthio camelus/em

Anonymous, 2013:
Isolation of a field strain of emBrucella abortus/em from RB51-vaccinated- and brucellosis-seronegative bovine yearlings that calved normally

Anonymous, 2013:
Production potentials of native chickens emGallus gallus domesticus/em L of Western Visayas, Philippines

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Characterization of non-O157 shiga toxin-producing emEscherichia coli/em isolates from healthy fat-tailed sheep in southeastern of Iran

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Sleeping well

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Strategien zur Vermeidung von Antibiotikaresistenzen

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Radiology on the Africa Mercy, the largest private floating hospital ship in the world

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Motor circuits help encode auditory memories of vocal models used to guide vocal learning

Anonymous, 2013:
Acolpenteron willifordensis n sp Monogenoidea Dactylogyridae Parasitic in the Kidney and Ureters of the Spotted Sucker Minytrema melanops Rafinesque Cypriniformes Catostomidae from Econfina Creek, Florida

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Organic Anion Transporter 3 Oat3 Interacts Selectively with Lipophilic beta-Lactam Antibiotics

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Anonymous, 2013:
Estratificacion de la poblacion en el País Vasco resultados en el primer año de implantacion

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Functions and imaging of mast cell and neural axis of the gut

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Das Peniskarzinom

Anonymous, 2013:
Axillare Lymphknotenmetastasen bei CUP

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Use of intravenous fentanyl against morphine tolerance in breakthrough cancer pain: a case series and literature review

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Hospital burden of vertebral fractures in France: influence of vertebroplasty

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Anonymous, 2013:
Causa rara de doenca pericardica

Anonymous, 2013:
Hipertensao arterial, doenca coronaria e acidente vascular cerebral A curva em J deve preocupar-nos?

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Anonymous, 2013:
Estenose aortica subvalvular associada a delecao 8p23

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