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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 36763

Chapter 36763 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Aidala, A.A.; Sumartojo, E., 2007:
Why housing?

Hammel, D.J.; Shetty, S., 2013:
Complexity and Change in the Foreclosure Process in Toledo, Ohio

Strom, E.; Reader, S., 2013:
Rethinking Foreclosure Dynamics in a Sunbelt City What Parcel-Level Mortgage Data Can Teach Us About Subprime Lending and Foreclosures

Tighe, J.Rosie, 2013:
Responding to the Foreclosure Crisis in Appalachia A Policy Review and Survey of Housing Counselors

Crump, Jeff, 2013:
The Housing Boom and Bust in the Twin Cities

Kanki, H.; Shimamura, Y.; Kageyama, T.; Nagatomo, Y.; Akima, T.; Ishikawa, S.; Maisawa, K.; Murayama, A., 2013:
Acute aortic regurgitation due to aortic dissection confined to the sinus of Valsalva

Clark, K.; Rowett, D.; Robinson, M.; Currow, D.C., 2015:
Uptake of methylnaltrexone in Australian patients with opioid-induced constipation: a review of the number of prescriptions presented in the first 12 months of subsidisation

Faull, C.; Windridge, K.; Ockleford, E.; Hudson, M., 2015:
Anticipatory prescribing in terminal care at home: what challenges do community health professionals encounter?

Bajwah, S.; Koffman, J.; Higginson, I.J.; Ross, J.R.; Wells, A.U.; Birring, S.S.; Riley, J., 2015:
'I wish I knew more ...' the end-of-life planning and information needs for end-stage fibrotic interstitial lung disease: views of patients, carers and health professionals

Eastman, P.; McCarthy, G.; Brand, C.A.; Weir, L.; Gorelik, A.; Le, B., 2015:
Who, why and when: stroke care unit patients seen by a palliative care service within a large metropolitan teaching hospital

Pattenden, J.F.; Mason, A.R.; Lewin, R.J.P., 2015:
Collaborative palliative care for advanced heart failure: outcomes and costs from the 'Better Together' pilot study

Johnston, G.; Vukic, A.; Parker, S., 2015:
Cultural understanding in the provision of supportive and palliative care: perspectives in relation to an indigenous population

Cramp, F.; Bennett, M.I., 2015:
Development of a generic working definition of 'supportive care'

Taubert, M.; Fielding, H.; Mathews, E.; Frazer, R., 2015:
An exploration of the word 'palliative' in the 19th century: searching the BMJ archives for clues

Gandy, R.; Roe, B., 2015:
Using care profiles as a catalyst for improving end of life commissioning, involvement and service delivery

Beecham, E.; Kelly, P.; Candy, B.; Jones, L.; Bluebond-Langner, M., 2013:
Place of care towards the end of life in children and young people with life-threatening and life-limiting conditions a literature review

Kane, E.V.; Morris, E.; Bolton, E.; Wilkinson, J.; Howell, D.; Johnson, M.; McLeod, U.; Oliver, S.E., 2013:
Variation in the care of blood and bowel cancer patients at the end of life feasibility of using hospital episode statistics to examine national patterns

B.C.ndy; L.J.nes; B.L.urent; A.T.okman; M.K.ng, 2013:
Psycho-stimulants for depression a systematic review of evidence from randomised controlled trials

Day, E.R.; Garrood, L.; Draper, A.M.; Smith, P., 2013:
Patients and carers experience of living with a complex and rare neurological and palliative diagnosis

Turner, M.; Seamark, D.; Milligan, C.; Thomas, C.; Brearley, S.G.; Wang, X.; Blake, S.; Payne, S., 2013:
Family carers delivery of medications for the person dying at home preliminary findings from the unpacking the home study

Darlington, A.S.E.; Long-Sutehall, T.; Addington-Hall, J.; Richardson, A.; Coombs, M.A., 2013:
A national survey exploring views and experience of health professionals about transferring patients from critical care home to die

Lord, K.; White, N.; Scott, S.; Sampson, E.L., 2013:
The behaviour and pain bepaid study dementia patients who die in the acute hospital

Frey, R.Ann.; Gott, M.; Neil, H., 2015:
Instruments used to measure the effectiveness of palliative care education initiatives at the undergraduate level: a critical literature review

Yeomanson, D.; Chohan, O.; Mayer, A., 2015:
Paediatric palliative care: intravenous methylnaltrexone relieves constipation

Gordge, L.; Selman, L.; Harding, R.; Higginson, I.J.; Simms, V.; Penfold, S.; Powell, R.A.; Mwangi-Powell, F.; Dowing, J.; Gikaara, N.; Munene, G., 2013:
Improving the delivery of hiv outpatient services in sub-saharan africa

Whelan, J.; Pearce, S.; Jones, L.; Stirling, C.; Hough, R.; Riley, V.; Fern, L.; Morris, S.; Moran, T.; Tookman, A.; Flatley, M.; Wong, G.; Taylor, R.; Gibson, F., 2013:
An introduction to brightlight on end of life care for young adults what do young adults with cancer and their families need and how can it best be delivered?

T.P.entice; A.K.ox; G.B.kowski; S.D.rkacz; K.D.xbury; A.Q.igley, 2013:
An evaluation of the marie curie helper service

Valtorta, N.; Hanratty, B.; Lowson, E.; Grande, G.; Addington-Hall, J.; Seymour, J.; Payne, S., 2013:
Recognising the influence of inter-professional relations on end of life care transitions views of bereaved carers and professionals

Sivell, S.; Lidstone, V.; Taubert, M.; Thompson, C.; Nelson, A., 2013:
New population, new challenges young adults in palliative care

Harrop, E.; Baillie, J.; Byrne, A.; Stephens, K.; Nelson, A., 2013:
Broadening access; an integrated specialist nurse led palliative care clinic within a general practice setting

Latter, S.; Hopkinson, J.; Richardson, A.; Lowson, E.; Duke, S.; Anstey, S.; Bennett, M.; Smith, P.; May, C., 2013:
A phase i-ii feasibility trial of cancer carer medicines management an overview

Parry, R.H.; Land, V.; Seymour, J., 2013:
Encouraging and discouraging talk about illness progression, dying and death a systematic review of communication research

Layden, J.; Bunch, H.; Hekerem, D.; Millar, L.; Maxwell, V., 2013:
Remote and rural the forgotten inequity

Stone, K.; Hotopf, M.; Koffman, J.; Lewis, P.; Wee, B.; Bernal, W.; Higginson, I.; Evans, C.J., 2013:
Morecare capacity mental capacity and processes of consent for research on end-of-life care

Poswal, H.K.; Garg, N.; Somayazulu, M.; Sharma, S.M., 2013:
Pressure-induced structural transformations in the low-cristobalite form of AlPO4

Ulian, G.; valdre, G.; corno, M.; Ugliengo, P., 2013:
Periodic ab initio bulk investigation of hydroxylapatite and type A carbonated apatite with both pseudopotential and all-electron basis sets for calcium atoms

Kristova, P.; Hopkinson, L.; Rutt, K.; Hunter, H.; Cressey, G., 2013:
Quantitative analyses of powdered multi-minerallic carbonate aggregates using a portable Raman spectrometer

Pavon, E.; Castro, M.A.; Naranjo, M.; Orta, M.M.r; Pazos, M.C.rolina; Alba, M.D., 2013:
Hydration properties of synthetic high-charge micas saturated with different cations An experimental approach

Kimura, M.; Sugiura, N.; Mikouchi, T.; Hirajima, T.; Hiyagon, H.; Takehana, Y., 2013:
Eclogitic clasts with omphacite and pyrope-rich garnet in the NWA 801 CR2 chondrite

Mysen, B., 2013:
Hydrogen isotope fractionation between coexisting hydrous melt and silicate-saturated aqueous fluid An experimental study in situ at high pressure and temperature

Gusher, A.; Manghnani, M.H.; Williams, Q.; Dingwell, D.B., 2013:
A high-temperature Brillouin scattering study on four compositions of haplogranitic glasses and melts High-frequency elastic behavior through the glass transition

Bonazzi, P.; Chelazzi, L.; Bindi, L., 2013:
Superstructure, crystal chemistry, and cation distribution in flipstadite, a Sb5+-bearing, spinel-related mineral

Ketcham, R.A.; Guenthner, W.R.; Reiners, P.W., 2013:
Geometric analysis of radiation damage connectivity in zircon, and its implications for helium diffusion

Bickmore, B.R.; Wander, M.F.C.; Edwards, J.; Maurer, J.; Shepherd, K.; Meyer, E.; Johansen, W.J.; Frank, R.A.; Andros, C.; Davis, M., 2013:
Electronic structure effects in the vectorial bond-valence model

Kato, J.; Hirose, K.; Ozawa, H.; Ohishi, Y., 2013:
High-pressure experiments on phase transition boundaries between corundum, Rh2O3II-and CaIrO3-type structures in Al2O3

Cuadros, J.; Afsin, B.; Jadubansa, P.; Ardakani, M.; Ascaso, C.; Wierzchos, J., 2013:
Microbial and inorganic control on the composition of clay from volcanic glass alteration experiments

Seaman, S.J., 2013:
Microtexture development during rapid cooling in three rhyolitic lava flows

Bosi, F.; Andreozzi, G.B.; Skogby, H.; Lussier, A.J.; Abdu, Y.; Hawthorne, F.C., 2013:
Fluor-elbaite, NaLi15Al15Al6Si6O18BO33OH3F, a new mineral species of the tourmaline supergroup

Anonymous, 2013:
Hydrokenomicrolite, square,H2O2Ta 2O,OH6H2O, a new microlite-group mineral from Volta Grande pegmatite, Nazareno, Minas Gerais, Brazil

Othmane, G.; Allard, T.; Menguy, N.; Morin, G.; Esteve, I.; Fayek, M.; Calas, G., 2013:
Evidence for nanocrystals of vorlanite, a rare uranate mineral, in the Nopal I low-temperature uranium deposit Sierra Pena Blanca, Mexico

Kampf, A.R.; Mills, S.J.; Housley, R.M.; Marty, J., 2013:
Lead-tellurium oxysalts from Otto Mountain near Baker, California IX Agaite, Pb3Cu2+Te6+O5OH2CO3, a new mineral with CuO5-TeO6 polyhedral sheets

Kampf, A.R.; Mills, S.J.; Housley, R.M.; Marty, J., 2013:
Lead-tellurium oxysalts from Otto Mountain near Baker, California VIII Fuettererite, Pb3Cu62+Te6+O6OH7Cl5, a new mineral with double spangolite-type sheets

Bosi, F.; Reznitskii, L.Z.; Sklyarov, E.V., 2013:
Oxy-vanadium-dravite, NaV3V4Mg2Si6O18BO33OH3O Crystal structure and redefinition of the vanadium-dravite tourmaline

Gfeller, F.; Armbruster, T.; Galuskin, E.V.; Galuskina, I.O.; Lazic, B.; Savelyeva, V.B.; Zadov, A.E.; Dzierzanowski, P.; Gazeev, V.M., 2013:
Crystal chemistry and hydrogen bonding of rustumite Ca10Si2O72SiO4OH2Cl2 with variable OH, Cl, F

Bacik, P.; CemPirek, J.; Uher, P.; Novak, M.; Ozdin, D.; FiliP.J.; Skoda, R.; Breiter, K.; Klementova, M.; DuDa, R.; Groat, L. a., 2013:
Oxy-schorl, NaFe2+2AlAl6Si6O18BO33OH3O, a new mineral from Zlata Idka, Slovak Republic and Pribyslavice, Czech Republic

Yang, H.; Downs, R.T.; Evans, S.H.; Pinch, W.W., 2013:
Scottyite, the natural analog of synthetic BaCu2Si2O7, a new mineral from the Wessels mine, Kalahari Manganese Fields, South Africa

Garavelli, A.; Mitolo, D.; Pinto, D.; Vurro, F., 2013:
Lucabindiite, K,NH4As4O6Cl,Br, a new fumarole mineral from the La Fossa crater at Vulcano, Aeolian Islands, Italy

Shuvalov, R.R.; Vergasova, L.P.; Semenova, T.F.; Filatov, S.K.; Krivovichev, S.V.; Siidra, O.I.; Rudashevsky, N.S., 2013:
Prewittite, KPb15Cu6ZnSeO32O2Cl10, a new mineral from Tolbachik fumaroles, Kamchatka peninsula, Russia Description and crystal structure

Papoutsa, A.D.; Pe-Piper, G., 2013:
The relationship between REE-Y-Nb-Th minerals and the evolution of an A-type granite, Wentworth Pluton, Nova Scotia

Kampf, A. R.; Nash, B. P.; Loomis, T. A., 2013:
Phosphovanadylite-Ca, CaV4+4P2O8OH8*12H2O, the Ca analogue of phosphovanadylite-Ba

Mccreath, J.A.; Finch, A.A.; Herd, D.A.; Armour-Brown, A., 2013:
Geochemistry of pyrochlore minerals from the Motzfeldt Center, South Greenland The mineralogy of a syenite-hosted Ta, Nb deposit

Mullen, E.K.; Mccallum, I.S., 2013:
Coexisting pseudobrookite, ilmenite, and titanomagnetite in hornblende andesite of the Coleman Pinnacle flow, Mount Baker, Washington Evidence for a highly oxidized arc magma

Sanghani, R.N.; Udwadia, Z.F., 2013:
The association of diabetes and tuberculosis: impact on treatment and post-treatment outcomes

Lalvani, A.; Connell, D.W., 2013:
Tuberculosis immunodiagnosis: delving below the surface

Abubakar, I.; Stagg, H.Ruth.; Whitworth, H.; Lalvani, A., 2013:
How should I interpret an interferon gamma release assay result for tuberculosis infection?

Bekesi, G.; Tyler, M.; Waterhouse, J., 2013:
Groundwater head in high-temperature aquifers

Jacobsz, S. W., 2013:
The mass stiffness of residual dolomite from large surcharge trials

Barzegari, G.; Uromeihy, A.; Zhao, J., 2013:
A newly developed soil abrasion testing method for tunnelling using shield machines

Beamish, D.; Farr, G., 2013:
Airborne geophysics a novel approach to assist hydrogeological investigations at groundwater-dependent wetlands

Zhang, W.; Chen, J.-p.; Yuan, X.-q.; Xu, P.-h.; Zhang, C., 2013:
Analysis of RVE size based on three-dimensional fracture numerical network modelling and stochastic mathematics

Seward, L.J.; Stallebrass, S.E.; Skipper, J., 2013:
Remoulding of the Mercia Mudstone Group around CFA pile shafts

Nathanail, C.P., 2013:
Engineering geology of sustainable risk-based contaminated land management

Pike, D.; Banks, D.; Waters, A.; Robinson, V.K., 2013:
Regional distribution of temperature in the Chalk of the western London Basin syncline

Lee, E.M.; Fookes, P.G.; Hart, A.B., 2013:
Observations on the impact of climate change on landform behaviour and geohazards in the Algerian Sahara

Šunderić, Mš.; Miljuš, G.; Nedić, O., 2013:
Interaction of insulin-like growth factor-binding protein 2 with α2-macroglobulin in the circulation

Nezhad, R.Mohammadi.; Shahpiri, A.; Mirlohi, A., 2013:
Heterologous expression and metal-binding characterization of a type 1 metallothionein isoform (OsMTI-1b) from rice (Oryza sativa)

Timofejeva, L.; Skibbe, D.S.; Lee, S.; Golubovskaya, I.; Wang, R.; Harper, L.; Walbot, V.; Cande, W.Zacheus., 2013:
Cytological characterization and allelism testing of anther developmental mutants identified in a screen of maize male sterile lines

Luo, J.; Yu, Y.; Mitra, A.; Chang, S.; Zhang, H.; Liu, G.; Yang, N.; Song, J., 2013:
Genome-wide copy number variant analysis in inbred chickens lines with different susceptibility to Marek's disease

Desjardins, C.A.; Gadau, Jürgen.; Lopez, J.A.; Niehuis, O.; Avery, A.R.; Loehlin, D.W.; Richards, S.; Colbourne, J.K.; Werren, J.H., 2013:
Fine-scale mapping of the Nasonia genome to chromosomes using a high-density genotyping microarray

Technow, F.; Bürger, A.; Melchinger, A.E., 2013:
Genomic prediction of northern corn leaf blight resistance in maize with combined or separated training sets for heterotic groups

Peters, E.C.; Gossett, A.J.; Goldstein, B.; Der, C.J.; Reiner, D.J., 2013:
Redundant canonical and noncanonical Caenorhabditis elegans p21-activated kinase signaling governs distal tip cell migrations

Kubicek, C.E.; Chisholm, R.D.; Takayama, S.; Hawley, D.K., 2013:
RNA polymerase II mutations conferring defects in poly(A) site cleavage and termination in Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Klose, S.; Flores-Benitez, D.; Riedel, F.; Knust, E., 2013:
Fosmid-based structure-function analysis reveals functionally distinct domains in the cytoplasmic domain of Drosophila crumbs

Karimi-Aghcheh, R.; Bok, J.Woo.; Phatale, P.A.; Smith, K.M.; Baker, S.E.; Lichius, A.; Omann, M.; Zeilinger, S.; Seiboth, B.; Rhee, C.; Keller, N.P.; Freitag, M.; Kubicek, C.P., 2013:
Functional analyses of Trichoderma reesei LAE1 reveal conserved and contrasting roles of this regulator

Dlugosch, K.M.; Lai, Z.; Bonin, Aélie.; Hierro, Jé.; Rieseberg, L.H., 2013:
Allele identification for transcriptome-based population genomics in the invasive plant Centaurea solstitialis

Roote, J.; Prokop, A., 2013:
How to design a genetic mating scheme: a basic training package for Drosophila genetics

Waern, K.; Snyder, M., 2013:
Extensive transcript diversity and novel upstream open reading frame regulation in yeast

Harrang, E.; Lapègue, S.; Morga, B.; Bierne, N., 2013:
A high load of non-neutral amino-acid polymorphisms explains high protein diversity despite moderate effective population size in a marine bivalve with sweepstakes reproduction

Ye, H.; Beighley, D.H.; Feng, J.; Gu, X-You., 2013:
Genetic and physiological characterization of two clusters of quantitative trait Loci associated with seed dormancy and plant height in rice

Strickler, S.R.; Tantikanjana, T.; Nasrallah, J.B., 2013:
Regulation of the S-locus receptor kinase and self-incompatibility in Arabidopsis thaliana

Shtessel, L.; Lowden, M.Rochelle.; Cheng, C.; Simon, M.; Wang, K.; Ahmed, S., 2013:
Caenorhabditis elegans POT-1 and POT-2 repress telomere maintenance pathways

Mauro-Herrera, M.; Wang, X.; Barbier, H.; Brutnell, T.P.; Devos, K.M.; Doust, A.N., 2013:
Genetic control and comparative genomic analysis of flowering time in Setaria (Poaceae)

van Pel, D.M.; Stirling, P.C.; Minaker, S.W.; Sipahimalani, P.; Hieter, P., 2013:
Saccharomyces cerevisiae genetics predicts candidate therapeutic genetic interactions at the mammalian replication fork

Guo, Z.; Tucker, D.M.; Wang, D.; Basten, C.J.; Ersoz, E.; Briggs, W.H.; Lu, J.; Li, M.; Gay, G., 2013:
Accuracy of across-environment genome-wide prediction in maize nested association mapping populations

Dillman, A.R.; Minor, P.J.; Sternberg, P.W., 2013:
Origin and evolution of dishevelled

Anonymous, 2013:
Psychosis incidence prediction

Anonymous, 2013:
Increased expression of endoplasmic reticulum stress genes in patients with limited cutaneous systemic sclerosis and pulmonary arterial hypertension

Anonymous, 2013:
Sifalimumab, a human anti-interferon-a monoclonal antibody, in systemic lupus erythematosus A phase 1 randomized controlled, dose-escalation study

Anonymous, 2013:
Attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder scores are elevated and respond to NAC treatment in patients with SLE

Anonymous, 2013:
Adoptive transfer of human gingiva-derived mesenchymal stem cells ameliorates collagen-induced arthritis VIA suppressing Th1 and Th17 and enhancing regulatory T cell differentiation

Anonymous, 2013:
A hot spot for systemic lupus erythematosus but not for psoriatic arthritis identified by spatial analysis suggests an interaction between race and place of residence

Anonymous, 2013:
Telomere length is shortened in SLE patients

Anonymous, 2013:
Identification of citrullinated heat shock protein 90 isoforms as novel autoantigens in rheumatoid arthritis-associated interstitial lung disease

Anonymous, 2013:
Normalization of widespread pressure pain hypersensitivity in patients with hip osteoarthritis after total hip replacement is associated with clinical and functional improvements

Carlsen, A.Liu.; Schetter, A.J.; Nielsen, C.T.; Lood, C.; Knudsen, S.; Voss, A.; Harris, C.C.; Hellmark, T.; Segelmark, Mårten.; Jacobsen, Søren.; Bengtsson, A.A.; Heegaard, N.H.H., 2013:
Circulating microRNA expression profiles associated with systemic lupus erythematosus

Amarilyo, G.; Amarlilyo, G.; Rullo, O.J.; McCurdy, D.K.; Woo, J.M.P.; Furst, D.E., 2014:
Folate usage in MTX-treated juvenile idiopathic arthritis (JIA) patients is inconsistent and highly variable

Robier, C.; Quehenberger, F.; Neubauer, M.; Stettin, M.; Rainer, F., 2015:
The cytospin technique improves the detection of calcium pyrophosphate crystals in synovial fluid samples with a low leukocyte count

Liu, S.; Zhu, K.; Chen, N.; Wang, W.; Wang, H., 2014:
Identification of HIF-1α promoter and expression regulation of HIF-1α gene by LPS and hypoxia in zebrafish

Márquez, G.C.; Haresign, W.; Davies, M.H.; Roehe, R.; Bünger, L.; Simm, G.; Lewis, R.M., 2013:
Index selection in terminal sires improves lamb performance at finishing

Gaspa, G.; Pintus, M.A.; Nicolazzi, E.L.; Vicario, D.; Valentini, A.; Dimauro, C.; Macciotta, N.P.P., 2013:
Use of principal component approach to predict direct genomic breeding values for beef traits in Italian Simmental cattle

Buchanan, J.W.; Garmyn, A.J.; Hilton, G.G.; VanOverbeke, D.L.; Duan, Q.; Beitz, D.C.; Mateescu, R.G., 2013:
Comparison of gene expression and fatty acid profiles in concentrate and forage finished beef

Kelly, A.K.; Waters, S.M.; McGee, M.; Browne, J.A.; Magee, D.A.; Kenny, D.A., 2013:
Expression of key genes of the somatotropic axis in longissimus dorsi muscle of beef heifers phenotypically divergent for residual feed intake

Nordquist, R.E.; Zeinstra, E.C.; Rodenburg, T.B.; van der Staay, F.J., 2013:
Effects of maternal care and selection for low mortality on tyrosine hydroxylase concentrations and cell soma size in hippocampus and nidopallium caudolaterale in adult laying hen

Karriker, L.A.; Abell, C.E.; Pairis-Garcia, M.D.; Holt, W.A.; Sun, G.; Coetzee, J.F.; Johnson, A.K.; Hoff, S.J.; Stalder, K.J., 2013:
Validation of a lameness model in sows using physiological and mechanical measurements

Gaughan, J.B.; Bonner, S.L.; Loxton, I.; Mader, T.L., 2013 :
Effects of chronic heat stress on plasma concentration of secreted heat shock protein 70 in growing feedlot cattle

Gootwine, E., 2013:
Meta-analysis of morphometric parameters of late-gestation fetal sheep developed under natural and artificial constraints

Jellyman, J.K.; Allen, V.L.; Holdstock, N.B.; Fowden, A.L., 2013:
Glucocorticoid overexposure in neonatal life alters pancreatic beta-cell function in newborn foals

Muroya, S.; Taniguchi, M.; Shibata, M.; Oe, M.; Ojima, K.; Nakajima, I.; Chikuni, K., 2013:
Profiling of differentially expressed microRNA and the bioinformatic target gene analyses in bovine fast- and slow-type muscles by massively parallel sequencing

L.B.ucher, R.; Vandeputte, M.; Dupont-Nivet, M.; Quillet, E.; Ruelle, F.; Vergnet, A.; Kaushik, S.; Allamellou, J.M.; Médale, F.; Chatain, B., 2013:
Genotype by diet interactions in European sea bass (Dicentrarchus labrax L.): Nutritional challenge with totally plant-based diets

Walk, C.L.; Srinongkote, S.; Wilcock, P., 2013:
Influence of a microbial phytase and zinc oxide on young pig growth performance and serum minerals

Park, J.S.; Mathison, B.D.; Hayek, M.G.; Zhang, J.; Reinhart, G.A.; Chew, B.P., 2013:
Astaxanthin modulates age-associated mitochondrial dysfunction in healthy dogs

Klunker, L.R.; Kahlert, S.; Panther, P.; Diesing, A-K.; Reinhardt, N.; Brosig, B.; Kersten, S.; Dänicke, S.; Rothkötter, H-J.; Kluess, J.W., 2013:
Deoxynivalenol and E.coli lipopolysaccharide alter epithelial proliferation and spatial distribution of apical junction proteins along the small intestinal axis

Bosch, G.; Wrigglesworth, D.J.; Cone, J.W.; Pellikaan, W.F.; Hendriks, W.H., 2013:
Effects of preservation conditions of canine feces on in vitro gas production kinetics and fermentation end products

Kerr, K.R.; Beloshapka, A.N.; Morris, C.L.; Parsons, C.M.; Burke, S.L.; Utterback, P.L.; Swanson, K.S., 2013:
Evaluation of four raw meat diets using domestic cats, captive exotic felids, and cecectomized roosters

Cabrera, R.; Lin, X.; Ashwell, M.; Moeser, A.; Odle, J., 2013:
Early postnatal kinetics of colostral immunoglobulin G absorption in fed and fasted piglets and developmental expression of the intestinal immunoglobulin G receptor

Wright, J.B.; Wall, E.H.; McFadden, T.B., 2013:
Effects of increased milking frequency during early lactation on milk yield and udder health of primiparous Holstein heifers

Glick, G.; Hogeg, M.; Moallem, U.; Lavon, Y.; Wolfenson, D., 2013:
Follicular characteristics and luteal development after follicle-stimulating hormone induced multiple ovulations in heifers

Contreras, G.A.; Kirkwood, R.N.; Sordillo, L.M., 2013:
Mononuclear leukocyte fatty acid composition and inflammatory phenotype in periparturient and lactating sows

Thompson, I.M.; Tao, S.; Branen, J.; Ealy, A.D.; Dahl, G.E., 2013:
Environmental regulation of pregnancy-specific protein B concentrations during late pregnancy in dairy cattle

Pedersen, L.J.; Malmkvist, J.; Kammersgaard, T.; Jørgensen, E., 2013:
Avoiding hypothermia in neonatal pigs: effect of duration of floor heating at different room temperatures

Viet, A-F.; Ezanno, P.; Petit, E.; Devun, J.; Vermesse, R.; Fourichon, C., 2013:
Resilience of a beef cow-calf farming system to variations in demographic parameters

Petherick, J.C.; McCosker, K.; Mayer, D.G.; Letchford, P.; McGowan, M., 2013:
Evaluation of the impacts of spaying by either the dropped ovary technique or ovariectomy via flank laparotomy on the welfare of Bos indicus beef heifers and cows

Vetters, M.D.D.; Engle, T.E.; Ahola, J.K.; Grandin, T., 2013:
Comparison of flight speed and exit score as measurements of temperament in beef cattle

Faciola, A.P.; Broderick, G.A.; Hristov, A.; Leão, M.I., 2013:
Effects of lauric acid on ruminal protozoal numbers and fermentation pattern and milk production in lactating dairy cows

Jiao, H.P.; Yan, T.; McDowell, D.A.; Carson, A.F.; Ferris, C.P.; Easson, D.L.; Wills, D., 2013:
Enteric methane emissions and efficiency of use of energy in Holstein heifers and steers at age of six months

Parish, J.A.; Parish, J.R.; Best, T.F.; Boland, H.T.; Young, C.A., 2013:
Effects of selected endophyte and tall fescue cultivar combinations on steer grazing performance, indicators of fescue toxicosis, feedlot performance, and carcass traits

Gloaguen, M.; L.F.oc'h, N.; Corrent, E.; Primot, Y.; Val-Laillet, D.; Meunier-Salaün, M.C.; van Milgen, J., 2013:
Meal patterns in relation to the supply of branched-chain amino acids in pigs

Buzoianu, S.G.; Walsh, M.C.; Rea, M.C.; Cassidy, J.P.; Ryan, T.P.; Ross, R.P.; Gardiner, G.E.; Lawlor, P.G., 2013:
Transgenerational effects of feeding genetically modified maize to nulliparous sows and offspring on offspring growth and health

Maroto-Molina, F.; Gómez-Cabrera, A.; Guerrero-Ginel, J.E.; Garrido-Varo, A.; Sauvant, D.; Tran, G.; Heuzé, V.; Pérez-Marín, D.C., 2013:
Handling of missing data to improve the mining of large feed databases

Hergenreder, J.E.; Hosch, J.J.; Varnold, K.A.; Haack, A.L.; Senaratne, L.S.; Pokharel, S.; Beauchamp, C.; Lobaugh, B.; Calkins, C.R., 2013:
The effects of freezing and thawing rates on tenderness, sensory quality, and retail display of beef subprimals

Guy, G.; Fortun-Lamothe, L.; Bénard, G.; Fernandez, X., 2013:
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Recycling von Reststoffen aus der Aluminiumsekundarmetallurgie

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Fatty acid synthase causes drug resistance by inhibiting TNF-alpha and ceramide production

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Skin grafting facilitates maintenance of head recording chambers for neurophysiologic recording

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Squatter Settlements in the Kathmandu Valley Looking Through the Prism of Land Rights and Tenure Security

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Protocolo del síndrome confusional agudo en el paciente oncologico

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Protocolo diagnostico y terapeutico de la disnea en el paciente con tumores de las vías aereas

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Protocolo de diagnostico precoz del cancer de pulmon en la practica clínica

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Actualizacion en tumores del sistema nervioso central

Anonymous, 2013:
Otros tumores toracicos mesotelioma, timoma y tumores germinales mediastínicos

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Cancer de cabeza y cuello

Anonymous, 2013:
Cancer microcítico de pulmon

Anonymous, 2013:
Cancer de pulmon no microcítico

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Ten Reasons to Take Peak Oil Seriously

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Sca-1-positive cardiac stem cell migration in a cardiac infarction model

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ESR statement on the stepwise development of imaging biomarkers

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Brain energy metabolism in glutamate-receptor activation and excitotoxicity: role for APC/C-Cdh1 in the balance glycolysis/pentose phosphate pathway

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Einfluss visueller Rehabilitation auf sekundare depressive Storungen bei altersabhangiger Makuladegeneration

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Stellenwert einer perimetrischen Differenzialdiagnostik beim primaren Offenwinkelglaukom

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Flimmer- und konventionelle Perimetrie im Vergleich zu Strukturveranderungen beim Glaukom

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Lidrandhygiene bei Kontaktlinsentragern mit Blepharitis

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Trauma der periorbitalen Weichteile

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Protrahierter Verlauf einer Akanthamobenkeratitis

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Descemetektomie als Therapieoption bei zentraler visusbeeintrachtigender Descemet-Rolle

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Caracteristiques immunoanalytiques de la 5alpha-dihydrotestosterone

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Interannual Changes in the Habitat Area of the Black-Necked Swan, Cygnus melancoryphus, in the Carlos Anwandter Sanctuary, Southern Chile A Remote Sensing Approach

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Wnt1/3a and Wnt5a cooperate in DA neuron development

Anonymous, 2013:
Ancient TRIMCyp antiviral gene in primate genomes

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Cell cycle proteins control retinal degeneration

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Sb-resistant L donovani up-regulates MDR1 by IL-10

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E1 slows movement of S4 sensors in IKs channels

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Stick-slip friction and wear of articular joints

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Epigenetic modulation of cocaine-seeking

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Energy systems transformation

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Ecological regime shift or stochastic noise?

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A random world is a fair world

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Frequency of extreme summer heat

Anonymous, 2013:
Policy mix for a sustainable energy transition

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Temperature extremes Changing mean, not variance

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Cation triggered alkaline degradation of PSF AEMs

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Catalytic consequences of open/closed complexes

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WISP2 regulates adipogenesis

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Growth factor regulation of Hippo pathway

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Membrane invaginations enable tunable iridescence

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FTO and amino acid sensing

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Role of 204-PC in cell cycle progression

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Observability of complex systems

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W515 inhibits TM helix dimerization in the TpoR

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Hsp70/90 involved in the assembly of purinosomes

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Symmetrical model for ECF transporters

Anonymous, 2013:
Activity-based probes for rhomboids

Anonymous, 2013:
Influence of human Tim-Tipin on CMG and DNA pols

Anonymous, 2013:
Cell-permeable probe for sialidases

Anonymous, 2013:
Tn-seq to identify T6SS effector-immunity proteins

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Bak-/-bax-/- mice develop autoimmunity

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New indolotryptolines from metagenomic screening

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Speciation in blind mole rats

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Toso in activating myeloid cells

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Cellular metal uptake, homeostasis, the Cd cycle

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Microbiome of the upper troposphere

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Normal-alkanes record the environment at leaf flush

Anonymous, 2013:
Synthetic HDLs for lymphoma

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Development of Globo H-based breast cancer vaccine

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Evolution of fairness

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Heterosis in triploids

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HDAC3 inhibition enhances cocaine-CPP extinction

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Human cortical feedback control of pitch

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Spaceflight confinement alters sleep-wake dynamics

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Evidence accumulation in effort allocation

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Iron induces E coli rugose biofilm formation

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Basolateral amygdala damage and generosity

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Mantle plumes

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Drilling for microbes

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Science interminable: Blame Ben?

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Biomimetic buildings

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Pregnancy in women and men with vasculitis

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Ambient air pollution exposures and risk of rheumatoid arthritis in the Nurses Health Study

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Joint hypermobility is modestly associated with disabling and limiting musculoskeletal pain Results from a large scale general population based survey

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Assessing the economic costs of a foot and mouth disease outbreak on Brittany A dynamic computable general equilibrium analysis

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Management of Chemotherapy-Induced Nausea and Vomiting

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Fluticasone propionate/formoterol fumarate: a review of its use in persistent asthma

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Simulating the influence of the height of hpp dams on the environmental conditions in small river virvyte

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Polarized Projective Mapping Comparison with Polarized Sensory Positioning approaches

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The effect of brand names on flavor perception and consumption in restrained and unrestrained eaters

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Angiomyolipome avec invasion vasculaire pendant la grossesse

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Intensity; in-ten-si-ty; noun. 1. Often used ambiguously within resistance training. 2. Is it time to drop the term altogether?

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The development and validation of a scoring system for shoulder injuries in rugby players

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ACL injury incidence in female handball 10 years after the Norwegian ACL prevention study: important lessons learned

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Sport and exercise medicine in the undergraduate curriculum. Are we inspiring the next generation of sport and exercise medicine doctors and helping them overcome the barriers they face getting into the specialty?

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Onlay ventral hernia repairs using porcine non-cross-linked dermal biologic mesh

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Randomised controlled trial of the effectiveness of using back massage to improve sleep quality among Taiwanese insomnia postpartumwomen

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The changing role of indigenous lay midwives in Guatemala: new frameworks for analysis

Anonymous, 2013:
Uji Aktivitas Anti Bakteri Ekstrak Patikan Kerbau Euphorbia hirta L Terhadap Pertumbuhan Bakteri Penyebab Diare Eschercia coli

Anonymous, 2013:
Keanekaragaman ikan lais kryptopterus spp berdasarkan karakter morfologi di danau teluk kota jambi

Anonymous, 2013:
Embriogenesis somatik pada kultur in vitro daun kopi robusta coffea canephora var Robusta chev

Anonymous, 2013:
Pemanfaatan serbuk kayu bulian eusideroxylon zwagery t et b sebagai antimakan terhadap ulat jengkal, chrysodeixis chalcites

Anonymous, 2013:
Analisis Pola Sidik Jari Tangan dan Jumlah Sulur Serta Besar Sudut ATD Penderita Diabetes Mellitus di Rumah Sakit Umum Daerah Jambi

Anonymous, 2013:
Kajian Senyawa Bioaktif Dari Tumbuhan Obat Tradisional Kulit Akar Tumpunik Artocarpus rigida BI

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Tutupan Karang Keras dan Distribusi Karang Indikator di Perairan Aceh bagian Utara

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Cross-cultural and factorial validity of PTSD check listmdash;military version PCL-M in Sinhalese language

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Compression stockings significantly improve hemodynamic performance in post-thrombotic syndrome irrespective of class or length

Anonymous, 2013:
Lactate clearance for death-prediction in severe sepsis or septic shock patients during the first 24 hours in Intensive Care Unit An observational study

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Efficacy and safety of leflunomide in DMARD-naive patients with early rheumatoid arthritis: comparison of a loading and a fixed-dose regimen

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Nephrotisches Syndrom bei Erwachsenen

Anonymous, 2013:
Non-suicidal Self-injury in the Context of Self and Identity Development

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HPV E6 induces eIF4E transcription to promote the proliferation and migration of cervical cancer

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Prevention and reversal of hepatic steatosis with a high-protein diet in mice

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Vulnerability of Trees to Climate Events in Temperate Forests of West Germany

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Mixed disulfide formation in vitro between a glycoprotein substrate and yeast oligosaccharyltransferase subunits Ost3p and Ost6p

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Differentiation of GFP-Bcl-2-engineered mesenchymal stem cells towards a nucleus pulposus-like phenotype under hypoxia in vitro

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Holocene mangrove dynamics from Unguja Ukuu, Zanzibar

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Strontium isotopes of human remains from the San Martín de Dulantzi graveyard Alegría-Dulantzi, Álava and population mobility in the Early Middle Ages

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Alternations of central insulin-like growth factor-1 sensitivity in APP/PS1 transgenic mice and neuronal models

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Activin/ BMP2 chimeric ligands direct adipose-derived stem cells to chondrogenic differentiation

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S-adenosylmethionine and S-adenosylhomocysteine in plasma and cerebrospinal fluid in Rett syndrome and the effect of folinic acid supplementation

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Tailoring software process capability/maturity models for the health domain

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Training and assessment of equipment-related competence Comparison of a petrochemical company and a hospital

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Vietnamese women's struggle to access antiretroviral drugs in a context of free treatment

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Near real-time adverse drug reaction surveillance within population-based health networks: methodology considerations for data accrual

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Vagal function indexed by respiratory sinus arrhythmia and cholinergic anti-inflammatory pathway

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Analysis of genetic diversity of Ruthenia Medic Medicago ruthenica L Trautv in Inner Mongolia using ISSR and SSR markers

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Genetic data confirms field evidence for natural breeding in a wild taro population Colocasia esculenta in northern Queensland, Australia

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Genetic diversity and population structure of Chinese Cherry revealed by chloroplast DNA trnQ-rps16 intergenic spacers variation

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Crossability patterns within and among Oryza series Sativae species from Asia and Australia

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Comparison of pregnancy characteristics and outcomes between HIV-infected and HIV-non-infected women in Brazil

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Minimal interference: A basis for selecting ART for prevention with positives

Anonymous, 2013:
Recherche d’une eventuelle association entre les polymorphismes genetiques cytochrome P4501A1*2C, glutathion-S-transferase M1 null et le cancer du poumon chez une population Tunisienne

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Anti-cytokine therapy in the treatment of psoriasis

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Interferon alpha and ribavirin collaboratively regulate p38 mitogen-activated protein kinase signaling in hepatoma cells

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Uropathogenic Escherichia coli causes cortical tubular necrotic cell death and the release of macrophage migration inhibitory factor

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IL-10 modulates serotonin transporter activity and molecular expression in intestinal epithelial cells

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The asymmetry of rainfall process

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Short-term climatic impacts of afforestation in the East Asian monsoon region

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Tailoring of electrochemical properties of V2O5 thin films grown on flexible substrates using plasma-assisted activated reactive evaporation

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Phosphorus starvation induces post-transcriptional CHS gene silencing in Petunia corolla

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Isolation and characterization of a wheat IF2 homolog required for innate immunity to stripe rust

Anonymous, 2013:
Development and characterization of twenty-two novel microsatellite markers for the mountain whitefish, Prosopium williamsoni and cross-amplification in the round whitefish, P cylindraceum, using

K.Kolodziej, H.K.Schulz, K.Theissinger, C.Ebert…, 2013:
Comparison of established methods for quantifying genotyping error rates in wildlife forensics

Chris, J.Kettle, Aline Finger, 2013:
Fragmentation genetics in the tropics

Anonymous, 2013:
Isolation and characterisation of polymorphic microsatellite loci for Noisy Miners Manorinamelanocephala, with successful cross-amplification in Bell Miners M em clas

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Understanding spatial transformations: similarities and differences between mental rotation and mental folding

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Landmarks in nature to support wayfinding: the effects of seasons and experimental methods

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A mutation in the start codon of γ-crystallin D leads to nuclear cataracts in the Dahl SS/Jr-Ctr strain

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GnRHa-induced spawning of wild-caught jack mackerel Trachurus japonicus

Anonymous, 2013:
A sweet TET-a-tete-synergy of TET proteins and O-GlcNAc transferase in transcription

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Laboratory and field bioassays on the effects of Beauveria bassiana Vuillemin Hypocreales Cordycipitaceae on red oak borer, Enaphalodes rufulus Haldeman Coleoptera Cerambycidae

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A Case of Live Birth after Uterine Reconstruction for Recurrent Cornual Ectopic Pregnancy following IVF Treatment

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Guideline adherence for intrapartum group B streptococci prophylaxis in penicillin-allergic patients

d'Cruz, C.; Mudimu, P., 2013:
Community savings that mobilize federations, build womens leadership and support slum upgrading

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ADAMTS-13 may not predict disease or outcome in patients with Thrombotic Thrombocytopenic Purpura

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Long-term stability of frozen pooled plasmas stored at -70°C, -40°C, and -20°C for prothrombin time and International Normalized Ratio (INR) assessment

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Acupuncture combined with tuina treatment for infantile diarrhea

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Electroacupuncture in treating depression A randomized controlled study

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Therapeutic effect of warm needling therapy combined with rehabilitation therapy for brachial plexus injury after surgery

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Effect of individualized needling on gross motor function in cerebral palsy infants

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Research progress of acupuncture analgesia for labor

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Curative Effect observation on tuina therapy for spleen-deficiency infantile diarrhea

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Clinical observation on three-character-scripture school pediatric tuina for infants with night crying A report of 60 cases

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Study on the relation between MRI findings and acupuncture effect in trigeminal neuralgia patients

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Effect of tuina on neurodevelopment in premature infants with brain injury

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Clinical study on puncturing Houxi SI 3 toward Hegu LI 4 plus lumbar movement for acute lumbar sprain

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Factors affecting DNA quality in feathers used for non-invasive sampling

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Underuse of stopover site by migratory swans

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Neighbour–stranger call discrimination in a nocturnal rail species, the Corncrake Crex crex

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Is intracellular pH a clock for mitosis?

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Evaluation of boric acid sugar baits against Aedes albopictus (Diptera: Culicidae) in tropical environments

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Increased extracellular matrix density decreases MCF10A breast cell acinus formation in 3D culture conditions

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Improving recruitment, retention, and adherence to 6-month cycling in Alzheimer's disease

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Assessing environmental impacts of reclaimed wastewater irrigation in paddy fields using bioindicator

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Design of microirrigation subunit of minimum cost with proper operation

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Determining FAO-56 crop coefficients for peanut under different water stress levels

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A randomized controlled trial to determine the effect of a model of restorative home care on physical function and social support among older people

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Estimating rock compressive strength from Rock Abrasion Tool RAT grinds

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Large shield volcanoes on the moon

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LRO Observations of Morphology and Surface Roughness of Volcanic Cones and Lobate Lava Flows in the Marius Hills

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Searching at the right time of day Evidence for aqueous minerals in Columbus crater with TES and THEMIS data

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Simultaneous intra-gastric balloon removal and laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy for the super-super obese patients--a prospective feasibility study

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Cardiovascular toxicity of Citrus aurantium in exercised rats

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Successful treatment of suicide attempt by megadose of propafenone and captopril

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Annual Variation of Coastal Uplift in Greenland as an Indicator of Variable and Accelerating Ice Mass Loss

Anonymous, 2013:
High-resolution 3D numerical modeling of thrust wedges Influence of decollement strength on transfer zones

Anonymous, 2013:
Structures of the oceanic lithosphere-asthenosphere boundary mineral physics modeling and seismological signatures

Anonymous, 2013:
Investigating ?13C and ?14C within Mytilus californianus shells as proxies of upwelling intensity

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Tidal Modulation of Continuous Non-Volcanic Seismic Tremor in the Chile Triple Junction Region

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Mining the Herschel-Astrophysical Terahertz Large Area Survey submillimetre-selected blazars in equatorial fields

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Is fisheries governance possible?

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Recent advances of genome mapping and marker-assisted selection in aquaculture

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Performance of regional fisheries management organizations ecosystem-based governance of bycatch and discards

Anonymous, 2013:
Imagen Corporal y Trastornos de la Conducta Alimentaria

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Employability and Career Success Bridging the Gap Between Theory and Reality

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Gone Fishing I–O Psychologists Missed Opportunities to Understand Marginalized Employees Experiences With Discrimination

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A coupled stock-recruitment-age-structured model of the North Sea cod under the influence of depensation

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APHIDSim A population dynamics model for wheat aphids based on swallowtail catastrophe theory

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Three cases of bipartition of the atlas

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Time- and dose-dependent cytotoxicities of ioxitalamate and indigocarmine in human nucleus pulposus cells

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Meteorology of Jupiter’s Equatorial Hot Spots and Plumes from Cassini

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Effect of Silver Impregnation on Efficiency of ZnO for Photocatalytic Degradation of Eosin Y

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Pseudo-Static and Pseudo-Dynamic Stability Analysis of Tailings Dam Under Seismic Conditions

Abhijit Pednekar, 2013:
The Blue System That Can Exceed the Carnot Efficiency

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Stratal architecture and platform evolution of an early Frasnian syn-tectonic carbonate platform, Canning Basin, Australia

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"It's up to you and God": understanding health behavior change in older African American survivors of colorectal cancer

Anonymous, 2013:
Lithium compartmentation in brain by 7Li MRS effect of total lithium concentration

Anonymous, 2013:
A dual-tuned transceive resonator for 13C1H MRS two open coils in one

Anonymous, 2013:
Ethische und rechtliche Aspekte im Umgang mit genetischen Zufallsbefunden – Herausforderungen und Losungsansatze

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Effects of environmental stress and nutlet morph on proportion and within-flower number-combination of morphs produced by the fruit-dimorphic species Lappula duplicicarpa Boraginaceae

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Decadal changes in vegetation of a subarctic salt marsh used by lesser snow and Canada geese

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Fry and fingerling transportation in the striped catfish, Pangasianodon hypophthalmus, farming sector, Mekong Delta, Vietnam A pivotal link in the production chain

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Cytokinins as key regulators in plant–microbe–insect interactions connecting plant growth and defence

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Generalization of learned predator recognition in coral reef ecosystems how cautious are damselfish?

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Climate change and temperature rise in the Greater Beirut Area implications on heat-related premature mortality

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Sub-basin scale characterization of climate change vulnerability, impacts and adaptation in an Indian River basin

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Impacts of observed growing-season warming trends since 1980 on crop yields in China

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WhatisKT wiki a case study of a platform for knowledge translation terms and definitions — descriptive analysis

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Overexpression of Rosa roxburghiil-galactono-1,4-lactone dehydrogenase in tobacco plant enhances ascorbate accumulation and abiotic stress tolerance

Anonymous, 2013:
Predicting evolution and visualizing high-dimensional fitness landscapes

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Extrinsic noise driven phenotype switching in a self-regulating gene

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Travelling waves in hybrid chemotaxis models

Anonymous, 2013:
Effect of microtubule-associated protein tau in dynamics of single-headed motor proteins KIF1A

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Sedentary behavior and psychiatric symptoms in overweight and obese adults with schizophrenia and schizoaffective disorders (WAIST Study)

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Web-based cognitive-behavioral therapy for auditory hallucinations in persons with psychosis: a pilot study

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Determination of elemental impurities in leachate solutions from syringes using sector field ICP-mass spectrometry

Wang, Q.; Shi, R.; Ma, Y-Ming.; Jiang, P.; Zhong, J.; Cui, H-Yan.; Liu, P.; Liu, C-Hai., 2014:
Content determination of the major constituents of Yinchenzhufu decoction via ultra high-performance liquid chromatography coupled with electrospray ionisation tandem mass spectrometry

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Investigation of thermal decomposition of ascorbic acid by TG-FTIR and thermal kinetics analysis

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Evaluating MISER chromatography for a rapid formulation screen

Tadas Venskutonis, Gintaras Juodzbalys, Olivia Nackaerts…, 2013:
Influence of voxel size on the diagnostic ability of cone-beam computed tomography to evaluate simulated root perforations

Anonymous, 2013:
Take a patient-specific approach to the treatment of nail psoriasis

Vimaleswaran, K.S.; Cavadino, A.; Hyppönen, E., 2013:
APOA5 genotype influences the association between 25-hydroxyvitamin D and high density lipoprotein cholesterol

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Measurement of polypectomy rate by using administrative claims data with validation against the adenoma detection rate

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Modifiable endoscopic factors that influence the adenoma detection rate in colorectal cancer screening colonoscopies

Metz, A.J.; Moss, A.; McLeod, D.; Tran, K.; Godfrey, C.; Chandra, A.; Bourke, M.J., 2013:
A blinded comparison of the safety and efficacy of hot biopsy forceps electrocauterization and conventional snare polypectomy for diminutive colonic polypectomy in a porcine model

Uraoka, T.; Tanaka, S.; Matsumoto, T.; Matsuda, T.; Oka, S.; Moriyama, T.; Higashi, R.; Saito, Y., 2013:
A novel extra-wide-angle-view colonoscope: a simulated pilot study using anatomic colorectal models

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Comparison of standard forward-viewing mode versus ultrawide-viewing mode of a novel colonoscopy platform: a prospective, multicenter study in the detection of simulated polyps in an in vitro colon model (with video)

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Adverse events requiring hospitalization within 30 days after outpatient screening and nonscreening colonoscopies

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Factors associated with failed polyp retrieval at screening colonoscopy

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Structured classification for ED presenting complaints - from free text field-based approach to ICPC-2 ED application

van der Vyver, C.; Conradie, T.; Kossmann, J.; Lloyd, J., 2013:
In vitro selection of transgenic sugarcane callus utilizing a plant gene encoding a mutant form of acetolactate synthase

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Increased prefrontal oxygenation related to distractor-resistant working memory in children with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)

In-Albon, T.; Meyer, A.H.; Schneider, S., 2014:
Separation anxiety avoidance inventory-child and parent version: psychometric properties and clinical utility in a clinical and school sample

Tarren-Sweeney, M., 2014:
An investigation of complex attachment- and trauma-related symptomatology among children in foster and kinship care

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Vasorelaxant and antihypertensive effects of methanolic extracts from Hymenocardia acida Tul

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A symplectic mapping for the synchronous spin-orbit problem

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Glucocorticoid-induced changes in the geometry of osteoclast resorption cavities affect trabecular bone stiffness

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Pulmonary arterial hypertension: new insights into the optimal role of current and emerging prostacyclin therapies

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Hypermorphic expression of centromeric retroelement-encoded small RNAs impairs CENP-A loading

Anonymous, 2013:
Stellate hairs on leaves of a deciduous shrub Viburnumerosum var punctatum Adoxaceae effectively protect Brevipalpusem class=a-plus-pl

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Indirect evidence that guarded quiescent deutonymph females invest energy to attract conspecific males in the Kanzawa spider mite (Acari: Tetranychidae)?

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Genetic basis of woven nest size in subsocial spider mites

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More greenhouse gases needed to explain warm Archean Earth

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AGU and American Geosciences Institute Webinar Series to Strengthen Departments

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Exploring Hawaiian Volcanism

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Native Communities in the Arctic Face Climate Change Impacts

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New Radar Interferometric Time Series Analysis Toolbox Released

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Hevea brasiliensis cell suspension peroxidase: purification, characterization and application for dye decolorization

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On structuring offshore hydrocarbon production sharing contracts Lebanons case

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Chirurgie metabolique dans le traitement du diabete de type 2 chez l’obese

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Use of secondary-treated wastewater for the production of Muriellopsis sp

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Simultaneous improvement of saccharification and ethanol production from crystalline cellulose by alleviation of irreversible adsorption of cellulase with a cell surface-engineered yeast strain

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Kinetic analysis of biodesulfurization of model oil containing multiple alkyl dibenzothiophenes

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Changes in tyrosinase specificity by ionic liquids and sodium dodecyl sulfate

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The bppv in women of perimenopause gender differences, diagnostic features and clinics

Anonymous, 2013:
The epidemiology of vertigo in women with perimenopausal period

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The ‘killer shrimp’ Dikerogammarus villosus Crustacea, Amphipoda invading Alpine lakes overland transport by recreational boats and scuba-diving gear as potential entry vectors?

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Hierarchical and multiple hand action representation using temporal postural synergies

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Attentional selection within and across hemispheres: implications for the perceptual load theory

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Isoluminant coloured stimuli are undetectable in blindsight even when they move

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Differentiating Behavioral Ratings of Inattention, Impulsivity, and Hyperactivity in Children: Effects on Reading Achievement

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Agreement Among Categorical, Dimensional, and Impairment Criteria for ADHD and Common Comorbidities

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Virtual water accounting for the globalized world economy National water footprint and international virtual water trade

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Genetically modified whole-cell bioreporters for environmental assessment

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Interactions of ecosystem properties, ecosystem integrity and ecosystem service indicators—A theoretical matrix exercise

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The properties of the ecological hierarchy and their application as ecological indicators

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Goal functions, orientors and indicators GoFOrIts in ecology Application and functional aspects – Strengths and weaknesses

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Order and disorder in ecological time-series Introducing normalized spectral entropy

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The utility of the Streamlining European Biodiversity Indicators 2010 SEBI 2010

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Nucleation and growth rates of lactose as affected by ultrasound in aqueous solutions

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Effect of adding salt during the diafiltration step of milk protein concentrate powder manufacture on mineral and soluble protein composition

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Microarchitecture of the dyad

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Ultrastructural uncoupling between T-tubules and sarcoplasmic reticulum in human heart failure

Anonymous, 2013:
Salusin-beta in Paraventricular Nucleus Increases Blood Pressure and Sympathetic Outflow via Vasopressin in Hypertensive rats

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Adolescent pelvic pain: interstitial cystitis

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Microarray versus karyotyping for antenatal diagnosis and after stillbirth

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Effects of the glucose-lowering rate on cTnI and hs-CRP serum levels in type 2 diabetics

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High-resolution HLA haplotype frequencies of stem cell donors in Germany with foreign parentage: how can they be used to improve unrelated donor searches?

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Blimp-1 siRNA inhibits B cell differentiation and prevents the development of lupus in mice

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Differential effects of a common splice site polymorphism on the generation of OAS1 variants in human bronchial epithelial cells

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Killer cell immunoglobulin-like receptor genes in four human West Nile virus infections reported 2011 in the Republic of Macedonia

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Does Restenosis Still Hamper the Benefit of Carotid Artery Revascularization?

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5E- and 5Z-farnesylacetones from Sargassum siliquastrum as novel selective L-type calcium channel blockers

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Novel approaches to inhibitor design for the p110β phosphoinositide 3-kinase

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About a bloodstream Corynebacterium striatum isolate

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Remote ischemic preconditioning reduces myocardial injury in patients undergoing coronary stent implantation

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Binge eating and binge drinking behaviors: individual differences in adolescents' identity styles

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Racial/ethnic differences in the prevalence of internalizing symptoms: do Latin-American immigrant show more symptomatology than Spanish native-born adolescents?

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Illness representations of type 2 diabetes patients are associated with perceptions of diabetes threat in relatives

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Pork as a source of human parasitic infection

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Spring-applied saflufenacil and imazapic provided longer lasting Euphorbia esula L control than fall applications

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Detection and characterization of bismerthiazol-resistance of Xanthomonas oryzae pv oryzae

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Pest intensity-crop loss relationships for the leafminer fly Liriomyza huidobrensis Blanchard in different potato Solanum tuberosum L varieties

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Seasonal occurrence of Laodelphax striatellus in Spain Effect on the incidence of Maize rough dwarf virus

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Chronic health conditions and school performance among children and youth

Anonymous, 2013:
Les rapports entre le muscle piriforme et le nerf ischiatique  etude radioanatomique de 104 regions gluteales

Anonymous, 2013:
Embryologie des cloisons du cour

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Ex vivo antimicrobial efficacy of strong acid electrolytic water against Enterococcus faecalis biofilm

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Efficacy of reciprocating and rotary techniques for removing filling material during root canal retreatment

Anonymous, 2013:
Factors affecting the viscosity sodium hypochlorite and their effect on irrigant flow

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Kyoto have hopes for CCS been realized?

Anonymous, 2013:
Active CO2 reservoir management for sustainable geothermal energy extraction and reduced leakage

Anonymous, 2013:
Abandoned well CO2 leakage mitigation using biologically induced mineralization current progress and future directions

Anonymous, 2013:
Superhydrophobic amine functionalized aerogels as sorbents for CO2 capture

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Description of plant tRNA-derived RNA fragments (tRFs) associated with argonaute and identification of their putative targets

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Clinical, dermoscopic and immunohistochemical assessment of actinic keratoses and evaluation of the effectiveness of diclofenac therapy with immunohistochemical analysis

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Controls Over Base Cation Concentrations in Stream and River Waters A Long-Term Analysis on the Role of Deposition and Climate

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Stage IV melanoma: completely resectable patients are scarce

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Cause-specific mortality in patients with mucoepidermoid carcinoma of the major salivary glands

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A preliminary testing of a flat panel ground heat exchanger

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Comparaison des caracteristiques cliniques et de la prise en charge des accidents vasculaires cerebraux entre une population africaine Abidjan et une population francaise Amiens  une etude observationnelle

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Interet predictif de l’evolution des facteurs posturaux et locomoteurs apres ponction lombaire soustractive dans l’hydrocephalie chronique de l’adulte

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An impact assessment of the alien lizard Plestiodon japonicus Scincidae, Reptilia on a threatened island population of the native lizard P latiscutatus at an early phase of the biological invasi

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Retrieval of event files can be conceptually mediated

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Cities and flows re-asserting a relationship as fundamental as it is delicate

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Role of perlecan, a basement membrane-type heparan sulfate proteoglycan, in enamel organ morphogenesis

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Perceptual-motor constraints on decision making: the case of the manual search behavior for hidden objects in toddlers

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Radio- und Radiochemotherapie in der Koloproktologie

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Validation and transferability study of a method based on near-infrared hyperspectral imaging for the detection and quantification of ergot bodies in cereals

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Suicide prevention in administrative segregation units: what is missing?

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Anomalous Propagation Conditions Observed over a Tropical Station Using High Resolution GPS Radiosonde Observations

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Does the emphasis on risk in psychiatry serve the interests of patients or the public? No

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The UK is a net exporter of patients

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Anaphylaxis: the acute episode and beyond

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NHS trusts must have legal duty to be open about harms to patients, Francis tells MPs

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Long term calcium intake and rates of all cause and cardiovascular mortality: community based prospective longitudinal cohort study

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Laboratories and regulator misled over antibiotic susceptibility test discs

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Industry has no role in public health policies, concludes analysis

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Murder of nine polio workers in Nigeria threatens eradication efforts

Dyer, C., 2013:
Second children's cardiac surgery unit set for closure takes its case to High Court

Kmietowicz, Z., 2013:
Fourteen hospital trusts are to be investigated for higher than expected mortality rates

Anonymous, 2013:
Government sets pound75 000 cap on social care in England

Brill, D., 2013:
Australia launches national scheme to vaccinate boys against HPV

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UK ranks last of six countries in lung cancer survival

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An unexpected finding after a fall from a horse

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What can happen when staging sentinel node biopsies are performed on both sides

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European MPs back moves for generic drugs to be made available more quickly

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The cerebellum in Parkinson's disease

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