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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 36775

Chapter 36775 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Brehm, K.; Schack, J.; Heilmann, C.; Blanke, P.; Geissler, H.Joachim.; Beyersdorf, F., 2014:
Mechanical heart valve recipients: anticoagulation in patients with genetic variations of phenprocoumon metabolism

Hosoba, S.; Asai, T.; Suzuki, T.; Nota, H.; Kuroyanagi, S.; Kinoshita, T.; Takashima, N.; Hayakawa, M., 2013:
Mid-term results for the use of the extended sandwich patch technique through right ventriculotomy for postinfarction ventricular septal defects

Haensig, M.; Holzhey, D.Michael.; Borger, M.Andrew.; Schuler, G.; Shi, W.; Subramanian, S.; Rastan, A.Julian.; Mohr, F.Wilhelm., 2014:
Is the new EuroSCORE II a better predictor for transapical aortic valve implantation?

Head, S.J.; Osnabrugge, R.L.J.; Howell, N.J.; Freemantle, N.; Bridgewater, B.; Pagano, D.; Kappetein, A.Pieter., 2013:
A systematic review of risk prediction in adult cardiac surgery: considerations for future model development

Ranasinghe, P.; Jayawardena, R.; Pigera, A.S.A.D.; Katulanda, P.; Constantine, G.R.; Galappaththy, P., 2013:
Zinc supplementation in pre-diabetes: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial

Chang, A.B.; Grimwood, K.; Wilson, A.C.; van Asperen, P.P.; Byrnes, C.A.; O'Grady, K-Ann.F.; Sloots, T.P.; Robertson, C.F.; Torzillo, P.J.; McCallum, G.B.; Masters, I.B.; Buntain, H.M.; Mackay, I.M.; Ungerer, J.; Tuppin, J.; Morris, P.S., 2013:
Bronchiectasis exacerbation study on azithromycin and amoxycillin-clavulanate for respiratory exacerbations in children (BEST-2): study protocol for a randomized controlled trial

Azagra, D., 2013:
Global and fine approximation of convex functions

Andreasen, J.; Mølgaard, C.M.; Christensen, M.; Kaalund, Søren.; Lundbye-Christensen, Søren.; Simonsen, O.; Voigt, M., 2013:
Exercise therapy and custom-made insoles are effective in patients with excessive pronation and chronic foot pain--a randomized controlled trial

Anonymous, 2013:
Targeting of interleukin-13 receptor alpha2 for treatment of head and neck squamous cell carcinoma induced by conditional deletion of TGF-beta and PTEN signaling

Dias, H.Soares.; Domingues, A.Lúcia.Coutinho.; Cordeiro, F.Tarcísio.Miranda.; Jucá, N.; Lopes, E.Pessoa., 2013:
Associating portal congestive gastropathy and hepatic fibrosis in hepatosplenic mansoni schistosomiasis

Anonymous, 2013:
Smooth muscle cell Ca²⁺: think locally, act globally

Pattan, J.N.; Mir, I.A.mad; Parthiban, G.; Karapurkar, S.G.; Matta, V.M.; Naidu, P.D.; Naqvi, S.W.A., 2013:
Coupling between suboxic condition in sediments of the western Bay of Bengal and southwest monsoon intensification A geochemical study

Ruiz-Salinas, I.; González-Hernández, A.; Manrique-Maldonado, G.; Marichal-Cancino, B.A.; Altamirano-Espinoza, A.H.; Villalón, C.M., 2014:
Predominant role of the dopamine D3 receptor subtype for mediating the quinpirole-induced inhibition of the vasopressor sympathetic outflow in pithed rats

Liu, Q.; Huang, Y.; Shen, J.; Steffensen, S.; Wu, J., 2013:
Functional α7β2 nicotinic acetylcholine receptors expressed in hippocampal interneurons exhibit high sensitivity to pathological level of amyloid β peptides

Perbal, B., 2013:
CCN proteins: A centralized communication network

Fonseca, V.F.; Vasconcelos, R.P.; Gamito, R.; Pasquaud, S.éphanie; Gonçalves, C.I.; Costa, J.é L.; Costa, M.J.; Cabral, H.N., 2013:
Fish community-based measures of estuarine ecological quality and pressure-impact relationships

Ferraro, D.; Simone, A.Maria.; Bedin, R.; Galli, V.; Vitetta, F.; Federzoni, L.; D'Amico, R.; Merelli, E.; Nichelli, P.Frigio.; Sola, P., 2013:
Cerebrospinal fluid oligoclonal IgM bands predict early conversion to clinically definite multiple sclerosis in patients with clinically isolated syndrome

Cooke, M.L.; Schottenfeld, M.T.; Buchanan, S.W., 2013:
Evolution of Fault Efficiency at Restraining Bends within Wet Kaolin Analog Experiments

Anonymous, 2013:
Genetic variations of SLC2A9 in relation to Parkinsons disease

Gallagher, S.A.; Smith, A.B.; Matthews, J.E.; Potter, C.W.; Woods, M.E.; Raynor, M.; Wallen, E.M.; Rathmell, W.Kimryn.; Whang, Y.E.; Kim, W.Y.; Godley, P.A.; Chen, R.C.; Wang, A.; You, C.; Barocas, D.A.; Pruthi, R.S.; Nielsen, M.E.; Milowsky, M.I., 2014:
Roadmap for the development of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Genitourinary OncoLogy Database--UNC GOLD

Rausch, S.; Lotan, Y.; Youssef, R.F., 2014:
Squamous cell carcinogenesis and squamous cell carcinoma of the urinary bladder: a contemporary review with focus on nonbilharzial squamous cell carcinoma

Fujita, T.; Satoh, T.; Timme, T.L.; Hirayama, T.; Zhu, J.X.; Kusaka, N.; Naruishi, K.; Yang, G.; Goltsov, A.; Wang, J.; Vlachaki, M.T.; Teh, B.S.; Brian Butler, E.; Thompson, T.C., 2014:
Combined therapeutic effects of adenoviral vector-mediated GLIPR1 gene therapy and radiotherapy in prostate and bladder cancer models

Li, Y-Jun.; Jiang, W-Qi.; Huang, J-Jia.; Xia, Z-Jun.; Huang, H-Qiang.; Li, Z-Ming., 2013:
The Glasgow Prognostic Score (GPS) as a novel and significant predictor of extranodal natural killer/T-cell lymphoma, nasal type

Oberley, M.J.; Yang, D.T., 2013:
Laboratory testing for cobalamin deficiency in megaloblastic anemia

Avivi, I.; Zilberlicht, A.; Dann, E.J.; Leiba, R.; Faibish, T.; Rowe, J.M.; Bar-Shalom, R., 2013:
Strikingly high false positivity of surveillance FDG-PET/CT scanning among patients with diffuse large cell lymphoma in the rituximab era

Keijsers, N.L.W.; Stolwijk, N.M.; Louwerens, J.W.K.; Duysens, J., 2014:
Classification of forefoot pain based on plantar pressure measurements

Oyama, S.; Hibberd, E.E.; Myers, J.B., 2014:
Changes in humeral torsion and shoulder rotation range of motion in high school baseball players over a 1-year period

Anonymous, 2013:
Aferesis de lipoproteínas de baja densidad en la hipercolesterolemia familiar resistente al tratamiento medico convencional intensivo

Anonymous, 2013:
Mejoría de la calidad de vida y capacidad de ejercicio sin cambios en la biología muscular tras entrenamiento general en pacientes con enfermedad pulmonar obstructiva cronica grave

Toffa, D.D.; Mahnine, N.; Ouaffak, L.; E.A.idi, A.; E.A.aoui Faris, F.Z.; Zinedine, A., 2013:
First survey on the presence of ochratoxin A and fungi in raw cereals and peanut available in the Republic of Niger

Kaewklom, S.; Lumlert, S.; Kraikul, W.; Aunpad, R., 2013:
Control of Listeria monocytogenes on sliced bologna sausage using a novel bacteriocin, amysin, produced by Bacillus amyloliquefaciens isolated from Thai shrimp paste Kapi

Chua, P.T.C.; Dykes, G.A., 2013:
Attachment of foodborne pathogens to banana Musa sp leaves

Consonni, R.; Cagliani, L.R.th; Cogliati, C., 2013:
Geographical discrimination of honeys by saccharides analysis

Kregiel, Dorota, 2013:
Attachment of Asaia lannensis to materials commonly used in beverage industry

Petruzzelli, A.; Amagliani, G.; Micci, E.; Foglini, M.; D.R.nzo, E.; Brandi, G.; Tonucci, F., 2013:
Prevalence assessment of Coxiella burnetii and verocytotoxin-producing Escherichia coli in bovine raw milk through molecular identification

Anonymous, 2013:
Comparaison des performances diagnostiques de la TEP au FNa avec et sans scanner couple dans la recherche de metastases osseuses

Anonymous, 2013:
Il ruolo dei prioni nello sviluppo nervoso

Alexander, C.K.A.; Veach, P.McCarthy.; Lian, F.; LeRoy, B.S., 2014:
International exchange training in genetic counseling: an exploration of the value in exchange experiences

Sun, J.; Jiang, M., 2013:
Eocene seawater retreat from the southwest Tarim Basin and implications for early Cenozoic tectonic evolution in the Pamir Plateau

Khattak, N.U.; Ali, N.; Khan, M.A.if, 2013:
Recognition of an episode of post-collisional normal faulting in North West Pakistan Constraints from fission-track analysis

D.G.idi, G.; Lanzafame, G.; Palano, M.; Puglisi, G.; Scaltrito, A.; Scarfì, L., 2013:
Multidisciplinary study of the Tindari Fault Sicily, Italy separating ongoing contractional and extensional compartments along the active Africa–Eurasia convergent boundary

Rana, N.; Bhattacharya, F.; Basavaiah, N.; Pant, R.K.; Juyal, N., 2013:
Soft Sediment Deformation Structures and their implications for Late Quaternary seismicity on the South Tibetan Detachment System, Central Himalaya Uttarakhand, India

Gui, D.Y.; Lewis, C.A.; Vander Heiden, M.G., 2013:
Allosteric regulation of PKM2 allows cellular adaptation to different physiological states

Burger, M.J.; van der Knaap, B.; Wall, R.S., 2014:
Polycentricity and the Multiplexity of Urban Networks

Theocharidou, E.; Gossios, T.D.; Giouleme, O.; Athyros, V.G.; Karagiannis, A., 2014:
Carotid intima-media thickness in patients with inflammatory bowel disease: a systematic review

Bener, A.; Dafeeah, E.E.; Alnaqbi, K.; Falah, O.; Aljuhaisi, T.; Sadeeq, A.; Khan, S.; Schlogl, J., 2014:
An epidemiologic analysis of low back pain in primary care: a hot humid country and global comparison

Anonymous, 2013:
Anemie perioperatoire  nouveau paradigme

Toumi, A.; Saleh, M.Adly.; Yamagami, J.; Abida, O.; Kallel, M.; Masmoudi, A.; Makni, S.; Turki, H.; Hachiya, T.; Kuroda, K.; Stanley, J.R.; Masmoudi, H.; Amagai, M., 2013:
Autoimmune reactivity against precursor form of desmoglein 1 in healthy Tunisians in the area of endemic pemphigus foliaceus

In-Albon, T.; Bürli, M.; Ruf, C.; Schmid, M., 2013:
Non-suicidal self-injury and emotion regulation: a review on facial emotion recognition and facial mimicry

Richardson, M.J.; Tate, S., 2013:
Improving the transition to university introducing student voices into the formal induction process for new geography undergraduates

Yeh, E.T.; Lama, K.T., 2013:
Following the caterpillar fungus nature, commodity chains, and the place of Tibet in Chinas uneven geographies

Sage, Daniel, 2013:
‘Danger building site—keep out?’ a critical agenda for geographical engagement with contemporary construction industries

Szarko, J.E.; Brown, A.J.; Watkins, M.W., 2013:
Examiner Familiarity Effects for Children With Autism Spectrum Disorders

Schanding, G.T.omas; Nowell, K.P., 2013:
Universal Screening for Emotional and Behavioral Problems Fitting a Population-Based Model

Byakwaga, H.; Petoumenos, K.; Ananworanich, J.; Zhang, F.; Boyd, M.A.; Sirisanthana, T.; Li, P.C.K.; Lee, C.; Mean, C.V.; Saphonn, V.; Omar, S.F.S.; Pujari, S.; Phanuphak, P.; Lim, P.L.; Kumarasamy, N.; Chen, Y.M.A.; Merati, T.P.; Sungkanuparph, S.; Ditangco, R.; Oka, S.; Tau, G.; Zhou, J.; Law, M.G.; Emery, S., 2013:
Predictors of clinical progression in HIV-1-infected adults initiating combination antiretroviral therapy with advanced disease in the Asia-Pacific region: results from the TREAT Asia HIV observational database

Bunupuradah, T.; Ananworanich, J.; Puthanakit, T., 2013:
Double-dose hepatitis B revaccination in nonresponsive HIV-infected adolescents

Abate, C.; Pols, O. R.; Izzard, R. G.; Mohamed, S. S.; de Mink, S. E., 2013:
Wind Roche-lobe overflow Application to carbon-enhanced metal-poor stars

Liu, F.K.; Chen, X., 2013:
Enhanced off-center stellar tidal disruptions by supermassive black holes in merging galaxies

Anonymous, 2013:
Herschel-ATLAS a binary HyLIRG pinpointing a cluster of starbursting proto-ellipticals

Anonymous, 2013:
Steady Outflows in Giant Clumps of High-z Disk Galaxies during Migration and Growth by Accretion

Anonymous, 2013:
Monte Carlo simulations of the photospheric emission in GRBs

Anonymous, 2013:
Herschel views on ultra-luminous X-ray sources

Lilly, S.J.; Peng, Y.; Carollo, M.; Renzini, A., 2012:
A phenomenological approach to the evolution of galaxies

Sanchez, J.A.; Michelsen, R.é; Reddy, V.; Nathues, A., 2013:
Surface composition and taxonomic classification of a group of near-Earth and Mars-crossing asteroids

Tsang, D.; Gourgouliatos, K.N., 2013:
Timing Noise in Pulsars and Magnetars and the Magnetospheric Moment of Inertia

Anonymous, 2013:
Kepler observations of rapid optical variability in the BL Lac object W2R1926+42

Ghisellini, G.; Tavecchio, F.; Foschini, L.; Bonnoli, G.; Tagliaferri, G., 2013:
The red blazar PMN J2345-1555 becomes blue

Albrecht, S.; Winn, J.N.; Marcy, G.W.; Howard, A.W.; Isaacson, H.; Johnson, J.A., 2013:
Low stellar obliquities in compact multiplanet systems

Gerosa, D.; Kesden, M.; Berti, E.; O’Shaughnessy, R.; Sperhake, U., 2013:
Resonant-plane locking and spin alignment in stellar-mass black-hole binaries a diagnostic of compact-binary formation

Vladilo, G.; Murante, G.; Silva, L.; Provenzale, A.; Ferri, G.; Ragazzini, G., 2013:
The habitable zone of Earth-like planets with different levels of atmospheric pressure

Valageas, P.; Nishimichi, T.; Taruya, A., 2013:
Matter power spectrum from a Lagrangian-space regularization of perturbation theory

Anonymous, 2013:
Observations of the D/H ratio in Methane in the atmosphere of Saturns moon, Titan - where did the Saturnian system form?

Anonymous, 2013:
The 2013 Release of Cloudy

Fang, K.; Kotera, K.; Olinto, A.V., 2013:
Ultrahigh Energy Cosmic Ray Nuclei from Extragalactic Pulsars and the effect of their Galactic counterparts

Foley, R.J.; Kirshner, R.P., 2013:
Metallicity Differences in Type Ia Supernova Progenitors Inferred from Ultraviolet Spectra

Anonymous, 2013:
LEDDB LOFAR Epoch of Reionization Diagnostic Database

Anonymous, 2013:
Mid-Infrared Properties of Nearby Luminous Infrared Galaxies I Spitzer IRS Spectra for the GOALS Sample

Shields, G.A.; Bonning, E.W., 2013:
A Captured Runaway Black Hole in NGC 1277?

Marcolino, W.L.F.; Bouret, J.- C.; Sundqvist, J.O.; Walborn, N.R.; Fullerton, A.W.; Howarth, I.D.; Wade, G.A.; ud-Doula, A., 2013:
Phase-resolved ultraviolet spectroscopy of the magnetic Of?p star HD 191612

Militzer, B.; Hubbard, W.B., 2013:
Ab Initio Equation of State for Hydrogen-Helium Mixtures with Recalibration of the Giant-Planet Mass-Radius Relation

Anonymous, 2013:
Polarimetric observations of $ sigma$ Orionis E

Reynoso, E.M.; Hughes, J.P.; Moffett, D.A., 2013:
On the Radio Polarization Signature of Efficient and Inefficient Particle Acceleration in Supernova Remnant SN 1006

Lee, S.-Hang; Slane, P.O.; Ellison, D.C.; Nagataki, S.; Patnaude, D.J., 2013:
A CR-hydro-NEI Model of Multi-wavelength Emission from the Vela Jr Supernova Remnant SNR RX J08520-4622

Anonymous, 2013:
Volatile and refractory abundances of solar analogs with planets

Anonymous, 2013:
Transport techniques for non-Gaussianity

Anonymous, 2013:
RX J06480--4418 the fastest-spinning white dwarf

Anonymous, 2013:
Secular Light Curves of Comets C/2011 L4 Panstarrs and C/2012 S1 ISON Compared to 1P/Halley

Lecavelier des Etangs, A.; Sirothia, S. K.; Gopal-Krishna, ; Zarka, P., 2013:
Hint of 150 MHz radio emission from the Neptune-mass extrasolar transiting planet HAT-P-11b

Alford, M.G.; Han, S.; Prakash, M., 2013:
Generic conditions for stable hybrid stars

Anonymous, 2013:
Short wavelength magnetic buoyancy instability

Ruíz-Rodríguez, D.; Prato, L.; Torres, G.; Wasserman, L.H.; Neuhäuser, R., 2013:
Rx j05131+0851 and rx j05399+0956 two young, rapidly rotating, spectroscopic binary stars

Schmidt, Deborah; Crawford, Fronefield; Langston, Glen; Gilpin, Claire, 2013:
A Search for Rapidly Spinning Pulsars and Fast Transients in Unidentified Radio Sources with the NRAO 43-Meter Telescope

Watanabe, Y.; Maekawa, M., 2013:
R/G-band boundaries: genomic instability and human disease

Vezzoli, G.; Ghielmi, G.; Mondaca, G.; Resentini, A.; Villarroel, E.K.tia; Padoan, M.; Gentile, P., 2013:
Quantifying modern erosion rates and river-sediment contamination in the Bolivian Andes

Matsumoto, C.; Hanson, N.Q.; Tsai, M.Y.; Glynn, R.J.; Gaziano, J.Michael.; Djoussé, L., 2014:
Plasma phospholipid saturated fatty acids and heart failure risk in the Physicians' Health Study

Pankuweit, S.; Stein, A.; Karatolios, K.; Richter, A.; Ruppert, V.; Maisch, B., 2013:
Viral genomes in the pericardial fluid and in peri- and epicardial biopsies from a German cohort of patients with large to moderate pericardial effusions

Pillay, J.; Tak, T.; Kamp, V.M.; Koenderman, L., 2013:
Immune suppression by neutrophils and granulocytic myeloid-derived suppressor cells: similarities and differences

Yang, C.; Rahimpour, S.; Yu, A.C.H.; Lonser, R.R.; Zhuang, Z., 2013:
Regulation and dysregulation of astrocyte activation and implications in tumor formation

Medraño-Fernandez, I.; Reyes, R.; Olazabal, I.; Rodriguez, E.; Sanchez-Madrid, F.; Boussiotis, V.A.; Reche, P.A.; Cabañas, C.; Lafuente, E.M., 2013:
RIAM (Rap1-interacting adaptor molecule) regulates complement-dependent phagocytosis

Roux, K.J., 2014:
Marked by association: techniques for proximity-dependent labeling of proteins in eukaryotic cells

Du, Y-Hua.; Hirooka, K.; Miyamoto, O.; Bao, Y-Qin.; Zhang, B.; An, J-Bin.; Ma, J-Xue., 2013:
Retinoic acid suppresses the adhesion and migration of human retinal pigment epithelial cells

Zhang, Y.; Liu, Y.; Ho, C.; Wildsoet, C.F., 2013:
Effects of imposed defocus of opposite sign on temporal gene expression patterns of BMP4 and BMP7 in chick RPE

Berchtold, B.; Meylan, M.; Gendron, K.; Morath, U.; Rytz, U.; Lejeune, B., 2014:
Successful treatment of an intrathoracic bronchogenic cyst in a Holstein-Friesian calf

Berg, R.M.G.; Møller, K.; Rossel, P.J.H., 2013:
An ethical analysis of proxy and waiver of consent in critical care research

Jørgensen, C.C.; Kehlet, H.; Soeballe, K.; Hansen, T.B.; Husted, H.; Laursen, M.B.; Hansen, L.T., 2013:
Outcomes in smokers and alcohol users after fast-track hip and knee arthroplasty

Wink, J.; Wolterbeek, R.; Aarts, L.P.H.J.; Koster, S.C.E.; Versteegh, M.I.M.; Veering, B.T.H., 2013:
Upper thoracic epidural anaesthesia: effects of age on neural blockade and cardiovascular parameters

Aoki, J.; Kimura, K.; Koga, M.; Kario, K.; Nakagawara, J.; Furui, E.; Shiokawa, Y.; Hasegawa, Y.; Okuda, S.; Yamagami, H.; Okada, Y.; Shibazaki, K.; Sakamoto, Y.; Toyoda, K., 2013:
NIHSS-time score easily predicts outcomes in rt-PA patients: the SAMURAI rt-PA registry

Lin, Y-Ko.; Lee, W-Che.; Kuo, L-Chi.; Cheng, Y-Chia.; Lin, C-Ju.; Lin, H-Lin.; Chen, C-Wen.; Lin, T-Ying., 2013:
Building an ethical environment improves patient privacy and satisfaction in the crowded emergency department: a quasi-experimental study

Hannan, E.L.; Samadashvili, Z.; Walford, G.; Jacobs, A.K.; Stamato, N.J.; Venditti, F.J.; Holmes, D.R.; Sharma, S.; King, S.B., 2013:
Staged versus one-time complete revascularization with percutaneous coronary intervention for multivessel coronary artery disease patients without ST-elevation myocardial infarction

Dori, Y.; Glatz, A.C.; Hanna, B.D.; Gillespie, M.J.; Harris, M.A.; Keller, M.S.; Fogel, M.A.; Rome, J.J.; Whitehead, K.K., 2013:
Acute effects of embolizing systemic-to-pulmonary arterial collaterals on blood flow in patients with superior cavopulmonary connections: a pilot study

Mets, J.M.; Bergersen, L.; Mayer, J.E.; Marshall, A.C.; McElhinney, D.B., 2013:
Outcomes of stent implantation for obstruction of intracardiac lateral tunnel Fontan pathways

Daneault, B.; Koss, E.; Hahn, R.T.; Kodali, S.; Williams, M.R.; Généreux, P.; Paradis, J-Michel.; George, I.; Reiss, G.R.; Moses, J.W.; Smith, C.R.; Leon, M.B., 2013:
Efficacy and safety of postdilatation to reduce paravalvular regurgitation during balloon-expandable transcatheter aortic valve replacement

Stortecky, S.; Buellesfeld, L.; Wenaweser, P.; Heg, D.; Pilgrim, T.; Khattab, A.A.; Gloekler, S.; Huber, C.; Nietlispach, F.; Meier, B.; Jüni, P.; Windecker, S., 2013:
Atrial fibrillation and aortic stenosis: impact on clinical outcomes among patients undergoing transcatheter aortic valve implantation

Iida, O.; Nakamura, M.; Yamauchi, Y.; Kawasaki, D.; Yokoi, Y.; Yokoi, H.; Soga, Y.; Zen, K.; Hirano, K.; Suematsu, N.; Inoue, N.; Suzuki, K.; Shintani, Y.; Miyashita, Y.; Urasawa, K.; Kitano, I.; Yamaoka, T.; Murakami, T.; Uesugi, M.; Tsuchiya, T.; Shinke, T.; Oba, Y.; Ohura, N.; Hamasaki, T.; Nanto, S., 2013:
Endovascular treatment for infrainguinal vessels in patients with critical limb ischemia: OLIVE registry, a prospective, multicenter study in Japan with 12-month follow-up

Assenza, G.Egidy.; McElhinney, D.B.; Valente, A.Marie.; Pearson, D.D.; Volpe, M.; Martucci, G.; Landzberg, M.J.; Lock, J.E., 2013:
Transcatheter closure of post-myocardial infarction ventricular septal rupture

Reiter, R.; Henry, T.D.; Traverse, J.H., 2013:
Preinfarction angina reduces infarct size in ST-elevation myocardial infarction treated with percutaneous coronary intervention

De Rosa, S.; Seeger, F.H.; Honold, Jörg.; Fischer-Rasokat, U.; Lehmann, R.; Fichtlscherer, S.; Schächinger, V.; Dimmeler, S.; Zeiher, A.M.; Assmus, B., 2013:
Procedural safety and predictors of acute outcome of intracoronary administration of progenitor cells in 775 consecutive procedures performed for acute myocardial infarction or chronic heart failure

James, M.T.; Samuel, S.M.; Manning, M.A.; Tonelli, M.; Ghali, W.A.; Faris, P.; Knudtson, M.L.; Pannu, N.; Hemmelgarn, B.R., 2013:
Contrast-induced acute kidney injury and risk of adverse clinical outcomes after coronary angiography: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Leone, A.Maria.; De Caterina, A.Ranieri.; Basile, E.; Gardi, A.; Laezza, D.; Mazzari, M.Attilio.; Mongiardo, R.; Kharbanda, R.; Cuculi, F.; Porto, I.; Niccoli, G.; Burzotta, F.; Trani, C.; Banning, A.Paul.; Rebuzzi, A.Giuseppe.; Crea, F., 2013:
Influence of the amount of myocardium subtended by a stenosis on fractional flow reserve

Moreno, R.; García, E.; Teles, R.; Rumoroso, J-Ramon.; Cyrne Carvalho, H.; Goicolea, F.Javier.; Moreu, Jé.; Mauri, J.; Sabaté, M.; Mainar, V.; Patricio, L.; Valdés, M.; Fernández Vázquez, F.; Sánchez-Recalde, A.; Galeote, G.; Jimenez-Valero, S.; Almeida, M.; Lopez de Sa, E.; Calvo, L.; Plaza, I.; Lopez-Sendón, J-Luis.; Martín, J-Luis.R.; Moreno, R.; Garcia, E.; Lopez de Sa, E.; Macaya, C.; Lopez-Sendon, J-Luis.; Moreno, R.; Galeote, G.; Sanchez-Recalde, A.; Jimenez-Valero, S.; Calvo, L., 2013:
Randomized comparison of sirolimus-eluting and everolimus-eluting coronary stents in the treatment of total coronary occlusions: results from the chronic coronary occlusion treated by everolimus-eluting stent randomized trial

Rodrigues, G.; Zindler, J.; Warner, A.; Lagerwaard, F., 2013:
Recursive partitioning analysis for the prediction of stereotactic radiosurgery brain metastases lesion control

Cam, K.; Muezzinoglu, T.; Aydemir, O.; Buyukalpelli, R.; Toktas, G.; Gemalmaz, H., 2013:
Development of a quality of life scale specific for patients with benign prostatic hyperplasia

Benneker, L.M.; Hoppe, S., 2013:
Percutaneous cement augmentation techniques for osteoporotic spinal fractures

Rani, B.; Krichbaum, T.P.; Lott, B.; Fuhrmann, L.; Zensus, J.A., 2013:
S5 0716+714 GeV variability study

Bera, T.K.nti; Chatterjee, K.; Jana, K.; Ali, K.M.njur; De, D.; Maiti, S.; Ghosh, D., 2012:
Antihyperglycemic and antioxidative effect of hydro - methanolic 23 extract of the seed of Swietenia mahagoni L Jacq in streptozotocin-induced diabetic male albino rat An approach through pancreas

Hou, W.Kai.; Lam, J.Hiu.Ming., 2015:
Resilience in the year after cancer diagnosis: a cross-lagged panel analysis of the reciprocity between psychological distress and well-being

Zalla, T.; Labruyère, N.; Georgieff, N., 2014:
Perceiving goals and actions in individuals with autism spectrum disorders

Takada, W.; Fukushima, M.; Pothacharoen, P.; Kongtawelert, P.; Sugahara, K., 2013:
A sulfated glycosaminoglycan array for molecular interactions between glycosaminoglycans and growth factors or anti-glycosaminoglycan antibodies

Papadopoulos, N.; Bakhtiary, F.; Grün, V.; Weber, C.F.; Strasser, C.; Moritz, A., 2014:
The effect of normovolemic modified ultrafiltration on inflammatory mediators, endotoxins, terminal complement complexes and clinical outcome in high-risk cardiac surgery patients

Ney, M.; Vandermeer, B.; van Zanten, S.J.V.; Ma, M.M.; Gramlich, L.; Tandon, P., 2013:
Meta-analysis: oral or enteral nutritional supplementation in cirrhosis

Morille, B.; Migeon, C.; Bournet, P.E., 2013:
Is the Penman–Monteith model adapted to predict crop transpiration under greenhouse conditions? Application to a New Guinea Impatiens crop

Hewagama, A.; Gorelik, G.; Patel, D.; Liyanarachchi, P.; McCune, W.Joseph.; Somers, E.; Gonzalez-Rivera, T.; Strickland, F.; Richardson, B., 2013:
Overexpression of X-linked genes in T cells from women with lupus

E.Ferrari, T.Caloiero, R.Coscarelli, 2013:
Influence of the North Atlantic Oscillation on winter rainfall in Calabria southern Italy

M.H.Shahrokhnia, A.R.Sepaskhah, 2013:
Single and dual crop coefficients and crop evapotranspiration for wheat and maize in a semi-arid region

Hemantkumar, S.Chaudhari, Samir Pokhrel…, 2013:
Seasonal prediction of Indian summer monsoon in NCEP coupled and uncoupled model

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Hypoplasia of the spinal cord in a case of fetal akinesia/arthrogryposis sequences

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Paediatric cancer in low-income and middle-income countries

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Cell cycle-regulatory cyclins and their deregulation in oral cancer

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Intraoperative floppy iris syndrome (IFIS) in patients receiving tamsulosin or doxazosin-a UK-based comparison of incidence and complication rates

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Faulted anticlines desert roses and linear slope deposits in Northwest Iraq analysis of some morphotectonic features

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Microstructure and geochemistry studies on Messinian gypsum deposits from the Northern Coast of Egypt

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Development, validation, and implementation of a cost-effective intermediate-level proficiency-based knot-tying and suturing curriculum for surgery residents

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Video self-assessment of basic suturing and knot tying skills by novice trainees

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Telemedicine as a potential medium for teaching the advanced trauma life support (ATLS) course

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Laparoscopic simulation for all: two affordable, upgradable, and easy-to-build laparoscopic trainers

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Transpulmonary thermodilution cardiac output measurement is not affected by severe pulmonary oedema: a newborn animal study

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Drivers of microbial respiration and net N mineralization at the continental scale

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Chromatography process development in the QbD paradigm I Establishing a high throughput process development HTPD platform as a tool for establishing “characterization space for an ion exchange chromatography step

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Invasive African clawed frog Xenopus laevis in southern South America key factors and predictions

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Characteristics of CO2-driven cold-water geyser, Crystal Geyser in Utah experimental observation and mechanism analyses

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Increased power generation from primary sludge by a submersible microbial fuel cell and optimum operational conditions

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Effects of temperature shifts and oscillations on recombinant protein production expressed in Escherichia coli

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Rational development of novel leads from animal secretion based on coagulation and cell targets: 1. In silico analysis to explore a peptide derivative as lipocalins' signature

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Acremonium as an endophytic bioagent against date palm Fusarium wilt

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Isolation and identification of promoter elements of Cotton leaf curl Multan betasatellite associated with Tomato leaf curl viruses

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Molecular cloning and heterologous expression of laccase from Aeromonas hydrophila NIU01 in Escherichia coli with parameters optimization in production

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Layer-by-layer self-assembly immobilization of catalases on wool fabrics

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Immobilization of Yarrowia lipolytica for aroma production from castor oil

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Neural correlates of activities of daily living in frontotemporal dementia

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Ovarian regulation of neuromedin U and its local actions in the ovary, mediated through neuromedin U receptor 2

Anonymous, 2013:
MT prevents diabetes-induced cardiac pathological changes, likely via the inhibition of succinyl-CoA 3-ketoacid-coenzyme A transferase 1 nitration at Trp374

Anonymous, 2013:
Determination of steady state protein breakdown rate in vivo by the disappearance of protein-bound tracer-labeled amino acids a method applicable in humans

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A survey of how patient-perceived empathy affects the relationship between health literacy and the understanding of information by orthopedic patients?

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Change of urinary fluoride and bone metabolism indicators in the endemic fluorosis areas of southern China after supplying low fluoride public water

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A statistical assessment of the uncertainty in a 3-D geological framework model

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Primary submucosal nodular plasmacytoma of the stomach: a poorly recognized variant of gastric lymphoma

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Impact of non-lethal genetic sampling on the survival, longevity and behaviour of the Hermes copper Lycaena hermes butterfly

Anonymous, 2013:
Genetic similarity analysis within Pyropia yezoensis blades developed from both conchospores and blade archeospores using AFLP

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Determination of buprenorphine, fentanyl and LSD in whole blood by UPLC-MS-MS

Anonymous, 2013:
Migration d’un implant de dexamethasone en chambre anterieure chez un patient pseudophaque porteur d’un implant de chambre posterieur suture a la sclere

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A multistage analysis strategy for a clinical trial to assess successively more stringent criteria for a primary endpoint with a low event rate

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Remediation of lindane by Jatropha curcas L Utilization of multipurpose species for rhizoremediation

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Die Therapie der idiopathischen pulmonalen Fibrose

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HBV serum markers of 49164 patients and their relationships to HBV genotype in Fujian Province of China

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Factor structure and longitudinal invariance of the Center for Epidemiological Studies Depression Scale (CES-D) in adult women: application in a population-based sample of mothers of children with epilepsy

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Direct Measurement Results of the Time Lag of LOS-Velocity Oscillations Between Two Heights in Solar Faculae and Sunspots

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Magnetic Field Configuration Models and Reconstruction Methods for Interplanetary Coronal Mass Ejections

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Retarded cosmological gravity and Machs principle in flat FRW universes

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The role of intercostal cryoanalgesia in post-thoracotomy analgesia

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Successful infarct exclusion for postinfarction left ventricular free wall rupture

Anonymous, 2013:
Studying the Moisture Flux over South and Southwest of Iran A Case Study from December 10 to 13, 1995 Rain Storm

Anonymous, 2013:
Mount Kakoulima An Overview and Analysis

Anonymous, 2013:
Lymphknotenmetastasen bei Plattenepithelfruhkarzinomen des Ösophagus

Anonymous, 2013:
Lymphozytare Ösophagitis

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Do health systems delay the treatment of poor children? A qualitative study of child deaths in rural Tanzania

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Translating and testing the Alberta context tool for use among nurses in Swedish elder care

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A systematic review of the unit costs of allied health and community services used by older people in Australia

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Mutational analysis of a predicted double β-propeller domain of the DspA/E effector of Erwinia amylovora

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Analysing the role of the PICU nurse to guide education of new graduate nurses

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Hemagglutination mediated by the spike protein of cell-adapted bovine torovirus

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Three-dimensional, digital, and gross anatomy of the Lisfranc ligament

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The impact of the AMO on the West African monsoon annual cycle

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Rapid, highly structured meridional winds and their modulation by non migrating tides Measurements from the Streak mission

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BTG2 inhibits the proliferation, invasion, and apoptosis of MDA-MB-231 triple-negative breast cancer cells

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Lower motor neuron syndrome due to cauda equina hypertrophy with onion bulbs

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Neuromuscular disease and anesthesia

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Lifestyle risk factors for ulnar neuropathy and ulnar neuropathy-like symptoms

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Reliability of spike triggered averaging of the surface electromyogram for motor unit action potential estimation

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Sensory chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy: an under-recognized entity?

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Loss of SPARC in mouse skeletal muscle causes myofiber atrophy

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Current and emerging antiarrhythmic drug therapy for ventricular tachycardia

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Erosive potential of energy drinks on the dentine surface

Anonymous, 2013:
Clinical and anti-inflammatory effects of ultra-short preseasonal vaccine to Parietari in asthma

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Evaluation of commercial skin prick test solutions for selected occupational allergens

Anonymous, 2013:
Fidaxomicine, un nouveau traitement pour les infections a Clostridium difficile

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Experiences of the diagnosis and management of tuberculosis: a focused ethnography of Somali patients and healthcare professionals in the UK

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Incidental lipid poor adrenal mass in a patient with antiphospholipid syndrome

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A papillary thyroid microcarcinoma revealed by a single bone lesion with no poor prognostic factors

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The molecular architecture of the bacteriophage T4 neck

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All repeats are not equal: a module-based approach to guide repeat protein design

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Measles immunity and measles vaccine acceptance among healthcare workers in Paris, France

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Defining acute renal dysfunction as a criterion for the severity of Clostridium difficile infection in patients with community-onset vs hospital-onset infection

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Evaluation of the toxic and genotoxic potential of acid mine drainage using physicochemical parameters and bioassays

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Gallic acid: molecular rival of cancer

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Maximal extent of translocation of single-walled carbon nanotubes from lung airways of the rat

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Optimized Floating Refugia a new strategy for species conservation in production forest landscapes

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Gap analyses to support ex situ conservation of genetic diversity in Magnolia, a flagship group

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Green ergonomics: challenges and opportunities

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Attitudes towards and perceptions of eco-driving and the role of feedback systems

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Innovation characteristics and intention to adopt sustainable facilities management practices

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Evaluation of an ergonomics intervention among Nicaraguan coffee harvesting workers

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The effects of a self-selected nap opportunity on the psychophysiological, performance and subjective measures during a simulated industrial night shift regimen

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Vibrotactile pedals: provision of haptic feedback to support economical driving

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Association between pupillometric sleepiness measures and sleep latency derived by MSLT in clinically sleepy patients

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Averaging Fluctuations in Resolvents of Random Band Matrices

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A microsatellite-based genome-wide analysis of genetic diversity and linkage disequilibrium in Upland cotton Gossypium hirsutum L cultivars from major cotton-growing countries

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Genetic analysis of resistance to late leaf spot in interspecific groundnuts

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Region-specific causal mechanism in the effects of ammonia on cerebral glucose metabolism in the rat brain

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MAPT1 gene rs1052553 variant is unrelated with the risk for restless legs syndrome

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Association between interleukin-1α C(-889)T polymorphism and Alzheimer's disease: a meta-analysis including 12,817 subjects

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Musculoskeletal problems in Parkinson's disease

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Interaction of selegiline-loaded PLGA-b-PEG nanoparticles with beta-amyloid fibrils

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The impairment of lysyl oxidase in keratoconus and in keratoconus-associated disorders

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Hazel grouse winter habitat selection and conservation in temperate forest

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Doom of the elephant-dependent trees in a Congo tropical forest

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High plant species richness in monospecific tree plantations in the Central Amazon

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Dendrochronological reconstruction of the disturbance history and past development of the mountain Norway spruce in the Bohemian Forest, central Europe

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Rac1 signaling is required for insulin-stimulated glucose uptake and is dysregulated in insulin resistant murine and human skeletal muscle

Anonymous, 2013:
Topical Administration of Allogeneic Mesenchymal Stem Cells Seeded in a Collagen Scaffold Augments Wound Healing and Increases Angiogenesis in the Diabetic Rabbit Ulcer

Anonymous, 2013:
Munc18b is a major mediator of insulin exocytosis in rat pancreatic beta-cells

Anonymous, 2013:
High-glucose environment enhanced oxidative stress and increased interleukin-8 secretion from keratinocytes New insights on impaired diabetic wound healing

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Developmental role for endocannabinoid signaling in regulating glucose metabolism and growth

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Enhanced Lymph Vessel Density, Remodelling and Inflammation is Reflected by Gene Expression Signatures in Dermal Lymphatic Endothelial Cells in Type 2 Diabetes

Anonymous, 2013:
Immune Therapy and beta-Cell Death in Type 1 Diabetes

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Anonymous, 2013:
Regulation of matrix metallopeptidase-9 by epigenetic modifications, and the development of diabetic retinopathy

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Mercury exposure in young adulthood and incidence of diabetes later in life: the CARDIA Trace Element Study

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Contribution of Artifacts to N-Methylated Piperazine Cyanide-Adduct Formation in vitro From N-Alkyl Piperazine Analogs

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Between-person and within-person associations among processing speed, attention switching, and working memory in younger and older adults

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Substructurability and exact synchronisation analysis

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Comparison between lab- and full-scale applications of in situ aeration of an old landfill and assessment of long-term emission development after completion

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Toward a model of promoting youth development in the Caribbean through agriculture investment

Anonymous, 2013:
Thymus Transplantation Restores the Repertoires of Foxp3+ and Foxp3– T Cells in Complete Digeorge Anomaly

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A characterization of the rat developmental liver transcriptome

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Comparing Hyperspectral and Multispectral Imagery for Land Classification of the Lower Don River, Toronto

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The Use of 2,4-D and TDZ to Induction Embryogenic Callus from Apical Bud Explant of Physic Nut Jatropha curcas L

Anonymous, 2013:
Effect of Cloves Syzygium aromaticum Leaves Powder on The Growth and Yield of Organik Tomatoes Solanum lycopersicum

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Effect of Apical Bud Prunning on the Growth and Yield of Soybean Glycine maxLMerril

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Regulation of nuclear factor-κB in autoimmunity

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Salivary flow, testosterone, and femur bone mineral density in menopausal women with oral dryness feeling

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Self-reported alcohol abuse in HIV-HCV co-infected patients a better predictor of HIV virological rebound than physicians perceptions HEPAVIH ANRS CO13 cohort

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Powers and Fadens Theory of Social Justice Applied to the Problem of Foetal Alcohol Syndrome in South Africa

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Biochemical properties of a novel thermostable and highly xylose-tolerant beta-xylosidase/alpha-arabinosidase from Thermotoga thermarum

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Developing integrative research for sustainability science through a complexity principles-based approach

Anonymous, 2013:
Bacteriophage-Derived Peptidase Eliminates and Prevents Staphylococcal Biofilms

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Bacteriophages and their role in food safety

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The Effect of Pastoralist’s Perception Innovation on Livelihood Improvement Based on Empirical Analysis in the Source Region of Yellow River, China

Anonymous, 2013:
LRR of pT3N0M0 Breast Cancer after Mastectomy Is Not Higher than that of pT1-2N0M0 An Analysis for Radiotherapy

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Novel leukemic cell lines resistant to clofarabine by mechanisms of decreased active metabolite and increased antiapoptosis

Anonymous, 2013:
Sorafenib suppresses growth and survival of hepatoma cells by accelerating EZH2 degradation

Anonymous, 2013:
Low-molecular Weight Heparin Suppresses RAGE-mediated Expression of the Malignant Phenotype in Human Fibrosarcoma Cells

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Comparison of Two Sequential Extraction Methods and the DTPA Method for the Extraction of Micronutrients from Acidic Soils

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Total Potassium to Exchangeable Potassium Ratios as a Guide to Sustainable Soil Potassium Supply

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Noninvasive Water Stress Assessment Methods in Orchards

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Assessing the Influence of Catchment Land-Use Patterns on the Nutrients and Major Ions Chemistry of Drainage Water

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Comparison of Methods to Quantify Organic Carbon in Soil Samples from Sao Paulo State, Brazil

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Modeling the Contribution of Salts to the Electrical Conductivity of Fertigation Solutions Used in Greenhouses in the Mediterranean Area

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Developing cell biology

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Different routes to the same destination

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Direct detection pays off for electron cryo-microscopy

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Why do young adults with asthma overuse bronchodilator inhalers?

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Patient-centred cancer care

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Purpura thrombotique thrombocytopenique au cours de la grossesse une entite rare a ne pas meconnaitre

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Revision de conocimientos sobre la atencion de enfermería en el paciente con trauma grave

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Decrease in the rate of esotropia surgery in the United Kingdom from 2000 to 2010

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Association between pet keeping and asthma in school children

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Wave propagation across non-linear rock joints based on time-domain recursive method

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Greens function retrieval from the CCF of random waves and energy conservation for an obstacle of arbitrary shape noise source distribution on a large surrounding shell

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The effects of anisotropic and non-linear thermoremanent magnetizations on Thellier-type paleointensity data

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Correlation between lateral geniculate nucleus atrophy and damage to the optic disc in glaucoma

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Brain perfusion SPECT in patients with Behcets disease

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3-T high-b-value diffusion-weighted MR imaging in hyperacute ischemic stroke

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Salidroside attenuates myocardial ischemia-reperfusion injury via PI3K/Akt signaling pathway

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Highly toxic ribbon worm Cephalothrix simula containing tetrodotoxin in Hiroshima Bay, Hiroshima Prefecture, Japan

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Familiarity and the Determination of Yields for Regional Office Property Investments in the UK

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New Horizons in Cellular Regulation by Inositol Polyphosphates Insights from the Pancreatic beta-Cell

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Proteins of duck influenza virus responsible for acquisition of pathogenicity in chickens

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Physical activity and metabolic syndrome among Ethiopian adults

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IgG4-related lymphadenopathy and IgG4-related lymphoma moving targets

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Relacion entre el proceso inflamatorio y la mortalidad de origen cardiovascular y por todas las causas en un estudio de cohortes prospectivo de base poblacional

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Physical Properties and Erosion Behavior of Polytrimethylene carbonate-co-?-caprolactone Networks

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A new test for an old foe... spirochaete immunostaining in the diagnosis of syphilis

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Will it happen again? On the possibility of forecasting the risk of genocide

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Genocide in nineteenth-century Algeria

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Aneurysm of the vein of galen diagnosed with MRI

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Community-managed reconstruction after the 2012 fire in Old Fadama, Ghana

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Invisible urban water networks the politics of non-payment in Manilas low-income communities

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Using Forensic Psychology to Teach Basic Psychological Processes Eyewitness Memory and Lie Detection

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The Ubiquitous Clicker SoTL Applications for Scientist-Educators

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Does ice float in Titan’s lakes and seas?

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Shrubs promote nucleation in the Brazilian semi-arid region

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Vertical distribution of fine roots of Tamarix ramosissima in an arid region of southern Nevada

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Incidental Findings on Upper Gastrointestinal Endoscopic Ultrasonography

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Contemporary Management of recurrent UTI in adult females

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C elegans ATR checkpoint kinase ATL-1 influences life span through mitochondrial maintenance

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Vision with subretinal implants

Anonymous, 2013:
Dolphin signature whistle copying

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Displays in the pair bond

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Palaeoclimatic legacies in palm richness

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Lewontin-Cohen model and Taylors law

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Spots and stripes in coral reef fishes

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Warming, herbivory community stability

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Contextual School Counseling Approach Linking Contextual Psychotherapy With the School Environment

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Effects of Convulsive Activity on the Subunit Composition of Ca2+/Calmodulin-Dependent Protein Kinase II in the Hippocampus of Krushinskii–Molodkina Rats

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Use of Immunocytochemical Methods to Identify the Boundaries between the Subventricular Zone of the Telencephalon and the Striatum

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Geometrical Patterns of Coherence Interactions in the Electroencephalogram Alpha Rhythm during Productive Systems Activity in Humans

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Age-Related Development of Calbindin-Immunopositive Neurons in Rat Sympathetic Ganglia

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Challenges in predicting invasive reservoir hosts of emerging pathogens mapping Rhododendron ponticum as a foliar host for Phytophthora ramorum and Phytophthora kernoviae/

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Dramatic increase in the Zembretta Yelkouan shearwater breeding population following ship rat eradication spurs interest in managing a 1500-year old invasion

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Kinematics of the Central Taurides during Neotethys closure and collision, the nappes in the Sultan Mountains, Turkey

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Protective effect of dietary tender cluster beans (Cyamopsis tetragonoloba) in the gastrointestinal tract of experimental rats

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Time-dose-mortality data and modeling for the entomopathogenic fungus Aschersonia placenta against the whitefly Bemisia tabaci

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Isolation and characterization of bacteriophages specific to hydrogen-sulfide-producing bacteria

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Decoding the representation of learned social roles in the human brain

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Phytohormones and MicroRNAs as Sensors and Regulators of Leaf Senescen Assigning Macro Roles to Small Molecules

Anonymous, 2013:
James C Leask

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Diagnosis and management of pulmonary embolism

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Milan Kumar Bose

Cullen, M., 2013:
Robin Harland

Anonymous, 2013:
Neurostimulation earlier for selected adults with Parkinson's disease

Anonymous, 2013:
Remove diclofenac from lists of essential drugs

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Hazards of keeping pigeons

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Pathological finger fracture

Anonymous, 2013:
How to achieve a really clean caecum and other stories

Leake, A., 2013:
Philip E S Palmer

Heath, I., 2013:
Not safe in their hands

O'Dowd, A., 2013:
Department of Health sets out plans for doctors to cut UK child death rates

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Long-term exposure to air pollution is associated with survival following acute coronary syndrome

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Pituitary stem cells: candidates and implications

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Climate and vegetation change during the late-glacial/early-Holocene transition inferred from multiple proxy records from Blacktail Pond, Yellowstone National Park, USA

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Prevalence of papillary changes and folliculosis of the palpebral conjunctiva in asymptomatic Chinese children

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The Effect of Coenzyme A Capsule on Serum Triglyceride Concentration in Patients With Hypertriglyceridemia Results of a Multicenter Clinical Trial

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An architecture model for multiple disease management information systems

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Kaolin spraying protects cotton plants against damages by boll weevil Anthonomus grandis Boheman Coleoptera Curculionidae

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Pelagic decapods in the northern Benguela upwelling system Distribution, ecophysiology and contribution to active carbon flux

Anonymous, 2013:
Forage Production Potential in a Ponderosa Pine Stand Effects of Tree Spacing on Understorey Plants after 45 Years

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Nonsense-mediated mRNA decay - mechanisms of substrate mRNA recognition and degradation in mammalian cells

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Do 12-Month-Old Infants Trust a Competent Adult?

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A statistical model to assess the risk of communicable diseases associated with multiple exposures in healthcare settings

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Anonymous, 2013:
TRPV1 antagonistic analgesic effect A randomized study of AZD1386 in pain following third molar extraction

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The PARACHUTE IV trial design and rationale: percutaneous ventricular restoration using the parachute device in patients with ischemic heart failure and dilated left ventricles

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Vitamin B12, folate, homocysteine, and bone health in adults and elderly people: a systematic review with meta-analyses

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Bilateral asymmetric dislocations of hip joints: an unusual mechanism of injury

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Comparison of a saliva wetness tester and a moisture-checking device in patients with maxillary obturator prostheses

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The effect of integrated health management model on the satisfaction among Chinese elderly

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Cytotoxic, genotoxic and antigenotoxic potencies of oligorutins

Anonymous, 2013:
Effects of beta-glucan extracted from Agaricus blazei on the expression of ERCC5, CASP9, and CYP1A1 genes and metabolic profile in HepG2 cells

Anonymous, 2013:
Evaluation of the mutagenic potential and acute oral toxicity of standardized extract of Ocimum sanctum OciBesttrade;

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Rutin- and selenium-attenuated cadmium-induced testicular pathophysiology in rats

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