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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 36788

Chapter 36788 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Maeda, Y.; Mori, H.; Dotani, T., 2013:
A new eclipsing low-mass X-ray binary with a giant companion

Castelo Ferreira, P., 2013:
Constraining an expanding locally anisotropic metric from the Pioneer anomaly

Yadav, S.; Dabas, R.S.; Das, R.M.; Upadhayaya, A.K.; Gwal, A.K., 2013:
Temporal and spatial variation of equatorial ionization anomaly by using multistation ionosonde data for the 19th solar cycle over the Indian region

Rama Rao, P.V.S.; Venkatesh, K.; Prasad, D.S.V.V.D.; Niranjan, K., 2013:
On the uncertainties in the measurement of absolute true TEC over Indian equatorial and low latitude sectors

Tyasto, M.I.; Danilova, O.A.; Ptitsyna, N.G.; Sdobnov, V.E., 2013:
Variations in cosmic ray cutoff rigidities during the great geomagnetic storm of November 2004

Allioux, R.; Louarn, P.; André, N., 2013:
Model of energetic populations at Ganymede, implications for an orbiter

Mitra, A.K.; Sharma, A.K.; Soni, V.K.; Kundu, P.K., 2013:
Characteristics of recent dust storms over the Indian region using real time multi-satellite observations from the direct broadcast receiving system at IMD

Srinivasan, M.; Chestnut, E.; Li, P.; Barner, D., 2013:
Sortal concepts and pragmatic inference in children's early quantification of objects

Akizu, N.; Shembesh, N.M.; Ben-Omran, T.; Bastaki, L.; Al-Tawari, A.; Zaki, M.S.; Koul, R.; Spencer, E.; Rosti, R.Ozgur.; Scott, E.; Nickerson, E.; Gabriel, S.; da Gente, G.; Li, J.; Deardorff, M.A.; Conlin, L.K.; Horton, M.A.; Zackai, E.H.; Sherr, E.H.; Gleeson, J.G., 2013:
Whole-exome sequencing identifies mutated c12orf57 in recessive corpus callosum hypoplasia

Delio, M.; Guo, T.; McDonald-McGinn, D.M.; Zackai, E.; Herman, S.; Kaminetzky, M.; Higgins, A.Marie.; Coleman, K.; Chow, C.; Jalbrzikowski, M.; Jarlbrzkowski, M.; Bearden, C.E.; Bailey, A.; Vangkilde, A.; Olsen, L.; Olesen, C.; Skovby, F.; Werge, T.M.; Templin, L.; Busa, T.; Philip, N.; Swillen, A.; Vermeesch, J.R.; Devriendt, K.; Schneider, M.; Dahoun, S.; Eliez, S.; Schoch, K.; Hooper, S.R.; Shashi, V.; Samanich, J.; Marion, R.; van Amelsvoort, T.; Boot, E.; Klaassen, P.; Duijff, S.N.; Vorstma, 2013:
Enhanced maternal origin of the 22q11.2 deletion in velocardiofacial and DiGeorge syndromes

Mendez, F.L.; Krahn, T.; Schrack, B.; Krahn, A-Maria.; Veeramah, K.R.; Woerner, A.E.; Fomine, F.Leypey.Mathew.; Bradman, N.; Thomas, M.G.; Karafet, T.M.; Hammer, M.F., 2013:
An African American paternal lineage adds an extremely ancient root to the human Y chromosome phylogenetic tree

Zahrani, F.; Aldahmesh, M.A.; Alshammari, M.J.; Al-Hazzaa, S.A.F.; Alkuraya, F.S., 2013:
Mutations in c12orf57 cause a syndromic form of colobomatous microphthalmia

Walne, A.J.; Vulliamy, T.; Kirwan, M.; Plagnol, V.; Dokal, I., 2013:
Constitutional mutations in RTEL1 cause severe dyskeratosis congenita

Stevens, E.; Carss, K.J.; Cirak, S.; Foley, A.Reghan.; Torelli, S.; Willer, T.; Tambunan, D.E.; Yau, S.; Brodd, L.; Sewry, C.A.; Feng, L.; Haliloglu, G.; Orhan, D.; Dobyns, W.B.; Enns, G.M.; Manning, M.; Krause, A.; Salih, M.A.; Walsh, C.A.; Hurles, M.; Campbell, K.P.; Manzini, M.Chiara.; Stemple, D.; Lin, Y-Yao.; Muntoni, F., 2013:
Mutations in B3GALNT2 cause congenital muscular dystrophy and hypoglycosylation of α-dystroglycan

Pang, Y.; Abeysinghe, I.Sarath.B.; He, J.; He, X.; Huhman, D.; Mewan, K.Mudith.; Sumner, L.W.; Yun, J.; Dixon, R.A., 2013:
Functional characterization of proanthocyanidin pathway enzymes from tea and their application for metabolic engineering

Ristova, D.; Rosas, U.; Krouk, G.; Ruffel, S.; Birnbaum, K.D.; Coruzzi, G.M., 2013:
RootScape: a landmark-based system for rapid screening of root architecture in Arabidopsis

Song, X-Fen.; Guo, P.; Ren, S-Chao.; Xu, T-Ting.; Liu, C-Ming., 2013:
Antagonistic peptide technology for functional dissection of CLV3/ESR genes in Arabidopsis

Takeda, S.; Iwasaki, A.; Matsumoto, N.; Uemura, T.; Tatematsu, K.; Okada, K., 2013:
Physical interaction of floral organs controls petal morphogenesis in Arabidopsis

Motte, H.; Galuszka, P.; Spíchal, Láš.; Tarkowski, P.; Plíhal, O.; Šmehilová, Mária.; Jaworek, P.; Vereecke, D.; Werbrouck, S.; Geelen, D., 2013:
Phenyl-adenine, identified in a LIGHT-DEPENDENT SHORT HYPOCOTYLS4-assisted chemical screen, is a potent compound for shoot regeneration through the inhibition of CYTOKININ OXIDASE/DEHYDROGENASE activity

Dong, W.; Wang, M.; Xu, F.; Quan, T.; Peng, K.; Xiao, L.; Xia, G., 2013:
Wheat oxophytodienoate reductase gene TaOPR1 confers salinity tolerance via enhancement of abscisic acid signaling and reactive oxygen species scavenging

Jan, A.; Maruyama, K.; Todaka, D.; Kidokoro, S.; Abo, M.; Yoshimura, E.; Shinozaki, K.; Nakashima, K.; Yamaguchi-Shinozaki, K., 2013:
OsTZF1, a CCCH-tandem zinc finger protein, confers delayed senescence and stress tolerance in rice by regulating stress-related genes

Lindeboom, J.J.; Lioutas, A.; Deinum, E.E.; Tindemans, S.H.; Ehrhardt, D.W.; Emons, A.Mie.C.; Vos, J.W.; Mulder, B.M., 2013:
Cortical microtubule arrays are initiated from a nonrandom prepattern driven by atypical microtubule initiation

Van Houtte, H.; Vandesteene, L.; López-Galvis, L.; Lemmens, L.; Kissel, E.; Carpentier, S.; Feil, R.; Avonce, N.; Beeckman, T.; Lunn, J.E.; Van Dijck, P., 2013:
Overexpression of the trehalase gene AtTRE1 leads to increased drought stress tolerance in Arabidopsis and is involved in abscisic acid-induced stomatal closure

Verma, P.; Kaur, H.; Petla, B.Prakash.; Rao, V.; Saxena, S.C.; Majee, M., 2013:
PROTEIN L-ISOASPARTYL METHYLTRANSFERASE2 is differentially expressed in chickpea and enhances seed vigor and longevity by reducing abnormal isoaspartyl accumulation predominantly in seed nuclear proteins

Anonymous, 2013:
Beta-Galactosyl Yariv Reagent Binds to the beta-1,3-Galactan of Arabinogalactan Proteins

Kellermeier, F.; Chardon, F.; Amtmann, A., 2013:
Natural variation of Arabidopsis root architecture reveals complementing adaptive strategies to potassium starvation

Chen, Y-Yi.; Wang, Y.; Shin, L-Jiun.; Wu, J-Fen.; Shanmugam, V.; Tsednee, M.; Lo, J-Chi.; Chen, C-Chuann.; Wu, S-Hsing.; Yeh, K-Chen., 2013:
Iron is involved in the maintenance of circadian period length in Arabidopsis

Zhou, M.; Li, D.; Li, Z.; Hu, Q.; Yang, C.; Zhu, L.; Luo, H., 2013:
Constitutive expression of a miR319 gene alters plant development and enhances salt and drought tolerance in transgenic creeping bentgrass

Liang, C.; Piñeros, M.A.; Tian, J.; Yao, Z.; Sun, L.; Liu, J.; Shaff, J.; Coluccio, A.; Kochian, L.V.; Liao, H., 2013:
Low pH, aluminum, and phosphorus coordinately regulate malate exudation through GmALMT1 to improve soybean adaptation to acid soils

Bandyopadhyay, A.; Elvitigala, T.; Liberton, M.; Pakrasi, H.B., 2013:
Variations in the rhythms of respiration and nitrogen fixation in members of the unicellular diazotrophic cyanobacterial genus Cyanothece

Kumazaki, S.; Akari, M.; Hasegawa, M., 2013:
Transformation of thylakoid membranes during differentiation from vegetative cell into heterocyst visualized by microscopic spectral imaging

Esteve-Bruna, D.; Pérez-Pérez, Jé.Manuel.; Ponce, Mía.Rosa.; Micol, Jé.Luis., 2013 :
incurvata13, a novel allele of AUXIN RESISTANT6, reveals a specific role for auxin and the SCF complex in Arabidopsis embryogenesis, vascular specification, and leaf flatness

Derbyshire, P.; Byrne, M.E., 2013:
MORE SPIKELETS1 is required for spikelet fate in the inflorescence of Brachypodium

Huang, G-Qing.; Gong, S-Ying.; Xu, W-Liang.; Li, W.; Li, P.; Zhang, C-Jun.; Li, D-Di.; Zheng, Y.; Li, F-Guang.; Li, X-Bao., 2013:
A fasciclin-like arabinogalactan protein, GhFLA1, is involved in fiber initiation and elongation of cotton

Anonymous, 2013:
Genetic, Hormonal, and Physiological Analysis of Late Maturity alpha-Amylase in Wheat

Wang, F.; Perry, S.E., 2013:
Identification of direct targets of FUSCA3, a key regulator of Arabidopsis seed development

Anonymous, 2013:
Role and Interrelationship of Galpha Protein, Hydrogen Peroxide, and Nitric Oxide in Ultraviolet B-Induced Stomatal Closure in Arabidopsis Leaves

Paez-Valencia, J.; Sanchez-Lares, J.; Marsh, E.; Dorneles, L.T.; Santos, M.P.; Sanchez, D.; Winter, A.; Murphy, S.; Cox, J.; Trzaska, M.; Metler, J.; Kozic, A.; Facanha, A.R.; Schachtman, D.; Sanchez, C.A.; Gaxiola, R.A., 2013:
Enhanced proton translocating pyrophosphatase activity improves nitrogen use efficiency in Romaine lettuce

Peng, Y.; Ma, W.; Chen, L.; Yang, L.; Li, S.; Zhao, H.; Zhao, Y.; Jin, W.; Li, N.; Bevan, M.W.; Li, X.; Tong, Y.; Li, Y., 2013:
Control of root meristem size by DA1-RELATED PROTEIN2 in Arabidopsis

Sun, Q.; Sun, Y.; Walker, M.Andrew.; Labavitch, J.M., 2013:
Vascular occlusions in grapevines with Pierce's disease make disease symptom development worse

Xu, J.; Duan, X.; Yang, J.; Beeching, J.R.; Zhang, P., 2013:
Enhanced reactive oxygen species scavenging by overproduction of superoxide dismutase and catalase delays postharvest physiological deterioration of cassava storage roots

Chen, H-Chuan.; Song, J.; Williams, C.M.; Shuford, C.M.; Liu, J.; Wang, J.P.; Li, Q.; Shi, R.; Gokce, E.; Ducoste, J.; Muddiman, D.C.; Sederoff, R.R.; Chiang, V.L., 2013:
Monolignol pathway 4-coumaric acid:coenzyme A ligases in Populus trichocarpa: novel specificity, metabolic regulation, and simulation of coenzyme A ligation fluxes

Dominguez, P.Guadalupe.; Frankel, N.; Mazuch, J.; Balbo, I.; Iusem, N.; Fernie, A.R.; Carrari, F., 2013:
ASR1 mediates glucose-hormone cross talk by affecting sugar trafficking in tobacco plants

Pan, Y.; Bradley, G.; Pyke, K.; Ball, G.; Lu, C.; Fray, R.; Marshall, A.; Jayasuta, S.; Baxter, C.; van Wijk, R.; Boyden, L.; Cade, R.; Chapman, N.H.; Fraser, P.D.; Hodgman, C.; Seymour, G.B., 2013:
Network inference analysis identifies an APRR2-like gene linked to pigment accumulation in tomato and pepper fruits

Allen, D.K.; Young, J.D., 2013:
Carbon and nitrogen provisions alter the metabolic flux in developing soybean embryos

Zhang, J.; Stankey, R.J.; Vierstra, R.D., 2013:
Structure-guided engineering of plant phytochrome B with altered photochemistry and light signaling

Ellinger, D.; Naumann, M.; Falter, C.; Zwikowics, C.; Jamrow, T.; Manisseri, C.; Somerville, S.C.; Voigt, C.A., 2013:
Elevated early callose deposition results in complete penetration resistance to powdery mildew in Arabidopsis

Das, R.; Evan, A.; Lawrence, D., 2013:
Contributions of long-distance dust transport to atmospheric P inputs in the Yucatan Peninsula

Du, D.; Cheng, T.; Pan, H.; Yang, W.; Wang, J.; Zhang, Q., 2013:
Genome-wide identification, molecular evolution and expression analyses of the phospholipase D gene family in three Rosaceae species

Shrestha, D.; Srivastava, A.; Shakya, S.M.n; Khadka, J.; Acharya, B.S.arma, 2013:
Use of compost supplemented human urine in sweet pepper Capsicum annuum L production

Kotan, R.; DadasoÄ?lu, F.; Karagoz, K.; Cakir, A.; Ozer, H.; Kordali, S.; Cakmakci, R.; Dikbas, N., 2013:
Antibacterial activity of the essential oil and extracts of Satureja hortensis against plant pathogenic bacteria and their potential use as seed disinfectants

Gargouri, K.; Rigane, H.; Arous, I.; Touil, F., 2013:
Evolution of soil organic carbon in an olive orchard under arid climate

Klepo, T.; De la Rosa, R.úl; Satovic, Z.; León, L.; Belaj, A., 2013:
Utility of wild germplasm in olive breeding

Barbosa, M.Tonidandel.; Caramelli, P.; Cunningham, M.César.Quintão.; Maia, Débora.Palma.; Lima-Costa, M.Fernanda.Furtado.; Cardoso, F., 2014:
Prevalence and clinical classification of tremor in elderly--a community-based survey in Brazil

Paul, S.S.; Canning, C.G.; Sherrington, C.; Lord, S.R.; Close, J.C.T.; Fung, V.S.C., 2014:
Three simple clinical tests to accurately predict falls in people with Parkinson's disease

Duncan, G.W.; Firbank, M.J.; O'Brien, J.T.; Burn, D.J., 2013:
Magnetic resonance imaging: a biomarker for cognitive impairment in Parkinson's disease?

Yarnall, A.J.; Rochester, L.; Baker, M.R.; David, R.; Khoo, T.K.; Duncan, G.W.; Galna, B.; Burn, D.J., 2014:
Short latency afferent inhibition: a biomarker for mild cognitive impairment in Parkinson's disease?

Kieburtz, K.; McGarry, A.; McDermott, M.; Kayson, E.; Harrison, M.; Marder, K.; Walker, F.; Corey-Bloom, J.; Goldstein, J.; Hyson, C.; Megans, J.; Makaji, E.; Agarwal, P.; Chouinard, S.; Beland, M.; Rosenblatt, A.; Welsh, C.; Wojcieszek, J.; Belden, J.; Mendis, T.; Mendis, N.; Criswell, S.; Wright, A.; Deppen, P.; Higgins, D.S.; Eglow, M.; Revilla, F.; Gartner, M.; Rosas, D.; Malarick, K.; Colcher, A.; Affan, I.; Leavitt, B.; Coleman, A.; Anderson, K.E.; Cines, M.; Wieler, M.; Martin, W.; King,, 2014:
A randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial of pridopidine in Huntington's disease

Ford, A.H.; Duncan, G.W.; Firbank, M.J.; Yarnall, A.J.; Khoo, T.K.; Burn, D.J.; O'Brien, J.T., 2014:
Rapid eye movement sleep behavior disorder in Parkinson's disease: magnetic resonance imaging study

Nunes, I.ês; Mesquita, N.; Cabo Verde, S.; Bandeira, A.M.ria Leitão; Carolino, M.M.nuela; Portugal, A.ónio; Botelho, M.L.ísa, 2013:
Characterization of an airborne microbial community A case study in the archive of the University of Coimbra, Portugal

Fernández, P.M.; Cabral, M.E.; Delgado, O.D.; Fariña, J.I.; Figueroa, L.I.C., 2013:
Textile-dye polluted waters as a source for selecting chromate-reducing yeasts through CrVI-enriched microcosms

Råberg, U.; Terziev, N.; Daniel, G., 2013:
Degradation of Scots pine and beech wood exposed in four test fields used for testing of wood preservatives

Grabezhev, A.I., 2013:
Rhenium in porphyry copper deposits of the urals

A.V.Chefranova, A.V.Lalomov, 2013:
Provenances of late Pliocene rare-metal-titanium placers in the Tamansky Peninsula

I.D.Ryabchikov, F.V.Kaminsky, 2013:
Oxygen potential of diamond formation in the lower mantle

L.T.Rakov, A.V.Tkachev, A.A.Sakhnov, 2013:
Genetic analysis of quartz from pegmatites of the Mama-Chuya mica belt based on distribuition of isomorphic impurities, Russia

V.A.Filippov, V.F.Ryabinin, Z.Z.Syzoeva, 2013:
The Gagarka gold deposit in the central Urals, Russia

Natsuaki, M.N.; Leve, L.D.; Harold, G.T.; Neiderhiser, J.M.; Shaw, D.S.; Ganiban, J.; Scaramella, L.V.; Reiss, D., 2014:
Transactions between child social wariness and observed structured parenting: evidence from a prospective adoption study

Anonymous, 2013:
La mesure du NO exhale est indispensable a la prise en charge de l’asthme severe Pour controverse

Anonymous, 2013:
Bases immunologiques de la tolerance orale

Anonymous, 2013:
Anaphylaxie alimentaire a l’oignon et a l’ail  insuffisance des prick-tests et des IgE specifiques a la source allergenique À propos de cinq cas

Coumar, M.Selvaraj.; Tsai, F-Ying.; Kanwar, J.Rakesh.; Sarvagalla, S.; Cheung, C.Hei.Antonio., 2013:
Treat cancers by targeting survivin: just a dream or future reality?

Scagliotti, G.V.; Novello, S.; von Pawel, J., 2013:
The emerging role of MET/HGF inhibitors in oncology

Kondo, E.; Tabata, T.; Shiozaki, T.; Motohashi, T.; Tanida, K.; Okugawa, T.; Ikeda, T., 2014:
Large or persistent lymphocyst increases the risk of lymphedema, lymphangitis, and deep vein thrombosis after retroperitoneal lymphadenectomy for gynecologic malignancy

Okusanya, B.O.; Aigere, E.O.S.; Eigbefoh, J.O.; Ikheloa, J., 2014:
Seroprevalence and clinico-epidemiological correlates of hepatitis C viral antibodies at an antenatal booking clinic of a tertiary hospital in Nigeria

Gün, I.; Ozdamar, O.; Ertuğrul, S.; Oner, O.; Atay, V., 2014:
The effect of placental removal method on perioperative hemorrhage at cesarean delivery; a randomized clinical trial

Uhlmann, E.Luis.; Lei Zhu, L., 2013:
Money is essential: ownership intuitions are linked to physical currency

Mantell, J.T.; Pfordresher, P.Q., 2013:
Vocal imitation of song and speech

Wang, Y.; Geng, F.; Hu, Y.; Du, F.; Chen, F., 2013:
Numerical processing efficiency improved in experienced mental abacus children

Cunningham, Niall, 2013:
‘The doctrine of vicarious punishment’ space, religion and the Belfast Troubles of 1920–22

Simmons, D.G.; Rakoczy, J.; Jefferis, J.; Lourie, R.; McIntyre, H.D.; Dawson, P.A., 2013:
Human placental sulfate transporter mRNA profiling from term pregnancies identifies abundant SLC13A4 in syncytiotrophoblasts and SLC26A2 in cytotrophoblasts

Clausen, K.K.; Stjernholm, M.; Clausen, P.; Thompson, D., 2013:
Grazing management can counteract the impacts of climate change-induced sea level rise on salt marsh-dependent waterbirds

Ruggero, C.Regina.; Bilton, T.Lofredo.; Teixeira, L.Faria.; Ramos, J.de.Lemos.Armada.; Alouche, S.Regina.; Dias, R.Correa.; Perracini, M.Rodrigues., 2013:
Gait speed correlates in a multiracial population of community-dwelling older adults living in Brazil: a cross-sectional population-based study

van Soelen, E.E.; Wagner-Cremer, F.; Damsté, J.S.S.nninghe; Reichart, G.J., 2013:
Reconstructing tropical cyclone frequency using hydrogen isotope ratios of sedimentary n-alkanes in northern Queensland, Australia

Das, S.; Ghosh, R.; Bera, S., 2013:
Application of non-grass phytoliths in reconstructing deltaic environments A study from the Indian Sunderbans

Pragalathan Apputhurai,Alec, G.Stephenson, 2013:
Spatiotemporal hierarchical modelling of extreme precipitation in Western Australia using anisotropic Gaussian random fields

Mansouri, M.; Mousavy, S.Jafar.; Ehsaei, Z.; Nazarian, S.; Zali, M.Reza.; Moazzeni, S.Mohammad., 2013:
The codon-optimization of cfaE gene and evaluating its high expression capacity and conserved immunogenicity in Escherichia coli

Prof. Dr. V.Krenn, L.Morawietz, H.Kienapfel, R.Ascherl…, 2013:
Erweiterte Konsensusklassifikation

C.Buchbender, M.Schneider, Prof. Dr. B.Ostendorf, 2013:
Magnetresonanztomographie und Hybridbildgebung in der Rheumatologie

Zama, A.Mahakali.; Uzumcu, M., 2013:
Targeted genome-wide methylation and gene expression analyses reveal signaling pathways involved in ovarian dysfunction after developmental EDC exposure in rats

Agbor, V.A.; Tao, S.; Lei, N.; Heckert, L.L., 2013:
A Wt1-Dmrt1 transgene restores DMRT1 to sertoli cells of Dmrt1(-/-) testes: a novel model of DMRT1-deficient germ cells

Card, C.J.; Anderson, E.J.; Zamberlan, S.; Krieger, K.E.; Kaproth, M.; Sartini, B.L., 2013:
Cryopreserved bovine spermatozoal transcript profile as revealed by high-throughput ribonucleic acid sequencing

Yanagimachi, R.; Cherr, G.; Matsubara, T.; Andoh, T.; Harumi, T.; Vines, C.; Pillai, M.; Griffin, F.; Matsubara, H.; Weatherby, T.; Kaneshiro, K., 2013:
Sperm attractant in the micropyle region of fish and insect eggs

Vasilakis-Scaramozza, C.; Aschengrau, A.; Cabral, H.J.; Jick, S.S., 2014:
Asthma drugs and the risk of congenital anomalies

P.Dr. M.Kreuter,A.Warth,H.Wenz,C.P.Heussel, 2013:
Idiopathische Lungenfibrose

Wachowiak, W.; Iason, G.R.; Cavers, S., 2013:
Among population differentiation at nuclear genes in native Scots pine Pinus sylvestris L in Scotland

Leonardi, G.P.; Wilson, A.M.; Zuretti, A.R., 2013:
Comparison of conventional lateral-flow assays and a new fluorescent immunoassay to detect influenza viruses

Anonymous, 2013:
Apparent horizons in Clifton-Mota-Barrow inhomogeneous universe

Anonymous, 2013:
Loop Quantization of Shape Dynamics

Ellis, George Francis Rayner, 2013:
The arrow of time and the nature of spacetime

Anonymous, 2013:
The Quasi-Maxwellian Equations of General Relativity Applications to the Perturbation Theory

C.Y.o; T.H.rada; N.T.ukamoto, 2013:
Wave Effect in Gravitational Lensing by the Ellis Wormhole

Singh, A.; Plate, A.; Kammermeier, S.; Mehrkens, J.H.; Ilmberger, J.; Bötzel, K., 2013:
Freezing of gait-related oscillatory activity in the human subthalamic nucleus

Jaeger, Dieter, 2013:
A new cell type identified in the external globus pallidus casts a ‘Hunters Net’ of inhibition in striatum

Finley, S., 2014:
Generalization to unfamiliar talkers in artificial language learning

Toscano, J.C.; Anderson, N.D.; McMurray, B., 2014:
Reconsidering the role of temporal order in spoken word recognition

Anonymous, 2013:
Effect of proteases on biofilm formation of the plastic degrading actinomycete Rhodococcus ruber C208

Horne, A.J.; Lessner, D.J., 2013:
Assessment of the oxidant tolerance of Methanosarcina acetivorans

Iwasaki, Y.; Kita, A.; Sakai, S.; Takaoka, K.; Yano, S.; Tajima, T.; Kato, J.; Nishio, N.; Murakami, K.; Nakashimada, Y., 2013:
Engineering of a functional thermostable kanamycin resistance marker for use in Moorella thermoacetica ATCC39073

Berger, S.; Kim, Y.; Kettering, J.; Gebauer, G., 2013:
Plastic mulching in agriculture—Friend or foe of N2O emissions?

Barton, L.; Murphy, D.V.; Butterbach-Bahl, K., 2013:
Influence of crop rotation and liming on greenhouse gas emissions from a semi-arid soil

Seddaiu, G.; Porcu, G.; Ledda, L.; Roggero, P.P.olo; Agnelli, A.; Corti, G., 2013:
Soil organic matter content and composition as influenced by soil management in a semi-arid Mediterranean agro-silvo-pastoral system

Murata, Akihiko, 2013:
The role of a convective burst in the genesis of typhoon Hagupit 2008

Yamazaki, K.; Rowlands, D.J.; Aina, T.; Blaker, A.T.; Bowery, A.; Massey, N.; Miller, J.; Rye, C.; Tett, S.F.B.; Williamson, D.; Yamazaki, Y.H.; Allen, M.R., 2013:
Obtaining diverse behaviors in a climate model without the use of flux adjustments

Marsham, J.H.; Hobby, M.; Allen, C.J.T.; Banks, J.R.; Bart, M.; Brooks, B.J.; Cavazos-Guerra, C.; Engelstaedter, S.; Gascoyne, M.; Lima, A.R.; Martins, J.V.; McQuaid, J.B.; O'Leary, A.; Ouchene, B.; Ouladichir, A.; Parker, D.J.; Saci, A.; Salah-Ferroudj, M.; Todd, M.C.; Washington, R., 2013:
Meteorology and dust in the central Sahara Observations from Fennec supersite-1 during the June 2011 Intensive Observation Period

Chen, Y.; Yang, K.; Qin, J.; Zhao, L.; Tang, W.; Han, M., 2013:
Evaluation of AMSR-E retrievals and GLDAS simulations against Observations of a Soil Moisture network on the central Tibetan Plateau

Anonymous, 2013:
Radar and lightning analyses of giganticjet-producing storms

Park, R.J.; Tsao, H.; Cresswell, A.G.; Hodges, P.W., 2013:
Changes in direction-specific activity of psoas major and quadratus lumborum in people with recurring back pain differ between muscle regions and patient groups

Dabbas, N.; Cutress, R.I.; Wise, M.; Yiangou, C.; Agrawal, A., 2013:
Repeat surgery following breast conservation and intra-operative sentinel lymph node analysis for breast cancer

Deligios, P.A.; Farci, R.; Sulas, L.; Hoogenboom, G.; Ledda, L., 2013:
Predicting growth and yield of winter rapeseed in a Mediterranean environment Model adaptation at a field scale

Alam, M.M.rshedul; Karim, M. Rezaul; Ladha, J.K., 2013:
Integrating best management practices for rice with farmers’ crop management techniques A potential option for minimizing rice yield gap

Haefele, S.M.; Banayo, N.P.M.; Amarante, S.T.; Siopongco, J.D.L.C.; Mabesa, R.L., 2013:
Characteristics and management options for rice–maize systems in the Philippines

Horai, K.; Ishii, A.; Mae, T.; Shimono, H., 2013:
Effects of early planting on growth and yield of rice cultivars under a cool climate

Ye, Yushi; Liang, Xinqiang; Chen, Yingxu; Liu, Jin; Gu, Jiatao; Guo, Ru; Li, Liang, 2013:
Alternate wetting and drying irrigation and controlled-release nitrogen fertilizer in late-season rice Effects on dry matter accumulation, yield, water and nitrogen use

Liu, J.; Ma, Y.; Lv, F.; Chen, J.; Zhou, Z.; Wang, Y.; Abudurezike, A.; Oosterhuis, D.M., 2013:
Changes of sucrose metabolism in leaf subtending to cotton boll under cool temperature due to late planting

Chattaraj, S.; Chakraborty, D.; Garg, R.N.; Singh, G.P.; Gupta, V.K.; Singh, S.; Singh, R., 2013:
Hyperspectral remote sensing for growth-stage-specific water use in wheat

Qin, X.-liang; Weiner, J.; Qi, L.; Xiong, Y.-cai; Li, F.-min, 2013:
Allometric analysis of the effects of density on reproductive allocation and Harvest Index in 6 varieties of wheat Triticum

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Genotypic variation of photosystem II photoinhibition and energy partitioning in relation to photosynthetic adaptability to mild soil water deficiency of rice cultivation in northeast Thailand

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Nitrogen rhizodeposition by wheat under different tillage systems in a rainfed Vertisol

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Fate of nitrogen-15 as influenced by soil and nutrient management history in a 19-year wheat–maize experiment

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Lentil Lens culinaris L as a candidate crop for iron biofortification Is there genetic potential for iron bioavailability?

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Effects of amendment of biochar-manure compost in conjunction with pyroligneous solution on soil quality and wheat yield of a salt-stressed cropland from Central China Great Plain

Connor, David, J., 2013:
Organically grown crops do not a cropping system make and nor can organic agriculture nearly feed the world

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Comparative behavior of wheat and barley associated with field release and grain weight determination

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Plant growth suppression due to sheath blight and the associated yield reduction under double rice-cropping system in central China

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Characterization of north-eastern Australian environments using APSIM for increasing rainfed maize production

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The effects of nitrogen supply and water regime on instantaneous WUE, time-integrated WUE and carbon isotope discrimination in winter wheat

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Implications of plant geometry and weed control options in designing a low-seeding seed-drill for dry-seeded rice systems

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Does sensory deception matter in eusocial obligate food robber systems? A study of Lestrimelitta and stingless bee hosts

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On applying the matching law to between-subject data

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A preliminary study of individual cognitive behavior therapy for social anxiety disorder in Japanese clinical settings: a single-arm, uncontrolled trial

Anonymous, 2013:
Suitability of 18FAltanserin and PET to Determine 5-HT2A Receptor Availability in the Rat Brain In Vivo and In Vitro Validation of I

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Associations of objectively measured sedentary behaviour and physical activity with markers of cardiometabolic health

Anonymous, 2013:
Sauglingsernahrung und Ernahrung der stillenden Mutter

Anonymous, 2013:
Kongenitale Myasthenie mit episodischer Apnoe bei einem 8-jahrigen Jungen

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Using field spectroscopy to assess the potential of statistical approaches for the retrieval of sun-induced chlorophyll fluorescence from ground and space

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Landsat-based mapping of post-Soviet land-use change to assess the effectiveness of the Oksky and Mordovsky protected areas in European Russia

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Generation of new cloud masks from MODIS land surface reflectance products

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Retrieval of aerosol optical depth and surface reflectance over land from NOAA AVHRR data

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Polarimetric SAR remote sensing of the 2011 Tohoku earthquake using ALOS/PALSAR

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Contiguous deletion of KCNQ2 and CHRNA4 may cause a different disorder from benign familial neonatal seizures

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First-onset psychosis, anti-NMDAR encephalitis, schizophrenia and Consultation-Liaison psychiatry

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New stable anchor protein and peptide linker suitable for successful spore surface display in B. subtilis

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Functional relevance of genetic variations of endothelial nitric oxide synthase and vascular endothelial growth factor in diabetic coronary microvessel dysfunction

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Rosiglitazone decreases bone mineral density and increases bone turnover in postmenopausal women with type 2 diabetes mellitus

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Improving the Measurement of Serum Thyroglobulin with Mass Spectrometry

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Aquaporin-1 plays a crucial role in estrogen-induced tubulogenesis of vascular endothelial cells

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Cancer protection elicited by a single nucleotide polymorphism close to the adrenomedullin gene

Anonymous, 2013:
Interleukin-4 and Prostaglandin E2 Synergistically Up-Regulate 3beta-Hydroxysteroid Dehydrogenase Type 2 in Endometrioma Stromal Cells

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Plasma PCSK9 is a late biomarker of severity in patients with severe trauma injury

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Effects of endogenous androgens and abdominal fat distribution on the interrelationship between insulin and non-insulin-mediated glucose uptake in females

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Kinase Inhibitors Adverse Effects Related to the Endocrine System

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Recurrences of ACTH-secreting adenomas after pituitary adenomectomy can be accurately predicted by perioperative measurements of plasma ACTH levels

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A novel method for the rapid analysis of levoglucosan in soils and sediments

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In vivo temporal and spatial profile of leukocyte adhesion and migration after experimental traumatic brain injury in mice

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Application of a Bayesian model to infer the contribution of coalbed natural gas produced water to the Powder River, Wyoming and Montana

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Modelling incoming radiation on a linear disturbance and its impact on the ground thermal regime in discontinuous permafrost

Anonymous, 2013:
Delineating coastal groundwater discharge processes in a wetland area by means of electrical resistivity imaging, 224Ra and 222Rn

Anonymous, 2013:
Modelling event soil losses using the QREI30 index within RUSLE2

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Water flux and sediment transport within a forested landscape the role of connectivity, subsurface flow, and slope length scale on transport mechanism

C.S.n; L.R.n, 2013:
Assessing crop yield and crop water productivity and optimizing irrigation scheduling of winter wheat and summer maize in the Haihe plain using SWAT model

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Carbon and nitrogen stable isotope ratios and mercury concentration in the scalp hair of residents from Taiji, a whaling town

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Future seagrass beds: can increased productivity lead to increased carbon storage?

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Antifouling biocides in water and sediments from California marinas

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Evaluation of the performance of the reduced local lymph node assay for skin sensitization testing

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Ultimate pH and ageing of meat affect the phase behaviour of mixtures of its proteins and iota carrageenan

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Microfibrillated cellulose from mangosteen Garcinia mangostana L rind Preparation, characterization, and evaluation as an emulsion stabilizer

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The influence of carrageenan on interfacial properties and short-term stability of milk whey proteins emulsions

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The physicochemical properties of swelled maize starch granules complexed with lauric acid

Anonymous, 2013:
Probabilidade teorica de doenca coronaria pre- e pos-teste em duas estrategias diagnosticas – Contributo relativo da prova de esforco e da angio-TC cardíaca

K.O.azaki; I.K.tayama; H.N.da, 2013:
Shear-induced permeability anisotropy of simulated serpentinite gouge produced by triaxial deformation experiments

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Lower tropospheric ozone at northern mid-latitudes Changing seasonal cycle

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Geochemical profile of a layered outcrop in the Atacama analogue using laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy LIBS – Implications for Curiosity investigations in Gale

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Children with pulmonary arterial hypertension and prostanoid therapy: long-term hemodynamics

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Prognostic utility of the Seattle Heart Failure Score and amino terminal pro B-type natriuretic peptide in varying stages of systolic heart failure

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Modeling aeolian transport of soil-bound plutonium: considering infrequent but normal environmental disturbances is critical in estimating future dose

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129I in the Baltic Proper and Bothnian Sea: application for estimation of water exchange and environmental impact

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The (137)Cs accumulation by forest-derived products in the Gomel region

Anonymous, 2013:
Korrelation mentaler Aktivitaten mit kognitiven Funktionen in der Fruhdiagnostik demenzieller Erkrankungen

Anonymous, 2013:
Troubles de l’ejaculation a l’exception de l’ejaculation prematuree, troubles de l’orgasme

Anonymous, 2013:
Mise au point sur la prise en charge des traumatismes de l’uretre anterieur de l’enfant

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Health workforce remuneration: comparing wage levels, ranking, and dispersion of 16 occupational groups in 20 countries

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Therapeutic efficacy of plasmonic photothermal nanoparticles in hamster buccal pouch carcinoma

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Reuse of solid petroleum waste in the manufacture of porcelain stoneware tile

Javier Quinto, María de los Ángeles Marcos-García…, 2013:
Effectiveness of three sampling methods to survey saproxylic beetle assemblages in Mediterranean woodland

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Geochemical and ecotoxicological assessment for estuarine surface sediments from Southern Brazil

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Associations between obesity and asthma in a low-income, urban, minority population

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Post-fire restoration of beech stands in the Southern Alps by natural regeneration

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Effects of climate and land-surface processes on terrestrial dissolved organic carbon export to major US coastal rivers

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Floating treatment wetland retrofit to improve stormwater pond performance for suspended solids, copper and zinc

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A spatial multi-criteria planning scheme for evaluating riparian buffer restoration priorities

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Mechanism of resistance to S138A substituted enfuvirtide and its application to peptide design

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Lipolysis within single culture and co-culture biofilms of dairy origin

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Sperm flow cytometric parameters are associated with ICSI outcome

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DUF538 protein super family is predicted to be the potential homologue of bactericidal/permeability-increasing protein in plant system

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Role of dynamin-related protein 1 (Drp1)-mediated mitochondrial fission in oxygen sensing and constriction of the ductus arteriosus

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Neutrophil-derived cathelicidin promotes adhesion of classical monocytes

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Regulator of G-protein signaling 5 controls blood pressure homeostasis and vessel wall remodeling

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Desert hedgehog promotes ischemia-induced angiogenesis by ensuring peripheral nerve survival

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Polymeric nanoparticle PET/MR imaging allows macrophage detection in atherosclerotic plaques

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Noninvasive electrocardiographic imaging of arrhythmogenic substrates in humans

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Rotors and the dynamics of cardiac fibrillation

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An in vivo cardiac assay to determine the functional consequences of putative long QT syndrome mutations

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Dysregulation of CD4+CD25hi+ T cells in the synovial fluid of patients with antibiotic-refractory Lyme arthritis

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Anti-citrullinated protein antibodies ACPA in unaffected first degree relatives of rheumatoid arthritis patients

Anonymous, 2013:
MicroRNA-30a promotes B cell hyperactivity in patient with SLE by direct interaction with LYN

Anonymous, 2013:
Susceptibility to childhood-onset rheumatoid arthritis: investigation of a weighted genetic risk score that integrates cumulative effects of variants at five genetic loci

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Toll-like receptor 2 is required for autoantibody production and development of renal disease in pristane-induced lupus

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Effect of Random Inclusion of Wheat Straw Fibers on Shear Strength Characteristics of Shanghai Cohesive Soil

Anonymous, 2013:
À propos d’une note de 1926 sur un essai du BCG dans le traitement de la lepre

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The prevalence of dentin hypersensitivity in general dental practices in the northwest United States

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Craniofacial morphological characteristics in children with obstructive sleep apnea syndrome A systematic review and meta-analysis

Anonymous, 2013:
The Contributions of Dr Gies Promoting standards of dental education, research

Anonymous, 2013:
Associations between smoking and tooth loss according to the reason for tooth loss The Buffalo OsteoPerio Study

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Clinical features and treatment of intracranial chordoid meningioma: a report of 30 cases

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Source Determination for Subsurface Light Non-Aqueous Phase Liquid LNAPL Using Trimethylcyclopentane and Trimethylcyclohexane Isomer Ratios

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Stable Isotopic Fingerprinting for Identification of the Methyl Tert-Butyl Ether MTBE Manufacturer

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Measuring the Applicability of Biosensors to Detect Possible Terror Chemicals in Water Distribution Network

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Structural biology of the writers, readers, and erasers in mono- and poly(ADP-ribose) mediated signaling

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Effect of an overproduction of accessory Gvp proteins on gas vesicle formation in Haloferax volcanii

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Thermal effects on microbial composition and microbiologically induced corrosion and mineral precipitation affecting operation of a geothermal plant in a deep saline aquifer

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Visual function endpoints to enable dry AMD clinical trials

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RNA directed therapeutics mechanisms and status

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Comparison of urinary thallium levels in non-occupationally exposed people and workers

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The effectiveness of health interventions in cardiovascular risk reduction among emergency service personnel

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Agent-based Land-Use Models and Farming Games on the Social Web—Fertile Ground for a Collaborative Future?

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N-body simulations of oligarchic growth of Mars Implications for Hf–W chronology

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Rhenium variations in molybdenite MoS2 Evidence for progressive subsurface oxidation

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Silicon isotopes in granulite xenoliths Insights into isotopic fractionation during igneous processes and the composition of the deep continental crust

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Constraints on melting processes and plume-ridge interaction from comprehensive study of the FAMOUS and North Famous segments, Mid-Atlantic Ridge

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Assessing uncertainty in geochemical models for core formation in Earth

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Influence of the regional topography on the remote emplacement of hydrothermal systems with examples of Ticsani and Ubinas volcanoes, Southern Peru

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The effect of nickel on the properties of iron at the conditions of Earths inner core Ab initio calculations of seismic wave velocities of Fe–Ni alloys

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Mantle flow and deformation of subducting slab at a plate junction

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Increasing chemical weathering in the Himalayan system since the Last Glacial Maximum

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Upper mantle seismic structure beneath the Pacific Northwest A plume-triggered delamination origin for the Columbia River flood basalt eruptions

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Soluble ST2 is associated with all-cause and cardiovascular mortality in a population-based cohort: the Dallas Heart Study

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Diurnal rhythm rather than dietary iron mediates daily hepcidin variations

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Epitope specificity and IgG subclass distribution of autoantibodies to cardiac troponin

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High-throughput assay of 9 lysosomal enzymes for newborn screening

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Direct characterization of motion-dependent parameters of sperm in a microfluidic device: proof of principle

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Cannabis effects on driving skills

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Release kinetics of copeptin in patients undergoing transcoronary ablation of septal hypertrophy

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Excimer laser deinsulation of Parylene-C on iridium for activated iridium oxide film coated Utah electrode array

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The relationship between metabolic risk factors and incident cardiovascular disease in Europeans, South Asians and African Caribbeans SABRE Southall and Brent revisited - a prospective population based study

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Five-Year Experience with Transcatheter Transapical Mitral Valve-in-Valve Implantation for Bioprosthetic Valve Dysfunction

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Thin zeolite T/carbon composite membranes supported on the porous alumina tubes for CO2 separation

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A permeability-change relationship in the dryout zone for CO2 injection into saline aquifers

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Clean energy and water assessment of Mexico for improved water services and renewable energy

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Organ evolution in angiosperms driven by correlated divergences of gene sequences and expression patterns

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On the global estimates of geostrophic and Ekman surface currents

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Anonymous, 2013:
Hangt der Intraokulardruck mit dem Blutdruck zusammen?

Prof. Dr. T.S.Dietlein, R.A.Widder, J.F.Jordan, C.Jonescu-Cuypers…, 2013:
Kombinierte Katarakt-Glaukom-Chirurgie

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Solar Surface and Atmospheric Dynamics

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Microphysics of Quasi-parallel Shocks in Collisionless Plasmas

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Regional Convergence and Aggregate Business Cycle in the United States

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Osteochondral Allografts in the Ankle Joint: State of the Art

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De l’analyse des pratiques a la reflexion ethique, un pas ?

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Basic statistical concepts in nutrition research

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Anonymous, 2013:
PML-RARalpha co-operates with Sox4 in acute myeloid leukemia development in mice

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Effect of experimental stress in 2 different pain conditions affecting the facial muscles

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Acute effects of cigarette smoking in habitual smokers, a focus on endothelial function

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Prevention of patient falls - A case study

Anonymous, 2013:
Ou en est la recherche francaise pluridisciplinaire sur la fin de vie  thematiques et travaux

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Political Modernization in Chinas Forest Governance? Payment Schemes for Forest Ecological Services in Liaoning

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A first course in computing with applications to biology

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Patient’s perception of their readiness for discharge following hip fracture surgery

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Latitudinal variations in the occurrence of some cod parasites along the west coast of Norway

Anonymous, 2013:
Comparative Effectiveness of Value-added Manures on Crop Productivity, Soil Mineral Nitrogen and Soil Carbon Pools under Maize-Wheat Cropping System in an Inceptisol

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Sorption of Tetracycline and Chlortetracycline on Na- and Ca-saturated Montmorillonites, Humic Substances and Clay-humic Complexes

Anonymous, 2013:
Land Use Effects on Soil Quality in Humid Sub-tropical Region of India

Anonymous, 2013:
Characterization and Evaluation of Land Resources for Watershed Management in Vidarbha Region of Maharashtra using RS and GIS

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Relationship of PGC-1alpha Gene Polymorphism With Insulin Resistance Syndrome in Korean Children

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Factorial validity and reliability of the Malaysian simplified Chinese version of Multidimensional Scale of Perceived Social Support (MSPSS-SCV) among a group of university students

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Flexible continuous-time modelling for heterogeneous animal movement

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How to manage co-product inputs in emergy accounting exemplified by willow production for bioenergy

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Chasing change: repeated-measures analysis of variance is so yesterday!

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Reproductive phenology of Isolatocereus dumortieri Cactaceae in semiarid scrub in central Mexico Effect of rain during the dry season

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Thiosulfate-related microbial communities from four arid soils in the Southwestern United States

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Calibration of X-ray absorption in our Galaxy

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Signatures of X-rays in the early Universe

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Rio survey of optical astrometric positions for 300 ICRF2 sources and the current optical/radio frame link status before Gaia

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Usefulness of the addition of beta-2-microglobulin, cystatin C and C-reactive protein to an established risk factors model to improve mortality risk prediction in patients undergoing coronary angiography

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Anonymous, 2013 :
Role of genetic polymorphisms in transgenerational inheritance of inherent as well as acquired traits in budding yeast

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Periodic correlation structures in bacterial and archaeal complete genomes

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Rationalizing machupo virus mutant-receptor binding by molecular dynamics simulation

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Dutasteride/tamsulosin a guide to its use in benign prostatic hyperplasia

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Association of suicide rates, gun ownership, conservatism and individual suicide risk

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Processing of vestibular inputs by the medullary lateral tegmental field of conscious cats: implications for generation of motion sickness

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Engineering E. coli for triglyceride accumulation through native and heterologous metabolic reactions

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Screening soy hydrolysates for the production of a recombinant therapeutic protein in commercial cell line by combined approach of near-infrared spectroscopy and chemometrics

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Significantly enhanced production of isoprene by ordered coexpression of genes dxs, dxr, and idi in Escherichia coli

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Systems metabolic engineering in an industrial setting

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A 10-year analysis of 214 HEMS backcountry hoist rescues

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Supraglottic airway device use as a primary airway during rapid sequence intubation

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Flight vibrations and bleeding in helicoptered patients with pelvic fracture

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The influence of high hydrostatic pressure on regular, reduced, low and no salt added Cheddar cheese

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Denaturation of whey proteins as a function of heat, pH and protein concentration

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A high-order time-domain transmitting boundary for cylindrical wave propagation problems in unbounded saturated poroelastic media

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Incremental dynamic analysis of wood-frame houses in Canada Effects of dominant earthquake scenarios on seismic fragility

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Parametric analysis of eccentric structure–soil interaction system based on branch mode decoupling method

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The role of reinforcement sensitivity in the development of childhood personality

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Kidney disease in lupus is not always 'lupus nephritis'

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Loss of FBP1 by Snail-mediated repression provides metabolic advantages in basal-like breast cancer

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Same, varied, or both? Contextual support aids young children in generalizing category labels

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Lack of association between TNFα rs1800629 polymorphism and schizophrenia risk: a meta-analysis

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Autoimmune diseases and reproductive aging

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Gluten-sensitive enteropathy coincides with decreased capability of intestinal T cells to secrete IL-17 and IL-22

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Alcohol marketing grooming the next generation

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Nine out of 10 palliative care experts would choose Liverpool care pathway for themselves

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Care commissioning process is too laborious, study concludes

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Prion infectivity in the spleen of a PRNP heterozygous individual with subclinical variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease

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Evidence produced in Japan: tegafur-based preparations for postoperative chemotherapy in breast cancer

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Threshold optimization of cooperative spectrum sensing in cognitive radio networks

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On the characterization of radar receivers for meteor-head echoes studies

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Collapse of marine-based outlet glaciers from the Scandinavian Ice Sheet

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Clinicopathological correlation for the role of fluorodeoxyglucose positron emission tomography computed tomography in detection of choroidal malignant melanoma

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Power spectra of the natural input to the visual system

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Birth defects after exposure to misoprostol in the first trimester of pregnancy: prospective follow-up study

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The social fabric of the RNA degradosome

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Regulation of molecular chaperones through post-translational modifications: decrypting the chaperone code

Anonymous, 2013:
Estime de soi, soutien social percu, strategies de coping, et usage de produits psychoactifs a l’adolescence

Anonymous, 2013:
Meta-analyse et efficacite des psychotherapies  faits et fictions

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The effect of tamsulosin on pain and clearance according to ureteral stone location after shock wave lithotripsy

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Analysis of kidney biopsy data from a single center in the midland rural area of china, 1996-2010

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Ruptured hepatic carcinoma after transcatheter arterial chemoembolization

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Effects of Fluid Shear Stress on Expression of Smac/DIABLO in Human Umbilical Vein Endothelial Cells

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Succinate dehydrogenase: the complex roles of a simple enzyme

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Chewing gum may be an effective complementary therapy in patients with mild to moderate depression

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Are maternal weight, eating and feeding practices associated with emotional eating in childhood?

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Food intake norms increase and decrease snack food intake in a remote confederate study

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Overview of Angiogenesis and the use of Bevacizumab in Patients with Malignant Gliomas

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MicroRNA Functions and Potential Clinical Utility in Glioblastoma

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Overview of Brain Tumor Stem Cells Implications for Treatment

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Therapeutic Targeting of Developmental Signaling Pathways in Medulloblastoma Hedgehog, Notch, Wnt and Myc

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Networking Between c and GH-R Signaling in the Control of Cell Growth

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Antiproliferative and Proapoptotic Effects of the TrK-inhibitor GW441756 in Human Myosarcomas and Prostatic Carcinoma

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Molecular Mechanism of Anti-tumor Effect by Triptolide in Hematological Malignancies

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MicroRNAs - Key Players in Haematopoiesis

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Experimental test of escape theory: accessibility to implicit suicidal mind

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MicroRNA-497 is a potential prognostic marker in human cervical cancer and functions as a tumor suppressor by targeting the insulin-like growth factor 1 receptor

Anonymous, 2013:
Methamphetamine and MDMA ‘Safe’ drugs of abuse Methamphetamine et MDMA Abus de drogues “recreatives

Anonymous, 2013:
A rare cause of acute renal failure Coturnism Une cause rare de l’insuffisance renale aigue le Coturnisme

Anonymous, 2013:
Asthma essentials Les points essentiels de l’asthme

Anonymous, 2013:
Diagnosis and management of acute coronary syndrome Diagnostic et prise en charge du syndrome coronarien aigu

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Patterns of injury in penetrating sharp trauma in a Provincial KwaZulu-Natal Hospital

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Association between prosthetic factors and temporomandibular disorders in complete denture wearers

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Diabetes and HIV: current understanding and future perspectives

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Indexes of physical capacity and repeated sprint ability of young soccer players

Anonymous, 2013:
Breast core needle biopsy

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Tuberculous mastitis

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Autofluorescence bronchoscopy as a modality for early diagnosis of lung cancer

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Skin cancer

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Wound healing process and wound care

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Insomnia and correlation with psychosocial factors in primary health care

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The role of atypical antipsychotic decreasing aggresiveness in schizophrenia

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The relationship between depression, anxiety and acute coronary syndrome

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Structural factors that promote stigmatization of drug users with hepatitis C in hospital emergency departments

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Chemical and structural features influencing the biological activity of curcumin

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Antioxidant and antiinflammatory activities of curcumin on diabetes mellitus and its complications

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2NH and 3OH are crucial structural requirements in sphingomyelin for sticholysin II binding and pore formation in bilayer membranes

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Network, nodes and nexus: systems approach to multitarget therapeutics

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13C metabolic flux analysis: optimal design of isotopic labeling experiments

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Regulations of sugar transporters: insights from yeast

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A comparison of phase, amplitude, and velocity binning for cone-beam computed tomographic projection-based motion reconstruction

Anonymous, 2013:
M Panner und Osteochondrosis dissecans

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The effects of the Taklimakan Desert Highway on endemic birds Podoces biddulphi

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Assessing the impact of bus technology on greenhouse gas emissions along a major corridor A lifecycle analysis

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Fluid resuscitation in septic shock: the effect of increasing fluid balance on mortality

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Nutrigenomics - linking food to human metabolism

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CO2 absorption/emission and aerodynamic effects of trees on the concentrations in a street canyon in Guangzhou, China

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Trophic level transfer of microplastic: Mytilus edulis (L.) to Carcinus maenas (L.)

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Short tandem target mimic: a long journey to the engineered molecular landmine for selective destruction/blockage of microRNAs in plants and animals

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Circumventricular organs: targets for integration of circulating fluid and energy balance signals?

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Greater overall olfactory performance, explicit wanting for high fat foods and lipid intake during the mid-luteal phase of the menstrual cycle

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Intrinsic and extrinsic influences on children's acceptance of new foods

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Appetitive traits from infancy to adolescen Using behavioral and neural measures to investigate obesity risk

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Integration of sensory information via central thermoregulatory leptin targets

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Mice from lines selectively bred for high voluntary wheel running exhibit lower blood pressure during withdrawal from wheel access

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Influence of estrous and circadian cycles on calcium intake of the rat

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Cool excimer laser-assisted angioplasty (CELA) and tibial balloon angioplasty (TBA) in management of infragenicular arterial occlusion in critical lower limb ischemia (CLI)

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Immunohistochemical expression of Fas ligand (FasL) and neprilysin (neutral endopeptidase/CD10) in keratoconus

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Pre-viable Newborns in Saudi Arabia Where are We Now and What the Future May Hold?

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The Peri-Viable Baby Down Under - An Australian Perspective on the Grey Zone of Viability

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Management of Periviable Newborns in the Nordic Countries

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The Premature Lottery in the Canadian Grey Zones

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Neonatology in the United States Where we are, and where we are Going

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Coping with the Dilemmas of Extremely Preterm Birth Outcome or Ethics?

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Decisions About Periviable Babies in Dutch Neonatal Intensive Care Units; Quality-of-Life and Quality-of-Death Concerns

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Does Data Shape Moral Decision? Or Do Values Shape the Data?

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Persistent Pulmonary Hypertension of the Newborn Physiology, Hemodynamic Assessment and Novel Therapies

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Effect of Antenatal Steroids on Haemodynamics in the Normally Grown and Growth Restricted Fetus

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Steroids and Vasopressor-Resistant Hypotension in Preterm Infants

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Neonatal Ultrasound in Transport

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Strategies to Tackle Early Low Flow States in the Extremely Preterm Infant

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Cross-sectional study of the neural ossification centers of vertebrae C1-S5 in the human fetus

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Anatomical basis of transgluteal approach for pudendal neuralgia and operative technique

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Display with 64-detector MDCT angiography of cerebral vascular variations

Anonymous, 2013:
Nichtchirurgisches Facelifting durch lange, mit Widerhaken versehene Schlingennahte

Anonymous, 2013:
Externe Rhinoplastik bei Nasenspitzenuberprojektion

Anonymous, 2013:
Evolutionare Ästhetik

Dr. M.Harel, A.Shalom, 2013:
Geschlossene Rhinoplastik

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Criterion validity of the GMFM-66 item set and the GMFM-66 basal and ceiling approaches for estimating GMFM-66 scores

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A comparison of the quality of life of vulnerable young males with severe emotional and behaviour difficulties in a residential setting and young males in mainstream schooling

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Cell cycle regulation of Golgi membrane dynamics

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Sialometric analysis in young patients with chronic renal insufficiency

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Toothbrushing barriers for people with developmental disabilities: a pilot study

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Exploration versus exploitation in polydomous ant colonies

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River Courses Affected by Landslides and Implications for Hazard Assessment A High Resolution Remote Sensing Case Study in NE Iraq–W Iran

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Shifts in Global Vegetation Activity Trends

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STEPS: Similarity and Truth Estimation for Propagated Segmentations and its application to hippocampal segmentation and brain parcelation

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Staple line reinforcement during laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy: does it affect clinical outcomes?

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Immunological faecal occult blood testing: a discriminatory test to identify colorectal cancer in symptomatic patients

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Financial impact of surgical training on hospital economics: an income analysis of 1184 out-patient clinic consultations

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Effect of green tea (Camellia sinensis) extract on healing process of surgical wounds in rat

Anonymous, 2013:
Socio-epidemiologie de l’ejaculation prematuree

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Kinematics of anterior cruciate ligament ruptures in World Cup alpine skiing: 2 case reports of the slip-catch mechanism

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Hip arthroscopic surgery: patient evaluation, current indications, and outcomes

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The impact of endovascular lower-limb revascularisation on the aortic augmentation index in patients with peripheral arterial disease

Anonymous, 2013:
Activity of BAL30072 alone or combined with beta-lactamase inhibitors or with meropenem against carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae and non-fermenters

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High cephalosporin resistance due to amino acid substitutions in PBP1A and PBP2X in a clinical isolate of group B Streptococcus

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Local biologies and HIV/AIDS in highlands Papua, Indonesia

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Opening the gift: social inclusion, professional codes and gift-giving in long-term mental healthcare

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Chewing over the future: khat consumption, anxiety, depression, and time among young men in Jimma, Ethiopia

Anonymous, 2013:
Induction of apoptosis in human pancreatic MiaPaCa-2 cells through the loss of mitochondrial membrane potential ??m by Gentiana kurroo root extract

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Dispersal at a snail's pace: historical processes affect contemporary genetic structure in the exploited wavy top snail (Megastraea undosa)

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Microsatellite analysis of genetic diversity and population structure of Arabian horse populations

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Parallel imaging acceleration of EPIK for reduced image distortions in fMRI

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Total activation: fMRI deconvolution through spatio-temporal regularization

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Interpretable whole-brain prediction analysis with GraphNet

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MEK1 is required for PTEN membrane recruitment, AKT regulation, and the maintenance of peripheral tolerance

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ASH2L regulates ubiquitylation signaling to MLL: trans-regulation of H3 K4 methylation in higher eukaryotes

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Evidence for lahar-triggering mechanisms in complex stratigraphic sequences the post-twelfth century eruptive activity of Cotopaxi Volcano, Ecuador

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Relations between deterministic and stochastic thresholds for disease extinction in continuous- and discrete-time infectious disease models

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Limiting characteristics for finite birth-death-catastrophe processes

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Proton beam therapy and accountable care: the challenges ahead

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An evaluation of departmental radiation oncology incident reports: anticipating a national reporting system

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Quality indicators in radiation oncology

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Meningioma causing visual impairment: outcomes and toxicity after intensity modulated radiation therapy

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Clinical outcomes of biological effective dose-based fractionated stereotactic radiation therapy for metastatic brain tumors from non-small cell lung cancer

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The addition of SPECT/CT lymphoscintigraphy to breast cancer radiation planning spares lymph nodes critical for arm drainage

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Cosmetic analysis following breast-conserving surgery and adjuvant high-dose-rate interstitial brachytherapy for early-stage breast cancer: a prospective clinical study

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Validating a prognostic scoring system for postmastectomy locoregional recurrence in breast cancer

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Impact of margin status on local recurrence after mastectomy for ductal carcinoma in situ

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Results of a phase 2 study examining the effects of omitting elective neck irradiation to nodal levels IV and Vb in patients with N(0-1) nasopharyngeal carcinoma

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Involved node radiation therapy: an effective alternative in early-stage hodgkin lymphoma

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Survival advantage with the addition of radiation therapy to chemotherapy in early stage peripheral T-cell lymphoma, not otherwise specified

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Anatomic distribution of fluorodeoxyglucose-avid para-aortic lymph nodes in patients with cervical cancer

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Adaptive radiation therapy for postprostatectomy patients using real-time electromagnetic target motion tracking during external beam radiation therapy

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Role of early proctoscopy in predicting late symptomatic proctitis after external radiation therapy for prostate carcinoma

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A biodistribution and toxicity study of cobalt dichloride-N-acetyl cysteine in an implantable MRI marker for prostate cancer treatment

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Treatment-related morbidity in prostate cancer: a comparison of 3-dimensional conformal radiation therapy with and without image guidance using implanted fiducial markers

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Short-term androgen-deprivation therapy improves prostate cancer-specific mortality in intermediate-risk prostate cancer patients undergoing dose-escalated external beam radiation therapy

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Acceptable toxicity after stereotactic body radiation therapy for liver tumors adjacent to the central biliary system

Ge, J.; Santanam, L.; Noel, C.; Parikh, P.J., 2013:
Planning 4-dimensional computed tomography (4DCT) cannot adequately represent daily intrafractional motion of abdominal tumors

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Active breathing control in combination with ultrasound imaging: a feasibility study of image guidance in stereotactic body radiation therapy of liver lesions

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Dosimetric analysis of organs at risk during expiratory gating in stereotactic body radiation therapy for pancreatic cancer

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Lack of a dose-effect relationship for pulmonary function changes after stereotactic body radiation therapy for early-stage non-small cell lung cancer

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ATM polymorphisms predict severe radiation pneumonitis in patients with non-small cell lung cancer treated with definitive radiation therapy

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Supratentorial ependymoma: disease control, complications, and functional outcomes after irradiation

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Economic evaluation of fulvestrant 500 mg versus generic nonsteroidal aromatase inhibitors in patients with advanced breast cancer in the United Kingdom

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Effect of azithromycin on anticoagulation-related outcomes in geriatric patients receiving warfarin

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Frontal sinusitis caused by first and second secondary middle turbinates co-existing with an accessory middle turbinate

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IgG4-related inflammatory pseudotumors mimicking multiple meningiomas

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F-18 FDG-PET/CT in evaluation of patients with fever of unknown origin

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Measurement consistency of MR elastography at 3.0 T: comparison among three different region-of-interest placement methods

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Uremia and chronic kidney disease: the role of the gut microflora and therapies with pro- and prebiotics

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MR-gesteuerter fokussierter Ultraschall

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Constipation chronique chez l’adulte

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Cleavage, incomplete inversion, and cytoplasmic bridges in Gonium pectorale (Volvocales, Chlorophyta)

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Coming Together in Pain and Joy A Multicultural and Arts-Based Suicide Awareness Project

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Bortezomib influences the expression of malignant plasma cells membrane antigens

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Proliferation and chondrogenic differentiation of human adipose-derived mesenchymal stem cells in sodium alginate beads with or without hyaluronic acid

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Back to the scanner: expected and unexpected imaging findings following spinal puncture and access

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Poly(dopamine) coated gold nanocluster functionalized electrochemical immunosensor for brominated flame retardants using multienzyme-labeling carbon hollow nanochains as signal amplifiers

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High selectivity sensing of cobalt in HepG2 cells based on necklace model microenvironment-modulated carbon dot-improved chemiluminescence in Fenton-like system

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Geostatistical Simulation of Hydrofacies Heterogeneity of the West Thessaly Aquifer Systems in Greece

Anonymous, 2013:
Genderspezifische Aspekte in der Sekundarpravention der koronaren Herzerkrankung

Anonymous, 2013:
Azithromycin more lethal than chloramphenicol?

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Fluorescent measurement of lipid content in the model organism Chlamydomonas reinhardtii

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Modulation of nitrate reductase activity by photosynthetic electron transport chain and nitric oxide balance in the red macroalga Gracilaria chilensis Gracilariales, Rhodophyta

Anonymous, 2013:
Effects of low pH and Pb2+ stress on living cyanobacterium, Phormidium angustissimum West amp; GSWest A test of its feasibility as a living biosorbent

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System upgrade and its complications in patients with a single lead atrial pacemaker: data from the DANPACE trial

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United Kingdom national experience of entirely subcutaneous implantable cardioverter-defibrillator technology: important lessons to learn

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Non-invasive identification of stable rotors and focal sources for human atrial fibrillation: mechanistic classification of atrial fibrillation from the electrocardiogram

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New ? Cephei variable in the Southern open cluster NGC 6200 ALS 3728

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Effects of goal- and task-oriented motivation in the guilty action test

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Ionotropic receptors (IRs): chemosensory ionotropic glutamate receptors in Drosophila and beyond

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Molecular characterization of the flightin gene in the wing-dimorphic planthopper, Nilaparvata lugens, and its evolution in Pancrustacea

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Growth patterns and their implications for preterm infants in a culture of rapid modernization

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Retaining cytotoxic activity of anthrapyridone CO1 against multidrug resistant cells is related to the ability to induce concomitantly apoptosis and lysosomal death of leukaemia HL60/VINC and HL60/DOX cells

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Incremento en las concentraciones de ligando CD40 soluble plaquetario en pacientes con síndrome antifosfolípido primario

Anonymous, 2013:
Presentacion de un caso de derrame pleurocardico en un paciente diagnosticado de polimialgia reumatica

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Return to Sport nach Verletzungen im Hochleistungsfusball – was ist dazu notwendig?

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Similarities and differences in the spectral behavior of W Ser and UX Mon in the ultraviolet

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Spectral content of 22Na/44Ti decay data implications for a solar influence

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Quantum treatment and equation of state of a Friedmann-Robertson-Walker brane embedded in a five dimensional fluid bulk

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New face in the spectral behavior of Capella in the UV

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Interesting evidence for a low-level oscillation superimposed on the local Hubble flow

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Shadow of Kerr-Taub-NUT black hole

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Effect of vapor pressure of grains in formation of planetesimals through the accretion disc

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Combination treatment using percutaneous transluminal angioplasty and low-density lipoprotein apheresis in a patient with peripheral arterial disease and a history of chronic hemodialysis

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Plateletpheresis for postsplenectomy rebound thrombocytosis in a patient with chronic immune thrombocytopenic purpura on romiplostim

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Attention modulates sensory suppression during back movements

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Anonymous, 2013:
Resultados clínico-oncologicos de la respuesta patologica completa en el cancer de recto despues de tratamiento neoadyuvante

Anonymous, 2013:
Carcinoma broncogenico no microcítico resecado, estadio pIIIA-N2 ¿En que pacientes la adyuvancia ofrece mayor beneficio?

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Genetic variability at IMPA2, INPP1 and GSK3β increases the risk of suicidal behavior in bipolar patients

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Impacts of a ‘black tide’ harmful algal bloom on rocky-shore intertidal communities on the West Coast of South Africa

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Riesgo vascular en las consultas de Medicina Interna Estudio MICARE

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From Conditionality to Europeanization in Central and Eastern Europe Administrative Performance and Capacity in Cohesion Policy

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Urban–Rural Interactions in Latvian Changing Policy and Practice Context

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The Role of Leading Firms in the Evolution of SME Clusters Evidence from the Leather Products Cluster in Florence

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Earlobe crease may provide predictive information on asymptomatic peripheral arterial disease in patients clinically free of atherosclerotic vascular disease

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Function and fate of myofibroblasts after myocardial infarction

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The dynamics of food, alcohol and cigarette consumption in Russia during transition

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Geochemistry and Sm-Nd isotopic composition of the Agou Igneous Complex AIC from the Pan-African orogen in southern Togo, West Africa geotectonic implications

Anonymous, 2013:
La consultation d’anesthesie  les incontournables

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Evaluation of the effect of beetroot juice on DMBA-induced damage in liver and mammary gland of female Sprague-Dawley rats

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Considerations on the new nevirapine: switching patients from twice-daily to once-daily

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Assessment of genotoxicity of inorganic mercury in rats in vivo using both chromosomal aberration and comet assays

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Left ventricular mechanical and energetic changes in long-term isoproterenol-induced hypertrophied hearts of SERCA2a transgenic rats

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Where is the game? Wild meat products authentication in South Africa: a case study

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Adjustment disorder considered

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Improve your management skills, improve your clinical service

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Crisis resolution and home treatment teams an evolving model

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Genome-wide association studies what a psychiatrist needs to know

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Driving and dementia a clinicians guide

Anonymous, 2013:
Squaring the circle developing clinical risk management strategies in mental healthcare organisations

Anonymous, 2013:
The Quantity Theory of Insanity by Will Self

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Forced marriage implications for mental health and intellectual disability services

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The psychodynamics of psychosis

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Power Spectrum Super-Sample Covariance

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Evidence of Rocky Planetesimals Orbiting Two Hyades Stars

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Lyman-alpha line and continuum radiative transfer in a clumpy interstellar medium

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Chi-Square Discriminators for Transiting Planet Detection in Kepler Data

Anonymous, 2013:
A Lyman Break Galaxy in the Epoch of Reionization from HST Grism Spectroscopy

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Probing the Extended Gaseous Regions of M31 with Quasar Absorption Lines

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Spitzer observations of the thermal emission from WASP-43b

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A rapidly spinning supermassive black hole at the centre of NGC 1365

Anonymous, 2013:
Spatially Resolved Images of Dust Belts Around the Planet-hosting Subgiant Kappa CrB

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CLUES to the past Local Group progenitors amongst high-redshift Lyman Break Galaxies

Anonymous, 2013:
The Ratio of CO to Total Gas Mass in High Redshift Galaxies

Anonymous, 2013:
Fine-Structure FeII* Emission and Resonant MgII Emission in z = 1 Star-Forming Galaxies

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Unravelling obese black holes in the first galaxies

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The distance to NGC1316 Fornax A yet another curious case

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A young protoplanet candidate embedded in the circumstellar disk of HD100546

Anonymous, 2013:
The seven year Swift-XRT point source catalog 1SWXRT

Anonymous, 2013:
Transformation of Zernike coefficients A Fourier based method for scaled, translated and rotated wavefront apertures

Anonymous, 2013:
Astrometric mock observations for determining the local dark matter density

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The progenitor of SN 2011ja Clues from circumstellar interaction

Anonymous, 2013:
Isocurvature Constraints and Gravitational Ward Identity

Anonymous, 2013:
The Broad Line Region in NGC 4051 An Inflow Illuminated by a 10^5 K Accretion Disk

Anonymous, 2013:
Simultaneous exoplanet detection and instrument aberration retrieval in multispectral coronagraphic imaging

Anonymous, 2013:
Anisotropy in the cosmic radiation at TeV energy

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Evidence for a second component in the high-energy core emission from Centaurus A?

Anonymous, 2013:
Proper motions of young stars in Chamaeleon I A Virtual Observatory study of spectroscopically confirmed members

Anonymous, 2013:
Orbifold Line Topology and the Cosmic Microwave Background

Anonymous, 2013:
A large sample of calibration stars for Gaia log g from Kepler and CoRoT

Anonymous, 2013:
The GREGOR Fabry-P erot Interferometer and its companion the Blue Imaging Solar Spectrometer

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A Late-Time View of the Progenitors of Five Type IIP Supernovae

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Scaling Laws for Planetary Dynamos

Anonymous, 2013:
Environmental Effects on the Star Formation Activity at z~09 in the COSMOS Field

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Simulating a dual beam combiner at SUSI for narrow-angle astrometry

Anonymous, 2013:
Orbital Evolution of 4179 Toutatis

Anonymous, 2013:
Molecular content of polar ring galaxies

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Optical-to-Near-Infrared Simultaneous Observations for the Hot Uranus GJ3470b A Hint for Cloud-free Atmosphere

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Die Wiener Universitatsaugenklinik und ihre Vorstande

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Analyzing the nursing organizational structure and process from a scheduling perspective

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CpG oligonucleotides bind TLR9 and RRM-containing proteins in Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar)

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Chemical constituents from the roots of Dendropanax chevalieri

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Co-expression of human cytochrome b5 increases expression of cytochrome P450 3A4 in Escherichia coli by stabilizing mRNA

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Biodegradation of keratin in mineral-based feather medium by thermophilic strains of a new Coprinopsis sp

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Microbiological survey for analysis of the brown spots on the walls of the tomb of King Tutankhamun

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Belichnus Traces Produced on Shells of the Bivalve Lutraria lutraria by Gulls

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Humans Running at Stadiums and Beaches and the Accuracy of Speed Estimations from Fossil Trackways

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Pregabalin attenuates dysautonomia as well as painful dysesthesia caused by Guillain–Barre syndrome

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Abundant FUS-immunoreactive pathology in the skin of sporadic amyotrophic lateral sclerosis

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Geomechanical evaluation of Pliocene natural aggregates as pavement materials

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Introduction aux nouveaux adjuvants vaccinaux et a leur role dans la vaccination antigrippale

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Copy me or copy you? The effect of prior experience on social learning

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Bayesian learning and the psychology of rule induction

Anonymous, 2013:
L’emission fontaine ou l’ejaculation feminine

Anonymous, 2013:
Le deuil perinatal de  l’enfant ne sans vie 

Anonymous, 2013:
Deuil chez l’enfant L’enfant endeuille

Anonymous, 2013:
Deuil et depression  evolution du DSM-5

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Recession and expected retirement age: another look at the evidence

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Preclinical evaluations of acellular biological conduits for peripheral nerve regeneration

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Temporal variation of juvenile survival in a long-lived species: the role of parasites and body condition

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Interaction between misfolded PrP and the ubiquitin-proteasome system in prion-mediated neurodegeneration

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Variable ECG findings associated with pulmonary embolism

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Granulated sugar to reduce an incarcerated prolapsed defunctioning ileostomy

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Dermoid cyst of the greater omentum: rare and innocent?

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Primed for Change Developing Ecological Restoration for the 21st Century

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Embracing uniqueness The underpinnings of a positive climate for diversity

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Home Health Care of Patients With Febrile Neutropenia

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Do written mandatory accreditation standards for residential care positively model learning organizations? Textual and critical discourse analysis

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Leukoapheresis in Crohn's disease: the final curtain?

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Adiponectin: a relevant player in obesity-related colorectal cancer?

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Refractory coeliac disease: one step closer to the origin of aberrant lymphocytes

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Anticoagulation in patients with liver cirrhosis: complication or therapeutic opportunity?

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Biology of nitrogen oxides in the gastrointestinal tract

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To TOE or not to TOE? That is the question in patients with portal hypertension and varices

Anonymous, 2013:
Moglichkeiten der Prognose von Oberflachensetzungen beim Tunnelvortrieb im Lockergestein – Teil 1 Empirisches Prognoseverfahren

Anonymous, 2013:
Verhalten von nichtbindigen Boden bei niederzyklischer Belastung

Anonymous, 2013:
Charakteristische Bodenkennwerte der Torfe und Mudden Mecklenburg-Vorpommerns zur Berechnung von Primarsetzungen

Anonymous, 2013 :
Vorgaben des EC7 fur dynamische Pfahlprobebelastungen und Regelungen im deutschen Normenhandbuch – Vorschlag zur Vereinfachung

Anonymous, 2013:
EASV Sachverstandige fur Geotechnik Anforderungen an Sachkunde und Erfahrung

Anagnostou, G.; Perazzelli, P., 2013:
The stability of a tunnel face with a free span and a non-uniform support

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Educating advanced level practice within complex health care workplace environments through transformational practice development

Peter Silley, 2013:
Antimicrobial residues in the food chain

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Grassland management for stem-boring insects Abandoning small patches is better than reducing overall intensity

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Quantification of uncertainties associated with space-time estimates of short-term soil CO2 emissions in a sugar cane area

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Effect of amending cattle urine with dicyandiamide on soil nitrogen dynamics and leaching of urinary-nitrogen

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Enhancing beetle and spider communities in agricultural grasslands The roles of seed addition and habitat management

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Composition of crops and land-use types in relation to crop raiding pattern at different distances from forests

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Impact of short-interval, repeat application of dicyandiamide on soil N transformation in urine patches

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Fifty years of contrasted residue management of an agricultural crop Impacts on the soil carbon budget and on soil heterotrophic respiration

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Open ankle arthrodesis with a fibular-sparing technique

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Foot center of pressure trajectory alteration by biomechanical manipulation of shoe design

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Toe component excision in postaxial polydactyly of the foot

Anonymous, 2013:
Cortactin and EGFR Proteins Expression in Egyptian Patients with Non-small Cell Lung Carcinoma

Anonymous, 2013:
Cytoprotective Effect and Antioxidant Properties of Silymarin on Cisplatin Induced Hepatotoxicity in Rats A Biochemical and Histochemical Study

Anonymous, 2013:
The pPro47Ser Polymorphism of TP53 A Systematic Review

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The utility of copy number variation (CNV) in studies of hypertension-related left ventricular hypertrophy (LVH): rationale, potential and challenges

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The longer-term health outcomes for children born as a result of IVF treatment: Part I--General health outcomes

Anonymous, 2013:
The longer-term health outcomes for children born as a result of IVF treatment Part II mental health and development outcomes

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