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Get PDF Full Texts from EurekaMag Chapter 36824

Chapter 36824 provides scholary research titles of which PDF Full Texts are available through EurekaMag.

Dai, G.; Peng, C.; Liu, C.; Varnum, M.D., 2013:
Two structural components in CNGA3 support regulation of cone CNG channels by phosphoinositides

Adler, E.M., 2013:
Looking to the past and to the future

Zhou, L.; Logothetis, D.E., 2013:
The where and how of PIP regulation of cone photoreceptor CNG channels

Islas, Lón.D., 2013:
The electric heart of hERG

Shem-Ad, T.; Yifrach, O., 2013:
Using hierarchical thermodynamic linkage analysis to study ion channel gating

Geng, Y.; Wang, X.; Magleby, K.L., 2013:
Lack of negative slope in I-V plots for BK channels at positive potentials in the absence of intracellular blockers

Garcia-Celma, J.; Szydelko, A.; Dutzler, R., 2013:
Functional characterization of a ClC transporter by solid-supported membrane electrophysiology

Bested, A.C.; Logan, A.C.; Selhub, E.M., 2013:
Intestinal microbiota, probiotics and mental health: from Metchnikoff to modern advances: part III - convergence toward clinical trials

Alshenawy, H., 2013 :
Can HMGI-C be used as an aid with MDM2 and CDK4 to differentiate liposarcoma subtypes from their mimics?

Fischer, A.; Klehn, R., 2014:
Contribution of ethylenetetrafluoroethylene (ETFE) insulation to the electrical performance of Riata® silicone leads having externalized conductors

Williams, Nefyn, H.; Lewis, Ruth; Din, Nafees Ud; Matar, Hosam, E.; Fitzsimmons, Deborah; Phillips, Ceri, J.; Sutton, Alex; Burton, Kim; Hendry, Maggie; Nafees, Sadia; Wilkinson, Clare, 2013:
A systematic review and meta-analysis of biological treatments targeting tumour necrosis factor ? for sciatica

Turnbull, D.; Adelson, P.; Oster, C.; Bryce, R.; Fereday, J.; Wilkinson, C., 2014:
Psychosocial outcomes of a randomized controlled trial of outpatient cervical priming for induction of labor

Afsar, B., 2014:
The relationship between cognitive function, depressive behaviour and sleep quality with 24-h urinary sodium excretion in patients with essential hypertension

Reich, O.; Signorell, A.; Busato, Aé., 2013:
Place of death and health care utilization for people in the last 6 months of life in Switzerland: a retrospective analysis using administrative data

Witkamp, F.E.; van Zuylen, L.; van der Maas, P.J.; van Dijk, H.; van der Rijt, C.C.D.; van der Heide, A., 2013:
Improving the quality of palliative and terminal care in the hospital by a network of palliative care nurse champions: the study protocol of the PalTeC-H project

Dryden, M.W.; Payne, P.A.; Smith, V.; Berg, T.C.; Lane, M., 2013:
Efficacy of selamectin, spinosad, and spinosad/milbemycin oxime against the KS1 Ctenocephalides felis flea strain infesting dogs

Bedoschi, G.; Oktay, K., 2013:
Current approach to fertility preservation by embryo cryopreservation

Ostir, G.V.; Berges, I.M.; Kuo, Y-Fang.; Goodwin, J.S.; Fisher, S.R.; Guralnik, J.M., 2013:
Mobility activity and its value as a prognostic indicator of survival in hospitalized older adults

Warsch, J.R.L.; Rundek, T.; Paik, M.C.; Elkind, M.S.V.; Sacco, R.L.; Wright, C.B., 2013:
Association between northern Manhattan study global vascular risk score and successful aging

Shay, K.; Hyduke, B.; Burris, J.F., 2013:
Strategic plan for geriatrics and extended care in the veterans health administration: background, plan, and progress to date

Hempel, S.; Newberry, S.; Wang, Z.; Booth, M.; Shanman, R.; Johnsen, B.; Shier, V.; Saliba, D.; Spector, W.D.; Ganz, D.A., 2013:
Hospital fall prevention: a systematic review of implementation, components, adherence, and effectiveness

Kim, J.; Hong, H.; Heo, A.; Park, W., 2013:
Indole toxicity involves the inhibition of adenosine triphosphate production and protein folding in Pseudomonas putida

King, R.S.; Trutwin, J.J.; Hunter, T.S.; Varner, D.M., 2013:
Effects of environmental stressors on nest success of introduced birds

John, V.O.; Allan, R.P.; Bell, W.; Buehler, S.A.; Kottayil, A., 2013:
Assessment of inter-calibration methods for satellite microwave humidity sounders

Anonymous, 2013:
Systematic and random errors between collocated satellite ice water path observations

Moran, S.; O'Keefe, M., 2013:
The role of phakic intraocular lens implants in treatment of high-refractive errors and amblyopia in children

Vaiserman, A.M.; Zabuga, O.G.; Kolyada, A.K.; Pisaruk, A.V.; Kozeretska, I.A., 2014:
Reciprocal cross differences in Drosophila melanogaster longevity: an evidence for non-genomic effects in heterosis phenomenon?

Young, V.K.H.; Gifford, M.E., 2013:
Limited capacity for acclimation of thermal physiology in a salamander, Desmognathus brimleyorum

Urbina, M.A.; Schulte, P.M.; Bystriansky, J.S.; Glover, C.N., 2013:
Differential expression of Na+, K(+)-ATPase α-1 isoforms during seawater acclimation in the amphidromous galaxiid fish Galaxias maculatus

Gray, D.A.; Marais, M.; Maloney, S.K., 2013:
A review of the physiology of fever in birds

Oluwafemi Oluwole, Godson, R.Ana, Ganiyu, O.Arinola…, 2013:
Effect of stove intervention on household air pollution and the respiratory health of women and children in rural Nigeria

Harskamp, R.E.; Park, D-Woo., 2013:
Optimal choice of coronary revascularization and stent type in diabetic patients with coronary artery disease

A.Reidl, N.Meiners, M.Pallauf, B.Seeberger, 2013:
Der runde Geburtstag

Yamakawa, K.; Ogura, H.; Fujimi, S.; Morikawa, M.; Ogawa, Y.; Mohri, T.; Nakamori, Y.; Inoue, Y.; Kuwagata, Y.; Tanaka, H.; Hamasaki, T.; Shimazu, T., 2013:
Recombinant human soluble thrombomodulin in sepsis-induced disseminated intravascular coagulation: a multicenter propensity score analysis

Touat, L.; Fournier, Cément.; Ramon, P.; Salleron, J.; Durocher, A.; Nseir, S., 2013:
Intubation-related tracheal ischemic lesions: incidence, risk factors, and outcome

Rodenburg, G.; Oenema, A.; Kremers, S.P.J.; van de Mheen, D., 2013:
Clustering of diet- and activity-related parenting practices: cross-sectional findings of the INPACT study

Quick, V.; Wall, M.; Larson, N.; Haines, J.; Neumark-Sztainer, D., 2013:
Personal, behavioral and socio-environmental predictors of overweight incidence in young adults: 10-yr longitudinal findings

Thakar, D.; Coffino, B.; Lieberman, A.F., 2013:
Maternal symptomatology and parent-child relationship functioning in a diverse sample of young children exposed to trauma

Chan, C.S.; Rhodes, J.E., 2013:
Religious coping, posttraumatic stress, psychological distress, and posttraumatic growth among female survivors four years after Hurricane Katrina

Wahbeh, Hé.; Oken, B.S., 2013:
Salivary cortisol lower in posttraumatic stress disorder

White, H.L.; O'Campo, P.; Moineddin, R.; Matheson, F.I., 2013:
Modeling the cumulative effects of social exposures on health: moving beyond disease-specific models

Lesmes-Fabian, C.; Binder, C.R., 2013:
Pesticide flow analysis to assess human exposure in greenhouse flower production in Colombia

Sun, J.; Buys, N.; Wang, X., 2013:
Depression in employees in privately owned enterprises in China: is it related to work environment and work ability?

Elizabeth Moberg-Wolff, Jill Meilhan…, 2013:
Cerebral Palsy Soup to Nuts

Liu, Y-Wu.; Zhu, X.; Yang, Q-Qian.; Lu, Q.; Wang, J-Yun.; Li, H-Pu.; Wei, Y-Qin.; Yin, J-Le.; Yin, X-Xing., 2014:
Suppression of methylglyoxal hyperactivity by mangiferin can prevent diabetes-associated cognitive decline in rats

Anonymous, 2013:
Reaction of sugar beet S1 lines and cultivars to different isolates of Macrophomina phaseolina and Rhizoctonia solani AG-2-2IIIB

M.J.Carena, 2013:
Developing the next generation of diverse and healthier maize cultivars tolerant to climate changes

Wu, J.; Bondalapati, K.; Glover, K.; Berzonsky, W.; Jenkins, J.N.; McCarty, J.C., 2013:
Genetic analysis without replications model evaluation and application in spring wheat

Wan, Q.; Cho, E.; Yokota, H.; Na, S., 2014:
RhoA GTPase interacts with beta-catenin signaling in clinorotated osteoblasts

Kim, H.; Oh, H.Jin.; Choi, H.; Choi, W.Hwan.; Lim, S-Kil.; Kim, J.Gu., 2014:
The association between bone mineral density and metabolic syndrome: a Korean population-based study

Hagino, H.; Shiraki, M.; Fukunaga, M.; Nakano, T.; Takaoka, K.; Ohashi, Y.; Nakamura, T.; Matsumoto, T., 2014:
Number and severity of prevalent vertebral fractures and the risk of subsequent vertebral fractures in Japanese women with osteoporosis: results from the minodronate trial

Seifi, A.; Visser, R.G.F.; Bai, Yuling, 2013:
How to effectively deploy plant resistances to pests and pathogens in crop breeding

Ioannou, I.; Gilerson, A.; Gross, B.; Moshary, F.; Ahmed, S., 2013:
Deriving ocean color products using neural networks

Brotas, V.; Brewin, R.J.W.; Sá, C.; Brito, A.C.; Silva, A.; Mendes, C.R.fael; Diniz, Tânia; Kaufmann, M.; Tarran, G.; Groom, S.B.; Platt, T.; Sathyendranath, S., 2013:
Deriving phytoplankton size classes from satellite data Validation along a trophic gradient in the eastern Atlantic Ocean

Singh, P.Kumar.; Kushwaha, S.; Mohd, S.; Pathak, M.; Misra-Bhattacharya, S., 2013:
In vitro gene silencing of independent phosphoglycerate mutase (iPGM) in the filarial parasite Brugia malayi

Maggi Price, Meghan, A.Chin, Charmaine Higa-McMillan, Sunyoung Kim…, 2013:
Prevalence and Internalizing Problems of Ethnoracially Diverse Victims of Traditional and Cyber Bullying

Chakrabarti, I., 2014:
Platelet satellitism: a rare, interesting, in vitro phenomenon

Brown, D.B.; Merryman, D.C.; Rivnay, B.; Houserman, V.L.; Long, C.A.; Honea, K.L., 2014:
Evaluating a novel panel of sperm function tests for utility in predicting intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) outcome

Kou, Q.; Li, X.; Chan, T-Yam.; Chu, K.Hou.; Huang, H.; Gan, Z., 2013:
Phylogenetic relationships among genera of the Periclimenes complex (Crustacea: Decapoda: Pontoniinae) based on mitochondrial and nuclear DNA

Cox, T.E.; Foster, M.S., 2013:
The effects of storm-drains with periodic flows on intertidal algal assemblages in 'Ewa Beach (O'ahu), Hawai'i

Salgado, P.R.; López-Caballero, M.E.vira; Gómez-Guillén, M.C.rmen; Mauri, A.N.; Montero, M.P.lar, 2013:
Sunflower protein films incorporated with clove essential oil have potential application for the preservation of fish patties

Speroni, F.; Añón, M.C., 2013:
Cold-set gelation of high pressure-treated soybean proteins

Costa-Surós, M.; Calbó, J.; González, J.A.; Martin-Vide, J., 2013:
Behavior of cloud base height from ceilometer measurements

Cronin, M.F.; Tozuka, T.; Biastoch, A.; Durgadoo, J.V.; Beal, L.M., 2013:
Prevalence of strong bottom currents in the greater Agulhas system

Mitchell, R.M.; Forgan, B.W.; Campbell, S.K.; Qin, Y., 2013:
The Climatology of Australian Tropical Aerosol Evidence for regional correlation

Masondo, N.A.; Ndhlala, A.R.; Aremu, A.O.; Van Staden, J.; Finnie, J.F., 2013:
A comparison of the pharmacological properties of garden cultivated and muthi market-sold Bowiea volubilis

Kirigia, J.M.; Asbu, E.Z., 2013:
Technical and scale efficiency of public community hospitals in Eritrea: an exploratory study

Kuroda, K.; Kagawa, A.; Tonosaki, M., 2013:
Radiocesium concentrations in the bark, sapwood and heartwood of three tree species collected at Fukushima forests half a year after the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear accident

Singhal, S.; Singhal, A.; Tugnait, R.; Varghese, V.; Tiwari, B.; Arora, P.K.; Malik, P.; Bharali, M.Deuri.; Dhuria, A.Subhash.; Chauhan, P.; Singh, C.; Ballani, A.; Panwar, V., 2013:
Anorectal gastrointestinal stromal tumor: a case report and literature review

Soriano, A.; Jubierre, L.; Almazán-Moga, A.; Molist, C.; Roma, J.; de Toledo, Jé.Sánchez.; Gallego, S.; Segura, M.F., 2014:
microRNAs as pharmacological targets in cancer

Saugel, B.; Klein, M.; Hapfelmeier, A.; Phillip, V.; Schultheiss, C.; Meidert, A.S.; Messer, M.; Schmid, R.M.; Huber, W., 2014:
Effects of red blood cell transfusion on hemodynamic parameters: a prospective study in intensive care unit patients

Kozinski, M.; Pstragowski, K.; Kubica, J.Maria.; Fabiszak, T.; Kasprzak, M.; Kuffel, B.; Paciorek, P.; Navarese, E.Pio.; Grzesk, G.; Kubica, J., 2014:
ACS network-based implementation of therapeutic hypothermia for the treatment of comatose out-of-hospital cardiac arrest survivors improves clinical outcomes: the first European experience

Yew, Y.Weng.; Tey, H.Liang., 2014:
Itch in familial lichen amyloidosis: effective treatment with amitriptyline in two cases

Albright, K.C.; Boehme, A.K.; Mullen, M.T.; Seals, S.; Grotta, J.C.; Savitz, S.I., 2013:
Changing demographics at a comprehensive stroke center amidst the rise in primary stroke centers

Anonymous, 2013:
MicroRNA miR-29a protects from glucocorticoid-induced bone loss and fragility by orchestrating bone acquisition and resorption

Knevel, R.; de Rooy, D.P.C.; Zhernakova, A.; Gröndal, G.; Krabben, A.; Steinsson, K.; Wijmenga, C.; Cavet, G.; Toes, R.E.M.; Huizinga, T.W.J.; Gregersen, P.K.; van der Helm-van Mil, A.H.M., 2013:
Association of variants in IL2RA with progression of joint destruction in rheumatoid arthritis

Anonymous, 2013:
Reduced joint counts misclassify psoriatic arthritis patients with oligoarthritis and miss significant active disease

Anonymous, 2013:
Comparison of alternative primary outcome measures for use in a lupus nephritis trial

Anonymous, 2013:
Meniscus body position, size and shape in persons with and without radiographic knee osteoarthritis Quantitative analyses of knee MRIs from the Osteoarthritis Initiative

Seggers, J.; Schendelaar, P.; Bos, A.F.; Heineman, M.Jan.; Middelburg, K.J.; Haadsma, M.L.; Hadders-Algra, M., 2013:
Increased time to pregnancy is associated with suboptimal neurological condition of 2-year-olds

Guilhot, Fçois.; Coombs, J.; Szczudlo, T.; Zernovak, O.; Paolantonio, M.; Bender, C.; Macdonald, N.J.; Shapiro, A., 2013:
The patient journey in chronic myeloid leukemia patients on tyrosine kinase inhibitor therapies: qualitative insights using a global ethnographic approach

Kirk, H.; Dorn, S.; Mazzi, D., 2013:
Worldwide population genetic structure of the oriental fruit moth (Grapholita molesta), a globally invasive pest

Kühl, H.S.; Burghardt, T., 2014:
Animal biometrics: quantifying and detecting phenotypic appearance

Rao, S-Xiang.; Chen, C-Zhong.; Liu, H.; Zeng, M-Su.; Qu, X-Dong., 2013:
Three-dimensional whole-liver perfusion magnetic resonance imaging in patients with hepatocellular carcinomas and colorectal hepatic metastases

Bren, A.; Hart, Y.; Dekel, E.; Koster, D.; Alon, U., 2013:
The last generation of bacterial growth in limiting nutrient

Rodríguez Martín, J.A.; Ramos-Miras, J.J.; Boluda, R.; Gil, C., 2013:
Spatial relations of heavy metals in arable and greenhouse soils of a Mediterranean environment region Spain

Ohmura, S.; Yokoyama, T.; Matsumoto, Y., 2013:
Significance of benzylic hydroxymethylene group in the reaction of lignin side-chain with active oxygen species under oxygen bleaching conditions

Halberstadt, J.; Makkes, S.; de Vet, E.; Jansen, A.; Nederkoorn, C.; van der Baan-Slootweg, O.H.; Seidell, J.C., 2013:
The role of self-regulating abilities in long-term weight loss in severely obese children and adolescents undergoing intensive combined lifestyle interventions (HELIOS); rationale, design and methods

Nguyen, N.; Biet, M.; Simard, E.; Béliveau, E.; Francoeur, N.; Guillemette, Gétan.; Dumaine, R.; Grandbois, M.; Boulay, G., 2013:
STIM1 participates in the contractile rhythmicity of HL-1 cells by moderating T-type Ca(2+) channel activity

Cogli, L.; Progida, C.; Bramato, R.; Bucci, C., 2013:
Vimentin phosphorylation and assembly are regulated by the small GTPase Rab7a

Contreras-Ochoa, C.O.; Lagunas-Martínez, A.; Belkind-Gerson, J.; Díaz-Chávez, Jé.; Correa, D., 2013:
Toxoplasma gondii invasion and replication within neonate mouse astrocytes and changes in apoptosis related molecules

Tucker, M.L.; Yang, R., 2013:
A gene encoding a peptide with similarity to the plant IDA signaling peptide (AtIDA) is expressed most abundantly in the root-knot nematode (Meloidogyne incognita) soon after root infection

Unno, A.; Kachi, S.; Batanova, T.A.; Ohno, T.; Elhawary, N.; Kitoh, K.; Takashima, Y., 2013:
Toxoplasma gondii tachyzoite-infected peripheral blood mononuclear cells are enriched in mouse lungs and liver

Ali, M.; Field, M.C., 2013:
Cell density-dependent ectopic expression in bloodstream form Trypanosoma brucei

Reid, G.M.G.; Contreras MacBeath, T.; Csatádi, K., 2013:
Global challenges in freshwater-fish conservation related to public aquariums and the aquarium industry

Li, J.; Fitzpatrick, P.F., 2013:
Regulation of phenylalanine hydroxylase: conformational changes upon phosphorylation detected by H/D exchange and mass spectrometry

Leke, W.N.; Sattar, M.N.; Ngane, E.B.; Ngeve, J.M.; Kvarnheden, A.; Brown, J.K., 2013:
Molecular characterization of begomoviruses and DNA satellites associated with okra leaf curl disease in Cameroon

Fujii, S.; Okinaga, T.; Ariyoshi, W.; Takahashi, O.; Iwanaga, K.; Nishino, N.; Tominaga, K.; Nishihara, T., 2013:
Mechanisms of G1 cell cycle arrest and apoptosis in myeloma cells induced by hybrid-compound histone deacetylase inhibitor

Geng, W.; Yan, X.; Du, H.; Cui, J.; Li, L.; Chen, F., 2013:
Immunization with FSHβ fusion protein antigen prevents bone loss in a rat ovariectomy-induced osteoporosis model

Matsushita, A.; Ohtsubo, S.; Fujita, T.; Kumamoto, E., 2013:
Inhibition by TRPA1 agonists of compound action potentials in the frog sciatic nerve

Lan, M-Yu.; Chang, Y-Yee.; Chen, W-Hsi.; Tseng, Y-Lung.; Lin, H-Sheng.; Lai, S-Lon.; Liu, J-Shou., 2013:
Association between MIF gene polymorphisms and carotid artery atherosclerosis

Alhebshi, A.H.; Gotoh, M.; Suzuki, I., 2013:
Thymoquinone protects cultured rat primary neurons against amyloid β-induced neurotoxicity

Son, T.Gen.; Kawamoto, E.M.; Yu, Q-Sheng.; Greig, N.H.; Mattson, M.P.; Camandola, S., 2013:
Naphthazarin protects against glutamate-induced neuronal death via activation of the Nrf2/ARE pathway

Wada, A.; Wong, P-Fong.; Hojo, H.; Hasegawa, M.; Ichinose, A.; Llanes, R.; Kubo, Y.; Senba, M.; Ichinose, Y., 2013:
Alarin but not its alternative-splicing form, GALP (Galanin-like peptide) has antimicrobial activity

Ishii, Y., 2013:
Electron microscopic visualization of autophagosomes induced by infection of human papillomavirus pseudovirions

Mohan, S.K.; Gupta, A.A.; Yu, C., 2013:
Interaction of the S100A6 mutant (C3S) with the V domain of the receptor for advanced glycation end products (RAGE)

Jiang, P.; Huang, Z.; Zhao, H.; Wei, T., 2013:
Hydrogen peroxide impairs autophagic flux in a cell model of nonalcoholic fatty liver disease

Liang, C.; Zhang, X.; Song, S.; Tian, C.; Yin, Y.; Xing, G.; He, F.; Zhang, L., 2013:
Identification of UHRF1/2 as new N-methylpurine DNA glycosylase-interacting proteins

Zhang, Y.; Zhao, Y.; Li, L.; Shen, Y.; Cai, X.; Zhang, X.; Ye, L., 2013:
The oncoprotein HBXIP upregulates PDGFB via activating transcription factor Sp1 to promote the proliferation of breast cancer cells

Li, Y.; He, J.; He, X.; Li, Y.; Lindgren, U., 2013:
Nampt expression increases during osteogenic differentiation of multi- and omnipotent progenitors

Yinghui Dong, Hanhan Yao, Zhihua Lin, Changsen Sun…, 2013:
Development of 53 novel polymorphic EST-SSR markers for the hard clam Meretrix meretrix and cross-species amplification

Gidon Winters, Galina Shklar, Leonid Korol, 2013:
Characterizations of microsatellite DNA markers for Acacia tortilis

Sipsma, H.; Eloff, I.; Makin, J.; Finestone, M.; Ebersohn, L.; Visser, M.J.; Sikkema, K.J.; Allen, C.A.Boeving.; Ferreira, Rél.; Forsyth, B., 2015:
Behavior and psychological functioning of young children of HIV-positive mothers in South Africa

Witting, Lars, 2013:
Selection-delayed population dynamics in baleen whales and beyond

Sheridan, C.; Kramarsky-Winter, E.; Sweet, M.; Kushmaro, A.; Leal, M.C.sta, 2013:
Diseases in coral aquaculture causes, implications and preventions

Rusaini, ; L.F.uce, K.A.; Elliman, J.; Bowater, R.O.; Owens, L., 2013:
Endogenous Brevidensovirus-like elements in Cherax quadricarinatus Friend or foe?

Bauquier, S.H.; Greenwood, J.; Whittem, T., 2013:
Evaluation of the sedative and anaesthetic effects of five different concentrations of alfaxalone in goldfish, Carassius auratus

Aunsmo, A.; Skjerve, E.; Midtlyng, P.J.han, 2013:
Accuracy and precision of harvest stock estimation in Atlantic salmon farming

Xu, L.; Wang, X.; Ma, R.; Zeng, X.; Wu, B.; Hu, L.; Li, Y., 2013:
False decrease of HBsAg S/CO values in serum with high-concentration rheumatoid factors

Clécio S.Ramos, Massuo, J.Kato, 2013:
Metabolism of neolignans from P regnellii Piperaceae in the beetle Naupactus bipes Coleoptera Curculionidae

Degoma, E.M.; Davis, M.D.; Dunbar, R.L.; Mohler, E.R.; Greenland, P.; French, B., 2013:
Discordance between non-HDL-cholesterol and LDL-particle measurements: results from the Multi-Ethnic Study of Atherosclerosis

Anonymous, 2013:
Dendritic cells a double-edge sword in atherosclerotic inflammation

Liu, M-Hua.; Tang, Z-Han.; Li, G-Hua.; Qu, S-Lin.; Zhang, Y.; Ren, Z.; Liu, L-Shan.; Jiang, Z-Sheng., 2013:
Janus-like role of fibroblast growth factor 2 in arteriosclerotic coronary artery disease: atherogenesis and angiogenesis

Ahluwalia, N.; Blacher, J.; Szabo de Edelenyi, F.; Faure, P.; Julia, C.; Hercberg, S.; Galan, P., 2013:
Prognostic value of multiple emerging biomarkers in cardiovascular risk prediction in patients with stable cardiovascular disease

Shuai, Jiabing; Zhang, Zhao; Liu, Xiaofei; Chen, Yi; Wang, Pin; Shi, Peijun, 2013:
Increasing concentrations of aerosols offset the benefits of climate warming on rice yields during 1980–2008 in Jiangsu Province, China

Brenes-Arguedas, T.; Roddy, A.B.; Kursar, T.A.; Tjoelker, M., 2013:
Plant traits in relation to the performance and distribution of woody species in wet and dry tropical forest types in Panama

Anonymous, 2013:
Seismic properties of the Kohistan oceanic arc root insights from laboratory measurements and thermodynamic modelling

Angart, P.; Vocelle, D.; Chan, C.; Walton, S.Patrick., 2013:
Design of siRNA Therapeutics from the Molecular Scale

Mohd Adnan, S.Nur.Syahirah.Binti.; Yusoff, S.; Piaw, C.Yan., 2013:
Soil chemistry and pollution study of a closed landfill site at Ampar Tenang, Selangor, Malaysia

Talviste, P.; Sedman, A.; Mõtlep, R.; Kirsimäe, K., 2013:
Self-cementing properties of oil shale solid heat carrier retorting residue

Robert, E.; Facca, S.; Atik, T.; Bodin, F.; Bruant-Rodier, C.; Liverneaux, P., 2014:
Vascular microanastomosis through an endoscopic approach: feasibility study on two cadaver forearms

Taggi, L.; Colaiori, F.; Loreto, V.; Tria, F., 2013:
Dynamical Correlations in the escape strategy of Influenza A virus

Ryslik, G.A.; Cheng, Y.; Cheung, K-Hoi.; Modis, Y.; Zhao, H., 2014:
A graph theoretic approach to utilizing protein structure to identify non-random somatic mutations

Ale, A.; Kirk, P.; Stumpf, M.P.H., 2013:
A general moment expansion method for stochastic kinetic models

Anonymous, 2013:
SICLE A high-throughput tool for extracting evolutionary relationships from phylogenetic trees

Hinczewski, M.; Gebhardt, J.Christof.M.; Rief, M.; Thirumalai, D., 2013:
From mechanical folding trajectories to intrinsic energy landscapes of biopolymers

Anonymous, 2013:
The Convergence of eQTL Mapping, Heritability Estimation and Polygenic Modeling Emerging Spectrum of Risk Variation in Bipolar Disorder

Rozhnova, G.; Nunes, A.; McKane, A.J., 2014:
Impact of commuting on disease persistence in heterogeneous metapopulations

Donovan, R.M.; Sedgewick, A.J.; Faeder, J.R.; Zuckerman, D.M., 2014:
Efficient stochastic simulation of chemical kinetics networks using a weighted ensemble of trajectories

Parkes, A.; Sweeting, H.; Wight, D.; Henderson, M., 2013:
Do television and electronic games predict children's psychosocial adjustment? Longitudinal research using the UK Millennium Cohort Study

Virbulis, Janis; Bethers, Uldis; Saks, Tomas; Sennikovs, Juris; Timuhins, Andrejs, 2013:
Hydrogeological model of the Baltic Artesian Basin

Lopes, M.S.; Reynolds, M.P.; McIntyre, C.Lynne.; Mathews, K.L.; Jalal Kamali, M.R.; Mossad, M.; Feltaous, Y.; Tahir, I.S.A.; Chatrath, R.; Ogbonnaya, F.; Baum, M., 2013:
QTL for yield and associated traits in the Seri/Babax population grown across several environments in Mexico, in the West Asia, North Africa, and South Asia regions

Viana, Jé.Marcelo.Soriano.; Delima, R.Oliveira.; Mundim, G.Borges.; Condé, A.Batista.Teixeira.; Vilarinho, A.Alcantara., 2013:
Relative efficiency of the genotypic value and combining ability effects on reciprocal recurrent selection

Carmona, A.; Friero, E.; de Bustos, A.; Jouve, Nás.; Cuadrado, A., 2013:
Cytogenetic diversity of SSR motifs within and between Hordeum species carrying the H genome: H. vulgare L. and H. bulbosum L

Technow, F.; Melchinger, A.E., 2013:
Genomic prediction of dichotomous traits with Bayesian logistic models

Fu, Z.; Chai, Y.; Zhou, Y.; Yang, X.; Warburton, M.L.; Xu, S.; Cai, Y.; Zhang, D.; Li, J.; Yan, J., 2013:
Natural variation in the sequence of PSY1 and frequency of favorable polymorphisms among tropical and temperate maize germplasm

Li, L.; Tacke, E.; Hofferbert, H-Reinhardt.; Lübeck, J.; Strahwald, J.; Draffehn, A.M.; Walkemeier, B.; Gebhardt, C., 2013:
Validation of candidate gene markers for marker-assisted selection of potato cultivars with improved tuber quality

Lobetti-Bodoni, C.; Mantoan, B.; Monitillo, L.; Genuardi, E.; Drandi, D.; Barbero, D.; Bernocco, E.; Boccadoro, M.; Ladetto, M., 2013:
Clinical implications and prognostic role of minimal residual disease detection in follicular lymphoma

Anonymous, 2013:
Application of natural and physical factors is in treatment of patients with chronic viral hepatitis ? - ground of the use ???????????? ????????? ?? ????????????? ???????? ???????? ? ????????? ?????? ?? ????????? ???????? ??????? ? - ?????????????

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Hallucinations of musical notation

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Anonymous, 2013:
Effect of vorapaxar on myocardial infarction in the thrombin receptor antagonist for clinical event reduction in acute coronary syndrome TRA-CER trial

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Community treatment orders have not reduced admissions, study shows

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The l-kynurenine–probenecid combination reduces neuropathic pain in rats

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Anonymous, 2013:
Soybean seeds expressing feedback-insensitive cystathionine gamma-synthase exhibit a higher content of methionine

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Seismic Attenuation in the Middle America Region and the Frequency Dependence of Intrinsic Q

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Anonymous, 2013:
Early Late Cretaceous ca 93Ma norites and hornblendites in the Milin area, eastern Gangdese Lithosphere-asthenosphere interaction during slab roll-back and an insight into early Late Cretaceous ca 100–80Ma magmatic “flare-up in southern Lhasa Tib

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Expanded genetic code for the engineering of ribosomally synthetized and post-translationally modified peptide natural products (RiPPs)

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From the first drop to the first truckload: commercialization of microbial processes for renewable chemicals

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All-oral combination of vinorelbine and capecitabine as first-line treatment in HER2/Neu-negative metastatic breast cancer

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Anonymous, 2013:
Evaluation and comparison of New 4DCT based strategies for proton treatment planning for lung tumors

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Core stability training for injury prevention

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The Sec-dependent pathway

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Zur Psychoanalyse des Glucks

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Protein encapsulation in and release from monodisperse double-wall polymer microspheres

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Anonymous, 2013:
First report of ‘Candidatus Phytoplasma asteris’ infecting hydrangea showing phyllody in Japan

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Activation of the cholinergic anti-inflammatory pathway by nicotine attenuates hepatic ischemia/reperfusion injury via heme oxygenase-1 induction

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Environmental factors affecting yield variability in spring and winter rapeseed genotypes cultivated in the southeastern Argentine Pampas

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Estimation of rice growth and nitrogen nutrition status using color digital camera image analysis

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Managerial Incentive and External Knowledge Acquisition Under Technological Uncertainty A Nested System Perspective

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Genetic evidence of multiple matrilineal lineages of the channel catfish, Ictalurus punctatus in North America

Anonymous, 2013:
Evidencia del coste-efectividad de la implantacion transcateter de la protesis valvular aortica TAVI Edwards SAPIEN en pacientes de alto riesgo con estenosis aortica sintomatica en España resultados preliminares

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Characteristic wavelengths in VGP trajectories from magnetostratigraphic data of the Early Cretaceous Serra Geral lava piles, southern Brazil

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Anonymous, 2013:
Hepatitis C virus impairs TLR3 signaling and inhibits IFN-lambda 1 expression in human hepatoma cell line

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Disappearing ink How pseudotachylytes are lost from the rock record

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Mesenchymal stem cells and Interleukin-6 attenuate liver fibrosis in mice

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Evolution of helping and harming in heterogeneous groups

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Partitioning of grain-size components of estuarine sediments and implications for sediment transport in southwestern Laizhou Bay, China

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NCLX: the mitochondrial sodium calcium exchanger

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Wogonin ameliorates hyperglycemia and dyslipidemia via PPAR? activation in db/db mice without adverse side effects

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Opacities and Spectra of the r-process Ejecta from Neutron Star Mergers

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Effect of a High Opacity on the Light Curves of Radioactively Powered Transients from Compact Object Mergers

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Thawing models in the presence of a Generalized Chaplygin Gas

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The first known Uranian Trojan and the frequency of temporary giant-planet co-orbitals

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X-ray Eclipse Diagnosis of the Evolving Mass Loss in the Recurrent Nova U Scorpii 2010

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Probing Dust Settling in Proto-planetary Disks with ALMA

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Keck II Observations of Hemispherical Differences in H2O2 on Europa

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Chord distribution along a line in the local Universe

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On the accretion disc and evolutionary stage of beta Lyrae

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Non-Thermal Radio and Gamma-Ray Emission from a Supernova Remnant by the Blast Wave Breaking Out of the Circumstellar Matter

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Quadratic Isocurvature Cross-Correlation, Ward Identity, and Dark Matter

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Scale-dependent bias from multiple-field inflation

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Star-forming galaxies in low-redshift clusters Effects of environment on the concentration of star formation

Anonymous, 2013:
Paper-and-pencil cosmological calculator

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Europium s-process signature at close-to-solar metallicity in stardust SiC grains from AGB stars

Anonymous, 2013:
Evidence for a cosmological effect in gamma-ray spectra of BL Lacs

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On the spectral hardening at ~ 300 keV in solar flares

Anonymous, 2013:
A candidate z ~ 8 galaxy lensed by a foreground z ~ 17 group

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Bayes versus the virial theorem inferring the potential of a galaxy from a kinematical snapshot

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A0535+26 in the April 2010 outburst probing the accretion regime at work

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Early Dynamical Instabilities in the Giant Planet Systems

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Inflation and primordial power spectra at anisotropic spacetime inspired by Plancks constraints on isotropy of CMB

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The uncorrelated long term gamma-ray and X-ray variability of blazars and its implications on disk-jet coupling

Anonymous, 2013:
Reconciling extremely different concentration-mass relations

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Line-of-sight geometrical and instrumental resolution effects on intensity perturbations by sausage modes

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A Spitzer Study of Pseudobulges in S0 Galaxies - Secular Evolution of Disks

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Re-accelerating expansion of the universe revealed by supernovae Ia and it Planck data

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Assessing the influence of the solar orbit on terrestrial biodiversity

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Electrons and Positrons in Cosmic Rays

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Using electromagnetic observations to aid gravitational-wave parameter estimation of compact binaries observed with LISA II The effect of knowing the sky position

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On supercycle lengths of active SU UMa stars

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Science with a wide-field UV transient explorer

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Hot water in the inner 100 AU of the Class 0 protostar NGC1333 IRAS2A

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Neutral test particle orbits in the Kerr--Newman spacetime

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Clinical evaluation of the FreeStyle Precision Pro system

Anonymous, 2013:
Sensitivity of recruitment rates anchovy Engraulis ringens to environmental changes in Southern Peru - Northern Chile

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Cause of Shale Gas Geochemical Anomalies and Mechanisms for Gas Enrichment and Depletion in High-maturity Shales

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Basic traits predict the prevalence of personality disorder across the life span: the example of psychopathy

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Alexithymia, not autism, predicts poor recognition of emotional facial expressions

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Collaborative Treatment of Choking Phobia in an Older Adult

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Conservation laws in gravitational theories with general nonminimal coupling

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Loop quantum dynamics of the gravitational collapse

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Ostrogradsky instability and Born-Infeld modified cosmology in Palatini formalism

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$fT$ theories from holographic dark energy models

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Trans-packaging of human immunodeficiency virus type 1 genome into Gag virus-like particles in Saccharomyces cerevisiae

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Geochemical processes controlling the groundwater quality in lower Palar river basin, southern India

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Validation of OCM-2 sensor performance in retrieving chlorophyll and TSM along the southwest Bay of Bengal coast

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Provenance and temporal variability of ice rafted debris in the Indian sector of the Southern Ocean during the last 22,000 years

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Comparative analysis of Vening-Meinesz Moritz isostatic models using the constant and variable crust-mantle density contrast – a case study of Zealandia

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Using artificial neural network approach for modelling rainfall–runoff due to typhoon

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Seasonal forecasting of Bangladesh summer monsoon rainfall using simple multiple regression model

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N-Alkanes in surficial sediments of Visakhapatnam harbour, east coast of India

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Landslide susceptibility mapping using support vector machine and GIS at the Golestan Province, Iran

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Chalcogenopyrylium Dyes as Differential Modulators of Organic Anion Transport by MRP1, MRP2 and MRP4

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Positron emission tomography measured cerebral blood flow and glucose metabolism are decreased in human type 1 diabetes

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Rapid Improvement of Diabetes After Gastric Bypass Surgery Is It the Diet or Surgery?

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Impact of Diabetes Mellitus on Cardiac Sympathetic Innervation in Patients With Heart Failure A 123I meta-iodobenzylguanidine 123IMIBG scintigraphic study

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Crossing the wall: the opening of endothelial cell junctions during infectious diseases

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Psychosoziale Aspekte des Lymphodems

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Sentinel An Early Yellow-Fleshed Potato Cultivar Suitable for Fresh Market and Chip Processing

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Aspirin and heparin to improve live birth rate in IVF for unexplained implantation failure?

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Stem cell therapeutic possibilities: future therapeutic options for male-factor and female-factor infertility?

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Acute Heart Failure Treatment

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CAVI and homocysteine

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Myocardial function in premature infants

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Incidence and mortal risk factors of vertebral osteomyelitis

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Quality-of-life effects from a psychosocial intervention among Iranian women

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Survival transcriptome in coenzyme Q10 deficiency syndrome

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Would primary healthcare professionals prescribe a polypill?

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Phase equilibrium modelling of Palaeoproterozoic ultrahigh-temperature sapphirine granulite from the Inner Mongolia Suture Zone, North China Craton implications for counterclockwise P–T path

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Optimal global value of information trials: better aligning manufacturer and decision maker interests and enabling feasible risk sharing

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Should we routinely place atrial leads to reduce inappropriate defibrillator shocks?

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Cool enough – halving pulmonary vein isolation time with the cryoballoon catheter

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On between-individual and residual covariances in the study of animal personality are you willing to take the “individual gambit?

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Do we know when to treat neonatal thrombocytopaenia?

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Gastroschisis, omphalocele or something else?

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Application of optically pure amines as chiral auxiliaries to develop trichloro-s-triazine-based new chiral derivatizing reagents for reversed-phase high-performance liquid chromatographic enantioseparation of DL-selenomethionine

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Development and validation of dried blood spots technique for quantitative determination of topiramate using liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry

Anonymous, 2013:
Production of biogenic Silver nanopa

Anonymous, 2013:
Isolation and characterization of organic solvent stable protease from alkaliphilic marine Saccharopolyspora species

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Polymorphisms in MHC class Ia genes and resistance to IHNV in rainbow trout Oncorhynchus mykiss

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Nkd2, a negative regulator of Wnt pathway, delays mitotic exit in Hela cell

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Fine particulate organic matter transport dynamics in a small Coastal Plain stream influence of hydrology and channel morphology

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Effects of PAHs on blood thyroidal hormones of Liza klunzingeri in the northern part of Hormuz strait Persian Gulf

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Division-specific differences in bacterial community assembly of two alkaline hot spring ecosystems from Yellowstone National Park

Anonymous, 2013:
Estimation of in situ mating systems in wild sorghum Sorghum bicolor L Moench in Ethiopia using SSR-based progeny array data implications for the spread of c

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Spin-1/2 Particle in Scalar-Vector-Pseudoscalar Spatially Dependent Mass Coulomb Fields 1 + 1 Dimensions

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Orthovoltage radiotherapy in the management of medial canthal basal cell carcinoma

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Group Personality Judgments at Zero Acquaintan Communication among Judges versus Aggregation of Independent Evaluations

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Same ammo, different weapons enzymatic extracts from two apple genotypes with contrasted susceptibilities to fire blight Erwinia amylovora differentially convert phloridzin and phloretin in vitro

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Kinetic behaviour of calf intestinal

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Molecular cloning, characterization

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Energy and Climate Change Report Provides Options for the White House

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Measures Urged to Cut Short-Lived Climate Pollutants

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A window into the interior of asteroid Vesta

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Land use changes affect extreme temperatures

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Screening and Correlates of Depression and HbA1C in United Arab Emirates UAE Women With Diabetes

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Prospective study of a panfungal PCR assay for the detection of fungal DNA in normally sterile specimens in a clinical setting – a complementary tool in the diagnosis of invasive fungal disease?

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Proteomics of old world camelid Camelus dromedarius Better understanding the interplay between homeostasis, desert environment

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Occurrence and potential health risk of Cryptosporidium and Giardia in the Three Gorges Reservoir, China

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Coupling ion-exchangers with inexpensive activated carbon fiber electrodes to enhance the performance of capacitive deionization cells for domestic wastewater desalination

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Evaluation of anti-helmintic activity of Ferula foetida “Hing- A natural Indian spice aqueous extract

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Antimicrobial activity of Acanthus ilicifolius Skin infection pathogens

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Alpine Codonopsis convolvulacea Campanulaceae provides multiple rewards to its main pollinator

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Cancer Stem Cells Prospective Isolation and Progress Toward Functional Biomarker Identification

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Relation between telecare implementation and number of treatment days in a Japanese town

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Characterization of puroindolines in the control of endosperm texture in common wheat lines with substitutions of homeologous group-5 chromosomes

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Association between 242Cgt;T polymorphism of NADPH oxidase p22phox gene CYBA and longevity in Russian population

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Surgical castration for androgen-deprivation therapy of prostate cancer - relevance in current practice

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Madagascar needs more than $41 million to end locust plague

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Rapid separation of developing Arabidopsis seeds from siliques for RNA or metabolite analysis

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Preparation of macroporous carbon foams using a polyurethane foam template replica method without curing step

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Transparent organosilicate hybrid films with thermally insulating and UV-blocking properties based on silica/titania hybrid hollow colloidal shells

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Characterization of Lactase-Conjugated Magnetic Nanoparticles

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Design of pH responsive clickable prodrugs applied to histone deacetylases inhibitors a new strategy for anticancer therapy

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Amino acids as co-amorphous stabilisers for poorly water soluble drugs - Part 1 Preparation, stability and dissolution enhancement

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Automatic fuzzy object-based analysis of VHSR images for urban objects extraction

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Comparisons of Atmospheric Data and Reduction Methods for the Analysis of Satellite Gravimetry Observations

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Quasi-periodic slow slip events in the afterslip area of the 1996 Hyuga-nada earthquakes, Japan

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Environmental magnetic record of paleoclimate, unroofing of the Transantarctic Mountains, and volcanism inlate Eocene to early Miocene glaci-marine sediments from the Victoria Land Basin, Ross Sea, Antarctica

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Role of the midpalatal suture in FEA simulations of maxillary expansion treatment for adolescents: a review

Anonymous, 2013:
Savoir reconnaitre les huit signes des parodontites

Dersot, J-Marc., 2013:
How to recognize the eight signs of periodontitis?

Anonymous, 2013:
Le role de la suture mediopalatine dans les simulations AEF du traitement par expansion maxillaire chez les adolescents  une revue de la litterature

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A history of the role of the hERG channel in cardiac risk assessment

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Resources for coping among women ex-offenders

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The role of water auditing in achieving water conservation in the process industry

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Environmental sustainability of traditional foods the case of ancient apple cultivars in Northern Italy assessed by multifunctional LCA

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Turkish patients' decision-making process in seeking treatment for myocardial infarction

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Role of GLP-1 in the Hypoglycemic Effects of Wild Bitter Gourd

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Electroacupuncture-induced attenuation of experimental epilepsy: a comparative evaluation of acupoints and stimulation parameters

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Performance status during and after radiotherapy plus concomitant and adjuvant temozolomide in elderly patients with glioblastoma multiforme

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Symptomatic progression of degenerative scoliosis after decompression and limited fusion surgery for lumbar spinal stenosis

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Trientine-induced neurological deterioration in a patient with Wilson's disease

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A unique approach to fixed occipito-cervico-thoracic deformity

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The role of vitamin d in primary biliary cirrhosis: possible genetic and cell signaling mechanisms

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Optimisation of Radiation Exposure to Gastroenterologists and Patients during Therapeutic ERCP

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WEE1 tyrosine kinase, a novel epigenetic modifier

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Development and validation of a microRNA-based diagnostic assay for classification of renal cell carcinomas

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Lymph node dissection for esophageal cancer

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Early pseudoaneurysm formation after the sutureless technique for left ventricular rupture due to acute myocardial infarction

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Epigenetic alterations and their clinical implications in esophageal squamous cell carcinoma

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Marker development for the identification of rice seed color

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Maximizing dosimetric benefits of IMRT in the treatment of localized prostate cancer through multicriteria optimization planning

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What is the main food source of the shipworm Teredo navalis? A stable isotope approach

Anonymous, 2013:
Microbial and physico-chemical analysis of composting process of wheat straw

Anonymous, 2013:
An optimized method for extraction of RNA from tea roots for functional genomics analysis

Anonymous, 2013:
Microbial inoculants to support tea industry in India

Anonymous, 2013:
Growth media composition and heavy metal tolerance behaviour of bacteria characterized from the sub-surface soil of uranium rich ore bearing site of Domiasiat in Meghalaya

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Cost-Effectiveness of Clinical Pharmacy Education on Infection Management among Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease in an Indonesian Hospital

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Health-Related Quality of Life among Nonprescription Medicine Customers in Malaysia

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Burden of Disease Studies in the Asia-Pacific Region Are There Enough being Performed to Provide Information for Evidence-Based Health Policy?

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Validity and Reliability of KDQOL-36 in Thai Kidney Disease Patient

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Economic Evaluation of Pravastatin for Primary Prevention of Coronary Artery Disease Based on Risk Prediction from JALS-ECC in Japan

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Modelling population dynamics of Sinapis arvensis in organically grown spring wheat production systems

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United States multicenter study of factors predicting the persistence of GH deficiency during the transition period between childhood and adulthood

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Absorptive root areas of large pedunculate oak trees differing in health status along a road in South Bohemia, Czech Republic

Anonymous, 2013:
Transients in global Ca2+ concentration induced by electrical activity in a giant nerve terminal

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Polysubstance dependent patients display a more utilitarian profile in moral decision-making than alcohol-dependent patients, depressive patients and controls

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An orb-weaver spider eludes plant-defending acacia ants by hiding in plain sight

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Endogenous Distal Airway Progenitor Cells, Lung Mechanics, and Disproportionate Lobar Growth following Long-Term Post- Pneumonectomy in Mice

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A Simple Method Using a PACS to Minimize Leg Length Discrepancy in Primary THA A Method to Minimize Leg Length Discrepancy

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Transfer of lipids to High-Density Lipoprotein HDL is diminished in patients with familial hypercholesterolemia

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Community-associated methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus epidemic clone USA100; more than a nosocomial pathogen

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Rapid Direct PCR for Forensic genotyping in under 25 minutes

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Sweeping of alprenolol enantiomers with an organic solvent?and sulfated ?-cyclodextrin in capillary electrophoresis

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Diagnostic techniques for detection of phytoplasma diseases past and present

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Protective effect of Dryopteris crassirhizoma extracts in the control of the root-knot nematode Meloidogyne incognitaol of the root-knot nematode Meloidogyne incognita

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Importance of TAP-independent processing pathways

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Amsterdamming DRiPs

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Transport and uptake of immunogenic lipids

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Effector CD8 T cell trafficking within the liver

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Structure–function and biological properties of the atypical chemokine receptor D6

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Birds, babies and blood