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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 36859

Chapter 36859 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Cameron, S.J.; Hosseinian, F., 2013:
Potential of flaxseed in the development of omega-3 rice paper with antioxidant activity

Deladino, L.; Navarro, A.S.; Martino, M.N., 2013:
Carrier systems for yerba mate extract Ilex paraguariensis to enrich instant soups Release mechanisms under different pH conditions

Siddiq, M.; Sogi, D.S.; Dolan, K.D., 2013:
Antioxidant properties, total phenolics, and quality of fresh-cut ‘Tommy Atkins’ mangoes as affected by different pre-treatments

Narsimhan, Ganesan, 2013:
A mechanistic model for baking of unleavened aerated food

Miller, A.E.; Chambers, D.H., 2013:
Descriptive analysis and consumer acceptance of black walnut cultivars in a sugar cookie base

Massani, M.B.anco; Vignolo, G.M.; Eisenberg, P.; Morando, P.J., 2013:
Adsorption of the bacteriocins produced by Lactobacillus curvatus CRL705 on a multilayer-LLDPE film for food-packaging applications

Ingrassia, R.; Costa, J.P.; Hidalgo, M.ía E.; Mancilla Canales, M.; Castellini, H.; Riquelme, B.; Risso, P., 2013:
Application of a digital image procedure to evaluate microstructure of caseinate and soy protein acid gels

Vergara, J.V.llegas; Blana, V.; Mallouchos, A.; Stamatiou, A.; Panagou, E.Z., 2013:
Evaluating the efficacy of brine acidification as implemented by the Greek table olive industry on the fermentation profile of Conservolea green olives

Culleré, L.; Fernández de Simón, B.ígida; Cadahía, E.; Ferreira, V.; Hernández-Orte, P.ón; Cacho, J., 2013:
Characterization by gas chromatography–olfactometry of the most odor-active compounds in extracts prepared from acacia, chestnut, cherry, ash and oak woods

Dall'Asta, C.; Cirlini, M.; Morini, E.; Rinaldi, M.; Ganino, T.; Chiavaro, E., 2013:
Effect of chestnut flour supplementation on physico-chemical properties and volatiles in bread making

Alamprese, C.; Casale, M.; Sinelli, N.; Lanteri, S.; Casiraghi, E., 2013:
Detection of minced beef adulteration with turkey meat by UV–vis, NIR and MIR spectroscopy

de Conto, L.C.sta; Grosso, C.R.imundo Ferreira; Gonçalves, L.A.arecida Guaraldo, 2013:
Chemometry as applied to the production of omega-3 microcapsules by complex coacervation with soy protein isolate and gum Arabic

Yadav, B.S.; Guleria, P.; Yadav, R.B., 2013:
Hydrothermal modification of Indian water chestnut starch Influence of heat-moisture treatment and annealing on the physicochemical, gelatinization and pasting characteristics

Mukhopadhyay, S.; Majumdar, G.C.; Goswami, T.K.; Mishra, H.N., 2013:
Fuzzy logic similarity analysis approach for sensory evaluation of chhana podo

Kiewning, D.; Baab, G.; Schmitz-Eiberger, M., 2013:
Effect of 1-MCP treatment on the apple Malus domestica L Borkh allergen Mal d 1 during long-term storage

Petrón, M.J.; Broncano, J.M.; Otte, J.; Martín, L.; Timón, M.L., 2013:
Effect of commercial proteases on shelf-life extension of Iberian dry-cured sausage

Hemung, B.-Orn; Chin, K.B.k, 2013:
Effects of fish sarcoplasmic proteins on the properties of myofibrillar protein gels mediated by microbial transglutaminase

Chan, K.W.i; Khong, N.M.H.; Iqbal, S.; Mansor, S.M.skinah; Ismail, M., 2013:
Defatted kenaf seed meal DKSM Prospective edible flour from agricultural waste with high antioxidant activity

Smit, A.Y.; du Toit, W.J.; Stander, M.; du Toit, M., 2013:
Evaluating the influence of maceration practices on biogenic amine formation in wine

Arismendi, C.; Chillo, S.; Conte, A.; Del Nobile, M.A.essandro; Flores, S.; Gerschenson, Lía N., 2013:
Optimization of physical properties of xanthan gum/tapioca starch edible matrices containing potassium sorbate and evaluation of its antimicrobial effectiveness

Peñas, E.; Limón, R.ío I.; Vidal-Valverde, C.ón; Frias, J., 2013:
Effect of storage on the content of indole-glucosinolate breakdown products and vitamin C of sauerkrauts treated by high hydrostatic pressure

Wani,; Sogi, D.S.ngh; Wani,; Gill, B.S.ngh, 2013:
Physico-chemical and functional properties of flours from Indian kidney bean Phaseolus vulgaris L cultivars

Averina, E.; Allémann, E., 2013:
Encapsulation of alimentary bioactive oils of the Baikal Lake area into pH-sensitive micro- and nanoparticles

Almeida, E.L.pes; Chang, Y.K.l; Steel, C.J.y, 2013:
Dietary fibre sources in frozen part-baked bread Influence on technological quality

Banerjee, S.; Ravi, R.; Bhattacharya, S., 2013:
Textural characterisation of gellan and agar based fabricated gels with carrot juice

Staroszczyk, H.; Fiedorowicz, M.; Opali?ska-Piskorz, J.; Tylingo, R., 2013:
Rheology of potato starch chemically modified with microwave-assisted reactions

Storck, Cátia Regina; da Rosa Zavareze, E.; Gularte, M.A.ocha; Elias, M.C.rdoso; Rosell, C.M.lina; Guerra Dias, A.R.nato, 2013:
Protein enrichment and its effects on gluten-free bread characteristics

Khattab, R.Y.; Zeitoun, M.A., 2013:
Quality evaluation of flaxseed oil obtained by different extraction techniques

Martino, K.G.; Paul, M.S.; Pegg, R.B.; Kerr, W.L., 2013:
Effect of time–temperature conditions and clarification on the total phenolics and antioxidant constituents of muscadine grape juice

Kanatt, S.R.; Rao, M.S.; Chawla, S.P.; Sharma, A., 2013:
Effects of chitosan coating on shelf-life of ready-to-cook meat products during chilled storage

Saxer, S.; Schwenninger, S.M.escher; Lacroix, C., 2013:
Characterization of the microflora of industrial Mexican cheeses produced without added chemical preservatives

Stinson, B.; Arthur, D., 2013:
A novel EEG for alpha brain state training, neurobiofeedback and behavior change

PEI.Z.-Yong; MU.G.-Li; PAN.J.; ZHANG.D.-Ming, 2013:
Codon usage and coevolution of the large and small subunits of Ribulose-1,5-bisphosphate carboxylase/oxygenase

LIAO.Y.-Ying; YUE.X.-Li; GUO.Y.-Hao; GITURU.W.R.bert; WANG.Q.-Feng; CHEN.J.-Ming, 2013:
Genotypic diversity and genetic structure of populations of the distylous aquatic plant Nymphoides peltata Menyanthaceae in China

Melzer, M.; Welch, C., 2013:
Thirty-day mortality in UK patients with community-onset and hospital-acquired meticillin-susceptible Staphylococcus aureus bacteraemia

Reinert, K.Garcia.; Koenig, H.G., 2014:
Re-examining definitions of spirituality in nursing research

Van Der Zande, M.; Baart, A.; Vosman, F., 2015:
Ethical sensitivity in practice: finding tacit moral knowing

Takai, Y.; Yamamoto-Mitani, N.; Okamoto, Y.; Fukahori, H.; Ko, A.; Tanaka, M., 2014:
Family caregiver strategies to encourage older relatives with dementia to use social services

Trubey, R.J.; Moore, S.C.; Chestnutt, I.G., 2015:
Parents' reasons for brushing or not brushing their child's teeth: a qualitative study

Panda, A.; Garg, I.; Bhobe, A.P., 2015:
Children's perspective on the dentist's attire

Bunte, M.C.; Shishehbor, M.H., 2013:
Treatment of infrapopliteal critical limb ischemia in 2013: the wound perfusion approach

Horton, C.Fay.; Collins, S.P., 2013:
The role of the emergency department in the patient with acute heart failure

Chen, W.; Dilsizian, V., 2013:
Targeted PET/CT imaging of vulnerable atherosclerotic plaques: microcalcification with sodium fluoride and inflammation with fluorodeoxyglucose

Gorelick, P.B.; Aiyagari, V., 2013:
The management of hypertension for an acute stroke: what is the blood pressure goal?

Dunz, A.R.; Schliewen, U.K., 2013:
Molecular phylogeny and revised classification of the haplotilapiine cichlid fishes formerly referred to as "Tilapia"

Anonymous, 2013:
Chronic administration of methylmalonate on young rats alters neuroinflammatory markers and spatial memory Methylmalonate induces neuroinflammation in rats

Anonymous, 2013:
Alteration of cytoskeletalmolecules in a human T cell line caused by continuous exposure to chrysotile asbestos

Knafl, K.A.; Deatrick, J.A.; Knafl, G.J.; Gallo, A.M.; Grey, M.; Dixon, J., 2014:
Patterns of family management of childhood chronic conditions and their relationship to child and family functioning

Curtis, S.; Sztepanacz, J.L.; White, B.E.; Dyer, K.A.; Rundle, H.D.; Mayer, P., 2013:
Epicuticular compounds of Drosophila subquinaria and D. recens: identification, quantification, and their role in female mate choice

Zhang, P-Jun.; Li, W-Di.; Huang, F.; Zhang, J-Ming.; Xu, F-Cheng.; Lu, Y-Bin., 2013:
Feeding by whiteflies suppresses downstream jasmonic acid signaling by eliciting salicylic acid signaling

Wolfgang Fellin, 2013:
Extension to barodesy to model void ratio and stress dependency of the K0 value

Kong, W.; Zhao, X.; Hu, S.; Vecchiato, G.; Babiloni, F., 2014:
Electronic evaluation for video commercials by impression index

Grama, C.N.; Venkatpurwar, V.P.; Lamprou, D.A.; Ravi Kumar, M.N.V., 2013:
Towards scale-up and regulatory shelf-stability testing of curcumin encapsulated polyester nanoparticles

Milerová, J.; Anders, M.; Dvořák, Táš.; Sand, P.G.; Königer, S.; Langguth, B., 2014:
The influence of psychological factors on tinnitus severity

Kayhan, F.; Cıcek, E.; Uguz, F.; Karababa, I.Fatih.; Kucur, R., 2014:
Mood and anxiety disorders among inpatients of a university hospital in Turkey

Bureau, A.; Chagnon, Y.C.; Croteau, J.; Fournier, A.; Roy, M-André.; Paccalet, T.; Mérette, C.; Maziade, M., 2014:
Follow-up of a major psychosis linkage site in 13q13-q14 reveals significant association in both case-control and family samples

Adami, C.; Angeli, G.; Haenssgen, K.; Stoffel, M.H.; Spadavecchia, C., 2014:
Development of an ultrasound-guided technique for pudendal nerve block in cat cadavers

Blass, K.A.; Schober, K.E.; Bonagura, J.D.; Scansen, B.A.; Visser, L.C.; Lu, J.; Smith, D.N.; Ward, J.L., 2014:
Clinical evaluation of the 3M Littmann Electronic Stethoscope Model 3200 in 150 cats

Barbieri, L.; Andreola, F.; Lancellotti, I.; Taurino, R., 2014:
Management of agricultural biomass wastes: preliminary study on characterization and valorisation in clay matrix bricks

Martínez-Lera, S.; Torrico, J.; Pallarés, J.; Gil, A., 2014:
Thermal valorization of post-consumer film waste in a bubbling bed gasifier

Dubois, M., 2014:
Towards a coherent European approach for taxation of combustible waste

Anonymous, 2013:
Post-Procedural Hypertension Following Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implantation Incidence and Clinical Significance

Kotowycz, M.A.; Therrien, J.; Ionescu-Ittu, R.; Owens, C.G.; Pilote, L.; Martucci, G.; Tchervenkov, C.; Marelli, A.J., 2013:
Long-Term Outcomes After Surgical vs Transcatheter Closure of Atrial Septal Defects in Adults

Anonymous, 2013:
Coronary Obstruction After Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implantation A Systematic Review

Liao, F.; Burns, S.; Jan, Y-Kuen., 2014:
Skin blood flow dynamics and its role in pressure ulcers

Nordseth, T.; Bergum, D.; Edelson, D.P.; Olasveengen, T.M.; Eftestøl, T.; Wiseth, R.; Abella, B.S.; Skogvoll, E., 2014:
Clinical state transitions during advanced life support (ALS) in in-hospital cardiac arrest

Kim, J.; Kim, K.; Hong, S.; Kwon, B.; Yun, I.Dong.; Choi, B.Se.; Jung, C.; Lee, J.Hyuk.; Jo, Y.Hwan.; Kim, T.; Rhee, J.Eui.; Lee, S.Hoon., 2014:
Low apparent diffusion coefficient cluster-based analysis of diffusion-weighted MRI for prognostication of out-of-hospital cardiac arrest survivors

Houk, P.; Golbuu, Y.; Gorong, B.; Gorong, T.; Fillmed, C., 2013:
Watershed discharge patterns, secondary consumer abundances, and seagrass habitat condition in Yap, Micronesia

Connolly, R.M.; Gorman, D.; Hindell, J.S.; Kildea, T.N.; Schlacher, T.A., 2013:
High congruence of isotope sewage signals in multiple marine taxa

Kanaya, G.; Nakamura, Y.; Koizumi, T.; Yamada, K.; Koshikawa, H.; Kohzu, A.; Maki, H., 2013:
Temporal changes in carbon and nitrogen stable isotope ratios of macrozoobenthos on an artificial tidal flat facing a hypertrophic canal, inner Tokyo Bay

Huang, L.; Zhuo, J.; Guo, W.; Spencer, R.G.M.; Zhang, Z.; Xu, J., 2013:
Tracing organic matter removal in polluted coastal waters via floating bed phytoremediation

Khedasana Rajkumari, Santosh Kumar Sharma, Satyawada Rama Rao, 2013:
Assaying polymorphism by intron targeted intron-exon specific junction ISJ DNA marker for genetic diversity diagnostics of the Cucumis L taxa

Nandra, R.; Matharu, G.; Porter, K.; Ashraf, T.; Greaves, I., 2013:
A review of anterior cruciate ligament injuries and reconstructive techniques Part 2 Treatment

Nandra, R.; Najran, P.; Matharu, G.; Porter, K.; Ashraf, T.; Greaves, I., 2013:
A review of anterior cruciate ligament injuries and reconstructive techniques Part 1 Basic science

Mason, C.F.; Plantinga, A.J., 2013:
The additionality problem with offsets Optimal contracts for carbon sequestration in forests

Tunsisa T.Hurisso, Jessica G.Davis, Joe E.Brummer…, 2012:
Short-term nitrogen mineralization during transition from conventional to organic management is unchanged by composted dairy manure addition in perennial forage systems

Pinheiro, M.; Arêde, M.; Giner-Casares, J.J.; Nunes, Cáudia.; Caio, Jão.M.; Moiteiro, C.; Lúcio, M.; Camacho, L.; Reis, S., 2014:
Effects of a novel antimycobacterial compound on the biophysical properties of a pulmonary surfactant model membrane

Rahman, M.Shafiqur., 2013:
Estimating vaccine efficacy under the heterogeneity of vaccine action in a nonrandomly mixing population

Jin, H.; Zhao, N.; Tu, D., 2013:
Weighted rank tests for noninferiority hypotheses based on paired survival times

Chapman, K.; Sewell, F.; Allais, L.; Delongeas, J-Luc.; Donald, E.; Festag, M.; Kervyn, S.; Ockert, D.; Nogues, V.; Palmer, H.; Popovic, M.; Roosen, W.; Schoenmakers, A.; Somers, K.; Stark, C.; Stei, P.; Robinson, S., 2014:
A global pharmaceutical company initiative: an evidence-based approach to define the upper limit of body weight loss in short term toxicity studies

Oikonomopoulos, I.K.; Perraki, M.; Tougiannidis, N.; Perraki, T.; Frey, M.J.; Antoniadis, P.; Ricken, W., 2013:
A comparative study on structural differences of xylite and matrix lignite lithotypes by means of FT-IR, XRD, SEM and TGA analyses An example from the Neogene Greek lignite deposits

Singh, Charu, 2013:
Characteristics of monsoon breaks and intraseasonal oscillations over central India during the last half century

Olmo, F.J.; Guerrero-Rascado, J.L.; Costa, M.J.; Silva, A.M., 2013:
Retrieval and variability analysis of optically thin cloud optical depths from a Cimel sun-photometer

de Lima, M.I.abel P.; Santo, Fátima Espírito; Ramos, A.M.; de Lima, J.ão L.M.P., 2013:
Recent changes in daily precipitation and surface air temperature extremes in mainland Portugal, in the period 1941–2007

Santos, D.; Costa, M.J.; Silva, A.M.; Salgado, R., 2013:
Modeling Saharan desert dust radiative effects on clouds

Fernández-Montes, S.; Rodrigo, F.S.; Seubert, S.; Sousa, P.M., 2013:
Spring and summer extreme temperatures in Iberia during last century in relation to circulation types

Slezakova, K.; Morais, S.; Pereira, M. do Carmo, 2013:
Forest fires in Northern region of Portugal Impact on PM levels

Ding, P-H.; Jin, L.J., 2014:
The role of lipopolysaccharide-binding protein in innate immunity: a revisit and its relevance to oral/periodontal health

Simaan, N.; Bajo, A.; Reiter, A.; Wang, L.; Allen, P.; Fowler, D., 2013:
Lessons learned using the insertable robotic effector platform (IREP) for single port access surgery

Bettini, G.; Karaliotas, L., 2013:
Exploring the limits of peak oil naturalising the political, de-politicising energy

Hegarty, S.V.; Sullivan, A.M.; O'Keeffe, G.W., 2013:
Midbrain dopaminergic neurons: a review of the molecular circuitry that regulates their development

Dragojlovic-Munther, M.; Martinez-Agosto, J.A., 2014:
Extracellular matrix-modulated Heartless signaling in Drosophila blood progenitors regulates their differentiation via a Ras/ETS/FOG pathway and target of rapamycin function

Hou, X.; Katahira, T.; Ohashi, K.; Mizuno, K.; Sugiyama, S.; Nakamura, H., 2013:
Coactosin accelerates cell dynamism by promoting actin polymerization

Mundaca T.; Luis; Mansoz, M.; Neij, L.; Timilsina, G.R., 2013:
Transaction costs analysis of low-carbon technologies

Sussman, F.; Krishnan, N.; Maher, K.; Miller, R.; Mack, C.; Stewart, P.; Shouse, K.; Perkins, B., 2014:
Climate change adaptation cost in the US what do we know?

Clark, R.A.; Coffee, N.; Turner, D.; Eckert, K.A.; van Gaans, D.; Wilkinson, D.; Stewart, S.; Tonkin, A.M., 2014:
Access to cardiac rehabilitation does not equate to attendance

Bae, C-Hyeon.; Kim, T-Heun.; Chu, J-Yob.; Cho, E-Sic., 2014:
New population of odontoblasts responsible for tooth root formation

Yang, D.; Yin, B.; Sun, J.; Zhang, Y., 2013:
Numerical study on the origins and the forcing mechanism of the phosphate in upwelling areas off the coast of Zhejiang province, China in summer

Liu, F.; Tang, S.; Chen, C., 2013:
Impact of nonlinear mesoscale eddy on phytoplankton distribution in the northern South China Sea

Martínez-Asensio, A.án; Marcos, M.; Jordà, G.; Gomis, D.à, 2013:
Calibration of a new wind-wave hindcast in the Western Mediterranean

Austin, M.J.; Masselink, G.; McCall, R.T.; Poate, T.G., 2013:
Groundwater dynamics in coastal gravel barriers backed by freshwater lagoons and the potential for saline intrusion Two cases from the UK

Iversen, M.M.; Espehaug, B.; Rokne, B.; Haugstvedt, A.; Graue, M., 2014:
Psychometric properties of the Norwegian version of the Audit of Diabetes-Dependent Quality of Life

Duignan, S.; Maguire, D.; Ravichand, C.S.; Geoghegan, J.; Hoti, E.; Fennelly, D.; Armstrong, J.; Rock, K.; Mohan, H.; Traynor, O., 2014:
Neoadjuvant chemoradiotherapy followed by liver transplantation for unresectable cholangiocarcinoma: a single-centre national experience

Fegrachi, S.; Besselink, M.G.; van Santvoort, H.C.; van Hillegersberg, R.; Molenaar, I.Quintus., 2014:
Radiofrequency ablation for unresectable locally advanced pancreatic cancer: a systematic review

Araujo, R.L.C.; Karkar, A.M.; Allen, P.J.; Gönen, M.; Chou, J.F.; Brennan, M.F.; Blumgart, L.H.; D'Angelica, M.I.; DeMatteo, R.P.; Coit, D.G.; Fong, Y.; Jarnagin, W.R., 2014:
Timing of elective surgery as a perioperative outcome variable: analysis of pancreaticoduodenectomy

Dokmak, S.; Raut, V.; Aussilhou, Béatrice.; Ftériche, F.Samir.; Farges, O.; Sauvanet, A.; Belghiti, J., 2014:
Laparoscopic left lateral resection is the gold standard for benign liver lesions: a case-control study

Anonymous, 2013:
Validation d’un fascicule educatif destine aux patients candidats a une prothese totale de genou

Anonymous, 2013:
Pertinence et reproductibilite de l’interpretation de l’IRM dans les luxations et les lesions ligamentaires bicroisees du genou

Anonymous, 2013:
Une nouvelle technique de transplantation d’allogreffe meniscale laterale sous arthroscopie  etude de faisabilite cadaverique

Anonymous, 2013:
Fractures de l’acetabulum  suivi a long terme et facteurs associes a la pose d’une prothese totale de hanche en seconde intention

Anonymous, 2013:
Resurfacage de hanche avec le systeme Durom  etude retrospective de 644 patients avec un recul de suivi moyen de 34 mois

Anonymous, 2013:
Reproductibilite et qualite de la litterature francaise en arthroplastie totale de hanche

Anonymous, 2013:
Nodule de Schmorl rachidien symptomatique  traitement par simple decompression

Anonymous, 2013:
Une cause inedite de luxation postoperatoire precoce apres reprise de prothese totale de hanche  un odeme intracapsulaire massif par thrombose d’un filtre veineux cave inferieur

Anonymous, 2013:
Reconstruction arthroscopique transtibiale du ligament croise posterieur chez l’enfant  technique chirurgicale a propos d’un cas

Anonymous, 2013:
Fractures du femur distal  technique chirurgicale et revue de la litterature

Anonymous, 2013:
Localisations inhabituelles de la tuberculose osteoarticulaire chez l’enfant  une etude de 12 cas

Anonymous, 2013:
Osteome osteoide de la fosse acetabulaire  a propos d’une serie de cinq cas traites par resection percutanee

Anonymous, 2013:
Transfert du rectus femoris dans le cadre d’une chirurgie multi-etagee  details techniques et evaluation des resultats chez des enfants atteints d’infirmite motrice centrale

Anonymous, 2013:
Fractures instables du radius distal  reduction a foyer ouvert suivie d’osteosynthese versus fixation externe, une meta-analyse

Qian, J.; Simoni-Wastila, L.; Rattinger, G.B.; Zuckerman, I.H.; Lehmann, S.; Wei, Y-Jung.J.; Stuart, B., 2014:
Association between depression and maintenance medication adherence among Medicare beneficiaries with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

Goode, N.; Khan, S.; Eid, A.A.; Niu, L-na.; Gosier, J.; Susin, L.F.; Pashley, D.H.; Tay, F.R., 2014:
Wall shear stress effects of different endodontic irrigation techniques and systems

Rounding, K.; Jacobson, J.A., 2013:
The Role of Causal Uncertainty in the Relationship Between Perceived Parental Dysphoria and Offspring’s Own Dysphoria

Weight, C.J.; Kim, S.P.; Jacobson, D.J.; McGree, M.E.; Boorjian, S.A.; Thompson, R.Houston.; Leibovich, B.C.; Karnes, R.Jeffrey.; S.S.uver, J., 2013:
The effect of benign lower urinary tract symptoms on subsequent prostate cancer testing and diagnosis

Abdollah, F.; Suardi, N.; Cozzarini, C.; Gallina, A.; Capitanio, U.; Bianchi, M.; Sun, M.; Fossati, N.; Passoni, Nò.Maria.; Fiorino, C.; D.M.zio, N.; Karakiewicz, P.I.; Rigatti, P.; Montorsi, F.; Briganti, A., 2013:
Selecting the optimal candidate for adjuvant radiotherapy after radical prostatectomy for prostate cancer: a long-term survival analysis

Shimizu, T.; Suzuki, H.; Nojima, M.; Kitamura, H.; Yamamoto, E.; Maruyama, R.; Ashida, M.; Hatahira, T.; Kai, M.; Masumori, N.; Tokino, T.; Imai, K.; Tsukamoto, T.; Toyota, M., 2013:
Methylation of a panel of microRNA genes is a novel biomarker for detection of bladder cancer

Rink, M.; Xylinas, E.; Margulis, V.; Cha, E.K.; Ehdaie, B.; Raman, J.D.; Chun, F.K.; Matsumoto, K.; Lotan, Y.; Furberg, H.; Babjuk, M.; Pycha, A.; Wood, C.G.; Karakiewicz, P.I.; Fisch, M.; Scherr, D.S.; Shariat, S.F.; Bastian, P.J.; Bensalah, K.; Comploj, E.; Fernández, M.; Ficarra, V.; Kabbani, W.; Kassouf, W.; Kikuchi, E.; Koppie, T.M.; Martinez-Salamanca, J.I.; Matin, S.F.; Montorsi, F.; Ng, C.K.; Novara, G.; Oya, M.; Patard, J-Jacques.; Remzi, M.; Roscigno, M.; Seitz, C.; Ströbel, P.; Trit, 2013:
Impact of smoking on oncologic outcomes of upper tract urothelial carcinoma after radical nephroureterectomy

Shao, P.; Tang, L.; Li, P.; Xu, Y.; Qin, C.; Cao, Q.; Ju, X.; Meng, X.; Lv, Q.; Li, J.; Zhang, W.; Yin, C., 2013:
Application of a vasculature model and standardization of the renal hilar approach in laparoscopic partial nephrectomy for precise segmental artery clamping

Larré, Séphane.; Catto, J.W.F.; Cookson, M.S.; Messing, E.M.; Shariat, S.F.; Soloway, M.S.; Svatek, R.S.; Lotan, Y.; Zlotta, A.R.; Grossman, H.Barton., 2013:
Screening for bladder cancer: rationale, limitations, whom to target, and perspectives

Evangelista, L.; Guttilla, A.; Zattoni, F.; Muzzio, P.Carlo.; Zattoni, F., 2013:
Utility of choline positron emission tomography/computed tomography for lymph node involvement identification in intermediate- to high-risk prostate cancer: a systematic literature review and meta-analysis

Jiang, X.; Zhu, S.; Feng, G.; Zhang, Z.; Li, C.; Li, H.; Wang, C.; Xu, Y., 2013:
Is an initial saturation prostate biopsy scheme better than an extended scheme for detection of prostate cancer? A systematic review and meta-analysis

Muselaers, C.H.J.; Boerman, O.C.; Oosterwijk, E.; Langenhuijsen, J.F.; Oyen, W.J.G.; Mulders, P.F.A., 2013:
Indium-111-labeled girentuximab immunoSPECT as a diagnostic tool in clear cell renal cell carcinoma

Huo, S.; Shi, H.; Liu, D.; Shen, S.; Zhang, J.; Song, C.; Shi, T., 2013:
Kinetics and mechanism of reactions of the drug tiopronin with platinum(IV) complexes

Kirberger, M.; Wong, H.C.; Jiang, J.; Yang, J.J., 2013:
Metal toxicity and opportunistic binding of Pb(2+) in proteins

Delgado-López, Jé.Manuel.; Iafisco, M.; Rodríguez-Ruiz, I.; Gómez-Morales, J., 2014:
Bio-inspired citrate-functionalized apatite thin films crystallized on Ti-6Al-4V implants pre-coated with corrosion resistant layers

Dehedin, A.; Dole-Olivier, M.-José; Piscart, C.; Mimoun, D.; Bornette, G.; Marmonier, P., 2013:
Long-term Changes and Drying Modality Affect Interstitial Assemblages of Alluvial Wetlands

Anonymous, 2013:
The association between sports participation, alcohol use and aggression and violen A systematic review

Gattone, S.A.tonio; Esha, M.; Mwangi, J.W.chira, 2013:
Application of Adaptive Cluster Sampling with a Data-Driven Stopping Rule to Plant Disease Incidence

Liu, C.; Li, Q.; Zhou, X.; Kolosov, V.P.; Perelman, J.M., 2013:
Human airway trypsin-like protease induces mucin5AC hypersecretion via a protease-activated receptor 2-mediated pathway in human airway epithelial cells

Ke, L.; Graubard, B.I.; Albanes, D.; Fraser, D.R.; Weinstein, S.J.; Virtamo, J.; Brock, K.E., 2013:
Hypertension, pulse, and other cardiovascular risk factors and vitamin D status in Finnish men

Tabara, Y.; Takahashi, Y.; Kohara, K.; Setoh, K.; Kawaguchi, T.; Terao, C.; Igase, M.; Yamada, R.; Kosugi, S.; Sekine, A.; Miki, T.; Nakayama, T.; Matsuda, F., 2013:
Association of longer QT interval with arterial waveform and lower pulse pressure amplification: the Nagahama Study

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Terlipressin with Limited Fluid Resuscitation in a Swine Model of Hemorrhage

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The clinical use of prothrombin complex concentrate

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Gastric volvulus through morgagni hernia: an easily overlooked emergency

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Severe capillary leak syndrome after inner ear decompression sickness in a recreational scuba diver

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A Review of Chest Compression Interruptions During Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest and Strategies for the Future

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Identification and biochemical characterization of Laodelphax striatellus neutral ceramidase

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Operative safety and oncologic outcome of laparoscopic radical nephrectomy for renal cell carcinoma >7 cm: a multicenter study of 222 patients

Henryk Marcak, 2013:
Cycles in mining seismicity

Anonymous, 2013:
Revision sobre la lesion de la musculatura isquiotibial en el deporte factores de riesgo y estrategias para su prevencion

Anonymous, 2013:
Relacao entre idade cronologica, indicadores de adiposidade corporal e aptidao física relacionada a saude em meninos e meninas Relacion entre la edad cronologica, los indicadores de adiposidad corporal y aptitud física relacionada con la salud de niños y

Anonymous, 2013:
Efeitos do tempo de pratica nos parametros bioquímicos, hormonais e hematologicos de praticantes de jiu-jitsu brasileiro Efectos del tiempo de practica en los parametros bioquímicos, hormonales y hematologicos de practicantes de jiu-jitsu brasileño

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Study of relationship between osteoarthritis, postural changes and osteoporosis in postmenopausal women

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Descending facilitation maintains long-term spontaneous neuropathic pain

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Epigenetics: a promising paradigm for better understanding and managing pain

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A central role of plasmin in cardiac injury initiated by fetal exposure to maternal anti-Ro autoantibodies

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A novel model of chronic sleep restriction reveals an increase in the perceived incentive reward value of cocaine in high drug-taking rats

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Behavioral effects of the novel potent cannabinoid CB1 agonist AM 4054

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Pre-treatment with low-dose endotoxin prolongs survival from experimental lethal endotoxic shock: Benefit for lethal peritonitis by Escherichia coli

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Effects of treatment in the levels of circulating cytokines and growth factors in cystic fibrosis and dialyzed patients by multi-analytical determination with a biochip array platform

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Uso de acupuntura en el manejo de dolor durante el trabajo de parto

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Síndromes de dolor abdominal, estreñimiento y diarrea un acercamiento hacia el síndrome de intestino irritable

Samartín, Alberto Pérez, 2013:
Las sendas del Qi

Anonymous, 2013:
Documento de orientacion de eficacia de la investigacion sobre acupuntura un consenso para la realizacion de estudios

Anonymous, 2013:
Como se trata la patología reumatica con acupuntura segun los criterios diagnosticos avanzados específicos raquis

Collazo Chao, E.; Muñoz Reina, M.ía Dolores, 2013:
Craneopuntura y acupuntura en el tratamiento de pacientes con fibromialgia Estudio prospectivo aleatorizado

Anonymous, 2013:
Auriculoterapia contra la ansiedad en los examenes universitarios segun estudio piloto longitudinal enmascarado

Anonymous, 2013:
Formulas que tonifican el Qi y la Sangre

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Tolerogenic dendritic cells generated with IL-10/TGFβ1 relieve immune thrombocytopenia in mice

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Nuclear spin singlet states as a contrast mechanism for NMR spectroscopy

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Low vacuum and discard tubes reduce hemolysis in samples drawn from intravenous catheters

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Hemodynamic effects of L-threo-3,4-dihydroxyphenylserine (Droxidopa) in hypotensive individuals with spinal cord injury

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Motor function measure: validation of a short form for young children with neuromuscular diseases

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Cultural and age differences in beliefs about depression: British Bangladeshis vs. British Whites

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Integrating multiple techniques to identify stock boundaries of common bottlenose dolphins Tursiops truncatus

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Temperature dependence of NO2 sensitivity of YSZ-based mixed potential type sensor attached with NiO sensing electrode

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Race differences in ventricular remodeling and function among college football players

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Predictors of cardiac sarcoidosis using commonly available cardiac studies

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Long-term outcomes of patients with acute coronary syndrome and nonobstructive coronary artery disease

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Dissecting visual awareness with FMRI

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Designing a graph-based approach to landscape ecological assessment of linear infrastructures

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Throughflow centrality is a global indicator of the functional importance of species in ecosystems

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Highly prevalent and poorly controlled cardiovascular risk factors among Chinese elderly people living in the rural community

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Iron dose-dependent differentiation and enucleation of human erythroblasts in serum-free medium

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Ameloblasts serum-free conditioned medium: bone morphogenic protein 4-induced odontogenic differentiation of mouse induced pluripotent stem cells

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Women's well-being and reproductive health in Indian mining community: need for empowerment

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Work-related peak flow and asthma symptoms in a damp building

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Chlorhexidine--still an underestimated allergic hazard for health care professionals

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Characteristics of zero-absenteeism in hospital care

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Traumatic brain injuries from work accidents: a retrospective study

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The future of Connected Health in preventive medicine

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Amniotic fluid: the use of high-dimensional biology to understand fetal well-being

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Proteomic identification of neoadjuvant chemotherapy-related proteins in bulky stage IB-IIA squamous cervical cancer

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Virulence of endemic nonpigmented northern Australian Staphylococcus aureus clone (clonal complex 75, S. argenteus) is not augmented by staphyloxanthin

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Efficacy, immunogenicity, and safety of two doses of a tetravalent rotavirus vaccine RRV-TV in Ghana with the first dose administered during the neonatal period

Anonymous, 2013:
Redetection of cervical HPV16 in women with a previous history of HPV16

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Using ultradeep pyrosequencing to study HIV-1 coreceptor usage in primary and dual infection

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Expression in yeast links field polymorphisms in PfATP6 to in vitro artemisinin resistance and identifies new inhibitor classes

Anonymous, 2013:
The Ecology of HPV Lesions and the Role of Somatic Evolution in Their Progression

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Metabolic Differences between Draft-cross and Mustang Horses Detected by Metabonomic Analyses

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Epigenetic Regulation of Gene Expression Emerging Applications for Horses

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The SOAR Gravitational Arc Survey - I Survey overview and photometric catalogues

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Mechanisms of zero-lag synchronization in cortical motifs

Anonymous, 2013:
Tumor can originate from not only rare cancer stem cells

Anonymous, 2013:
Formal Model of Living Organisms

Anonymous, 2013:
Demonstrating that chlorine dioxide is a size-selective antimicrobial agent and high purity ClO2 can be used as a local antiseptic

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Hormone therapy in hypospadias surgery: a systematic review

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The "double panda" sign in Leigh disease

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Diversity of filamentous fungi isolated from the soil in the semiarid area, Pernambuco, Brazil

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A 28-day gavage toxicity study in male Fischer 344 rats with 2-methylfuran

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Histologic features of prepubertal and pubertal reproductive development in female Sprague-Dawley rats

Anonymous, 2013:
Cooperative regulation of anxiety and panic-related defensive behaviors in the rat periaqueductal grey matter by 5-HT1A and micro-receptors

Anonymous, 2013:
The UN Watercourses Convention the eminence grise behind cooperation on transboundary water resources

Cinelli, Claudia, 2013:
A new human rights-based approach to the UN Watercourses Convention

Abseno, Musa M., 2013:
The influence of the UN Watercourses Convention on the development of a treaty regime in the Nile River basin

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Charlson co-morbidity index and albumin significantly associated with fracture risk in peritoneal dialysis patients

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Overexpression of CD39 protects in a mouse model of preeclampsia

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Locally extensive angio-invasive Scedosporium prolificans infection following resection for squamous cell lung carcinoma

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MRI predicts efficacy of constraint-induced movement therapy in children with brain injury

Anonymous, 2013:
Fiabilidad test-retest del umbral de sensibilidad a la vibracion periferica en los pacientes con dolor cronico de espalda baja

Resheq, Y.J.; Quaas, A.; von Renteln, D.; Schramm, C.; Lohse, A.W.; Lüth, S., 2014:
Infiltration of peritumoural but tumour-free parenchyma with IgG4-positive plasma cells in hilar cholangiocarcinoma and pancreatic adenocarcinoma

Wichtmann, T.; Andersen, K.H.; Sjursen, M.A.; Berre, T., 2013:
Cyclic tests on high-quality undisturbed block samples of soft marine Norwegian clay

Anonymous, 2013:
First record of Porolepis Sarcopterygii; Porolepiformes from eastern Gondwana

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Decreasing uncorrected refractive error in the classroom through a multifactorial pilot intervention

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School-located influenza vaccination and absenteeism among elementary school students in a Hispanic community

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Factors associated with screen time among school-age children in Korea

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Observing anthropometric and acanthosis nigrican changes among children over time

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Chronic intermittent hypobaric hypoxia prevents cardiac dysfunction through enhancing antioxidation in fructose-fed rats

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The interaction of diamines and polyamines with the peroxidase-catalyzed metabolism of aromatic amines: a potential mechanism for the modulation of aniline toxicity

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Migrating partial seizures of infancy: expansion of the electroclinical, radiological and pathological disease spectrum

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Defects in the striatal neuropeptide Y system in X-linked dystonia-parkinsonism

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A complex V ATP5A1 defect causes fatal neonatal mitochondrial encephalopathy

Choudhury, S.; McKinney, K.A., 2014:
Digital media, the developing brain and the interpretive plasticity of neuroplasticity

Bellinger, G.Amin., 2014:
Negotiation of gender responsibilities in resettled refugee populations through Relationship Enhancement training

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Dopamine reverses reward insensitivity in apathy following globus pallidus lesions

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Posed versus spontaneous facial expressions are modulated by opposite cerebral hemispheres

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Atypical category processing and hemispheric asymmetries in high-functioning children with autism: revealed through high-density EEG mapping

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Neural convergence for language comprehension and grammatical class production in highly proficient bilinguals is independent of age of acquisition

Anonymous, 2013:
The Activity of Titanocene T Against Xenografted Caki-1 Tumors

Anonymous, 2013:
The Venom of the Centipede Scolopendra subspinipes mutilans Inhibits the Growth of Myelogenous Leukemia Cell Lines

Anonymous, 2013:
Further Insights in 5-phenyl-2-2-1-piperidinylcarbonyl Phenyl-2,3- dihydro-1H-pyrrolo1,2-cimidazol-1-ones, a Recently Disclosed Class of Neuropeptide S Antagonists

Anonymous, 2013:
Preparation and Cytotoxic Activities of Fatty Acid Derivatives of 20S- Protopanaxatriol

Anonymous, 2013:
Glyoxalase 1 and 2 Enzyme Inhibitory Activity of 6-Sulfamoylsaccharin and Sulfocoumarin Derivates

Anonymous, 2013:
Aldose Reductase Inhibitory Potential of Several Thiazolyl-thiazolidine- 2,4-Diones

Anonymous, 2013:
QSAR Studies of Tetranortriterpenoid An Analysis Through CoMFA and CPSA Parameters

Anonymous, 2013:
Purification and Biological Evaluation of Some Bioactive Metabolomics as Antimicrobial Agent

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On the role of abnormal DL(CO) in ex-smokers without airflow limitation: symptoms, exercise capacity and hyperpolarised helium-3 MRI

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IL-17 in lung disease: friend or foe?

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Mid-Holocene climate in New Caledonia southwest Pacific coral and PMIP models monthly resolved results

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Protease-activated receptor 1 inhibition by SCH79797 attenuates left ventricular remodeling and profibrotic activities of cardiac fibroblasts

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Prediction of soil properties using laboratory VIS-NIR spectroscopy and Hyperion imagery

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Plasma pharmacokinetics of alfaxalone after a single intraperitoneal or intravenous injection of Alfaxan(®) in rats

Sairamesh Jakka, Michael Rossbach, 2013:
An economic perspective on personalized medicine

Chang, S.Jung., 2014:
Lived experiences of nursing home residents in Korea

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Vasoactive intestinal polypeptide regulates barrier function via mast cells in human intestinal follicle-associated epithelium and during stress in rats

Abdelhafiz, A.H.; Sinclair, A.J., 2013:
Management of type 2 diabetes in older people

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Differential freezing resistance and photoprotection in C3 and C4 eudicots and grasses

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An organ-specific role for ethylene in rose petal expansion during dehydration and rehydration

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Transpirational demand affects aquaporin expression in poplar roots

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Variation in canopy duration in the perennial biofuel crop Miscanthus reveals complex associations with yield

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Galacturonosyltransferase 4 silencing alters pectin composition and carbon partitioning in tomato

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Thermography to explore plant-environment interactions

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The dormant and the fully competent oocyte: comparing the transcriptome of human oocytes from primordial follicles and in metaphase II

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Evolution of diagnostic criteria for gestational diabetes mellitus

Zhou, J.; Clavagnier, S.; Hess, R.F., 2013:
Short-term monocular deprivation strengthens the patched eye's contribution to binocular combination

Pereverzeva, M.; Bromfield, W.Drew., 2013:
Spatial nonuniformities and velocity of filling-in in dynamic brightness induction

Clery, Séphane.; Bloj, M.; Harris, J.M., 2013:
Interactions between luminance and color signals: effects on shape

Cavina-Pratesi, C.; Hesse, C., 2013:
Why do the eyes prefer the index finger? Simultaneous recording of eye and hand movements during precision grasping

Westheimer, G., 2013:
Measuring visual form discrimination with blur thresholds

Anonymous, 2013:
Comparaison des signaux radial et carotidien mesures par deux appareils tonometriques

Anonymous, 2013:
Rigidite arterielle mesuree par pOpmetre® chez les patients a risque cardiovasculaire, lien aux plaques d’atherome carotidien

Bartel, T.; Müller, S., 2014:
Device closure of interatrial communications: peri-interventional echocardiographic assessment

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CaMKIIβ-mediated LIM-kinase activation plays a crucial role in BDNF-induced neuritogenesis

Matsumoto, E.; Sasaki, S.; Kinoshita, H.; Kito, T.; Ohta, H.; Konishi, M.; Kuwahara, K.; Nakao, K.; Itoh, N., 2014:
Angiotensin II-induced cardiac hypertrophy and fibrosis are promoted in mice lacking Fgf16

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Dust emission controls on the lower Kuiseb River valley, Central Namib

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The Therapeutic Activities of Engrafted Neural Stem/Precursor Cells are Not Dormant in the Chronically Injured Spinal Cord

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A New Immuno- Dystrophin-Deficient Model, the NSG-Mdx4cv Mouse, Provides Evidence for Functional Improvement Following Allogeneic Satellite Cell Transplantation

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System Interactions in Sociotechnical Transitions Extending the Multi Level Perspective

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Prevalence of antibodies against Coxiella burnetii Q fever in children in The Gambia, West Africa

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Lipase Catalysed Ethanolysis of Jatropha Oil for Biodiesel Production

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The influence of ca and ph on the uptake and effects of cd in folsomia candida exposed to simplified soil solutions

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Comparison of buffalo cottage cheese made from aqueous extract of Withania coagulans with commercial calf rennet

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Mammary tumours in the cat: size matters, so early intervention saves lives

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Cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma in the cat: current understanding and treatment approaches

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Evolution ‘on purpose’ how behaviour has shaped the evolutionary process

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Children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) attend typically to faces and objects presented within their picture communication systems

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Obstacle course training can improve mobility and prevent falls in people with intellectual disabilities

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Effect of assay measurement error on parameter estimation in concentration-QTc interval modeling

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Development of neuromotor functions in very low birth weight children from six to ten years of age patterns of change

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CD-graph planar graph representation for spatial adjacency and neighbourhood relation with constraints

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Detection and typing of cutaneous human papillomavirus types--a comparison of three different methods

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Do weaver ants affect arthropod diversity and the natural-enemy-to-pest ratio in horticultural systems?

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Circulating Cla+T Lymphocytes As Peripheral Cell Biomarkers In T-Cell-Mediated Skin Diseases

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Finite element analysis of mono- and bicortical mini-implant stability

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Tooth agenesis patterns and phenotype variation in a cohort of Belgian patients with hypodontia and oligodontia clustered in 79 families with their pedigrees

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Toxic emissions from a military test site in the territory of Sardinia, Italy

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Integrated environmental risk assessment and whole-process management system in chemical industry parks

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Density distributions of outflow-driven turbulence

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Relative contribution of restorative treatment to tooth extraction in a teaching institution

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Blending multi-resolution satellite sea surface temperature SST products using Bayesian maximum entropy method

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SWI/SNF in cardiac progenitor cell differentiation

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Cross-talk between activated monocytes and smooth muscle cells activates the STAT3 pathway and induces resistin and reactive oxygen species production

Anonymous, 2013:
The influence of bone marrow and synovium derived mesenchymal stromal cells from osteoarthritis patients on regulatory T-cells in coculture

Anonymous, 2013:
Actualizacion de las guías para el tratamiento farmacologico de la epilepsia en adultos

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An investigation of the dynamic relationship between navicular drop and first metatarsophalangeal joint dorsal excursion

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Municipal commonage in South Africa a critique of artificial dichotomies in policy debates on agriculture

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The ‘youth and agriculture’ problem implications for rangeland development

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Cilostazol attenuates hepatic stellate cell activation and protects mice against carbon tetrachloride-induced liver fibrosis

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Equitable access to sustainable development operationalizing key criteria

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Depth-integrated, non-hydrostatic model using a new alternating direction implicit scheme

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Carmustine-induced phosphatidylserine translocation in the erythrocyte membrane

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Design of a chilled-water storage unit for solar air-conditioning

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Accumulation profiles of PrP(Sc) in hemal nodes of naturally and experimentally scrapie-infected sheep

Anonymous, 2013:
Plateforme de telemedecine moindre cout pour les pays en developpement

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Fast and furious Telecardiology in acute myocardial infarction triage in the emergency room setting

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In vivo measurement of apolipoprotein E from the brain interstitial fluid using microdialysis

Anonymous, 2013:
INstruct a database of high quality three-dimensional structurally resolved protein interactome networks

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An HMM-based algorithm for evaluating rates of receptor-ligand binding kinetics from thermal fluctuation data

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A powerful and efficient set test for genetic markers that handles confounders

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Network-guided sparse regression modeling for detection of gene-by-gene interactions

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Quality of life assessment in preterm children physicians knowledge, attitude, belief, practice - a KABP study

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Down-regulated lysosomal processing improved pegylated lipopolyplex-mediated gene transfection

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The nature of urban Seoul potential vegetation derived from the soil map

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Shouldering the burden a case of pain in the middle-aged female athlete

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The Size of Forest Holding/Parcelization Problem in Forestry A Literature Review

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Funding resources for rare disease research

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A care pathway approach to identifying factors that impact on diagnosis of heart disease in British Pakistani women

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Perspectives on alcohol use in a Traveller community an exploratory case study

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Pilot ethnic analysis of routine hospital admissions data and comparison with census linked data CHD rates remain high in Pakistanis

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Stress and depressive symptoms in Latin Americans in Toronto

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Population pharmacokinetic-pharmacodynamic analysis for eribulin mesilate associated neutropenia

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Peripheral selectivity of the novel cannabinoid receptor antagonist TM38837 in healthy subjects

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Thrombotic complications of myeloproliferative neoplasms: risk assessment and risk-guided management

Anonymous, 2013:
Confirmation of the initial antiphospholipid antibody positivity depends on antiphospholipid antibody profile

Anonymous, 2013:
Coagulation factor XIIITyr204Phe gene variant and the risk of ischemic stroke

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Comparison of clot-based, chromogenic and fluorescence assays for measurement of factor VIII inhibitors in the US Hemophilia Inhibitor Research Study

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Cell plasticity in wound healing: paracrine factors of M1/ M2 polarized macrophages influence the phenotypical state of dermal fibroblasts

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PAG/Cbp suppression reveals a contribution of CTLA-4 to setting the activation threshold in T cells

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Carpal tunnel syndrome in fibromyalgia patients – A crucial factor for their functional impairment

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The effect of a period of intensive exercise on the isoform test to detect growth hormone doping in sports

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A new model for the evolution of the human Pleistocene populations of Europe

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Cultural adaptations to the Late Pleistocene Regional variability of human behavior in southern Shanxi Province, central-northern China

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Geomicrobiological Properties of Tertiary Sedimentary Rocks from the Deep Terrestrial Subsurface

Anonymous, 2013:
Evaluation of building dynamic properties through in-situ experimental techniques and 1D modelling the example of Catania, Italy

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Impact of climate change on acid mine drainage generation and contaminant transport in water ecosystems of semi-arid and arid mining areas

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Structural Geomorphology, Active Faulting and Slope Deformations in the Epicentre Area of the MW 70, 1857, Southern Italy Earthquake

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β-N-Acetylhexosaminidase involvement in α-conglutin mobilization in Lupinus albus

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Characterization of γ-aminobutyric acid metabolism and oxidative damage in wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) seedlings under salt and osmotic stress

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Wind driven capillary-gravity waves on Titan’s lakes Hard to detect or non-existent?

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Development and content validation of a surgical safety checklist for operating theatres that use robotic technology

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Meta-analysis of cohort studies of baseline prehypertension and risk of coronary heart disease

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Evaluation of MRI fat fraction in the liver and spine pre and post SPIO infusion

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Functional neuroimaging of inner fields-of-view with 2D-selective RF excitations

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Association of SNPs in the UGT1A gene cluster with total bilirubin and mortality in the Diabetes Heart Study

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Two-dimensional speckle tracking echocardiography for early detection of myocardial damage in young patients with Fabry disease

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Chlamydia trachomatis infection

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Causes and management of dyspareunia

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Urethritis in men

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How to read and appraise a research paper

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Catherine Breillats “Tapage nocturne

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Potential of protein kinase inhibitors for treating herpesvirus-associated disease

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Dynamic emergy accounting of water and carbon ecosystem services A model to simulate the impacts of land-use change

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The 0.3-kb fragment containing the R-U5-5'leader sequence of Friend murine leukemia virus influences the level of protein expression from spliced mRNA

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Situational analysis of pharmaceutical education in Ukraine

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Is there a need for social pharmacy courses in Libya? Findings from a cross-sectional survey among pharmacy practitioners

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Pharmacy students experience and comfort with herb/dietary supplement HDS questions and information resources in the work setting

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The pediatric critical care pharmacist A students perspective

Anonymous, 2013:
Proteinase-Inhibitor Theory of Pathogenesis of Influenza

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Selective inhibition of toxic cyanobacteria by β-carboline-containing bacterium Bacillus flexus isolated from Saudi freshwaters

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Analgesic and anti-inflammatory studies of cyclopeptide alkaloid fraction of leaves of Ziziyphus nummularia

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A Combined Radio- and Stable-Isotopic Study of a California Coastal Aquifer System

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Adjuvant immunotherapy of melanoma and development of new approaches using the neoadjuvant approach

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Strategies to reverse melanoma-induced T-cell dysfunction

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Antiangiogenic and antiapoptotic treatment in advanced melanoma

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The role of radiotherapy in the overall treatment of melanoma

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Chemotherapy in the management of advanced cutaneous malignant melanoma

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Metastatic melanoma in the older patient: special considerations

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Humility in medicine

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Methionine analogues HMB and HMBi increase the abundance of cellulolytic bacterial representatives in the rumen of cattle with no direct effects on fibre degradation

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Why wheat farmers could reduce chemical inputs evidence from social, economic, and agronomic analysis

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Fungal infections of rice, wheat, and grape in Europe in 2030–2050

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Can 'humanized' mice improve drug development in the 21st century?

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The neural basis of social influence and attitude change

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Ganglionated Plexi Ablation vs Linear Ablation in Patients Undergoing Pulmonary Vein Isolation for Persistent/Longstanding Persistent Atrial Fibrillation A Randomized Comparison

Anonymous, 2013:
In vitro comparison of induction capacity and biomineralisation ability of Mineral Trioxide Aggregate and a bioceramic root canal sealer

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Stress et migraine

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Reflexions ethiques pluridisciplinaires autour de l’arret de l’alimentation par sonde de gastrostomie en geriatrie  a propos de deux cas

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Inequalities in the use of dental services among adults in inner South East London

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Applying the Cognitive Vulnerability Model to the analysis of cognitive and family influences on children's dental fear

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Administering a two-stage spiritual assessment in healthcare settings: a necessary component of ethical and effective care

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Whole brain radiotherapy: Consequences for personalized medicine

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Muscle cramping over the diagnosis

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Child physical abuse and neglect in Kenya, Zambia and the Netherlands: a cross-cultural comparison of prevalence, psychopathological sequelae and mediation by PTSS

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Spatially explicit analysis of contributions of a regional conservation strategy toward sustaining northern goshawk habitat

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Opportunities and challenges to implementing bird conservation on private lands

Anonymous, 2013:
Effects of riparian buffer width on activity and detection of common bats in the southern Appalachian Mountains

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Internalised conflicts in the practice of religion among kwandengue living with HIV in Douala, Cameroun

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Long-term vegetation stability in northern Europe as assessed by changes in species co-occurrences

Iacobucci, G., 2013:
New competition rules threaten role of voluntary sector in NHS, charities say

McCarthy, M., 2013:
Number of agents being developed to combat drug resistant bacteria is alarmingly low, warns report

Wise, J., 2013:
Brighton considers opening UK's first safe drug consumption rooms

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Parental depression, maternal antidepressant use during pregnancy, and risk of autism spectrum disorders: population based case-control study

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Receiver operating characteristic curves

Dyer, C., 2013:
Government waters down changes to UK libel law by making it easier for companies to sue

Sartain, K., 2013:
An outstanding example of hospital care for patients with dementia

Dyer, C., 2013:
Paralysed man will ask judges to let a doctor end his life

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Largest group of children affected by measles outbreak in Wales is 10-18 year olds

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Effect of electrical muscle stimulation on prevention of ICU acquired muscle weakness and facilitating weaning from mechanical ventilation

Anonymous, 2013:
Familial relationships of the monocot order Liliales based on a molecular phylogenetic analysis using four plastid loci matK, rbcL, atpB and atpF-H

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A revision of African Velloziaceae based on leaf anatomy characters and rbcL nucleotide sequences

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Genome size variation in Orchidaceae subfamily Apostasioideae filling the phylogenetic gap

Anonymous, 2013:
Towards a new classification of the giant paraphyletic genus Cyperus Cyperaceae phylogenetic relationships and generic delimitation in C4 Cyperus

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Correlations between angiogenic factors and capillaroscopic patterns in systemic sclerosis

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Secure mobile agent for telemedicine based on P2P networks

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Eye movements while reading an unspaced writing system: the case of Thai

Anonymous, 2013 :
Intoxication passive a la cocaine d’un enfant de 25 mois

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Japanese patients with Fabry disease predominantly showing cardiac and neurological manifestation with novel missense mutation: R220P

Anonymous, 2013:
Genebank Standards for Plant Genetic Resources -- a major accomplishment

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A phase 3, randomized, double-blinded, active-controlled, unblinded standard of care study assessing the efficacy and safety of intramyocardial autologous CD34+ cell administration in patients with refractory angina: design of the RENEW study

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Sweet wine production by two osmotolerant Saccharomyces cerevisiae strains

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Biofilm formation of O157 and non-O157 Shiga toxin-producing Escherichia coli and multidrug-resistant and susceptible Salmonella typhimurium and newport and their inactivation by sanitizers

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Characterization of extruded and toasted milk protein concentrates

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Formation of heterocyclic amines in salami and ham pizza toppings during baking of frozen pizza

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Evaluation of the prescription and use of antibiotics in Brazilian children

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Evaluating research for clinical significance: using critically appraised topics to enhance evidence-based neuropsychology

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Autologous muscle-derived cells for the treatment of female stress urinary incontinence: a 2-year follow-up of a Polish investigation

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Exploring the Role of Valence and Regulation Type on the Emotional Antecedents of Burnout

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Near Misses in High–Risk Occupations

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Grieving, Learning, and Growing

Anonymous, 2013:
Prevalence de l’hypertension arterielle dans l’oasis d’El-Menia, Algerie, et profil metabolique de la population

Anonymous, 2013:
La restriction energetique reduit le stress oxydant de l’aorte et du cour et corrige le risque atherogene chez le rat rendu obese

Anonymous, 2013:
L’huile des co-produits de poisson corrige la dyslipidemie, ameliore le transport inverse du cholesterol et stimule l’activite de la paraoxonase-1 chez le rat obese

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Ricin and Ricin-Containing Immunotoxins Insights into Intracellular Transport and Mechanism of action in Vitro

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Study on the interaction mechanism of 2-aminoanthraquinone with calf thymus DNA

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Effects of radiation and surgery on healing of femoral fractures in a rat model

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Mechanics of post-cam engagement during simulated dynamic activity

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Adolescent suicidal trajectories through young adulthood: prospective assessment of religiosity and psychosocial factors among a population-based sample in the United States

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Patterns and mutational signatures of tandem base substitutions causing human inherited disease

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Involvement of K+ channel-dependant pathways in lipoxin A4-induced protective effects on hypoxia/reoxygenation injury of cardiomyocytes

Anonymous, 2013:
Les therapeutiques psychomotrices aujourd’hui  perspective dialectique et approche integrative

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Serum levels of 25-hydroxy vitamin D in normal Biozzi and C57BL/6 mice and during the course of chronic relapsing experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis (CR EAE)

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Middle Eocene-Oligocene broken-foreland evolution in the Andean Calchaqui Valley, NW Argentina insights from stratigraphic, structural and provenance studies

Anonymous, 2013 :
Discrete signal transduction pathway utilization by a neuropeptide PACAP and cytokine TNF first messenger in chromaffin cells, inferred from coupled transcriptome-promoter analysis of regulated gene cohorts

Anonymous, 2013:
Subduction-related rodingites from East Othris, Gree Mineral reactions and physicochemical conditions of formation

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Influence of increased cod abundance and temperature on recruitment of northern shrimp Pandalus borealis

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Strong population differentiation of softshell clams Mya arenaria sampled across seven biogeographic marine ecoregions possible selection and isolation by distance

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The role of Greenland sharks Somniosus microcephalus in an Arctic ecosystem assessed via stable isotopes and fatty acids

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Single-species bacteria in sediments induce larval settlement of the infaunal polychaetes Polydora cornuta and Streblospio benedicti

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Environmental variability and fledging body mass of Common Guillemot Uria aalge chicks

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Low-level sedimentation modifies behaviour in juvenile Haliotis iris and may affect their vulnerability to predation

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A small molecule screen in stem-cell-derived motor neurons identifies a kinase inhibitor as a candidate therapeutic for ALS

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Pluripotent stem cell models of Shwachman-Diamond syndrome reveal a common mechanism for pancreatic and hematopoietic dysfunction

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Effects of chemical modification on the mechanical properties of wood

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Continued erlotinib maintenance and salvage radiation for solitary areas of disease progression: a useful strategy in selected non-small cell lung cancers?

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Do patients with metastatic urothelial carcinoma benefit from docetaxel as second-line chemotherapy?

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Up-regulation of nuclear receptor coactivator amplified in breast cancer-1 in papillary thyroid carcinoma correlates with lymph node metastasis

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Clinical analysis of prophylactic central neck dissection for papillary thyroid carcinoma

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Proteomic biomarkers in lung cancer

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Respiratory complex I is essential to induce a Warburg profile in mitochondria-defective tumor cells

Anonymous, 2013:
The G60S Connexin 43 Mutation Activates the Osteoblast Lineage and Results in a Resorption-Stimulating Bone Matrix and Abrogation of old Age-related Bone Loss

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Coronary artery ectasia in an adult Noonan syndrome detected on coronary CT angiography

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Identifying the risk and preventing the consequences of cardiovascular disease

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Impact of exacerbations of cystic fibrosis on muscle strength

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Psychotic disorders in DSM-5: summary of changes

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Amino acids profile of Serbian unifloral honeys

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Applicability of Lactobacillus plantarum IMDO 788 as a starter culture to control vegetable fermentations

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Functional properties of wheat starch with different particle size distribution

Anonymous, 2013:
Stability of pyrethroid pesticide bifenthrin in milled wheat during thermal processing, yeast and lactic acid fermentation and storage

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Individual and combined effects of genistein and hesperidin supplementation on meat quality in meat-type broiler chickens

Anonymous, 2013:
Protein kinase-dependent oxidative regulation of the cardiac Na+-K+ pump Evidence from in vivo and in vitro modulation of cell signalling

Anonymous, 2013:
The CaV12 channel C-terminus fragment is a bi-modal vasodilator

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Organization and function of transmitter release sites at the neuromuscular junction

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The role of ubiquitin-mediated pathways in regulating synaptic development, axonal degeneration and regeneration: insights from fly and worm

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Upregulated glial cell line-derived neurotrophic factor through cyclooxygenase-2 activation in the muscle is required for mechanical hyperalgesia after exercise in rats

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Central retinal artery occlusion due to infective endocarditis

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Binding of sulfamethazine to β-cyclodextrin and methyl-β-cyclodextrin

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Climate warming-induced upward shift of Moso bamboo population on Tianmu Mountain, China

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Antibacterial evaluation of novel organoarsenic compounds by the microcalorimetric method

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Effect of phenylpyrrole fungicide fludioxonil on morphological and physiological characteristics of Sclerotinia sclerotiorum

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Cancer prevention for the next generation

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Exposure to chemicals and radiation during childhood and risk for cancer later in life

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Testing the feasibility of therapeutic identification of depression in young people in British general practice

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Preadolescent and adolescent risk factors for benign breast disease

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Patient health questionnaire-9 as an effective tool for screening of depression among Indian adolescents

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Adolescent risk-taking, cancer risk, and life course approaches to prevention

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Association between child marriage and reproductive health outcomes and service utilization: a multi-country study from South Asia

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Spiritual coping and psychosocial adjustment of adolescents with chronic illness: the role of cognitive attributions, age, and disease group

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"A conscious control over life and my emotions:" mindfulness practice and healthy young people. A qualitative study

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Hispanic mothers' and high school girls' perceptions of cervical cancer, human papilloma virus, and the human papilloma virus vaccine

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An intervention to decrease adolescent indoor tanning: a multi-method pilot study

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Let schools do it! Helping schools find a role in cancer prevention

Applegate, K.E.; Cost, N.G., 2013:
Image Gently: a campaign to reduce children's and adolescents' risk for cancer during adulthood

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Turning disciplinary knowledge into solutions

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Coping, stress, and social support associations with internalizing and externalizing behavior among urban adolescents and young adults: revelations from a cluster analysis

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Mental health problems in teens investigated by U.S. child welfare agencies

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The effect of tobacco and marijuana use on dental health status in Nevada adolescents: a trend analysis

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Predictors of continuation and cessation of nonsuicidal self-injury

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Translational signatures and mRNA levels are highly correlated in human stably expressed genes

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Analysis of the spatial and temporal arrangement of transcripts over intergenic regions in the human malarial parasite Plasmodium falciparum

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Evaluation of 3 different agar media for rapid detection of extended-spectrum β-lactamase-producing Enterobacteriaceae from surveillance samples

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Development and evaluation of multiplex PCR in rapid diagnosis of abdominal tuberculosis

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Hepatitis E virus serological testing in kidney transplant recipients with elevated liver enzymes in 2007-2011 in southeastern France

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Characteristics of Japanese Duchenne and Becker muscular dystrophy patients in a novel Japanese national registry of muscular dystrophy (Remudy)

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Expression of androgen receptor and its phosphorylated forms in breast cancer progression

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Apoptogenic activity of ethyl acetate extract of leaves of Memecylon edule on human gastric carcinoma cells via mitochondrial dependent pathway

Anonymous, 2013:
Comparative evaluation of microscopy, OptiMAL® and 18S rRNA gene based multiplex PCR for detection of Plasmodium falciparum amp; Plasmodium vivax from field isolates of Bikaner, India

Kamruzzaman, M.; Bari, S.M.Nayeemul.; Faruque, S.M., 2014:
In vitro and in vivo bactericidal activity of Vitex negundo leaf extract against diverse multidrug resistant enteric bacterial pathogens

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Effect of Ichnocarpus frutescens L R Br hexane extract on preadipocytes viability and lipid accumulation in 3T3-L1 cells

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Casticin induces caspase-mediated apoptosis via activation of mitochondrial pathway and upregulation of DR5 in human lung cancer cells

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Expression of NF-κB and osteopontin of synovial fluid of patients with knee osteoarthritis

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Serum EGF and NGF levels of patients with brain injury and limb fracture

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Effect of nonpeptide NK1 receptor antagonist L-703,606 on the edema formation in rats at early stage after deep partial-thickness skin scalding

Cui, L-Zhong.; Wang, B.; Chen, L-Yan.; Zhou, J., 2014:
The effect of ischemic precondition to IL-6 on rat liver ischemia-reperfusion injury in transplantation

Li, Z., 2014:
Lymph node mapping in rabbit liver cancer with nanocarbon and methylene blue injecta

Li, X-Feng.; Ma, L.; Lu, J.; Kong, L-Xia.; Long, X-Hua.; Liao, S-Huan.; Chi, B-Rong., 2014:
Effect of ionizing radiation on transcription of colorectal cancer MDR1 gene of HCT-8 cells

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Longitudinal follow-up of patients with mild traumatic brain injury by magnetic resonance spectroscopic technique

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Plasmodium vivax cerebral malaria complicated with venous sinus thrombosis in Colombia

Ganu, S.; Mehta, Y., 2014:
Femoral compressive neuropathy from iliopsoas haematoma complicating dengue hemorrhagic fever

Lodhi, S.; Singhai, A.K., 2013:
Wound healing effect of flavonoid rich fraction and luteolin isolated from Martynia annua Linn. on streptozotocin induced diabetic rats

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Effect of WFDC 2 silencing on the proliferation, motility and invasion of human serous ovarian cancer cells in vitro

Tian, X-Min.; Zhu, Y., 2013:
Apoptosis of rabbit retinal cell after eyeball rupture

Mistry, S.; Dutt, K.R.; Jena, J., 2013:
Protective effect of Sida cordata leaf extract against CCl(4) induced acute liver toxicity in rats

Soliman, A.M.; Abu-El-Zahab, H.S.; Alswiai, G.A., 2013:
Efficacy evaluation of the protein isolated from Peganum harmala seeds as an antioxidant in liver of rats

Wang, H., 2013:
Preventive effects of ophiopogon-polysaccharide on apiponectin in gestational diabetes mellitus rat

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Expression and antioxidation of Nrf2/ARE pathway in traumatic brain injury

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Anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory activity of leaf extracts and fractions of Mangifera indica

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Potential antibacterial activity of berberine against multi drug resistant enterovirulent Escherichia coli isolated from yaks (Poephagus grunniens) with haemorrhagic diarrhoea

Naha, K.; Dasari, S.; Prabhu, M., 2013:
HIV-tuberculosis co-infection in an Indian scenario: the role of associated evidence of immunosuppression

Patel, S., 2013:
Exploring novel therapeutic targets in GIST: focus on the PI3K/Akt/mTOR pathway

Farooq, I.; Moheet, I.A.; Imran, Z.; Farooq, U., 2013:
A review of novel dental caries preventive material Casein phosphopeptide–amorphous calcium phosphate CPP–ACP complex

Kim, D-Hyun.; Choi, N.; Gho, S-Min.; Shin, J.; Liu, C., 2015:
Simultaneous imaging of in vivo conductivity and susceptibility

Anonymous, 2013:
Quantitative MRI analysis of menisci using biexponential T2* fitting with a variable echo time sequence

Keegan, J.; Jhooti, P.; Babu-Narayan, S.V.; Drivas, P.; Ernst, S.; Firmin, D.N., 2015:
Improved respiratory efficiency of 3D late gadolinium enhancement imaging using the continuously adaptive windowing strategy (CLAWS)

Anonymous, 2013:
Fast magnetization transfer and apparent T1 imaging using a short saturation pulse with and without inversion preparation

Lin, M.; Kumar, A.; Yang, S., 2015:
Two-dimensional J-resolved LASER and semi-LASER spectroscopy of human brain

Lewandowska, M.Anna.; Jóźwicki, W.; Żurawski, B., 2013:
KRAS and BRAF mutation analysis in colorectal adenocarcinoma specimens with a low percentage of tumor cells

Anonymous, 2013:
Warfarin for Thromboprophylaxis Following Total Joint Arthroplasty Are Patients Safely Anti-Coagulated?

Todd, P.K.; Oh, S.Yoon.; Krans, A.; He, F.; Sellier, C.; Frazer, M.; Renoux, A.J.; Chen, K-chun.; Scaglione, K.Matthew.; Basrur, V.; Elenitoba-Johnson, K.; Vonsattel, J.P.; Louis, E.D.; Sutton, M.A.; Taylor, J.Paul.; Mills, R.E.; Charlet-Berguerand, N.; Paulson, H.L., 2013:
CGG repeat-associated translation mediates neurodegeneration in fragile X tremor ataxia syndrome

Yamaguchi, T.; Danjo, T.; Pastan, I.; Hikida, T.; Nakanishi, S., 2013:
Distinct roles of segregated transmission of the septo-habenular pathway in anxiety and fear

Levi, M.S.; Patton, R.E.; Hanig, J.P.; Tranter, K.M.; George, N.I.; James, L.P.; Davis, K.J.; Bowyer, J.F., 2014:
Serum myoglobin, but not lipopolysaccharides, is predictive of AMPH-induced striatal neurotoxicity

Cardelús, C.; Scull, P.; Hair, J.; Baimas-George, M.; Lowman, M.; Eshete, A., 2013:
A Preliminary Assessment of Ethiopian Sacred Grove Status at the Landscape and Ecosystem Scales

Johnson, M.J.; Bland, J.Martin.; Oxberry, S.G.; Abernethy, A.P.; Currow, D.C., 2014:
Clinically important differences in the intensity of chronic refractory breathlessness

Andraud, M.; Hens, N.; Beutels, P., 2014:
A simple periodic-forced model for dengue fitted to incidence data in Singapore

Correas, J-M.; Tissier, A-M.; Khairoune, A.; Khoury, G.; Eiss, D.; Hélénon, O., 2014:
Ultrasound elastography of the prostate: state of the art

Anonymous, 2013:
Évaluation d’un reseau perinatal a partir des premiers certificats de sante

Anonymous, 2013:
Maternites precoces  profils sociodemographiques de 220 meres adolescentes en Seine-Saint-Denis

Han, D.; Li, J., 2013:
Repair of bone defect by using vascular bundle implantation combined with Runx II gene-transfected adipose-derived stem cells and a biodegradable matrix

Miller, M.; Loya, F.; Hinshaw, S.P., 2014:
Executive functions in girls with and without childhood ADHD: developmental trajectories and associations with symptom change

Kuenzel, J.; Geisler, K.; Strahl, O.; Grundtner, P.; Beckmann, M.W.; Dittrich, R., 2014:
Chelidonium majus and its effects on uterine contractility in a perfusion model

Neff, M.R.; Robinson, J.M.; Bhavsar, S.P., 2013:
Assessment of fish mercury levels in the upper St Lawrence River, Canada

Klann, J.G.; Murphy, S.N., 2013:
Computing health quality measures using Informatics for Integrating Biology and the Bedside

Hur, S.; Chung, J.Wook.; Kim, H-Cheol.; Oh, D-Youn.; Lee, S-Hoon.; Bang, Y-Jue.; Kim, W.Ho., 2014:
Survival outcomes and prognostic factors of transcatheter arterial chemoembolization for hepatic neuroendocrine metastases

Caira, J.N.; Marques, F.P.L.; Jensen, K.; Kuchta, R.; Ivanov, V., 2013:
Phylogenetic analysis and reconfiguration of genera in the cestode order Diphyllidea

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Co-infection and cross-species transmission of divergent Hepatocystis lineages in a wild African primate community

Haritha, A.T.; Wood, K.H.; Ver Hoef, L.W.; Knight, D.C., 2013:
Human trace fear conditioning: right-lateralized cortical activity supports trace-interval processes

van Bochove, M.E.; Van der Haegen, L.; Notebaert, W.; Verguts, T., 2013:
Blinking predicts enhanced cognitive control

Coch, D.; Bares, J.; Landers, A., 2013:
ERPs and morphological processing: the N400 and semantic composition

Pribylova, R.; Slana, I.; Cech, S.; Kralova, A.; Pavlik, I., 2014:
Mycobacterium avium subsp. paratuberculosis detected in the reproductive tract of cows from an infected herd

Pope, D.S.; Gallun, F.J.; Kampel, S., 2013:
Effect of hospital noise on patients' ability to hear, understand, and recall speech

Chesla, C.A.; Chun, K.M.; Kwan, C.M.L.; Mullan, J.T.; Kwong, Y.; Hsu, L.; Huang, P.; Strycker, L.A.; Shum, T.; To, D.; Kao, R.; Waters, C.M., 2013:
Testing the efficacy of culturally adapted coping skills training for Chinese American immigrants with type 2 diabetes using community-based participatory research

Kelley, S.J.; Whitley, D.M.; Campos, P.E., 2013:
Psychological distress in African American grandmothers raising grandchildren: the contribution of child behavior problems, physical health, and family resources

Rahmel, A., 2013:
Vermittlung postmortal gespendeter Lebern

Ye, R.; Scherer, P.E., 2013:
Adiponectin, driver or passenger on the road to insulin sensitivity?

Sakurai, T.; Bai, H.; Bai, R.; Sato, D.; Arai, M.; Okuda, K.; Ideta, A.; Aoyagi, Y.; Godkin, J.D.; Imakawa, K., 2013:
Down-regulation of interferon tau gene transcription with a transcription factor, EOMES

Weiwei Ding, Jiabiao Li, Jun Li, Yinxia Fang, Yong Tang, 2013:
Morphotectonics and evolutionary controls on the Pearl River Canyon system, South China Sea

Vogel, A.; Eisenhauer, N.; Weigelt, A.; Scherer-Lorenzen, M., 2013:
Plant diversity does not buffer drought effects on early-stage litter mass loss rates and microbial properties

Cormie, P.; Pumpa, K.; Galvão, D.A.; Turner, E.; Spry, N.; Saunders, C.; Zissiadis, Y.; Newton, R.U., 2014:
Is it safe and efficacious for women with lymphedema secondary to breast cancer to lift heavy weights during exercise: a randomised controlled trial

Prof. Dr. S.Hankemeier, 2013:
Knieendoprothetik bei posttraumatischer Arthrose

Anonymous, 2013:
Akademische klinische Medizin in Orthopadie und Unfallchirurgie

Anonymous, 2013:
Spatzustande nach komplexer Bandverletzung am Kniegelenk

Mohammadbeigi, A.; Hassanzadeh, J.; Eshrati, B.; Rezaianzadeh, A., 2014:
Socioeconomic inequity in health care utilization, Iran

Uehara, S.; Usui, N.; Kamiyama, M.; Masahata, K.; Nara, K.; Ueno, T.; Soh, H.; Oue, T.; Fukuzawa, M., 2014:
Repair of congenital diaphragmatic hernias through umbilical skin incisions

Sharma, R.; Kitchen, B.J.; Mody, R.; Chamdin, A.; Bruch, S.; Jasty, R., 2014:
A report of renal artery embolization for hematuria facilitating neoadjuvant chemotherapy in an unresectable malignant renal rhabdoid tumor

Azmy, K.; Blamey, N.J.F., 2013:
Source of diagenetic fluids from fluid-inclusion gas ratios

Yang, X.; Yi, C.; Liu, X.; Guo, Q.; Yang, R.; Cao, P.; Lin, J.; Mao, H.; Yu, X., 2014:
Clinical outcome and risk factors for mortality in Chinese patients with diabetes on peritoneal dialysis: a 5-year clinical cohort study

Islander, G., 2014:
Anesthesia and spinal muscle atrophy

Anonymous, 2013:
Granulomatosis de Wegener con anticuerpos anticitoplasma de neutrofilo frente a catepsina G

Rajpurohit, S.; Nedved, O., 2013 :
Clinal variation in fitness related traits in tropical drosophilids of the Indian subcontinent

Muir, T.J.; Dishong, B.D.; Lee, R.E.; Costanzo, J.P., 2013:
Energy use and management of energy reserves in hatchling turtles Chrysemys picta exposed to variable winter conditions

Mueller, Hans J., 2013:
Measuring the elastic properties of natural rocks and mineral assemblages under earths deep crustal and mantle conditions

Arnold, K.M.; Goeckeler, Z.M.; Wysolmerski, R.B., 2014:
Loss of focal adhesion kinase enhances endothelial barrier function and increases focal adhesions

Anonymous, 2013:
Konzept der Verhaltenssuchte und Grenzen des Suchtbegriffs

Sauneuf, B.; Champigneulle, B.; Soummer, A.; Mongardon, N.; Charpentier, J.; Cariou, A.; Chiche, J-Daniel.; Mallet, V.; Mira, J-Paul.; Pène, Fédéric., 2015:
Increased survival of cirrhotic patients with septic shock

Anonymous, 2013:
Balanced versus chloride-rich solutions for fluid resuscitation in brain-injured patients a randomized double-blind pilot study

Anonymous, 2013:
Role des estrogenes sur la physiologie et la physiopathologie du bas appareil urinaire

Anonymous, 2013:
Resultats oncologiques de la cystectomie pour carcinome urothelial resistant au BCG compares aux tumeurs invasives d’emblee

Cozzi, G.; Tessitore, E.; Contiero, B.; Ricci, R.; Gottardo, F.; Brscic, M., 2014:
Alternative solutions to the concrete fully-slatted floor for the housing of finishing beef cattle: effects on growth performance, health of the locomotor system and behaviour

Misic, C.; Covazzi Harriague, A., 2014:
Urbanised beaches of the Ligurian coastal area (NW Mediterranean): a classification based on organic-matter characteristics and hydrolytic enzymatic activities

Miyata, S.T.; Bachmann, V.; Pukatzki, S., 2013:
Type VI secretion system regulation as a consequence of evolutionary pressure

Liu, Y.; Zhu, X.; Yu, F-ling.; Kong, X-ming.; Lin, N.; Liu, C-sen.; Liu, T-ting.; Guan, J-chang., 2013:
Teratogenicity of Staphylococcus aureus L-forms using a mouse whole-embryo culture model

Lima, I.Fernanda.Nunes.; Boisen, N.; Quetz, J.da.Silva.; Havt, A.; de Carvalho, E.Bobo.; Soares, A.Melo.; Lima, Nélia.Leal.; Mota, R.Maria.Salani.; Nataro, J.P.; Guerrant, R.Littleton.; Lima, A.Ângelo.Moreira., 2013:
Prevalence of enteroaggregative Escherichia coli and its virulence-related genes in a case-control study among children from north-eastern Brazil

Feng, J-Li.; Lin, J-Yan.; Jiang, X-Bing.; Zhang, O.; Zhu, J-Feng.; Hu, J.; Shi, L.; Chen, Q., 2013:
Development of an ERIC sequence typing scheme for Laribacter hongkongensis, an emerging pathogen associated with community-acquired gastroenteritis and travellers' diarrhoea

Bridger, N.; Drews, S.; Burdz, T.; Wiebe, D.; Pacheco, A.Luisa.; Ng, B.; Bernard, K., 2013:
Isolation and characterization of Pigmentiphaga-like isolates from human clinical material

Van Meervenne, E.; Boon, N.; Verstraete, K.; Devlieghere, F.; D.R.u, K.; Herman, L.; Buvens, G.; Piérard, D.; Van Coillie, E., 2013:
Integron characterization and typing of Shiga toxin-producing Escherichia coli isolates in Belgium

Chadwick, S.G.; Schuyler, J.A.; Vermitsky, J-Paul.; Adelson, M.E.; Mordechai, E.; Gygax, S.E., 2013:
X-Plate Technology: a new method for detecting fluconazole resistance in Candida species

Kaya, D.; Demirezen, Şayeste.; Hasçelik, Gülşen.; Gülmez Kivanç, D.; Beksaç, M.Sinan., 2013:
Comparison of PCR, culturing and Pap smear microscopy for accurate diagnosis of genital Actinomyces

Syrmis, M.W.; Moser, R.J.; Kidd, T.J.; Hunt, P.; Ramsay, K.A.; Bell, S.C.; Wainwright, C.E.; Grimwood, K.; Nissen, M.D.; Sloots, T.P.; Whiley, D.M., 2013:
High-throughput single-nucleotide polymorphism-based typing of shared Pseudomonas aeruginosa strains in cystic fibrosis patients using the Sequenom iPLEX platform

Aldape, M.John.; Packham, A.Eugene.; Nute, D.William.; Bryant, A.Evelyn.; Stevens, D.Leroy., 2013:
Effects of ciprofloxacin on the expression and production of exotoxins by Clostridium difficile

Rhee, J-Young.; Choi, J.Young.; Choi, M-Jin.; Song, J-Hoon.; Peck, K.Ran.; Ko, K.Soo., 2013:
Distinct groups and antimicrobial resistance of clinical Stenotrophomonas maltophilia complex isolates from Korea

Gomes, D.L.R.; Peixoto, R.S.; Barbosa, E.A.B.; Napoleão, F.; Sabbadini, P.S.; dos Santos, K.R.N.; Mattos-Guaraldi, A.L.; Hirata, R., 2013:
SubMICs of penicillin and erythromycin enhance biofilm formation and hydrophobicity of Corynebacterium diphtheriae strains

Osaki, T.; Okuda, M.; Ueda, J.; Konno, M.; Yonezawa, H.; Hojo, F.; Yagyu, K.; Lin, Y.; Fukuda, Y.; Kikuchi, S.; Kamiya, S., 2013:
Multilocus sequence typing of DNA from faecal specimens for the analysis of intra-familial transmission of Helicobacter pylori

Tan, T.Yen.; Tan, J.Shi.Min.; Tay, H.; Chua, G.Hong.; Ng, L.Siew.Yong.; Syahidah, N., 2013:
Multidrug-resistant organisms in a routine ward environment: differential propensity for environmental dissemination and implications for infection control

Prod'hom, G.; Durussel, C.; Greub, G., 2013:
A simple blood-culture bacterial pellet preparation for faster accurate direct bacterial identification and antibiotic susceptibility testing with the VITEK 2 system

Decroix, Véronique.; Goudjil, S.; Kongolo, G.; Mammeri, H., 2013:
'Leptotrichia amnionii', a newly reported cause of early onset neonatal meningitis

Phulpin-Weibel, A.; Gaspar, N.; Emirian, A.; Chachaty, E.; Valteau-Couanet, D.; Gachot, B., 2013:
Intravascular catheter-related bloodstream infection caused by Abiotrophia defectiva in a neutropenic child

Ariza Jiménez, A.B.; Moreno-Perez, D.; Núñez Cuadros, E.; Urda Cardona, A., 2013:
Invasive disease caused by Haemophilus parainfluenzae III in a child with uropathy

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